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Miyuki sipped his second drink on that night in a secluded table, wondering why the bloody hell was he there. He left a pile of homework at home, only to come to a party he didn't enjoy. After all, among the many drunk students, for a more sober than drunk person is difficult to feel good. He wanted to dive in the book that he found in a secluded corner in the school library about the shapeshifters, instead he was sitting in a noisy disco and muses on the meaning of his life.

He was beginning to sigh for the nth time when from the corner of his eyes he saw people gathering in a circle on the dance floor. More than likely, someone was making an idiot out of himself and will regret it among the many gloating, sadistic students when the morning comes. But he found it strange, because he didn't hear the familiar laughter among the encouragement, instead loud cheers, as if someone had performed an amazing magic trick.

This has attracted his attention and before he could rise from his seat, a hand grabbed him by the arm and started to jostle him toward the crowd and then into the center of the circle. Miyuki never had to look back to know who owns the unabashed arm, but he gave back a disapproving look. After all, he didn't want to embarrass himself with thinking the same as his friend Kuramochi.

However, the sight inside the circle was astonishing.

A young guy was dancing, his movements are gentle and fluid, his body looked as if it didn't contain bones. Eyes made of gold mesmerizing, almost tempting to sin. Miyuki suddenly found it hard to swallow, but even if he had to take his eyes off the boy he wouldn't be able – not that he wanted.

The boy made eye contact with Miyuki for a moment and smiled seductively, then started to retract in slow motion pulling along the enchanted crowd and Miyuki with them as well. Miyuki shook off the shackles that boy put on him and entered the circle of what the other youngsters so faithfully didn't pass. He heard a few disapproving remarks and it rather surprised him that the majority of remarks were from guys.

Miyuki stood behind the dancing boy and put his hands on his waist when he felt the electricity that sparked at the contact. For a moment, both of them were surprised, but they were so high on the lure of lust that their thoughts didn't linger on it for a long time.

Miyuki tried to imitate the movement of the gold-eyed boy who got the hint and simplified his moves, but they didn't lose their power even a little bit. The crowd was still eyeing the dancing boy who in response snuggled more closely to Miyuki.

The statements of disapproval took off again, but Miyuki refused to hear them again, so he sent a piercing look to the crowd. They reluctantly agreed to let the golden-eyed boy go – a bespectacled bastard already took him away.

Miyuki emerged even more the magic of their dance, when he felt the body under his hands slowly moving away. He opened his eyes – when did he closed them? – but the golden-eyed boy was already in the crowd and when Miyuki finally reached the entrance, the boy vanished.

Kuramochi stood next to Miyuki and laughed loudly, but said nothing, because he would never win against an alpha controller.

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Sawamura was an idiot. A complete utter idiot. He gave space to that friggin' snake again! He was warned so many times to keep his control(which he didn't had to begin with), yet again embarrassed himself in front of so many people.


But if he recalls the feeling of the hands on his hips or the body behind him, how they perfectly fit against each other or the spark of that inexplicable electricity at a simple touch, a shudder traveled down on his spine.


Of course the snake soul whispered inside his head without stop to find the guy, that he'll make him stronger, better, he's the one he was searching all along and even the omega in him was saying the same, feeling the pull of both of them, he never found peace.


Why the hell he had to absorb that snake's soul ring, he didn't know. Actually he knew. Damn my carelessness. Damn my love for nature and not wasting a living being.


It started all with him wandering in the forest behind their farm even though his family warned him not to go there. The beasts there are quite friendly, yet he can't avoid an encounter with a vicious one. Of course he didn't heard the warning and entered the woods with a feeling of freedom.


He was in there, talking to the deer he saw so many times, even ride it and the beast took him to a secluded part of the forest. Sawamura saw a few little beast rabbits playing around their homes, when he saw a snake coming close to them.


Sawamura felt bad for the little ones, but at the same time pitied the snake too. Once the snake made an attack on the little rabbit playing close to her, Sawamura couldn't just watch how it kills her prey and he interfered just in time to block the incoming razor sharp canines, that dripped with poison.


After the snake bit Sawamura on his arm, the deer got scared and killed it.


As the soul ring flew up and hovered over the dead body, Sawamura knew that he won't make it back to ask his grandfather for an antidote. He had to absorb the soul ring, which to his utmost surprise was around a hundred years old. He knew that if he can't absorb it, it will kill him(and he was too young for a hundred years old ring), but the increasing poison in his veins already took an effect and partially paralyzed him. He also knew that the soul ring isn't compatible with his dog soul, but he will die anyway, so he gave it a try.


After Sawamura started to absorb the soul ring, his consciousness slowly faded and he fell in soul shock.


Inside his mind he saw how his dog soul fought with the snake's soul, yet he couldn't do a thing to help. He felt the piercing pain, as the poison rushed in his body, reaching the very core of him.


He understood. He was about to die. His dog soul got affected by the snake's poison and lost his power, but it surprised him that the snake didn't kill him. The snake said to the boy's consciousness.


"It wasn't you who killed me, so there's no reason to kill you. I know that you can't control this side of your soul that's why it fought me and it's natural that it tries to protect you. And don’t worry, the poison already entered your cells and was absorbed with my help, you won't die. And you gained an immunity to some kind of poisons too, so it's beneficial to you. Yet, I won't submit to a boy who can't control himself, let alone me, so from now on I will live with you in coexistence." And the snake went in a deep slumber.


As Sawamura woke up, he felt the new power coursing in him and knew that the snake said the truth. He felt invincible and thought that this encounter will benefit him in more ways than one. He was so wrong.


After he went home and told everything that happened, he got such a huge slap from his grandfather that he felt he almost lost his consciousness.


His family told him that he couldn't absorb the ring properly, that's why the soul ring has its own will. It will come out whenever it likes and he can't do anything to prevent it. He will do things he normally won't even consider doing.


But they were amazed, that their boy had such an amazing luck to absorb a hundred years old soul ring at age 9.


Sawamura slowly sank deeper in despair, when his mother said that there's a solution.


It got the boys attention, yet the answer wasn't pleasurable in the last.


He had to find a controller, who is compatible with him and has to link his soul with them. After the connection, the controller can force the snake's soul to fuse with his dog soul, which will multiply his power. After all, his first soul ring should be absorbed after he finds a controller and they together go for beast hunting.


But to find a controller that is actually your mate was so rare, that it was legendary. It was the so called battery.


Yet he has to consider, that he's an omega, so he can't choose carelessly. If he links his soul with a controller that is more or less compatible with him, but in meanwhile he finds his mate, his soul will break.


At that Sawamura lost all of his hope to have a normal life.


His family felt sorry for him and they knew that the boy's life is in the hand of fate.

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As Miyuki walked in the apartment he shared with Kuramochi, his thoughts wandered back on the boy he danced with. The alpha in him purred when they made contact and he felt some strange power emitting from him. The golden-eyed boy was some mysterious puzzle he was more than willing to solve, yet it bothered him why did he so abruptly left.


In his room he saw the thick book with old leather cover, title faded with time, but the big bold letters still said: Shapeshifters. The writer was someone he never heard about, the title was simple, lacking creativity, yet the book had a magnetizing effect, which eventually pulled him to that shelf in the library.


Miyuki took the book from the table and sat on his bed. Slowly cracked it open and read the first subtitle: Shapeshifter soul.


Yes, it was a known fact that shapeshifters after they reach the age of one it’s the time when it decides what the child will be: a shapeshifer, a controller or a normal human. If the child is a shapeshifer, he/she will fall in a deep slumber for a week. It’s the time when the shapeshifter’s soul or just a part of it(which is even rarer) transforms and gets a special trait known as Beast soul. Most of children deaths are around this time too.


He read the rest that contained some news to him here and there.


Miyuki turned a page and read the next subtitle: First shapeshifting.


He was interested how they can shapeshift. The only thing he knew that it’s insanely painful every time shapeshifters transform be it into their own beast form, or the one they gain with absorbing soul rings. The pain makes them unconscious so the beast part of them takes control and that’s why they need a controller – to keep them at bay.


He saw in school some shapeshifters transform and the shriek they made while they shed their skin and bones left him with a bitter taste on his tongue and with a heavy heart in his chest. His classmates says that he’s a heartless bastard, yet he’s not that heartless to feel nothing when someone is in pain.


Shapeshifters are strong physically and mentally too. They endure the pain every time when the transform to their beast form and back to a human. And they can even endure the extra pain that comes with wounds when they fight with other beasts or humans. It all thanks to their special body, that keeps their soul and can accept a foreign souls. They are really amazing in Miyuki’s eyes, that’s why he’s willing to do anything to his shapeshifter partner to make their life a little better, a little less painful than it already is.


As the book says, the first shapeshifting occurs when the child wakes from the week long slumber. In these days, the child at that time is in hospital, so he/she gets painkillers to ease some of the soul-shaking pain. But Miyuki suspects that at the time the book was written, there wasn’t hospitals and painkillers almost at every corner to help the little ones. As he read the next paragraph, his eyes widened. They put the child in a cage and locked him/her away to deal with the pain all alone.


Miyuki felt his heart sank at the thought. He couldn’t even imagine a one year old baby endure that unimaginable pain alone. That was too cruel.


He closed the book and lowered it at his side, while looking at the white ceiling to control the tears forming in the corner of his eyes. He wasn’t crying since he lost his mom and he felt embarrassed to cry over a book. Even if the content is extremely heartbreaking, it’s not enough to make him cry. Yet Miyuki was thankful that he was born in this era as a controller.

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„Eijun, you ok? You come back early.” Come the concerned question in the second the said boy set a foot in his appartmet.


Aotsuki Wakana rushed to Sawamura’s side to see if her childhood friend isn’t hurt anywhere, but she couldn’t spot anything out of ordinary. Sawamura hung his head low as he walked past the girl straight to his room for some self-reflection.


The moment he face planted in his pillow, the annoying speech began.


„I’m not annoying, you brat!” Said the offended voice in his mind.


„Can you two just this once leave the poor boy alone? Can’t you see, he’s totally devastated?” The male voice always gave him some relief, but the third male voice took the snake’s side. Again.


„Shut up, stupid dog! The boy missed his chance to find his destined other! Gosh, if I wasn’t part of him, I would've killed him long ago!” The screech slowly evoked a headache and even if he covered his ears, he still could hear the voices arguing in his mind.


„Really? That hot guy was the one? I could feel you stir when I made eye contact with him, but I thought that it’s just you fawning over a strong alpha. Well, it’s not that he wasn’t my type too. If I were a human!” Said the female voice wantonly. „Boy, you need to make a pass on him! Find him and submit to him!”


„Like hell I will! No way! Stop with these unreasonable demands!”


„That’s my bff!” Cheered the high-pitched male voice, which made his body respond. The room started to run out of oxygen, while the temperature suddenly went up. Great, my heat is starting because of them!


„Sorry, I can’t do a thing against both of them.” Apologized the deep voice, making Sawamura feel a little better, even though the heat was driving him crazy.


The itch, the need to feel something fill him up, to stretch him as wide as his flexibility allows, the insuperable want made him dizzy. As sweat formed on his body, his senses intensified and everything that made contact with him, created a sweet feeling rush through him. He wanted relief! And quickly!


The moment his hands started to wander little south to help himself, a soft knock made him halt and two voices tsked.


„Eijun, you ok? I can feel you pheromones all the way to the kitchen. I brought a glass of water and your pills. Can I come in?” She was patiently waiting for Sawamura to make a choice. He nodded, but remembered that she can’t see him, so he gave the girl permission to enter as loud as he could muster against the lump in his throat.


The moment she opened the door the smell that hit her was so sweet, that she almost gave in to the temptation. She braced herself and put the tray on the nightstand, sat beside his friend and helped him drink his medicine. After a little bit, Sawamura calmed down and Wakana took a deep breath.


„Eijun, what happened? Your pheromones this time were too strong. You didn’t took you medicine again, did you? What would you do if you went in heat outside? You were in a nightclub, right? There’s usually a lot of alphas! I can’t even imagine what would they do to you! You idiot!” Once she was done and saw how her friend shrunk back on himself, she breathed deeply, again, and continued in a softer voice. „Sorry. I know you are vulnerable right after your heat, yet I shouted at you. But I worry about you. You don’t take you medicine despite you know what could happen. I’m sorry.”


Sawamura shook his head and smiled weakly at her. „Don’t apologize. If you weren’t here, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me. And I know that I worry you, but I just can’t drink that shit. It’s disgusting!” He made a face to emphasis his words.


Wakana giggled at that and stood up. „Well, if it’s like that, go and see you doctor. He’ll give you another brand of pills, ones you can drink without any problem. Just don’t go out again without taking them. Especially not somewhere where are alphas. Take care of yourself. I won’t always be here to look after you, you know.”


The comment left Sawamura with a churning feeling in his stomach. He knew. She will head back home next week, once school starts. He still has so many paperwork to do and he didn't even enroll in his chosen school yet.


But the heat took all of his energy away, so he decided that the first thing he will do after he wakes up is to ask Wakana to help fill out his enrolling papers. And he will ask if she’s willing to accompany him on his school visit too.

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Miyuki was restless in the coming days, thinking about that mysterious boy, while trying to finish everything he had left to do before school starts again. Kuramochi made a remark about his mood swings here and there, but except that their days were peaceful.


Three days before the opening ceremony Miyuki was summoned. His teacher and his mentor were there when he arrived.


„Kataoka-sensei, Takashima-sensei, how can I help you?” Asked the boy when he entered the office.


„We called you here, because we found a boy fitting to be your partner.” Said Kataoka evenly, trying to read the boy in front of him. He was still at loss about figuring him out. The soon to be second year is too closed off, even his friend (if he’s not mistaken, his only one) Kuramochi is perplexed about what to do with him. And the boy’s mood swings don’t help at all.


„He’s a beta and a shapeshifter, though he’s a little impassive, but has a really strong aura. His base beast soul is a Polar Bear. He’s from Hokkaido, so his base is not that surprising. He come here because he read that article about you. You know, the one where was written that you are still looking for a partner.” Takashima explained in more detail as she observed the unmoving boy. She, too, was eager to see his reaction, because since she scouted him, she tried to loosen him up in wasted attempt. He strongly rejected everyone that approached him even a little close to his comfort zone, so he was the school’s #1 mystery, and the girls, but even some boys tried to puzzle him out.


„And?” Was the simple answer the teachers got. They looked at each other in surprise, then back at the boy who started to get irritated as the seconds ticked by.


„You don’t have anything to say or ask? Like what he looks like or why we choose a beta for you?”


„I will see him soon enough, right? If he’s strong I will make a temporary contract with him and that’s all.”


„Wait. Temporary? Why not the usual permanent one? That way he will gain even more power and it will be easier on you, no?” Takashima was confused even more by the boy’s answer.


„I don’t plan to connect my soul with some stranger. That way I will be able to read him as an open book and vice versa. With the temporary contract he will gain like 60% of the full amount of power, yet he won’t be chained to me. He can leave anytime he wishes. If he doesn’t like it, he can leave.”


„Miyuki-kun, I don’t want to be intrusive, but did anything happen in the last few days?” At that Miyuki raised his eyebrow and shook his head.


„No, nothing much. Why?”


„Ah, I just got that feeling. You behave oddly, so I thought...” She trailed off, which in return got a really confused look from the boy. „Wait, you didn’t notice anything yourself?”


The boy shook his head again. „I don’t know what you’re talking about, Takashima-sensei. Kuramochi did tease me a few times about my mood swings, - which I definitely don’t have - but I don’t see anything out of ordinary.”


„Oh, ok. You can leave now. After the opening ceremony come here again and you will meet your partner. His name is Furuya Satoru.” With a nod Miyuki turned around and left without another word.


„There’s something behind his behavior.”


„You think so too, Tesshin? We need to investigate it. Something or someone made the ice-hearted Miyuki show some emotions.” Kataoka nodded and peered up at the woman standing beside him.


„But first of all we need to prepare for the next school year. I hope we will have a few promising students.” Takashima nodded and smiled down at the man.




As Miyuki walked back to his apartment, he looked at Seido’s training grounds. He thought about that boy he danced with and felt a pleasant feeling run down his spine, yet once he thought about some unknown guy being his pair, the gnawing in his stomach made him sick.


He was aware that he was one of the strongest controllers in the whole country, but that didn’t mean that he was desperate to find someone to pair up with. He was content(well, until that meeting) to just learn new things about himself and about his future partner.


He made a few more steps when the alpha in him said.


„I don’t know what to think about this. The one we’re looking for is the boy you danced with. What if your teacher force you to bond with that your so called ’partner’?” Miyuki was appalled.


„Don’t even joke about something like this! They would never force anything on me! And you heard me loud and clear, I don’t plan to connect with him permanently, let alone bond. Yet it really does feels like some arranged marriage.” The alpha laughed loudly.


„But lets see what will happen now. Maybe this encounter won’t be that bad, right?”


Miyuki said thoughtfully. „I hope so.”

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Sawamura got help from an overenthusiastic Wakana, but was turned down when it come to school visit and enrollment. She had to leave earlier for her own enrollment, so the next day she was about to board the train back to Nagano.


Sawamura was grateful for her help and was all teary eyed once they stood on the train platform.


„What are you crying for? I won’t leave you forever, you know.” She teased, but the boy still caught her in a bone-crushing hug.


„Come back soon, ok?” He cried as she kissed him on his forehead.


„Don’t ask for the impossible.”




On the dreaded day, Sawamura was intensely eyeing the two sets of clothes Wakana prepared for him to wear. As she emptied his dresser she was saying with a serious tone.

„I know your fashion sense and I’m more than sure, that you will disgrace yourself and us if you show up in a similar outfit you did on that party.”


„There’s nothing wrong with my fashion sense. The clothes I was wearing then were comfy that’s why I wore them.”


„I don’t know how you got the idea that a square patterned three-quarter pants and a sunflower patterned t-shirt is a great idea... And don’t remind me of that ugly shoes. If that’s not an awful fashion sense, then I don’t know what is.” She laid the clothes on the bed, warning the frowning boy. „And don’t you dare combine them together.”


Sawamura eyed them a little bit more, then he gave up to choose on his own and resorted to use a quite childish method: a choosing rhyme. Once he decided on the set he was about to wear that day, he realized that he was already five minutes behind in his carefully worked out schedule. He hastily dressed up and walked out of his apartment towards his new home for the next 6 years. With a handmade map in hand and with the papers in his bag he made his way to the train station.




It should be easy for him to reach the school, yet it wasn't. Actually he miscalculated something really badly... His sense for direction.

„Boy, don’t tell me you got lost in this big city?” Asked a really annoyed snake.


„No, I did not.” Argued Sawamura back. He glanced from side to side to see if anything seemed even a little similar to the drawings on his map. He was completely out of luck.


He probably made a mistake right on the train station despite his dog soul asking him several times if he really got on the right one. He was so confident about not messing up something as a train ride that it didn’t even occur in his mind that he did made an error.


„You idiot.” The snake insulted him and he couldn’t even defend himself. She was absolutely right.


„Hello there, hun. Did you got lost? Can we help you?” An overly sweet(read: disgusting) voice asked behind him.


Sawamura turned around suddenly and saw two older men standing a few meter away from him, something like hunger shone in their eyes. He started to sweat and knew what will happen if he can’t talk himself out. „Ah, no. I’m fine, thanks.”


As he was about to walk away, a sweaty hand gripped his wrist. „Hey now, you don’t need to run away. We won’t do anything suspicious. After all we need to help each other out in need, right?” The guy glanced at his grinning companion, who nodded.


„You really don’t need to.” The moment the last word left his mouth, he felt himself heat up and the world suddenly spinned. Please no!


„Shit, you really need to start his heat now?!” The snake soul asked the omega furiously, who in return sheepishly replied.


„Sorry, but they are alphas. I can’t say no to them.”


„Can’t you just this once hold yourself back?!” But she didn’t have time to get the answer, as the alphas dragged Sawamura to a dark alley.


„Looks like I need to take over.” Said the angry dog soul, ready to rip apart those who wants to hurt his little Sawamura.


He was about to change with the scared boy and transform into his beast form risking losing control, when a yell was heard from the alley entrance.


„Release him right now!” A blond boy dashed toward them, pure anger shone in his glowing, ocean blue eyes.


„Oh, you wanna join in? It’s not a problem.” The guy, who was about to pull Sawamura’s pants down, said in a disgusting voice.


What they didn’t see that the boy wasn’t alone. Three young alphas followed him and when they were about to beat the two old fuckers to pulp, Sawamura interrupted.


„It’s ok! Just let them leave.” The two alphas were reluctant to leave an omega in heat, but the dark aura coming from the young boys were threatening enough, so they choose their lives over a boy and ran away quickly.


„You really ok with it?” The blonde asked as he knelt down beside the panting boy. „You have suppressants with you?”


„In the bag.” He answered shallowly, trying to get some control over the blazing heat.


As he took the medicine, after a few minutes the heat calmed down and Sawamura finally had a chance to look at his savior.


„Thank you so much for saving me. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you and your friends didn’t show up.”


„It’s nothing. Anyway, my name is Narumiya Mei. Nice to meet you, even though I would’ve preferred to meet you in a more pleasurable situation.” Sawamura smiled at him as the boy offered a hand. Sawamura gratefully took the help and slowly stood up.


„My name is Sawamura Eijun, the pleasure is mine. And they are?” Sawamura glanced at the group standing a little farther, they were a little flushed, but didn’t step even a step closer to the boy. It was a pleasant surprise to see alphas keep their control over their instincts after being close to him.


„My teammates. He’s Harada Masatoshi.” Narumiya pointed at a sturdy guy who stood in the center. „He’s Kamiya Carlos Toshiki” The guy said cheerfully. „Call me Carlos.” And the third guy was Yoshizawa Hideaki as Narumiya introduced him.


„Nice to meet you all.” Sawamura bowed in a perfect 90 degree.


„Hey, no need for formality.” Narumiya said in a cheery voice. „Anyway, what were you doing in this place?”


„Ah! I will be late!” Screamed the boy, panicked. Narumiya, who stood the closest to the boy, winced at the sound. The golden-eyed totally forgot that he needed to be somewhere else.


„From where?” Carlos joined the conversation.


„My school enrollment! I need to give in the papers today!”


„And I assume you got lost?” Carlos asked between his chuckles.


„So what?!” Roared Sawamura affronted. He deliberately ignored the voice in his mind saying So you did got lost.


„And? Which school are you looking for? The only one in this area is Inashiro Industrial.”

Sawamura felt his heart stop and blood froze for a sec, because he knew that Inashiro is in the opposite direction he originally had to be.


„Seido.” He mumbled and he saw all of them go rigid.


„Ah, our rival school, huh?” Carlos lost interest in the boy and turned around to leave the alley.


„Nah, I will get you to the train station, so you won’t get in more trouble. But it would be even better if you enroll in our school. I’ll put in a good word for you.” Narumiya said with a grin and encouragingly patted the boy’s shoulder.


„Thank you, Narumiya-san, but I’d love to go to my first choice. I’m sorry. And if it’s not causing you problems, can you help me get to Seido?” Sawamura hoped that the boy won’t ditch him after he refused to join his school.


„Of course, Eijun. And, please, call me by my given name. I hate the formalities.” Narumiya smiled and nudged Sawamura to start walking.


„Thank you, Mei-san.”


„Baby steps, baby steps.” He sighed exaggerated as they left behind the dark alley, side by side with a new friend.

Chapter Text

After the opening ceremony Miyuki was heading back to the office to meet his partner. The thought made him sick, but he knew that he won’t come across with that boy again, taking into account that he still couldn’t find him.


The moment he stepped in the office, he felt a strong wave of uncontrollable power washing through him and it made him shudder. Who the hell is so bad at controlling their own power? But he paled when he saw that it was his partner.


„Hello, Miyuki-kun. I’d love to introduce him. He’s Furuya Satoru, your partner. His base spirit is a Polar Bear and he’s a beta.” The boy bowed slightly and said.


„Nice to meet you Miyuki-senpai. I hope you can help me gain more power.”


Miyuki just stood there unmoving, said nothing in return and the moment he progressed everything, he turned around and walked to the door.


„Hah, I can’t believe it’s you. Come back once you learn to control your power a little bit, don’t want you to see me as some babysitter for you and your power.” And with that he left the office.


After a few minutes of silence, the alpha said concerned.


„Is it ok? I mean, it’s me who is the most against this partner meeting and all, but won’t it hurt your status? You know, you’re still a second year student at school, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you need to listen to your teachers.” Miyuki thought it trough and it had some truth, yet it wasn’t nearly enough to make him like that arrogant guy even a little bit more.


„I understand what you are talking about, but this is still too much for me to swallow. I think that I have a right to choose whom I want to pair up with. For now I will help him, well more likely he will take advantage of me, but it will go until we find him.” At that the alpha purred.


„You’re the best, you know?” He said and thought about that golden-eyed boy, couldn’t help it but compare the raven haired with the brunette. Heaven and earth was the difference between them. „But now that I think about it, what will you do if that boy’s personality is just like this partner of yours? I mean, we only danced with him, we didn’t had a chance to talk with him.”


At that Miyuki froze midstep and paled. „Now that you mention it. I hope you will be wrong for this once.”


„I hope so too.”




The first day in class was a torture for Miyuki. All along he felt some strange pull at his power and he was more than sure, that it was that guy’s doing a floor under them. He couldn’t even say out the word, he thought he will be proud to use.


„Do you think that that guy’s power is calling you? It’s annoying to pull our power back all the time.” The alpha growled in annoyance, while tried to keep in check the energy trying to slip off.


„I don’t know, but we will have to do something. It’s tiring.” Miyuki sighed aloud and in that moment the bell rung signaling the end of the last class for that day. Kuramochi turned around and eyed his friend for a while.


„What was that long sigh for? You act like you were training all day long, yet it will just begin. Did you new partner dumped you?” Kuramochi cackled, but stopped quickly when Miyuki didn’t said anything in return. „Wait, really?!”


„What? No! That guy is so annoying that it almost physically hurts.”


„It hurts mentally enough, thank you very much.” Interrupted the alpha in Miyuki irritatedly.


„But I will make a temporary contract with him, so for now I have to stick with him.”


„Ah, I understand. You are gonna wait for that guy, huh? I never thought that you’re the loyal kind of person. Twisted? How much more so! But not loyal.” He stood up and took his bag. „Let’s go. Training will start soon. And I think you need to prepare for quite a surprise.”




On the field, Miyuki looked around and eyed the new first years. There were quite a number of them, shapeshifters and controllers as well, yet everyone had big problem with controlling their own power. Oh, but the one who stood out tho most was that guy.


When he felt Kuramochi elbow him from his side, he looked at him, but he wasn’t looking at him, but at someone from the first years. Once he caught up, who he was eyeing, his eyes grew wide like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


„It’s him!” Cheered the alpha, which confirmed Miyuki that his eyesight is still ok, he doesn’t see illusions yet.


„But how?” Whispered Miyuki to no one in particular, but Kuramochi heard him anyway and answered.


„He’s the one of the new first years.” Kuramochi waited for a few seconds so Miyuki can follow him. „He come the day after you first met your partner. Takashima-sensei led him to my room, introduced him and asked me if I can show him around the school. His name is Sawamura Eijun.”


Miyuki felt the alpha in him stir, like he couldn’t wait to talk to that guy. Probably it was his fault that he, too, felt somehow excited to finally meet him. He didn’t paid any attention to the raven haired guy, who in meantime eyed them with too much hostility towards the other first year.


The moment the introduction was over and the first years were allowed to go home for the day, Miyuki’s top priority was that golden-eyed boy. It proved to be impossible to catch him, because he vanished in thin air, just like that night in the night club.


Miyuki held back a shudder when he felt someone stand behind him. He was aware, that it was him.


„Miyuki-senpai, I’d like to invite you to our house. My grandfather wants to talk to you. It’s about my power.” The moment he finished, he was already heading towards the school gate.


He’s ignoring my answer, huh.


„You wanna go?” The alpha asked and Miyuki shrugged.


„If it’s something important, I can’t leave it. Why are you asking?”


„I don’t know, but somehow it felt like his aura was overflowing with malevolence. He can’t control himself yet, probably thats why. I’ve got a really bad feeling about this meeting.”


Miyuki thought about it for a little bit. „Even if you’re right, he can’t do anything against an alpha. Lets stay cautious and get over with this meeting.”

Chapter Text

Sawamura after the opening day and the introduction on the training field, he run to his new friend’s side. The boy with pink hair and petite body stood beside him and was the first to talk to him. Kominato Haruichi, said the smaller one sheepishly and blushing all the time, well, Sawamura assumed with the thick bangs covering half of his face.


As he walked with him, the small boy asked, if he wants to go to the night club a few blocks away celebrating their enroll in one of the most famous schools in the whole country. As he agreed with an over ecstatic squeal he saw some people chatting in front of the school gate. They joined them and together walked towards the night club.




The night club was like any other. Loud music with even louder cheers from drunk youngsters, cigarette smoke and the strong smell of alcohol. It was a perfect place for a good party, meeting some new faces, or for the braver ones it’s a place to find a new love.


Sawamura sat at the bar with Haruichi and was talking with him animatedly, when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.


„Hey hun, wanna dance?” Shouted the other boy through the loud noises with bright eyes and dazzling smile. Sawamura blushed a little, when he looked at his friend who in response just smiled and ushered him to go, he stood up and followed the stranger in the dancing crowd. They were here to relax, so a little dance would be great.


„Boy, I’m switching with you.” Said the snake soul the moment they started to dance, not giving the boy time to even process the words, he was already in the depth of his own mind.


„Why can’t I control her. She will do something I won’t even consider doing, I know it.” Whined Sawamura to the dog soul who in response just sighed. He, too, was sick of these two, but there was no room for him to intervene, when the two troublemakers start something to embarrass the poor boy.


„One day you will be able to do it, just be patient. I won’t move until she’s doing something that won’t endanger you. If she goes too far, I’m here to stop her.” Reassured him the dog soul.


When they saw what the snake is doing outside, Sawamura started to cry in embarrassment, the dog soul was blushing furiously, while the omega enthusiastically cheered for her.


She was controlling the boy’s body and took advantage of it till the last second.


Haruichi with slack jaw was looking at Sawamura, who was pushing his hips back on the other boy’s crotch, snuggling up to him erotically, a lustful look in his eyes and a flirty smile on his lips. He was drawing attention again, everyone concentrating on him and his charming dance.


As the atmosphere started to heated up too much, the snake wanted to make a little space between them, but she couldn’t move away with the boy behind hugging her almost painfully.


„Where do you want to go? I wanna dance a little more and after that we can go somewhere private.” He whispered in Sawamura’s ear, which resulted in him trying to break free. „Hey, hun, let me make you mine. I wanna do a contract with you, so you’ll be mine and just mine. You’re a shapeshifter, right? I’m perfect for you.”


At his words, the omega started to blush and Sawamura seeing it knew, that this will go incredibly wrong. He feared for the worst and wanted to calm the omega kneeling on the imaginary floor, to no avail. The heat already started to circulate in his system and the guy currently holding him in place stared with wide eyes, without a wasted second he was dragging Sawamura out of the night club.


When they were away from the prying eyes, the guy took out a knife and cut his own finger. Everyone knew what was he about to do, when the snake soul withdrew and handed her place to the angry dog soul.


No one will form a temporary contract with Sawamura, not until the dog soul is there to protect him.


The snake soul locked the omega away helping the dog soul to fight with the crazy guy drawing the ritual runes on Sawamura’s body. Sawamura’s only luck is that he’s able to fight even with an alpha, when the omega in him is sealed. With the heat out of way, the dog soul was about to change in his original form, when a shadow appeared out of the blue and knocked the guy out cold.


„You idiot! What the actual fuck are you doing?!” Asked the irritated voice Sawamura knew from his school visiting day. He felt relieved and was again in control, after looking at himself, he started to cry. „Oy, you ok?”


„Y-yeah... I’m just relieved that you’re here, Kuramochi nii-san. Thank you for saving me” Said the boy still in shock, trying to collect himself.


„Nii-san?” Kuramochi asked back confused, but not offended. Not at all. Actually, somehow he was happy to have a little brother. A troublesome little brother, if he wants to be precise. A feeling of strong protectiveness washed over him, leaving a pleasant warmth afterward.


„Anyway, you’re welcome. You’re a lucky one, you know? I was going to the convenience store a little further up, when I saw you guys doing something fishy. He wanted to do a contract with you? And you agreed to it?” Kuramochi handed over a tissue. „First, wipe down that runes. They give me the chills.”


„Thank you. And no, I was against it, but my heat started suddenly and because he’s an alpha, I was powerless against him.” Said Sawamura with bowed head, sniffing loudly.


„Hey, it’s ok now. Come on, I will send you home. Are you here with someone?”


„Oh God, Haruichi! I totally forgot him!” Shouted Sawamura panicked, when he heard a small, offended voice behind him.


„You really did? Eijun-kun, you’re hurting me.” Kuramochi was shocked after seeing the similar pink hair and hearing the same chilly voice, he’s so used to.

„You’re Haruichi, right? Ryou-san’s little brother?” He didn’t need the answer, because the boy is almost a carbon-copy of his older brother, but it was polite to ask.


„Yes, I am. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re Kuramochi Youichi, my brother’s training partner?” Asked the pink haired reversing back to the shy boy he saw on the field a few hours prior.


„Indeed I am. You’re with him today, right? This idiot,” Kuramochi smacked Sawamura’s head for good measure. „Got himself in some trouble. He was lucky I was passing by and saved his sorry ass.”


„Hey! I already thanked you for your assistance.” Rubbed the brunette his head pouting.


„Yeah, but I think your butt is worth more than just a simple thank you. You’ll buy me lunch tomorrow and then we’re even!”


„Now you’re implying that my butt in only worth a lunch! You’re making it sound so wrong!”


„Hyahaha! It’s way too funny to mess with you.”


„You evil!” Screamed Sawamura and run after the duo, leaving the guy lying on the grass still knocked out.

Chapter Text

Miyuki was stepping in the genkan of the oldest Furuya’s house, where the stoic boy was leading him. He was restless the whole travel, discussing with his alpha about plans when he needs to actually run away. It’s not an alpha’s style to run, but it was absolutely safer than staying and loosing.


„Welcome to my house, Miyuki-kun. My name is Furuya Eiji, nice to meet you.” Came out the old man to greet him with exact same expression like his grandson.


He had a really bad feeling and his alpha was freaking out, when he sensed the malice seeping through the little cracks on his defense.


„We need to get out of here, the sooner the better!” Screamed his alpha, which surprised Miyuki and got him uneasy, squirming in his place, trying and failing to hide his anxiousness.


„Come in, please. We will talk in the living room, if it’s okay with you.” Said the old man, and Miyuki couldn’t find a chance to run away.


When they sat down and Furuya left for some tea, the old man looked at Miyuki and started a conversation.


„Say, is my little boy a good shapeshifter?” The sudden voice startled Miyuki who looked up and smiled uncomfortably. „He didn’t had friends when he was younger, because his control, as you can see, is not good and with his power leaking, he scared all the kids away. I wanted to help him, but as a controller, just like you, I didn’t understand a thing, he was going through.”


When Miyuki didn’t said anything, the old man continued.


„His beast soul is a Polar Bear. He’s a full soul changer, so he needs you to control him, when he shapeshifts.” He took a little break here, then looked Miyuki in the eye. „He didn’t choose you on whim. He needs someone strong to pull him back, because when he looses control, everyone around him is in danger.” The old man slowly peeled his clothes, when Miyuki had a good look at the big, almost painful scar. „I got this when he lost control and shapeshifted. He was just a beast, not recognizing his friends or family, treating them as an enemy to kill.”


„Don’t worry, I will help him in everything I can to make him better.” Said Miyuki, a bead of sweat running down on his neck, making him squirm. He really wanted to flee, not even looking back, but his damned pride didn’t let him. This guy is too dangerous even for me to handle. You old man want to see me dead or what?


In the meantime, Furuya come back with a tray, on it three cups of steaming green tea.


„Here.” Said Furuya simply, as he put a cup in front of Miyuki.


When Miyuki took the cup and looked at the old man, he locked gaze with him, and that’s were he made a mistake.


He voluntarily walked in the trap the Furuyas made for him. The old man used his beast skill from the Memory Owl, which allowed his user to lock away a part of the victim’s memory. It wasn’t commonly used skill, but in particular situations, like this one, it was the most useful one.


When Miyuki woke up, the old man was there and he looked somewhat worried.


„Miyuki-kun, are you okay? I think you’re overworking yourself. You fell asleep sitting.” When the boy rose from his lying position, he felt a sharp pain cut through his head making him dizzy. „Boy, if you need to lay down a bit more, please don’t hold yourself back.”


Miyuki felt so exhausted, that he took the offer and laid down for a few more minutes, just for his headache to ease up a little.


„Thank you for your hospitality, but I need to go now. It’s really late and we have training in the morning.” When Miyuki rose, the two Furuyas stood up too and walked him to the front door.


„Thank you for coming. I will leave my grandson in your care.”


Miyuki felt reluctant to nod and in the end he didn’t, but bowed slightly and walked back to the school dorms.




The next day morning came sooner than Miyuki liked. The alarm clock went of three times, when Miyuki finally found the power to get up.


When he heard a knock on his door, he lifted the eye mask on his face just in time to see Kuramochi barging into his room.


„Wake up sleepyhead! You’ll be late for practice.” When he didn’t get a snarky remark back he looked at his friend. „You ok? Wait, you look like shit. How was yesterdays visit to Furuya’s grandfather?”


Miyuki sluggishly sat up and for a moment he looked lost, but when his eyes cleared, he looked at his friend.


„It was ok. I think I fell asleep at some point, but Furuya’s grandfather let me rest a little bit, so it was ok.”


„You okay now? Well, this question is not necessary, just looking at you, I can see that you’re not okay. What happened?”


„I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kuramochi. I’m fine. But let me get up and get dressed, or we really will be late for practice.”




After they made it on time to practice, Miyuki felt his headache coming back at full force. The moment the coach started talking, Miyuki’s mind wandered and he started chatting with his alpha.


„I have a feeling that we were cheated. More likely we walked in some kind of trap, and we didn’t even notice.” The alpha said deep in thoughts.


„Why? I can’t feel anything different, except the headache, but Furuya’s grandfather was right. I was overworking myself in the past few weeks, homework is piling up, and the mid-year tests are on their ways.”


„Yeah, but it’s still not a good reason for you to fall asleep just like that. And I think that we forgot something. Something important.”


„Now that you say it, I think you’re right.” Miyuki felt a pull at his T-shirt, where Kuramochi looked worriedly at him.


„I think you can talk with Sawamura today. He won’t vanish like always.” But he scowled at Miyuki’s puzzled expression. „You know! Sawamura Eijun, the guy you were looking for since that night in the night club.”


„What the hell are you talking about, Kuramochi? Did you hit your head? I don’t know anyone named Sawamura.”


Kuramochi frowned.

Chapter Text

After the eventful night, Sawamura felt restless. He could feel the runes burning his skin, even though he cleaned every part of himself thoroughly. After the fifth shower, he was still uncomfortable and slowly he was about to lose his mind.


„But there's nothing left. What are you feeling, boy?” Asked the snake soul worriedly. She knew that she was the cause of all the mess Sawamura had to go through, and for some reason she felt guilty. It was the first time she had a feeling like this, and she hated every second of it.


„I don’t know. I just...” Sawamura scrubbed his skin red with the tissue and there wasn’t a sign of him stopping anytime soon.




„I feel a strange itch on my skin, like ants are walking up and down on every part where the runes were. It’s annoying!” Shouted the distressed boy and the area where he still tried to clean the non-existent runes, his skin slowly begun to bleed.


„Hey, stop now!” The snake soul yelled and in a moment, she switched with the boy. „Oh God! So this is what you were talking about.” She understood him. The prickling on the skin was almost unbearable and she was tempted to scratch the itch away, but she wanted to save the boy’s skin, so she sat down and endured.


As the seconds ticked by, she was about to lose her mind, but the doorbell saved her. She run to the door and almost ripped the wood board out of its place.


„Hi, Sawamura.” Greeted Kuramochi awkwardly. The moment he saw the boy’s red skin dripping blood here and there, he pushed inside and pointedly glared at him. „Gosh, you don’t have skin cream here? Do you know that against rune itch the best weapon is some chamomile cream?” He pulled the said cream out of the plastic bag and ushered Sawamura inside to sit on the couch.


The moment the younger sat down, Kuramochi took of the cream’s lid off and got a generous amount on two of his fingers. „It will be a little cold.” He warned and put the cream on the abused skin. Sawamura sighted in relief as the itch slowly faded.


When Kuramochi was done with the creaming, he brought a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a few cotton wools to treat the bleeding wounds. At first Sawamura hissed every time the alcohol met the wound, but as the pain subdued he felt himself dozing off and at some point fell asleep.


Kuramochi remembered Sawamura calling him his older brother and he couldn’t help the fond smile spreading on his face. When he caught himself he abruptly stood up and felt a strong urge to run. He registered that he was serious about being Sawamura’s big bro and the thought scared him.


He was a delinquent at home, not for nothing. He has serious problems with controling his power, and that got himself and others in quite threatening situations, so he wasn’t ready to protect someones life. If he can’t properly protect himself, how could he protect anyone else?


He was about to leave when Sawamura stirred on the couch, sat up and with groggy eyes he scanned his living room, noticing Kuramochi standing a few meters away from him. With a dopey smile he called out. „Nii-san, where are you going?” But then he realized that he said something utterly stupid and sobered up in a second.


„I’m sorry! I don’t know what I’m talking about!” Shouted the distressed boy and stood up, walked in front of his stunned senpai and bowed deeply.


„Thank you very much for saving me and treating my wounds. I don’t know what I would’ve done, if you didn’t show up with the cream!”


„Nah, don’t worry boy. It’s a senpai’s duty to take care of his kohai.” He said scratching the back of his neck. He felt so uncomfortable, that his only wish was to run. „But really, you need to take better care of yourself. Say, does your suppressants work on you? I mean, your heats are so irregular, that maybe you need to change your pills?”


„Ah, nope, the prescription is ok, it’s just that I have a little problem here, so the pills can’t help that much.”


This got Kuramochi’s attention and curiously asked.


„Can you please elaborate?” It was Sawamura’s turn to put his hand on his neck, while sheepishly looked away.


He sat down on the couch, wordlessly inviting Kuramochi to join him. When the green haired sat down, Sawamura begun his explanation.


„You will be the first one I’ll tell this, since I moved in Tokyo. I believe that you won’t pass it to someone else, it will be our little secret, until I can’t find a solution to this.” When Sawamura looked at his companion, he just nodded and attentively listened to the boy.


„Good.” He took a deep breath and started his explanation.


Once he told everything about the story of the snake soul and the good relationship between her and the omega in him, Kuramochi stopped for a moment to think.


„Wait. Then the one I saw that night in the night club, probably a week before school, was the snake soul? She was the one who charmed everyone?” He blushed and continued. „I mean, you were irresistible even to me, but I really had zero interest in you. Oh, but it looks like Miyuki took an interest in you. He was going crazy because he couldn’t find you.”


„The guy I was dancing with?” Sawamura blushed crazily at the memory of the guy’s touch on his hips and the hot breath on his neck.


„Yep, him. Oh boy, he wanted to talk to you today after the introduction, but you vanished in thin air. Really, how can you disappear like that?” Sawamura looked surprised for a second, then he sported a cocky smile.


„Hey, I have a snake in me. I’m just as slippery as one.”


„Oh, and you’re actually boasting on one of your mistakes. You’re one of a kind, you know?”


„Shut up! I’m trying to find a solution!”


„Is this a way to talk to your senpai?!” Kuramochi without thinking caught Sawamura in one of his wrestling move, but Sawamura’s body, as well, was like a snake’s. He pulled his limbs impossibly far, yet he didn’t utter even one word of protest. Just let him do whatever he wanted.


After he couldn’t hear the waited complaints, Kuramochi got bored and let the boy go.


„Wow, this felt good.” Sawamura said as he rolled his shoulder a few times.


„It shouldn’t have to feel good, idiot. It was a punishment, but it looks like it won’t work on you.” Grumbled Kuramochi, but after a second, he smirked. „But it seems, that I can practice on you however much I want. You won’t mind, since you’re so flexible.”


At this, Sawamura’s jaw dropped and the whole building could hear his protests of being his big brother’s personal wrestling bag.




Next morning, Sawamura decided that he’ll talk to that guy Kuramochi mentioned at night. Actually, he felt a pull toward him the first day he saw him standing in the line in front of the first years, yet he was too coward to acknowledge his own feelings and act upon them.


The strange thing was that the guy, Miyuki, was paired up with his fellow raven haired teammate, who probably sticked to the bespectacled guy too much. Their proximity felt like private space didn’t even exist between them.


Kuramochi had an unreadable expression as he stared at the back of Miyuki’s head, then suddenly he turned on his heels and walked off to the opposite direction.


Sawamura was confused, yet he really wanted to talk to Miyuki, so he gathered all the courage he could and walked up to them.


„Hello. Can I have a minute with you, Miyuki-senpai?” The next moment he saw Miyuki suddenly grabbing his head and visibly bit his lips to stifle the cry of pain. It looked like Miyuki had an unbearable pain and it worried him.


„The hell is this?” Groaned the older boy still holding his head, then slowly he walked away in the direction of the infirmary. Sawamura followed them for a part of the way, but both boys stopped and the raven haired turned toward him.


„Please leave. Probably his headache is because of you. I heard of some abnormal contrariety, where the parties can’t bear the other’s closeness at all. I want to confirm this theory.”


Sawamura instantly cooperated and he saw the relief showing on Miyuki’s face the farther he was from him.


The tightness he felt in his chest was ridiculous, yet painfully real. He felt his world crumble, like he lost everything in his life, but the thought itself was absurd. He probably lost a friend and that was all, but the pained cries of the omega in him said otherwise. He, most likely, lost someone very important and he can’t even get near him, without hurting him.


That moment he made a new decision: he’ll avoid Miyuki the best he can, so he won’t hurt him anymore.

Chapter Text

Miyuki for some reason couldn’t remember how he got to the infirmary. He was  laying on the bed, while he heard someone talking, but couldn’t see them because of the white curtains blocking his view from all directions.


He heard steps coming closer and then saw Furuya checking up on him.


“Oh, you’re awake, Miyuki-senpai. How are you feeling?”


Miyuki thought it through for a moment before making his answer.


“Good. Maybe? The headache is gone for now, but it come so suddenly, maybe it will be back.”


“You don’t need to worry. We discovered why you had this sudden pain.”


This got Miyuki’s attention. “Really? What?”


Furuya sat down on the chair next to the bed and looked at Miyuki as stoically as usual. “You have an abnormal contrariety with one of the first years. You probably never heard of it, because it’s not commonly known, but sometimes, there are pairs who can’t stand the other’s presence so much, that it physically hurts them.”


Miyuki silently listened to his explanation, but there was a feeling that persistently clung to his mind.


“Really now. I don’t think that someone can hurt me indirectly.” Said Miyuki not convinced at all.


“If you won’t believe it, that’s up to you.”


“Care to tell me who was that first year, whom I can’t stand?” Miyuki had a bad feeling about the answer, but knew that he had to know.


“Sawamura Eijun, shapeshifter.”


Sawamura. Replayed the name in Miyuki’s mind like he somewhere already heard that name. Then he remembered Kuramochi mentioning about him needing to talk to him, but nothing else. But how did Kuramochi knew the guy?


“Ok, I’ll remember that name.” And that tugging feeling was back, like he already forgot something really important.


Furuya stood up and left him alone, Miyuki had time to think.


“This name is familiar. It’s the first time I heard it, but it feels like I knew that name a long ago.” Said the alpha in Miyuki.


“Yeah, same here. But I just can’t remember him. Maybe it’s not that important.” Yet Miyuki didn’t believe even to himself. Whatever he did, that feeling was back and he couldn’t shake it off.





Miyuki got back in the dorm room, he was sharing with Kuramochi, just a little earlier that the practice was over.


He climbed on the bunk bed and laid down, thinking the whole thing over. He couldn’t even get near that boy, Sawamura, without his head splitting in two.


Miyuki saw that book he found in the library, drew it closer and opened up where he last time left off.


The subtitle he read was: Contracts.


Contract between a controller and a shapeshifter is unbreakable. The runes made by the blood of the controller will engrave themselves in the flesh and soul of the shapeshifter, and the controller will have an easier job to connect the threads and control the shapeshifter’s beast form via runes. The contract is not just about drawing some runes by blood, but it needs a whole lot of preparation and a ritual.


It’s the easiest form of contracts, yet the most dangerous one. If the controller or the shapeshifter is an alpha or an omega, and they make a contract with someone who isn’t their mate, there’s a possibility of them dying if they ever meet their destined one.


It’s because the contract if literally connecting their souls and this connection is, as already said, unbreakable. This is why, when an alpha or omega meets their destined one, but their soul is already connected to someone else, the burden the soul is receiving is so big, that it will break and that’s the cause of the person’s dead. There were deaths caused by contracts, but the chances of meeting ones mate is way too slim. Yet it’s possible to make a contract between mates, and that’s called as the legendary battery. The contract made by an alpha and omega mate.


Only the beta pairs don’t have to worry about dying from making a contract. These pairs are the most common ones.


The whole contract making is mentally painful for both parties, but the most pain is receiving the shapeshifter. While the controller is literally pouring their soul in the runes they draw by their blood, the shapeshifter is the one who receives all the emotions the controller is sharing with them and lets them imprint in their soul. This form of connection is as strong as the claiming by an alpha.


The next subtitle was: Runes.


Of course the runes are drawn by blood and every rune is unique. When the controller is making the contract, they are improvising all the time. The book says that we need to imagine like a painter is painting on a canvas. The runes are coming randomly, from heart and that’s what describes the controller the best. Like they tell their most guarded secrets. Miyuki exactly can’t like that part. He’s the type, who doesn’t like to share anything about himself, but these runes are ruining all of his calculations.


And the next subtitle was: The ritual.


Miyuki didn’t notice Kuramochi coming back. He lifted his head when the said boy slammed the door close and threw his bag at the leg of his bed.


“Hey, how are you?” Asked the boy nonchalantly and looked up in the moment to see Miyuki’s eyes flash with something close to hurt. “What?”


“Nothing.” Miyuki closed the book and looked away.


A heavy silence filled the room, and Miyuki had to clear his throat before he spoke again. “How was practice?”


“It was horrible. We all practiced with our pairs, the first years were assigned to temporary partners. Furuya was excused, because you were absent, while Sawamura was assigned to Chris-senpai. Their temporary contract literally blew up and Sawamura was carried to the infirmary with serious burns. Shit, I can still hear his cries and feel the smell of burned skin and flesh…” He sat down on his bed and sighed heavily.


Miyuki listened to his explanation in dead silence, until he finally proceed the informations and climbed down to sit beside his friend.


“He’ll be ok. Don’t worry.” Reassured the distressed boy, who in exchange glared at him. “What now?”


“You seriously don’t remember him?” Kuramochi expected to see Miyuki running to the infirmary to see the boy. He thought that Miyuki was just messing with him, when he said, he don’t know anyone named Sawamura. But he had to admit, that the bespectacled bastard was masking his feelings almost perfectly, or he really forgot everything.


“How many times must I tell you, that I don’t know him?” He felt that he’s lying, but knew that he was saying the absolute truth.


Kuramochi didn’t said anything else, just prayed for Sawamura’s health.




The next morning Furuya waited for him on the field with his typical, stoic expression.


When he stood beside the boy he quickly glanced at the other members on the field. They were jittery and everyone looked in the direction where the coach mostly appears for practice.


Once they saw him, everyone run to him and bombarded him with questions, not giving him enough time to even process what’s happening.


But Kataoka was quick to recover and silenced them with one glance.


“I know everyone is concerned about Sawamura’s condition, but you won’t get an answer, if you behave like the monkeys in the beast forest.” When the whole team calmed down and turned their attention toward coach, Kataoka took a deep breath and continued. “Sawamura is still unconscious, the doctor said, that his burns are severe. Probably his beast soul was the one who intensely rejected the runes, and that’s why they blew up. When he wakes up, we will know more. Don’t worry, he’ll be alright.” He looked at every expression and was taken aback when he saw Miyuki’s and Furuya’s unfazed one. Miyuki was okay, knowing that he didn’t saw what happened, but the almost uninterested look on Furuya’s face shocked him.


“Okay. Now start the training. If someone feels something different during practice, immediately inform me.” Said the coach and turned around to walk back to where Takashima was waiting for him.


Miyuki turned too, and searched for place, where he can undisturbedly practice with Furuya.


“Okay, today I will make a temporary contract with you. We’ll see what we can do with it.” He saw Furuya’s displeased face and a second later he heard him ask.


“Can’t you make it permanent? I mean, the coach assigned me to you, so I don’t want to think about making the contract all the time.”


Miyuki saw truth in what the raven haired said, yet he felt a strong sting at the idea. He was already against it, but he didn’t know why.


“I think it’s a bad idea. You’re a beta, you don’t have to worry about your mate, but the alphas and omegas job is a little bit complicated. We can’t make contracts rashly.” And he felt the sting slowly fading away.


What’s happening to me?

Chapter Text

Sawamura slowly opened his eyes and heard the beeps from the heart rate monitor. He felt numb from his neck down to his toes and he couldn’t remember why was he in a hospital. Especially, since he has to be in school and practice with his temporary partner.


At that, his memories flooded his mind shutting out everything and he relieved the seconds when the runes blew up on his skin, burning him badly.


It was almost as he felt that unbearable pain again, but knew that the painkillers are working perfectly and he couldn’t feel anything at the moment.


When the nurse come to check up on him before the morning visit, she noticed that the patient is finally awake. “Good morning, Sawamura-kun. How do you feel? You feel pain somewhere?”


Sawamura was silent for a few seconds, thinking everything out carefully, before he looked at the young nurse and answered.


“No, I’m fine. I feel numb, so if there’s pain, I can’t feel it.” He tried to move his arm, yet nothing happened. For a moment he panicked that maybe he’s paralyzed, and when the nurse saw the fear in his eyes, she took his hand gently and run a soothing thumb along his long, pitcher fingers.


“Calm down. It’s normal to not feel anything right now. And it’s normal that you can’t move your limbs. You were unconscious since yesterday afternoon, your muscles are lax and the painkillers are blocking the impulses to reach your brain. You can’t feel pain just as much as you can’t feel your limbs and can’t move them.” She felt the tense muscles ease up and he relaxed again. She knew how fearful it is to not feel anything and it’s even more frightening if you can’t move your body, yet he had to relax so his wounds can heal more easily.


She injected more painkillers in the IV, so he won’t feel pain for a little bit more, wrote it down on his medical record and after a question of him needing anything and a goodbye, she left him alone.


“What happened?” He asked and after a few hesitant seconds, he heard the answer.


“Your omega rejected the temporary runes from your assigned partner and that’s why they blew up. I sealed him away, so for now he won’t do anything reckless. He screamed that he won’t let anyone mark us, because he only needs that one alpha. The boy, who’s hurting because of us.”


The snake soul didn’t said anything else and the dog soul felt like he needs to give words of comfort to his boy.


“But don’t worry, everything will work out. Just stay strong and don’t give up, ok? You know, that once this bad luck dies down, you will find happiness.” But he felt that Sawamura wasn’t convinced in the last. His heart was shattered to pieces and his body was in pain. No amount of talking could persuade him in believing in future, let alone in himself.


Sawamura locked his thoughts away, so the other soul parts couldn’t hear him – a thing he learned with time, and he thought everything through.


His life was filled with bad luck since he could remember.


Being born as an omega was just the start of all of his misery, but the absorbed snake soul just piled more of bad things on his already full plate.


Starting from all the sexual harassment he had to go through because of an over enthusiastic omega and snake soul, then the beats he had to endure, all the scolding he had to listen to because of the overly protective dog soul – shapeshifting and then beating the other party half dead wasn’t the best way to protect oneself, and all the embarrassment he felt after the snake soul changed with him in the most unpredictable times and did something he won’t ever think about doing.


Of course the encounter with that alpha was just the top of the iceberg. From then on, his already pathetic life was going even more downhill.


He didn’t notice the doctor coming in with the same nurse who was there before, just when the old doctor addressed him.


“Sawamura-kun, is everything all right? If you feel pain, say so and Akiyama-san will give you some painkillers.” But the boy shook his head and smiled weakly.


“I’m fine. My thoughts just wandered off somewhere, but I’m really fine.”


“If you’re sure.” The doctor said, then he took the medical record, scanned it, then stepped next to the bed and put down the papers on the nightstand.


“I’ll examine you now slowly, if you feel anything, say immediately.” The doc took Sawamura’s left arm and gently peeled down the bandage.


Akiyama-san was there with a fresh set of bandages and medicaments she needed, and she was examining the still fresh burns.


They were awful, yet considerably better than the day before. The boy’s regenerative ability was amazing. His skin, where the runes were drawn, completely disappeared, the flesh under it turned black. They still felt the smell of burned flesh and knew that the boy feels it too, but they had to change the bandages and examine his wounds. He, to their utter surprise, was completely silent the whole time, didn’t said anything even when the doctor touched a painful part and he minimally flinched.


After the examination was done and the bandages were changed, the doctor wrote something on the medical record and turned toward Sawamura.


“Your wounds are healing at amazing speed. If this continues, you can leave the hospital in a week. Of course, you’ll need to rest at least another week at school, but after that you can return to practice. Your teacher is here to ask about you, so I’m going now and inform her about your state.”


The doc then turned to the nurse. “Akiyama-san, give him painkillers in the IV.” And with that he left the room.




Sawamura woke up in the late afternoon and saw that he had visitors.


“Ah, Sawamura-kun.” Said Haruichi, when he noticed Sawamura was awake. “How do you feel?”


“What do you think he feels, idiot? He had runes blow up on his skin.”


“You-chan, you think you’re in a position to talk like that to my little brother?” Asked the boy with pink hair, doom in his eyes.


“Sorry, Ryo-san.”


“Mochi-nii, I’m glad you’re here. Harucchi too.” Sawamura tried to smile, but it was more a grimace.


“Idiot, don’t force yourself.” Scolded Kuramochi, but stood beside the bed and gave a glass of water to Sawamura, who gratefully took it.




“But really, how do you feel?” Kuramochi put the glass down and sat on the chair next to the bed.


“I’m fine. I can’t feel pain at all, because of the painkillers. The doctor said that I can go back to school in a week, but after that I’ll have to rest for another week or so.” He didn’t want to say that he felt nauseous and dizzy all the time, probably because of the painkillers, but he couldn’t worry his friend and big brother. He didn’t know the other pink haired guy, but he was kind enough to come and visit him, so he was grateful to him too.


“Isn’t that great?” Kuramochi was glad that the boy’s wounds are healing greatly and that he’ll be back soon. “Anyway, everyone is waiting for you to come back and they are sending their get well soon wishes.”


Sawamura cut off the question he almost blurted out. ‘Did Miyuki-senpai said that too?’ But the guy is hurting because of him and probably resents him.


“Thank you. I feel groggy, maybe the medicines are kicking in. If it’s ok, I’m going to sleep now.” Lied Sawamura, because he wanted to be alone to think, and he had to send his visitors away in a way that didn’t offend them.


“Of course, bro. We can’t come to visit you from now on, because training is getting more intense now, but we’ll see you next week. Get well soon!”


After Haruichi and the other guy gave their wishes, they left the room.


“Is it really ok to lie to them?” Asked the dog soul worriedly.


“It’s ok. I really feel exhausted, so I didn’t really lie.”


“But you didn’t ask one thing, though. Why?”


“How can I ask about a guy, who’s hurting because of me? He probably don’t ever want to see my face! Anyway, how can I avoid him, when we go to the same school? Maybe it’ll be better if I quit.”


“How can you say something like that?! Are you crazy?! Now way I’m letting you do something terrible like this!” The dog soul was mad, but not at the boy but at himself. He let the boy down, and now he can’t do a thing to correct his mistake.


“Boy, I think that you are mistaken here. There’s something fishy about that guy’s behavior. I mean, the omega in you says that he’s your fated other, but he has some contrariety with you we never heard of? And says that the boy, who’s crazy about his power? You think all of this is just accidental?” The snake soul asked and felt the boy’s heart tremble. She knew that her explanation hit a nerve and it lit a little flame of hope in him.




