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Sugar and Spice

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Jeon Jeongguk lives his life moving from one shitty motel to another shitty motel. It wasn't where he'd envisioned his life going but it was better than being on the street, well slightly, he still didn't have any money but at least the motels provided coffee and occasionally breakfast but those places were luxury. He usually only stays one or two days, breaking into an unoccupied room in the early hours of the morning and staying there until he felt too restless he couldn't afford to get caught he didn't have the money to pay nor anyone to bail him out if he got arrested and being broke and living in budget motels was already bad he didn't need a criminal record.

Sometimes Jeongguk lay in a bed that he couldn't quite force himself to relax enough to sleep in, due to some questionable stains on the sheet he had just thrown on the floor, and reflected on his current situation. Nineteen years old, with only a rucksack filled with a couple t-shirts, an extra pair of underwear and a pair of trainers with holes in them to his name. No phone and having to hitchhike to various cheap motels that he couldn't even pay for, living off watery instant coffee and stolen pieces of stale toast.

He used to have dreams, granted those dreams were never going to be fulfilled in the first place because his family didn't approve of his interest in photography and art, he had a life plan though. He was going to go to college and major in law eventually taking over the small firm his family ran that dealt with small domestic cases.

That was before he found out about his family's debt, before they lost the firm and their car and their house. Before his parents' divorce, before his mom moved in with her sister who didn't have enough room for both her and her son and his dad started spending all his time gambling to try and get the money back, to get his mom back. Before Jeongguk decided he couldn't deal with living in such a broken environment and had slipped out in the middle of the night only for his money to run out two weeks later only to find himself stranded in a small town with a population of two hundred and ninety with too much pride to give up and go home.

It's not that he regrets running away or not taking the opportunity to go home in the several chances he was given, he just wishes he wasn't quite so broke.

It was on one of those rough nights; when every car Jeongguk had tried to flag down had just sped up and passed by instead that he met him. Jeongguk had just resigned himself to the fact that he was just going to have to sleep on the side of the road that night, it wouldn't be the first time he'd had to, when a car starts slowing as it approaches him. When it stops in front of him the passenger window is opened to reveal a man sitting in the driver’s seat with a strange boxy grin directed at him.

The man in the car doesn't look much older than Jeongguk; wearing a top with the neckline cut wide and slashes in the sleeves and skinny jeans, a combination you wouldn't see on anyone older than about twenty five, but he gives off an aura of someone much older despite the strange smile.

He leans to the right slightly, long arms allowing him to unlock and push open the passenger door without having to move much and invites Jeongguk to get in. Maybe Jeongguk should be wary of the man in the sleek car offering him a ride at two in the morning but he doesn't feel any unease from the situation and he had learnt to trust his instincts a few months ago so he accepts with minimal hesitation. The man introduces himself as Kim Taehyung. His words are slightly accented and his surname is placed first indicating that he is fairly new to the country but well acquainted with the language or maybe it’s just because he can see Jeongguk is Korean too. Maybe he allowed himself the slip and Jeongguk doesn't want to offend him so he introduces himself as Jeon Jeongguk.

Kim Taehyung asks him where he's headed and Jeongguk answers as honestly as he could; that he wasn't going anywhere in particular and to just drop him at the next cheap motel they came to, none of those fancy chain places, he couldn't afford those was his excuse. Taehyung doesn't say anything to that just nods slightly, grin disappearing and mouth pressing into a straight line.

Jeongguk was never one for small talk. He could never quite get his brain to formulate more than a couple of words in answer to a question, he didn't know when the correct moment to interject with something related to the topic was or when to place a slight acknowledgment to show you were listening. He learnt to embrace it when he got to highschool, adapting his image around this difficulty and embracing the label of the silent, moody type. It wasn't that he was bad at socialising, he was actually pretty good at that when it came to large groups of people or someone with a similar interest, and he wasn't deliberately rude he just hated how forced some conversations were.

It was because of this that when he usually managed to hitch a lift he'd sit in silence in the passenger or rear seat of a car, would shrug off any attempts the driver made at conversation because what was the point? The person who picked him up had no obligation to form any kind of relationship with the broke boy who didn't have a home sitting in their car, they just needed to drop him off at a motel, there was no need to pretend.

Kim Taehyung apparently didn't get this message but then he also doesn't follow the usual societal rules about conversation with a stranger or any standard conversation etiquette. Instead, Kim Taehyung starts telling Jeongguk about the inhumane amount of driving he was having to do for this business trip. How even though he loves driving he only loves doing it at times like these, at three in the morning with no one on the road but him, the highways deserted and darkness surrounding him. He talks about his dog back home, Soonshim, how he hates leaving her alone when he goes away but unfortunately the people he was dealing with were stuck up, suited businessmen who didn't appreciate him turning up with stray dog hairs on his clothing and that she probably wouldn’t enjoy the flight anyway.

Jeongguk finds himself only half paying attention to the subjects of conversation and instead listening intently to the tone and intonation of the man's voice. He is drawn to how his voice is deep and rich with an underlying warmth to it. He is so focused on listening that he doesn't realise that they had passed a "Paradise Suites" or a "Kozy Kastle" and he honestly doesn't mean to fall asleep but he hadn't slept the night before. Having accidentally left the curtains open during the evening which made him scared someone might come to throw him out and he found himself drifting off the melody of Kim Taehyung's voice.

Jeongguk had never said it outloud but he's always wished that one day he'd wake up in the arms of another man. His mother had always talked about the future, about a time when he'd be married to a beautiful girl and they'd give her grandchildren. Jeongguk was young and didn't have the heart or courage to tell his mum that the marriage he'd hopefully have when he's older wasn't legal yet and that children weren't quite biologically possible.

His parents always asked why he had never had a girlfriend, he said that he wasn't interested in any of the girls at his school. He didn't tell them he had kissed Katie in eighth grade at the school dances and it had felt wrong but when he kissed James in tenth under the bleachers his heart had skipped.

However, his dreams of the future usually involved a man who was his boyfriend and they were in their bed and they were in love. Not a stranger who had picked him up on the side of the road and was now carrying him into a hotel. Jeongguk is still mostly asleep so even though the thought that he is being taken somewhere that wasn't one of his usual roadside homes doesn't occur to him and neither does it worry him that he's being carried somewhere unknown by a stranger.

Jeongguk had only ever stayed in a nice hotel once. His dad had won a big case for his client and Jeongguk had scored highly on his finals in the same week so it was decided they had earned a break. They stayed in New York City and Jeongguk could just remember being amazed at how the lobby had a small chandelier on the ceiling. It wasn't anything overly fancy, they could never afford five star, and all the money had obviously gone into designing the lobby but Jeongguk's family hardly ever went on vacation unless they could stay with family which usually meant trips to Busan, so he was impressed all the same.

Jeongguk wakes up on a sofa to the sound of suitcase wheels against tile in the background, this is the first sign of something weird. The second sign is that Jeongguk is definitely not in a motel and he doesn't recognise where he is. He sits up quickly and looks around, he is in the lobby of some expensive hotel. The polished floors and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling remind him of that trip to New York but this lobby is definitely not just a facade to attract customers; judging by the number of men in expensive looking suits and women in smart business attire.

Kim Taehyung is standing at the desk and Jeongguk decides that his best chance at finding out what he is meant to do now is to talk to him since this is definitely not where he asked to be dropped off and he certainly can't afford it.

Jeongguk's trainers tap against the tiled floor as he walks towards the desk, at one point they make an embarrassingly loud squeak and he gets a few raised eyebrows from the immaculately dressed guests when they see his appearance but he tries to ignore them. The man at the desk scrunches his nose up at him when he stands next to Taehyung and Jeongguk frowns slightly back at him but then Taehyung calls him "Jeongguk-ah" and the man grits his teeth into a forced smile. Jeongguk didn't realise he looked that bad but he doesn't let it bother him, he'll be out of this place and back on the road soon anyway.

He is about to ask Taehyung if he is planning to drop him somewhere after he checks in or if he's going to have to walk and find somewhere by himself, when Taehyung takes the keys from the still grimacing receptionist's hand and drags Jeongguk by the wrist towards the elevators on the other side of the lobby.

Jeongguk isn't exactly sure how to address Kim Taehyung, whether to call him Taehyung or Mr Kim or even Kim Taehyung-ssi. He rules out Mr Kim pretty quickly because that would be weird seeing as Taehyung looks only a couple of years older than him but he feels like just calling him Taehyung would be too casual despite the older insisting on calling him Jeongguk-ah rather informally. Kim Taehyung-ssi or even just Taehyung-ssi felt a little strange in their current environment. On the few occasions Jeongguk had been back to Busan to visit family, they tried to visit once a year, he'd used various honorifics for different people but this wasn't South Korea and honorifics felt out of place in American society. Jeongguk eventually settles for just calling him Taehyung since he couldn't really go wrong with that. He asks;

"Taehyung are you going to drop me somewhere else?"

Taehyung just makes a noise of confusion and raises his eyebrow slightly before answering in the negative. Taehyung looks confused. Jeongguk is confused. The elevator has stopped and the doors are open but neither have really registered it. Eventually Jeongguk realises it's his turn to speak and asks Taehyung where he's meant to stay. Taehyung just grabs his wrist again like he did in the lobby and pulls him out of the elevator. He looks at Jeongguk and finally says:

"You can stay with me."

When Taehyung said that Jeongguk could stay with him he didn't expect the room to be one of two penthouse rooms. Jeongguk had assumed that Taehyung was on a business trip and stayed in luxury hotels at the expense of the company's travel budget. However, Taehyung had informed him that he actually owned the room and that the building wasn’t a hotel but rather luxury apartment suites; which no simple employee could afford. Jeongguk wants to ask, wants to know how Taehyung can afford this when he doesn't look much older than twenty one.

Jeongguk briefly thinks that maybe he should be more worried about Taehyung's intentions, what kind of person pays for a penthouse suite and lets a teenager he picked up off the side of the road stay in it, but he's been given no reason to be worried yet. He stands in the doorway, pausing for a moment, shuffling his weight between his left and right foot before making the decision to close the door and actually enter the apartment.

The apartment is large and open plan, the first room is arranged into a sort of living space with expensive looking leather sofas that probably cost more than Jeongguk's life facing towards a flat screen hung in the centre of the wall. There's a door which Jeongguk assumes leads to a bedroom and he can see a couple of other doors which could be a second bedroom and a storage space, or maybe a bathroom. There's even a fully equipped kitchen.

Jeongguk may have been broke for the past year and admittedly he's been scrounging leftovers from motel breakfasts and the occasional independent diner but he's never felt this poor. Neither Jeongguk's current lifestyle of hitchhiking and breaking into motels nor his life with his parents had exposed him to any kind of luxury close to this. The places he usually inhabits now are run down enough that he probably wouldn't pay for them even if he could but he had never felt ashamed or sad about the way he lived. Standing in the middle of Kim Taehyung's expensive penthouse suite in a luxury apartment block, however, does invoke those feelings.

He gets the sense that he shouldn't be there, that he isn't wanted, that he's not good enough. If any of the other guests knew he was here, standing in one of the most expensive apartments they'd probably all line up one by one to knock on the door and tell him to get out. He's painfully aware of the way his dirty clothing contrasts with the immaculately white furniture and he suddenly feels self conscious of his appearance. He's so lost in his self-deprecating thoughts that he doesn't register the towel that's being thrown at him by Taehyung until it hits him in the face. He catches it before it can drop on the floor to save himself from any further embarrassment and looks at the man with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Take a shower kid you smell kind of bad," Taehyung says in that wonderfully deep voice of his, "oh and I'll leave you some clothes outside the door yours definitely need washing."

He adds the last bit as an afterthought after glancing at Jeongguk again. Jeongguk just nods and heads slowly in the direction of what he assumes is the bedroom, when Taehyung doesn't tell him he's wrong he gains a bit of confidence in his walk after the first few steps.

The bedroom is almost the size of the living room and the bathroom isn’t exactly small either. There's a huge bath with those attachments that cause little whirlpools in the water and a shower cubicle that's bigger than some of the bedrooms Jeongguk has stayed in before. He locks the door behind him before fiddling with the different buttons and handles of the shower trying to figure out how they work, eventually getting the right temperature. Jeongguk decides to take full advantage of his situation, because who knows when he'll be able to shower properly like this again, and makes use of every bottle of expensive looking shower gel, shampoo and conditioner that are on the shelf in the cubicle.

Wrapping himself in what he thinks is the fluffiest towel he's ever felt, he bundles up his old clothes and goes to see what Taehyung has left for him. In all honestly he expected sweats and a t-shirt but instead what he gets is designer skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt with the neck cut wide, he's thankful it doesn't have holes in it because while Taehyung pulled off that look very well Jeongguk would just look even more homeless than he actually is. Again he wonders how rich Kim Taehyung is that he’s comfortable letting a stranger borrow such expensive clothes. He briefly runs the towel over his hair in an attempt to dry it before he exits the bedroom, dirty clothes in his arms. He asks Taehyung what he should do with them and when the man just tells him to throw them away Jeongguk looks at him in disbelief.

"I don't have any other clothes though," Jeongguk says, annoyance bleeding into his voice because was Taehyung making fun of him?

"I'll buy you new clothes." Is the answer he receives, Taehyung waving his hand dismissively.

Jeongguk blinks for a moment before accepting what the man says and dropping his clothes in the trash. Kim Taehyung is sitting on the couch typing away on his phone, a slight frown on his face. Jeongguk not really knowing what to do hovers next to him before sitting on the edge of the sofa next to him.

"You don't have to treat everything like you're going to get it dirty you know, you're allowed to be here." Taehyung says not looking up from his phone.

Jeongguk lets out a breath through his nose and sits further back on the sofa, though he keeps his posture rigid still not allowing himself to fully relax.

Taehyung eventually puts down his phone and turns his body to look at Jeongguk finally, his gaze travelling up the length of the boy's body an appreciative look on his face. Taehyung tells him he cleans up good and Jeongguk blushes slightly before thanking him, the whole situation makes him feel a little awkward but apparently Taehyung doesn't get the memo that what he's doing is strange because he seems completely at ease with this. Jeongguk wonders how often Taehyung brings broke teenagers to penthouse suites, he hopes it's not often but he thinks he's probably wrong.

