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cactus boy

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jung hoseok can't help the fact that he has an overly cheerful personality. he really can't. it's not his fault that everyone's down in the dumps, while he's puking rainbows and lollipops everywhere—it's in his dna, in his nature. he just likes being happy, and radiating that happiness onto other people.



no one really likes working in the sweltering heat in the middle of june, but here hoseok stands, watering the flowers that surround the quad. there's just something nice about flowers, how you put so much effort and care into them, and how they reward you with a beautiful sight.

it's a casual tuesday morning; the welcoming committee is introducing incoming freshman in the quad, while various clubs and activities are holding their annual showcase. namjoon and jimin are probably doing something with the art club, taehyung is handing out flyers for cypher room (or, the school's rap club), and seokjin's busy promoting his cooking class.

hoseok won't lie, he's quite popular among his peers. being the all male dance co-captain, the public relation officer of green committee, and a member of about four other clubs, hoseok will admit, people know him and like him. but it gets tiring after awhile, and hoseok likes to take breaks doing things behind the scene—which, is why he's now watering carnations instead of greeting the freshman. all the officers are okay with it—more screentime for them, more popularity.

"hoseok!" a loud voice shrieks. glancing up, he notices jackson waving his arms wildly in a panicked motion. he's wearing his football attire, a helmet by his side. "get out of the way!"

confused, hoseok tilts his head to the side, fingers clenching the hose tightly. "what do you—"

but he doesn't get to finish his sentence. a shadow looms over his face, and as hoseok tilts his head up to face the mysterious object, a football comes at his face in full force



when he opens his eyes, bright lights shine above him; he's in an unfamiliar place, and his head throbs like hell.

"tae, tae; he's awake!"

hoseok cracks open his eyes to see blurry figures looming over his bed. as he blinks repeatedly, he can manage to count three bodies; namjoon, taehyung, and jimin. sitting up abruptly, (which hoseok now regrets) he notices that what seems as the infirmary contains only him and a body next to him.

"the fuck happened?" hoseok grunts out with a squint of his eyes.

"you accidentally pissed o—" taehyung begins, but namjoon elbows him roughly and gives him a look.

jimin swoops in instead. "according to jackson, he was trying to demonstrate something at the quad with jinyoung, but jinyoung threw too far, so it went straight at you, and you didn't move because you were oblivious."

hoseok blinks.

"also," taehyung interjects, "when you were hit, you let go of your hose, and it basically sprayed all over a welcoming committee member. they got kinda pissy, and literally just stomped off."

he doesn't even know who the welcoming committee member is, but shit, now he feels bad.

"also!" jimin pipes in, head peeking behind namjoon and taehyung's shoulders. "you also soaked one of the freshmen by accident, and that scared him so bad, he blacked out. i think college terrifies him or something," he hums out, head nudging in the direction of the body next to him.

"what the fuck," hoseok breathes out, trying to comprehend the situation.

namjoon laughs, ruffling his hair. "don't think about it too much; just get some sleep, okay?"

the others bid him goodnight, before shuffling out one by one. hoseok contemplates between getting more sleep for his poor head, or thinking about the bizarre situation, before deciding he's better off sleeping. so hoseok closes his eyes, body wiggling back in the sheets to get comfortable.

a loud thump rings out in the air, followed by incoherent muffling. eyes flickering wide open, he tilts his head to the side, staring at a wriggling figure at the ground and an empty bed.



it's not a concussion or anything, just a minor bump; hoseok's released the following day, continuing his normal routine. his friends makes fun of him, as expected, but it dies down after a few days, and everything returns back to normal.

wednesday morning, eleven am. hoseok's sitting under the tree, body splayed out on a gingham picnic blanket as he awaits his friends. it's their usual meeting place by the quad, established ever since hoseok and namjoon met seokjin freshman year. seokjin (sadly) doesn't swing by often anymore, busy with his med program, but the rest of them still linger in the area, like boring little dweebs.

earphones plugged in, eyes closed, hoseok bathes in the shade, body relaxed as he enjoys the natural sounds of college; screeching students, rapid footsteps, constant bell ringing, shuffling of papers...he exhales pleasantly, smile planted on his lips.

unfortunately, the peace doesn't last that long; something heavy presses on his arm, and it sends him sitting up abruptly, yelping. eyes flying open, hoseok's met with the sight of—holy shit.

a boy, lying in a crumpled heap across the grass in front of him, slowly picks himself up, hands dusting his light-washed jeans. he turns around, and hoseok swears that the heavens must've sent an angel down to him. mint hair, radiating under the sun, cat eyes staring at him wide with shock, pale cheeks, flushed a bright red, teeth sinking into his bottom lip—oh shit. 

a recent quiz in the college newspaper states that thirty percent of students believed in love at first sight, and half of those students experienced it. jung hoseok thinks he's become part of that percentage.

mint boy responds with a small "s-sorry", before he scrambles off, body hunched as he darts his way to the west end of the quad.

jung hoseok decides that he's going to find out who he is, and he's going to get to know this angel.




"i met my soulmate."

there's a pause, before hoseok feels a varsity hoodie land on his face. "did that football give you brain damage?"

annoyed, hoseok yanks the hoodie off of his face. "it's true, i swear to god, i could feel the electricity between us," he insists with a dramatic sigh.

it's ten pm, that same wednesday; hoseok lies on his bed, eyes staring straight at the ceiling, while his roommate is working on his land report at his desk. namjoon may be full of crass remarks, but he's always a good person to confide in.

"really, now," comes the dry remark, as namjoon stops typing, swiveling in his leather chair to stare at hoseok. "do you even know him?"

"he looks cute."

"that's it?"

hoseok hesitated, before briefly describing how mint boy tripped over his arm and thus, technically talked to him.

namjoon snorts. "for fuck's sake, hoseok; one, this isn't some damn cheesy-ass fanfic or disney movie, two, falling in love with his face is pretty superficial, three, the soulmate theory is horribly flawed, and four, love at first sight doesn't exist. 

"stop being such a damn pessimist; just because you're jealous that seokjin's dating that doctor guy—"

namjoon's cheeks flood with color, as a scandalized look crosses over his face. "i am not jealous."

"sure, namjoon. whatever you say."

"look, all i'm just saying is—you're way too hellbent on dating someone you don't even know, and i know you're an optimist and all, but—i just don't want you disappointing yourself."

hoseok rolls on his side, arms clutching a pillow as he faces namjoon. cheeky grin sliding across his face, he's practically beaming at the younger male. "are you worrying for me?"

a notebook comes flying at his direction, and hoseok yelps as he dives under the blankets.


hoseok's tried asking a multitude of people about the mint-haired boy, only to get the same response each time—"i've seen him around, but i don't know him."

it's frustrating how someone with that obvious of a hair color isn't known by anyone around him. hoseok's on day three of searching for mint boy, only to come up with no results.

"cheer up, hyung," taehyung mumbles, nudging his side gently. "maybe you'll meet him again, when you least expect it?" he suggests, shoulders shrugging. he's sitting against the oak tree, holding out a series of flashcards and repeating them one by one. namjoon's helping him out, a granola bar in his hand as he reads off of one of the index cards.

responding with a mopey groan, hoseok buries his face into the picnic blanket. he's been sulking for the past twenty-four hours, unwilling to communicate and interact with people.

"have you tried looking at the yearbook?" namjoon asks, before mumbling some long-winded passage about tailbones and wisdom teeth.

"everyone's portraits look like mugshots, and it was before mint boy went mint," comes a muffled groan from hoseok.

taehyung's enthusiastic chirp of "vestigial" is the only thing responding to hoseok's misery. with a small sigh, hoseok thinks about mint boy again, how his eyebrows widened in surprise, how the apples of his cheeks were dusted a pretty red, how his lips were moulded to perfection—all soft and ready to kiss. mint boy is the epitome of his ideal boyfriend, and yet—life teases him, by showing him a snippet of his (future) soulmate, before forever taking him away from his sight. hoseok wonders if it's a cue for him to take up—

"hello! guess who i brought!" a peppy voice rings out; the three boys lift up their heads, to face an orange-haired jimin with a smile brighter than the sun. a taller boy stands behind him, chewing his bottom lip nervously as he clutches his books.


the timid boy starts to edge away from them; with a huff, jimin's hand shoots out to grab his wrist, tugging him closer to the trio. "so, welcoming committee had this, 'adopt a freshie' program, and i thought—hey, why not do a good deed? (also, it gives me a higher chance of getting into WC itself, so help me out guys.) this is jeonggukkie," he breathes out, scooting behind the freshman to push him forward. "remember the small kiddo that hoseok completely terrified? this is him!"

"the one that blacked out?" taehyung cocks his head to the side, amusement flickering on his face.

red blossoms on jeongguk's face, feet shuffling in embarrassment. "it was s—"

"cute," namjoon coos. hoseok resumes his face into the picnic blanket, limbs sprawled over the whole thing. a hand nudges his shoulder, and namjoon (lowkey) hisses "seok, move. hi! i'm namjoon, majoring in architecture, and this loaf right here is hoseok, aspiring botanist. that's taehyung, and he's a chem major."

legs and arms folding together immediately, hoseok wiggles to the edge of the blanket, dragging his smushed jacket with him.

"is hyung still sulking over mint boy?" jimin sighs; to the right side of hoseok, the blanket sinks as the pair sit on it.

"i think he's giving u—"

"i am not giving up!" hoseok butts in, head snapping up. "i am going to find mint boy, and take him home with me." he declares, eyebrows furrowed. "whether it takes days, or weeks, or months—i'll find him, and ask him out."

there's blank looks on all his friends' faces, acting as if his sudden declaration of love for mint boy was a surprise. to think that he'd give up so easily! hoseok internally scoffs at how low his friends think he is.

jimin turns to jeongguk, face wincing as he rubs the back of his neck. "hoseok met this really cute guy with mint hair once, and now he's smitten over him. problem is, no one knows who he is."


"why—do you know him?"

" welcoming committee tour guide had mint hair."

hoseok yells.


"hey, hey—joohyun," he wheezes out, bending over to place his hands on his knees as he attempts to catch his breath. the bell rung a few minutes ago, and hoseok ran across campus just to meet the welcoming committee's vice president.

she turns around, eyes wide as she scrunches her face in disbelief. "hoseok? are you okay?"

"do you—" he heaves out, breathing heavily. "—happen to know a mint haired boy? part of welcoming committee?"

joohyun blinks, half her face skewered as she tries to think. "um....wait! yeah, yeah i do."

hoseok swears to god that he's going through a heart attack. "can you—"

"he resigned after the first day."


"i don't know—" she exhales, shrugging lightly. "he got sprayed with a water hose during his first campus tour; it kind of scared him off."

hoseok stares at her with a horrified facial expression.

"shame, too. he told me that he was starting to break out of his bubble, but it was too much for him."

no no no, it can't end this fast—hoseok swears that the mint-haired angel was the cutest thing he's ever seen, and his gaydar definitely says he's gay. he's too much of a good catch to let go. "do you know who was in his group? working with him?"

joohyun blinks repeatedly, furrowing her eyebrows in deep concentration. "....i think he was working with...mark....mark know—"

"i love you." hoseok says in seriousness, flashing her a sincere smile before scrambling off.


mark tuan, fourth year statistics major, says this:

", i don't remember, we didn't talk that much except for committee meetings, and that time we had team bonding...he's my age, though, and i know his last name is min. you could try asking minah, but she like, has a goldfish brain so i doubt she'd remember anything..."

min isn't the most common surname, thank god, but it doesn't change the fact that there's nearly 200 males with the surname of min in the yearbook, and none of them look like the beautiful mint boy that he saw. it's kind of frustrating, and all hoseok want's to do is cry at the terrible scenario that he's been placed in.

"are you still sulking?" comes an incredulous voice, and hoseok has to grit his teeth to prevent himself from snapping at namjoon.

"i'm making more progress than you, at least."

the younger male glowers, swiveling his chair to look back at his notes. "he's still seeing that doctor guy, okay?"

"um, why didn't you make a move on him while he was single? it's seokjin. he goes on at least 8 blind dates a year."

"don't change the topic on me," namjoon huff out, scribbling furiously into his notebook. "what are you gonna do about mint boy? you're back to square one."

hoseok's head tilts to the side, staring inquisitively at the ceiling. to give up or not, that is the question—"if it's fate, i'm gonna meet him, and then i'll get to know him, and date him, and fall in love with him."

the chair turns slowly, namjoon's fingers lowering his glasses to stare at hoseok. "...isn't that kind of creepy? you two met once—"

"twice! the water hose!"

"—that one doesn't count—and you're all obsessed over him based on the fact that his face looks cute."

hoseok gapes, pushing himself upright. "are you calling me shallow?"

dumbass palm-tree boy gives him the sideeye, and hoseok swears that he's going to march over and shake the hell out of namjoon until his ugly blue-green hair falls to the ground.  "excuse me, but i don't act this way towards every cute guy i see. according to the soulmate theory by plato, humans became arrogant, and zeus split them in half, condemning them to spend our lives yearning for the other half to complete them. i have this like, unexplainable feeling with mint boy, and therefore, i want to get to know him better to confirm the fact that maybe he's the—"

"the soulmate theory is bullshit."

"um, i actually quoted this from a philosophy minor's (aka kim namjoon's)," hoseok adds passive-aggressively, "textbook, so if anything, you're usually the one full of shit." 

they huff at each other, clearly at stalemate. while namjoon is too damn chicken to hit on seokjin, hoseok doesn't even have the opportunity to hit on mint boy, and the whole predicament is just terrible for the two of two them. 

it takes a few minutes for namjoon to catch his breathing, before exhaling loudly and letting his shoulders sag. "hey, hoseok..."


"if we both become single forever...can i you?"

hoseok's eye twitches, and he proceeds to pelt namjoon with all the pillows he can find on their beds. 


4:15 pm, at the courtyard on the bench with his textbook open and his phone on his lap is when he sees a flash of mint. 

mint hair, the vibrant color gleaming under the bright sun, walking across the yard and past the fountain. he stops and turns, pastel locks brushing gently in the air, sleepy eyes and pursed lips glancing towards the math building. 

hoseok yells out on excitement, and mint boy jolts up, brown orbs snapping over to hoseok; their eyes connect, and hoseok swears that electricity runs through his veins. 

unfortunately, the same loud noise that capture mint boy's interest might've also scared him; hoseok slams his book shut and scrambles after the boy in despair, watching as he walks off at a rapid pace. he barely makes it past the fountain when mint boy's already turning around the corner of the astronomy building, his bright blue souvenir jacket shining in the sunlight to reveal an array of brightly stitched colors.

hoseok is sure that mint boy is his soulmate from a previous life, even if science can't prove it, because he just feels such a strong connection to him that it can't be coincidence or a delusion—it's a sign. 


there's a party at taehyung and jimin's apartment on friday night. it's not much, just loud trap music and alcohol scattered all around, but it's enough to liven up a gloomy day after a chapter test. taehyung busily curses out his organic chem professor with chungha as they angrily chug beer, while jimin makes repeated attempts to drag jeongguk out to dance.

hoseok and namjoon sit back, somberly drinking cans of beer while staring out at what could've potentially been a fun date night.

"how did it go with seokjin?" hoseok draws out slowly, arching an eyebrow. the five of them have been friends since last year, but while the two sophomores were too oblivious to notice it, hoseok knows that namjoon's been pining after seokjin for a year and a half. and yet, no progress has been made. 

"he said he already had plans—congratulatory dinner with hongbin." namjoon mumbles out glumly, taking a swig of his beer. "y'know, his new date."

"wasn't he dating someone las—"

"too boring." a pause. "see, this is why i'll never date him. m'too plain and mediocre and seokjin hyung's way too out of my lea—"

annoyed, hoseok shoves the beer can against namjoon's lips and tilts it upwards, causing him to shut up by choking and sputtering. "hey, you dumbass. it's not that you're plain, it's that you've never tried to woo him. next time he breaks up, ask him to do something with you out before he makes a group date. just intervene." 

by the time namjoon is finished dying, his cheeks are bright red and his eyes are watery, chest heaving up and down. "can't you just—give me a normal pep talk?" 

"nah," hoseok hums out, leaning against his seat. someone passed by in a purple souvenir jacket, and it reminds him of mint boy. it's kind of funny how he dresses in a flashy manner with his brightly-colored hair, and yet, no one recognizes or knows him. and yet, someone like taehyung, who's inconspicuous with his brunette locks and nice style is known by everyone. 

namjoon's voice cuts into his thoughts. "did you find mint boy yet?" 

"i saw him, but...that's it."


"not...really. more fuel. he looked cute."

hoseok thinks back to his blank look on his face, almost resembling a deer in the headlights. he imagines mint-boy standing in the crowd, mint hair glowing under the blacklight, smile curled up on his lips as he tosses his head back and forth. and god, hoseok wishes he wasn't so far gone for a mint-haired boy with a blue souvenir jacket that he doesn't even know. he wishes he wasn't so shallow to fall in love with soft eyes and a mysterious stare, intrigued by the fact that no one knows who he is. 

it kind of sucks, but hoseok supposes that this is his punishment for falling in love with someone's looks instead of their personality: forever seeking a name he doesn't know, only able to capture a glimpse of the gentle gaze.  and maybe hoseok's really fucking whipped, because he's okay with it. just like kim namjoon, who watches his crush with a new date every few weeks—content with looking, unable to do anything more. 


the cypher room is located in an abandoned classroom in the music department, taehyung's way of getting into rap despite little experience in actually rapping. it's quite popular on campus, and hoseok enjoys how a collective group of rappers get together and share their ideas. meetings are every thursday afternoon, and every other thursday is performance. every month, they host a rap battle down at the local run student cafe, with taehyung mc-ing.

namjoon and hoseok aren't cabinet members, but being friends with the vice president has perks. they get first access to the producing equipment, and hoseok's always happy to sit in the spot in the far corner, hooking his computer up to the launchpad. hoseok's barely sat on the chair when something cold comes in contact with his ass; blinking repeatedly, he subtly slides against the seat, scrambling off once he realizes how easily his butt glides against the chair. 

a souvenir jacket is folded up on the chair. 

a blue souvenir jacket with the flag of korea embroidered on the back. 

only cabinet members have the keys to the cypher room, and hoseok talks to them fairly well enough to know that none of them are into flashy jackets. and now it's not just a clue to find out who exactly this mint boy might be, but also what he does and why he has access to the cypher room when hoseok doesn't even know who he is—it's kind of exciting to know that there's more than just a cute face and dreamy sigh.

hoseok tugs the jacket away from the chair, fingers running over the silk with a low hum. he won't bring it up to the cabinet members—maybe mint boy will come back around, and maybe hoseok will finally get the chance to strike a conversation with him and get to know him and—

"stop thinking and start doing!" a feminine voice screeches, and hoseok flashes hyejin an apologetic grin. 

"are you going to write a love song?" namjoon calls out from across the room, synthesizer in his lap, cross-legged on the floor. 

"i'll write one if you write one for kim se—"

hoseok's voice is drowned out by the loud sound of his synth, a scowl gracing namjoon's face. up front, hyejin snickers, eyes diverting back to a beat-up notebook. 

the cypher room's always been a fun club, and so hoseok initiates the third war of synthesizers and launchpads, with namjoon and him trying to outsound each other out with their electronic devices. it goes on until the room is filled, and taehyung irritatedly yells at them to shut up so they can start the meeting. 

the session passes smoothly, with his fellow club members performing, while hoseok focuses on a souvenir jacket. maybe mint boy somehow snuck in, and maybe this was his favourite spot—just like hoseok. a tinge of excitement runs down his spine, because it signifies that they share this spot, a sign, a connection, a hint. 

hoseok envisions mint boy curled up against the chair, oversized beats hugging his head while he bobs up and down to a rhythm. maybe they can't come in contact physically, but maybe hoseok can leave him a message—if they share this launchpad. eyes sparkling with enthusiasm, he wiggles in his seat, excitedly searching for a particular segment.

he empties all the files back onto his computer, leaving the launchpad empty. with a low hum, hoseok uploads a 1.3 second audio clip, a sample of jieun's voice whispering "who are you?" 

and with that, he saves the software and exits, unplugging his laptop with a satisfied sigh.


hoseok ditches his class to spend the day pseudo-camping outside of the classroom. 

manjoon omg i can't believe you you're so extra
11:21 AM.

2:34 PM.

always hyungry tfw ur so whipped u stalk ur crush [See attachment.]
2:35 PM.

it's okay, he thinks. the pain and humiliation is worth finding out mint boy's secret identity. a sacrifice is needed for true love. 

mini omg you're so rmbaressing my friends asked who that creepy guy at the CR was and i had to pretend like i didn't know you
2:45 PM.  

hyeri there's a lab tmr for eco. : ///
3:03 PM.  

at 3:16, someone stands in front of the cypher room, anxiously knocking on the door and peering in. hoseok scrambles up from his hiding spot, trying his best to dust off his pants with one hand while fishing for the cypher room's keys with the other. earlier, he'd humiliatingly beg taehyung for the keys, proclaiming that he needed them "in the name of love". needless to say— 

always hyungry can i borrow 5000 ₩onhae manhi manhi??? it's in the nAME OF LOOOOoOOOoVe HAHAHA
3:17 PM.

piece of shit. 

"hey! are you looking for something?"

the stranger turns around, and a bright smile is flashed towards hoseok. stopping his footsteps, hoseok's hope and eagerness slams to the ground, crushed under the weight of disappointment.  

"are you not excited to see your hyung? it's been like, ages!" not-mint-boy-but-actually-kim-seokjin exclaims, feigning hurt as he places his hand over his heart. 

"did you...need...something?" hoseok carefully draws out. maybe it's namjoon, maybe it's him, maybe it's anything but the—

"blue souvenir jacket," seokjin starts of fluidly, and hoseok wants to cry. "my friend kind of borrowed it and left it at cypher room—i was supposed to get it yesterday, but knowing me, i forgot!" he chirps, a little too enthusiastically. "do you have the keys?"

hoseok has never felt so sad in his entire life, not even as much as that time he failed the final in biology 102 and it dropped his grade and gpa right before report cards. he dangles the keys limply from his fingers, staring dejectedly at the ground. 

oblivious to the fuming clouds above hoseok's head, seokjin swipes the keyring from his hand, sticking the brass key in the door and opening it. he comes out a few minutes later and locks the door, the same jacket that hoseok saw earlier folded neatly in his arms. 

"i didn't know you wore souvenir jackets," hoseok comments dryly, pocketing the keys. 

seokjin shrugs, a hand running over the embroidered pattern. "i don't—i just. bought it cause my ex was an olympic competitor—long jump—and i needed something that was all nationalistic and shit. my roommate embroidered the back—doesn't it look pretty?—i don't wear it anymore." he mumbles, speaking in fragments. 

the softness in his voice conveys more than just nostalgia; there's yearning and sadness lingered in between, and hoseok wonders if this was the only boy that seokjin genuinely liked in his history of dating. it makes him think of namjoon, and how it's only harder for him to make a move on seokjin. 

"well! i need to go—fridays are culinary club!" seokjin cuts in his thoughts, suddenly all cheery again. "i miss namjoon—tell him i said hi! i swear, i need to do something really quick, and i'll join my little harem again! all yours!" the older male squeaks, lips puckered as he laughs. 

"only namjoon wants you," hoseok mutters lowly, nevertheless waving half-heartedly as seokjin leaves with flying kisses. it's silent again, leaving hoseok to realize that mint boy never came. 

it's kind of. 



hoseok doesn't want to seem like a loser, so he just tells them that he's not going to give up, that fate will bring them together. they all laugh and ridicule him, but namjoon seems to sense otherwise—he doesn't say anything about it, and hoseok is thankful for it. 

so maybe it's not meant to be, and maybe hoseok was just overreacting because the boy had a really cute face and felt like some angel from above. it's fine. it's just a like, not even a crush or anything—it's cool. 

"fuck—" hoseok winces, quickly pointing the hose at the ground to survey the damage done to the poor roses. he might've accidentally jetsprayed them, causing petals to tear away from its head. kneeling on the ground of the school's greenhouse, hoseok carefully lifts the plant up and makes a pathetic attempt to nurse it back into the soil, using the dirt to keep it together. 

"um—excuse me?" deep voice rings out in a hushed tone. 

"hello, yes, public officer of green committee, botanist major, protector of plants, jung hoseok here," he mutters out monotonously, forming a sad mountain of dirt around the roses to keep them from falling over. "how can i help you?"

there's a brief pause, as feet shuffle against the rocky flooring. "i, um..." the voice hesitates, feet coming to a stop.

"yes?" hoseok asks out, clearly impatient. he's usually happy to answer plant questions, but he's already in a bad mood from last friday, mint boy keeps on lingering on his mind, and he could've gone him after watering the roses but now he has to fix them and— 

"i think my cactus is dying." silence. "i kind want to save it. if—it's possible."

first of all, how the fuck do you kill a cactus, one of the easiest things to grow and adapt. hoseok inhales sharply, eyes blinking repeatedly because it pains him, as a botany major, to hear a question that stupid. with a low exhale, he turns around to see who would be dumb enough to do such a thing, and—holy fucking shit. 

hoseok's eyes travel up from beaten black high tops to denim skinny jeans to navy-and-white striped turtleneck covered in the blue souvenir jacket to pink lips to button nose to soft eyes and to mint hair—and god, god, god is hoseok happy that he damaged those roses.

because standing in front of him is none other than mint boy clutching a terra cotta pot, an ugly dying plant nestled in the soil. 





"seokjin hyung, hey, it's been—awhile." 

"it's literally been five days." 

"that's still a while." 

"you're so stupid, you're lucky i love you." not in that way, namjoon thinks achingly.  

"i love you too—what's up, hyung?" 

the line goes quiet for a moment. "i broke up with my boyfriend. i feel so mellow right now, let's go out and eat; i have something important to say." 

namjoon's heart might've skipped a beat. 




Chapter Text

...because standing in front of him is none other than mint boy clutching a terra cotta pot, an ugly dying plant nestled in the soil.

hoseok has his mouth wide open, the garden hose still hanging from his hand, indirectly wetting his shoes. thank god doc martens are waterproof, letting him bathe in mint boy's eternal glowing glory.

eyebrows furrowed, mint boy shuffles his feet, holding out the plant expectantly. "is it—is it too late?"

snapping out of his trance, hoseok clears his throat, eyes averting back to the cactus. only. it's. it's not a cactus. hoseok knows, because he's seen this breed of plants in textbook and has developed a mild fascination with them—unfortunately, the school thinks they're too dangerous and refuses to raise them.

"did you say that was a cactus?" he cocks his head to the side, a hand pressing down his thighs for leverage as he pushes himself up. the hose drops to the ground, flooding the roses for all he cares.

(why water the roses when there's a fully-blooming rose in front of yo—

hoseok winces at himself.)

mint boy nods stiffly. "my roomate told me to get a plant. so i got this cactus in chinatown—the seller said it was from california."

"...that's not a cactus. that's a darlingtonia californica."

the boy blinks, lips parted open, but no sound coming out.

"...also known as the cobra lily. y'know. carnivorous plant. eats flies and meat."

it's kind of sadistic, but hoseok enjoys how the horror dawns on mint boy once he realizes his sweet innocent cactus is none other than a flesh-eating plant. his eyes widen, muscles stretched, blinking repeatedly as his lips reap hoseok's voice. trying not to laugh, hoseok clears his throat, hastily stepping on the hose to cut off circulation. in the history of hoseok's time at the green committee, he's never witnessed such a sad but comical scenario—he's kind of happy it happens with mint boy. "so, um, is it too much for you? i guess i can find a place to take care of it."

lips pressing together tightly, mint boy sticks out his arms, holding the pot further away from his body. "i—are they hard to care for? i mean, i i might as well."

hoseok beams, hands clapping together. "not really! just water it, feed it meat (like hamburgers, or bugs, or just stuff you eat) once a week—don't stick anything else in its leaves, and it'll thrive. you might have to changer pots if it gets bigger, but just—keep it in light. treat it like a regular plant."

mint boy gives a sad look towards the cobra lily, before emitting a gentle sigh. "i guess. i can't abandon it." he says, shoulders sagging.

(hoseok wants to snicker, but he looks so sad.)

"if you need help taking care of it, you can always call me! did i give you my name? it's ho—"

"— seok, public officer of green committee, botanist major, protector of plants," he repeats nonchalantly, before drawing his arms back in. "i think i'll be okay." mint boy mumbles, shuffling his feet together. "thanks for letting me know, hoseok. i'll drop by if i need anything."

he turns to go, and the words tumble out of hoseok's mouth before he actually processes them. "it's nothing! nice meeting you, um—uh—i don't know your name—" and god he sounds so awkward and gross and—

stopping in his footsteps, mint boy turns around with the same blank look on his face. "yoongi. it's yoongi." a pause. "it's nice to meet you too."

by the time hoseok's brain stops repeating "yoongi, it's yoongi" in his head and his body stops being frozen, yoongi is already gone, and before hoseok can wave bye, the door closes shut. inhaling sharply, he mouths mint boy's name once more, the foreign word feeling so comfortable on his lips.

teeth sinking into his bottom lip, hoseok shuts his eyes and squeals loudly—"his name is yoongi, his name is yoongi, i finally met yoongi!"

and he's dancing all over greenhouse, hose wriggling from his foot to spray over his jeans and the wall, but hoseok doesn't care because he's met yoongi, yoongi with the mint hair, yoongi with the sleepy eyes and blue souvenir jacket, yoongi with the inquisitive stare and smooth voice—

it takes him a few minutes to come down from his high, and it's then that he realizes the greenhouse is in a chaotic state. water dripping from the ceilings, rose garden flooding over the walkway to spread mud all over; jongdae is going to kill him when he finds out that someone stomped all over the newly planted caladiums.

but you met mint boy and got his name! hoseok's rational side whispers, and hoseok decides that it's right; it's okay if the flowers get hurt, because flowers can get replanted and regrow but crushes on the same person cannot be replanted and regrown, and so that's probably enough reasoning towards jongdae. whatever. he'll just do double the work, in the name of love. 



"move your head, i can't see."

see, with the age of the internet facebook stalking has come to be the second most useful thing to second to google searching. hoseok holds his breath as he waits for yoongi's profile to load, while taehyung repeatedly taps the screen.

"that won't make it any faster," namjoon reprimands.

"what do you know about technology, old ma—HEY!"

the moment yoongi's profile pops up, jimin snatches the phone away from the three other boys, curling up into a protective ball. taehyung's long limbs wrap around him, fingers fiddling at the orange-haired-male's sides to tickle him. "i called it first!" jimin screeches, legs blindly kicking on the floor. his toes dig into namjoon's stomach and the poor boy wheezed, clutching his abdomen as he doubles over.

hoseok raises an eyebrow. "last time i remembered, it's my crush, not yours."

"yeah, but we—" taehyung grunts out jabbing at jimin's sides, "—need ta' approve—" with a triumphant yell, he manages to slide the phone out of jimin's hand, holding it up high. the smile fades from his as he looks at the screen, lowering it to hoseok's eye level. "um."

oh. it's locked.

"nice going," hoseok snorts, leaning over to grab the phone and unlock it. there's silence as the four of them brood over yoongi's profile.

awkward silence.

"he has no dp."

"are you sure this is the right account?"

"it's the only account with 6 mutual friends; i think he's like. super shy."

taehyung swipes down idly, only to be met with a lack of information. no statuses, no uploads or pictures or anything. his birthday's in march 9, though. and he made his facebook six years ago.

"tap on the mutual friends," namjoon calls from over hoseok's shoulder. yoongi has 217 friends, which isn't that bad. taehyung taps on the friends icon, and six names immediately pop up:

mark tuan. do kyungsoo. jung eunji. amber liu. jung daehyun.


kim seokjin.

"what the fuck," taehyung whispers in awe. "how does seokjin hyung know him, while hoseok doesn't? aren't they both like, social butterflies?"

eyebrows furrowed, hoseok purses his lips. "call seokjin."

before taehyung can exit the app, namjoon's hand shoots out, slender fingers curling around taehyung's wrist. "it's a weekday! you're not allowed to call hyung on weekdays unless it's an emergency!"

seokjin established that rule a year ago: no calling unless emergencies on weekdays. it's to allow him to concentrate, he explained, since med school's a pain in the ass and he's also doing an internship for a hospital. hoseok and the rest of the boys sympathize, so they adhere to the rules.

"you know what this calls for?" hoseok wonders aloud, the grin creeping on his face mirroring those of him in and taehyung's, as namjoon's face simultaneously crumples up in mild horror.

"bangtan squad!"


Wang Tae
2 PM

im bringing
our freshie
that OK right
poor boy has no friends


the third saturday of every month is bangtan squad, a dinner of five (slightly) insane boys at taehyung and jimin's apartment—hoseok and namjoon's if something else is going on. the rules are simple: it has to be in the afternoon, there needs to be food, you can't bail out unless it's a medical or family emergency, or extreme cases. people who bail after an hour or don't show up are subjected towards punishment, which ran range from easy (lame) ones (from namjoon who's the softest person on the planet) or wicked ones (basically hoseok).

it used to be just the original hyung!line trio, with seokjin coming over to make dinner, but with the addition of the vmin troublemakers, they've expanded and become more elaborate. hoseok doesn't mind—he actually loves the company and the fun he gets from casually fooling around.

"so, i heard seokjin hyung is single," hoseok starts off, eyes shifting towards namjoon. jimin and taehyung are enthusiastically showcasing their dorm to jeongguk, who seems to be slowly slipping into a comfortable threshold.

namjoon blinks repeatedly. "that's right."

"so like, did you like, make a move on him?" hoseok whispers out, eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

for someone that has a major crush on seokjin, he looks uncomfortable. "i—it's complicated—"

"carpe d-m, kim joon; seize the date! slide into his messages and ask him out!" he croons, shimming against the younger male.

namjoon visibly cringes. "is he rubbing onto you? that was terrible."

"you'd laugh at low quality jokes from kim seokjin, and not mine? wow, i'm offended."

"i wouldn't!"

"so, why aren't you asking him ou—"

a loud bang cuts hoseok off, sending him scrambling against the chair and into namjoon's chest. excited footsteps accompany heavy breathing, and then—

"my darling babies! your number one husband material, kim seokjin, is finally back! have i been missed?"

there's a loud shout of hyung!, followed by the loud stampede of footsteps. seokjin sets the groceries onto the tables, his gaze brightening at the sight of namjoon and hoseok. "my adorable kiddos!" seokjin beams, clapping his hands together. "it's been ages, i'm so sorry—school's an awful blockhead, and as kinky as i can get, i'm no masochist when it comes to tests!"

hoseok wrinkles his nose. "tmi."

"seokjin hyung!" jimin squeaks, arms wide open as he charges into seokjin's chest, face burying into his neck. "oh my god, there's so much, you need to catch up, also, i'm hungry and tae has almost resorted to cannibalism!" it's an endearing sight, and hoseok coolly sips his drink.

"i know, i'm gonna make it up to all of you," he declares with a huff. "i broke up with my boyfriend—"

hoseok side-eyes namjoon, who closes his eyes.

"—and i'm gonna join the single life! for the rest of the year! noooo more dating for kim seokjin; i'm going to be an independent man who looks after his fetus friends! even if a super cute guy with a lot of money and a great personality comes by, y'know what my answer's gonna be? noooo!"

as hoseok takes a moment to process his words, seokjin's already sauntering into the kitchen, the three kids already following behind.

"...i told you it was complicated." namjoon grumbles with a low moan, head banging onto the dining table lightly.

"he's not going to actually go through with it, is he?"

"it's seokjin." namjoon deadpans, head lolling to the side. "if he puts his mind to it, he actually succeeds. i really have no chance, now."

although hoseok is usually a happy-go-lucky, optimistic person, he really doesn't know what to say to the mopey namjoon that now stares at the empty glass of water. "c'mon, let's help seokjin with the food—"

"i'm kim namjoon. god of destruction."

hoseok winces. "i—well, you can probably, help set up. or maybe we can take the dog for a walk so that taehyung doesn't run up every 2 minutes."

it takes a little more convincing, like hoseok's promises of helping out namjoon with "project namjin and doing the dishes for the rest of the month, in addition to a bribery of goldfish bread. namjoon mumbles something incomprehensible, but hoseok takes it as a "fine" and drags him out to the kitchen, informing the rest of the crew before they walk the dog.

"hey, we're gonna walk tofu—"

"we're out of champagne!" taehyung screeches, his butt jutting out and blocking the entrance of the kitchen while he rummages around the cabinets.

"oh, i guess all we have is..." seokjin pauses. "cham-pain—" he finishes, clutching his heart dramatically.

the noisy kitchen comes to a stop, five pair of eyes coming to stare at him. seokjin still has his mouth open in a suggestive grin, spatula waving in the air to induce some sort of reaction.

namjoon starts to fucking giggle, and hoseok slowly turns his head to glare at him.

"at least one person appreciates my ingenuity," seokjin sniffs in disdain. hoseok mouths "betrayer" and "backstabber", while namjoon just smiles like the idiot he is at seokjin. it's kind of gross, in hoseok's opinion, but he can't really do anything because he'd do the same with yoongi.

jeongguk mutters something under his breath, and it earns a loud smack of seokjin's spatula against his arm. "no one gets meat here! only namjoon—" he turns to flash namjoon a dazzling smile, and hoseok can already see the sparkles and flowers that surround seokjin, namjoon wobbling next to him. "—because he's a good boy. speaking of meat, i can't believe my roommate! he's adorable, but..."

oh, it's another one of seokjin's hour-long rants. they're fun to listen to, but they take forever to finish.

"...and can you believe it?" he huff out, aggressively digging the spatula into the fried food. jeongguk slowly inches away from him, bumping into jimin, who wraps his arms around the younger male protectively. namjoon, meanwhile, looks whipped as fuck. go figure. "he fed part of that steak to his plant. a frickling plant."

hoseok freezes. "a plant?"

"yeah! he was like, 'oh, i accidentally got a meat eating plant', all rationally, like it was some common kind of thing. does he even know how expensive that steak was? and he gave it to a flubbing pla—"

oh my god, hoseok wails silently. "by chance, does your roommate have mint hair, wears blue souvenir jackets, and goes by the name of min yoongi?"

taehyung perks up in interest. "wait, is mint boy your roommate? is that how you know him? oh my god, that makes so much sense!"

seokjin doesn't say anything, growing unusually quiet as he turns the heat down. " do you know yoongi?"

jimin starts whooping, jumping up and down, tugging a wide-eyed jeongguk with him. "you finally get to meet him! hyung, hoseok's been harboring a crush on him for like, weeks now, this is so great!"

hoseok nods eagerly. "yeah, can you—like—set him up with me? be a real mvp, hyung, just this once—"

seokjin isn't smiling. yikes. "you know, i have the complete list of everyone that yoongi talks to memorized. and you're not on it. but you like him. that means, you like him without knowing him." oh, fuck— "which means you only like him because he looks cute."

hoseok sweats. "i was—gonna ask you to introduce me to him, y'know, get to know him."

seokjin sticks the spatula in his face, eyes narrowed. "one. i love you, but you liked him for his face. horrible. two. although i love you, and i really do, yoongi is terribly precious; when i moved into his apartment, his parents paid me a personal visit and asked me to keep an eye on him because boy has absolutely no social skills. you, are the exact opposite, and contrary to what you think, he's not all adorable and shy; he hates people and social interaction." he pauses to breathe, before waving the wooden spatula in a somewhat-intimidating-but-highly-comical motion. "so you and him wouldn't go together; you'd only make him hate social contact even more."

he opens his mouth to respond, but the brunette cuts him off to speak even more. "so please keep a 2 meter distance from min yoongi, or i will personally come over and give you a—" seokjin flexes his arms, "—hug."

taehyung shudders, and jeongguk gives him a confused look. "they'll crush your rib cage," jimin whispers, a little too loudly so that even hoseok can hear.

seokjin snorts, turning around to face the stove again. "get back to your places, i still need to feed all you pups and you need to fill me in on drama."



baby you girl, i can’t hold onto you,
baby you girl, i can’t give up on you;
like the dead leaves that fell,
this love, like the dead leaves—
never, never fall.
(it’s withering.)

i can’t go on if you’re not here;
love me, love me,
come back to my arms.

love is not over, over, over
love is not over, over, ov—


"you don't understand," hoseok wails over the loud music. "we're like, romeo and juliet star-crossed lovers, whose fates are intertwined and not meant to be. opposite spectrums, like the house of mantague—"

"— it''s montague—"

"—stop patronizing me, and house of kappalets—"

"—you can't even get the names right—"

"— i'm an incredibly sad person, and you're just antagonizing me, kim joon." hoseok sniffles in an over-exaggerated motion, face burying into his pillows.

"look," namjoon sighs, "are you really afraid of kim seokjin in a pink apron and a wooden spatula, who threatens you with hugs? is that going to stop you from your love of mint boy? you—"

(a sad!hoseok has randomly appeared! inspirational joon! i choose you!)

"—have been going on about mint boy for weeks, and even got to get his name; is one person going to really stop you from your journey to his heart?"

(inspirational joon uses motivational speech! hoseok is affected!)

with a low moan, hoseok blindly lifts his head, the blanket obscuring his view. "no..."

"kim seokjin is simply an obstacle: think of him like a boss battle!"

"it's kim seokjin, he always gets his way." hoseok grumbles.

"love isn't easy, hoseok, they're challenges along the way. look, i'll help you out with yoongi."

eyes flickering wide open, hoseok scrambles out of the blankets, sitting up abruptly to look along namjoon. "really?"

namjoon flashes him a million-watt smile, all dimples and teeth. "of course; gotta get yoonseok sailing, y'know?"

(sad!hoseok has fainted!)





me: yikes hoseok u need 2 stop stalking yoongi
me to me: it's not stalking if it's not harming anyone; it's called gathering information.


 you don't understand how serious this case is. someone has stolen my heart and i need to investigate the prime suspect. ofc i need the fbi.


okay so. maybe it's a little unethical. maybe he shouldn't be lingering by seokjin's apartment at the coffee shop across the street, waiting to memorize yoongi's schedule so he can meet him by "coincidence". maybe he really shouldn't be all shady and just approach yoongi like a normal person and flirt with him. but the problem is, he has little to no encounters with yoongi, and by the time he manages to find one, yoongi will probably already forget him.

the apartment door opens and oh no it's kim seokjin no no nooooooooo. hoseok immediately ducks under the table, breathing heavily as he tries to flatten himself against the chair. which is kind of bad, because now he doesn't know how long he has to stay like this.

manjoon seok texted me and asked where u were
11:03 AM.

i told him u were at ur biology class
11:03 AM. 

hoseok wants to cry.


manjoon woops sorry it's okay tho i think he fell for it; he was like (im copying n pasting) oh!!! okay XD i thought he was like stalking yoongi or something XD if he did i would've XD gently caressed his XDDDD ribcage
11:04 AM.

manjoon he kind of sounds passive aggressive it's kind of hot
11:05 AM.

in conclusion, namjoon is a fucking terrible person that doesn't even deserve a gold star for effort. hoseok peeks up from the table, exhaling in relief at the empty doorsteps. he sits up straighter, arm resting against the table, chin propped on the palm of his hand to form a triangle. with his phone in his lap, hoseok stares out the window, daydreaming of yoongi clutching his plant.

five minutes later, the door opens, and hoseok's elbow nearly slips off the table at the sight of yoongi in his mint hair and monochromatic plaid shirt. he's clutching an obnoxiously bright orange textbook in his arms, navy hershel backpack slung over his shoulder. he looks at his phone for a few seconds, before turning to the right.

jinggly puff Look behind you.
11:11 AM.

hoseok stares at the notification, turning around to feel warm breathing against his neck. he screeches, scrambling off the seat as he clutches his neck in terror.

"do you know why everyone says i'd be great on law of the jungle?" seokjin asks, his voice sickly sweet. "because i'm great at catching snakes and roasting them."

hoseok isn't religious, but he prays to a religious entity to save him from the wrath of kim seokjin.

"i'm going to hunt down both you and namjoon, hug you to death like a boa constructor, and then draw out all the venom from your blood and make you choke on it, for spying on my roommate and lying to me," seokjin croons out, an arm sliding around hoseok's neck and hauling him to the older male's chest.

as hoseok flails around, he watches yoongi sit on the metro bench for route 72, eyes surveying the road for a bus.

HE TAKES THE BUS!!!!!!!!, hoseok yells internally, before he actually yells as seokjin drags him out by his neck.


"the route 72 bus is a loop from blesstige apartments—where yoongi and seokjin live—to the western campus. which means. every time yoongi had class, he goes there if he used the bus on monday, he has classes morning on monday."

"do you ever think you're really creepy?" jeongguk questions with faux innocence.

"it's in the name of love," taehyung cackles. hoseok shoots him a dirty look, slamming the bus brochure closed. "by the way, what happened between you two and seokjin? he's being passive aggressive again. that's like, the scariest seokjin. you can't tell if he's genuinely okay or planning to squeeze your ribcage so that your heart pops out."

namjoon unplugs the earphones from his phone and presses repeatedly on the volume button.

love is not over, over, over,
love is not—

leaning over, hoseok taps pause on his phone. "um, he wants to spend quality time with us on saturday. i'm kind of scared."

taehyung shudders "he's gonna hug you both and break your diaphragm."

("and my heart," namjoon mutters lowly.)

hoseok, being the ever cheerful person, attempts to divert the conversation. "have you seen those really ugly bright orange textbooks? i feel bad for people who have them; i can never study with ugly book covers."

"for a book on software design, you think it'd look better," namjoon remarks dryly. jeongguk giggles quietly at his statement, and taehyung looks like he's fawning over cute animal videos.

software design. being a junior, hoseok vaguely matches it up with engineering, and that takes pace in the ssang school of engineering. which means that yoongi, every monday morning, gets off of the western campus to go over to the north-western side of the campus to ssang where he attends software design at twelve.

hoseok gets off of monday classes at 10 from the south-western campus, and goes straight home after it. no wonder they never meet.

but namjoon...has class at 12:10...on monday 


"i still don't get why you feel the urge to walk me to class. do you like me all of a sudden?" namjoon asks, eyebrows knitted in concern. "am i a rebound because of your failing crush?"

hoseok exhales out of his nose, lips pursed together. they're currently in main quad; namjoon just needs to go straight into spatial composition, located in the northern section. "all of a sudden, i'm thirsty."

blinking obliviously, namjoon points to a vending machine up ahead. "there's coffee."

arms linking with namjoon, hoseok drags him towards the left, quickening his pace. "i'm actually craving for juice; palooza has wicked drinks."

"but...i don't want juice—why don't you just go by yourse—"

"i'll treat you," hoseok cuts in a little too aggressively, wincing at the tone of his voice. "i, um, have a bogo coupon. and don't want two drinks to myself." he lies in a poor attempt to cover up his scheme.

the brochure states that it takes about fifteen minutes from blesstige to the southern section of campus. assuming yoongi has a class at twelve, he'd arrive at 11:45 and take ten minutes to walk. he seems punctual, the kind that arrives a little before (unlike hoseok).

right now it's 11:50, which means.....

hoseok scans his surroundings, eyes squinting through the sun. his eyes catch mint hair turn around the corner of palooza.

"look, there's your juice sh—"

(hoseok kind of feels bad at this point.) eyes brightening, hoseok turns sharply, drawing a low hiss of "what the fuck" from namjoon. he starts jogging running, tugging (poor) namjoon with him, and by the time they stop, namjoon's too out of breath to complain.

"act normal," hoseok mumbles, swallowing hard; they u-turn, feet swiveling backwards, and a pleasant tingling feeling runs through hoseok's veins at the sight of yoongi slowly lugging towards their direction with a bright orange textbooks.

"h—hi, yoongi!" hoseok yells, his voice cracking, free hand waving wildly. yoongi looks up from the floor, footsteps coming to a stop as blank eyes stare inquisitively at him.

"hi, hoseok." he calls out monotonously, before resuming his steps.

oooHhhMYGOOODDDDHEREMEMBEREDMYNAAAAAAMMMMEEEE HE REMEMBERED HE REMEMBERED HE REMEMBERED, hoseok dances internally, mouth dropping open into a stupid grin. he wants to say something, but instead he just remains that way, unable to do anything but watch yoongi walk past him without looking back.

"i can't believe you dragged me all over campus just to stutter out 'hi yoongi'. like, if you're going to put me through hell, at least make it worthwhile, you dipshit."

"he remembered my name," hoseok whispers gleefully.


"he remembered my name! he said, 'hi, hoseok'! he's not a people person, but he knows my name! i made progress!"

(yoonseok: level up!)

namjoon makes a face that looks like someone stepped on his foot with an iron boot while he watched seokjin make out with some guy. 


thursday arrives, and it's cypher room time. hoseok lazily plugs his computer into the launchpad, eyebrows furrowed at the new content on his software.

his 1.3 second clip has been replaced by a 1 minute audio. hoseok's sure that it's not yoongi, because yoongi doesn't seem like the type to really care about rapping. he's not really interested in anyone else, but the idea of see mending messages over the launchpad is intriguing. he plays it, his ears filled with a pleasant remix of jieun's "who are you", before ending with a final reply: "someone you've met before." a male voice, singing in a jazzy method.

no way.

no fucking way. could it be—? yoongi, maybe? playing around with him? no one in cypher room touches his precious launchpad, and that cryptic, mysterious message—what if yoongi's a secret producer, or something?

excitedly, hoseok scrolls through his list of audio samples, removing the ones lingering in the launchpad and replacing them with new ones.

it's the girl in kero kero bonito's voice, chirping "show yourself!" in japanese. but. what if yoongi doesn't understand japanese? eyebrows furrowed, he adds in a second clip of himself saying "it means show yourself in japanese!"

with a satisfied nod, he saves it.

