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Breaking Down Walls

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It's just gone midnight when the police arrive. Allie gently shakes Debbie who had fallen asleep on her shoulder.

"Debbie" Allie whispers in her ear and feels Debbie stir against her, rubbing her eyes as she sits up.

"Debbie Smith?" The police officer clarifies and she sheepishly nods.

"We're here to get an understanding of how your mum sustained her injuries" he explains and the pieces are slowly coming together in Allie's head. "So it's Debbie's mum that's here" she thought to herself; the young brunette having fell asleep after crying.

"There's a room just around the corner that we are going to take you to and ask you some questions" he continues and Debbie looks to Allie for reassurance. Allie smiles at her encouragingly and strokes her hair.

"I'll be right here. However it happened, be honest ok?" Debbie nods at Allie's words and slowly stands up; following the police officers into the vacant room.

Once the officers had set up the recording, the female took the lead; putting Debbie slightly at ease.

"Now Debbie we have some reports of your mothers injuries. She has a collapsed lung and two fractured ribs to be the more serious ones. Now we have seen these injuries before, and most of the time they belong to victims of domestic violence" she explains to Debbie and it's clear the young brunette is uncomfortable. She loves her mum, always been closer to her. But then telling the truth would cost her dad his life. Does she really want that guilt hanging over her head her whole life? With the image of her mum on the gurney and Allie's words filling her mind, she knows what she's got to do.

"It was my dad. He's been abusing her for years. It's worse when he's drunk, if dinner isn't ready on time or if she doesn't bring him a beer immediately then he gives her an earful when I'm there, but I know he's physical when I'm either in bed or out" she explains with shaky hands.

"Has he ever hurt you?" The woman officer asks and Debbie vigorously shakes her head.

"No he's never touched me" Debbie takes a deep breath before continuing.

"I want to say he never would, but when my mum got with him I'm sure she would have said the same... so who knows" she shrugs as the tears roll down her cheeks.

"Can you tell me what happened tonight?"

"He was drunk obviously. Already had a few before he went out to drink more. Mum was late home from work, which meant his dinner was late. That got her a slap, maybe something in the stomach. Then after dinner he demanded a beer, so she gave him one but left two dirty plates in the sink in order to do that. He yelled at her for that, and he commented on her 'bad parenting'. She got angry and yelled back... now we're here." She finishes the nights events as the officers write the key evidence down.

"Thankyou Debbie, you've been a great help. We will speak to your mum when she wakes up, but for now just focus on her ok?" The officers stand up and escort Debbie back to the waiting room where Allie is waiting with her knee bouncing in anxiousness mixed with a bit of anger. There would only be one reason why the police would want to know what happened. She's being abused. It sparks the burning hatred that is always in the pit of her stomach. Debbie walks straight over to her and into her waiting arms. Allie already feels incredibly protective over this girl, and vows to help her and her mum in any way she can.

"I had to do it. I can't protect him anymore, he nearly killed her" Debbie chokes out as Allie cradles her against her body; Debbie's confession clarifying Allie's theory.

"Shh it's ok, you done what you had to do. You're being so brave" Allie strokes her hair and whispers comforting words into her ear. Just then the doctor walks around the corner and approaches them.

"Bea Smith?" The doctor asks and Debbie nods.

"How is she?" Debbie asks, immediately standing up with Allie following suit.

"She's suffered from a collapsed lung and two cracked ribs which I'm sure the officers told you. She's got severe bruising all over her stomach and face and she also had internal bleeding. We've stopped that and managed to get her lung working again. You're allowed to go in, she's still unconscious but should wake tomorrow. I'll take you through now" the doctor starts walking away and Debbie follows. Allie stays rooted to the ground; causing Debbie to turn around.

"Can you come with me? Or do you need to leave?" She asks, the desperate tone in her voice making Allie walk up to her and take her hand.

"I told you, I'll be here as long as you need me" she gives Debbie's hand a reassuring squeeze before they both follow the doctor into the room.

Allie is shocked when she walks in. The amount of tubes coming out of one person is intimidating to say the least. But Allie can't help but think that this Bea Smith is beautiful; despite the bruises and black eyes. Debbie immediately takes the seat next to the bed; holding her mums hand in both her own.

"I can't help but feel guilty. She takes all his beatings so he doesn't touch me" she barely whispers and Allie almost misses it.

"Hey don't think that. None of this is your fault. From what I've seen, you're an incredibly strong girl and your mum would be proud of what you've had to do tonight. She is going to pull through" Allie gives her shoulder a reassuring squeeze before she takes the seat on the other side of the bed.

Debbie soon falls asleep, leaving Allie to really look at the woman lying in the hospital bed. Her flame red hair is sprawled over the pillow and she can see her prominent features. Her cheekbones are basically carved into her face and her jawline is impressive. She can't help but feel attracted to her, mentally cursing herself for feeling like this when the woman could have died a few hours ago. Looking again over at Debbie and seeing the young girl is deeply asleep, Allie tentatively takes Bea's other hand.

"You obviously don't know me, and I don't even know if you can hear me. But I'm Allie, and your daughter is a brave girl, so you need to pull through for her. She needs you, so just wake up ok?" She squeezes her hand and despite Bea being out cold, her hand is the warmest thing Allie has held.

"From what Debbie has told me, I can tell you're incredibly strong and you won't let this beat you. So fight Bea, for your daughter and a bit for me too, because you sound like a very unique woman that I would like to get to know" Allie smiles at the woman lying in front of her despite her being asleep. Still holding her hand, she gets comfortable in her chair. Sending a quick message to Franky updating her on what's happened, she closes her eyes and enters her own deep slumber.