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AOSPrimeverse: Spock’s POV


It was a dark and stormy night. Well stormy at least. In space every hour was dark. Alpha shift had long since past. Spock and Nyota were fast asleep after a turn of lovemaking.


Spock’s mind still turned over the memory of it. He was curious as to her sudden ferocity midway through. With unforeseen strength Nyota had shifted beneath him in such a way that he rolled completely onto his back to counterbalance the moment. His bewilderment only grew when her fingernails set into his skin, marking him with the intention to claim him.


From what he could glean in the moment Nyota’s mind had been awash with ecstasy, wanting him more than she wanted anything else right then. She dug in the nails deeper until Spock reacted instinctively and pinned her back down beneath him.


Her strange yet arousing behavior had not ceased there. Her hands went around his neck, cutting off his breath, picking away at his control.

When he tried to center himself she further provoked him with roughly spoken Vulkansu as she tightened her grip. “ You’re so tame tonight, dearheart. Fucking me like a human . Are you or aren’t you Vulcan? Act like one...


Spock nearly lost himself then as he gasped softly at the air and snarled silently down at her mocking voice. His focus went from her choking hands to her heckling voice.

Nyota had never done so before. That she did so then so crudely inflamed him. Before he could check himself Spock had gathered her wildly delicious figure into his arms and was fast rutting against her. Nyota clawed at him until her grip faltered and she fell prey to his thrusting. She twisted underneath him with a submissive mew and scored his skin down his back. “ That’s right...yes...take what’s yours…”


When she arched her hips towards him, Spock held them and drove in deeper. She yelped with a hiss and shook her head fitfully.


“ Ah! Wait, I’m gonna come!” but her words morphed into cries as his lok pushed her over the edge into the bliss that she feared.


He felt her surprise that he would allow her to climax without permission. He had almost commented on it when she pulled him down by the neck and set her blunt teeth into the thin skin surrounding his collarbone. His back had bowed and his hands went to the sheets, tearing them between his fingers as he fought to reign himself in. Nyota, however continued her efforts to bring him down into climatic ecstasy with her.

 In an awesome feat of flexibility Nyota moved her leg to hook the back of her knee up and over his arm. The other went about his waist and tightened. The stretch gave to her center a new, indescribable sensation around him. Spock went rigid above her with an open expression of pained awe. “ Nyota-”


He was seconds away from losing himself but in that bliss Spock sought to share it with her. Grabbing her hands he pulled her mind down into the pleasure she gave him by opening to her completely. She convulsed harder and practically purred his praises. “ So good…”


Spock savored the feeling of her soft, slender frame trembling ecstatically beneath him and gave himself over to the overwhelming pull for his own release.


The sound of her voice crying out had been especially alluring as the first hot pulse of his semen spilled inside her. Spurred on from Nyota’ wild abandon, Spock planted his parted mouth down onto her shoulder until her skin gave in to his teeth. Nyota’s nails dug savagely into the flesh of his buttocks as he sunk his teeth and lok in deeper. “ Fuck…!”


She came down for her high in a chorus of breathy pants, looking for all the world like a sated woman once starved. His hands gathered her limp body against him and stroked her back as she recovered. “ Ash-vel.” he croned, nuzzling her neck with his lips. “ T’du, ash-vel.”


As he cradled her in his arms, Spock felt her elation at the unexpected affection and again when he knotted soundly inside her with a growling hum of satisfaction.


She gasped his name in a way he had never heard before, further peaking his climax until he shut his eyes against the pressure of it. When he feared taking anymore of it he moved his mouth from her shoulder to her lips and groaned longingly at the wet, silken feel of her tongue.


Nyota sank into the admiration with a curious shyness that had him encouraging her to accept it. What is mine is surely yours he pressed, unclasping one hand to cup her cheek and kiss her more thoroughly. Slowly she did but still her kiss was traced with a faint edge of doubt and aggression as she nipped at his lip and chased his tongue back into his mouth.


Contentious and sublime, the two of them joining in such a querulous fashion had his head swimming and his body still stiff and voracious. But there was something between them that had both pausing in consideration. Their bond buzzed steadily between them but in almost a different tenor as if one of them had changed the notes. Strange ...


Spent, breathless and now unknotted, Spock fell heavily to her side and laid there panting in tandem with her own breathing. Reluctantly he unknit their fingers and closed his eyes against the shame that was welling up subsequently after his orgasm dimmed.


His lack of control and composure was deplorable; he could have hurt her. Nyota was strong but she was human and he had barely harnessed his strength as he drove his cock inside her.