(namjoon, probably: omGGG hoseok ur so extraaaaa)



.... woops
im busy
ill make it up another day


ur alone with a seokjin.
a single seokjin.
am i not doing you a favor? ;;;;)))


have fun
use protection to prevent sex diseases that will make your dick sad


if seokjin is busy with namjoon, not monitoring yoongi and hoseok....then he's not monitoring yoongi and hoseok.

which is the sole reason why he's in the elevator now, waiting until the elevator dings at the third floor of yoongi and seokjin's apartment. hoseok's been to it a couple of times, but seokjin comes to their places so often that all of them almost forget he lives elsewhere with a hidden roommate.

room 306, on the left. taking a deep breath, hoseok raps on the door three times, hoping, that maybe, yoongi will—

—open the door and look drowsy in an oversized black t-shirt and shorts? oh god.

"hoseok?" he mumbles in confusion, rubbing his eyes.

trying his best to fake ignorance, hoseok tilts his head to the side. "you're seokjin's roommate? i didn't know that—" he lets the statement hang on the air, before holding up a bag. "i, um, pissed him off, so i brought carp bread as a peace offering."

"oh. you can put that on the counter." yoongi jerks his head backwards, stepping away from the doorway to take strides elsewhere.


hoseok slides his shoes off away leaves it at the door, before taking a tentative stride towards the kitchen. yoongi's pouring two glasses of water, and hoseok, for some stupid ass reason, blushes. he sets down the bag, hand slowly moving towards the glass, before yoongi picks them both up. the mint boy drinks one cup, proceeding to walk to the plant by the sink to dump the second glass of water into the pot.

hoseok doesn't know whether to laugh or cry, and withdraws his hand awkwardly. "is that the plant you bought from chinatown?"

pale fingers shake the empty cup over the sink, before placing it on a drying rack. "yeah. dari's growing well. seokjin's a little annoyed though, oops."

the fact that yoongi named his darlingtonia californica "dari" is possibly the cutest thing that hoseok has even witnessed in his twenty-one years of life. he kind of melts internally. "that's good! you should tell me when it gets bigger; i can get you a larger pot."

jinggly puff Where The Fruckle Friend Are You Do You Want To Die Are You With Min Yoon Gi ?
2:46 PM.

hoseok winces.

"i'll do that," yoongi hums out quietly; his pocket vibrates, and he pulls his phone out. "...why is seokjin asking me if you're at our apartment? are you not supposed to?"

cringing in embarrassment, hoseok takes a step backwards. "he's um, out for blood. just. say i dropped this off. i probably need to go, before i get my ribs crushed and my organs explode by his arms," hoseok laughs nervously.

darn kim seokjin for cockblocking!!!!

yoongi gives him a dubious look, brown orbs gazing intensely as hoseok inches backwards with a painful smile, a little bit of his soul crumbling with each vibration of his phone. his back hits the wall and his ringtone blares loudly, zico's i am you, you are me resonating through the air. "i—it was nice meeting you, yoongi! i hope we can talk again, a little longer!" he exclaims, trying to stuff on his shoes.

mint boy blinks, eyes never quite leaving hoseok's body. "you should listen to eureka, if you haven't."


mouth agape, hoseok nods absentmindedly, slowing the pace of tying his shoelaces.

"close the door when you go out," yoongi instructs, turning away from hoseok again to walk into the hallway. "good luck, don't die."

a goofy smile spreads across hoseok's face, his face lighting up at the other male's last few words. maybe seokjin's just an angry raincloud, but if yoongi is the rainbow that comes after it, life isn't too terrible.

jinggly puff im hold ing kim nam joon hos tage un til you come back. [See attachment.]
2:52 PM.

jinggly puff make sure he has life in sur rance b c im gon na kill him
2:53 PM.

make that a thundercloud. 


good luck,
don't die.

good luck,
don't die.

hoseok repeats the rumble of words in his head, a dreamy sigh resonating into the air. it's monday again, but this time, hoseok is smarter. he gets off of school at ten, spends time at the cafe, and heads towards the bus stop in front of yoongi's bus stop. that way, seokjin won't catch him, and he can casually sit near yoongi with some lame excuse.

it's a plan that's supposedly perfect.

when hoseok steps on the bus, the seats around yoongi are all filled except for the seat next to him. eyes gleaming with delight, he hurries over, only to come to a slower pace the closer he moves towards the mint-haired boy. by the time he stands in front of the empty seat, his feet are cold and solid, suddenly too afraid of what would happen if he attempted to sit next to him. would it be too creepy? too soon? hoseok doesn't want to ruin their "meeting", especially since yoongi's barely warming up to him.

" you want to sit?" comes an awkward question, yoongi's eyes flickering back and forth between the empty seats up front and the one next to him, his hands already grasping the straps of his backpack. the situation looks kind of terrible right now, and suddenly, hoseok has regrets.

"no!" hoseok shoots down his question, a little too loudly and boldly; the other passengers glance at him quizzically while yoongi looks uncomfortable. "i mean—i—i like to stand, you know, keep the circulation going," he babbles on, a hand reaching out to grab the metal pole above. "i just—saw you! sitting alone and i, thought i'd drop by to say hi—coincidental, isn't it, hah."

yoongi only shrugs, hands releasing the bag to rest on his orange textbook. the bus lurches forward, and hoseok has to curl his fingers tightly around the bar to keep himself from falling.

it's a weird kind of quiet. yoongi rests his head against the window, gazing outside, while hoseok looks out the window, eyes slipping down every once in awhile to look at yoongi. every time their eyes meet, hoseok's palms sweat a little, and he quickly averts his eyes. if yoongi finds the whole ordeal strange, he doesn't strangers anything about it, and simply keeps quiet. hoseok is thankful.

and then everything is kind of like slow motion.

the bus turns sharply, and hoseok's damp hands don't really help; they slide from the metal bar, the momentum pushing him forwards. with nothing to stabilize himself with, he falls straight ahead, right into yoongi's body.

lower abdomen sprawled across his backpack and legs on the bus flooring, his head bumps into the window and torso hovers over yoongi, hoseok's face so close to the mint boy that he can count the number of breaths he takes and watch as a faint shade of pink slowly colors his cheeks.

he's so close, hoseok thinks that he could lean over a couple centimeters and their lips would touch.


 "hey, namjoon?"


"yeah, hyung?"

"i was thinking. you'd be really cute with my friend, to be honest; you two should go on a blind date!"

" thanks—"

"it's been like, years and i've never seen you go out with anyone, it makes me think you're gonna be single forever and die a sad lonely death."

"but—" i like you!

"hush! as a concerned friend, it's my job to matchmake and find potentials baes for my friends!"


"keep friday evening open! he's really cute, you'll like him! gotta go now, papers need to be filed. i'll tell you more about him later!"


namjoon stares at the phone forlornly.

Chapter Text

...he's so close, hoseok thinks that he could lean over a couple centimeters and their lips would touch.

yoongi coughs, hot (kinda gross) air billowing at hoseok, and it's a cue for him to scramble off of yoongi. "i'm so sorry, it was unintentional, i swear, i didn't—"

eyes diverted to the floor, yoongi leans over to hook his arms over his backpack and tug it onto his lap, leaving the seat empty. "i think you should sit down." he says, a little too calmly for someone who just had a body flopped on. 

hoseok, speechless, nods his head repeatedly, taking a seat next to yoongi. he's not quite sure what to say after the incidence, and maybe it's better to keep quiet instead. yoongi seems to be acting like nothing ever happened, head leaning against the the glass windows, head bumping due to the uneven ground. hoseok attempts to relax, but it's kind of hard when your heart feels like it's beating 100 kph, and your limbs keep on fidgeting because you can't seem to keep fucking still. 



: ) go get it my friend. where are you? 


what happened? 


whipped af 

eyes closed, hoseok bites his teeth to elicit a silent squeal to himself, fingers curled around his phone tightly to refrain from jerking around in enthusiasm. calming music. he needs calming music. taking a steady breaths, he exits out of text and enters the music app, finger flicking against the screen to select a song: offonoff's bath. 

a soft sigh ringing out, he leans against the plush seats, head lolling to the side to admire yoongi's outline, the softness in the way he dresses and looks, his frame swallowed up in a thin maroon crewneck, clashing against the bright orange textbook. 

the bus comes to a stop in front of the university, and yoongi turns his head to glance at hoseok (who poorly attempts to look like he's been trying to look out the window and not at yoongi). "my stop's here." 

"oh—okay—" hoseok mumbles, scooting out of the seat to allow yoongi into the middle. 

he takes a fee steps forward, before turning back. "you're not going to class?" 

"nah, my stop's a little ahead; i'm going to...a..." think, hoseok, think. "...a bakery! great drinks, really craving." 

yoongi's lips part and he nods slowly. he wavers, almost hesitating, before calling out, "photograph by offonoff is also really nice, if you haven't listened to it." mint boy then turns around and walks out of the open doors. 

hoseok collapses into his seat, releasing a long-held exhale. he looks out the window, fingers fiddling with the edge of his phone. it's then that the question—is yoongi psychic?—pops up in his head. can yoongi read his thoughts? is that how he knew hoseok was listening to offonoff? if so, it's kind of scary. what if he peers into hoseok's mind, only to see MIN YOONGI MIN YOONGI MIN YOONGI written all over his brain?  

his eyes shift a little to realize that yoongi must've saw the reflection of his phone inside of the window, hence he knew what song hoseok was listening to. his mouth opens to let out a relieved laugh; to think of something so absurd! hoseok's just too hyped up, probably.

but wait. 

if yoongi saw what he was listening to....then yoongi saw who he was talking to...and the messages...

the amusement washes away, horror replaced on his face. 



"hoseok,  i said stop."

"your moaning noises are disturbing."

"i can't focus on my work if you won't shut up, oh my god, what's wrong—"

"HE SAW THE MESSAGES, IT'S OVER, NAMJOON. OVER." hoseok wails dramstically, body wiggling violently on the bed. "when i was texting you...he...he saw everything."

namjoon looks like he's struggling hard to contain his laughter, and hoseok just wants to scream "asshole" at him if he dare spill out a giggle. throat clearing, he sets his pen on top of his notebook, chair swiveling to give hoseok a serious look. "okay, don't panic. did he react weirdly to you?"


"then he probably didn't see them. give it the benefit of the doubt, you know?"

"but what if he did? then it's all over, and i'm—"

"next time you see him, act normal. if he doesn't flinch or act all strange, like he's avoiding you, then he didn't see them! just chill, hoseok, c h i l l."

hoseok may get annoyed with namjoon for a variety of reasons, including his awkwardness and tendency to hesitate when seokjin is single, but times like these are when he really appreciates the other. "stay chill," hoseok repeats against the pillows, breathing out.  


stay chill.

hoseok thinks he's chill. he's standing at the bus stop again, three days after the incident. is three days too soon? should it be five, or maybe a week, to be more natural? or maybe he should just avoid yoongi for a month? maybe a month is long enough for him to forget, or a year, or— 

his palms are sweating again, and as the bus comes to a stop, he prays that let there be seats around yoongi so that another embarrassing incident doesn't happen again. taking deep breaths, he squeezes his eyes tightly, exhaling heavily before taking a step onto it. money into the bin, head tilting up; his eyes brighten at the sight of an empty seat behind yoongi, feet hurrying over to stumble into it. 

yoongi's eyes drift from the window to hoseok, meeting his eyes with a blank blink, then reverting back to his former position. 

"hi," hoseok mumbles, cheeks a bright pink as he stares at the fluffy mint strands of yoongi's hair.

"hi," yoongi says back, hardly audible. it sends a slight tingle down hoseok's back, fingers clenching and unclenching. 

they don't have any topics, or anything to really say, so he can't and he doesn't initiate a topic. it's kind of awkward this way, with yoongi staring outside the window, orange textbook pressed tightly to his chest, and hoseok's arms folded on the top of the seat next to him, head nestled in them. but it's kind of okay at the same time, as odd as it sounds. 

after ten minutes or so, yoongi's eyelids fall close, and hoseok watches him fall asleep. he has a few imperfections, like how his nose is kinda short, and his jaw isn't as sharp as most guys, but hoseok likes it. he really does, from the way yoongi's eyebrows furrow together or his nose scrunches up, to the way his lips purse together and he nuzzles into the cold glass.

he starts to think about yoongi, min yoongi with his mint hair and his blue souvenir jacket. min yoongi as a cactus, little spikes sticking out of his hair and arms crossed, lips huffing in a pouty manner. pocket sized yoongi just sitting in his palm, face buried in the ugly orange textbook. yoongi on a date with him, eyes rolling at a sarcastic remark, yoongi running through a field of flowers with the wind ruffling his mint locks, yoongi in a lot of situations, really.

it's kind of weird, because hoseok actually thought he'd be falling for a loud and boisterous person, maybe the president of a club, another artist.

instead, it's some quiet boy with bright hair that no one knows. life is strange, it seems.

hoseok cranes his aching neck, eyes almost popping open the moment he realizes yoongi is staring at him through the bus window. he coughs loudly, leaning back into his seat, face dipping into his chest as he tries to hide his cringing face from the boy with mint hair. 

(but hoseok swears, that if he looked properly, yoongi smiled at him for a fraction of a second.)


the next few weeks are kind of normal.

the bus rides continue like that for a few weeks, with hoseok sitting behind yoongi, trying not to be obvious when he sneaks glances at the other. trying to keep it natural, keep it coincidental  they don't talk much, besides a simple "hi", but it's enough to satisfy hoseok. 

namjoon still makes zero progress with seokjin, and seokjin is always grilling him on hoseok's whereabouts. 

jeonggk's slowly worming his way into their circle, always hanging around jimin or taehyung, waving enthusiastically to namjoon or hoseok when they pass by him.

yoongi still leaves cute messages and remixes on their launchpad, hoseok naturally responds to it.

normal isn't very fun, but it's nice. really nice.



"pick up, pick up, god damn you,"



"pick up," hoseok bemoans, hand shoving his bus fare into the small box. it's a mistake to go on the bus, especially during rush hour when classes are over; the bus is packed with students, and hoseok looks around for a few minutes until he spots the last empty seat near the end of the bus, rushing towards it. eyes sparkling with delight, he plops down, before sending seokjin another wave of texts. 

"come on," hoseok wails out, shaking his phone in a rather violent motion. it should take about fifteen to twenty minutes to seokjin's, and so calculating time back, he'll probably be just ten minutes late for practice. that. that isn't bad. he just has to pray that seokjin is home, or that no one will steal the jacket he leaves outside.  

"...are you...okay?" comes a quiet, tentative voice, a little deep and awkward from his left. 

blinking repeatedly, hoseok turns his head, choking at the sight of a confused min yoongi. "holy shit—i swear, it's coincidental this time," hoseok breathes out, fingers gripping his phone a little tighter.

yoongi catches on quickly. "this time?" he repeats, arching an eyebrow. 

hoseok pretends like he didn't hear him. "listen—is seokjin home? i need this hugeass favor from him—"

"seokjin's taking an exam right now, won't be out until around an hour later." 

the world seems to crash and fall apart upon yoongi's words, and hoseok feels like he's going through a midlife crisis. 

kim jongin
3:03 PM.

"why—do you need something?" 

fuck it, might as well as be open. "i was practicing for the upcoming dance showcase," hoseok mumbles, head craning backwards a's his arms dig inside his backpack, feeling around the leather bag until he pulls out a black and floral print stussy , its hood half dangling on the neckline. "and the hood—there's a part of a dance the requires it—ripped from excess practice—"

okay well, it's partially true. the seam ripped from him repeatedly flicking the hood on and off, and the officially ripped when it go caught on the door of the class as he was rushing out. it still counts. 

"—and the dance showcase is tomorrow, and seokjin's the only person i know who knows how to sew." he finishes with a breathy huff, fingers caressing the damaged hood. 

there's an incredibly blank look on yoongi's face as he stares at the sweater, and for someone who just listened to a long and stupid rant, yoongi seems very passive. hoseok thinks that maybe it's a bad idea, maybe he should just ask yoongi to give it to seokjin and hop off this bus asap, and—

"but seokjin doesn't know how to sew," yoongi points out, as if he was being obvious. 

"what—" hoseok furrows his eyebrows together, "we always give him our damaged stuff, and he always goes him together fix it and give it back to us—"

"that was your stuff?" yoongi perks up, looking a little more interested. "seokjin doesn't know how to sew; i do. he always asks me to do it for him as a favor."


("hyung, please—that's so awkward," hoseok wrinkles his nose, staring at the stranger from afar. 

"um, i did a favor for you, jung hope, so please get your ass out there and find out if he's gay, please.)

("hyung, i'm lazy—"

"remember when i did you that favor and saved your ass? yeah, now make me and panini, pah-lease.")

hoseok suddenly remembers that there's a reason why seokjin got into med school; his sly ass brain. to think he demanded favors from hoseok without doing shit—holy hell, hoseok's gonna expose him to the twins from the purgatory, and seokjin's finally gonna reap what he sows. he cackles gleefully, trying to imagine the look of horror on seokjin's face when the tables turn on him. 


the single word cuts into hoseok's thought, and he finds himself coughing to mask up his dumbass antics. yoongi looks confused, and hoseok's trying his best to puff out air to clear the heavy flush in his cheeks.

"i could take it and sew it up for you. you know, as a token of thanks for the man-eating plant thingy. dari."

his phone is vibrating, and it's a flood of messages from the other dance captains. hoseok's supposed to be teaching today, since the others are at home or in class, but he's late and the poor underclassmen won't know what to do because he's late with the key. saying yes to yoongi would help get them off his ass, but at the same time, he's been moving so slow that this 'favor' thing makes him feel like he's moving way too fast. 

taemin sunbaenim 
if u aren't there in ten minutes i'm gonna slaughter ur ass m8
3:07 PM.

okay, scratch that. "i—yeah, yeah, that'd be great."

he hands the hoodie over to yoongi, who wraps his slender fingers over them and neatly folds it into a little cube, resting on top of a grey textbook. it's cute. "when should i give it to you...?" 

cue hoseok's mouth, which obviously has a brain of its own: "i'll give you my number! you can text me when it's done."

cue hoseok's brain: oooooOOohhhhhhh noooOOoOOOOoOooOo you don't even know HIM you're moving TOO FAST TOO FAST!! WHAT IF SEOKJIN FINDS OUT??

cue yoongi's looks of surprise and hoseok's mortification as he says "um", indictating that he probably fucked up somewhere and now yoongi's probably uncomfortable, but not before ending with a short "okay". 

cue hoseok's hands, which are probably scheming with his mouth, already searching around his backpack for a black pen and a scrap of paper. hoseok also wants to kind of just take his hand and scribble his number on it, maybe interlock their fingers together and hold hands and lead yoongi out of the bus and on a date and what the fuck is he thinking of right now—

numbers. right. with and shaky exhale, hoseok scribbles "jung hoseok : )" beneath it in pretty cursive, before handing it to yoongi. 

yoongi takes the note gingerly, folding it up into a square and tucking it into his palm. 

his phone vibrates again, and it's a cue that hoseok should probably run back to the uni before taemin starts hunting for his ass. 

"i—i need to go—" hoseok hastily throws out, apologetically casting yoongi a weak and squirmy smile. the kind that looks like a wavy worm for a mouth on those emojis. 

"oh—okay. i'll try to get to you as soon as possible—"

the bus stops, and hoseok stands up, legs still wobbly. "no, no! it's okay, don't worry, just take your time—just text me when you're done," he says, slowly taking steps backwards as he thrusts his hands out, thumbs pressing repeatedly in the air. yoongi dips his head for a unsure goodbye, while hoseok waves back wildly before colliding with the metal pole. wincing, he rubs the back of his head with his hand, trying to flash yoongi (who looks deeply concerned) a reassuring smile as he steps out.

yoongi's still looking at him as the door closes, and hoseok swears that he swoons at the sight of his soft gaze.


"what are you doing?"


"for what?"

"i gave yoongi my number."

namjoon elicits a low whistle, eyebrow raised in amusement. "you're finally stepping up your game, huh?"

feeling his cheeks burn up, hoseok buries his face inside the navy varsity jacket, huffing sadly at the lack of notification. "it's 'cause he's fixing up my jacket for tomorrow's performance for me, okay. don't get any wrong ideas; i don't want seokjin to skin me alive."

gasping, namjoon places a hand on his chest. "i, your loyal friend, would never rat you out. how do you even have the audacity to think that way?"

with a roll of his eyes hoseok opens his mouth to object, when his phone vibrates. eyes widening, he scrambles up from the covers, quickly unlocking his phone.

is this hoseok's number?

"oh my god," hoseok breathes out, hands shaking from excitement. "play it cool and charming or play it sweet and silly, which do you think he'd like?"

"both are disgusting." comes namjoon's unhelpful opinion. hoseok scowls, and throws a pillow at him. "jesus—play it cool, play it cool, you're so hot-tempered, chill out." 

"emojis? periods? or no?"

"does this really matter—"

"yes. periods make me look cool and smart, emojis can add a splash of fun but makes me look less serious. i want yoongi to take me seriously, but i don't want to seem intimidating, and this text needs to be perfect; first impressions of text do have some sort of impact, y'know, it's online dating 101."

namjoon scoffs. "this is the dumbest thing i've never witnessed. just use periods." 

yeah, it's hoseok.
is this yoongi? 

hoseok thinks it looks a little too scary. 

: ) 

standing to to stretch, namjoon walks over to hoseok, plopping by his side. he props his chin on the latter's shoulder, and hoseok can feel him peering at the texts. it's okay though, he doesn't mind, he could probably use a little help anyways.


hi, yes, this is yoongi.
i finished sewing your hoodie. 

"he knows how to sew?"

"seokjin doesn't. put two and two together."

when are you coming by to pick it up?

"when seokjin isn't home," namjoon answered reasonably. 

"i can't write that down!" 

"well, obviously, you can't tell him the two of you met, nor can you meet him when seokjin's there, so—"

which puts him in a tricky situation. he needs to distract seokjin and be sure that seokjin won't come by the apartment, but is the question. "...hey. joonie."

"...oh no—"

hoseok flashes him a sly smile. "you should ask him out tomorrow."


"do it for me! i really need to meet yoongi and get this jacket, so please," hoseok begs, a hand sneaking over to grasp namjoon's hand. scandalized, namjoon pulls it back, looking as if he wants to throw up. it doesn't stop hoseok from pushing on, grabbing namjoon's hand once more and placing it over his chest. "can't you feel how fast my heart is beating by even texting him? this is true love, joonie, you can help be a part of this mom—"

"you're so extra," he screeches, tugging his hand away. "okay, jesus, but you really fucking owe me for this."

when are you free? i can come by the apartment to pick it up. 

hoseok blows him a kiss, to which namjoon cringes at. 

i get out of class after one, then i'm home. 

(hoseok has afternoon classes from twelve to three, which is perfect.) 

i get out at three, so i'll bus straight there. 

okay. just tell me about ten minutes before you come.

alright, see you tomorrow, yoongi!

see you. 

"that," hoseok lifts his phone up to show namjoon the chat, "is when you need to be out with seokjin. that cool?"

"you o w e me."


he's starting to get used to yoongi's presence, he likes to think. sure, his cheeks get hot and he tries to be subtle, but it's okay. his palms don't sweat as much as before, he doesn't stutter so bad when he talks, it's all cool. he just has to be chill, casually shove  hand the ticket over, and be all swag and shit. it's easy. it should be easy 

except, it's not, and when yoongi opens the door with a fuzzy grey cat nestled in his arms, hoseok wants to melt into a puddle on the floor. he's wearing a loose t-shirt and grey shorts, bouncing the cat around in his arms and it's the absolute most cutest sight that hoseok has ever witnessed. "oh, hoseok. hi." 

"h-hi," he says, trying to be cool. 

"my arms are full of this lazy lump right here, but rest assured, cat hair isn't on your jacket." yoongi drawls out, swiveling on his heels to walk away from the door. hoseok hurriedly tugs off his shoes, scrambling after yoongi. they're in the kitchen again, with hoseok's neatly folded stussy sweater on the counter. 

"thanks," hoseok mumbles, collection it in his arms. his eyes travel further, noticing how yoongi's flesh-consuming plant by the sink is now gone. "what happened to your plant?"

"busan kept on trying to poke at it, so i had to take it to my room and lock it for the sake of both of their health."


"this." yoongi announces nonchalantly, lifting up the cat. 

"you named your cat after a city?" it sounds kind of mean and indignant, now that hoseok thinks of it. "sorry, it's just—" 

yoongi sighs out, one hand stroking the cat's fur. "seokjin and i took the train to the shelter to celebrate half a year of being roommates, and he thought it'd be funny to name the cat busan so that if people asked us where we were, we'd say 'taking the train to busan'. you know, when the movie was all hyped up. he considered calling the cat gong yoo too, 'cause of his crush on him, but i vehemently rejected that idea, and—" he pauses, the faint shade of pink coloring his face, "yeah."

hoseok stares at him, because in the history of knowing yoongi (it's only been like a month and a half, but even so,) he's never witnessed yoongi talk so much in one sitting. he looks embarrassed at the realization, and it's really damn adorable. biting his lip to hide a smile, hoseok rummages around in the pockets of his varsity jacket to pull out a ticket, sliding it over. "the showcase for all male choreo is tonight, at 7, and, um, this is kind of like a thank you card? i choreographed the opening routine, so you should totally come! you know, if you're free, and all, um, yeah." he croaks out, rubbing the nape of his neck.

for lack of better terms, yoongi seems "shook", judging by the way he stares at the ticket with an ambiguous expression. hoseok straightens up abruptly, and it startles the other, who shrinks back into the corner of the kitchen. it's his cue, time to go or something, before yoongi rejects him verbally and it starts to crumble hoseok's poorly built base of friendship. "um, it was pleasant seeing you, as always," (what the fuck is that, hoseok?) he says a little too formally, taking steps backwards. "thanks, again, for the hoodie, it looks great! see you, you should come, if you want, i'm not forcing you or anything, but it'd be nice, you know, um, yeah," hoseok babbles on nervously, before turning around and rushing to the door, slipping on his shoes and running the fuck away like the lame coward he is. 

he doesn't stop until he's standing in the elevator, clutching his knees as he bends over to catch his breath. taking several gulps of air, hoseok shuts his eyes tightly and inhales sharply, before relaxing his muscles. he presses himself into the wall, grasping the black and floral stussy hoodie tightly,

and squeals. loudly. 

because wow!! jung hoseok, you did well!! you finally manned the fuck up and lowkey asked the crush of your life to watch you perform, he thinks to himself. it's time to brag in namjoon's face, he thinks, and he just hopes that yoongi actually come. if he doesn't, it's okay. at least he tried (unlike someone) and at least effort was made (unlike someone). positivity is the key to happiness, and if yoongi backs out of coming to his performance,  it might catch him off guard, but never accept rejection as failure. 


five minutes before the showcase, he's standing by the stage nervously, adjusting his hoodie, checking to see if everything's okay. it's the last summer showcase before school, and it's usually one of their largest ones (next to the christmas and v-day performances), so everything has to be perfect. so far, he hasn't seen any flash of mint hair, and really, he shouldn't be surprised considering it's yoongi. one of the most introverted people he's ever met. maybe it was too soon to invite someone he doesn't know very well, someone who hardly goes out, it seems like. and yet, there's still a twinge of disappointment that fills his chest.

all male choreo is especially popular with girls, who flock to the musical theater to watch "the cute boys dance". it's three-quarters filled, which is typical of a large event, and hoseok just hopes that everything goes well. it's his first time choreographing a whole section of a dance and presenting it off to a crowd, so it should go well, or he's doomed for life. 

"jung hoseok! that's my boy right there!" a loud voice yells, and hoseok warms up at the sight of taehyung, jimin, and namjoon down below. jeongguk's gone home for the rest of the summer, while seokjin's busy studying for a test. taehyung, enthusiastic as ever, stands up and waves his phone back and forth. "i love you, jung hoseok!

he snorts, shaking his head with a wry smile. the lights dim, and the mcs are introducing the showcase to the audience. hoseok has a solo this time, dancing to the group cypher produced in cypher room to promote the club. he side-eyes his fellow cypher members in the far corner, grinning at the sight of them bobbing their heads up and down.  

the group dance consists of a mashup of a few epik high songs, and hoseok's never been happier to be performing shoebox. deep breaths, he walks towards the center of the stage, ready in formation for the music to begin. 

baby coming home, MYK's soft voice rings out, and as hoseok turns his head and rolls his body, he can see the doors of the theater open to reveal a person with a navy crewneck and jeans, mint hair peeking out from beneath a black beanie. the figure stands, as if unsure of where to go, before awkwardly shuffling to the far, far corner. hoseok can't see him through the darkness, but he's hella sure that it's min yoongi. there's no mistaking those shy movements that are terribly endearing in hoseok's eyes. 

with a smile to himself, he continues to dance, this time with more vigor and energy. the dance isn't hard, considering he's leading mostly underclassmen, but it's full of slow, sensual movements that have to be timed perfectly. arm movements here and there, capturing the audience' attention with each flourish, capture min yoongi's attention, trying to imagine his facial expression as hoseok jerks backwards. maybe it's blank, maybe it's wide and surprised, all cute and stuff. either way, any reaction from yoongi, if it's a nose scrunch, is good in hoseok's eyes. he took the effort to come, and that's all that really matters. 

he finishes with the underclassmen, allowing taemin and the other older boys to take over as he slips away behind the curtains. there's great chatter between them, but all hoseok can think about is yoongi, yoongi, and min yoongi, and god, he's so whipped it's kind of horrible. 



yikes, a movie wouldve been better
ur boring 

fuck u namjoon

jimin and tae say hi
they wanna know who's the cute guy that was in front during the prechorus
they won't stop talking about him rip
it's kind of gross
i've been hearing i want to dick him for the past 4 hours 

do they want to be introduced ;)

tae says hell yeah 

: )))))))))

soonyoung is pretty popular, hoseok muses. momo kept on gushing about how the sophomores in choreo kept on talking about him, calling him grossly sick names like "hoshi hoshi" and shit. all male just call him hoshit. it's more fun that way.

the upperclassmen finishes, and it's time for introductions. captains are introduced: lee taemin, kim wonsik, mark tuan, jung hoseok, kim jongin. then it's the other shenanigans, "hello, i'm jung hoseok, your hope!" (he swears to god that if taehyung records this he is going to die) "i'm your 2016 co-captain for all male!"

blah blah blah, more talking, taemin talks a lot, hoseok pretends like he's not thinking about yoongi and nods his head repeatedly, introductions finish, solos and duets begin. 

hoseok breathes, taking off in a rush (his solo doesn't come until halfway), hurrying out of the stage and entering the front. he holds up his all male pass, explaining some lam excuse of needing to meet his friends because they have something for him, before darting into the audience. it's kind of creepy doing this, and hoseok shouldn't really be doing this, but he can't help it. he takes quiet step in, peeking around the wall to peer in the corner. the lighting isn't strong. but the stage lights are enough to show him a glimpse of yoongi's face. 

he's sitting alone, with no one around him, four rows away from civilization, but he's moving around in his own little space and he's mouthing the words, actually smiling and laughing to himself. his hands are curled into fists, lifting up and down with the rhythm, and hoseok is taken back by how happy he looks.

which is kind of weird, since most people would be all sad and shit when alone, boredly staring at the stage and wishing for their friends to be around them. it's kind of weird since he's never see yoongi capable of emotion, other than a surprised look that alters only slightly from his usually stoic expression and flat words. hoseok kind of wants to join in and sit besides him, but at the same time, he just wants to leave yoongi be and enjoy his time alone. he decides to wait it out instead, head resting against the wall, the softest of smiles on his face as he watching yoongi enthusiastically jam to the music.

a slow song comes up, and yoongi calms down, only nodding his head and singing along silently. hoseok takes the opportunity to sneak in and sit next to him, his heart racing with every step that he takes. yoongi glances over and jumps, ands flying up to clutch his chest. he clears his throat, glancing back and forth between the empty seat next to him and hoseok. 

hoseok really hopes he doesn't change seats.

he doesn't. but he stops the peppy dancing from earlier, and instead, purses his lips together, staring straight ahead as if trying to muster up what to say. so, to be nice, hoseok breaks the ice. he leans over towards yoongi, who stiffens, and whispers: "you actually came! i didn't think you'd come."

yoongi nips his bottom lip, before slowly turning to face him with a serious look on his face. "i—i wasn't planning to come, but it'd be a waste of tickets and i didn't know who else would want them, so um, yeah. i had nothing to do, so might. might as well come." he mumbles, before shrinking back into his seat. 

the cheerleader inside of hoseok's brain yells loudly, doing cartwheels and flips, pom poms shaking as it chants M I N Y O O N G I !! S U P E R C U T E !! making it extremely hard to concentrate on his words. "is this your first showcase?" yoongi nods, albeit hesitantly. "you've been at this school for how long, and you didn't come to any of the great performances? i'm mildly offended," hoseok teases, trying to lift up the awkward tension despite his nervousness. 

"senior year makes you do things." yoongi shrugs, tentatively.

senior year.

holy shit. "you're a senior? i thought we were the same age?!"

yoongi arches an eyebrow. "what are you, a freshman?"

"i'm a junior," he squawks indignantly, and yoongi laughs. softly. shyly. cutely. hoseok feels like he's gonna go through cardiac arrest and be okay with it, and then his grave can be: RIP JUNG HOSEOK, DEATH BY ADORABLE LAUGHTER. 

but as quickly as the laugh comes, it fades, and yoongi is back to his nonchalant expression. "is that so? i guess you have to call me hyung."

and he rarely ever calls seokjin hyung, but for the cute guy with the mint hair and man-eating plant, he'll do it in a heartbeat. "okay, yoongi hyung."

yoongi's eyes travel back to the stage to watch, but it's a little more comfortable this time. he's more relaxed than before, nodding along to the beats, stopping once he catches hoseok's gaze on him. at times like these, hoseok wishes he wore sunglasses, so that he could side-eye yoongi and watch him all the time without him knowing.

actually, that sounds creepy, and even hoseok has limits. 

they watch side by side, occasionally brushing arms if one of the shift, and if someone viewed from afar, it's probably the most painfully shy slow burn witnessed in the history of blooming couples, but it doesn't bother hoseok. he's content with the slowness, and he kind of. enjoys it. it's better than being all mopey and sad (see: kim namjoon) being so close to the one you like but unable to do anything (see: kim namjoon).

his phone vibrates, and it's kim jongin telling him his cue is coming up. shit, he still hasn't changed yet.

he gets up to leave, and yoongi looks up questioningly, and hoseok swears that by the time they get together (if they do, hopefully they do, hoseok doesn't know, now he's getting nervous) he'd probably overabuse the usage of "cute" 100,000 times. "i have to go, my solo's coming up," he explains, and yoongi opens his mouth to whisper "oh" and nods his head repeatedly in a puppy-like manner. 

yoongi waves his hand, positioning at his waist so that it isn't very obvious, and hoseok sighs out at the endearing gesture. he waves back, and reluctantly slips away to go change.


it gets significantly easier afterwards. yoongi flashed him a thumbs up after the performance, they talked for a little, and then the showcase ends and they go home. that's it.

yoongi's as quiet as ever, but sometimes hoseok will strike a conversation, and he'll respond. whether it's on the bus, or over text, things are starting to work out, and hoseok's thrilled with it. 

he finds out that yoongi majors in computer science, enjoys r&b, and knows how to knit.  it's a weird list, but it's unique to yoongi, and that's what hoseok likes the most about it.  

look normally i'm a chill person but
i really need your help
you owe me a favor
help me
4:12 PM.



with what???

i'm on a blind date.

why the fuck are you on a blind date

seokjin set me up
it's seokjin
u never say no to seokjin 


please get me out
without being too crude
i dont want to hurt this persons feelings but i dont know what to do 

where are u
i got u bro

i'll send you the location
please save kim namjoon
he is a very tol guy but very soft and shy

 ur the most perverted beast ive ever seen


and the thing is, hoseok is similar to taehyung. they both have insane ideas.

so...namjoon should be expecting something insane.

except he doesn't, and hoseok doesn't realize that he doesn't until he's rushing into the cafe that namjoon's at, with a disheveled outfit and a extremely realistic look of distress on his face. it cuts namjoon's discussion with the (cute) boy across from him, who stares quizzically at the two of them. 

"hoseok..?" namjoon trails off awkwardly.

"where the fuck have you been, you bastard? i called you twenty times and texted you and you never responded," hoseok snarls.

wow, he deserves an oscar for this amazing performance.

namjoon seems genuinely scared, mouth agape as he blinks repeatedly. " phone is silent..blind date...." 

hoseok scoffs, chin raised up, inhaling loudly, before gripping namjoon's shoulders and shaking him violently, revenge for all the injustice he's suffered from namjoon's harassment. "KIM TAEHYUNG IS IN THE HOSPITAL AND HE'S ABOUT TO DIE AND YOU'RE SITTING HERE WITH A DONUT ON YOUR PLATE, the audacity!" 

it's fun watching the gears shift in namjoon's head, watching them click together as he widens his eyes in realization. he repeats hoseok's phrase, and hoseok swears that he slips a glare somewhere in his facial expression. "oh...oh no....we should go to the hospital then, shit, i'm so sorry—" 

and the award for the most terrible acting goes to kim namjoon.

"—i'm sorry," he turns to his date, who shakes his head repeatedly. 

"no, no, it's fine—is your friend okay? what hap—"

hoseok didn't think this far yet, so he interrupts namjoon's poor date by dragging namjoon by his chair. "we need to go now, joon, come on."

namjoon whispers apologies profusely, scrambling behind hoseok with a still shocked face. it's not until they're out the door and around the corner that namjoon hisses at him. "you're so fucking extra, hoseok, why couldn't you think of something...less...extra...?"

lips pursed, hoseok crosses his arms. "hey, if you asked tae, he would've pulled the i'm-your-ex-boyfriend-from-hell card, okay. it works, it's valid, and no one gets hurt."

grumbling quietly, a mix of thank yous and you're terrible are muttered under namjoon's breath. they walk to the bus station chattering about their days, about school, and how its going to be break in two weeks. hoseok wants to throw a summer party, while namjoon wants to go out to an amusement park, and the two of them squabble until hoseok's phone vibrates and zico croons on the bus.

it's seokjin, which is usually bad news. 

"hello...?" hoseok answered slowly, before yanking the phone away from his ear and wincing as an influx of loud noises bombard him.

"where the fuck is kim taehyung? which hospital is he in, why can't i find him, what happened to him, is he okay, is he serious? i need to find out, i can talk to my superiors, i can—"

it's seokjin, hoseok mouths panickedly, and namjoon flaps his arms. there are a few simple rules to knowing kim seokjin, and the first two are repeated so often, it's been engraved in their heads:

  1. don't lie.
  2. don't hide.

well that's too fucking late, because if he finds out about them lying on the date, he's going to explode.

("do you know how much effort and time i put into making sure both of you have perfect chemistry, reserving places and sheep? i can't believe you ungrateful heathens would do such a flufin flucking thing.")

text taehyung, hoseok mouths. ask if he's home.

"hello? oh my god, did something happen? why aren't you responding to me?"

namjoon nods.  

"oh, hyung. sorry...terrible reception...i'm on the bus with joon, taehyung's been discharged...he

had a fever, namjoon whispers. 

"...had a fever! a very high one, but it's okay now."

call taehyung.

namjoon dials taehyung's number, while seokjin elicits a sigh of relief. "god, i was so scared...i'm going to come over to him right now, i'm going to make sure he's okay. is he in bed?"

"yeah, totally! we made...made sure of it, you don't have to go through all that, hyung, calm down—"

"i'm going to drive over to him, talk later." and he hangs up. 

hanging the phone over to hoseok, namjoon runs a hand through his teal locks, tugging at them stressfully. "hey, tae? we need you to do us a favor." 

"what? what favor? this is so sudden, it's sketchy—""kim seokjin thinks you just got out of the hospital after a high fever and is currently bemoaning in bed. help me out, man, be an mvp."

"...why does he think that?" 

" was on a blind date and i had to somehow interfere..." 

there's silence on the other line, before taehyung starts snickering. "i may or may not have a pseudo-minor in musical theater, so you're lucky. you owe me big, though, you losers."

hoseok sighs in relief, hanging up with a low groan. "this gives me more anxiety than waiting to select classes."

namjoon, who looks traumatized, clutches his phone tightly. "your help is more useless than mine."


always hyungry
7:47 PM.

hoseok snickers but says nothing. he wonders if yoongi's going to be okay, all home alone. what if there's no food so he needs to order something, but then he can't due to his anxiety, so he starves to death?

he stops smiling, immediately sending a text over to yoongi.

cactus boy 

yoongi hyung!
i heard seokjin's not coming home : (((

it takes a few minutes for a response.

cactus boy
yeah, he told me. 

is there food? ;o do you know how to cook?

i have basic survival skills. ramen it is. 

hoseok exhales in relief. good, he looks tiny enough.

cactus boy

oh, that's good. tbh, if i lived with seokjin, i would never know how to cook.
i'd just eat. : ) 

me, all the time.  

the problem with yoongi is that he doesn't have much to say, so he unintentionally ends conversations a little more than often, making it a little hard for hoseok to keep up the messages. it's always kind of hard trying to decipher what he's saying and thinking, and hoseok's struggling to make it work. it doesn't deter him from his crush on yoongi, but sometimes, he wishes he could just peer into yoongi's mind. just once, to see what's really going on.

cactus boy

hey, can i drop by? i have extra carp bread, and i wanna leave some for you and seokjin
especially since he's kind of stressed and all.

isn't it late?

nah, this is nothing for me.

okay, hoseok won't lie, it's kind of scary.

i'll uber. : )

i mean..i guess. 


so hoseok does just that, calling an uber to go yoongi's place. he walks past the apartments to buy $6 worth of carp bread, seokjin's favorite, and heads back to the apartment. up the stairs, up the elevators, straight in front of yoongi's apartment. he knocks once, and the door opens. 

"hey," yoongi mumbles, stepping aside. entering the apartment feels like fourth nature, almost. hoseok slides his shoes off, shuffles to the kitchen, and places the warm carp bread down. "those are custard, hose are red bean, those are taro," he points to the three divided bags. "i got some for, um, you."

yoongi blinks, mouth open. "oh, you didn't need to—" hoseok notices how there aren't any dishes on both the rack and the sink, indicating that yoongi never really ate anything. he doesn't say anything about it, either, just taking one from the custard bag and popping it into his mouth. 

"eat up with me!" he adds cheerfully, trying not to squirm too much to show his anxiousness.

the older male hesitates, before reaching out for the red bean carp bread, nibbling on it. they munch in resumed silence, yoongi looking everywhere but hoseok, hoseok trying to be subtle with his sneak glances. the ice isn't broken until something clatters on the floor, causing yoongi to widen his eyes and scramble out with a loud yell of "kim busan!"

hoseok isn't sure if he should follow yoongi, so he stands in the kitchen with the half-eaten carp bread in his hand. but he can hear the muffled scolds from afar, mixed in with yowls from the cat.

"...i told you to leave the plant alone! that thing can eat you! i swear to god, you're such a troublemaker, i should've never spoiled you the other day, you don't deserve this. dari doesn't deserve your harassment." comes a huff, as yoongi emerges from the hallway, his lips pouty and annoyed. his carp bread is being eaten by the cat, and hoseok tries to muffle his laughter at his messy mint hair and fed-up sighs.  

glancing back at hoseok, he flushes lightly, lifting the cat up to hide his face. "cats and flesh eating plants don't go together well. i should've gotten a spiky cactus."

but technically, if yoongi never got the cactus, then he would've never met hoseok and this whole shenanigan would've never happened. he silently sends a thanks to fate for giving yoongi a carnivorous plant instead of some cute docile cactus. "the combination can't be that bad."

yoongi's jaw drops. "are you kidding me? you don't even know how troublesome it is, trying to keep your cat from lodging its paw in the hole."

"tell me about it." 

a hand reaching out for a taro carp bread, yoongi takes a bite out of it, chewing thoughtfully before he talks. "one time, i came home—and this is when dari was still on the sink—and found the cat trying to dip its paw in, and i freaked out so much, that seokjin..."

hoseok props his arm on the counter and watches him talk, his cheek smushed against the palm of his hand. it's nice, watching yoongi being all comfortable in his skin while still talking animatedly. he laughs as he recalls something, and hoseok thinks it's the sweetest thing he's ever heard. 

if it's a dream, then hoseok doesn't want it to end. min yoongi standing in front of him, chattering like a normal person on a lazy summer night, leaning against the counter as he tries to gesture while holding a cat and carp bread. min yoongi with his mint hair flying back and forth when he shakes his head ruefully, min yoongi burying his face into his shoulder, behind the cat when his cheeks become pinker, min yoongi just being relaxed and easy-going instead of the usual, stoic, uptight min yoongi he knows.

so there's more to min yoongi than just a blank face and monotonous voice, and it's intriguing. hoseok wants to know more about him, hoseok needs to learn more about him, and how his day was, and what's on his mind. he'd like to see yoongi laugh a little more often, smile with his pearly whites peeking out, leaning against the counter to keep himself from falling. it's more than just his cute face, or his endearingly shy antics; it's just him in general. 

"it's, um, getting late. you should probably go home." 

hoseok takes a look at the clock, and holy shit, an hour's gone by. "oh, yeah. i should."

yoongi's resuming back to his silent self, the more quiet, reserved version that hoseok's used to. he shuffles out the door, and yoongi trails behind him, cat placed down on the floor. 

shoes slip back on, jacket zipped up. hoseok steps outside, turning to look at him a final time. "we—" he croaks out, wincing. he clears his throat, shoulders rolling backwards. "we— should do this more often. it was fun, hyung."

and he kind of wants to run away after hearing how cheesy it sounds coming from his mouth, but he stands his ground and waits, looking expectantly at yoongi.

a brief pause, enough to let eyes blink repeatedly and absorb the message.

"...yeah. yeah, we should."


kim seokjin's at our dorm.


he's making dinner
i think he's going to kill you from the way he holds the knife
it's scary




knwos what


yikes im out



the look on kim seokjin's face is very unsettling, and hoseok wants to sink into the ground and disappear.

"i can't believe," he says, eerily calm. "that the moment i was out, you snuck over." 

"i had good intentions—"

"i told you back off, jesus christ hoseok—"

"look," hoseok snaps, eyebrows furrowed. "what do you have so much against me liking yoongi? you know that i'm a good guy, and i actually, really, do like min yoongi. what's your problem with us?"

seokjin seems to soften, ceasing his cutting. he turns to face hoseok, lips pressed together in a tight line. "i don't have anything against you. but i don't want either of your getting hurt. yoongi's a difficult person, seok. it took me two months until he was willing to say something towards me, and even then, they were short phrases. it takes a lot of time, and i'm just afraid you're going to become frustrated and hate yourself for thinking you're doing something wrong."

...which isn't wrong. 

"deciphering yoongi isn't just a look and think, but you have to actually learn by observing him. he's not shy, he just doesn't like to be around others. he doesn't get anxious when he has to communicate with others, it just makes him uncomfortable. he's the happiest by himself—" 

hoseok flashes back to the day of the showcase. 

"—and in quiet environments. you might do things that hurt him unintentionally, and you might think that you hurt him but really didn't due to his lack of expressions. and i know you like him hoseok, but i don't want you to chase after him because he looks really cute to you, or acts cute—"

"i like him more than that!"

"and i don't want you to like him because he's a good bang, because yoongi isn't the type where you kiss kiss then fall in love; i've seen too many people think that way already. it's the opposite of that."

hoseok puffs out his chest, head shaking. "i genuinely like him, hyung, i wouldn't ever think of doing that—i swear. i liked him because he looked cute, and then he was kind of awkward but in an adorable way, and everytime we talk i just want to know more about him, and witness him laughing and smiling more often. it happened like, once, and god, that was the best day ever. i just. really do like him and could spend all day with him, hyung, i swear. he's just perfect in every way, in my eyes."

seokjin narrows his gaze, head tilting to the side, before sighing out. "i mean. if you insist. fine. get to know yoongi; i'll quiz you on him in half a year, and if you pass with an a, you can date him and do whatever you want."

eyes brightening, hoseok straightens up. "wait, really?"

"...yeah. but, you can't flirt with him or make a move on him or anything non-platonic, or i'll—" seokjin chops the cucumbers on the chopping board harshly, and hoseok winces.

"i won't, i swear—six months is perfect—you're the best, seokjin! the best! i love you so much, #1 husbando material!"

"...i'll even help you out, if you want," seokjin mumbles, and hoseok plants a wet smooch on his cheek. 

there's loud coughing from behind, and the two of them turn to face namjoon, who looks like he wants to disappear. 

hoseok winks, mouthing i kissed your man, kim joon, better make a move or he's miiiiiiiiiNNNEEEEE.

namjoon scowls. 


"...hey, hyung?"

 seokjin turns to face face yoongi, trying to keep the smile on his face as he ignores the look of terror on hoseok's face. "yeah?" 

" didn't tell me there was going to be four other people at our dinner tonig—" 


"oh my god, shut up tae, that's not even funny—"




























Chapter Text


ur boy is coming back!!!! 

Wang Tae

when?? we'll pick you up from the airport. 


Wang Tae
hey hobi 
throw a party

: - ) should i???



oh damn welcome back partttttyyyy it's lit

why don't i get a say in this
half the dorm is mine too
what if i say no

sucks to suck 
: ' )

fuck you.  


august is great; a long month of doing absolutely nothing. 

they settle on a beach party, sneaking past the gates at night, carrying matches and beach towels. namjoon refuses to party in the dorm, more or less because he's a chicken that's terrified of pissing off the senior that's planning to hook him up with an office internship. 

"to bangtan squad!" taehyung screeches, shaking a soda bottle vigorously, before popping it open. hoseok's spent enough time with them to know that they already know how to drink, it's just that if seokjin caught them, they'd be skinned alive. so pepsi it is, fizzing and sloshing wildly as taehyung stumbles to dump it in everyone's glasses. 

it's kind of fun, with them playing charades, jeongguk and him being the dynamic duo as maknae line repeatedly wins. seokjin gets sulky, and honestly, in hoseok's truthful opinion, he sucks at it. it's okay though, because while namjoon is patting seokjin's shoulder, hoseok sends him the googly eyes and proceeds to torture him for the remaining games. 

