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Crossing Boundaries

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"Rrrrrrr, Papy! I don't need a babysitter! I'm twenty years old! I can take care of myself!" Sans stomped his foot and crossed his arms over his chest, looking away from his brother, those round cheeks puffed out. Paps couldn't help but think of how adorably childish he was when he was mad.
'look, i told you, he's not a babysitter. i... we... just thought it might be nice if you two got to hang out while me and -his- brother... go... hang out. elsewhere.' Sans glared at the taller skeleton suspiciously.
"But whyyy?! Why do you even want to hang out with him? He... gives me the creeps. They both do." He shuddered and crossed his arms a bit tighter. "Are you... are you going to do lewd stuff?" His voice went down to an accusatory whisper that had his brother's face burning bright orange and thanking the stars when the doorbell rang shortly after.
'so that's them! behave yourself.' Sans puffed out a cheek and looked away, making no promises. He still didn't understand why his brother was always hanging out with this edgier version of himself. Did he just... like him better? He felt his soul sink in his chest. What had he done wrong to make his brother not like him anymore? Stupid copycat skeletons from some stupid alternate timeline. Stupid frickin timespace shenanigans. His arms crossed tighter and he turned to stalk off to the kitchen so no-one could see him pout while Papyrus went to the door, opening it with a sly grin plastered on his face. 'heeey, shorty. ready to go, uh... see a movie?'

The smaller monster at the door seemed unenthused by the greeting, though the lanky double gave a cheeky grin that somewhat echoed his, before his chain leash was tugged and he continued his low chuckling way inside. "Keeping up a ruse? How very you," the darker version of his brother huffed, then shook his brother's chain, "we'll be back later. Do avoid calling me unless it's something worth my attention."
"yes, milord," he said as the lead was removed and seemed to disappear into his coat for when his sibling returned. Looking up at the other monster, he turned on his heel and headed for the door.
"We do not wish to be late for our movie."
Once the door closed, the now-collarless monster hummed his way over to where he knew the smaller would be. He always went to the kitchen himself when upset, it made some sense that he would too. Leaning against the doorframe, back to the other monster, he gave a soft sigh.
"what would you like to do with all this free time?"

Sans finished off his glass of milk and rinsed it in the sink when the other monster came in. He gave him a sideways glance before sighing and setting the cup down. "I don't know... maybe we could play a game, or watch a movie, or do some coloring books." He sounded increasingly sarcastic and exasperated with the whole affair, arms crossing once more over his chest as he grumbled to himself and marched past the much taller monster, only to stop a couple of paces behind him. "They're... off doing weird stuff, aren't they?" Without waiting for an answer he turned, looking at his brother's look-a-like with contempt, as if he was the one to blame here. "He treats me like a baby bones who doesn't know anything but-but... I -know-!" His shoulders shook as he tried to control the bubbling anger, turning on his heel as he continued his march to the living room to drop onto the couch, glaring at the cards and various games his brother had brought out for them. He had to fight against the temptation to kick them and throw them around. He wouldn't throw a tantrum. He was -not- a little baby bones!

The reply had him lift a shoulder in a casual shrug, as if to say it wasn't exactly his idea of a good night either. Having the small furious monster standing in front of him, having someone to put his anger over onto, and accepted it just as he did with his own brother. They weren't too different in that regard. Watching in silence as Sans went and sat down, he waited a few moments before pushing up off the doorframe and skulking over in the way he always did - slightly hunched and at an easy pace. "not like we have to do what they expect of us," he commented after picking up one of the boxed items and turning it over in several ways, than putting it aside as he moved over to join him on the couch, "so what do you want to do?" He leaned back and looked askance at him, patient and ready to be the buffer. Again, nothing too different from how his own brother acted. But the differences they did have were glaring and very opposing.

He leaned harder against the back of the couch, his face screwing up in concentration. Stupid Papy with his stupid lewd secrets. Always treating Sans like a child. Just because he preferred to concentrate on his puzzles and health and actually try to do something instead of just... just... having fun and... goofing off. He let out a huff before turning to his comrade with a devilish smile on his face. "You know what? I think tonight... I just wanna be bad. F-f-..." He took a deep breath and uncrossed his arms before hopping up off the couch to strike a pose, stars glittering in his eyes. "FUCK 'EM!" He turned to the other and his grin only grew. "We don't have to sit here and be bored with these stupid baby games!" He kicked one of the boxes off the table with a look of chaotic glee as the pieces went flying. "You know what? Tonight, I'm gonna try alcohol! Are you with me?" Those eyes were shining dangerously as he looked the edgy Papyrus over. "Stars, I hope so... 'cause Papy put it in the highest cabinet."