Taehyung poses an unexpected question a week later that smashes through the metaphorical ice. Jeongguk has been tiptoeing around the apartment, addressing Taehyung as formally as possible when he has to talk to him but mostly trying to stay out of the other man’s way. Avoiding Kim Taehyung, it turns out, is as hard as trying to avoid rain drops when it’s pouring. Over the past week he had been firing numerous questions at the younger man, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ ‘Dogs or cats?’ ‘What are your parents like?’ to name a few. Taehyung has also been walking around the apartment shirtless under the guise that he’s looking for a certain shirt that he had ‘misplaced’ or ‘accidentally’ forgetting to bring clothes into the bathroom and walking out with only a towel slung low around his waist. Every time Jeongguk had quickly walked away, blush breaking out across his cheeks.

Jeongguk can't deny that he's attracted to Taehyung. No, he realised he was attracted to him as soon as his car pulled up by the side of the road. Jeongguk appreciated a handsome face and Kim Taehyung was beautiful to him. What he didn't expect however was for the beautiful man with the expensive car to take him back to an equally as expensive apartment away from home, give him new clothes, allow him to stay and then ask if Jeongguk wanted a sugar daddy. It was so straightforward, the phrasing so blunt that Jeongguk cringed a little before ultimately freezing in shock. He couldn't deny that the prospect was pretty appealing, well very appealing, but he had to rationally think this through; consider his pros and cons and construct a good two sided argument like his dad had always taught him to. A quality of a good lawyer was to be able to view the situation from both sides and expect any counter arguments that could possibly come up.

Except Jeongguk had never wanted to be a lawyer he wanted to be a photographer and photographers didn't need two sided arguments they just needed the ability to see the beauty in things and have the willingness to capture that beauty. Kim Taehyung is beautiful and Jeongguk was extremely willing to capture that beauty for himself. So, instead of arguing through it rationally in his head before making an educated decision he found himself saying yes on a whim instead. Jeongguk didn't really regret this per say but he did feel embarrassed by how quickly he had answered, his face heating up almost as soon as the word was out of his mouth.

"I mean shit I don't know what I mean, like I mean yes but I didn't mean to sound that enthusiastic. I swear this hasn't been a longtime goal of mine or anything." He rambles, the words coming out so fast they slur together into an almost unintelligible mess of random syllables.

Taehyung doesn't look phased he just has that strangely appealing rectangular grin on his face again and Jeongguk thinks he maybe looks more attractive like this than when he's acting all cool and calm.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of if it is a longtime goal."

"I promise you I have never entertained the thought until just now."

Taehyung tells him that if he's actually accepting his offer they'll have to set up rules, an agreement like a contract of sorts so there's no chance of any boundaries being breached. Jeongguk just nods along, not really listening just hearing as Taehyung starts talking about the intricacies and workings of this kind of relationship, he's more preoccupied with internally berating himself for agreeing to this when he hardly knows the man. He was thinking with his dick, something that he shouldn't be doing because he is not fifteen years old but he can't help it because Kim Taehyung is ridiculously attractive.

Taehyung is talking about him receiving some sort of monthly allowance along with the gifts he would buy Jeongguk if he feels particularly generous when Jeongguk suddenly snaps out of his internal monologue of varying levels of regret and excitement to ask what Taehyung expects out of it. It's not that Jeongguk doesn't know the nature of a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship; he gets bought stuff and repays Taehyung with various sexual favours, he just needs to hear it from the man's own mouth. Taehyung smirks in a way that makes Jeongguk feel slightly intimidated and even more aroused and tells him that they'll discuss that in detail later because it will be a long talk because certain preferences and limits have to be talked about and set.

All Jeongguk can think about in that moment are the words "preferences" and "limits", they swirl around his head and Jeongguk has to stop his blood rushing south due to not entirely appropriate thoughts because he didn't even consider that Taehyung's idea of sex would be less than vanilla. He doesn't realise he'd been spacing out and staring at the same spot for too long until Taehyung speaks up.

"Kookie don't go soft on me now you can always back out I'd still buy you new clothes."

Jeongguk shakes his head to clear the fog that had settled in his brain.

"Nuh-no it's not that it's um, I didn't think you'd have um, preferences."

Taehyung laughs, it's not a proper laugh more of a short chuckle but Jeongguk still adds it to his mental list of attractive things about Kim Taehyung.

"Don't tell me little Kookie was expecting me to be vanilla, I proposed the idea of being your sugar daddy what did you expect?"

The way he says it sounds condescending and it makes Jeongguk feel small and embarrassed but he doesn't necessarily think that’s a bad feeling. He stutters uncontrollably trying to explain that it just hadn't occurred to him before Taehyung snaps a short "Words Jeongguk." Which activates the repressed part of Jeongguk which seems to get off being made to feel weak because again he finds himself trying to will his dick not to take interest.

"It just didn't occur to me." He mumbles his cheeks flushed with two parts embarrassment, one part arousal.

He was beginning to feel like he was back in the early years of high school where puberty made him on the verge of coming in his pants from something as simple as a phrase spoken by an attractive male, although thankfully now he was better at controlling it, Kim Taehyung seemed to be able to make that control completely disappear. To his surprise Taehyung actually apologises for his outburst.

"Sorry I don't know if you're into that it just happened."

He's got a slightly sheepish look his face which Jeongguk can't help but find endearing because it's so different from the business like Kim Taehyung he's been dealing with up until now.

"No don't apologise. I'm uh into that."

Jeongguk gives a small smile as Taehyung lets out a breath.

"I didn't want to overstep any boundaries before this even started."

Jeongguk shakes his head slightly to indicate that no boundaries were crossed and Taehyung visibly relaxes.

"Okay then, look we'll talk about this tomorrow it's like one in the morning and luckily I don't have to work tomorrow." Taehyung says getting up and disappearing into the bedroom.

"Goodnight Taehyung," Jeongguk says to a closed door.

Jeongguk wouldn't say he's completely inexperienced when it comes to sex. As a nineteen year old boy he knows a lot. Probably knows more facts about sex than any straight boy of the same age because he had to research it himself, they don't teach gay sex education in schools. He's had his fair share of hookups with boys he's met at high school parties, both with those confident in their sexuality and those who were drunk enough to experiment on any boy they found pretty enough. Jeongguk's sexuality wasn't some big secret back home but he didn’t flaunt it either, he wasn't scared of the reactions of the pupils at his high school because most of them were pretty open minded, it was his parents he had to worry about but luckily everyone had better things to gossip about than the Jeons’ son Jeongguk and his sexuality.

He wasn't scared of talking about sex and he didn't view it as a taboo subject just because he was gay but he also didn't talk about it constantly like some of the guys he knew either. He knew what he liked but he didn't think that anyone needed to know about that unless they were interested in him. Usually it would come out because someone would pull on his hair by accident while he was sucking them off and he'd end up moaning around their dick because of the light pain in his scalp or they'd smack his ass to get him to move and he'd whine for more but it never went further than that because he wasn't about to be the gay kid who also has a major pain kink.

He'd never sat down with someone and discussed their kinks like they were deciding what to have for takeout until Taehyung. He'd never had to look at a list that contained words like "humiliation" and "handcuffs" and had to cross out the stuff he wasn't willing to try, which honestly wasn't a lot, he even circles some things that he is particularly interested in (being choked had always been on Jeongguk's mental list of fantasies he wanted to test out). He'd never had to establish safe words, they go with colours because Jeongguk decides it would be the easiest option and he doesn't think that he could make himself shout out something like 'macaroni' during sex, and he's also never had to discuss how much he gets paid into a bank account every month in exchange for sexual favours. Surprisingly it turns out to not be as daunting as he first thought it would be when Taehyung had put down his fork after dinner and declared ‘we need to talk sex’, Jeongguk will never admit that he choked on the last bit of his meal at those words, and he finds the whole conversation surprisingly casual.

Before the failure of his father's firm and his parents divorce Jeongguk's family would have been considered to be fairly well off, his dad had a large enough income for his mom to quit her job as a nurse and for them to still live relatively comfortably. Jeongguk wasn't spoiled, he had to work for his allowance but the amount he received per month was substantially larger than the effort he put into the chores he had to do to earn it. Jeongguk also had more clothes than most teenage boys, he wanted to dress well and not let his sense of style ruin his reputation that he had received for his good gene combination. The basic clothes he bought weren't ever actually that expensive, plain t-shirts and jeans, but he did tend to impulse buy expensive jackets and shoes (despite always wearing the same pair of Timberlands) and there was this one time he bought a pair of black leather pants for a party which emptied his bank account.

Taehyung took him shopping a couple weeks after the day he’d picked him up, Jeongguk had been living in the limited clothes Taehyung had in the apartment. The older man had promised to take Jeongguk shopping as soon as he could take a break but the younger didn’t mind, he liked wearing the other’s oversized clothing not that he’d ever admit it.

Jeongguk had never set foot into stores like the ones Taehyung took him to where no item cost less than $100, and that was just for a wallet, he'd never had this much money spent on him before in such a casual manner as though the older man was just buying groceries. Jeongguk just trailed after Taehyung like a lost puppy occasionally nodding at an item the older held up to show him. Taehyung acted as Jeongguk's personal stylist waving off the store assistants who offered their help. Taehyung was so concentrated on shopping that he didn't talk to Jeongguk much apart from giving his opinion on outfits the younger tried on in the fitting rooms but Jeongguk was too preoccupied with the prices to mind. Taehyung's professional manner slipped a few times when Jeongguk tried on jeans that were skin tight or t-shirts that had no right to be clinging to him as much as they did; his eyes would wander down Jeongguk's body and then up again, an action so deliberate that it made Jeongguk shiver despite the slightly too warm temperature of the store.

Jeongguk knew it would happen. He’d guessed from the way Taehyung had acted after they’d left the store; hand placed on the slight curve of his waist, his body angled slightly behind Jeongguk’s so he could walk closer to him. What Jeongguk didn’t expect was to be pushed against the side of Taehyung’s car and pulled into an aggressive kiss. Jeongguk’s hands are in the older man’s hair almost instantly and he is shamelessly angling his hips so they press against Taehyung’s. It had a been a while since he’d kissed anyone like this, a scruffy kid who lived in various seedy motels didn’t really attract the attention of many desirable people. Taehyung’s large hands are splayed across his hip bones, gripping him in a way that is almost possessive as he bites down slightly on Jeongguk’s bottom lip before swiping his tongue along it. Jeongguk doesn’t want to admit that he whines slightly at that but it had been a long time since he’d been with someone.

Taehyung pulls back chuckling slightly at the younger who is breathing heavily with rose tinted cheeks before dipping down slightly to kiss along Jeongguk’s jawline and then even lower to suck on his neck, reaching around to pull the car door open before maneuvering Jeongguk around the door and into the backseat of the car.

Jeongguk’s slightly clouded brain can only register a few things at that moment; that he was in the backseat of a car, that said car was probably worth more than his house back home and that Taehyung was sucking bruises onto his neck while pulling the zip of his jeans down. Jeongguk bites down on his lip as Taehyung reaches into his jeans to palm at his gradually stiffening cock through his boxers. He feels Taehyung bite his earlobe, gently tugging on his piercings.

“I want to suck you off would you like that baby? Do you want my mouth around your cock? Tell me what you want angel”.

Jeongguk moans at the words breathed into his ear, hips bucking up into Taehyung’s hand. It should probably be embarrassing how quickly Jeongguk had slipped into the role of a submissive but he couldn’t think past anything but the image of Taehyung’s mouth around his dick and how much he wanted it.

“Daddy please, want your mouth, need it”.

Taehyung groans at the way the word ‘daddy’ sounds coming from the younger boy’s lips and moves into kiss him again before shifting backwards on the car seat to settle into a better position. He lifts Jeongguk’s t-shirt up to expose his chest and leans down, his breath ghosting over one of Jeongguk’s nipples briefly before nipping gently at the pink bud. Taehyung licks in circles around it before biting down, his teeth pulling slightly making Jeongguk moan and reach up to grab a fistful of Taehyung’s hair. The older pulls back a little, glancing up at Jeongguk.

“Careful angel” he warns before leaning back down to pay attention to Jeongguk’s other nipple.

When he’s got Jeongguk wriggling slightly beneath him, skin catching slightly in the leather, small whimpers and breathy mewls leaving his mouth he moves down pressing kisses and sucking bruises onto the soft skin of Jeongguk’s stomach and just beneath his navel. Taehyung runs his hands down Jeongguk’s waist before pulling at the waistband of Jeongguk’s jeans and boxers to tug both items of clothing down until they’re around the younger boy’s ankles allowing Taehyung to spread his legs apart. He kisses across Jeongguk’s hips, scraping his teeth lightly across the protruding bones. Jeongguk’s hands are back in his hair and the younger boy is whining something about not teasing him.

Taehyung decides to indulge him and takes Jeongguk’s cock in his hand, thumbing over the slit and spreading the precome that had beaded at his slit around the head before he licks a broad stripe from the base to the tip. Jeongguk keens from above him and Taehyung glances up briefly to see that he’s got his head thrown back against the leather, his mouth open in a silent display of ecstasy. Taehyung thinks that the younger boy looks beautiful with pleasure written all over his face and his lips swollen from where he’d bitten them to try and quieten his moans.

“Jeongguk baby I want you to look at me when I suck you off can you do that for me?”

It’s a rhetorical question but Jeongguk still sits up slightly and nods at Taehyung.

“Good boy”.

Jeongguk moans at the praise and then again when Taehyung finally takes the head of his cock into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he sucks. Taehyung circles the flat of his tongue around the top before he digs the tip into the slit. Jeongguk’s hips twitch up towards Taehyung’s mouth and he places a hand on them, not holding him down just there as a warning.

“Sorry daddy I didn't mean to it was a mistake.” Jeongguk is babbling and Taehyung strokes the skin with his thumb as a silent gesture that it's okay.