"okay, okay.  time for the most important part: the burning," taehyung announces, head dipping down so that the fire illuminates his face and makes him look cool or something. jeongguk tilts his head to the side, so taehyung continues to explain. "an annual bangtan squad tradition in which you burn one sacred item in bonfire, and make a silent wish to the bangtan god—"

"—what the fuck is a bangtan god?"

"—hush, child. for whatever you want. legends (aka us) say that within half a year, your wish will come true."

jeongguk looks skeptical. "does it work?"

"i mean. it has a 100% success rate," jimin reasons, "even though we started this last year—"

"it's like, almost twelve. start the ritual," seokjin orders, and the six of them shuffle around the fire, hands slipping between each others. jeongguk looks so weirded out that hoseok almost feels bad for him; it's no news that their squad is kind of wild, but hoseok's never realized it until outsiders came into their circle. it's the way they are, the way to take the stress of boy and colleges off their back. at least they're not doing drugs and having group orgys—that's way too much, in hoseok's sane opinion. 

"we’re here, the fun boys," seokjin begins, being the eldest and all, before all of them follow suit. "we're, here, the fun boys; we’re here, the fun boys. fun, fun, i don’t even know myself."

hoseok tries hard not to snicker at the sheer look of confusion on jeongguk's face as he mouths the word, probably trying to comprehend the whole situation. it's no use. there's no logic, hoseok sympathizes silently. 

jimin proceeds to explain once they've let go of their hands and went to go rummage for their "sacred items": "namjoon and hoseok composed this song, fun boys, for us, and taehyung thought it would be funny if we sang it in a solemn, choral chant. thus, the meme was born, and we've been stuck with it ever since."

jeongguk looks like he regrets joining bangtan squad. hoseok doesn't blame him. 

one by one, each member throws something into the bonfire, then clasps their hands in silent prayer and mouths something serious, before departing from the fire. seokjin throws away a blue souvenir jacket with the south korean flag on the back, hoseok throws away his beloved pink carnations (they're honestly dead because someone forgot to water them when hoseok went on that 2 week vacation. he's still ticked off at namjoon for it.) and prays that min yoongi will realize his true feelings for jung hoseok and fall in love with him super easily because jung hoseok is that charming will talk to him a little more often and they'll get to know each other better. and for namjoon to finally make a move on seokjin. 

namjoon throws his plato bible in the fire (he's claimed to moved onto nietzsche.) and probably wishes that seokjin notices him or some shit like that, jimin burns his last semester's report card and probably prays for a boyfriend, taehyung tosses his chem flashcards and probably wishes for a sugar daddy (so that he doesn't have to work anymore), and jeongguk awkwardly throws a high school binder into the fire. probably praying to get through his first year of college. 

"now, i have an important announcement," seokjin declares with sparkling eyes. 

no one responds, because it's seokjin. taehyung's still obnoxiously chattering about "that cute physics teacher" to jimin. 

"hey!" he huffs out, arms crossed. "i'm having an early bangtan squad dinner, next week."

the word 'dinner' catches everyone's attention. "why?" jeongguk tilts his head in curiosity. 

"it's senior year, and the poor boy has zero university fun time activities, so i'm inviting min yoongi."

"hoseok's boyfriend?"

"they're not—"

"we're not dating—" hoseok jumps in simultaneously with seokjin, who drags his index over his neck. jimin gives him a dubious look, his face silently saying "bitch u lyin".

"i would like it if you don't scare the heebie jeebies out of him," seokjin continues smoothly, "and treat him like a close friend. but. not too close. i'm talking to you, taehyung, jimin."

"don't worry," taehyung waves his hand with a laidback grin, nudging jimin's shoulder with his own. "we'll help you get that d, hyung!" 

hoseok chokes— 

("wow, his dick isn't even here and you're already practicing—" comes jimin's unnecessarily thoughtful remark.)

—as seokjin's face flushes a bright pink and he sputters loudly, earning snickers from everyone else.

someone's about to get fucked, and it's not the good kind, either. 


"you look like shit."

"i haven't been able to sleep," hoseok bemoans, rolling back and forth on his bed. 

namjoon arches an eyebrow, his glasses sliding down his nose. "are you still worried about yoongi?" 


"come on, you got me and seokjin to monitor them. what's the worse that could happen?"

hoseok thinks about that time when seokjin screeched as he chased taehyung around with a frying pan and spatula, while jimin waved a stick of butter around as he cackled from the stairs. 

"i could....potentially lose my position as an official candidate for yoongi's love, as he would want to dissociate himself from my friends, and so would i, probably."

the teal-haired boy snorts, pushing his glasses back up with his index. "you need to relax. know what? join the culinary club with me." 

hoseok blinks repeatedly, head slowly lifting up to squint supiciously at namjoon. "seokjin let you join? you?"

"well—" namjoon winces, rubbing the nape of his neck. "...not....quite...but he's been complaining to me about needing members, and god, hoseok, you know i can't do this alone—"

"m'not joining the culinary club, especially with you."

"hoseok, you can get your mind off of dinner if you come with me to—"


"fine, i didn't want to resort to this, but—" namjoon pauses dramatically, as hoseok stares at him, deadpanned. "—yoongi's joining, too."

considering yoongi rarely joins any clubs, and thus gave no opportunity for casual, non-stalking induced interactions with hoseok, this is...a game changer. 

"...i mean...i guess..." hoseok attempts to play it off with a casual shrug, even if he's internally screaming yEEESS JACKPOT on the inside. "it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few skills i suppose."

an unimpressed look settles on namjoon's face, his lips pursed together in an unamused manner. 

it's a win-win, because if hoseok and namjoon partner up, then they can play wingman for each other, or better yet, hoseok can partner with yoongi and namjoon with seokjin and chemistry, voila. 


except, that's not quite what happens.  

yoongi's awkwardly on the side, dressed in a graphic t-shirt and jeans and looking cute as fuck, and hoseok shuffles towards him, when seokjin says:

"min yoongi, kim namjoon!" 

there's a slight moment of horror, as hoseok's jaw drops because nooooo and namjoon just stares at him like what do i do fam and really, hoseok doesn't know why seokjin would ever do such a heartbreaking thing to him. this is what ruins friendships, although hoseok knows that namjoon's not gonna hit on yoongi or anything but still, it kind of sucks. 

"jung hoseok; you're with me." 

it's like the titanic plummeting straight into the sea, namjoon's arms ripping from hoseok's side as he reluctantly shuffles towards the front table where yoongi stands. hoseok feels like a flower wilting, sadly dragging his feet towards seokjin. 

"now, we're going to make a simple dish today, as many of you are new!" seokjin chirps up enthusiastically, as he proceeds to explain instructions on how to make chicken curry. 

hoseok watches yoongi mumble something to namjoon, slender hands whisking the mixture with a fork. namjoon says something back, accidentally spilling milk outside of the bowl, and yoongi laughs, free hand covering his mouth as his eyes crinkles up at he looks at namjoon. it's not even half as funny as seokjin's jokes and he's laughing and smiling within five minutes of meeting namjoon. jung hoseok is not salty, no, not at all. 

he places his palm on top of the table, only to screech in pain as motherfucking red hot heat washes over the his hand, causing to yank his hand away and clutch his wrist in mild agony. apparently it wasn't an empty table, but rather, an electric stove. 

half the room peers at him in curiosity, including yoongi and namjoon, and hoseok just laughs and pretends that his hand isn't screaming in pain or anything.  

"that," seokjin grumbles, grabbing his wrist and spreading some ointment on the inflamed skin, "is exactly why i didn't put you with yoongi." 

"what do you mean—"

"listen, if you and yoongi worked together, you'd prop your elbow on the stove and just stare at him the whole time—probably wouldn't even notice if your shirt was caught in the blender, or your fish was burning." he huffs out. "plus, namjoon is the definition of an incompetent cook. i can't do him."

hoseok only glowers, left hand nudging the spoon in the pot of curry. 

"i'll let you in on something—at the end of the class is basically taste-testing session, where you go to someone else's dish and sample it. if you wanna impress yoongi, then..."

he has the squint, and it's like in those animes where the guy winks and there's that exaggerated gleam of light that sparkles at the corner of his eyes. with pursed lips, hoseok rolls his eyes and starts to stir the pot. 

things flow rockily, but manageable: hoseok does whatever seokjin instructs him to do, loud yelling comes from namjoon, seokjin walks over with an annoyed cloud over his head as he has to help joon, yoongi meets hoseok's gaze and the two of them stare back at their chicken, flustered.  it's fun, and if every culinary club meeting is like this, then hoseok has no complaints. 

seokjin's teaching namjoon how to cut onions paasive-aggressively (which is quite the sight), his hands sliding around namjoon's  (probably sweaty) ones as they cut down. namjoon has the ecstatic, shy smile of content on his face as he wiggles backwards into seokjin, and hoseok wants to ask how obvious can you get. he looks up, and hoseok gives him the googly eyes, to which he blushes at. which is. kind of cute but also gross. 

it's a funny situation, because project namjin are hogging up nearly 3/4 of the workspace, leaving poor yoongi inching to the edge of the table. the mint-haired boy his bites back his smile and god, god, who cares if his curry burns, he just witnessed min yoongi and his rare, once-in-awhile gummy smile. 

"now, the art of plating is kind of meticulous..." plating is easy. hoseok's watched 3 seasons of masterchef and hell's kitchen. he's got this. 

it's just a nice bed of rice, albeit lumping but still good-looking, then a ladle of curry, make the chicken look nice, the jack-pollock the rest of the curry. make it look fancy and artistic. it's the taste that matters the most, though, and hoseok can already envision yoongi taking a bite, his eyes all sparkly as he gushes that wow!! you're a great cook hoseok!! and hoseok's going to play it casual and laugh it off and be like no, it's nothing—if you want i can come over to cook for you— with that suave voice and smolder, and he's going to charm yoongi with both his food as his modestness, and— 

seokjin tells them to start the taste-testing session, and hoseok attempts to reassure himself that it's sorta-low-quality-instagram-worthy-maybe snapchat-worthy as yoongi and namjoon stride over. 

oh god, oh wow, yoongi's face is starting to zoom in as he gets close and all of and sudden hoseok grows suddenly and nervous. it's like, when you're confident about meeting your bias in theory, but then when they're breathing the same air as you, you just gotta jet. hoseok flashes them a weak smile, hiding his injured hand behind his back. "hey, uh," he doesn't know eat to say, fuck, he didn't plan this far. "do you—wanna try it?" he throws out awkwardly. 

due to yoongi's short (but endearing) stature, namjoon easily peers over his shoulder to look at the dish. 

"it looks like you ejaculated curry all over the rice. seokjin said a drizzle—that's nothing close to a drizzle."

the statement causes yoongi to snort loudly, and makes hoseok want to melt and die on the spot. yes, namjoon tends to make explicit comments on the things that he do, but he should know better than to do it in front of min yoongi. all he can really do is laugh painfully with yoongi's eyes on him, plotting the million ways to murder kim namjoon back at the dorm.

there's the moment of truth as yoongi spoons the rice and curry and takes and bite of it, and hoseok feels like he's on masterchef, anticipating the reaction of and very cute, mint-haired gordon ramsey. 

(namjoon, the barbarian, ceremoniously digs his spoon in and shovels it in his mouth.)

"it's actually really good," yoongi hums put thoughtfully, his low voice vibrating in hoseok's ears.

(really good!! he said really good!! 5 stars for jung hoseok!)

"why don't you cook like this at home?" namjoon complain, swallowing to flash him a wry grin. "this stuff is bomb, hobi."

"hobi?" comes the curious voice once more, and hoseok is probably super whipped, because he's never heard his nickname sounding that cute until now. 

"it's, um, my nickname," hoseok explains hastily. "hope, hobi." 

"ah.." yoongi nods slowly, just as seokjin announces for them to clean up. he repeats the word once more, and hoseok watches as his pink lips jut out at the second syllable, almost in at pout-like manner, and wow, jung hoseok has never wanted to kiss somebody this bad before. 

yoongi's quiet murmurs of really good and hobi repeat in his head, and hoseok can't help but hide a bashful grin, head hanging low as he scrubs hard at the bowl. 


d-day comes, and hoseok tries his best to look really good. baby blue shirt that's rolled up at three-quarters of his arms, black skinny jeans, hair combed thoroughly so that it doesn't look like a mess. it's not an important day, but it's their first planned event together—so hoseok treats it as a date with 5 other wheels hanging around them. 

he's pacing back and forth around the kitchen, making sublime death threats towards taehyung and jimin if they fuck up, when the door opens. 

and there he stands, blue souvenir jacket draped over his striped shirt, fiddling around with his fingers as he stares at the eerily quiet living room. 

yoongi leans over to seokjin say something, and hoseok's attempts to overhear their conversation are thwarted by taehyung's head popping out of the kitchen.


"oh my god, shut up tae, that's not even funny—" jimin sulks, punching his arm in a playful manner. 

hoseok is frozen in place, watching in horror as taehyung waves, and jimin drags yoongi over to the table, patting the chair repeatedly. "hi, you're yoongi, right?"

("hyung!" seokjin adds in, but no one really pays attention to him.)

yoongi nods, clearly overwhelmed, and hoseok is interally panicking. "i'm jimin, sophomore—economics major; we haven't met yet, but now we have, and i'm sure we're gonna get along great!" he chirps up, hoisting himself on the dinner table, legs swinging idly. 

"kim taehyung; i'm infamous for my great chemistry with everyone, which is why i major in it," taehyung flashes yoongi a smile of perfect teeth, setting down the oven-baked chicken, bought straight from the store. jeongguk and jimin scrunch the their face simultaneously, and hoseok just sighs. 

"kim namjoon—" jimin turns slightly, pointing at namjoon, who comes out of the hall holding a white pomeranian in his arms. namjoon waves, dimples peeking out as he grins. "architecture, junior."

"he's my cooking partner," yoongi points out awkwardly, head dipping down in return. 

"cooking partner? kim namjoon?" taehyung widens his eyes, snickering resonating through the room. "oh man, i need to join cooking club just to see this—"

jimin points straight at hoseok, who stands against the wall with his arms cross. yoongi looks at him, and it's too late to be all coy and cool, so really, all hoseok can muster up is a look of constipation.  "jung hoseok, botany major, mr. popular over here," jimin winks, and hoseok wishes for death. 

yoongi looks surprised to see him, a faint smile tugging upwards on his lips. 

"and that, right across from you, is jeongguk. he's a freshman going into animation!" 

there's a moment of silence as the two stare animation each other, before jeongguk brightens his gaze. "yoongi hyung!"

"jeon jeongguk—"

"welcome committee."


"and there's me," seokjin croons out, bringing a tray full of side dishes, "so really, you know four of us already—it's just these two that you have to get to know, and i'm sure that'll work out just fine." 

everyone's staring at hum except for hoseok, who attempts to look at his nails and check if there's any dirt under them. he's spent a couple of weeks with yoongi, and things were okay, but hoseok doesn't know why the addition of his friends make him feel so nervous all of a sudden. 

"...min yoongi," the velvety voice begins, hardly loud enough for hoseok to hear, "senior, computer science. it's...nice to meet you all." 

jimin is beaming, sliding off the table to land delicately on his feet. "it's nice to meet you too, yoongi hyung," he drawls out slowly, a sweet smile curling upwards.  

it breaks the silence; namjoon shuffles back down the hall, taehyung follows him, jeongguk helps seokjin carry out the dishes to center table, leaving jimin to prod in on yoongi. hoseok pretends like he doesn't exist, and he likes to think everything's going pretty well. 

hoseok's curled inwards towards the wall, phone held out as his fingers scroll through his facebook newsfeed, eyes shuffling over to watch yoongi nod and shake his head with every question from jimin. it's kind of a cute sight, with jimin's bright orange hair bobbing up in down in enthusiasm, revealing and hiding yoongi's mint locks. 

"dinner's ready!" seokjin chirps, setting down the final dish of kimchi spaghetti. seokjin takes a seat next to the edge, while jeongguk plops down next to him. jimin places himself next to yoongi, while hoseok decides to design a layout where he'd have minimal association with min yoongi, in order to avoid embarrassing himself in front of his friends. 

"dicks out for harambe!" taehyung's voice resonates down the hall, and hoseok lifts his head up to be greeted with the sight of taeji's white pomeranian being swung back and forth, front side facing outwards so that its junk hangs out. namjoon and him both cackle loudly, with jimin and jeongguk joining in at the humiliation of the poor dog. 

"namjoon thought of it, i'm so proud," taehyung exhales happily, pretending to mock sniff. 

seokjin gives namjoon a look of disappointment, before turning away. "you guys are so imma—yoongi, are you okay?"

yoongi looks like he's about to cry, mouth gape and facr contorted into a painful smile. "yeah...yeah...of course."

"you get it, right?" jeongguk asks with a tilt of his head.

"get what?"

"the joke, hyung. harambe."

"...i—what's harambe, again?"

there's a sharp inhale from taehyung as his eyes round in horror. "he said what."

"...hyung, don't you you know the meme? harambe the gorilla?" jimin furrows his eyebrows together. 

"...what's a meme?"

taehyung emits a silent scream, scrambling over to yoongi's free side,the tone of his voice growing graver as he talks. "you're a millennial that doesn't know what a meme is? i'm shook. this calls for emergency tutoring."

hoseok snorts, taking a seat at the corner, proceeding to ignore the triad of shook memers as he scoops rice onto his plate. 

seokjin does the same, sliding at hearty portion of japchae onto his plate. "listen, yoongi rarely uses social media. kid probably doesn't know what a dab is."

"holy fucking shit—"


"—sorry," jimin grins cheekily, turning to yoongi, "but yeah, emergency tutoring is needed. don't worry, hyung, we have a 100% success rate—look at joon." six pairs of eyes turn to glance at namjoon, who awkwardly sets the dog down. "daaaaamm, jeongguk—" 

namjoon finger guns at jimin, winking playfully. "back at it again with the timberlands."

"see? it's settled. meme 101, tae and my place every tuesday, three to five. that's okay with you, right? okay, then, be there or be squared."

"i still can't believe he doesn't know the newest meme, " jeongguk mumbles quietly, helpful himself to a chicken leg. 

hoseok doesn't say much, but when he lifts his head up, min yoongi's soft gaze is the first thing he sees. he chokes on the rice, wheezing into his plate as he tries to look away while seokjin freaks out and asks if it tastes bad. 


cactus boy 

omg im so sorry about my friends they're kind of wild and bizarre 

it's okay.
they were kind of cute.
i don't have a lot of friends as energetic as them, so it was refreshing. 
i wouldn't mind hanging out with you all another time.

whew, i'm glad. 
i was afraid they scared you off!!

nah, i had a really fun time today. even though i didn't understand half your conversation. 

it's just full of dumb memes!! don't worry. 

i'll catch on. 
[Attatchment: arthurfistclench.jpeg]
i'll make sure of it! 

it takes hoseok a full minute to comprehend the image. 


how does yoongi know about the fist clench meme if he doesn't know what memes are

Wang Tae 
therez a meme 101 group chat duh
yoongi learns fast im super proud 
he's better than u namjoon

wow u shot me in the heart
just like harambe 


group chat?? u got his fb already?? 

Wang Tae
i sent him a friend request at dinner 
then added him to a group chat
it's 2016 hoseok get with the program 

it's just? that's abnormally fast???? 

maybe bc u don't appeal to him

Wang Tae

you know what i don't deserve this

oh my god it's 11 pm i need to sleep
shut up 

hey jin 

hey joon 

Wang Tae
??? u say hey to joon but us to stfu? ??
that's so rude ??? 
favoritism?? bias??

shut up tae 

cactus boy 

i can't believe you're slipping into the meme life...

it's kind of fun?

: /

don't be sad. 

: // 

be happy. 

: |

i'll tell you a joke if you'll turn that frown upside down. 

: )

okay, what happens when you focus on something you shouldn't be focusing on?

??? : )

you're consintrating. 

hoseok sighs.

: / 


on tuesdays are maknae!line days, fridays are with namjoon at culinary club, thursdays are cypher room, nighttimes are spent with seokjin. it gives hoseok four days to find a way to hang out with yoongi every week before the semester starts up again. 

on saturday, he subtly hangs outside of yoongi's apartment, at the cafe, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. he doesn't come out. 

on sunday, hoseok texts him "wyd?" yoongi says he plans on sleeping for the rest of the day. 

("why don't you just ask him out somewhere? like a pre-date?" the voice of reason, aka kim namjoon, asks him. 

"what the fuck is a pre-date?"

"like, you know, before you date someone, you wanna hang out with them and get to know them as a friend first. pre-date. i've been on a multitude of them with seokjin.")

cactus boy 

hey uh
are you free tonight?? 

i'm always free. it's just a matter of whether i want to physically move or not. 

film club is hosting a summer movie night near the north side of campus. you know, typical big white screen plus a projector? i don't have anyone to go with, so i was wonderin if you'd be willing...?

it's nerve wracking, watching the ellipses appear and disappear as yoongi contemplates. 

do you know what's going to be played?


the japanese animation?


hn...okay. yeah, sure, i'm down. time? 

9 pm. 

alright. i'll see you, then. 

okay. : )

hoseok whoops loudly. 


yoongi's wearing his usual blue souvenir jacket when he steps off the bus, the back covered in embroidery koi fish. his eyes travel over to meet hoseok's, teetering back and forth on his heels. "you really didn't have to wait—"

"i wanted to." he blurts out, a hand rubbing the nape of his neck. "i didn't have anything better to do, anyways."

yoongi gives him a dubious look, but says nothing, only shrugging as he trudges next to hoseok. "north end, right?"

''..yeah, yeah. north end." 

it's kind of...awkward, which shouldn't be new to hoseok, but he still can't help but feel slightly weirded out. he's trying to imagine all the possible convos they could have, all the possible scenarios that could occur, and yet, he can't muster anything out. instead, all he can do is cough feebly and mumble some small talk, to which yoongi scrunches his nose and reply back rather boringly. 

"do you want anything to eat, or drink?" hoseok asks as they approach the lush fields, white screen already set up as music videos play on it. "i, uh, brought a towel for us to sit on." 

head shaking, yoongi looks around, before pointing to a clean area of grass,  in the middle of the screen but further from the rest of the crowd. "i'm good. that place looks good? or do you wanna come closer?"

" it's good." hoseok mumbles, spreading out the beach towel until it's even, before he plops down on it. yoongi does the same, settling down on hoseok's right,  hugging his legs to his chest and props his chin on top of his knees. 

the movie plays, and they don't say much, remaining in their own little circles. occasionally, yoongi shifts, and he brushes into hoseok, who tries to control the spike in his heartbeat. his eyes flitter over to admire yoongi's face, porcelain skin illuminated under the movie screen. he blinks, and god, hoseok think he's so pretty, he looks like a human-sized doll. hoseok leans in closer to yoongi, just to get a little cozier, unintentionally bumping his knuckles into something in the process. "sorry," he mutters hastily.

yoongi turns, blinking repeatedly. "for what?"

"accidentally bumping into you—"

he wrinkles his nose. " didn't bump into me."

hoseok stares at him, arching an eyebrow. "i just—i felt it just now, when i was moving, against my left...hand..." yoongi is sitting on his right...his left got touched...

fingers fumble with his phone, frantically tapping the "flashlight" button on his phone, before shining it on his hand. and there it is, an ugly black beetle, crawling over his hand.

it takes three seconds for the whole thing to register, before hoseok screams, hand shaking wildly and scrambling away to press into yoongi. 



"shut up, we're trying to watch," some asshole says, disregarding the fact that jung hoseok is currently going through cardiac arrest. 

he's kicking repeatedly, body flailing until he can feel all the critters disappear. holding in his breath, he glances over at yoongi, who seems mildly amused. hoseok flushes brightly, hands slowly letting go of yoongi's arm, slowly scooting away.  if anything, he just wants to sink into the soil and disappear forever, maybe have namjoon place a headstone on top of his burial spot. eyes squeeze shut, trying to curl up into a ball and pretend that he's totally not there.

a hand nudges his shoulder, and hoseok brushes it away, still trying to find the composure to talk to yoongi. the hand pats his shoulders a little harder this time, fingers curling around the material of his bomber jacket and tugging at it. hoseok exhales slowly, before his head turns to peek at yoongi.

the older male is already standing up, a bright smile casted on his face as he extends a hand. he looks like an angel right now, with the mint halo and body glowing from the bright light of the skin. "c'mon, i know the perfect solution to this."

it's a battle between his pride and personal safety, and although hoseok wants to appear all cool and macho and heroic and shit, it's bugs. there's no use trying to fight them. so he heaves a sigh, pretending that his heart isn't fluttering or anything when he locks his fingers with yoongi's and hauls his body up. "m'sorry," he mumbles sincerely as they collect their things and walk out, his head hanging low like a kicked puppy.

"s'fine, i don't like being outside much, anyways," yoongi hums out with a low laugh, heading out to the ssang school of engineering's entrance. he pushes the door open and heads inwards, hand fishing around in his pockets. now that he thinks of it, yoongi's hands are really...bony. it's kind of nice, and sort of veiny, and hoseok thinks it compliments his own, relatively smooth and tanned hands when they hold hands—not that. it sounds cheesy or anything. [blushing emoji]

there's something ominous about this, how the hallways are dim and there's hardly anyone else around, how they're entering the emergency stairs and walking up to the second level, how casual yoongi seems when he pushes the door open to reveal a pitch black hallway.

"uh, yoongi..? what are we..doing here?"

and yoongi's cute and all, but at this rate, hoseok feels like he's going to get murdered, and not ruin the mood or anything, that's kind of a boner killer. 

yoongi pushes the key into one of the doors, unlocking it and pushing it aside with his body. "relax, i'm not going to kill you."

hoseok is sweating, his teeth nipping his bottom lip in pure nervousness. yoongi tugs him forward, and hoseok stumbles in, eyes met with a perfect view screen?

"i was developing a software last year to get into the advanced program," yoongi explains matter-of-factly, stopping in front of the glass windows that overlook the quad, "and i stayed overnight a lot, so the professor ended up giving me a spare set of keys so that i'd stop getting locked out. that's how i have access to here—it's pretty, right? apparently, you're more likely to kill yourself if you spend all your time in enclosed spaces, so they designed the computer lab to have glass windows that could oversee the quad. it's a great view for summer movie nights, and get this: no bugs." he flashes hoseok a lopsided grin, and hoseok swears that his heart wheezed out in pure adoration. 

"...holy shit, hyung, you're really cool."

he shrugs offhandedly, plopping down on the floor. "yeah, yeah, i guess being introverted has it's perks. people always think you're boring and, y'know, routinely, then boom. surprise!" yoongi holds up his hands, shaking them lightly, before dropping them in his lap.

(gooooooooooooooooooooood, he's cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.)

"i don't think any of us find you boring, honestly." hoseok pipes up as he takes a seat next to him. 

yoongi tilts his head to the side, a small smile flitting on his face. "you think so?"

hoseok mirrors it back. "yeah, i think so."

there's a moment of silence as they look at each other, slow smiles casted upon their faces while the lights flicker on their skin, red to navy to white and the process repeats. hoseok has never felt so badly smitten until now, at the sight of a cute boy with mint hair and blue souvenir jacket and pretty smile named min yoongi. 


on tuesday, hoseok receives a snapchat from taehyung. it's a video of yoongi dabbing.

on wednesday, he spots yoongi at baskin robbins and attempts to act cool. only, he's too late, and jimin and taehyung crash into him before he can speak up. 

on thursday, yoongi and namjoon work together to make kimchi spaghetti. hoseok is not jealous of them, nor is he salty after getting hit twice with a spatula for "oogling yoongi's body in a perverse manner" (the injustice!!) courtesy of kim seokjin. 

on friday, he receives a remix of tomppabeat's "you're cute" on the launchpad in cypher room. hoseok samples #curious from clazziquai, looping the words "days without you are so boring" over and over again. 

"you know, there's like, a week until break ends. you know what you should do?"

"throw a party." hoseok hums out flatly.

"throw a party," taehyung repeats with a wry grin. "throw one for yoongi! i'm sure he's never been to one."

the statement catches him off guard, eyes narrowing. "yoongi? he's not really a party person—"

"you can't get through uni without at least one party, hyung; you throw the best ones anyways."

hoseok purses his lips together. 


end of the summer party?? my place??

Wang Tae

I've never been to a college party before : )



it's settled thenn!!!!!

we can't stop stop stop 
yeogin party timmeee

okay but hyung
me and tae were thinking of throwing it for yoongi
bc he doesnt look like hes been to one???
concept/????? party 4 yoongz??

are you trying to get him drunk so that you can get into his pants because i swear to god
if i find out


....ok ill
try to convince him
hit him up over text

wtf i said no
does my opinion not matter??

cactus boy

hey so uh.
i'm thinking of holding an end of the summer party
for you! since you haven't ever been to one.
: )
would that be okay?

oh..i'm not really much of a party person. i'm not into loud noises and a lot of...people.

it's fine omg. you got us, we make things fun, and you don't have to socialize much or anything. just loosen up and have fun?

i'll think about it, i guess.

that's great! i'm planning on having it next week, on friday, at my place. at 9. if that's okay with you. i'm not forcing you to come, but it'd be kind of nice.


y'll seenzoned me
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cactus boy

can you start at 8 instead of 9?

are you coming if i do?


;) you got it. starting at 8 it is.

haha. don't get your hopes up, i'm not much of a fun person.

too late! i'm already excited!




Wang Tae

jeonghwan!!! he kind of older but still
i'd do him

Wang Tae
i havent met him yet
i need to approve of this jeonghwan


???? w=y would there be sex
this is a clean party
I Will Make Sure It Is A Clean Party
: - |

relax omg i won't be doing anything in your dorm
im a nice friend ok i would never


jung jeonghwan??

omg u know him??
hook me up man

he's my older brother...



"do i look hot?"

"you look like a fuckboy."

"i'm taking that as a yes," hoseok croon out, running the comb thorugh his hair one more time. he rolls his shoulders, watching as the letterman jacket gleams under the lamplight. 

"what if yoongi's not into fuckboys?" namjoon purses his lips, head cocked to the side. 

"real talk, people hate the personality of fuckboys, but you can't deny that some of them look good. as long as they don't overdo it." he counters, sauntering over to the door. there's already a handful of guests dancing in the living room, hoseok's prized disco ball shining in the center. drinks sits in the kitchen, and hoseok can still hear taehyung and jimin bickering over the concentration of vodka and punch, with jeongguk drinking every concoction and giving out his opinion on it. 

the door opens to reveal seokjin in suede jeans and a haughty smile, namjoon's whisper of "god" tickling hoseok's ear. a tuft of mint hair spills behind his shoulders, and yoongi peeks out in a striped turtleneck leather motorcycle jacket, wandering around until his eyes lock on hoseok.

by then, hoseok is already pushing against the crowd of people, an ecstatic smile resting on his face as he approaches yoongi. "hey," he breathes out.

yoongi dips his head down in minor acknowledgment. "um, hey, hoseok."

"you look really good," he mumbles earnestly, gently guiding yoongi to a more secluded corner with his sleeve.  taeji greets him cheerfully, pouring the two of them a drink—taehyung leans in to whisper "get that ass" before strolling away giddily  and hoseok swears that he's so close to murdering them.

two sips in leaves yoongi blinking repeatedly as he shakes the drink. "this doesn't taste like regular punch. are you sure it's not expired, or—"

"it's spiked."


(Return of the Awkward Silence: now playing in a theater near yoonseok.)

"you should dance," hoseok nudges his shoulder, a cheeky smile tugging at his cheeks.

"oh..i don't really dance—"

"that's what everyone says, but honestly, as long as you have fun, then you can dance. trust me—i run all male." hoseok winks, laughing quietly.

yoongi snorts, hiding his smile with the rim of his cup. "ha ha, did you take up all male just to say that at parties?"

"nah, i took it up to charm people," with a wry grin, he sets his cup down and tugs on yoongi's hand. "c'mon, you gotta live your life out at your first and hopefully not last party."

the older male protests lightly, nonetheless placing his cup next to hoseok's. dragging him to the edge of the living room, he starts to move his arms, head bobbing with the beat of the song as the dj namjoon changes it.

"it'd be a shame if you this song didn't make you dance," hoseok shouts over the music.

"and why is that?"

"because joon and i made this song."

interlude: wings starts to dive into the rap, and by this point, hoseok is jumping up and down, neon lights shining wildly. it takes a little longer for yoongi to move, but within the next minute  his head is nodding up and down, unable to hide the small smile that grows on his face with every word of the song. 

two minutes is all it takes, before yoongi swings his head back and forth, laughing as he bumps into hoseok. the enthusiasm is infectious, and it keeps yoongi moving his limbs wildly into the next song, and the next song, and the next song. 

hoseok likes this, he likes how free-spirited and happy yoongi likes, hiding his laughter with the back of his hand, mumbling apologies in a good-natured manner as he knocks into other strangers. and god, he's so cute, spinning in circles with his mint hair flying around, leather jacket slipping off his shoulders. in a room full of strangers, his eyes are attracted to yoongi, who dances around in a rather awkward but endearing manner.

"hobi!" someone yells from over the room, and hoseok turns around, eyes brightening at the sight of taemin holding a beer. he waves, and moves to turn back when taemin beckons him to come over. 

and he really, really doesn't want to leave yoongi alone, especially in a crowded and loud party like this, but taemin wants to talk to him, and so he doesn't have much of a choice. "i'll be back, i swear—give me five minutes," he adds hastily, feet walking backwards, eyes lingering on yoongi until he's a few meters away. the mint-haired male waves him off, flashing him a content smile as he continues to dance by himself. it's a pitiful sight, and hoseok feels bad for putting him in that scenario.

"hey," he exhales out, grinning at taemin. 

"you're an upperclassmen now, aren't you?" he chirps in a cheerful tone.

"yeah—yeah, i am, it feels kind of nice honestly."

"cheers to jung hoseok growing up!'

one drinks turns into two, and hoseok starts to lose himself in the music, playfully grinding against taemin and his groupie, participating himself in a dumb dance competition with jongin, and collapsing into laughter at the other people that attempt to do so. he stumbles out of the living room, eyes searching for any sight of mint hair.

there's none.

the smile slips off his face, realization daunting him as he peers into all the rooms, only to find no sign of yoongi. a hand running through his hair stressfully, he spots seokjin chatting with a couple girls in the corner, scampering over to meet him. 


"where's yoongi?"

seokjin cocks his head to the side in curiosity, taking a sip of his beer. "he didn't tell you? he left already."

"left? i thought you're driving him home."

"no, he took the last bus home. that's why he asked you to move the hour ahead by one; he went to satisfy you."

hoseok blinks repeatedly, stumbling backwards. yoongi seemed to happy, and so content, it was weird of him to just...suddenly disappear. he's a little confused, eyebrows furrowed together as he tries to decipher why yoongi would plan to just leave after an hour. he leans into the wall, head banging against it in mild disappointment, before heading over to his room to pick up his phone, maybe text yoongi or something. and then it's there, the message glowing brightly in the darkness of his room.

oh..i'm not really much of a party person. i'm not into loud noises and a lot of...people.

so yoongi likes the music. he's okay with the drinks, the dancing, it's just...the people. that he doesn't like. 


eyes brightening, hoseok grabs a backpack, his gaze traveling around the room. mini speaker, his phone, something to use as a disco...something...he rummages through the boxes of spare things and their closet, until his eyes land on a constellation projector. stuffing it inside his bag, he rushes out to the kitchen, stuffing in several cans of beer, before zipping it up and hoisting it over his shoulder. he's barely able to catch his breath when he reaches namjoon, forcing out his words between heavy breathing. "i'm gonna jet—"

"what? why?"

"you're in charge of this party with seokjin, bye."

"you can't leave me alone with him," namjoon hisses, but hoseok his long gone, already sliding through the crowd back to seokjin.

"how long ago did yoongi leave?"

seokjin arches an eyebrow. "uh...twenty minutes ago? there's no more buses."

"can i borrow your car?"

the elder wrinkles his nose.

"it's for a good cause," hoseok pleads, "s'for yoongi—i promise i'm not drunk, either, i've only had spiked punch and like, one beer."

"you really like him, don't you?" seokjin hums out, an amused smile playing on his lips.


seokjin sticks his hands into his pockets, before pulling out his keeps, dangling them by his index fingers. "don't damage my baby; don't do anything higher than pg-13, either. or i'll be making hoseok soup for the next bangtan squad meeting."

hoseok grins, blowing a kiss towards seokjin as he grabs the keys. "thanks, hyung, you're the best; you're in charge of this party with namjoon, now!"

he stops by the kitchen once more, eyes surveying the string lights awhile longer, before unplugging them from the cabinets and wrapping them around himself, hopping downstairs in a clumsy manner. he looks like a lunatic to some people, but to hoseok, he's on a mission. it might not work, but at this rate, anything's worth a shot.

seokjin has a habit of forgetting, and so he always parks his car out on the curb, in front of their dorm. it's easy to spot, and hoseok's never been more thankful as he clamors into the seat, buckling up and pulling out of the driveway. he hopes he's not too late, and that yoongi isn't changed and getting ready for bed, and he really hopes this absurd plan works, because if it doesn't then he's going to melt on the floor and think about his life choices, maybe listen to namjoon read a whole chapter of nietzsche.

his car parks inside of seokjin's assigned parking spot, hurrying out the door as he fumbles with the string lights around his neck. this is probably going to be the saddest party that yoongi's ever witnessed, yet as they say, it's the thought that counts, right? right. so hoseok nods as he glances at his ridiculous reflection in the mirror, hand sliding backwards to catch the beer car the slides out of his overstuffed backpack. up the elevator, to the correct floor, he tries to reassure himself that everything's going to be fine, everything's going to be okay.

turn, walk down, stand in front of the door, take a deep breath, eyes shut and flicker wide open, and knock.

it takes a few seconds, and that's enough time for the gears in hoseok's head to turn as he freaks out over what ifs and what happens and shit like that, and although his positive energy attempts to combat it, it's hard—

"hoseok? what are you doing here?"

yoongi looks like a dear in the headlights, eyes wide as his lips part open in a small "o". he's still wearing the leather jacket and striped turtleneck and smells faintly of punch, only this time, hoseok can see his cactus-patterned socks wiggling against the hardwood floors. he inhales sharply, before giving yoongi the best grin he can muster.

"you don't like going to parties, right? so i...i, um..."

breath, hoseok.

"...i brought the party to you."


seokjin's eyes flicker open, squinting as the red numbers on the alarm clock read 3:46 AM. he's too tired to care what happened and where he is, at this point, and simply wants to nestle back into the warmth. ha turns to the side, only to be met with a body slumped against the bed. narrowing his gaze, he sits up and leans closer to the figure, body leaning over to the edge of the—oh, it's namjoon. 

he's in namjoon and hoseok's room, sleeping in namjoon's bed. great, now he kind of feels bad, because namjoon's sleeping on the floor and seokjin's in his bed—seokjin did whine for a bed, that isn't false. but he also told namjoon that he could sleep next to him if he wanted to, also, but the stupid giant decided to sleep on the floor instead. 

"hey, joon," seokjin grumbles, shaking his shoulder. namjoon doesn't stir. "joonie bear," he hisses out, shaking namjoon a little more violently. 

the younger male groans quietly, a hand flying up to lazily swat seokjin's hand. "whadda ya want?"

"don't sleep on the floor, you idiot, come here."


"kim namjoon, please get your butt on this bed before i drag you."

with a small huff, he eventually does lug himself, flopping soundly besides seokjin. beaming tiredly, seokjin pats his face, tugging the blankets back up. "that feels better, doesn't it now?" he purrs out, before wiggling himself back into the bed, face smushed into the plush pillows.

" do..."

Chapter Text




"you don't like going to parties, right? so i...i..i, um...brought the party to you."

yoongi stands there, mouth agape, eyes blinking repeatedly in shock as hoseok tries to untangle the string lights around his shoulders, thinking about how much he wants death. "i—you didn't need to. do that."

"it's senior year, hyung; you can't just stay at a patry when the party hasn't even started," hoseok says in seriousness.

yoongi closes his mouth, a light blush slowly creeping on his cheeks. "you can't have a party with just two people."

"all you need is music and drinks, and to have fun—no requirements for a set amount of people." he quips, cutting yoongi's protest.

the older male gnaws on his bottom lip, as if debating, before he releases it with a light sigh. "c'mon," he mumbles, turning around and heading inside.

hoseok quivers in excitement, hurrying to kick off his shoes and neatly set them by the door, before following yoongi down the hall.

"m'lazy to clean up the living room, so i hope you don't mind," yoongi explains, turning left into a room. hoseok's eyes trail around it, eyes widening at the sight of yoongi's carnivorous plant in a cage on a desk by the window, and a bed with a cat on it.

holy shit, they're in yoongi's room. hoseok won't lie that be expected a lot..less. yoongi seems like the kind of person to have a clean interior, minimalistic aesthetic. instead, there's a whole shelf by his monochromatic bedding dedicated to kumamon plushies and figurines, clothes strewn over the floor on top of textbooks, black and white polaroids hanging on the walls, keyboard in the far corner. contrary to yoongi's personality, the room looks alive and lived in, and it leave hoseok taken back. just when he thinks he's gotten used to yoongi, he's always surprising him again, and it hoseok likes it.

"i'm—i'm not a very fun and enthusiastic person," yoongi adds hastily, shooting away busan. "sorry if i ruin the mood."

"it's okay, that'll balance out my excessiveness. let's do a little bit of redecorating, yeah?"

he likes discovering the little tidbits about yoongi, like how he talks to his cat like it's an actual person, how he gives it the stink eye before turning to hoseok with a gummy smile, how he reorganizes the cans into a pyramid, how he stacks textbooks in the center and mentally calculates how many are needed to place the constellation projector on top.

the mint-haired male pulls the fairy lights away from the bag, tiptoeing up and arms stretching up to hook them around the curtain rails. seizing the opportunity, hoseok slides up behind him, arms extending to help him out.

except, hoseok's not exactly tall enough, so he has to tiptoe also, taking it from yoongi's hands and wobbling into his back as he helps the older male wrap the lights around the rails.

yoongi turns around with a surprised facial expression, and hoseok swears that he's so cute, kitten nose and all, caged between his arms and face against his chest while his heart pounds so loud that—

"are you tiptoeing?"

hoseok flushes, laughing awkwardly as he slowly lowers himself down, eyes diverting into every direction except at yoongi. "you looked like you were struggling, so i thought i could try to help!"

it takes a moment for yoongi to process the words, before he snorts loudly with a wry smile, playfully punching hoseok's chest. "you're dumb," he mumbles, ducking under hoseok's arms and weaving his way past.

biting his bottom lip, hoseok swivels on his heels, leaning against the desk. "but charming, right?"

throwing hoseok a glance over his shoulder, yoongi picks up a can of beer, popping the tab open. "ha ha, i almost swooned."

with a cheeky grin, hoseok plays along, suddenly feeling so confident in his demeanor. maybe it's the side effects of alcohol, or maybe he's just drunk on yoongi's smiles. "and what would i have to do to make you actually swoon?" he drawls out, head cocking to the side as he connects his phone to the dock and presses shuffle.

coldplay plays on the stereo as yoongi looks at him, the can of beer pressed against his lips as he takes a sip. the older male shrugs, eyes flittering down to the beer, before back at hoseok. "i don't know."

yoongi smirks, and hoseok finds himself swooning instead.


seokjin just pouted and told me he was too sleepy to care about the party god hoseok God
10:50 PM.

11:02 PM.

11:02 PM

11:03 PM

11:03 PM

11:03 PM.

seokjins sleeping on my bed...he cute...i'm emo.
11:11 PM.

how are things with yoongi???update me?? I'm gonna shut down the party and go sleep. on the floor. in the same room as kim seokjin. kms.
11:29 PM

8:57 AM

there's a loud groan that emits from hoseok's mouth as he rolls over with a loud groan. his head throbs, and God, he just wants to die right now. with a disgruntled huff, hoseok pushes himself up and rubs his temples, eyes squinting open. in the bright light from the window, yoongi's sitting in the middle, on a ratted spinning chair. his eyes are closed and arms and legs are crossed, head tilted downwards, and he looks like an absolute angel.

hoseok hastily grabs his phone, ignoring namjoon's messages and swiping up to take a quick picture of the older male—it's not too stalkerish, right? right, he assures himself. sneaking a glance over at yoongi, he pockets his phone and takes a step forward, trying to tiptoe out of the room, maybe freshen up and let the mint haired boy sleep properly in his bed, maybe provide breakfast, too. head bobbing up and down as he makes his way to the door, his eyes focus on yoongi, watching for any signs of consciousness.

in the process, hoseok trips over a stray beer bottle and ends up flying into the wall.

yoongi's eyes flicker open as hoseok bemoans loudly, slumping to the floor with a dry sob. the older male blinks repeatedly, before diverting his gaze over to hoseok. "...are you okay? "

"yeah! yeah, why wouldn't i be?" hoseok laughs in misery as he pretends like he isn't dying, head lifting up to face a sleepy yoongi. he's rubbing an eye with a fist, and as much as hoseok wants to appreciate how cute he is, hoseok just wants yoongi to punch him in the head.

stumbling forward, hoseok wobbles back on his feet, head spinning heavily. eyes shut, he inhales sharply, before attempting to take another step forward. this time, an arm slides around hoseok''s torso as his own arm fits nicely in what appears to be yoongi's neck.

(even his neck looks nice.)

"you said you were a decent drinker," yoongi accuses playfully(?), half-hauling hoseok to the bathroom.

"i am!"

"you got drunk after three and a half beers," the older male scoffs, slipping away from hoseok as he stands in front of the mirror.

hoseok crinkles his nose, eyes diverting to the mir—holy fuck, he looks ugly as hell. messy hair, eyes half open, blotchy face and shitty headache—god, he looks like he just got ran over.

yoongi shoves a toothbrush in his head, patting hoseok on the back. "i'll go make some hangover soup; it's not as good as seokjin's, but it's something, right?" he flashes hoseok a small grin, before sauntering off.

damn you, hoseok, he grumbles to himself as he aggressively brushes his teeth, glaring aggressively at the mirror. damn you for nearly getting smashed so hard that you can't remember a thing. they probably didn't do anything—yoongi seems fine with him, they both still have clothes on, so it should be okay, he attempts to reassure himself.

but it isn't, and it bothers hoseok as he tries his hardest to remember whatever the hell he did, only to not. a hand running through his hair, he sighs in distress and washes his face, eyes traveling over the pastel blue and white bathroom before heading out. yoongi's there in the kitchen, the sleeves of his white turtleneck rolled up as he shuffles around.

hoseok nips his bottom lip, head pressed against the entrance to the kitchen. "i—i hope i wasn't too wild. i tend to go kind of...crazy."

the mint haired male turns to give hoseok a radiant smile. "it was fun. i liked it."

eyes closed, he slumps against the edge in relief. yoongi liked it, as long as yoongi liked it then hoseok's oka—

"your karaoke skills were on point."

blinking repeatedly, hoseok furrows his eyebrows together. "karaoke? we sang?"

with a light hum, yoongi samples the soup. "mmm...yeah, we did. we actually did a lot of things, but i think you don't remember any of it."

hoseok stares at him in horror.

a lid placed on the pot, yoongi swivels on his heels and nudges his way past hoseok, eyes crinkled up at his expression. "don't worry too much, silly, it wasn't anything major. i have to meet my counselor in an hour, so i'm going to get ready—lock the door when you're done."


hoseok has little to no dignity after the party, and wallows about it in his bed self-piteously. across from him, namjoon does the same.

"i don't remember what happened—"

"i don't remember either—"

"i just remembered dancing around and taking shots—"

"—seokjin got sleepy and asked to use my bed—"

"—i woke up and he was just there—"

"—i slept next to kim seokjin." 

"—i'm just scared of doing something i'll regret, like. what if i. kissed him—" hoseok shrieks, sitting up.

"—or said i liked him," namjoon's whisper hangs in the air, and two seconds later he's also sitting up.



the truth dawns of them that what they don't know might potentially ruin their (love) lives and thu's, project yoonseok and s.s. namjin will never sail. it's a terrible epiphany.


both yoongi and seokjin don't act any different, and so hoseok and namjoon attempt to maintain a straight face around their crushes, sneaking looks of despair when they meet eyes.

they fall into their old routines, new schedules, and two new people. life is okay.

jeongguk integrates himself into college life as he joins friends and clubs, the devil twins continue to wreck havoc, yoongi has afternoon classes now, while hoseok still has his same old morning classes, seokjin is busy with medical school, and busy being namjoon.



there's no pool on top of ssang


can't cook for shit
why would there be a pool on top of the engineering building 

tae said it was for aquatic robot testing!!!
but i went there 

you're such a dumbass 

and there was no pool on the roof!!!
i asked around too!!! 


can't cook for shit
does it make sense for a pool to be on top of the engineering building
just for aquatic robots 

shut up!!!!!!!
you guys are so mean, i'm just a freshman!!
where's yoongi tho

omg i'll add him 

wait no 

T has added Min Yoongi to B☆NGT☆N SQU☆D
T has set Min Yoongi's nickname to giggles 

what's giggles
i don't get it 

hoseok wants to melt into the floor.





just stay calm and be you


yeah well i have to be myself around seokjin u think it's easy?? suck it up




you uncultured heathan it's english 

can't cook for shit
it's heathen 




isn't it hypocrite?

can't cook for shit

istg hyung we look better than this
also where's hoseok did he just disappear





we're not that weird


he said what at the dumbasses not us


just stay cool like i am attempting to but failing rn ok


stop talking in caps it makes me nervous



 ?? so???


 don't glasses make ppl less attractive


 do u have a glasses kink or smth




 idgi it's just glasses. two pieces of glass. how is that supposed to change someone.