The look of concentration had him smirk slightly, before watching as he burst up and exclaimed what all he wanted to do. The growing grin had a partner in crime indeed, unflinching at the kick of the box, keeping his relaxed position the entire time, arms crossed over his shirted belly. "sure, just point me the right way," he said, pushing up from his lounging and starting over to the kitchen. He didn't question him, didn't try to dissuade the smaller monster from doing as he pleased. Obviously he was tired of being coddled. Papyrus really didn't need his help locating the booze, since it was easy to guess. Tapping the lock, he instead removed the pins that held the doors on and put them aside. "which one you want?"

He followed behind enthusiastically, but looked immensely perplexed by the question. "I... don't know. Whichever one says 'I'm a grown up, dammit'!" He chuckled before looking at the cabinet door that had been removed so effortlessly. "Ha! Wowzers! You're smarter than you look!" His face went bright blue as he realized what he'd said and he shook he hands in front of himself frantically. "W-wait no, that's not what I meant. That was mean, I'm sorry. You are... very clever, though. I bet you make some excellent puzzles back in your timeline!" His face was back to beaming brightly as he reached up to take whatever bottle he was handed.

"figured if the lock was magically keyed, it'd alert your brother to having that opened. but everyone forgets that the doors can be taken off," Papyrus chuckled at the comment, taking down the ones with the least in them first, then his eyelights glimmered as they landed on a good hefty bottle, taking that one as well. "oh, you don't hafta worry about being mean," he said, twisting the cap off the first and taking a swig, snorting as he noted it was watered down. Really damn watered down. "my brother says worse, it doesn't bother me, though." Shifting over to sit down on the floor near the sink, he started pouring the bottles into the one he'd just emptied. "we don't really make puzzles, since they can't really be solved. just traps." Papyrus handed him the mixed liquor, knowing full well it was probably a third water by this point. "here ya go." Tipping back the thicker bottle, he gave a sigh as he realized this one was straight.

Sans took a seat on the floor across from him, looking thoughtful as he took the bottle, letting his eyes wander over his partner in crime before he tipped the bottle back and took a deep drink... only to bring it back down as he coughed and sputtered at the taste, hiding his mouth in the crook of his elbow before peering over at Paps with an embarrassed smile. "Nnnn... good stuff." He let out another cough and shook his head, looking at the bottle before taking a deep breath and swallowing down a few heavy gulps, shuddering at the burn, but taking it much better now that he knew what to expect. He wiped at his mouth and clothes, his brow furrowing in thought before he looked back up at the fangy monster across from him. "If he's so mean, why does it feel like everyone likes him better than me?, wait..." He crossed an arm across his chest, taking another deep drink that brought a slight flush to his cheeks before crossing the other arm. "It's because he does weird lewdy stuff, isn't it? I mean, I can..." He looked up at the other's face for a moment before looking away with a pout. "I can do lewdy stuff, too. Just because I -haven't- doesn't mean, I -can't-, you know? And... and... why..." He puffed his cheeks out and let his sockets slide shut. "Why does it have to be with him?! He looks just like me! It's... it's weird..." He looked back up at Papyrus with an earnest gaze. "It's weird, right?"

Papyrus chuckled louder at his obvious little lie, but didn't say anything as they both continued to drink, shrugging at the first question. He took a long, slow drink as he kept talking, meeting that gaze with a lighter shift of his shoulder. "can't say you look -that- much alike. sure similar build and such, but i think its more personality an stuff that kinda... distances it," he said, then took a quick, deep drink before grabbing Sans' bottle and pouring some of the stronger stuff in. Returning it as he put his aside, he pulled a leg up and draped his arm over the knee. "i kinda thought it was, at first, but... well, differences make us different monsters. i mean, you think -i'm- weird for how i actually don't care about how my brother acts towards me. its just how he deals with his feelings." Taking a pause to drink again, he pointed Sans' way. "like how yours coddles you and tries to ignore that you're an adult. its how he deals with things. in his head."