Taehyung continues to suck on the head of Jeongguk’s cock, tasting the slight bitterness of precome and it's only when he looks up to see Jeongguk with tears in his eyes that he relaxes his throat, flattens his tongue and takes more of Jeongguk’s length into his mouth. He breathes deeply through his nose so that he's able to reach the base. Jeongguk tugs Taehyung’s hair slightly causing the older to moan around him, the vibrations adding to the heat that's pooled in his stomach. Taehyung starts bobbing his head, sucking on Jeongguk’s cock as he moves up and using his tongue to trace shapes as he goes back down. He strokes his hand along the length when he can't deepthroat Jeongguk any longer and pulls off so he can breathe. Jeongguk is a moaning mess when he takes him back into his mouth; sucking gently at the head, hand still stroking the base of the younger’s cock. Jeongguk’s hands are clenching and releasing in Taehyung's hair and he’s writhing on the leather from the combined stimulation.

“Daddy I'm so close, it feels so good. I want to come please let me come.” He whines, mind clouded with lust and pleasure.

He continues to speak mumbled pleas, not really sure what he's saying only that he wants to come, needs to come. Taehyung pulls off and Jeongguk makes a pained noise.

“Daddy no I want to come, hurts daddy please.”

Taehyung keeps one hand firmly around the base of Jeongguk’s cock while the other moves from the his hip to stroke his thigh.

“Baby you taste to good, does it feel good to have daddy’s mouth around your cock angel? Do you want to come in daddy’s mouth?”

He strokes Jeongguk slowly, grip gentle so he’s kept close to the edge without enough friction to send him over.

“Please daddy want to come in your mouth I've been good.”

Taehyung thinks Jeongguk is beautiful like this, cheeks flushed and eyes watery, obscene pleas spilling from his mouth and he wants to wreck the boy, see how far he can push him before he breaks. Later though, now he wants to see how pretty Jeongguk looks when he comes.

“Of course Angel you've been so good I’m going to make you come baby.”

Taehyung takes Jeongguk back into his mouth, sinking down until the tip of his nose touches the skin above Jeongguk’s cock, moaning so that Jeongguk can feel the vibrations before he pulls up and sucks at the head. It's not long before Jeongguk’s coming, spilling into Taehyung’s mouth with a loud shout of his name.

Taehyung continues to suck at the tip of Jeongguk’s cock until the younger is mewling and shivering at the over stimulation, thighs quivering where they’re placed either side of Taehyung’s head.

It doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to come down from his post orgasmic high and gain back at least a little bit of his composure. In the back of his mind he was aware that Taehyung hadn’t gotten off but when he voiced his willingness to help him out Taehyung brushed it off. He tugs at the waistband of Jeongguk’s jeans and underwear pulling them up as he chuckles lowly.

“Oh baby you didn’t think that was the end of it did you? I'll get my turn when we get back to the suite.”

The drive back to the apartment was living hell for Jeongguk. Taehyung’s earlier promise of more to come filling him with anticipation despite just coming in Taehyung’s mouth in the parking lot of the shopping mall, a fact that made him both embarrassed and thrilled.

Taehyung has one hand on the wheel and the other gripping Jeongguk’s thigh. Jeongguk is starting to come to the realisation that he has a thing for Taehyung’s hands, he wouldn't call it a kink but it’s similar. Taehyung’s fingers are long enough that they can wrap around a good part of Jeongguk’s thighs allowing his fingers to dig into the soft skin on the inside. No one Jeongguk had been with had been able to do that before, his hobby of dance during high school having built up an impressive amount of muscle.

Taehyung’s hand around his thigh made the older man seem more dominant, more powerful, something Jeongguk loves. Jeongguk squirms in his seat, he’s practically vibrating with anticipation. He wants Taehyung to touch him again, wants to touch Taehyung. His desperation makes him tempted to reach over but he’s not an idiot nor is he suicidal and knows that if Taehyung got distracted it would be easy to end up with a wrecked car. So he sits in the car seat, hands clasped together on his lap just next to where Taehyung’s fingers grab his thigh, his knuckles turning white from the pressure he’s exerting to keep them from wondering.

Taehyung looks oblivious of Jeongguk’s internal struggle at first glance, staring straight ahead with his focus entirely on the road ahead but Jeongguk can see the way his jaw clenches. Occasionally his hand will gently squeeze the muscle of the younger man’s thigh showing Jeongguk that maybe Taehyung is just as affected as he is, he’s just better at controlling it.

Jeongguk wants to unbuckle his seatbelt and jump out of the car as soon as Taehyung pulls up outside of the building’s entrance but he’d probably get strange looks from the valets so he stays put until Taehyung makes to get out of the car. He gets out and stands next to the older man drumming his fingers against his thigh as a sign of impatience as Taehyung tips the valet who’s parking his car for him. He gets close to whining at one point when the man starts a conversation about how nice the Audi is. Jeongguk thinks it’s obvious the car is hired and so there is no need to compliment it because it doesn’t actually belong to Taehyung but the older wraps his arm around Jeongguk’s waist and the contact makes Jeongguk feel a little less pathetic but a lot needier.

Eventually Taehyung manages to break the conversation and nods to the man before he walks away. His arm is still around Jeongguk, exerting a slight pressure to lead him towards the elevator. The thought that he shouldn’t be this excited for sex crosses his mind but Taehyung has an aura of dominance that pulses in the air and awakens Jeongguk’s dormant submissive side which clouds his senses and his rationality.

The elevator is devoid of any other guests and Jeongguk is grateful for it because Taehyung is pressing him against the side as soon as the doors shut. Taehyung’s arms frame his head as he starts biting and sucking the unmarked skin on his neck and Jeongguk can’t help the quiet whines that leave his mouth.

Taehyung slots his thigh between Jeongguk’s legs and it’s probably just so he can press closer but the younger man takes the opportunity to grind his hips down and the friction against his half hard cock makes him whimper quietly. Taehyung swears at the sound and then his hands are guiding Jeongguk’s hips, his lips back on his neck.

Jeongguk’s a mess and he’s practically keening, the friction coupled with the way Taehyung’s mouth feels possessive on his neck is causing his head to spin.

“Can you feel what you’re doing to me right now baby?” Taehyung asks pressing his own hardness against Jeongguk’s hip and the knowledge that Jeongguk had made this man hard makes him preen.

Taehyung is pulling away too soon, the elevator doors sliding open on the floor of the apartment and Jeongguk mourns the temporary loss of contact before Taehyung is lifting him up and carrying him inside. Taehyung momentarily stops on his way to the bedroom to push Jeongguk against the wall and press his lips to the younger boy’s because Jeongguk can’t stop himself from squeezing his thighs around Taehyung’s waist in an attempt to gain back some of the friction he had experienced in the elevator. Taehyung only pulls back from Jeongguk’s mouth to whisper:

“Be good for daddy baby and stay still until we get to the bedroom I don’t want to fuck you against the wall our first time just because you’re too needy to wait a minute. Do you understand?”

Jeongguk’s eyes are completely focused on Taehyung, his pupils blown wide and he blinks twice before nodding. Soon enough Taehyung is carrying Jeongguk through the doorway of the bedroom, the door left wide open and though Jeongguk knows no one is going to walk in he’s still aware of it at the back of his mind. He bounces slightly when Taehyung drops him onto the mattress and squeaks at the unexpected feeling.

Jeongguk pulls Taehyung down with him by the material of his shirt and the older man willingly situates himself over the younger, arms on either side of Jeongguk’s head. Jeongguk tries to sit up to kiss him but his position makes it difficult and Taehyung only smirks and makes no move to close the small distance. Jeongguk huffs slightly in annoyance, nose scrunched up cutely, before schooling his face into the perfect image of innocence; eyes wide and lips slightly pouted. Taehyung’s smirk disappears and his face softens.

“Daddy please,” he whines.

“What do you want angel? Want daddy to kiss you? You have to ask for things or daddy won’t know what you want.” Taehyung answers, it’s taking him all of his control not to kiss the younger man but he doesn’t let it show instead pretending he has complete control.

“Want daddy to kiss me please.”

Jeongguk licks his lips and cranes his neck, trying to get Taehyung to give him what he wants.

“Good boy all you had to do is ask.”

Taehyung’s lips are insistent against Jeongguk’s; soft but pressing against his so hard it’s bruising. When Taehyung bites gently on Jeongguk’s bottom lip, taking it between his teeth and sucking slightly, Jeongguk lets out a small gasp and Taehyung takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into Jeongguk’s mouth. His tongue caresses the roof of Jeongguk’s mouth and he sucks on his tongue, swallowing the ensuing moans that flow from the younger’s throat.

Jeongguk’s hands are trapped beneath Taehyung’s body and his hips are bucking up to try and feel something, anything, against his neglected cock. The older man ignores his attempts pulling back to kiss across Jeongguk’s jaw, down his neck and suck purple marks along the exposed parts of Jeongguk’s collar bones.

Taehyung slips his large hands under Jeongguk’s t-shirt, briefly letting his fingers ghost over his nipples to hear Jeongguk gasp, before he takes hold of the hem and sits up so he can pull it off the man beneath him. Taehyung resumes his journey of kissing, sucking and biting down the younger man’s body stopping momentarily to bite gently on his nipples and drawing those beautifully desperate whimpers that he’d heard in the car out of Jeongguk’s mouth.

Taehyung leaves an ordered mess of purple and red on Jeongguk’s torso and neck, something possessive stirring in his gut that he doesn’t want to acknowledge. He’s reaching for the waistband of Jeongguk’s jeans when he feels the other tug on his shirt.

“Off daddy please take it off,” he’s whining.

Taehyung chuckles at the younger boy’s actions, when he’d first proposed the idea of this arrangement he didn’t think Jeongguk would agree to it,let alone be this into the role. The whole thing was a spontaneous idea. Kim Taehyung never did spontaneous, usually planning every action carefully to make sure his life ran as smoothly as possible but something about the boy he’d found hitchhiking on the side of the road had the words spilling out of his mouth on a whim and he’d discovered that maybe acting without a plan could sometimes be more rewarding.

Taehyung manages to get Jeongguk’s jeans and boxers off while Jeongguk is still trying to unbutton Taehyung’s shirt. He coos at the younger boy and quickly undoes the first couple of buttons to pull it over his head. Jeongguk’s hands are immediately on him, running hungrily up his abdomen, over his chest and across his shoulders, the younger boy leaning up so he can reach to press kisses up the column of Taehyung’s throat, his tongue laving at his skin.

“No marks higher than my collar bones sweetheart, daddy has to work tomorrow,” he warns.

Jeongguk makes a noise in his throat that is clearly disapproving but moves down to bite along the protruding bones at the base of Taehyung’s neck, seemingly trying to leave as many red bruises as he could to make up for the fact that Taehyung’s neck had to stay clear. Taehyung allows himself to get lost in the sensation for a moment, hands buried in Jeongguk’s hair and low moans occasionally allowed through his lips in encouragement before he’s pushing the younger away. Jeongguk looks up slightly through thick lashes, allowing Taehyung’s grip in his hair to keep him still.

“Baby as much I’m loving this I’d prefer it if your mouth was somewhere else.”

Jeongguk’s eyes close slightly at Taehyung’s words and he moves to slide off the bed. Taehyung releases his grip on the younger’s hair and Jeongguk’s knees hit the carpet with a quiet thud. He kneels there between Taehyung’s spread legs, not moving just looking up at the older with eyes wide, obedient.

“You’ve been such a good boy do you want your reward baby?”

Jeongguk nods.

“Want your cock daddy please, want to taste you.”

Taehyung groans and nods, it’s not an obvious movement but Jeongguk seems to catch it because he reaches for the zipper on Taehyung’s jeans. He eyes Taehyung’s cock hungrily when he’s got his boxers out of the way, his tongue poking out slightly to lick his lips.

“Go on angel you’ve earnt it.”

Taehyung threads a hand through Jeongguk’s hair in encouragement. Taehyung’s cock is hot and heavy in his hand, he gives a few experimental licks to the head. The taste is bitter on his tongue but not bad. Jeongguk doesn’t take his time teasing the older like Taehyung had done to him. Instead he takes Taehyung into his mouth and allows himself one deep breath through his nose before he’s sinking his mouth right down to the base, swallowing around the length when it hits the back of his throat.

The older man groans loudly and tugs slightly on Jeongguk’s hair, the younger’s resultant moan making his throat vibrate and Taehyung curses at the sensation. He holds Jeongguk down until he’s pushing up against his hand and then he lets the younger move up to tongue at the head again. Jeongguk feels slightly smug at the noises he’s pulling out of Taehyung as he continues to suck at his cock, tongue swirling and his hand around the base when his throat can’t take the entire length.

Taehyung tugs at his hair to pull him off, his mouth is still tight around the older’s cock as he moves and it makes a satisfying yet obscene sound when the head slides out from between his lips.

“You’re doing so well baby, making daddy feel so good but I want to fuck you tonight and I can’t do that if you make me come like this. Would you like daddy to fuck you angel? I’ll fill you up so well. Bet you’d look so good with your hole stretched by my cock.”

Taehyung’s mouth is so filthy Jeongguk could probably come untouched simply from his words but he doesn’t want that, he wants Taehyung to fuck him, he’s wanted that since Taehyung had him in his mouth on the backseat of the car.

“Fuck me daddy, please, want you inside me. Haven’t I been good? Don’t I deserve your cock inside me?”

Jeongguk is fully aware he’s whining but he knows that it’s done purposefully to get Taehyung to move faster. It gets the reaction he wants because Taehyung is soon standing up and telling Jeongguk to get on the bed.

“Head down, ass up baby I’m sure you can do that for me.”

Jeongguk does, he’s already getting into position before Taehyung even speaks the words and the older rewards him with a light smack on the ass.

“Smart boy already knowing where daddy wants him.”

Taehyung stands to get the lube and a pack of condoms out of his suitcase.

“You’re lucky I was feeling hopeful this trip,” comments absentmindedly before setting the two items down next to Jeongguk on the bed.

Jeongguk, feeling impatient, wiggles his ass a little trying to get Taehyung to touch him. He isn’t expecting the slap that Taehyung gives him for it but he keens at the pain.