UGH YOU'RE SO USELESS GLASSES CHANGES EVERYONE. just wait until yoongi wears glasses. then you'll see. the c H a N G E .

 ...ok joon, ok.







so are you ever going to say anything in the group chat?



it's a little after ten when he gets out, mentally diagramming a plant inside his head. hoseok's about to pass by the library when he notices a sluggish figure making their way to the entrance, a mop full of pastel hair hanging low as the person teeters back and forth on their feet, nuzzling their forehead into their textbooks.

it's yoongi.

"hyung!" he yells loudly, and the figure stops. swinging his backpack over his shoulder, hoseok rushes over to the older male, biting back a grin as he stops in front of him. "yoongi hyung!"

yoongi lifts his head up and oh my fucking god he looks so good he's wearing glasses hoseok wants death. he looks smart and sophisticated, alluring even, and hoseok's starting to get perverse thoughts, oh no—


the older male lifts a fist to rub at his eyes, flashing hoseok a small smile. "hey, hoseok. did you just get out of class?"

hoseok blinks repeatedly, still awestruck by how good he looks. "y-yeah—yeah. i was. gonna study for my test." which is in a week, but early studying isn't a bad thing. hoseok. hoseok is a diligent student. (or so he'd like to think.) "i didn't know you wore glasses."

"my vision isn't too terrible, so i normally wear contacts outside and nothing at home, but i didn't really sleep and my eyebags are terrible, so i'm trying to cover them up," he explains with a tired laugh.

on the contrary, hoseok wants to say, yoongi looks even better than usual. but he doesn't, and dips his head in acknowledgment slowly scooting out of the way. "um, do you wanna study together? not like—together—but like—around each other—like sit near each oth—"

"sure." yoongi says with a faint hum, pausing a little, before walking forward. hoseok stands in the same place, his face frozen as the yoongi's 'sure' bounces around in his ears. oh god, it's like a date, except it's not really a date—a pre-date, yes.

hurrying after the mint haired male, hoseok fantasizes about how impressive he's gonna be like, all smart and shit when he sits in front of yoongi and flips through plant anatomy, eyebrows furrowed together and taking notes super diligently, and then yoongi's going to swoon and be like wow-hoseok-is-both-handsome-and-smart!! and hoseok's just gonna flip his hair and place his pen against his lips and shoot love arrows at yoongi using his eyes—


"right behind you!" he whispers hastily, mentally cursing himself for leaving a confused yoongi in the middle of the the hall. they both find a relatively quiet spot, five km away from civilization in a typical min-yoongi-manner.

yoongi sits with his back facing the wall, while hoseok is across from him with his own exposed to the rest of the students. the older male sets down his textbook, now no longer a bright orange but a muted, mustard yellow, and fishes out a variety of black pens and grey pencils from his pocket, neatly organizing them besides his textbook. he sets his notebook on top of the ugly textbook, and begins to take notes.

hoseok, not wanting to seem like a slacker, pulls his notebook and set it down, before grabbing a fistful of his colored pens from his backpack and accidentally spilling them over the table. the whole fucking library + min yoongi looks at him, and hoseok wants to sink into the ground as he flashes everyone an apologetic smile. although a few dirty looks are sent his way, he only focuses on the tiny smile that upturns on yoongi's lips—an indicator that he can't be that bad.

so they study.

except, hoseok can't, and his eyes keep on diverting towards yoongi instead, and he thinks about how cute he looks and how nice it would be to like, lean over and kiss him on the nose, even though it's kind of creepy and probably totally lacks consent. he can't help it when yoongi wrinkles his little button nose, lips pulled together and face scrunching into a grimace when he stumbles upon something he doesn't really like.

instead of practicing drawing and labeling plant parts, hoseok ends up stealing glances of yoongi as he draws the older male as a cactus—little spikes coming out from his hair, kind of short but endearing as he sits in a pot, wearing a green sweater and green sweats. hoseok admires the little doodle at the edge of his notebook for a while longer, before drawing a sun with and highlighter and outlining it with black pen.

and then comes the labeling process; hoseok uses a felt-tip marker to scribble fluffy, cotton-candy-like at his hair, cat eyes at his eyes, button nose at his nose, rosy and round at his cheeks, soft yet defined(?) at his jaw, plush and i wanna kiss them at his—

there's a loud thump, and it startles hoseok as he scoots back. yoongi's head falls on top of notebook and textbook, cheek smushed against the text as his hand still clutches his pen. his eyes are closed and his lips are parted and he looks really good and hoseok would be paying attention, except he's not, he's kind of freaking out because he doesn't know what the fuck he's supposed to do.

if he wakes yoongi up, he'll feel bad because the older male looks exhausted and obviously deserves some sleep.

but what if yoongi has class next period and that class has a test? or he needs to study really bad and he's being deprived from the chance?





....are you...really
asking me


my god hoseok


just wake him up then


hoseok takes a long look at yoongi.





hoseok swears to god that the next time namjoon freaks out about seokjin, he's not getting any advice or help.

after looking at how ethereal yoongi looks while sleeping, almost like a young god, hoseok decides to leave him alone. he instead, tries to get back on his plants shit, and maybe think about yoongi for a little while longer. one hour passes, and hoseok starts to lose himself in his work; two hours pass, and he texts namjoon, but namjoon doesn't respond. three hours pass, and hoseok is trying to beat out taehyung's score on endless lake. yoongi wakes up for five minutes, before falling back asleep. its like watching an adorable puppy. in the fourth hour, he gets up to go get coffee at the indoor starbucks, a pastry for himself and yoongi.

the library is apparently reserved at 3:00 for some presentation, and yoongi isn't waking up and hoseok isn't exactly sure what to do. 2:30 and people are already clearing out, while hoseok is stressfully staring at yoongi. he would text seokjin for help, but it's a weekday and unless seokjin said something in the group chat early in the morning, one is not to disturb seokjin. so hoseok tries to play it nice.

he leans over the table and clears his throat, a hand reaching out towards yoongi, whispering out sweetly: "yoongi hyung-ah, we have to go. they're closing the library.

it doesn't fucking work. attempt #2. hoseok says it a little louder. "yoongi hyung, wake up."

yoongi mumbles something about "binary" and stirs slightly.

attempt #3. "yoongi hyung!" he yells, shaking the older male's shoulder tentatively. the librarian shoots him a dirty look and he winces, pretending like he never saw her.

attempt #4. hoseok gives up and stuffs his crap in his bag, swinging it over his shoulders. taking a long look at yoongi and his stationary, hoseok emits a soft sigh and prays for the best, brushing the older male's things into hoseok's bag and neatly sliding in his notebook and textbook. exhaling slowly, hoseok walks over to the mint boy's side, tugging out the chair and making the very brave-and-highly-nonsensical decision to haul yoongi up bridal style, marching down and out of the library.

people turn their heads to look, eyes widening with awe and—and hoseok kind of likes it. it's like those marvel movies when there's a cute girl screaming for help and the superhero swoops in to save her, and then they look at each other and ding ding ding, he's carrying her down the wedding aisle. except, hoseok's the super cool superhero, and yoongi's the really cute guy he wants to take out for dinner one day.


his eyes slowly trail down, mouth open in a half grin as he stares awkwardly at a wide-eyed yoongi. people are still staring at them, and hoseok's cheeks are probably hotter than a frying pan. "i—you were asleep—and i couldn't wake you up—library's closing—"

it's yoongi's turn to blush, hurrying to scramble out of hoseok's arms. he looks around in nervous laughter, one hand adjusting his glasses as the other fiddles with the edge of his hoodie. "i—i'm so sorry, i swear, this—this usually doesn't happen.

they're both dying of embarrassment in this terribly awkward scenario, but hoseok can't help but think about how cute yoongi is. it's like an ongoing obsession that he can't help, almost infectious—he's thinking about it without realizing it. slinging his bag to the front of his chest, he pulls out yoongi's notebook, textbook, and pencil bag, handing it to the other male. "it's okay, really."

the librarian announces that they have fifteen more minutes until the library closes, and while people are packing up and shuffling their way out, hoseok and yoongi still stand there like idiots who don't know what to do, or when to make the first move. yoongi looks hella fucking flustered and it's an endearing sight, and hoseok feels kind of guilty for staying rooted in one spot and making things worse for yoongi, but he also can't help but want to admire the older male a little longer. it's a dick more, actually, and hoseok should probabl—

"i, uh, should go home. and study. again." yoongi cuts into his thoughts, clutching his books to his chest as he dips his head slowly. "th-thanks, hoseok. and—sorry. once again." he forces out, wavering for a few seconds longer, before turning around and heading down the hall. the mint-haired boy turns left, straight into the bathroom before hoseok can interject. a minute later he's u-turning out of the door and to the entrance instead, walking at a profusely faster rate.

hoseok can't help but bite back a grin, looking down at the floor as he swivels back and forth on his heels.


cactus boy

 i didn't know you snored



"hey, namjoon."


"yoongi made a typo."

"why are you telling me this?"

"he never makes typos. i think. i think i'm making him flustered, and oh my god, joon, what if i have a chance with him. like i'm legit charming him and he's into me?"

"...and you're...basing this"

"oh my god, joon, you're so negative."


cactus boy

 it was a cute one. : )'re just making fun of me at this point, aren't you?

 what? no! i actually thought it was cute!!

sure, hoseok.

 I SWEAR. I GENUINELY THOUGHT IT WAS ENDEARING AND ADORABLE. it was like. you were like a puppy.

you're so lame, what the heck.

 it's my charm!!!

ha ha, hoseok. i'm so swayed.


"i think he's being sarcastic."



the culinary club is boring as ever, save exception for namjoon and yoongi. they're making cookies today, namjoon still struggles, yoongi's slowly chatting to him a little more whenever they work together, and hoseok gets hit with a whisk when seokjin catches him staring at yoongi. at this point, if he starts to become dumb from losing brain cells, he's going to blame it all on seokjin.

they've learned the base for the dough, and additional fillings and toppings are free game. hoseok goes with something that sounds cool in hopes of impressing yoongi— meanwhile, namjoon is panicking because the mixer won't move. (hoseok bets 50k won that he broke the damn machine.)

so hoseok and yoongi, as usual, are on their own again. yoongi looks really focused in his craft, and it stirs an ache in hoseok's heart that he can't go over there and work with him, maybe "accidentally" brush hands while reaching for the eggs, or letting each other taste test things and giggle over it like a grossly domestic married couple aka namjin. but no, he's like, romeo on a deserted island, and yoongi's a male juliet stuck surrounded by a pseudo-couple that is forever glitched in flirting mode.

eyebrows furrowed in concentration, hoseok sprinkles in coconut and white chocolate chips, hoping that the combination isn't too bad. it looks pretty, at least, and sounds like some hipster artisan cookie. hoseok's just about finish scooping out the batter when yoongi calls him over, a hand beckoning towards his station. hoseok, the ever whipped loser he is, immediately drops the scooper and heads over to yoongi, palms sweating in anticipation.

"i think—i think these came out well," yoongi starts out slowly, pointing to a tray of freshly baked cookies. they look like snickerdoodles with chocolate swirls, and hoseok always loves snickerdoodles—wow, it's as if the gods knew and whispered to yoongi, hey, the boy who has a crush on you really likes these kinds of cookies so you should totally make them for him and yoongi probably nodded his head along like yeah, that's a really good idea, i totally wanna make these for the boy that likes me. in fact, if anything, hoseok is honored that yoongi would ask him to try it out first, out of all people.

("well, i mean, it's not like he knows anyone else in culinary club, and me and jin are busy, so it makes sense that you'd be the first," the unnecessarily rational words of wisdom from the namjoon that lives inside hoseok's mind reasons, and hoseok's beginning to hate how much namjoon rubs off onto him.)

but that's not the point, and hoseok realizes the he can use the opportunity to make yoongi swoon. he can bite into the cookie, and compliment it, and be all like wow, these are so good!! and then yoongi can beam and go all bashful like really? wow, thanks hoseok! and hoseok can be all suave and shit by leaning against the corner and taking another bite and going yeah, you should come by my dorm and teach me how to make these and then he'll wink and successfully ask yoongi on a date, and then yoongi will blush and laugh like you're so smooth hoseok, wow, 10/10 i'll totally date you and bake cookies for you for eternity!! and then namjin will finally get together and life will be great.

but, as usual, that doesn't happen.

"hoseok, are you—oh my god, hoseok, ho—namjoon, seokjin, what the fuck is happening—"

"shit, fuck, hobi—did you give him cookies? what were inside of them?"


"oh my god, yoongi, hoseok's allergic to nuts,'" seokjin shrieks, hurrying over to hoseok's bag to rummage through the items.

so instead of looking all cool and crap, hoseok is currently wheezing, his throat choking up and face swelling as he coughs repeatedly, eyes bulging out of his sockets. people are staring and hoseok feels so miserable, drinking half a glass of water that namjoon brings him, before hacking it all into the sleeves of his supreme sweater.

"hey, hobi," seokjin breathes out, a hand massaging his shoulder as he single-handedly flips the cap open and pulls out the epipen, before jabbing it hoseok's thighs and counting ten seconds.

hoseok merely inhales and exhales, trying to intake as much oxygen as he can while ignoring the humiliation that blooms in his face. ten seconds pass and seokjin pulls out the needle, storing it in its case. hoseok gasps for air, trying to breathe at a normal pace until he regains control of his dumbass immune system.

yoongi looks so shook and terrified, it's. it's cute.

"you okay?" namjoon cocks his head to the side, patting hoseok's back.

after a few moments of silence, hoseok nods his head. "yeah. yeah, i think. i think i wanna go home, though, i'm kind of tired."


cactus boy

i am so sorry that happened to you, i swear it was 100% unintentional and i feel so terrible, i stopped by earlier but you were asleep, and i waited a few more hours but you were really exhausted from the whole ordeal, so i left, and i'm just really sorry for almost killing you, and i swear it'll never ever happen again. i hope you're okay, please get a lot of rest and fluids, and uh. yeah. if there's anything i can do for you, please tell me! once again, i'm really sorry, and i hope you have a fast recovery.

hyung im literally ok lol
my allergies aren't that bad lmao

Oh My God You're Awake Hi

 don't sweat it! :) i'm perfectly fine, just a lil shock, that's all.

still, i. i just feel terrible.

 if it makes you feel better, namjoon forgot about my allergies twice and almost killed me probably four times. :' )

that's so scary, jesus. are you really okay though?? you seemed really bad..

 yoongi, this happens like all the time. it cool, don't worry.

do you have any other allergies?? i don't wanna, you know, accidentally almost kill you. again.

 nah, it's just nuts! that's it, so now you know. : D

i learned a terrible way, unfortunately.


hoseok lies on the couch, head cocked to the side as he stares at the phone a little longer, thinking of what to say.


 are you free tomorrow? have work, but i'll be free after...4?

you know how you said you'd do anything for me right
well seokjin is putting me on house arrest because he wants me to recover for a day
so i'm bored
keep me company when you're done with classes? :)

yeah, sure. it's the least i can do, right?




where do i go am i homeless now


...istg....ok...fine...i'll just be a vagrant, wandering around like all those lost souls...

u the real bro : , )

bros help bros out with boyfriends

damn right

we're brofriends

...joon, no. just. no.


4:36 pm is where the doorbell rings, and hoseok is scrambling out of the coach as he opens the door. there's yoongi as usual, leather backpack slipping from his shoulders, dress in a baseball tee and jeans. he leaves his shoes by the door, sliding in and looking around the room. hoseok hurries over to the couch, patting besides him as he plops down in front of the laptop. "so, uh. have you ever seen a werewolf boy?"

yoongi hesitantly takes a seat, shaking his head slowly.

"the one with song joongki and park boyoung?"

a look of clarity passes through his eyes. "i've heard it was good, but i've never really...watched it?"

"that's great," hoseok gleams with enthusiasm, pulling up his legs. "i was thinking of stuff to watch, and it came up on netflix when you knocked, so i was thinking—do you, you know, wanna? watch with me? i don't have much to do since i can't go out, and. yeah."

blinking repeatedly, he shrugs. "i'm down with it. it's nice to relax after a...stressful event, i guess."

so here's hoseok's plan: he's going to play a sad movie, and he's going to sneak glances at yoongi, and if yoongi tears up, he can swoop in and wrap an arm around the older male and pat him, like there there, it's okay, and yoongi can cry into his shoulder and it'll be super romantic and sweet, and in that moment, just maybe, yoongi will finally realize how sweet hoseok is and be like kim tan in the heirs as he slowly looks into hoseok's eyes and go—do you?

(love is the moment!!)

"you don't cry easily during sad movies, do you?" hoseok asks subtly, pressing play.

yoongi turns to stare at him, eyes sharp enough to pierce a man's heart. "do you?"

hoseok gulps loudly. "no." he says lies.









annnddddd two hours later, hoseok is definitely not crying, no, tears are definitely not streaming down his face and he's not sniffling when soonyi leaves the cabin and the camera pans out to show chulsoo playing around in the snow, alone.

"are you crying?" yoongi asks incredulously, eyes crinkling in mild enthusiasm at hoseok's pain. he's laughing as he leans over to the coffee table, grabbing tissues and handing it to hoseok.

"no," hoseok huffs, taking the tissues and wiping his eyes with them. goddammit, this is embarrassing.

yoongi props his arm against the edge of the sofa, head leaning into his palm as his body turns to face hoseok. "you're crying over an old lady and a werewolf," he teases, a stupid grin crossing his face.

"it wasn't just an old lady and a werewolf," he huffs out, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. "it was a sad an romantic story about two beings who could never come to love each other."

"someone's a romantic."

"you're not?"

nose scrunching in a playful manner he shakes his head. it's really fucking adorable and hoseok's heart skips a beat. "nah, i'm too much of a hardcore realist."

"that's hot," slips out from hoseok's lips before he can stop himself, and it sends yoongi choking and hoseok internally wailing.

"you're kinky."

hoseok wheezes. "i—okay, it came out wrong, i swear, i have pure thoughts about you. it's hot as in like, it's fire, it's new, it's, uh—" he rambles on nervously, suddenly wanting to slip off from the face of earth.

yoongi's eyes are focused on him in mild curiosity, and he's leaning in closer and closer to hoseok's face, until they're a few inches apart and hoseok is on full panic mode. he opens his mouth to say something, but yoongi cuts him off. "you have an eye booger in the corner of your left eye. my left, your right."

it catches hoseok completely off guard, blinking repeatedly at yoongi.

"HEY HOBI HOBI, I'M GONNA BE CR—woah, am i intruding?" comes an obnoxiously high voice, sing-songing in the air.

the two of them pull away abruptly to face jimin, his eyebrow arched as his eyes travel back and forth between the two of them.

"what the fuck, jimin. there's nothing going on, but you could've knocked. why are you here?"

jimin grins cheekily, sitting on the coffee table. "so, taehyung, the idiot, decided to buy 1 pint of chocolate ice cream to treat himself. that's it. that's why i'm taking refugee here."

while the realization washes over hoseok, one of confusion floods yoongi. "i don't get it."

as if he's a cast member in the office, jimin's head turn to look at yoongi with the flattest expression he can muster. "taehyung's lactose intolerant."


"yeah, so it's like, a swamp of stink in the dorm and i decided to pop here, but if you two are busy..." he drawls out slyly.

"there's nothing going on, oh my god."

"yeah," yoongi interjects. "we were watching netflix."

the redhead's eyes light up. "netflix and chill?"

"yeah," yoongi says, while hoseok says "no." hoseok turns to stare at the older male in horror, who has a look of indifference on his face.

with a face scrunch full of bewilderment, yoongi glances at hoseok. "but..we're chillin'...and watching netflix...chillin' is slang for hanging out, right? what am i missing out on here?"

jimin bursts into a series of snickers, wedging himself between the end of the sofa and yoongi. "oh my god, hyung, you're so pure."

the mint-haired boy glowers, eyes trailing back and forth between hoseok and jimin. "i am not, but seriously, is there another meaning to it? is this slang within slang? slangception?"

hoseok mouths don't tell him and jimin rolls his eyes, but nods along to his words. "so anyways, what did you guys chill to?"

"tell me!"

"a werewolf boy."

"ooh, that's sad."

"you both are assholes."



what's netflix and chill supposed to mean? 

can't cook for shit


O H .

wow hyung u go 



why are we talking about sex
this should be a clean sfw chat 

so on saturday,,,



istg if u rat me out i will kill u

: ( wow hyung no violence jin condones violence




jimin asked if we were netflix and chillin
because i was with hoseok.

wow did u get an action going on

oh my god why are you guys doing this to me stop

can't cook for shit



why were you
with yoongi
netflix and chillin
at home
: ))
did i not say


: )))))))))) no offense my child
this sounds highly suspicious

listen if i wanted to bang him i wouldn't have watched a werewolf boy


have u seen the movie with song joongki

yes but why were you watching that with yoongi
you've seen that movie like 6 times
you cry every time


let me guess: you cried instead, and yoongi laughed at you.

how did u know

i can see the past.


i have cameras set up in your dorm in case anything happens.


just kidding yoongi's my apartment-mate you idiot i know him better than you do.



anyways holler-weenie is coming up time to get hot and sex-si to bang cute guys ;)  



can't cook for shit
they're stupid
they're talking about halloween 

holler weenie...that's genius. 

every year we host a party
but it's only between bangtan squad : )
you both should join! 

i'm great at halloween count me in 

alcohol is available to everyone on condition you dress up.
you should go, hyung!! 


me and jimin make it so fun hyung you should totally go just for the experience
we have full reign over the party so we basically set up
rumors are that it's more bomb ass than hoseok's parties 

"rumors are" listen there's only 3 people who have experienced a party thrown by you that's a fake 

idk man joon seems like a snake : / 

can't cook for shit
excuse me 

but u should go hyung!!1 pls pls pls pls plsp lsp splpsl plsp lspls pls

ok. i'll go. 




"i feel stupid."

"no, you're going to charm the shit out of seokjin."

namjoon gives him a long stare, and hoseok coughs to hide his laughter. he's wearing a black mustache and a red dad hat, fit with a red plaid shirt and black overalls. "i look like an ugly, hipster mario."

"listen, the moment seokjin sees your dedication, he's going to be so touched by your thoughts that he'll fall for you." hoseok sighs out, adjusting the beanie on his head. "besides, i'm doing the same thing, so, y'know. we're all in this together?"

"that's easy for you to say," namjoon huffs out, tugging at his suspenders. "you're dressed all cutely."

"this is a total stab at my pride."

"all guys dig cute things, okay." the teal-haired male stares at the mirror for awhile longer, before turning to the closet. "fuck it, i'm gonna change into a ryan onesie."

"namjoon, no, man the fuck up."

always hyungry
beep beep bitches we're outside
7:32 PM

patting his cheeks one more time, hoseok grabs his keys and his phone. "they're here already, joon, we gotta jet."

with a loud, inhuman wail, namjoon drags himself away from the closet, hurrying out the door behind hoseok. tuning out namjoon's grumbles, hoseok's stomach twists with excitement as he thinks about yoongi and how he's going to be dressed up. he's expecting a cliche vampire kind of thing since it would sorta fit yoongi and make him look really good.

taehyung's blue mazda sits in the front, with jimin in the front and jeongguk in the back. opening the door, hoseok slides in, followed by namjoon. jimin sits in shotgun, wearing a golden wreath around his head, while white sheets are draped upon him. taehyung's wearing normal clothes, and jeongguk wearing what looks egg?

"nice outfit, joon," taehyung grins cheekily, as namjoon glares.

"what are you supposed to be?"

taehyung slumps down in his seat, so that his head barely touches the headrest. "i'm jimin for holler weenie."

jimin huffs loudly, as the rest of the car bursts into snickers. taehyung pulls the car out of the parking lot and starts driving.

"i didn't know you were gonna be all cutesy this year, hyung," jimin chirps loudly.

namjoon coughs, cutting hoseok off. "he's doing it to impress yoongi."

a chorus of oohs go around the car, with jeongguk playfully punching his shoulder; hoseok shoots daggers at namjoon with his eyes, while the other merely shrugs unapologetically.





you're designated driver
no alcohol


joon the incompetent has no license
i covered for your stupid party
yoongi deserves to get drunk at least once
therefroe: you are
designated driver.

this is rigged

cant's cook for shit

"shut up namjoon."

cue snickering.


the doorbell rings, and there's only two other guests missing, so it means that the people at the door are none other than seokjin and yoongi. "i'll get it!" hoseok yells, hardly able to contain his excitement as he scampers to the door. exhaling repeatedly, hoseok smooths down the front of his sweater, before opening the door.

"yoongi, stop being a brat—"

"why didn't you just let me be a robber or something?"

"because i'm a good friend," seokjin whines back, squishing himself against the doorframe. he's wearing circular glasses and a yellow sweater, two antennae sticking out from the top of his head. "oh, hi, hoseok!"

hoseok can't see yoongi, but he does see the hint of mint behind seokjin's shoulder. "oh—hyung, hi, what are you supposed to be—"

seokjin sticks out his hand, clenching it into a fist. "arthur."


"remember, no alcohol!" he sings gaily, before sauntering off and leaving poor yoongi alone in the doorway.






he stands in the doorway, eyes blinking all cutely at hoseok as he rubs his wrist with one of his hands, lips pursed together tightly. he's wearing an oversized mint hoodie, little triangular spikes scattered all over the place, sleeves hanging over his knuckles as he looks around with unenthusiasm. brown jeans and cactus socks in brown boots complete his simple look, but what attracts hoseok the most is his face.

is he wearing eyeliner? it looks like a hint of eyeliner, just to bring out the cattiness in yoongi, and there's cat whiskers drawn over his nose and pink cheeks, probably courtesy of seokjin (who someone has a killer way with makeup??). his hair is fluffed up twice as usual, and in between the mint clouds is a headband with cat ears. a vibrant green, with cactus spikes sticking out of it.

"you're cute," the both of them blurt out simultaneously, face flushed at the comment.

hoseok laughs nervously, gloved hands fidgeting with each other as he gazes earnestly at yoongi. "i—what's the concept?"

the older male rubs the nape of his neck awkwardly, taking a small step forward so that he's actually in the dorm and not outside. "i had no costume so seokjin made one for me—it's. you know, jin and his dad jokes? so, he thought of cat-tus. you know, cactus, cat. cat-tus."


"you look really good," hoseok mumbles out, sidestepping do that yoongi can come in, before closing the door again.

"says you. if you're trying to make me swoon, you've really outdone yourself, hoseok," yoongi remarks with a teasing smile.

holyfuckohMYGODYOONGIFINALLYCOMPLIMENTEDMEOHMYGOD. "i needed a last-minute costume, and this just. happened."

which is a total lie, because the moment the devil twins shrieked "holler weenie", hoseok thought of yoongi's obsession with kumamon and how nice it'd be to surprise him. so here he stands, talking to a cactus cat, wearing a black beanie with bear ears, trying to ignore the sweat the builds up inside of the bear-paw-gloves, cheeks painted a bright red.

"you executed it well."

"wanna see an impression?" no, it's not like hoseok practiced fifty times in front of a mirror and asked namjoon for advice or anything. he's not that whipped.

yoongi nods curtly, and hoseok clears his throat, looking down at the ground to hide his anxiety, before bringing his head back up to look at the older male. he widens his eyes and opens his mouth in a happy grin, pretending to be a ray of sunshine beaming at yoongi.

the mint-haired male has his phone out, and quickly captures a picture of hoseok before he can protest. yoongi quickly locks his phone, a gummy smile crossing his face as he tucks it in his pocket. "this is gold, hoseok, i'm keepin' this to compare to kumamon."

hoseok jabs his hands out to feel for his phone, sending the older male shrieking playfully as he scampers away from hoseok. eyes bright, he chases after the yoongi, weaving between their friends and the tables. "seriously, delete it!"

"m'gonna print it out on poster paper and hang it next to my shelf!"

"oh my god, hyung, don't be an ass—delete it—"

yoongi swings behind taehyung with a breathless laugh, hiding behind him as he steals a beer from his hand.

"i was gonna down two at once," he complains.

"you're going to end up with alcohol poisoning and a dead body because we won't care," seokjin comments wryly, sipping his own from the couch.

hoseok attempts to sneak out an arm, only to have yoongi move away from it. "what am i, a pole?" taehyung huffs out.

"yes, yes you are!" jimin squeaks from the living room, where he's trying to outdance a wild jeongguk.

holding up a beer bottle, yoongi shakes it repeatedly and props his chin on taehyung's shoulder. "i'll call truce if you wanna drink with me?"

and truth to be told, hoseok's too weak for him to say no. "fine, but i'm only letting you go for now."

taehyung wrinkles his nose. "this sounds kinky."

eyebrows knitting together, yoongi presses the cold beer bottle against taehyung's neck, sending the younger male yelping as he stumbles away.


by drinking, it means yoongi getting drunk and hoseok chugging juice.

hoseok learns that yoongi is a really terrible drinker, and takes only one beer to get his cheeks flushed and rosy red, and two to get him tipsy. he's a lot more open and talkative, leaning into hoseok every now and then as he laughs at seokjin's jokes and gives jeongguk and taehyung the stink eye.

"you're even worse than me," hoseok remarks with mild interest.

"whadda ya mean?" yoongi slurs with a furrow of his eyebrows, head resting against the corner of his couch.

"drunk you versus drunk me?" hoseok eyes the rest of his friends poorly playing beer pong.

"no!" yoongi sits up, a hand pointing accusingly at hoseok. "you, were a lot worse, but a loooooot cuter. like, legit you danced and sung and showed up a bunch of your talents, and every time you finished, you were like—" the older male blinks repeatedly, trying to make himself look cute but jutting out his bottom lip and pressing himself into hoseok. "—are you swooning now, hyung?"

hoseok suddenly wants to stop existing.

"and it was really funny!" yoongi relaxes, withdrawing himself back to the couch. "i'd say no, not really, and then you'd just keep on trying to impress me until you finally knocked out."

hoseok really regrets going there, now. if anything, he should probably leave in case things get worse and he finds himself in a sticky situation where he almost kisses a really fucking adorable yoongi, who's drunk and won't remember anything. and, if anything, he just wants to bury into his bed and wail and out how drunk hoseok basically ruined everything.

"we should go home," he declares with a small hum, eyes glancing at the clock. 1:23 blares at him, and although it's early, all his friends are drunk and he's bored of being sober.

yoongi frowns. "already? but it's only...only..."

"half past one," hoseok declares as he pats the older male's head, who responds with are scrunch of his face. he gets up to peeks into the dining room, where the the devil twins are doing something they might regret in the morning, while jeongguk has fallen asleep, drooling on the table of scattered cups. wandering around, hoseok eventually hears murmuring in the halls and hides behind a wall to eavesdrop.

" know...seokjin, i..i've been wanting to tell you something."



"i...i...i really like..."

hoseok bites his bottom lip, shaking in excitement. wow, finally, joonie confessing after 500 years of torment, freeing hoseok from his wailing, life is gr—


"i like doggos too, joonie. smol doggos especially, like tofu."

inhaling sharply, hoseok pretends like he didn't witness the most disappointing ending in the history of romance novels, and barges in. "come on, you too," he grumbles. "time to go home."

namjoon has the saddest expression on his face as he holds the twins's dog. "but we just picked up tofu!"

"yeah, well, you might break her, considering how intoxicated you are."

seokjin gives him the stink eye. "i'm a doctor, i can fix tofu if joonie kills it, so leave him alone."

hoseok hates drunk friends. "just put tofu down, and let's go or you'll have to uber home." turning on his heels, hoseok strides back to yoongi, gently judging the half-asleep male.

emitting a disgruntled noise, yoongi cracks an eye open, before unwillingly getting up.

"is it me, or are jimin and taehyung making out?" namjoon mumbles, wearing his jacket half on and half off.

"you're imagining things, they're like, best friends," seokjin clicks his tongue as he shuffles out the door with the rest of them.

best friends my ass. snorting quietly, hoseok grabs the keys from seokjin's hands and breaks into a brisk pace to his car, careful to keep an eye on his three dumb friends. namjoon, even in his most smashed state, is still careful to maintain a distance between him and seokjin, and hoseok swears that at this rate, he's never going to be able to date seokjin.

"namjoon takes shotgun, you both are in the back," hoseok instructs, opening the door and sliding in. the rest wordlessly comply, and he watches through the mirror as seokjin plops down on the seats and yoongi flops into him, curling into his side. it's a really endearing sight, and hoseok just wishes he could be seokjin in the moment.

instead, he just shakes it off and drives, eyes trying to stay on the road and not veer off to the tuft of mint hair in the mirror.

it doesn't take long for them to arrive—yoonjin's apartment isn't very far from the devil twin's dorms, and the roads are relatively clear, too. pulling in front of the complex, hoseok stops the car and turns to namjoon, repeatedly jabbing him until he awakens.

"wha—?" he whines, trying to bat away hoseok's finger.

"stay here; i'll take the drunk duo to their place."

"m'kay, gosh hobi, didn't need to wake me for that."

yoongi is still slurring words when hoseok opens the car doors, nonetheless quickly clambering out, with seokjin following behind. he leans into seokjin as they walk up, and the eldest complies by patting the top of yoongi's head.

hoseok isn't jealous or anything. he totally dosen't feel like an awkward third wheel. maybe yoongi isn't into him, maybe he's just really affectionate with everyone he knows when he's drunk, and that light caress earlier and that selfie where hoseok and he puckered their lips didn't mean a thing.


he stands off to the side, watching as seokjin rummaged around for his keys, before unlocking the door and slipping right in. he figures that seokjin will bus over, or he'll wail to hoseok about his head hurting and needing medicine or something. hoseok raises his hand to wave at yoongi, who walks in without looking back.

lips pursed together, hoseok only sighs as he turns to walk away.


blinking, hoseok stops.

"psst, hobi."

head turning, he stares at yoongi peeking out the front door, hand beckoning frantically. slightly confused, hoseok takes hesitant steps towards yoongi, until he's about a meter away.

"closer," yoongi demands rather childishly.

hoseok obliges, and the mint boy repeats his words until they're hardly more than a few centimeters apart, and he can smell the fruity scent of orange soda from earlier.

a smile spreading across his face, yoongi leans up to press a quick kiss to hoseok's cheek, before lowering himself back down. "good night, hobi." he chirps out, sliding back inside and closing the door.

mouth open, hoseok stares at the door, a hidden blush creeping up his cheeks.



"you like hoseok, don't you?"

"what are you talking about?" yoongi laughs, brushing his comment aside.

"seriously! you two are like, smitten for each other." seokjin protests, eyebrows wiggling.

"the day i like hoseok is the day you like joon, real talk. now, i have to go see someone—"

"it's hoseok, isn't it?"

"i'm going!"

but seokjin's words seem to echo in his mind the moment he steps outside, coming to a stop at the sight of hoseok standing awkwardly with his cheeky grin, and yoongi thinks his heart might've skipped a beat.


Chapter Text

hoseok could care less if he's speeding (although, he does make sure to follow the limit) he's just ecstatic, excited to drive back home so that he can bury his head in his pillow and screams.

it's exactly what he does, dumping namjoon on the floor and throwing himself on the bed, rolling back and forth repeatedly as he emits squeals of enthusiasm. because wow, wow, wow did that really happen? did a tipsy min yoongi just? kiss his cheek? biting his lip, hoseok carefully lifts his hand up and tenderly touches his cheek, before bursting in an ugly fit of giggles.

"can you shut the fuck up?" namjoon slurs with a loud groan, curling up inside of himself.

he's tempted to text yoongi and say something, but refrains from doing so, instead, clutching his cheek with a cheesy smile. yoongi kissed his cheek, it must mean something, maybe that yoongi likes him, or ha a crush on him, or has hidden feels that he's too shy to consider, or, or—

yelping loudly, hoseok smothers his face with a pillow and wriggles around on the bed once more.


cactus boy

: ) morning sunshine
how are you??


 you were kind of wild last night ;)


 do you remember anything???

to be don't think i did anything major anyways, so there's nothing to freak out about.


that means...yoongi doesn't remember the kiss...which means...hoseok knows that maybe? perhaps yoongi likes him back (hopefully), while yoongi is completely unaware of it? hoseok's not sure. if anything, maybe the kiss didn't mean anything, maybe he was just a little touchy-feely and hoseok was the closest thing, maybe—

"are you okay?"

"huh?" his eyes flicker upwards, to face a—HOLY FUCK WHY IS—"y-yoongi?" HOVERING OVER HIM—

"get with the program, hoseok," jimin scrunches his nose, placing the notebook over his face as he lies down across the grass. "didn't i tell you earlier that yoongi and jeongguk are apart of bangtan squad now? that means hanging out in the quad, duh."

"aren't you supposed to be studying?" yoongi cocks his head to the side, taking a seat next to hoseok.

(hoseok hates how his eyes trail over to focus on yoongi's lips instead of his face. he feels like a pervert, but he can't stop thinking about the cheek kiss.)

"listen," jimin starts off, voice muffled from beneath. "s'called diffusion. i absorb the information through the cover."

taehyung snorts in response, muttering something about "this is why you major in bullshit", which draws out a screech from jimin as he blindly kicks the latter.

"dumbass," jeongguk giggles in perfect, unaccented english, and it causes jimin to rip the textbook off his face and stare at him in astonishment.

"did namjoon really do that?"

(cue: smug look from namjoon that impresses no one.)

face crinkling up in disgust, hoseok diverts his attention back on yoongi, who's tucked his legs in and rocks himself back and forth as he listens attentively. he bites his lip to hide a smile, face dipping further into his knees, and hoseok swears that he practically swooned on the spot. unfortunately, his min yoongi time is cut short by a smack on his head. hoseok yelps loudly, turning around to face a looming seokjin. oh. namjoon hurriedly scoots off of the blanket, pushing jeongguk off to make space for seokjin. jeongguk glares at him, clearly offended.

"hello, my sunshine children," he drawls out lazily, seating himself between hoseok and namjoon. seokjin leans in closer to hoseok, muttering lowly, "if i catch you staring one more time, i'm gonna gut you like salmon."

mouth dropping open, he leans back into seokjin, hissing quietly, "what are you talking about?"

"you were staring. at his lips," seokjin forces out between gritted teeth. "doesn't take a genius to figure out you're thinking about ungodly things."

lips...lips....oh. oh fuck, no, hoseok swears that he only has pure thoughts about yoongi's lips. it's the cheek kiss, he wants to wail, not— sucking dick or anything. "listen, it's purely safe-for-work, platonic—"

"please, hoseok, i'm a grown man. i know what you're thinking when you stare intensely at someone's lips, and i'm warning you—"

"what are you two all hush hush about?" jimin arches an eyebrow, eyes squinting from over the edge of his book. "spill the secrets, seok square."

namjoon glances at the two of them, and hoseok sends him a small "s.o.s" look. it takes a few seconds for him to receive the signal, a roll of his eyes responding to it, before he clears his throat and cuts in. "was that supposed to be a combo of their names? because that was a highly unseok-cessful attempt."

he tries to play it cool, but hoseok kind of wants to throw up (and snicker) at him blushing, while seokjin has pure astonishment painted across his face.

"i have to go." jeongguk says in seriousness, with jimin and taehyung nodding their heads curtly. the three stalk off, leaving a bashful namjoon, an amazed seokjin who gushes about how he "never thought of that" and why namjoon "has an iq of 148", an oddly silent yoongi who practically radiates awkwardness, and hoseok.

clearing his throat as seokjin continues to gush, and namjoon continues to smile like an idiot, hoseok nudges yoongi's sides. "wanna...go somewhere else?"

the mint boy's head turns as he nods, flashing hoseok a small smile.

they quickly collect their things and leave, yoongi's head turning back every once or so to look back at the two of them. " him?"

and because hoseok is an unloyal hoe, he tells yoongi namjoon's secret anyways. "yeah..for like...a year now..."

yoongi stops in his tracks, mouth agape. "it's been that long? how does seokjin not know?"

"he's dense as fuck."

"how do you even have a crush on someone for that long," yoongi breathes, and hoseok kind of wants to object and go: exhibit a, jung hoseok, but he probably shouldn't, because that's not a cute way to tell someone you like them, and hoseok wants to make it perfect.

"i've been trying to get him to confess to seokjin, but he's kind of a wimp, scared that he's gonna ruin their friendship or something."

the older male hums thoughtfully in response, fingers tightening over his textbook. "you know, i think namjoon's the only person he's comfortable around. i think seokjin likes him, he just doesn't realize it 'cause...well, there's nothing that really changes their relationship."

it's like. a revelation. "seokjin likes namjoon?"

yoongi holds up his hands in a cross over his chest. "it's a theory! listen, i'm just saying—we all know seokjin's a serial dater, right? he used to be really authentic, and then he met this guy training for the olympics, and they hit it off pretty well—until seokjin felt like he wasn't good enough, and eventually he broke it off, and now he just plays hard to get and fakes himself in every blind date to look good, but i think. i think he's really comfortable and himself with joon, and—yeah. i think he likes joon." he trails off in a small voice, rubbing the nape of his neck.

"well, that's settled. we need to get them together."


"operation namjin: you in?" hoseok holds out his hand, wiggling his eyebrows.

blinking repeatedly, yoongi stares at hoseok's hand, before leaning forward to tuck his textbook in between his chin and chest, stretching out his fingers to shake hoseok's hand. "...operation namjin. got it."


cactus boy

why can't we let maknae line know about operation namjin again?

because they're untrustworthy
and taehyung is a spy for seokjin


 no one can know about operation seokjin besides us ok!!

..okay, then.

let's get them on a date. would that happen?

...uh...we can have a double date kind of thing?

who's the second

with them and. us.




(at this point, hoseok will honestly say that he has no idea what the fuck he's typing.)


like...we can sit together and they can sit together
and like encourage them to talk
together and
set them up and make them realize
what i meant

that sounds easy enough.

yeah!!! you know seokjin well
and i know joon well
so we can!! set it up!! that way!!

alright. restaurant or cafe?

cafe across from your apartment?

works out. let's aim for...this friday?

gotcha. i'll text back with a time.
operation namjin! : ]


"are you sure this is going to work—"

"are you sure—"

"hoseok, i don't think i can do this—"

"oh my god, how do i look? okay?"

"you're literally just on a friendly hangout session with yoongi and seokjin. and me." hoseok stares at him, throwing on his adidas jacket.

namjoon's eyes travel back and forth between his yellow hoodie and a jean jacket, repeatedly pressing them against his chest as he peers into the mirror. "it's not the same!" he shrieks, putting on the yellow hoodie. "you're setting me up!"

if anything, hoseok should be the nervous one, since he accidentally blurted out stupid shit about fake dating. yoongi hasn't shown any signs that he likes hoseok, which is odd, and maybe hoseok is just misreading the kiss against making a big deal out of nothing. which is bad, because maybe yoongi isn't his true soulmate and he's blindly pretending like yoongi is his prince charming when he should be redirecting his efforts elsewhere to prevent himself from a further heartbreak. he would, usually discuss his troubles with namjoon, but the idiot is busy freaking out between a yellow sweater and a jean jacket, along with a couple hundred of others things, so really, hoseok can do nothing but wallow in despair.

sighing, he turns to shoot back a crass remark, only to find himself stifling laughing as namjoon slides the jean jacket over his yellow hoodie, making him look like an oversized-puffball-pastel-fuckboy, if that's a thing.

"does this make me look fat?" namjoon chews on his lip anxiously, and even if hoseok wants to be that asshole friend that makes fun of namjoon, he can't.

cactus boy

phase one is in action.
pink lemonade is being delivered to the cafe in ten minutes.

almost done over here!
palm tree will be shipped over in twenty minutes.

(hoseok will admit...that the code names are little obvious...and lame...)

"you look fine, now come on, we'll be late." hoseok grumbles, grabbing his keys and wallet as he hurries out. namjoon, being the ever slow sloth, lags behind, checking himself in all the reflections he can find. hoseok thinks he's more extra, but then again, he's probably just nervous.

cactus boy

pink lemonade is inside.
we're ordering.

we're on the bus!
palm tree is fidgeting a lot.

i'll try to stall.
and pry more info.

wow, you go, yoongs.

"yoongs". that's so lame!!

whatever you say, yoongs. ;)

and call hoseok whipped, but all he can think about was how yoongi used two exclamation marks. not one, but two. he kind of feels like a little kid with a crush on a third grader or something, marveling over the smallest details. next to him, namjoon shuffles anxiously.

hoseok and yoongi's met a couple of time prior to the meeting in order to time things perfectly, so by the time seokjin and yoongi receive their food, namjoon and him should..


commence phase two.
palm tree is being pushed into the building.



"keep cool," hoseok nudges at namjoon, who looks like he wants to melt down into the ground and be one with earth. he spots the other two sitting across each other by the window, coolly sipping drinks. clearing his throat, hoseok drags namjoon along with him, sauntering over. "oh, hey, i didn't know you guys would be here! mind if we join..?" hoseok drawls out with a small smile.

seokjin brightens immediately, scooting over. "of course! we're both not busy; let's hang out for a bit, if you two aren't either."

"we aren't," namjoon pipes up, his voice cracking on impact. he stands frozen on the spot, red blooming over his cheeks as a morbid expression crosses his face. yoongi arches an eyebrow, and hoseok, being the good best friend, hooks his arms around namjoon and tugs them backwards.

"we'll get some drinks," he offers out lamely, before hauling a heavy namjoon up front. "dude, what the hell—"

"i can't do this," namjoon whispers, eyebrows crinkled together. "i—this feels so weird, it's like a real date, but it's fake, and i don't know if i should take it real or fake," he half-wails.

"i'll get an americano—you'll be fine, just treat this as a normal outing with seokjin, and let us do all the work," hoseok coos. "be natural and be your normal dumb, dorky self."

"how can i be myself—one iced caramel mocha—when i don't know who i really am?"

hoseok inhales sharply. "just. treat this like seokjin 101, or like, treat it like a puzzle. find your way to stealthily charm him or some shit—you're good at calculus, right? okay so. pretend like seokjin's some derivative shit. i don't know."

"thanks hoseok, that helps so much," namjoon snorts, rolling his eyebrows as he tugs out his wallet. he's certainly more relaxed, thankfully, and hoseok decides that namjoon is the true representation of a loveless nerd, who calms down by talking about calculus. so hoseok continues to compare seokjin to calculus, telling namjoon to derive seokjin's likes and ideals out, and integrate himself into it, while still remaining inside his limits. with every spout of bullshit as they wait for their drinks, namjoon cringes and stops freaking out, until he's finally a sane human being again.

they walk back to the table, with hoseok sliding next to yoongi, and namjoon settling himself besides seokjin, and it amuses hoseok how much the scenario reflects themselves.

there's kim seokjin, in his baby pink sweater with the words "chick flick" printed in block letters, sipping a vanilla ice blended coffee. he's munching on a chocolate brioche happily, oblivious of the event around him, popping a piece into namjoon's gaping mouth.

yoongi sits across from him, teeth nipping the straw of his iced coffee. there's a bored look in his eyes as he leans back, arms crossed over his beige cardigan. calm, collected—the world could fall apart and he could still be sitting there nonchalantly.

namjoon sweats hard, and hoseok wonders if it's because he's nervous, or because he's wearing three layers in order to impress seokjin's fashionista side. either way, hoseok thinks he's kind of dorky, with his oversized yellow hoodie under the jean jacket, taking timid sips of his caramel mocha.

and of course, there's hoseok, in his white adidas track jacket, leaning backwards with an americano in his hand. trying to be as cool as yoongi, when really, he's a little bit of a nervous wreck because yoongi looks so good, and he's afraid of messing up this moment.

"we were talking about cute guys," yoongi hums out, eyes still staring out the window. "seen any around campus?"

y o u, hoseok wants to scream.

"i don't know, i think my luck with dating has run out," seokjin sighs, lips pursed together. "i think my med school life is turning people off."

"you're just stressed," namjoon interjects, staring at seokjin like he's the sun and stars.

the eldest snorts, stuffing bread into his mouth. "that's one thing, but being unable to find a nice guy and going on nice dates with them is another. it's been. like a year," he bemoans, slumping back against the seats.

"is olympic guy still on your mind?" yoongi teases lightly, biting his straw as he smiles. wow, he's so cute, hoseok feels attacked, and this is not okay.

seokjin scrunches his nose. "no, i burned the jacket. i'm over him, i swear."

"then are you interested in" hoseok throws out, and he has to hide a laugh as he watches the other two pretend to not care.

"not really—"

"which is a code word for sorta, since you didn't say 'no' straight up. who's the lucky guy that captured your interest, hyung?" yoongi cuts him off, and it's so smooth it leaves the rest of them speechless.

a pause of silence. "it's just some guy, that's all, it's nothing big or anything—it's a long shot." he finishes after a slight ramble. "i—he's just nice and i think i'd wanna try dating him, but i'm cool with not dating him too, you get me? no hard feelings if he's into someone else."

yoongi shifts his eyes towards hoseok, and hoseok has to bite the inside of his cheek to keep himself from grinning. "this is new; who's it, hyung? we gotta search him up and approve of him. play matchmaker."

(it's namjoon, hoseok's 99% sure of it. bangtan squad usually vows to tell each other of their crushes, to ensure that the guy in interest isn't an asshole or a snake of some sort. seokjin usually announces who his new boyfriend is fairly quickly and confidently; the fact that he's hesitating means it's someone they know well.

aka. kim namjoon.)

namjoon is practically a statue, a confused look of hope and confusion plastered on his quiet self.

"why is this about me?" seokjin narrows his eyes squinting at hoseok. "are you into someone?"

mint-haired boy peers at him in curiosity.

(seokjin used trap! hoseok panics!!! hoseok telepathically signals namjoon for help! seokjin places a spell on namjoon! namjoon is stunned!)

oh my god, he's fucking useless.

"you're avoiding the question," yoongi quips, eyebrow raised.