“No buts, boy. Just think about it. Your brother’s behavior was strange too. I think there’s something going on behind the scenes and that something needs to be found out. Maybe it will help you with that guy. I know you like him and not just because of the omega, and you know it too.” Sawamura couldn’t argue with that. She was right, and it irritated him.


“I can see what you’re getting at, yet I still can’t believe in it. You see, I don’t want to hope, just to crush it. I know my luck, it won’t go well.”


“If you think this negatively, you really don’t need to even start. I know that there’s a secret behind all of this, and I want to help you, but I won’t waste my time on your sorry ass.” After she finished, she closed herself off in the deepest part of Sawamura’s soul.


“See, I’m chasing everyone away around me.” He whispered to no one in particular, and fell asleep thinking that it was too quiet in his mind.




Sawamura was already asleep, when Narumiya come to visit him.


He wanted to talk to the boy, but was a little late. He knew about the stuff happening with Miyuki and wanted to help. It wasn’t really his character, but he felt a pull toward the brunet and a strange feeling of protectiveness. His teammates already made fun of him, but it still didn’t bother him.


“Maybe I’ll ask Masa-san for help.” Narumiya said out aloud, left the box of chocolate on the nightstand and walked toward the door. With one last glance at the sleeping boy, he knew what he had to do.

Chapter Text

Four days passed since that incident with that guy named Sawamura. Kuramochi with each passing day had a worse foul mood and it affected those around him. When he snapped at the older Kominato and worse, he didn’t apologize after, the whole team thought that something went in a wrong way.


Miyuki felt as if he wasn’t complete himself and he felt that way since Sawamura was taken to the hospital. It was really strange, because he had a contrariety with him, though he never heard of such a thing. Oh well, it’s not that he knew everything, he can learn about new things as well.


“And you believe yourself?” Asked the alpha at Miyuki’s thoughts.


“Why do you even ask? It’s totally ok. I mean, I can’t know everything from start, I need to learn.”


“Idiot. Did you ever believe to someone at first, before investigating it? You bought his story without you looking into it. It’s not you at all. Really now, what are you doing, relaxing like this?”


Miyuki felt a shiver run down his spine at his alpha’s scolding. It was really rare for him getting a scold like this, and the worse was that he deserved it.


He never believed in the informations coming from others, from time to time he even looked up from other sources about the subjects the teachers were teaching them.


He was always suspicious about everything and all of sudden, he believes to a boy whom he knew since a few days.


Something is really wrong with me.




After three more days, the team’s mood significantly improved and Kuramochi behaved like a kid in the candy shop. With a little bit of eavesdropping at the team in the cafeteria that morning, he learned that Sawamura was coming back from the hospital. It was good news, really, but he couldn’t decide why was it so important to the whole team.


When he entered in the cafeteria, the team silenced for a few moments, than they went back to animated chatting.


As Miyuki took his tray with his food, he scanned the room and saw Chris sitting with Tanba and the other third years. His head hung low and didn’t said anything to anyone.


He was the greatest controller in the whole school despite him being only a third year, but after his poisoning in the beast forest, which caused him losing some of his power and giving him a slow-healing injury, he closed himself off to everyone. Looks like, the incident with the runes blowing up hit him hard enough to close even more off.


Miyuki sat beside an overexcited Kuramochi, who was happily chatting with Zono and Kominato junior, but when he noticed the catcher his mood deflated a little bit.


“What?” Miyuki asked before stuffing a good portion of rice in his mouth.


“I hate when you sit next to me. I get bad luck for a while when you do.” But didn’t made a move to sit somewhere else.


As Miyuki swallowed his mouthful, he smirked. “Hey now, I’m not some black cat or crow to bring bad luck. And what the hell, we live together. Don’t be paranoid.”


“I’m not paranoid!” Shouted the green haired boy offended, but quickly calmed down and resumed eating. After a few minutes of silence, Kuramochi spoke again. “I’m warning you in advance. Don’t you dare to go near my lil’ bro, ya hear?”


The boy’s voice caught Miyuki by surprise. He never heard the ex-delinquent speaking in this tone to anyone and it made him shiver.


“Why do you think I will? I mean, I have some contrariety with him, I will get some terrible headache if I go near him. You didn’t knew?” At first, Kuramochi looked at him as if he grew another head. But after he got the look he usually gave to others, non-verbally saying idiot. “You’re thinking about something rude, are you?”


Kurmaochi without missing a beat answered. “Yeah, that you’re an utter idiot.”


Miyuki had a comeback right at the tip of his tongue, when a boy run in the cafeteria panting hard and having a huge smile on his face, shouting.


“Sawamura’s back!”


Kuramochi in a second stood up and run toward the door not waiting for anyone. The whole team left their breakfasts on the spot and run right after the second year, smiles on their faces.


Miyuki saw his temporary partner sitting at his table unfazed by the ruckus everyone was making over someone coming back. He stuffed a little bit of fried fish in his mouth and lazily chew on it. He didn’t show the slightest interest in the other boy’s comeback. Miyuki left the cafeteria just because of his curiosity. Nothing else. Nothing at all.


As he reached the school gate he saw Kuramochi catching the boy falling forward, unsteady on his own legs. Miyuki felt unexpectedly worried about the boy’s health and it was obvious that the boy was feeling unwell, seeing his pale face and pained expression.


He wanted to talk to him, yet he was unable. The memory of that unbearable headache from last time killed all of his will to approach the boy.




Later that day, right before afternoon practice, he saw Kuramochi running to the vending machine to buy two bottle of water, then he run back to Masuko’s dorm room. It was strange, since Masuko was already on the field practicing hand-to-hand combat with the older Kominato.


Hand-to-hand combat is good for fighting the close range specialized beasts in the beast forest, and it’s handy when the school is on the tournament in Runa. The best thing is to beat the Inashiro and seize the tournament cup!


“So why did he buy two bottles?”


“Maybe for later?” Asked the alpha back, knowing that Miyuki’s questions were addressed to him.


“Not a chance. And Masuko-senpai isn’t even there.” Miyuki saw Kuramochi leaving his dorm room reluctantly, but he was in hurry, so quietly closed the door and took off toward the field.


Miyuki’s curiosity was eating him and giving in to it, he slowly approached his senpai’s room. After opening the door, he stepped in and saw a lump under the blanket on the bottom bunk.


As he approached the bottom bunk, he felt his headache coming back but the moment he pulled the blanket down, to see the face of the bed occupant, he felt a strange rush of fuzzy memories.


He was in a night club with Kuramochi, they were chatting and after that he was dragged toward a crowd standing on the dance floor.


That was all he could remember, before succumbing to the ripping pain and had to leave the room.


Sawamura was peacefully sleeping on his senpai’s bed, bandages on every part of visible skin, the pained expression staying even in his sleep.


“He’s still in pain. Did he get painkillers before leaving the hospital?”


“Probably he did. Maybe his dreams are causing him pain. This explains his expression.”


Miyuki was halfway to the field, when he stopped dead in his tracks.


“Wait a second. About these memories. I don’t remember ever going with Kuramochi in a night club. But what about the one I got when I saw Sawamura’s face?” The alpha in Miyuki was silent for a bit before he answered.


“It looks like Kuramochi was right. Something really happened with us, and if I’m not mistaken, it happened when we were to Furuya’s house. Maybe we need help from someone.” Miyuki thought about it, yet his pride was still in the way for asking help from anyone. “Stop! Maybe Furuya’s grandfather messed with your memories. If I’m right, we need help right now!”


Miyuki didn’t notice Kuramochi running toward him with an unreadable expression.


“Where were you been? Practice started already and the coach is looking for you.” Said the boy and continued his run to the dorms.


“What the hell was that?” Miyuki felt his training bag vibrating, as his phone signaled an upcoming mail. He fished the device out and saw that the text was from an unfamiliar number.


‘Kazuya, you need to fix your relationship with Eijun. I don’t know what happened between you two, but the boy’s hurting because of you. The poor thing asked for my help and even thought it’s against my own rules, I’m willing to do anything for him. So pull your shit together and do something.’


Miyuki knew only one person, who would call him Kazuya except his father, and it was…



Chapter Text

Sawamura was lying on the bed in the dorm room of his senpai, staring at the ceiling. No, actually he was glaring at it, like if he glares hard enough, it will blow up.


Just like my skin.


At the thought he turned toward the wall and felt his heart rate speed up at unhealthy pace, his breathing was coming short as if the room was trying to choke him.


The moment he knew that no one will come to save him, the door opened and Kuramochi walked in happily chatting with Masuko.


Kuramochi needed a second to realize what was happening and quickly sat beside his little bro. Tentatively took Sawamura in his arms and tried to calm the hyperventilating boy. When after a minute, Sawamura’s condition only worsened, Kuramochi knew that he can’t do anything for the first year.


“Masuko-senpai, can you please get the nurse? Until then I’ll try to calm him.” Masuko only nodded and hurried off to the infirmary in hope to find the school nurse, because the situation was turning grave.


As Kuramochi listened to the boy’s labored breathing, he was suddenly hit by a pang of fear, fear of losing someone dear to him again. Even thought it wasn’t him shapeshifting and doing damage, but now his uselessness was standing in the way.


Kuramochi heard footsteps closing in from outside and let out a sigh of relief, because Masuko fairly quickly found the school nurse. What he didn’t expect was someone else showing up in the door with tousled hair and misplaced glasses. The other boy was panting as if he just finished the marathon, and his practice uniform was all over the place. In total, he looked like a complete mess.


“What are you doing here?” Growled the green haired, every word dripping with poison, but quickly regretted it when Sawamura slightly jumped in his hands, probably his nature saying him to hide somewhere, there’s a fight preparing. “I’m sorry, Sawamura. Don’t be afraid of me.” As if Sawamura recognized the voice in the middle of his panic attack he relaxed a bit in the hug, but the hard part was yet to come.


“I’m here to somehow calm him, ‘til the nurse comes.” Said Miyuki, managing to sound indifferent, but was already stepping in the room.


“Didn’t I say to stay away from him? Go home first. I’ll be back once he calmed down.” Kuramochi hugged the boy closer to him, but the sudden flash of something feral in Miyuki’s eyes, made him froze for a split second. “What was that?” Kuramochi felt a shiver travel up his spine, yet he was bold enough to endure the onslaught on his instincts for his little brother, currently being in one of his most vulnerable moments.


“Give him to me. I will calm him.” Miyuki’s eyes were dull, yet somehow sharp enough to feel the pressure from them. His whole pose screamed his level of dominancy and the scent slowly emitting from him was so thick with possessiveness that it was suffocating.


The next step Miyuki took, to Kuramochi felt like it was a death sentence and he almost gave in to his instincts, but the sound of nearing footsteps saved him. Miyuki took one more step, before his headache finally reached him and pulled him out of his trance. He fell on his knees and screamed in pain, as the ache was ripping his head in half. The sudden shock knocked him out in an instant.


Sawamura’s condition until that moment slowly improved, but when he heard the alpha’s cry, his body convulsed into spasms and with that, the panic attack got to its last stage.


When the nurse stepped in with Masuko almost literally on her heels, she nearly stepped back in shock. A boy was unconsciously laying on the floor, while the other was almost choking to death and the third one witnessing everything looked like a deer in spotlight.


Great way to finish her shift.




Sawamura was suddenly awake when he recognized the beeps from the heart rate monitor. It took him a second or two to hear another one from the other side of the infirmary. He tried to puzzle his memories together, but the headache rising in his head stopped his every attempt.


He was so sure that he was in the dorm room laying on his senpai’s bed, that he couldn’t even imagine what in the hell happened to him. His only memory was the feel of his chest contradicting and the faint voice of his big bro.


And the heartbreaking scream of someone close to him. He couldn’t remember who that person was, but he knew that they mean much to him.


When he heard the rustling of bed sheets from the other side of the room, he was curious about who was with him in the room.


“Hello. Who’s there?” But he didn’t get a reply.


“Maybe they’re still asleep?” Asked the dog soul.

“Maybe.” Answered Sawamura thoughtfully, then he looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath. “Actually I’m glad you can’t hear me now, because I really want to tell someone what I’m feeling, but I know I’ll burden them with my feelings and I can’t do that. But now that you’re asleep, I can tell everything without feeling guilty.”


“Are you sure? Maybe that someone is awake, just didn’t answer you. If you tell them what you really feel, they can use it against you.”­ The dog soul was really worried for Sawamura, but knew that the boy needed to free his mind of the heavy feelings he carried until now.


“Yeah. I’m sure.” He couldn’t explain why he felt okay to say his most protected thoughts to someone he can’t even see, but somewhere deep down he felt safe and knew that the boy or girl laying on the other bed will keep his secret to themselves.


“There’s an alpha that is hurting because of me. I feel so guilty because of it and I even thought about quitting the school. We didn’t met here the first time, but at a night club a week before the start of school year. We were dancing together and it really was amazing! I thought that if it’s with him, I’ll be safe by his side. At first I denied every thought of love and I blamed the omega in me for it, but as time passed I realized that maybe, I feel something toward that boy and not because of my nature. Even now, I want to be by his side, but I can’t even get near him. He’s with someone else and the worst is that he’s feeling pain when I get near him. But it’s ok. I can live my life knowing that he’ll be happy in the future and it makes me happy too.” Sawamura didn’t realize that he started crying at some point. While he whipped his tears he heard some more rustling and then just the beeps from the machines.


“Thank you for listening to me. Now I feel lighter than before.” His voice cracked in the middle, but he knew that the other room occupant didn’t heard anything of it.


“You better now?”


“Much better.” Sawamura slowly lowered his head on his pillow and quickly drifted off to sleep.




The next morning Sawamura was the first to woke up and after the nurse examined him and said that he’s okay to leave, he took the opportunity and left for home to change in his spare uniform before class starts.


He was too afraid to find out who was with him in the infirmary, but he felt as if he was walking on the clouds, steps lighter than ever.


“I think that this little talking out session really did you good.” Said the snake soul and it was the first she talked to him since their fight in the hospital a week ago.


“Yeah. I’m glad I spilled everything that was on my mind. But wait! You heard everything?!” Screeched Sawamura embarrassed.


“Of course, I did! You finally confessed that you really like that alpha! I couldn’t miss out something big like this!” She laughed at the blushing boy, but was happy that he was back to his original self.


“That was cheating.” The grumbled under his nose, yet secretly was glad that the snake soul forgave him and is speaking to him again.

Chapter Text

Miyuki fell asleep at some point in the infirmary, but not without a chaos in his head causing him a slight headache. He was so sick of having these strong pains, but he couldn’t do anything against it. The chaos only grew the more he brainstormed through the things that guy was talking about.


At first he wanted to stop him, to tell that he’s not good with other people, let alone their emotional problems, but his instincts told him to stay silent and listen closely. The guy was probably an omega. To hell with my alpha instincts!


Than certain alpha in that guy’s story suspiciously sounded like he himself. He really was in pain every time he got close to Sawamura and he was paired up with the monster first year, Furuya. The thing about meeting previously wasn’t true, yet for him somehow it felt like a big, fat lie. About the guy’s feelings he didn’t know anything except what he was said, but the tone in his voice, especially at the end sounded so broken, that he almost stood from his bed and walked over to comfort the other. Wanted to tell him that his guilt is needless, because everything will work out, if not, he’s more than willing to comfort him in more ways than one. This in itself was a ridiculous idea, since he was the “King of unsociability”, as everyone called him behind his back, he thought that he’s the last person to do something for others. But of course his instinct had to butt in his personal problems and let an omega draw emotions out of him, he wanted to bury so deep, it never sees the daylight again.


As morning come and was awoken to some hushed speaking and someone leaving the infirmary, Miyuki felt much better. His head and with it his stomach settled down and probably for the first time since a really long time, he had a peaceful sleep and felt pumped with energy. He really couldn’t find a good explanation why was he so relaxed, only that it was closely linked to an omega who was with him in the infirmary.


Everything aside he still couldn’t remember why was he in the infirmary in the first place. He vaguely remembers Masuko-senpai running toward the infirmary searching for the school nurse and stopping to just say him that Sawamura is having an panic attack in his room and they can’t calm him. Can he help to find the nurse too. After this, his only memory is that he’s in the doorway of his senpai’s room and he saw nothing but red. He probably let his instincts take control over him, but he was still in dark about why was he so concerned about the boy.


The nurse come to check on him and while she examined him, he heard the infirmary door open.


Kuramochi come to give him a new set of clothes and his bag for school.


“Hey asshole. How do you feel?” Kuramochi almost whispered the insult so the nurse won’t hear it. His whole posture was stiff and he looked like his only wish is to be somewhere else.


“I’m fine, but it should be me asking you. Are you ok?” Kuramochi jumped slightly at Miyuki’s voice, but tried to disguise his discomfort as much as possible.


“Why wouldn't I?” He laughed awkwardly, his hand found its way to his neck, a reflex he can’t erase. “Anyway, change quickly before class starts. You have half an hour to get ready. I will be in the classroom, so you better hurry.”


And without letting Miyuki say anything in return, Kuramochi was already out of the room.


“That was strange.”


“I think it has to do with you almost killing him with your eyes.” Said the alpha in Miyuki.


“What do you mean?” Miyuki’s expression showed how confused he really was, and it almost irritated the alpha in him.


“You really don’t remember? You let you instincts and me to take control over you because of that omega boy. And while Kuramochi tried to protect him from you, you almost killed him. I’m surprised he endured an alpha’s pressure for so long.”


“You’re kidding me.” Gasped Miyuki quietly, but met with silence on the other end. “Oh, shit.” He cursed and nearly got a heart attack when he heard the table clatter in the room, probably the nurse jumping at his sudden, loud voice.


“Are you ok, Miyuki-kun?” Called out the nurse tone worried, jumping at any second if a student needs her.


“I’m good, thank you.” He answered before she even considers checking on him.


“Well, you’ll need to talk to Kuramochi and apologize to him. He really did a good job and needs the reassurance that you won’t kill him.” Said the alpha nearly laughing at Miyuki’s unhappy expression. He was so bad with other people that it was funny to see him interact with them when it was totally inevitable.


Miyuki grumbled a little under his nose, but changed quickly and saying goodbye to the nurse, left the infirmary.




Classes were over before Miyuki even said Geography.


He tried to come up with an excuse so he won’t need to have that uncomfortable talk with his flat mate, but the alpha in him declined his every attempt. He almost run in one of his classmate while he walked toward the changing room on autopilot, and stepping in the room, he was greeted by the sight of the person himself changing in his practice uniform.


“Hey.” Greeted Miyuki awkwardly, seeing Kuramochi trying hard not to run out of the room.


“Hi.” Greeted Kuramochi back, fumbling with his compression shirt.


The alpha encouraged him to do it now before any of them chicken out, so Miyuki stepped to the bench and sat on it. “Kuramochi, we need to talk.”


At this the other boy’s shoulders slumped and he turned around to face his so called friend with an unreadable expression. “About what? Maybe about yesterday, when you wanted to rape my lil bro? When he was in one of his most vulnerable state? Maybe you want to talk about hurting him in ways you can’t even comprehend?! What the heck you want to talk about!”


Miyuki was so taken back by his flat mate’s reaction that he almost lost his ability to speak.


“All of it and about apologizing to you. I made you suffer too. It wasn’t my intention, believe me. I don’t even know what happened to me yesterday. I’m sorry.” Miyuki bowed his head and it was a feast in itself, because the alpha pride in them is way too high for them to do something even slightly humiliating. And on top of it all is that he bowed his head to a beta.


Kuramochi was frozen in his place, not knowing how to proceed anymore. The situation was so ridiculous that he was tempted to laugh, but something made him stop. He stared at the back of Miyuki’s head, seeing his stiff shoulders, as he waited for the other’s response.


“Okay, I think I’ll forgive you. But!” He said sternly when he saw Miyuki’s hopeful eyes. The bastard showed his true feelings at the worst possible times he could choose of. “I’m warning you one last time. Don’t go near my lil bro ever again! He’s really hurting because of you and I don’t want to see him broken anymore. He deserves better and I know it’s not you! I know your instincts are gravitating toward him, but be a man and resist them.”


Miyuki felt a sting at his friend’s words, but nodded nonetheless.


“Oh yeah, can I ask you something?” When Kuramochi nodded, Miyuki took a deep breath. “I was with you in a night club before the school year started?” The question noticeably surprised the other and before he answered, he sat beside Miyuki.


“Of course you were. It was then when you first met with Sawamura.”


“Kuramochi. I think, someone messed with my memories. I need help.”

Chapter Text

Sawamura almost fell off of the bench when he heard from Kuramochi, who was with him in the infirmary. When he realized whom he told everything that weighted him down, he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole.


From that point on, Sawamura tried to avoid the alpha at all cost. Sawamura never showed up at the same time as the controller, his timing as the days passed become better and better. At some point Sawamura managed to avoid the other so good that he didn’t even see him.


“Are you really ok with this?” Asked the snake soul, concerned about the boy. The alpha and him where mates and it’s against the nature to try and sever this strong bond.


“Of course I am. I mean, if he’s hurting because of me, it’s natural to avoid him.” Answered Sawamura as he stretched on the ground, preparing for that day’s practice. He was still paired with Chris-senpai, but they reduced their practice to information handover and some physical training, they never tried the temporary runes ever again.


“But you’re his mate. Boy, don’t you feel the magnetic pull toward him?” The snake soul watched him stretch and thought about methods how to bring the lovebirds together.


“If you can’t feel it, I can tell you that I’m feeling it way too much! I know exactly where he is right now!” Protested the omega like a little kid, and tried to turn Sawamura’s head in the direction of the alpha, but for some reason, Sawamura’s control over his body was better than ever. He didn’t let anyone take control over the month since that incident with the runes.


“I don’t care. I know that I need to separate myself from him and I will do exactly this.” And he stood up and run to his temporary partner.


Sawamura was still afraid of him, the memories never fading, but he learned that the alpha boy was just as afraid of hurting him and this helped to lower his guard and let the other close. Chris-senpai was closed off even more than in the beginning of their partnership and Sawamura somehow felt guilty about it and he was determined to bulldoze the walls separating them. He wanted to free the alpha of his worries.


After another month from their incident with the runes, Sawamura managed to broke all the seals on the older and see what the boy is really like.


Chris-senpai was totally different from his closed off self. He was still the grown up in the whole team, yet he was more with the team, with his friends, he laughed at someone’s joke and his mood was a million shade brighter than before.


The big change surprised the whole team, but they were all happy to see the boy finally live again.


The only one not that happy was probably Miyuki.




Sawamura started to enjoy his time in school. The omega behaved and he had his heats on time, there was nothing out of ordinary. He got closer to his third year temporary partner and their relationship was relaxed.


Sawamura almost forgot one of his friends he made even before Seido. Sawamura actually was surprised when he saw his phone ring after practice on a great Friday afternoon.




“Hi, Eijun. I’m happy to hear your voice. How are you?” Asked the blond on the other side. He sounded relaxed and genuinely happy.


“I’m great, thank you. And how are you Narumiya?” The boy clicked his tongue and Sawamura sighed. “Mei.”


“That’s better. I’m great! I had a great day with Masa-san. We were in the beast forest to find a ring for me! I finally got my first ring! Can you believe it?!” The boy was excited and Sawamura actually smiled. He was happy for the other boy, even thought he already had his first ring beside his base dog soul.


“Congrats! And, what beast soul you got? How was the hunt?”


“It was hard to find. Because my base soul is a white peacock I had to find a bird type or a flying type beast. The first three days were fruitless, but on the fourth day we encountered a flying giant snake which was, for my luck, around a three hundred years old one. Masa-san helped me to kill it and I was able to absorb the ring. I got poison in my repertoire. And now I can absorb even poisonous plant type beasts as well! It really was my lucky day!”

“Really, congratulations! It’s really hard to absorb a hundred years old ring, right?” Sawamura asked, but he immediately realized that he asked something he shouldn’t have.


“Oh, it’s friggin’ hard! But I did it!” If Narumiya noticed the undertone in the question, he was tactful enough not to mention it.


“You’re great! I’m curious about your ring. I hope we can see soon and you can show it to me.”


“Let’s meet when you get yours. And? What about Miyuki?” Sawamura knew that this question will come up at some point, but he wanted to avoid it if possible.


“What about him? We don’t talk at all. He’s still hurting, but Mochi-nii said that he’ll be ok soon. I don’t believe him, though.”


“Why not? Maybe he’s right?”


“You mean? Wait! You know something, right? Tell me.” Demanded Sawamura. He was sick of always being left out of everything. He knew that everyone was thinking about him when they hide something, but he wasn’t a kid anymore.


“I’m sorry, Eijun. I need to go. Masa-san is searching for me. Hear you next time.” And without letting Sawamura say something, he hung up.


“That little…” He stopped before he let the rest of the curse leave his mouth.




The next two days were practice free and Sawamura thought about what he could do on a pleasant, sunny day. Before he even got a chance to think about anything, the doorbell rung loudly.


“Coming!” Called Sawamura and after he opened the door, he started to cry and hugged his unexpected guest. “Wakana!”


“Hi, Eijun. Can I go in?”


“Of course! I’m so happy to see you! What brought you here?”


“The train? Jokes aside, I’m here to see if you’re still alive. How’s school? I know you text me almost every day, but I want to hear it from you. Oh, and your mom sent you temura. She said that you would love it.” At the mention of food, and especially his mom’s tempura, Sawamura’s stomach growled.


“Please, give it to me!” Pleaded the boy, stars sparkling in his eyes.


After they ate and Sawamura’s stomach was silent, they migrated to the living room and sitting on the sofa, Sawamura explained everything that happened with him in the last two months.


“Oh my God! You found you mate?! And on top of it, he’s a controller?! Eijun, your luck is amazing!” Awed the girl, but at the same time she felt sorry for her friend. The thought of someone hurting because of you, especially when this person is someone important to you is probably terrible.


“Yeah, but I’m unable to get close to him. But it’s ok. I’m fine as long as he’s happy.”


“Oh, dear.” She held him close and let him cry out all of his sorrow. After a good five minutes of hugging, she pushed Eijun from her and looked him in the eye. “Enough of this depression! What do you say. Are you up to spend your day with me? You’re free today, right?”


“Yeah, I’m free. And I’m more than happy to be your escort for today, princess.” He said and stood up to bow before his still sitting friend, then extended his hand, smiling.


“Oh, you’re flattering me, my knight.” She took the hand and found herself in a hug. They laughed loudly, then planned their day and left the apartment in a hope for an amazing day.

Chapter Text

After Miyuki finally admitted that he needed help, Kuramochi was there to do it. While Miyuki explained everything to Kataoka, Kuramochi was by his side as his emotional support. It was hard for the alpha, since everyone knew how prideful they can be, yet he put his ego away and asked for help.


Kataoka without a second word asked for Takashima, who used her fifth ring ability and looked inside Miyuki’s head. What she saw, more correctly what she couldn’t see, was the boy’s memories from not that long ago. Especially since he had common memories with the present Kuramochi.


After they confirmed that someone messed with him, Kataoka ordered the preparations for the ritual to lift the ban on the controller’s mind.


The preparations were hard to make, the ingredients needed and the runes were expensive, but no one said anything about it. After a whole month of waiting, everything was ready.


The weekend when the ritual was scheduled, on Friday afternoon Kataoka sent everyone home from the dorms, with an excuse of some people coming to check the building’s state.


No one questioned the decision, especially since that meant two days at home. Miyuki was glad that no one asked him anything when they noticed him staying behind. After a while he saw Sawamura leave the school grounds and when they by accident made eye contact, Sawamura quickly turned his head and hurried away.


“Just a little bit more, Sawamura. I will clear up this mess we’re in.”


“Oh, what’s happening? Did you got some interest in the kid?” Asked the alpha smugly, smiling when Miyuki flushed at the suggestion.


“Of course not. Why do you even ask?” Protested the boy, blushing even harder.


“Of course not, huh? Well, I didn’t even need to ask, ‘cause I’m in you, if you forgot by any chance and I know everything that’s happening in you. I just wanted to confirm that you would lie even to me. Well, you really did.”


“I’m sorry.” Miyuki really felt bad. He didn’t even notice when he started to lie on reflex when the topic was about something personal.


“Nah, it’s ok. I know you’re anxious and scared about tomorrow, but I know everything will be all right. And then you can talk to Sawamura. Speaking of which, did you notice the pull toward him? The one we thought was Furuya’s doing? I thought about it and if the boy is an omega and we feel that pull, doesn’t that mean we found our mate?” Miyuki quietly listened to the alpha and at the end he felt his eyes wide in realization.


“Miyuki-kun, everyone left. Come and take the special herbal bath. After that we can start the ritual. And I let Kuramochi-kun know that you won’t be going back.” Takashima made her way to the boy standing near the school gate.


“I’m coming and thank you.” He answered and walked back together with the woman.




As Miyuki relaxed in the herbal bath, his thoughts migrated back to a golden eyed boy. He felt the strange pull and knew that something was wrong all along, but he was too proud to admit it and it was probably on Sawamura’s expense.


After the bath, Miyuki had to sleep a night and the next day he had to do the bath again before the real thing.


Kataoka was the one to perform the ritual and Miyuki felt relieved. When he sat on the center of the runes laid on the floor, his anxiety skyrocketed. While Kataoka drew the remaining of the missing runes on his body, Miyuki almost instantly thought about Sawamura and how the runes blew up on his skin.


“Don’t worry, you idiot. Your teacher is not like some rookie student. Just relax and everything will work out.” Comforted the alpha the scared boy.


Well, even if the runes didn’t blew up, the ritual was still way too painful. When the drawings on his body flared up and slowly traveled with his blood circulation to his head, the fluids in his body felt as if they were red hot lava. He was hot and cold at the same time and the pain piercing him was almost unbearable.


But the changes were already there.


He remembered the night club he was at with Kuramochi. He remembered the youngsters standing on the dance floor. He remembered dancing… with Sawamura. The boy with golden eyes and alluring smiles. The boy with tantalizing moves and intoxicating smell. He remembered searching him and then finding him in his school. And then he remembered the culprit of his memory loss. Furuya and his grandfather.


Miyuki wanted to tell the coach as soon as the ritual was over, but the pain coming from the ban lifting worn him down and he immediately fell asleep.




Miyuki woke up in the late afternoon with throbbing body and clear mind. He looked around in the room and saw Kataoka and Takashima sitting in the armchairs opposite of his bed, talking animatedly – well, Takashima talking mostly and Kataoka listening.


When they noticed Miyuki being awake, they stood up and walked over to him.


“Miyuki-kun, how do you feel?” Asked the woman with motherly love in her voice.


“I’m fine, thank you.”


“Did the ritual work?” Kataoka was eager to get his answers and looked expectantly at the boy.


“Yes, it worked. I really was in the night club with Kuramochi before school start and I met Sawamura there. And I remember who messed with my memories.” He took a little break, before continued. “It was Furuya’s grandfather.”


“Eh? But how?” Takashima was confused, because she never heard of Miyuki meeting Furuya’s relative.


“Furuya asked me to meet his grandfather, because he had some informations to share with me about his power and I agreed. When I was there, Furuya brought tea and probably that had some sort of drug in it, because I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw an old owl, but I didn’t know what it mean. Now I think that it was Furuya’s grandfather.”


“Oh my God! It’s a serious law-breaking. It’s forbidden to use a skill on someone without that person’s permission. And to top it, it’s a heavy crime to mess with someone’s memories.” Takashima said perturbed, already thinking about how to punish the boy.


“We’ll investigate the situation and if Furuya really is in this, he’ll be expelled from school. After that he and his grandfather will be given to the police.” Said Kataoka sternly, his features a few times darker than his normal appearance.


“You rest now. We’ll be taking this over. I really can’t believe that Furuya-kun had to do something like this. It’s outrageous!” And they left the room with Miyuki thinking it through.


“So I really knew Sawamura. And what’s even more shocking is that he’s my mate. I can’t believe it. I hurt him so much and I didn’t even notice it. He’s probably feeling the pull too, yet he hat to stay away from me.”


“Don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of time to make up for this. And it’s not our fault. It’s Furuya’s doing, so don’t eat yourself about it. I can’t say that I’m not feeling guilty myself, but there’s no time for it now. Just think about recovering as soon as possible, so you can talk to him.” Reasoned the alpha feeling happy, because their soul mate was so close to them.


“Yeah, you’re right.” Miyuki turned around in the bed still feeling sore, but the more he relaxed the more he felt sleepy. After a few more minutes of staring in nothing, he slowly succumbed to the call of sleep.

Chapter Text

Sawamura was back to school and he was immediately summoned. When he entered the office and greeted the teachers standing inside, he felt a bead of sweat rolling down of his temple. He didn’t do anything he deserved punishment for, but you never know.


“Sawamura-kun, we can see that you’re getting along well with your partner, Chris-kun even after what happened. We want you two to join the team of third years to search for a beast ring for one of them. Are you okay with it?” Takashima pushes her glasses a little higher, smiling gently.


Sawamura looked surprised, but he agreed nonetheless.


After he left the room, his temporary partner was already there to pick him up. It was strange to ask a first year to help the third years, but he was honored.


“Come on, I’ll help you pack. In an hour we’ll meet with the others.” Sawamura nodded and they left for his flat.




The trip to the flat and back was short and they had to wait a little bit for everyone else, and since they had nothing to do, Chris started a conversation.


“I heard that a boy from our school will be expelled and given to the police. He did something really outrageous. No one knows what and who it was, but we’ll know soon once we won’t see someone coming to school. By the way he’s a first year as I heard.”


“Really? I wonder who is it and what he did. It’s not every day that someone is expelled and given to the police. Did he murder someone?” Asked Sawamura a little bit scared.


“Maybe. It had to be something of that caliber. Well, using your ability on someone without their permission is a serious crime as well.” Said Chris, then smiled and waved when he saw the third years coming.


“Hey, Chris. So you two are the backup team, huh.” It wasn’t really a question coming from a guy with beard and murderous eyes. “But thanks for helping. I can get my second ring, but it’s friggin’ hard to find it!” He yelled distressed when a black haired boy simply hit his head from behind.


“Jun, stop it. You’re scaring the first year.” He said, almost immediately noticing the boy’s tight posture.


“I’m Sawamura Eijun, first year. Nice to meet you.” He bowed respectfully, not seeing the other boys surprised faces.


“No need for formalities. But it’s good to see you getting along with Chris. He was in his shell for so long that it’s new to see him this relaxed. Thank you for bringing him out on fresh air.” Said another boy with pink hair, who looked exactly like his classmate Haruichi.


“What do you mean shell?” Asked Chris perplexed and his expression quickly morphed into deeper frown when everyone looked pointedly at him. “What?”


“Chris, you exactly know what are we talking about. Since your injury in the beast forest, you were so closed off that no one had the courage to approach you. But Sawamura-kun broke this shell of yours and brought you back to us. Sawamura-kun,” A boy with bald head looked at Sawamura and smiled gently. “Thank you for bringing him back and not giving him up. He had many temporary partners before, but you are the first who didn’t gave up on him, and you really had a good reason to do it.” He purposely didn’t mention that incident, but everyone present knew what he was referring to.


Sawamura was lost about what to say and to earn a little bit more time to compose his thoughts, he shook his head and smiled. “It’s a pleasure to work with him.” He simply answered and looked at his temporary partner.


“Now, if no one is against it, I would love to get going, because we’ll never find my new ring.” The boy with beard walked ahead of everyone and gestured to follow him.




As Sawamura learned, the boy whom they are helping to find his new ring is Isashiki Jun and his partner is Yuuki Tetsuya. The big baldy is Tanba Koichiro and his temporary partner is Miyauchi Keisuke, and the last one in the group was Kominato Ryosuke, who was Kuramochi’s partner.


It was so funny to see so many third years bantering with each other and the center figure was Chris himself. He enjoyed the talk they shared, sometimes looking back at Sawamura, smiling at him.


“Okay, we’ll set the camp here.” Said the captain of their group, Yuuki on a big glade.


No one questioned when Yuuki and Isashiki went in the tent together, and no one mentioned when Chris sneaked in Tanba’s tent.


Sawamura felt as if he was left out of the fun, that no one told him anything what is happening around him, but he was coward enough not to ask.


He was the first on night watch and he had time to think and talk over his thoughts with everyone.


“You know, if you want to know it you need to ask. No one will know that something is bothering you, if you keep quiet.” Said the snake soul wisely, but Sawamura just sat still, looking at the camp fire.


“He’s afraid that he’ll find something he doesn’t like. It’s totally understandable.” Chirped in the omega.


“It’s not it. I don’t know why it hurts being left out. I mean, I’m already used to it, yet somehow knowing that they are the ones, who won’t say anything, it stings… hard.”


“You just want to feel that you belong somewhere, since you can’t be with the alpha who’s your mate. You’re just feeling lonely and jealous, that’s all.” The snake soul harshly threw in the ugly truth and Sawamura winced at it.


“So what if I am?! I know now that it’s not just the omega in me who feels that pull toward him. I want to be close to him, yet I can’t. I’m anxious. I’m afraid. I…” He cut himself off when he saw a shadow looking at him from the other side of camp fire, he didn’t notice at all. “Who’s there?”


The moment the shadow heard his question, it jumped slightly and started to run deeper in the forest. Sawamura instinctively run after it and followed, until it stopped in front of a cave. Sawamura heard painful moans filter out in the slightly chilly night and in the clear moonlight he finally saw his target: a crimson flame monkey. It was around a five or six hundred years old male monkey.


It looked at Sawamura with pleading eyes and gestured to follow him inside. When Sawamura went deeper in the cave, he felt fear washing over him, since he remembered that the crimson monkey is quick to go berserk if something is not at his will.


But Sawamura understood why was he lead to the cave.


A female monkey was in labor, but it seemed that something wasn’t going as it should be.


Sawamura slowly moved closer to the female, trying not to alarm her, but she looked like she doesn’t mind it and she’s actually happy to see someone who probably can help her.


When Sawamura moved to see, what’s happening, he could see, that the baby monkey is not moving at all. It’s probably stuck, maybe the umbilical cord is wrapped around the little one, so it can’t come out.


Sawamura without wasting a second jumped up and run toward camp to get the first aid kit from his bag.


When he reached the camp, he headed for his tent, retrieved the kit and a few blankets, and raced back to the cave.


When he sat in front of the female monkey, he suddenly realized that he don’t know a thing about delivering and panicked.


“Boy, you’ll just worsen her condition if you’re sitting still as a statue. I’m changing with you.” Sawamura this time didn’t oppose her and let her handle the rest.


As everyone from inside watched how the snake soul currently possessing Sawamura’s body, expertly helped the scared monkey to give birth to the baby monkey, Sawamura knew that without her, he would be helpless.


Thought, the amount of blood on his clothes and around the female monkey was alarming, the snake soul reassured them that it’s totally natural. Sawamura still felt sick. The smell of blood reminded him of that incident with the runes, and before the dog soul or the omega had time to ask him what’s wrong, he suddenly closed himself off.


But because he was in an unstable emotional state, his barrier was weak and the dog soul broke through it with ease. He quickly wrapped his arms around the trembling boy, who in return clung to the dog soul for dear life.


“It’s okay, don’t worry. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry. I’m here with you, I’ll protect you.” The dog soul rocked him back and forth until his breathing calmed down and was out of danger of panic attack. “You okay now?”


“Yeah, thank you.” Said Sawamura as he walked back with his dear base soul to the omega with jelly legs, but the dog soul was there to hold him up. The omega looked perplexed because of them disappearing so suddenly, but after one look on the boy, he understood everything. “What happened until now?”


“Nothing much. She helped the baby monkey to come out, now she’s helping the mother to stop the bleeding. Everything is okay so far. Ah! I want a baby too! From that alpha!” Whined the omega, but suddenly clamped his mouth and looked at his host.


Sawamura bowed his head, so they couldn’t read his expression, but the visibly stronger hold on the dog soul’s hand was all they needed. The dog soul couldn’t stop himself from glaring at the omega, who turned away.


“The baby is okay now. And you’ll be fine after a good sleep. I’ll leave now. Be safe.” And Sawamura stood up still the snake soul controlling his body and he left toward the camp.




At some point Sawamura got the control back over his body, but he forgot that he had companions waiting for him.


“Sawamura!” Yelled Isashiki and everyone started to run from where he was approaching the camp. “Oh my God! Are you hurt?! What’s with that blood?!”


At the mention of blood, Chris sprinted with all he got and reached the boy in mere seconds.


“Sawamura, where are you hurt? Oh God, did a beast caught you while we were sleeping?” Chris was just hovering over the boy, who seemingly was totally okay.


“It’s okay, Chris-senpai. It’s not mine.” At the statement everyone stopped for a second to look at him.


“Whose?” Asked their captain with a stoic expression and stormy eyes.


“It’s a crimson flame monkey’s. A female monkey was giving birth and I was helping her. Her partner was the one who led me to the cave she was in.” First everyone was perplexed, but soon their expression shifted to relieved and they helped Sawamura to wash off the blood and change his clothes.




The rest of the travel was uneventful, except for the actual hunting. During the whole hunt, Sawamura found himself another big brother. Isashiki was guarding him the whole time, he was more by Sawamura’s side than actually hunting for his new ring. Maybe because both of their base souls are dogs, but they found something common and they were inseparable.


At the end, Isashiki found a new ring for himself. The new ring had a water ability to it, so Isashiki had a few water type techniques to combine with his earth type.


They were heading back to the school happily chit-chatting with each other, everyone demanding to hear the whole story with the monkey.


Not too far from the school gate Miyauchi noticed someone leaning against the gate, waiting for them.


It was soon clear that it was no one else, but Miyuki Kazuya, the country’s best controller.


When they reached the school gate, Sawamura was about to slip in without staying too long beside the alpha, not wanting to hurt him, but he was surprised, when the alpha grabbed his arm successfully preventing him from leaving. When he looked back with throbbing heart, he almost fainted at the look on the other’s face.


“Sawamura, we need to talk.”

Chapter Text

“Sawamura, we need to talk.” Said Miyuki as he held the shell-shocked boy, trying to run, by his arm. As time passed and he didn’t show any sign of feeling pain, Sawamura was even more gobsmacked than before. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were wide open as if he couldn’t believe that he was really that close to him.


Miyuki somehow felt guilty for putting that expression on his face, but he was determined to make up for everything unpleasant thing he had to go through.


“But, your headache… And our contrariety... And...” But he was cut off by the smile on Miyuki’s face.


“Don’t worry. I’m cured. I’ll explain everything, but first, can we get somewhere where we won’t have so many expectant eyes stare at us?” He looked at his senpais and smiled at them, not wanting to give out any information before he talked with Sawamura.


“I’m sorry, Miyuki, but I won’t let Sawamura be alone with you. I heard from Kuramochi your last incident, so don’t you even dream about getting alone with him.” Said Isashiki and yanked the boy by his arm behind his back, putting a safe distance and himself as a wall between the two.


What they didn’t predict was Sawamura suddenly going in heat. Probably the stress from the last few days got to him, or the alpha’s touch triggered it, but it was obvious as the clear sun that he needed to be out of sight before the alphas around him go crazy.


The first one noticing the sweet smell was Miyuki and he already took a few steps toward the boy, not paying attention to the others sending piercing looks in his direction. He was so focused on Sawamura, that he didn’t even notice the flying kick coming toward him and knocking him out cold. Kuramochi looked at everyone and then at the panting Sawamura not pleased by what Kuramochi did, but also looked helpless and lost and wanting to be out of there the sooner the better.


Kuramochi took him by his arm and led him toward Masuko’s room. Isashiki meanwhile monitored the alphas if they were lost in the call of their instincts. To his surprise, – or not – all of them took the omega’s heat head on and they kept their control over themselves. All of them had a faint line of red on their cheeks, but it was the most visible sign.


After Kuramochi reached the dorm room and put Sawamura in the bunk bed, the boy looked up at him and with a pained smile on his face, he said.


“Mochi-nii, he’s fine now. He can stand near me without feeling pain. I can be by his side.” And he lost rationality to his instincts.


Kuramochi was helpless against the omega’s heat, but he still sported a small smile as he looked over his lil bro.


“So you want to be by his side as well, huh? I think I’ll need to talk to him and make sure he won’t do anything to hurt you. Your bro won’t let you down.”


Kuramochi didn’t saw the smile on Sawamura’s face, as he left the room.




Sawamura was in his mind while the heat was rampaging in his body. The date was close to his normal heat circle to start, so he knew that the next few days will be hell to go through.


“So, what are you going to do now? The alpha can be near you, but will you submit to him? I mean, the claiming process is where you’ll accept the alpha and if something goes wrong, you’ll die. Not to mention that he’s a controller so you’ll need to go through the connecting ritual with him and it’ll probably be the most painful thing you’ll experience. Are you ready for all of this?”


Sawamura started to think about it and his thoughts wandered of a few times, while the heat was eating him up alive. He knew that the snake soul is just worried about him, but he waited for this moment like forever. He wanted to be by the alpha’s side. The heat was already burning him alive, but the thought of them making love was almost killing him. He wanted relief and soon.


“Boy, don’t let the instinct swallow you. Try to breathe in slowly, then breathe out. I know it’s painful, but it’ll be worse if you let it consume you.”


Sawamura was really close to give in, but the snake soul’s voice dragged him out of his daze.


His teacher, Takashima, come to get him and take him back to his apartment. Kuramochi volunteered to look after him until he’s in state to take care of himself.


The moment they stepped in the flat, Sawamura’s previously stagnating heat was back in full swing.


It was a hell of four days, but the heat slowly eased up and he was finally in state to talk with others. He was still in daze, but he was mostly in control.


Sawamura’s first visitor was Isashiki, who after a few sentences left the boy and talked to Kuramochi.


“Miyuki wanted to come with me to visit Sawamura, but I said that I’ll first ask you, then he told me that you talked to him already. Is it true?”


“Yes, it is. Sawamura was totally overjoyed when he learned that Miyuki is okay and they can talk without him feeling pain. I’ll be here when he comes to visit, don’t worry. I’m more concerned about Sawamura’s irregular heat. It’s ok to have them, but his condition is a little bit complicated, so he gets in heat more often than he needs to. And the biggest problem is that it wears him down so much and he doesn’t have enough time to recover and prepare for the next one.” Kuramochi was scratching his chin as he tried to think about a solution for his lil bro.


“Why, what’s with him?”


“I can’t tell you without his permission, but I can tell you, that it’s not an everyday case. Anyway, tell Miyuki that he can visit Sawamura today, since I won’t be here tomorrow, and I’ll look after them.”


“Ok. Make sure he’s okay with meeting him.”


“I’m more than sure that he’ll be euphoric, if he sees him.”




The sound of the doorbell dragged Kuramochi out of his thoughts as he attempted to do his magic beast homework with embarrassingly little success.


As he opened the door, he was greeted by a mess of a controller.


“Probably I don’t want to know. Come in.” Said Kuramochi as he sidestepped so the other boy can enter the flat.


“Hi. How’s Sawamura? Oh, by the way, the bruise I got from you is fading.” Miyuki looked a little bit offended, but it was clearly written all over his face that it was just a distraction from his real thoughts and his only wish is to get to see Sawamura.


“Ok, ok. Good to know. Now, stay here a bit, I’ll see if Sawamura’s in a condition to see you.” And Kuramochi left in the direction of the bedroom.


Miyuki in meantime had a chance to look around. The apartment’s furnishing wasn’t anything special, yet it gave off a feeling of home. Miyuki felt himself relax and he was in particularly good mood.


His good mood was replaced with anxiety when the bedroom door closed and he heard some shuffling coming from that direction. After what seemed like long minutes, Kuramochi showed up with a reluctant expression on his face and then gestured toward the bedroom.


“You have ten minutes. Sawamura’s still weak, since the heat exhausted him greatly. And if you do anything to him while I’m out here, you can be sure that I won’t let you near him anymore!” Kuramochi threatened the controller, who in exchange looked surprised.


“Even though he’s my soulmate?”


“Yeah, even if he’s your… Wait… WHAT?!” Kuramochi almost knocked the other boy over as he grabbed him by his collar. “Say that again!”


“As you wish. Sawamura is my soulmate. I felt the pull toward him the whole time, but I couldn’t connect the dots. Now, that I’m fine, I’m sure of it. You know, it’s quite hard to sit here when I know that he’s so close. And can you please let go of my collar? You’re choking me.”


Kuramochi looked so utterly gobsmacked, that Miyuki chortled, but the perfect imitation of a fish on his friend’s face made him laugh out loud.


“I’ll kill him! I’m one hundred percent sure he knew, yet he kept quiet all the time!”


“Maybe he didn’t want to make you worried?” Then Miyuki stood up and walked toward the bedroom. “I’m going now.”


As Miyuki reached the door, he faintly could smell the pheromones of his mate filtering through the door. He tried to swallow down the lump and his nerves in his throat without success, but knocked nonetheless. He heard a faint voice give permission, so he twisted the door knob and stepped in.


“Hi.” Said the boy laying on the bed, panting quietly with flushed face and serious bags under his beautiful, golden eyes.


“Hi.” Greeted Miyuki and walked beside the bed, then sat on it beside the boy.


Sawamura instantly let out a relieved sigh and relaxed in the mattress. The alpha’s closeness can greatly relieve the stress on the omega in heat and it was proven by Sawamura’s expression.


“How are you?” Asked Miyuki, but he thought that Sawamura was already asleep. He was surprised when he got an answer.


“I’m fine, thank you. But more importantly, how are you? Is you headache cured?”


“Yeah, I’m totally fine now. Don’t worry about me. But since it’s our first time properly talking to each other, I think it’s polite to introduce. Miyuki Kazuya, alpha, controller. It’s really nice to meet you.”


“Sawamura Eijun, omega, shapeshifter. Nice to meet you too.” Said Sawamura back, but then blushed even more deeply, what really looked like it’s not healthy anymore. And he looked like he wanted to say something.


“Are you ok? Does my closeness bother you?” At that the boy looked up panicked, then shook his head.


“Not at all. On the contrary.” He fiddled with the blanked covering him, avoiding the other’s eyes. After a few seconds of hesitation, he looked up, bashful expression gracing his face and quickly blurted out, before he had the chance to chicken out. “Can you please come closer? It feels good, when you’re close.”


Miyuki at first looked surprised and Sawamura was about to take it back, but Miyuki beat him to it.


“Of course. Everything that makes you feel better.” And Miyuki climbed on the bed and lied down beside the boy. He didn’t know what was allowed and what not, but Sawamura quickly run out of patience, took Miyuki’s arm and put it around his waist. Miyuki’s heart almost jumped out of his chest and he felt somewhat vulnerable, yet at that moment of peace, it didn’t matter to him. He felt the sudden rush of strong protectiveness, the urge to hide him away, even if he practically didn't know the boy at all. But the purr of the alpha in him made everything totally worth it.


“I didn’t knew that the heat can be this bearable if an alpha is by your side.” Wishpered Sawamura and unconsciously snuggled closer to Miyuki’s side, then hugged him without thinking. Miyuki quickly returned the gesture and hugged the boy closer to himself.


They stayed like this in silence, enjoying the other’s presence.




After a good half an hour later Kuramochi peeked in the room to see if the lovebirds are doing okay, but he didn’t have to worry. He saw Miyuki and Sawamura hugging each other on the bed, sleeping peacefully. It was totally blackmail material, but Kuramochi let this one go.


He smiled as he closed the door.

Chapter Text

The next day Sawamura woke up with overflowing energy like the heat didn’t even happen. He was about to get up, but the hands hugging him prevented him from doing so. He was about to call out Kuramochi’s name when he remembered that yesterday, in the haze of his heat, he met the alpha, Miyuki, whom he couldn’t get close until yesterday and that the boy was there to see him.


He quickly turned his head and looked at the owner of the hands still holding him in place. His heart was about to jump out of his chest, when he saw the handsome alpha, Miyuki – when will he get used to call him by his name? – laying there.


After a little while, the other boy stirred a little bit and opened his beautiful, hazelnut eyes. They looked misted with the remnant of sleep still clinging to his mind, his hair was a total mess, it looked exactly like a bird’s nest, and his glasses left a red mark on his beautiful face. All in all, he was too cute for words.


Sawamura couldn’t help the smile forming on his lips, still trying to process, how they ended up sleeping in the same bed hugging each other. At the thought he still blushed heavily, the bashful omega already acting up in him.


“I can’t even imagine, how can you muster up so much blood to run up in your face so early in the morning. How can you even wake up? Don’t tell me you’re an early bird?” Asked the alpha, Miyuki – damn it! – his voice thick with sleep, still trying to go back for a little bit. It made Sawamura blush even harder.


“So what if I am?! You got a problem with it?! But you look like shit. Do you have a low blood pressure in the mornings?” Asked Sawamura leaning a little bit closer to see the other’s features, trying to figure out how can he look so handsome even when he’s not trying to.


“And you’re loud as well.” Added Miyuki with a faint smile gracing his lips, then he pulled Sawamura closer and hugged him with all his might.


The moment both of them realized the position they are in, Sawamura stilled and Miyuki got a faint line of red on his face, but it didn’t prevent him from leaning in the omega boy’s personal space aiming for his red, puffy and soft looking lips. What he didn’t expect that Sawamura met him halfway, as if his thoughts were exactly the same as his own.


The kiss in the beginning was slow and languid, either of them wanting to end it. But they didn’t expect the sudden rush of heat unfold from their joined lips and spread to their bodies. It wasn’t the hotness from the omega’s heat, it was something simpler, something more common: it was love.


They developed deep feelings for each other even when they were apart and it bloomed in a big flower in them, interweaving their hearts with an unbreakable bond. Their bodies could still choose someone else, since they didn’t do the ritual or Miyuki didn’t claim Sawamura yet, but they couldn’t even think of another person.


The kiss slowly ended and it left them breathless.


“So… Does this mean that you love me?” Asked Sawamura timidly, not looking at Mi-Miyuki, – finally! – trying to fight down the blush clinging to his skin.


“Well, would it mean anything else?” He asked back and Sawamura looked displeased.


“Why are you dancing around on saying it straight! I love you, you damn tanuki!”


Miyuki froze for a moment, but then smirked, amused by the situation and pleased by the heavy blush reappearing on Sawamura’s face.


“You love me this much, huh?” He hugged the boy still not looking at him, then pulled him down and whispered in his ear. “I love you too. You don’t know how happy you’re making me.”


The omega in Sawamura singed and danced, while the snake soul and the dog soul smiled happily. Sawamura’s finally getting his share of happiness, and seeing the boy’s smile wide, like it’s about to break his face in half, was totally worth all the trouble.


Miyuki leaned in again to kiss his boy, when the door opened and Kuramochi walked in with his hand on his eyes.


“I hope you guys are not doing something I shouldn’t see.” When he peeked through his fingers, he saw Sawamura pushing Miyuki’s smirking face away, most likely preventing him from kissing him. “Stop harassing my lil bro and Sawamuram if you feel okay now come out and eat. You had a rough week, you deserve a good meal.” He turned around and before he left, he added. “And Miyuki, let him go. I don’t want to see you glued to him like this, it’s gross.”


With Sawamura spluttering and screaming something like “it’s a harsh thing to say!” and “are you saying I’m gross?!” and “Mochi-nii, you’re cruel!”, Kuramochi cackled and left the room. Miyuki still didn’t let Sawamura go and pulled him in for another kiss, before letting him go and getting up.


“Come on, Sawamura, let’s go eat before that demon comes back and wrestles us.”


Sawamura sat on the bed in silence and Miyuki noticed that the boy wanted to say something, but for some reason didn’t. “Sawamura?”


“Um, you say that Mochi-nii’s a demon. So does that mean you’re the devil himself?” Sawamura wasn’t prepared for Miyuki jumping on him and tickling him merciless, while Kuramochi was rolling on the floor laughing.




Morning classes were like they anticipated: boring as hell. The last class for that day was poisons. Their poison teacher was hella boring and his classes were just the extras. Only students interested in poisons, like shapeshifters with poisoning attributes looked at the teacher as if they are literally drinking up his every word.


The teacher was about to ask Kuramochi a question, but his ass was saved by the bell and students like students, didn’t wait a second more to pack their stuff and leave.


Kuramochi immediately started toward the first years floor, not even turning back to check, Miyuki’s following him.


They turned on the corner when they heard a girl’s scream and without missing a beat started to run toward the crowd gathering in the middle of the corridor.


In the center of the circle were four shifted shapeshifters: two small cats in the corner trembling with fear, small red spots peppering their silky, light brown fur, a bleeding dog standing before them facing a mad wolf. The wolf was about to attack the cats, but the dog stood in his way and bite his front leg. The sound of breaking bones and piercing cries echoed in the small space.


Kuramochi was about to jump in, when Kataoka entered the circle and with a well-directed hit on the wolf’s neck, he ended the crazy situation.


No one said a word for a long time, but before they got a chance to do, Kataoka turned toward the dog, lifted it up to his chest and started to run in the direction of infirmary.


Takashima was right there to take the little kittens with her and two other teachers took the unconscious wolf somewhere else.


When Miyuki looked up to see which class had so much trouble, he felt his blood run cold, because it was Sawamura’s class. He looked inside just in time to see Sawamura’s classmate, Haruichi, scoop up the boy’s clothes and run in the direction where their coach disappeared a few minutes ago.




Just as Kataoka took a step in the infirmary, Sawamura felt the safe distance and shifted back in his human form. His wounds opened up from the stretch of skin and bleed even harder.


The nurse was already there and directed Kataoka to put the boy down on the first unoccupied bed so she can start to tend the wounds faster. The coach put the boy down and the moment Sawamura was covered with a blanket, the nurse was by his side with the necessary equipment and did her job.


Just minutes later, there was a knock on the door and Kataoka knew who it was. He slipped out of the room without letting his students see anything.


“He’s being treated right now, no one’s allowed to go in. His wound’s are bleeding, but they are not too deep, so he’ll be okay in a day or two. Now everyone go on the field and tell the others I’ll be a little late. Start the training without me.” Kuramochi and Haruichi reluctantly, but nodded and did as they were told except Miyuki, who stubbornly stood in front of his coach. “Miyuki, this also applies to you.” But the boy still didn’t show any sign of moving.


Kuramochi jogged back and said. “Coach, this idiot is that idiot’s mate, so he won’t leave even if you tell him.” And turned to catch up with Haruichi.


Kataoka looked surprised since he never heard anything about it, yet moved to the side so the alpha boy can pass by him.


Miyuki without wasting even a second rushed in, sat beside the bed and took the sleeping boy’s hand. The pheromones emitting from him said a million words of anger and guilty, but nothing could be seen on his face.


Both teachers were surprised when Sawamura stirred a little and opened his eyes. “Miyuki?”


“I’m here Sawamura.” And to emphasizes his words, he tightened his hold on the boy’s hand.

“Sawamura, can you tell us what happened?” Kataoka stepped in front of the bed to look directly at his student.


“Ueno-kun was yelling at the Yukimura twins, because he wanted to date one of them, but they always refused him. I tried to calm him, but he suddenly started to shift and the twins got scared and they shifted as well. I wanted to help the twins, so I shifted too, but I never knew that a wolf can be this scary.” He trembled at the memory of razor sharp fangs and frightening aura. The wolf was an alpha leader of his family and had experience in fights, since Sawamura was a little, country bumpkin, omega dog.


Miyuki stood up and sat on the bed, then hugged his trembling boyfriend whispering soothing words in his ear and caressing his back.


“Okay, thank you for your cooperation. I’ll make sure that something like this won’t happen again. Now sleep.” When he saw the alarmed look on his student’s face, he sighed. “Miyuki can stay with you.”


The coach almost backpedaled at the huge smile Sawamura was sending toward him. Then he hugged Miyuki back and buried his face in the alpha’s chest.


Kataoka had a long talk waiting for him with these two and a lost bet to pay up to his vice-coach, Takashima.

Chapter Text

After the whispers of the wolf incident died down, Sawamura was back to his everyday life except that he had someone to run to if something happened to him. Miyuki made him promise that if he ever got himself in a situation, where he needed help, he had to contact him immediately.


Sawamura felt reassured that he had another ally at his side and that he could live his life a little bit freely.


Sawamura was alone at the vending machines drinking his orange flavored Ramune, since he didn’t had his last class and waited for his friends so they together can go on the field for afternoon practice.


“So, boy, what you say. Wanna make that contract with that alpha boy? Or you actually wanna him claim you?” The snake soul laughed out loud at Sawamura’s embarrassed spluttering, but firmly stood by her question.