He stared down at his refilled bottle, swirling it in thought as he listened, his face getting sulkier before he finally tipped back the bottle, his whole body tensing at how much stronger it was, but he scrunched up his face and powered through it, guzzling it down like water before letting out a victorious hiss, shaking his head at the afterburn. "I know, but... hnnn..." He looked around as if making sure no-one was around to hear what he was about to say, even scooting a few inches closer before he leaned in and looked his friend right in the eyes. "Don't tell anyone, but... I... I heard him the other day... doing... stuff. To himself..." His face was going so dark he was beginning to look a lot like his fruity nickname. "A-and... he called out my name, but... I... don't know if he meant me or your brother and... hnnn... I've felt so weird about this ever since. Looking a little similar would be one thing, but... nnn, why does he have to have my name, too? It makes me want to be called something else entirely." He tipped the bottle back up and nearly finished it off before setting it beside him, his head feeling a little... swimmy. "Hey... do you have cigarettes?"

"that one i dunno," he said as he finished off his bottle as well, taking the empty glass containers and pushing them up into the sink before resuming his dozy, relaxed pose, "could call you whatever you want, if it helps. blueberry, for one," he gave a slightly-tipsy smirk, given the shade of his face. At the question, he quirked a brow, but dug around in his heavy coat for a minute before finding both a lighter and a rumpled pack of barely-straight cigarettes. Rather than offer one, he lit the stick up for himself and took a few puffs, blowing the smoke over the smaller monster's way. "you sure? these ones ain't so fun to choke through like the booze. and i'm not treatn ya like a kid, just say'n. don't gotta like somethin just cuz someone else does it." Taking a long drag, he did pull the cig out and offer it over to Sans. "what do you think? about our brothers, i mean."

He crawled over to sit beside his much more relaxed friend, trying to ignore the fact that he was wobbling slightly even on all fours, his hand reaching out to take the foul-smelling stick before placing it between his teeth to take a drag. His body tensed as he covered up a cough, pulling the cigarette back out before he blew a cloud of smoke out. "I'm fine." His voice was strained as he still fought his body's urge to start hacking up a non-existent lung. "Blueberry? Why? 'Cause I'm round and blue?" He scrunched up his face as he stuck out his tongue at the other, then turned to take another puff from the cigarette, letting out a slight cough before he blew the smoke out this time, but otherwise didn't seem to be dying. "What should I call you...?" He hummed softly to himself in thought, bringing the cigarette to his teeth almost absently before taking a pull that reminded him that he was -not- in fact a smoker. He chuckled as he fought through the cough, smoke curling from between his teeth. "Clyde. Like Bonnie and Clyde. 'cause you're a terrible influence on the sweet and innocent." He winked over at "Clyde" with the tip of his tongue stuck out again, his body leaning forwards on his bent knees as he took another drag, slowly getting accustomed to the taste and the weird drying sensation in his mouth. He still didn't understand why monsters smoked these. "I dunno what to think about them, honestly. I mean... I want to be happy if he's happy, but it... it kind of feels like he's replacing me. With... with someone he can... f-fuck... without feeling guilty about it... instead of, I dunno... confronting weird feelings or whatever." This time when he took a drag it was effortless and he released the cloud into the air. "Or maybe... I'm just being incredibly narcissistic... and he really does just like your brother because of who he is. I think... I dunno..." He curled his knees a little closer to his body, arms hugging around them while smoke curled into the air in front of his eyes. "I might... be a little jealous."

"hey, i never said i was the most creative," he said as he let him keep taking his time with the cig. Papyrus took out another stick and lit it up as Sans continued to take puffs and speak inbetween. He lifted a shoulder in another shrug as he kept smoking his own cigarette in slow, measured drags, letting each puff out in streams through his 'nose' before the remaining trickles would curl through his fangs. "never know unless you ask him about it." The effortless puff had him tip his head slightly to watch him again. "what, did you want him to like you like that?" As Sans hugged his knees, Papyrus shifted just enough to drape an arm over his shoulders, leaning into him just a little. "you can tell me. i keep all kinda secrets." As if to emphasize, he tapped his finger against his mouth, though didn't offer much else.

His body tensed and his face went bright blue before he took another, longer drag off that almost spent stick, the warm cloud seeming to calm him down a bit. Oh. That made a bit more sense now. He peered over when he felt that arm around him, looking up at that fangy face as he let the smoke curl from between his teeth. He leaned into that bigger form, sighing as he felt an odd sort of comfort in it. "I... I dunno... I... never really thought about it. About him... in that way. I-I mean... he's... obviously a good-looking monster. And funny. B-but, he's my brother! We're not -supposed- to look at each other that way!" He turned and buried his head into those warm ribs, feeling himself calm back down as he took a deep breath and filled his skull with the scent of this... -different- Papyrus. Better than the cigarette... He let his face linger before finally coming back out, his body almost completely limp against the other. "I just... h-he was -mine-. He was -my- Papy and-and... your dumb brother just -took- him." He fought back angry tears and buried his face once again, nuzzling into the ribs as he tried to force his face under that comforting arm to further hide from everything.