A drunken haze had settled over him as she used her mouth and mind this evening. It seemed with every bit of restraint she pulled away Nyota had surged their lust higher.

Spock had felt helpless under the undulating wave of it all so close inside the bond between them that he wanted every bit of what she wanted and Nyota had wanted him feral.


Spock glanced over at the darkened silhouette of his sleeping bondmate and puzzled over her peculiar kink this evening. The flashing light from the ion storm poured in from the porthole and highlighted her dozing form. He could not place the exact root of his worry but something about he touched her seemed different.


But even that was a poor word choice because in her everything felt the same. It was if Nyota had come back from time away from him and gained new insight, experienced events that he could only retrieve second hand through melding. What was this madness? How could she be the same and yet…


Spock reached out for her in his uncertainty and drew Nyota back against his chest. He was just about to nuzzle into her hair when he noticed the unobstructed length of her neck and shoulders. Her hair…? What had she done with it in such a short time? Yes, it had been bound with pins into a protective style as she put it but there was very little left on her scalp to protect.


Panic flared inside him as his doubt grew and his certainty shattered. Sensing his dismay, Nyota quickly woke and turned towards him in alarm. Her eyes shone brightly from the electrostatic thrashly of the ion storm raging outside but her gaze is hard and defensive. He felt her mistrust and fear towards... him ? Spock’s eyebrows drew together as they looked each other over in clear confusion and then he felt another emotion simmering off of her.


 Tension gathered in their bodies as their eyes narrowed at the changes found in the other. Spock began to inhale to speak when Nyota lunged back towards his wall and snagged a ceremonial lipau(knife) he had bracketed against the wall.


Spock’s eye widened as she fell forward and swiped down towards his chest. He dodged reflexively and hissed when the dagger’s tip still caught him on the shoulder.

He barely had time to assess the damage when he saw Nyota...or whoever the imposter is, coming at him again this time with her arm swinging down over head. He rolled back towards the edge and onto the floor, taking the sheet wrapped around them down with him as he heard the blade sink down into the mattress where he had been laying.


The shifting sheets sent his bondmate’s double flying backwards in the middle of trying to retrieve the blade and left Spock with a momentary advantage.


He stood, ignoring the cut to his shoulder and watched as she rolled up from her back and over to where the blade was impaled in the mattress. His body lunged reactively, beating her to the blade before she can snag it.


He closed his hand around the hilt and with a well measured tossed the weapon behind him. Spock threw the knife as hard as he could while keeping his eye on the terror in front of him. The dagger spun through the air and sank deep into the wall of his quarters with a metallic thunk.


Nyota’s eyes followed its trajectory, distracting her long enough to give Spock time to throw his weight over her and bind her hands inside his own.


She cursed with a shriek and squirmed beneath him, not much differently than she had minutes earlier as his naked form pinned her once again. “ What the hell happened to your face?! Get the fuck OFF of me! Get OFF! ”


Spock winced mentally at her anguish but kept to his work, securing her wrists with the sheets he had torn. He had left the fabric in ruins as she shifted her position mid coitus and left him desperate for something to grab hold of. Where he had once been remorseful about the action he was now grateful as it sped along the process of binding her wrists. “ Hold still.” he huffed.


Thinking that she was hampered enough to start hobbling her feet, Spock shifted down towards her ankles when he felt her small fists club the back of his head right at the base of his skull. “ I said, Fuck off!”


Spock shook his head and blinked drunkenly at the spots swimming before his eyes as she resumed her struggled underneath him.


As the last of the floating lights cleared away, the Nyota look-alike yanked her legs from underneath him and lobbed a well placed kick to his ear with a vicious war cry. “ Don’t touch me!”


Spock grunted in pain and growing irritation as she wiggled her way off of the bed and made her way over towards his dresser. Anxiety coursed through him as Spock guessed what she was after and raced after her. “ Stop!”


Just as the short haired harpy was fishing his phaser from his top drawer, he snatched her by the waist and pushed her back down on top of it.


“ Who are you!? Why do you look like him!?” the Nyota screeched into the air,  jerking wildly against his hold. Spock opened his mouth to answer but thought better of it as she wildly gesticulated below him and nearly kneed his groin in the process. He pulled her closer to avoid a repeated attempt to dismember him and was dismayed to find that it only further riled her. “ Get off! Get! OFF! GAH! Freak! You’re not Spock! Non-Imperialist garbage!”


“ I would ask that you stop resisting!” he huffed in a near shout.