(yoongi used counter-attack! seokjin and hoseok are stunned!)

there's like, a halo around yoongi's head as he stares seokjin down, and hoseok may or may not be internally somersaulting and cartwheeling in glee.

"i came here for a good time, and i'm getting attacked," seokjin stands up abruptly, huffing loudly. the movement startles namjoon who snaps awake from his trance. "i'm leaving! stop pestering me!" he snaps before stuffing the rest of his brioche in his mouth, picking up his coffee and wiggling his way out.

hoseok watches him cross the street, wincing as he aggressively tears into his bread, before stalking off back to his apartment.

"...what just happened?"

yoongi turns his head to meet hoseok's eyes, a small smirk curling upon his lips. hoseok, half dying, half swooning, mirrors it back.


so it's settled. namjoon likes seokjin, seokjin likes namjoon. it's settled, and now all namjoon has to do is step up his game and ask. simple as that.

only, it takes namjoon ten years for the truth to sink in, and hoseok realizes namjin isn't going to ship anytime soon. but hey, their efforts were a success, and that's all that matters the most. to celebrate, he and yoongi have decided to go out and eat—nothing fancy, just at a nice restaurant. so here he stands, a week later, awkwardly rocking back and forth on his heels as he waits to yoongi to open the door.

"i'm going!" comes the loud yell, which hoseok assumes is yoongi. the door opens, mint hair hidden beneath a black beanie. a black crewneck hugs his frame, and for once, he doesn't have sweater paw, enabling hoseok to see his hands. for some reason, whatever new accessory that yoongi wears makes hoseok's heart thud twice and loud as usual, and so he can only stand there and grin stupidly as he lets the image of yoongi in his ethereal cuteness imprint his mind.

a minute later, hoseok realizes he's staring and flushes lightly, clearing his throat. yoongi, seemingly in his own little trance, also blinks back into reality, and hoseok swears that he can see a tint of pink on his cheeks. "should we, uh, go?"

"y-yeah, let's," yoongi mumbles, and oh my god, min yoongi stuttered.

(hoseok wonders if it's because he looks so cool and suave, that it left yoongi all shook and shit. transformation tuesday; here hoseok is, powder blue dress shirt and jeans, straight out from an ecology presentation.)

they sit in their usual bus seats, with yoongi by the window, and this time, hoseok sits next to him. they talk, small talk, and yoongi rants about how stressed he is about his reports, and how senior year makes him want to sleep forever. hoseok merely nods, sympathizing with yoongi even if yoongi literally talks in another language (binary?).

the bus drops them off in front of a nice restaurant, and they step in, and noooooooo. nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

taehyung opens his mouth to say something, eyes brightening at the sight of them. "ooh, what's this? a date? without seokjin knowing? how scandalous."


"this—no—" yoongi interjects quickly, and it kind of hurts hearing how fast he tried to shoot taehyung down. "just gonna go eat; i didn't know you work here, tae."

"yeah, i thought you worked on weekends," hoseok snips. (little fucker told him that he only worked on weekends, 8-6.)

taehyung smiles, an arm waving forward. "lemme take you to your seats—i'm supposed to work on weekends, but a coworker called in sick, so i have to take her place. any problem with that, hyung?"

it's a problem, considering hoseok wanted a cute friendly pre-date with yoongi, but now this lump called taehyung is going to cling onto his sides.

"no, of course not," he smiles; when yoongi turns around to look at the scenery, hoseok draws his hands over his neck, giving taehyung the evil eye. the younger only grins smugly, winking as he stops in front of an empty table. "for you both; any drinks?"

"iced water, for now," yoongi replies quietly, as hoseok nods repeatedly.

"two iced waters it is; i'll be back!" taehyung chirps, spinning around and walking off.

and hoseok knows that stooping to these measures are low, and that it's kind of hypocritical for encouraging this, but desperate times call for desperate measures:


 i didn't know tae works on weekdays

he doesnt

oh bc i passed by and saw him working in the restaurant


haha you do that, mins.



y i k e s.

they settle across from other rather comfortably, and it's a little like their "double date" all over again. hoseok trying to keep his cool when he's freaking out inside, because wow, eating pasta with min yoongi inside of a relatively nice restaurant is surreal—it feels like an upgrade. he wants to order champagne, but maybe that's a little too much, or something.


yoongi widens his eyes, head shaking feverishly. "i—my alcohol tolerance is terrible. you can have some, if you want—"

he's so cute. hoseok sighs dreamily. "it's fine, my tolerance is pretty bad, too."

"even my alcohol tolerance is better," comes the snide voice, and hoseok has to restrain himself from shaking taehyung for being so tactless. "what would my two dear friends like to order?"

"what's good, kim tae?" hoseok glowers.

"i really like shrimp florentine, or chicken carbonara. seokjin really likes the fettuccine supremo, and jimin likes stuffed shells," taehyung hums out, flipping the menu back and forth and pointing out the individual items.

"i'll get...the supremo.." yoongi mumbles, before his eyes peek up from the menu to look at hoseok.

"fettuccine alfredo."

"one supremo, and one basic bitch," taehyung winks with a smug smile, sauntering off.

hoseok gapes, cheeks flaming as yoongi props his arm on the table, trying to hide his laughter behind his hand. fucking kim taehyung. "i swear, he's the devil reincarnated."

"alfredo's good, i eat it all the time," yoongi hums out with a sliver of a smile. "i would've gotten it too, don't worry."

"alfredo's my go-to, actually."

"really? yoongi tilts his head, the beanie falling off. godgodgodhe'ssoadorable. "i like trying out new foods all the time, so i don't have a specific 'go-to'."

"i didn't pin you for a foodie—"

"well..." the older male trails off, before flashing hoseok a shy grin. "the more you know?" and he spreads his hands apart in the motion of a rainbow, and wow, hoseok's heart is about to fall out of his chest or something. he laughs awkwardly, and hoseok does the same, leaning into the table with a small sigh because wow god he's so. 

"let's snap the others," hoseok brightens his gaze, pulling out his phone.


"snapchat, yoongs."

"yoongs sounds so meme-y." yoongi snorts.

"taehyung calls you yoongo. yoongs at least sounds cute."

"jung hoseok, giving me a cute nickname? i'm flattered," he hums out smoothly, and hoseok freezes on the spot because wow, jung hoseok, you are so not subtle.

"you should give me one in return," he jokes quietly, hoping the play it off as he pulls out his phone and opens the app. holding out the phone, he motions yoongi to come closer, and the mint-haired boy leans in so close to him that he can smell the faint fragrance of seokjin's signature strawberry cake.

hoseok swipes through the filters, with yoongi playfully scrunching his face at the distorted ones, and hoseok opening his mouth for the dog filters.

"you look pretty," yoongi comments when he swipes to a filter with a wig and makeup, and hoseok doesn't like. blush or anything. (that's the filter, he swears.)

"total girlfriend material," he nudges yoongi playfully, pretending to strike a pose. yoongi immediately taps on the capture button, and with a wicked grin, he steals the phone hoseok. with a loud yelp, he leans over to grab back his phone as yoongi shrinks back into his seat, finger idly moving around on his screen.

"oh my god, hyung, no— "

"too late!" he singsongs, slumping further down in his seat as hoseok shrieks loudly. people are looking at him, but at this point, he could care less; what matters more is yoongi and his phone and how namjoon might send a message with the words how's it going with yoongi? ;) and yoongi will go ??? and hoseok will have trouble explaining the fact that he told namjoon he was going on a pre-date with yoongi and it'll confused the poor boy and c h a o s .

eyes narrowing, hoseok stands up and leans over the table in an intimidating fashion.

(his torso is too short, so he has to stop and kind of kneel on the seats instead, giving himself more leverage to lean over the table.)

palms flat on top, he's hovering over the older male, hands sweaty as he tries to be all scary and serious and shit. "min yoongi—"

"it's yoongi hyung." mint-haired boy snickers. jesus, what a buzzkill.

"...yoongi hyung...give it back."

the shorter male is slumped underneath him, and his smile is hidden behind the phone, eyes twinkling with mischief, and no matter how hard hoseok wants to play it tough, he's starting to feel like putty and he's so weak by how endearing yoongi can get. they're so close, that hoseok just wants to cup his cheeks and kiss him hard until he runs out of oxygen and collapses from dizziness, and he just wants to stare at yoongi can call him cute along with a list of other synonyms. hoseok wants to take him out to multiple dates to see him crinkle his eyes and laugh, to nudge his shoulders and share soft laughter together, to kind of hold hands with him and just walk around late at night making fun of namjin. he wants to do it so bad, and maybe he could, maybe yoongi likes him and maybe he should just go for it, let his guard down and whisper "i really fucking like you".

yoongi himself is no longer laughing, only looking at hoseok with an ambiguous intensity, and he doesn't know if it's interest, or curiosity, or if he's weirded out by this whole proximity. but his cheeks are slowly getting pinker, and his eyelashes flutter, not really all the way, but midway so that he never really closes his eyes but still remains staring at hoseok through a half-lidded gaze. and maybe here's the time, hoseok thinks, where he can just lean over and—

"wow, sexual tension. should i put these away while you both enjoy dinner elsewhere?"

hoseok scrambles back into his seat, while yoongi coughs quietly, looking down. taehyung flashes hoseok a shit-eating grin as he places the plates down. "nothing was happening—"

"it's okay, i'll come back later, or something. have fun on your date!"

"it's not—" yoongi and hoseok

say at the same time. "—a date."

god fucking damn fucking kim taehyung, he's probably working for seokjin and gets rewarded with cake for cockblocking them. hoseok fumes violently. just wait, kim tae, when park jimin comes, your time is up.

yoongi is visibly flushed, shoving pasta into his mouth. hoseok lowkey swoons.

starting small talk after so much tension is kind of hard, but hoseok finds out that yoongi is a little more willing to put effort into their conversation than before, so he's pretty thankful for it. finals are coming up, so they share their dreary sentiments, which launches their conversation about dumb classmates and clubs.

"is that...jimin?"

hoseok turns, and he watches as a bright mop of orange hair zips through the sea of brown and black, settling itself in a chair alone. he crosses his arms and glares at taehyung, who hurries over with a small grimace. catching hoseok's gaze, he narrows his eyes, sticking out his middle finger from behind the menu. "huh. that's unexpected."

"i always thought they had a thing for one another." yoongi comments thoughtfully, twirling his fork around the pasta.

...oh...oh no...""

"yeah," yoongi hums out, chewing on his bottom lip. "i have this really good sixth sense for finding out who likes who." (hoseok wonders if he knows that he likes yoongi.) "so..i'm pretty sure they have a thing for each other or something."

it would make sense why he caught them making out with one another. "oh man, well sucks to be them, because they can't be together."

yoongi frowns. "what? why?"

"because we banned it." taehyung nudges jimin playfully, giving him puppy eyes, and it cracks a smile from jimin.

"what do you mean banned? you can't just ban two people from dating each other." jimin props his arm on the table and gazes at taehyung.

"you...haven't heard of the jitae devil twins origin?"


"oh man, okay. story time:

so like, in 1995, there was this kid named kim taehyung. he was born in daegu but he moved houses a lot.

 "i'm from daegu."

"you are? oh my god. that. holy shit really?"

"yeah, but my accent only comes out when i'm really stressed or tired. or drunk."

"that's cute; gwangju baby right here."

"oh, that's like...two hours away. woah."

 anyways, so yeah. taehyung moved from place to place until his parents finally settled in busan, when he was in secondary school. so then taehyung met jimin, and the two of them hit it off pretty well and became fast best friends for like, a thousand years or something.

in high school, they were known as the jitae twins and i don't know, they were super iconic or something i never met them until sophomore year. so then in the summer of their second year of high school, one started liking the other, and it was all weird and shit i don't know the details and i don't want to know. but anyways, that summer, they got together. like legit dating and boyfriends and all.

 "so like, childhood best friends to lovers?"


"oh my god, that's..they're not together anymore though.."

"i'm not finished, it's really long, okay, hold on."

and so throughout junior year they were like, couple goals, and everyone thought they were cute and shit. but then they got into an argument and a few more and—jimin said it was kind of petty but he wouldn't tell me what it was, so they broke up the following summer and legit just hated each other. refused to talk to each other and acknowledge each other's existence. it was apparently really ugly and intense.


so they took their entrance exams and shit, and applied to separate schools and all, without telling each other, and basically went through senior year without talking each other. and guess what—they accepted the same school!! and guess what happened after that? their dorms were right across from each other!! while they still hated each other!!

"this honestly sounds like a comedy sketch."

so basically their roommates were all awkward because every time the doors opened and they saw each other, it was like world war three all over again, and the tension was so thick that you could feel it from down the hall, and we could feel it too, because i became friends with jimin and taehyung became friends with seokjin, and when we invited them both into our group, it was so ugly and awkward. so one day, literally everyone was sick of them, so their roommates locked them in a room and forced them to talk and. no one knows what happened, but 24 hours later, they're best friends like nothing's ever happened, and since then, they've stuck like glue. anyways, that's why they're forbidden to date."

and it's then that hoseok realizes yoongi is no longer listening; yoongi is in fact, propping his arm on the table, cheek smushed against his palm as he blinks dreamily at hoseok, the fork still standing in his pasta. he's not sure if yoongi's super entranced by his story, bored, or interested in his face, but he swears that it's the second time within the hour that his heart pounds at 500 kph and that he wants to really, really kiss yoongi sometime soon.


cactus boy

dinner was really fun
we should do that ore often :D

yeah, we should!
i learned a lot.

bangtan 101 with professor jung. ;)

that sounds kind of lame, but i'd take it anyways.

aha, is that so? how does class next wednesday sound?

...that'd. that'd be nice.
: ) 


things kind of go weird after that. hoseok messages him multiple times, but yoongi takes hours, or even days to respond. he's not sure if it's because yoongi feels weirded out by their pasta predate, or if he's just wearing himself out from finals, but either way, it's kind of...disheartening. even kim seokjin, who's the busiest of them all, still goes out with namjoon every couple of days, and namjoon's been gushing to him about how comfortable he feels around seokjin and how he swears that he'll confess to seokjin soon, because he's confident seokjin likes him. hoseok isn't jealous, or anything, no, he isn't

but he wishes he could talk to yoongi a little more, have conversations with him that last longer than 2-3 messages. what if yoong's losing interest in him? what if he pushed too far? ugh.

today should fix it; they're dressed up and ready to go, hoseok's in a green bomber jacket, going to go hang out at track meet, where jeongguk's competing in sprints.

cactus boy

hey, um.
something came up, i'm.
really sorry i can't go.
i really am.

omg hyung don't sweat it
you;re a senior i get you
its cool
take care of yourself!!


:) <3 sending you love !!!

hoseok isn't. disappointed or anything.


cactus boy

are you free friday?

yeah, why?

do you wanna come over or something.
apparently there's an e-sports tournament and i heard seokjin, taehyung, jimin, and jeongguk are all gone.
i don't have anything to do, either, so...yeah.

it's cool! i can come over. : ) seeya, hyung!


friday arrives, and hoseok is mildly freaking out, but otherwise okay. he stands in front of the door, teeth gnawing at his bottom lip, when the door opens to reveal a chirpy yoongi. "hey, hoseok."

he looks as tired and stressed as ever, but there's still a healthy glow to his cheeks as he smiles. busan wraps around his legs, purring loudly, while he tries to waddle out of the way for hoseok to enter.

small talk ensures, yoongi and hoseok chatter quietly while they making kimchi fried rice in the kitchen, the radio playing in the background. there's a sense of awkwardness lingering in the air that hoseok can't quite pinpoint, but he doesn't know how to adjust to it, so they're both just trying to go with the flow while failing to do so at the same time. yoongi bumps into him several times while they cook, and it's like an electric shock, the two of them moving away from each other at the same time.

something's different, because hoseok used to lean into yoongi all the time without any qualms (besides high blood pressure and cardiac arrest from yoongi's gummy smiles), and now he can't brush past yoongi without feeling some kind of—!!!—emotional constipation.

side-by-side they sit on the couch, curling up a centimeter apart from each other, close enough to feel the warmth radiating off but far enough so that they don't touch, watching inception on the screen.

"hey, hoseok."


"i really like—" busan meows loudly. hoseok inhales sharply. wow, it's like those moments in those action films where one guy points a gun at the other guy's head, while the other guy points a gun to the latter's heads, and they're just waiting for the push of a trigger.

"—this fried rice."

boom, hoseok's been shot in the chest and he's fallen to his knees.

"we should cook together more often. it's. it's fun." yoongi finished by shoving a spoonful of rice into his mouth, cheeks puffing up from the overload, and hoseok just nods mutely.

"yeah, um, you're right."


they meet up again on sunday by coincidence, when hoseok is waiting at the bus stop to go home from dance practice, and yoongi is...honestly, hoseok doesn't know why he's here on a sunday afternoon. but they chat, yoongi asks hoseok about practice, they get on the bus, and talk a little more. yoongi takes up his usual window seat, and hoseok sits next to him.

"i really like..." he pauses, for emphasis, and hoseok wishes he wouldn't do this, because it unintentionally raises up his hope. "...your dancing." he words carefully, and hoseok wants to melt into the floor. "when's your next showcase?"

"winter," hoseok begins as the bus pulls to a stop, and hoseok regretfully has to leave. "i'll, um, message you when i know the actual date!"

"oh...okay. bye, hoseok."

"bye, yoongs."


"what if yoongi doesn't like me anymore?" hoseok wails, rolling around in his blankets.

"cheer up, i bet yoongi still likes you, hoseok."

"no, it's all awkward and it's like he's all uncomfortable around me, now," he groans out, limbs kicking at the sheets.

namjoon spins around his chair, probably gloating from another fun predate with seokjin. hoseok is jealous. "maybe he's just really distracted from his reports and finals, hobi."

"i bet he just sees me as a friend and is now weirded out by my shenanigans. oh my god, joon, what if i'm blindsided and i'm just throwing myself in a unrequited relationship? what if yoongi is my soulmate, but i'm not his soulmate, so i'm destined to be alone forever? what if—"

"my god, stop letting evil kermit cloud your judgment hoseok. be your usual, peppy, i-love-min-yoongi self; i'm sure you're just misunderstanding." namjoon rolls his eyes.

hoseok sits up. "me: oh, i think min yoongi is cute." he pauses, hauling the blankets over his head to form a hood. "me to me: kiss him."

the teal-haired boy rolls his eyes, head shaking as he turns back to his desk. "you're so lame, hoseok."

"that's my charm!"


it's been four days, and hoseok hasn't heard from yoongi. he hasn't talked in bangtan squad, either, and hoseok hopes he's okay. so he buys some carp bread from the friendly lady at the cart, and marches up to yoongi's apartment, knocking loudly. the door opens, and what the fuck—

standing in front of him is a petite girl, with round eyes and short, black hair, tied in two pigtails. she's a full ten centimeters shorter than him, munching on a white sausage stick from the convenience store. "hiya, what's up?"

blinking repeatedly, hoseok looks at the door. it's yoongi's and seokjin's apartment, alright. "i'm, uh, looking for min yoongi?"

she stands up straighter, peering at hoseok in curiosity. "yoongi oppa" whatthefuck "—isn't here. do you want me to take a message or something?"

whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuck. "um..yeah...i was just wondering if he's okay, since i haven't seen him around or anything."

"he's busy," she answers sharply, before eyeing the bag by his sides. "do you wanna drop a name so i can tell him you visited?"

she's so..straight-forward...that it amazes him. "i—i'm. jung hoseok. this is, for um, yoongi." he holds out the bag awkwardly.

the girl perks up in interest as she peers inside of the bag. "hoseok? ooh, so you're the hoseok i've been hearing about," she clicks her tongue.

oh man, hoseok doesn't want to know where this is going. "yeah...haha..i, uh, got a meeting, so i'm gonna...jet..."

"alrighty, bye, hoseok-ssi! i'll tell yoongi that you said hi!" she waves enthusiastically, before shutting the door, and hoseok doesn't know how to feel.




hoseok paces back and forth nervously, biting the top of his nails as he glances back and forth. god, waht if his life is a lie, and that girl is actually yoongi's new girlfriend, and that's why he's been acting so distant and weird, but then what about halloween? what was that then? god, hoseok is so confused, he just wants answers but everyone is so bus and finals are coming up—


did you really message me just to ask me about pointless blasphemy?


did i not tell you to not disturb me unless it's an emergency?


listen i have a midterm this friday and i don't have time for stupid stuff like this, hoseok.

,,,,ok hyung im sorry,,,,,,

but to answer your question: i don't know. now leave me alone.


that was helpful. the door opens, and fluffy teal locks spill into the light.

"joon," hoseok dry sobs. "it's not meant to be."


"there's a girl. in his apartment. she calls him oppa. it's game over, joon."

"...a girl. in seokjin and yoongi's apartment? that's. what the fuck, why is there a girl in their apartment—"

"—i'm like, 90% sure she's dating one of them, 99% sure it's yoongi. she doesn't like like seokjin or yoongi, so siblings are ruled out."

a look of mortification crosses over namjoon's face. "what the fuck."



real talk why is there a girl in yoonjin's apt 


can't cook for shit
m e

@Min Yoongi @Kim Seokjin pls explain we are all confused

she rly cute tho
[eyes emoji eyes emoji]

lay off

ooOOOOO sum1's defensive

who dis ;)))) feed us this info yoongo hyong


namjoon sends hoseok a look of pity. 


cactus boy

so sorry for the lack of replies
can you do me a huge favor



it sounds a little mean. hoseok winces.


??? : )

do you have epoxy glue?

uh...i don't have any but i know namjoon does.

okay can i borrow some
if he doesn't mind
all the stores are out because of the upcoming final project and i really need a little bit more
i'm not home so can you drop it off whenever you're free
by tomorrow?

yeah, okay, that. that works. i got your back, yoongs!

thanks!! <3


a h e a r t . hoseok can't help but break into a smile. 


the door opens, and—oh god, it's her again. she's in sweats and a hoodie, hair still damp, and hoseok wonders if she lives here. "hey—"

"can you do me a favor?" she interrupts, eyebrows furrowed into annoyance. hoseok sweats. oh no, she's going to tell him to lay off yoongi, to leave him alone and that they've been happily together for 230023 years, and hoseok is going to be all awkward and like haha i never liked yoongi...and watch his dreams crum—"can you ask yoongi out already?"

"...wait what."

she continues fluidly. "i'm pretty sure you know he likes you, and that he knows you like him—"

"wait, yoongi knows i like him? yoongi likes me? when did—what the fuck—"

blinking repeatedly she stares at hoseok. "i thought it was really obvious."

"i—how do you know that? i don't even know you, i've never even met you, you've never seen us—"

" didn't..realize...yoongi was trying to confess to you for the past week and a half, and failing?" she quips, arms crossed over his chest. what the fuck. "wow, you're denser than i thought."

"who are you?"

"i'm younggi!" she puffs out her chest, chin sticking up. "hasn't yoongi mentioned me?"


"geez, what an ass." younggi purses her lips. "well, hello, hoseok-ssi. i'm min younggi. i'm his sister."

....holy fuck everything makes sense. not really, but more than usual. "you two don't look alike, what the hell."

"it's, uh, a long story; anyways," she hums out, "lemme fill you in. i usually come late november when i have break, cause oppa tends to forget himself while he's studying and doesn't eat and sleep for like, ever, so i make sure he gets his shit together. he's been freaking out more than usual ever since he realized he likes you, and it's been putting a hella stress on him, so he tried to confess to you like, a billion times, but kept on chickening out, so now he thinks he messed things up and just wallows in misery, so i, as a good sibling, gotta step up my game because you two aren't going anywhere."

hoseok stares at her, mouth open like a goldfish.

"i, min younggi, formally request you, jung hoseok, to ask my brother out, so that he can finally relax, and stop pestering to me about his love life." she drawls out, practically beaming at hoseok.

"...yeah...oka..yeah, i'll—i'll ask him....are you sure? are you really sure yoongi likes me?"

"yes, jesus christ, hoseok-ssi. look, i'll even show you our texts if you don't believe me."


she pulls out her phone, scrolling for a little bit, before shoving the screen in hoseok's face.


younggi younggi younggi oh my gooodddddddd
i did it again

did u chicken out


smh oppa ur dumb
step up ur game get into the grIND >(


literally,,,all you gotta do is look at hoseok and go: "hey i like u"


u literally said u like fried rice thats not even remotely close


"believe me now?"


cactus boy

you never told me you had a sister oh my god

did you meet her?

she scares me

haha, yeah. mom says she's super strong-willed. it's the complete opposite of me.
she's leaving on friday, though, so no worries!
but also


you should, um, tell namjoon to hurry up.

what why

she has her eyes on seokjin.
she called him her soulmate.

isnt this her first time meeting him

yeah but she literally said that if if it's fate, she's gonna get to know him, and date him, and fall in love with him.


hoseok thinks this sounds eerily familiar.


 isn't seokjin gay

he's like, homoflexible. leans towards guys, but won't hesitate to hit up cute girls. and my sister's kind of wild—she's the kind of person who'd stalk their crush and pretend to coincidentally meet them in order to be closer to them.


oh, no wonder she sounds so familiar.

"hey, joon."


"you better make your move on seokjin quick. someone has their eyes set on him."

"who's that?"

"yoongi's sister."

"...wait. yoongi has a sister? what the hell?"






is this younggi???

ten points to hufflepuff, yesssiirr. anyways let me fill ya in.

how did you get my number what even

i stole yoongi's phone when he went to go shower, and looked up your number in his contacts. it took forever to find out who you were, but your contact name is kind of cute, teehee.


she's like an extreme version of hoseok.


my god.

yoongi doesn't like extra extravagant things, so don't ask him out with anything too extra
don't ask him in a fancy restuarant because he doesn't like attention
his first final begins next week so ask him out before then
yoongi like dark colors like navy/maroon/black/gray and his favorite color is black
he's really into hiphop and idk if you know this but he makes music too
he secretly likes cheesy and lame shit like i showed him produce 101 and he scrunched his face but he knows the dance to pick me so he's a snake !!! >(((((((
he's a romantic at heart but is kind of romantically constipated so you can't see it
if he likes you he laughs really easily at you no matter how dumb you can get or what you do like you could breathe and he'd smile trust me i witnessed it first hand with you both.
oh apparently he also really really likes memes now idk who converted him but tell them thanks
anyways just be really casual about it and just go "hey i like you" or something basic and dorky when you two are in private and i bet you he'll say yes
and do it before friday because i leave friday and i made a bet with him that you two would get together before i leave and i dont wanna lose : ))) tyty


good luck im rooting for you on weekdays he finished studying at the library around 6 and gets on the bust and arrives home by 6:10 so hit him up yea boyyy

thanks, younggi. :)

np hosock-ssi


: )))))))))) o woops



can you keep a secret from seokjin

depends on what it is

i'm gonna ask yoongi out

!!!!!!!!! YES BRO U GO

but i promised seokjin id wait 6 motnhs before id make a move
its technically 6 months since we met but 4 months since i promised so he cANT KNOW but i need help : ((


i'm aiming for thursday evening


in front of his apartment complex bc there's a tree there and not a lot of ppl r gonna notice


can you keep tabs on yoongi that day and tell me when hes coming bc he'll be at the library but that's all i know im not vv sure on timing


please be subtle


you are not subtle youre actually scaring me


please calm down

"I GOT YOU, JUNG HOSEOK," comes the yell from down below, and hoseok peers down to see namjoon waving at him from below the biology building.

hoseok hides a smile and steps away from the balcony.


you have started a new group with kim namjoon and 10 other people.

jung hoseok
i have a new idea.


he just got on the bus




he just got on the bus


whats seokjin doing pls dont let him know

I GOT YOU> hes busy studying. ill ask for seokjin to make me smth to eat when gigi comes .

thank y o u

np ;;;;))) i just want to win t his bet and make sure my bro is happy



we're one block away

i am c a l m

are you really







(he's not.)






he'll be on your left
wait no your right
wait okay
your left my rigt
your right my left




it doesn't matter, because hoseok spots a bright flash of mint hair and turns towards it. yoongi's trudging steadily, black scarf wrapped around his neck and mouth, as a navy textbook blends in with his navy-and-white striped sweater. hoseok stands awkwardly in front of him, the red supreme hoodie and blue jeans complementing yoongi's outfit. it's time, it's the moment, and hoseok sets his alarm and tucks his phone into his pocket, standing up straighter.

yoongi looks up, blinking repeatedly in shock, clearly a deer in the headlights. hoseok takes a deep breath, and:

shit, fuck, he forgot the entire monologue made up inside his head. he peeks at his palms, where the ink has smeared from his sweaty hands, and wow, is he fucked. it's six pm, and the weather clearly said moderately strong winds, so there should be cute leaves sprinkling down on them for the perfect autumn confession scenery. the wind blows; a dead leaf falls on hoseok's shoulder. this is terrible, he's starting to freak out and wants to run away, because wow, this is going really wrong.

the older male opens his mouth, probably about to confess, and hoseok can see his lips form into an "i", but all he says is: "hey."

yoongi was trying to confess to you...but kept on failing...

fuck it.

"i kind of. when i first met you, i thought you were really cute," hoseok throws out, eyes shut tight. "and i didn't know who you were, but i really wanted to get to know you. so like. i got to know you. and you're really adorable, and i really. i wanna go on a lot of dates with you. and. i think you're really dorky, but in a good way, and. and i think you're really cool, and it's fascinating when you rant about computers even if i don't understand. anything." he inhales deeply. "and i kind of wanna be more than friends, if that's okay with you, but you're not ready then that's okay too, i just, uh—"

his phone rings (x), oh god, this is embarrassing, this is awful. hoseok had originally planned for give a short and cute fluid speech, and then at around 5 minutes, his alarm would go off, and black beatles by rae sremmurd would go off, and he so here he is, frozen, doing the fucking mannequin challenge, with his eyes shut and heart full of regrets.

"what the—oh my god. everyone is frozen."

hoseok wishes he had his eyes open to witness yoongi's expression, so he cracks an eye open to peer at the older male. true to the plan, namjoon (probably) sticks out from behind the lamppost behind hoseok with his phone, taehyung, jeongguk and jimin are frozen across the street playing rock-paper-scissors, jongin turns off his car in the middle of the street, hyeri leans against her boyfriend, mid-laughing, joohyun still has the straw in her mouth as she looks at her best friend, and yoongi, in the middle, looks completely overwhelmed and astonished.

younggi lets down the poster from up the window of yoonjin's apartment, and hoseok's kind of embarrassed to read it because of how cheesy it is.

whenever i see you,
i freeze up
my mind goes blank
and i can't move;
so min yoongi,
i wanna tell you
i really, really like you.


namjoon is really fucking nervous, but one year of painful pining is enough. it's time to move up. he can see seokjin sitting in his white shirt and black jeans, aimlessly scrolling on his phone. oh well, better now than never. taking a deep breath, he smiles at the sight of hoseok's enthusiastic message before sliding his phone back into his pants and striding confidently to the table. 

"kim seokjin?" 

"that's—namjoon? what are you doing here?" 

"i'm your blind date, taking haneul's place because he couldn't come." 

"...why didn't you tell me sooner, i would've canceled and we can go out for ice cream, or som—" 

breathe, joon, breathe. "i'm a third year majoring in architecture, and i'd like you to view me as a potential date, rather than a usual friend, if that's okay with you." 

seokjin stares at him for what feels like the longest of time, and namjoon gazes steadily at him, teeth grazing his bottom lip as he continues to smile. this is more nerve-wracking than a final. 

"...okay, namjoon. take a seat."


Chapter Text

younggi lets down the poster from up the window of yoonjin's apartment, and hoseok's kind of embarrassed to read it because of how cheesy it is.

yoongi stares at the poster for a little while, before bursting out into light laughter, voice muffled by his black scarf. he wobbles as he does so, and it's so adorable, like watching a ship rock back and forth or a bowling pin about to fall. he turns back to hoseok, eyes crinkled up and hoseok swears he can see the gummy smile through the scarf, and hoseok is holding his breath while yoongi takes gradual steps closer, eyes half-shut and trying to pretend like he wasn't staring at yoongi the whole time.

oh my god, he's so close, hoseok wails silently. the older boy tucks two fingers into his scarf and tugs it down to reveal chapped lips, bitten lightly in a poor attempt to hide a radiant smile. yoongi leans in closer to him, so close that he can see the dark circles under his eyes and the cheeks painted a bright pink, and the smile lines etched at the corners of his mouth. "i like you too, hoseok," he says softly, and just like that, he pulls away, scarf adjusted back over his mouth and the tip of his nose.

namjoon whoops loudly before hoseok can say anything, waving his phone around as he swings around the pole like some super jolly stripper. "this is going to go viral!" he beams, a million-watt grin tugging upwards on his lips. it launches a domino effect, as the others gradually begin to yell and shout "congrats", the devil triplets sending googly eyes over at them, whipping out their phones and snapping pictures like crazy.

help hoseok ask out yoongi because it has been 349023 years

Kim Taehyung

Park Jimin
Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi caught together on a date !!! See what netizen have to say !!!!

Jeon Jeongguk
i h8 this ship yoongigo deserves 2 be with me ;(

Kim Jongin
wOWOW SCANDALOUS hObi ;;;;000000


the mint-haired boy looks thoroughly embarrassed, seeking refuge behind the tree, eyes glancing over to hoseok quizzically. wow, hoseok's so fuckin whpped cause yoongi looks like a literal angel that fell from the sky. his soulmate. unfortunately, their celebration is cut short by the dropping of the poster, followed by a text:

hey uh newsflash seokjin is grumbling about the noise outside and hes coming into my room and ranting to me about how annoyed he is
he might look outside the window
: )))))))

eyes wide hoseok, grabs yoongi by the arm and (lightly) drags him to the far left of the apartment entrance, hiding beneath it as both yoongi and namjoon give him a perplexed stare. seokjin, he mouths, and it's enough for namjoon to understand.

"what the fuck, hoseok—"

"listen, i—" he pauses, trying to find the right way to word...this. "okay, um. i really like you, and you like me, but. i can't date you yet," oh god, yoongi's scrunching his eyebrows, shit, fuck, "because i made this promise to seokjin that i'd wait like, half a year before making a move on you."


"i don't know, like, he was just super protective over you, and he thought i would be a dick or something—"

"are you a fuckboy, or something?" yoongi tilts his head to the side. "should i be wary of you?"

"no!" hoseok raises his voice, squeaking lightly. the older male stifles laughter, to his dismay. "i'm a cool person, i swear, i think seokjin was just super mom-like or whatever, that's all. we can, uh, officially, date in a month...unless you don't want to yet! then that's cool, too , i just. i just wanted to say—"

"that you like me." yoongi finishes in an amused tone. "you never fail to surprise me, jung hoseok. it's kind of. cute, i guess."

cute, i guess.

c u t e , i g u e s s .

c u t e .

hoseok wants to shriek.

"haha," hoseok laughs offhandedly, trying to cough out the blush in his cheeks.

yoongi giggles, his eyes squinting into crescent moons, and hoseok can't help but do the same. two dumbasses, standing under the yellow light of the lamppost at 6:30 pm, staring at each other and just giggling like highschool crushes saying "i love you".


it's ten pm, and hoseok still can't stop thinking about yoongi all bundled up in his black scarf, all smiles and shit as he stood under the lamppost. just the thought of him saying "i like you too, hoseok" sends him spazzing on the bed, tossing and turning in glee.

he thinks about yoongi grinning, eyes crinkled up as his face is swallowed by a scarf, and shit, god, hoseok can't sleep. not when the cutest thing in the whole wide world was basically beaming at him, eyes sparkling like some pint-sized fairy. flipping himself over onto his stomach, he grabs his phone and contemplate if he should really do this, before following through.

cactus boy 


hi : )


how??? is yoongi??? so calm??? he wonders. just a simple hi, no emojis, no extra letters, hoseok just doesn't understand he supposed he, too, should calm down.


i mean
how are you

hoseok, you literally just told me you liked me a couple hours ago and now you're attempting small talk? 


good night, because it's 12 am?


he wants to scream.










okay pretend i didn't say anything
are you going to bed soon? :)

you're such a dork i can't believe i actually like you.


hoseok screenshots the text message, before dropping his phone onto the bed and emitting small, muffled squeaks of enthusiasm. icantbelieveiactuallylikeouicantbelieveiactuallylikeyou hoseok want to type back i can't believe you actually like me, too but that might come off a little stranger and really, he doesn't want to make yoongi like him a little less than before. so he lift his head back up, inhales deeply, and puffs out his chest.


i mean, most people can't resist my charm, so it's nothing new.

what charm.


um?? a lot of people swoon when i rap or dance or water plants? it's called the jung hoseok effect.

i just snorted.


hoseok doesn't recall hearing yoongi snort, but he bets it'd sound pretty cute.


c h a r m i n g.

don't mock me!

i'm being earnest, i swear! ;(


anyways, it's late, why aren't you asleep, yoongs?

i was about to, honestly.

oh !!!! did i interrupt your beauty sleep?

"beauty sleep" you really know how to make me laugh, jung. i'm just tucked in bed and on my phone, that's all.

what you wearing ;)

wow, hoseok. trying to get me to send nudes?


okay hold on.



oh god, what if he actually sends one and gets the wrong idea that hoseok is just some perv trying to get into his pants when really, he's not, he's just trying to make yoongi laugh but it backfired and then he tells seokjin and seokjin gets super huffy and hugs hoseok and crushes his bones and pops out his eyes so that he can never hold or look at yoongi again all because he attempted to make a joke

[Attachment: IMG102.jpeg]

should he press it? should he not? but what if it actually is nudes, and hoseok's going to feel awkward because he won't know what to say? or what if it's the middle finger and now yoongi's disgusted at him? maybe he can ask namjoon to open it for him, but then again, hoseok shouldn't expose yoongi's nude if it really is a nude, so fuck it, he opens it, annnnnd



are you getting heated already boy, wow.

i can't see the image

what do you mean

it's just black. it won't load.

what did you expect; the lights are off.


you're so dorky, hoseok.
anyways, i'm going to bed.
good night; sleep tight.
don't overthink, you silly idiot.

you got me good, yoongs. ;( i panicked for a second.
DREAM OF ME : ) : ) : )

we'll see.


hoseok emits an inaudible screech, a small "aaa" sliding out slowly as he falls back into his pillows, body writhing around like a dead fish. pulling up the covers to hide his face, he can't help but ugly giggle into them, flailing around at the thought of yoongi lying in his own bed, texting hoseok with a cute cute cute smile on his face. god, he's so into yoongi, he can't even imagine life before yoongi anymore.

"good night, yoongs," he whispers at the phone, before setting it down gingerly and patting it a couple times.



so jeongguk
whats with u and that register boy ;)



that's just my coworker omg stop

you two look cute together ;;;:::)

who changed my name

we found your overwatch username hyung it's so lame

stop tryin to avoid the topic
smh @Kim Seokjin our maknae is hittin up this guy at the supermarket and you're just paying attention to him

do i smell an otp : )


oh my god stop it

did you say you work at a supermarket

yeah!!! i just got a job at beansprouts


yeah?????????? y????


like 20% off??? total bill each time??


we were supposed to discuss about jeon finally growing up and getting a boy and you're here talking about food. ur so shall0w hyung.

what did you expect.

hyung we havent seen u all morning whre u at

i'm dropping my sister off at the train station with my parents
@Jung Hoseok check your dms from her??
also, change my name.

T has changed yoongo's name to yoongogo power rangers!

yoongogo power rangers!
i hate you.


min younggi



treat my brother well
if you make him sad i will find you and hurt you i know your phone number already

jesus younggi chill

make sure he eats and sleep especially during finals
also you're really bad at flirting step up ur game hosock ssi
but yeah im on my way home
but that doesnt mean we'll be far away forever
i heard you major in botany
give me tips
i'll be your apprentice in the future


didn't yoongi tell u????????????
i applied as a major in environmental engineering here
but i'm thinking of changing/minoring in botany : )


i'm on a predate with seokjin right

how r u doing

i got coupons to a steakhouse so we go and you know seokjin
seokjin loves meat so i was planning to ask him out here

why do i have a bad feeling

we sit at the table
i'm like: two special sirloins please
and he just shakes his head and goes:
"i'm sorry, can i have this soup salad shit instead of MY GO TO MEAT AND THE COUPON THAT GOES WITH IT"

are you mad over the coupon or seokjin asking for a salad because i can't tell

but mostly seokjin
boi decides to go all vegan all of a sudden at a fucking STEAKHOUSE and IM SITTING HERE WITH MY sirloin and he looks so awkward with his salad im kind of miserable rn hoseok
this is straight up an awful predate

it's ok i believe in u joon u can pull through

no i can't i want to melt into the ground im so embaressed if only i knew earlier

there's a knock on the door, causing hoseok to perk up in curiosity as he walks over. "hi, ho—yoongi?"

he stands, face swallowed by his hoodie. undoing his drawstring, hoseok's heart swells up at the sight of yoongi's pink cheeks and nose, courtesy of the cold weather. "seokjin's gone vegan or some shit, the house is full of organic crap, and we have no meat."


"did you have dinner yet?"

(so hoseok might've scarfed down two bowls of rice and a bowl of ramen half an hour earlier, but yoongi doesn't need to know that.) "no, i was just about to go ea—"

"good," he quips, sliding off his shoes and shuffling straight to hoseok's kitchen.


yoongi's here i'm gonna jet


joon what the fuck man i'm not like that : //



seeing yoongi all dominant in the kitchen, getting shit done asap is kind, hoseok thinks, as weird as it sounds. he's slicing ricecakes fluidly and throwing fishcakes into the pot as if they were nothing, and it leaves hoseok dazed. it's the opposite of namjoon and hoseok, who take five years deciding how to split up the chores and bickering back and forth every half a step. or maybe, he's just incompatible with namjoon.

yoongi's busy boiling the ramen, throwing in a bunch of shit together that leaves hoseok confused, but he doesn't question it and merely follows the older male's directions. there's awkward shuffling here and there, especially when yoongi's in the way or hoseok's standing in front of the cutting board, and hoseok lowkey wishes they were more comfortable with one another.

like, to the point where he could snake his arms around yoongi's waist and lean into him and kiss his cheek and try out his food and wow, it sounds grossly basic and domestic, but it's the dream life. and maybe hoseok would just praise him and yoongi's cheeks would turn all pink and cute and that would make him want to kiss yoongi more and then—

"here, try this," yoongi mumbles out, blowing on a spoon, (his cheeks are puffed his cheeks are pufFED and hoseok is so s o f t.) before sticking it out in front of hoseok. with an eager nod, hoseok keeps his eyes on yoongi's tentative ones, before leaning forward to take it in his mouth. "how is it?" yoongi asks, his eyes shining brightly, teeth peeking out to nip on his bottom lip.

hoseok really, really wants to say it tastes good. he really does. but all he can feel his pain, coughing repeatedly and eyes watering, mouth open and panting hard. "it's...a little ..spicy," he wheezes out, scrambling over to the fridge and flinging the cap of the milk off, chugging it hard.

"i guess it's pretty hot, considering it was just a spoonful of the sauce from the atomic noodles," yoongi says so matter-of-factly that it hurts.

"why would you do that—"

"because you kept on staring at me and i wanted to wake you up from your daze."

inhaling sharply, hoseok sets down the carton of milk. "i was not staring!"

yoongi arches an eyebrow, tasting his weird-stew-mixture. "sure, hoseok."

"i really wasn't!" he defends himself poorly, feet dragging over to the older male.

"your cheeks are red and you're being super defensive, but sure, hoseok. it's not like you do it in culinary club too, right?" yoongi muses, and he's fucking smiling while he stirs the pot.


"you're really obvious about it, you know, i could feel it on the bus, too. now try this."

he's practically beaming when he looks at hoseok, and hoseok knows that he may have a smile that can power a whole city, but yoongi's hidden grins and crinkling eyes can blow up the fucking universe. he can try it, right now, just lean over and wordlessly peck yoongi's lips, just like that. and watch as the elder's eyes widen and his ears flush a pretty pink, lips parted open and speechless—

but hoseok remembers this is min yoongi, who may seem mouthy in many aspects, but is still somehow endearingly shy, so he has to remember to take things slow. yoongi's like a crockpot, and it takes a while for things to work their way through, and that's okay because the end produce will always be worth it.

he leans in for a taste, and those brown orbs gleam so prettily under the dim stove lights that it makes hoseok weak in the knees. "holy shit, hyung, that's—that's really good." just as good as min yoongi.


"so i have a plan," namjoon says one day, while hoseok's half-aware, half buried inside of plant genitals and reproduction processes. blah blah blah, something about romancing seokjin, something about tinder, something about "...50 fake tinder accounts..."

"wait, what?"

"i told you, i'm gonna encourage seokjin to go on like tinder for a potential date, then i need 50 fake accounts, hope that seokjin picks one, schedule a meet-up, and i'll show up instead saying his date couldn't show up, so now i'm there, and i'll formally say i'm really into him, blah blah."

hoseok sits up from his desk, staring at namjoon. "how the hell did you think of that?"

"i watched korean dramas for inspiration....hah...hah..."

"and you call me extra—"

"listen, i'm taking initiative for once, so why don't you be supportive of me?"

"okay but, how are you supposed to get 50 tinder accounts? make them one by one? hell, do you think this is going to work?" hoseok arches an eyebrow, lips pursed together in skepticism.

namjoon gives up that ugly side-eye-smile-combo, leaning into the edge of his spinning chair. " got a boyfriend in computer science..."


"this is so unethical."

"i—yeah, yeah it is."

yoongi's fingers are flying across his keyboard, glasses slipping off the edge of his nose as he brings up a sea of numbers and letters. hoseok doesn't really understand what's going on, so he awkwardly sits on yoongi's bed playing everwing, legs swinging as he looks around with a quiet hum. his eyes land on a cross-stitched kumamon framed next to his shelf of kumamon plushes, head tilting to the side in interest. "that's new—i didn't see that when i came here last time."

the older male looks up from his computer, following the direction of hoseok's finger. "oh; i just finished it last week."

"last week? you made this?"

"...yeah. i told you i fixed your stuff, right? i know how to knit, cross-stitch, and sew; it's relaxing. i embroidered the thing on the back of seokjin's souvenir jacket, and i did the one for mine, although i messed up at the edges. "

hoseok blinks repeatedly, taking steps to the other's door as he runs his fingers across the back of yoongi's souvenir jacket hanging from the hooks. the intricate koi design is so pretty, it seems so professional and hoseok is absolutely dazed by how good it looks. "yoongi, this is. this is really good, holy shit. when did you start doing this?"

"i, uh, used to be a problem child," yoongi laughs softly, his mouse clicking repeatedly. "...and my parents didn't know what to do with me, so they sent me to my grandma's to a bit, and she taught me that so i calmed down."

plopping down on the floor, hoseok leans against yoongi's bed, tucking his knees inwards as he props his chin on them. "i can't imagine you as a problem child; you're like, more of the quiet genius whiz kid that played pokemon."

with a final hum of satisfaction, yoongi clicks on a button and pushes his chair away from the computer, chair spinning to reveal busan curled up on his lap. "i—no. i was a really rowdy child, mostly 'cause i was always upset and angry and—" he glances down at his cat, faded-mint-blonde locks falling into his face. "—i'm like, adopted, so yeah. i didn't take it too well at first."

"...wait, really?"

yoongi shrugs awkwardly, a lopsided grin on his face flashed towards hoseok. "why else do you think me and younggi don't look alike?"

god, hoseok is so soft all of a sudden. to think of little min yoongi, throwing small tantrums in daegu makes his heart ache. he must've been so tiny and confused and—maybe small jung hoseok wouldn't have known him at that time, but the image itself makes hoseok want to put yoongi into his pocket and carry him everywhere.

"hey, are you—tearing up?"

"no!" hoseok huffs out, face sinking into his knees in mild humiliation.

the smile on yoongi's face brightens, crouching down to set busan on the floor and crawling towards the younger male. "you are, wow, hoseok, i didn't know you were such a big softie, it wasn't even anything major."

"i'm not, jesus, yoongi—"

"that's okay, i think it's cute. i'm a toughie, so i guess we're a match made in heaven," yoongi hums out, lunging over to wrap his arms around hoseok.

there's a lot of things hoseok likes about yoongi, but one of the things he likes the most is how rewarding it is to get yoongi to open up, to just sit in his room and talk to him a meter away. he likes learning the new tidbits in yoongi's habits and actions, like how every once in awhile he hides behind his sweater paws and nips on his nails, or how he likes to sew and create cute cross-stitches. sitting here, head resting against yoongi's chest and feeling the vibrations of his laugh as yoongi shares something so personal about himself makes hoseok feel warm, heat spreading from the tip of his toes to the apples of his cheeks. and god, god, hoseok doesn't want to say the l-o-v-e word too early, but he knows and he swears that min yoongi is his soulmate.

"you're not tough, you're soft tofu."

"i am not, take that back—"

"soft tofu—"

"brat—" yoongi growls lightly, his arms tightening around hoseok's torso until he bursts out laughing, squirming against the older male's arms. he falls out of yoongi's hands, rolling on the ground and sprawled across the floor, chest heaving up and down as he gazes fondly at yoongi.


"scoot over, i can't see."

"i am already scooting, jesus."

"shut up, shut up, oh my god, he said something on this account, this one's the chosen one."

Kim Seokjin
You're studying nursing? No way! I haven't seen you around before ;O

"i can't believe he chose only one account out of the thirteen matches," yoongi muses, his mouse hovering over an account that reads: Park Sungha, 2nd year med student, 0 miles away.

"okay, i gotta make him like me," namjoon sweats, his fingers rubbing against the keyboard.

"talk science," hoseok suggests, as yoongi nods.

"i major in architecture and physics, not biology—hoseok, you're the closest thing to a bio major—"

"p l a n t s, joon."

I major in nursing heartaches and fixing cute boys ;)

"namjoon, what the fuck are you typing, god, i just cringed so hard."

"listen, seokjin eats this shit up."

"he's not wrong."