"who said?" he offered as he let the little monster burrow against him, adjusting his coat to drape it over and help him disappear under the thick leather and fur. "sides, who's business is it if you do?" As he finished off his own cigarette, he took it and put it out on the back of his hand before tipping his head side to side. "he's still your brother, i mean, he still cares about you, and he's still here with you," he continued as he snugged the warm coat around his smaller form. He let his hand pet along the outside of the coat comfortingly along his back and shoulders. "i dunno if things'll change, or how they will if they do. just... i dunno." Papyrus took out another cigarette and lit it up, puffing as he continued to rub Sans' back. He seemed lost in thought for a bit, not saying anything for awhile, then perking up. "hey. you feel like fooling around?"

Between the booze and the warmth he felt himself getting dozy, scooting himself closer to the taller form to cuddle up against him beneath the coat as he listened. When he got lost in his thoughts, Sans took the time to consider his words, his questions. Whose business was it if he looked at Papy in that way? Nobody's but their own. But... did he like his brother that way? He curled closer to Papy's look-a-like as he tried to think of him in that way, but... nothing seemed to feel different from normal or out of the ordinary. When the other finally spoke up he poked his head out of the coat curiously, a brow ridge raised in his puzzled expression. "What do you mean fooling around? Like... some shenanigans?"

Papyrus chuckled at the almost-too-innocent question, though the booze was working to really just keep him from thinking as much before he spoke. "nah, more like... making out and stuff. if you want, i dunno. no problems if you're not, thought i'd ask," he turned back to working at his cigarette, contemplating raiding the cabinet again as he looked up at the doorless box against the wall. He knew he hadn't had enough to pass out from it, but he did know he'd have to put the doors back on before long. He was just trying to remember where the pins were.

Making out? ... Oh! His face went bright blue at the sudden realization and it felt like for the first time tonight he truly took a good look at the monster he was cuddled up against. He was so much bigger it made him feel tiny in comparison, with the same lazy, carefree look as his brother, but with something more there. He thought about his brother. Pictured his tired, smiling face, and it made him feel warm inside. Like he wanted to run out and give him a hug right then. He took another look at his friend, studying his face for a long hard moment. It made him feel warm, too, but... an entirely different sensation. He looked away with a brightly blue dusted face, bringing that short cig to his mouth the smoke off the last of it, holding it for a long moment as he contemplated. He let it curl out as he decided. He lifted up onto his knees and slid his body over to straddle the other skele's lap, looking at his chest as he rolled the spent cig in his fingers in thought. "Yeah. I wanna. Just..." He let out a shaky breath as he lifted up on his knees until he was eye-level with the fangy monster. "Don't call me Sans." The cigarette sizzled softly as he pressed it against Papyrus' sternum while his mouth pressed softly against those fangs.

He had been thinking about what he'd done with the pins when the smaller monster had slid up in his lap, turning his slightly hazed attention back to him. His head tilted in doggish confusion for a moment until he started to speak, keeping the gaze as he shifted up, eyelights a dark, almost umber orange. A groan of pained pleasure escaped him as that cigarette went out against his chest, puffing into the fangless mouth. Papyrus gave a low whine and began returning the kiss, pressing his tongue lightly against the smoother teeth before pulling back and inviting him further instead. "then don't call me my name either..." he murmured before returning to the 'liplock', hands sliding up to encourage the little skeleton along with whatever he felt like doing, fingers rubbing at bone underneath his clothes. They both tasted of ashes and booze, though it didn't have Papyrus balk in the least. There was a reason his brother didn't let him have too much to drink - it made him liable to just do whatever came to mind. And with Sans having been just eager as all get out to try new things, and talking about lewdness, had it really just plant that thought right in there. "fuck... you're so small," he commented drunkenly as he dragged his fingers along his frame, "bet you're dom as hell, though."

His breathing got heavy at the feel of another's hands on his bare bones. Of course he'd touched his own bones before out of curiosity, even learned a few areas that felt particularly nice, but... it didn't even compare to having those big, rough hands on his body. He let out a soft, whining moan as he felt his body getting hotter, his tongue sliding out to tease against those jagged fangs, curling up before he licked at his own teeth, his whole body pressing forwards until his face was above the other. "Mmmm, my what big teeth you have... my Big Bad Wolfy." His body arched into the touches and as he started getting comfortable he let his own hands wander over those broad shoulders, squeezing them a bit before he started sliding the coat off of them. That drunken, lusty expression on his face quickly disappeared at the comments about his size and being... "Dom? Wh-what does that mean?" His face turned curious and shy over his ignorance, but body shuddered and nearly crumpled as those dragging fingers found one of his sensitive spots and he forgot what it even felt like to be confused. There was nothing confusing about this. It felt phenomenal. This was all definitely good.

