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Blurred Lines

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Clarke Griffin, an artist struggling for inspiration, party girl, loyal, honest, smart, and owner of Open For Lunch. A shop purchased from money left to her by her late aunt in her will. She decided on buying the shop as a means to keep a steady income while trying to get back her artistic flow.
Although Open For Lunch isn’t exactly what one would think judging by the name. Open For Lunch is a small sex shop located down a small back street on the outskirts of Arkadia.

The business does well, Clarke is pretty much set for the next few years.
Octavia and Raven, two of her best friends have been together since college and also work for suppliers, who supply the shop with its merchandise.
Bellamy, Octavia's brother is another of her best friends, he has been with his boyfriend Murphy for two years and then there’s Niylah.
Another of Clarke's friends only this particular friend also comes with certain benefits. All in all, they are a pretty tight group of friends, her only other issue, apart from struggling for inspiration, is her friend's constant need to try and get her to settle down, and if there is one thing Clarke Griffin hates it’s relationships.
Not that she has anything against relationships for other people, she’s just not interested in being in one herself.

So here she is outside her shop putting an ad in the window for staff wanted.
What she wasn’t expecting was within an hour someone walking into the shop applying for the position, and that someone being a slim brunette, with the most fierce and intense green eyes she has ever seen, and a body to die for.
When the brunette speaks it’s no wonder she is left speechless, and apparently, she has lost her hearing as well.
When she finally comes to her senses long enough to speak and form a sentence the brunette is already looking at her like she’s from another planet.

“Hi I’m interested in the position you have up in the shop window,” the brunette says.

In Clarke’s head, all she hears is the word position and then her mind starts to wander to all the different positions she would like to take the brunette in. The brunette repeats her earlier statement.

“Hi, I’m interested in the position you have up in the window, is the manager available please?” Lexa repeats.

“Um-I-yeah that’s me, sorry I was in a world of my own, Hi, I’m Clarke, the owner.”

“Clarke, Hi my name is Lexa, I was wondering how I go about applying for the position and what it involves?”

Again, Clarke is entranced, only this time, by the way her name rolls off Lexa's tongue clicking the 'K', “Um-yeah, sorry if you want to give me ten minutes I’ll be free to give you an interview, and I can run through what the job involves and stuff.”

Lexa smiles and gives a small nod before Clarke makes her way out the back of the shop.

Five minutes later Clarke returns with a smile, locks the front door and flicks the open sign over to closed.

“Lexa,” Clarke says, liking the way it rolls off her tongue “do you want to follow me to the back office?” she asks softly.

Lexa nods and follows quickly behind while taking in the sights of Clarke’s gorgeous figure and sexy curves, noticing the way she sways her hips, she’s so entranced she almost walks into Clarke when she stops abruptly outside the office door.

“Uh-sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going,” she says taking her roaming eyes from Clarke’s figure, focusing on her eyes only just noticing the to die for gorgeous shade of blue. Clarke looks at her, giving a knowing smirk that makes Lexa's cheeks flush a bright shade of pink.

“It’s fine, come on in and take a seat.” she says while taking a seat on the other side of the desk.

“So tell me about yourself, Lexa.” Clarke asks with a small smile.

“Oh… um well, my names Lexa... Lexa Woods, I’m 23, I live in Polis, so not that far from here... um what else would you like to know?” Lexa asks.

Clarke smiles sweetly “Well, why don’t you tell what kind of work experience you have?”

“Ok... Well, to be honest, I don’t really have much, I left school, went to college, studied business then I started working at my parent's law firm straight after that.” Lexa answers.

“Ok, so no retail experience? and I’m also guessing no experience with working in a sex shop then?” Clarke questions curiously.

Lexa blushes, maybe from her lack of work experience or maybe from her lack of experience in this particular department.

“Umm no, not really" she answers "but I’m a fast learner, you just need to teach me the basics and I’ll be good,” she says with a shy smile.

Clarke smirks again, the same knowing smirk she had on her face right before Lexa almost ran into her, and looking into those baby blue's of hers is making Lexa feel light headed. “Okay, Well you seem really nice, I’m just a bit worried this job might not be for you, it can be a bit... full on if you catch my drift?” she says softly, She sees something in Lexa's eye, she’s not sure what though, maybe disappointment.

“It's fine, I understand,” Lexa says, sounding defeated “sorry for wasting your time.” She’s half way out the door when Clarke calls her back.

“Lexa wait... look sorry I wasn’t trying to be... I dunno... look, how about you come by tomorrow say 9.30am?, I can run through some things with you, How does that sound?” Clarke asks.

“Um-I-yes, thank you, that would be great.” Lexa answers with a warm smile. “I have one more question?” the blonde says softly.

“Ok, ask away.” Lexa answers looking at her curiously.