“ Sit on it!” she shouted bucking and arching her back to break free. It was taking everything in him to secure her and make sure neither of them was hurt in the process.


Spock didn’t waver in his grip knowing all too well how proficiently she could fight. She tried to move her leg over enough to kick him away but he grabbed the offending limb by the thigh and slid her back towards him until her rear was clear of the dresser top. Her struggle against him turned to that of trying to keep her balance. With her hands still bound, her back threatened to either fold forward towards the piqued Vulcan or down onto the floor.


Their joint nudity was not lost on his biology. Her inelegant writhing had the lower extremities at his groin swelling in anticipation. Spock was far as he could be from lustful arousal, however.

This female was vile and without a doubt the crudest creature he had the displeasure of intimately touching. This was not at all his beloved. She was…? She was…?


He stared down at her in dismay and felt his brows fold in confusion. Who exactly was she?


“ I order you to tell me who you are.” he demanded. He tried fruitlessly to ignore the twisting rub of her body against him.


“ Eat me!” she barked as she surged forward. Surprise was on her side as her sneak attack led to her head butting him on his nose.


Spock recoiled with a hiss and huffed at the wetness he felt trickling down through his nostrils.

He glared at her through watery eyes and wrinkled his nose to ease the stinging there. This female was completely hostile and being unreasonable!


With his injuries growing and his question going unanswered, Spock released one of her thigh and placed a much warranted nerve pinch to her shoulder. Mid growl the wretch lost consciousness but a scowl still lined her pretty face.


Spock panted above her and placed back fully onto the dresser. What was this... being ? Whatever she was he would not risk further examples of her martial mastery. He rubbed his ear and held at his nose while he limped over to the bed for more material to bind her with.


As he shredded the sheets further and wove them into a makeshift rope, Spock pondered over the question further.


That was not Nyota - at least the one he knew.


Despite the touch, the sound and the smell of her, something was clearly amiss. She repeated asked who he was though he could feel her answer within her mind. She knew him but not in this behavioral regard. That was an assessment that was mirrored between them. Nyota had never once acted so viciously.


Not only that but she had been equally baffled by his appearance as well. He could see the recognition in her eyes followed by suspicion when she looked over his face but what about him had her maliciously on edge?


Spock knew that when he and Nyota first started coitus her hair was its typical bust long length but at its resolution, without any explanation or implements to do so, Nyota’s hair had somehow grown shorter? Illogical but also inconclusive. He had not in that time separated from her for her to switch with someone else and yet this...woman...was most certainly not his.


The thought of his earlier enjoyment and appreciation of her feral sensuality just an hour earlier returned to him with a compounding sense of guilt.


He had coupled with someone not his own and did all parties involved wrong. But how could he have known? He glared down at the comely human past out on the dresser and huffed through his nose as his thoughts on her aesthetics came out before he could quell them. Of course she was beautiful, she was an exact replica of his bondmate even endowed with her own bond towards him-


Spock froze in place as his mind turned over the thought once more. With a morbid sense of foreboding he tentatively examined his bond to Nyota and watched in horror as the female before him reacted to his mental touch by sighing and reaching back towards him.

He shook her off in disgust and looked at her in pure bewilderment.


“ Who are you?” he repeated again slowly. Of course she didn’t answer but neither was he expecting her to, unconscious as she was. Resigning himself to what he had to do, Spock carefully gathered her into his arms and carried her back to the bed. He tried not to touch her overly much but given their state of dress that much was impossible.


He went to work binding her to the bed frame. In a revealing spreading eagle, Spock tied each limb and secured the ropes to the legs of his bed.


He shied his eyes over her and sighed. She would grow cold in such a state. In dutiful mercy he covered the rogue with his duvet, leaving her hands and head uncovered. In passing he worried over her lack of a bedpan to relieve herself but he did not intend on keeping her here long.


He had to find out if this was in fact his Nyota and if not, where his had disappeared to and where this one had come from.




AOS Mirrorverse: AOS Nyota’s POV


On another Enterprise in another universe, the night was just as dark and stormy. In another reality, this would have been have presaged some ominous event, but through the mirror, it was like any other night.


The mirror was dark enough all on its own.


For Nyota, unaware of the change, it was like any other night when her shift coincided with Spock’s. Perhaps their lovemaking before the storm had left her a little more tender than usual, but nothing contented her like bearing his mark so that she could tease him about it the next day… and the mark he’d left was deep.