All the little reactions were making him pant against the smaller monster as his mouth kept kissing and licking wherever he could, helping Sans pull his coat off before his fingers went right back to the spot that had made him go so shivery and warm. "means you're in charge," he murmured against his neck, giving long, dragging licks to the smooth bones, "that i'm here... for your pleasure..." he let a fang trail just delicately at the surface, rubbing his fingers into the spot harder before he let his arms wrap loosely around that smaller frame. "just for you..." Papyrus added in a low rumble, "tell me what you want me to do... and i probably will." Papyrus definitely didn't need encouraged to obey... it was one of the things he enjoyed most, being at the beck and call of another. Even though it had nothing intimate with his brother, here he was very willing to have it be, if the other wanted it to. If nothing else than to let Sans decide for himself how he wanted to continue. "my little sweet berry..." he added, eyelights glinting with a baring of fangs, as if to take control, then it turned soft as he nuzzled into his neck again.

This time those fingers had him filling the air with a pleasured moan, his hands gripping tightly on his shoulders before looked down at his face, chest heaving with his heavy breath. "I-in charge? Heh... hmmm... I like that." He let his head fall back as that tongue ran over his neck, his entire body trembling at the feeling and sliding down into the lap beneath him. "In charge of... you... g-giving me pleasure? I... I think I really like that, though... you seem to be -really- good at figuring it out on your own, too." His entire body pressed and curled into his big Wolfy's frame, lifting up once more so his mouth was near the other's earhole as he moaned louder at the increased pressure on his sensitive spots. "T-touch me more, Wolfy. Touch me... everywhere." He brought his hands up to cup the other's face, pulling him close as he pressed a hard kiss to those fangs, moaning into it before parting his teeth, his panting breath turning into a hurried whisper. "N-no, wait. T-take me up to bed first. I don't want to do this on the kitchen floor. It's... undignified."

"of course, my berry," he whispered against the softer mouth, lifting him in an easy, though slightly staggering, motion. He gripped him against his chest like a precious, delicate cargo, kissing and teasing at his neck and shoulder as he took him upstairs. He breathed in hot, growling pants against his bones as he leaned to nudge Sans' bedroom door open, then kicked it shut and set him on his bed. Kneeling before the edge, Papyrus tilted his gaze up to the other, sliding his fingers into those spots that had him moaning before, and kissed up at the underside of his jawline. "i'll need to undress you to touch everywhere... may i?" he asked in a low, subservient whisper, hands already poised to remove anything left on Sans as he continued to keep his mouth busy wherever he could on the other. "you need only tell me what you want... i'm yours to command."

He felt damn near like royalty. Like a tiny god. Why did having someone so willing to do anything he asked feel so... -right-? His body rolled along with those pleasingly deft hands, his own finding their way to that less-smooth skull, holding him almost tenderly as he was kissed, soft, sweet moans filling the air as he let his sweet pet do as he pleased for a moment. Then he pulled him back, looking down in that face with an expression drunk on lust and power, an oddly electric feeling tingling its way up his spine. "Yes, please do. Just... remove it slowly. And I don't want you to just touch me." He leaned back on his hands, letting his back arch lightly as he put on a bit of a tantalizing display while those bright, starry eyes stayed locked on his Wolfy. "I want you to worship every inch of me."

That look on his face as he was tilted up to look at his little master had him pant softly, gazing up with begging need. As he leaned back, he slipped closer and kissed wherever he began exposing his body. Every smooth pale rib was given long strokes until it reached the sternum, and he covered that flat plane of bone in slow, heavy licks. As he tugged the shirt carefully over Sans' head and down his arms, his mouth went to his shoulder, down the humerus and forearm. Taking his hand, he rubbed in slow massages along his palm and digits, kissing the fingertips, going to do the same to his other arm before sliding back down to his pants. Lifting his hips with one hand, the other pulled them away as his fangs slid just slightly at the arch of his iliac crest, and his tongue laved against the outer curve. Papyrus pointedly avoided the lower arches of his pelvis and he went down his femur. The entire time, his eyelights would shift from his work and up to the starry ones, as if to ask how he enjoyed what he was doing. Finally working back up the other leg, he stopped midway up Sans' other thigh, very lightly pressing a scant bite to the bone.