“I don’t know yet! I mean, I do l-love him, but it doesn’t mean we have to do anything yet. If we feel like we want to do it, we will. But until then I won’t mention it.”


“Mention what?” Asked a voice from the school’s direction scaring the living daylight out of Sawamura, almost choking on his Ramune he drank after answering the snake’s question.


“Miyuki Kazuya! You want to kill me?! Don’t sneak up on me!” Screamed the boy pointing at the newly arrived trying not blush too much from seeing him.


“I’m not trying to kill you, but I can say, it is funny to see your reactions.” The smirk on his face irritated Sawamura, yet he found it hot and hated himself for his complicated feelings. “Oh, but back to the topic. What won’t you mention to me? Did your base soul said something about me?”


“How long had you been there?!” Whined Sawamura exasperated and was about to run, when Miyuki caught his wrist and pulled him in a hug.


“Long enough. So? What’s this about?”


Sawamura’s blush made him even more curious and was about to kiss him, when Sawamura looked away and said in a quiet voice. “It’s about us bonding.”


Miyuki froze for a solid five seconds, then he blushed as well and hid his face in the crook of Sawamura’s neck.


“Don’t be embarrassed! Now you’re making me embarrassed too!” Sawamura hugged Miyuki tighter and put his ear on the alpha’s chest, hiding his face with Miyuki’s arm still hugging him. Sawamura felt himself blush harder at Miyuki’s loud and fast heartbeat, knowing that his own heart is doing the same.


“I know that we’re together for what? Two weeks, but talking about bonding with your base soul is quite unnerving. What brought up the topic?” Miyuki was still hiding his face and Sawamura sighed at the rumbling sound in the alpha’s chest, finally relaxed enough to melt in the hug, his omega nature taking control and feeling safe with his alpha mate.


Then Sawamura remembered that he never told Miyuki about the snake soul and felt a strong pang of guilt bubbling up in his chest, thus he slowly pushed at Miyuki’s shoulders so he can look him in the eye. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.”


“Okay, you’re too formal and that starts to scare me. Are you ok?” Miyuki walked Sawamura to the bench and sat him down, then he sat beside his boyfriend and took his hand in his own.


“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, since we are g-going out, I’ve forgot to tell you something important about me.”


“You don’t have some kind of incurable disease, are you? Or a kid from some other guy? Don’t tell me you’re already married?”


“NO!” Sawamura yelled scandalized. “What are you thinking?! It’s about my base soul!”


“Good.” Said Miyuki unfazed, shit eating grin in place totally in for some mischief and it was written all over his face that he was making fun of Sawamura.


“You’re insufferable…” Mumbled Sawamura under his nose not mad at all.


“Why, thank you.”


“It wasn’t a compliment!”


“So, what about your base soul?” Miyuki was back to his curious-still-serious self, looking expectantly at his boyfriend.


Sawamura was fiddling with Miyuki’s hand holding his, until Miyuki had enough of his boyfriend avoiding the question and interlaced their fingers.


When Sawamura was deprived from his only diversion, he looked up and took a deep breath. “I already have another soul ring!”


Seconds ticked by and with every passing moment Sawamura felt his heat skip a beat. “Really? That’s cool.”


“What?” Okay, Sawamura was officially lost.


“I mean, I know we should have gone together to collect your first ring, but you had it even before you reached level 10 so I can say I’m surprised. Surprised that you aren’t just a plain idiot.”


“Hey! Do you have to always insult me?!”


“Just sometimes.” He answered and hugged Sawamura, then kissed him on his lips. “But wow. How old is your ring?”


“Around a hundred years. I’ve never asked her.”


The amazed whistle that left Miyuki’s lips made Sawamura blush. “A hundred years, huh? Well, that’s great. Wait… What’s your base soul? And the new one? When did you got it?”


“Um… My base soul is an Akita and the new ring is a snake’s. I was 9 years old, when I absorbed the ring. I was in the forest behind our farm and accidently got the snake killed. She bite me before and I was like, ‘I won’t lose anything just my life if I won’t even try to absorb it’, so with that in mind I tried and successfully absorbed her ring. That’s why I’m here today.”


“God, you almost got yourself killed!” Miyuki forcefully pulled Sawamura in a hug not letting him go even when he started to struggle. “Do you know how much it hurts me to know that maybe I never would have known you if you died. Even the thought of it is terrifying.”


Sawamura got what Miyuki was thinking, but it still felt new to him. The omega in him was crying tears of joy, while the dog soul and the snake soul laughed at his antics.


In the meantime Miyuki and his alpha silently discussed about how to protect Sawamura from danger. He somehow attracted trouble, but he didn’t lose his sunny smile and bright personality, it was like a miracle.


“M-Miyuki? I think we’re late for practice.” The moment Miyuki registered Sawamura’s words, his mind eyes produced a picture of an angry Kataoka waiting for them and he shivered involuntarily.


“Let’s go Sawamura.”




They had to run the whole practice and Kataoka said that after practice they go to the office, because they had something important to talk about. It was unnerving, but Sawamura felt safe at Miyuki’s side, so he wasn’t that anxious.


As practice was done for the day and the lovebirds headed to the office, Sawamura took Miyuki’s hand tentatively and squeezed it lightly and Miyuki returned it without wasting time.


In front of the office, Miyuki took the initiative and knocked three times and waited for permission. When the door opened to reveal Takashima on the other side, both boys noticeably relaxed. They stepped in the room and sat down as Takashima told them, while Kataoka watched them.


“I'm going to the point. Since you are mates, it’s time for you to form some sort of bond. The ritual for permanent connection is probably the most important one for now. About the bond of your nature’s, you can wait with it. I mean, when the time comes,” And he pointedly looked at Sawamura. “you can do whatever you like, I’ll give you a break, but if you decide that you want to bond then, Sawamura you’ll need to take contraceptives. A male’s fertilization is lower that a female’s, but you can’t afford a child while you’re in school. It’s better to make the decision sooner than later.”


Miyuki and Sawamura blushed hard at the thought of them doing something that brings them closer, but they knew that their teacher was right. They can think about making a family when they graduate from school.


“I want to bond with Sawamura in any way possible, so I would like to get that break. But the final decision is on Sawamura.” When both teachers and Miyuki looked at the said boy, he was on the verge of fainting. The blood rushing to his face said everything, but he still needed to say it out loud.


“I… I want it too.” Was all he could squeeze out of himself. Kataoka nodded and looked at Takashima, who knew what her job was.


“Okay, for now, you prepare for the ritual. Sawamura, I assume you know how painful the ritual is. And I assume you know that you can’t cancel it in the middle. So you decide now, you want to do ritual or not.”


“I want it, Boss! I want to form all kinds of connections with Miyuki.”


“Boss?” But Sawamura wasn’t listening to him at all. He already chatted with Miyuki, who was way too pleased with Sawamura’s answers and literally radiated happiness.


Well, for now, it was more than enough.

Chapter Text

The needed materials for the ritual were in school, Miyuki and Sawamura only had to prepare mentally for it. After a week, they told Kataoka, that they were as prepared as possible they can proceed. On that weekend, Kataoka led them in a room they never saw and Kataoka told them to prepare the medical herbs and left them alone.


“Are you nervous?” Asked Miyuki as he picked the herbs for runes that made the ritual circle he was about to draw. The boy didn’t said anything, just sat at the other side of the room, back to Miyuki mumbling something under his nose.


It picked Miyuki’s interest, so he stood up and walked to his boyfriend, who had blush painting his face red.


“You ok?” At the sudden voice Sawamura jumped slightly, not expecting Miyuki at all.


“I-I am. It’s just… I’m not good with pain.” Miyuki remembered all the time Sawamura was hurt and he knew where he was coming from.


“I’ll try to make it as painless as possible. Or if you want we can cancel-“


“No! I want the ritual! It means that I b-belong to you…” He blushed even more and Miyuki felt the blood rush to his face too.


“Oh…” He smirked and kneeled down to hug his flustered boyfriend. “Then let’s do it!”




Sawamura was sitting and watched as Miyuki mixed up the herbs and draw the circle with some runes in it, which didn’t make any sense for Sawamura. Then he lied on the center of it and prepared for the real deal. Miyuki climbed over Sawamura and looked at him, then cut his finger. He murmured something and the circle stared to glow. Miyuki nodded and begun to draw the runes on Sawamura’s body. He started with his forehead, down on his neck, then shoulders and chest, more down on his defined abs and lastly on his legs.


All the time Miyuki murmured the needed text on a language Sawamura didn’t understand. When he was done he looked Sawamura straight in the eyes, when the boy nodded.


Miyuki put his hands on Sawamura’s chest where his heart was and pressed on it lightly.


The next moment Sawamura’s whole body glowed in a strange light and the runes started to absorb through his skin and travel up where Miyuki’s hands rested. Sawamura was on verge of fainting, yet he couldn’t – the ritual didn’t let him. The pain made him hot and cold at the same time, his blood was lava and he felt every millimeter where the runes crawled under his skin, circling around his soul and imprinting on it. It was like a tattoo, just million times worse.


His screams left his open mouth just to fall on deaf ears. Miyuki knew that he can’t cut off the ritual at this point and it hurt him too, to hear his loved one scream in pain. Sawamura slowly pushed himself up, but Miyuki didn’t let him run away. He knew that if the ritual stops halfway in worst case Sawamura can die or if he still survives, he’ll be crippled for a life.


Seconds seemed like hours and there was never end of it, the ritual went on and Sawamura seriously thought that he’ll die. Yet he never once said to stop. He endured the pain, because he knew that Miyuki was there with him, he won’t let anything bad happen to him.


After half an hour of torture on both of them, the last runes were close to the finish line. Miyuki poured all of his feelings in the runes bared his soul to Sawamura, so he can see even the tiniest secret he had. When the last rune imprinted on Sawamura’s soul, the ritual was in its last stage. Miyuki had to crawl points in the soul, where he can connect his threads and it was like cutting out a piece of it.


After it was done as well, Miyuki said the last of the text and finally lifted himself to disconnect himself from Sawamura.


The moment his hand parted from Sawamura’s skin, he fell unconscious. Miyuki wasn’t surprised at all.


After probably five minutes Kataoka come in and scooped Sawamura’s limp body up and turned to leave. Miyuki was about to stand too, when his knees gave out and fell down. He looked up in moment to see Kuramochi extend his hand looking grumpy and murmuring under his nose, something along the lines of ‘what alpha you are’ and ‘look at you, can’t even stand’ and so on.


“Thanks.” He said and smirked, because he couldn’t let it slide. The shifter lifted him up and they left the room.




Sawamura was asleep for three whole days and Miyuki started to freak out. Kataoka already told him that it’s normal, yet he couldn’t believe him.


Kuramochi told the coach that the boy can stay at their apartment, so he won’t be alone when he wakes up. Of course Miyuki already offered that he’d stay in Sawamura’s apartment with his boyfriend, but one really disapproving look from the green haired was enough to make Miyuki blush. Of course all of them knew what his plan was, but felt sorry for the still weak shapeshifter.


“What if he never wakes up? What if I fucked up something with the ritual?”


Kuramochi started to get used to this new Miyuki. He was still the bastard he was, but there were times, like now, that he totally freaked out, so out of character and it was all thanks to his lil bro. To his lil bro, who is this bastard’s mate… Shit!


“Then it’ll be all your fault.” He answered calmly actually enjoying his flatmate’s breakdown.


“Kuramochi, you’re not helping!”


“It wasn’t my intention in the first place.”


“And they say I have a shitty personality…” They were in the bedroom nursing Sawamura. The boy on the first two nights had a high fever, but it calmed down on the third day. Yet he wasn’t waking at all.


On the fourth day, Kuramochi begun to slowly freak out as well, because Kataoka said that max three days he’ll be in deep slumber and then he’ll wake up. Which wasn’t the case.


On the fifth day Kataoka come to visit and he brought Takashima with him. They wanted to examine the boy and find a solution to wake him up. But anything they tried didn’t work at all. They were about to give up, when Miyuki suddenly bend over Sawamura and pressed a sweet kiss on the sleeping boy’s lips. A few seconds later Sawamura stirred and opened his eyes.


“Well, good morning, sleeping beauty.” Said Miyuki, his eyes misting over. He gulped his tears down and kissed his boyfriend one more time. Maybe it was pure coincidence that he woke up after being kissed or it really was Miyuki’s kiss, they never found out, but they were glad that the golden eyes were back.


“Boy, now that you found your controller it’s time for me say goodbye. I’ll merge with your dog soul to create an even stronger base soul for you. When you guys connected it was clear, that his blood will make me merge with him. Don’t you dare waste this chance! Go and find a ton of great soul rings! I need to go now. Be a good boy, Eijun.” And to everyone’s utmost horror Sawamura started to cry.

Chapter Text

Miyuki was lost about what to say. His boyfriend was in his arms, crying his heart out and couldn’t even hear his voice at all. It was like his heart and soul broke in pieces. Miyuki was afraid that maybe something went wrong with the ritual, that he did something irreversible.


After a long 10 minutes of silence except Sawamura’s sobs, he finally calmed down to a level where he looked at the alpha holding him.


“Sawamura… What’s wrong?” The moment the question left his mouth, Sawamura’s eyes started to mist over again and a tear left them, then one more before he started to cry again.


The second time was shorter and Sawamura quickly stopped. He was clinging to Miyuki as hard as he could and willed his heart to stop hurting so much. “She left me.” Was all he could say.


“Left you? Who?” At first Miyuki was confused but the next moment it come clear. Oh… The snake soul. Probably his blood forced the soul to merge with Sawamura’s base soul. “I’m so sorry, Sawamura. I really am.”




After Sawamura fell asleep, Miyuki and Kuramochi explained everything to Kataoka and Takashima.


Kataoka was surprised once again, but it didn’t show on his face.


“So, he got his first ring at a very young age and now it merged with his base soul, right?”


“Yes.” Answered both of the boys in unison not surprised that the other knew about Sawamura’s ring. Just Miyuki felt a little bit of jealousy since he was Sawamura’s mate, but Kuramochi knew before he learned about it.


“Sawamura, even if he told us that he wasn’t pleased with her, he was attached to that soul ring and probably that’s the problem.” Said Kuramochi, looking at his coach, yet itching to go back to Sawamura.


“That’s even more reason for him to change as soon as possible. Miyuki, you’ll have a little bit of a problem controlling him, since his base soul got stronger after merging with that other ring. I’m not sure, but his new form will probably be a dog-snake chimera. It’s really rare.” He put his hand on his chin in deep thoughts trying to come up with a solution for them to persuade Sawamura that it’s time for him to shift.


“Is it really that important for him to change so soon? I mean, we should let him rest a little bit more.” Miyuki felt the alpha in him shift. It was getting dangerous since Sawamura was hurting and his coach wanted to do something that’ll hurt him even more.


“Yeah, because there’s a time limit. If he won’t change in that interval then you’ll need to do the ritual again and that time you won’t have such an easy job like the first time. Miyuki you need to solidify the connecting points before they close up. Sawamura’s soul is healing at the moment just like a scar on the skin.”


The voice that come from the bedroom door scared everyone. “Miyuki, let’s do it now.”


“Sawamura! Go back to sleep. You’re still weak.” Miyuki instantly stood up and rushed to his boyfriend’s side.


He didn’t even had time to react, when Sawamura suddenly begun to shift. Miyuki breaking out of his frozen state extended his hands and let his soul form threads that could connect to Sawamura’s soul. When the boy finished shifting, Miyuki directed his threads toward the beast standing in the room. What they didn’t expect, save Kataoka, was Sawamura refusing Miyuki’s power.


“Miyuki, the first time is like this, don’t worry. His beast form won’t recognize anyone, until you connect the threads. You have to force him.” Kataoka put his hand on Miyuki’s shoulder, giving him some sort of courage.


Miyuki did it the second time, trapping Sawamura in a haze of threads, then he forced them in the chimera’s body to connect them to Sawamura’s soul. It was hard to connect all of them to their place, but Miyuki somehow managed. After the last one connected, Miyuki tugged on the threads and Sawamura calmed down.


“Wow!” Said the boy and walked closer to the beast, laying on his stomach. He patted the beast when his tail come up and looked at Miyuki. It was the snake soul’s original form. Actually Sawamura’s whole form changed from a normal, cute Akita to some feral beast.


“Well, he is a dog-snake chimera. But he looks more like a lion than a dog.” Kataoka walked closer to Sawamura’s beast form, but jumped back when he was attacked by the boy. “You’ll need to train a lot for him to get some sort of balance with his power. His base soul is really strong now.”


Miyuki tugged at the threads and Sawamura understanding the sign shifted back to his human form. He passed out the moment he was back and fell in Miyuki’s arms holding him close.


“I’ll put him in bed.” And took the sleeping boy with him.




Sawamura woke up not long after his first shapeshifting in his new form. From a distance he heard her voice telling him that he’s a good boy and he’s doing great. Sawamura wanted to cry, but his eyes already hurt and he decided to make the snake soul proud of him and find the best rings to pair up with his base soul.


“I’m sorry, Eijun. But she’ll always be with us. In us.” The dog soul – no, it’s a chimera soul now - was lost about how to comfort the boy and the omega stayed silent before he said something stupid. If she was there she would know what to say.


“It’s okay. I know she’s with us, it’s just… I miss her.” Said Sawamura and looked up to see Miyuki walk in the room with a tray in his hands. The smell of food was making Sawamura nauseous, but he knew that he needs to recover the sooner the better, so he can train and level up, so he can go with Miyuki to find soul rings.


“Hi.” Miyuki put the tray on the nightstand and sat next to his boyfriend. Took his hand in his and gave it a little squeeze.


“Hi.” Greeted Sawamura back and felt a rush of déjà vu wash over him.


“How are you? Any pain?” Miyuki was searching his boyfriend’s face for any sign of him lying, but Sawamura just shook his head smiling weakly.


“Just tired.” His eyes dulled for a second, then he was back and looked expectantly at Miyuki. “So, you come with food?”


“Oh, yeah… I took the liberty and cooked something for you. I hope everything is for your palate. Is there a food you don’t like?” While he talked, he took the tray and put it in front of the now sitting boy.


“Only natto…” He answered and couldn’t suppress a shiver traveling down his spine.


Miyuki barked a laugh and was about to leave, when he felt a weak tug at his T-shirt. The alpha questioningly looked back and Sawamura blushing hard let his shirt go.


“I’ll stay. Now, eat.” When Sawamura quietly said thanks to the food and took the chopsticks Miyuki continued to speak. “Coach said that tomorrow I need to go back to the school and Kuramochi too. But after classes I’ll come here to check up on you and to get your food. After that I’ll leave for the afternoon practice, but for the evening I’m staying here. I won’t let you be alone for too long.”


Sawamura blushed again after hearing Miyuki’s words. The omega in him singed and he felt a warm feeling bloom in his chest. He couldn’t even finish half of the food, but Miyuki took it as an improvement and left the room with the tray.


After Miyuki come back, he lied beside his boyfriend and pulled him, hugging him closer to himself and kissed the top of his head.


“Now sleep. Recover fast so I can train together with you again.”


They fell asleep hugging each other, smiling in their dreams probably dreaming about a happy future, together.

Chapter Text

Miyuki was right when he said that he had to go back in school. And not just him, but Mochi-nii left him as well. It wasn’t like they had a choice, but coach was quite cruel since he knew his relationship with Miyuki – wow! it’s totally easier to say out without stuttering by now – and yet separates them.


Sawamura asked Miyuki to bring him a book about magic beasts before he gets back, so he has something to keep his mind off of unnecessary things.


Miyuki smiled and in that moment run to the library and took out two monsters of books with more than thousand pages per one. Sawamura actually looked awed since he didn’t even know that there are so many magic beasts out there! Miyuki told him that most of these animals don’t live anymore, they died out with time. But probably there was something new related to his chimera soul.


Sawamura was grateful and Miyuki just smiled at him, when Sawamura felt a rush of boldness and yanked Miyuki harshly toward himself to kiss his sweet and caring alpha.


Miyuki actually blushed lightly at the sudden show of affection from his lover and was about to lie beside him to hug him close, probably kiss him a few times and fall asleep with him just to catch himself wandering off in dangerous thoughts and longingly take off to school.


Sawamura took the first book and opened it. Well, the first thing he saw and almost, almost threw the book with a not so manly shriek, was a really threatening and frightening ghost beast.


Ghost beasts are actually legendary beasts but even more dangerous. They say that only one person got the ghost beast’s soul ring and survived it. The absorption is difficult too, but the aftereffects on the mind are the worst. The one who actually knew, how it is to have that soul ring had major personality disorders, like the ring was his other personality, like it took over his body from time to time. He said that the ring shows him nightmares and won’t let him sleep day and night, and the actual lack of sleep is what makes people kill themselves. Just to get free from the ring. The soul ring’s power is amazing, there’s just a dozen rings to pair with it and a few that can go against it, but the risk is just too high.


Actually, the person who told everything he knew about the ghost ring committed suicide shortly after the interview.


Sawamura shuddered at the thought.


After turning a page he saw a few beasts that actually come from his favorite Disney films: dragons. Sawamura could barely believe his eyes after seeing just a few of them, almost all of it coming to life in those films.


As the dragon part passed, there came other mythological creatures, like Ents and Cyclopses, only that some far descendants of Cyclops are still alive until today. The Ents changed dramatically, but are still alive too like plant type beasts.


Sawamura turned a few page again, reading what was written under every beast, their characteristics and weaknesses, or what they like and don’t like. He got so engrossed in the book, that he didn’t even notice Miyuki, when he come in the room.


“Hey, bookworm.” He greeted a smile in his tone. “I can imagine how ‘good’ this book is, buuut maybe you need to eat something, since it’s lunch time.” He held up a box with full of delicious looking meals.


“The aunt sent it from the school. She said that a recovering patient needs a lot of nutritious food, so they can recover much faster.”


“And you actually come back from school to give me this?” Sawamura felt touched and sent a puzzled look at Miyuki when he sniggered. “What?”


“Well, I would love to eat too with you, but if you insist.” He said and turned around to leave.


Sawamura for a long three seconds later come to realize what Miyuki meant. He blushes as he calls him back to sit next to him.


“Thank you.” Says Sawamura a little bit later, stuffing his mouth with rice.


“You’re welcome.” Comes Miyuki’s answer and takes a grain of rice off his boyfriend’s face and eats it like the most delicious food he ever ate. Sawamura firstly can’t even process what happened, secondly blushes so hard Miyuki thinks he’ll get stroke, thirdly splutters like he wants to say something, but the words are falling over each other in his mouth and comes out in some funny noises.


Sawamura doesn’t try to say anything, just kisses Miyuki shut.




It works.




For the rest of the afternoon, when Miyuki left for practice, Sawamura opened the thick book where he left off and loudly cheered and awed at some beast wanting to meet them, but knowing that they already died.


By the end of the day, Sawamura finished the first monster much to Miyuki’s surprise.


“Don’t say that you read everything about all the beasts in this book. There’s a friggin thousand pages.” Sawamura smiled and handed he book back. “You’re unbelievable.”


After diner, they talked about Miyuki’s day in school, about practice and Miyuki looked like he wanted to tell something more, just didn’t know how.


“Miyuki? Is there something else you want to tell me?” Miyuki couldn’t suppress the slight jump at his question and it confirmed that he was right.


“Um… It’s about Furuya.” Sawamura felt his good mood drop low at the name. Kuramochi already told him about the guy and what he did to Miyuki – well his grandfather to be precise, but it was his idea, so whatever – and he still felt hostile toward him. And it somehow hurt him to hear his alpha say someone else’s name and he felt ridiculously jealous. He almost laughed at his idiocy.


“What about him?” He surprised even himself at the cold tone of his.


“Coach today summoned me to his office and there were two policemen, who asked me questions about him and what I can remember what his grandfather did to me. I told them everything and they asked me if I have a mate now. They asked me because if I do, it’s one more reason to sentence him and his grandfather to jail. They heard of you from the coach and they asked if you want to sue him too, since it involves you now as well.” Sawamura thought about it and it angered him how his weak nature showed again by feeling sorry for the guy.


“If you want me to then I will. But I’d rather not.” He surprised Miyuki with his answer, but said nothing to explain why.


And it looked like it was enough to Miyuki.


As slowly come time for them to turn in, Sawamura happily snuggled up to Miyuki when they lay down in the bed. Miyuki put his arms around his boyfriend and pulled him closer.


“I love you, Sawamura.” Said Miyuki drowsily, eyelids already dropping after all the excitement of the day, making Sawamura blush, but he still answered before falling asleep himself.


“I love you too, Miyuki.”




The next day after breakfast, Miyuki left for school and Sawamura opened the other book. Miyuki said that he’ll return the first one to the library and get another for Sawamura to read.


Sawamura was happy when he got to the part where his Akita soul was described and cried his heart out when he saw the snake’s soul. There were so many varieties of beasts and so soul rings and abilities that he slowly felt a headache bubble up.


“Eijun, you need to rest now. You already finished more than the half of that book, your eyes will dry out too much. Come on, sleep now so when Miyuki comes back he won’t think that your eyes are red because you cried.” Sawamura nodded and put the book on the nightstand, slid lower on the bed and pulled his blanket up to his nose.


Miyuki came back at the time to see Sawamura sleeping soundly, lightly drooling on the pillow and snoring like a little kitten. Miyuki’s heart squeezed at the cuteness and hurriedly took out his phone to take a quick picture.


New wallpaper found!


After his spontaneous photo session, he woke Sawamura up and ate their lunch while chatting happily.


Miyuki after eating headed back to school, but firstly gave Sawamura a see-you-later kiss.


Sawamura then got the book back on his lap and continued to read about beasts and their abilities.


When he turned the last page he actually whistled low in amazement. He thought that the book will be some heavy (he means it literally too) reading, but it turned out to be something really enjoyable. The new things he learned about so many beasts were refreshing, something he thought to be boring, when he heard he’ll have magical beasts classes in his second year. Well, a class he looks forward now.


He not long ago learned that he could finish school sooner if he reaches level 60, since every year he needs to level up 10 levels. If he can reach that quota maybe in his first year, he can immediately graduate. The thought is sweet, but unreachable. There are even shifters that reached level 30 at the end of their fourth year, so the idea was busted.


But on the other end, Miyuki would be still studying, since controllers are getting all the knowledge they need to control their shapeshifter partners in school. And if a controller can’t keep up with the pace the shapeshifter evolves, the controller will fall behind. He didn’t want Miyuki to go through that at all. And it’s almost impossible to control a shapeshifter which level is much higher than their controller’s.


Sawamura come to a conclusion that he needs to sleep, because his mind was doing funny things to him. He really thought that he could level up faster and finish school sooner.


Miyuki came back a little later since he had to talk to the policeman that come to the school about Sawamura’s decision.


He found Sawamura reading a shoujo manga he got a week ago and was crying tears of joy after seeing the heroine getting that kiss from her love interest.


“Hey, will you engage me in too? I want to know what happened to her.” He cooed as he sat beside his lover and hugged him, giving a soft kiss on his forehead and wiping away his tears.


“She…” He stopped since a hiccup interrupted him, so he took a calming breath and tried again. “She finally got her kiss! I can’t believe it! The guy was a total jerk in the beginning, but now I’m so happy for them!”


“Did the mangaka draw that story using me as her inspiration, or what?” Miyuki asked, but Sawamura slightly swatted at his arm.


“You weren’t a jerk at all. You just had a little bit of a problem with a mis working memory, that’s all.” He smiled and snuggled closer. “Actually at first, when you had that headache, when Furuya told me that we have some strange contrariety and I couldn’t go near you, I was seriously considering running away. I felt that my world crumbled down, was shred to pieces, - ” Miyuki unconsciously tightened his hug, making Sawamura smile. „ - but it was just a misunderstanding and now I’m the happiest man on Earth. When I learned what being an omega means, I thought that I did something terrible in my previous life and the deities up there are now taking their revenge. But now that I have you I think that maybe I was a hero and now I’m getting my reward. You’re a gift that the heavens sent to me.”


„And you realise that you’re now being a total sap, do you?” He asked and Sawamura couldn’t see his face, but if he looked up he could see a heavly blushing Miyuki trying to hide his embarrassment.


„Well, you’re worth it all.” Said Sawamura blushing, he wasn’t used to this sort of flirting, but he meant it what he said. Miyuki was really worth it.


“Wow, smooth. And I thought my flirting lines are good, but looks like I need to learn from a master here.” And tilted Sawamura’s face up to kiss him sweetly.


“I’ll give you classes anytime! Call me Sawamura-sensei from now on!”


“Dream on.”


“Jerk…” Muttered Sawamura halfheartedly and Miyuki just sniggered quietly making Sawamura grumble more under his nose.




On Wednesday morning Sawamura was up before Miyuki and watched his beloved one sleep innocently. He looked much younger when his personality wasn’t showing, or didn’t had an irritating smirk on his face.


Sawamura knew that Miyuki wasn’t even close as mean to him as with others and it made him feel touched and annoyed at the same time. Miyuki behaved differently around him and he didn’t knew if it was really what Miyuki wanted or it was just his natures doing. Sawamura now actually hates his nature for making Miyuki do the things he doesn’t want him to do. Sure, he feels content and safe with him, but that doesn’t mean that he’s so selfish to actually use it against him.


But it doesn’t mean that he won’t use it to monopolize him. He can be possessive toward what’s rightfully his. Wow… That was embarrassing as hell…


Miyuki stirred a little bit and Sawamura leaned down to give him a morning kiss.


“Good morning.”


“Good morning, gorgeous.” Greeted Miyuki back without missing a beat.


“And you say I’m smooth.” Sawamura blushed a little bit. At this rate he’ll get a stroke before he becomes 20.


“Well, I need to practice.”


“Oh, now that you mentioned. I’m going to school and practice today.” Miyuki sat up so quickly that Sawamura thought he’ll get a dizzy spell.


“What? Why?”


“I’m fine now. Actually I rested so much that I’m pumped up with energy. Don’t give me that look. I’m really fine now.” Sawamura was offended by the non believing look Miyuki sent his way.


“Are you sure? I will get you immediately back if I see even the smallest sign of you feeling sick.”


“I’m counting on you then. But please, don’t overdo it, ok?” Miyuki couldn’t promise anything and Sawamura knew that he was asking too much, but he wasn’t a baby anymore that needs constant care. He was aware that Miyuki’s alpha instinct is probably much stronger than his common sense, but that didn’t mean that he’ll let Miyuki boss him around as he pleased.


“Right back at you. Don’t overdo anything, okay?”




And they started to get ready for the day. It looked like it’ll be especially good.




The moment they put a foot on the practice field, everyone’s attention was on them. The younger Kominato was by his friend’s side and hugged him tightly.


“How are you, Eijun-kun?”


“I’m great, Harucchi! I was sleeping so much, that I’m full with energy! I could even take on a hippogriff now!”


“I can see that.” He answered clearly relieved that his friend was okay. “So, did you and Miyuki-senpai go through the ritual?” He added with a hushed voice.


Sawamura actually blushed a little bit and fidgeted with his hands, but in a moment later he was looking Haruichi in the eyes and beamed at him. “Yes! Now we can practice freely!” And took off in the direction where he saw Miyuki and Kuramochi.


“I think that it’s not the only reason you’re so happy. It’s written all over your face, baka.” Haruichi shook his head slightly and smiled to himself.


When Kataoka stepped out and greeted the team he saw Sawamura and nodded toward him.


Miyuki and Sawamura were walking to the farthest spot on the field, since they didn’t knew what abilities Sawamura had and how will they affect their teammates. Kuramochi wasn’t having any of that and with his temporary partner, the older Kominato, he followed the pair and started their practice near them.


Sawamura begun to shift when Miyuki nodded and readied his threads. The omega boy felt his skin rip in pieces and his muscles and bones to change in another shape. Sawamura cried out in pain, but it quickly changed to an animal’s growl. Miyuki extended his hands and the threads flowed to the beast and connected to his soul.


Miyuki let out a small sigh when he felt the connection solidify and he had full control over Sawamura.


The team was impressed by Sawamura’s new form, yet they didn’t knew how he got it. But it was clear that his new form was amazing.


Miyuki slowly tugged at the threads to determine which one had which effect on Sawamura.


As he slowly come to understand the basics, he tugged on two threads and Sawamura looked toward sky and opened his jaw. The next moment a fireball flew out of his mouth.


“Wow.” Was Miyuki’s really intelligent reaction. He knew that Sawamura’s original base soul was a Fire Akita, but to see that kind of destructive power was still amazing. The merge with the snake soul tripled his original power, if not even more.


Kataoka walked to them and warned them to be careful, since they’re not the only ones practicing. Miyuki nodded and Sawamura whined like a kicked puppy.


Miyuki slowly exhausted his power so he tugged at the right threads and Sawamura changed back to his human form. Miyuki held a white sheet up until Sawamura dressed up. It was the only bad thing about shapeshifting. The shifters after shifting back were as naked as when they were born.


After Sawamura got his last clothing on, Miyuki released the sheet and sat on the field. He was out of breath and it alarmed Sawamura.


“Are you ok? I mean, you look too tired after this much of a training. You didn’t even got to the end with the threads, right?”


Miyuki was displeased with himself, but didn’t knew what was the reason behind his sudden lack of stamina.


“Come here. I’ll update you stats.” Sawamura nodded, sat before Miyuki and held his shirt up. When Miyuki let his threads work on Sawamura’s back, draw his stats out and update them, his mind wandered off. He never felt this exhausted after training and it wasn’t his fault. He trained with other’s in his first year and he was still fine. When the glow on Sawamura’s back subdued, he glanced down. And his eyes widened.


“So? I’m still on the same level, right?” Asked Sawamura and looked back at Miyuki to see him dumbstruck. “What? What happened, Miyuki?!”


When Miyuki got out of his frozen state, Kuramochi, the older Kominato and Haruichi were there too. He looked at Sawamura and let a gigantic smile take over his face. “You’re lvl 18, Sawamura! You leveled up more than 10 levels!”


They thought that Miyuki finally lost it until they saw Sawamura’s stats. All of them looked like fishes on the shore.

Chapter Text

Sawamura was fidgeting on the chair he was sitting on with Miyuki by his side giving off waves of something close to pride.


"Okay, you two will go on ring hunting the next weekend. I've arranged a team for you with third years and a few second years. Sawamura, -" Kataoka looked at the boy, who felt like a deer in a spotlight. "- what kind of beast you want? If you have something specific in mind, tell us and we'll arrange you to that part of forest."


Sawamura thought a little bit and after a little time he looked at his coach. "A Fire Phoenix would go great with my fire-poison chimera."


All of them were surprised that the boy knew about that beast and Kataoka nodded.


"A hard catch, but I think you guys can do it. Okay, on Saturday you'll go to the fire part of the forest." And with this the boys were free for the rest of the day.


As they walked side by side, Miyuki took Sawamura's hand in his.


"You really think that you can absorb a fire-type soul ring? I mean, if it's off on the years you can die, since we can't judge its age by appearance." Sawamura squeezed Miyuki's hand back and smiled at him.


"I've already absorbed a snake ring when I wasn't even prepared for it, so I think it'll go okay. Don't worry too much. You'll get grey hair before you turn 20."


"Oooh, are you worried about little ol' me? Sweet of you, thought you're hundred years too early for it."


"Haha, you say that yet I'm stronger than you."


"Don't count your luck in our equation. If it wasn't for your lucky catch, you'd still be on the first or maybe second level."


"Well, sorry for being lucky! Maybe it's the only good thing about me, yet you're stuck with me. Suck it up and deal with it like a man."


"So you admit that you're just lucky? What kind deity I need to thank for this feast?"


"So you can't see anything good about me just my luck?!! So maybe your nature has nothing to do with us being together, but your curiosity in my luck?!" When Miyuki heard Sawamura yelling he knew that he went too far. Well, it was this long that he could control his nasty personality.


"No, you go it-" Miyuki was about to explain, but Sawamura interrupted.


"No, I what? I got it wrong? I'm mistaken? How can I be, when you clearly said it a minute ago?!! Are you going to come up with some lame excuses and think that everything is fine?! Don't think that you as an alpha can do just as you please!"


"I love you Sawamura, it won't change, but you need to know that I have a really bad personality and I can't change it from one moment to another. I'm sorry about what I said, it was never my intention of being mean to you. I was holding back until now, but looks like I got relaxed and let some of it leak. Sorry." He wasn't looking up, until he heard some muffled giggling. When he lifted his head up he saw Sawamura tremble with suppressed laugher.


"You should've seen your face! It's hilarious!" Sawamura was laughing so hard that he had to hold his stomach and kneeled on earth. "So you were holding back! Idiot, I need you to be relaxed around me, not stiff like an icicle. I was getting worried that maybe you was getting bored of me, since you can't show what the real you looks like. You really got me worried, you know."


Miyuki wanted someone to explain him what was happening. Sawamura really played a trick on him and what's worse he fell for it?! If someone saw it, he'll never live it down.


"Hyahaha! That's my lil bro! Teach that bastard a few lessons! He clearly needs it!" And with his hyena cackle Kuramochi run toward the field while yelling to the others what he heard.


Just my luck, really.


While Miyuki was mentally preparing for all the teasing he'll get, he looked at Sawamura. The boy had the cheek to grin at him.


"I love you too, Miyuki. But really! You needed this little lesson. So, no more holding back on me, you hear?" Miyuki already had a plan, how to get everything back to his evil of a boyfriend.




The rest of the week was somewhat uneventful, Miyuki and Sawamura were preparing for the ring hunting. Sawamura was giving off waves of discomfort and Miyuki stood there not knowing how to help him.


"Sawamura, everything will be ok, don't worry." Miyuki hugged the boy from behind and felt his boy tense for a second just to relax in the other.


"I know, but I want the best ring for my base soul. I don't want anything that's not perfect." And Miyuki got a feeling that it has to do with the snake soul's merging with his original base soul.


"But I need to make it clear to you, you can't do anything reckless. If you do want to do something to risk your life I'll tell Kataoka-kantoku to not let you on this ring hunting."


"You wouldn't!"


"Oh you be I will! Do you think the snake soul would be happy to see you risk your life like that? I think that she wanted to see you live happily not on verge of dying any minute."


Sawamura was left speechless.


Miyuki felt his body tremble slightly, so he turned the boy toward him and hugged him tightly while he cried. "Make sure to get the best rings in your power, so she can be happy to see that you're making good use of what she left you, but you're happy in the process." That got Sawamura cry harder. It was a wonder for him how Miyuki always knew what to say to him when he needed it the most.


He nodded in the chest he was relying on. It was the best he was capable of.




Saturday morning come relatively fast and Sawamura was up much earlier than needed.


"Comeon… We don't need to be up for at least two more hours. Lie back." But Sawamura got up and dressed in his favorite sweats.


"I'll go to run a little bit. I'll be back soon." And left before Miyuki got a chance to say anything.


"He'll kill me one day, really." Miyuki felt a headache come up, since he didn't get much sleep. Yet he was much better.


Before Sawamura bulldozed his way in his life, he had serious insomnia and actually he was just scraping by the whole year. Since he left his father to study in Seido he thought that maybe he did a mistake. He never failed any of his exams and he worked relatively well with his shifter partners, but he never felt content with anything he done. And it caused his insomnia, caused him to think about everything that was weighting him down in the dead of night. He was slowly going crazy, but Sawamura actually saved him. It felt so great to be needed and that he could rely on someone when he needed it. Sawamura wasn't angry at him for being mean and actually said that he needs to relax more. To be said something like this it was like a dead weight was lifted off his shoulders and chest. The first night he spent with Sawamura just hugging each other and sleeping like he was dead was the best sleep he got in the last few years. He was grateful for Sawamura and wanted to somehow give everything back he got from him. Well, of course the little prank as well.


"You're so childish, Kazuya. Can't you leave this one to him? He was totally right there, you know." The alpha scolded lightly, almost broking out laughing when he saw the defiant look on Miyuki's face. "So childish."


When Sawamura got back from his run Miyuki already waited for him with fresh breakfast.


"Oh gosh, it looks so yummy! It's amazing! You made everything?!" Miyuki was smiling after seeing his boyfriend's amazed face. Eyes going round, mouth wide open, probably a fly would fly in without any problem. It was plainly hilarious.


"'Course, I did! Did you fall in love with me deeper now?" What Miyuki wasn't expecting was to Sawamura to throw himself at him out of the blue and it was thanks to his good reflexes that they didn't fell back.


"I love you! I love you so much!"


So the shortest way to his heart is through his stomach, huh.


"Go shower, until that I'll finish our bento boxes and the rest of breakfast." Sawamura nodded and started to run toward bathroom but quickly remembered to bring clean clothes so changed his path to his – their – bedroom.


Miyuki sniggered at the running footsteps and almost yelled after him not to run in the house, but he realized that he'd sound too much like a cheesy housewife.


When the boy come back from showering, his hair dripping water on every side he turned his head, Miyuki had enough of it and forcefully pushed the towel on the boy's head and harshly dried his hair.


"Ow, ow, ow! Miyuki stop! It hurts!" But his pleas fell on deaf ears.


"That's what you get when you don't dry your hair in the bathroom as any normal person would do." At that Sawamura started to laugh. "What now?"


"Where do you see normal people? You're a controller and I'm a shifter, and both of us have an alter ego that's our natures! On top of it, I have another one as my base soul. I don't see even one normal person here."


Miyuki heard his alpha laugh his ass off. "Gosh, it's hilarious! This boy is amazing! He's totally right!"


Miyuki wasn't pleased.




They were in front of the school gates waiting for the team to show up. Sawamura was lucky to have Miyuki by his side or he would've been late for his own ring hunting event.


When the team arrived Sawamura bounced with happiness. It was the same team he was in when he was helping Isashiki-senpai get his new ring.


"Oh, if it isn't Sawamura!" Said Isashiki-senpai as he run up to the boy to hug him and saw the murderous look on Miyuki's face. "Oy, brat, don't glare at me like that or I'll kick your ass! I'm still not at peace with the thought of you being his mate after all the things he had to go through, but I can see that he's happy with you, so stop being jealous!"


"Miyuki, really, stop." Said Sawamura displeased with Miyuki being rude to his big brother. "Jun-nii, I'm so happy to be with you in this team!"


"Same here, boy! Now let's go!" And they left for the Forest of Fire.


As they walked and Sawamura was chatting with others, Chris slowed down to match his pace with the fuming Miyuki.


"You really don't have any reason to be jealous. That boy is head over heels for you. And he sees Jun as his big brother, not as a love interest."


"I know, but I can't help it. When he's not looking at me I get uneasy and I do or say stuff I don't mean." Chris smiled gently at patted Miyuki's shoulder.


"Don't worry, he would never love anyone but you." And Chris sped up to join the group now gravitating around Sawamura.


"I know that, but still…"


"Now you're behaving like a baby. Pull yourself together! You're disgracing the alphas with this demeanor." The alpha had fed up with his host's childish attitude and was about to give him a piece of his mind when Sawamura showed up at their side.


"Miyuki, you ok? Why don't you join the others?" Miyuki felt ashamed for worrying Sawamura like that and the alpha in him sighed.


"I'll be right there. Go ahead." Sawamura hesitated for a sec, but then nodded and left.


"See?" Miyuki took a deep breath to calm himself.


"Shut up."


"You'll listen only to him or what? But I'll tell you that if you quickly don't change this childish behavior of yours, Sawamura will soon get tired of you."


"He'll never leave me."


"Why are you so sure?"


"Aren't you supposed to help me and not make everything worse?"


"I'm supposed to guide you on the right path which you missed by miles! Look, even though we're mates, it doesn't meant that the love between us will last for an eternity if you just leave it on its own. The normal love and love between mates is similar to a flower. You need to care for it so it can bloom. If you leave it like that, it'll wither and die. If that comes you can be as sure as you are breathing now that he'll leave you. The omegas are too sensitive for this stuff and if they don't feel safe or loved, they can leave you even if you're their mate. They'll die alone because of the claim, but they'll never return to you." It opened Miyuki's eyes and evoked a brand new fear.


"But don't forget that you need to leave a little space for him too. Don't suffocate him with your love. See what his needs are and act upon them."


"But how will I know that I'm doing it right or wrong?"


"Idiot, just ask him!"


Well, Miyuki would never thought of that possibility.

Chapter Text

Not long after they arrived in the Forest of Fire, they stopped on a beautiful clearing. They didn't want to make too much noise, because the beasts in the forest are the most dangerous ones in the area.


When the team learned what they were hunting for, they thought the boys are just trying to prank them, but they realized quickly that it wasn't a joke.


The Fire Phoenix is a very rare species and it's difficult to find. Of course, it's not impossible, but it's not a one-day mission. And worst, they don't know a lot of young ones which makes it even harder, because if the soul ring is too old, it would be too risky for Sawamura to absorb.


They sat around campfire while Sawamura sat in front of Miyuki who hugged him from behind and listened to the others. One story emerged after another when Isashiki brought up their previous hunt and the story about Sawamura and the monkey.


"What are you talking about?" Miyuki asked, hugging Sawamura closer.


"Oooh, Eijun didn't tell you?" Isashiki glanced at the glasses and then brightened up, because even if he begged the boy to tell what had happened, Sawamura didn't want to say a thing, so now they got a chance to finally find out. "Then tell us what happened back then."


Sawamura hesitated at first and then finally opened his mouth to begin, but a drop of tear was faster and followed the rest until Sawamura turned around in Miyuki's arms and silently cried in the strong chest.


"Eijun?! What's wrong?!" Isashiki and everyone along with him jumped up, but Miyuki shook his head.


"Come on, we'll go into the tent." Miyuki rose slowly from the ground, pulling the still crying boy with him. When will he go over the pain of losing the snake soul? He had lost it not that long ago and Miyuki understood it, but he couldn't look at his suffering anymore.


When Sawamura cried himself to sleep, Miyuki quietly sneaked out and he did the right thing since everyone was at the fire waiting for him.


"What was that?" Asked Isashiki, it seemed the scene drained him a lot.


"I don't think we've asked anything that would upset him so much, did we?" Tanba looked up at the bespectacled who sat slowly beside the fire, the light from the flames reflecting on the lenses hiding most of his expression.


"The truth is that this has just recently happened, when we did the ritual. Not long before that he told me that he had another soul beside his base soul. It was a snake ring that he picked up at the age of nine after an accident. He said that the snake caused him a lot of trouble, but it was written all over his face that he was very attached to it. Well, I think you can guess what happened when we did the contract." He didn't have to say it, everyone knew. And then the picture got together. It was certain that in the monkey case, the snake soul helped him and it reminded him of it.


They looked at the tent and then back to the alpha.


It was clear that he was barely enduring his mates suffering, and they felt double guilt.


"That's why I want to help him find the best rings." Everyone was surprised by his sudden voice, but they smiled since their plan was the same.


"Who would have thought that you have so much humanity in you?" Elder Kominato didn't spare the boy who didn't mind it at all.


"Now how are you saying when did you become so generous, Miyuki?" Isashiki laughed and then quieted when he remembered someone was sleeping.


"And when did you become some senpais who are fond of bullying their sweet kohai?" Miyuki looked up, his cheeky grin in place.


"We are like this just in a case if that particular kohai deserves it." Tetsu spoke and Miyuki saw that he lost this battle. The leader was completely right, but he didn't intend to change it.


"Well, then, Miyauchi, you will be the first in night watch. We'll let Sawamura and Miyuki sleep. In the morning we're going into the heart of the forest." Tetsu reported, everyone nodded and went to their own tent, while Miyauchi was still at the fire, visibly blowing air as usual.




Sawamura was the first to wake up and when he sat up, he looked next to himself. There was a body attached to the arms embracing him, a peaceful sleeping controller.


Miyuki was sleeping peacefully, not noticing that it was already morning. Sawamura slowly pulled himself out of the embrace and climbed out of the tent, stretched out as the sun's first rays warmed his face pleasantly.


"Good morning, Sawamura. How did you sleep?" The older Kominato asked.


"Morning. Very well, thank you." Then he remembered and quickly added. "But how did I not get waked up for night watch?"


The pink haired lifted his eyebrows, but said nothing. When Sawamura was about to ask again, Chris climbed out of his tent followed by Tanba and finally Yuuki came out with Isashiki. Miyauchi was out of the tent 10 minutes after the others came out.


The young shapeshifter didn't have the opportunity to ask again since everyone was preparing for breakfast. When the food was almost finished, Miyuki stumbled out of the tent, yawning.


"Morning, Sleeping Beauty! Are you giving us the honor of you joining us?" Isashiki asked with sarcastic sweetness. Miyuki seemed to be somewhat embarrassed when he saw that everyone had been long up and Isashiki was grinning gleefully. The revenge was sweet after all the looks the bespectacled graced him when they met at the entrance of the school the previous day.


"Miyuki, come on. Breakfast is ready!" Miyuki visibly turned deep red and everyone laughed loudly. Sawamura didn't understand and he was even more confused when the people sitting beside him were patting his shoulders.


As the morning came and they packed everything, they brimmed with energy and continued their travel in the heart of Forest of Fire, where most of the strong beasts can be find.


Little up the road, they had an unexpected guest. The whole team was on alarm when two old and a young Crimson flame monkey stood in front of them. Sawamura quickly realized the family and stepped forward with Miyuki on his heels, who didn't understand what was happening just as the rest of the team.


"I see you are good, nothing has happened since then." The two monkeys seemed to understand the boy and brought the young monkey forward, who looked curiously at the boy in front of him.


Then she suddenly climbed up to Sawamura's neck, said something and the parents looked at each other. The two eldest monkeys took out a packet wrapped in a huge leafs and handed it over to the boy who blinked a few times and then accepted the gift. They came to him to thank for his help, which he didn't deserve. For a moment his heart was shaken by the thought, but he quickly gathered himself together, because he couldn't be a crybaby for the rest of his life. During the exchange, the little one climbed off him and joined her parents into the woods.


All of them were around the boy and told him to open the pack. Sawamura couldn't help his own curiosity, so he knelt down and slowly began to pull the leaves apart.


Everyone glanced at the content of the package. At least 20 flame fruits were hidden in the packet. Even of them had some space scraping price. Sawamura smiled, quickly packed the fruit back and left the pack where the monkeys entered the forest. He took only one leaf, put into his bag and went on.


Of course, his gesture didn't surprise his teammates, who also left the fruits and went their way into the heart of the forest.


The trees were getting thicker and the bushes made their walk more difficult, the heat in the wood didn't help at all. It wasn't called the Forest of Fire for nothing. The plants also radiated heat and deeper the plants were literally blazing, burning to ashes anything that touched them.


When they finally reached the end of the forest and arrived in the rocky mountains, Yuuki decided to take a break and continue their journey later.


Their map led only to the edge of the forest, because no one was so stupid to venture into the rocky mountains where they couldn't hide from the predators, but the nests of the Phoenixes were somewhere in the mountains.


Sawamura heard a strange buzz when Isashiki suddenly jumped up and cried out. "EVERYONE, IN THE FOREST AND GET DOWN! FIREWASPS!"


Seeing one of them wasn't an everyday spectacle, but a whole swarm was a miracle. And it's just as dangerous since nobody survived their bite. The bite of the wasp won't kill its victim immediately, but they will be tormented by the poison for a while, high fever and everything with it. Just after the hellish torments comes the redeeming death. The only antidote would be the propolis, which is produced and stored by the wasp queen only. Propolis is usually the honeybee's privilege, but the Firewasp queen can produce it against their own poison.


When the swarm passed over them and the forest grew quiet again, Yuuki stood up and looked at the team. "Everyone is unhurt?" One after other voiced their state, only one person said nothing. When everyone looked in the general direction they suspected he is, their eyes widened.


Sawamura was lying on the ground and a giant sting was drilled into his back. Miyuki was the first one to get rid of his initial daze and was about to pull out the sting when someone caught his hands.


"Do not touch it. The exterior of it is poisonous too." Miyauchi blew visibly through his nose, already dropped his bag and took out his gloves and the proper gear he needed.


"Leave that to him." Chris put his hand on Miyuki's shoulder, who reluctantly, but left his injured partner.


"We won't find antidote for him at the school and he probably won't survive the way back. Our only chance would be the propolis from the wasps, but it's a suicidal mission to march into their nest." Said the older Kominato, hand on his chin.


"Are you letting him die?!" Shouted the completely shattered controller, then backpedalled at the look sent his way.


"Who do you think I am? I'm not as heartless as you are." He threw back at Miyuki angrily, who suddenly grabbed his chest and began coughing.


The cough turned so badly that he fell to his knees and blood left his lips.


"Shit, because of the contract you're also affected by Sawamura's poisoning." Isashiki walked to the kneeling boy and reached under his shoulder to slowly lift him from the scorching ground.


"I think we have no choice but to go back to the entrance to the forest and we will camp there. I'll tell the rest afterwards." Yuuki looked at the team, they nodded in agreement, laid Sawamura on a stretcher and slowly walked to the entrance where they came from.

Chapter Text

Getting out of the woods, the team quickly pulled out the tents and began to nurse the youngsters. Isashiki disappeared the moment he came out and Yuuki was beginning to worry, when he finally appeared with the familiar package.


"These can be used to slow the poison." He gasped for breath. They slightly got off the original route as they went and therefore, they appeared a little further up from the package for which Isashiki voluntarily ran to get.


"It's a good idea, I'll immediately mash them." Miyauchi and Tanba together mashed the fruits and Miyauchi put the purée slowly on Sawamura's wound and then made the patients to eat a little bit.


"But we didn't win much time, we have to decide what to do now." Kominato looked at the team and then back to the tent.


"There's just one decision, right?! Since we won't find any medicine at school, there's only the nest of the wasps left behind or we just let them die." Isashiki didn't like to say out one of the expected options if they didn't hurry.


"Of course we can't afford it." Chris interrupted.


"So?" Asked Tanba slightly timidly since he knew the answer to his question.


"Let's go to the wasp's nest." Yuuki declared and the others roared.




They went back to where the incident occurred, while Miyauch was left behind to nurse the other two.


Isashiki was more restless than ever and even Chris couldn't sit still on his laurels.


Everyone knew how much Sawamura meant to them and how much they were scolding Miyuki, he was still a part of their team and they were worried about him as well.


They followed one of the wasps flying into a huge cave in one of the secluded parts of the rocky mountain and shortly thereafter, a few others flew out of there.


"It will be the entrance of the nest." Tanba announced the obvious.


"What are we waiting for?" Whisper-shouted Isashiki and he stood up to enter the cave, but Yuuki stopped him.


"Wait." Then he turned to the others. "There's a possibility that we'll run into some guards, so we have to be careful. We'll fight if it's totally necessary. Also, it would be good if Jun and Tanba were to shift now, because I don't think they will have time to do it inside." Both of them nodded and began to shift.


A Spitz wasn't convincing, but he had various water and earth techniques against the fire-type wasps, while Tanba used his raw power and base earth element in the form of a rhinoceros.


They walked slowly toward the entrance when Isashiki made a water sphere and threw it in the direction of the cave entrance. It hit a wasp who was coming out holding two golden orbs. He flailed helplessly a few times, then crashed to the ground.


The small team sneaked by it and slowly walked inward. Once again, Isashiki was first to make a ball of water, while Tanba activated his earth technique on his horn and made it into a huge lance and they fought against four wasps. Yuuki and Chris were all connected to them through their threads, helping them against enemies they might not notice. The older Kominato was behind them always throwing a cautious look behind them, then Isashiki finally caught the smell of propolis and began to lead the team in the labyrinthine-like corridors. Ryousuke didn't forget to make a sign at every rounds, so if they had to get out quickly, they'll have an easier time.


Finally, after two more battles, they came to the heart of the nest. Hundreds or maybe thousands wasps were busy in the seemingly small place and Chris was the first to realize and whispered to the others.


"We have to hurry. Probably the wasps are about to move out of the nest, but that may be useful to us, because the queen sure is preparing as well and won't guard the propolis." Everyone nodded, then sneaked in the direction that Isashiki led them. A few minutes of walk - which seemed like hours because of the constant danger – they reached the place where propolis orbs glittered in gold.


Ryousuke put a huge basket over his shoulder and jumped on the stones with so much grace like a ballerina. When he had solid ground under his feet, he laid the basket and didn't put only one orb of propolis into it, but if they were there, they took a souvenir home.


The basket was almost full when two wasps flew into the propolis storage, slowly clearing it out. When they paused, Ryousuke was already hiding behind a bigger mound of golden balls, but he still didn't know what to do when they went toward him. They felt the strange smell or just a simple hunch, whatever it was, Ryousuke was in danger. The small team was ready for the attack and before the wasps reached the boy's cover, a third wasp flew in, who seemed to say something to his two colleagues. They were a little reluctant, but picked up two orbs and flew out.


Ryousuke picked up the baskets and jumped up with ease on the rocks, then laid down the basket and took the empty one, which rested on Yuuki's shoulder.


"One more dose. If they've caused us so much trouble, it's okay to reciprocate their kindness." The others looked at each other and before they could reply Ryousuke was down and packed the second basket.


Fortunately, Ryousuke didn't encounter another guard until he packed the basket and came back to the team, then they set off fast, but quietly toward the cave entrance. Thanks to Ryousuke's signs, they got out much faster and rushed back into the woods before the bastards realize they were robbed. Without problem the team went back woods, where the shapeshifters clothes were waiting for them on the ground as they left them.


Isashiki and Tanba were back in their human forms and went back to the camp with joyful steps. It was a great pleasure to carry the heavy baskets on their backs, because they risked their lives for them and successfully took the obstacle.


Returning to the camp, they saw Miyauchi hanging his head low. Looking up at his returned companions he was glad, but his joy didn't last long. Seeing this, everyone was around the boy and expected the status report.


"Sawamura fell into coma." He announced and everyone's eyes widened.


"We were not fast enough!" Isashiki fell on his knees and looked in the direction of that tent where his two fellow teammates fought for their lives.


"The flame fruit helped, but it wasn't enough." Miyauchi continued, staring at the blood drying on his hands.


"It's only a matter of minutes, right?" Chris asked so softly that if any noise had been around them, they wouldn't have heard.


Miyauchi nodded.


"Miyuki?" There was hope in Yuuki's voice, but Miyauchi shook his head.


"Soon after Sawamura, he fell in coma too. As soon Sawamura's heart gives up, Miyuki dies with him."


Isashiki's tears soaked the dust of the ground with the rest, except for Miyauch who had previously scribbled his own tears, seeing his puffy, red eyes.


They sat there in the middle of the camp, their victorious prizes, the propolis orbs hidden behind a bush, waited for the panting sounds to fade out.


As the minutes passed, they became more and more nervous, knowing that the inevitable would come. Shortly afterwards, the gasping finally grew silent.




About an hour passed after silence settled on the tent. No one had enough power to go in and see the result of their carelessness. Finally, Yuuki, who tried to show as much courage as possible, got up and went into the tent. A few minutes later he rushed out with a smile on his mouth, the others jumped.


"They are alive!" He announced cheerfully and Miyauchi stepped in to check them out.


With a huge smile he came back and confirmed it.


They didn't understand how and why, but they were still happy for their teammates.


Miyauchi immediately took one of the propolis balls and opened it, took its content into the tent and put it on Sawamura's wound, them made him eat a little of it.


The team constantly watched them and that night Miyuki was the first to wake up.


"What happened?" It was his first question to Chris, who replaced the towel on his forehead.


"Miyuki." Chris called with joy in his voice. "Do you remember that a wasp sting was in Sawamura's back?" Chris thought that the question didn't reach the boy's mind, when he suddenly sat up and shouted.


"Sawamura!" The shapeshifter started to stir beside him and Miyuki glanced down.


"Why are you shouting?" The boy asked drowsily.


Chris quickly offered to the awakening boy a glass that Sawamura was delighted to take. His throat was as dry as the desert, he almost felt the sand grains under his teeth. After gulping the water down, he sighed with satisfaction. Chris gave a glass to Miyuki as well and stepped out of the tent.


They heard the team talk for a couple of minutes and then everyone tried to get in.


Sawamura tried to sit up, but the pain flaring in his back made him lie back.


"Are you okay?" Asked the alpha anxiously.


"Yeah, just my back hurts a little bit." The boy answered then smiled at the others.


That night everyone was asleep, their tiredness of the day-to-day tension had reached the top, ignoring the fact that they're on enemies territory.