She dozed and awakened to Spock’s hands in her hair as they spooned together. Always, always she loved the way that he played in it, reveling in the texture, marveling in its feel before venturing south.


There was little that Nyota loved more than feeling the electricity of his telepathic touch against her scalp. Soothing her, calming her… and although as a Vulcan, it was difficult for him to say it, loving her.


Tonight was different, though. Instead of a gentle, reverent caress, his fingers twisted cruelly in her hair, snagging it, tugging in the way that he only ever did when they were being rough during sex. The sharp pain felt like pinpricks, and she cried out, fully awake.


Before she could utter a coherent word, he’d lifted her ass up in the air and slammed his lok into her. Beyond hard, with such force that her teeth clanged together. He didn’t hesitate before drilling into her, one hand roughly palming and tugging at her left breast, the other tugging her hair as the lightning from the ion storm flashed before her eyes.


It hurt. Taking his girth and length when she was fully lubricated and wet for him was already a stretch figuratively and literally. Cognizant of the disparities between their sizes and strength, Spock always made sure she was ready, even from the first time… so different from the “dry sex” that her ex preferred, it was a turn-on for her alien lover to see how wet she could get for him.


Clearly, that was not his plan tonight. Nyota planned to not only give him a piece of her mind, but to repay him in kind.


Not now, though. Her treacherous body had decided that it quite liked being his little human fucktoy, being taken roughly without preamble, simply so that he could get off. Her traitorous mind loved the idea that he woke up so hard and ready for her pussy that he refused to use fingers or mouth or words to ensure she was dripping before he took his pleasure.


If she wasn’t wet when they began, she was dripping now, so much that it was running down her leg to pool on the sheet below.


Spock pushed her face into the pillow as he continued his frantic fucking. Then she felt one hand on her ass, and the fingers of the other plunged into her…


Nyota screamed with pleasure at the sensation of his anal play. While it wasn’t something they always incorporated into their sex routine, it was always something she wouldn’t mind doing more of. But how could a perfect girlfriend ask her man “you know, I’d really love it if you’d fuck me in the ass more?” Simply put, she couldn’t, especially when she knew Spock could take or leave it. He loved her every particle but he was partial to her high, firm tits, long lithe legs, and her sweet, hot, tight, and wet pussy… and would choose to be there every time. The idea that ass fucking was just naughty and delicious was illogical when Nyota had a perfectly good keshtan-ur designed for the purpose.


But as she climaxed, apparently her boyfriend planned to make her dream come true.


He slid out of her still spasming pussy, and straight into her puckered hole.


The force of Nyota’s scream lifted her head and body quickly from the bed that she felt like she was levitating. With an arm, he brought her flush to his chest, his lok a hot iron rod in her ass, one hand’s fingers splayed over her stomach, the others plunging into her dripping wet cunt as she rode his lok and they both spiraled toward the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest peak they’d ever managed to reach together.


Maybe it means we’re comfortable enough as a couple to explore our dark side, thought Nyota wildly as the hand that had been on her stomach snatched her breast to toy with the nipple… while she played with the other.


But it was when his teeth found the deep mark he’d made during the storm, and bit her so that the blood ran down her collarbone as Nyota came apart completely. She was beyond thought, speech, or logic as she rode it out, speared by his lok and his fingers, filled completely.


It took several long minutes for Nyota to come back to reality. Even then she was still trembling as the hand that had been in her pussy slid up to find her psi-points…


And that’s when she knew something was wrong.


Their bond was still intact. But these memories, this mind… this Spock was not hers.


She turned around.


And when she saw the trimmed mustache and beard, she screamed.




“Who are you?” she asked, wide eyed and trembling.


Spock considered the woman who was cowering in the corner with the well-used lipau she’d snatched from its display on his wall, the bedsheets that she’d snatched up only half covering her body. Nyota was clearly unaware that it did little to conceal her form, or that he had both a side view and an eidetic memory as one breast and buttock was revealed.


The imposter was Nyota Uhura, and yet, nothing like her. Had the Uhura he had recently taken to bedding had the slightest suspicion that he wasn’t what he seemed, she would have slit his throat first and asked questions later -- or not asked questions at all. As it stood, this lovely stranger seemed to have all of his Lieutenant Uhura’s positive attributes yet none of her negative ones.


The brief meld had revealed much, namely, that this woman was, or believed herself to be, Nyota Uhura. Yet the places that spiraled through his mind were nothing like anything that Spock was familiar with. It was the same Academy, the same Terra, the same Enterprise, and yet altered.