“You mentioned working at your parent's law firm correct?” Lexa nods, so she continues. “So why do you want to leave your families business and come and work in a sex shop of all places?” Clarke asks laughing a little.

“Well, it's kind of a long story...” Lexa pauses.

“Ok, any chance you can bullet point it for me?” Clarke asks softly.

“Well my parents want me to study, follow in their footsteps and take over the firm when they retire” she pauses and takes a breath, just as she about to continue Clarke chimes in,

“And you don’t want the pressure, you want to do something for you, am I right?."

“Well, yeah” Lexa says taking another breath.

“Ok so why a sex shop then?” she asks again.

Lexa has to take a moment to think about it, she decides to go with “well... I want to live my life the way I want to live it, I want to try and gain as much experience as I can with everything I do. I want to be able to travel... or not... or work in a sex shop... or not, what I’m trying to say is I want to make my own choices and I want to live and think outside the box.” she finishes with a heavy sigh.

Clarke, however, was lost, staring into those gorgeous green eyes, those plump lips, she would give anything to kiss those lips right now, as she watches Lexa biting her lower lip through nerves.

"hmm... ok, this is how we are gonna do this” Clarke says looking at Lexa with that smirk again, giving a sly wink that makes Lexa blush, “I’m willing to give you a week;s trial, I will go through everything you need to know before we let you loose on the customers” she says laughing “and if by the end of the week I think you’re doing ok and you still want the job we'll go from there. Sound fair?” Clarke asks.

“Yeah-uh-yes thanks... uh, what do I call you? Boss? Clarke? Miss? Sorry I don’t know your last name?” Lexa asks shyly.

Clarke stares at Lexa for a moment, ‘god she’s too cute’ she thinks as she smirks at her but decides not to tease any longer “Griffin” she says receiving a strange look from Lexa.

“Huh?” Lexa says with a confuesed look.

“Griffin, as in Clarke Griffin, but please just call me Clarke.”

“Ok, so I’ll get here for 9.30 in the morning then?” Lexa asks, as she holds out her hand to Clarke, “Thank you so much for giving me this chance.” Lexa says sincerely.

Clarke takes Lexa's hand to shake it and is surprised by how soft it feels, “Uh yeah, 9.30 is good, see you then” Clarke says with a smile, as soon as Lexa is out of the shop, Clarke lets out a deep sigh ‘well this is going to get very interesting’ she says out loud.

The rest of the day runs pretty smoothly for Clarke, after serving a few more customers and sorting out some paperwork, she decides to close up early, locking the front door, switching the sign to closed, she makes her way up the stairs to her two bed flat.

Stepping inside she slips her shoes off and crashes down on the sofa, eyes closed, one arm hanging down the side, the other over her eyes, her mind starts to wander to Lexa, she wonders how Lexa will cope with the job, how she will deal with some of the awkward customers she get's come in.

Her thoughts then wander to those intense green eyes, the slim toned body, those plump lips, the way she bites her bottom lip when she’s nervous, it's adorable, it really is, but all Clarke can think is, 'fuck what she wouldn’t give to bite that lip, No. No. No.’ she says to herself, it’s not going happen, not going there, she’s going be your employee for fuck sake and you DO NOT do relationships she tells herself.

She's brought out of her thoughts by her feet being tickled, looking down she spots Kujo licking her feet, sighing she stands and looks at Kujo. "I suppose it's time for walkies." she says, nothing more needed to be said, Kujo is already at the door waiting, nudging at his lead whining.

Putting her shoes back on she gets Kujo in his lead and takes him for a walk.

Group Chat.

RaeRae: Griffin we still up for 2nite?

Griffin: Yeah of course. just walking the dog. gotta shower and I’ll be all yours.

Obionekanobi: FFS Griff don’t tell her that u know wat she’s like. Make sure u check she’s not already in ur shower waiting b4 u take ur clothes of this time tho lol

RaeRae: Rude just rude O. That was one fucking time and I thought u were coming in to join me not like I was actually waiting for Griff

Griffin: I still don’t get why u were in my shower in the first place u do realise u have a shower at ur place rite?

RaeRae: Yea of course I know that but it’s like food it always taste better when its someone else’s :-)

Obionekanobi: Watever helps u sleep at nite Rae

RaeRae: Usually u babe after u given me countless orgasms

Griffin: And I’m out catch ya later

Walking back into her flat laughing to herself about her two best friends, she hangs up Kujo’s lead, slips her shoes off and makes her way to the bathroom.

After she’s showered she make her way to the bedroom, dries her hair, and throws some clothes on, walking out to the sitting room just in time to hear the knock at the door., she opens the door only to get out of the way by Raven pushing past her and running over to Kujo.

"Hey you, did you miss me? yes, you did, I missed you too," Raven says stroking Kujo.