He eagerly moved into every little kiss and lick of that tongue, happy to reward him with pleased moans and soft words of praise. "Mmmm, you're doing so good, Wolfy." He rubbed the fingers of his left hand together, savoring the tingling feeling of having them properly appreciated as he lifted up and helped get those shorts off. Both hands pressed into the bed behind him, fingers curling into the blanket as he felt the slight sharpness against his sensitive hips, fighting a moan to give him a sharp look. "N-no biting unless I say so." He lifted his legs as the larger skeleton worked at them, his body writhing a bit as hints of blue magic dusted his joints and femurs, with a heavier glow on that pelvis. He suppressed a moan to give a glare to Papyrus, bringing a foot up to press against his shoulder and push him back onto the floor. "Bad Wolfy! I said no biting!" He poofed out his cheeks and looked over that bigger form, trying his damnedest to look reproachful, but couldn't help the glimmer of mischief in his eyes. "Stand up and take your clothing off. Slowly." Now he openly let that devilish smirk slide over his face, those starry eyes beginning to glow a bit. "I want to see what my Big Bad Wolfy looks like beneath all those clothes."

He gave an apologetic whimper as he kept to all fours on the floor, bowing his head for a moment before pushing up as he was told. He slid the bulk of his heavy sweater and the lighter tanktop underneath it up over his ribs, letting it be held in place as his thumbs pushed at the hem of his pants, sliding to the front and undoing the button. He left it alone to slide his head and shoulders out of the sweater, letting it drop off in front of him before going back to the pants, unzipping and easing them further along his pelvis before just leaving them to slide down his lanky legs. "i hope it pleases you," he rumbled lowly as he stepped away from the clothes, again kneeling in front of the smaller skeleton. His own bones glowed dark sunset hues as Papyrus slid his arms along the outside of Sans' legs, pressing his chest just so against those blue knees as he dipped his tongue along the end of the smaller sternum, looking up with drunkenly shimmering eyelights. Gazing up to plead for more.

Those bright blue eyes glittered as he watched the tall, broad-shouldered skeleton undress for his entertainment, that soft blue tongue running over the edge of his teeth in excitement. He could feel the warm tingle of magic wanting to form, but if there was one thing Sans was good at, it was controlling his magic. He gave a disappointed pout when the bigger monster dropped back down to his knees, trying to keep that face as he looked down into the pleading gaze that made his soul throb to comply. But no. Not yet. "Well, it's a bit hard to tell if it pleases me or not when you're folded up on the ground, my Wolfy. Come on, up with you." He curled his fingers in those sturdy ribs before gripping and using them to pull him up while he lifted up onto his own feet. He pressed forward and pushed him back until he was standing in the middle of the room, letting go once he felt he was in the right position so he could step back, one hip jutted out and an arm crossed over his chest while his free hand tapped a finger gently at his soft jaw. "Hm, hm, hmmmmm... not bad." He stepped forwards and walked around the taller skele with an appraising look on his face, waiting until he was behind the other to let a gleeful grin shine brightly through. He reached up and began straightening the normally slouchy skeleton's body, adjusting his shoulders one way, then another until it felt just right. He moved back towards the front with a softer smile, looking him up and down, adjusting his hips, then an arm, then his shoulders again. He let out a soft, satisfied sigh before moving closer and letting his hands wander over every bit of those battered bones that he could reach, letting his fingers linger at his sternum where he'd put out the cigarette. "Mmmm. You're perfect. I love it. You're doing wonderfully. Now, be sure to hold still. I'm going to do a more thorough inspection!" His face lit up with enthusiasm as he clapped his hands together and slipped behind that tall figure once again, taking a moment to look him over from behind with a quiet, hungry groan. He moved closer and ran his fingers slowly up his spine, lifting up on this toes to touch the back of his neck before gliding them back down, letting the tips of his fingers catch on the last few vertebrae before he started toying with the holes of his sacrum, letting one hand wander down to roll and pinch the very end of his tail bone. "How does that feel, pet?"