“Patience baby, I don’t want to punish you tonight since you’ve never had that experience before but be good or I’m not going to fuck you.”

Jeongguk stills instantly at that.

“No daddy please, I’ll be good I promise. Don’t leave me, I need you to fuck me.”

Jeongguk’s words are muffled slightly from where he’s got his face pushed into the pillow but still clear enough for Taehyung to hear.

“It’s okay baby, as long as you’re good daddy won’t leave you and you’ve been such a good boy so far angel.” Taehyung reassures him, popping open the cap of the lube bottle and pouring some onto his hand, rubbing it slightly to warm it up.

Jeongguk still jumps a little at the feeling of Taehyung’s finger pressed against his entrance, the liquid still slightly too cool.

“Are you ready baby?” Taehyung asks and Jeongguk nods pushing back lightly against his finger.

Jeongguk winces slightly when Taehyung’s finger breaches the ring of muscle, it’s been a while and the stretch isn’t as easy or comfortable as Jeongguk remembers it being but not quite as painful as his first time was either. He breathes through it and it isn’t long until Taehyung can easily move and Jeongguk is whining that it’s not enough. The second finger brings the sharp pain and slight burning sensation back but Jeongguk knows how to relax himself to help slightly alleviate the pain now and Taehyung is stroking up and down his back, whispering words that Jeongguk isn’t really listening to but the tone of his voice is soothing enough.

Taehyung’s fingers are probing slightly looking for Jeongguk’s prostate, fingertips close but not quite there.

“Angle them up a bit more,” Jeongguk mumbles and when Taehyung does he hits it almost immediately.

Jeongguk moans, all pain suddenly forgotten as Taehyung massages the spot and Jeongguk’s desperate for more.

“Daddy please another one, I can take another.”

The stretch from three fingers burns a little more than the first two but pain doesn’t last long because Taehyung now knows where to curve his fingers to make Jeongguk gasp and moan. Now he’s found Jeongguk’s prostate he knows exactly how much pressure to use when he massages the sensitive gland. It’s not long before Jeongguk is begging for Taehyung’s cock, rutting back against his fingers, loud moans quieted by the pillow he’s got his face in.

“Taehyung, daddy please. Want your cock, need it so badly. I want to come with you inside me, please I’m so close don’t want to come yet.”

Jeongguk isn’t fully aware of the words spilling from his mouth in desperation. Taehyung is slowly realising that even though he prides himself on having almost impeccable self control even he can’t resist Jeongguk when he’s so needy and worked up, voice slightly higher in pitch than normal and words interrupted by moans.

“Okay baby, stay still for me.”

Jeongguk whines as he pulls his fingers out and wipes them on the sheet before carefully unwrapping a condom. Taehyung had been so distracted while trying to make Jeongguk feel good that he doesn’t realise how worked up he is until he’s rolling the condom on and moaning at the feel of his own touch. He presses the blunt tip of his cock against Jeongguk’s hole.

“Ready angel?” He asks just to make sure even though Jeongguk was begging for him to fuck him just moments ago.

“Yes, daddy please fuck me.”

Taehyung presses in slowly, resisting every part of him that’s screaming at him to just fuck Jeongguk, not wanting to hurt the younger boy. Taehyung’s fingers had not prepared Jeongguk for the stretch of his cock and the younger boy whimpers slightly for the pain, Taehyung stilling to ask if he’s okay. Jeongguk nods in affirmation.

“Just try to relax baby.”

Taehyung strokes his hands up and down from Jeongguk’s hips to his ribs trying to get the younger to relax and make it easier for him to adjust. Once he’s fully inside Jeongguk he waits while the younger gets used to the feeling, leaning over to suck at Jeongguk’s pulse point and bite gently on his earlobe distracting him from the way the stretch burns.

Eventually Jeongguk’s pushing back against him, soft moans escaping his throat from the movement.

“Daddy move please.”

Taehyung doesn’t need any more encouragement than that before he’s pulling out and rocking back in. He starts with shallow thrusts, goes deeper and harder as the younger gets more desperate. Jeongguk’s letting out little whimpers and moans that sound so beautifully submissive that the sadist inside Taehyung wants to break him, make him cry. He has to keep hold of that tiny thread of self control inside him, he doesn’t want to hurt Jeongguk or push him too far until they’re more comfortable with each other. Instead he just settles for a slow pace, thrusting in hard but pulling out slow and it drives Jeongguk mad.

“Daddy faster. Go faster.” He whines. “Not enough. Please daddy.”

He’s begging so beautifully, trying to move his hips back against Taehyung’s to feel him more. Taehyung has yet to deny Jeongguk of anything and he’s not about to start. He pulls out and Jeongguk whimpers, he’s babbling something incoherent “daddy”s and “please”s spilling out amongst other nonsense sentences.

“Daddy just wants to see you angel it’s okay just lie on your back for me baby it’s okay I’m not leaving.”

Jeongguk calms down at this and immediately turns over, so obedient and Taehyung is quick reward him thrusting back into the younger, moving his hips at a faster pace, gripping his hips hard enough to bruise. The sound of Taehyung’s hips slapping Jeongguk’s ass and the slick sound of the lube turns both men on even more. Jeongguk has his head thrown back, eyes half closed, face flushed, mouth open and letting moans flow freely.

“Does it feel good baby? Tell daddy how it feels.”

Jeongguk’s eyes open and he looks straight into Taehyung’s eyes but his eyes look slightly glazed with pleasure and Taehyung doesn’t actually know whether the younger is seeing him or not.

“Feels so good daddy. Your cock is filling me up so nicely. Never felt this good before.”

Taehyung groans, the heat is building up and he knows he isn’t going to last much longer. He wraps one hand around Jeongguk’s flushed cock and starts pumping it, trying to match the rhythm of his hips.

“Daddy so close. Please don’t stop. I want to come, please can I come?”

Taehyung’s hand around him speeds up, wrist flicking on the upstroke in a way that has the younger man keening. Taehyung leans down until his mouth is right by his ear, neither his hand nor his hips slowing.

“You can come baby, show daddy how pretty you look while you come.”

That’s all it takes for Jeongguk to orgasm. Taehyung watches as he throws his head back, mouth open in a silent moan, coming all over his stomach and Taehyung’s hand. The feeling of Jeongguk clenching around his has Taehyung’s hips stuttering, coil tightening and when Jeongguk opens his eyes and smiles at him all blissed out it snaps. He buries himself to the hilt inside Jeongguk as he comes, spilling into the condom with a low moan that sounds so perfect to Jeongguk’s ears.

Jeongguk is floating in pleasure only slightly aware that a world outside of him and Taehyung exists. He feels Taehyung pulling out and whimpers pathetically at the empty feeling.

“Don’t leave, please don’t leave.”

He’s clutching at Taehyung’s wrist, he doesn’t want him to leave, why is he leaving?

“I’m not leaving baby I have to get something to clean you up with okay? I’ll only be gone a few seconds, I’m just going into the bathroom. It’s right next door, okay angel?”

Jeongguk reluctantly lets go of Taehyung’s wrist and watches him walk into the ensuite, trusting him to come back. True to his word Taehyung is only gone a couple of minutes and comes back with a flannel that’s damp with warm water. He gently wipes the cum and sweat off Jeongguk’s chest and stomach first before moving down to his thighs and sensitive cock. Jeongguk jerks at the feeling of the cloth against his overstimulated skin and Taehyung coos, chucking the flannel back into the bathroom without caring that it will be left on the floor.

The older man is thankful that the sheets managed to stay relatively clean so he doesn’t have to move Jeongguk who looks so sleepy and fucked out. He climbs in next to the younger, pulling him into his chest with one arm while covering them both in the duvet with the other. Jeongguk wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist and slots one leg in between both of Taehyung’s, nuzzling his face into the space between the older’s neck and shoulder. Taehyung strokes up and down Jeongguk’s back and the younger man hums with contentment. He’s glowing in a way that can only be achieved post sex and Taehyung starts to wonder how someone could be so beautiful.

“You were so good for me baby, made daddy feel so good. Did you enjoy that?”

Jeongguk nods against his neck.

“Yes daddy, felt so nice thank you.” He mumbles sleepily.

Taehyung places a kiss on the top of Jeongguk’s head when the younger’s breathing slows and falls asleep to the steady rhythm of Jeongguk’s heartbeat.

Jeongguk’s life becomes strangely domestic over the couple months he stays with Taehyung. The older man goes to work early in the morning, just after the sun has risen, leaving a bleary eyed Jeongguk in bed. Usually the absence of Taehyung’s warmth in bed is what wakes Jeongguk up and Taehyung had taken to pressing a small kiss goodbye to his forehead when sleepiness makes him soft and needy. The small display of affection is enough to send the younger man off to sleep.

With nothing much to do with his time, except work out in the building’s gym or play games on the console Taehyung bought him, Jeongguk usually doesn’t emerge from the bedroom until gone midday. The few hours between when he wakes up and when Taehyung’s gone to sleep seem to stretch on for hours when he’s confined the building. He’s been to a few places around the city with Taehyung but doesn’t know it well enough to confidently leave the building and so far the gym has been sufficient exercise.

Occasionally when he gets really bored or it’s absolutely necessary he’ll clean the apartment. It makes him feel like an outdated stereotype of a housewife from those cliché dramas on TV, the types who clean the house while they wait for their husbands to get home from a hard day's work. Lives boring and one-dimensional.

Jeongguk wakes up in a bed that is missing one Kim Taehyung, which Jeongguk was surprised at because it was meant to be Taehyung’s day off. The clock tells him it’s two in the afternoon which is much later than Jeongguk would like it to be. It was Taehyung’s fault he had slept this late, having exhausted Jeongguk the night before and the dull ache in his lower back and thighs were a not wholly unwanted reminder of just what Taehyung had done to him.

He blinks to try and clear some of the dryness from sleep out of his eyes. The room is cold when he moves out from under the duvet but he supposes that’s probably because he’s not wearing any clothes. He pulls
on a large t-shirt that’s on the floor and a pair of boxers from the clean pile of clothes resting on the dresser, both Taehyung’s but the older man doesn’t mind and Jeongguk isn’t going to complain not when he’s surrounded by the comforting smell of the other.

He’s disappointed at the distinct lack of Taehyung in the suite but sometimes Taehyung has to work on the days he’s meant to have off. Urgent company business or something, Jeongguk really doesn’t care he’s just annoyed that it takes Taehyung away.

Jeongguk is distracted by his stomach, he’s not sure if there’s food in the room’s kitchenette but he had missed dinner the night before and breakfast this morning so it’s worth a check.

There’s a post-it note on the fridge that is written in Taehyung’s messy English script, Jeongguk smiles at the shaky spelling and the half formed symbol of hangul crossed out at the top of the note. Taehyung was never comfortable with writing in English.

Jeongguk, I told you yesterday but I’m not sure if you’ll remember that I have a business meeting this morning. You’re still asleep as I write this but I’m sure you’ll be hungry when you wake up. There’s no food so I’ve left money on the counter so you can order something. Here’s my number for emergencies...I know you don’t have a phone yet (sorry) but there’s a spare in my suitcase.
~ Taehyung

There’s a messy pile of various values of dollar notes on the counter next to fridge and Jeongguk’s stomach grumbles at the thought of take out. In the end Jeongguk probably orders too much but the smell of the food the delivery man hands him is so good he doesn’t care about the slightly disbelieving look the man gives him when he realised he’s alone.

He finishes the food too quickly, stomach slightly too full and he’s left with nothing to do. Jeongguk lays on the couch staring at the ceiling. He could go to the gym, and probably should after all that fried food, but he has to wait for his food to be digested first. Jeongguk is just about to give up and subject himself to some mindless programme on TV when he remembers that Taehyung’s note mentioned a spare cellphone in his suitcase.

Jeongguk isn’t sure whether the spare phone is going to be an old Nokia flip phone, a slightly out of date Blackberry or the latest model from Samsung or Apple. From what he knows of Taehyung, which admittedly still isn’t much, it is probably one of the last two unless a Nokia appealed to his weird aesthetic. It doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to find the phone, admittedly not the latest but still a very expensive Samsung model, he doesn’t find much only the most basic apps and he sighs.

He needs something to distract him until Taehyung comes back. He absentmindedly flicks between menus on the phone, testing different themes and trying to make the phone look nice until he remembers that Taehyung had left his number. He knows that the note said for emergencies but surely Taehyung wouldn’t mind a text? Meetings are boring as far as Jeongguk knows, his dad always used to complain about client meetings in the evenings when they had time to eat as a family.

Jeongguk chews on his lips while he decides whether to risk annoying Taehyung. The worst thing that could happen was that Taehyung’s phone beeps in the middle of the meeting and he has to set it on silent, slightly embarrassing but not the end of the world and Jeongguk is sure that Taehyung wouldn’t throw him out on the street for that so he picks up the post-it and types the number into the recipient box.

[To: Unknown] 9.30am
Taehyung I’m bored~
How is the meeting?

Jeongguk doesn’t receive a reply straight away, but he wasn’t expecting to so he drums his hand against the side of the sofa studying the generic art on the opposite wall. He’s just mulling over several interpretations on what the seemingly random colours might mean when the phone buzzes.

[From: Unknown] 09:43am
Jeongguk? I told you only to text me in
an emergency and being bored is not
an emergency.

[From: Taehyung] 09.45am
The meeting is dull
I hate meetings with the company
partners they’re all old and boring

[To: Taehyung] 09:47am
Thought you said being bored
“wasn’t an emergency”

[From: Taehyung] 10:00am
It is when I’m the one that’s bored
Don’t be a brat

[To: Taehyung] 10:02am
I’m not a brat...daddy

[From: Taehyung] 10:05am
Shit Jeongguk I’m in a meeting don’t
do that

Jeongguk smirks at Taehyung’s reaction. He had only meant it as a joke but it seems that the word affects Taehyung just as much over text as it does in reality. As much as Jeongguk loves playing the submissive role he hates giving up total control, he prefers allowing someone to have a small bit of control but ultimately acting how he wants them to. Jeongguk likes his partner to have the illusion of complete control but with Jeongguk deciding how the scene goes.