The next morning, Sawamura still wasn't strong enough to go out of the tent, but to let him see everything, Miyuki pulled the tent's entrance away and tied them, so Sawamura had a clear view at the camp.


Everyone was happily talking and eating and Miyuki took two portions of breakfast to Sawamura, when Yuuki looked at them.


"Tetsu-san?" Miyuki looked back at him.


"I know what you want to ask. How did you survive without the propolis? We thought that there wasn't any help for you guys." Isashiki shuddered at his own sentence.


Sawamura smiled at him and everyone looked back at him with puzzled expressions, including Miyuki.


"It's all thanks to the snake soul. When I absorbed her, she said that I would be immune to all kinds of poison. I didn't think that to this kind of poison too." They were awed for a while, then nodded. So that's why.


"But now what should we do? We can't continue our mission. Sawamura's not strong enough to fight with a phoenix." Isashiki glanced at Yuuki, waiting for his decision.


Before he said anything, he looked at the boy in the tent. "Do you want to go home?"


Sawamura shook his head. "If I have already come this far, I don't want to go back now, I just need some time to recover. I, Sawamura Eijun, won't give-" But he didn't have time to finish when the voice of a big bird interrupted him.


Their chins hit the ground. A Fire Phoenix was above their camp, flying in full grace, the sun glinting on its feathers, giving it glittering glory.


Everyone jumped up and stood in form, Isashiki and Tanba shifted, then attacked the bird. The phoenix did not hold back either and vapored Isashiki's water sphere with a single wing stroke.


"This is at least a 20.000 years old." Chris announced that he pulled the threads and Tanba stabbed his horn in the ground, then tossed the piece that he tore toward the phoenix.


"It's too old. The most suitable would be a 5-10.000 years old, yet it's young too." Miyuki was standing in front of the tent, waiting, if he had to save his lover if things turned grim.


"It will be good." He heard Sawamura's voice and he looked back in time to see his partner began to shift and the huge chimera stood before him.


Miyuki didn't hesitate and let his threads go to Sawamura, they joined to the right places and the chimera visibly relaxed. He was still unable to control his strength and without Miyuki he would probably go berserk, what he didn't want to try.


Miyuki immediately realized how weak his partner was and knew he himself wasn't in a better condition, but he couldn't leave Sawamura alone.


He pulled the right threads and Sawamura looked up to the sky, opened his mouth, and a sphere began to take shape before his mouth. He didn't let go of it immediately, but he collected all the energy and waited for the right time when he could finally send it to the phoenix.


Miyuki stared at the scene with astonishment, then glanced at the others who felt the enormous energy and retreated to a safe distance.


The sphere was smaller in the end, but it glowed with the compressed energy in it and finally Sawamura let it go. The phoenix didn't had enough time to fly away, as Isashiki held its attention till the last second and then the sphere hit the bird, who crashed in the ground.


Sawamura walked over to the animal in his chimera form and gave it the most painless death. He shifted back quickly as Miyuki stood behind him and Sawamura prepared himself to absorb the ring.


Chris was kind enough to give a blanket to the alpha, who took it and covered Sawamura with it.


"Are you sure? It's too old for you and you didn't even recover from the poisoning properly, you can die. And you're too stupid for this, aren't you?" But in Sawamura's eyes he could see the self-confidence that he was completely in love with.


"Don't call me an idiot and I won't die here. I'll pick up the best rings and I'll be the strongest."


Miyuki smiled and pressed a quick kiss on his lips before he could start the absorption. After all, it will take a long time and he can't disturb him.

Chapter Text

Sawamura was sitting on the ground for 10 minutes, eyes closed with priestly concentration, but the ring didn't move. The team suspected that the ring was too old for him, yet they didn't think that nothing would happen if he tried to absorb it.


They sat not far from the boy and talked animatedly, trying to spend the spare time somehow. Miyuki was there as well, but his back was toward the others, watching Sawamura constantly.


"Since you are trying to burn holes into his skull, it won't go faster." Isashiki said and whacked at his shoulders strongly a few times.


"Sawamura's still weak, plus the ring is much older than his level can deal with. If he overstrains himself, he can easily die." Chris added, glancing back at the boy.


"Of course we won't allow it." Ryousuke said while he turns a page in the book he was reading. Chris after a little bit turned a page in his own book and Yuuki took out the shogi table. 'Why did you brought this with you?' escaped Isashiki's mouth, and then the captain replied simply 'To play. Jun, you'll be the first one", the boy sighed with resignation.


Miyuki was more and more concerned about Sawamura, since the sweat on his forehead began to roll down on his face, the concentration to prepare his body for absorption, draining his still weak body.


After another 10 minutes of nothing, Miyuki raised making everyone look at him.


"That's it. Probably he can't deal with it. I'll stop him." But he was too late, since the ring started to dissipate before Sawamura.


The light that flooded from the boy wasn't a good sign. A tiny drop of blood dripped from the boy's mouth, apparently struggling with the remaining consciousness of the phoenix.


Miyuki seeing the blood suddenly begun to run toward his partner, but Chris stopped him.


"Stop. Since the absorption started, you can't do anything." The bespectacled didn't turn, he kept his eyes on Sawamura, but he suddenly glanced away when he heard noise from the bushes.


"What's there?" He asked Chris, who tensed and slowly went back to Tanba. Seeing his partner's eyes, he stood up and began to change. Yuuki pushed the shogi table and joined his two companions, then Isashiki began to shift in his animal form.


"This will be a problem." Said Miyauchi silently, took out the shields and run to Sawamura, kneeling behind him smashed the two metal shields to each other, protecting the defenseless boy. Ryousuke also took his knife, holding them tightly and joined Miyauchi. If he represents the defense, Ryousuke is the offense.


The controllers had to excel in close combat and defense so they can defend their pairs if it was needed, but most of the time one of the skills is far higher than the other two, which makes someone be a support type while the other a warrior type.


Miyauchi is without a question is in the support type, because of his outstanding medical capabilities, but his defense should not be underestimated. The twin shields that he owns are enough evidence. Ryousuke is the best in attack and he likes to be in the front line rather than being in the back. He has poor medical skills and his defense is only average, but his ability to attack greatly compensates for the other two shortcomings.


"We really don't have a peaceful minute." Growled Miyuki, who also took out his daggers and stood opposite of Miyauchi, ready to fight.


While Sawamura didn't notice anything about the approaching danger, his attention was completely locked at the rampaging phoenix.


"I don't know how long we can restrain it. I'm afraid it won't take long." Growled the chimera in a deep voice. The phoenix didn't seem to give up in the near future and Sawamura was running out of his power. The poisoning drained his base soul too and the omega completely shut himself off. He suffered more damage than he initially thought and began to realize that maybe just once, but he bite bigger than he can swallow.


But from now on there was no return. He overcomes this challenge and gets the ring or dies trying, which wasn't an option.


He didn't want Miyuki to be dragged down with him. If it was only for himself, he probably gave up by now, but not now.


He attacked again, but the bird blocked him with ease, then he remembered something. He started whispering to the chimera, who was listening with slack jaw. When Sawamura finished, the chimera soul yelled at him.


"You've gone insane?! Just a little mistake and you can easily get in trouble!" Sawamura shook his head and smiled at the chimera.


"Don't you think that if we don't do something, we'll die here?" There was no answer to this. "I'm counting on you."


Sawamura began to move away from the chimera until a fireball began to form before his mouth. As more and more strength was pressed into the sphere, the phoenix noticed the same technique and quickly flew toward him, but Sawamura jumped at its back when the bird lowered its defense. For a while he rode the bird and felt that the skin on his arms were slowly burning, but he didn't let the bird go. He wanted to win at any price.


Miyuki felt the smell of scorched skin and turned back to see the skin of Sawamura's hands and half of his face were burnt, his flesh slowly disappeared. Miyauchi felt it too, but he didn't look back, kept his eyes on the enemy in front of him.


Ryousuke was stabbing one of the Fireboars and was about to take a quick break when Miyauchi shouted behind him. He didn't had enough time to jump out of the wild boars way, when it roared and fell on the ground.


He saw Miyuki's dagger, then looked up at its owner. Miyuki nodded, and Ryousuke took the dagger and handed it back to the alpha.


Yuuki and Isashiki have captured three Fireboars within his water technique and Chris and Tanba killed them with their earth technique.


The chimera was finally ready with his technique and sent it toward his target, Sawamura jumped aside the last minute and the fireball collided for the second time with the Fire Phoenix. The bird collapsed, became a ring and merged with the chimera, giving him flaming wings. The chimera run to Sawamura and gently lifted him, then frowned at the smell of burnt skin and meat.


"I'll live." Grunted Sawamura barely audible, but it didn't seem persuasive after taking a glimpse at his swaying steps and closing eyes.


When Sawamura finally returned, he saw with surprise that his companions had just completed their fight against the dozens of boars that attacked them. Eventually, he couldn't say anything to them, but fell over and let the darkness devour him.




Two days later, sometime in the early afternoon, he woke up to find pleasant scents in the tent. Looking at his side he saw Miyuki, who was eating with a distressed expression on his face. Sawamura slowly placed his hand on the other's knee and the alpha slightly jumped at the contact.


"Sawamura?" Miyuki immediately put the plate aside made and gently took the shifter's hand.


"Morning." His voice was hoarse, but it didn't surprise him.


"I suspect that we were out for at least two days, if not more." The chimera said weakly.


Sawamura shook his head, but the stabbing pain stopped him. "Where does it hurt?" Miyuki asked worriedly.


"Just my head, nothing serious. Can I have a glass of water?"


"Even two." Said the bespectacled, poured water into a glass and helped his partner drink.


"I don't know what to do with two glasses." Miyuki stared at the shapeshifted with wide eyes, then laughed.


"That was horrible." He rasped between two breaths.


Sawamura smiled as he saw the other's cheerful expression.


"What happened?" Isashiki came in and when he saw the shapeshifter awake, he felt relief wash over him. "Despite being a kohai, you love to cause a lot of trouble, do you?"


"Jun-nii, I'm sorry if I worried you." The boy just sighed and left them.


Sawamura was silent for a few moments, then asked. "How long have I slept?"


"Two and a half days. At first, your wounds didn't heal and we thought the ring of the Phoenix was causing trouble, but last night the skin started to grow back and the wounds closed, so we left you sleeping."


Sawamura said nothing but nodded. "I wasn't off too much." The chimera proudly declared and the boy shook his head with a fond smile.


"What's wrong?" Miyuki watched him closely and the shapeshifter shook his head again.


"Nothing, just my base soul is a little bit bumptious." Miyuki didn't understand, but didn't ask.


"And? With what kind of technique are you richer now? Was it worth taking up all this risk?"


He added angrily in his thought. Was it worth getting seriously injured by that little shit, for its ring?


"The chimera got wings and got a new technique, plus my strength increased by 30%, so yes, it was worth it." Miyuki just looked like a fish in the bag, then relaxed.


"Well, I wouldn't even dream that such an idiot like you could do it. Seriously, you surprised me."


"Don't call me an idiot! And what do you mean by that?!"


"What I mean? Your control over your soul is zero, you go berserk the second no one watches."


"And this is the exact reason why you're here!" Miyuki paused for a moment and his smirk was taken over by a gentle smile.


"As you say. But I hope it's not the only reason." And he kissed the lying shifter, who didn't hesitate to kiss him back. "Welcome home."


"I'm home."




They spent another half a day in the forest and the next morning, with the boars, propolis, remaining flame fruits and their other stuff, they went back to school. They had to take break a few times, since Sawamura had problems with their pace, even if he was leaning against Miyuki.


Furthermore, they got into fight with more beasts and began to wonder if they were deliberately coming against them. Finally, with no more problems and a couple of plus dropped items the team continued their trip back.


They were away for 6 full days and started to miss the safety of Seido.


The team reached the school around noon and were surprised seeing teachers and students waiting for them.


Kuramochi was the first to reach the small team, then walked over to Sawamura's other side to support him, who was happy to receive the extra help. He was totally out of breath and energy and was about to collapse not minding Miyuki who supported him the whole time.


"Everyone, go to the cafeteria and wait there." Kataoka looked at the small crowd, finally turning his shaded eyes back to the team. "Come with me to the office, except for Sawamura." Then he looked at the boy. "You go to the school nurse."


The boy didn't have the strength to even agree.


Kuramochi and Miyuki nodded in his place and headed for the school nurse, while Kataoka moved toward the office quietly followed by Takashima and the team.


As they entered the room, the team dropped their bags and were sighed with relief at the light feeling on their shoulders. Everyone sat and Takashima put mugs with tea in front of them.


"Yuuki, report." The boy stood up, but Kataoka shook his head. "Stay seated."


The boy didn't oppose him, took a deep breath and told the whole story from beginning till the end.


"I understand." Kataoka looked through the tired team. Then he stood up and went to the bags where he saw the mentioned items. Propolis, flame fruits and at least 10 boars. They came back with huge profits beside Sawamura's ring, but saw the loss and the upcoming danger.


"Kantoku, can I have a question?" The teacher went back to his armchair, sat down, then nodded. "Do you think these attacks are intentional?"


Clever boy. Kataoka thought as he looked at Chris' tense expression. "Could be." He answered honestly.


Their eyes widened choking on air.


"But who would do that? And who's the target?" Isashiki looked at the team.


"It can be only someone from us." Answered Miyauchi.


"No one has an enemy among us." Tanba continued.


"Then only the other two can be." Ryousuke added, and everyone looked at him.


"But which one?" They thought a few seconds and then unanimously answered.






Sawamura got medicine for his wounds and the school nurse confirmed what Miyauchi said: a few days of rest and he'll be like new. Of course, he had to be under surveillance because of possible complications, but he had no serious problems.


The boy slowly got up from the bed, Miyuki was there to help him and then walked out the door.


"So?" Kuramochi stepped over to the other side of the boy without a word and reached under his arm.


"A couple of days off at home and I'll be back." The boy answered and the older boy sighed with relief.


"That's good." He said softly and Miyuki spoke.


"I'll stay with him for a few days." Kuramochi raised his head, then shook it.


"That's not gonna work." At the questioning look of the alpha, he sighed with resignation. "Have you forgot about it? On Monday we have a close combat exam. I hope you had time to prepare on that 6 days while you were away or else you are in big trouble."


Miyuki paled and that was enough of an answer.


"I'll call my mother to see if she can come." The boys looked at the shifter, but he said nothing more.


Later, when Kuramochi was dragging Miyuki away from Sawamura's bed, the boy assured them that he'll be ok. He promised to call his parents and there won't be a problem. He somehow convinced the boys, yet reluctantly, but they went home.


Sawamura was alone and slept all through the afternoon. In the evening when he finally woke up, he saw his phone with 6 missed calls and 3 messages, both from Miyuki.


When he responded to the alpha and he wrote back, Sawamura finally took the strength to get up and make a very simple meal for himself. He wasn't a kid to be unable to handle himself with such injury.


"I think you should call someone. You have fever." Said the chimera seriously, but he couldn't do anything because the boy's consciousness strongly opposed him to take control and do something unnecessary.


"I'm good. A little sleep solves everything." When the food was ready, he somehow had no appetite, so he left it on the table and went back to his room. He lied on his bed watching the ceiling.


Only a half day passed, but he already missed Miyuki. Despite the fact that he continues to go to his nerves, they have spent the last six days together and have begun to miss the other's proximity.


Sawamura was about to fall asleep when he remembered an important question. "Where's the omega? I haven't heard him for a while?"


When the chimera didn't answer, Sawamura's heart sunk. He was about to be ask again when the base soul answered.


"He completely locked himself off. Since the poisoning, I can't get in touch with him." Sawamura's blood froze in his veins.


"What does this mean?"


"Unfortunately I don't know, but at least tell Miyuki you're not okay, then sleep."


"I can't do that. Miyuki is preparing for his exam, despite being poisoned and fighting all the time. I don't want to be a millstone around his neck." The chimera just sighed deeply at the Sawamura's stubbornness.


"You'll never change, right?"


The boy just smiled. "You know me so well."


And he finally fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Sawamura slept through the whole Saturday and woke up at Sunday early dawn. He felt that something was wrong, but he didn't want to bother anyone, so he stayed silent about it even when he replied to Miyuki's messages.


The alpha, however, somewhere along the way began to suspect something was wrong and in the afternoon he called the shapeshifter.


"Hello? Miyuki? What's the matter?" Sawamura asked confused.


"That's my line. I have a feeling you're keeping something from me."


"Of course, nothing. Why do you think that?" Miyuki knew from his voice that he was right.


"Perhaps because you didn't answer my messages or calls all day yesterday. If not you, at least your mother could have picked up the phone." Sawamura felt the loop tighten around his neck and tried to think for a good excuse. He hoped that what he would say won't be very suspicious.


"I told my mother at home to not even touch my phone because, she had once managed to press something wrong and I don't trust my phone to her ever since."


"Hmm, okay. So now that you've picked it up, then please call her on the phone. I want to ask her something." Sawamura didn't even think about what he was saying, it just flew out of his mouth.


"She can't because, she's in the bathroom." He twitched at the seemingly apparent lie.


"Miyuki, what the hell are you doing? The break is over, come on!" Sawamura heard Kuramochi's voice across the line and suddenly he had an idea of how to avoid further questions.


"Well, I don't want to bother you anymore, good luck on tomorrow's exam and give my greetings to You-nii."


"Sawa-" But before he could finish, Sawamura cut the line.


"Do you know that you will regret this later?" But the boy didn't answer just fell asleep again.




At one in the morning, Sawamura was awakened by the fact that his throat was as dry as the desert. When he wanted to take the glass from the bedside table, somehow he couldn't reach it. It was there before his nose, but when he extended his arm, the glass wasn't there. As he slowly began to wake up, he felt his body burning.


"I think you're really in trouble now." The chimera announced, and Sawamura raised his eyebrows.


"Why do you say that?"


"Because you didn't watch the calendar! Your heat begins today. You know what it means?!"


"The omega?"


"Since your poisoning I've been pretty weak, but now that I'm fine, I come to you to see that you're not by our alpha's side. It's terrible."


Sawamura's stomach jumped and suddenly felt sick. He reached the bathroom just in time to empty his already empty stomach.


When he stood up on his jelly feeling feet and looked into the mirror, it wasn't him looking back. He washed his face and teeth, then slowly went back to his bed when a sudden wave of hotness swept across his body and he landed on the ground.


He pulled himself in an embryo pose when he felt another shockwave of heat spread in his body. He couldn't remember that his any heat was this bad. The medicine was in the top drawer of his bedside table, but he didn't even have the strength to turn his head.


The moisture that drenched his pajama pants felt uncomfortable and the sweat dripping on every millimeter of his skin didn't help at all. With every heartbeat his body pulsed and felt like he'll explode.


Probably the side effects of poisoning and the heat together tormented his body and he had a feeling that he'll soon get a heat stroke if someone doesn't help him soon.


He tried to move his arm, but as his muscles tensed, another hot flash of heat washed through him with accompanied with pain, making him cry out.


"I think we are in great trouble now."  The chimera gritted out when the heat reached him and the omega.


Sawamura groaned at the new slick, which drenched his pajamas even more. He had an animalistic feeling take over him, wanting someone deep in him - he wanted Miyuki in him. He threw his head back with the moan ripping through his mouth at the thought of the alpha, he knew that he won't get relief when he was alone and no one knew how he was.


He tried to move, but all his attempts resulted in more pain, so he stayed on the floor and waited for all of it to end.




Miyuki was torn between happiness and worry as he walked to Sawamura's apartment.


He was happy because with Kuramochi and the others help he passed his close combat exam, but he was uneasy by the fact that Kataoka had told him, no one came for the contraceptives all weekend. Sawamura said that his mother was there and that she would take care of everything, but Miyuki knew deep inside that this wasn't true. Kataoka's request to visit the boy only proved his suspicion even more.


Kuramochi offered to go with him - translation: he stated that he was going, the end - but ultimately, thanks to Ryousuke, he walked alone up on the stairs.


He rang in the doorway, but no one came out, so he tried to open the door and for some unknown reason, it opened.


He stepped into the hallway and the smell of concentrated pheromone hit his nose alongside with some unexplained heat connected to the smell.


"He doesn't have his heat now, right? If he does, we won't get out of here for a while and we won't get out of the apartment." Miyuki snapped out of his daze and took the key from the small table, turned around and stepped out into the corridor. Closed the door and used the borrowed key to lock it.


"I'm going to buy the water and other things. I haven't breathed in enough from the pheromones to have an impact on me. Sawamura can wait a little longer."


He stepped in the convenience store near the apartment complex, took a dozen of bottled water, some food and was just about to go to the cash register when he saw the shelf full of condoms and lube.


"I think the medicine given by your teacher will be enough, and I don't see that they are selling a special alpha condom because you can't use the simple ones. And anyway, if you really want to bond with him, then your body fluid is needed, or else the omega won't fully identify and accept you, but now hurry up. Sawamura suffered enough, don't make him wait any longer." Miyuki nodded and walked to the cashier.


Once she saw the bespectacled coming towards her with a lustful look in his eyes, she blushed and was about to give her phone number to him, when she saw what he was buying. She immediately gave up.


Miyuki didn't even felt the weight of the bags under his hand, he was growing impatient every second he was away from Sawamura. He was still angry at him because he didn't say anything at all and even more because he was lying about her mother being there. But somehow he also understood it. He didn't want to be in his exam's way. And the thought melted all of his wrath away.


Before he entered the apartment door the alpha said that he would shut himself out for couple of days, leaving the lovers alone. Miyuki felt the redness rising slowly from his neck up to his ears, but he nodded and felt that his mind was only his.


He stepped into the apartment and felt the pheromones getting even stronger.


He dropped his shoes and with the bags and the medicine in his hand, he went to the boy's bedroom. When he entered and saw the boy lying on the floor, he dropped everything in his hand and went to his partner.


"Sawamura!" He called and the boy slowly opened his eyes. There was a visible sigh of relief when he looked up at the bespectacled.


"Miyuki?" His eyes were foggy, like he was a few seconds away from fainting.


"Sawamura, I'm here now, everything will be alright. Tell me what you want to do? You want the suppressants or the contraceptives?" Sawamura blinked at the alpha, then put his hands around his neck and pulled him down to a fiery kiss. "Please, drink the contraceptive that Kataoka-kantoku sent." The boy just nodded, but did nothing.


Miyuki pulled out the medicine and a bottle of water, then helped the shapeshifter to drink the pill.


He lifted the boy off the floor and laid him gently on the bed. At this point Sawamura began to realize that Miyuki was really there and probably will make love to him and he might even bond with him. His already hot body heated even more up and a large amount of lubricant left him entrance. He was itching to finally have the boy towering over him in deep.


"We will discuss later why you lied, but now we have another matter to take care of." Miyuki took out his phone, wrote a very quick message, then put the device on the bedside table.


He leaned forward to steal another kiss and Sawamura immediately gave permission to the intruding tongue. The hot cave might have been too hot despite the heat. When he rose, Sawamura voiced his displeasure with a soft whine, but Miyuki didn't care. He pulled out the bedside table's drawer, took out the thermometer, put it in Sawamura' armpit and said with his alpha authority to stay put. The shapeshifter shuddered lightly at the voice and tried to comply with the instructions.


After a minute the device blipped and Miyuki was horrified to see that the temperature was above 41°C. He rose quickly, sat on the edge of the bed and took out some medicine for the boy's fever.


"Sawamura, I guess it won't be smart to go further. You have a very high fever." But the boy didn't hear him, instead he went down next to the alpha, then with a quick gesture he took Miyuki's manhood out from the confines of his clothes, leaving no time for the alpha to react, he licked a long string up on the hard member.


Miyuki couldn't do anything about the deep sigh, which left from his loose lips. His lover's pheromones made him dizzy and half-hard the moment he stepped in the apartment. The hot cave made hot and filthy sounds as he sucked away on his weeping dick and he groaned when Sawamura harshly sucked his swollen cockhead.


But he still had some of his composure to push the shapeshifter off himself and on the bed. He took the medicine and the water bottle, pushed the pill into the boy's mouth, then with water in his mouth began to kiss the feverish boy. Sawamura suddenly didn't know what to do and swallowed the water with the pill involuntarily. Miyuki felt himself in the boy's mouth and a sudden shudder run down his spine, but he pulled away from the gasping boy.


"We'll lock up for a couple of days. Have fun." Said the chimera proudly and disappeared from Sawamura's consciousness with the omega. He was glad that the boy didn't have to suffer anymore and finally he could be bonded to the one he loved more than anything else.


Sawamura was surprised at the sudden emptiness in his mind, but he didn't had time to think long enough, since another wave of heat washed over him. He whimpered, gaining Miyuki's attention. The bespectacled put himself away and brought the suppressants to the bed, Sawamura stopped him.




"I don't need it... I want you right no-" Sawamura's voice died on his lips, his dilated pupils suggested he didn't hear a word Miyuki said. He wanted just one thing: relief.


He was almost drunk from the close proximity of the alpha, the scent made him go crazy and couldn't command his body anymore. Again, he crawl to the alpha, but he grabbed him by the wrist and pinned him to the bed. He spoke in deep, growling voice to the shapeshifter.


"You better stop now or it won't have a good end." His eyes darkened when he saw the boy go limp in submission, sensed the boy's trembling and felt the smell of the lubrication, which soaked his underwear even more. There was no turning back, his rut started.


He could no longer command the instincts that eventually took control over his body and rose on top of Sawamura, not letting go of his wrists for a moment. He licked Sawamura's throat while cleaning away the sweat glistering on his skin, which contained concentrated pheromones, making the alpha even more feverish.


Miyuki left kisses and bites on every inch of exposed skin, marking him his own, and when he reached the boy's collarbone, he bit down harshly. Sawamura cried out in pleasure and Miyuki's eyes darkened. He got a new knowledge that Sawamura liked pain and gave quite pleasant reactions on it.


He licked the blood off and chased the pain away with a kiss. The hand which supported him, slowly unbuttoned the pajamas, not lifting his lips from the other's skin and moving further down. He stopped over one of the pink buds, blew cold air at it, causing Sawamura to tremble and raise his hips, and then Miyuki took the tiny bud between his lips. He sucked lightly, grazed with his teeth, then bit down on it, getting a painful yelp from the boy followed by a sweet mewl. Miyuki smiled at the reaction, tossing a tiny kiss on the hardened bud and then doing the same on the other side, receiving similar reactions from Sawamura, who raised his hips a bit more and moaned louder.


Miyuki kissed his way lower, licking in Sawamura's navel earning a high pitched whimper.


"Miyuki, please..." Sawamura moaned softly.


"Shh, I'm here. Just relax and trust me, Eijun." Sawamura responded with a groan and tried to comply, trying to do everything to make the alpha happy – no… to make Miyuki happy. But he couldn't do anything about the liquid, honey-sweet feeling that was bubbled up in his chest. He would never have thought he would be so happy by hearing his name from those sweet lips.


He moaned again when Miyuki interrupted his thoughts with a strong suction that he did through the clothes at the bottom of his cock. But that wasn't enough. He didn't want him there. But a little bit lower. But Miyuki, like the little teasing bastard he was, didn't go there driving him mad and gave a displeased grunt. And the voice was completely ignored. Sawamura might have been really angry at his lover, who has been caring so far and was very fond of him, and now he has decided to give space to his twisted personality.


But it made him somehow happy because it meant that Miyuki wasn't holding back on him, he finally saw the real Miyuki, not the mask he always had around him. He achieved Miyuki to show a little more of himself, revealing the part he had been trying to hide at all costs so far. If he thought about it, then he's not so upset by the other's teasing... Like hell! He wanted relief and he could get it only from Miyuki who didn't stop with his ministration on his still throbbing manhood through the multilayered material.


When she was seriously considering hitting the controller, he released his wrists and pulled the garments off, and threw them aside somewhere beside the bed. Sawamura was surprised and realized that the alpha might have read it out of him, that this was really enough of the game. That is, Miyuki knew exactly what he needed.


Miyuki's eyes widened at the sight of the slick leaving the pink, plucked entrance. Sawamura was already quite ready to accept him and it left him with a very pleasant, warm feeling. He reached up to Sawamura's ear, leaned over and purred in it. It was Sawamura's turn to widen his eyes at the sound, his body shook again and moaned softly, his heart almost jumping out through his throat, and his head was completely giddy with the joy of his alpha.


Miyuki didn't wait any longer and shoved two fingers up at once, making Sawamura scream from the sudden intrusion. What luck is that every apartment is equipped with odor and sound insulation, so if there's mating or heat in progress, there won't be sound or smell leaving the apartment to cause problems to neighbors or anyone who passes the door.


The alpha didn't even wait for his mate to get used to the fingers, just pulled his fingers out till the last digit and pushed them back in the hot cave with the same force. His rock-hard cock uncontrollably throbbed in his jeans, he wanted to replace his fingers as soon as possible, but only served Sawamura's interests if they were doing it slowly. When he began to scissor with his fingers in the wet and unbelievably warm walls, Sawamura had involuntarily clenched his muscles, then Miyuki bent his fingers and the shapeshifter cum with a small cry, yet his dick was still hard.


Miyuki leaned over to the trembling penis and took the member into his mouth, then began to suck it not stopping the movements of his fingers. Sawamura's moans transformed in screams, he trembled and writhed, tried to find something to hold on, but nothing was enough. His hyper-sensual body wasn't left to relax, his senses suddenly got overdosed, and felt he was about to reach the peak again soon. Miyuki probably sensed it again, because when he crooked his fingers, at that moment, he sucked hard on the head of his swollen cock, which sent him through the gate of relief again in about 5 minutes.


Miyuki had left Sawamura rest for a while, taking out his pulsating member and slowly stroking it, soothing his painful erection. Sawamura could probably smell the scent of the alpha, because he was moaning again making Miyuki lift his head and look at him. Sawamura's dick was half-hard and with soft groans and dilated pupils he invited the alpha back. He looked like he was drugged. And Miyuki was drunk on the sight.


He climbed over the omega, who put his hands around his neck and pulled him down to an unbearably obscene kiss. Sawamura moaned in the other's mouth when he felt himself on Miyuki's slick tongue, feeling a stronger urge to get his dick in.


Miyuki was thinking the same, as he lowered his body and began to push Sawamura's thigh with his free hand, and the boy understanding the hint pulled his legs in an almost impossible angle. Miyuki made a quick mental note that later he wanted to find out how flexible his lifelong partner is, but he quickly returned to the task at hand. With his hand, he led his cock to the hot and loose entrance and Sawamura's body arced on the bed. At last, he could get what he always wanted.


"Are your heats always this strong?" Miyuki whispered a little louder in Sawamura's ear, since his panting would have completely suppressed his voice.


Sawamura at first wasn't certain he was able to squeeze a word out of his throat, but he took the risk and replied. "Most of time." His voice was already hoarse, but they didn't do anything yet. He had a feeling that he will completely lose his voice by the end of his heat.


Miyuki nodded and then pushed the head of his pulsating cock into the hot cave, sighing at the amazing hotness in there. He pushed deeper in, searching Sawamura's expression for the smallest discomfort, since he didn't want to cause him any pain, even if the omega liked it. But he didn't have to worry, because Sawamura was squirming under him, scratching his shoulders and neck with his short nails.


Sawamura felt like he was melting. The hot, stretching sensation was unimaginable, the smell of the alpha making it even better. The tears gathered in his eyes finally rolled out from his eyes, slowly joining the saliva on the cushion, which had been flowing from his mouth since the beginning. When Miyuki pushed into him and felt his balls hit his ass, he moaned and moved his hip. Okay, he was in, but he still refused to move.


"Kazuya... please..." He groaned again and the cock in him swelled. "Did you..." But he couldn't finish with the mouth on his own.


Miyuki was lightheaded from the heady scent of the pheromones and from hearing his given name from Sawamura's lips. At that moment, he wasn't sure he could restrain himself. He felt a beast go wild in him.


He pulled out just to burry himself in deep again. Sawamura moaned into the other's mouth and arced again for a third time to spurt his cum all over himself. Miyuki didn't stop, fucked him relentlessly in the mattress and he experienced multiple orgasm for the first time. Miyuki stared at him in amazement and wondered how lucky he was. He felt that his own release was close and with one last, powerful thrust he cum too. Sawamura opened his mouth in a silent cry, pressed his head into the pillow, and completely spread his legs, welcoming the alpha's release.


For a couple of minutes they just panted, Miyuki didn't bother to pull out, just bent down to kiss his lover, putting one hand under Sawamura's neck to pull him closer.


"You're still hard."


"And you're still flooding the pheromones. It seems the first wave is not nearly over yet." In the middle of his sentence, Sawamura's eyes turned unfocused, the new wave of heat flooded the boy again.


Miyuki loved to see him so disheveled and wanting, but the signs of fatigue were already evident. The shapeshifter was gasping for air more than he should, his body was hotter than normal, but he never complained, just accepted everything he had been given so far.


He has recently experienced poisoning of the deadly kind and right away, his heat started and Miyuki thought, perhaps it would have been better to postpone their mating for a later date. But Sawamura apparently didn't think so and pushed his ass on Miyuki's dick, indicating that it would be good if he finally moved. Miyuki was delighted to fulfill the silent request and began to dictate a very violent pace, which Sawamura loved nonetheless. His moans were the same in volume and number, clinging to Miyuki's shoulders like a lifeline. Miyuki grunted as the nails scratched another bloody mark on his back, making him speed up. It was like he was screaming to the world, 'He's mine!'.


Sawamura cum again and went completely limp by the power of his orgasm, but he continued to moan at every thrust or scream when Miyuki's dick brushed his prostate.


At one second Miyuki's eyes widened, then grabbed the limp arm and swung Sawamura on his stomach, who gave a keening sound to the surprise. Because of the new angle, Miyuki hit Sawamura's prostate with every single thrust, causing the boy to scream in the pillow, tears spilling from his tightly shut eyes.


But Sawamura quickly realized the need for their new pose, and the only thing on his mind was that he wanted it. As far as his remaining strength allowed, he pushed his ass on the hard cock, feeling the swelling base. He'll soon knot with Miyuki, who became quite vocal himself, with every thrust a small growl left his throat.


His possessiveness grew stronger as the knot became bigger with every passing second. He grabbed Sawamura's hips harshly and after a couple of brutal thrusts, he pushed the knot pass his entrance, and bent down at the same time to sink his teeth into the glands on the back of the omega neck, drawing blood from broken skin. Sawamura with full power screamed in the pillow. A few drops of blood left the pink rim, but the shaking of Sawamura's whole body made it clear that he didn't even know what his name was. With every beat of his heart a new dose of cum pulsed in him, sending heat to every inch of his body.


Miyuki slowly leaned over to lick off the blood rolling down Sawamura's neck, then embraced his soft body. Sawamura felt Miyuki's purring vibrating across his chest, then heard the beautiful sound. He responded with his own purring, and Miyuki kissed the junction of his neck and shoulder.


They spent a couple of minutes recovering their normal breathing and heartbeat listening to each other's purrs, smoothing the other's doubts. Miyuki was the first to break the idyllic moment.


"It may be a bit unpleasant, but bear with me." Miyuki's hand held Sawamura close by his hip, who quietly moaned at the sensation, while with his other hand, he pressed the boy's chest close and slowly dropped them down on the double bed. Miyuki hugged him like that from behind while they were knotted.


Sawamura could finally relax and he had never been so content in his life. He felt that he had found a partner in Miyuki for the rest of his life. Even if he felt vulnerable, he found himself in the most secure place in the capture of powerful arms embracing him. It was a little unpleasant that they could hardly move, but somehow it didn't matter. Occasionally, he moaned softly on the new spurts of cum which filled him even more, but he only felt satisfaction, purring constantly.


Miyuki lifted Sawamura's chin to turn his head toward him and drop a honey-sweet kiss on his puffy, glistening lips. When they pulled away, Miyuki wiped the tears with his hands, which left red stripes on the soft, ruddy skin.


"How are you?" Asked Miyuki, as he drew circles on Sawamura's hand when the boy intertwined them.


"I've never been better." He responded with hoarse voice.


They continuously purred, Miyuki to sooth his boyfriend, while he completely emptied himself into the other, and Sawamura to calm down the alpha, saying that he was completely okay.


Sawamura was close enough to the nightstand, took the water bottle and slowly drank from it despite their lying position. He handed the bottle back to Miyuki, who took it and emptied it. He put the lid back and threw it behind his back on the floor. They will have time to tidy up. Later.


"There is at least one hour to rest. Sleep." Said Miyuki as he drew Sawamura impossibly closer.


The knotting lasted for 15 to 20 minutes, but afterwards they had time before the next wave to try gather as much strength as possible.


Sawamura slowly became sleepy and moaned at the new spurt. Before he completely surrendered to sleep, he opened his eyes and guided his hand over his neck to put a fingertip on the bite. He blushed at the thought of belonging to Miyuki in all meaning possible and it made him incredibly happy.


"What's wrong? Does it hurts? I guess I bit a bit too hard." But Sawamura shook his head.


"No, I'm just incredibly happy." Miyuki's heart swelled at the words of his partner, and then a smirk crawled on his lips.


"Hmm ... Are you happy that I bit you so hard? I didn't know that I have a masochist as my lover." Sawamura grew more and more red.


"Not that!" He protested, turning his head as far as he could, so that Miyuki couldn't see his scarlet red face. "Next time is my turn." He murmured into the pillow and Miyuki's smirk changed again to gentle one.


"Of course, but now you sleep."


And Sawamura did.

Chapter Text

Sometime on Thursday early afternoon, Eijun's last heat wave was gone and he fell on the bed with full-body fatigue, trying to regain control over his breathing. He spent a couple of seconds listening to Kazuya's grunt next to him, then lifted his head up to see the alpha's hand stroke his still hard cock.


"And this huge dick was in me without any problems." Said Eijun amazed, then slowly reached for the said dick.


As he touched it Kazuya sighed, then slowly bucked up into his hand.


"For some reason the rut still going, even though your heat is over." Eijun thought for a few seconds, then looked up at his lover.


"Let's do this until this little problem goes away so that we can go to school together tomorrow morning." Kazuya's eyes widened and darkened with lust when Eijun leaned down on the bed and spread his legs, his cum pouring from the entrance he previously injected.


He did not have to say it again.




On Friday morning everyone was around them and happily greeted them back, Kazuya was patted on his shoulders by the guys, while the girls and some other boys were squealing around Eijun and questioned him how was the previous couple of days together with his soulmate.


None of them offered any juicy details, but it was said without any doubt that they would never be able to look at anyone other after all, only at each other. Their love burned stronger than ever.


None of them saw Youichi coming towards them, so he first had kicked Kazuya on his rear and then tackled his brother down with one of his wrestling moves. Eijun suddenly screamed in pain and Kazuya without any warning gripped the shortstop's arm tightly to yank him off his boyfriend, then he bent down to lift him up from the ground.


A few minutes of awkward silence settled on everyone present and Youichi said sorry with his head turned on the side. Eijun just shook his head and reassured his big brother, that he didn't do anything bad, it's just the past two weeks were long and he was sore all over his body. Of course, he did not even mention that his waist was the most sore part.


Kazuya also apologized for his outbreak and they together went into the building to get in class.


When they survived until lunch break, Kazuya picked up his bag and started toward Eijun's class, but before said Youichi to come with him. The beta boy was happy to accept the invitation and went together to the first years classroom. They were bantering on the short way to the class and without any hesitation stepped in to see that the boy wasn't even there. Those who were left behind told them, that Eijun and Haruichi went to the locker room right after the ring and ready for practice will they start eating. The two older boys thanked for the information and went to the locker room to change as well, then with bento and other foods in hand were on search for their resident idiot. They found the two first years at the bottom of a big tree chatting happily, occasionally munching on their lunch. When Eijun saw the two newcomers, a huge grin crawled over his face.


"Here! We're here!" Eijun yelled and the two second years shook their heads.


"It's not just your transformed form you have no control over your voice either." Teased Kazuya, then sat down beside his pouting boyfriend.


"There is nothing wrong with my control." He mumbled under his nose, and Youichi laughed.


"Then you wouldn't have needing him." Pointed at the controller still cackling.


"Remind me, why I love you two?" He looked sullenly at the two boys who looked at him and laughed.


"I don't think we have to tell." Chuckled Kazuya, then pulled his still pouting boyfriend and pressed a kiss on his cheek.


"Ugh, PDA is forbidden, while we are here." Grumbled Youichi and Eijun taking the opportunity kissed Kazuya on his lips. After he heard a few lines from Youichi, he let go of the alpha and smiled at his brother.


"Now I have a weapon I can use against you. It's revenge for your wrestling moves." He announced triumphant, then moved behind Kazuya when Youichi cracked his knuckles.


"Aren't you a little too cocky? It's time to teach you some manners."


"But I learned from the best, why are you punishing me?" Wailed Eijun and Kazuya suddenly looked at him.


"I'm only the best in this? You hurt me." Kazuya put his hand over his heart and gasped in faux hurt.


Youichi looked gruffly at the two boys, then sighed. "We don't even know in how deep shit we are in now that you two got together."


Kazuya and Eijun looked at each other and smiled. "This is just the beginning." They declared unanimously.


"That's what I feared." Grumbled Youichi.


"I don't think they will have the courage to tease us much, because the senpais won't agree to it that easily." All three of them looked at Haruichi, who eat his lunch in total peace.


"This is true, here is my refuge!" Youichi said happily.


"Harucchi! Why did you betray me, my best ally?!" The boy just shook his head.


"I'm not curious about your little world wrapped in pink cloud, if you can, leave it for the time you are alone."


Eijun shook his head and smiled. Kazuya felt some vibes and turned toward his boyfriend. "Ah, nothing, I'm just so happy. But it's time for practice!" Eijun announced loudly and jumped up from where he was sitting to run to the others.


When everyone was ready, the coach arrived and then looked at the team. When Takashima nodded next to him, he cleared his throat and started.


"As you know, every summer a competition is organized among the schools, which everybody calls the Summer Arena. Ten pairs per school can be entered and after a lengthy discussion we decide who will be the participants for this summer." Everyone straightened a little bit more on the news, because only the entry itself is a huge honor, but winning the arena itself also gives incredible prizes to the participants and their schools.


"Then the ten pairs. The first Yuuki Tetsuya and his partner Isashiki Jun." Everyone began to whisper, while Jun became more and more red. A few days prior they did the permanent contract through the ritual, but they did not told anyone about it. They surprised everyone.


Tetsuya went and took the two materials with its special patterns, which would be on their jerseys, identifying them in the arena.


"The next pair, Takigawa Chris Yuu and his temporary partner Tanba Koichiro." This pair wasn't surprising as well, since the recent hunt and stuff they brought home.


"Kominato Ryousuke and his temporary partner Kuramochi Youichi. Miyauchi Keisuke and his temporary partner Kawakami Norifumi." Nobody was surprised by the fact that all the members were selected, who supported the school.


"Kanemaru Shinji and his temporary partner Toujou Hideaki." There was a new pair of names and a few people were dissatisfied about them getting in the best ten, but those who knew them were nodding in agreement.


"Watanabe Hisashi and his temporary partner Maezono Kenta, Ono Hiroshi and his temporary partner Kaneda Tadahiro, Asou Takero and his temporary partner Seki Naomichi, Shirasu Kenjirou and his temporary partner Kominato Haruichi." At this pair, everyone looked up in surprise. Who would have thought that the two of them would make even a temporary pair, because it was a well-known fact that Haruichi had some kind of attachment to the expelled Satoru, which he couldn't get over with since then.


"And those who will complete the team are Miyuki Kazuya and his partner Sawamura Eijun." He announced the last pair, everyone looked at them and watched Kazuya go to the coach and take the two materials, similar to Tetsuya and Jun's pattern.


These did not only serve as an identifier, but almost as a neon sign that told who had a temporary partner and who had permanent one. This is done because after the opening of the arena, not even a whole year later, an omega was raped by an alpha, who already had a partner at that time. She couldn't endure the shame she and her partner suffered, so she committed suicide. Her partner, as soon as he learned what happened, followed his dead love into the grave. They became the new age's Romeo and Juliet, the patterns were designed for their respect, it symbolizes their love.


Eijun took his own pattern with tears and placed it next to Kazuya's. When he first heard the tragedy of those lovers, he couldn't restrain his tears and worked hard since then, so one day he could participate in the arena on his partner's side. He wouldn't even dream about one of his desire to come true so early, yet there he was and didn't mind it in the slightest. He was in love with Kazuya and it was the best thing to happen to him.


"Hohoo... And you said he would never be yours. So, who was right?" Said the omega happily. Eijun shook his head in his mind at his alter ego's antics.


"Now, for once, I have to give it to him. We all said you take him and that's in more ways than one, but you didn't listen." Then he stopped speaking when Eijun lowered his head and tightly shut his eyes, willing the tears away. Yes, everyone, but especially the snake soul encouraged him and without her, he wouldn't be so happy.


Kazuya felt the sudden change in mood and pulled his boyfriend close. "Eijun?"


The boy shook his head and looked at the alpha.


"It's nothing." He answered in a slightly broken voice. Kazuya immediately understood and hugged his boy tightly.


"I would like to ask the controllers and their partners to look at their stats and bring the fresh data to my office. I want to be clear with our current strength, so after a month, we can go to the arena in the best condition possible. That's all." The boys flooded the field to catch the best spots for their practice and stats updates.


Kazuya and Eijun with Rousuke, Youichi, Chris and Koichiro went to their well-established place and the controllers began to upgrade their shifters stats.


Everyone jumped when Youichi's voice rang all over the field after he saw his stats.


"Lvl 12?! Seriously?! Then I can go for my first ring!" He shouted with joy and Ryousuke couldn't stop the sincere smile that crept onto his lips.


Eijun immediately jumped up from where he was sitting and crashed into his brother laughing loudly. "Congratulations!" He shouted happily.


Youichi smiled and ruffled his brother's hair. "Thanks." Then he captured Eijun in one of his wrestling moves. "But I haven't forgotten what happened at lunch!"


Eijun wailed, struggling to free himself to no avail. Youichi took pity on his little bro and let him go after a few more seconds, but the boy immediately turned toward his boyfriend with a fierce look in his eyes. "Why didn't you save me?!"


Kazuya looked up perplexed, then simply replied. "Don't wait for me to rescue you after each and every one of your mistakes, take the responsibility for your actions. After all you always say that a true man never goes back on his words." And smirked at him.


"You're incredibly evil, you know that?"


"Thanks, I try." At this Eijun huffed, but smiled nonetheless.




It was quite a commotion after Kazuya and Eijun got his stats. They could go on hunting again, which was unheard of among the shapeshifters. Eijun, a first year in the magical school was almost at his third ring, but he already has a chimera as his base soul. A lot of people whispered behind him how life is unfair, how much luck was he given, while they were left behind him in the dust. Eijun didn't listen to the snide remarks while Kazuya, who was always behind him like a shadow, heard all of them.


"What luck? What easy life? They are completely crazy. I'd love to teach them a lesson or two."


"I highly recommend you to cool yourself down now before you do something stupid. Eijun wouldn't want you to be in trouble because of him." Argued the alpha in Kazuya's mind, when he felt the pump go up in his host.


"But that's not because of him, but because of those idiots who think he has an easy life. Have they forgotten what happened at the beginning of the school year? Do they know how difficult it is to absorb a ring if you're not mature enough to do it? Have they forgotten that he almost died on his first hunt because of a Fire wasp's poison?" He was panting by the time he finished, but his wrath didn't eased up at all.


"I'm sure they did not forget, but it did not happen with them and they can't understand it. But you should have a little bit of common sense to not fall for such a thing. I know you're head over heels for him, but you should have some self-control? What kind of controller are you?"


"There's nothing wrong with my self-control, thank you very much."


"And you're still childish if something doesn't go as you want. Looks like you'll never grow up. I already feel sorry for Eijun and your future kids." Kazuya snorted and then blushed at the thought of kids. He would really love to see them run around him, laughing like their mother and being small balls of energy just like him, so he can spoil them rotten. "I give up!"


Kazuya blushed a deeper red.




The coach looked at the papers and his eyes glinted behind his shades, feeling that this year's arena will keep quite a lot of surprises.


Miyuki Kazuya: controller, lvl 13 + battery

Sawamura Eijun: shapeshifter, lvl 29 + chimera soul, battery

Yuuki Tetsuya: controller, lvl 10

Isashiki Jun: shapeshifter, lvl 17

Takigawa Chris Yuu: controller, lvl 16

Tanba Koichiro: shapeshifter, lvl 11

Kominato Ryousuke: controller, lvl 9

Kuramochi Youichi: shapeshifter, lvl 12

Miyauchi Keisuke: controller, lvl 11

Kawakami Norifumi: shapeshifter, lvl 13

Kanemaru Shinji: controller, lvl 3

Toujou Hideaki: shapeshifter, lvl 7

Watanabe Hisashi: controller, lvl 6

Maezono Kenta: shapeshifter, lvl 10

Ono Hiroshi: controller, lvl 9

Kaneda Tadahiro: shapeshifter, lvl 14

Asou Takero: controller, lvl 6

Seki Naomichi: shapeshifter, lvl 15

Shirasu Kenjirou: controller, lvl 12

Kominato Haruichi: shapeshifter, lvl 7

Chapter Text

The training went great for everyone, except the famous pair. Eijun struggled with his power, while Kazuya tried to hold back his rushing boyfriend.


"Eijun, stop it. You're going to hurt yourself." But the boy didn't even hear him, he pushed his strength further until the wings began consume themselves, extorting a painful scream from the chimera.


Kazuya immediately pulled the right threads that made Eijun change back to his human form, leaving two huge burned spots on his shoulder blades.


"Didn't I tell you to stop? Look at this. What did you achieve with your stubbornness?" But Eijun did not seem to hear him looking forward on the field. "Eijun?" When the brunette didn't answer again, Kazuya put his hand on the boy's shoulder and felt a mild buzz, like he was hit by a small electricity.


"Huh? Kazuya?" And hissed when he felt the burn on his back sting in earnest. "What the hell happened?"


"You don't remember?" The shapeshifter shook his head.


"Now that you ask me, my memory is fuzzy since I fired the second fireball." Kazuya looked at his companion thoughtfully, then shook his head and lifted the curtain so his love can finally dress.


"Leave your T-shirt. We need to tend your wounds first." Kazuya lowered the curtain and grabbed Eijun's hand and they went to the nurse together. Youichi, as soon as he saw the two huge burned spots, run towards them in his changed form with Ryousuke right behind him.


Eijun put his hand on the cheetah's head and smiled. "No, nothing serious... Yes, I did go a little bit overboard... No, I'm not... Don't call me an idiot..." And so on, then Youichi gave up and returned to his practice while Ryousuke nodded toward them as he followed his companion.


"So? Have you been chewed out thoroughly?" Asked Kazuya snickering all the time.


"Yeah, fully." Then he looked at his boyfriend. "You're enjoying my misery, aren't you?"


"Just a little bit." He answered sincerely and laughed when he saw Eijun's puffed up cheeks and cat eyes. "Oh gosh, you're hilarious."


"Why do I even love you..." But he exactly knew the answer.




In a week Eijun leveled up again and went hunting with the usual team, together with Youichi and Nori. The first ring was in the northeastern desert, in one of the most poisonous scorpions. He tried to find his first poisonous attribute ring that he could pair with the snake soul's attribute.


They didn't have to spend much time in the desert because they had just walked into the scorpion's nest and had to kill the queen who refused to let them off alive. The approximately 30.000-year-old ring rose above the dead body and Eijun sat down without a second hesitation and began to absorb it. Kazuya was right next to him, but he didn't have time to stop his reckless lover, who tried again to absorb a much older ring.


The team was sitting on needles, waiting for what would happen to the boy, because his luck couldn't be infinite; it certainly wouldn't pull him out of trouble for the second time, but they were surprised again. Miyauchi was on alert in vain, Eijun absorbed the ring without any problems and prepared for the next one.


His second ring was in the opposite direction, in the forest where he first felt the loom of death. They were again in the Forest of Fire and they were looking for the wasps that caused so much trouble in their last hunt.


Of course, Eijun did not want to give in for a weak ring, instead he just had to set his sight on a more than 50.000-year-old beast and with the greatest torture for all of them, they killed it and Eijun successfully absorbed its ring.


He was lectured thoroughly by the chimera soul, when the internal fight was finally over.


Their third destination was the southern mountains, where the wind never dimmed. They hunted for wind type beast that Youichi could easily combine with his cheetah. In the end, they caught a Wind-wolf and Youichi was more than delighted to absorb its ring.


The purpose of their last trip was finally in their hands and they prepared to back to school, when they got some unexpected guests. Mei and some of his companions walked towards them, they were going on the mountain most likely for hunting.


"Mei-san!" Eijun called out and ran to the blond-haired boy.


"Oh, Eijun! What wind brought you here, no pun intended?" Then he saw the other Seido boys and looked back at the shapeshifter. "Hunting?"


Eijun nodded with great pleasure and pointed at the green haired behind him. "We hunted for a ring for my brother!"


Youichi blushed, he didn't think that Eijun would say to others that he was his brother. "Oh, I didn't know you have siblings."


"Ah, we're not related by blood. More like figuratively." Interrupted Youichi, then suddenly he looked at Eijun when he heard him whine. "Eijun, it's not like that! You are my lil bro!"


But Eijun didn't even listen to him, rather he snuggled to Kazuya's chest and sniffed loudly.


"Uh-oh, family quarrel, huh?" Mei looked at Kazuya, who just smirked.


"Eiju~n! Forgive me!" They heard some muffled giggling, then a full bloom laugh from Eijun.


"Ahahahaha! You should have seen your face!" Youichi blinked once, twice and when he saw Kazuya's grin, his mind blew up.


"And I was seriously worried! You know when I'll call you my brother again! I would never consider such a snake like you as a family member!" Eijun jumped slightly at the mention of a snake and Kazuya glared at Youich, who realized what he said. "Oh, shit."


"It's okay. I won't be depressed my whole life because of this. It's time to look forward. So, Mei-san, you're hunting too?" Eijun didn't look at Youich, who quickly sneaked at Ryousuke's side with his head hung low. Oh me and my big mouth!


"Well, I need a new ring! I'm finally at my second ring! I hope the third one will be coming soon, as well. Though, seeing my progression, I can come again soon!"


Eijun was about to say his achievement and likely was about to sold out informations, like his third ring or his chimera soul, when Kazuya clasped his hand on his mouth and smiled at Mei. "Now, it's time for us to go. Your ring will not hunt itself and we won't be back to school before sunset, so..." He let the sentence open, indicating that they have nothing more to say to each other.


"You are right! Eijun, we'll talk later! Send me a message sometime and it would be nice to sit in a café when you're free. We have a lot to talk about!" He waved a few times and went on with his team.


When Mei and the others were no longer in sight, Kazuya turned to Eijun. "You really wanted to tell the enemy school how many rings you have?! Do you ever think with that limited brain cells of yours? And how long have you been on so good terms to call each other with your given names?"


"Well, I'm sorry for having limited brain cells! Still, what right you have to tell me whom I can be friends and with whom not? Yes, I wanted to tell him because he told me too! I hope you will be able to restrain your jealousy outbursts in the near future before either of us does something entirely stupid!" And not even waiting for an answer, he run down the road. Haruichi and Jun hurried after him, while the others patted the alpha on his shoulders sympathetically.


"The moment when your wife chews you out and you can't even say anything back, since he/she is right." Said Ryousuke with mock sympathy. He really enjoyed his junior's misery. Oh, the irony.


Kazuya rolled his eyes and ran after his boyfriend to sort out their big misunderstanding.




Eijun couldn't stay mad at Kazuya for a long time, even if the jerk totally deserved it.


When Kazuya came after him and apologized, his heart went soft and squishy and immediately forgave him. He did not want like giving in so quickly, but Kazuya was so worth it.


They had come back to school before dark and reported to the coach, everyone succeeded in hunting. The coach gave a day free to the team and put them back to training right after it, since the arena was just two weeks away.




The awaited day has finally came as well, the whole team with coach Kataoka and Takashima entered the arena, which was held in an insanely huge colosseum, to attend the opening ceremony and hear the announce of which school will fight each other for the title of champion.


The opening ceremony itself was grandiose and the tension went to its top. The moment finally came when they announced the fighting pairs.


There was a lot of jaws dropped open at the pairs.


Immediately in the first round, the Seido High goes against Akikawa Academy.


In the second round, Ichidai High School goes against Seiko Academy.


In the third round, Yakushi High School goes against Shuuhoku High School.


And in the last round, Inashiro Industrial goes against Yokohama High School, as the closure game for the first part.


The semi finals will be held with the best four of the prelims, and the final grand event will be the finals, which will decide the champion school for the Summer Arena.


The first round was held three days later, so every school can prepare for the big fight, while the directors checked everything that will be used in the fights.


The day before Seido's first fight, Eijun was restless. For the past week, he had some crazy nightmares and Kazuya was always on alert. They told the coach about it, but they knew he couldn't do anything about them. What they didn't expect though, was to be closely guarded by the whole team present for the arena.


Kazuya asked them what was it about, but they evaded the question quickly with some obvious lies.


Kazuya looked at Eijun questioningly not getting the answers they searched for.

Chapter Text

Three days later the first fight was about to begin.


Kataoka discussed with Takashima about which pair they should send for the first round. They wanted to send Chris, but since Tanba was way too low for a shapeshifter, they quickly changed their minds. The second option was the Miyauchi-Kawakami pair, since their combo plays are great and Miyauchi is a good defender, but since Kawakami lacks offensive power, they would lose at some point. Of course, the Miyuki-Sawamura and Yuuki-Isashiki pair was totally out of question, they were reserved for the later fights. The only pair close to requirement was the Kominato-Kuramochi pair, but they were a double-edged sword as well. Kuramochi had problems with keeping his feelings at bay and unfortunately, his pair struggled to control him as well. But at the same time they had a surprisingly good teamwork with Shirasu-Kominato Jr. pair.


They did not had any other chance, so they took the risk and decided on the Kominato-Kuramochi, Shirasu-Kominato Jr. combination.


Once the coach announced the first battling pairs, Eijun cursed lowly.


"What? It's better if they don't say your name now, since it means that you can fight in the latter fights." Whispered Kazuya to him, while linked his hands together with Eijun's.


"And what if we won't even get a chance to fight?"


"Oi! Are you saying that we'll lose?" Whisper-shouted Kuramochi, when he stepped beside his little brother.


"No, but what if the coach won't select us for any battle. I assume you know that only four, maybe five pairs will get to fight for the Summer Arena and the rest is just back-up."


"Eijun, you're really an idiot." Kuramochi pointedly ignored the loud 'Hey' from Eijun and continued. "Are you seriously thinking that he won't let you two fight, since you have the highest level from all of us?"


"But there are a lot more stronger pairs at school in the higher classes, why did the coach choose us?"


"You don't even know this?!" When the rest of the team looked back, Kuramochi apologized and turned toward Eijun. "There are two Summer Arenas. The first is the one we are currently participating in. The second one is for our upperclassman. More like the first arena is for class 1-3 while the second is for 4-6."


"We would never get a chance to fight if there's only one arena, since every school would choose their best students. But since there's one arena for us, beginners, it's giving us a chance to prove." Said Kazuya with a sigh. His lover was the biggest idiot on Earth.


"Wow, I didn't know about this."


"Listen a little bit when someone's talking, will ya? Actually Nabe explained it before we left the school." Mochi was just this close to strangle the idiot.


"I wasn't really listening… Sorry." He apologized with his head low. Kuramochi huffed, but didn't said anything more.


He knew that Eijun had trouble sleeping for quite a long time and it messed with his concentration, but every time he or Miyuki asked, he said that he can't remember what he dreamed about. The whole team was searching for ways to ease the boy's burden and he was doing it as well, but he was about to fight in the country's greatest event, he couldn't lose focus now.


Ryousuke talked to him about strategies they could use if the situation desires it, but mostly relaxed to gather all the energy they could.


After the opening ceremony was over for the first fight, the two sides sent their students up, they bowed and the umpire started the fight.


Since the shifters changed in their respective dugouts, the audience could only see the changed forms. On Seido's side, there was a cheetah and a bigger, pinkish-white bunny, while on Akikawa's side stood a Rottweiler and an unusually big eagle. The worst pair-up Seido's team could get.


Either way, Haruichi was in disadvantage against two animals in higher nutrition chains and everyone knew it. Kuramochi immediately stood in front of his teammate hissing at the Rottweiler in front of him, while the eagle flew up.