Kim Seokjin
You're so witty, I actually laughed. I guess I finally met my dream guy; cute med school student, lame jokes.

"he called me his dream guy..."

"it's been two minutes, namjoon." yoongi deadpans, inducing a snicker from hoseok.

"what do i say—" namjoon's voice raises, and hoseok can hear the panic waiting to implode.

"give me the keyboard," hoseok mumbles, leaning over to namjoon to type in something.

You should tell me more about your dream guy so I could be it.
Hmm...I do adore surprises from my dream guy. : - )

"he's using the ugly smiley face," hoseok remarks at the same time namjoon emits a small wail and slides down his seat.

yoongi snorts, reaching over to pat namjoon's head affectionately. "surprises; wow, namjoon, you really lucked in."

hoseok was actually supposed to be spending quality time with yoongi, until this emergency meeting happened because namjoon kept on freaking out over what to do and what to say. annoyed, he shoves namjoon's chair over and continues to type.

We should grab coffee near the quad before one of your classes; I got a few tricks up my sleeve that'd look way better in person.

"smooth," yoongi comments thoughtfully, and hoseok can't help but feel weird. to be accurate, his boyfriend just complimented him catfishing kim seokjin and flirting with him. it's a bizarre scenario.

Kim Seokjin
Oh, I'm intrigued now. Is morning this thursday okay? 9?

namjoon nods eagerly.

That's fine; I'll see you at nine, then.

"add a winky face," comes yoongi's low mumble.


"date secured, you're welcome, joon," hoseok huffs out, pushing himself away from the desk. namjoon flashes them a sheepish grin, his face positively glowing. it's cute.

"i can't believe you had to have hoseok flirt with seokjin," yoongi muses, causes the two of them to wince. it sounds bad. really bad, taken out of context.

"whatever happens here...stays here...we don't talk about it outside of this room...okay?"

"..okay," comes yoongi's snort, before he shakes his head ruefully and laughs.




  1. always be on call/text in case kim namjoon starts freaking out.
  2. stay until namjoon comes home with fail/success news.



hoseok thinks he's overboard, but it's kim namjoon, who, as sturdy as he seems, is as skittish as a cat. he reminds hoseok a lot of an elephant; big, strong, but still afraid of a bunch of small things like mice.

the door knocks, and hoseok's eyes brighten, scrambling up and heading towards the door with a breathless "hi".

min yoongi waves, lips quirked into a small smile as he takes small dips in his steps, and the two of them shuffle to hoseok's room silently. both their roommates are on a date with one another, hoseok's ditching class to provide moral support, and yoongi doesn't have much to do besides study before class, so—yeah, they'll spend their early thursday morning on hoseok's floor, studying for finals, listening to music and just...peaceful serenity. it's cool.

yoongi's wearing those cute cactus socks again, and it's giving hoseok good ideas about what to give to yoongi for christmas. nothing really major, just small and adorable like yoongi himself, but still a little meaningful. hoseok can see it already, standing in front of yoongi with a pleased look on face, handing the present over and watching yoongi crinkle his nose and laugh and say—"did you really get this for me, hoseok?" and wow, it's such a much quality content, 10/10 would watch again and again and again.

"did you draw this?" comes a small hum from yoongi as he lifts up hoseok's doodle book in interest. oh shit, it must've fallen on the floor when he stood up.

"yeah, they're not—not that good, since i can't really draw."

"they're cute," he chirps, flipping through the pages, before pausing to stare at something. fuck, what if he think they're ugly, or that he's weird and creepy, or he sees the small yoongi doodles there, or—"do you name all your friends after plants?"

blinking repeatedly, hoseok scoots over so that he's sitting next to the older male, who pulls down the journal so that the two of them can see it. it's on namjoon right now, little chibis and rough sketches of namjoon with teal hair and long limbs, palm-tree boy scrawled down below. "i mean. i don't know, it just comes to me as a botany major. joon's tall, dyed his hair teal, lanky, kind of awkward, so i called him palm-tree boy."

he flips the pages, kim seokjin written at the top. "cherry-blossom boy: tall, poised and confident, likes pink. i don't know, it feels like he radiates sparkles."

"radiates sparkles," yoongi repeats with a light laugh. his giggle radiates glitter and fucking pixie dust, hoseok swears.

"park jimin: poppy boy: bright, chipper, orange hair, super enthusiastic and peppy."

"kim taehyung: lilac boy. when i first met him, he had purple hair and i was just really amazed by it. he's pretty serene and sweet, and very playful."

"jeon jeongguk—"

"you know, your writing can be classified as a new korean writing system."

hoseok flushes brightly, as yoongi grins cheekily. "i'm kidding, it's just. very unique."

"i get it, i have rushed handwriting," hoseok mumbles with puffed cheeks. "anyways, jeon jeongguk: maple tree boy. he's tall, seems pretty stable and content, and i think he's an overall sweet kid."

he's not sure if he should flip to yoongi, because maybe yoongi might find it creepy, since they haven't know each other for that long yet, or maybe yoongi's kind of shy, but it's too late because yoongi already flipped to it anyways. he's gazing intensely at the drawings, and hoseok kind of wants to sink into the floor and disappear forever.

"...min...yoongi...." hoseok starts off in a slow tone, eyes shuffling back and forth between yoongi and the drawings. "....cactus boy."

"why am i a cactus?" cactus boy. why cactus?"

"because, um. you thought you had a cactus, and then you had that mint hair, and um," hoseok's sweating hard and he's going to ugly ramble at this rate oh no, "you seem kind of scary and prickly on the outside—especially to people that don't know you—but you're really cute! and you somehow put up with a lot of my shit. so. yeah. cactus. boy."

head tilted to the side, yoongi's his brown orbs gleam at hoseok. "what about you, then?"

"me? i never. really. thought about it, to be honest."

he'ssocutehe'ssocute hoseok just wants to peck his lips and tell him that he really likes him again and again until the message sinks in and yoongi's laughing against his lips. he wants to do a lot, actually, because every time yoongi looks at him his heart starts beating a little faster than usual and he's so smitten, he just wants to spend all his time in the world with min yoongi, and only min yoongi, really.

"...i think you're a sunflower boy."

smittensmittenSMITTENashell. hoseok feels like he's been run over with cupid's love tank. "w-why—" he wheezes out.

"you know like, in plants versus zombies, the sunflower basically provides sun for everyone and kind of. powers them up? yeah. that's you. happy and cute."

D E A D . here lies jung hoseok, a very happy, happy sunflower boy.

"sunflower boy and cactus boy."

"it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"



so we're not exactly dating
but we're not friends anymore
and i'm going to spend winter break with him to kind of figure things out.
i think it's going pretty well
: ) 


cactus boy

i have bad and good news.
what do you want to hear

: (((((((
okay bad news first

i'm going to be super busy next week so you won't see me around;
like at all.

it's ok ;( ill leave you alone !! pass all your exams with flying colors, yoongs !!

watch me swim and die.


god that sounds so awful.


you're such a meme i'm having second thoughts.

yoongurt : (

nvm no good news for you.




yoongi poongi


yoongi poongi boongi : )

how do i leave this chat.

you can't leave me yoongi poongi <3

.....okay so.
i uh.
thought of a cute nickname for you.
like..remember when you asked me..


well, looks like i'm not telling you.

yoongi hyung pls don't do this to me
yoongi poongi my boongi boo : (

Good Night.


who the fuck is pokie bokie

jung hoseokie,,,pokie bokie <3 min yoongi, poongi boongi.

this is why seokjin wanted you to wait 6 months.



one week feels like eternity without yoongi. hoseok can't even remember life before yoongi; it must've been terrible. he keeps his promise not to bother yoongi, focusing on his own studies and finals as everyone else does the same. he studies hard, drilling the terms and methods inside his head, eyes shifting over to his phone every once in awhile, before back onto botany.

finals weeks always feels the slowest during the hours before the test, but hoseok just continues to pass through them diligently, until he's finally done. a week passes, and he eagerly awaits for yoongi's texts. except it doesn't come, so with disappointment, hoseok waits the next day.

it's 2 pm, friday, and they're leaving to go back home in two days, and yoongi still hasn't messaged him. so he peeks inside the apartment, only to find seokjin half-asleep, white coat dragging on the floor.

"tough day?"

"internship hell," he moans out, rubbing his eyes. "d'you need something?"

"i haven't heard from yoongi, and i was wondering if he was here, or anything."

"he finished finals this morning; he's probably destressing in his little spot."

hoseok's ears perk up in curiosity. "where's that?"

"cypher room," seokjin responds drowsily, before dragging his feet back and slumping on the couch. with a soft sigh, hoseok tiptoes up into seokjin's room to grab a few blankets and pillows, sliding it under the older male's head and covering him up until he's comfortable. hoseok complains a lot about his major, but really, seokjin's the only one who genuinely has it hard. he sympathizes, patting the older male's head affectionately, before quietly slipping out.

so hoseok takes the bus back to the campus (he should really start saving up for a car) and walks back to cypher room, teeth gnawing on his bottom lip in excitement. wow! he finally gets to see yoongi in action, working on his music and listening to his creations. with a deep breath, hoseok fishes around his keyring until he finds the cypher room key, and barges in.

contrary to popular expectations, yoongi doesn't sit where hoseok sits; he sits opposite of that, curled up in the far corner with bright white beats headphones blaring heavy bass. clearing his throat, hoseok lets go of the door, tactlessly causing it to slam shut with a loud bang. yoongi jumps up in surprise, sucking in sharply as his head whips up to meet hoseok.

silence. "i—i can explain."

"i'm not going to ask," he muses quietly, plopping down next to yoongi.

the blonde slides off his earphones, cheeks puffed as he fiddles with his launchpad. "it's nothing major; i just like making music, and cypher room always has the equipment, but i don't like the crowds, so um. one of the seniors just made a copy of the key and gave it to me."

"do you go by a soundcloud name, or anything?"

yoongi blinks repeatedly, mouse scrolling across the computer. "i go by dj-syub."

no way. "like...the same one who produced so far away?"

the older male sinks into his seat, face hiding behind into his black scarf with a small nod. "i—this is so embarrassing—"

hoseok squeaks gleefully, wiggling in his chair. "holy shit, i can't believe—i was listening to that yesterday, on the bus, oh my god, i can't believe—you're dy-syub. you're such a genuis—"

hand shielding his face, yoongi snorts quietly. he's not very good at hiding himself; hoseok can see the tinge of pink that spreads over his ear. "wow, this is what it feels like to feel famous. i'm positively vibrating."

the sarcasm in yoongi's voice only makes him laugh, hoseok's eyes crinkling up as he leans his head against the computer next to yoongi's monitor. "does this mean i get to hear the latest releases from dj-syub first?"

moving it back down, yoongi side-eyes hoseok coyly. "if jhope-94 shows me his creations before other people, then maybe."

it takes a moment to sink in, before hoseok realizes that holy fuck, min yoongi listens to his music. cute-ass mint-haired dj-syub, who hates social interaction, spends his days curled up in his little room or on the bus listening to h i m. this is like, a fanboy dream come true, what the fuck. hoseok's grinning stupidly at yoongi, his words stuck in his throat as he gazes at yoongi, clearly awestruck.

yoongi's unable to hide face, sitting up as his scarf falls down to reveal a gummy smile that lights up his whole face. "you're so cute, what the hell. do you. um. wanna listen to what i'm working on right now?"

and honestly, hoseok would've never thought that he'd get this far; sitting here next to his dream boy, his soulmate, listening to his music and laughing at his quirks. he nods, scooting closer to yoongi, body hovering over the older male's. he can see everything, yoongi's curves and blemishes, the slight wrinkles when he smiles and the glow of laptop on his skin. whenever he talks, his flips jut out in a slight pout and it's so incredibly adorable that hoseok really can't wait, he can't wait for the day he can just lean over and kiss yoongi whenever the the blonde looks over towards him. "u-uh—yeah. i've been wanting to hear your real stuff ever since you left me those cute remixes."

blinking repeatedly, yoongi turns to face hoseok, nose scrunching. "what remixes?"

"...the ones you left on my launchpad's software?" he points towards his area of the cypher room, and yoongi turns with him, skin so close that it sends his heart pounding 100 kph.

"i didn't...i made my own software for my music, and, i only use this launchpad," yoongi points to the one he's using, head tilting to the side in amusement.

"i swear to god," hoseok drawls out carefully, "that i was flirting with you over the launchpads."

he snickers, much to hoseok's horror, reaching over to pat hoseok's cheek. "sorry to burst your bubble, hoseok. you were flirting with a complete stranger."



pls message us when ur home : / stay safe kiddos

we'll be fine, mOM

yeah mOM

listen up you rats i'm not to be disrespected

good luck staying back with jin, joon
i don't know how u do it
i'd die

excuse me i'm Great

can't cook for shit
idk how i do it either
i'm a mess

get your shit together joon

can't cook for shit
me at the beginning of 2016: i'm gonna get my shit together
me at the end of 2016: i'm going to get my shit together next year

ur more of a memelord than us now joon
oh our bus came

we'll text you later, hyungs! gotta save battery!!

we'll tell u if taehyung does anything embarrassing tho

message me when u get home i want to remwatch in overwatch

excus e m e bitches

ur gonna lose hyung but ok


where's hosucc and yoongo anyways
lol their ship name is so ugly


ur literally sitting next to me ur a f*k

yoongogo power rangers!
i'm muting.


yoongi's running up to him, half panting and half a mess as his scarf unravels around his shoulders, trenchcoat still missing the top button. snowflakes have coated the top of his hair, blending in with its paleness. "i'm so, so sorry, younggi was whining to me about wanting these chocolates in seoul, so my parents had to take her to there first and —yeah," he breathes out, wheezing in and out. he's holding a rectangular box, wrapped in christmas wrapping and wow, unexpected.

hoseok's holding his own present for yoongi, wobbling back and forth on his heels in anticipation. "it's nothing, actually, don't worry."

"i have twenty minutes before my parents come by again, so it's not long, but it's enough time. are you going home by train?"

"yeah, to gwangju."

"that's far," yoongi hums out, white puffs exhaled after each word. "i would tell you to talk to me, but i'm the one driving my parents home, so...i'll just message you when i get home?"

nodding absentmindedly at the older male's suggestion, he takes a deep breath, before sticking his arms out, his gloves rubbing over the edge of the potted plant. "i, um, didn't know what to get you for christmas, but i know you wanted a cactus but ended up with a flesh-eating plant, so..."

yoongi's eyes light up like christmas lights, gingerly taking the plant in his hands. "it' so small and cute," he mumbles, almost beaming at the sight. "what—is it?"

"echinopsis dominos."

he's still smiling, clearly confused, head nodding, and hoseok can't help but laugh at how endearing the sight is. "it's a domino cactus," hoseok explains, pointing to the little white spots that litter across the surface of the palm-sized ball. "i've done most of the growing, so you just need to water it, and if you have any questions, then you know, just ask?"

yoongi cups the pot with his hands, the present tucked in his arms jostling awkwardly. inching forward towards hoseok, he tries to shimmy his arm in hoseok's directions. "i really love it; thank you, hoseok. i didn't know what to do for you, either, so i just. did a thing, i guess."

taking the box our of yoongi's arms, he shakes it lightly, holding it up to his ears in an effort to guess what it is.

"you're not going to guess it, seokseok."

"i—going to—wait. what did you call me?"

the blonde flushes brightly, coughing quietly. "i didn't say anything."

"did you call me seokseok? oh my god, that's so cute—"

"i didn't say anything!" yoongi repeats again, voice wavering. eyes narrowed hoseok takes several strides closer to him, trying to arch his neck so that he's somewhat-intimidatingly-hovering over yoongi.

"admit it, you called me the cutest thing ever."

"you're tiptoeing," yoongi points out, arching an eyebrow as he glances up at hoseok.

(very small height difference strikes again! goddamn, if only he was 180.)

"whatever, yoongi poongi—" yoongi scrunches his nose. "—you finally called me something cute, i'm forever keeping a memory of this."

"yoongi poongi sounds so gross."

"suck it up, that's my new cute nickname for you."

"you're a mean boyfriend," yoongi mock pouts, and hoseok internally screams because WOW DID YOONGI DO THAT? YOONGi called him BOYFRIEND? yes, yoongi with the black scarf and cat eyes and adorable nose scrunches did that.

hoseok musters to think of a retort back, when yoongi's phone buzzes and he looks down. "oh, my parents are looking for me, shit. i have to go."

"it's fine, take—"

"don't open it until christmas, or i'll be mad!" yoongi rushes out his words, eyebrows furrowed together in seriousness. he tugs down his infinity scarf to reveal soft lips, yanking hoseok down roughly so that they're at eye-level, before pressing a quick kiss to hoseok's cheek. "merry early christmas, seokseok," he chirps out, lips still warm against hoseok's skin.

he pulls away, walking backwards with his plant tucked tightly in his right arm, left waving back and forth vigorously. hoseok, still dazed, nods and waves back at yoongi, mind still blank. the older male, unable to see where he's going, bumps into a pole, and it snaps hoseok out of his daze and yoongi, 4 meters away, laughs at himself in the middle of the train station, before turning around and walking away.

hoseok doesn't want to say the l-o-v-e word too early; he's afraid of jinxing it, screwing up their relationship before it launches, but hoseok knows, he can feel it: min yoongi is the boy he's going to say it to.


cactus boy

11:11 make a wish.

i wish to see you. : (

you're so silly. it's only been like, five days.

i suffered so much without u during finals week
how am i going to survive when u graduate.

shhh, let's not think about that.

: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

it's christmas eve! happy thoughts, seokseok.

i'm so eager to open my present. !!! excited!!!

don't get your hopes up, omg. i don't want you to be disappointed or anything.

i would be happy if u gave me used socks.

you're so extra, oh my god.
tbh, people keep on asking me how i can tolerate you. it's kind of funny.


i don't know, i kind of like the sun and cactus analogy, now that you've told me it.
a lot of people can't handle you...
but i guess min younggi trained me for like, 21 years to handle you. so it works.

you're so deep : (( i'm smitten.

it's the min yoongi effect. 

and it works only on jung hoseok! ! : )

you're c u t e.

says you, the c u t e r one.

i placed the cactus thing in my room!!
it's on my desk. it looks really cute.

are you going to name it.


isn't that your surname.

yeah. it's going to be min min. do-min-no. min min.

hoseok bursts into laughter, rolling back and forth on his own bed in gwangju. min yoongi is two hours away, but even talking to him makes it feel...home-like. eyes bright, he crawls over to the edge, reaching out his arm to rub over the wrapping of his present from yoongi. it's really the only one he's excited for, the only one he really adores and anticipates. it'll be fifteen minutes until christmas, and hoseok's so tempted to just—

yoongi wouldn't know.

so he does it, he rips the wrapping paper apart to reveal a white box; inhaling sharply, hoseok lifts up the cover slowly, eyes squinting at the prospecting item until black, yellow, gold, brown and green meet his eyes. and god, god, it's gorgeous, it's so beautiful.

it's a black souvenir jacket, a sunflower stitched in the middle, the words sunflower boy, 1994, sewed in english cursive. the front right of the jacket has his name stitched in hangul, and hoseok doesn't know what to say.

to think yoongi created the name and placed it on the jacket makes hoseok's heart suffocate and he wishes he could just hold and hug yoongi and do so, so much that a proper boyfriend in a lengthy relationship could do. 12:00, it's midnight, it's christmas, and hoseok decides that he's in love, right then and there.

cactus boy


but his first words shouldn't be over text, he thinks. they should be person-to-person, meaningful, eyes locked together as hoseok whispers them out so that he can see yoongi's reaction.

i just opened the present and
i love it
i love it so much
it's so nice
and i just
thank you, yoongi.

i'm glad you liked it. sunflowers thankfully aren't super hard, although i think the letters of the jacket could've been done better.

 it's perfect.

you're perfect,
min yoongi.



min younggi

where do you live lol

don't u think that's kind of creepy hoseok-ssi

well i can't ask yoongi now can i

are you coming

i might send a package that's what
i need to help time it out.


good i'm glad.
okay so it should arrive by december 31st.
just make sure he's not too busy on that day and i'll
message him to step outside.
diSTRCT ur parents and make sure they dont call yoongi back in!!!!

what are you gonna send omg

you'll find out : - )


so hoseok has this thing called impulse, he's well aware of it. it gets him into great situations, but also situations like these, where he sits on the train for two and a half hours straight. telling your parents you're going to leave for new years to surprise your boyfriend doesn't work out too tell when your parents don't even know that you had a boyfriend, but hoseok's mother was thankfully, lenient enough to just call him crazy and pack his stuff back in the suitcase.

he's kind of crazy, a little extra and over the top, and he acknowledges it. jung hoseok is wild as hell. but it's okay, because somehow, it doesn't faze min yoongi, who can miraculously deal with his antics with a straight face. that's why they're dating.

hoseok knows, and yet he's standing here anyways, hands rubbing up and down his parka as he jumps up and down to keep himself warm. he's surprised no one has called neighborhood watch yet, since it's probably strange for some boy and his suitcase to be standing outside at 11 pm for nearly an hour already. what many people don't seem to realize that jung hoseok, is also a perfectionist, and will go to extreme lengths in order to get the timing to be perfect. he's been talking to yoongi, who's oblivious to the fact that jung hoseok is five minutes away, and so far, the plan's been working out pretty well.

11:55. fuck it.

cactus boy

come out.

what lol it's cold

just come out!! i have something outside for you.


it's an extra present. with a help from min younggi.

...oh my god. you're so. okay, hold on.

hoseok trudges closer so that he's standing at the edge of yoongi's door, feet teetering nervously. the door opens, and yoongi's just wearing his bear pajamas, mouth open at the sight of a freezing hoseok.

"what the fuck," he mumbles out, before rubbing his eyes. "hoseok, it that—is that you?"

"yeah, i guess you finally saw my final present," hoseok takes a step forward, his cheeks a bright pink. yoongi inhales sharply, before leaning out the door to tug hoseok forward, dusting the snow off his shoulders and rubbing his palms into hoseok's sides.

"are you insane, why are you showing up now, oh my god, it's so late and cold, and—"

"i. i wanted to, um, see you?"

the older male squints at hoseok, before he gaze trails down. "are you wearing my jacket underneath the parka?"

"wanted to show it off," hoseok gives him a cheshire grin.

his heart is practically fluttering when yoongi rolls his eyes in a poor attempt to play off a smile, feet shuffling repeatedly. "come on, let's get you inside or something and. i don't even know what to tell my parents, christ," he huffs out, tugging hoseok inwards.

hoseok keeps his feet still, eyes gazing earnestly at yoongi. there's sixty seconds left; he can hear it on the t.v.

yoongi purses his lips, gazing at hoseok in mild curiosity as he tugs hard on hoseok's sides. "hey, seokseok, what are you trying to pull—let's just go in."

"i, um. yoongi?"



"i, uh. i wanna say."

"say what, hoseok?"

"you look cute. and, and um."


and he could say it right now, he could just shape his lips and force it out, it is, after all, the perfect timing. but another part of him feels so incredibly shy and not quite ready, especially when it's all eyes on him and yoongi is the sun and stars and the whole yooniverse, gazing so softly at him.


so instead, he just says, "happy new years, yoongi," cold hands cupping the older male's cheeks and pulling him closer, before bending down to connect their lips together.

(fireworks go off not only in the background, but also in hoseok's heart.)








 namjoon thinks of himself a good friend.

that's why he's crouching over hoseok's launchpad, trying to work out some quick remix that'll lighten up the boy's spirits. ever since hoseok's met his "soulmate", he's been extremely happy and chipper, and it's kind of annoying, but it's better than a mopey and sad hoseok dragging his feet over unrequited love. so maybe it's actually a bad idea to encourage the fact that hoseok could ever have a chance with this mysterious mint boy, but maybe it's good because it'll somehow fuel hoseok's enthusiasm and keep the him happy. hoseok's kind of like one of those bubbly kids that get annoying because they're too optimistic but when they're sad, you can feel the ache in your bones and it makes you feel bad. he quickly saves the files, before exiting the software and shutting down the computer, scrambling off the tables when the door opens. 

"you're here early," hoseok comments thoughtfully as he sits down. 

namjoon breathes erratically, rubbing the nape of his neck. "i, uh, left something by accident so i wanted to swing by earlier."

hoseok shrugs it off, plugging in his computer into his launchpad; with a small smile, namjoon looks away and turns to his own device.




Chapter Text instead, he just says, "happy new years, yoongi," cold hands cupping the older male's cheeks and pulling him closer, before bending down to connect their lips together.

his cheeks become progressively warmer and his lips are so soft, hoseok wonders why he hasn't done this until now. there are butterflies in his stomach and his heart is beating so fast that he might fall into cardiac arrest, but it's such a nice feeling that he doesn't want it to...stop. so he leaves his lips there, lingering, eyes fluttering down to meet yoongi's half-lidded one. he looks so good, hoseok wants to—

"oppa, you missed out—holy jesus, dear lord—hoseok-ssi?" 

yoongi inhales sharply and scrambles away, pink dusting his face as he throws hoseok a scandalized look. in a pastel blue sweater and grey sweats, younggi crosses her arms and arches her brow in an unimpressed manner. 

"hey, younggi," hoseok coughs out, averting his eyes. 

"i can't believe this, oh my god." she sighs in exasperation. "did you really come from gwangju just to give my brother a new years kiss?"


she scrunches her nose, causing yoongi to visibly wince. "jesus, you're smitten."

hoseok opens his mouth to argue, when there's a deeper murmuring coming from behind younggi, and he finds himself gaping unattractively at yoongi's parents. 

(yoongi looks like he wants to melt to the ground.)

"what's going on?" yoongi's dad grumbles out, his voice deeper than the sea. 


both hoseok and younggi start to speak at the same time, only to get cut off by yoongi. "this is, um, hoseok. my friend." (younggi snorts; hoseok rolls his eyes.) "he had really good news that he wanted to tell me in person." 

hoseok expects his parents to be freaked out by the news. instead, this happens:

"a friend?" yoongi's mom squeaks in delight, her eyes wide. "oh my god, i didn't know you finally had a friend, yoongi, one that even came all the way over! it's a pleasure to meet you, i'm—"

"mom," comes the low whine from yoongi as purses his lips, visibly cringing.

"this is so cute," she coos, "i thought he'd never find a friend in university!"

turning around to face yoongi, hoseok can't help but bite back his laughter when he see's yoongi's cheeks bloom a bright red, pouty lips jutted out as he purses them in disdain. "have you never brought a friend over, or something?"

"shut up," he glowers, and it's absolutely adorable. 

"we don't really have a guest room, but i think you can sleep in yoongi's ro—"


it's younggi who speaks up, her eyes wide. "they're gonna get all weird and do frisky st—"

yoongi elbows her hard, shooting her a glare. "hoseok's perfectly welcome to sleep in my room, as we have a spare air mattress that he can use on the floor, away from my bed." he emphasizes each word; younggi still looks unconvinced. 

hoseok's trying his best to hold in his laughter, while the siblings have a hawkish standoff with one another. 



idk why yoongi complains so much
vegan isn't that bad


are you serious

yeah. its been a week, i feel prtty okay??

"namjoon says that you're weak."

"what do you mean—"

rolling on the air mattress down below, he gazes up fondly at yoongi, waving his phone back and forth. "he says that the vegan diet isn't that bad."

yoongi snorts, sitting up straighter. he rolls the sleeves of his bear pajamas up a little more, cross-legged on his bed as his fingers tap on his laptop. "okay, but he's doing it voluntarily, so it's not that bad. i was forced into it, no choice! no warning!"


okay but ur whipped ofc ur cool with it. 

"speaking of, why is seokjin doing this vegan diet, anyways?"

the older boy drums his nails on the mousepad, eyes flicking back and forth between the screen and hoseok. "uh...seokjin was stressed because of all his school stuff, so he'd binge eat to relieve it, or to stay up when he was studying...and he couldn't go to the gym, either, so he was wailing about the amount of weight he was packing i told him to eat healthier, and combined with jeongguk's grocery store shenanigans—you get vegan jin."

"i can't believe namjoon would sacrifice his holiday k-bbq fest to go vegan with seokjin," hoseok hums out thoughtfully, idly swiping through his facebook feed. 


okay but 
breaking news
guess what



so i talked about the dating thing with jin, right. 

"get yourself a man that would give up top sirloin for you," yoongi quips.

"i'd give up top sirloin for you," hoseok fires back, his gaze intent on yoongi. he tries to make it sound all romantic, like it's something that has a lot of value and would make a dramatic impact on his life.

there's a quiet pause, as yoongi's eyes settle on his own, not long after pushing the laptop aside and crawling to the edge of his bed. he folds his arms over the ledge and props his chin on top, a finger beckoning hoseok to come closer. so hoseok does, the air mattress squeaking with every moment, elbows digging into the cushion and head plopped into the palms of his hands. 

"you shouldn't change yourself for my sake, or anyone's sake. stay your weird, dorky and somewhat cute plant-loving self, 'kay?" yoongi draws out, lips pulled into a half-smile half-grimace. he looks like the " :3 " emoticon, and hoseok can't help but give him a broad smile. 

he's absolutely tingling, wanting to roll back and forth on the mattress and maybe yell loudly and how cute he looks right now (all he really needs are the cat ears) but he's in yoongi's room, and that's not very appropriate. a two-in-one-hoseok-and-younggi combo probably drives yoongi up the wall, and he'd rather not make things worse; so instead, he just leans up and bops yoongi's nose with his index. 

the response is instantaneous: he scrunches his nose. "hey, what was that for—"

"you're super cute," hoseok blurts out. and it's okay, right? it should be okay to throw out 500 compliments that all mean the same thing, because yoongi likes him, and they don't sound creepy at this point, right? right, he thinks. 

the blonde blinks repeatedly, and hoseok can see him struggling to maintain a straight face, lips tugging up into a smile. 

"like, a super cute, cherub angel that fell from the sky—cause you know. you i was sleeping and then you tripped over me."

yoongi emits a strangled noise of protest, hands flying over to cover hoseok's mouth. "i thought you wouldn't recognize me and remember that!"

hoseok tugs off his hands, in the process, accidentally pulling yoongi down onto the air mattress. there's a loud yelp as yoongi ends up falling on top of him, shoulders pressed together as the rest of his body awkwardly hangs on the top of his bed. the older male's eyelashes flutter ever-so-slightly, and hoseok swears that he's trying his best to hold his breath while yoongi looks at him. he's so pretty, with his fairy-floss hair and pink cheeks and button nose, and god, hoseok's a heartbeat away from leaning in and ki—

a loud screech resonates through the room, and as hoseok turns to see a flash of pink disappear from the doorway, yoongi slides down, face planting into the air mattress. "what the hell was that—"

"younggi's paranoid that we're gonna fuck," yoongi hums out, rolling over so that he's lying on his back. his head lifts up to peer at hoseok, a lopsided grin plastered on his face.

"i—of course we aren't, that's too soon, jesus—" hoseok coughs, scandalized at his bluntness.

an eyebrow raised, yoongi cocks his head to the side. "weren't you the one sending asking me to send nudes?"

"i was kidding, i would never do such a thing; i, jung hoseok, a pure and civil—"

"okay but, what would you do if i actually sent something?"

he winces, not knowing how to respond truthfully to the question without sounding like a prick.

"that's what i thought," yoongi fucking s m i r k s, (dear lord please save jung hoseok, how can one handle such an adorable baby demon) "so don't go off bullshitting, seokseok." 



so okay seokjin thought about dating me
and then he changed his mind
and now i have to take home economics 101 jin style and take a final and if i pass it 
t h e n 
i can date him


did u fucking seenzone me


okay but
wdym home ecnomics jin style final what the fuck

okay so let me tell you the full deal:

"does seokjin have a kink for testing?"

yoongi wrinkles his nose. "ew, why would you even ask that?"

"don't scrunch up your face, that'll give you wrinkles," younggi reprimands, adjusting her facemask, courtesy of the mins, who insisted that all three of them get together in order not to make yoongi's sister feel too lonely. "but anyways, that sounds gross."

hoseok closes his eyes as yoongi spreads the clay mask over his forehead. "apparently, namjoon has to take a home economics final if he wants to date seokjin." he can feel yoongi's fingers rubbing through his skin, low hum ringing out. 

"seokjin? yoongi's roommate?" younggi perks up in slight interest.

"he likes hoseok's best friend," comes the quiet chortle. hoseok cracks an eye open, gloating quietly as younggi knits her eyebrows in annoyance. 


so you know how i always bring seokjin cut apples and strawberries and grapes whenever i like pick him up from his night shifts or i just drop by right
so uh to tell you the truth
i bought them all at the supermarket
but i told him i cut it
so he asked me like yesterday to cut him an apple because he was too tired
and i kind of got busted
and he got mad at me bc i lied to him for a three 3 years
about knowing how to cut an apple
and so he was like
so he's going to train me in home ecnomics
and then i have to take a "potential candidate for jin's future husband" test
and pass it
to date him

younggi is the first one to burst into giggles, body thrown off course as she rocks on hoseok's air mattress, causing it to wobble up and down, while yoongi frantically screws on the cap of his face mask. "oh my god—does he really not know how to cut an apple?"

hoseok opens his mouth to defend his best friend, but to be honest, he's never seen namjoon cut an apple. if hoseok ever asks, he just claims to be too lazy and go to cut it instead of bossing people around. " honestly not...surprised."

yoongi rubs his own face mask into his skin, wrapping the plastic wrap into a neat little ball, before leaning over to grab younggi's. "project domesticate namjoon, wow. i'm into it."

"oppa!" younggi chirps up, her eyes suddenly rounder than usual when she looks at yoongi, who slowly stands up. "you know, since we can't talk in about five minutes, it's a perfect time for kdramas and ice cream and face masks!" she cheers loudly, and before yoongi can sputter out protest, younggi cuts him off. "hoseok-ssi already knows you like dramas, so can you get three spoons, neapolitan?"

there's a certain charm about younggi, the kind that sucks you in and makes it impossible to say no. yoongi looks conflicted, like he's going to step his foot down and take authority, but to both of their amusement, he ends up rolling his eyes and stalking out of the room. hoseok barely watches the back of yoongi's striped crewneck disappear before his thoughts are disrupted by a loud snap. 

"you know i really mean it when i saw not to hurt him, right?" younggi stares at him intently.

"of course. i wouldn't do a thing." hoseok manages to sound out, his face growing stiffer by the minute.

"i'm really serious. you're like, yoongi's first boyfriend."

hoseok chokes. "i. wait, really? you're not kidding?"

younggi narrows her eyes. "look, my dumb brother existed for like, 21 years, and no one really gave a shit about him, and then all of a sudden he dyes his hair and he has actually friends and somehow gains a boyfriend. so i'm just saying...please be nice towards him?"

wow, all of a sudden, it's like 500 tons of pressure was dumped on hoseok's head. 

"i don't know if you've noticed, but he's kind of...awkward. and he's never really dated anyone, so he's really bad with signals and timings and probably doesn't really know when to do what, so don't think he's naive or disinterested." younggi quips, head nodding in affirmation. 

he wants to say something back, but the mask has kind of hardened and tightened around his face, so he looks like he's just grimacing at younggi, which is totally not the intention. 

(luckily, younggi seems to understand; eyes crinkling up, she scoots back into mattress, picking up her phone like nothing ever happened.)

yoongi comes in a few seconds later, plopping down in the dead center of two of them as he hooks up his laptop and sets the carton in the middle. "hoseok, have you seen...goblin?"

he shakes his head, lips parted barely enough to slide the spoon of chocolate ice cream in.

both of the min siblings gape at him, a mixture of awe and disgust running through their faces. he swears that they're not just brother-and-sister; they're identical twins, judging from the way they gush about the drama. 




i have a really big emergency
is anyone on

what happened
are you okay

send me lives on candy crush
im out
i really wanna pass this level

It's 2017 Who Plays Candy Crush Anymore

joon does


domestically challenged
candy crush is great

wtf you're on level 7 you can't say it's great

listen some people improve slowly over time don't talk to him like that

domestically challenged
yeah hoseok

@Min Yoongi pls help defend me

yoongogo power rangers
hoseok is doing okay, i guess.

domestically challenged
"i guess"

baby : ((




"...did you that?"

"autocorrect, i swear, i didn't mean it, i—"

yoongi snickers lightly, hugging his backpack as his body jolts from the moving train. he leans into hoseok, chin comfortably pressed into his shoulders as he peers at the phone. "good luck covering that up to seokjin, baby," he drawls out mockingly, head turning to hide the stupid grin.

he's too cute to yell at, hoseok's heart bemoans.


i meant baby as in jk
bc u know he's a baby
help defend me

JUNKRAT u r not smooth. 
8:07 AM.

8:07 AM.

jimjam when r u telling sj hyung? i was gonna message something in the chat and jjk...
8:07 AM.

"kill me now," hoseok moans out, sliding down in the plastic seat. 

yoongi only laughs, patting the top of hoseok's head. "awh, do you want me to pull out the sword so that you'll feel better?"

hoseok squints at him. "you're actually considering killing me, ji yoon-tak?"

he stops laughing almost immediately, responding with a wrinkle of his nose. "yoon-tak? my god, hoseok, what are you, the hokkaebi, now?"

"and if you think about it, namjoon's like, the grim reaper—joonbin—and seokjin's sunny. seonny."

the older male looks absolutely repulsed, picking up his own phone and typing in something quick. hoseok's own phone vibrates once, before it follows a series of nonstop buzzing.



yoongogo power rangers
okay but did anyone watch the newest episode of goblin





"there, i saved you. no need to make terrible goblin jokes anymore." 

and before his mind processes that, he mumbles out "love you," to yoongi. god, no, this isn't the way he wanted it to go, he wanted some cute scenery and lovey dovey eyes staring at each other, sipping wine and sighing out dreamily like—

"love you, too," min yoongi says to jung hoseok on the train to seoul, a reply so quick that it gives hoseok whiplash over his heartstrings. 


winter break ends, and they settle back into their old routines. seokjin bakes welcome back cakes for everyone (with a little help from namjoon), tofu is returned back to his loving owners jimin and taehyung, namjoon hauls his bag back to the dorm, yoongi and hoseok unpack their things in their respective rooms, and jeongguk rushes to the bowling alley to meet "a friend".

they've really only spent like, three and a half days together, but it's enough content for a boy to dream. one day, they'll live together and be grossly domestic, wearing face masks and giggling like dumb idiots, and maybe they'll sit on the couch and eat takeout, or they'll watch videos of taehyung and jeongguk being stupid and laugh at them, or just. a variety of things, he likes to think.

life feels a lot more breathable now that he's able to kind of openly dote on yoongi, give him cute names and occasionally peck his cheek, and shit like that. 


"you know, i always wondered...why did you spontaneously dye your hair mint? it doesn't seem"

the two of them sit side-by-side on hoseok's couch, playing footsies with their striped socks. as much as he wants to wrap his arm around yoongi and tug him closer to him, he doesn't want to feel like they're moving too fast, and just lets his arm squish yoongi's. 

"mm..." yoongi hums out, his thumb flicking lazily over twitter. "it was, um, a dare. we were doing this group bonding thingy for welcoming committee, and our group decided to play truth or dare. and uh, i got dare...and we were kind of drunk, so one girl dared me to bleach and dye my hair mint, and i just...went with it?"

"you let a drunk girl bleach and dye your hair on the spot?"

"yeah, she was a medical student and couldn't dye her hair anymore, but had a bunch of leftovers, so...i did it. and seokjin said it looked nice, so i kind of kept it for a little longer than intended. look i make bad decisions when i'm drunk, okay—"

"you kissed me when you were drunk, i don't think that's a bad idea," hoseok counters quickly.

yoongi shoots straight up, mouth wide open. "i did not."

hoseok grins. "yeah, on halloween, you were like—hobi, hobi come here!" hoseok raises his voice, battering his eyelashes playfully. "and then i came over, and—that's all i can tell you."

the older male huffs, nudging hoseok. "what? no, you have to finish it, you can't just leave me hangin' like that!"

"then...i guess you should tell me what happened when i got drunk on the night of the summer party," hoseok throws out slyly, eyes shiftily looking over. 

"no deal."

"i guess, you'll never find out..."

"seok-seok," yoongi drawls out, playfully rubbing his shoulder against hoseok's in a very cat-like manner. wow, why is hoseok so weak for this concept, it's a terrible thing. 

"yoongi poongie," the younger mocks back, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. 

the blonde boy studies him for a few seconds longer, before pushing hoseok down so that his back his flat against the surface of the sofa, while yoongi sprawls out on top of him. he folds his arms on hoseok's chest, cheek smushed against them as he gazes earnestly at hoseok. oh god, he's actually sweating at how close their proximity is, and the fact that yoongi's having that ugly innocent-coy-smile isn't helping his case, either. hoseok is exactly three seconds away from combusting, and the fact that yoongi's lips are extra pouty when he talks aren't doing much better. "seok-seokkie, you should tell me what happened on halloween."

he's trying to think of all the ugly things in the world, like namjoon crying over not being able to slice an apple, in order to restraint himself from cupping yoongi's cheeks and making out with him profusely. or maybe the image of seokjin getting mad and chasing him around the kitchen with a spatula would be good too, that's good enough to scare the heebie jeebies out of hoseok and prevent him from doing something stupid like grinding against him and—

"i really think we should try out green smoothies, it's good prac—"

seokjin's walking in with namjoon, who immediately turns around to walk back out the door. hoseok jolts up, and with a loud shriek, yoongi tumbles down on the floor, phone clattering besides him. 

"hello there," he says, slowly, eyes blinking, grocery bags still swaying by his side. 

yoongi's head turns to peer underneath the sofa, while hoseok prays to a benevolent god out there to let him live another day, because he hasn't told yoongi "i love you" yet and therefore, can't die. 

"we, uh," yoongi stutters out, clearing his throat. "hoseok lost his keys and was panicking about them, so i decided to help him look."

( dear person in the heavens, thank you for giving me a smart boyfriend a m e n . )

"oh, really." seokjin arches an eyebrow, lips pursed together in a rather unamused mannerism. 

hoseok only laughs nervously, fishing around his pockets to subtly pull them out, hiding them in his sleeves as he shoves his hand deep into the cushions. "but you're here now, so should we, uh, all eat together? and maybe i'll somehow find it?"

seokjin smiles, and it's like elsa shooting icicles into hoseok's heart, making him freeze for 500 years until yoongi can sneak by and melt him by the power of love. (or maybe it's namjoon, and he'll use brotherly love to melt both the mildly evil ice king's heart and poor jung hoseok.) 

"it's been awhile since we've talked, hasn't it?"


hi! i'm 20, male, and i've been dating this guy for like, 2 months, and he's really cute and all, but i wanna ask him out on a date since we've never been on one. he's quiet, really introverted and kind of shy. how do i subtly ask him out without overwhelming him? is it too soon? and if you have any ideas, where should i take him?

hi! i'm 20, male, and i've been dating this guy for like, 2 months, and he's really cute and all, but i wanna ask him out on a date since we've never been on one. he's quiet, really introverted and kind of shy. how do i subtly ask him out without overwhelming him? is it too soon? and if you have any ideas, where should i take him?



how do i subtly ask yoongi on a date



is it too soon



should i wait instead

retaener teeth


do u think it's too soon to ask yoongi out

didn't u already date like 3 people prior to yoongi


yes but i need to be the perfect first boyfriend so pls help me out

why don't you just chill
like yoongi


I Have No Chill


cactus boy hey.
2: 46 PM.

cactus boy do you wanna go on a date?
2:46 PM.

cactus boy i'm bored, lol.
2:47 PM.


it's like yoongi understands him, somehow, despite being on the opposite scale of personality. 

they're both trudging through the snow, boots crunching the snow from beneath them. a starbucks date doesn't sound like much to most people, but to hoseok, it means the world. chattering animatedly, standing in a cozy line, ordering hot chocolate and sharing a croissant is rather romantic, in hoseok's eyes. they even take a selca, pink noses contrasting with the whiteness of the scenery. 

halfway through the quad, yoongi stops, his eyes fixated on the sight in front of him. hoseok stops with him, following his trail.

"is that...namjoon and seokjin?"

it's easy to spot seokjin in his pastel blue parka, limbs flailing wildly as he chases namjoon around a tree. namjoon's walking backwards, still facing him, wearing a puffy black jacket as he waves a snowball back and forth, as if it's going to intimidate seokjin. newsflash, it doesn't, and seokjin pelts him with a massive, snowball. 

yoongi's so absorbed in the sight that he doesn't notice hoseok backing away, slowly crouching to the ground and packing snow together to form a lopsided ball. the elder clicks his tongue, taking a sip of his drink."they're so childish, who even—"

before he can finish his words, hoseok throws the poorly-made snowball at yoongi. it collapses midair, sprinkling on yoongi's woolen trenchcoat instead. the blonde stands still, blinking in shock as snow clumps on his jacket. he's like a little snow fairy, hoseok thinks, with his golden halo of hair and his pale skin and the snow that accumulates on his eyelashes and face. he's dazed by the sight, and all he can think about is how good yoongi looks, and how hoseok needs to buy a dslr and be yoongi's #1 fansite. 

(gwangu to daegu, 9301391012 million followers on twitter.)

in the process of fantasizing, he doesn't notice yoongi crouching down and setting his starbucks cup down, doesn't notice him standing back up, doesn't notice him eyeing hoseok, until all of a sudden his brain short-circuits as coldness hits his face. 

yoongi emits a mortified wail, hobbling over through the snow. "oh my god, i didn't mean to hit you square in the face, i thought you'd move—"

(an angel!!!!!)

hoseok only responds by putting down his nearly-empty starbucks cup and grabbing two fistfulls of snow, smashing them together to form a repulsive lump. yoongi sees it and starts to turn away, but it's too late!! hoseok strikes!! and he scores!!! 

the angel that he calls his soulmate only laughs, and soon they launch into their version of a somewhat-flirty-somewhat-intense snowball fight, "ha! i got you!" mixed with "baby, i'm so, so sorry, did that hurt" mixed with "take that" and "seok-seok, are you okay, should i stop".

"i can't believe you four are having a snowball fight without us," comes a loud complaint, and hoseok and yoongi turn towards the direction. 

jimin, taehyung, and jeongguk look mildly mad and annoyed, their arms filled with what looks like tens and twenties of small, perfectly made, snowballs. 

"guess this means y'll gotta get punished!" jeongguk screeches, his arm already working itself on throwing the perfect snowball pitch. 

eyeing namjoon and seokjin slowly stumbling backwards, hoseok reaches out to grab yoongi's hand, interconnected their sleeves to form a long tunnel of warmth. "you know what we should do?"

his eyes gleam with mischief. "run."






u know the drill be there or b boRIINGG

@Min Yoongi have u ever been to a cypher club performance

yoongogo power rangers

@Jeon Jeongguk YOU HAVE TO COME TO

yoongogo power rangers!
i don't...know..

domestically challenged
awh hyung it's not that bad
you should come!!
you can always hang out in the back 
dont u wanna see us perform : (

i'll stay behind if you want, too, yoongi!
we can jam together, we can have fun.

p l s hyung : ((
@Jung Hoseok say something !!!!!

it would be really fun with you around, hyung!
but if you don't wanna, you should just come to the after party, it's just as good but with less people!

yoongogo power rangers!
okay, i'll go, but only because i like you guys.


: ) : ) 
we like you too hyung
but some of us like you a little more than just like
; )

can i bring a friend

boi who's this friend
boooooooyfriend? ;)

wtf no we're just friends
it's my coworker yug

please, if it was a boyfriend, we'd all know by now. 
as of now, this group chat is unfortunately full of single people.
: , ) 



....right. (3)

did i say something wrong????


usually, hoseok isn't nervous for cypher club performances. performance is built in his blood, it's what makes him live and gives him life. but today, it's not the audience, or the set, or the song choices; it's the fact that somewhere in that crowd, min yoongi is going to be standing there all awkwardly, all his attention focused on jung hoseok.

min yoongi is kind of his world, as of now, so it's basically the whole world looking at him, anticipating his performance. which makes sense as to why it feels so nerve-wracking. 

he hasn't seen yoongi all day, too busy rehearsing his songs and getting ready for the stage. 8 pm strikes, and here he stands on the sidelines, straightening his shirt. taehyung like usual, wearing a nikes headband and a jean jacket over his black wifebeater, mc-ing the whole show. hoseok unfortunately, can't spot yoongi from the low angle, but he can see jimin squeezing his was through the club until he's close to the front, eyes practically sparkling as he looks at taehyung. jimin always pulls off bomber jackets well, but a white bomber jacket makes him look exceptionally good; it's no wonder taehyung's direction keeps on gravitating towards jimin. 

after a few songs, jeongguk shows up with a tall boy around his height, both whispering to each other and laughing every couple of seconds. hoseok's aware that he's a pretty damn oblivious person, but there's no way in hell those two are "just friends".