[To: Taehyung] 10:10am
But daddy I’m so bored~
Won’t you keep me entertained
It would be more fun than those
boring business partners of

[From: Taehyung] 10:12am
Gguk baby I’m busy
and I know what you’re trying
to do and it’s not working
I’m sure you’ll find some way
to entertain yourself you managed
on your own for an entire year

Jeongguk huffs out a sigh of slight irritation and puts the phone down. He goes back to staring at the art on the wall before he notices that he had been subconsciously bouncing his leg up and down. He’s suddenly aware of how restless he is, he’d never got used to having to hide indoors in stuffy motel rooms and since he’d been out with Taehyung his craving for open spaces had grown. Jeongguk decides to go out for a run, his intense boredom the catalyst for his motivation to finally
leave the building on his own.

Jeongguk was starting to realise that even though the items that Taehyung had bought him were expensive and had caught his eye in the store they weren’t exactly practical. He was having to rummage through the older man’s suitcase again for something that was okay for him to wear running. Everyone had comfortable clothing and although Taehyung liked the images of rich business man and casual catwalk model Jeongguk knew that there is another side to Taehyung that whilst out of the public eye likes to dress in clothes with holes that weren’t a style choice.

He eventually finds a pair of grey sweatpants which aren’t ideal but will make do, Taehyung’s oversized t-shirt that he is already wearing is fine to wear. He didn’t know how long Taehyung’s meeting would last so he left a short note so the older wouldn’t worry and left the suite making sure to pick up the keycard and phone on the way out.

Taehyung gets back earlier than Jeongguk expects. When he’d returned from his run it had been around four thirty since he’d gotten lost on his way back from the park, despite making it there okay with the help of the receptionist’s instructions. Taehyung hadn’t been back then so he’d assumed maybe the older man had gone out for one of those obligatory business lunches that were only used as a chance to butter up clients and partners.

After his shower he’d just throw himself on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of Taehyung’s boxers, hair still wet and skin slightly damp, the tv on a low volume so he could watch it without really focusing. His lack of clothing didn’t bother him because he assumed he’d have enough time before Taehyung got back go completely dry off and throw on some clothes.

He hadn’t expected Taehyung to walk through the door half an hour later to find him like that. It wasn’t that Jeongguk was shy about his body because he knew he looked good, when all you can do to keep yourself entertained for a year were weight training exercises you built up an impressive amount of muscle even with limited food and constant trips to the gym recently had kept those muscles defined.

It also wasn’t that he didn’t want Taehyung to see him more than half naked because the man had seen him fully naked, had trailed kisses over sweat slick skin and been with him in the most intimate way possible on multiple occasions.

Jeongguk doesn’t know why he blushes bright red when Taehyung opens the door and just stands there eyes trailing over his body. Doesn’t know why he instinctively sits up and curls in on himself, maybe it’s because he is wearing the man’s boxers and that was usually something he did in secret.

Jeongguk jumps up and stutters something about throwing on some clothes, not moving straight away because he is caught in the other man’s gaze but then he stumbles backwards into the bedroom, slams the door with more force than strictly necessary and doesn’t quite calm down until he is partly covered by another one of Taehyung’s large t-shirts. It momentarily occurs to him that maybe it would be less embarrassing if he just wore his own clothes but he likes how Taehyung’s clothes feel worn and the smell of Taehyung that lingers slightly.

He moves to stand in the doorway of the bedroom a sheepish smile on his face. He watches Taehyung loosen his tie and flop down on the couch before he walks over to sit beside him. Drawing his knees into his chest and facing the older man. “Was the meeting that bad?” He has to clear his throat after, it’s still blocked with embarrassment.

Taehyung sighs dramatically. “It was awful, the partners are so boring and they’re all like fifty years old. Honestly middle aged men are bad enough when they’re Korean but these white Americans think they’re so much better than me because they’ve lived for thirty more years and speak English as their first language.” He throws his head back against the sofa. “Baby your texts were the only thing that kept me sane because I remembered I actually had someone to come back to.”

Jeongguk blushes slightly at that comment, his heart skipping but he ignores it like he always does when Taehyung makes these casual affectionate comments. Instead he jokes, “missed me that much did you?”

“You don’t even know. Just wanted to get home to you. When you called me daddy, it made me remember last night.”

Jeongguk hits his shoulder light heartedly.

“You’re so casual about it, dirty pervert.”

He’s pouting in an attempt to look annoyed even though the older has his eyes closed. Taehyung hears it clearly in his voice and laughs softly before pausing.

“Actually there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

He sits up, suddenly serious and Jeongguk’s eyebrows furrow at the tone.

“Jeongguk you know I’m only here on business and we’ve only known each other a couple of months. I also know we’ve got this arrangement and you’re living with me more out of necessity than choice but I have to go back to Korea in a couple days. It’s sooner than I had planned but apparently there’s something urgent I need to sort out back in the Seoul office, a partnership with another company all boring business but um, I was wondering if you want to come with me?”

Taehyung’s voice trails off slightly at the end, leaving the question to hang in the air for a moment. Jeongguk is slightly taken aback by the question, when Taehyung had said that he needed to go back he assumed he was being kicked out. Taehyung didn’t really have any kind of obligation to keep him around so why would he? He couldn’t believe Taehyung was basically asking him to move to Korea with him.

“I mean you can stay here if you want, I’d let you keep the apartment because I don’t use it often and obviously I’d pay the rent. I don’t want to just leave you to go back to sneaking around in motels again, that isn’t safe and I couldn’t live with myself if I let you go back to that lifestyle.” Taehyung is looking at his hands, all trace of the confident businessman or wealthy socialite gone.

“I’ll go.” Jeongguk says, his voice only slightly more than a whisper. He coughs once to clear his throat. “I’ll go with you if you want me to, um I mean I’d like to but I don’t want to burden you. I kind of miss the country anyway and I brought my passport with me for identification purposes when I left so I’m good to go.”

Taehyung looks at him with a grin that’s wide and boxy, so bright that Jeongguk can feel it’s warmth. Smiles like these are rare and so different to the closed lip half smiles and seductive smirks that he sees on the man’s face on a daily basis and it’s beautiful in a strange way that takes Jeongguk by surprise every time he sees it.

“I’m so glad. It will be fun baby, I promise.” Taehyung takes his hand, voice so full of warmth and affection that Jeongguk feels slightly overwhelmed.

Ten minutes later, Taehyung’s pressing confirm on his credit card payment for two first class tickets direct from JFK to Incheon airport.

Jeongguk hadn’t been on an airplane or even set foot in an airport since the last time they’d flown to Korea to visit his grandparents. He was about thirteen at the time and had found the whole experience overly stressful, too many people rushing around him too quickly. He’d stayed as close to his parents as his thirteen year old self’s dignity would let him, hood up and earphones in trying to take himself out of the crowd.

Going to the airport with Taehyung was nothing like those trips he went on as a child. Taehyung drives them to the airport in the early morning, sky still dark, the sun trying to break over the horizon to relieve the moon of its position in the sky. Jeongguk curls up in the passenger seat for most of the ride, brain still muddled with sleep, facing Taehyung and staring absentmindedly at his face illuminated by passing street lamps. The soothing tones of some unknown playlist is floating from the car speakers connected to the older man’s phone.

Neither of them say anything, it’s too early for conversation, the most Taehyung has spoken to him this morning was a whispered ‘Sorry it's so early baby you can sleep in the car’ when he’d woken Jeongguk up. Jeongguk in his sleepy state had been softer than usual and allowed Taehyung to help him get ready with gentle hands and a kiss placed on his forehead just before he closed the passenger door.

The road to the airport isn’t exactly quiet but Jeongguk assumes this isn’t even half the amount of traffic that was on the roads during the sensible hours of the day. It is interesting seeing the highway from the inside of a car instead of on the side of the road, not having to worry about whether he’d be able to get a safe ride. It’s nice, familiar in a way that’s tinted with nostalgia.

The airport itself is busy, from the brief look Jeongguk got of the main space it’s a mixture of business men holding large cups of coffee with their eyes glued to phone screens and tired looking young families perched on suitcases. The younger boy doesn’t get much of a look though because Taehyung is pushing him gently, hand placed on his lower back, towards the fast check in reserved for first class passengers.

Taehyung is saying something to the woman at the desk about their bags but Jeongguk isn’t paying much attention. At one point the older man had tapped his nose to get his attention when the woman at the desk started asking questions about the contents of Jeongguk’s bag, he had managed to snap out of his sleepy daze for long enough to coherently answer her but zoned out again soon after.

They end up in the first class lounge, Jeongguk leaning against the arm of a sofa in the back corner, eyes drooping but jerking awake with a start every time his head falls off his hand. It isn’t until he’s almost finished the coffee Taehyung had shoved into his hands that he starts to actually have thoughts that make sense and the ability to focus on something other than staying upright.

The caffeine goes to his head fairly quickly and he is shaking slightly because he hadn’t eaten anything that morning. Taehyung is frowning at his phone, eyebrows pulled together causing a vertical crease to form just above his nose. Jeongguk in his slightly delirious, caffeinated state thinks it’s cute and presses the tip of his index finger to it. Taehyung shoves his hand away and Jeongguk pouts.

“Taehyung I’m hungry.”

The older man just grunts dismissively.

“Taehyung feed me.” He tries again.

The older man just ignores him and continues to tap angrily at his phone. Jungkook pouts and rests his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, sniffing slightly because something in the air was irritating his nose. He continues to stare up at Taehyung, eyes wide, his leg is bouncing due to a mixture of impatience and caffeine.

He sneezes, it’s a small sound but it gets Taehyung’s attention. The older man looks at Jungkook’s wide eyes and pouting lips as he wiggles his nose slightly in irritation and Taehyung finds his anger at his business correspondent dissipating at the sight.

“Okay, I’ll buy you food. Come on, up you get.”

Taehyung stands, taking Jungkook’s hand in his to pull him up after him. Jeongguk grins, bunny teeth showing in full and Taehyung internally curses himself for being soft. He runs a major corporation, he’s ruthless in business, it’s the reason he’s made so much money. Yet here he is giving in to Jeongguk without the younger man even having to do anything. Taehyung chooses to ignore it, he doesn’t have the time for internal conflicts right now not when the idiots who are meant to be sorting out this transaction are making him do all the work. He pushes the problem to the back of his mind and follows Jeongguk off out of the lounge and into the airport.

Jeongguk comes out of his headspace as soon as he’s got food inside of him. He hates involuntarily regressing but it happens when you run on as little sleep as he is, mental strength running low and it’s much too easy for him to just let others take care of him. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like Jeongguk is unaware of his actions it’s just that he crosses boundaries more easily and gets a lot bolder.

Taehyung seems to notice the shift, Jeongguk mentally notes that he visibly relaxes a little bit and pulls out his phone to continue whatever business he was dealing with earlier. Jeongguk asks what time their flight is and is told it leaves in an hour so they still have some time before boarding. The half an hour that they have passes relatively quickly, Jeongguk wanders off with Taehyung’s credit card feeling heavy in his pocket, while Taehyung goes to make a call.

Jeongguk can’t help but feel slightly annoyed that Taehyung isn’t paying any attention to him today but he acknowledges that business which causes someone to rush back to Korea at the last minute has to be important so it’s only natural.

He meets Taehyung at the departure gate, or Taehyung meets him, rushing up to the gate boarding passes and passports in hand only just ending the call with an abrupt ‘Look I’m about to sit through a fourteen hour flight sort that shit out yourself’. He apologises for leaving Jeongguk on his own and then hands the flight attendant at the desk their documents.

Jeongguk had only ever flown while sitting in standard issue plane seats, he’d never seen first class let alone sat in that section. When they boarded he was slightly amazed by the facilities at first but now he was starting to feel the fatigue again so he doesn’t bother to explore the cabin further before curling up in his seat, falling asleep before they even start taxiing to the runway.

Getting off the plane was still a blessing even after the first class seating and being able to sleep for most of the flight. Jeongguk’s legs feel stiff and the fourteen hours on a plane have left his skin and hair feeling greasy. He moans to Taehyung about needing a shower the whole way through customs until the older man promises him that he’d let him shower first when they got to his apartment.

They are picked up by a man driving a black Mercedes, who helps to put their bags in the trunk. Jeongguk wasn’t expecting Taehyung to have a driver but he wasn’t really surprised either. Jeongguk spends most of the journey switching between looking out the window and messing around with his phone while Taehyung makes several long phone calls, some angrier than others, and sending various emails. Jeongguk wants to ask what has the older mad so wound up but he doesn’t really want to make Taehyung’s stress levels any worse so stays quiet.

It feels like hours until they reach Taehyung’s apartment. Jeongguk’s energy is flagging and Taehyung is still on the phone to someone, voice slightly raised in anger. Jeongguk feels slightly awkward trailing behind the older man while he’s in the middle of a call that he doesn’t know anything about. Taehyung rolls his eyes and hangs up when they reach the apartment cutting whoever he was talking to off halfway through a sentence.

The older man flops down on the couch, eyes closed, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

“I feel like I’ve been neglecting you for the past two days Gguk, sorry.”

He lets out a heavy sigh and pats the sofa inviting Jeongguk to sit down. Jeongguk quickly walks over and settles himself against the older man’s side. He’s become a lot more comfortable with initiating affectionate contact and doesn’t hesitate to press himself against the older man whenever he wants to.

“You flew me out here to be with you, I think that makes up for a few hours where you have to sort out your business. It’s not neglecting me and I’m a big boy I can deal with it.” The younger points out, nuzzling his face into Taehyung’s neck.

Taehyung hums. “Thank you for being so understanding baby.”

He threads his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair and the younger makes a small noise of contentment, closing his eyes and enjoying Taehyung’s touch. They sit like that for a few moments, enjoying the peace before Taehyung’s phone rings again. The older growls slightly, the sound low in his throat and full of frustration.

“I’m going to let that ring, they can sort it out themselves.”

He closes his eyes again when the phone stops ringing but then thirty seconds later it starts up again. Taehyung swears under his breath and Jeongguk presses his lips into a thin line.

“Tae just take the call I have to shower anyway.”