Once the Rottweiler charged toward Kuramochi, Ryousuke and Shirasu pulled their shifters away in the same time. Once out of direct danger, Ryousuke pulled on his treads, Kuramochi understanding the sign and taking act upon it. Since his biggest advance was his speed, he could use it against that big, slow dog.


In meantime, Shirasu commanded Haruichi to put up a three-layered protective field, so they won't be in the way while they stood there preparing their next move. In the mean time the eagle begun its attack and with amazing speed it dived toward the protective field. The first layer shattered with ease and the stadium roared.


Kuramochi circled around the Rottweiler like the wind and attacked with wind blades at the same time. The wolf's wind fangs totally come in handy for their fight. The Rottweiler whined loudly at every attack, trying to attack back with his earth type techniques, in no avail. Mochi was just too fast for him to catch.


When Ryousuke was sure that this battle is theirs, their opponent controller crashed their plans. You Shushin, the miraculous controller pulled the Rottweiler's threads and the dog jumped up. Once he landed the whole stadium trembled and some huge rocks ascended from the field. Kuramochi's movements were hindered for a little bit and the dog took advance in his bewilderment to attack from behind one of those rocks. Ryousuke didn't saw it in time and Kuramochi was about to take a full powered attack from his opponent, when Haruichi appeared on his side and protected him with his shield. The second layer shattered in pieces.


Kuramochi thanked Haruichi for his help and started his next attack, while Haruichi returned to his original place. The eagle didn't wait for the little rabbit to finish his move and attacked again, and it finally shattered the last shield protecting the pinkish-white rabbit and Shirasu.


Kuramochi knew that he won't be done in time to help them, while the eagle's controller, Hashimoto, commanded his shifter to attack.


The whole stadium was on edge to see how will the little bunny escape, while the eagle flew toward them. It was a matter of seconds, when a small, white orb appeared in front of the rabbit's mouth and he sent a bright, white beam toward his opponent, who didn't have enough time to dodge it and got hit by it. A few seconds later, the eagle crashed in the field out cold together with his controller.


The stadium jumped to their feet cheering loudly for the little rabbit, who countered the nutrition chain and beat an eagle.


Kuramochi was amazed by his kohai's performance and was determined to finish his fight soon as well.


His opponent miscalculated that he'll be at disadvantage with those huge rocks blocking his way, since he had a wind wolf's ring which lived up, in windy, rocky mountains. He relentlessly attacked with his wind blades and when Ryousuke saw an opening on their opponent's defense, they attacked at full force, finally making the dog fall down.


Shushin was still standing, but the umpire declared the end of the first fight and the winner was Seido!


Everyone run out from the dugout to congratulate their fellow members on their first win.


They were a step closer to winning the Summer Arena.




The second round was immediately after the first fight, the two schools had time till the field was repaired. Once it was done, the students of their respective schools stood on stage bowed to each other and the umpire started the fight.


On Ichidaisan's side stood Takami Akito with his shifter Manaka Kaname, Tanba's childhood friend and Misaki Tatsuya with his shifter Sasaki Shinsuke.


Their opponent was Nagata Shouhei with his shifter Ogawa Tsunematsu and Sakata Takashi with his shifter Ozaki Yoshinori.


The moment the battle started, Seiko's team started their attack with an earth type technique sending the Misaki-Sasaki pair flying out of the field. Takami not waiting a second, commanded Manaka to form his wind type protective technique and be careful when he attacks. Once Manaka calmed down, he started to form a wind sphere with an amazing amount of power in it and sending it towards elephant shifter, who stood there motionlessly for the past few minutes. It was clear that he prepared some kind of spell against him, but didn't had any type of protective spells around him, so he fell out of the field with a loud thud.


The spectators were amazed by the sheer power displayed in front of them and they didn't know which team they should cheer for.


But it soon was over, when the mammoth run toward Manaka and pierced him with his giant horn in his stomach. The river horse cried out in pain and fell down bleeding heavily.


The umpire declared Seiko as the winner and called for the medics. Once Manaka changed to his human form, the medics carried him away on a stretcher sending him to the nearest hospital.


It was the end of the first round. The next day the other two schools got their chances to show what they can do.


In the mean time there was a shadow closing in on Eijun. Kazuya felt a strange presence in the hotel and while he searched for the coach he left Eijun alone. It was his biggest mistake. Once he got back with the coach and half of their team, Eijun was already in his changed form. The difference was that he was a baby chimera. He was in pain, but the strangest thing was that Kazuya did not feel any different. Eijun's pain wasn't shared with him.


If they win the next fight, they'll go in the finals which will be held most likely ten days from now on. They had to bring Eijun back in shape by that time.


Do they have enough time?

Chapter Text

The next day, the third round of the summer arena began, where the Shuhuoku High School was set up against the Yakushi High. As the transformed forms were lined up, some people began to whisper that none of the members of the Seido school had showed up for the game. The places reserved for them were all empty.


Mei also heard the news in the middle of the preparation and quickly looked in the direction he thought the Seido's team would be and then frowned because the team really wasn't there. When he wrote a message to Eijun where they were, the boy didn't answer. He was worried about the shapeshifter, because he was in the same position as himself and for some reason he felt he had to help him wherever he could.


Harada went to get the shapeshifter just to find the blond boy in the waiting room staring at the black screen of his phone.


"What happened?" He asked when he was in earshot.


"I wrote to Eijun, but he won't answer. I'm worried. Plus, the whole Seido gang is missing from the stands. Something is definitely wrong." Harada raised his eyebrows.


"And how long have you been worried about a rival school? Don't you always say that you'll leave them behind in every race, so they'll be swallowing the dust behind you?" The controller asked sarcastically.


"Eijun's different."


"Because he is also a shapeshifter omega like you?" Mei straightened up in his seat and looked angrily at the older man.


"Because he's my friend." He growled like an angry animal. For a moment, Harada was surprised, since his partner's base soul was a bird, and it's a known fact that the birds do not growl.


"Okay, so? Do you want to do something?" The blondie looked up while pouting.


"I don't know what to do. Since he doesn't write back, I can't find out what's wrong. If there was something I could do to help, I'd love to do it, Hara-san." Harada was once again surprised at the behavior of his partner. No one would ever say that the boy was a saint, but who would have thought that one day the whole world would turn around like that.


"Don't you think you can ask someone else?"


"Kazuya? Haha, forget it. That bastard, don't even dare to speak to me. And the more I'm confused is by the fact that Eijun still chose him. That sneaky alpha had tricked Eijun, who had walked in his trap." The controller scratched his chin, while he was thinking of old memories.


Miyuki Kazuya and Narumiya Mei were childhood friends. They were inseparable, almost like they were glued to each other. Mei's parents have always thought that Miyuki would be the controller who would do a contract with their little boy, and get married to.


But, as the years went by, the couple began to argue more and more, while one time Miyuki started to beat Mei so hard, that if his parents didn't find them, then the Alpha boy would have killed his friend.


Mei was seriously injured and because of the blows on his head, he had a concussion and he completely forgot the reason why he fought with Kazuya. The parents asked Miyuki why he did it, but he only looked at the two women with anger in his eyes. Finally, they decided not to report him, but Miyuki was sent to rehabilitation for a year, and Miyuki's father agreed without any objections.


Since then, no one knew the truth except Miyuki.


Harada understood Mei's anger, but if he was really so worried about the other shapeshifter, he needs to get his shit together and face his past. He once contacted the controller about that boy, he can do it again.


It would be great if he could say it aloud, but since they should be preparing for their game, even if they are not in it, but a shifter is a terribly delicate creation. It should be treated like an engraved egg, but so that the subject doesn't even notice it. You have to be horribly two-faced with them, but when they glow, they glow at full power.


Harada was pulled out of his poetic thoughts by the stadium's roar, and the umpire's voice. The winner of the third round was announced, the Yakushi High School.


Harada looked at his four teammates, who could hardly wait to get out on the anticipated stage. Tadano and Yamaoka with their partners, Hirai and Yoshizawa. The two shapeshifters were already in their animal forms, while their controller partners linked their threads, and then boomed the umpire's voice, asked the representatives of the two schools to get on the field.


Mei came over, said something (hopefully, something encouraging), then let them on their way, but not before he looked up again to where the Seido team would sit. They were still awfully empty.


The blonde walked back to the bench, sat on it, then looked up at his partner. "I think ... I'll call him." He muttered softly.


Harada patted the boy's head who just grumbled under his nose, which suspiciously sounded like "not a dog", but he smiled and went on.




When the match was over, of course with their win, Mei stayed back with Harada in the locker room and decided to call the other controlled. When he started dialing, he chickened out for a moment and wanted to break the line, but Harada caught his wrist and shook his head.


After three rings, the other side of the line contacted. "Hallo?" Kazuya spoke, and Mei suddenly felt breathless. The boy's voice was as if he had not slept for at least a week. "Who is it?" He asked in the device.


"It's me! The wonderful Mei!" He tried to answer in his best lively voice, but he was greeted with some silent growl from the other side of the line.


"What do you want?" Mei swallowed at the icy voice.


"I just wanted to know why you didn't come and see the brilliant battle of our school. Oh, by the way, we won." He waited for the other to hung up, but to his surprise, the line remained intact, only Kazuya released a huge sigh.


"I'm not in mood to hear your annoying rambling. Tell me what you want, and then leave me alone."


"As I asked, why did not anyone come from your school? And most importantly, why can't I contact Eijun?" He waited for the controller to yell his head off when he heard the sudden gasp, but his phone was silent. Another sigh, then he heard the alpha's voice.


"Eijun is... sick. We don't know what's wrong, but if we don't do something, he won't fight in the arena."


"Then that's why your voice sounds like shit. You're sick too."


"The most confusing thing is that I'm not affected by his illness."


"How can that be? A contracted controller and shifter share everything. Pain, joy, fear, very rarely even dreams. So how?"


"That's what I want to know too. I have to go now. Bye."


"Kazuya wai-" But the line was already disconnected.


"What did he said?" Harada asked when Mei had been staring hard at the black screen for two full minutes.


"Eijun... is ill. He's sick and Kazuya's still okay. Even if I cut myself, you still feel it, Hara-san. So why is Kazuya fine? Well, as fine as he sounded in the phone."


Harada wondered, and then remembered one lesson they learned. "Come. We'll find them in their hotel. I think I know what the problem is."




Kazuya, Tetsuya, Jun, Chris, Tanba, Kuramochi, Ryousuke, and Kataoka with Rei sat in the room as they looked at the baby chimera in Kazuya's lap, who wasn't able to rest as pain tortured his body and soul. They were thinking of everything and even asked for help from the school they are in good terms with, but they didn't know anything as well. When they were ready to give up, someone knocked on the door.


"Come in." Kataoka said, not taking his eyes off the chimera.


Everyone with wide eyes watched their unexpected guests, Harada greeted them and closed the door.


"What are you doing here?" Asked Rei standing in front of Kazuya, she was hiding them from the students of the enemy school.


"We know what happened, and maybe we know why it happened." Harada answered as seriously as ever. Everyone got their heads up and Kataoka offered a seat to their guests.


When the controller sat down, Mei immediately looked at the baby chimera and extended his hand to pet him, but Kazuya pulled him out of the way. Mei just smiled sadly, then sat next to his partner.


"Then let's hear what you know." Cut Rei right into the middle.


"Sometimes, in the middle of the year, we learned in one of our classes what cases the parties connected don't know about each other. There were more options there, but I do not think there's the condition clear except in one case." The others listened with full attention, then Harada took a deep breath and continued. "Of course, our teacher drew our attention to the fact that each case is a simple assumption, because every couple responds differently to the case, but one thing always ends the same way. I suppose that Sawamura was cursed."


After a moment of silence, Jun finally spoke. "So it's finally here." On the other hand, the two guests were surprised.


"Did you know?"


"No, we did not know he was cursed, but we know that someone is hunting him with everything they got. Someone has managed to get in touch with Sawamura and curse him. But with what?" Chris looked at that boy, as if he could answer that question.


"Is it okay?" Harada asked, and Kazuya nodded.


The controller went in front of the other alpha and put his hand on the tiny chimera. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate. The seconds melted in minutes, and after 15 long minutes, Harada gasped and took his hand from the chimera.


"What's wrong?" Chris jumped up to support the alpha, when the boy wobbled on his legs.


"This is too much." He mumbled under his nose. Finally, he took a deep, soothing breath and looked at the others.


"There are three curses on him. A soul-shackle, that prevents the soul from getting in touch with others. That's the cause his partner feels nothing. The second is the emotion-eater, which will eat up all the positive feelings and torture its victim with the worst nightmares." Then everyone looked at each other, then at the chimera. "And the third is the soul-destroyer, as its name says, it tortures and breaks the soul in pieces, which is the most painful curse of all known. The thing is that its caster wasn't let off easily too, because this curse apparently has some price. However, something has to be done quickly, because the soul of shapeshifters is one of the most important parts to them, it cannot be seriously damaged. "


"Takashima, call Oota. He needs to come here right now. We'll need him." The third years looked at each other.


"Oota? The Oota-sensei we know?" Jun asked warily, while Tetsuya nodded in agreement.


"Yes, it's him. Why?"


"Kantoku, I do not want to sound disrespectful, but the sensei had too much screws loose in his head. On top of this, he has a very serious Nori-complex, so why him?"


"No one else knows about this outside me, Takashima-sensei and the director, but Oota-sensei had a taste of black magic and has become one of the best curse specialist on the continent. Can cast and lift them as he pleases." The students looked at their coach with their mouths open.


"Then it's really that Oota." Murmured Harada, not noticing the looks he was getting. Mei jabbed him in his side, and when he realized, he raised his hands. "I'm sorry, I've heard a lot about him and his legendary abilities when it comes to curses. True, I've heard that in all other areas, how to say… he's useless." The students, but even Kataoka and Rei chuckled behind their hands. Even others knew his true self... Now this is embarrassing. They'll tease him a little bit, once he gets back.


"Oota? Who's that?" Kuramochi looked at the team, while Kazuya, for once, agreed with him.


"He didn't teach when you first come in Seido. They said he quit, but nobody knows the real cause."


"Do you seriously think he quit? All the students?!" Rei, deeply shocked, watched his students nodding, confused by the question. She facepalmed. "Good Lord… Oota-sensei did not quit, just one of his curses went in the wrong direction, and so he took a long time off to clear that little mess up." The students sighed.


"Then you two get ready. We had a few curse classes in second year, but around the middle of the year, Oota-sensei left. You two won't get out of it." Chris said sympathetically.


"My condolences." Ryousuke smirked evilly, as he put his hand on Kuramochi's shoulder. The two boys swallowed.


"Then I guess we're going to go. We have to get back to school before curfew." Harada said as he got up from the sofa he sat on.


"Thank you very much for your help." Rei bowed slightly to the boys leaving, but Mei turned back and stopped in front of Kazuya.


The alpha didn't say a thing, just turned his head away and closed his eyes. "Since when are you this big of a Tsundere?" Mei smiled sadly again, then petted the baby chimera. He said his good bye to the others and together with Harada, he returned to school.


"And since when have you been so nice?" Grumbled Kazuya, while he petted the chimera. Eijun shivered in his lap and was quietly whined in pain. "Soon, everything will be fine... I promise." Then he leaned forward, lifting up the tiny body and pressing a kiss on the chimera's head.

Chapter Text

A new day started in Seido, school for shapeshifters and controllers, when the loud boom of his voice disturbed the idyllic silence. A few knocks were heard on the door before someone stormed in.


"Success!" Came the cry, and Kataoka turned to the newcomer with his eyebrow high on his face.


"What?" He asked in his usual voice.


"The circle! I made a new curse!" He responded enthusiastically the man.


He was not the calm type from the beginning. He was always worried about something, and many thought that he'll get an heart attack soon, but after getting a taste in black magic, instead of calming down, he became crazier than ever.


"I see, but why do you have to scream so early in the morning?"


"Because I want to demonstrate to the teachers first and if it works, I would like to show to the students on lessons as well. We will have a better result with a little demonstration than just pouring various theories in their heads." Kataoka already felt the incoming migraine from too much positive energy that came from his colleague, but he seriously considered the man's reasoning and had to realize that there was something in it.


"All right, get ready. We want to see the demonstration this afternoon." Before the overjoyed man could leave, the coach added. "Oota, don't mess it up." The teacher just shook his head and asked back.


"When did I ruin anything?" As soon as he came, he stormed out so quickly out of the office.


"Don't want to start listing now." Mumbled Kataoka and then shivered at the memory of his last curse. The odor will never leave his nose, no matter how much perfume he sprays at himself.




The moment of truth come quickly, everybody was down at Oota's underground lab where he tried new curses and developed ways of lifting them.


He stayed in the school, because there isn't much curse specialists around the world, especially those who are actively fond of playing with various hexes. There aren't so many crazy minds out there.


But his good side is that he always wants the best for his students and at any time, whatever happens to them, he's the first to help. For a teacher, he is first class.


Oota jumped up and down until the last moment, picked up the necessary grasses and other suspicious looking objects, and began to chant the curse. Kataoka stood by Takashima, and the other teachers behind them looked slack-jawed, as the various signs appeared in glowing purple color on the ground around Oota. They finally understood why he said that it could be a practical lesson for students, for them to be more afraid of curses and never try to do them.


Things went well until they were not. Oota might wanted to summon a little too big circle over which he had lost control, and then the whole thing as it was, exploded.


It was fortunate that since several similar explosions occurred over the years, the director gave a multi-layered concrete cover over the whole lab. Thanks to that, the ceiling didn't fall on them.


"Everybody is OK?" Kataoka asked feeling dizzy for a second, and coughed from the rising dust. Everyone gave him a life sign, Kataoka breathed in relief than he remembered that Oota didn't say anything. Where is he?


The man stood in the center of the missing circle and looked at his hands. It didn't take long to notice the signs on his hands, which were a few minutes prior on the floor.


And it didn't take even that much time to notice the same signs on their own body.


"What the—?" The heard from one of the teachers. When everyone examined the damage on themselves, they took a step toward Oota, who had not moved since then. Perhaps he didn't even breathe, he was so motionless in the middle of the non-existent circle.


"I have to go." Oota whispered.


"Where?" Takeshima asked in panic. She was afraid he might want to quit after one mistake.


"To the Senate. I need help to solve this." He spoke so quietly that it was hardly audible.


"Side effect?" Kataoka finally asked what everyone was interested in.


"The worst possible. It blocked all our capabilities, controllers cannot use their threads or their other abilities, and the shifters cannot change, in fact, all of our senses are sealed, we cannot recognize curses or other things. If something happens, we cannot defend ourselves. The worst possible curse. " The teachers gasped at his explanation.


"We're doomed." Said the modern literature teacher trying to transform, to no avail.


"I'm sorry! I'm trying to fix this as soon as possible, but that's why I have to go. It will be better to tell the director to not give any away jobs for the teachers and give me a leave for an indefinite period of time. I don't know how much time it'll take for me to lift this curse" Oota immediately began to pack his stuff, and after filling his backpack, he got his black cloak and headed to the director's office.


The director was shocked at the news, he was heavily considering Oota's knowledge, and he was thinking of firing him, when Kataoka finally spoke and quickly convinced his coward boss that they needed Oota. He did not argue, accepted the new conditions instead and Oota left the school on the same day.




A little more than half a year later, the famous teacher returned to report to the director about the developments and to tell the teachers what he was able to find out at the time.


Kataoka was on the field as he watched the new first years with Takashima, and Oota's eyes were fixated on one little boy. As he walked beside coach, he watched the boy's movements, captivated.


"Who is he? A new freshman?" Kataoka barely contained the jump of fright when he heard Oota's voice beside him, while Takashima wasn't that lucky, pressing her hand on her chest.


"Oota-sensei, when did you come back? And don't surprise me again, please." Takashima responded with pounding heart, but when she saw that he didn't hear what she was saying, she looked at the mentioned student, then smiled. "Yes, Kawakami Norifumi, first-year, shifter. Why?"


 He didn't answer for a while, then he finally broke from his trans and looked at his colleague. "He seems promising, I can see his potential for curses. Maybe he tried them, or he was near when one was activated, but I feel a strong presence of black magic."


Kataoka was surprised as much as Takashima, but it wasn't visible on him. They looked at the student again, then at each other. Trouble is coming, they thought in unison.




It happened not so much later what they were so afraid of. Oota remained in school for a while before returning to the Senate, but he was always on lookout for the poor Kawakami, trying to persuade him to learn black magic. Kawakami, of course, didn't understand the professor's new interest in him, and with all his power he tried to shake off the teacher, but that had no effect. Finally, he had to ask the second years to help him keep teacher off his back, since he begun to be afraid of him.


After Kataoka heard of the case, he gave permission to the boys to look after their kohai and reassured them, the peace will be back soon when Oota goes back to his masters.


They had to suffer for a couple of days and the crazy teacher disappeared again. Nobody saw him ever since.




One day before the next round of fights, knocking disrupted the conversation of the students, then the door opened, showing Kataoka, Takashima, and finally a black-cloaked figure came into the room. The senpais immediately recognized the third person and felt sorry for poor Nori, who had no idea that his harasser would come back.


The third man finally removed his hood, and the senpais silently sighed. Yes, it's him.


"Miyuki-kun, Kuramochi-kun, he's Oota Kazuyoshi-sensei, our school's curse and black magic specialist." Takashima pointed to the man, and the two boys stood up and respectfully bowed to the teacher. Oota greeted the boys, and then he saw the little chimeria.


"So he would be the one?" He asked, and looked at the boy holding him. Kazuya nodded, and the teacher placed his hand on the baby, then some grayish-black smoke began to rise. After a few seconds, Kazuya began to sweat and doubled over groaning in pain. He felt sharp, piercing pain in his chest, which almost squashed his heart and something else he couldn't name.


"Oh, forgive me. Some of weaker curses are lifted by my touch, I think that's what happened to the soul-shackle. Wait, I'll put it back." Oota touched the chimera again, he shone slightly, and Kazuya breathed again.


The people in the room looked at him with astonishment as Kazuya's face got colors again and horror, when suddenly tears appeared behind his glasses.


"Miyuki?" Kuramochi asked carefully, the boy looked up at him, and the tears finally broke their paths, slowly running down his face. "What's wrong?"


"Does E-Eijun really feel the same pain at this moment that I felt?" He asked his teacher sounding as broken as he felt, who nodded, looking away. "He asked for my help. He said, the pain is killing him. How much time you need to get rid of things?" Kazuya looked at the curse specialist who looked back at him, thinking a little, and nodding to himself.


"About a day will be enough to prepare, because I have brought all the ingredients with me after Kataoka-kantoku told me what I'm facing, but the ritual will be in 2 days from now on. 2 days for one curse, then a day for him to recharge his energy, then 2 more days for the another one. He needs to rest as much possible, since the curses are already eating up all of his energy, but the rituals are just as bad. Especially since it's about a shapeshifter's soul, I need to be especially careful, because if I injure his soul, in worst case scenario, I can kill him or cripple him for a lifetime."


Nobody wanted to hear the last part.


Kazuya nodded, and asked Oota to hurry with the preparations. The sooner he wants to release his love from his torment.


Kataoka led him to another empty room, where he could pack everything out and mix the potions he needed.


Kazuya was just staring at the trembling little body, while his mind recalled the pain and the words he heard. All of it etched in his mind and replaying, probably never leaving him.


Kuramochi put his hand on his friend's shoulder, who didn't take his eyes off his lover. Kuramochi said nothing.




Kataoka and Takashima came back to the room to announce the participants of the next round.


"In this round, members are randomly selected, so most likely the existing pairs will not be in. This is good, since first-years can get a chance to prove, but the wrong side is that there can be just controllers or shifters. Our luck was great and the participants are: Yuuki Tetsuya, Isashiki Jun, Kawakami Norifumi, Kanemaru Shinji, Toujou Hideaki, and Miyuki Kazuya." Everyone looked at the bespectacled, who, as if he didn't even hear coach, looked at the chimera in his lap.


"The only difference in this game is that the participants can enter in the next round too. They are not obligated by a single-game rule. This is important, keep this in mind, and use your strength wisely during the fight." Takashima added, and then with Kataoka they left the room.


"It's pure luck that Sawamura has not been elected. Did they know that he can't participate in this round or is it really just luck?" He asked, but nobody answered.


"The point is we have to win this, so we can give Sawamura the chance to take part in the next round." Tetsu said, and everyone nodded in the room.


"Go for it!" Kanemaru shouted, and everyone shouted in answer.


"You hear? They are doing all of this just for you. Hold on just a little more and then we'll be fighting together on that big stage. I'll be waiting for you." Kazuya whispered only to him and hoped the chimeria baby heard him.

Chapter Text

It was finally the day for the semi finals. The colosseum was buzzing with hushed, but excited talking, taking bets about which school will go to the final round and contemplating which school will seize the championship.


Kazuya was restless, taking a glance at the baby chimera from time to time, trying to calm down without him being close. Youichi was chosen to guard the boy, while Kazuya is out there trying to prolong their stay in the tournament. When Kazuya felt a light pat on his shoulder, he almost jumped in surprise, bitting on his lips to prevent any awkward noise from slipping.


"You're too tense." Said Jun with a serious expression.


"You too." Answered Kazuya and looked at his teammates. All of them were on edge, but they were positively radiating with excitement. Then Kazuya remembered why are they here in the first place. He felt guilty about enjoying the thought of the upcoming fight, but knew that Eijun would chew him out if he learned that he took his part lightly.


"Miyuki, you'll be in the attacking team, while Nori will be defending. You two are okay without the temporary contract, just enjoy the fight!" Said Nabe with a small smile on his face. Kazuya smiled despite feeling bad for Eijun.


When they stepped on the stage and Kazuya got a chance to look around for the first time on the very center of everyone's dream, he got overwhelmed. When Tetsu glanced in his direction, didn't say anything, just put his hand on Kazuya's shoulder.


Kazuya took out his daggers and Nori put on the shields he got from Miyauchi.


The umpire looked at the students, then announced the match to start.


They weren't prepared for the difference they experienced. It was that mammoth and elephant shifter they saw in the second round and two more defense type of controllers. Well, their situation looked dire.


Tetsu and Jun got the mammoth's attention, while Shinji and Hideaki charged toward the unmoving elephant. Kazuya and Nori not wasting a second took off in the direction of the other two members, trying their best to grab the controllers attention.


The whole battle was fierce and the audience was in total shock, no one dared to say a word, no one wanted to break the sensitive balance between the fighting students. But, everything good comes to an end, and thanks to Kazuya, who managed to shove the Seiko's player out of the ring, the balance finally broke. With this advantage, Nori found his strength and pushed his enemy out of the ring as well.


Seeing this, the mammoth gone berserk and without watching what he's doing, begun to run toward Kazuya and Nori. Nagata lost control over Ogawa and the mammoth collided with Kazuya who seeing the upcoming danger, pushed Nori out of the way. For a moment he could swear he saw Eijun, looking back at him with a sad smile on his beautiful lips, with blood trickling on his face, probably saying goodbye. He felt his chest squeeze, the air left him completely.


Kazuya instantly fell unconscious.




The first thing he noticed after waking up is the fluorescent lights above him trying to burn his eyes. The second thing is the beeping of the heart monitor, giving him the chills, since it reminded him of the times Eijun got hurt. The second the thought crossed his mind, his eyes flew open and tried to sit up quickly, but the sharp pain splitting his head made him lay back.


Youichi was there and stood up from his sitting position in the corner of the hospital room.


"You're finally up, man. Do you know how worried everyone is?" While he talked, poured some water in the glass from the nightstand. Kazuya gratefully took it and gulped the soothing water in no time. Before offered the glass back, a grateful sigh escaped him.


"How many days was I out?"


"One afternoon and four whole days." Answered Youichi without missing a beat. Kazuya sighed again. Then he remembered two really important things.


"What happened to the match? But the most important one. What happened to Eijun and his curses?" Youichi struggled to answer the second question, so he took a little detour answering the first one.


"Fortunately, we won the match, since Ogawa's play was against the rules and hurt someone almost fatally two times in row, because of him going berserk. So for the time being he won't be appearing in any of the tournaments until he learns how to control himself a little bit and work together with his controller. And we got the information that he was already warned after he almost killed Manaka-san." Youichi looked at Kazuya's face searching for signs of him not understanding any of the said, but he is an amazing actor or he feels perfectly fine after being stomped over by a mammoth. When Youichi saw that everything was fine, he continued.


"Regarding your injuries. You got two broken ribs and a little scratch on your right lung, but nothing serious. If you take it easy, it will heal without a trace. A broken right arm, since you tried to block the incoming attack with your right hand. But you got a serious concussion, which is understandable, so you need to stay in the hospital for another two days. The doctors said that you'll be okay after a good rest. For the next month or two you are not allowed to participate in any of the school events and this includes the daily training as well. For a week after you're out if here, you will be staying at home and resting, later you can come and watch us."


At this point Kazuya looked like a scared deer, probably shaken by the news. Youichi was about to let him rest for now, but he still had that much composure left to ask.


"And Eijun? You didn't answer that question." And Youichi knew that he can't escape his fate.


"Well, noting too good." Youichi had to look away for a second, cleared his throat and continued. "The first big curse was lifted, but looks like that Sawamura had to pay a price for it. It's not entirely certain, but Oota-sensei said that the curse already destroyed a part of Sawamura's soul, so when he removed the curse, the parts scattered inside him. When you next time connect you threads to him, you'll need to find the pieces and build his soul back to its original shape. The thing is, since you can't move your arm, you won't be able to connect your threads, but time is essential now."


Kazuya was close to fainting. Youichi really wanted to give him a break, but since he started it, he had to carry it till the very end.


"The next curse lifting will be tomorrow afternoon and Oota-sensei said that we need to prepare for the worst. Oh, and our opponent in the finals will be the Inashiro Industrial." Added Youichi as an afterthought, but looks like, it didn't reach the controller's ears.


He couldn't even guess what kind of feeling were bottled up in his friend's mind, but it was clear that he won't be able to let them go easily. Eijun was his precious little brother, but he couldn't and didn't wanna even try to imagine what it felt like to be at the brink of losing his loved one. Probably godawful and more. And what makes it even more horrifying is that Kazuya won't be dying with Eijun, since Oota-sensei holds that specific curse intact.


But he won't be a normal human being anymore if he really ends up losing Eijun. Just a wandering soul.


Youichi shook his head at his pessimistic thoughts and cleared his mind to be there for his friend in the most difficult phase of his life.




Youichi wanted to cry by the end of the next day, since Kazuya behaved like a living corpse. Both of them knew, that Eijun's curse lifting is already in process and Kazuya decided to close himself off to the whole world.


Youichi had to feed him, since he wasn't moving at all, just staring off in front of him. His face was so emotionless that a normal person would've thought that he's already dead. Especially his eyes. He wasn't reacting to anyone's voice or physical contact, nor looked or recognized anyone. Like a zombie.


Youichi had to be by his side the whole time, since Kazuya decided to stand and walk off in the most random times. Youichi knew he only wanted to go to where Eijun is.


Felt his heart break seeing Kazuya like that.


The next day Kazuya was examined by a doctor, since his vital parameters started to worsen. By nightfall, he was put on life-support machine. No one knew the exact reason behind his drastic declension, but looked like he was giving his life up after knowing that there won't be his loved one waiting for him.


Youichi was on verge of going mad.




After hearing the news about their teammates condition, the team's morale fell totally. Even Kataoka wasn't up to try and talk to the kids, since he knew too, that the situation is grim. The past week he was about the give up, but then he remembered how his students are still fighting and immediately felt the guilt at such thoughts.


After the initial guilt, he started to ask himself, why? why do they have to suffer so much? why them? they are just kids, my students… and so on.


They weren't expecting guests, but somehow they weren't surprised at seeing Harada and Mei at the door.


After inviting them in and getting them something to drink, Takashima found her voice.


"So? What did bring you here today? You know, the finals are in 4 days." Harada and Mei glanced at each other at the dejected tone. Something was going on.


"We were just curious about Eijun's condition. Since the big curse specialist is back, I can assume that everything went like planned, right?" Looked Mei at Kataoka.


As seconds turned in minutes, the awkward silence continued until Mei understood. Nothing went according to plan.


"Does that mean that the shapeshifter is already-" Started Harada, but stopped mid-sentence when Takashima slammed her hands on the table.


"No!" After noticing that she raised from her sitting position, slowly moved to sit back. A few minutes of silence filled the room, then she cleared her throat and continued in a calmer tone. "No. I mean, not yet. We don't know if he dies after the last curse is lifted or miraculously stays alive. I'm telling you this, since you helped us, when we were so useless."


Both of the boys understood what it meant to tell something this big to the enemy school and right before the final match. And they had no intention of giving this piece of information to anyone. Eijun was too dear to Mei for him to sell his friend out, and Harada was a big guy with even bigger heart and a soft spot for Mei. So the Seido's secret was safe with them.


"So it means that the ritual is still going." Said Harada the obvious. "Then we won't be taking your precious time anymore. Please, don't worry. We won't tell anyone about what happened here today, so come at us with full force in the finals. We will be waiting." Harada bowed in front of the adults with Mei in tow, then they left the hotel.


"Mei, I'm sorry we couldn't ask about Miyuki."


"It's okay. After I saw their expressions, somehow understood what is going on with him as well. Let's wait till the finals and see if they can overcome this obstacle. I hope we'll see them in 4 days."


Harada smiled and patted the shapeshifter's head. "I hope too."

Chapter Text

The door opened and Oota stepped in, his face show a neutral expression. In a few seconds, his lips curved up and the heavy atmosphere disappeared in that moment. Takashima was quietly laughing, while tears flown from her eyes and Kataoka finally relaxed in the armchair he was sitting in with the hugest sigh heard from him.


"Miracles do happen. Sawamura-kun is alive and despite everything, he is stable. Well, the bad news is still that a quite big part of his soul is shattered, so we need his controller to connect with him, and soon."


Kataoka's good mood dropped instantly, while Takashima was shifting in her armchair.


"What happened?"


"The thing is that Miyuki-kun is in hospital." They weren't prepared for the loud shriek of "WHAT?"


"In the match against Seiko, one of their players gone berserk and attacked Miyuki-kun and Kawakami-kun. When Miyuki-kun noticed the danger, he shoved Kawakami-kun out of way, but unfortunately he got stomped over."


"Wow, one bad thing after another. And I thought that I'm the only unlucky one after actively dealing with curses… Wait! He attacked Kawakami-kun?!" Oota's expression quickly changed from happy to angry. "Which one of them?! I'll put a curse on him so he won't even consider doing something like that!" Takashima just shook her head and Oota knew that it's not all of the bad news.


"After Miyuki-kun heard about Sawamura-kun, his condition suddenly worsened and he's now on life-support machines."


"You've got to be kidding me…" Oota sat in the nearby armchair, massaging his temple. "Oh, before I forget. Kataoka-kantoku, can you please go there and take the unconscious boy to his room?"


Without saying a word, he stood up and left the room. Takashima talked with Oota, when they noticed the loud steps coming towards their room.


"Oota! Where is Sawamura?!" In that moment Oota rose from his armchair and begun to run. Kataoka was right on his heels and when they reached that room, Oota wobbled on his feet.


"Holly God, where is he?" Oota stepped in the room and tried to somehow determine where could that almost dead boy go. Then an idea popped in his head. "What if he left to the hospital where his controller is?"


Kataoka quickly considered the suggestion and it seemed valid. "The bad thing is that I left the soul-shackle intact, so even if he's alive, Miyuki-kun won't feel it. Sawamura-kun likewise. Now I see that it was a bad idea."


Kataoka without a word run back to Takashima and told her what happened. Takashima got her mobile out and asked for a taxi.


As the two adults sat in the vehicle and left to the hospital, while looking for their student. Oota had a good intuition, because they found the boy not that far from their hotel, wandering on the street without a shirt. Some of the passers-by sent him a nasty look, but no one had intention of stopping him or even asking where is he going.


Kataoka stopped the taxi and jumped out of it to quickly grab his student. When Sawamura felt that he's restricted, immediately begun to struggle. "Sawamura, don't worry. We are going to see Miyuki together. It's faster with a car, right?"


Sawamura didn't say anything, just let himself be dragged back in the car.




True to his word, they were heading up to Miyuki's room, when they explained the situation to the receptionist. She was reluctant to let them see the patient, outside of visiting hours, in the middle of the night, but the doctor responsible for the controller has given permission. He was the one who accompanied them to the boy's room.


Once entering, the beeps of the heart monitor where the only sound and Sawamura without a word walked to the bed. Silently took Miyuki's hand and gently squeezed it. The adults witnessed another miracle, when Miyuki slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Sawamura, who in response smiled back.


The doctor was so shocked, that he took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes and put the glasses back, but still couldn't believe his eyes.


Miyuki was on verge of death, yet one touch from his destined other, and he was already back in life.


"I really can't believe what I'm seeing now. The patient was close to dying and a touch from his partner brought him back. Miracles do happen." Kataoka felt that this sentence is showing up more and more these days.


"Can Sawamura-kun stay here with Miyuki-kun? I think it will do good for both of them."


"Yeah, of course." Answered the doctor, and withdrew with the adults.




A few minutes passed since Kazuya woke up, but still had a hard time comprehending what was happening. When he realized that Eijun was mute the whole time, his conversation with Youichi surfaced.


"Why are you so silent? You and silence don't belong in one sentence." But to his horror, Eijun just tilted his head with a questioning look in his eyes. He looked so innocent and clueless that Kazuya felt his chest squeeze. So this is what he looks like after paying the price for his lifted curse? He isn't the Eijun I know!


He felt tears pricking his eyes as he saw Eijun's expression. The shapeshifter never called him by his name or showed any interest toward him, like the normal Eijun would. He was a soulless doll attached to his doll master, nothing more.


"A least I'm happy that you're alive. We can fix your soul anytime, but if you died…" The tears slid down his face, burning his skin and Eijun's blank face just added on his pain.


"Can you say my name?" He tried, but Eijun just stared at him. "So you forgot my name. Do you know your own name?" He tried again, but Eijun continued to stare at him, while his warm hand clutched his own. Just how much of his soul is damaged, to even forget his own name?


"Do you understand me?" When Eijun just stared at him without any hint of understanding, the whole situation crashed on him.


He tried to move his broken hand, but the pain flaring from the broken bones halted his movements. Eijun flinched as if he, too, felt the sudden pain, even if that frigging curse was still in place. For a moment Kazuya felt hope blooming in his heart, that maybe, Eijun is still there, somewhere deep down, just needs a little bit of pull to the right direction.


Kazuya felt a sudden sleepiness overtake him, but wanted to stay with Eijun a little bit longer. He was alive, after all. Yet, his mind had other plans and the blackness won.




When Kazuya woke up, it was already bright outside. What he noticed first was the warmth on his side. When he looked down, he saw Eijun peacefully sleeping beside him, hugging his good arm, while snoring like a little kitten. The next thing was the nurse looking at the heart monitor and scribbling something on the papers she was holding. When she noticed that he is awake, she smiled and quietly asked.


"Hi. Do you feel any pain? Do you need painkillers?"


"No, I'm good. Can you please tell me what time is it?" Kazuya asked back, and the nurse hurriedly note it down.


"It's 10am. Breakfast is over, but I can bring something from the canteen for you and him." And she looked at Eijun.


"I would be grateful." He answered and the nurse nodded, then quietly left the room.


It wasn't even 5 minutes later when a doctor come in.


"Good morning. I see you feel better now. Any pain?"


"No, I'm fine."


"Good." Looked like the conversation woke Eijun up, who stirred and slowly opened his golden eyes. When he looked at Kazuya, he smiled gently and kissed Kazuya's cheek. It left Kazuya blushing, while the doctor sniggered at them.


"I see he is good as well. If it's okay with him, I would like to examine him. I heard about his condition and we can't help with that problem, but if anything is wrong with his physical condition, we can do something." Kazuya looked at Eijun, who returned the gesture.


"Eijun, he'll look at you. Don't worry, I'll be here as well, so be a good boy, okay?" Eijun nodded as if he understood and Kazuya felt his heart soar.


"Excellent. Give me a few minutes to prepare everything and I'll come back, if this works with you." Kazuya agreed and the doctor left as well.


When he come back with everything he needed, the previous nurse was back with another one, both of them holding trays with food. Kazuya sat up and told Eijun to sit on the other bed, so the doctor can look at him. He did as he was told and the doctor did his job. When he was done, he nodded approvingly.


"Well, except his slight malnutrition he is in good health. The thing that's bothering me is his detachment from anything. It seems that he listens to you, but it looks like he lost his ability to do anything independently." Kazuya understood, and he noticed Eijun sliding off of the bed and walking back to his side. He climbed beside him and snuggled at his side.


"I think that it's time for both of you to eat. It's hard to think and recover with empty stomach." At the mention of food Kazuya's stomach rumbled. "Oh, it's a good sign." Said the nurse giggling.


It was hard to place two trays of food on one hospital bed, but they managed. Eijun was strongly against the idea of leaving Kazuya's side, so it was a little bit problematic, yet they had no heart of breaking them apart, since Eijun clung to Kazuya with all his strength.


What was somewhat troubling is that Eijun had food in front of him, still he made no move to start eating.


"Maybe he doesn't know how to?" Asked one of the nurses, while the doctor was deep in thoughts.


When she picked a spoonful of mashed potatoes and brought it to the boy's lips, he understood the implication and opened his mouth. When the nurse placed the food in his mouth, he closed his lips and chewed a few times before swallowing. It was repeated a few times, when the nurse put the spoon in Eijun's hand. At first he looked lost, but then picked up a little bit of mashed potatoes and held in front of Kazuya. The whole room fell silent and a second later, the nurses blushed just like Kazuya, while the doctor laughed.


"Good boy." Said the doctor and whispered something to the nurses, then left after saying his goodbyes.


It was a torture to make Eijun understand that he needs to eat from his own tray, but at the end he somehow understood. Probably his basic instincts working in full force.


In the afternoon, Kataoka, Takashima, Oota, Youichi and Chris come to visit. They were taken aback by the view of Eijun sleeping beside Kazuya, who was peacefully reading a book. The adults with Chris just smiled, while Youichi tried to puzzle the pieces together. He knew that they are soulmates, but Eijun should be sleeping in his hotel room.


"Good afternoon." Greeted Kazuya, when he noticed the visitors. By now, he was totally unaffected by the looks he was getting. Eijun made sure to train him with bringing him in embarrassing situations since he come here yesterday.


"Good afternoon." Greeted Takashima back. "Looks like you two are doing okay."


"Yeah. The doctor examined Eijun and said that his health is good, just slightly malnourished. The nurses made sure that it won't be like that for too long. Every now and then, another nurse comes to give a snack to Eijun, who dutifully ate everything. That's why he's asleep now."


At that everyone smiled and probably from the looks, Eijun slowly woke up.


"Good morning, Sawamura-kun. How do you feel now?" As expected, she didn't get an answer.


Kazuya explained everything, except the spoon feeding incident, while he hugged Eijun to himself.


"So this happened. It's understandable, knowing what happened to his soul. Oh, that reminds me. I'll remove the last curse." Oota stepped to the boys and put his hand on Eijun's head. The familiar smoke rose again and the last curse was gone.


They weren't prepared for Kazuya to flinch and let go of a loud curse.


"Wow, he still feels pain. And it's worse than my broken arm." Takashima covered her mouth, while Kataoka rose from his sitting position.


"I'll call the doctor." Said Chris and rushed out of the room.


He was back with the doctor, who already brought a syringe with him and without a word, injected it in Eijun. The boy looked panicked for a second, but Kazuya hugged him tightly, so he sat still while he got the medicine.


After 5 minutes, Kazuya took a deep breath, while Eijun yawned and laid back, hugging Kazuya close, then fell asleep.


"The drug worked. I can't feel pain at all." Informed Kazuya.


"Okay. So he'll need painkillers until you can do your job, am I right?" When Kazuya nodded, the doctor took the paper from his bed, wrote something down and like earlier, he said his goodbyes and left the room.


Looks like they have a long way to go.

Chapter Text

It was only two days away from the finals and Kazuya was discharged from the hospital, since his and Eijun's condition was steadily getting better. Them being near one other was a really good idea.


Eijun still behaved like a soulless doll, but Kazuya knew that he can help him, once he can move his arm. Somehow he felt like some deity up there was intentionally making their life like living hell, but since they were there for each other, it was somewhat bearable.


When they were back to the hotel, the whole team was there to welcome them. He was about to thank them for being such good friends, when Eijun suddenly slid back and strongly gripped the shirt on his back. He was clearly afraid.


"Eijun, don't worry. They won't harm you." He reassured the still hiding boy, but he still refused to move. "Come on, you're being rude to them." But he just shook his head. Oh, boy. Like an overgrown toddler.


"It's okay, we startled him. Let's head to our rooms. The finals are the day after tomorrow, so we should get some sleeping in." When everyone left to their room, Eijun finally found the courage to leave Kazuya's back.


"You really hurt them, you know?" He scolded lightly, while Eijun hung his head low. "Let's sleep, ok?" Eijun just nodded and followed Kazuya to their room.


They were in the bed, Kazuya combing his fingers through Eijun's silky locks and right before he was about to fall asleep, Kazuya whispered. "Good night, Eijun."


When he was on the verge of falling asleep, he heard that sweet voice, he haven't heard for so long saying. "Good night, Kazuya."


The controller immediately bolted from his lying position and looked at his loved one, but he was already asleep. I'm hallucinating… Great, just great. Get your shit together, Kazuya.


And with that he fell asleep.




The rules for the finals came out the next day.


Kazuya got up from the bed to find the spot next to him empty. He panicked for a second, but then heard the bathroom door close and Eijun stepped in the room.


"Good morning, Kazuya."


"Good morning, Eijun." Answered Kazuya automatically, just for a second later to whip his head and stare at Eijun. "Wait, what?!"


Eijun smiled at him and sat beside him on the bed. "Looks like a part of my soul repaired itself, but I'm still in a dangerous situation. I'll be in and out of that state I was till now, so I'm counting on you keeping me safe."


"Anything for you, Eijun." Kazuya hugged his lover with his left hand and felt Eijun hug him back. When he had enough strength to push the shapeshifter away, he was greeted with the same, innocent, soulless look, he got used to in the past few days. "Welcome back."


Eijun smiled happily.


Kazuya heard a few knocks on the door and let Kataoka and Takashima in.


"How may I help you?" Asked Kazuya, while he stood up from the bed and walked to his teachers. Somehow he knew that what he'll hear now, won't be good.


"The pairs are chosen by the higher-ups of the Arena's last fight. We got the letter a few minutes ago. You and Sawamura, and Yuuki and Isashiki are the last pair for this year's Summer Arena finals." Kataoka poured everything on him in one go. Takashima was right by his side if he swayed even a bit on his feet. But she was worried for nothing. Eijun was by Kazuya's side in a second and took him by his left arm to the bed, so he could sit down.


"You've got to be kidding me! Eijun is not ready to fight at all! And we are talking about Inashiro here! They can kill us with ease…" Kazuya knew that he was getting too much out of his calm and calculating character, but he is not above of risking his position in school, if it meant he could keep Eijun safe. Maybe he's the biggest sap on the whole world, but Eijun means everything to him, nature be damned, he won't risk it.


"I know, the timing is probably the worst, but you should think of Eijun as well. Do you remember, how much he wanted to fight in the Arena?" At that Kazuya looked at the boy sitting next to him and saw the same spark in his eyes he fell in love with.


"Come on, now?!"


Takashima and Kataoka looked at each other puzzled.


"Okay, looks like I don't have much say in this matter, since he made his decision already."


Eijun just smiled, while Kazuya patted his head. "You'll kill me one day, I'm sure of it." Said Kazuya with an affectionate smile of his own.


"Does this mean you two are participating?"


"Yeah, we will. But what are we going to do? I mean, I can't control him since my arm is unusable."


"Leave it to me, then." Said the familiar voice. Takashima looked like she got a heart attack, while Kataoka's face showed the tiniest surprise.


"Welcome back."


"I'm back." Answered Eijun.


"Do you think you can manage? Since you got the chimera soul, you're unstable and to add to it, your soul is shattered in pieces. I don't think it's a good idea."


"What about this. The two of us will be onstage, but we won't do anything. If we see that the senpais can't manage alone, I'll jump in to help. I'll listen to you even without the threads, since we are connected in all ways possible."


Kazuya actually thought about it and it sounded reasonable. "It's creepy when you have a good idea."


"Jerk." Said Eijun and a second later he was reverted to his soulless form.


"Thank you. Welcome back." Eijun smiled, clutched Kazuya's left arm closer, then lied down and fell asleep.


"What the heck was that?!" Takashima finally found her voice.


"Eijun said, that his soul repaired itself to an extent and he can come to his senses for a short time, just like now. Before you two came in, he explained it to me."


"So he's still there." Takashima let a huge sigh go.


"Yeah, he is."


"Today after lunch we will discuss the match, I expect to see you two there."


Kazuya nodded and the two adults left.


"You really give too much work to me, you know?" Said Kazuya, while Eijun just hugged his new pillow—Kazuya's left arm—closer to himself.




It was finally the last day of the Summer Arena and Kazuya felt his heart jump at every loud noise. He felt restless and had a really bad feeling, but still refused to show it on his face. Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately—Eijun noticed his distress immediately and squeezed Kazuya's hand.


"I'm fine, don't worry." Said Kazuya, while took a deep breath to calm his nerves. It wasn't the time and place to freak out.


As the opening ceremony come to an end, the umpire called the two sides to the stage. Inashiro was the first to be called and Kazuya let loose a colorful string of curses when he saw the huge greyhound (Carlos) with his controller (Shirakawa) and the white peacock (Narumiya) with his controller (Harada) walking onstage.


Kazuya saw from periphery his senpai change and the same time Eijun did the same. Kazuya heard a few gasps and looked at his side. Well, he wasn't prepared for the view.


Eijun was bigger and had a more ferocious look in his eyes than before. He actually made Kazuya take a step backward.


The umpire called Seido on stage, so the senpais took the initiative to walk up after them followed Eijun like a real lion. Kazuya heard the collective gasps from the viewers and felt pride bubble up in his chest. They saw Eijun in his prime, magnificent and dignified to the point where no one could take their eyes off of him. He could hear the faint whispers of his arm and them not being connected via threads. He couldn't care less.


The umpire was speechless for a long moment, then cleared his throat and announced the start of the final match!


The moment the sentence left his mouth, the greyhound begun to run in the direction of the chimera when the little spitz jumped between them and sent a water sphere in the direction of the attacking dog. It grazed the surprised dog's leg, but it didn't do much damage. Eijun was already growling beside Kazuya, who put his left hand on the chimera to calm him down.


Kazuya felt the previous uneasiness come back at full force, when he noticed the peacock standing in the back, motionless. It always meant something bad and every fiber in his body screamed danger.


Tetsu and Jun had their hands full with the greyhound, since his speed wasn't something to scoff at. Well, compared to Kuramochi, it was nothing and the training they did together paid off. It was just pure luck to go against them, when they pointedly trained to beat fast opponents.


Kazuya in the meantime took one of his daggers out from its sheath, stepped in front of Eijun and took a defensive position, just in case if the peacock did something funny.


The battle was fierce, when the Inashiro dog suddenly jumped back and peacock walked forward, its belly almost double the size.


Here comes the storm. Thought Kazuya, gripping his dagger, until his fingers turned white. Tetsu and Jun run back in front of Eijun, when the chimera jumped in front of them, spread his wings wide to cover his teammates and opened his mouth to form a suppressed fireball. It was his strongest attack and Kazuya was afraid, the boy will destroy the whole arena with that.


The arena actually shook, when the peacock let a similar sphere in front of him with a little bit bluish green color. Kazuya saw at least ten people in black jump in front of the viewers on the stands with hands in front of them, raising a big wall to protect everyone.


Eijun's wings flared up and Kazuya saw the boy swallow the sphere in front of him, just like the peacock did.


The next few seconds felt like an eternity.


The two animals stood motionless, but the next second both of them opened their mouths and a thick light left them like lasers. Kazuya unconsciously grabbed Eijun's fur with his left hand put his head on his back. It was the only support he could give the boy fighting and protecting them at the same time.


When the laser like lights collided with each other, it produced a blinding light and a huge explosion, eradicating the whole stage and blowing the umpire and the boys off somewhere.


After the explosion, the wall protecting everyone on the stands cracked and shattered to pieces.


It was the biggest fight in the history of the Summer Arena.


Everyone on the stands was looking in the smoke with batted breaths, searching for the tiniest movement and praying for everyone's safety.


After what felt like an hour, the smoke flew up with little help and the people in black begun the search for the boys and their colleague. The first one who was found was the umpire with little scratches on his whole body but alive, and cursing loudly while promising to everyone, that after this fight he will resign.


Kataoka and the Seido boys, and Kunimoto with the Inashiro boys was out there searching too. Finally, after five long minutes later the Inashiro found their teammates, everyone knocked out cold, Carlos and Mei turned back to their human form and with serious injuries, but alive. The medical team was there to give first aid to the boys and then took them away, so the Inashiro team was helping Seido find their teammates.


Another five long minutes passed when finally, they found a burning wing. It was clear that it was the chimera, so everyone focused to dig him out.


They were surprised to find Tetsu, Jun and Kazuya under the chimera without injuries, looking frightened, but totally fine. The only one on critical condition was Eijun himself.


The umpire seeing the Seido team, he raised his hand and declared.


"The 92nd Summer Arena is officially finished with Seido High School as a champion! Big applause for them fighting fair and square, getting written in the Summer Arena's history book!"


The whole arena rang with all the congratulations the spectators shouted to the stunned Seido boys. A few seconds later, when the information finally registered everyone erupted in cheers and loud laughing, hugging each other and crying tears of joy.


They won!


While the boys were on cloud nine, the medical team was doing everything in their power to help the boy already changed back to his human form, fighting for his life. Unfortunately, the peacock's attack pierced Eijun's chest, right through his left lung, making the boy suffer from difficult breathing. He got severe internal injuries too, when he protected Kazuya and the rest from the collapsing stage.


The medical team finally let a sigh go when they stabilized the boy's condition and prepared for transportation to the hospital. Kazuya was by his side the whole ride with Takashima and Kuramochi.


Kazuya was sure he would more frequently listen to his danger sense. Never again will he let Eijun take a risk like this. Not on his watch, anyway.




     Képtalálat a következÅ�re: â��happy easterâ��

Chapter Text

Kazuya sat on the hospital chair in the waiting room, looking up at the sign glaring back at him in angry red announcing 'operation is in process'. On the other side of that door laid Eijun with a gaping hole on the left side of his chest, fighting for his life… again. It started to get boring, really. The deity up there was out of creativity and just knew how to try and kill both of them.


Youichi out his hand on Kazuya's shoulder and squeezed it lightly. Kazuya was about to ask, but then he felt the trembling of the said hand. He put his own on the one on his shoulder, tying to console his friend. Even without of blood connection, Eijun and Youichi were still siblings.


Takashima was there with them, sitting on the chair, looking small and pale, probably thinking about the worst. Never, for a second did she stopped fiddling with her hands, alternating from scratching her perfect nail polish off to playing with her hair, pulling out a thread or two at time. She'll go bald before the operation ends.


Another hour passed and no one came to them to explain what was happening behind that door. By that time Kataoka was there, sitting on one of that uncomfortable chairs, wordlessly looking at the same door everyone did for the past hours.


Somewhere in the late night—or was it morning already?—the lamp went out and a few seconds later a man with bloodstained surgical gown stepped out, slipping his mask off.


"The operation was hard and the patient lost an alarming amount if blood, but his life is no longer in danger." Kazuya who was standing in front of the surgeon without any warning fell backward right in Youichi's waiting arms. He knew that Eijun was alive through their connection, but he needed to hear that his life is not in danger anymore.


It was strange that he was fine, even thought Eijun was on the verge of dying to begin with, but it was a problem to focus on later.


After hearing the good news, Youichi went back to school with Kataoka and Takashima, with a lot of complaining from the later of staying with Kazuya. The alpha affirmed her that he'll be fine by himself. He just wants to be by Eijun's side when he wakes up.


It happened three hours after the operation that Eijun showed signs of waking up. Kazuya was by his side, clutching his right hand with left, never leaving his side. As he opened his eyes, he smiled at Kazuya with such tender eyes that had Kazuya melt on the spot.


"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty. Finally come back to me?" The boy waited a few seconds before nodding.


"Morning. It was a long way back."


"Oh, welcome back." Kazuya was surprised to his Eijun back the first thing after he gave a heart attack to everyone. "That reminds me. Be prepared for a few wrestling moves and hits on your head after you are back. The team unanimously decided that a little bit of physical disciplining won't be bad for you. After getting the health bills up again for them." Kazuya chuckled at the widening eyes he got in response.


"No way! They wouldn't hurt someone who's already wounded!" Actually Kazuya couldn't argue with that. They would never hurt Eijun be it on purpose or not. He had a too big of an impact on all of them, quickly finding his way to everyone hearts.


"Come on, sleep. Get better soon."


But Eijun was wide awake and had his undivided attention on Kazuya, who in response squirmed on the chair. "What?"


"You never told me about the Summer Arena."




"We won. Thanks to you." Eijun's exhausted features stretched in a blinding grin, showing off all of his pearl-like, white teeth.


"We won." He repeated with awe in his voice. He involuntarily squeezed Kazuya's hand, while the alpha smiled fondly at the pure bliss on his partner's face. If the look on his face wasn't enough, the pheromones he was emitting were screaming how happy he really was.


"The school got a big amount of money as a prize together with high-grade equipements and enchant items and a few old beast rings. Also we got compensation money from Seiko. They call it apologizing gift, but the truth is they were forced to pay money for the schools their students caused problems." Kazuya looked down on his casted arm and back at Eijun.


Eijun squeezed Kazuya's hand again, but now looking in his eyes, comforting him. Eijun knew why was he in such a foul mood. He couldn't connect his threads with him and this kind of powerlessness was something that any alpha would hate with every fiber of their bodies. Also, Eijun was angry at that player as well, since he hurt Kazuya for his own interest. It was so unprofessional.


"-jun? Eijun?" The shapeshifter was startled when Kazuya's face was just inches away from his own.


"What?" Kazuya seemingly relaxed and sat back on his chair.


"I'm surprised that you are still your old self. Just now you looked so out of it that I thought you were back to that soulless self." Eijun thought for it a bit.


"Actually I'm feeling normal. I don't have that nagging feeling of getting back in the depths of my mind. Probably will be swallowed by that dark soon enough." Kazuya looked devastated and Eijun's stomach churned. "It's not that bad. I mean, it's sometimes scary to be in darkness without any warning, but I know that out there is someone doing everything in his power to get me back. So it's bearable."


Kazuya glanced at his lover and smiled. "Then I need to twice my efforts to bring you back!" Just as the sentence left his mouth, Eijun was back to that doll-like state. "Welcome back."


Eijun just smiled.




Eijun was discharged from hospital a week later after Summer Arena's final match. Kazuya was almost always by his side, leaving just for the mostly needed necessities like eating or a shower. He always slept in Eijun's bed, with the boy tucked up to his left side. The nurses in the hospital were used to him by now, coming in to check if everything was alright, never asking him to leave. They were known for the whole staff, no one questioning why was he there even after visiting hours.


Eijun's recovery speed amazed even his doctors, since they never saw a wound close up or tissues regenerate at such speed. It was almost miraculous. They knew that a big part was thanks for Kazuya's presence. Everyone knew that the alpha's closeness was a big factor for the whole process, but it was still amazing.


Kazuya was the first to step out of the cab Takashima called for them and saw the big crowd by the school gates. He smiled softly and hurried to the cab's other side to open the door for Eijun and help him out. He did not need to worry, since Youichi was there and helped Eijun without saying a word. As they walked to the students waiting for them, Eijun broke out of the loose hold Youichi had on him and run to everyone. He bowed deeply and said in a cheery voice.


"Thank you everyone for supporting us through the whole Summer Arena!" At first no one found anything wrong with the statement, just for moments later everyone letting out a collective "EHH?!" Now it registered in them that Eijun was the same as before his curses. Kataoka informed everyone what happened to him, so even the students beside the team knew what was going on.


Questions of how and why were flying up while Eijun smiled at them warmly answering everything. Kazuya walked beside him and caught him by his right arm when he swayed a bit, unsteady on his legs.


