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Chapter 1


"Aw, c'mon Em!  It'll be fun, I promise."  Penelope begged.

"I don't like parties, especially costume parties!"  Emily angrily responded.

"Please...everyone is going; even Hotch said he would go.  You have to come Em!  JJ said she would go..."

Sighing, Emily knew that Penelope was not going to let her get away with not going.  She would bug her and bug her until she either broke or went crazy.

"God, Pen...Okay! Okay!  But I will not wear some silly costume.  No rabbits or ducks or any furry animal for that matter.  I pick my own costume out, or no deal."

"Sure. Sure.  Whatever you want to do.  No problem."  Penelope squealed and hugged the mortified Agent.  "Thank you. Thank you.  I promise you'll have a ball!"

Emily muttered under her breath, "I doubt that highly." and stalked off wondering if you could catch bubonic plague in a week.


"Aw, C'mon Jay!  It'll be fun.  And you need to get out of that apartment."

"Pen, I said no.  I am in no mood to prance around dressed like a fool."  JJ growled. "And who the hell goes to costume parties anymore anyway?"

"Hotch; and Morgan; and Reid; and Rossi; and me."  Counting off each member of the BAU on her fingers.  Oh yeah, and Emily."  Penelope responded with a smug grin.

"Emily?  You got Emily to say yes.  What did you do bribe her or blackmail her?"

"Nope, neither.  Just asked nicely.  She seemed excited about the whole idea.  So you have to come.  Please!"  Penelope gave her best puppy dog imitation, looking at her with big eyes and a down-turned lip.

Laughing, JJ held up her hands in surrender.  "Okay, Okay.  You win; just stop looking at me like that!"

"Oohh, love you JJ!"  Penelope gave her a crushing hug making her laugh as she pushed her away.

"Jeez, Pen.  Now go away.  I have work to do."  JJ smiled, shooed her out of her office and closed the door.

Penelope leaned against JJ's door and smirked.  "You, Penelope Garcia, are a genius!"


A few days later, Emily ran into JJ in the break room.  She paused before she made her presence known, just admiring the blonde beauty.  Emily Prentiss had been head over heels in love with Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau from the first moment she had met her.  JJ of course had no idea, and Emily was perfectly content to keep it that way.  As far as she was concerned, JJ was out of her league.  Forget the fact that she was straight, and had a boyfriend.  Even if she wasn't, no way she would even look twice at someone like her.  JJ fixed her coffee and turned around, startled to see Emily standing there.

"Emily.  Hey.  Didn't see you there, sorry."

"No problem.  I just got here.  How's everything going with you?  How's Henry?  And..."

JJ interrupted her quickly, "Henry's great.  Getting bigger every day.  Hey, so are you all ready for the big party tomorrow night?"

Emily cringed.  The costume party was not something she even wanted to think about, like JJ's boyfriend.  Thoughts of either subject made her stomach ache.

"Ugh.  That.  Not a big fan of Halloween.  I don't think I'm going to be able to make it after all.  Something's come up and I don't think I can get out of it."

JJ tried to hide her disappointment, "Oh.  That's a shame.  I was looking forward to seeing what you picked out as a costume.  Penelope is really going to be disappointed, and pissed.”

"Yeah.  Nothing I can do though. So what costume did you decide to wear?  Costumes are usually extensions of a person's inner psyche, an extension of the 'them' they don't show most people. "

"Oh really?  Do tell, Agent Prentiss."  JJ asked a playful smirk on her lips.  "What costume do you think fits my inner psyche"?

Emily looked her up and down, considering carefully, "Hmmm, maybe a Girl Scout?  No, a nurse or a dominatrix perhaps?"  Emily blushed fitfully as she realized what she had just said.

JJ's eyes opened wide in surprise and coughed.  "A Girl Scout?   You think my inner Jennifer is a Girl Scout? Oh man, Prentiss.  You don't know me at all!"  JJ laughed at the look on Emily's face as she walked past and back to her office.