He stands up from the sofa and hands Taehyung the phone. The older looks like he’s about to apologise but Jeongguk just kisses him quickly and walks off to find the bathroom. Taehyung shouldn’t have to apologise for important work.

When Jeongguk comes out of the shower, hair fluffy from the steam and dressed only in one of Taehyung’s large t-shirts and a pair of boxers, Taehyung is tapping angrily away at his phone but he stops immediately when Jeongguk wraps his arms around him from behind the sofa.

Taehyung places a hand on the back of Jeongguk’s neck and looks up at him. The younger man leans down to press his lips against Taehyung’s, the angle is slightly awkward but Jeongguk doesn’t plan on staying in this position for long. When Taehyung bites gently at his bottom lip Jeongguk pulls away. He removes himself from Taehyung’s hold and walks around to the front of the sofa; climbing onto Taehyung’s lap, strong thighs framing the older’s hips and arms crossing behind Taehyung’s neck. Their faces are inches away but neither moves as they just let their breath mix between them.

“Let me help you relax, Daddy.”

The statement hangs in the air as Taehyung’s breath hitches slightly but the moment breaks when Taehyung closes the distance between them. He crashes through the tension so their lips meet, the kiss messy and far from the sweet exchange over the back of the sofa.

Taehyung takes the lead in the kiss, over the time Jeongguk had been with the older man he has discovered that it was pointless to even try and take control. Taehyung would give up that control for Jeongguk instantly, would actually let him try and exert dominance. It was something that quickly left Jeongguk confused and doubting his own actions, quickly surrendering to the older who would then proceed to show Jeongguk exactly why he was the dominant one. Bringing Jeongguk to the edge over and over again, using his tongue, his fingers, his lips. Never letting Jeongguk fall but pushing him as close as possible. Jeongguk would have tears streaking down his face, cock flushed deep red and painfully hard from the teasing. It would only end when Jeongguk could hardly form coherent sentences, filled with so much want all the words tried to spill from his mouth at once.

Those nights were always fun. He’d experienced the best orgasms of his life with Taehyung, ones that left him floating and deeper in his headspace than he thought was possible.

However, tonight was about Taehyung so Jeongguk wasn’t going to be bratty. He’d let the man take the lead for now. Jeongguk may be submissive but he was always in control, and Taehyung knew this it was the safest way to fuck like they did.

Taehyung’s tongue is licking across the roof of Jeongguk’s mouth. Occasionally he brings it back into his own mouth, bites at Jeongguk’s lower lip and sucks on the younger boy’s tongue. The older man kisses Jeongguk so aggressively, so well, that it leaves his lungs burning and his mind full of a wonderful rose tinted haze.

When Taehyung pulls back and away from Jeongguk’s mouth he momentarily forgets the plan he’d formed in the shower and whines, chasing Taehyung’s lips. He wants Taehyung’s taste permanently in his mouth, wants to breathe using just the air from the older man’s lungs.

It’s not until Taehyung’s biting at his neck, sucking bruises into his skin that Jeongguk will spend a week admiring that the fog clears. He places two hands against Taehyung’s chest, getting distracted by the feel of his muscles shifting lightly for a moment and then shoves him gently away. Taehyung’s teeth catch on his skin and he bites his lip at the feeling.

Their breathing is loud, he can’t distinguish between the two sounds.

“This isn’t what I wanted to do, I have a plan.” Jeongguk whines, breathless.

He’s pouting, aware that Taehyung loves it when he looks like this; eyes wide, bottom lip slightly stuck out. His cheeks and neck are spattered with red and purple from the blood that's close to his skin, both colours a result of Taehyung’s lips but for entirely different reasons. Taehyung loves it and he’s putty in Jeongguk’s hands now. The older man is a brilliant liar though, he’s perfected the facade of self control and it almost fools Jeongguk the way he just leans back, smirking.

“Go on then baby, show me this plan of yours.”

He sounds teasing, like he doesn’t believe Jeongguk can do anything for him. But it’s all an act because he knows Jeongguk loves feeling like this. Loves feeling like Taehyung’s looking down on him. Small. A feeling of slight embarrassment coloured with the need to prove himself worthy of this man.

He removes himself from Taehyung’s lap. Takes a moment to look the older man over. Taehyung is sitting casually back against the sofa, one arm stretched along the backrest and legs spread leisurely. He would be the picture of perfect nonchalance and composure if not for how obvious it is that he’s hard. Jeongguk absentmindedly licks his lips at the way he looks, halfway hard cock outlined slightly by the jeans he’d worn for the flight.

He’d love to get on his knees and suck Taehyung off right now. Undo the zip with his teeth because Taehyung loves the way Jeongguk looks with his hands on his thighs, mouth so close to his crotch. Vulnerable. He wants to take Taehyung in his mouth, wants to hear his groan as he teases the head of his cock with his tongue. Jeongguk wants to feel Taehyung at the back of his throat, to feel the way his cock throbs. But that’s not part of his plan.

Jeongguk sways his hips a little, and plays with the hem of Taehyung’s large t-shirt that he’s wearing. He bites his lip as he slides one hand up his chest inside the shirt, shivers when his cold fingers brush against his nipple.

“I have a plan daddy but I’m going to need your help.”

He still playing with his nipple, moans when he pinches it.

“Can you choose a song for me? I want to dance for you.”

He catches the moment Taehyung fully registers his words, eyes widening and the hand that’s resting on his thigh clenching and then relaxing. The moment doesn’t last long though, gone so quickly Jeongguk could believe he’d imagined it. Then he’s pulling out his phone, barely scrolling through his playlist before he’s choosing a song. Slow beat with a sensual melody. Jeongguk knows it but barely; he couldn’t name it but his body knows the rhythm.

He sways his hips to the beat, hand coming out from under his shirt to run through his hair. Jeongguk lets his body take over and retreats into his mind to watch Taehyung.

At some point not that far into the song he pulls his shirt off slowly, tossing it somewhere behind him. Then he walks slowly, still paying attention to the beat, and climbs back over Taehyung’s lap. He’s holding himself up with his thighs, hips still swaying, hands travelling sensually over his own chest. Jeongguk loves the feel of his hands against his skin, he loves being able to feel the definition of his own muscles. The dips and rises of his abs and pectorals. His skin feels hot and he’s tinted pink everywhere.

Taehyung’s hands are twitching in their positions on the sofa. Jeongguk knows he wants to touch, wants to replace the younger’s hands with his own but he’s waiting for permission.

“Do you want to touch me daddy? You’re so good waiting for permission like that. I thought you were meant to be in charge?”

He’s teasing. Taehyung gets worked up when Jeongguk reminds him that it will always be him in charge. The older man both hates and loves that the control is only his on the surface level.

Jeongguk allows himself to settle on Taehyung’s lap, he rolls his hips up against Taehyung’s. Moans loudly when the rough denim of Taehyung’s jeans rubs against his erection, the thin material of his boxers allowing him to feel it well. He grinds his hips a few more times before it’s not enough. The friction from the material is barely satisfying and his own hands suddenly feeling subpar.

“Touch me daddy, please, I need to feel you.” He says, soft moans punctuating his words.

The song is ending and transitioning into something else. Neither of them are really paying attention though, dance forgotten as Taehyung’s hands fly to Jeongguk’s body. One hand squeezing his thigh and the other covering the front of Jeongguk’s crotch.

Jeongguk’s gasping as Taehyung palms him. The feel of his hand against his cock combined with the slight friction from the material of the boxers and the fingers digging into his ass are maddening. His mind is telling him to give in, give up, surrender. Jeongguk is so tempted to let himself get lost in the natural dominance this man has over him but he can’t, not yet.

“Daddy, bed please. Want, need you inside me.”

Jeongguk is babbling, all linguistic skills he possesses are gone. Taehyung growls, the vibrations travel up Jeongguk’s throat and rattle his mind leaving him dizzy and incoherent. Taehyung picks him up, large hands supportive under his thighs and Jeongguk clenches them around his waist.

It’s not graceful the way Taehyung drops him onto the mattress. His back hits the bed and he bounces, it hurts a little, he felt the slats against his back when he landed. Jeongguk lies there, trying to control his breathing and the way his mind is threatening to retreat into the headspace he tries his best to stay out of. He sits up when Taehyung comes back with a bottle of lube from the suitcase and reaches out to take it.

Jeongguk grabs the front of Taehyung’s shirt and pulls him in for a kiss. Savours the taste of him and the warmth of his mouth against his tongue before he pulls away and pushes Taehyung down.

“Sit back daddy, I’m taking care of you remember.”

Taehyung smirks in amusement, he’s still fully clothed but Jeongguk can see the blush that creeps underneath the collar of his shirt.

“As long as you remember to angel, you got rather carried away back then, lost control for a second didn’t you?”

Jeongguk frowns at him and scrunches up his nose.

“It’s not nice to tease, daddy. Sit down please.”

Taehyung smiles fondly and kisses Jeongguk’s nose before he settles against the headboard. Jeongguk crawls towards him after setting the lube bottle on the side table. Taehyung’s legs fall open to let him crawl between them and he quickly finds Taehyung’s lips with his own.

He almost gets lost in the way Taehyung’s tongue feels sliding against his own. Revels in the feeling of Taehyung’s teeth against his lip. He lets Taehyung kiss and bite across his jaw. Moans when Taehyung suck gently at his pulse point and then whimpers when he bites down.

His hands are shaking as he undoes the buttons of Taehyung’s shirt. Jeongguk takes the liberty of feeling the lean muscles of Taehyung’s shoulders and biceps as he slides the material off his shoulders. He shudders when he feels Taehyung’s teeth against his collarbone and keens when his thumbs are rubbing across his hardened nipples.

He moves away from Taehyung’s mouth; kisses down Taehyung’s chest and stomach, pokes his tongue out to taste the saltiness of his skin. Nips playfully at the older man’s stomach and smiles innocently when Taehyung growls in impatience.

“Hurry it up angel or I’m going to have to ruin this little plan of yours.” He threatens.

His hand is in Jeongguk’s hair, grip tight but not pulling. It’s a warning and Jeongguk loves it.

He quickly unzips Taehyung’s jeans and pulls them down along with his boxers. Taehyung’s cock makes a quiet slap when it hits his stomach and Jeongguk groans. He swallows at the sight of it, flushed red with precum glistening on the tip. Jeongguk’s own cock twitches, he’s probably more desperate than Taehyung at this point, the older man has impeccable self control whereas Jeongguk has almost none. He gets hard at the slightest contact and it would be embarrassing if Taehyung didn’t love it so much. If he didn’t enjoy that Jeongguk could get hard just from heated kisses or come just from him playing with his nipples with his mouth attached to Jeongguk’s neck.

Jeongguk reaches out almost tentatively to take Taehyung in his hand. He gives Taehyung’s cock a few slow pumps, drags his thumb along the prominent vein and basks in the moan that Taehyung lets out. Jeongguk can’t resist leaning down to lick Taehyung’s head with the tip of his tongue, the bitter taste of his precum slightly overwhelming against his tastebuds. Jeongguk looks up at Taehyung who has his mouth open slightly and his eyes are dilated and dark.

“You taste so good daddy, love it when your cock is in my mouth.”

Taehyung’s hand, still in his hair, grips tighter and pulls him up.

“If you want it that badly you can have it baby.” His voice is deep and gravelly, tainted with lust and want.

“But I can’t it’s not part of the plan.”

He pushes against Taehyung’s hand, the signal that he wants to move, and Taehyung relaxes his grip allowing Jeongguk to pull away.

“I want to ride you. Can I do that daddy?”

Taehyung groans at Jeongguk’s words.

“Of course you can baby, do you want me to prep you?”

The thought of Taehyung’s fingers inside him, stretching his hole as he preps him has Jeongguk shivering. Taehyung’s fingers are his second favourite thing, close behind his cock and just above his tongue. They’re so long and can reach deeper than his own, easily finding his prostate and Taehyung always loves to play with it, leave Jeongguk whimpering and shaking from stimulation before he fucks him. Tonight though, Jeongguk wants to put on a show for Taehyung so he answers:

“No daddy I want to do it, you can watch.”

Taehyung makes a slightly strangled noise when Jeongguk reaches for the lube. He pours a generous amount over his fingers, he likes it when it’s wet, there’s something strangely arousing about the slick noise. He settles himself between Taehyung’s legs, facing away from him, and leans forwards so Taehyung can see his hole. The angle is slightly awkward for him this way, but it turns Taehyung on more when he gets to watch Jeongguk’s fingers stretching himself open.

“Tae can you spread me?”

Taehyung wastes no time in gripping his cheeks, he squeezes once harshly reprimanding Jeongguk for the slip in title. He pulls them apart so Jeongguk can reach behind with one hand, the other supporting himself. He circles the tip of one finger around his hole, feels himself twitch slightly at the feeling and then he’s pressing the first finger past the ring of muscle and into himself. He moans a little, loving the feeling if his finger inside himself. Jeongguk pumps the first finger a few times but is quickly adding another; the stretch is greater and Jeongguk keens, this is what he wanted. He wanted to be stretched around something, even if it is his own fingers. Taehyung’s hands are still holding his ass spread and Jeongguk can hear him groaning at the sight in front of him.

“You’re doing so well angel, you look so pretty like this stretching yourself open for me. Such a good boy.”

Taehyung’s praise goes straight to Jeongguk’s dick and he moans, fingers moving faster. Jeongguk adds a third finger, small whimpers spilling from his mouth because it hurts a little.

“That’s it baby, stretch yourself for my cock. I can’t wait until I’m inside you, you’re always so tight, always feels so good.”

Taehyung’s words are making him feel desperate and he can’t find his prostate, his mind is too clouded to focus on anything but the stretch of his fingers and Taehyung’s words.

“Daddy I want your cock in me, I’m ready now please.”

His voice is breathy and his tone is whiny, desperate. Jeongguk just wants to feel Taehyung’s cock, the stretch of his fingers isn’t quite enough anymore.

“Okay angel, sit up for me.”

Jeongguk pulls his fingers out of himself, tries to stop the small noise of discontent at the empty feeling from escaping his throat but fails. He pushes himself up on shaky arms and turns around to the sight of Taehyung slicking himself up with lube. He holds his hands out to Jeongguk.