"I think that's enough for today. You two can go home, the rest of the team is going back on the field." Said Kataoka and nodded toward Kazuya to take care of Eijun.


Youichi without asking permission helped Eijun back in the car and sat beside him, letting him lean on his shoulder and sleep. Kazuya found it adorable, how Youichi knew what Eijun needed and when. The alpha in him growled at the close proximity between the two, but remained silent since he knew Youichi won't do anything to him.


"Sorry. I know that he won't do anything to Eijun, but still…" Kazuya just smiled and shook his head.


"It's okay, I know. I feel the same." But sat in the passenger seat Takashima gave him and she waved goodbye to them, as the driver pulled the car back in the traffic.




Once Eijun was in his bed sleeping, Kazuya made his way to his kitchen to make some coffee, before Youichi took everything out of his hand and ordered him to sit down.


"Are you sure? I don't want to die yet."


"Die, you jerk." But his comment had no edge in it. Once the coffee was done and both of them sat on the couch, Kazuya turned the TV on and smiled when he saw the news of the Summer Arena they took part in. It was such a big thing, that every channel be it TV or radio streamed the last match, where Eijun shone the brightest. It filled Kazuya with so much pride he felt he'll blow up one day.


"Stop looking so smug. I know what you are thinking, but it's still annoying to see you this happy." Youichi grumbled beside him, eyes never leaving the TV, still awed by Eijun's performance even if he saw that record at least a million times in the past week.


Kazuya knew that this is his bastard of a best friend's way to say he is happy for both of them. The curses are gone, Eijun's soul is slowly regenerating and the wound he got from Mei is steadily healing, Kazuya's arm and ribs are healing on a quick pace as well. So far it seems like everything will be back to normal in no time. They will go sleeping in classes—they know they shouldn't, but it's just sooo boring—and go for practice, be together just as much as before, and Kazuya can finally be with Eijun like soulmates should. Actually, they will be lovey-dovey all day long even in public, so Youichi was preparing mentally for all the fake gagging he has to do to prevent the lovebirds go overboard.


As the coffee in their mugs slowly run out, Youichi prepared to leave for the day. After the last gulp, he put the mug on the table and stood up.


"I should head back to the dorms. I'll inform Kataoka-kantoku and Takashima-san that you'll stay here with Eijun." Kazuya stood up as well to see Youichi out.


Once his green haired friend left Kazuya closed the door and locked it, then walked straight to Eijun's—at this point, he can say theirs—bedroom. Quietly opened the door just to see Eijun panting, face scrunching up in sleep. "Aaah, here it comes. The doc said he can still get a fever even after a week of operation."


Kazuya sat beside his suffering lover, took three pill containers from the top drawer he put there when they got home and carefully spilled a pill from every container. Took the water bottle and was about to help Eijun drink his meds, but he refused them. Kazuya thought for a few seconds and got an idea. He carefully placed the pills in Eijun's mouth, took a big swig from the bottle and kissed Eijun, helping him gulp the meds down. Eijun coughed a little bit, but except that he was fine. Kazuya left the room, to get the food out of the plastic bags from that takeout shop, they took a detour to. Since Kazuya was unable to cook and Eijun was in same situation—not that anyone would let him anywhere near the kitchen, even if he was fine—and since they had to eat, takeout was the best choice.


Kazuya managed to get everything heated and on a tray and maneuvered back in the bedroom just to find Eijun sleeping peacefully. Probably the smell of food made him crack a sleepy eye open and smile at Kazuya.


"Are you hungry?"


"Starving." Answered Eijun and got in sitting position. Still flinched when he pulled his left side and Kazuya felt bad for him and angry at himself since he was unable to help him.


They ate in silence, enjoying the closeness of each other. The past month was hectic and they were away from each other—if not physically, but mentally definitely—so the time they got together was appreciated.


Kazuya took the dishes out on the tray and once he was back, Eijun was already sleeping. Kazuya's face pulled up in a wry smile, since he knew that Eijun was back in that darkness he was talking about in his hospital room.


As he slipped under the covers with his good side closer to Eijun, as if the omega sensed his closeness wriggled closer and hugged Kazuya's left arm. The alpha just smiled and pulled the cover up and relaxed as well.


It was his best sleep since the beginning of the Summer Arena knowing that Eijun is by his side, alive.

Chapter Text

Kazuya woke up just to find the space beside him empty and cold. Eijun never came back from wherever he went. Panic filled Kazuya as he rose from the bed and dashed out straight in the living room just to find Eijun playing a video game with Youichi, while yelling at the screen.


Kazuya slumped against the doorframe in relief.


"What? I've been keeping him company since you slept through the whole morning." Kazuya glanced at the clock on the wall which displayed 2pm.


"No way." Kazuya sighed out. He slept more than 16 hours.


"Nah, you needed a good sleep, that's why we left you. We already ate. You portion is in the fridge, heat it up in the microwave before eating. And don't worry, it's takeout before you say something nasty."


"Yes, mom." Youichi simply glared at him over his shoulder.


"You couldn't stay silent, aren't you?"


"Nope." Kazuya answered with a smirk sitting on his lips. He felt so blessed with having the best boyfriend and best friend on the whole Earth.


Kazuya managed to get the food heated not before two concerned boy asked him if he needed help. The food was delicious and it was more enjoyable, since he had a full view on the boys sitting in front of the TV, playing. He laughed out loud when Eijun lost and whined like a puppy, while demanding a rematch. It was somewhat strange seeing the normal Eijun. Then it struck Kazuya. Youichi said that he was keeping company to Eijun since morning. That means that Eijun was his normal self for a whole morning. Wait!


"Hey, Eijun." Youichi paused the game and both of them turned to the controller still sitting on a chair beside the dining table. "Are you back to normal since this morning? Were you back to that self even for a little bit?"


Eijun visibly sunk in his thought, before looking at Kazuya with widening eyes. "Now that you mention it, no! I've totally forgot the time while playing with You-nii, so never realized. I'm fine so far."


"Does that mean that a bigger portion of your soul is repaired?" Youichi chipped in.


"Probably? I don't know, since I can't see my soul from outside. And I was swallowed by darkness before I had a chance to look around from the inside."


"They are right. Your mind is clearer that it was before. And that darkness has shrunk as well, now I can't see it from the center of your mind. Looks like you are healing more ways than just one." Kazuya and Youichi waited while Eijun finished his chat.


"Looks like my soul is healing. The chimera says that he can't see the darkness from the center of my mind. Which is good, since it was literally everywhere." Kazuya relaxed in the chair and run his left hand on his face.


"Good, really good. Then it means you'll be back to normal before even my arm heals."


"Don't be that much of an optimist. I'll need you to find the missing parts and if there is something wrong, you need to repair it, so no, you won't pull yourself out of thi-" Before he had the chance to finish his sentence, the new Eijun they got used to was back.


"Welcome back." Said Kazuya as he stood from the chair to walk to Eijun and ruffle his hair. Eijun smiled back at him and nuzzled his hand.


"Like a puppy." Mumbled Youichi looking away, blushing.




Eijun was more and more back to his original self and finally 3 days after getting home from the hospital, he got permission to attend classes. Of course Kazuya was at his back almost all the time, while checking on him. Eijun had times when he lost his contact with the world around him and no one—not even his teachers—were surprised to see the boy stand up and leave the classroom, just to end up in Kazuya and Youichi's class. Everyone got used to the silent, doll-looking boy, actually getting more and more fangirls and them forming a fanclub, talking between each other how dreamy he looks like that and how lucky Kazuya is to have him, and so on. Kazuya found no harm in that, so let it be.


Kataoka asked them to come to the field right before practice, since they had something important to talk about.


Kazuya was walking side by side with Eijun, since Youichi had to leave early to change before practice. It was eating Kazuya alive knowing that he can't be on the field with Eijun, practicing like everyone else. Eijun sensing the alpha's distress grabbed his hand and squeezed it lightly.


"Oh, sorry. I'm just whining."


Eijun shook his head and kissed Kazuya's cheek. The shapeshifter sped up and walked ahead of the alpha who looked way too surprised to even comment.


"Does he know what he's doing to us with this behavior? Kazuya just smiled and his smile quickly turned in a smirk.


"Ho? Now you are behaving like a kid that's possessive toward his favorite toy." He heard the alpha gasp in exasperation and felt the sudden pull backwards.


"Take it back, now!"


Kazuya just laughed at his nature's antics.




Once they reached the field, Kazuya was surprised to see the whole school there with the teachers and director standing in the center.


"What the-" Started Kazuya the curse, but Eijun jumped beside him and covered his mouth with his hand. Everyone laughed and Kazuya running out of patience licked the offending and which Eijun pulled back and licked the same spot himself. The school witnessed one of the biggest miracles: Kazuya turned a deep red almost instantly and looked at his feet. He'll definitely kill me one day.


"Khm…" Kazuya still red faced looked at his coach and turned another shade of red, since embarrassment took over his initial love for Eijun. "Since both of you are here, we can start."


"Right after the Arena we couldn't do a congratulatory party because of Sawamura-kun's hospitalization, but now since he is fine lets party!" Said Takashima with much more enthusiasm that they are accustomed to.


The boys were ushered in the dining hall were the wall was decorated and the tables were packed with food that's enough for an army.


"Congratulation! Everyone did a good job on the Summer Arena, so enjoy the party. Later, we have another announcement." Kataoka ended his speech and lifted his glass. The team followed suit and cheered.


Since the dining hall was small for every student, just the team stayed while the rest left early for independent pastime.


Eijun was overjoyed with all the food and was back to his original state almost all of the time, enjoying fully the taste of everything he could put on one plate. Kazuya smiled all the time looking at his gluttony lover, then chatted with his teammates, even getting pulled in to sing on the karaoke machine. They were thoroughly surprised to hear the alpha sing and be very good at it.


"Looks like, our kids will have lullaby every night before sleeping." Commented the omega with closed eyes, enjoying the alpha's voice.


Eijun shook his head, smiling. But still played with the thought of Kazuya singing every night in a hushed voice, while rocking a baby in his arms. Probably the most beautiful sight he could ever lay his eyes on.


The song slowly ended and everyone erupted in cheers demanding a second song. Kazuya immediately looked back at Eijun, who smiled and nodded. Kazuya got a slight color on his cheeks, but put another song on and continued his singing. Song after song, he was getting better as his vocal cords warmed up. He was singing almost all the time, but he was smiling and enjoying himself.


Eijun wanted to stay and listen to his soothing voice, but then he felt a sudden pull on his mind.


"What was that?"


"I don't think it's something good. Probably you should go to Kazuya before-" But the chimera was suddenly cut off and swallowed in the darkness now persistently nagging at his mind, trying to make him walk away somewhere. Eijun wanted to call out, but the karaoke was too loud and his throat clogged up.


He was losing this battle, Eijun could feel it and after the last push he was back in the darkness, alone. He hoped that Kazuya could feel his distress and is there by his side to prevent him doing anything he wouldn't want to.


He was unlucky.


Eijun stood up from his seat and walked out of the room leaving Kazuya and the team behind, his soulless eyes looking forward not glancing back even once. He walked past the training fields, past the school gates and out on the road that leads in the wood behind the school. That wood was off limit for students, since vicious beasts swarm there almost at every corner.


But since the boy entered, he was left alone. Actually the beasts were afraid of him, so listening to their instincts they stayed away from him.


In the heart of the forest on a clearing, Eijun stood in the late afternoon sunlight, looking up at something entirely black from head to toes, big and looming over the boy, but still in the shadows of trees. The black aura that left his body killed all the plants that were around him slowly cutting the shadows smaller, but unaffected by it, since the Sun was going lower and lower, until it disappeared on the horizon. The black shadow got closer to Eijun by seconds and as the light completely vanished, it stood right in front of the shapeshifter.


"Looks like you got out of the curses I put on you. Haha, it would be boring if you just died like that. Let's see, what kind of curse should I put on you this time? Give me a hint." And it placed its bonny hand on Eijun's chest and pushed it inside his body making the boy cry out in pain. "That's the sound I wanted to hear so much. Good, give me more!" It pushed deeper and Eijun cried out more loudly.


Then the shadow started to look for what it was searching for. "Oh, look at this. So you two are already bonded? Good." Pulled its hand out and Eijun fell on the ground panting and shaking uncontrollably, tears streaming down his face. "I know! This curse will be amazing."


And as it was about to start the cursing some rustling sound came from the direction were Eijun came from, just for seconds later to reveal Oota and the teachers with Kazuya and the whole team with them.


"Finally decided to show yourself, huh?" Said Oota and lifted both of his hands, one holding a staff with a black orb on the tip of it emitting a similar black aura as the shadow's.


"Give Eijun back!" Yelled Kazuya stepping in front of his teachers, the pheromones he was emitting screamed danger, the alpha almost turning in a beast with anger. His eyes were glowing in blood red, nothing else on his mind, just to get his partner back. It made the students and even a few teachers step back in fear. It was rare to see a boded alpha this mad. Actually it was rare that it made everyone this frightened.


"Oh? Audience?" Asked the shadow not intimidated at all by Kazuya or the teachers.


"Step away from him or you won't get off lightly." Growled Kazuya, stepping closer. Before reaching the clearing, he took his casted hand and punched the nearby tree with all of his strength, making the cast break to pieces. The power of his punch made the tree break in half as well, falling over opposite of the alpha.


The anger boiling in him left his body like smoke. The nature in him took advantage of it and made a physical form of it, glaring at the shadow. The threads Kazuya couldn't use for a long time now dripped from his fingertips, red like blood, not the calming blue everyone knew.


Kazuya took another step closer and the beasts watching from far now fled far away, scared to death. They saw death itself in that angry human boy.


It actually made the shadow slink back a bit.


Oota watched everything in silence then he decided it was enough and sent a calming curse on the raging boy. It wasn't good to let his anger loose like that, since it was tainting his soul, which is just as important for controllers like it's for shapeshifters.


The smoke-alpha above Kazuya dissipated in a second, the red threads changing back to their normal blue color and the alpha losing strength in his legs, sat on the ground.


"You should control yourself a little better, Miyuki-kun. What kind of controller are you, if you can't even control yourself? Also, we need to talk later." Oota said as he stepped beside Kazuya then in front of him, the black aura from his staff now flowing out like smoke and walking straight to where the shadow and Eijun is.


"I think it's time for you to give Sawamura-kun back. You've played with him enough." Oota saw the single black thread connected to Eijun and pointed his staff at it, the light glowing harder until it was blinding white.


The thread snapped in half, evaporating in thin air. Eijun visibly relaxed and fell over on his knees, laid on the ground before his kidnapper, unconscious.


Oota took the opportunity and pointed his staff at the shadow, while chanting. The purple ring at his legs began to rose and the teachers immediately knew which curse he started. For some reason the shadow remained motionless and Oota said the last part, the purple ring at the tip of his staff flew toward the shadow like it was fired from a gun. The moment it hit the shadow, it disappeared.


"Did he got it?" Asked Takashima with slack jaw. Oota was even more amazing than before.


"No, it ran away." Said Oota and put his staff beside him.


"Damn." Cursed one of the teachers.


"Eijun!" They saw the alpha get up and ran to the boy still laying on the ground. He fell on his knees and hugged Eijun close to himself. The boy opened his eyes, but they were still dull.


"Let's get out of here, before the beasts decide to come back." Said Kataoka as he turned back. Kazuya scooped the boy in his arms holding him like a princess and leaving the forest with everyone behind him.




Once they were back on the school grounds, Eijun woke up and once he recognized Kazuya's face, he broke in tears and hugged the alpha, face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his calming scent.


"I'm sorry, you had to go through something scary again."


Eijun shook his head. "It's okay, since you come to save me."


They were back in the dining hall where Kazuya carefully put Eijun down and let his threads out. Eijun understanding the indication changed in his chimera form. It was still amazing to see the big, lion-like chimera standing in the middle of the room and looking so magnificent. Kazuya connected the threads where he could, since the shapeshifter's soul was partially broken. The rest of his threads were searching in the body for the missing parts. Slowly, but steadily Kazuya found all the missing parts and as a finishing touch he put the pieces all together, sometime breaking a piece out here and there to put it on its right place.


After an hour or so later, Kazuya pulled on the threads and the chimera stretched his wings wide and they flared up. The room's temperature rose at least double fold. Everyone stepped back at the sudden hotness and Kazuya pulled on the threads again, which made Eijun change back in his human form.


The moment he was back, Kazuya stepped in front of him and hugged his partner with all of his might. Eijun smiled, while tears streamed down his face, hugging his lover back, still naked, but extremely happy.


"Welcome back." Whispered Kazuya with a smile on his lips.


"I'm back." Answered Eijun loosening his hold on the alpha, so he could rise a little and lean forward to kiss him.


In that moment, Kazuya's legs gave out and he fell forward on Eijun who wasn't prepared for the extra weight and fell with the alpha. With a loud crash both of them landed on the floor, with Kazuya like a dead weight.


"Kazuya? What's wrong?! Kazuya?!" But the boy just grunted on top of him, still not moving.


"Eijun?! What's wrong?"


"You-nii, Kazuya won't move!"

"Eh?" Youichi ran to the boys with the material in his hands, then helped Kazuya off of Eijun and held the curtain so his lil' bro can dress. Then the shifter turned to the laying boy and helped him sit up.


"Kazuya, what's wrong?"


"I don't know. All of my strength left me. What the hell is going on?" Kazuya grunted again as he tried to move a little bit. Kataoka was in front of them seconds later, looking down at the boys with a knowing look in his eyes. Probably…


"I said that I have one more announcement to make. All the participants got their share from the prize we got from the Arena, just you two were left. Miyuki, can you now check Sawamura's level?" The alpha nodded and sat straight, getting all of his leftover strength together, Eijun following suit with his back to his controller.


Kazuya guided his threads to Eijun's back to pull his stats out. The light rose from the shifter's back and the stats began to change. Once the light died out, Kazuya glanced at them and his eyes widened comically. "No fucking way." He breathed out, still not believing what he sees.




"Level 41. We can go hunting again." Kazuya took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes and put the glasses back, but the results were still the same. "How the fucking way can you level up this fast? I can't catch up at all like this." And Eijun knew what was he talking about.


His sudden lack of power was probably due to their big level difference. Now it's time to see Kazuya's level. "Can you update your stats as well? To see how big the difference is."


Kazuya nodded at Eijun and put his hand on his own chest slowly pulling the stats out of himself. Eijun turned around and watched the numbers roll one after another, like the numbers on a slot machine. Once it stopped, Eijun's eyes widened like Kazuya's a few minutes prior.


"Kazuya, you are level 23! You've leveled up 10 levels! And you say I'm progressing too quickly when you are the same!" Eijun laughed loudly, his voice like wind chimes.


But it was still too big of a gap. 18 levels are even big to one person, but that much as a difference? Just too much. And since Eijun was a shifter with a chimera soul, controlling him was even harder than a normal person. Eijun now fully understood why was Kazuya so exhausted after connecting his threads.


"Looks like I'll need to seal away my shifting ability for a while." It got everyone's attention and they looked at the serious expression on Eijun's face.


"What?" Kazuya looked back, puzzled.


"I mean, we won't go hunting before you raise your levels. I'm content with where I am now, as long as you are by my side, happy. I don't want to see you getting this exhausted every time you connect your threads with me or hurt yourself trying hard to level up. And since I've got to know you in the past few months, I can say for sure that you'll try and I will be there to stop you." Eijun leaned forward and kissed Kazuya.


Once they broke apart, Kataoka cleared his throat and said. "You don't need to go anywhere. We've got rings and equipement as a prize and we decided to give a ring to you, Sawamura. And some equipement to Miyuki."


Both boys looked up at their coach. "Really?!" Jumped Eijun up and smiled at his teacher. When he nodded, Sawamura began his loud catchphrase, the oshi right then and there. No one knew what was going on.


"What was that?" Asked Youichi first.


"Eh? I never did this in school?" Eijun looked back as puzzled as the rest now looking at him.




"Oh. It's something I did at home a lot. It's something similar like a pep talk to me, just the short version. Since I was always in funny situations because of the snake soul, I needed something to cheer me up and that's when I started this. I feels good to say this a few times while I clear my mind of everything unnecessary and look forward." They looked at each other and the students suddenly began chanting like Eijun did previously.


Eijun laughed loudly until his sides started to hurt and tears formed in the corner of his eyes.


They stopped and the coach continued. "We got three kind of rings. One is a fire wasp you already have, the second one is an eagle and the last is a turtle."


All of them knew which one will Eijun choose. "I'll go with the turtle, then." Yeah, of cour- "WHAT?!" Then screeched in unison and Eijun and Kataoka had to cover their ears.


"Why the turtle?" Asked Shinji what everyone was curious about.


"Probably a month ago probably I would have chosen the eagle, but looking back at the crazy things that happened, especially that shadow, I've come to a conclusion. I need to protect not just myself, but Kazuya as well. And I know, don't look at me like that, you don't like the thought of being protected, but I won't be a damsel in distress that you need to save all the time. Since something is out there hunting me, I need something to protect me and those around me. So a turtle shell would come in handy." Kataoka nodded and felt pride bubble up in his chest at hearing his student's explanation. Everyone present were surprised, since they never knew Eijun could use his head like that.


They gave him too little credit, really.


Kazuya finally had the strength to raise on his legs them still shaking a bit at the extra weight, but walked to Eijun to hug him with all of his strength.


"You don't need to protect me. My job as your partner is to protect you and our future family. But I'm proud of you for thinking this through and not just jumping in anything." Eijun nodded, hiding his blushing face in Kazuya's chest.


They never discussed—heck, they never even mentioned anything about family to each other, and now that Kazuya was the first to say it, it made Eijun all warm inside and happy to know that he wants a family as well.


"But still, I hate the thought of you protecting me all the time. Than what's the point of my shapeshifting ability? I want to stand beside you as someone equivalent. So please, don't get all the responsibility on yourself. Share it with me as well. Okay, partner?"


Kazuya smiled in the sweetest way Eijun ever saw him and he leaned down to connect their lips again. No one had the heart to remind them they were still in front of their teachers.




After a lot of embarrassed blushing from Eijun and smug smiling from Kazuya later, Kataoka took the turtle's ring out, but they were thoroughly surprised to see that its around 65.000 years old or more.


"No, I won't let you absorb it." Said Kazuya with closed eyes, arms folded on his chest and with so much finality that the present spectators were sure that even Eijun will listen to him. And they really need to understand that underestimating him is never a wise choice.


Since Kazuya's eyes were closed, he didn't see Eijun sit on the floor and prepare for the absorption. Kataoka let the ring go and it flew in front of the sitting boy, who not wasting even a second concentrated on the ring. Kazuya immediately felt Eijun's mind shut off and his eyes flew open.


"Eijun!" But the boy was already deep in his mind, fighting. "You've got to be kidding me." Kazuya breathed out, while Youichi patted his shoulder.


"That's Eijun, you know. No matter what you say, he'll do it anyway."


"But what if he runs out of luck?"


"I don't think it's just luck that's helping him by now. And I think you know it as well."


Kazuya did.

Chapter Text

Almost two hours later Eijun was still sitting on the floor with the ring in front of him.


"Nothing's happening. What the hell is going on? Previously by this time he was done with the absorption." Kazuya was pacing not too away from the sitting boy some of their teachers left the hall to go home. Their teammates stayed to watch over Eijun and see if they can help with anything.


"How many miles did you walk down already? Sit down. It's tiring to even watch you." Youichi reached for a cup with some juice and held it out for Kazuya.


"How can you be this calm?" Kazuya took the cup and drank the sweet-sour drink. It was orange juice, Eijun's favorite.


"No, it's just you who's panicking." Then Kazuya remembered that he's a controller, on top of it, an alpha. Not someone who can lose their calm so easily.


Kazuya sat on the chair beside Youichi and watched Eijun, fingers still playing on the table.


Another half an hour passed and nothing happened.


"Looks like I'll need to help him." Kazuya stood up abruptly, surprising the boy sitting beside him.


"What?" But didn't have time to ask more since Kazuya walked to Eijun, sat in front of him and let his threads out. "What are you doing?! You can't interfere in the absorption!" Yelled Youichi waking his sleeping teammates and they looked at the pair in the center of the hall.


"What's happening?" Asked Chris as he rubbed the remaining of sleep out of his eyes. After one more glance at the pair and immediately understood. "We don't know what will happen. Are you sure?"


Kazuya nodded and let his threads to Eijun's chest and let it inside his body to connect to the shifter's soul. Kazuya's head fell as he was pulled in Eijun's own mind.




There were three Eijuns, one staying in the far back, arms wrapped protectively around the lower part of his body, the other two in the front fighting a giant turtle.


It was amazing.


Kazuya saw the turtle turn around and punch the two Eijuns in the front, sending them flying, one of them landing in Kazuya's waiting arms. Eijun looked up at him and his eyes widened.


"Kazuya?!" It catched the other Eijuns attention and they looked in the direction where the yelling came from. "What the hell are you doing here? Actually, how did you get here?"


Kazuya helped Eijun stand, one eye constantly watching the turtle's every move. "I've connected my threads to your soul while you were absorbing the ring. Easy, right?"


Eijun jumped and began to shake Kazuya by his collar. "The heck? 'Easy' my ass! No one ever tried anything like this! What would have happened if you hurt yourself?! Your soul is unstable in here, get out!" But Kazuya took Eijun's hand by his wrist and pulled him close to kiss him.


"I'll leave once we are done with that turtle. And looks like it was done with waiting." Kazuya pulled Eijun with himself as he jumped out of the turtle's way.


"Eijun!" The Eijun with dog ears run to them and looked at Kazuya. "Nice to meet you in person. I'm Eijun's alter ego, the Chimera soul." Kazuya was surprised to see a mature Eijun, dog ears twitching at every sound, tail—like a snake—wagging from one side to other, the visible skin was covered with greenish scales. He had scratches all over his body blood trickling from them. He looked exhausted, but happy to see Kazuya. "A little help would be really nice." And he pointedly looked at Eijun in his arms who ducked his head.


"Nice to meet you too. And that's why I'm here." Kazuya saw from periphery the last Eijun run to them and tackle him, making them both end on the imaginary floor.


"I'm Eijun's other alter ego, his nature, the Omega! It's really nice to meet you in person! It's so amazing!" Kazuya smiled at the childish Eijun clinging to his neck. Kazuya wondered if their kids would be like that too.


"Kazuya!" The real Eijun now standing looked down at him, blushing. "You are in my mind. Whatever you think about is clearly relayed to every of us."


"Let's find it out in the near future." Whispered the Omega in Kazuya's ears, still hugging him. Kazuya blushed at the bold statement.


"Hey, you! Stop planting weird ideas in his head! In the end he will take it seriously!"


"Why? You don't want to see mini Eijuns and Kazuyas running around us laughing happily?" Eijun blushed and the exact scene appeared before Kazuya's mind eyes. "Oh, so this is what you talked about."


"Anyway, first we have some pressing matters to focus on." Eijun turned from them and stomped toward that giant turtle looking way too pissed, probably because of them ignoring it.


The chimera was by his side without a second delay and Kazuya felt jealousy bubble up in his chest. "Are you really jealous of my own alter ego?!" Eijun sounded so offended, that guilt washed over Kazuya almost immediately.


"Let's get this over quickly." Said Kazuya instead as he stood up, peeling the Omega off himself. He found it rather uncomfortable to have his every emotion and thought relayed to Eijun. Their bond was strong, but not to the point where they knew what the other thought about or what the other felt. This was exhausting him mentally apace. I want my private sphere back.


"Once you stop whining and help us here, we'll be done quickly and you can go back to your own mind." Eijun said as he tried to land a punch on the turtle, but that thing knew how hard its shell is and turned so Eijun hit that instead.


Eijun cried out as he fell back in the Chimera's arms, holding his own now twisted in some unnatural position.


"Eijun!" Kazuya run to the boy just to see him hold his twisted hand with his other and jerk it back in place with a sickening sound. "What are you doing?!"


"It's not my physical hand, so putting it back to normal is not that difficult. It hurts like hell, but now I can continue fighting." Kazuya looked at the Chimera who had such a sad look on his face that the alpha already knew the answer for his question.


"He does this every time?" The Chimera looked at him and nodded.


"It's actually the slightest injury he got so far. There were much worse times in the past." Kazuya saw red and Eijun immediately put his hand on the alpha's.


"Kazuya, I'm fine now. Come on, let's kill that turtle once and for all." The Chimera changed to his animal form and Eijun readied himself. The Omega stood in the back in the same position as Kazuya saw him in the beginning.


"He needs to protect his body because if he gets hurt it'll affect my physical body. To be precise, the fertile part of me." Explained Eijun without looking back, but Kazuya saw the tips of his ears turning red. And he understood the implication.


"So, any plan how to kill that thing?" Kazuya pointed with his thumb in the general direction of the turtle while he turned toward Eijun and the lion-like chimera.


"Attack at the same time and kill it with a strong punch?" Kazuya facepalmed and shook his head.


"So that's why you always get hurt in these fights. Look, don't ever walk in a fight heedlessly. You always need to prepare a plan or two beforehand." Kazuya looked at the chimera that nodded with his big head while Eijun whined like a puppy.


"Since that giant thing knows how hard its shell is, I think it has a weak point. And if my speculation is right, I think it's the underside. It's still hard, but the very center of it is probably much weaker than anywhere else, but it's almost impossible to reach that part. Also the other weak point is the parts where the turtle's head, tail and legs are coming out of its shell. We need to find an opening so the chimera can fire one of his fireballs to that point." Eijun looked impressed, while the chimera looked at Kazuya with literal sparks in his eyes.


Eijun jumped to Kazuya's side and pulled him by his arm just in time to get him out of the turtle's way.


"Thanks." Said Kazuya as he looked at the footprints behind him.


"Anytime." Eijun smiled and looked back at the chimera that was already in the middle of preparing his fireball.


Eijun ran to the turtle and jumped on its leg and then at the top of its shell. Once up, he lied on his stomach and found a solid point to hold onto, since the turtle was pissed and tried to shake him off. Because of the big body the turtle quickly ran out of power and stopped, but pulled every part of its body inside the shell, parts of it coming down to lock the openings. Kazuya saw the exact second when they can attack, so walked to the chimera and said in his ear directly.


"I think I figured out when to fire that fireball of yours. Will you help me?" The chimera just nodded, the fireball moving with every movement of his head. Kazuya smiled. Every Eijun is still the same in some way.


A few minutes later, the turtle was out again and tried to shake Eijun off, but the boy was still holding on for dear life. Kazuya then saw the turtle slow down and said to the chimera.


"Prepare yourself. Aim at the space where its leg is coming out." Kazuya took a handful of fur and watched the turtle lower its body and just before it touched the floor, Kazuya pulled at the fur and yelled. "Now!"


The chimera opened his mouth widely and a beam of light flew toward the unsuspecting turtle.


The beam entered the turtle's body and made it explode from inside. Eijun flew off the turtle and crashed in the floor bouncing off once, before lying flat on his back. Kazuya and the chimera ran to his side, the chimera turning in his human form in the meantime. The alpha slowly pulled the boy to his chest and the Chimera sat beside him leaning on his shoulder, completely exhausted. Then he felt the Omega hug him from behind looking at the turtle's vanishing body.


"I hereby welcome my new master. Please, use my abilities as you see fit." Eijun nodded and with a gentle smile on his lips, he stretched his arms in the direction of the disappearing turtle. The little green lights flew to the boy and infiltrated his body, ending their fight. Eijun closed his arms around his chest where the turtle entered him and looked up at Kazuya when he felt a gentle push, so his head was in the alpha's lap. Kazuya was captivated by the tenderness Eijun showed toward his new ring even though he fought it a few seconds before and smiled down at his gentle lover.


"Thank you for your help."




Eijun just shook his head at his lover's cocky answer, smiling.


"Since the fight is over, you can head back to your own mind."


Kazuya scratched his neck, while looking away from the three of them, bashful. "The thing is I don't know how to go back."


"Eeeh?!" All of them yelled in unison.


"What do we do now?! I don't know how to send you back!" Eijun yelled and tried to sit up, but Kazuya held him down by his shoulder.


"Stay put. You are still exhausted. Let's wait a little bit for you to gather a little of energy before we think of anything else." And Eijun just did that since every cell in his body was screaming in pain. The Chimera as well felt too exhausted to move, so he was grateful for the offer, while the Omega was just happy to be by Kazuya's side.


They didn't knew how much time passed when they heard a familiar voice. "I came to pick you up."


The four of them on the floor looked up to see another Kazuya with golden eyes and slit irises, looking more mature than the one in the center of three Eijuns.


The Omega jumped up and ran to the Alpha who catched the boy and hugged him. "Hey." Greeted the Alpha.


The Omega not wasting a second kissed the Alpha. He reciprocated it and pulled the little, fragile body closer.


"Khm. I don't want to intrude, but it would be great if you two stop before the Omega accidentally starts my heat." Eijun slowly climbed up in a sitting position careful not to move the sleeping Chimera on Kazuya's shoulder.


They parted and the Omega whined involuntary. The Alpha let the boy go with little difficulty and walked to them, scooped the Chimera's body and looked at Eijun who understood the implication and made a bed in his mind. Since it was his own mind, he could produce objects and people as he pleased, except the snake soul and Kazuya. He couldn't produce her or his lover at all.


Once the Chimera was on the bed tucked in, the Alpha walked to them and helped Eijun on his feet. Kazuya stood up as well and held onto Eijun, while the Omega was by the Alpha's side again.


"What do you mean, you came to pick me up?"


"That's exactly what I mean. Since you didn't come back after the fight, I suspected that you don't know the way back. So here I am." Eijun chuckled when he saw Kazuya blush to the tip of his ears.


"You don't need to put it that way. I'm not a lost child or something."


"No, you are lost." Said the Alpha mercilessly.


"Ugh." And Eijun finally laughed out loud. "Don't laugh!" It made the boy laugh harder, eyes watering quickly and the Omega and the Alpha laughed with him too. Eijun slowly stopped and looked at the two Kazuyas.


"Okay, I think it's time for both of you to go back. It was already risky for Kazuya to come here, but now that your alter ego is here too, your soul is too unstable. You can't leave your body just like this. Don't do this ever again, you hear me?" But Kazuya kissed him gently in return.


"I'll do it again, if you need me. Be prepared."


"Ugh, you…!" But before could continue both of them vanished.




Kazuya was the first to open his eyes. He looked up to see a concerned Youichi looking at him. "Yo, Mochi. What's up?"


"Don't you 'Yo, Mochi' me! Both of you scared all of us to death!"


Kazuya looked at the boy sitting in front of him, blood trickling from his nose and the side of his mouth. Then he rubbed at his own mouth to see the similar red on it. "Ah."


"You!" In that exact moment Eijun decided to wake up. When he noticed Kazuya he smiled at him and looked at his chest.


"Um, threads." Kazuya then remembered that he was still connected to Eijun, so pulled at them and disconnected from the boy's soul.


Eijun then looked at Youichi and greeted him. "Hello, You-nii. I have another ring." The sincere smile made Youichi melt and forget his wrath. Kazuya silently thanked for the boy's influence on his ex-delinquent of a friend…okay, okay…best friend.


"So, what kind of ability you got?"


"A turtle shell. I don't know what it can do yet, but let's find out on tomorrow's training."


"Um, Kataoka-kantoku said that tomorrow's training is canceled. The teachers have something important to do." Eijun visibly deflated at the news.


"This means that we have a whole day for ourselves?" Youichi nodded. Kazuya smiled. "Eijun, what do you say? Are you up for a date with me?"


He wasn't prepared for the boy to lunge at him and they ended up flat on the floor, Eijun laughing in the cutest way possible. "With pleasure."

Chapter Text

Once they were back to Eijun's apartment and bathed, they snuggled on the couch in sweats and t-shirts, and planned their first date to the last second. When Eijun felt that their date plan was perfect, he immediately fell asleep with his head on Kazuya's heart. The alpha just watched his loved one's peaceful expression and listened to his kitty snores. Just too cute for his own good, really.


Kazuya scooped the still sleeping boy in his arms and walked with him to the bedroom. He is too light. I'll cook him something in the morning. And no natto in it. He smiled at the memory of Eijun scrunching his face when they had natto for breakfast a few days prior in the hospital.


He put the boy down, turned off the lights and lied beside the shifter, pulling the cover up to their noses. It was just the beginning of summer and the weather was already warm, but he was afraid Eijun will catch a cold. Then his thoughts wandered to the last month of things that happened to them. The whole thing looked like it was planned and he remembered the shadow that they saw earlier. The shadow that tried to take Eijun away from me. He felt his rage coming back at full force, then sniffed the calming scent Eijun sent in the air. Even in his sleep, he was there to calm him down.


He pulled the sleeping boy closer to his chest and let sleep overtake him, since he had a date to attend to.




Kazuya squinted at the light seeping from that little space between the dark curtains and window sill. It was extremely bright outside considering it should be around 6 or 7 in the morning. Kazuya felt the space on the bed beside him and wasn't surprised to find it empty. Eijun was probably preparing for our date. Then he felt the smell of food and his stomach rumbled. The hell, I've ate a few plates of food on the party. Why am I this hungry? Anyway, where is this smell coming from?


Then he remembered to check out the clock on the nightstand. His eyes widened at the display. 3pm?!


Kazuya ran out of the bedroom straight in the living room combined with kitchen to find Eijun there, cooking. "Why didn't you wake me up? We should already be on our date. And what are you doing?" He added as an afterthought, surprise evident on his face.


Eijun craned his neck to look at Kazuya a smile on his lips. "Good morning to you too." He stopped for a second thinking about something then let out a light chuckle before continuing. "And cooking as you can see. You-nii was here in the morning, since I've asked him to teach me how to cook. Once we decide to have a family, I don't want to leave everything to you since it should be my job. Also wanted to surprise you." You did a splendid job on it, if I can say so. Thought Kazuya, still too stunned to move. "Go, wash up. The curry is almost done." Eijun was done with what he wanted to say and turned back to the pot. Kazuya complied without saying anything.


As he stepped out of the bathroom in fresh clothes, he inhaled the delicious smell lingering in the air, mouth watering. It was the smell of curry and the sweet smell of Eijun, both of them making Kazuya starve for two entirely different thing. Eijun was setting the table and when he noticed the alpha, gestured him to sit down.


After a few minutes of scooping rice from the rice cooker and pouring curry on it later, Eijun put the plates down beside glasses of water. He pulled the apron above his head and put it on the kitchen cabinet, then sat opposite from the waiting alpha.


"Thank you for the meal." Said Eijun with his hands in front of him and after registering the movement, Kazuya did the same.


Eijun took a spoonful of curry and rice to his mouth. A few moments later his face bloomed in a pleased smile and mumbled. "So delicious."


Kazuya also scooped a spoonful of curry and placed it in his mouth just to widen his eyes after a moment of chewing and mumble the same.


"Right?" Eijun beamed at him and Kazuya smiled back.


"Oh, yeah. Why didn't you wake me up?" Eijun froze for a second and looked away, looking almost guilty.


"I wanted to let you sleep, since you looked too exhausted. After yesterday's connection, you looked like a ghost with those dark circles below your eyes and when I woke up this morning, you lied in the exact same position as you were in the evening. So…" He still refused to look at Kazuya. The alpha felt affection bubble up in his chest and melt at the thought of his considerable lover taking care of him.


"Thank you." Kazuya's brain short circuited and he felt like the happiest man alive. "Let's go on a date some other day, okay?" He added a little bit later, after gathered his thoughts together. Eijun blushed and nodded, then turned to his food again. They ate in silence and after eating, Kazuya cleared the dishes. They were on the couch again, both of them with coffee, snuggled against each other, watching some funny talk show on the TV.


Kazuya loved Eijun's face when he was laughing. His nose scrunched up a bit, eyes tightly shut with tears in the corner of them, cheeks puffed up and tinted with a slight blush, pearl-like teeth peeking behind deliciously plump lips and voice like wind chimes. Even if he was loud, his voice was gentle and it warmed every part of Kazuya's body. And in general, his good mood was contagious and lighted up the whole place, putting a smile on everyone near.


Eijun put his empty mug beside Kazuya's on the coffee table snuggling closer to the alpha, not removing his eyes from the TV. Kazuya saw the slight blush and pulled the boy closer if it was even possible. Kissed his cheek and smiled as the blush darkened.


Kazuya's phone vibrated on the coffee table, Youichi's name on the screen. Kazuya picked up the device from the table with a slight frown and with a low tsk, then pulled his thumb on the display. "Mochi, what's up?"


"Yo, Miyuki. You guys wanna hang out with us? We thought of going to the arcade and grab something to eat." Kazuya's frown deepened. He pulled the device from his ear and looked down at Eijun.


"Mochi asks, do we want to hang out with them. Some arcade and eating out." Eijun shook his head and put it back on Kazuya's chest. Kazuya smiled and pulled the phone back to his ear. "Eijun said no. Maybe next time."


"Yeah, next time, you domesticated alpha. See ya."  Kazuya gasped loudly extremely offended and was about to retort, but heard Youichi say something to his companions when the line was cut. Without waiting a second, he turned his phone off and put it back on the coffee table.


Then he looked at the boy vibrating against him, slowly his chuckles escaped him and it made the frown on Kazuya's brows deepen. "What are you laughing?"


"Domesticated alpha, huh? He's probably right." Kazuya facepalmed and growled under his nose. So he heard that troublemaker. Great, fucking great. I'll kill Mochi the next time I see him. Added Kazuya on his mental list.


"Shut up." Mumbled the alpha as he pulled the omega closer to himself, Eijun giving mercy his blushing lover by calming down.


They were still sitting on the couch watching something else, when Eijun suddenly climbed in Kazuya's lap with a mischievous smile.


"What are you thinking about? Include me?" Eijun leaned forward and kissed the alpha blushing, yet not breaking eye contact.


"I thought of making you feel better, my domesticated alpha." Eijun chuckled again and Kazuya frowned. "What do you say for some out-of-heat sex?" Kazuya's eyes widened at the blunt question, but his lips pulled up in a smirk similar to Eijun's.


"Even though it's still bright outside? What a lewd lover I have." Eijun gasped in false indignation at that accuse. "Well, why not?" Kazuya stood up and pulled Eijun by his hand, the boy laughing all the way to their bedroom. Somewhere halfway down the corridor Eijun felt his mind empty, just as Kazuya's did with a parting warning from their alter egos: Don't overdo it. You have school tomorrow.


The moment they stepped through the door Eijun pushed Kazuya to the wall right beside the door and kissed him. In the meantime, he pushed his hands under the alpha's shirt, slowly massaging his way up on the hard muscles. Then he pulled his hands out and tugged harshly at the offending clothing, indicating that it should come off. Eijun pulled the shirt up, but it got caught on Kazuya's glasses, making the whole sexy undressing extremely hilarious. They giggled a few seconds, until the whole I'm-stuck-in-my-own-clothes incident was solved. Once the garment was freed from glasses and it was thrown away somewhere on the floor, Eijun raised slightly on his tiptoes to kiss Kazuya. After a little make-out session, he licked and kissed his way down the alpha's neck, chest, stopping to suck a little bit on his nipple, biting it harshly and doing the same with the other.


Kazuya just enjoyed the feeling Eijun gave him, how he worshiped every part of his body as something precious. His muscles ripped with restrained urge to lift Eijun off the floor and throw him on the bed, lavish him with his mouth just as the boy is doing to him at the moment.


After that Eijun traveled lower, kissing the six pack and licking his was down, massaging the alpha's sides, careful with the right side still blooming in pale greenish-yellow colors, just to fall on his knees to pull the sweatpants off of Kazuya to reveal his half hard cock. Eijun glanced up at the alpha looking down at him with darkened eyes. He was already panting, the hunger in his eyes intensified with the glowing, bright yellow ring around his blown pupils.


Not breaking eye contact, the omega licked the member in front of him from base to tip and slowly swallowing half of it since the alpha was way too big for him to try and get the whole thing down.


Kazuya watched fascinated how his dick disappeared in that amazingly hot and wet mouth. He unconsciously dive his fingers in the thick locks of hair and rested his hand on his head, sometimes gently tugging at the hair of Eijun's nape when he swirled his tongue just right. It was amazing, how he could coax his dick to full erection with few sucks and licks. He should be embarrassed, being an alpha and body giving in so quickly, but he just felt pride and his instincts whispered to protect the omega, protect his omega that is so good to him…too good for him.


Eijun knew exactly what made Kazuya writhe in pleasure and did everything to please him. Eijun sucked on the cock in front of him eagerly, swirling his tongue on the swollen head, teasing the slit, pushing in it just to make the alpha jolt and grunt and growl in pleasure, bobbing his head with loud squelching noises that should embarrass him, but it just fed his lust more, made him squirm in place to alleviate some of the pressure between his legs that was second to the raising urge to be filled. The precum mixed with spit slid from the corner his open mouth, sliding down his chin to drip on the floor bellow and join the growing little puddle between them.


Kazuya was amazed by the skill of the omega's blowjob that pushed him closer to the edge. He slowly thrust his hips in time as Eijun bobbed his head, sliding even deeper, gagging the boy's moans that vibrated through his dick straight to his brain, turning it in mush and fueling his own desire. It was simply amazing. He was close, just a hair away from filling that hot mouth and throat with thick release, make him swallow it, taste the strong taste of alpha on his tongue and make him never forget who he belongs to. But his rationality took the reign again and tried to pull Eijun off, but the boy had other plans and doubled his efforts to bring Kazuya over the edge, sucking harder and licking all he could, chocking on the cock suddenly deep in his throat as Kazuya lost again to his instincts and thrust in to the hilt, Eijun's nose nuzzling his coarse hair at the base of his dick. As he breathed in, the strong scent of alpha hit him (the scent glands there doing an amazing job of concentrating the alpha scent by the duration of sex) and his eyes rolled back moaning shallowly, last of air leaving his lungs just to breathe deeply through his nose again and feel that dizzying scent.


Kazuya tightened his hold on Eijun's hair pulling the boy in, in time with his last thrust as he emptied himself deep in Eijun's throat, Eijun hungrily lapping at his dick drinking the last drop of his release, some of it splashing from his mouth to land on his red cheek, also ignoring the growing wet spot on his sweats.


He pulled off with a loud and lewd pop, stroking the still hard dick. "Mmn, looks like one round wasn't enough for Kazuya junior. Wanna do it again?" Asked Eijun absentmindedly, still stroking Kazuya, cum sliding from his cheek, sounding breathless and wrecked even thought they didn't do much. The alpha's mind clouded at the wanton look on his lover's face as he observed his cock, the unconscious lick on red lips, coating them with salvia as if the member in front of him was a treat he wanted so bad it would dry his mouth. Kazuya played with the thought of what he want to do with that amazing mouth, but had other plans for now. Next time. Next time for sure.


The alpha shook his head and put his hand on Eijun's cheek, stroking it slightly, Eijun nuzzling in his hand and kissing the center of it. "I want to show you how much I love you just as you did to me." Eijun blushed, but nodded and stood from his place on the floor. His now flaccid, yet overly sensitive cock brushed against his pants and let out a swallow moan, making Kazuya smile.


Eijun lied on the bed arms stretched out, inviting Kazuya, but he had something to do first. He walked to the nightstand and pulled the top drawer open, getting a bottle of lube out. Eijun crawled to the nightstand and pulled his pills out, swallowing a fast acting birth control pill and lying back. There was a really low chance to get pregnant out of heat, but there was a chance. Both of them knew that they are not prepared to have a family at the moment. Especially not when something was out there hunting Eijun.


After returning to the bed with the bottle, Kazuya resumed his kissing, tasting himself on the omega's tongue that turns him on even more, twirling both of their tongues in a lazy dance, mapping the cave again and again, feeling the boy twitch from time to time when he licks at the top of his mouth. In the meantime he was guiding his hand down Eijun's stomach to his cock, stroking it and getting lower to his tight, massaging the firm flesh, then traveling backward. Kazuya then palmed the flaccid member, stroking it slowly, drinking up all the breathless moans escaping his lover with his own mouth, and smiling in the kiss when the cock in his hands slowly raises and becomes fully erect, Eijun bucking his hips in his hand. Loud moans left his lips and kissed Kazuya with more fervor, pulling the alpha closer by his neck, one hand tugging the baby hair on the alpha's nape.


A male omega out of his heat is not producing slick to help the mating process and won't loosen up, so his partner has to help with both. It would be bad if the omega has his ass muscles loose all the time since stuff still comes out from there, so before the beginning of heat week, the omega's digestive functions slowly stop to prepare for the week of constant mating. But after the week is over, the omega's digestion comes back with full power and has diarrhea for at least a day, which causes him discomfort. On the other side the alpha's digestive functions stay the same, since the omega is sleeping in between the heat waves and they have time to go to the bathroom. Of course the alpha's job is to support the omega and make sure he's hydrated and eats between the waves, stays by his side and comforts him especially when they feel discomfort after the heat week. Female omegas are a little bit different from males since they have their normal reproductive organs and can mate without problem, so they have normal digestive functions all the time, but they still need the support from their partner just as males.


Male omegas also have the same thing happen to them before delivery. It's a good thing since they have almost a whole week to prepare for the actual day if they decided previously to have an at-home delivery.


For omegas giving birth at home is the best since the familiar environment (everyone refers to it as nest) helps them to calm down in midst of labor pain, but it requires for their partner to attend a course of helping with child-birth. Of course, the omega's instincts are still there to help them, but it's best to be extra cautious. The doctor can't help if they are at home, because it stresses the omega greatly. It's something about inviting an intruder in their nest when they are in their most vulnerable state. There are records from the past, where omegas strongly rejected their child and partner as well after delivery, moving out of their home leaving the alpha alone with the baby.


But the biggest advantage of this kind of delivery is that there's zero chance of the omega rejecting their baby or partner if there's no doctor with them. After the child is born the omega immediately pulls the baby on their chest and lets out a special scent together with their partner that imprints on the baby's skin, marking them. It helps to differentiate their child from others (it's simply the doing of instincts, since humans have different faces and can indentify each other easily). The imprinted scent vanishes once the child's secondary genre shows around their 2nd or 3rd birthday. Alphas and omegas start to show their specific characteristics by that time, while betas continue to develop normally.


The only problem with at-home delivery is if some complication comes up (which is normally rare), nothing more.


Giving birth in hospital is not safe as well. The omega is heavily sedated after they are quickly admitted to the hospital, making them unaware of what happens to them for the duration of their stay, also because of the drugs, the omega is imposed to have cesarean delivery. The danger comes after waking up in their home. Their partner gets the hard mission of introducing the newborn to the omega and there's a quite high chance (around 50-60%) of the omega rejecting their own child, because of their scent missing from the baby. The rest accepts the baby, because of their partner's scent.


Kazuya pulled Eijun's pants and boxers with one motion and grabbed the bottle of lube, opening the lid and getting a generous amount on his hand. He massaged the tense muscles a little bit, smirking at Eijun's hiss when the cold lube connected with his overheated skin, getting him used to the feeling before inserting a finger in the raging fire that's the omega's entrance. Eijun clenched tightly around the intrusion and moaned Kazuya's name, scratching down on his back leaving crescent moon shaped marks, some of them breaking skin and bleeding lightly. Kazuya growled at the slight pain, pushing his finger deeper and immediately putting another in. Eijun arched off the bed and moaned a little louder, scratching down again. Kazuya stopped giving Eijun time to adjust, but the omega was just as impatient as always and pushed his ass on the fingers in him, coaxing the alpha to move. Kazuya got the silent message and scissored his fingers while pushing in deeper, searching for the spot that makes Eijun mewl.


Kazuya knew the moment he found it. Eijun jolted, eyes flying open and tears forming in the corner of them, mouth hanging open with spit streaming in a thin line, wetting the pillow under his head, his whole body convulsing every time Kazuya brushes his prostate.


"Kazuya, stop! I-I'll come…" Mumbled Eijun against Kazuya's mouth and Kazuya swiftly lowered himself to be face-to-face with Eijun's twitching dick. Kazuya immediately put it in his mouth and sucked hard in time with his fingers buried deep, precisely hitting the boy's prostate with every thrust. Eijun come with a loud cry in Kazuya's mouth, the alpha drinking it till the last drop, milking him through his orgasm.


A male omega's cum is infertile, so practically there's no biological function to it, but they still feel pleasure from their dicks. Something their partners can take advantage of.


Eijun was a trembling mess and Kazuya's already hard dick twitched at the sight.


"Looks like you're ready." Kazuya slid back to kiss Eijun and lined himself up at the omega's entrance. Without waiting for his sign, the alpha pushed inside, making Eijun shudder uncontrollably. He was still oversensitive after two orgasms, but the heavy drag of his lover's dick in him was still a welcome feeling. He was an omega after all.


"Fuck, you're still way too tight." Cursed Kazuya as he pushed deeper.


Once Kazuya was seated to the hilt, he stopped to check Eijun's reaction. Eijun was panting heavily, eyes fully dilated and looking down where his dick was lost in him, smiling gently, completely opposite of what they were doing at the moment. Well, he looks fine so far. Eijun's hand swept down on his stomach, twitching slightly at his own touch, pushing gently where he was feeling Kazuya in him.


"You are right here. I feel the outline of your dick here." He pressed down with a little bit more force, moaning when the cock in him scratched against his sensitive walls. "So big and thick… Filling me to the brim, making me the happiest omega alive. You're mine and mine alone. My alpha." Growled Eijun slightly. Kazuya was sure at this point that Eijun was totally unaware of what he was saying, but what he said made him purr in happiness anyway. The possessive tone in Eijun's voice, that last growl was so erotic, that Kazuya discovered another kink he was sure to exploit later. Eijun looked like he was drugged, high on pleasure, unaware of the world around him, just focusing on the alpha in front of him and the dick in his ass, doing everything to make his alpha happy. The pheromones he started emitting said the same. It was so sweet that it was almost unpleasant…almost. Kazuya sniffed a bit and a smile bloomed on his face, making the still dazed Eijun smile back at him.


Kazuya without warning pulled out and shoved his dick back making Eijun lose focus on trying to feel Kazuya from outside. Eijun screamed when on the next thrust Kazuya hit his prostate, the edge of his vision dancing with white spots, his lungs suddenly refusing to take air in, making him dizzy. He was trying to find something solid to hold onto, since the feeling he was getting was just too much and nearly not enough at the same time, Kazuya slamming in him with brute force, rocking the whole bed, slowly pushing him higher.


The alpha growled, losing all of his control over his instincts, trying to fuck his lover in the mattress, the possessive alpha taking control, trying to respond to his lover's declaration.


"And you are mine." He said and bite down on the boy's shoulder.


Kazuya suddenly readjusted his hold on Eijun's legs, pushing them by the back of his knees to the boy's chest, holding them there and thrusting in with the same punishing force. This time Eijun shot up so hard that it got even on his own face and mouth, voice choking on air and gripping the sheets with an iron fist. Kazuya felt himself get bigger and growled more loudly, when Eijun took his own cum and licked off his fingers, tongue swirling erotically, eyes focusing on the alpha above him looking through thick eyelashes, moaning his name and rocking back as he could in the position he was.


Kazuya knew what kind of pheromones he was emitting when Eijun's eyes glazed over and stretched his arms out inviting Kazuya closer, a sugary smile on his angry red lips. The alpha leaned closer to kiss the omega, but Eijun rose his head further to lick at the skin on the side of Kazuya's neck, lapping the fluid from his swollen glands and getting drunker on the scent. How the hell can he even breathe when he's practically bent in half? Thought the alpha grunting at the feeling of a wet tongue on his sensitive skin. Then he rose from the omega's embrace to look at him drunken lover, writhing under him, gripping the sheets with so much force that the material was slowly ripping under his fingers, moaning and mewling at every slide of his dick.


Kazuya was aware why Eijun behaved like that during their out-of-heat sex. In the heat, the actual fever that courses in his body and the instincts screaming at him to be filled makes him unable to focus on anything else, but on the alpha's dick in him. On the contrary, in the out-of-heat sex he doesn't have that unbearable heat and thus he can look at the alpha and enjoy the time with him (well, until his instinct takes over again and turns him in a sex-crazed, lustful thing that's just way too erotic and it makes him mad). Eijun was a real slut in bed, be it in heat or not, which made Kazuya almost laugh out loud with happiness. What did I do in my previous life to get such an amazing person be with me?


But, it still doesn't mean that he won't bring it up after they calm down. Oh, the teasing he'll inflict on his lover.


Well, he had better things to do at the moment.


Eijun brought his hands back on the alpha's back and scraped down when Kazuya found the boy's prostate again, slamming in it relentlessly, making Eijun sob with the overstimulation after three consecutive orgasms.


"I'm close…" Kazuya whispered in Eijun's ear and bite the cartilage harshly. The boy began to emit another sweet smell with a hint of spice, moaning the alpha's name in hoarse voice, trembling in his arms while tears streamed down his red cheeks. Kazuya catching the smell felt his knot growing. No way! I'm not in rut… But unmistakably the knot on the base of his cock was swelling. Eijun noticing it made double effort of getting it in himself, but Kazuya couldn't allow it. He didn't want to hurt his lover since he wasn't loose enough to get the knot in without hurting himself.


Eijun knew what was on Kazuya's mind, reading his unguarded, surprised expression. He pulled on his arm harshly making Kazuya loose balance and fall forward, Eijun taking the opportunity to change his position with Kazuya, him lying on the bed and Eijun ridding him.

"What are you…" But was cut short when Eijun turned around with his dick still in the omega, making both of them moan at the sudden friction. The omega braced himself on the alpha's left side and began to move. The harder he slammed his round ass on the alpha's dick, Kazuya felt his reasons fall apart like that. He began to thrust up as well while holding Eijun's hips in a bruising grip and with a last thrust, Kazuya's knot entered the boy above him. Eijun squeezed Kazuya's side and screamed out at the pain wrapped in pleasure as the thick knot catched on his rim for a second just to slip in a moment later. He also come in front of himself for the fourth time that's anatomically impossible, yet there he was, trembling on top of Kazuya's lap, sitting on his hard cock like a boneless mess, the feeling in his body is like he was made of jelly, but it was still secondary to the feeling of fullness in his ass, making him unable to breathe.


Kazuya pulled on Eijun's arm from his side in the same time as he rose to meet the limp boy on his lap. Eijun practically fell on the hard chest behind him and purred contently. Kazuya smiled as he eased both of them back on the bed and began to purr himself. He saw Eijun's lips pull in a smile too, after hearing the soft, comforting noises from the alpha, feeling it vibrating against his back, calming him.


"Are you ok?" Kazuya guided his free hand to the spot where they were connected and brushed at Eijun's rim. The boy moaned and tried to push his ass back on his fingers, the movement making the knot shift. They both moaned, Kazuya involuntary thrusting forward. Then the alpha brought his fingers to see blood mixed with lube and a little bit of his own cum. "Just as I thought."


"It's okay. I wanted it. Actually it feels just as good even out of heat." Kazuya smiled, but his smile faltered at Eijun's question. "Now that I mention it, are you in rut? I don’t remember from health class that we mentioned an alpha knotting outside of rut. But rut is triggered by heat, right?"


"I don't know. You are bringing things out of me that even I don't know about." Kazuya breathed in deep and felt Eijun's scent calming down, his purring not stopping even for a second.


Eijun will positively reek of him probably for the next day or two, after he digests the cum he swallowed, his scent glands using it for scent production. Eijun's omega scent will be masked by his strong alpha smell, marking him as his own. Glee flooded him as he imagined other alphas interested in Eijun picking up his masked scent or seeing his marked neck, and making those disappointed faces he already saw a few times in the past few months. Priceless. He thought, amused. No one can have this angel. He is already mine. He tightened his hold on the boy's waist possessively, pulling him closer if it's possible.


Eijun smiled in return, not seeing the alpha's expression, but catching the overly happy scent he was unconsciously emitting. "Good, since I want to learn new things about you."


"Oh? Is that possessiveness I hear in your voice?" Then he remembered the embarrassing things Eijun said during sex and was about to bring them up, but Eijun beat him first.


"I'm always possessive when it comes to you." He admitted it with so much confidence, that Kazuya's jaw dropped as he watched his lover's neck for a few seconds in disbelief.


Kazuya hid his blush in the said neck, the embarrassment from hearing Eijun say it so directly is making his heart beat wildly. Shit, he's going to kill me with his straightforwardness… I'm fucking domesticated, I can see it now… But I don't mind if it's him who domesticates me.