"did you come to see me or my dog Rae? I mean seriously, way to make a person feel loved" Clarke says while watching Kujo jump up and down and slobber all over Raven.

"what can I say? when it's right, it's just right, ya know?" Raven quips back.

"Hey!" Octavia says giving Clarke a hug as she walks through the door, seeing Raven on the floor with Kujo "don’t feel too bad, at least you don’t have to live with her." she says looking back to Clarke.

"hey fuck you, I’m not that bad to live with, and I’ll have you know I’m the perfect housemate, fuck you very much." Raven quips.

"I do fuck you, all the time as it happens, but you are far from the perfect housemate." Octavia says with a smirk on her face.

"Ok, too much information, guys seriously, have you no shame?" Clarke says laughing.

"rude, just rude O, and Clarke don’t even get me started on your nocturnal habits" Raven shouts back, mock offended.

Just as Clarke goes to reply there’s another knock at the door, opening it she sees Bellamy standing there, bottles of beer in one hand, and three pizza boxes in the other.

"Well hello gorgeous being, oh how I’ve missed you." Clarke says lovingly taking the pizza boxes from Bellamy and walking into the kitchen.

"well hello to you to, gorgeous friend of mine" Bellamy quips at Clarke.

"oh yeah, hey sorry Bell, its good to see you, come in shut the door, just chuck the beers in the fridge, where’s Murphy?" Clarke asks with a chuckle.

"He’s working late tonight, says he might stop by when his finished if he's not too tired." he answers.

"Alright enough small talk, where the fuck is my pizza and beer?" Raven shouts from the other room"

"and what shit we watching tonight?" O shouts after.

"well, I’m kinda done watching The One Hundred, after that asshat Jason killed off one of the best fucking characters ever, so what about Fear The Walking Dead? I hear Alycia is really hot?" Clarke says, wiggling her eyebrows.

"I don’t care as long as I have my pizza and beer" Raven quips.

"I don’t care as long as there’s some hot guys in it." Bellamy says walking in from the kitchen.

"looks like I’m outnumbered" Octavia mumbles while shovelling pizza in her mouth.

"Oh Clarke, I forgot to ask, did you find anyone to help out in the shop yet?" Raven asks.

"Uh-yeah, actually I did, they start tomorrow for a weeks trial" Clarke answers.

"Ooh do tell," Octavia says taking a swig of her beer.

"Um, not that much to tell really, her name is Lexa, she lives in Polis, wants to get out from her parents firm and try something new." she says feeling slightly warm at the feeling of thinking about Lexa again, her mind wanders to those lips, the one's she want's to kiss so badly, she’s brought out of her thoughts by Raven swatting her arm.

"hey! you deaf? I’m talking to you?" she grumbles.

"Um what? Sorry, just zoned out for a minute, just feeling tired I guess." Clarke stutters.

"Uh-huh, wouldn’t have anything to do with the conversation we were just having would it?" Raven quips.

"What! no why would it? I’m just tired, it's been a long day, I might call it a night soon" Clarke says feeling a little flustered, although she’s not sure if it's because she's been thinking about Lexa, or the fact she’s been caught thinking about Lexa by her friends.

"Uh-huh if you say so" Raven quips back, looking at Octavia and Bellamy who just sit there shrugging their shoulders.

"we'll leave you to get some shut eye, it's getting pretty late anyway, Murphy should be home soon" Bellamy says.

"Ok cool, I’ll see you guys soon, thanks for the pizza and beer bell." Clarke says.

"yeah yeah, no worries, catch up with you soon." Bellamy responds.

"bye bye lil man love you, you’re so cute, yes you are" Clarke hears Raven cooing at Kujo.

"Um Rae you do realise that he’s a dog and not a baby right?" she asks curiously.

"Whatever Griff, dogs need love too, and he totally understands what I’m saying don’t you boy?" Raven says looking at Kujo, who stares back with a confused look on his face like she has lost the plot.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say Rae, anyway it's been a pleasure as always, but I wanna go to bed, so if you would kindly fuck off so I can make that happen that would be great." Clarke says with a smirk on her face.

"RUDE!" Raven says, one hand over her heart, the other over her eyes pretending to cry, feigning offence."

"come on Rae, I wanna get home so maybe you can give me some loving like you do that damn dog," Octavia says from the door way.

"what? you wanna roll over on your back, and have me give you belly tickles as well?" Raven says with a wink.

"fine, whatever, you're sleeping on the sofa you asshat" Octavia says turning to Clarke giving her a hug.

"see you soon O" Clarke says returning the hug.

"Hey hey, wait for me" Raven shouts after seeing Octavia leaving without her, she stops to say goodbye to Clarke laughing "I don’t know where she thinks she rushing off to, I have the car keys!" she says diving into her pockets, "fuck that sneaky lil ooooh wait ‘til we get home, she is in so much trouble" Raven shouts hoping Octavia will hear her.