"and now we got your favorite dynamic duo; give it up for j-mon!" taehyung yells into the mic, turning around to flash hoseok and namjoon a wink. 

he steps up, a hand running through his hair while his eyes quickly search the crowds. namjoon's absolutely stellar in the black choker and stussy t-shirt, hair gelled up nicely to give off that sleek "wet hair" kind of look, complimenting hoseok's casual and chic white supreme snapback and black souvenir jacket. he doesn't see yoongi, much to his disappointment, turning around to look away from the audience as he waits for the music to start.

it's okay if maybe yoongi's too overwhelmed to show up, after all, he's still a very reserved person and isn't into the loud and boisterous lifestyle hoseok lives in. he's wearing the 1994 sunflower boy jacket that yoongi made for him, and that's enough to show off to the world that "hey-look-how-cute-and-cool-my-boyfriend-is-he-made-a-souvenir-jacket-for-me". he's gotten a lot of compliments already, and whenever someone asks him where he got it from, he can't help but smile like an idiot and blurt out "my boyfriend made it," all proud and shit.

am i wrong, starts to blare out on the speakers, and it's cue for hoseok and namjoon to whip around, grins flashed at the crowd as namjoon dives into his verse. hoseok's body moves to the beat, limbs coiling around themselves while he bobs his head to the beat. his eyes flicker to peer at the crowd once more, and god, there he is. 

all the way in the far back, standing next to kim seokjin with the beige turtleneck and black motorcycle jacket, is min yoongi. min yoongi in an oversized stranger things sweater, sweater paws hitting seokjin (who turns around to complain probably) as he grooves to the music, min yoongi laughing as his head remains turned in hoseok's direction despite the little arch up when he tiptoes to whisper in seokjin's ear. min yoongi, who waves at him a little shyly, as if trying to constrain his excitement.

the world feels like it's spinning slowly, stage lights focused on yoongi and his bright eyes that stare at hoseok. namjoon finishes his verse, and hoseok takes a deep breath, raising the microphone to his lips, eyes blinking once to capture the image of the most precious boy in the world, before proceeding to spit out his lines in harmony with namjoon. 

yoongi is smiling, and he's like a little bud that sprouted out of the ground, stem wiggling back and forth to the rhythm of the music. the chorus kicks in and hoseok moves, keeping his eyes trained on yoongi as the older male imitates his moves (albeit poorly) and seokjin copies yoongi (resulting in a somewhat endearing cringe-fest.) his eyes divert over to namjoon, who's staring and grinning at seokjin with the whipped-est (if that was a word, namjoon's face would appear under as a prime example) facial expression that a human being can make. 

hoseok starts his verse, and to his amusement, yoongi isn't moving anymore; he's gazing at hoseok, seemingly "shook", his head still nodding as the ecstatic grin on his face grows tenfold with each line. he's so cute, hoseok is positively wheezing by the time he finishes, trying his best not to laugh on stage. 

they finish with namjoon whispering "are you ready for this" into the mic, drawing a handful of "hell yeahs" throughout the club. 

hoseok barely finishes turning off the mic when he's rushing  off the stage, placing it on the table and heading straight to yoongi. he's all gross and sweaty and a total mess, adrenaline rushing through and hormones running wild, but all he wants to do is meet up with yoongi and gush about how adorable he is, maybe kiss him and a little more than that, too. he weaves his way through the crowd until he can find yoongi pressed against the walls, wobbling into seokjin like a bowling pin that's ready to fall down. 

(their height difference is cute, and hoseok is mildly envious of them. he too, wants to tower over yoongi and look cool, but the most he can do is tiptoe and waver, and that's not very cool looking, sadly.)

he tries to catch his breath when he walks towards them, seokjin noticing him first and arching an eyebrow knowingly. he nudges yoongi, who turns around with a smile brighter than hoseok himself, if it was possible. 

"hey," he breathes out, siding up next to yoongi. 

"hi," yoongi murmurs out, a hand reaching out automatically to fix the collar of his souvenir jacket. "you were really good, just now.  do you, uh, want some?" he holds up a beer, half-empty. 

hoseok wants to kiss him, to stroke his hair and just ramble on freely, to kind of drag him around and introduce yoongi to his fellow clubmembers and go "oh hey this is dj-syub and we're a thing now, haha" . he wants to do a lot of things, like hold his hand and go on a lot of dates, fall asleep a little closer to his heartbeat, curl up in cypher room listening to his beats on a mellow tuesday afternoon. he wants to do a lot of grossly cheesy, domestic things like walk yoongi to class, and take him out of valentine's day, and just—be really gay. 

but then there's seokjin, who eyes him intently like he's about to pry hoseok apart every time he steps a little closer to yoongi. and honestly, it's kind of suffocating, the only barrier that keeps him away from yoongi. so, he shakes his head at yoongi, instead flashing him a small smile and squeezing his way to seokjin. he leans up, cups his hands around seokjin's ear, and whispers loudly:

"it's been six months, i wanna take the test."


"there's ten questions," seokjin huffs out, eyebrows furrowed together. "you can like, only get...3 wrong. it's mostly trivia based." 

yoongi waves the paper around with a wry smile, setting it down in front of hoseok. he leans in closer, lips brushing against hoseok's ear. "i kind of edited the questions so be easier, and added a bonus that should really help. if you fail the test, i still like you, so no pressure."

wow, like that's going to help.

"good luck! don't cheat!" yoongi chirps out, before dragging seokjin with him out of the room. 


  1. yoongi's birthday: 0309.
  2. yoongi's hometown: daegu
  3. yoongi's favorite color:

well shit, he doesn't remember this. 

  1. yoongi's favorite color: grey??black???white???
  2. yoongi's pet(s): kim busan the cat
  3. yoongi's major: computer science 
  4. yoongi's soundcloud alias: dy-syub
  5. yoongi's first plant: yoongi's favorite meme: favorite person out of maknae!line: 

it's clearly yoongi's writing.

  1. yoongi's first plant: yoongi's favorite meme: yoongi's favorite person out of maknae!line: jeongguk????????
  2. yoongi's favorite food person out of hyung!line: me ofc
  3. yoongi's siblings: when will namjoon and seokjin get together? probably in 5 years. 
  4. yoongi's favorite artists: what is yoongi's favorite nickname from jung hoseok: YOONGI POONGIE ❤
  5. bonus!!! worth 10 points to save your as if you completely failed everything else: when did we first kiss? new years. ❤❤❤

"i'm done!' he huffs out, legs kicking wildly as he awaits for the results. he's pretty confident in them, though, considering how easy they looked. 

yoongi and seokjin both peek out of the kitchen, with yoongi excitedly scrambling over, red pink already twirled in his hand. he plops down next to hoseok, legs swinging idly while his eyes trail over the paper. seokjin follows him leisurely, leaning against the kitchen table with an arched brow. 

"you got number three wrong for putting three answers—my favorite color is black."

okay, only one so far. not bad. 

"my favorite person is actually...seokjin..." he looks up to flash an apologetic smile towards hoseok. 

seokjin's stupid long torso leans over the counter, his thumb and index forming a check mark and sliding it under his chin to mark victory. haughty piece of shit. 

"i'm mildly offended," hoseok sulks. "anyone but him."

"would you rather me choose namjoon over you both?" yoongi arches an eyebrow.  

"...okay but—"

yoongi leans over to pat the top of hoseok head c o n d e s c e n d i n g l y , lips quirked up into a half-smile. "s'cause i've known seokjin longer, and he lives with me, so he puts up with more of my shit." 

seokjin wiggles his eyebrows from behind yoongi, a smug look on his face. "i'm main bae; you're side bae."

hoseok subtly sticks out his hand, giving him the middle finger. 

"five years...i thought that too...and no, my favorite nickname from you is not yoongi poongie. 

("wait, i didn't put that in there—"

"i did.")

"you're just a hater," hoseok huffs.  

yoongi scribbles out the answer and writes something on top of it; holding up the paper, hoseok can see the neat words, cactus boy, written next to the inky mess. the sight makes his heart swell up with pride, so think he thought of something stupid and still, yoongi found it adorable and liked it—jung hoseok is content.

"congrats, you passed with 70%!" he exclaims cheerfully. 

("that's not fair, you changed the test to make it easier," seokjin complains. both of them ignore him.)

"boo, you got the bonus wrong, though. "

hoseok furrows his eyebrows. "it wasn't new years?"

the older boy bites his cheek, keeping his face blank. "no."

"it wasn't halloween! halloween was just a cheek kiss!"

"i know."

("what do you mean kiss, i haven't heard about this?????")

he tries to think back of another time when he deliberately tried to kiss yoongi, but to his distress, he can't think of any. was that one memory that he never quite remembered...the day of the summer party...holy fuck

yoongi has a cheshire grin playing on his lips, his eyes twinkling as if he's sending a telepathic message to hoseok that he's correct. he lean further into the table, his face smushed endearingly against his hand to hide the stupidly cute "i know what you want to know" smile that hoseok wants to wipe off by smooching him super hard and making him all surprised. but as much as he wants to seem all neat and sauve and make yoongi look at him with googly sparkly eyes like wooooow hoseokie look so cool !!!, yoongi turns the tables by leaning (endearingly) wiggling his chair closer to hoseok, until they're only a few centimeters apart.

("hello, i exist? are you two deliberately deleting me from your thoughts? the disrespect, i swear!") 

"you know, hoseok. you don't have to try super hard to impress me, or like, try to be all perfect and shit," yoongi drawls out, eyes blinking ever-so-slowly.

"what do you mean—"

"don't overthink so much, silly." he exhales out, free hand playfully tapping the tip of hoseok's nose. "i know you try really hard to be the ideal boyfriend and all, making our firsts seem all iconic and stuff and trying to be all subtle, but i kind of like you best when you're all weird and spontaneous," yoongi admits with a light laugh. "so stop freaking out around me all the time and trying to decide what you should do at what time."

("i'm gonna leave you two nasties.")

oh, wow. clearly hoseok's been a lot more obvious than he would look, and he's kind of sad that he'll never be that super charming boyfriend that just needs to gaze into yoongi's eyes and whisper some cheesy lines to make him swoon. "i don't freak out around you," he tries to laugh it off, suddenly sweating profusely. 

the blonde-haired boy snorts, lips pursed together, obviously not buying hoseok's statement. "sure, seok-seok. it's not like your heart does cartwheels and your brain short-circuits whenever i look at your face, or anything."

hoseok flushes brightly. "okay, look, it's perfectly normal to be flustered around the guy you've been pining over for a half a year, alright?"

yoongi stares at him. "...hoseok...we're dating...why are you still flustered..."

"not really officially dating—"

"i call you my b o y f r i e n d."

"i'm sorry i get all nervous when i get around you, i just really like you, okay!"

there's a few minutes of dead silence, before yoongi bursts into laughter. he leans over to cup hoseok's cheeks, his chair wobbling in the process. hoseok shoots forward to place his hands down on the chair, keeping it steady, and in that precise moment of distraction, yoongi presses his lips square on hoseok's own and kisses him. 

and yoongi's right; his heart down cartwheels and his brain short-circuits, eyes wide in shock as fuzziness runs through his body and fills him up with a nice sort of warmth. yoongi half pulls away, face still hovering close to hoseok, head tilted to the side to observe him. 

"are you...feeling less nervous?"

dazed, hoseok nods repeatedly, his lips parted as he tries to relish whatever the hell just happened. 

yoongi is all prideful, teeth nipping his bottom lip as he has this triumphant look on his face, like wow look what i just did, i look all cool after making jung hoseok freeze on the spot like a high school girl receiving her first kiss and frankly, it's adorable. it makes hoseok want to kiss him, and so, with yoongi's wise words ringing in his mind and an image of shia labeouf screaming j u s t d o i t,

hoseok kisses him back. 

















you'll never believe what i just witnessed


@Kim Namjoon @Park Jimin @Jeon Jeongguk
kissed each other
love is in the air !!

i cant believe u made an announcemnet i thought it was important


we know

you're late lol

wait how do you know

they've been dating since like the fall i thought everyone knew this

@Min Yoongi @Jung Hoseok
@Kim Namjoon 

domestically challenged 
wow....they're dating????
i didn't know that

t h a n k y o u see i'm not alone on this 

joon pls pretend like i had no idea 
4:56 PM.

joon i'm in dire need of sj brownie points
4:57 PM.

[ B O N U S ]

"..okay. i kind of feel bad that you're working so hard, so i'm gonna give you an incentive." seokjin mumbles out, dumping the grocery bag full of apples onto the counter. "i'll kiss you for every apple you cut."

namjoon's cheeks glow, trying to hide his over-enthusiasm. "r-really, hyung?"

"yeah, i mean. i guess i gotta motivate you somehow, right?' seokjin's voice grows smaller with every word, the tips of his ears starting to blush a bright pink. 

he doesn't even hesitate, already grabbing a cutting board and an apple, washing it roughly before putting it on the table. seokjin jumps at the loud noises, seemingly alarmed by how quick namjoon's faring. he's kind of had enough one-on-one sessions with seokjin, and he can cut lettuce and tomatoes pretty decently, so apples shouldn't be that hard. his hand isn't like, shaking or anything when he picks up the knife, and he's certainly not afraid of cutting his thumb off.

namjoon's a 181 cm tall man who raps and makes all the ladies swoon, and he is definitely not afraid of cutting a stupid apple. 

he presses the knife in, thumb moving an inch away from the knife marking, before pushing down slowly. the further the knife sinks into the apple, the farther his thumb moves, and halfway through, seokjin makes a calm comment—

"jooniebug, your thumb is 5 kilometers away from the apple's core."

"i'm trying!" he huffs back, thumb fretfully moving back and forth against the apple's skin. taking a deep breath, he moves his thumb forward, and sinks the knife down.

he ends up cutting not only his apple, but also his fucking index, which was completely forgotten because he fretted so much over his thumb. there's blood seeping onto both the apple and cutting board, and namjoon's mildly shrieking as he tugs his hand away, clutching it as if it was a newborn baby. 

seokjin sighs, one hand rubbing his temple as grabs namjoon's wrist with the other and hauls namjoon over to the bathroom. "genius my grave, you're the most incompetent fool i've ever met," 

"i'm never going to date you and kiss you at this rate," he bemoans, head lolling back sadly as 500 scenarios of living a peaceful domestic lifestyle with seokjin gets stabbed into pieces with a knife. 

the older male stops abruptly, causing namjoon to bump into his shoulder. "that's what you're worried about? not that your finger is spilling blood?"

"i. i mean. yes, physically, i'm hurting right now, but mentally, it hurts even more, and—"

turning around, seokjin pecks his lips, pulling away quickly with a half-annoyed smile. namjoon instantly shuts up.  "stop crying you stupid nerd, you'll pass and i'll make you pass."


"i don't. wanna stay single for too long, anyways, so hurry up and learn," seokjin mutters under his breath, his cheeks tinted a pretty pink. 

namjoon stares at him, a broad grin spreading across his face. "you're really gonna stay single? and wait for me?"

seokjin rolls his eyes, only opening the medicine cabinet. there's a very silent moment as what appears to be a bag of half-eaten beef jerk falling into the sink, and namjoon trails his eyes up to be staring at what looks like a secret stash of unhealthy junk food. 

"...i can explain."




Chapter Text


the first time they meet, it's embarrassing.

it's unintentional; he's rushing to class and all of a sudden, there's this thing lying on the floor and blocking his way. of course he trips, and of course he's sorry about it, and he wishes he could make a proper apology, but he's so embarrassed about this awkward scenario that he ends up mumbling a weak "sorry", before scampering off like a frightened mouse.

he hopes that he never meets that person again, so that they'll never call him out and bring up this terrible memory.


the second time they meet, things are kind of...interesting.

he's not really a fan of approaching people, but his cactus is important, and so he picks up the courage to walk to the greenhouse on an early tuesday evening, fingers rubbing against the side of the terra cotta pot.

"um—excuse me?"

"hello, yes, public officer of green committee, botanist major, protector of plants, jung hoseok here," he mutters out monotonously. "how can i help you?"

he's kind of intimidating. maybe yoongi should turn and leave, google how to take care of your dying cactus and pray to the gods. or maybe seokjin can help, since seokjin's a doctor and all. "i, um..."

"yes?" shit, he's annoyed, and yoongi kind of wants to abort the mission and sink back into the ground. he certainly doesn't want to bother the other if they're busy, but it's already too late; they're waiting on him for an answer.

"i think my cactus is dying." silence. "i kind want to save it. if—it's possible."

hoseok looks up, and he has a starstruck look on his face. yoongi blinks repeatedly, not quite sure of what to say, so he just repeats himself. "is it—is it too late?"

"did you say that was a cactus?" he cocks his head to the side and stands up.

yoongi nods curtly. "my roommate," (goddamn you, kim seokjin.) "told me to get a plant. so i got this cactus in chinatown—the seller said it was from california."

"...that's not a cactus. that's a darlingtonia californica."

what the fuck is that.

"...also known as the cobra lily. y'know. carnivorous plant. eats flies and meat."

what the fuck.

"so, um, is it too much for you? i guess i can find a place to take care of it."

eying the plant warily, yoongi holds it out in front of him. "i—are they hard to care for? i mean, i i might as well."

hoseok beams, hands clapping together. "not really! just water it, feed it meat (like hamburgers, or bugs, or just stuff you eat) once a week—don't stick anything else in its leaves, and it'll thrive. you might have to changer pots if it gets bigger, but just—keep it in light. treat it like a regular plant."

yoongi would give it away, but he spent a good chunk of cash on that stupid plant, so he might as well toughen up and take care of it. if anything, he can always blame seokjin. "i guess. i can't abandon it." he says, shoulders sagging.

"if you need help taking care of it, you can always call me! did i give you my name? it's ho—"

"— seok, public officer of green committee, botanist major, protector of plants," yoongi mumbles offhandedly, before drawing his arms back in. "i think i'll be okay." he hums out, shuffling his feet together. "thanks for letting me know, hoseok. i'll drop by if i need anything."

he turns to go, stopping at the sound of hoseok's frantic words. "it's nothing! nice meeting you, um—uh—i don't know your name—" and god he sounds so awkward and gross and—

yoongi doesn't think this is really necessary, as they'll probably never talk again. nevertheless, he gives it out anyways. "yoongi. it's yoongi." a pause. "it's nice to meet you too."


the third time they meet, it's kind of...weird.

"h—hi, yoongi!" hoseok yells, his voice cracking, free hand waving wildly.

yoongi looks up from the floor, footsteps coming to a stop as blank eyes stare inquisitively at him. he's not quite sure why this over-enthusiastic boy is greeting him when they barely know each other, but to be polite, yoongi returns the gesture.

"hi, hoseok."

and then he walks to class.


things get kind of weirder from there. yoongi starts seeing him everywhere, all of a sudden at his door, on his way to class, at the bustop, at the cafe, and on the bus. it's like some disease that spreads everywhere from initial contact. yoongi is mildly concerned, but hoseok doesn't seem to have any bad intentions, so yoongi doesn't say anything about it.

" you want to sit?" comes an awkward question, yoongi's eyes flickering back and forth between the empty seats up front and the one next to him, his hands already grasping the straps of his backpack. he's not quite sure why hoseok would choose to stand when there's about twenty empty spots, perhaps he doesn't like to be alone, enjoying the company of others. (which is ironic, considering yoongi is possibly the worst companion that one could find.)

"no!" hoseok shoots down his question quickly. well, jesus, okay then. "i mean—i—i like to stand, you know, keep the circulation going," he babbles on, a hand reaching out to grab the metal pole above. "i just—saw you! sitting alone and i, thought i'd drop by to say hi—coincidental, isn't it, hah."

yoongi only shrugs, hands releasing the bag to rest on his orange textbook. the bus lurches forward, and hoseok looks like he's struggling.

yoongi rests his head against the window, gazing outside. he likes watching the scenery, how people pass by so peacefully. it would've been relaxing for yoongi, if only he didn't find himself locking eyes with hoseok every three seconds. it would be kind of rude to call him out on it, because there's always a possibility that hoseok's looking in the same direction he is, and the last thing yoongi would want to do is to wrongly accuse him of...staring.

the bus turns sharply; one moment yoongi is looking at the sidewalks, the next minute, hoseok's face is in full view as his body sprawls across yoongi's lap. to make matters worse, hoseok is gazing at him intensely, and yoongi feels like it's deja vu. like, he's been in this scenario before, where they gazed at one another intently, and—oh. he's the guy yoongi tripped over.

oh, shit.

he wants to melt into the ground, hoping that hoseok doesn't remember him from a few weeks earlier. hoseok still hasn't moved, eyes still dazed, and oh my god, what if he realizes the same thing that yoongi realized—and then he'll talk about it—and—yoongi coughs hot air billowing into hoseok's face in a desperate attempt to distract him.

"i'm so sorry, it was unintentional, i swear, i didn't—"

eyes diverted to the floor, yoongi leans over to hook his arms over his backpack and tug it onto his lap, leaving the seat empty. "i think you should sit down." he says, trying to keep his voice steady. he's positively vibrating, trying his best to not seem nervous.

hoseok nods his head repeatedly, taking a seat next to yoongi. yoongi attempts to pretend that nothing happened.

which is easy, until yoongi catches the reflection of hoseok's phone on screen, and reads the words: I WANTED TO KISS HIM TO BAD

surely. it's not. him, right?

I WANT TO KNOW HIM MORE AAAAAHHH's not yoongi, it can't be. they have zero connection, no moments with each other. they're simply strangers that happen to bump into each other, yoongi wants to think, ignoring the sight of hoseok's eyes drilling holes into the side of yoongi's head. it doesn't make sense, why jung hoseok would ever show interested in min yoongi, the most boring person to exist since the beginning of time.

the bus comes to a stop in front of the university, and yoongi turns his head to glance at hoseok. "my stop's here."

"oh—okay—" hoseok mumbles, scooting out of the seat to allow yoongi into the middle.

he takes a few steps forward, before turning back. "you're not going to class?"

"nah, my stop's a little ahead; i'm going to...a...bakery! great drinks, really craving."

and he's contemplating whether or not to call hoseok out on his weird staring and text messages, but yoongi likes to give it the benefit of the doubt in order not to make things awkward. "photograph by offonoff is also really nice, if you haven't listened to it." he says instead, before turning around and walking out of the open doors.


"hi," hoseok mumbles, cheeks a bright pink.

"hi," yoongi says back, hardly audible.

hoseok makes a smart decision to sit behind him, today. yoongi applauds inside his mind.

it makes things less awkward for him, enabling him to relax a little more, and it's not long before the lull of the bus pulls him to sleep. until they hit a pothole and yoongi jolts awake. his eyes flicker open, sleepily finding himself gazing at hoseok's reflection through the bus window, a dreamy look in his eyes as he leans into the edge of the bus seat. he looks terribly dorky, and for some odd reason, yoongi finds it endearing.

he bites back a small smile, diverting his attention down to his lap.


it's been one hour, and yoongi can only make out the first 3 digits of hoseok's phone number. it's not that his handwriting is ugly, or unreadable, it just...doesn't look korean. yoongi's eyes divert back and forth between the sweater and the poorly-written scrap of paper, before giving up and knocking on seokjin's door.


"i can't read this."

seokjin snatches the paper away from his hands, head tilting to the side as he studies the writing. "you know, this really looks like hoseok's handwriting. it just...speaks out to me."

"what are you, a shaman?" yoongi snorts.

lips pursed together, he leans over to grab a pen, smoothing out the crumpled sheet of paper as he begins to decipher the mess. "don't mock me and my spiritual connections, yoongi. you'll come begging for me to read your future one day."

"i doubt you could get it right."

eye twitching, seokjin yanks yoongi's hand, fingers rubbing against the crevices in his palm. "i...i see...a lot of sudden coincidences...a ray of light is about to change your life..."

jung hoseok?

seokjin squeezes his hand, suddenly leaning in closer. "so, have you like, been meeting up with a so-called 'jung hoseok' a little more often than usual?"

what the fuck. there's no fucking way seokjin should know that—there's no way he has any spiritual connections or can see the future or shit like that, considering he's the most rational person on earth. kim seokjin believing in spirits is like, min yoongi becoming a buddhist monk. it's not possible. scandalized, he withdraws his hand, pretending not to be shook at seokjin's accuracy. "no," he huffs out. "you're terrible at bullshitting."

the great thing about kim seokjin is that he's super dense, despite having really big brains. the older male pouts, bottom lip jutted out as he turns back to the chicken crawl "are you sure that you two haven't been meeting? do you even know what he looks like?"

kind of short, weird-mouth-cheek-dimple things (honestly, yoongi's not sure where they're located), messy black hair, and a smile that can power a city. yeah, that's jung hoseok.

"i've seen him around," yoongi throws out vaguely, childishly not wanting to prove seokjin right.

"huh, that's odd," seokjin hums out, before clicking his pen.

"do you like, know him or something?"

"yeah...we kind of, uh, share a best friend."

"share a best friend? what the fuck is that supposed to me—"

"here," the other jabs the paper at his chest, cutting him off short. "i think the last number is a five, but it could also be a six, or even a weird eight. i tried my best, if it's the wrong number, then blame whoever gave you the paper.

yoongi takes the paper, tucking it in his hands. "thanks, hyung."

"wow, you're such a snake. you only use honorifics when you want something from me," seokjin scowls, swiveling in his chair.

blowing him a kiss, yoongi grins as he turn around, pulling out his cellphone to text the number while he walks back to his room.

jung hoseok(?)

is this hoseok's number?

hoseok replies by the time yoongi settles back in his back in his bed.

yeah, it's hoseok.
is this yoongi?
: )

hi, yes, this is yoongi.
i finished sewing your hoodie.

when are you free? i can come by the apartment to pick it up.

yoongi's about to question "how the fuck do you know my apartment", because not to be mean, or make any assumptions, but it sounds like hoseok's stalking him and that's a little. creepy. then again, seokjin did say they share a best friend, so maybe yoongi's just highkey overreacting, and that's probably how hoseok knows about yoongi and seokjin being roommates.

or maybe hoseok's like, a sasaeng.


i get out of class after one, then i'm home.

i get out at three, so i'll bus straight there.

okay. just tell me about ten minutes before you come.

alright, see you tomorrow, yoongi!

see you.


he's so enthusiastic. yoongi's wondered if he should be worried.


jung hoseok(?)
i'll be there in 10! i'm getting on the bus!


things probably would've been better if busan didn't decide to attack his fucking plant at the last 2 minutes, causing him to screech in distress as he attempts to cut in between the feud between the two stupid organisms. by the time he successfully detaches the cat away from the plant, the doorbell buzzes, and yoongi rushes out of the hall to open the door, busan squirming around in his arms. fuckfuckfuck this is so embarrassing he looks like a mess. trying to calm down, yoongi sucks in his breath and forces out a small: "oh, hoseok. hi."

"h-hi," hoseok stutters, and wow, yoongi isn't the only nervous mess around here. it's kind of sadistic, but it actually makes him feel a little better about himself.

"my arms are full of this lazy lump right here, but rest assured, cat hair isn't on your jacket." yoongi drawls out, swiveling on his heels to walk away from the door. he winces internally at home ugly he sounds right now, like some cheap host trying to show hoseok his not-that-great pad.

"thanks," hoseok mumbles, collecting it in his arms. "what happened to your plant?"

"busan kept on trying to poke at it, so i had to take it to my room and lock it for the sake of both of their health."


"this." yoongi announces nonchalantly, lifting up the cat.

"you named your cat after a city?" he sounds condescending. "sorry, it's just—"

yoongi sighs out, one hand stroking the cat's fur. goddamn seokjin for naming the stupid cat busan, because now they always have to explain why their cat isn't given some cute name like "soonshim" or "sashimi" or something but instead, it's named after a city. busan, out of all the cities, which isn't even a nice-sounding word. he launches into a vague explanation about their "gay friendship trip", pausing to breathe, the faint shade of pink coloring his face, "yeah."

goddammit, he's rambling, and now he probably looks stupid in front of jung hoseok.

hoseok stares at him, (wow, yoongi, way to go, he silently wails, now hoseok thinks you're a weirdo!!!) before he looks down and starts to rummage around in the pockets of his varsity jacket. after a few seconds, he pulls out a ticket, sliding it over. "the showcase for all male choreo is tonight, at 7, and, um, this is kind of like a thank you card? i choreographed the opening routine, so you should totally come! you know, if you're free, and all, um, yeah." he croaks out, rubbing the nape of his neck.

it's yoongi's turn to stare at him, not really knowing how to respond. it's not that he doesn't like being asked to go to social outings, because realistically, it's a nice thing to do, but it's the fact that he's hardly ever asked to go. the fact that jung hoseok, some guy he barely knows, is asking him—

ohmygodishetryingtoaskmeout? yoongi's half panicking now, because wow, this is a whole new situation. the dating territory isn't something yoongi ventures in, and all of a sudden comes this guy who causally barges in yoongi's life and is all asking him out and shit. hoseok straightens up abruptly, and it startles the yoongi, who shrinks back into the corner of the kitchen.

"um, it was pleasant seeing you, as always," he says a little formally, (scratch that, he's not hitting on yoongi) taking steps backwards. "thanks, again, for the hoodie, it looks great! see, you, you should come, if you want, i'm not forcing you or anything, but it'd be nice, you know, um, yeah," hoseok babbles on, before turning around and rushing to the door, slipping on his shoes and hurrying out of the room.

okay so, maybe yoongi's mildly overthinking, and maybe jung hoseok is genuinely a nice guy that wants to show yoongi his gratitude by giving him a free ticket. maybe jung hoseok's just some dude who finds yoongi kind of cool and wants to be friends with him, and that's fine. that's kind of bizarre, as yoongi has no idea why anyone would want to be friends with him, but it's fine. yoongi should make a new friend, too, considering it's senior year and kim seokjin's going to be bored of how clingy he is.

okay. yeah. yoongi will go, then. friends support friends, right? kind of? sort of?

busan yowls, head turning to stare at him with a knowing look.


ohgodohgodohgod, he's late, he's late, fuck, stupid bus schedules. yoongi can hear the music playing already, and he'd feel so awful if he missed out on the intro that hoseok so-carefully-emphasized.

baby coming home, MYK's soft voice rings out, and yoongi pushes the doors and steps in, cringing at how much light spills into the dark theater. people turn their head and stare at him, and his head ducks sheepishly as he looks around for an empty seat, succeeding in scoring the seat in the far corner.

arm movements here and there, capturing the audience' attention with each flourish, and yoongi finds himself hypnotized as hoseok jerks backwards, he's no dance critic, or knows anything about dance, but wow, that was really fucking good. maybe it's simple to dancers, but yoongi swears that if he ever attempted at it, he'd look like an ugly chicken.

eyes wide and lips parted open, yoongi finds himself nodding along to the beat, his eyes trailing over the whole crew, and occasionally landing on hoseok.

they finish eventually finish, and a couple of the guys group together in front of the stage, introducing themselves one by one. hoseok stands up, and says: "hello, i'm jung hoseok, your hope!"

it's kind of gay, but it's cute, so yoongi supposes it's justifiable.

they talk a lot, but yoongi's not paying attention; his eyes are focused on jung hoseok and how good (wow that sounds gay) he looks, in gray joggers and a stussy jacket. he looks like a nice/friendly fuckboy, the kind of guys that look really attractive but actually approachable.

(there's also a lot of cute guys in the dance crew, and yoongi's wondering why he's missed out these past few years. then again, someone as antisocial as him wouldn't ever have a chance with any of them. maybe the closest he'll ever get is a facebook friend request.)

the dances and the music start again, and yoongi's moving around in his own little space without realizing it, mouthing the lyrics and awkwardly shuffling around to the beats.

a slow song comes up, and yoongi calms down, only nodding his head and singing along silently. there's a sudden rustle of movement next to him, and it causes yoongi to glance over and jump, hands flying up to clutch his chest. he clears his throat, glancing back and forth between the empty seat next to him and hoseok.

now, it's kind of awkawrd for him and frankly, yoongi would've preferred to enjoy this showcase alone, where he can be free to jam along without any judgment—especially from a choreographer. but moving would be kind of rude, considering hoseok gave him these tickets, and so yoongi decides against it.

hoseok breaks the ice. he leans over towards yoongi (which, unfortunately triggers his social defense system and results in him stiffening) and whispers: "you actually came! i didn't think you'd come."

yoongi nips his bottom lip, before slowly turning to face him with a serious look on his face. "i—i wasn't planning to come, but it'd be a waste of tickets and i didn't know who else would want them, so um, yeah. i had nothing to do, so might. might as well come." he mumbles, before shrinking back into his seat. which is mostly the truth. mostly.

"is this your first showcase?" yoongi nods, albeit hesitantly. "you've been at this school for how long, and you didn't come to any of the great performances? i'm mildly offended," hoseok teases, clearly trying to be friendly.

"senior year makes you do things." yoongi shrugs, tentatively.

"you're a senior? i thought we were the same age?!" well shit, hoseok isn't a senior?

"what are you, a freshman?"

"i'm a junior," he squawks indignantly, and yoongi laughs at how endearing he is. (but really, yoongi lowkey thought he was a senior all this time.)

he clears his throat, gazing at hoseok sternly. "is that so? i guess you have to call me hyung."

"okay, yoongi hyung." he says with a cheeky grin. what a brat.

yoongi's eyes travel back to the stage to watch, nodding along to the beats, stopping once he catches hoseok's gaze on him. there's that stupid feeling again, where yoongi's stomach twists and pulls, and he isn't sure if hoseok's romantically interested in him, or he's just amused by yoongi's tactics as a friend. kind of like what seokjin does, sometimes. and so, he's not sure if he should call out hoseok, and be like "hey bro i know ur staring at me lmao do u like me" or if that would make things awkward, as hoseok would recoil back in horror and tilt his head to the side like "bro i'm trying to be ur friend because u look pitiful and lonely" and yoongi would melt to the ground in shame.

he ends up saying nothing, and they watch side by side, occasionally brushing arms if one of the shift, and if someone viewed from afar, it's probably the most painfully ambiguous things in the history of two-people-together, and it somewhat bothers yoongi how blurred the lines are between flirting and casual contact.

he gets up to leave, and yoongi looks up questioningly. hoseok gives him an apologetic smile, leaning in to whisper "i have to go, my solo's coming up."


yoongi waves his hand, positioning at his waist so that it isn't very obvious, and hoseok waves back, and slipping away to go change.

it takes a moment, but yoongi decides that they're friends, and that he's just delusional.


yoongi hyung!
i heard seokjin's not coming home : (((


yoongi's in the middle of lying down on the bed and making bad life choices, such as clicking on the first episode of a 5-season tv series.


yeah, he told me.

is there food? ;o do you know how to cook?

i have basic survival skills. ramen it is.


hes kind of naggy, like seokjin.


oh, that's good. tbh, if i lived with seokjin, i would never know how to cook.
i'd just eat. : )

me, all the time.


yoongi shuts off his phone and turns back to his laptop, clicking play. to his annoyance, his phone buzzes again a few minutes later.

hey, can i drop by? i have extra carp bread, and i wanna leave some for you and seokjin
especially since he's kind of stressed and all.

isn't it late?

nah, this is nothing for me.
i'll uber. : )


it's kind of rude to say no to such a thoughtful gesture.


i mean..i guess.







twenty minutes later, there's a knock on the door.

"hey," yoongi mumbles, stepping aside. hoseok slides his shoes off, shuffles to the kitchen, and places the warm carp bread down. "those are custard, those are red bean, those are taro," he points to the three divided bags. "i got some for, um, you."

yoongi blinks, mouth open. "oh, you didn't need to—"

"eat up with me!" he adds cheerfully.

yoongi thought this would be a drop-off-delivery-and-dash. not a social party. he opens his mouth to protest, before reaching out for the red bean carp bread, nibbling on it. they munch in resumed silence, yoongi looking everywhere but hoseok, hoseok (trying to be subtle but failing) with his sneak glances. the ice isn't broken until something clatters on the floor, causing yoongi to widen his eyes and scramble out with a loud yell of "kim busan!"

he's scrambling back to his room, only to witness the piece of shit dipping his paw into the hole of the poor plant, clearly harassing it.

"dari didn't conset to your nasty filth, you dumb cat," yoongi snaps, causing the cat to shrink away, tail flickering as if it wasn't guilty of messing around, when yoongi clearly said no 500 times. "i told you to leave the plant alone! that thing can eat you!" he growls, on arm sliding around the cat, and lifting it to his chest. " i swear to god, you're such a troublemaker, i should've never spoiled you the other day, you don't deserve this." he rants, pressing busan tight to his chest as he makes his way down again. "dari doesn't deserve your harassment." comes a huff, as yoongi emerges from the hallway, his lips pouty and annoyed. busan, uncaring as ever, leans over to lick yoongi's carp bread. what an asshole.

glancing back at hoseok, who looks like he's enjoying yoonig's misery, the older male flushes lightly, lifting the cat up to hide his face. "cats and flesh eating plants don't go together well. i should've gotten a spiky cactus."

"the combination can't be that bad." hoseok reprimands.

yoongi's jaw drops, peeking back out from behind the lazy lump. "are you kidding me? you don't even know how troublesome it is, trying to keep your cat from lodging its paw in the hole."

"tell me about it."

a hand reaching out for a taro carp bread, yoongi takes a bite out of it, chewing thoughtfully before he talks. "one time, i came home—and this is when dari was still on the sink—and found the cat trying to dip its paw in, and i freaked out so much, that seokjin had to put the plant in the cat carrier—can you believe it? he values the cat more than my poor, defenseless cat! (i mean, it's not defenseless, but still!) and i had to literally guard the poor plant until i could carry it safely to my room, and even then the evil thing was still trying to attack my poor dari..."

hoseok props his arm on the counter and watches him talk, his cheek smushed against the palm of his hand, and yoongi trails off once he realizes hoseok's not really listening; he's staring at yoongi with this dreamy look in his eyes, and yoongi doesn't know how to respond to it. his words become slower and smaller, and still, hoseok seems hypnotized by this stupid image of yoongi ranting about a lame plant and cat.

theoretically, yoongi doesn't have any charm or appeal, so he doesn't see why anyone would be romantically interested in him, much less someone as cheerful and hyper as jung hoseok, who looks like he could persuade anyone into dating him (including much better candidates).

"it's, um, getting late. you should probably go home." yoongi mumbles out, awkwardly, eyes flickering to stare at his cat.

hoseok takes a look at the clock. "oh, yeah. i should."

yoongi's resumes back to his usual, quieter self, not quite sure what to say or how to take this in. hoseok shuffles out the door, and yoongi trails behind him, busan placed down on the floor.

shoes slip back on, jacket zips up. hoseok steps outside, turning to look at him a final time. "we—" he croaks out, clearing his throat, shoulders rolling backwards. "we—should do this more often. it was fun, hyung."

hoseok stands his ground and waits, looking expectantly at yoongi, and it totally doesn't sound like a cheesy k-drama line or anything. totally. it's not like an invitation for another meeting like this, where hoseok just stares at him like he's found "the one" and yoongi pretends to be oblivious, kind of nervous and confused like some high school girl from a cheesy anime.

but truth to be told, yoongi kind of likes hanging out with hoseok, even if he doesn't understand hoseok's intentions and acts all awkward around him. he likes how comfortable he can slowly become with hoseok, even if they're not talking about anything deep or personal, and he likes how fun hoseok can be. it's a contrast to his boring, drab life of introverted computer science majors, and it's kind of nice. so honestly, yoongi does like spending time with him, and he wouldn't mind growing closer to hoseok (despite the fact that jung hoseok is occasionally kind of creepy.)

"...yeah. yeah, we should."


yoongi eventually learns that "kim seokjin and jung hoseok's shared best friend" is kim namjoon, a dorky third year architecture student, and that he's yoongi's cooking partner, and a terribly incompetent cook.

"coconut milk, namjoon, not cow milk, jesus—"

"listen, i study shapes and design, not food," namjoon complains as he pours the milk inside the bowl and somehow spills part of it outside. yoongi snickers lightly, proceeding to slide his chopped up potatoes into the bowl.

there's something easy-going about kim namjoon that makes it easy to mellow out and talk to him. it's like, walking weed. kim namjoon is literally the human embodiment of marijuana. it's nice that yoongi paired him up with namjoon; makes things easier to work with, as yoongi literally directs him on what to do and he just complies.

a wild shriek fills in the air, causing yoongi to look up. hoseok's laughing next to seokjin, hand waving it off or something, while seokjin looks like he's clearly annoyed as he applies ointment on hoseok's skin. yoongi is mildly concerned, but namjoon wails quietly, and his eyes direct back to what looks like a burning pot.

"oh my god, what did you do—why is there no water in the post, my god, this is basically potatoes and air— "

"it was taking too long, so i just turned up the heat and when i came back, this happened—"

yoongi's half-laughing, half-internally-dying as he stares at the potatoes, practically stuck to the bottom of the pot. " know, you're something, namjoon."

things flow rockily, but manageable: yoongi attempts to fix namjoon's mishaps, until things become terrible as yoongi (accidentally) messes up, and the two of them end up squeaking at seokjin for help. seokjin walks over with an annoyed cloud over his head as he has to help joon, yoongi meets hoseok's gaze and the two of them stare back at their chicken, flustered. mainly because, wow, is hoseok watching his demise? this isn't something worthy of being noticed.

seokjin's teaching namjoon how to cut onions paasive-aggressively (which is quite the sight), his hands sliding around namjoon's ones as they cut down. namjoon has the ecstatic, shy smile of content on his face as he wiggles backwards into seokjin, and it's kind of cute, despite the fact that seokjin and namjoon are hogging up nearly 3/4 of the workspace, leaving yoongi inching to the edge of the table. yoongi raises his head up, trying his best not to notice how intently hoseok is looking at him instead of the adorable sight besides him. he's 60% sure that hoseok may or may not be into him (as weird as it sounds), but there's always chance for variables.

"okay, it's time to start the taste-testing session!"

namjoon nudges yoongi and points at hoseok's dish, mumbling the fact that he "doesn;t know anyone else in the room" and "would rather not approach a random stranger". yoongi's never related to anyone as strongly as he has to kim namjoon.

"hey, uh, do you—wanna try it?" hoseok mumbles offhandedly, eyes staring at the ground. is he nervous? he shouldn't really, yoongi muses to himself. after all, it's just yoongi and namjoon.

"it looks like you ejaculated curry all over the rice. seokjin said a drizzle—that's nothing close to a drizzle."

the statement causes yoongi to snort loudly, but regardless of the sexual comment, yoongi spoons the rice and curry and takes and bite of it anyways.

"it's actually really good," yoongi hums out genuinely, taking another bite for good measure.

"why don't you cook like this at home?" namjoon complain, swallowing to flash him a wry grin. "this stuff is bomb, hobi."

"hobi?" it's cute. yoongi peers curiously at hoseok.

"it's, um, my nickname," hoseok explains hastily. "hope, hobi."

"ah.." yoongi nods slowly, just as seokjin announces for them to clean up. "hobi," he drawls out slowly, and there's a nice, clean ring to it.

(hobi, hobi, hobi, hobi. brrrrrAH i got broads in atlanta. yoongi winces at himself.)


the plan was supposed to be this: kim seokjin introduces yoongi to two of his really good friends over dinner, so that yoongi gets more friends, and can kind of stop being an antisocial piece of trash for the rest of his life.

"...hey, hyung?"

seokjin turns to face face yoongi, trying to keep the smile on his face as he ignores the look of terror on hoseok's face. "yeah?"

" didn't tell me there was going to be four other people at out dinner tonig—"

the plan goes like this, instead:


"oh my god, shut up tae, that's not even funny—" jimin sulks, punching his arm in a playful manner.

orange-head drags yoongi over to the table, patting the chair repeatedly. "hi, you're yoongi, right?"

("hyung!" seokjin adds in, but no one really pays attention to him.)

yoongi nods, clearly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people. his eyes drift across the room to settle on a stranger in the corner, who looks like he wishes he had the power to become invisible. yoongi relates to this stranger.

they introduce themselves one by one, with him half-paying attention to each, until orange-haired-kid points straight at the stranger who turns out to be none other than hoseok himself, mustering a somewhat-awkward-stone-face at yoongi. it's kind of confusing. "jung hoseok, botany major, mr. popular over here," the kid croons out.

yoongi gives him a small smile, because hey, at least he knows one other person here.

some more introductions go around, until all eyes are on him, and he feels kind of nervous. "...min yoongi," he throws out shyly, hardly loud enough to hear, "senior, computer science. it's...nice to meet you all."

orange-haired-boy is beaming, sliding off the table to land delicately on his feet. "it's nice to meet you too, yoongi hyung," he drawls out slowly, a sweet smile curling upwards.

it breaks the silence; and things go back to the way they were before; yoongi exhales sharply, drawing out laughter from jeongguk. orange-haired-kid, who yoongi thinks is jimin, continues to talk to him, clearly in an attempt to warm him up, not wanting to make things any more difficult, yoongi complies, and slowly integrates himself in their tight-knitted circle.

throughout the hour, yoongi can't help but glance towards hoseok, noticing how shy and quiet he's become, much unlike his usual personality. he doesn't want to make any assumptions, but perhaps it's the yoongi's presences that's making him all...weird.

it's even harder to ignore that possibility when hoseok blushes right after they meet eyes, suddenly choking on his food and avoiding yoongi like the plague.


hey uh
are you free tonight??


yoongi stares at his phone, inhaling sharply. he's tempted to write boi, if you wanna hookup...but maybe hoseok's feeling bored and just wants to hang out, or some platonic gay friendship stuff.


i'm always free. it's just a matter of whether i want to physically move or not.

film club is hosting a summer movie night near the north side of campus. you know, typical big white screen plus a projector? i don't have anyone to go with, so i was wonderin if you'd be willing...?


ISTHISADATEISTHISADATEAREYOUASKINGMEOUT, yoongi's brain shrieks, suddenly crouching further down inside his cranial cavity. because, honestly, a date would be fun. hoseok's a nice guy, and yoongi would love to break the so-called "computer science majors can't get a date and remain single for life" myth. which is. somewhat accurate.



do you know what's going to be played?


the japanese animation?


hn...okay. yeah, sure, i'm down. time?

9 pm.

alright. i'll see you, then.

okay. : )



if a person sends you a smiley face after lowkey flirting with you
whats that supposed to mean.


excuse me??

U R .

that's so rude wtf.


that's so gay
and i downloaded

CLAP CLAP CLAP tell me when u do the frick frack so we can celebrate yoongi not being a lil baby virgin anymore


if they send you a : ) it's platonic friendship
if they send you a ;) then they're trying to score your ass.


in conclusion: yoongi's dumbass mind has jumped ahead again.


yoongi's wearing his usual blue souvenir jacket when he steps off the bus, and like a dedicated puppy, hoseok's standing by the stop looking around all lost. "you really didn't have to wait—"

"i wanted to." he blurts out, a hand rubbing the nape of his neck. "i didn't have anything better to do, anyways."

how touching. yoongi bites back a lame wow-no-one's-ever-done-that-for-me-before comment, instead, diving straight to the point. "north end, right?"

''..yeah, yeah. north end."

they talk about random, casual things, and yoongi responds back lamely, silently cursing at himself for not being more...interesting? cool? like jung hoseok?

"do you want anything to eat, or drink?" hoseok asks as they approach the lush fields, white screen already set up as music videos play on it. "i, uh, brought a towel for us to sit on."

head shaking, yoongi looks around, before pointing to a clean area of grass, in the middle of the screen but further from the rest of the crowd. "i'm good. that place looks good? or do you wanna come closer?"

" it's good." hoseok mumbles, spreading out the beach towel until it's even, before he plops down on it. yoongi does the same, settling down on hoseok's right, hugging his legs to his chest and props his chin on top of his knees.

the movie plays, and they don't say much, remaining in their own little circles. occasionally, yoongi shifts, and he brushes into hoseok, contemplating whether or not apologizing would make things more awkward. hoseok's doing that stare-at-min-yoongi-super-obviously again, and yoongi is trying his best to pretend like he isn't noticing.

"sorry," hoseok says out of nowhere.

yoongi turns, blinking repeatedly. "for what?"

"accidentally bumping into you—"

" didn't bump into me."

hoseok stares at him, arching an eyebrow. "i just—i felt it just now, when i was moving, against my left...hand..."

somewhat panicking, hoseok shines the light on his hand, revealing an ugly black beetle crawling over his hand.

oh. poor kid, yoongi silently muses to himself. the younger male screams, hand shaking wildly and scrambling away to press into yoongi.



the top of his head brushes against yoongi's lips, and yoongi's suddenly hyperaware of how close hoseok is to him. the heat radiating from his body seems to warm yoongi up, blood rushing from his cheeks to the tip of his toes. he's kicking repeatedly, bringing himself closer to yoongi with every push, and yoongi doesn't know why the proximity makes him a little flustered and kind of—shy. hoseok's holding onto him so tight, it's like he's jack in titanic and yoongi's the piece of wood.

(he's kind of giddy at the imagery.)

trying to hide his laughter, his eyes crinkling up once they meet gazes. while hoseok flushes brightly, hands slowly letting go of yoongi's arm and slowly scooting away. the other's eyes squeeze shut, trying to curl up into a ball, and wow, he's such a cute stupid ball of fluff that yoongi can't help but try to be merciful.

standing up, yoongi extends a hand. "c'mon, i know the perfect solution to this."

hoseok heaves a sigh, locksing his fingers with yoongi's and hauling himself up. "m'sorry," he mumbles sincerely as they collect their things and walk out, his head hanging low like a kicked puppy.

"s'fine, i don't like being outside much, anyways," yoongi hums out with a low laugh, heading out to the ssang school of engineering's entrance. he pushes the door open and heads inwards, hand fishing around in his pockets. the way their hands are fitted together are kind of nice, yoongi doesn't really want to admits.

"uh, yoongi..? what are we..doing here?" he sounds kind of fearful.

and honestly, yoongi's not really sure why he's doing this. they're not even that close, and yoongi doesn't even talk to him a lot, but...yoogi just doesn't know. maybe it's because hoseok's really nice, and hoseok's a nice friend that makes him want to do lowkey gay friendship things like he does with seokjin, or maybe he's just really comfortable and doesn't mind revealing small stuff about himself. it's kind of impuslive, now that he thinks about it, and yoongi's normalyl not really the kind fo do bold, impulsive stuff.

hoseok's just rubbing onto him.

yoongi pushes the key into one of the doors, unlocking it and pushing it aside with his body. "relax, i'm not going to kill you." with a low laugh, he tugs hoseok in, walking all the way to the end.

"i was developing a software last year to get into the advanced program..." yoongi begins to explains matter-of-factly, stopping in front of the glass windows that overlook the quad, he flashes hoseok a gummy smile, feet shuffling around in hopes of a good reaction.

"...holy shit, hyung, you're really cool." yoongi won't deny that his heart flutters at the compliment. it's not usual he's deemed cool.

he shrugs offhandedly, plopping down on the floor. "yeah, yeah, i guess being introverted has it's perks. people always think you're boring and, y'know, routinely, then boom. surprise!" yoongi holds up his hands, shaking them lightly, before dropping them in his lap.