Oota was pacing in his lab, checking his staff at least 3 times in one minute to be sure that he won't mess up…again. He should have listened to his masters at the Senate and be a normal mage, but how can he when there are such interesting things out there, like various curses and hexes. Curses can influence all the living things on Earth in the most surprising ways that no one can comprehend, yet. It's just too much fun to play with all kind of rings and magic circles and herbs, mixing them, changing parts from the inscribed words in those circles just to see how will it change the original effect. Of course, they are not toys that anyone can play with. There are very dangerous curses too, that no one dares to take lightly. They can kill a person so easily that the caster won't even have time to say magic and it's already over. So, a curse specialist has to be very careful with anything they do since a seemingly easy curse can kill them, if it's wrongly casted. There was a good reason why his masters were so against him being a curse specialist. Specialist? Me? Yeah, right. He thought dispirited. He couldn't do anything right and that's the exact reason why was he in his current position. He is sure that after he lifts that fucked up curse, the Director will fire him immediately.


It was finally the day when he can help his colleagues and corrects his mistake from a year ago. He called all of the teachers to come to his underground lab that was rebuilt after the explosion his curse caused. Slowly, one by one everyone gathered and waited for the specialist to begin whatever he wanted. They hoped that he'll finally lift his curse, but deep down they knew that it'll be another report about his findings. It was like that in the past year, so yeah, no pressure. Oota took a deep breath and looked at his colleagues.


"I'm finally done with the research in the Senate. I've lifted that curse off of myself that I fucked up last year." Takashima gasped in shock. She never heard Oota curse before. Well, not in front of them, anyway. "Now I want to make up for my mistake and lift it from all of you." There were a few gasps from the little crowd, eyes shining expectantly and relieved smiles gracing everyone's faces, except Kataoka, of course. Oota lifted his staff and pointed it at the teachers, chanting. A similar ring rose from the curse specialist's legs, but in different color. It was a calming blue, like the color of controller's threads. Then it shifted from his legs to the tip of his staff and above the teachers, then down on them just to evaporate the second it hit the floor under them.


"Now, shifters, try to change?" He sounded so unsure, his request turned in a question. He put his staff beside himself carefully, beads of sweat rolling down his face and neck.


The first to shift was the modern literature teacher, her form quickly changing to a panther and growling loudly, but her eyes shining brightly. Her controller immediately let his threads out and connected it to her, pulling on the right ones to make her change back.


"I can't believe it!" One of the teachers said with astonishment.


"Are you 100% sure you can control this curse or at least lift it, if it goes out of control again?" Kataoka asked, looking at the man in front of him.


"Yeah. This staff," He pointedly looked at the black staff with the black orb on top of it, shining beautifully in the fluorescent light, "was made by me with the help from my masters in the Senate. They said it'll help me control even the nastiest curses. And I've tested it." he looked away, bashful.


"What did you do?" Takashima looked at him in suspicion.


"Made a dead animal come back to life." He whispered, but the teachers heard him loud and clear.


"You're a now necromancer?!" The modern literature teacher yelled at him, while stepping back in fear. She was trembling like all of her omega colleagues, alphas standing in front of them protectively.


"Looks like it." Was his answer, still not looking at anyone. He feared the reactions he would get after confessing his biggest mistake in his life, but was still unprepared for this. Well, he broke the biggest taboo on the whole world, so he shouldn't be surprised, but still…it hurt.


Kataoka walked to him and put his hand on Oota's shoulder. "It means that you can show all kind of curses to our students. It's more than we can ask for, Curse Master." The grin on Oota's face was bright as the morning sunlight. Master?! Well, yeah, he can be called a Master by how much he knows about curses and can cast almost any of them… Get real, he can cast a necromancer spell, what more do we need? So yeah, it sounded so good especially if it was coming from the only person he respects way too much. Kataoka seeing the impossibly wide grin on his colleague's face, he was reminded of his excitable, passionate and hot-headed student that makes everyone worried for him wherever he goes, but still manages to bring sunshine and happiness to those around him. "Welcome back."


"I'm back!"

Chapter Text

The next morning Eijun woke with a sore waist and stinging butthole. He was about to frown in displeasure, when a soothing kiss landed on his temple, then on his forehead and lastly on his lips and he heard the most beautiful sound in the whole world…Kazuya's purr. Kazuya was stroking the small of his back, sometime pressing down a little while digging his fingertips in nasty, sore knots, massaging them away and constantly purring, sensing his lover's discomfort and responding to it. Eijun melted in the touch and began to purr contently, sometimes a little moan leaving his lips when Kazuya pressed down just right.


Then they remembered to quickly glance at the clock on the nightstand. 5:30 AM. Means they have at least another two hour to get ready and leave for school.


Next week's the beginning of the exam period, since in two more weeks starts everyone's dream, the summer holiday. And of course before this dream comes true, they have to survive the hell of constant exams.


"Morning, gorgeous." Said Kazuya with hoarse morning voice and sappiest smile Eijun had ever seen. He was still massaging his back and his purr slowly faded.


Eijun blushed instantly, burying his face in the alpha's chest. "How can you say something so embarrassing with a straight face so early in the morning?" After a little pause, he mumbled in the chest in front of him. "Good morning."


Kazuya chuckled and kissed the crown of his lover's head, then released his hold on the boy, inching closer to the edge of bed. "Wait here till I get the first aid kit. We need to disinfect your hole." Eijun blushed heavily and mumbled lowly. "Huh? You said something?"


"You can just lick it or something…to disinfect." Eijun repeated a little bit loudly, making Kazuya blush too. Definitely going to kill me.


"If you say so." Kazuya crawled back and turned Eijun on his stomach with one well controlled motion and spread his ass cheeks with his hands, grabbing the round flesh roughly, digging his fingers in. Then he guided his tongue to the still loose rings of muscles and licked a long stripe up. Eijun moaned in the pillow, bucking his hips on the alpha's face.


The alpha then slipped a finger in and immediately another when he deemed the rings loose enough. He finally got a good look at the omega's rim and saw a little fissure on the side closer to his dick. It wasn't anything serious, but still needed attention. He wanted Eijun to be happy and healthy. "I'll clean out what I can for now and then the rest in the bathroom."


Then, with slow, careful motions of his fingers, he began to scoop his release out he left in the boy, making the omega moan in pleasure. Kazuya saw the hard cock of his lover quiver and twitch with every thrust of his fingers and he smirked mischievously. He brought his free hand on the said cock and squeezed the base of it hard, making Eijun jump and cry out.


"Wha-" But was cut off by his own moan, when Kazuya's golden tongue came back to his hole, thrusting in shallowly. Eijun's hips bucked back at his alpha's ministration, trying to get the wet flesh deeper, rambling incoherently and gripping the sheets he tore holes in the night before.


Kazuya was ending his disinfecting attempt and tugged at the dick in his hand, making Eijun cry out again as he come with a strong shudder, spurting on Kayuza's hand and his own chest and face. As he was coming down from his high, he felt his body getting lifted from the bed and was carried to the bathroom. Kazuya helped with the rest of his cleaning, they took a quick soak together in the bathtub and he was carried out in the living room. Kazuya put him down on the couch, then ran back to the bedroom to change the sheets and get them fresh clothes, and took the first aid kit nevertheless. Eijun was blushing the whole time he applied the disinfectant on his hole, hissing a little when he found the problematic part.


Kazuya just had enough time to prepare a quick breakfast and they together left for school.




It was Thursday morning, not a special day and Kazuya was surprised with to see a big crowd in front of his classroom. When he fought his way through the mass of bodies, he saw Oota at the teacher desk talking to a few students.


So he's the cause of this crowd. He thought as he walked to his seat.


Youichi immediately turned back, a disgusted look on his face looking the alpha up and down. "You smell of Eijun." Was all he said and frowned at the happy smile he got in return.


"Well, what can I say… We had a quite great day yesterday…and today." Youichi fake gagged.


"Don't make me kill you first thing in the morning. I don't need the details of your overly happy life." Youichi stopped and Kazuya thought that he's done, but then a low mumble, just for him to hear reached his ears. "You two are disgustingly in love." And with that he was done, still feeling the alpha's smirk on the back of his head.


Kazuya by now knew how to read between the lines when it came to his shapeshifter friend. Even if the cheetah-boy was grumbling about him and Eijun being together, Kazuya knew that he was happy for them. Youichi was Kazuya's friend from their day's before Seido and he was the only one who knew how much shit Kazuya had to go through to be there, in Seido, with Eijun by his side. Well, he knew some meager stuff regarding his private life, but it was still a lot more than anyone else…that includes Eijun as well.


"Which you should fix in the future, you know, right?" Kazuya sighed loudly.


"Yeah, I know, but…"


"You're not looking forward for the talk, I know. But you can't leave him in the dark, especially since we are mates. After all that happened I know that it was hard to come up with all of the shit from our past, but you need to tell him. It's not fair toward him." Kazuya sighed again.


Before he had a chance to say something back to his alter ego, the classroom grew quiet and Oota stood behind his desk, waiting for everyone to sit on their own seats.


"My name is Oota Kazuyoshi. I will be your teacher for this subject, Basics of Hexes and Curses. Nice to meet you." The students answered back and Oota continued.


"Since I forgot to bring the class book with me, all of you look around you and check if everyone is in class." He waited a few minutes, since some of the students thought that he was joking and didn't move an inch. Once it registered that he meant every word of it, they quickly looked around themselves and made sure that everyone was present.


"Good. So, for today's class I thought of talking a little bit about myself and start with the basics of some easy curses. Once you grasp the very essence of making a curse, you'll have an easy time with more complex ones since you'll know what to look for. I really hope all of you will listen to me carefully and we'll be on good terms."


Then he looked around and saw Kazuya. "Oh, also Miyuki-kun, I'd like to talk to you after class. I already spoke with your teachers and all of them let you go for today." Kazuya sat up straighter. Did I do something? I can't remember ever saying anything to him that wasn't related to Eijun or something that pissed him off.


His internal panic was cut short, when Oota began his history length introductory speech.




At the bell, Oota got his things together and looked at his students.


"So that's it for today. Please, talk to the librarian about the books I mentioned and after getting them, read the Cursed Book from page 1 to 120. Also take notes and bring them to me." The students stood up and bowed, said goodbye to the teacher and with matching dazed expressions they fell back on their chairs.


"What the heck?"


"He is a demon."


"Yeah, demon teacher."


"Well, he is a necromancer, so it shouldn't be that surprising, right?"


"But still…" The students in the class chatted between themselves and tried to figure out their new teacher's teaching methods, since it shouldn't be his motive to kill all of them. They need to get the books, read 120 pages and take notes of them in less than 6 days, when the exam period is right behind the corner.


The moment all of it sunk in, they began to panic.


"Will there be enough books?"


"Maybe we should form groups and break the 120 pages in smaller parts?"


"Yeah, then maybe we'll be done in time."


And so on.


Youichi turned back to ask Kazuya if he wanted to work with him, when he saw the alpha get his things together. Before he opened his mouth to ask, he remembered the teacher's words about wanting to talk to the alpha and felt pity toward his friend. That demon is scary as hell.


"Good luck." Was all he said and the controller sent him a weary smile.


When Kazuya stepped in the teachers' room, he was greeted by a gently smiling Oota, standing beside his desk. "Come with me."


And Oota left the room, down the corridors, out of the building and straight to the storage shed no one uses by the director's orders. Kazuya eyed the shed with suspicion written all over his face, but had no other choice. His eyes widened when he saw the teacher open a cellar door behind one of the old, dusty and shaky racks.


The teacher held his staff up and a little ball of light flew up, illuminating their steps down the stairs. The moment he took the last step, the whole corridor down was lit by simple ceiling lights. There were around a dozen of doors on the corridor and Oota walked to the furthest room and stepped in, inviting his student.


It was a big room with a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the whole place. In the middle of the room was a red carpet with some foreign pattern, a low coffee table and two sofas on the opposite side of the table and two armchairs fit in the open space. The wall across from the door was practically a gigantic shelf full of books, on the right side from the door was a mini kitchen, while on the left was a bar and behind it on the wall shelves full of drinks. Directly beside the left side of the door was a computer table holding a computer and papers scattered all over it and beside it on the floor. All in all, the room was warm and inviting and simply beautiful.


Oota motioned for Kazuya to sit down wherever he want, while the teacher walked to the bar's fridge and pulled out two bottles of Kazuya's favorite drink, Pocari Sweat. The teacher handed one to his student, and sat down, Kazuya doing the same, across from the man. A few minutes passed in silence, except the sound of opening the lid of the bottles and taking a sip or two from them.


"I think I should start, I was the one who asked you to come here in the first place, haha." Oota laughed awkwardly.


It made Kazuya's brows run together in a questioning look.


"So, I don't know where exactly to start, so I should try from the beginning. Can you please tell me about your family?" It made Kazuya flinch involuntary and sit up straighter, but he masked it well with a little shifting on his seat.


"Of course. I live in Tokyo in a normal house with normal pare-" And before he had time to finish, Oota's staff began to shine in an ugly green color.


"Can you please not lie to me?" Kazuya gulped and then fell back dejectedly in his seat.


"We do live in Tokyo, in an apartment. My father is a workaholic man since…my mother's death." Kazuya looked away, tears gathering in his eyes. He never cried since his mother's death and he won't start now, especially in front of his teacher, when he had someone by his side he could lean on for emotional support. Maybe if it was Eijun, he could let go of all of his pent up emotions.


"I'm sorry."


Kazuya shook his head.


"It's okay. It was a long time ago. I can't even remember her voice anymore. I have one picture of her, so it's more than enough." Oota knew that it's furthest from the truth, but let it go for his student's sake. "I don't know how my mom died, since father never told me."


Okay, that's suspicious. Thought Oota.


"You can't remember anything, right?"


"Yeah. I just remember her saying that she'll go hunting for a new ring with father, but then father come home while she didn't. We held a funeral later and I never got to see her face again. I still don't know why they didn't open her coffin so I could see her one last time."


"Okay, now, can you tell me, have you ever tried to curse someone? Or were you in nearby when one was activated?" Well, the second part of the question is not quite relevant.


When Kazuya gone berserk after seeing that shadow trying to hurt his loved one, the extent of his rage was simply abnormal. It's not strange to protect someone important to you, but Kazuya had gone overboard. The red, bloodlike threads and the manifested alter ego are all implying that he is actively dealing with curses which can raise ones power for a short period of time. Of course it sounds too good to be true, because the price the user pays afterward is much bigger than what they get for it. But seeing the boy's confused expression, Oota started to question his hypothesis.


"No. I never tried. If anything, father made it clear as the morning sunrise to never try out curses. About being near one… Well, not that I can remember."


Hm, this is strange. I could have bet that he is a curse specialist. He still felt that strange energy coming from him, though it was masked by the alpha's nature and his life energy, but it was still there. What the hell?!


He stood from his seat and walked to the alpha. "I need to confirm something. Please, cooperate with me." The alpha just nodded, not knowing what was happening. His beta teacher was frightening, probably because of the black aura that anyone can detect around him, and if that aura comes right beside him when it's just the two of them in some room underground? If he wasn't a controller to begin with, he would definitely piss his pants.


"Lean back on the sofa, close your eyes and relax." Said Oota gently, sensing his student's uneasiness.


Once the boy did as instructed, Oota put his left hand on the boy's forehead, his staff in his right shining with a black light.


Kazuya felt calming warmth spread from his forehead, which increased as the seconds passed by, until it was unbearably hot. He was on fire, it hurt and he didn't knew what was going on or where he was at all. He was alone and couldn't move, just burn in the fire.


Oota's expression was a mix of guilt and misery at hearing his student's cries.


◊◊◊ At the same time in the first year's classroom ◊◊◊


Haruichi was kneeling at the head of his screaming friend, who was thrashing on the floor in pain, holding his head on his lap before he hit it on the hard floor under him. It happened so suddenly. In one minute he was sitting in his seat just to cry out in the next and fall on the floor. It was painful to watch. Was it the same as in the Summer Arena? Was he cursed again?


The teacher was there immediately and took the still screaming boy in his arms to rush him to the school nurse. The next door classes stopped as well at the heartbreaking sound and ran out to see what was happening.


Haruichi just stood there, in the classroom and the only question running in his head was: Why?


◊◊◊ Back to Kazuya in the underground lab ◊◊◊


Oota was searching. Searching in the boy's memories and try to find out the source of that strange feeling he gets from the alpha. He was almost there, just another push, but then he bounced off of a transparent barrier. It was there to protect the boy's memories, but why?


Oota then withdrew and Kazuya stopped his screaming, when the hotness disappeared without trace. His alter ego was immediately there, exhausted just like him, but happy to be feeling okay. He was pulled out of his mind and blinked tentatively and finally found the courage to open his eyes. He wasn't feeling pain anymore, good.


"I'm sorry." He heard the voice beside him. It was Oota. "I didn't quite found what I was looking for, but it's still enough. Here, drink." He offered the bottle from the table. Kazuya gratefully took it and drank, and he finally concentrated on his bond with Eijun.


"What?!" Kazuya suddenly jumped on his feet still a little wobbly and ran out of the room in the direction where he was coming with his teacher. Oota not knowing what happened followed his student as well.


When they reached the school nurse Kazuya without knocking stepped in, surprising the nurse in the process, and walked straight to the bed where Eijun was sleeping.


"He suddenly collapsed in the classroom while screaming in pain. He was squirming on his bed until 5 minutes or so. I don't know the cause of his sudden attack." Kazuya and the nurse heard a loud gasp and looked to the door. Oota was there looking so guilty that if he could, he would definitely open a hole in the floor to jump in it.


"I'm sorry." He walked in and stood beside the bed. "I forgot to put the soul-shackle on before trying to search in your memories." It took him a minute to register his teacher's words.


"Memories?" Oota gasped again, and clasped his hand on his mouth.


"Um, I need to go now. I'm really sorry about this, but Sawamura-kun is totally alright, don't worry. See you later in class." And with that, his teacher ran out of the infirmary.


I'll definitely kill him later. Grumbled the boy in his mind, for once his alter ego staying shut in agreement. But for now he had more important matters to focus on, which was ensuring Eijun was safe.

Chapter Text

"You say that a part of his memories are sealed? Is it Genzo's doing?" Takashima's hands shook as she asked the question. Oota was sure if it was from the unbidden anger coursing in her veins and was 100% sure that he don't want to be on the receiving end of her stabbing gaze. If look could kill…


Oota shook his head. "Don't seem so. The seal is way too strong for it to be casted by some old owl. It's some first class seal and there's no way I can break it by myself." Oota glanced at his black staff and sighed.


"Does Miyuki know that his memories are sealed?" Kataoka's stern expression was intensified by his deep frown.


Oota shook his head again. "No, he doesn't. Probably the reason is that they don't hold a specific piece of his precious memories. So even if he can't remember it, it won't bother him. Like a name of a childhood toy or a pet name. To someone they are unforgettable and they treasure these memories, while to others it's something trivial and they forget it easily."


"So the sealed memories are something that's trivial to Miyuki-kun, but in reality there's something important about them?"


"If my theory is right."


"Is it related to that shadow somehow?"


"There's a chance."


Kataoka looked at Oota and seriously considered the whole situation.


"That reminds me. This still isn't explaining why was Sawamura attacked in the first place."


"Kataoka-kantoku is right. If that shadow wants whatever is in Miyuki-kun's memories, then it should attack the boy directly."


"There's a hypothesis for this as well. Since the seal is way too strong, there should be something to help break it, since the key for the seal is unknown. If I'm not mistaken, the shadow tries to shake Miyuki-kun from inside and his overflowing emotions would help break the seal. It's like someone is working on breaking a lock from inside and outside. And I can say it's effective, after seeing his outburst in the forest."


"It sounds… legit."


"So we can assume that that thing will come back and hurt Sawamura-kun and Miyuki-kun?"


"Likely, it will. We need to be extra careful and protect both of them. If the shadow hurts Sawamura-kun, Miyuki-kun can go berserk and the seal will break. But if the shadow get's Miyuki-kun, it can torture him or something and that'll lead to the same outcome."


"Maybe we can assign some bodyguards to them?"


"To students? They would stand out too much. It can make others curious and do something stupid."


"Yeah, you are right. Any idea?"


"We'll ask the other students for help. They are together almost 24/7, so they can look out for them. I'll ask the Kominato-Kuramochi pair to stay with them in their apartment."


"Is it a good idea to share something so important with the kids?"


"Takashima, you don't trust them?"


The teacher just smiled and gently shook her head. "Of course I trust them. They brought glory to our school and they are strong, outstanding in their own way. There's no way I could doubt any of them… maybe Furuya-kun, as an exception, if he was part of the team."


At a memory, her expression soured. "And we tried to force Miyuki-kun to pair up with him. I feel so ashamed of myself."


"We all tried, so don't blame yourself."


"Who is Furuya?" Kataoka and Takashima looked at each other and Takashima burst out laughing, while Kataoka hid his chuckle behind a cough.


There were a few visible question marks hovering above Oota's head.




Eijun quietly grunted as he moved on the bed and slid a little higher on the white sheets. Every muscle in his body screamed in pain, but aside that, he felt good.


"Ok, where am I?"


"In the infirmary. You had something like an attack. I accidentally heard when the sensei talked to someone to check on you earlier. You were out for the whole day."


"Wow, great, now an attack… What will come next? Amnesia? Nope, just not that." He involuntary trembled at the memory of his beginning in school and then he remembered. "Kazuya?!"


"Eijun, you are awake." It was Kazuya's voice, but it sounded drained. When Eijun warily opened his eyes afraid of the pain intensifying because of the strong lights, he saw his lover by his bed reading a book and the circles around his eyes screamed in exhaustion.


"What happened to you? You looked fine in the morning."




"Wait! You felt sick in the morning too? Why didn't you say anything?!"


"Eijun, wait…"


"You did it because I was so hell-bent of going to school today even if you weren't feeling good?! I'm so so-"


"Eijun!" The omega boy stopped. "Finally, you're looking at me. I'm fine." A long look from Eijun later. "Well, I was fine in the morning. Oota-sensei did something to me and that's the reason why you are here now and why I'm worn out."


Eijun thought for a few seconds and his eyes widened. "Oh my God! He tortured you?! What the hell did you do this time?! You annoyed him with one of your snarky remarks, did you?"


"First of all, I feel extremely offended that you think of me so lowly, immediately accusing me of something I never did."


"Don't get your feelings all hurt, you baby. And you know what I'm talking about." Mumbled the boy and Kazuya shook his head at him, smiling.


"Secondly, no, he didn't torture me, but searched in my memories for something and that was the problem." Well, that picked Eijun's attention.


"About what?" His curiosity was written all over his face, making Kazuya's hear clench. I'll need to talk to him about my past… His face literally lit up the moment he thought he can learn something new about me.


"I don't know. He asked me about my family then he said he wanted to do something. Later, when he saw you here he let it slip that he was searching in my memories and because he didn't put the soul-shackle on me, you got affected by it too."


"Ah, so that was the attack." Kazuya seemed surprised. "Oh, the chimera soul heard when the sensei talked to someone earlier." Kazuya looked even more surprised.


"It can't be. Except the coach, Rei-chan and Oota-sensei, no one was allowed to hear about your condition and Rei-chan was here ten minutes after you collapsed, so I'm sure she informed the coach. I mean, they are up to something and they asked even me to stay shut about you."


Okay, that is surprising.


"Maybe they let someone else in their secret?"


"Maybe." But Kazuya wasn't convinced. There was something fishy going on and it involved Eijun and himself as well. Maybe he'll investigate a little bit, since it was uncomfortable of knowing that something was going on, but not knowing exactly what.




"We called all of you here to ask you a big favor. I assume that you already suspected that there's something big going on since the Summer Arena and Sawamura-kun's cursing incident." The whole team, except for the not invited Kazuya and Eijun, sat straighter on their seats, looking alert. "After discussing the matter, we come to a conclusion that the danger is still present and there's a big chance of Sawamura-kun or Miyuki-kun to be a target again. We don't know who's behind all of this or why is this happening, but we ask all of you for your help. I know that it's dangerous and we won't force you to take the risk, so if you think that you are not prepared for this, please leave now." Takashima waited for a few seconds and smiled happily when all of her students stayed put on their seats.


"I'm proud of all of you." Kataoka's voice rang out and the boys' eyes shone brightly at the rare compliment. "So about the favor we want to ask you is-"


"Wait!" Oota's yell stopped the coach, who looked bewildered. "Who's there?!" He pointed his staff at the cafeteria's slightly opened door, shining with a restrained curse. Everyone was on alert and looking at the door, ready to change and jump in if needed.


"I'm sorry, but I feel quite hurt for not being invited to this party." Said the familiar voice and soon Kazuya appeared in the doorframe.


"Miyuki-kun!" Gasped Takashima loudly, eyes wide in fear.


"Oh, Rei-chan, you are really heartless. You invited everyone to a little get-together, but you forgot to ask me or Eijun. How hurtful."


At this point even Kataoka felt uncomfortable of saying anything, just stared at his student with unwavering eyes.


"I've somewhat suspected that you knew something, but to keep it from the victims themselves… I didn't know that we looked this untrustworthy and unreliable to you guys. I won't interfere anymore, so if you excuse me…"


"Wait!" Called Takashima out, but Kataoka put his hand on her shoulder and nodded in the direction of the students. Takashima then noticed Tetsuya and Chris walking to Kazuya and dragging him back.


"We never said that you or Sawamura are untrustworthy or unreliable." Said Tetsuya with such firmness that even Kazuya felt the urge to step back and apologize for his outburst.


"We just wanted to keep you guys in the dark, because if you knew, then I'm more than sure that you guys would've done something stupid and get in trouble, just to keep us out of it. But you are not alone. You never were. So learn to lean on us for help, not just rush in heedlessly." Explained Chris not letting go of Kazuya's shoulder, anchoring him in place.


"Why are you tarring me with the same brush as that idiot?" Kazuya sounded genuinely offended.


"Because he is rubbing off on you a little too much, but I can say that it's going vice versa as well." Chris added and laughed at Kazuya's annoyed "Hey!". "I'm not saying that it's just the bad habits…but mostly it is." Kazuya grumbled under his nose and crossed his hands in front of his chest looking defiant, like a little kid.


"Miyuki, sit down." Said Kataoka and motioned for the boy to sit in the front. Once he was seated, Kataoka continued. "I know that it sounds unfair, but I'm sure that not knowing about everything is better from time to time. Actually, I feel foolish for not expecting that you'll try and find out what's going on. But, information gathering is essential for a controller and it's the best quality for a controller, if they are not satisfied with the information they get from others. I'm proud of you for acting, not just sitting on your laurels." Kazuya looked extremely pleased by the compliment. The team already knew that the situation was serious, since their coach was very tight lipped if it came to compliments.


"Back to the point. We ask you to look out for Miyuki and Sawamura when you are with them, protect them if needed. Also, Kominato, Kuramochi," The called pair stood up, "can I ask you two to live with these two for an uncertain period of time and keep an eye on them?" the boys nodded and Kataoka nodded back.


"Miyuki-kun, I ask for your forgiveness, because of us trying to hide this from you and Sawamura-kun."


"It's okay, Rei-chan. I'm not happy for you underestimating us like this, especially me, but I can see why you are worried. I mean, I did walk straight in danger—not that it will happen again, don't underestimate me—after seeing Eijun with that shadow, so I can't blame you for thinking that it will happen again—but it won't. I'd like you to keep this a secret from Eijun. I know that he'd do anything to keep you guys safe, so it's better if he stays in the dark."


"Ooh, so you understand why we wanted to you out of this." Said Chris playfully and Kazuya frowned.


"I didn't say that I'm like that too, so yeah, I can see why you would leave Eijun out, but I can't agree with you doing the same to me."


Chris sighed resignedly. "You don't understand at all." He shook his head to emphasize his disappointment.


"What now?"


"It's nothing."


Kazuya was frowning all the way back to the apartment, making Eijun confused and worried for him.


By the time they were in bed, his frown vanished from his face owing to Eijun's constant purr soothing his jumbled nerves. He felt happiness when he was holding the boy close to his chest, burying his nose in his soft locks and inhaling his calming scent.


Eijun didn't ask what made him so upset, just stood by his side, trying to comfort him the best he could. He also didn't ask anything about Ryo and Youichi's sudden moving in.


I'll never let anyone hurt you. I love you. Kazuya thought as he placed a soft kiss on the crown of Eijun's head.


"-ve you too…" Mumbled Eijun in his sleep, making Kazuya blush and pull the omega closer to himself.

Chapter Text

The next day, after school, the second and third years were in frenzy, because of their demon teacher's impossible demand. Everyone was running to get the required books from the library, forming teams and studying together to somehow finish it by Tuesday.


Eijun was worried for Kazuya. He was sitting in a circle in Youichi's dorm room, with Youichi, Zono, Nori and Nabe, everyone mumbling to themselves and trying to figure out what they are reading. The words were written in English, yet it somehow didn't made sense as a sentence. All of them were stressed and their scent unwillingly left them, making the air stuffing and uncomfortable. Eijun was especially sensitive to the change, since his omega senses were exceptional at picking at others' mood by their scents and reacting to them.


When the stress level peaked, Eijun found himself glued to Kazuya's back and purring so loudly that it drowned his teammates mumbling. He also unconsciously released his pheromones, calming his friends' jumbled nerves.


He took the opportunity to glance at the book in Kazuya's hand and his eyes widened.


"Hey, isn't this that book, you brought me by mistake, when I was at home after the ritual? I remember this book, it was really interesting." At that Kazuya's head snapped up, almost knocking Eijun in the nose.


"You understand this book? Can you remember what was in it?"


"Hey, are you implying that I'm too dumb to understand a book of this caliber? It's not that hard to understand after you catch the basics of the curses in it. At the beginning of the book there's an explanation, which is a little hard to comprehend at first, but after rereading it a few times, it clicked and it was way easier to read the rest. And, of course, I remember. Most of the beasts from those monster books you brought me back then are still vivid in my memories." Kazuya was amazed by his lover yet again, and he really needed to realize not to underestimate his boy. There are subjects he is not good with and he already put him down to be stupid in all of them. Mistakes after mistakes he makes when it comes to Eijun.


Kazuya turned in his sitting position and kissed Eijun right there. "You are amazing, you know?"


"And you realized it just now? I'm wounded."


"I'll make it up to you." Kissed him again and turned to his friends. "I think we will need his help for this one." They all nodded and Eijun sat beside Kazuya in the circle to begin his explanation.




"What the hell! It's fucking lot easier to understand when you explain it like this! Why did that demon explain it in the most complicated manner?" Grumbled Youichi as he scribbled something in his notebook that Eijun said.


"It's no use crying over spilt milk. For now we should concentrate on finishing this. With Sawamura's help it's going much smoother than we first thought." Said Zono, scribbling in his notebook.


"Yeah, let's take advantage of the opportunity. Our only luck is that Sawamura read this book prior and understood it." Nabe was reading the sentence in the book in front of him for the fifth time already and it still made no sense.


"Here you need to find the part of the curse that activates the whole thing. Since you don't need to analyze the chain reaction of the curse or to find out a change in the circle what kind of effect will have, you just need to find where the whole thing begins." Eijun pointed at a single line in the whole description and after Nabe read it, it dawned on him.


"Ah, this one!" He yelled enlightened. Eijun just smiled at him and looked at the rest of his senpais.


"Sawamura is having a field day today. Don't you think it'll go to his head too much?" Whispered Youichi in Kazuya's ear, so Eijun couldn't hear them. Kazuya chuckled and smirked.


"It's best to nip it in bud, don't you think?"


Youichi glared at his friend, raised his pointer finger at him and poked him in the chest a few times. "Don't you dare break him!"




"What are you two whispering about? Are you done already? If you are, then help the rest!" At that Kazuya and Youichi straightened their backs and shook their heads in the same time.


"Not done yet, sensei!" Kazuya yelled and smirked, when Eijun flushed down to his neck.


New discovery!


"Stop talking then." Eijun turned back to Nabe, who was patiently waiting for him to finish his bickering with his senpais.


Nori was managing fairly good by himself, needing a pointer here and there. Kazuya, after an hour of nerve-racking struggling later, finally got the hang of it and was steadily proceeding with his share together with Nabe, while Youichi and Zono still had problems understanding the text or finding the important parts.


Eijun was stuck to help his big bro and Zono with their share, while he would've loved to stay closer to Kazuya.


It was around 11 o'clock when everyone finished their own report and started to copy each others. 5 minutes before midnight, they were laying on the floor, exhausted both mentally and physically, but totally happy to be done. They would've been stuck with their homework for the whole weekend if it weren't for Eijun's help.


"You are the best, lil bro." Said Youichi as he rose to a sitting position.


"I know." Eijun giggled when he felt a slight knock on his shoulder from the side where Kazuya was.


"Stop feeding his ego. I'm the one who needs to deal with him when he gets too excited."


"And we all know you love your job, so stop whining." Nori's timid voice cut in even before Youichi had the chance to open his mouth. Everyone laughed loudly, including Kazuya and Eijun as well.


"Well, I won't deny it." Huffed Kazuya as he sat up.


"For now, I think it will be the best if you two stay here. I know that you don't live too far away, but still. I'll be in Ryo-san's room. It doesn't mean that you can do anything funny." Everyone gathered their stuff from the floor and headed out. Before Youichi stepped out, he turned around one last time. "Leave my bed out of it."


Kazuya chuckled and said. "Absolutely no promises."


Youichi rolled his eyes and left for the night.


Kazuya let out a loud yawn. Eijun, seeing it, yawned as well.


"It was a long day. We have the whole weekend free, let's head out somewhere tomorrow—" Kazuya stopped and looked at the clock on the nightstand. "today afternoon. What do you say?"


"I'm in." Eijun yawned again as he lied next to Kazuya, hugging each other.


"Sweet dreams." Kazuya kissed Eijun and they fell asleep.




They woke up around 9 o'clock to loud banging on the door. Eijun was faster to get up from the bed to open the door.


"Good morning, sleepyheads! We've been waiting in the dining hall, but guys never showed up, so you missed breakfast. Also it would be better if you guys head back to your apartment, since some of the team members are coming here for some gaming. Well, you don't need to go anywhere if you want to join us."


Eijun felt a hand slip to his waist and hold him close to the body behind him.


"If you ask me, let's go back. I'm not in the mood for loud teammates." Eijun looked at the boy currently resting his chin on his shoulder, looking exhausted and sometimes wincing.




"Yeah, probably my migraine is back." Then Kazuya took his hand to massage his throbbing temple, letting out a low curse.


"What the…? You sound like an old man." Yet Youichi tuned his voice down and turned to the side. "Since you won't be joining, then get the hell out of here. In 30 minutes everyone will be here."


Eijun closed the door and walked Kazuya back to the bed. "Rest a little bit more, I'll get our stuff." Kazuya for once didn't complain.


Eijun moved quickly and packed their bags with their books and pens and everything else, and was done just in time for their first teammates to arrive in the room.


"Oh, you guys are here too? Joining us?" Asked Ono, as he stepped in with Nori behind him.


"Nope, we are about to head home." Answered Eijun and turned to the bed. "Kazuya, let's go." The alpha on the bed grunted as he stood from the bed, wincing again as pain split in his head.


" You ok?" Asked Ono, as he saw Kazuya precariously sway on his legs.


"I'm fine. Eijun, give me my bag." But the omega shook his head.


"Nope, I'll carry it. Come on, let's go." Eijun took Kazuya's arm and pulled him to the genkan to help him put his sneakers on. After ready, Eijun turned back. "Please tell You-nii a thank you from me. See you next week." Ono and Nori waved goodbye to them as Eijun closed the door behind himself.




At the apartment Kazuya collapsed in their bed and immediately fell asleep. Eijun was worried for him, but maybe he was right and it was just a migraine. The omega walked in the kitchen, took out some ingredients and began cooking lunch since they missed breakfast. After getting the table ready, he walked to the bedroom to find Kazuya still passed out.


"Kazuya, wake up! Lunch is ready!" Eijun sat on the bed beside his sleeping lover. Poked him a few times on his cheek and smiled when he saw a smile forming on Kazuya's face. "Sleepyhead, wake up!" And he leaned down to kiss Kazuya's cheek.


"Umm, if I'm waked like this every time then I'll be more than happy to be up." He murmured lazily as he pulled the omega closer by his waist.


"I'm glad, because lunch is getting cold as we speak." Kazuya's stomach grumbled loudly at the mention of food and Eijun chuckled. "And looks like I'm on time." He pulled the alpha by his hand to his feet and looked the boy up and down.


"Like what you see?" Kazuya wriggled his brows at the omega and smirked mischievously.


"More like I love it, but that aside; how is your migraine?" Kazuya first blushed a bit at the bold statement, but then realized that the pain from the morning totally vanished.


"I'm fine. Actually, I feel energized! Looks like the nap helped."


"Good. I'm glad. Now, come on before the food gets cold."




Eijun was glad to be out in the city on that sunny Saturday afternoon. Since Kazuya's headache stopped—Eijun made sure that Kazuya's not lying—they left for a little bit of relaxing.


They watched a movie, later ate at the ramen restaurant they both wanted to visit, after that they took a walk in the park and there Eijun wanted ice cream, so Kazuya got them one.


It was extremely relaxing to just wander around aimlessly, enjoying each other's company and talking about everything and nothing at all. While they were sitting on a bench in front of the park's lake, Kazuya pulled Eijun closer. It made Eijun blush, but snuggled closer without hesitation.


"I don't know if you realized, but today it felt like a date." Mumbled Eijun in Kazuya's chest, embarrassed.


"What are you talking about? It is a date. I told you that we'll get our date on another day, so here we are." Eijun straightened and blushed furiously, making Kazuya chuckle beside him.


"What the hell, you should've told me sooner." Puffed Eijun up immediately, looking like an angry kitten.


Kazuya chuckled a little bit more, when he caught an unpleasant scent from somewhere close. It belonged to an alpha. Precisely 4 grown up alphas. When Eijun caught the scent as well, he burrowed his nose in Kazuya's scent glands. It made him uncomfortable, and Kazuya was about to get up and leave with Eijun, when those alphas showed up in front of them.


"Oooh, look what we got here? An alpha-omega pair. How sweet." Said one of them, who was leaning on the guy next to him.


"Yeah, and what a cute omega to boost. Oh, wait, isn't he bonded?" The guy said when he caught a glimpse of Eijun's bit neck.


"If you know, then leave." Kazuya knew that this wasn't looking good and hugged Eijun closer, letting his pheromones doing the talking.


"Ahaha, he tries to look intimidating. How cute, but boya, you are mistaken. We are totally into bonded omegas!" One of them stated and Eijun began to tremble. At this point both of them knew that they can't leave without a fight.


"Didn't that old shit said he wanted a bonded male omega as his new toy? Something about, breaking them is much more challenging or something like that." The guy took a step closer, but Kazuya stood up in front of his boy.


Kazuya knew precisely in which moment he started losing control. The red curtain in front of his eyes intensified with every throb of his heart, his muscles tensed more and more ready to snap, his calming blue threads tuning to blood red on his fingertips. Oota said that he shouldn't get too worked up, but it was totally a must situation.


When the 4 alphas began to close on them, Eijun got scared and changed to his chimera form. One of the alphas whistled.


"Wow, a chimera shifter? That's fucking rare! We should sell him off on the black market! It would give a hella lot more money than that old shit."


Two alphas shifted and the fight began. While Eijun fought the two shifter alphas, Kazuya took on the other two. Kazuya was at disadvantage since he didn't bring his weapon with himself, while the guys in from of him had knifes and batons. Before he could attack, a boomerang like weapon flew a few inches away from the enemy alpha's head.


"What the fuck!" All of them looked at the side and Kazuya released a relieved sigh when he saw Ryo and Youichi standing a few meters from them with the rest of third and second years in tow. The shifters waited with changing, while the controllers had their weapons in hand and ready to fight.


"Why don't you try to fight with guys of your own caliber?" Asked Ryo clearly pissed.


They heard a loud cry from the still fighting shifters. Eijun lost control and chomped the silver wolf's front leg off, making a sickening crunching sound in the process. He was about to attack the golden wolf's neck next, and at that second Kazuya was shaken from his momentary daze. He calmed down in an instant, took his threads out and connected them to Eijun's changed form just in time to stop him from killing the wolf.


He pulled at the threads and Eijun changed back. When the boy looked at the mess he did, his whole body began to tremble and fell on the ground, his mouth and hands red with blood. With wide unseeing eyes, tears spilling from them, he hugged his own body and repeated the same.


"I did this. I did this. I did this."


Kazuya' heart broke at the sight. It wasn't his fault, it was totally self-defense, yet he was blaming himself for hurting others.


"Eijun… Eijun look at me." When the omega did, Kazuya kissed him on his lips, immediately pushing his tongue in, ignoring the steely taste of the wolf's blood. Eijun was so shocked that he sat there stock still, but then he jerked his head away.


"No! I bit off his leg! Don't kiss me! I don't want to hurt you." Kazuya knew what was going through his head and hugged the boy close, kissing him again, not letting him go even after the omega began to struggle.


"You didn't do anything wrong. You protected me and yourself, that's the only thing that matters. And I'll kiss you however much I want since I love you and you are my life! Something like this won't stop me from loving you." Eijun stopped his struggle and sagged against the alpha's body still holding him.


Eijun bawled his heart out there, in the embrace of the only person he could ever love.

Chapter Text

"What did the police say about this whole thing? Did they found out who hired those alphas?" Kataoka looked at Takashima, who was holding a file in front of her with the police's report.


"The alphas were questioned, but they are stubbornly staying shut. We don't know who is behind it, but considering what is going on these days, we are 90% sure that the shadow is our first suspect."


"What about our accusation against their attackers?"


"Our biggest luck is that Sawamura-kun is a bonded omega. What he did was unacceptable by the law even if it was self-defense, but four grown up alphas attacking a bonded omega is not something that can happen by coincidence, so our winning is almost certain."


"Good. What about Sawamura and Miyuki?"


"They are both at home resting and the results of their examinations are all good, but…"




"Miyuki-kun still won't wake up. And Sawamura-kun is slowly loosing it."


"What do you mean he won't wake up?"


"I know why." Said the third voice from the door of Kataoka's office.


"Oota." Kataoka motioned for him to sit down. "Care to elaborate?"


"Yeah. I've visited them to see if I can help with Miyuki-kun's condition and that's when I found something." He put his bag in front of himself and pulled a big book out of it.


"What is that?" Asked Kataoka puzzled.


"I got this book from my masters when I was at the Senate and thought that maybe it'll help me if I bring it to Miyuki-kun. And it did help." He opened the book on a page and turned it to Kataoka and Takashima to see. "This book reacts to every spell that is written in it and stops on the page the spell is."


Kataoka and Takashima looked at each other.


"Well, it sounds convenient." Said Takashima as she inspected the page shown to her.


"It is, but it's not what I wanted. The thing is that I found the spell which is sealing his memories and I can say for sure that his condition will only worsen from now on." At this both of the teachers sat straighter.


"What do you mean?"


"Miyuki-kun's memories are blocked with the strongest sealing spell existing. It's one that requires a life."


"WHAT?!" Takashima yelled surprised.


"And I'm sure the one who sealed his memories are his own mother."


"What are you talking about?" Kataoka leaned on his desk, hands clutched tightly together.


"When I talked to Miyuki-kun and asked him about his family he told me something strange. He said that he can't remember how his mother died and his father never explained anything to him. What I'm suspecting is that the memories sealed are connected to this. More like I'm sure it's about her death." Takashima gasped, while Kataoka nodded with a solemn expression.




"Since he has gone berserk again, I think his seal is at its weakest point. I thought that maybe it'll need a little bit more, but Sawamura-kun's involvement made it harder on him. Soon, the seal will break and that's why he won't wake up even if his physical condition is fine."




"We need to prepare for the worst." Takashima's eyes widened. "Not in the sense of someone dying. More like I don't know how it will affect Miyuki-kun's other memories, adding the fact that he was already involved in an artificial amnesia. The other thing making me worry is Sawamura-kun. He nurses his partner, but it's obvious how much it weights on him knowing that something is going on with Miyuki-kun and he has no idea what. I'm saying that even if they are together for quite a long time, Miyuki-kun never talked to Sawamura-kun about his past. And for an omega this kind of uneasiness is the worst kind of poison."


Oota sighed and put the book away. "For now I think it would be best for both of them to be brought here, so we can guard them. Also we need to prepare for that shadow's appearance as well. We made a mistake from the start. Its target wasn't Sawamura-kun, but Miyuki-kun from the very beginning."


Kataoka nodded and when he looked at Takashima, she was already on her phone asking someone to bring their students to the school.


A few hours later the whole team was in the cafeteria, save for Kazuya and Eijun, Takashima on the phone all the time and Kataoka waiting for his students to calm down.


"I'm sure all of you know why I asked you here. Miyuki's condition is still the same and we also come to a conclusion. The target is Miyuki and not Sawamura as we thought at first. Another thing. Because of certain circumstances Miyuki is in danger. We assume that when the time is right that shadow will attack Miyuki, I need all of you to help and protect him and Sawamura." The team roared and Kataoka let loose an almost invisible smile.


"Miyuki-kun and Sawamura-kun are in Miyuki-kun's old dorm room. Oota-sensei put a barrier on the room, so I advice no one should approach it carelessly. Kuramochi-kun and Kominato-kun will bring them food, since Oota-sensei made the barrier recognize them, the rest is required to sometimes take a look at them or ask if the room occupants needs anything and look out for the shadows appearance. Don't rush in danger, no matter what. If you notice anything, let us know. We'll handle the rest." And Takashima's phone rang again, cutting her off.


"Understood?" Kataoka asked and the team roared again.


Once dismissed, they made plans on taking turns of guarding their teammates.


The first team, Chris, Tanba, Tetsu and Jun, were in front of the room with books around them, trying their hardest to finish the report on curses and study for the upcoming exams in one go, when they noticed their other teammates with books and refreshment approaching them.


"What are you guys doing here?!" Yelled Jun pointing a finger at the new arrivals.


"It's too suffocating studying in our rooms, so we decided to have an outdoor study session. Problem?" Answered Sakai as he put his stuff down.


"Uga!" Masuko also put his things down and pulled a cup of pudding out.


It wasn't long after all the second and third years were in front of room 5 studying and talking animatedly. At a point Jun stopped in the middle of his joke telling and started laughing. It earned him the attention of everyone present. "Why the hell did we made plans of taking turns guarding when everyone is here?" After a long second of silence they all laughed.


"You are right." Chris leaned back against the wall behind him and looked at his teammates. "But I can understand your feelings. Knowing that there's something targeting one of our members is worrying and you just can't sit still not doing anything."


They all looked at him and smiled. "Sawamura's magic is still amazing." Said someone from the mini crowd.




"It's nothing, Chris. Anyway, does someone know how to make this report correctly? Tomorrow starts the exam period and we are still stuck with this shit and it's due to the day after tomorrow!!" At Jun's yelling the door of room 5 opened and it revealed a really angry Youichi.


"If all of you decided to camp here in the end its okay, but can you guys tune it down a little? My lil bro finally fell asleep." He stopped for a second and looked at the books in his teammates hands. "Oh, the demon's assignment?" He then returned to the room and after a minute of rustling later he came back with his own notebook. "Here. We are already done with help from my lil bro. Just copy it."


Everyone thanked them and the noises were reduced to some low whispering, all of them too occupied with copying the report. When Ryo slowly stepped out in the middle of the night to get a drink for himself and Youichi, since they stopped studying and are in the middle watching a movie, he smiled wickedly and pulled his phone out of his pocket to snap a picture.


Their luck was that they were already closer to summer, so the nights were warmer than usual. All the third and second years were lying on the ground, totally passed out, some of them even snoring slightly, their things around them fully forgotten in exchange for a good sleep.


"Some guards you guys are." Ryo whispered with a smile still in place as he made his way to the vending machines, the greatest blackmail material in his pocket, saved for later.




Monday was like hell for a lot of students. Most of them were sleep deprived, exhausted mentally and so full with last moment information packed in their brains that it was about to explode.


Eijun was still beside his boyfriend, changing the cloth on his forehead diligently and waiting for him to wake up. They both were excused from school, but it didn't mean that his big bro or Onii-san had luck as well.


Eijun saw how Kazuya was struggling. It hurt him so much to see his loved one in pain, yet couldn't do anything to help him. He didn't even how what was going on with him. Even if he never said anything, it weighted on him knowing that Kazuya was still scared to share his problems with him. Also he realized that he was keeping secrets from him, like on the day he left to see his big bro. Was he untrustworthy? Or was he just that weak Kazuya couldn't confide in him? Or being an omega meant he can never be on the same level as his partner and help him out? He hated every answer to his own questions and the little voices in his head that he knew were his worries, just made it worse.


He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't realize the barrier buzzing and with a snapping sound disappearing. What he did hear was the door opening and as he turned to welcome his big bro, the greeting froze on his tongue.


"Well, well, well. Where are your guards?" Asked the creepy voice, the smoke like body coming closer and closer.


Eijun instantly jumped up and stepped in front of the bed where Kazuya was still lying unconsciously, he spread his arms wide and glaring at his uninvited guest with eyes that could kill.


"Ooh, you trying to protect him? What can a mere omega do?" Eijun flinched, but then instantly began to change. In his chimera form he pulled Kazuya close to himself and spread the turtle shell on his back widely to cover his whole body just like a turtle's. "What we have here? A shell? Not that it can stop me."


But the shadow hissed and slid back a few feet the moment its bony hand touched the shell.


"You coated the turtle shell with fire, huh? Not bad. We still have a lot of time to figure out how to get you out of there. I want to kill you soon, but I can't risk hurting the alpha in there."


And time was the worst enemy for Eijun. Eijun knew that the shadow already figured out the biggest drawback of this combination. He was constantly taking damage from the scorching hot shell on his back, while protecting Kazuya at the same time, so he won't get burnt by his fire. But the pain was his saving grace at the same time, since it prevented him from losing control over his mind.


After an hour of waiting game the shadow was starting to lose patience and tried to touch the shell again, but it flared the moment its hand touched it.


Another half an hour passed and the shadow was about to try again when the room's door flung open revealing a really angry Oota, behind him Kataoka ready to kill.


"You again!" Yelled the shadow and Oota pointed his staff at the shadow.


"This time I won't let you escape!" The moment he said the last word, his staff began to shine with the curse ready to be released. With the last of the incarnation he fired the curse at the shadow and hitting it square at its chest.


The shadow disappeared in a second, but Oota knew that the curse was in place. When he walked to the big shell in the middle of room and tried to touch it, it rejected him as well, burning his hand.


"Sawamura-kun, it's all right now. You are safe." But there were no movements from the boy's side.


The realization hit Kataoka like a lightning. He pushed past Oota and fell on his knee right in front of the shell. He inspected the green shell for a few seconds and let his threads out, just to mold them around his hands. It was the highest level of controlling ones threads and Kataoka was grateful his teacher, Sakaki, made him master it while he was under his care.


He put his hand on the shell, feeling the heat from it, but not hurting his hand. When he found the best places to put his hand, he used his superhuman power to pull open the shell, freeing his students. He was greeted with the exact scene he thought he would find. Both Kazuya and Eijun lied there unconscious, Eijun's chimera form burned badly, still protecting his lover, who was sweating bullets and whining from the pain torturing his body.


Kataoka would be really thankful if this whole shadow thing came to a stop already.

Chapter Text

When the team learned what happened to their teammates, all of them rushed to the hospital together. It was obvious they weren't permitted to stay, let alone go into the room where Eijun and Kazuya was.


Kataoka, Takashima, Oota, Ryo and Youichi were the only ones in, watching them struggle. Kazuya with the pain coming from his head and Eijun with the deep burns caused by his own technique. Both of them were unconscious, but seeking each other nevertheless, powers pushing and pulling in the room, dancing a strange dance, hand and paw twitching on the sheets, trying to move them in the direction of their partner.


"Is your curse working?" Asked Kataoka while squeezing the bedrail until it cracked under his hand. When he discovered he was about to—and actually did—damage the hospital's property, he put his hands in the pocked of his pants, but still moving them restlessly.


"Yes. Now I can monitor it's every movement. It can't get close to them without me knowing it."


"So it's a tracking one?"


"Yeah. I couldn't decide what to cast in the moment I felt the barrier giving in and I was afraid I'll miss it, like last time, or not cast it soon enough, so the tracking one seemed like the best option."


"You are totally right. Now we know these two are out of its reach." Takashima changed the cooling pad on Eijun's forehead. The nurse that come in to check the patients' condition, asked them if they can change it from time to time both for Kazuya and Eijun. That's when Takashima volunteered almost instantly.


The teachers' couldn't contact the Sawamuras or Kazuya's father, since the boys asked beforehand to keep this whole fiasco from their families. Kataoka understood the reason, also felt somewhat relieved, since they could be in danger as well if they were close to their kids, so the best option is to keep it from them and try to solve it as soon as possible. Also worrying them was the last Kataoka wanted to add to his ever growing list about why he needs to apologize to those two families.


Oota stepped to Kazuya's bed and put his hand on his head. He stood motionless for a few seconds and looked at the adults.


"The seal will break somewhere this week. I can't pinpoint the day, but I'm sure it's this week. Well, if his mind gets assaulted with negative emotions, maybe it will break even sooner." Oota then stepped to Eijun's bed, put his hand on the boy's head and a little bit later the teacher turned from the bed and headed out of the room. "The soul-shackle is in place again, since it was deactivated after I touched him back in the dorms. He should be awake soon, but since his partner is still unconscious it'll be hard to get him change back. If you notice him waking, tell us immediately." Oota said to the two boys sitting on the chairs opposite from the beds.


"We'll prepare for the worst. Anyway, we should leave these two to rest." Takashima opened the door and left with the other two adults, while Ryo and Youichi stayed with their teammates.


Ryo was reading the book he brought with himself from the dorms, while Youichi watched his dear ones on the beds, listening to the constant beeping sounds of the machines they were put on and the occasional whines and grunts coming from either Kazuya or Eijun.


"We really can't do anything to help them, huh?" Ryo snapped his head up at the small voice of his partner. He was hugging his own body, retracted in himself making him look half of his original size. He was always self-confident and cutely brash in his own way, but in that moment seeing his best friend and little brother on a hospital bed—again—made him loose his mighty demeanor and Ryo would never admit it to anyone out loud, but he didn't like it at all.


"And it's not our job in the first place. But it does not mean we can't try." Youichi looked at his pink haired partner and smiled a little bit.


It that exact moment Eijun's chimera form shifted on the bed and the chimera whined lowly.


"I'll go call the teachers back. You try to calm him down." Before Youichi had a chance to say anything back, Ryo was out of the room.


Youichi was by his side and took the chimera's paw in his hands looking straight in golden eyes.


"Sawamura, it's me, your big bro. Everything is fine. Can you change back to your human form for me?" Eijun just looked at him like a puppy does at his owner, almost looking like an angel he really was.


As seconds ticked by, Youichi knew he was losing his little bro when he saw his eyes darken and glint with a ferocious look in them. He was slowly getting out of control and Youichi had no idea how to prevent it. The chimera jumped to its feet and turned back to Youichi, his stance implying that he's ready to attack at any moment. It was hard for Youichi to control himself and stay in his human form, since all of his instincts were yelling danger and he was really tempted to fight. A little reason—later he would fight to his last breath that it was the main one—was to save his little brother, but the main one was to find out who was really stronger. He saw Eijun's strength not just once, but he was still tempted to propose a death-life match, to fight him in his most serious state and see who will come out as the victor.


If it wasn't for the little, pathetic cough accompanied with a low whine coming from the other bed, Eijun surely would have attacked him. But the chimera still recognized his lover's voice and walked to the bed, sit beside it and lied his head next to Kazuya's hand. Youichi stood there frozen in place, watching as tears slid from the chimera's eyes, whining and licking the hand in front of him. It was like he was begging Kazuya to wake up. Youichi's chest tightened at the sight and tears formed in the corners of his own eyes, just to turn away the moment the hospital room's door flung open.


"What the…?" Oota also stood there with Kataoka and Takashima, watching as Eijun changed back to his human form, clutching Kazuya's hand and crying, whining, begging him to wake up. The scene was simply heartbreaking.


What they did not expect, though, was for Kazuya actually waking up and wiping Eijun's tears away after he freed his hand from his lover's iron grip.


"Can this really happen?" Takashima was still in a state of searching for words, while her companions just stood motionlessly, as not to disturb the picturesque scene.


"There's really too many things we don't know about these two." Oota finally found his words, then took his black cloak off and put it on the naked shapeshifter carefully, making sure not to put the material directly on one of the many burns still covering his body.


The spell on the boys broke and both of them looked away in embarrassment.


"So, I can assume things are not going that badly, or I'm just overly optimistic?" Kataoka looked at the boys, then at Oota.


"No, it's a lot easier if Miyuki-kun is awake. Also, Sawamura-kun is by his side, so it's another extra positive point. Wait, I'll get the soul-shackle off now." Oota put his hand on Eijun's head again and the similar smoke rose. Eijun instantly flinched, but said nothing, just held Kazuya's hand more tightly. "Does Miyuki-kun feel pain? What about you? Are your burns hurting?"


Eijun wasn't sure if he had anything to say, since Kazuya was staying shut about his own pain. When the atmosphere in the room changed from happy to anxious, Eijun finally found his voice and he almost whispered.


"Yeah, a little bit. My burns will be ok after resting a few days."


"Sawamura-kun, what's wrong?" Takashima was immediately by his side and took his hand.


"It's nothing." His voice was still small and from then on he avoided eye-contact with anyone in the room, especially with Kazuya on the bed. He also pulled his hand back and sat on the tiled floor.


"Eijun?" The raspy voice from the bed made the boy flinch and move away. "What's wrong?" But Eijun still refused to say anything. "Eijun, come here." It was the first time Eijun didn't do as Kazuya asked.


"Sawamura, did something happen?" Youichi was reaching for his brother's arm, but he ducked away from his touch.


Kazuya felt his headache act up again accompanied with some really annoying buzzing and he wasn't in the mood for the strange play Eijun was playing with him. Also his body hurt like hell, feeling the shapeshifter's burns like they were his own. Somewhere deep down he felt sorry for the boy, since his pain was greater than his headache, yet Eijun said nothing about it and Kazuya was worrying for him, but the feeling of annoyment was still overwhelming his mind. Something in him made him pissed without a good reason and the pain just enhanced the negative feelings he never thought he had. He would never have beside Eijun.


They were considered like they are two halves of a whole, connected by their battery bond. In the beginning it wasn't strong, so it acted only when one of them was in a life threatening condition, like when Eijun was poisoned. It's like one can't live if the other is no longer, so the bond takes the other half down as well. However since he entered Eijun's mind to fight with him, their bond got to the point where Kazuya could even feel Eijun's every breath, every move of his muscles. It was like they synchronized totally, really being two halves of a whole. Well, he could control it and actually ignore it and live a normal life, but the buzz in his head made it impossible. Also this meant that their pain was also conveyed to each other, not just the life threatening ones, but all of them. Luckily, his mind is still closed off to him, so his thoughts were still safe from him.


"Eijun, just spit it out. Don't act like a spoiled brat! I'm not in the mood for dealing with your selfishness." Kazuya's stern voice surprised everyone in the room, but probably the harsh words were the most shocking ones, making Eijun retreat even more.


Takashima hugged the boy close and it made Kazuya see red. His head was about to kill him, his partner chose this fucking day to act like mule, and on top of it all, he also let someone else hug him so closely when he was practically naked. He was so done with all of this shit. He just wanted the pain to disappear, sleep a whole year and forget everything that happened.


"Sawamura-kun?" Takashima's voice got everyone's attention.


"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm no good. I've never been. Never will be. I'm just a lowly omega. I can't do anything right. I'm pulling everyone in this mess. I'm the cause of everything." He was rambling without stop, hugging his own body and trembling in his teacher's arm.


"Eijun! Eijun, what's wrong?! Come on, pull yourself together! Don't let the negative emotions take control! You are the best! The shit that's happening now is not your fault! Don't blame yourself! Come on! Look at me!" The chimera desperately tried to reach the boy, to no avail.


"I'm worthless. I can't stay here anymore. I'll just cause more trouble. I'm sorry, I'm so weak. No one can trust me. Not even my partner." It was the last straw that broke Kazuya's mind.


