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Breaking Down Walls

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"For fuck sake Franky have you stolen my eye liner again?" Allie accuses as she walks through Franky's bedroom door; raising an eyebrow when she sees her housemate standing in front of her mirror applying the missing makeup.

"What yours is better and mines blunt" she responds innocently without missing a beat.

"Well sharpen it then, not my problem" Allie persists and walks further into Franky's room. She loved the brunette and was so grateful they were brought together during their worst days; but my god did she annoy her.

"Alright keep ya underwear on. You got a hot date?" She bites back.

"No but-"

"Well I do. So just let me finish this eye" Franky says as she finishes her second eye before putting the lid on and handing it back with a mega watt smile plastered on her face. Allie just pouts before snatching it out of her hand.

"With the doctor?" Allie asks as she goes into her room across the hall to put the offending item back in her makeup bag.

"Psychologist " Franky corrects her and Allie rolls her eyes as she follows Franky down the stairs.

"Whatever, same thing" she responds and slumps herself onto the sofa.

"Yeah so don't wait up" Franky winks as she puts her shoes on and grabs her keys.

"See ya kiddo, love you"

"Yeah love you too, stay safe" Allie replies as she flicks through the tv channels.

"Always do" Franky says walking out the door.

Life wasn't always this simple for Allie. A lot had happened in her twenty-four years; things that shouldn't happen to anyone in their lifetime. After four years of living on the streets, selling her body to anyone who offered and getting pinned whenever possible, a trip to a woman's shelter became her golden ticket. Kaz Proctor; her mum, her guardian angel, took her under her wing and cleaned her up. Got her sober, made her respect her body and signed her up for counselling to control her drug impulses; leading her to meet Franky Doyle, who was attending mandatory anger management classes following a three year stretch for assault. After turning down Franky's relentless advances, the two became good friends and last year began renting one of Kaz's properties. The house wasn't huge, but it was more than anything Allie was used to and it suited them both well.

"Why is it that there's never anything on when I'm on my own, but when Franky's here there's always a programme I want to watch that she doesn't" Allie thinks to herself as she gives up looking and leaves it on a cooking programme. After an hour of watching celebrities battle it out over who can bake the best pastries, she looks over towards the hallway, catching a glimpse of her running shoes; shoes she put by the door to motivate her to run put hadn't even put them on. With a huff Allie turns the TV off and heads upstairs to change into her gym clothes, grabbing her headphones as she walks out her room.

Five minutes in and Allie is already regretting her decision.

"Why the fuck do people run for pleasure?" Allie thinks to herself as she turns the corner, completely missing the curb and crashing to the ground with a grunt.

"This is why these shoes have not moved from the hallway" Allie mutters to herself as she drags herself to sit on the curb. Her right ankle is throbbing and her knees and hands are all scratched.

"Ow!" Allie cries out when she tries to stand, only to fall back down. Pulling out her phone she scrolls through her contacts and calls Franky.


"Christ blondie I thought you were joking when you said you fell over running" Franky jokes as she gets out her car and walks over to Allie.

"Ha ha very funny. Help me would ya?" Allie holds her hands out for Franky to grab and pull her up. Allie winces in pain but Franky assists her back to the car. Allie climbs in the front and looks over her shoulder.

"Where's Bridget?" Allie asks as Franky climbs in the drivers side.

"Dropped her off home. We are gunna see each other tomorrow" Franky informs her as she pulls off towards the hospital.

"I'm sorry I ruined your night" Allie sighs and looks out the window.

"Too right you did, was gunna get some loving" Franky shoots back followed by a laugh.

"Kid it's alright, it's not the end of the world. She's still drooling over me so it's all good" she continues and Allie just rolls her eyes. Typical Franky.


Twenty minutes later they arrive at the hospital; Franky getting all the laughs she can get and grabbing a wheelchair for Allie.

"Franky this is a bit dramatic don't you think?" Allie snaps with her arms crossed as Franky wheels her in.

"Gotta make light of the situation" she replied as she signs Allie in; adding her to the long list of patients.

"Now we wait" Franky huffs out as she sits next to Allie.

"Can I get out of this?"

"No" Franky replies instantly and Allie reacts by smacking her on the arm.

"You're a bitch"

"You wish I was your bitch" Franky winks, causing Allie to forget her anger over the wheelchair and laugh.


"It's just a sprain" the doctor informs Allie one hour after she checked in. He wraps her ankle up with a bandage before fastening it together.

"I don't think you'll need any crutches, just no driving for a few weeks and take it easy. No running for a while either"

"Oh trust me that isn't happening again" Allie mumbles as she slowly stands up. She makes her way out with Franky when they are forced to move out the way by a gurney and a mass of doctors and nurses all shouting out numbers and technical terms. Seconds later a girl no older than sixteen runs after them with tears streaming down her face.

"MUM!" The girl screams as she catches up to the gurney.

"What's happening, someone tell me!" She shouts at the doctors who all ignore her. One nurse quickly stops to tell her to go into the waiting room before running after the crowd. Allie and Franky watch on as the brunette girl crumbles to the floor in hysterics; cradling her head in her hands. On impulse Allie walks over to her and crouches down; ignoring the shooting pain coming from her ankle.

"Hey come on, let's get you to the waiting room. They will come and tell you everything soon" the young brunette looks up at her with tear filled chocolate eyes and slowly nods before standing up with Allie.

"Franky go home. I'm gunna stay here" Allie tells Franky as she sits down next to the young girl, wrapping an arm around her slim shoulders. Franky raises an eyebrow at her before her expressions soften at the sight of the broken girl basically clinging to Allie.

"You sure? Ring me if you need me ok?" Franky says and Allie just nods.

"Tell Bridget I'm sorry, now get home" Allie apologises as she rubs soothing circles against the young brunette's back. Franky kisses Allie's head before walking out the hospital.

"What's your name?" Allie asks the girl next to her. She straightens up and wipes her tears on her red long sleeved jumper.

"Debbie" she chokes out. Allie smiles at her, her heart breaking at seeing a young girl look so distraught.

"I'm Allie. I'm going to stay here with you as long as you need me ok?" She reassures her; getting a short nod from Debbie, who is fighting back tears.

"Come here" Allie pulls her into a hug, feeling Debbie shake in her arms and her right shoulder becoming wet with tears.

"I'm right here, just let it all out" Allie whispers in her ear, holding her close; praying whoever got brought in would make it through the night.