Papyrus let himself be posed and shifted, obeying without complaint, watching as he would circle and observe him. So much smaller than him, but his ready eagerness gave him a much greater presence. The smiles were just a treat added to how he was reacting to the gift Papyrus had offered him. The praise had him rumble in appreciation, silent gaze adoring him in every moment and touch. The announcement had a smile curve his own fangs in an almost dopey smile, nearly missing that groan the other had made. The fingers each had him shift just a little, pressing into the touches, the gliding had a pleased growl roll out of his maw, beginning to pant at the catching drags. Papyrus bucked into the pinch with a gasp, fingers clenching after having been caught up in low moans at the playful way Sans had fingered at his sacrum. He had to slurp his tongue back in before he could answer, breath shaking in delight. "it feels very good... you pet me so well, master," he said, voice going meek at the last word, testing it with his companion. He let a low whine escape, lightly grinding into the hand for a moment, to ask for more... and the brighter glow in his pelvis was joining in that begging.

He stilled at the sound of the name, letting it linger in the air for a while as he looked down at the bone beneath his hand. Slowly he let out a pleased groan and let his hand slip beneath the broad bone of his sacrum, pushing into it while massaging at the top with his thumb, trying to find those sensitive areas that he knew he enjoyed on his own body. "Call me that again." His voice was soft, but husky with lust, the fingers on his coccyx rolling over it with a steady bit of pressure before he slid that hand up beneath his sacrum as well, letting his fingers dig into the inside of his holes, dragging down against them as he pressed in and found one of the vertebrae of his spine with his mouth. That soft blue tongue curled out to lap against it, tasting at him before nibbling and suckling experimentally on the bone, letting his rib cage press against his back. "Mmmm, you taste so good, my pet. I could just eat you up." He smirked before curling his tongue around the back of a rib, bringing his mouth closer before he bit in with a playful little growl.

That pleased groan had Papyrus arching to meet his hand again, licking his mouth before panting out his words. "m-master... aaaah-haa th-there," he gasped as those searching fingers teased just the right spot to make him buck with a low whimper. The sound turned into a very distinct moan as he worked his tongue against his spine, puffing several quick breaths, and as he bit down on the rib, Papyrus moaned louder, hands clenching against his own sternum and collarbone as he fought to not drop to his knees. "master, please... oh fuck, master..." he managed to say after several more steadying, deep breaths, looking back over his shoulder at the smaller monster that was just hitting every nerve in all the right ways. "please eat me up... use me, master..."

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Those noises were getting him downright giddy, making him giggle and wrap those delicate-looking arms around him in a hug, his bright face turning up to grin at his new pet. "Oh, I plan on it, Wolfy. I'm going to make you aaaall mine tonight!" That grin broadened significantly as his hands traveled down the flat of his ilium, pressing in gently until he wrapped his fingers around that sensitive pubis, letting his thumbs press in hard as he rubbed circles into the rough surface. "Mmmm, there we go. It's like playing with a big, bony puzzle that can offer input. Let's see if I can solve you enough to make you unravel." He let the rest of his fingers grip more harshly on the bone as he kept his thumbs busy, that warm breath washing over his pet's lower ribs as he panted softly, legs squirming as he continued to keep his magic at bay. Not yet. Not yet.... soon.

The embrace was so very good, Papyrus thought in his amorous hazed mind, shifting to give the other monster as much access as he needed to touch him however he wanted. Oh and how he said he'd be all his, it had him panting and damn near drooling at the attention. A sharp grunt escaped as those thumbs worked in hard, rocking into the grip as his magic rubbed against the other's smoother pale bones, as it was trying to take shape, but with his hands in the way, it would just be a mass of tingling, horny magic. His talons dug into his own bones as the smaller teased, and his hips were twitching and rolling in his hold. Papyrus could feel the heated breaths misting at his bones, and he let his clawtips scrape down along himself to keep steady. Eventually gravity won out, and he fell to all fours in front of Sans, bucking his needing hips into his hands as he choked out deep gasps, the orange magic positively dripping along his femurs as his joints glowed damn near neon bright. "ahh, master..." he began in a low, desperate chant, that one word wrung out between blushingly heated moans and whimpering growls.

The air was filled with those bright, tinkling giggles as the monster went down, his hands moving smoothly up to the other's ribs as he bent over him, hugging him tight before pressing a small kiss between his shoulders. "A successful takedown by your Magnificent Master." He chuckled and slipped off that bony body before walking around towards his head, letting his body fill out with that soft blue magic that formed up to his ribs, giving him a chubby little belly, well-rounded hips and thighs and an already deliciously dripping little cock. He leaned down and took Papyrus' face in his hands, lifting it up to look at him as he smiled warmly. "My goodness, Wolfy... you look so beautiful like this!" He smiled a little brighter and leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to his sweet pet's forehead before looking into those sockets once again, one hand stroking lovingly at his skull. "I can think of only one thing to make this sight even prettier..." There was that spark of mischief in his eyes again as he stood up, letting his hands guide that fangy face forwards towards his sensitive member. "I want to watch you suck my cute little cock."