“Come here baby.”

Jeongguk straddles Taehyung’s lap, lifts himself up and leans forwards against Taehyung’s chest. He lets Taehyung guide his cock so it’s presses against Jeongguk’s entrance and then Jeongguk is lowering himself gently down onto him. Taehyung lets out a loud moan that sounds more like a growl with how deep his voice is and Jeongguk keens at the feeling of Taehyung’s cock stretching him open. He pants through the slight burn, knows that once he adjusts completely it will feel better. It already feels good despite the pain.

“You’re doing so well baby, feel so good around my cock. How are you so tight?”

Taehyung’s hands are gripping his hips, thumbs stroking his hipbones as Jeongguk continues to lower himself until Taehyung is completely inside him.

When Taehyung bottoms out, Jeongguk only allows himself a small moment to adjust before he’s lifting himself up and then back down. They’re both moaning as Jeongguk bounces on Taehyung’s cock, pain quickly being replaced by pleasure as he rubs against Jeongguk’s walls. It’s slick, the noise the lube and their skin makes is obscene.

“That’s it angel, you’re so good at this Gguk. Feel so good baby.”

Taehyung’s praise makes Jeongguk keen and he shifts forward trying to find the right angle. He lets out a shout when he finds it and Taehyung’s cock hits his prostate.

“There, there! Feels good daddy, so nice.”

Jeongguk’s head is thrown back, his neck exposed to Taehyung and glinting with a sheen of sweat under the bedroom light, he looks so good that Taehyung can’t resist leaning forward for a taste. Jeongguk goes slack under his mouth and grinds his hips desperately on Taehyung’s cock, muscles shaking too hard to lift himself up. The angle is just right and Taehyung slides against his prostate with each circle of his hips. He’s babbling nonsense and begging for Taehyung to let him come.

“Daddy, please. Touch me, I want to come I need to come please.”

He’s desperate, his voice is strained from moaning so loud and the rough quality turns Taehyung on even more. Taehyung doesn’t stop sucking possessive marks into Jeongguk’s neck even as he reaches forwards and take his erection into his hand. He strokes quickly, Jeongguk’s muscles clenching around his cock with every stroke and he can feel himself getting close just from Jeongguk’s reactions. The younger boy is so submissive even when he’s on top of him, leaning into Taehyung’s mouth on his neck and bucking his hips into his hand.

“Come for me baby, you’ve been so good today making daddy feel so nice. Come for me angel you can do that can’t you?”

That’s all it takes. Jeongguk keens when he comes, hips stilling and cum spilling over Taehyung’s hand and chest. His ass clenches around Taehyung, squeezes him so tightly and brings him closer to his own release. He lifts Jeongguk up and lays him on his back on the bed, leaning over him.

“Where do you want my cum angel?”

Jeongguk blinks up at him dazedly.

“Baby, come back to me. Where do you want daddy’s cum?”

Jeongguk takes a few seconds to answer, “Inside me, come in my ass please want you to fill me up.”

Taehyung groans before he’s thrusting back into Jeongguk. The younger whimpering from the overstimulation, thighs shaking.

It doesn’t take long for Taehyung to come he was already so close and Jeongguk’s whines don’t help. He releases with a loud groan inside Jeongguk, collapsing on top of the younger but making sure to hold himself up slightly because Jeongguk doesn’t look like he could take his weight right now. Lying on the mattress, eyes closed, face flushed and breathing harsh. He pulls out of Jeongguk after he catches his own breath. The younger boy whimpers and reaches out for him.

“No stay.”

Taehyung reaches out and strokes his hair at the whiny command.

“I need to clean you up baby, you know that right? Stay here I’ll be back in a minute the bathroom is just next door yeah? I won’t be long.”

Jeongguk relaxes at that and lets Taehyung walk off to get a towel. The younger is always like this after sex, he floats off into his headspace becoming clingy and needy in a way that makes him anxious to have Taehyung away from him. Taehyung comes back and wipes Jeongguk down, the flannel is soft and warm against his skin and Taehyung’s gentle touch feels so nice. He hums as Taehyung cleans him up and tuck him into bed, climbing in next to him after cleaning up around the room a little. Jeongguk immediately latches onto the older man and Taehyung presses a gentle kiss to his forehead.

“Did I do well? Are you relaxed now?”

Jeongguk’s voice is quiet and he mumbles because he’s so tired. Taehyung can’t help the fond smile that breaks across his face.

“Yes baby you did very well, I’m proud of you.”

Jeongguk makes a small noise of contentment before burrowing his face into Taehyung’s neck. They fall asleep cuddled together, Taehyung’s arms around Jeongguk’s waist and Jeongguk’s lips against Taehyung’s neck.

Taehyung spends the next few days working at home. He sits on the sofa with laptop resting on his thighs, phone constantly next to his ear and Jeongguk dozing on his shoulder trying to sleep off the jet lag. Jeongguk had assumed that Taehyung would be at the office trying to sort everything out but it turns out that the other party are being difficult with their availability, avoiding conflict, so Taehyung can work at home.

Every so often Taehyung gets up and shuts himself in his office for a couple of hours effectively leaving Jeongguk on his own. The younger doesn’t mind much he doesn’t have to be around Taehyung 24/7 and he gets to entertain Taehyung’s dog Soonshim, he just wishes the other man would rest. So much stress can’t be good for a person but he guesses it comes hand in hand with practically running the company for his father.

But Taehyung has been in his office for almost a whole day and Jeongguk is starting to feel a bit put out. He can’t really do much in the apartment and he doesn’t know Seoul well enough to go out without getting terribly lost. He wants to go out, the city is beautiful and Jeongguk is itching to take photos with the camera he saw in Taehyung’s bedroom. At the moment he has to settle for snapping pictures of Soonshim with his phone.

He’s lying on the floor, head pillowed on one arm and stroking the dog’s soft coat absentmindedly when Taehyung finally emerges. Jeongguk doesn’t bother to look up at Taehyung. He’s annoyed at the other man, irrationally so, but still annoyed and he’s dealing with that by throwing a silent tantrum. The silent treatment is admittedly a little childish but Jeongguk hadn’t quite grown out of that phase.

Soonshim betrays him by jumping up to greet her owner, tail wagging madly and tongue hanging out of her mouth. Jeongguk glares at the dog, this is what he gets for playing with her all day, the bond between them is dead.

Taehyung drops down beside where Jeongguk is lying and crosses his legs, the older man is playing with Soonshim’s ears. He looks a lot younger like this, less of the businessman Jeongguk is mad at and more like his Taehyung. It makes Jeongguk’s resolve crack a little; it’s not really Taehyung’s fault he’s not around, he didn’t choose this.

“Why are you sulking baby?”

Taehyung’s voice is soft and musical, gentle in a way that it only is when Jeongguk gets like this.

“You were gone for ages. I can’t do anything here by myself.” Jeongguk mumbles, lower lip stick out in a pout as he stares up at Taehyung.

Taehyung stops stroking the dog and pats his thigh lightly, a signal that Jeongguk has learnt to mean ‘come here’. The younger sits up slightly so he can maneuver his head onto Taehyung’s lap and Taehyung’s hands immediately move to run through Jeongguk’s hair. Jeongguk hums happily, the feeling of Taehyung’s fingers scratching lightly at his scalp is comforting and he closes his eyes to focus on the sensation.

“How about we go out tomorrow? I’ll turn my phone off and take you somewhere nice for lunch, would you like that baby?” Taehyung asks.

“No business calls?”

Taehyung laughs quietly.

“No business calls. Just us.”

“Like a date?”

Jeongguk has to clarify, scared he has the wrong idea. They’ve never ventured into that emotional territory before despite Jeongguk’s wants.

“Our first date, if you want to be official.”

Jeongguk smiles and opens his eyes to look up at Taehyung. The look is the older man’s eyes is so unbelievably fond that Jeongguk is slightly taken aback. His chest feels tight and he feels so unbelievably warm that he can’t help but lean up to press his lips to Taehyung’s. Taehyung places his hand on the back of Jeongguk’s neck on instinct and kisses him back. It’s just a soft press of their lips, but it has Jeongguk feeling giddier than he has at any other contact. Jeongguk smiles into the kiss before leaning back to rest his forehead against Taehyung’s.

“Okay, take me out.”

Taehyung gets a phone call at five the next morning. His ringtone wakes Jeongguk up, he groans when Taehyung jostles him while pulling his arm out from underneath his waist and whines loudly when he turns on the lamp.

Taehyung snaps at the person on the other end of the line. Jeongguk can understand his anger, the sun isn’t even up yet and it’s Taehyung’s day off. When Taehyung hangs up he doesn’t look happy, his brows are furrowed in anger and the look in his eyes is apologetic.

“Who was that?” Jeongguk asks, voice gruff with sleep and muffled from where he has his face buried in the pillow to avoid the bright light.

“My secretary. I’m sorry Gguk but I’m going have to go in for a meeting in a couple hours today. Our lunch might have to be a bit late.”

Apparently the CEO of the firm they’re trying to buy had demanded to have a meeting with Taehyung’s father. The man who calls himself so however, is currently in some expensive resort somewhere and cannot tend to business matters so Taehyung has to do it instead.

“I was looking forward to spending the morning with you but it’s fine, as long as we can still make lunch.”

Taehyung presses his lips into a straight line and stares at the man lying next to him before glancing at his phone and back again, he looks like he wants to say something else; apologise again most likely but Jeongguk speaks up first.

“Can I go with you?”

“Well Jeongguk isn’t that the point of a date? To go together.” Jeongguk can hear the smile in his voice.

Jeongguk smacks Taehyung blindly, he’s not sure where he makes contact but it must have hurt because the older man yelps.

“To work Tae I’m not an idiot.” He says through gritted teeth. “I can wait in your office and then we can go straight out after. Please, I don’t want to stay here alone it’s kind of boring.”

Taehyung glances at his phone again, blinks at it and then lets out a sigh.

“Okay Gguk.”

Taehyung’s family owns an entire building in the city for their business, one of those big tower blocks that are reserved for wealthy firms only. It has so many windows that at first glance Jeongguk thinks it’s made entirely of glass. Jeongguk is starting to think that everything Taehyung owns is at the top of ridiculously high buildings because his office is one of two on the final floor and he has never been more thankful for elevators as they travel up.

Taehyung’s office isn’t particularly big but the floor to ceiling windows at the back of the room give the illusion of space. There is a large, dark wood, modern desk in front of the glass, a black office chair positioned behind it. The only other furniture in the room is a black leather sofa against the left wall. It’s minimalist, mostly monotone, a few plants tastefully placed around the room. It’s not really Taehyung and Jeongguk can tell he had little input in the design but there’s a dog shaped pencil pot on the desk and Jeongguk snickers a little because that is definitely Taehyung’s.

Taehyung gives Jeongguk the login details to his computer and then grabs a folder and his laptop off the desk. He kisses the younger’s forehead before he goes to the the meeting, the sweet gesture makes Jeongguk blush and he pushes a laughing Tae out of the room.

Taehyung is gone for hours, Jeongguk didn’t know that meetings could take this long. He keeps leaving the room and asking the smiling girl behind the desk for updates. Jeongguk worries that Taehyung’s secretary is getting annoyed with him but she talks to him sweetly every time and even offers him drinks, which he continuously declines until two hours have passed. Jeongguk had grown bored of the computer half an hour ago and there was nothing much left to do so he had taken a, what he hoped to be unimportant, scrap of paper and is now laying on the floor doodling.

It’s almost noon when Taehyung comes back. Jeongguk is lying on his stomach, legs swinging back and forth in the air, humming some girl group song he kept hearing on the radio and doodling pictures of Taehyung. He looks up at the older man and grins at the way Taehyung’s face softens and his eyes glint. The man never could resist him when he was looking this soft, large black jumper that covers his hands while he sketches and his hair falling in his eyes. Taehyung crouches down to brush his bangs away and smooth his hair back.

“Hey baby. I’m sorry I keep postponing our lunch but I’ve got to finalise a few things. I promise it won’t take long.”

Jeongguk puffs his cheeks out a little in annoyance but nods anyway. Taehyung frowns at the lack of response and gets up to sit at his desk. Jeongguk continues to sketch Taehyung, drawing him like he is now with a small frown on his face and jaw set in concentration. The tapping of Taehyung’s fingers on the keyboard is kind of soothing and it allows him to concentrate on his work.

Eventually Jeongguk gets bored, there’s only so much shading you can do before it gets ridiculous, and he flops onto his stomach. Taehyung is still working and it’s nearing two in the afternoon. He’s starting to worry that their lunch will never happen and it makes him upset to think about it because he was excited to go on a date with the older man. Jeongguk lies on the wood with his eyes closed for a while before he gets an idea of how he could draw Taehyung away from his work.

“Daddy,” he says it softly, quiet so that it sounds innocent but loud enough to have Taehyung’s head snapping up.

Jeongguk is sitting cross legged on the floor playing with the hem of his sweater with a meekness that is mostly an act. It has the desired effect and Taehyung sighs before leaning back in his chair and patting his thigh.

“What is it angel?”

At Taehyung’s action Jeongguk stands up and pads his way over to seat himself on the older man’s lap. He buries his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck and placed small kisses there. Taehyung’s grip on his waist tightens. Jeongguk is always amazed at how easily Taehyung slips into the role when Jeongguk wants him to. There’s never any hesitation; Jeongguk will say something in a small voice and the switch inside Taehyung’s head is immediately flipped on.

“You’re neglecting me.” Jeongguk whines.

Taehyung strokes down his spine, once over his jumper and then reaches his hand underneath and continues on Jeongguk’s bare skin. The younger man shivers.

“Hmm I have been haven’t I? My baby deserves more attention than this doesn’t he?”

Jeongguk nods against Taehyung’s neck, hands tugging at the buttons of the older’s shirt. Taehyung’s hands leave the warmth of Jeongguk’s skin and hold his chin to tilt it up.

“Do you want me to give you all my attention Jeongguk?” Taehyung asks, voice strong but soft.

Jeongguk tries to nod again but Taehyung just grips his chin tighter to hold his head still.