She was indeed bonded to him. The tel was intact, but in this Nyota’s mind, she had consented. The baby faced unbearded Spock in her memories was but a weak shade of himself, always asking and never taking what he wanted.


And what Spock of the ISS Enterprise happened to want just then was this Uhura.


The greatest difference was her hair. He’d noticed it immediately upon awakening. Uhura kept her hair cropped short for the same reason many women on Imperial starships did. Hair could be pulled or ripped from the scalp. When worn about the face, it was difficult to look over one’s shoulder to see who was lurking, who was lingering… and who was planning to stab you in the back.


Yet this Uhura had long, silken black hair that felt soft as the wool of a sha’mi  against his skin. Soft and fragrant, it was as enticing as the rest of her.


He had no idea how this softer, long-haired Uhura had landed in his quarters, but he fully intended on keeping her.


The lipau cut through the air, although she did not dare advance toward him.


“Answer me! Who are you, and what have you done with Spock?”


The question was illogical human nonsense. “I am Spock.”


“Liar! He’s going to come for me, you know… and when he does…”


“Indeed.” Spock was fascinated. This was going to be a most tantalizing undertaking.


He advanced quickly, and dodged the slashing lipau. How illogical of her to use a weapon of his people in an attempt to harm him. In response, he pinned her wrist to the wall so roughly that the weapon clattered to the ground.

“Ah, little one. There will be time enough for playing with knives, but that time is not now.”


She twisted and struggled against him, the sheet falling to the ground. As their bare bodies writhed against one another, he pinned her to the wall.


“Let go of me!” she hissed, pupils blown in the semi darkness. “You aren’t him, you haven’t the right--”


His enhanced Vulcan hearing detected the rapidity of her heartbeat, and through his hand, pinning her wrists to the wall, he could tell she was frightened. His Uhura was so rarely afraid that Spock considered whether this was the same woman after all. Illogical though it was to savor her base emotion, when dealing with Terrans, Vulcans had long ago learned to turn every telepathic insight to their advantage -- necessary for their survival.

This new Uhura’s fear, it was delicious . Something to be savored, much like the brown skin he had neglected to taste during their coupling.


This was an oversight that Spock felt it only logical to rectify.


Without warning, his mouth captured her own in a brutal, punishing kiss. The flavor of her threatened his barely leashed control, so tantalizingly like the Uhura he knew and enjoyed, but so new.


It was most unfortunate that her taste caused him to, as Terrans termed it, let his guard down. If she had been his Nyota, Spock would have never done so, lest he lose his life. This softer, gentler version lulled his senses like a drug…


...and yet caused him to double over in pain when she kneed his fast-hardening lok, fleeing to the bathroom and locking the door before her.


Spock swore in Vulcan. It took him a moment to recover. The locked bathroom door would pose no trouble at all, and he would punish Nyota for her insolence.


“Computer, unsecure door.”’


“Unable to comply.”


Another curse. “Computer, override all commands to secure door.”


“Working.” There was a clicking sound. “Unable to comply.”


It seemed that he would need to access the Enterprise’s main systems to obtain access to his own bathroom. Anger was illogical, but Spock was irritated. Even more inconvenient was that was no method on an Imperial starship where he could obtain such access without being monitored. The captain not to mention others among the crew would want to know exactly why he needed the systems override.


There were few aboard with knowledge of Spock’s relationship with Uhura. Volatile though she was, and as contentious as their affair had been, Nyota was still his ashayam and his ko’telsu. Such information would be lethal should it fall into the wrong hands. It would certainly be used against Spock.


Spock came to a decision. He donned his meditation robes, then lit his asenoi. Sitting cross-legged on the floor within proximity to the bathroom door, he fell into a light meditative state.


He would wait Nyota out.


After all, there was no Terran who could beat a Vulcan for patience. And when she emerged, he was going to make her pay. That pretty little bottom and long silky hair hadn’t seen the last of him.


Spock rolled his shoulders and neatly steepled his fingers, savoring the feel of his body relaxing at the sight of the flame. As he focused on the fire through the haze of his inner eyelid, Spock’s mind trained itself on the single thought of her. Nyota. Soft, dark and delectably clever, what a naughty little female to tax his patience.


No, he had yet to show her who he, truly was. Her Spock was merely a shadow of his gloriously logical light and his superiority over the latter would no doubt leave her begging...or screaming for more. Taking a deep, silent breath in Spock settled on thoughts as to her punishment. When he was done with her, she would grew wet and wanton every time he looked in her direction.


In this contest of wills, Spock would prevail and dominate.