"Rae what are you talking about?" Clarke asks with an amused grin on her face.

"O, she stole the fucking car keys" she huffs, "oh shit, fuck, gotta go byeeeee" Raven shouts running down the stairs after hearing the car start. 'Well fuck my life, tomorrow is another day' Clarke thinks as she settles herself in bed, tomorrow she gets to see Lexa.


Earlier that night, not too far away, Lexa was sitting in her sister's kitchen thinking about the day she’s had, she was wondering if she could really be cut out for working in a sex shop, then she can't help but think about Clarke, those gorgeous baby blues staring at her, the curves of her body, those hips swaying, her killer legs in those skinny jeans showing off her toned arse, and then there’s that smirk, that fucking smirk that makes Lexa feel like Clarke can actually hear all her thoughts, she was doomed, she knew it the moment she looked at Clarke.

"Hey baby sis how's you?" Anya asks walking into the kitchen.

"I’m good thanks, uh, I was wondering, could I stay here the night? I don’t really fancy going home to mum and dads" Lexa asks looking at her older sister with puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, of course you can, you know you don’t have to ask, but is everything ok? You haven’t had another row with mum and dad have you?" Anya asks concerned.

"’ve kind of found another job and I just don’t wanna go home tonight, I just wanna take my time and think about how I’m gonna tell mum and dad I’m leaving the firm that’s all" Lexa answers with a sad look on her face.

"Ok kid, no worries, but you know, your gonna have to tell them right? I mean it's not just something you can hide from them, they’re gonna notice you not being there." Anya says with a smile."

Yeah I know, I just...I's more than not just wanting to work at the firm, I don’t think I wanna follow in their footsteps" Lexa says looking at Anya with pleading eyes, hoping she will understand.

"Ok, well, you know I’ll support you no matter what, but you really need to figure your shit out and talk to them, it'll make it harder the longer you leave it" Anya answers, "so tell me about this new job?" she asks curiously.

"I................well.......uh-I, it's working in a shop." Lexa stutters.

"Ok, that’s very vague, care to share any more details than just its a shop?" Anya says with a smirk.

"It’s...uh...its shop." Lexa says blushing.

"It’s a WHAT NOW? What the fuck do you wanna work in a sex shop for? you've never even had sex?" Anya says teasing her sister.

"Shut up Anya." Lexa groans swatting her sister's arm "and It's...I dunno, I just wanna try something different, I wanna step outside the box, otherwise known as my life" Lexa says a little sheepish.

"Ok well if that’s what you wanna do, I’ll support you, but you need to talk to mum and dad, I’m not gonna lie for you, you need to be honest with them." Anya answers looking at her sister sympathetically, "how’s things with the boyfriend anyway? He treating you right?" Anya asks changing the subject.

"Yeah, I know, I will I just need to think about how I’m gonna tell them without upsetting them is all, and, uh... yeah things are going...well I think, he’s nice, we get along, he makes me laugh, although I think his getting a bit frustrated waiting for me to be ready know?" Lexa says looking away.

"Have you guys still not done it yet? Oh my God!, I can’t believe it my little Lexie the 23 yr old virgin." Anya says laughing a little in a teasing tone.

Lexa puts her head down feeling embarrassed.

"Hey, look I’m just joking, it's fine that you wanna wait, it's a good thing, your first time should be with someone that makes you happy, someone that you have that connection with, you will know when its right, and if he doesn’t get that then his obviously not the right one, it's nothing to be ashamed about honestly, I wish I would have waited, my first time was horrendous" Anya says trying to cheer her sister up.

"I know I know, I just feel bad for making him wait, he's a really nice guy, he's been patient, and I do like him but...I just...I’m not so sure he's the right one yet, and I just kinda wanna wait, ya know?" she says feeling a little more confident about what she’s saying.

"Look, its fine, you don’t need to explain to me, and you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing something you're not ready for just to please other's, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready it's as simple as that, anyway, why don’t you tell me a bit about him?"

"Ok his name is Finn, he’s 24, he’s a private banker for some big firm down town, we are going out tomorrow night, If I stay here again tomorrow you will be able to meet him if you want?" Lexa says.

"Ok yeah, that sounds like a plan, but make sure you talk to mum and dad before then, I don’t want them banging on my door shouting the odds, asking what the fuck is going on with you ok?" Anya answers.

"Ok, yeah I will, I promise, anyway, I’m gonna go to bed, it's been a long day and I wanna be on the ball for my first day tomorrow, night sis I love you." she says getting up giving Anya a hug before heading to bed.

"Night baby sis, love you too, see you in the morning.” Anya replies.

Laying in bed, Lexa's thoughts drift to Clarke and what it's going to be like working with her, and how she’s going to cope working in a sex shop, it's definitely going to be interesting that’s for sure she thinks to herself.