“Use your words angel.”

Jeongguk swallows before answering, trying to make his throat feel less dry and avoid his voice cracking.

“Yes please daddy, I want your attention. I’ve been feeling so lonely.”

Jeongguk pouts; he’s manipulating the situation, exaggerating it so he gets what he wants. He knows exactly what Taehyung wants to hear, exactly which words will earn him the most from the other. Jeongguk is rewarded with lips against his own, and hands on his thighs; moaning as Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip and then moves to suck bruises onto his jaw line.

“You’ve got to be quiet baby, this room isn’t at all soundproof.” Taehyung murmurs against Jeongguk’s jaw.

Jeongguk tries to stay quiet. He holds back his moans and whimpers are best as he possibly can when Taehyung sets him on the desk and sucks red marks onto his neck. Jeongguk swallows the whines as Taehyung removes his jeans and when Taehyung bites at the inside of his thighs. But when Taehyung takes him into his hand and strokes his thumb over the head of his cock he can’t help the sound that leaves his throat. Jeongguk freezes as soon as the mistake is made and Taehyung’s movements still.

“What did I say about noise baby?” Taehyung’s voice is low, faux anger colouring his tone.

Jeongguk knows Taehyung loves it when he messes up, loves to punish Jeongguk when he’s broken a rule or doesn’t follow an order. Taehyung squeezes the hand that’s on Jeongguk’s cock when he doesn’t answer straight away and Jeongguk’s whimper is pitiful.

“Y-you said no noise.”

“That’s right and what did you do?”

He moves his thumb, digs his nail into the slit and Jeongguk squeaks.

“I-I made noise.”

“That’s right baby. I can’t have you making noise, no one else is allowed to hear this. ”

Jeongguk swallows, he knows what’s coming but he needs to hear it. Taehyung moves the hand currently on Jeongguk’s waist and grips his hair to pull his head back, forcing Jeongguk to look him in the eyes.

“What happens to you when I tell you not to make noise and you disobey angel?”

“I get gagged.” Jeongguk answers.

His eyes are shining, glazed from pleasure and wet from the tears cause by the pain in his scalp.

“Smart boy. Stand up.”

Jeongguk hops off the desk and stands in front of Taehyung, hands placed obediently behind his back. He watches, holding his breath, as Taehyung slowly undoes his tie. The older man taps at his jaw twice.

“Open up.”

He does as he’s told and Taehyung places the fabric between his teeth, he bites down as Taehyung ties it behind his head.

“Not too tight?” He asks, fingers still on the knot at the back.

Jeongguk shakes his head and Taehyung removes his hands. Taehyung moves to stand behind Jeongguk, placing his hands on his hips. He mouths up the side of Jeongguk’s neck; sucks at his pulse point and Jeongguk has to bite down on the material of the tie to stop himself from moaning. Taehyung’s hands slide down across his hip bones and it’s only when he has his hand curled around Jeongguk’s cock, thumb resting just below the head, that the younger realises he’s on display. He is standing naked right in front of Taehyung’s floor to ceiling windows, in broad daylight and he panics.

“D-daddy the window.” He tries to say, words barely comprehensible behind the gag in his mouth.

He squirms in Taehyung’s hold but the other man just grips tighter, strokes downwards and then up again with a wicked twist of his wrist that has Jeongguk groaning.

“Ca-can see me.”

Jeongguk feels a wonderful mix of exposed and aroused. Taehyung has his wrists gripped in one hand and he struggles against them, wanting to cover himself. Taehyung nips at the back of his neck and Jeongguk goes limp.

“No one can see you baby this building is the tallest around for a few miles. Shame isn’t it? I bet you’d want them to see you.”

Taehyung’s voice comes from right next to his ear, he’s pressed up against Jeongguk’s back; belt buckle digging into his heated skin and he can can feel how hard the other man is. He wants Taehyung to fuck him, part of him wants him to press his face against the glass as he pushes in, hold him down and show the world that he’s in control of Jeongguk. He makes little mewling sounds as Taehyung strokes him, wiggles his ass back against Taehyung’s erection. It earns him a slap to his ass cheek and he throws his head back, gasping at the pain.

“Such a pain slut baby. A pain slut and an exhbitionist I’m so lucky.”

Jeongguk is going insane. Taehyung’s hand on his cock isn’t enough, his speed is slow and his grip is gentle, teasing. Jeongguk is leaking onto his hand, it’s messy and he feels a wave of embarrassment at how desperate he must look. Taehyung has barely touched him. The older man bites at the shell of his ear and tugs on the hoops pierced through his lobe before pulling away completely. Jeongguk’s hips twitch up into nothing, searching for the lost friction.

“Against the window angel.” Taehyung commands.

Jeongguk can’t comply quick enough, leaning his upper body against the glass. He winces as the cold surface registers on his heated skin but stays where he is, ass presented to Taehyung. He can’t see the other man but he can feel the weight of his presence behind him, his breathing speeds up and he tenses anticipating Taehyung’s touch.

Taehyung drags it out, waits until Jeongguk is wiggling with impatience. He gently ghosts the tips of his fingers over the back of the younger’s neck, down the curve of his spine, splays his hands over his ribs and scratches his nails on his skin leaving light red marks. Jeongguk shakes at his touch, falls apart under his fingers, his breath leaving a foggy mark on the glass.

Taehyung strokes his fingers down the curve of Jeongguk’s ass before splaying both his palms over the cheeks. Jeongguk can’t see Taehyung but he can feel it as he crouches down, the way his hands shift slightly, and Jeongguk sucks in a sharp breath as his addled mind figures out what’s happening. Taehyung spreads his ass apart and Jeongguk gasps when he feels his tongue lick over his hole.

Jeongguk’s thighs shake as Taehyung works his tongue. He twitches when Taehyung’s tongue pushes past the ring of muscle, teases at the walls inside as he sucks at the rim. Jeongguk trembles at the feeling of Taehyung rimming him, moans muffled by the material in his mouth.

Jeongguk hadn’t noticed when Taehyung grabbed the lube, doesn’t know until Taehyung presses a finger in alongside his tongue. The intrusion isn’t unwanted but Jeongguk still clenches around it. Taehyung pulls his face back to breathe, moving his finger slowly.

“I’m spoiling you baby, but I can’t help it when you’re being so good. Such a good boy for me today Gguk.” Taehyung coos.

Jeongguk mewls in response, pushes back against Taehyung’s fingers as he presses another one in. It doesn’t take too long for Jeongguk to adjust to Taehyung’s fingers and he starts pushing back to meet them when Taehyung pushes in.

Jeongguk makes high keening noises, trying to communicate to Taehyung that he was so close to his prostate. Taehyung is purposefully avoiding it, touching anywhere but that sweet spot that Jeongguk so desperately wants him to find. Taehyung doesn’t indulge him, instead pulls his fingers out and watches Jeongguk clench around nothing.

Jeongguk feels Taehyung stand up and he hears it when he undoes his belt. The other man wraps an arm around his waist to pull him upright against him before pushing him back against the window. The new angle means Jeongguk’s cheek is pressed hard against the cold glass, he can see the ground far below and he feels so vulnerable, almost like he would fall out if Taehyung let go. His stomach flips in fear but the heat of arousal calms it.

“Do you want my cock baby? Should I reward you now, you’ve been so good for me? So patient.”

Taehyung’s voice is once again right next to his ear, breath ghosting over the side of his face. Jeongguk mewls in response, his eyes are wide open and staring out the window. He can feel the hardness of Taehyung’s erection pressing between his cheeks and he wiggles his hips trying to get Taehyung to fuck him. Taehyung places a hand on his throat and squeezes gently in warning, Jeongguk’s eyes glaze over.

“Patience angel don’t ruin how good you’ve been. I’d hate to leave you like this.”

Taehyung’s voice is so low and attractive Jeongguk’s cock twitches in response. He squeezes his eyes shut and shakes his head. It’s not until Jeongguk stills that Taehyung presses the blunt head of his cock against the younger man’s entrance; he pushes in slowly, letting Jeongguk adjust to the girth.

Jeongguk keens when Taehyung finally bottoms out and whimpers when he starts to move with shallow thrusts. When Taehyung starts to fuck him harder, deeper; pushing in fast and pulling out slowly, hitting his prostate almost every time, Jeongguk’s resulting moans are silenced by Taehyung’s hand around his throat. All he can feel is Taehyung’s cock moving inside him and the coolness of the glass against his cheek. Everything else is incidental.

“You’re so good for me baby, so obedient letting me fuck you like this. I love how you get so pliant with my hand around your throat.”

Taehyung keeps speaking, spilling filth into his ear as he fucks Jeongguk relentlessly. He lets go of Jeongguk’s neck when the younger struggles to keep his eyes open and he draws in a breath that send pleasure coursing through his body. Taehyung takes the gag off so Jeongguk can breathe safely and it doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to start begging.

“D-daddy please, I need to come let me come please. It hurts.”

Jeongguk has tears streaking down his face from the rush of air into his lungs. Taehyung thinks he looks beautiful like this, wet cheeks and shining eyes, cock flushed a deep red and leaking a steady stream of precum, body shaking and thighs red from where Taehyung’s skin slaps against him. The sight alone brings Taehyung closer to his own orgasm, the rhythm of his thrusts faltering.

“Do you think you can come untouched for me angel?” He asks, voice rough from exertion.

Jeongguk nods unable to form words, the only noises he can make are desperate keens and small mewls.

“You can come then baby. Be a good boy and come for me.”

Jeongguk comes as soon as Taehyung finishes talking, his words throwing him over the edge. The pleasure is overwhelming and he comes onto the glass, some landing on his chin because of how close he’s pressed against it. Jeongguk clenches around Taehyung as he orgasms and it doesn’t take long before it pushes him to his climax as well. Jeongguk feels it inside him when Taehyung comes and moans quietly at the feeling of being filled.

Taehyung pulls out after he’s caught his breath and he pushes something inside Jeongguk before he can miss the sensation of being full. Jeongguk recognises it as the pretty glass plug Taehyung bought him a couple weeks before as a reward. How he’d known to bring it, Jeongguk didn’t know but he was thankful.

Jeongguk feels boneless and sleepy, he’s limp in Taehyung’s arms and the other man has to carry him over to the sofa to clean him up.

“You did so well angel, I’m so proud of you.” Taehyung praises.

Jeongguk hums happily, sated and content as Taehyung wipes him down with a box of tissues and presses gentle kisses to his bruised skin. Jeongguk closes his eyes and drifts off somewhere between reality and sleep as Taehyung dresses him.

“Baby don’t fall asleep now we have to go home.”

Jeongguk makes a discontented whining noise, opening his eyes and pouting. Taehyung just laughs and kisses his lower lip. He mutters something under his breath that sounds like ‘cute’ but Jeongguk isn’t sure.

Taehyung actually takes Jeongguk on the promised first date the day after the ‘office incident’. They go to a small local restaurant; Jeongguk is surprised because Taehyung usually favoured expensive meals out but he isn’t complaining because this place makes him feel a lot more comfortable. It’s decorated in warm browns and mellow toned greens, with white furniture and strings of lights draped over the beams of the ceiling.

They had come for lunch but the glass case of delicately iced cakes and pastries distracted the younger man straight away. Taehyung hadn’t been able to resist Jeongguk’s wide eyed pleading so they were now sitting at a table covered in desserts, Jeongguk chewing happily.

Taehyung has the most adoring look on his face; smile small and gaze soft as he looks at the man across from him. Jeongguk can feel the older’s eyes on him and looks up, cheeks full of strawberry cake. He holds his fork out to Taehyung, offering him a piece of dessert and Taehyung laughs at the blob of pink cream on Jeongguk’s nose. Taehyung looks around the restaurant quickly before taking the fork and leaning over to press a kiss to the younger’s nose to remove the icing. Jeongguk’s cheeks turn as pink as the cake and he scrunches his nose up.

“You look cute like that, like a bunny.” Taehyung says flicking Jeongguk’s nose.

“Stop. I’m not cute, I’m manly.” Jeongguk protests.

Jeongguk mumbles something under his breath that Taehyung thinks is “I have muscles” and he shakes his head in amusement. Jeongguk looks up and grins at him, before moving quick as light to blob cream onto Taehyung’s forehead and grin challengingly at him. They end up having a miniature food fight in the middle of the restaurant until they receive an annoyed look from their server. Taehyung makes sure to leave a large tip for the woman when they leave.

Taehyung takes Jeongguk on a tour of the nicer parts of Seoul after that. Taehyung can’t hold the other man’s hand in public but there are teasing touches and fleeting looks of adoration that send the butterflies in Jeongguk’s stomach fluttering with affection.

It’s growing dark when they return to Taehyung’s apartment. Soonshim bounces over to greet them and Jeongguk giggles as the dog tries to lick his face. As soon as he gets the dog away from him he walks up to where Taehyung is standing in the kitchen and takes the older man’s hands in his, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

“Jeon Jeongguk you kiss on the first date?” Taehyung teases.

Jeongguk smacks him lightly and leans into him.

“Shut up it was only our first official date. We’re way past this.” Jeongguk mumbles against Taehyung’s shoulder.

Taehyung strokes the back of his hair and they stay standing there for a few moments in silence before Jeongguk suddenly pulls back. The younger is suddenly shy, paying rapt attention to where he’s fiddling with Taehyung’s fingers.

“Um today was really nice I enjoyed it thank you. I-”

Jeongguk’s voice is soft, shy and Taehyung tilts his head up to look him in the eye.

“What is it Gguk?”

“I-I really like you. Love you even.” Jeongguk mumbles, Taehyung’s heart feels like it stops and he has to take a moment to breathe.

“What was that baby?” He teases, he heard him clearly he just wants to hear it again.

“I love you.” Jeongguk says louder, more determined.

Then his eyes widen and he opens his mouth, stutters something ready to apologise but Taehyung stops him and pulls him in for a kiss. It’s just a press of their lips together but it’s full of unspoken emotion. The older man pulls back so their foreheads are resting together and grins, the rare grin that is so uniquely Taehyung it takes Jeongguk’s breath away.

“I love you too baby.”