"i don't think any of us find you boring, honestly." hoseok pipes up as he takes a seat next to him.

oh. "you think so?"

hoseok mirrors it back. "yeah, i think so."

there's a moment of silence as they look at each other, slow smiles casted upon their faces while the lights flicker on their skin, red to navy to white and the process repeats. yoongi is 70% sure that hoseok likes him, mainly because only love-blinded people would find yoongi cool and not boring.

(and oddly enough, he doesn't really...mind.)


in yoongi's twenty-two years of being a boring person, he's never done something as wild as this: saying ok to a party. but seokjin's been nagging him and elbowing him and somewhat threatening him with throwing the plant out the window, and namjoon's been kind of suggestive that yoongi really needs to go to hoseok's party, and the wild triplets have been spamming yoongi with memes, so...


can you start at 8 instead of 9?


yoongi presses enters and shuts his eyes. not even a minute later comes hoseok's text.


are you coming if i do?


;) you got it. starting at 8 it is.


HESENTAWINKYFACEOHMYGOD. yoongi breathes heavily.


haha. don't get your hopes up, i'm not much of a fun person.

too late! i'm already excited!


(ohhhh goooooooooooooood.)


the party was fun. yoongi likes it, he likes the way hoseok looks, he likes the people, and the vibes, but social interaction is exhausting and so, he quietly exits and hopes that hoseok doesn't notice. he's already kicked off his shoes, jacket sliding down to his elbows as he picks up busan and reprimands the cat for being a little asshole. maybe ramen would be good, since he's getting a little hun—why is the doorbell ringing. eyebrows furrowed, he sets it down and walks over to the door, wondering who the fuck would be here at this hour.

"hoseok? what are you doing here?" oh. oh no . what if he's like, drunk, and here to hook-up with yoongi, who's still somewhat awkward and just wants to eat ramen and watch game of thrones.

"you don't like going to parties, right? so i...i..i, um...brought the party to you."

yoongi stands there, mouth agape, eyes blinking repeatedly in shock as hoseok tries to untangle the string lights around his shoulders. oh my god. this is the most extra thing that yoongi has witnessed in his entire life. "i—you didn't need to. do that."

"it's senior year, hyung; you can't just stay at a patry when the party hasn't even started," hoseok says in seriousness.

yoongi closes his mouth, a light blush slowly creeping on his cheeks. "you can't have a party with just two people."

"all you need is music and drinks, and to have fun—no requirements for a set amount of people." he quips, cutting yoongi's protest.

the older male gnaws on his bottom lip, sending an internal prayer to the spirits up above that things don't go too crazy, amen. "c'mon," he mumbles, turning around and heading inside.

"m'lazy to clean up the living room, so i hope you don't mind," yoongi explains, turning left into his bedroom. "i'm—i'm not a very fun and enthusiastic person," yoongi adds hastily, shooting away busan. "sorry if i ruin the mood."

"it's okay, that'll balance out my excessiveness. let's do a little bit of redecorating, yeah?"

they work together in silence, with yoongi side-eyeing hoseok every now and then, watching him earnestly traveling around the room in circles, eyes wide with awe as he pushes things aside and sets up the speakers and projector.

the older male pulls the fairy lights away from the bag, tiptoeing up and arms stretching up to hook them around the curtain rails. a few seconds later, he can feel soft breathing against his neck, warmth pressing against his back. arms extend forward to to help him out, and god, it's like those cheesy moments in kdramas where they female protagonist is trying to reach and the male lead just swoops in all heroic and coolly.

yoongi turns around, expecting to see hoseok all neat and suave, maybe looking down with a coy smile. instead he gets this: hoseok wobbling as he struggles hard to stay balanced while he tiptoes. he's such a dork, gosh, yoongi can't help but question incredulously.

"are you tiptoeing?"

hoseok flushes, laughing awkwardly as he slowly lowers himself down, eyes diverting into every direction except at yoongi. "you looked like you were struggling, so i thought i could try to help!"

yoongi snorts loudly with a wry smile, playfully punching hoseok's chest. "you're dumb," he mumbles, ducking under hoseok's arms and weaving his way past. "you're lucky you're cute," yoongi murmurs to himself.

biting his bottom lip, hoseok swivels on his heels, leaning against the desk. "but charming, right?"

throwing hoseok a glance over his shoulder, yoongi picks up a can of beer, popping the tab open. "ha ha, i almost swooned."

"and what would i have to do to make you actually swoon?" he drawls out, head cocking to the side as he connects his phone to the dock and presses shuffle.

coldplay plays on the stereo as yoongi looks at him, the can of beer pressed against his lips as he takes a sip. the older male shrugs, eyes flittering down to the beer, before back at hoseok. "i don't know," he grins wryly, before taking a seat on the bed.


saying i don't know was the worst idea yoongi ever came up with.

because 3 beers in, hoseok is straight up drunk, giggling cutely on yoongi's floor, wile yoongi sits cross-legged on his bed and tries to hide his smile behind his second bottle. he's a little tipsy, a little warm despite the open windows, but still somewhat coherent enough to amuse himself with hoseok's antics. he's been going off for awhile now about making yoongi swoon, trying out stupid tactics like putting out the ugliest flirting lines—

("hey, are you a min? 'cause i'd love to min-ce that ass," hoseok slurs, winking with both eyes before laughing giddily.

yoongi sighs. "that's new.")

he's also tried to drunk serenade yoongi with celine dion's my heart will go on, which, was terrible, but somewhat endearing, and told him the cringiest puns and jokes, courtesy of seokjin, probably, which sent him giggling on the floor and causing them to land in this exact situation.

"did you swoon yet?"

yoongi's probably swooned a long time ago, but for the fun and games, he says—"no, not yet."

with a pout, the younger male stands up defiantly, wobbling around on his feet. "you know what always makes people swoon? a dance. dances make people swoon, he huffs out. "okay, watch this, hyung," he starts off, stumbling towards the phone dock. yoongi arches an eyebrow as he changes the song, to—oh—oh my god.

"is this ariana's side to side? are you serious?"

hoseok's head lolls to the side to give yoongi a humorous smirk, winking playfully. he bounces back and forth on his feels, head nodding to the melody. for someone as drunk as hoseok, he's still surprisingly in tune and sync with the music; it's probably the gift of being a dancer.

"these friends," hoseok croons out with the music, taking somehow-well-coordinated-model-like-strides over to yoongi, "keep talking way too much," he slides an arm around yoongi, who's starting to wonder if hoseok's ever worked as a stripper before, "say i should give you up, can't hear them, no 'cause i—" he drawls out, backing away.

yoongi braces himself.

"i've been there all night," he screeches, head tossing back and forth as he shimmies his body in the air, and yoongi bursts out laughing, head burying into his knees as his eyes peek out to witness hoseok being...hoseok.

god, it's such an iconic sight, he's actually crying, tears seeping from his eyes whenever he looks at hoseok shimmy wildly without a care. cheeks a bright red, yoongi wheezes into his knees, rolling over onto his side as he clutches his stomach.

hoseok plops down on the floor again, breathing erratically as he grins cheerily at yoongi. "did you swoon yet?" he chirps in enthusiasm, shimmying on the floor.


"you're stuttering! you're lying!"

"i'm—i'm not," yoongi chokes out, clearing his throat. "i'm a tough cookie, hoseok, i'm not going to be that easily swayed."

lips pursed together, hoseok looks like he's struggling to think of an idea, and it's not long until he's standing up again. "are you hungry?"


"i asked, are you hungry? my cooking skills are great, i'll make you indirectly swoon, yoongi."

sitting up, yoongi wrinkles his nose. "i don't think you should cook when you're drunk, seokjin's going to kill us both, honestly."

"shh, i'm also great at hand and eye coordination, if that charms you," he mumbles out, unsteadily making his way towards yoongi. he barely makes it to the third step, before he ends up crashing on top of the bed, and therefore, landing his head straight in yoongi's lap. like a newborn puppy, hoseok presses his face into yoongi's thigh and sighs softly. "i can recite all the parts of a plant, too, and—yoongi. yoongi, yoongi, yoongi."

"what?" he mumbles out, his hard carding through hoseok's hair.

"let's go to the convenience store."

"...why? hoseok, it's like...2."

"i can play future's mask off perfectly on the kazoo, you'll be super charmed, yoongi," he breathes out, head tilted upwards to gaze fondly at yoongi.

god, he's cute.

"why are you so intent on making me swoon?" yoongi murmurs out, head tilting to the side in curiosity.

hoseok's eyes crinkle up, slowly sliding down yoongi's bed from the lack of friction. "because...if you'll be all dazed and frozen...and that's like, the perfect... perfect moment to kiss you..."

"....kiss me?"

"mhmm," hoseok chirps out, before his face lands on the floor. "i like you so much, i could kiss you and explode!"

yoongi blinks repeatedly, clearly taken back and not quite sure what to say.

hoseok lifts his head, a mischievous look flashed at yoongi. "did you swoon yet, hyung?"

trying to find his voice, yoongi clears his throat, cheeks pink. "you're such a dork, c'mon, it's late, you should sleep now," he mumbles in a rush, sliding off the bed. "you can sleep in my bed."

eyebrows knitted together, hoseok plants himself onto the floor. "i'm not going to get up until you admit you swooned!"

"okay, okay, i swooned, there. go to sleep now, yeah?" he mumbles, tugging on hoseok's arm.

"now you're just saying it for the sake of pleasing me, which is super mean, hyung."

...shit, he's right. chewing his lip repeatedly he stares at a frown-faced hoseok, whose lips have already pressed together in a trapezoid. "if i kiss you, and admit that i swooned, will you go to sleep, then?"

mouth open, hoseok looks around, as if trying to decipher yoongi's words. instead of waiting for years for him to come around, he plops down next to hoseok, and tugs the younger male up until they're sitting across from each other.

"are you serious?" hoseok mumbles out, a clearly hopeful look in his eyes. "i don't wanna force you to feel uncomfortable, hyung, i—i was just kiddin', you don't really have to do this, you—"

"you, jung hoseok, have officially made me, min yoongi, swoon, as of 2:35 AM, august 30."


and with that, yoongi leans over to plant a quick kiss, square on hoseok's heart-shaped lips.

Chapter Text

there's something about the sight of yoongi bundled up, wearing a fluffy jacket that puffs himself up to twice his size, that makes hoseok weak in the knees and just want to wrap his arms around the older male and carry him around like a tiny stuffed bear. so hoseok sorta does that, waddling over in the snow, arms sliding tightly around the blonde. yoongi shakes between him, and hoseok isn't sure if he's shivering or laughing, but he ignores it and proceeds to squeeze him just a little tighter.

yoongi's eyes crinkle up, his puffy sweater paws pulling down his scarf to reveal a gummy smile. "hi, hoseok."

it's nothing special, really, just a simple library date, where yoongi works on his thesis and hoseok works on his environmental report. yoongi's been too busy to go out on proper dates, and hoseok may or may not be attempting to save money for a decent present for yoongi, so they both agree to small, simple dates.

"hi, yoongi hyung!" hoseok chirps back breathlessly, shuffling away with a bashful smile. he watches as yoongi tucks his hands into his sleeves, using the edge to nudge his scarf back up. "did you forget your gloves?"

"i, um, actually lost them," yoongi's face frowns slightly. "i think i dropped them in the laundromat, so yeah."

and hoseok doesn't know since when he became this cheesy, but his brain tells him to pull off his left glove, and instead, slip it on yoongi's hand. "we can't hold hands if yours gets frostbitten," hoseok mumbles lamely, sticking his left hand, now bare, inside of his pockets.

yoongi stares at their gloved hands for a few seconds, before bursting into laughter, much to hoseok's embarrassment. "wh-what's so funny? fine, give it ba—"

the older male's hands slips into his own, fingers linking tightly together, as his right hand jams into his own pocket. "nothing, you're just really cute."

flushing lightly, hoseok relaxes his grip into yoongi's own. "says the cute one."

"says the one who just gallantly offered their glove to me," yoongi teases him and nudges his shoulder playfully.

it turns into a dumb nudging war, with the two of them bumping shoulders and stumbling back and forth, until hoseok accidentally trips over the road and falls into the snow, dragging yoongi into the white mass. yoongi snickers drunkenly to himself before hoseok can open his mouth to list out a stream of apologies.

and wow, he's so adorable, hoseok doesn't know what to say. sometimes, he's not sure if yoongi's real or an angel sent from heaven, and he gets all choked up and emo at how lucky he is to score such a sweet and cute boyfriend. like, what did he do to deserve such a cherub cat like yoongi? did he save a country in his past life, did he —

"earth to hoseok, stop daydreaming when the real thing is in front of you," yoongi laments with a breathy laugh.

"i can't help it, i'm amazed by you," hoseok pretends to sigh dreamily, despite the rising heat in his cheeks.

"wow, are you getting extra cheesy in preparation for february?"

"nah, i just feel the need to remind you that you're like, the best thing that's ever happened to me."

yoongi snorts loudly, proceeding to cross his legs on the floor and pull out his phone.

"wait, what are you —"



yoongogo power rangers
i can't help it,
i'm amazed by you
-hoseok 2k17


domestically challenged
why did u feel the need to share this with us

ur like
when u flirt and date at the same time
thats not cute anymore
tahts just gross


"are you being serious?" hoseok's jaw drops.

the blonde-haired males leans into hoseok's face as he shrinks back, a look of pure amusement on his face. "hoseok, i understand that really cheesy statements might've worked for your past relationships, but i'm going to be straight up with you that they make me cringe to a point where i need an inhaler despite not being asthmatic."

well, at least he's up-front about it. "okay, jeez," he grumbles quietly.

"do...cheesy lines make you swoon?"

"i —of course not —i just say them to make you —"

"you know," yoongi drawls out slowly, tipping forward to rest his head against hoseok's shoulders. "i thought about you and your stupid sunshine smile all day."

and hoseok hates the fact that there's so much heat radiating off from him from the tip of his ears, to his flaming cheeks, to his pink nose, and to his racing heart, that the snow is literally melting beneath them and may or may not be soaking into hoseok's jeans. yoongi's head peeks upwards to look at him, a coy smile playing on his lips.





uggghhh i had no space in my schedule
it looks ugly ㅠㅠ

tbh ...i'm pp context with mine.
i have 1 ge class which ducks but
gotta complete it
linguistics should be easy tho.

what time???

2 pm

@Park Jimin TOO

...fml lol
@Kim Namjoon
we have class with losers


seokjin's my ta : )

: - ) study buddies?¿

domestically challenged
i would rather drink poison


domestically challenged

@Min Yoongi
take linguistics pls


yoongogo power rangers
i have my thesis.

your thesis should be
about me.
about how gr8 kim seokjin is.

yoongogo power rangers


yoongogo power rangers
the only thing you're gonna catch is the blankets when i throw you out of this apartment.

o shit son

Finally. Someone stood up to him. : ' )

stop threatening me it's getting old
ur moving out in 4 months anyways
so you can't talk !!!!!

you're moving out???

yoongogo power Rangers
didn't i tell you?


yoongogo power rangers
i got a one year paid internship in anyang for an IT company.
so i'm moving around june.


hoseok shouldn't be upset, because really, it's inevitable. yoongi's a senior, of course he's not going to stay and stick around forever, but still, it sucks having to think about your boyfriend, who's been ten minutes away this whole time, moving away in a few months. 4, to be exact.

a knock on the door startles hoseok, who stands up immediately and makes him walk over and open the door.

yoongi's standing at the door, snow frosting his eyelashes and dusting the top of his beanie. before hoseok can do anything, the older boy cuts him short. "are you mad?"

blinking haphazardly, hoseok tilts his head to the side. "what —what do you mean?"

"are you mad that i didn't tell you about my internship?" yoongi repeats once more, in a firmer tone.

admittedly, he is a little irked about it, but it's more or less because he's going to miss yoongi and miss their early morning bus rides and their 1001 date plans that have yet to be fulfilled. " —"

"hoseok," he starts off, closing his eyes with a sharp inhale. "you are one of the most transparent people i've ever met." he flickers open his eyes with pursed lips, before leaning over to press a quick kiss to his cheeks. "i'm not dense, y'know, i can tell when something's bothering you by the way you text and talk."

the gesture, as reprimanding as yoongi's words are, is sweet, and it makes hoseok's chest bubble up in response. clearing his throat, he tries to hide the blush that colors his cheeks by enveloping yoongi in an awkward bear hug, half-tugging the older male back to his couch. "i'm not mad, just...disappointed that i get you snatched away so quickly?"

the two of them fall down, landing with a quiet thump; the snow from yoongi's parka practically melt at hoseok's touch, the wetness seeping into his sweater. he can feel the vibration of yoongi's laughter against his own body, and head body shifting to the side, hoseok can see yoongi's pink nose crinkled in amusement. "anyang's only like, fifteen, twenty minutes away by car. i'll come back on weekends, seok."

"but i can't come over easily anymore, and we won't have our little walks around campus," hoseok bemoans, face pressed into yoongi's shoulder.

"we can do that virtually."

"what —"

"i replayed sims 3 recently, and i decided to implement my coding skills to create new mods, so like, i might've created us."

hoseok lifts his head up to stare at yoongi, who's positively beaming. "i thought you'd say something romantic to like, comfort me, because this is the ugly pseudo-sad moment in cheesy chick flicks where two people have a petty argument, and then the other just kisses the other and everything is magically solved."

the older male opens his mouth to say something, before biting back a smile. "did you want me to kiss you?"

totally not blushing furiously, hoseok coughs, slumping away from yoongi into the corner of his couch. "no —i mean i would never say no to a kiss theoretically, but —it was just a spur of the moment kind of —"

snorting quietly, the blonde boy slides his backpack off his shoulders and leans closer to hoseok. cold hands cupping hoseok's cheeks, (who, totally doesn't swallow hard and hold his breath nervously) ohgodohgodohgod yoongi hovers over hoseok on the couch, his face so close that hoseok can admire his dewy skin and mischievous grin and button nose and —

"okay, but, is creating your boyfriend in sims 3 not romantic?" yoongi whispers in his ear, and hoseok wheezes loudly.

half wanting to scream aren't you going to kiss me!!!!, and the other half wanting to maintain what's left of his dignity, hoseok emits a wrangled choking noise, eyes narrowed as yoongi gives him a faux smile while he slides back into his seat. "i can't believe i'm dating a meme," hoseok huffs out. "you should go viral for this: boyfriend talks about sims 3 instead of doing emitting some cheesy sap to make his boyfriend feel better."

to hoseok's amazement, yoongi tugs his laptop out of his backup, opening it up. "listen, you're dating a hot, manipulative mafia boss on sims 3, aka me, so that sounds pretty good, in my opinion." yoongi hums out.

"i thought you came here to have a serious conversation with me," hoseok murmurs out in awe as he watches the laptop screen light up.

"...i mean, i kind of did, i wanted to make sure you were okay first. but i also finished the code yesterday and i got really excited and wanted to show you, so like, shoot two birds with one stone?" yoongi's eyes glance back at hoseok with a hopeful expression.

and god, how can anyone say no to someone as cute and terribly dorky as min yoongi? hoseok finds himself nodding slowly, still dazed and mildly confused at yoongi's antics. he has a weird kind of charm to him, and it's like a weird pokemon move that somehow works.



your roommate is the devil reincarnated
why the fuck did you not tell me this

because i wanted you to suffer
first glance everyone has 2 thoughts:
wow yoongis so smol and cute
wow he could probably kill me by staring
and then you get to know him and he seems all sweet and shy and you start to like him
and then once he's into your system he kind of turns against you and you start to suffer
like he never does the dishes
and he always interrupts me
and he lowkey pretends to not hear you when you ask him to do something or lowkey annoys u
i still love yoongo tho he's just an asshole meme at times
i still love yoongi too but he makes me emo

 he just showed me about his sims3 creation i thought we were gonna do cute things 2day


thats so precious wtf

& i give him an opinion and he doesnt listen and repeates

i never knew yoongi like sims tbh

bo y
there are a lot of things u dont know about yoongi
a l o t .


hoseok likes to think of himself as a suave person; essentially, the perfect boyfriend material. he's mastered "the boyfriend look", wearing black hoodies and grey snapbacks and making girls and boys swoon with and stroke of his hair and a cheesy smile—he's perfected the art of valentine's day and giftgiving, and he likes to think that he has everything down.

but yoongi is kind of an enigma, in sense that he never ceases to amaze and surprise hoseok. there's always something new to yoongi that he discovers, like the pterodactyl screeches the older male emits when he gets excited or over-enthusiastic, how how much of a lowkey meme he can become.

which is why he finds himself staring at the older male from afar during culinary club, clueless as to what to do for him for valentine's day. as far as hoseok's figured out, yoongi likes music, sims, and knitting.

it's not much to go off of.

he doesn't like to go out, due to his introverted and socially phobic nature, which means they should stay inside. he's not fond of physical activity, so maybe they should just relax and netflix and chill—romantically.

"we got new equipment for the semester!" seokjin chirps. "your workspaces are basically two by two, back to back now, isn't that great? i'd suggest to get in groups of four so that..."

yoongi and namjoon look expectantly at him, and hoseok breaks off in cold sweat. oh man, working together with his boyfriend and best friend and seokjin. it's practically asking for chaos.

["but your boyfriend is a meme, you can't get any worse than him," calm, reassuring hoseok whispers.

"but what if you fuck up even more than usual and you annoy yoongi and —" anxious, fear-ridden hoseok whines.]

groaning to himself, he inhales steeply, before dragging his feet over to namjoon and yoongi. worst case scenario, he doesn't impress yoongi, yoongi thinks he's a dork, and does that weird smile-grimace thing he likes to do too often. the response is instantaneous; yoongi's gazes brightens significantly, quickly scooting over to the opposite side of namjoon. hoseok slides into the space next to him, trying to still the stupid butterflies in his stomach. it's been like, a month since they officially started dating, but hoseok doesn't know why he still gets all shy and nervous around yoongi; maybe it's because he's still smitten and amazed by the blonde haired male, as if nothing really ever changed since the day he met him.

seokjin teaches them how to bake a cake, coming by their station three times as much as the other people, and it may be or may not be due to the presence of kim namjoon. which is kind of a bummer, since he repeatedly side-eyes yoongi and hoseok, whispering "snakes" under his breath.

"namjoon's the real snake," hoseok snorts when seokjin's out of earshot.

"listen, i have my reasons," namjoon whines quietly, clumsily dumping flour into the bowl.

"you're technically lying to him 80% of the time to get on his good side," yoongi quips, tapping the bowl gently.

namjoon hauls the milk out, slamming it down. "hey. just because you both are a couple, doesn't mean you get to gang up on me. you don't know how much i helped both of your dumbasses." he huffs. "anyways, check this out:"

the two of them look up, and hoseok has to hide his laughter at how unimpressed yoongi looks. namjoon holds his hand up high, before sprinkling white powder into his bowl, a smug look settling on his face. "gotta add a little namjoon perfection to this cake, y'know what i'm saying?"

"that is the worst impression of salt bae i've ever witnessed in my life." yoongi wrinkles his nose. namjoon clutches his chest, clearly offended, and hoseok watches with regret as he does it again, hand waving up and down for extra flair.

"perfecto." he finishes by spreading his fingers apart, raining the white powder down, chin raised in a haughty manner.

rolling his eyes at namjoon, he looks down back to his own bowl. "that's flour, right?"

"yeah, of course, what else would it be?"















it was not flour.

it was baking powder.

hoseok learns this as the cake that namjoon "perfectly made" exploded in the new, barely-used oven.



: )
: )
guess!! who just !! got yelled at!!! by the advisor !!!!!!!!!!
because some idiot
decided to saltbae
the fucking cake
and ruin a brand new
3 day
oven??? : )))))))

did u just cuss oh my god
shit's serious

domestically challenged
i'm sorry hyung ;;
i swear i'll make it up to you

please don't!! : )

hyung do u wanna take out ur anger in overwatch

that would be lovely.
ur the only one i can trust.
the only real one out here ;(

i love you hyung
@Kim Taehyung @Park Jimin

yeah we're here for moral support

<3 <3 <3 : )

"do you think right now's a bad idea to ask seokjin what i should do for valentine's day?" hoseok questions thoughtfully, turning off his phone.

namjoon responds with a loud whale-like wail, face smushed into his pillows. "i can't even think of something to do for v-day when he's out there for blood, project namjin is over, the ship sunk."

"you mean it blew up."

head jerking up, namjoon glares at him. "show a little compassion for a fallen mate, hoseok."

lips pursed, hoseok spins around on his chair, head leaning over the backing. "cheer up, i bet all you have to do is put a lot of effort into your cooking next time, and i'm sure that'll warm him up. go cut him apples, or something, and clean his apartment."

squinting at hoseok, namjoon cocks his head to the side. "do you think that'll work? that easy?"

" offense, namjoon, that's like, maximum difficulty for you. i'm sure he'll see how apologetic you are and forgive you then, so trust me. have i ever done you wrong?"

"'re right." namjoon hums out, before small smile break across his face. "thanks, bro."

"i got your back; it's my job to re-joon-venate you, anyways."

there's a small pause as hoseok flashes him a broad grin, and it's a reminder that no matter how stupid namjoon can be at times, there's no other best friend hoseok would prefer.


"hey, yoongi."


"look, the hollywood sign changed again," seokjin quips, holding out his phone. with a mildly annoyed sigh, yoongi pushes himself away from the table and scoots over next to seokjin on the couch. he peers at the picture, only to be met with:


"...are you still salty that me and hoseok got together behind your back?"

"all of you are fakes, jimin and taehyung and jeongguk are the only ones i can trust. " he fake sniffs, before pulling his phone away.

lips pressed together, yoongi unlocks his phone and downloads candy crush, immediately connection his facebook to it and sending seokjin 5 lives.


seokjin's gaze slides over to him, a tiny smile creeping on his lips.



  1. make dinner !! pasta !! fancy !!!
  2. is preparing a bathbumb and shit too weird??? is our relationship not at that level yet??
  3. wine(?) champagne(?)
  4. scented candles???
  5. suRPSIE???? kumamon lingerie onesie??????/ or would yoongi hate m for life
  6. roMANTIC FLOWER romantic flower romantic flowers !!!
  7. netflix n chill pg 13 but maybe nc 17 if yoongs is up for it haha who am i kidding



"wow, hoseok, you're working so hard on your section, i think that should be on the front page." taehyung snickers lowly, typing away on his laptop.

"what did hoseok do now?" jimin peers from over the textbook, lips pursed together.

"excuse me, what do you mean now, who's carrying this project for you, huh?"

"me." namjoon replies flatly, pressing the enter button and leaning away with satisfaction. "i finished, so send me your parts when you're done."

taehyung doesn't even wait a second to rat him out. "hoseok's busy planning out his date with yoongi instead of working on his section!"

hoseok gives him the death glare, his index finger dragging across his neck repeatedly; as namjoon turns to sigh at him, hoseok drops his hand down and visibly winces. "hey, theoretically, it's been on my mind since forever, and the faster i get it done the faster i can focus on more important things, like this report. see? works out."

jimin snorts, and taehyung rolls his eyes. the taller male stands up to stretch, giving hoseok a disapproving look. "full offense, yoongi's like, super easy to date. all you have to do is stay home with him and do whatever he's into, like staying in one spot and not moving for hours at a time."

leaning into the coffee table, jimin props his arms on the table. "yoongi hyung told me, that one time, he stayed in bed for like, 20 hours, binging on produce 101 ."

"he watched so much he can dance to pick me by heart," taehyung adds earnestly.

hoseok eyes the two of them, sinking back into the floor. "that's so basic, and i, jung hoseok, am the opposite of basic."

"you're right, you're the one who asked out your boyfriend by doing a fuckin' meme challenge," namjoon interjects, back turning to walk out. "you don't even know if he's free, and two, can we finish this, i'm supposed to meet up with seokjin at five."

oh shit, he's right. hoseok didn't even think about it. wiggling around to find his phone, he lets his laptop slide across his lap, hands digging into the pockets of his sweats and his hoodie.

"it's on the coffee table," namjoon calls out knowingly, and hoseok thanks the gods for giving him a genius best friend. "also, there's nothing in the fridge and i'm hungry, how do you two live?"

"make something," taehyung calls out, followed by two voices shouting "no" and one (sadly) saying "i fucked up an oven". "do something easy like, peanut butter and jelly, then."

cactus boy

hey um
on vday are you
do you have any
plans? : ) i was hoping we could..maybe...hang out???

you sound like a teenage boy subtly hinting that he wants to go on a date.

wow, yoongi poongi, you caught me!!

you're so dorky.
but i don't have any plans, so let's do that.
i'll be free after seven, you?

i'm basically open all evening and afternoon aaa.
i'm so!! excited!!!!

okay, i'll go home to change and stuff, and maybe we could have dinner at eight? if that sounds okay?

that sounds perfect, yoongs.


s c o r e. hoseok grins to himself, locking his phone as he wiggles against the edge of the couch, sinking onto the floor, ignoring the judgmental looks from jimin and taehyung.

"hey jimin?" namjoon calls out, voice wavering.


"you got no jams."


"like...this?" namjoon mumbles, stirring the whisk around.

"namjoon. it's a cake. not a delicate flower. when i say mix, i mean mix, it's not like you can break batter."

"i'm trying to be careful!" he protests weakly, shrinking under seokjin's stern gaze. nonetheless, he proceeds to mix it, whipping the mixture until it thickens. seokjin peers over his shoulder, steady breathing against namjoon's neck, and it's not like he's loses the grip of the whisk or anything because of it.

"okay, good. now we're gonna grease the pan and you pour it in, okay?"

"i can't believe you're making me bake a cake for hoseok's birthday," namjoon huffs out, slathering the stick of butter all over the pan.

seokjin purses his lips together, eyes rolling playfully. "listen, i don't care if you're one of those people that think guys shouldn't need to know how to bake 'cause it's a feminine thing, 'cause baking is something that everyone needs to learn how to do, it brings joy and sweetness to everyone that eats it. and i, as your future boyfriend, feel responsible that you need to learn how to bake to bring happiness to other people; an essential life skill."

namjoon completely phases him out as he pours the batter, jerking to face seokjin as two words capture his attention. "did you just—call me your future boyfriend?"

he's never witnessed a flatter expression from seokjin, and it's not until he feels something wet on his toes that he realizes the batter is still dripping out of the bowl, and onto seokjin's feet and the floor. "oh—i'll clean it up later, i swear, but did you really—"

the older male looks like he's trying to fight back a smile, his hand running through his hair in exasperation as a warning that he's ten seconds away from killing him. namjoon hopes to soften the blow of getting yelled at later, so he leans over and places a quick kiss on seokjin's lips, before scrambling away to find a rag.

"HEY! you stupid—insufferable—big oaf—" seokjin sputters, his face a bright red. "you're not gonna get off easy! just because i like you! and what happened just now!"



what do u want for ur bday
be cheap tho bc im poor

get me min yoongi wrapped in red ribbon : )




@Min Yoongi

                     what do u want for ur bday
                     be cheap tho bc im poor

get me min yoongi wrapped in red ribbon : )



why does everyone feel the need to shame me



yoongogo power rangers
i feel flattered

We're Dating Yoongi Why Are You Like This

u need a 3 ft barrier away from yoongi

this is really random but why are you so overprotective of yoongi
dont u two only know each other for like a year

yoongogo power rangers


yoongogo power rangers


yoongogo power rangers

yoongibear plssss : (( tell us
or just tell me

is it smth rly embarrassing : , )

yoongogo power rangers
seokjin, if you dare spill a word, i'll rat you out.


this sounds like a terrible drama

i'm in.


"happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear hoseok,

happy birthday to you!"

hoseok has to fight back his laughter as he watches namjoon bring out the cake, beaming in the dimness of the candles at his efforts to produce a cake. it's quite frankly, the second cutest thing he's ever witnessed next to min yoongi, the living angel. the frosting somehow defies gravity and starts dripping on the floor plate, melting from the mere heat of the crooked candles, but namjoon's proud, dimple-ridden smile makes up for the disaster of a birthday cake.

"it only took three tries," namjoon beams, practically looking like a puppy eager for praise hoseok side-eyes seokjin, snickering to himself at how smitten he looks.

"thanks," hoseok manages to say between his laughter, inhaling sharply as he leans over the glowing candles. from the corner of his eye, he can see yoongi gazing intently at him, a fond smile gracing his cheeks. he mouths make a wish, and with eyes still trained on the older male, he blows out the candles.

please give me clear skin, passable grades, more financial aid, and min yoongi. specifically the last one, thanks sky man.

"open mine first!" taehyung chirps excitedly, taking out a small package from under his hoodie. "it's co-joined with jimin, cause, you know, we poor."

taehyung and jimin end up giving him a set of fairly expensive toner and cleanser (it's like they read his mind), seokjin gives him a pastel blue hoodie, and namjoon explains that he spent all his money on the cake. when it comes to jeongguk, he drags yoongi out of the room, earning a inquisitive look from the five of them. minutes later, yoongi's grumbling lowly while he's pushed forward, and hoseok chokes at the sight of a single red ribbon tied into a bow on top of his fluffy blonde locks.

"oh my god," he breathes with amazement, as yoongi scrunches his nose.

"shuddup," he snaps, glaring at jimin and seokjin who literally heart-eyes him, ugly cooing noises pouring from their lips. jeongguk giggles drunkenly, pulling up his phone to snap a photo of the annoyed yoongi.

"send it to me!" taehyung pipes up, with jimin joining in "me too!"

"i'll send it to the groupchat," jeongguk gleams with mischief, a low groan slipping out from yoongi in response.

yoongi doesn't say much, only pulling out a rather large box from behind his box, handing it over to hoseok. gazing at the box curiously, hoseok unwraps it, finding himself staring at a pair of timberland boots.

"you always complain that you wanna live the 180 life and wanna be all tall and shit to be like those korean drama guys, so there. it'll give you like, an extra three centimeters," yoongi explains with a wry smile, and hoseok wants to melt at the group as the rest of his friends start snickering.

"wow, who knew hoseok had a complex," jimin interjects thoughtfully; taehyung elbows him and whispers something in his ear, the both of them bursting into a fit of laughter.

hoseok scowls at them, mouth opening to object, when yoongi leans over to whisper very softly in his ear: "now you can stop tiptoeing and falling over like an adorable dumbass, and properly like, kiss me or something."

coughing and sputtering, hoseok directs a scandalized look towards yoongi, who only wiggles his eyebrows and gives him a gummy grin. s a t a n ' s c h i l d , he wants to scream.


hobi hyung

yoongi was so cool about it
he was like
"oh i just came by it and thought of you
its no big deal"





should we tell him

omg what a fake

he spent like half an hour freaking out to me
about having the wrong foot size because he didnt
believe hoseoks feet were that small

i still have screenshots
that was funny
remember how he asked me the diff between the two colors and i was like
deadass hoseok doesnt care he'd love it either way

yeAAH haha i wonder how long yoongis been fooling him

i wanna bust his precious image of yoongi but we swore to yoongi

yeah man idk yoongi seems like he would kill us in our sleep if we exposed him

ur right let's get on his good side
im gonna forward this to him tho

send me his reacction later
we need good blackmail material


thank god for amazon prime, hoseok thinks to himself as he organizes his valentine items together. lush bath bombs, check. yankee candles, check. good wine, good recipe, all done. kumamon onesie? neatly folded. ideal bouquet beautiful arranged in hoseok's head. netflix movie?


hoseok's actually not sure what yoongi would be interested in; he liked akira alright, but regarding other genres...all hoseok can really rule out is cheesy, romcoms (which unfortunately, hoseok likes, but it's okay! he can sacrifice.) rolling on his stomach, he lazily sends a text towards younggi.

min younggi


what movies does your brother like.

uh...psychological horrors? thrillers? weird stuff that makes you question your existence?


blinking repeatedly at the text, hoseok frowns. shit, how's he supposed to look all cool and crap if that's the exact kind of movies he tends to avoid? "why do we have to be such polar opposites," hoseok bemoans out, rolling back and forth on the bed.


: // anything else?

idk but he loves inception
he practically worships it
everytime someone says they've never seen it he's like :you've got to see it" and proceeds to watch it
why are you asking

im trying to plan,,a vday date...

stop freakig out omg yoongis super easy to impress he just doesnt show it


you dont have to freak out over vday if you have no date

: ) : ) : )

younggi i dont think that's how it works

youre such a big baby hosocc ssi


there's a knock on the door, and not looking up from his phone, hoseok answers, "the door's unlocked!" ten seconds later, the door flies open, and hoseok nearly falls off the bed at the sight of yoongi wrapped in a checkered scarf, black beanie sliding off his head and falling to the floor. hurrying to lock his phone, hoseok sits up and his bed and stares at yoongi in awe.

"you should've —texted," he forces out, suddenly remembering that all his fucking vday plans are lying on the desk. mouth gaping, eyes staring back and forth between a hazy-eyed yoongi and the items on the table, he scoots over so that he's covering the desk, back pressed against the edge.

"namjoon and seokjin were being gay," yoongi says flatly, unwrapping his scarf. hoseok takes the opportunity to open his drawers and shove the candles into them, lying the lush bag against its side and hastily places the wrapped kumamon onesie over it. yoongi looks down to unbutton his trenchcoat and undo his shoes, giving hoseok the spare seconds to put the bottle of wine under the table. when his head turns back to look at the older male, the blonde is raising an eyebrow, head cocked to the side. "are you..okay? is it a bad time for me to be here?" he asks, trenchcoat half-off his shoulders.

panting heavily, hoseok musters a grin at yoongi, trying his best to force out words between his labored breathing. "no! no, i was just —surprise, that's all," he mumbles, side-eying his desk once more before inching his way towards the loveseat.

yoongi folds his items at puts them on the end table, plopping down next to hoseok "you look kind of feverish," he frowns, cold hand pressed against hoseok's forehead. "a human heater, almost."

"wow, it's like a match made in heaven," he jokes lamely, sweating mildly at yoongi's proximity, hoping he doesn't notice the weird lumps on his desk. "you're super cold and i'm super hot. i mean. not in that context, but —"

snorting loudly, yoongi leans over to press a quick kiss to hoseok's lips. "i get it, hot as in body temperature."

slightly amazed by his boldness, the younger male can feel a grin creeping up his cheeks. "are you going to shut me up by kissing me every time i ramble?"

it's yoongi's turn to blush, the apples of his cheeks dusted a pretty pink. "i mean. it's effective."

"i can't believe you, oh my god," hoseok breathes out with a light laugh.

the elder rolls his eye, grey hemley riding up as he leans against the couch, legs pulling up to reveal c a t s o c k s . hoseok melts at the sight, his heart beating twice as fast as before. god he's so adorable, with his gummy smile and blonde hair and stupid c a t s o c k s that hoseok just wants to put yoongi into his pocket and carry him around. "listen, i —"

so that's what he does, not hesitating to wrap his arms around yoongi and pull him into his arms, squeezing the older male's torso tightly as he presses a loud smooch right on top of his head. yoongi yelps quietly, limbs squirming for a fraction of a second before going limp. "ah....what are you doing, hoseok?"

"your cat socks triggered me, i just can't help myself at how c u t e and e n d e a r i n g and a d o r a b l e andand" hoseok pauses, eyebrows furrowing together.

yoongi vibrates against him, his hair shaking as he muffles his laughter against hoseok's chest. "ran out of synonyms for cute?"

flustered, hoseok holds yoongi tighter, not wanting to show his dumbfounded reaction. yoongi shimmies himself upwards, worming his way through hoseok's hold until he's face to face with hoseok. "i happen to know a synonym for cute," he grins cheekily.

"and what's that?" hoseok asks, trying to keep his face straight and and the gay feels inside.

"jung hoseok," yoongi says slowly, careful to enunciate each syllable, before reaching up to bop the tip of hoseok's nose with his index. "s'as simple as that, sunshine."



g o n e .

w h i p p e d .

1 0 0 % s m i t t e n f o r m i n y o o n g i .


"hyun —"


"h y u n g ,"

"n o ."

"come on, we're going to keep it pg-13, i swear, i just want a romantic dinner with him," hoseok whines, arms draping over seokjin's shoulder.

"then you should go home after that, shouldn't you?"

"but what if we cuddle and fall asleep while watching netflix, and then i can't leave because waking up the precious angel would be a sin punishable by death?" he drawls out slowly, battering his eyelashes.

seokjin stops walking, nose scrunching up in disdain. (long story short, jung hoseok completely forgot that kim seokjin would be staying inside his apartment the whole time, and therefore, be a mild cockblock in all his plans.) "that's so gross, don't talk about my roommate that way."

"don't you have any plans with namjoon? like, i don't know, go to a gayfest or some shit like that?" he throws out desperately, eyebrows wiggling as he shimmies against the older male.

it's amusing watching seokjin's cheeks turn a bright red and the mere mention of namjoon, his composure crumbling almost instantly. "gayfest," the brunnette repeats in disbelief. "you're so unbelievable, hoseok. mind you, i have a report due at 12 am tomorrow, so we're putting off our vday until the weekends, and i'm planning to stay at home and finish it."

"'re so boring," hoseok clicks his tongue. "how could i bribe you to stay with namjoon for like, one night? just 12 hours? wouldn't you want for that to happen?"

lips pursed together seokjin crosses his arms. "one, i'm meeting with him in the morning to give him a gift already, two, could you study if yoongi was right next to you for 12 hours? no, because your eyes would be glued to his face."

dropping his arms, hoseok side-eyes seokjin coyly. "wow, how sad, namjoon. the softest human being on earth, has to spend valentine's day a l o n e. he's going to probably bother me throughout my whole date time, bemoaning about how s a d and l o n e l y he feels because his own date has other matters to attend to, like. a paper."

seokjin gives him a flat look. "your rhetoric sucks, hoseok."

"....i'll give you extra lives on candy crush for a month."

"...make it two, and throw in some chocolate."

"fuck yeah!" hoseok shrieks, jumping on top of seokjin to wrap his limbs around the older male. "i love you, i love you so much, you're the best, hyung, wow —"

yelling loudly, seokjin flails his arms, his elbows digging into hoseok's ribs as he wheezes loudly. "get off me, oh my god, i don't want your love —"

"that's what you say but that's not what you feel," hoseok croons out, patting seokjin's cheeks affectionately, before sliding off. "but yeah, thanks hyung," he starts off breathily, walking backwards with an ecstatic smile on his face. "i promise i won't soil the couch too terribly," he winks, saluting the elder before spinning around on his heels.

"wait, what —"

"bye, seok-genie, always there to grant my wishes!" he chirps, blowing a kiss towards an appalled seokjin.




its vday
guess what that means


@Park Jimin
hey do you do finances

yes,,,i do,,,
i major in economics...

bc i got a

domestically challenged
i hate to say this but
that was good




shut up

yoongogo power rangers
he's blushing.


@Park Jimin

im gonna leave this chat i feel attacked

are you an electron
bc u excite my (or)bits ;)

taehyung no one understands your dumb chemistry jokes.

youre so gross ! ! ! ! ! im leaving ! ! ! !

move over it's time for the real master.
i spent all my free time thinking of these
@Min Yoongi do you speak binary bc you're 10 / 10
@Kim Namjoon are you less than 90 degress bc you're acute
@Kim Taehyung are you made of krypton and yttrium bc ur always kr y inG hahah get it
@Jung Hoseok beleaf me when i say this, bud your stemina never ceases to amaze me???
these jokes are bad ill apollengize for them rn
bud ill repeat myself again; u treely amaze me

Min Yoongi has left the group chat.



hoseok sure that everything's going to be okay. he already made sure with seokjin, who said that yoongi didn't really seem to have anything planned out. he already made sure that yoongi's coming home at seven, and that seokjin's going to be out and heading over to namjoon's at 6:30, so really, there's nothing to be worried about. and yet, here he stands in front of yoongi's bedroom door, nervously pacing back and forth because his dumbass brain always like to freak out over the smallest things.

deep breaths, hoseok, deep breaths, he reminds himself, eyes flickering open to march into the older male's bedroom and neatly align his gifts on the bed. he drags his feet back to the kitchen table, eyeing the steaming dishes settled on the table (made to perfect, with the help of kim seokjin) and the cozy cherry blossom candles burning brightly in the center. he hopes lilies aren't too cheesy (since yoongi isn't about that life), after all, hoseoks a botanist, not a florist —he's into their biology, not aesthetics. but he doesn't forget to include a small potted sunflower and a miniature cactus, a small reminder of...them.

busan tilts his head to the side, as if questioning why the fuck is there a stranger in my owners' house, and out of pure stress, hoseok picks him up and holds him up, face to face.

"hi, i'm yoongi's boyfriend," he says seriously, half questioning his sanity as the cat stare at him. "i'd appreciate it if you wouldn't attack me, since now i'll be coming over a lot often. are you like, okay with that?" hoseok drawls out, bouncing the cat up and down hesitantly.

the cat yowls pathetically, and hoseok groans to himself, holding the cat up to his chest and sighing slowly. "what the hell am i doing, you're a cat. you'll have to be okay with it regardless." before he sets busan back down, his phone vibrates, and in the spur of the moment, hoseok holds it with one arm, wile fumbling with his phone with the other.

cactus boy. <3

hi, i'll be home in like, five minutes.
the bus is down the street.
come over in half an hour, or something.

i mean






hoseok stare at the message, a sense of warmth coursing through him as he bites his bottom lip to prevent himself from squeaking, eyes shut and lips pulled up into a broad grin. he takes a few minutes to spazz silently (something he's become good at, within the past few...weeks.), shaking his body back and forth, busan emitting small, displeased noises.

the lights are all out, and he's dressed nicely for his boyfriend —navy bomber jacket and black nike joggers, dog-printed socks wiggling against the wooden floors anxiously. the only thing that's going to greet yoongi is the glow of the kitchen table, and even if it's dim, yoongi's smile is bright enough to light up the darkness.



we've been chilling with chinese takeout
i love seokjin

That's Kind Of Gay But Ok

y r u like this : /


before hoseok can respond, there's a click of the door, and hoseok quickly stands up, leaning against the entrance of the kitchen to greet yoongi. yellow lighting spills out onto the hall, and the mere sound of yoongi's heavy breathing is enough for busan to start squirming in his arms and want to rush to his owner. but hoseok doesn't budge, and he simply stands there, until yoongi flickers on the lights and stops in the middle of the hall.

he's wearing a black beanie with a white and brown pompom at the end, grey infinity scarf sliding down his chest, revealing a black adidas windbreaker slouching down his arms. "hoseok?" comes the raspy, confused voice, eyebrows furrowed together.

slipping back into the kitchen, he pets busan slowly in an effort to calm his nerves, waiting until the older male steps in. "i know you don't like to go out, so i kind of bribed seokjin to get out and set up...a homey...dinner date? and uh, i got you bathbombs and set up a movie and facemasks and all that jazz, so you could relax! if. that's okay with you."

yoongi stares at the whole ordeal, eyes blinking repeatedly, an ambiguous look settling on his face. hoseok expected cheerfulness, or laughter, or anything but—this. an awkward, uncomfortable sort of silence. "is there something wrong? should i—"

"i know you like to go out," yoongi says quietly, fingers tugging down his scarf and trailing down to stick his hand in his pocket. "...and i feel bad because i'm always keeping us inside us see a late night vday exhibit at the seoul botanic nine." the older male explains, pulling two tickets, an apologetic smile. he stands there for a few seconds, teetering lightly on his heels, before bursting into a series of light laughter.

special events at the botanic garden always sell out quickly, which is a pity since hoseok absolutely loves the place and admiring all the horticulture. the vday event only released 500 tickets, and to think that yoongi...somehow got them, with the thought of hoseok on his mind..."you're extra," he blurts out in amazement.

eyes crinkling up, yoongi drops his arms to his side. "i learn from the best, don't i?"

and gone is the apprehension and anxiety, gone are the thoughts of hoseok fretting out over the smallest and stupidest things, because yoongi here, with his shit all together, is kind of a reminder to hoseok to keep his head cool and just...go with the flow. so he sets busan down and strides over, arms immediately slotting around yooongi's thin frame and pressing his face into the older male's neck, muffling his laughter. "you're amazing, i swear to god."

"that's a first," yoongi muses to himself, and hoseok can feel the blonde boy's lips press against his neck.

sweet and short. (kind of like yoongi himself.)

"we can just do dinner, and then bus straight there," hoseok suggests with a lithe hum. "does that sound okay?"

yoongi's arms rest around his waist, squeezing them lightly. "yeah, yeah, that. that sounds perfect."

a part of hoseok is getting a little emotional at the hug, and he wants to whisper out i'm going to miss this. but vday is a day for cute dates and happy moments, so he pushes that side of himself down and instead pulls away to flash a bright smile at yoongi.

"happy vday, yoongi hyung!"

and yoongi, ever so softly, says back: "happy valentine's day, seok," and cups hoseok's cheek to give him a tender kiss.


i need to confess something serious.

Sorry i Dont Want To Know Tae

STOP its serious adn i need your help.
: (


can you uh
fnd out if


i just
okay i like jimin

im pp sure i wont
i dont wanna die yknow

I LIKE JIMIN BUT. I''m okay if we dont date yknow??? Like if he doesn't like me back i wont get too sad about it?/? But if he does like me then who am i not to try?? you get me???

isnt like everyone against you both dating

everyone except
yoongi hyung : - )


jjk pls : ((
pls help me out
ask yoongi for advice or like ask him to mellow out hoseok fo rme i swear to go d

why dont you ask yoongi yourself omg

and just : (( yoongi scares me

he's actauuly really nice if you don't annoy him

Hello! I am1!! Kim Taehyug/???? King o f Anooying???

...touche but why would yoongi care about this hoenstly

bc hes a caring hyung who loves his dongseungs : (( and he could relate to me bc he wanted to date hoseok but seokjin would kill them both : ( romeo and juliet pt 2

...oay. FINE. stupid.

ily big baby <3

: /