The hug had his soul throb warmly, loosing a shuddering whine as he released him, and gazing over the chubby form that looked perfectly tasty. He hooded his sockets shut at the gentle kiss and praises, looking up with a pleading gaze as he petted so tenderly. The look in his eyelights had Papyrus groan again, hips and back arching forward in a slow buck, then a strained whine of want slipped past his fangs as he was guided forward. He tipped his gaze down to that wet - and indeed cute - cock, leaning in more to drag his tongue along the top of it in a lazy, testing lick. His tongue curled around as he went to take the entire thing, suckling with a curved, guiding tongue as he took it in his mouth, rumbling appreciatively to his master. Bobbing his head, he looked up for a moment with questioning amber eyelights before hooding his sockets shut again to keep working his master's shaft. His hips would occasionally twitch and buck with unrepressed need, but he did his best to focus at his task.

He let out a pleasured cry when the whole length was taken, his upper body leaning forwards as his knees went weak for a moment. "Haaah, g-geez, pet... that's... hnnnn..." He let out a soft whine, his hands gripping at the other's skull as he looked down, letting out one panting, pleasured breath after another. "Mmmmmn, Wolfy, that's s-so gooood! You're s-such a good pet!" He let his hands stroke at that scarred skull as his sockets fluttered shut, getting used to the intense pleasure of having that direct contact with another's magic... especially one who was so eager to please. As he steadied his breathing, he opened his sockets and looked down, those bright blue eyes shaped like hearts as he began thrusting against that hungry mouth, slowly and carefully at first, until he felt himself already getting far too close. He was so good at controlling his magic, but this... there was no controlling this. "Haaaahnnn, W-Wolfy, d-don't stop. T-take it harder, p-please! I'm... I'm s-so close to cumming!" He let out a desperate whine as he clutched that skull, pressing that throbbing magic harder into that fangy skull.

Papyrus took every bit of his thrusts, whining hungrily as the taste of his demanding magic on his tongue seemed to tingle and increase in the sensation the longer he held him. Letting a low, rippling whine shiver around his master's cock, he reveled in the praises he gave him, having no intention of stopping until he was told. Gulping down that near-pistoning length, he sucked harder a few times before those faster, harder thrusts had started, feeling how Sans held his skull in a demanding, so-ready grip. Sliding one hand up, he let it settle at the curve of Sans' back, just above the plush rump, and pushed him in deeper. He wanted his master to come, he wanted to please him. To do as he was told.

His face contorted with pleasure, the tip of that tongue hanging out as he panted and whined in those thrusts, the hand on his back encouraging him to press deeper and harder until he was almost afraid he was going to hurt his sweet pet. "HnnnGYAAAAH~!" He cried out loudly as he pressed in as deep as he could, letting that sweet-tasting magic fill that jagged maw, coating his tongue and the back of his throat. "G-... g-good boy." He held him there for a good long minute before sliding back and stumbling back onto the bed, beckoning him over with a finger while he struggled to catch his breath. "Such... a good boy... Wolfy." Once his big pet had made his way over those arms slid around his neck, pulling him up into a deep, passionate kiss, his tongue demanding entrance to lick and curl inside, moaning deeply at the taste of his own fluids. "Mmmmm, you did such a good job. I think you deserve a reward, don't you?" He nuzzled and kissed along that angular jaw, giggling sweetly as he moved closer to his earhole. "I think you deserve to fuck me, pet. How does that sound?"

Quite the opposite, the lanky monster buried his mouth harder into the other's groin, taking every bit of it he could before Sans stumbled away. He went into the kiss with a shivering growl, soul skipping at the sweet giggle before his hips answered for him in a pointed buck, gasping. Papyrus whined before his mouth went to kiss and lick at the smooth clavicle, gazing up at him with bright eyelights before he could trust his wavering voice. "that sounds delightful, master," he breathed, laving his tongue over the flat of his sternum. He'd never said he couldn't -continue- to worship him, and he was very much enjoying everything he was doing with him. Even if Sans had wanted to fuck him, Papyrus would have done it, would of happily taken that sweet cock again. But since his master wanted him to fuck him... he gave a low, pleading whimper. "please, master.' He pressed his larger bulk against Sans, getting every bit of contact he could with the smaller skele. He traced his claws down the side of Sans' ribs and into the squishy ectoform, squeezing ever so slightly into the thick of his hip.