His alpha was crying in despair, screaming at Kazuya to snap out of his daze, to comfort his loved one, to not let him go, to never let him experience anything like this ever again. In that exact moment, Kazuya finally saw Eijun, the annoying buzz in his mind disappearing and he understood the damage he caused. Eijun closed his mind off, not letting him even a step closer, guarding himself with massive walls covered with thorny vines. Kazuya never felt Eijun's soul be stormy since they got together months ago. And it was all of his fault.


Kazuya was trying to get in Eijun's mind, countless times running to break the walls, yet nothing was enough. Before he had another chance to do, his consciousness was pulled back in his own body by the alpha, since the seal was finally breaking. He could get over this shit, make up with Eijun and get his peaceful life back, living happily with his loved one. Going on dates, watching him cook in the kitchen in his apron—or in just apron—eating together, laughing on something silly any of them says, or just simply making love on their beds, or probably planning their future family.


Oota was right by his side, helping him with special runes and magic circles to make the seal breaking as painless as possible, while in the meantime he put the soul-shackle back on Kazuya. It was hard to tell what would happen to Eijun if he had to experience what Kazuya does, in his current mental and physical state.


It was still painful to watch as Kazuya's head shone with an intense purplish red light, his screams never ceasing even for a second. The risk of him getting some sort of memory damage was really high after Eijun's seclusion and Oota was sure that it won't be easy to repair as it was with the Furuyas.


The whole seal breaking happened in a total of half an hour and Kazuya instantly fell unconscious. Oota turned to Kataoka, since Takashima, Ryo and Youichi were with Eijun.


"The seal is broken. After he wakes up, he can tell what was hidden in his memories. I could peek in, but since it can contain some stuff regarding his family, it's too personal for me to just peek on it. Also, a warning. The shadow is near. I can feel its presence from somewhere outside of the hospital, but it won't come in if we are here. Probably it felt the seal-breaking as well. And I'm worried that it will attack Sawamura-kun if we are not careful." Kataoka nodded and left to fetch Takashima and the boys, while Oota was watching Kazuya and monitored the shadow.


It looked like they'll have a really long night ahead.

Chapter Text

It was just as Oota predicted. The shadow was keeping a safe distance from them, yet at the same time it was searching for a little door on their defense to get closer to Kazuya.


An hour later, though, Kazuya woke up. Feeling a little groggy he looked around and saw Oota by the bed with Kataoka beside him, they were talking about something in hushed voice. Takashima was sitting on the couch while Eijun was sleeping there with his head in Takashima's lap, a blanket on him. Ryo and Youichi were sleeping on the other couch, leaning on each other with a blanket draped on them. But what really caught Kazuya's attention was the thick, red lines under Eijun's eyes and the way he was furrowing his brows even in his sleep. He looked distressed.


"Miyuki?" Kazuya snapped out of his observation and looked at his teacher. "You are finally awake."


Kazuya nodded and then looked back at Eijun. In that exact moment his memories come back to him about what he said to him, even though he didn't mean any of it.


"I don't know if you can recall any different memory, but if you do, can you please tell us?"


Kazuya looked at Oota for a second and considered his words. It did felt like he knew something he previously didn't and it was something uncomfortable. When he concentrated on it, it finally dawned on him.


His sealed memories were the ones, where he witnessed his mother's death.




Kazuya as a little boy had the most joyful life he could imagine. His mom and dad were one of the best controller and shapeshifter pair and their name was known even on other continents. His mother, as a shapeshifter, was on level 99 which was the biggest level in history, so to leave even a bigger mark, she wanted a ring that not anyone can get easily.


After a month of searching, she heard a rumor of a wandering shadow. As it piqued her interest she started to hunt down the traces the shadow was leaving behind and after 3 months of constant tracking, she finally found out the shadow's whereabouts.


"That thing found a shelter in one of the mountain's caves. I want to capture it the sooner the better." Kazuya was sitting in her mother's lap, her hand softly caressing his brown hair, listening to her soft, singing like voice, making him sleepy and happy.


"Are you really sure you want that one? We don't know anything about the shadow type beast and the book we found in the library said some really disturbing stuff." Kazuya looked at his father's concerned expression and instantly looked up at his mother.


"Are you doing something dangerous?" Asked Kazuya, pulling his mother's arm closer to his little body. He couldn't grasp the essence of their conversation, but he still felt the heavy atmosphere and reacted to it instinctively.


"Don't worry. Your father and I are the best team on the whole continent, so there's no need to fret."


A few days after that conversation and a whole lot of preparing later, Kazuya was walking up on the narrow path up to the mountain with his mother and father.


"Listen Kazu, you be sure to watch closely how we are going to capture that shadow. It's also for the sake of your future partner. Since you are a controller like your daddy, be sure to watch him closely how he controls my beast form. Okay? So once you find a suitable shapeshifter partner, you'll be doing your best to support him/her." His mom said before they left their home, looking at him with warm eyes, caressing his puffy cheeks.


Once they stopped at the entrance of the cave, Kazuya felt a shudder run down his spine. He couldn't decipher the meaning of it, but he was sure he did not want to go in there. As he was about to tell his parents that whatever was inside it was really dangerous, he felt his mother's hand taking his own. The warmth radiating from her soft skin instantly calmed his mind and he felt secure again.


The cave in itself was really long and they had to walk for at least 15 minutes to reach the center of it. Once inside though, they found something they never should've counter alone. The shadow was at the very center of the cave, with a big stone in its bony hands, standing in front of a door tall as the cave itself and saying something in a language, they couldn't understand.


Before Kazuya had time to say anything, he felt his mother's hand slip from his clutch and he saw her transform in her beast form. The winged lioness stood proud in front of him and then saw his father's threads entering the lioness body, solidifying the contact. Kazuya in the meantime hid behind one of the big rocks in the cave, watching his mother and father fight the shadow.


It was clear that their strength was on the same level, but soon the frail balance broke and the shadow was thrown back, the stone in its hands flew straight to Kazuya. As he caught it and laid his eyes on the words craved in it, he understood it all and began to read it aloud, every word he read vanishing from the stone in bright light. Once he knew what he was doing, he put his hand on his mouth, as to prevent him from continuing the spell. Yet it wasn't enough to fully stop the process and as he read the last word from the stone, it broke to pieces with the spell still in his head.


The spell itself was the key to opening the big door in the cave, letting out all sort of scary demons, bringing calamity to the world. When the shadow noticed what happened, it tried to capture Kazuya, but his mother protected him. However, her last attack was so strong that it shook the cave and the ceiling of it was slowly falling down on them. The shadow noticing it, judged that it will have a chance in the future to capture the boy, but needs to take out his biggest protector and attacked him one last time, knowing that the lioness will definitely protect him. It was just as it predicted.


Kazuya was watching his mother's beast form lying on the floor in front of him, a big wound on her side, bleeding heavily, seeing her insides through the pool of blood. He saw his father with tears in his eyes, as he pulled his mother to him with trembling hands. The beast then transformed back to its human form, the wound still there, bleeding even more.


"Kazu, I'm sorry. Your daddy was right, it was careless of me to come here without a party. Dear, I don't exactly know what you read from that stone, but I'm sure it's connected to that door. I'll use up my last strength to lock away your memories, so you won't have to think about it for now. The seal will break when you find someone to be by your side, whom you can share the burden pressing your shoulders. I love you, Kazu, and tell your loved one that I'll entrust you to him/her, also kiss my future grandkids in my name. Honey, I'll leave our son in your hands. Be sure to protect him well." Kazuya's father leaned down to kiss his wife one last time and letting her do the sealing. Once it was done, her whole body and soul served as the seal and she vanished without trace.


Kazuya's father lifted his unconscious son up and run out of the cave just in time before it collapsed.


When the boy woke up he felt that something was missing, but the feeling was quickly replaced by grief, when he learned that her mother passed away on her last hunting.


Since that day he gradually forgot about the uneasy feeling of something missing, as he watched his father distance himself from him, growing up in an empty house, all alone.




Takashima dried her tears with her handkerchief, while Oota and Kataoka constantly watched their own hands in their laps. His life story was so sad, that Kataoka for a moment thought that he wants to adopt Miyuki as his own son and spoil him rotten until he forgets all the bad things that happened in his life until now. He was still a little boy, yet he had to go through way too much pain he didn't deserve.


They were surprised to see Eijun walk up to the bed and hug Kazuya so tightly that the alpha had to actually peel him off, before he got suffocated. His big golden eyes were clouded with sadness and full of unshed tears, his expression showing so much grief that it was humanly impossible. Kazuya then felt his body tremble as the tears in his eyes glided off his round cheeks, biting his sun-kissed skin red. Yet he was still closed off. Kazuya could feel the massive walls in is soul, not letting his guard down even for a second.


"Eijun, I'm so sorry about what I said. I didn't mean one word of it. My mind was buzzing the whole time and something made me say those harsh words to you, even if I knew not even one of them is true. Also after all of this mess is over, I want to talk to you about my past. I want to tell you everything, not just this thing concerned my sealed memories." However the walls were still there.


Not enough, huh? I guess I deserve it after all. Thought Kazuya as he hugged Eijun to himself.


"What are you expecting? If I were him, I would've leave you the moment those words left your mouth. And consider that he is an omega, so mental stress and harsh words are the worst poison you can expose him to. I'm surprised he wishes to even be in the same room as you, and even hug you in a sense of comfort. He really is strong, be it physically or mentally. You better be grateful he is in love with you and still wants to be with you."


Kazuya looked down at the boy still hugging him, the trembling of his body subdued and he was slowly calming down. However, the alpha noticed the burns on some visible parts of his body and his heart clenched.


He was protecting me, got hurt because of me, and here I am throwing harsh words at him. I'm such an asshole. The biggest jerk alive. I really don't know how can he still be in love with me after all of this. I really am the luckiest man to have him by my side.


They stayed like this a few minutes, when Oota jumped up and turned toward the window. There stood the shadow, not stepping closer, but not running away either. It was clear, that it was about to attack.


Eijun sensing the incoming danger immediately began to change. It caught Kazuya by surprise and for a moment just sat in his bed not knowing what to do. A mental slap from his alter ego did the trick and he let his threads out to connect them to Eijun's soul. He was relieved to see the walls crumbling in front of him, letting him close to his lover's soul.


"Finally the seal is broken. Now tell me, what is the key?" By this time, Takashima and Youichi changed as well, their controllers connected to them, while Oota casted his strongest barrier on the room and was preparing his strongest curse to attack the shadow.


"You better leave now and never come back, or we won't show mercy." Kataoka pulled at some strings and the tiger opened her jaw to let her canine grow out. Also, she put a wind technique on them, making them even sharper.


"I won't retreat from this much." Said the shadow and without a second hesitation started in the direction of Kazuya's bed.


Eijun, not waiting for Kazuya's command, stretched his shell out and coated it with fire, like yesterday in the dorm room. Kazuya saw how the fire was burning his back again and pulled at the strings to get him stop, but the chimera stood there stubbornly, even raising the fire output.


The shadow made a step back and it was enough for Takashima to take the initiative and attack. Youichi also took advantage of his speed and attacked the shadow from all sides, while assisting the tiger.


While they were fighting not caring about their surroundings, the medical equipment in the room were all destroyed by the shockwaves, and Kazuya had to jump out of his bed, since the shadow's attack was heading directly his way. Eijun jumped in front of the alpha and growled at the shadow, while keeping his shell open and constantly coating it with fire.


The narrow place was disadvantageous to them, but it was for the shadow as well, since the people protecting Kazuya were all in its way, circling around him not leaving even the smallest opening to attack him directly.


"Tell me the key and I will let you all live." The shadow was also preparing something and the tiger launched at it to bit it, but she bounced back from an invisible barrier.


"Bluffing won't get you anywhere." Said Oota, as his hands were stretched in front of him, in one had his wand shining in deep black.


"It won't be as easy as I initially thought." Said Kataoka and pulled at the strings to pull the tiger back. "Oota, are you ready?"


"Almost." Was his reply and began to concentrate more deeply to finish the spell sooner. "Done!" He cried out a few minutes later, but he was late, since the shadow was done with its preparations as well.


When Oota fired his curse at the same time as the shadow did, the two powers collide with each other and it made an enormous explosion. The shockwave broke through Oota's barrier and the wall facing the streets blew up, throwing debris in all directions. Their luck was that the fight was in the dead of night, so no one was on the streets at that time. The shadow was thrown through the hole by the shockwave and was lying on the concrete, unable to move.


Eijun was the first to wake up and he noticed how he managed to protect everyone, but they all were out cold, since they were thrown at the wall on the side of the hospital's corridors. He first checked if Kazuya was alright and when he deemed him fine, he pulled his shell back and run to the hole on the wall and jumped down right beside the unmoving shadow.


It wasn't a big fight, as he first imagined, but it was all thanks to their curse teacher that it was solved without any casualties.


"I admit, I have miscalculated a few things. I have never thought that he could get another protector. But don't think that it's over. The key he obtained won't disappear with his death, it'll became hereditary and if not him or his kids, but a few generations later someone will open the door and my dear brothers and sisters will come up from hell to kill all of you." Eijun was done with this shadow that managed to make their lives a living hell, tortured Kazuya and killed his mother, so he used his strongest attack and killed the shadow on the spot without an ounce of mercy, his eyes cold as ice.


When the body of the shadow shone in a bright light and the ring flew up, he saw a human. The host of the shadow's ring. Concluded Eijun instantly.


Without waiting or even thinking it through, he changed back in his human form, wrapped a bed sheet around himself that he found on the ground, sat beside the unconscious man and began the absorption of the shadow's ring. After all the shit they had to go through, he will absorb the ring and make it merge with his own soul so it won't take control of him. If anything goes the wrong way, Kazuya is still there to help him.


As the absorption began, he was introduced to the fact that he is clearly in bigger shit than he ever was. The ring was more that 600.000 year old and stronger than he initially thought. Maybe this time he really bit bigger than he could swallow.

Chapter Text

After the absorption started, Eijun was back in his mind with the Chimera and Omega standing in the far back, looking at the enormous, smoke like body as it grew bigger and bigger. It was definitely the strongest opponent they had to fight until then.


"Eijun, I think you know, but after this fight is over, I'll scold you for a week straight. Don't forget it." The Chimera warned his host, who refused to look at him, fully abashed of his actions.


"I'm reflecting on my actions. I really do." His answer got him a big slap on his head.


"I would love to see you think before you jump in something so dangerous, just once! Just once! Is it too much to ask?" The Chimera whined, before deeming the situation was getting worse and he quickly changed to his chimera form.


"You want to absorb me, but don't think I will just obediently sit down and let you do that. Actually I got a really good idea. If I take over your body, I can directly ask that alpha for the key. Even better."


"And you really think that I will let you just do that?" Eijun stepped forward and then he began to run toward the shadow.


The chimera saw his host's reckless action and immediately sent out a few fireballs with his burning wings to assist Eijun. It was enough to get the shadow off balance and lose concentration, so Eijun could get closer to it. It was nice to see parts of the shadow to dissipate as the fireball connected with it and blew up. Eijun in the mean time jumped up and punched the shadow square in its bony face, making it stagger on its invisible legs. The part of its face cracked and crumbled down, just for it to come back a few seconds later.


Even if they were in Eijun's mind, he was still inferior in power compared to the shadow and it allowed the shadow some superior abilities, like healing. It was the exact reason why shifters rarely dared to try and absorb a stronger ring, and lose the ability of healing. If they can heal themselves, that means they can continue to fight and it will be much easier to win, since the ring's consciousness is unable to heal itself.


Eijun never experienced this kind of advantage.


He was still in the air when the shadow noticed him and lifted its hand to simply smash the boy like a mosquito, but he suddenly disappeared before the hit could reach him.


"I'm glad I made it in time. We'll talk about this reckless action of yours sometimes later." Eijun's eyes began to tear up at the voice above him.


"Kazuya!" Eijun hugged the alpha closer and they stayed like that for a little longer, but the sound of throat clearing made them stop.


"I'm glad he is here, I really am, but now is not the time for this. We have a pressing matter to take care of first." Eijun blushed heavily, embarrassed, because he got scolded by the Omega. By him, of all people.


"Looks like it. Shall we do it then?" Eijun was surprised to see Kazuya's alter ego as well, but was really happy to see him. However a second later his expression soured.


"You too?! What will you do if something happens to your body? One of you needs to go back now!" Eijun scolded both of them, but they just looked at him, disinterested.


"We wouldn't be here if you didn't do something outrageous like this. Are you really out of your mind to try and absorb a ring that is so dangerous, no one wants to have it? And what the hell?! More than 600.000 year old? It's just too much for me to digest." Kazuya held his head as he sighed loudly. The Alpha stepped beside him and patted him on his shoulder.


"I guess we are together in this. Even if he is such an idiot, he is still cute. So let's get over with this and then scold him to our heart's content, right?" Eijun first blushed at the compliment, then paled at the Alpha's idea and looked at the chimera for support, but the chimera just turned his head away.


"Traitor!" Shouted Eijun in the direction of his alter ego, while the chimera just sighed with his head hung low. He'll never learn.


"Wow, you are right. So, shall we?" Kazuya cracked his hands, bro fisted with his alter ego and turned towards the shadow patiently waiting for them to finish their banter.


"Thanks for the wait." Kazuya said to the shadow, but it just snickered at them.


"It would be boring to just finish you off, so it's more enjoyable to see you get your hopes up, just for it to be crushed to pieces by me. It will be so much fun. And later I can torture you as much as I like to get the key out of you, since you took the trouble to come here. I'm looking forward to it." The shadow smiled at them, its face getting creepier as it was.


"We'll see." Was Kazuya's simple answer and the battle resumed.


It was clear to everyone that the fight was way too one sided… in the shadow's favor.


The shadow was way too strong, plus they lost the advantage of healing, the fragile balance in the prolonged fight was slowly breaking apart. Kazuya as hell was sure that neither him nor his alter ego has the luxury of getting hurt, since it will affect their physical body, also it includes the Omega as well. So the only ones who can freely fight without restrictions, is Eijun and his alter ego, but their strength is still weaker than the shadow's.


Kazuya saw Eijun fly past his head and crash in the imaginary floor behind him, coughing up blood, the scratches on his body bleeding even more.


Since the bodies in ones soul are just projected, not real, they don't contain blood. But once the bodies get enough damage for it to affect the physical body, it shows as the projected body bleeds. It serves as a warning to the owner that it's too dangerous and they should end the fight quickly. Minor scratches are just like the scratches to the physical body, but as the bleeding intensifies, the damage is increasing in the physical body, which in the end results death for the body's owner.


"Eijun!" Kazuya ran to the unmoving boy on the floor and carefully scooped him to his chest.


The burns Eijun got previously were still there, also the mental damage he got after his outburst was weighting him down greatly also the big difference in power between him and the shadow were just too much together. He could also feel the time that passed outside was already up to days. If they couldn't finish it soon, Eijun's life would be in danger, just like his own.


The shadow was preparing its next attack and it was on a totally different level compared to the previous ones.


"I've played around a lot, but I think it's time to end this little dance. I thought that it'll be an enjoyable fight seeing how fired up you guys were, but seeing you struggle like a bug is way too boring. I'm fed up with it. I'll end it with this attack. Make sure you don't die, holder of the key."


"Eijun." The Chimera was back to his human form and it made Eijun open his eyes. "I think it's time to try that. He is here, so it should work."


Kazuya knew that whatever they wanted to use was not something they could do regularly. Eijun stiffened in his arms, but nodded nonetheless.


"Kazuya," Eijun stood up, looked back at Kazuya and smiled. "I want to ask you to let your threads out and connect them to my body directly. Since I myself am the embodiment of my soul, you can't attach your threads like you usually do, but after this move, I really need you to control me. Your alter ego should help as well."


Before Kazuya had a chance to ask, what they are up to, the Chimera changed back to his chimera form, Eijun sat on his back and both of them closed their eyes. A blinding light emitted from their bodies, making the rest shielding their eyes, while the shadow was taking a few steps back, still chanting for its attack.


After the light vanished, Kazuya and the Alpha's jaw dropped open in surprise. Eijun merged with his alter ego, making the chimera even bigger and changing his appearance a little bit, making it look even more intimidating. Eijun and his alter ego's consciousness was rapidly fading, making space for something more primal, more dangerous. Kazuya and the Alpha already let their threads out and moved them on the chimera's body, connecting them wherever they found a good place. Eijun was right when he said that the Alpha should take part in the controlling too. Even with their combined strength, it was still hard to control the chimera.


Kazuya remembered the book about shapeshifters. There was a paragraph where it was explained the change of a shapeshifter's soul. The most common is the full soul change, when the soul gets the trait of Beast soul. In rare cases, just a part of the soul changes, which allows the shapeshifter to merge with their Beast soul in internal fights, creating something not short to a miracle. As awesome it sounds, it is still something that is messing with the owner's soul, so the backlash is also immense.


"What is that?!" Yelled the shadow after the light dimmed, taking another step back, breaking its concentration and losing control over its own spell.


"Now!" Shouted Kazuya and his alter ego in the same time.


The chimera then opened his mouth, preparing the same compressed fireball, he used against the turtle or the peacock in the tournament, just the much bigger and more deadly version of it.


"Don't you think, if he fires his fireball, it'll affect us and him as well?" Kazuya looked at the Alpha as he heard him speaking, then back at the fireball shining with compressed power. Then he glanced at the Omega behind them, noticing him trembling as he watched the chimera.


"We are in deep shit, I can see this much. Let's wait and see the rest." Kazuya then pulled at his threads, making the chimera step back, because it was about to jump at the shadow.


It took everything in Kazuya and the Alpha to hold the chimera back, and they were literally pulling their threads like ropes to control the beast in front of them.


"It's ready." Said Kazuya, and the Alpha motioned for the Omega to step right behind him and hug him tightly. If the attack's shockwave gets to them, then the Alpha could protect him no matter what.


Kazuya seeing that everything was in place, he pulled at the threads to make the chimera direct his fireball at the shadow and pulled at the right threads to make the beast fire the compressed fireball.


Well, the attack itself almost broke the imaginary space in Eijun's soul. The shadow's attack was engulfed by the fireball and the moment the attack touched the shadow it exploded, sending all of them in different directions.


Kazuya landed close to the parted Eijun and Chimera soul, both of them lying on the floor, unmoving. On the other side a few meters from him, he saw the Alpha hugging the Omega close to himself, protecting him with his own body. When he stood up to see the shadow, it shrunk to a size of a human and still alive, but half of its body missing.


When he deemed that the ground was safe, he ran to Eijun and pulled him to his chest.


"Eijun. Eijun! Oy, wake up! Eijun!" At the last call of his name, Eijun finally opened his eyes.


"Ouch!" Hissed the golden eyed boy as the backlash from his enormous attack tortured his body. "Shits, my whole body hurts! Gosh, it hurts!" He whined, but sighed, when Kazuya held him closer.


"Try to heal yourself, idiot. I'm sure that now we are stronger compared to the shadow."


"Oh, you are a genius!" Kazuya made a are you for real? face, gently shook his head and smiled at Eijun as his body shone with a gentle green light, healing his injuries in a blink of an eye.




"Much better!" He yelled close to Kazuya's ear.




"Hah, you like when I'm loud, so don't complain."


"I was clearly out of my mind to say something so unreasonable."


"Now you are just plainly insulting me. I had enough of it for the time being." His posture was closed off and he moved back a bit from Kazuya.


Kazuya immediately froze as images of his previous outburst surfaced. He looked at the side and lifted his right hand to his neck, looking remorseful.


"I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean a word of it."


Eijun's lips finally pulled in a small smile, eyes getting back to their original warm, honey gold glint, the tense air around them vanishing, allowing Kazuya breathe again.


"I know. I'm sorry for overreacting. I know you would never hurt me intentionally, but still, hearing you say something like that made me lose confidence."


"I'm really sorry."


"Anyway, let's see how are the others." Said Eijun as he stood up and without looking at Kazuya, he walked to the Chimera, wordlessly saying that he should go to his own alter ego.


Kazuya was still restless, since Eijun never said he'll forgive him and avoided eye contact with him.


When all of them were awake and they stood in front of the unmoving shadow, Kazuya tried to hold Eijun's hand, but the boy simply stepped to the side evading his hand and stepping forward in front of the vanishing shadow.


"Never would have thought that I'll lose to anyone. Especially not to an inexperienced shapeshifter. Even the best controller/shapeshifter pair lost to me, yet here I am, dying and getting absorbed. I'm not a sore loser, so I hereby welcome my new master. Use my abilities as you see fit."


The shadow dissolved in small black lights and entered Eijun's body, merging with him completely, losing its own consciousness. When it was absorbed, Eijun lost balance and collapsed on the floor, a second later the Chimera doing the same. Kazuya was right by their sides, when he heard Eijun mumble.


"So exhausted." When Kazuya looked at the Chimera, he was already asleep.


"You did a great job. I'm proud of you. Now, rest. After you wake up, we'll talk." Kazuya patted Eijun's head and kissed him on his cheek. The uneasiness was still there about Eijun's refusal, but he had a ton of time to make it up to him.


"We should head back now. Our body was left without a soul for too long."


"Yeah, let's go back." Before vanishing, Kazuya turned back one last time to see Eijun and the Chimera asleep, while the Omega waved them goodbye. "See you later."




When Kazuya woke up, he was sitting in front of Eijun under a makeshift tent right outside the hospital they were in.


"For goodness' sake, you are finally awake! We thought that you guys are dead or something." Heard Kazuya the familiar voice as he withdrew his threads from Eijun. As his threads disconnected from Eijun's body, the boy fell over in his sitting position. "Eijun! Bro, you ok? Oh, you are unconscious."


"Yo Mochi, I'm back." And the moment he finished the sentence, he felt his consciousness fading, and before he totally blacked out he managed to say. "Shit."

Chapter Text

A whole week passed and since the big fight, the boys sleeping in the hospital had yet to awake. The doctors were surprised to see both of them fully drained of energy, but still healthy. They ran on nothing but fighting spirit for a few days straight, while fighting some spiritual being. It was amazing in itself.


The first to wake up was Kazuya. At first he was seriously zoned out, not recognizing anyone, causing a big uproar. After a 5 minutes or so however, he snapped out of it and laughed nervously, while apologizing to everyone present in the room.


"Gosh, you know how to cause a heart attack, that's for sure." Youichi shook his head in displeasure, while Takashima nodded in agreement behind him.


"I'm really sorry. My mind was frozen, so I was confused a little bit."


"Well, of course you were out of it. Your soul left your body for more than a few days it's expected to have some backlash at least. Yet it's still amazing, how you woke up so quickly. Let's hope it'll be fine with just this." Takashima looked disapprovingly at Kazuya. It was clear that she wanted to scold her student more, but she wasn't a demon to scold a hurt kid, so she held back.


"She's right. We'll talk more about this mess you got yourselves in, both you and Sawamura." Said Kataoka, his shades darkening like it showed how mad he was feeling. However, at the mention of his boy's name, Kazuya perked up.


"Now that you mention it, where's Eijun?" Youichi pointed at the bed beside his. "Oh."


Eijun was still unconscious and showed no sign of waking up soon. Kazuya slipped out of his bed and sat beside Eijun, taking his hand in his own.


"The doc said he should be up soon, even though he sustained damage after his internal fight. It was surprising how quickly he was recovering. The doc couldn't even guess how old the ring was, but he said that it should be too old after seeing Eijun's internal injuries."


"I'm not surprised. After seeing myself, I still can't believe that we are both alive and fine more or less. The ring was more than 600.000 year old, but I can say that maybe it was around 650.000." Kazuya just smiled wryly at the gasps.


Yeah, it was a miracle in itself that both of them are alive.


"And he absorbed it?"


"Without a hitch. I mean, after the shadow was defeated. Also, it was entirely his doing. He needed a minimal assistance and that was all the help I gave him. He is way too powerful now. I'm sure it was also one of the reasons I blacked out for so long. I can't guess how much he leveled after this ring." Kataoka looked at the controller than at the shapeshifter and shook his head.


"I'm so done with you two. It's just too much." Takashima sat in the armchair to the wall and sighed resignedly.


"Haha, we try."


"Not a compliment in the slightest."


"Anyway, we should head back to the school." Kataoka walked toward the door, but stopped and turned around. "I forgot to mention, but since the exam week is over, you and Sawamura are free from them. Because of your contributions, the school council decided to let you guys off the hook, just this once." Kazuya's eyes lit up and began to scatter sparkles.


"Lucky bastards." Muttered Youichi under his nose.


"This means, you failed some of your tests?"


"Fuck you, no! I just had to take every of them, you shithead."


"Kuramochi, language."


"I'm sorry, coach."


"Anyway, you rest as much as you can and call us if Sawamura wakes up. We'll come back tomorrow in the afternoon, after classes. Tell me if you need anything, beside your basic toiletries." Takashima said as she stood up from the armchair and stepped beside Kataoka.


"No, I think we are fine for now. I'll let you know if we need anything else."


Everyone said their goodbyes and Kazuya was left alone with Eijun. He sat beside the bed all night long, watching the nurses and doctors come and go, taking blood samples from Eijun or taking his vital parameters. It was nerve wracking to watch Eijun's unmoving body and wait for him to regain consciousness. Half a day passed and Kazuya was unable to sleep, afraid that maybe he'll miss Eijun's waking.


"Why are we always in hospital these past few months?" He asked as he yawned in his hand then stretched his hands above his head, hearing his joints cracking as they slid back in their places.


"Probably because both of you are always in search for danger. I can't help but think you both are masochists." Kazuya heard the sarcastic remark from his nature and chuckled.


"Why are you in such a foul mood?"


"And you are not? Eijun is still unconscious and we don't know when he will wake up. I think it's more than enough reason to have a bad mood."


"Okay, you are right on this one. But we can't do anything, so it's just a waste of energy to be upset over something we don't have power over, don't you think so?"


"How long have you been so wise?"


"I was always wise, you were just too blind to notice it."


"Hahaha! Okay, this is funny. Now I feel much better."


"I didn't mean it as a joke, but I'm glad your mood improved."


They laughed a little bit, but were cut off when the hand in Kazuya's twitched.


"Eijun?" The boy slowly opened his eyes and looked at the alpha beside him. "Good morning, sleepyhead."


"Don't steal my line." Mumbled Eijun with all the strength he had. Kazuya chuckled and squeezed his hand a little bit, way too happy to retort. Then he turned to the phone on the wall and called the reception desk to inform the nurse, Eijun is finally awake.


Five minutes later the doctor was there to take a look at the boy, his eyes widening comically.


"I need to run a few more test before I can say it for sure, but it looks like his wounds healed. And I mean all of them."


Kazuya just shook his head and sighed.


"I'm not surprised anymore." He mumbled and remembered something. "I need to call Rei-chan about you waking up. Hold on a little bit, I'll make a quick call." Eijun just nodded and Kazuya left him with the doctor.


"Can I ask you something?" The doctor sat on the chair Kazuya was on a few seconds ago. Eijun just nodded, still not trusting his voice. "Do you know the reason why your wounds are healing at such a rapid speed?"


"Probably my new rings fault. It's more than 650.000 year old, so it should have the ability to heal me." The doc nodded and scribbled something on the document in his hand.


"Okay. For now rest and we'll come later to take you for a few more tests. If they don't show any anomaly, then you can go home. Are you okay with it?"


"Yeah. Does that mean Kazuya can come home with me too?" The doc smiled at the boy.


"Of course. He needs to take some tests as well, but if we don't find anything, he can go home with you, don't worry." Eijun smiled and nodded. The doctor was kind enough to stand up and offer a glass of water for Eijun, who gratefully accepted the fluid. His throat was dry as the desert.


"Sorry for the wait." Kazuya come back and put his cellphone on the nightstand by his bed, then without a second of hesitation he got to Eijun's bed and sat on the now vacant chair.


"Miyuki-san, I'd like to take a few more tests to see both of your conditions. A nurse will come for you and Sawamura-san. I've already explained to Sawamura-kun, so I'm telling this to you. After we find that both of you are in good health, then both of you can go home." Kazuya nodded cheerfully. He was seriously getting sick of hospital rooms. He wants to get home, fall in bed with Eijun, snuggle him like an octopus and fall asleep while listening to his calm breathing.


"Thank you very much." The doctor nodded and left the room.


"I talked to Rei-chan. She'll come here after school. Our tests will be over by then, so if everything goes well, maybe we can sleep in our own bed tonight. I can't wait."


"Yeah." Eijun agreed. Kazuya looked at the shapeshifter and remembered all the shit he put the poor boy through.


"Look, I don't want to start talking about my past here. I'd like to have a slow and serious talk with you, in the living room of your apartment—"


"Our." Kazuya froze for a second, but smiled nonetheless.


"Our apartment, with cold juice in our hands, snuggled on the couch and holding you close. By the way, I think it's time for me to officially move in with you, since it'll save you some of the rent. Let's split it. Also, I'll do the house chores and—"


"We'll split all the work. But first I want to hear everything you need to say." Kazuya started to feel nervous, since for the first time, Eijun wasn't letting him off easy.


For the first time he was selfishly clinging to something, even if Kazuya made a subtle allusion of not wanting to continue that conversation. It was clear as day that Eijun won't forget about his promise and he'll drag out every information he needs to know about Kazuya. And Kazuya was also sure that he'll give Eijun everything in his power to try and make up for the emotional hurt he put him through.


"Of course. After we get home and you rest a little bit more, I'll tell you everything. Also, I forgot to say this, but both of us are excused from the exams. I mean, they are already over, but we don't need to retake them. The school council made the decision in the consideration of our contributes in the last few months."


"Amazing." Eijun sat up straighter and his eyes finally got their spark back. Not the normal, but it was getting there.


"Not as amazing as Kuramochi's anger for having to take them. He was sooo pissed."


"And you enjoyed every second of it."


"Of course."


"Your personality sucks."


"But you love it anyway."


"I never denied it." Kazuya froze for a second and it was enough time for Eijun to lean forward, with his free hand pulling Kazuya's head to himself, pressing his lips to the alpha's. "I love you together with your shitty personality, but I would like to warn you, I won't forgive you next time if you say something like that to me again, without a good reason. If you explain it to me, I'll accept it. So don't you dare fall for a trap like that ever again. It hurt, even if you were controlled or something."


Kazuya grabbed Eijun's hand which pulled him and returned the gesture. It was his turn to kiss Eijun, not ending it with a quick peck, but deepening the kiss and prolonging it as long as he could. He wanted to express all of his sorry in that kiss, expressing everything he couldn't do with words yet.


His luck was that Eijun understood.




After the tests were done, Kataoka and Takashima waited for the boys in their hospital room. When both of them were back, they looked at them with a serious look.


"I know that both of you are curious about why are we here. One reason is to talk to the doctor about your discharge. The other thing is to talk about the shadow's host." At the mention of the source of their misfortune, the boys straightened up and watched their teacher with all of their attention. "I'm really ashamed to say this, but the host is no one, but one of our colleagues."


"A teacher?"


"Yes. Ochiai Hiromitsu. He is one of the scouts that travel around the country to search for exceptional talents. He told us everything about what happened to him and how he got the shadow ring."


"Does that mean he was controlled by the ring's consciousness?" Kazuya asked, but Kataoka shook his head.


"Not entirely true." Takashima was nervously moving her hands, watching them for a while and looked up at the boys again. "The problem was that Ochiai had a personal grudge against Sawamura-kun."




"He told us that he was the one who discovered Furuya after he went to Hokkaido. When he talked to the boy's parents, he assured them to help their son in any ways possible. His plan was to get Furuya and Miyuki-kun pair up, so they could create the best fighting combo in the history. Because he still had some places to go, he sent the boy ahead, planning to join him once he gets back from his journey and train the boy personally. His only miscalculation was Sawamura-kun's sudden appearance. When he heard what happened to Furuya and the main reason was connected to Sawamura-kun, he was furious. While he wandered in the forest up on the northern border, the shadow appeared in front of him in its latest host's dying body. They formed a contract in which for exchange of Ochiai's body, the shadow will kill Sawamura-kun."


"So this was behind Eijun's cursing." Kazuya wondered aloud and Kataoka nodded.


"Looks like it. After Ochiai's statement, he was given to the police. They'll come later to talk to both of you."


Everyone in the room was silent, the boys processing the informations, while the adults preparing to apologize. Their colleague who went missing after his travel turned out to be a culprit behind a cursing incident, which almost killed their student. They were also prepared to take responsibility for their inability to protect them, making them go through so much hardship.


"Nah, what happened, happened. It's no use crying over spilt milk. And I kind of understand why that Ochiai guy was so crazed about Kazuya. He is the best controller in the country, after all. But it's over now, I also got a new ring, thought I don't know if it damaged my stats, since my level is still low for another ring. Oh, I remembered! Kazuya, check my level!" At the mention of levels, everyone looked at Eijun grinning ear to ear.


"Yeah, just a sec." Kazuya walked over to Eijun's bed, in the meantime Eijun slipped down on the sheets, making space for Kazuya to sit behind him. After he removed his hospital gown, Kazuya let his threads connect to the boy, pulling his stats up on the surface of his skin. After a few minutes later, Kazuya gasped loudly. "Are you for fucking real?!"


"Come on, tell me!" Eijun pushed his back a little bit toward the alpha behind him.


"Level 56. You've leveled up 15 levels at once. Also your other stats are extreme. Probably owing to the power of the shadow's ring, but still amazing." Kazuya put his lover's stats on a paper and handed it to Kataoka.


"Wait! Does that mean that I can graduate after 4 more levels?" The air in the room stilled, Takashima and Kazuya looking at the boy with comically wide eyes.


Kazuya felt like a bucket of cold water was doused on him. Well, shit. Most likely he'll graduate before me.


Kazuya's pride as an alpha controller was crushed to million pieces.


"Kazuya, you okay? You are really pale."


"Yeah, I'm fine, you monster."


"What's that?!"

Chapter Text

The doctor came back a few hours later to tell the good news: Kazuya and Eijun are both free to go home. Because of Eijun's sudden waking, Takashima didn't bring anything to the boys and it was a wise decision.


Without anything to pack, both boys were fast to leave the hospital with their teachers, with a warning: if they don't feel good, whatever is the reason, they need to return in the hospital for a check up. The taxi was already there, one for Kataoka and Takashima, ready to go back to the school, while the other was for the boys, going back to Eijun's apartment.


"Have a nice Summer Holiday, both of you. Training will resume 2 weeks before the school starts again, so have a good rest. You deserve it." Takashima said, while Kataoka nodded in agreement. They sat in the waiting vehicle and left in the direction of Seido.


Kazuya and Eijun did the same, the shapeshifter gave his address to the driver and the car moved out of the hospital's parking lot. They had to ride through the city center, sitting silently beside each other, watching the city pass by them through their respective windows. Neither of them tried to start a meaningless conversation, knowing that they will get their share of it once they reach their destination.


The taxi parked in the parking lot of the apartment building, Kazuya paying for the ride with the money Takashima gave them beforehand. It was one hell of an awkward walk to the apartment and a lot of fumbling to get inside without touching each other.


"Um, I think you should rest—"


"Stop right there. No more beating around the bushes. We both will sit on the sofa and you'll start with your explanation from the very beginning. And don't even think about changing the topic, it won't work anymore. I've waited long enough."


Kazuya turned his head away in shame. Eijun was right, he was just trying to sidestep from his responsibilities again, trying to keep Eijun in the dark because of his inability of properly conversing with others. And to think he was doing it with the only person he was refusing to lose. How ironic.


"Sit down." Kazuya sighed as he yielded to the inevitable.


The whole story started from the new memories Kazuya gained after the seal broke his mom left on him. Just as he told everything in the hospital, his mom and dad were the best controller/shapeshifter pair on the continent and because of a slip up, his mom was killed by the shadow now being Eijun's new power. Before he began to talk about his childhood, Kazuya had to take a short break, trying to collect his thoughts and as much courage as he could.


Eijun seeing his lover's clutched hands trembling in his lap, he took them with his own, squeezing them hard, trying to calm the distressed alpha. Since it didn't work as he thought, the omega began to release pheromones as he purred reassuringly. It finally did the trick.


Kazuya then told how his childhood was lonely, the loneliest Eijun ever heard. Kazuya's father leaving the little boy alone, him running away from the pain and working night and day, never thinking about his own son's feelings. Kazuya then talked about how he learned to cook on his own, doing all the house chores alone, even helping his dad with everything. He told about the fuzzy memories of him as a little boy in his cold room, with fever and harsh coughing fits, no one there to help him, trying to survive on his own. His father never saying even one word of praise, never looking at him, never being there for him.


Then he talked about his school days, how his classmates always bullied him for being so small considering he's an alpha. Also they insinuated he was lying about his secondary gender and he was actually an omega, so later he had to deal with sexual harassment as well. When he reached his third year in middle school and got his long awaited growth spurt, he had to deal with strong bone and muscle pain, since he was growing way too fast for his body to keep up with it. Later he had to receive physical therapy, because his spine began to twist in some unnatural positions, hurting him even more. He told about the hospital visits he did alone, never asking for help from anyone.


When he reached his first year in high school, he was bullied by his third year senpais, but he was lucky to have Chris-senpai in his school, because he was the one to protect Kazuya almost all the time from mostly Azuma's wrath.


And as Eijun already knew, his luck finally turned when they met in that club before the school year started. Even considering all that happened to them.


After finishing his long biography, he finally noticed the tears blurring his vision and biting his skin. When he found the strength to look at Eijun, the air hitched in his throat. Eijun was making the most heartbreaking expression Kazuya ever saw on anyone, tears flowing from his eyes like rivers, eyes clouded over with so much hurt, it was completely covering his bright, joyous golden irises.


After harshly shaking his head, Eijun let go of Kazuya's hands and immediately threw his arms around the alpha's neck, pulling him close. The alpha breathed in deeply the calming scent coming from his lover.


"I'm so sorry! You had to go through so much until now! Now I understand everything concerning you and I'm happy that you could share all of your burden with me. I understand that it was hard, knowing you and your habit of not wanting to show any weakness, but I'm still happy to learn more about you, be it happy or sad times. You don't know how happy you made me! Also don't forget to lean on me when you feel tired, ask for help from me if you ever find yourself struggling with something, I'll always be by your side, be your ally if the word is against you! So don't ever try to bear all the burden by yourself. Share it with me from now on!" Kazuya felt the tears coming back as he watched Eijun's sincere expression, saw the bright shine in his golden eyes.


"You're way too much, you know?!" Kazuya tightly hugged Eijun back as he silently cried out all of his pent up sorrow he accumulated for years, marveling about how his whole body felt so much lighter than before, while Eijun never stopped with his purring. Is it really because I told him all of this?


"Don't be surprised. I told you long ago to tell him. It would've saved us a lot of trouble." Kazuya made a face and grumbled under his nose as his crying stopped, sniffing a little.


Eijun noticed it and asked. "What's wrong?"


"Nothing. My alter ego is making a fuss as always."


"Just like you?"


"Oy! I never made a fuss."


"Don't be sassy now. It doesn't fit you."


"And now you are just making fun of me. Even after I told you everything and cried my heart out in front of you."


"You drama queen." Kazuya gasped and frowned at Eijun, while the boy just grinned at him.


"You cheeky brat."


"I don't want to hear this from you of all people, you tanuki."


"Hahaha, the truth hurts, huh?"


"As I said, I don't want to hear it from you."


A few seconds later, they burst out laughing, not letting go of each other's hand.


"I know it's a little early, but what do you say if we have lunch now?" Eijun's eyes sparkled at the mention of food.


"The best idea I've ever heard from you."


"Ha, you glutton."


"You had dinner at the hospital, didn't you?! I was asleep the whole time, so of course I'm hungry. Now, for making up for all of your misdoing, you cook something for me."


"Yeah, yeah, my Queen. As you wish."


"Now you are implying that you are a King? Aren't your ego a bit too blown-up?"


"I thought of being your servant for today, but being a King is much better. Does it mean we are married?" Eijun gapped at the smiling alpha, while blushing furiously. Eijun saw a side of Kazuya he never did before, he saw the freest smile on his lover's face he thought the controller is incapable of. He was seriously considering of playing something inferior, not ever once thinking about being superior, like if he said he was the King. For an alpha, whose ego is naturally so inflated that they could just fly off any second, to be like this was way too strange, especially if that alpha's name was Miyuki—cocky jerk—Kazuya, but it wasn't unpleasant. Not at all.


"What?" Kazuya leaned forward, making Eijun lean back.




"Really now? Your face is saying an entirely different story."


"EH?! It is not!"


"Hmm?" Kazuya leaned all the way forward, connecting his lips with Eijun's. It was a short kiss, but it still made Eijun blush.


"Not fair." Mumbled Eijun as he hugged Kazuya's neck, pulling the alpha closer.


"I never play fair." Kazuya smiled and kissed his lover again, deepening the kiss the moment Eijun opened his mouth.


It was overly sweet and amazing, kissing after such a long time, after everything that happened, and it all turned hilarious when Eijun's stomach let out a loud rumble. Eijun would've live it down with a few teasing remarks and a smirk here and there, but his stomach had the thoughts of its own and rumbled without stopping, embarrassing Eijun until his head turned purple.


"I think it's time for food." Kazuya said with laugh in his voice, already trying hard to save Eijun some face.


When he stepped in the kitchen, the rumbling began again after a brief stop, making Eijun clutch his T-shirt and screaming in anguish in the sofa pillow. It was the last drop in the glass, Kazuya's laugh was heard everywhere in the apartment, gasping for air after a few minutes, also coughing when he gulped air the wrong way. Eijun was screaming in the pillow again, close to fainting, because all the blood in his body decided to travel in his head, wishing for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. He was glad, that his stomach didn't decide to start its singing performance when they were still talking about all the heavy stuff from before.


"Come on, I'll prepare someth—" Kazuya stopped and facepalmed instantly. "Oh, shit!"




"I totally forgot to stop by the convenience store to stock up on ingredients. I can't make anything if I don't have ingredients." Then Kazuya turned back in the kitchen with Eijun right after him, peeking over the alpha's shoulder when he opened the fridge.


"What are you talking about? There's a hell lot of things in there." Kazuya looked up at his lover with such an unimpressed expression, Eijun made a face at him. "What?"


"Really? Aren't you forgetting that we were away for a long time? If I'm not mistaken, we'll need to thank Mochi for the help." And then it clicked to Eijun.


"Oh, yeah, you're right."


"I'm always right, you're just an idiot as always."


"Don't be cocky. Also, I'm not an idiot, it's just hard to think with an empty stomach."


"Trying to beautify? Not working." Eijun had enough of their banter and kissed Kazuya right there.


"Zip it."


"With pleasure." Kazuya kissed Eijun back, but then pushed him away and turned to the fridge again to take some stuff out of it. "Since you are really hungry, I bet you want to eat as soon as possible. What do you want: curry or fried rice?"


"Your unique fried rice, please!"




"I love your way of seasoning!"


"I think I'll accept the explanation."


Eijun's mouth watered as Kazuya put a plate of fried rice and a cup of orange juice in front of him. As soon the alpha sat down, Eijun clapped his hands together.


"Thank you for the food!" And began to dig in.


The shifter's eyes widened, scattering stars everywhere and smiled pleasantly, surprising Kazuya.


"Is it this good?"


"Are you a God of Food or something?! It's amazing!"


The sudden honest praise caught the alpha off guard and made him blush a little bit, but quickly covered it as he started to eat. His defense against his lover was already low to begin with, but after his talk with him made him unable to resist the omega entirely.


After eating, Kazuya immediately proceed to wash the dishes, after a lot of arguing from Eijun. He gave up after a while and was watching the TV in the living room, waiting for his lover to join him.


"Is there anything good airing now?" Asked Kazuya as he walked to the table, wiping his wet hands with a dishtowel watching Eijun change the channels with an uninterested expression.


"The usual. Oh! It's the film I wanted to watch!" Kazuya smiled how fast the boy's expression changed from bored to bright, and Eijun made himself more comfortable on the soft sofa.


Before joining him, Kazuya returned to the fridge to get two bottles of Pocari, knowing that after the film is over, Eijun will cry like a newborn. It always ends the same with romance and drama films.


Two hours later Eijun was bawling his eyes out in Kazuya's chest, after the antagonist turned out to be a good guy and dying for the protagonist. The film ended with showing the protagonist as a grandma, sitting in a chair and looking out on the beach while holding the memento from her loved one.


"I can't say that I love these kind of films, but this one was good." Commented Kazuya as he ran his hand down Eijun's trembling back.


"Right?! It's sooo sad! He loved her and died for her, but… She looked so lonely in the end!"


"Eijun, you realize it's just a film, right? It's all setted up."


"Don't make me look like an idiot! Of course I know, but I'm looking at the story in whole!" Eijun wiped his nose with his hand, sniffing. "Now I'm emotionally drained. And feel tired after crying so much."


"I can do something about the emotional thing." Kazuya leaned down and kissed Eijun, the boy responding immediately. They made out for a few minutes then Kazuya pulled the boy to his chest. "I love you."


Eijun giggled and hugged the alpha back. "I love you too. Now I feel much better."


"About you being tired. Wanna take a nap?"


"I would love to."


Kazuya scooped the shifter in his arms princess style, making Eijun let out a girly scream, as he wrapped his arms around the alpha's neck.


"Are you out of your mind!? Put me down! You'll drop me!"


"If you struggle so much, I really will." Eijun stilled and Kazuya took the opportunity to readjust his arms, Eijun releasing the vice-like hold on the alpha's neck. "You are still too light. You need to eat more, so you can give life to healthy children."


As soon the comment left his mouth, he realized what he said and began to blush. Almost dropped Eijun when he saw him turning purple again for a different reason, and he would have swear, he saw steam raising form him.


"Let's leave this conversation for later, ok?" Kazuya was stiffly looking in front of him, feeling Eijun nod against his chest.


It didn't take just a few minutes for Eijun to fall asleep after Kazuya put him down and lied beside him, spooning him. He wasn't realizing that he himself was really tired and followed Eijun right after, drifting off in a peaceful sleep, dreaming of a lot of mini Eijuns and Kazuyas, a big family where he never felt loneliness again.

Chapter Text

Kazuya woke up in the dead of night with an urgent feeling he couldn't shake off even in his sleep: the call of nature. He looked at the head resting on his chest and smiled gently, kissing the point where the thick, brown cascade of hair twirled like a whirlpool. The omega let out a small, content sigh, nuzzling the muscular chest under his cheek while hugging his body pillow closer.


Kazuya mentally facepalmed. He needed to get up from the bed and soon, instead he willingly called this koala to squash him to death.


Somehow he miraculously peeled the tentacle like limbs off of himself and made it in time to the bathroom. It was a dangerously close call.


After sitting on the bed, he glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand and sighed. "It's 2 a.m. I've slept more than 15 hours… It was one hell of a nap. Also now I'm fully awake and not sleepy at all."


At Kazuya's murmur, Eijun wiggled in the bed, patting the space beside him with his hand, searching for his body pillow. After realizing that it's missing, he slowly cracked an eye open, looking around in the dark room illuminated by the digital clock and noticing the board back on the edge of the king bed.


"What's wrong?" His voice sounded rough with sleep and as he rose to hug Kazuya from behind, the alpha catching a glimpse of his comical bedhead.


"Nothing. I've slept too much and now I don't feel sleepy at all. But if you still feel tired, then sleep a bit more." Kazuya twitched as Eijun's hands ran up and down on his chest and abs making it ridiculously hard to speak in leveled tone.


Before he even had a chance to process what was happening, experienced fingers found their way to his resurgent semi-erection.


"What are you doing?"


"I think I know the solution for your problem. We just need to make you tired, right?" Kazuya gapped at the sultry pose Eijun took, raising his hips high as he lowered his head to the alpha's crotch, nuzzling the ever so increasing bulge in his sweats. His breath hitched when the omega took his manhood out of its confines, licked his lips and looked up with the most erotic expression he ever saw on the boy. This look should be illegal!


"Are you in for some fun?" Eijun pumped the now fully erect member to punctuate his question, not breaking eye contact with the alpha.


Kazuya jolted at the sudden rush of pleasure and a shiver ran down his spine at the images popping up before his mind eyes, things he would love to do to Eijun, one more daring than the other.


"I hope you'll take responsibility for what you started." Kazuya slipped his hand on the omega's cheek, stroking it gently, making Eijun melt in his touch and purr beautifully.


"It was my intention from the beginning."


"You little." Kazuya smirked and pulled the shifter in his lap, claiming the plump, cherry-red lips immediately, groping his round ass harshly, digging his fingers in the firm globes while massaging the sting away.


Eijun let out a surprised cry at the sudden pain and mewed when the sting ebbed in pleasure, making his cock hard in less than a minute.


"Aren't you eager? Was my being awake just an excuse to fulfill your own desire?" Eijun blushed and looked away, bashful.


"Is it wrong of me to desire my partner?"


Kazuya smiled and pecked Eijun on his lips. "Not at all. If anything, it makes me extremely happy."


"Good. Now, can you make things go faster, please? I really wanna you in me now, my alpha."


"You shouldn't stir me up this much for your own good."


Eijun giggled and pulled Kazuya's face close to his own, but not kissing him yet. "Or what? You'll eat me?"


"Exactly." Kazuya pushed forward and claimed the red lips in front of him, pushing his tongue not waiting for Eijun to open his mouth. It was a forceful kiss and Eijun loved every second of it, making small noises spurring Kazuya on.


Kazuya rummaged a bit in the nightstand before pulling out a bottle of lube and Eijun's pills. When the omega swallowed the pill, he threw the rest somewhere. Then he wriggled out of his sweats and climbed on the bed, on all four and looking back at Kazuya. Since the alpha wanted to see everything his lover was offering him, he turned the little lamp on, on the nightstand and climbed behind the waiting omega.


Eijun began to emit his pheromones of pleasure, filling the air in the room, making Kazuya hot and heavy in his sweats, surging him to release his own pheromones to respond his lover's call. Eijun moaned out when he caught the first sniff of Kazuya's concentrated pheromones.


"Hurry." The omega urged, swaying his ass in front of his lover, looking back at him with pure hunger in his eyes.


"How shameless. How much naughty can you get?" Eijun lowered his head and whined, thinking he displeased the controller.


"Don't jump to conclusions on your own. I'm happy to see you unleash yourself in front of me. I might develop a new kink thanks to you. Tell me honestly, what do you want?"


Eijun blushed with his head still hung low, squirming in place. "I want your t-tongue. And a little bit of p-pain, please."


Kazuya openly gapped at the boy. It's his kink?! Pain? Wow, I still don't know a thing about him. I need to ask him about S&M later. I might like it as well. He added a talk about Eijun—from his past and family to his preferences in bed—on his bucket list.


With clearly knowing what his partner wanted, he moved according to it. First he kissed the backside of the shifter's tight, sucking harshly on the soft skin, sometimes biting down hard, drawing blood, then licking the sting away. Eijun tried to move away while moaning in the most erotic way, but Kazuya grabbed his hips to pin him in place.


Let's see how long will it take for Eijun to lose himself in pleasure.


Inch by inch, Kazuya licked, sucked, bite his way up on the firm tights while pinning Eijun in place by his hips. The omega moaned and cried out, cock weeping constantly, sweat gliding down on his sun-kissed, silky skin, dripping on the sheets just to be absorbed by the white material.


After, what seemed like years for the omega, Kazuya let go of his lover's hips and dug his fingers in the shiny ass cheeks, pulling them apart as far as the skin allowed, licking a long stripe up from the boy's cock to the upper side of his entrance.


The pleasure was so sudden that Eijun's hands gave out and he fell down with his ass high in the air. He was gripping the sheets, crumpling it, trying to find a solid point he could hold onto, while he endured the pleasure from his lover's expert tongue making wonders on his hole.


After deeming the entrance wet enough, Kazuya licked his own fingers and pushed his index finger in, wriggled it around a bit, then pushed the index finger on his other hand while resuming the licking on Eijun's entrance. He was surprised to find the inside somewhat too soft.


Eijun cried out as he come and pushed his ass back, when Kazuya began to pull the tight ring of muscles open, the pain slowly dissipating with help from the alpha's expert tongue. He was twitching from his orgasm, but it didn't faze his lover, pulling the muscles more, holding him just on the right side of pain and pleasure, but still careful not hurt him.


"Come on… I nee—ah, need you…" Eijun breathed out as he moved his ass away from the alpha, earning him a harsh slap. "Ah!"


"Stay still." Eijun froze at the sudden strict tone of the alpha, his body instantly went limp in submission, cock twitching and squirting a bit more.


"Good boy." At hearing the praise Eijun whimpered, wriggling a bit, but still trying to follow the alpha's command.


Kazuya smiled and resumed his previous actions, watching as Eijun's limp cock hardened again. After a little bit more of teasing later, he picked the bottle of lube up from the bed he left previously, pouring a fair amount of the slippery liquid on Eijun's ass and pushing the fingers of his free hand in his puffy, pink hole, making the entrance as loose as possible. He was considering that he could pop a knot again so he was extra careful with the preparations, doing an amazing job ignoring his own pulsating dick as he listened to his lover's sweet moans and mews.


Kazuya nodded to himself when he pushed four fingers in without any resistance.


"I think you're ready." When Kazuya pulled his fingers out, Eijun whined in reply. His cock was ready to burst again, his loose hole twitching, tempting his lover in all ways possible.




"I was for a long time now…" Eijun panted out, slowly raising on his hands.


Kazuya took the opportunity and with a strong pull, he made Eijun lie on the bed, kissing him as soon he reached the angry red lips. "You were chewing on your lips again. What did I tell you about chewing them?"


Eijun whined again, looking depressed as he kissed the alpha. "But I can't control my voice if I don't do this."


"If you need control over anything, then ask me. I'm your controller after all. But you certainly don't need to control yourself when we are in here, being intimate with each other. I love to hear you when I'm making you feel good." Eijun blushed and kissed his lover again.


"Now, let's proceed to the main dish, shall we?"


Kazuya braced himself with one hand beside Eijun's head with the other lined himself up with the shifter's entrance. While entering, he leaned down to kiss the omega, drinking up all the moans he was letting out.


Eijun wrapped his hands around the alpha's neck, toes curling as the feeling of fullness began to be too much. His mouth opened in a silent scream as he come again when Kazuya's whole dick was in, stretching him even more than his fingers did, the tip of his erection poking the backside of his insides. It was such an amazing feeling, he felt he was slipping off again, giving himself in to the overwhelming pleasure.


Kazuya also noticed when his lover changed gears, his eyes darkening, expression changing to a seductive one, not leaving anything to imagination. He was surprised when the omega pulled at his arm harshly, making his lose balance and fall forward. His lover took the opportunity to change positions, now him being on top, back arcing erotically, dick standing at attention in an almost purple color, twitching and leaking, making the alpha drool.


"I can't wait till my next heat… I want to mark you mine, right here right now." Kazuya's eyes darkened in response, a growl escaping his lips, the glands on the side of his neck swelling in anticipation, releasing pheromones of joy.


"Then… What are you waiting for?"


Eijun raised slowly, the muscles in his strong tights contracting under his glistering skin, the movement simply breathtaking. When the omega raised all the way just for the head of his lover's dick remaining inside, he slammed his round ass down as hard as he could, the sudden burst of pleasure making both of them moan out loudly. Eijun already felt the strength in his legs leaving him, but forced himself to do the same motion repeatedly, each of thrust punching the air out of his own lungs, making him extremely dizzy.


The air in the room was heavy with all the pheromones and smell of sex mixing together, the sound of skin meeting skin echoing loudly, while the temperature rose a few Celsius from all the warmth their bodies produced.


Kazuya after a while began to thrust up, meeting the pace his lover was dictating, also holding the omega's hips and forcefully pulling him on his cock, making him mew and flush in beautiful red down to his chest.


Both of them could feel it, their impending orgasm rapidly approaching.


Eijun felt that he was closing in on it, just for the next second to cry out and shoot up, clenching around the hardness in his ass and trigger the alpha's own orgasm. It was amazing, feeling as he emptied himself and in the same time being filled to the brim, hearing the loud moan followed by a growl from bellow him, fingers digging in his hips with so much force it'll surely leave a vivid bruise later. Before his partner could gather his thoughts, he leaned down to lick at the enlarged glands on his lover's neck and bite down on the skin hard enough to draw blood.


Kazuya hissed and hugged his lover closer, feeling a soothing tongue ran up and down on the shallow wound, his dick twitching at the sudden pain.


They were panting hard, trying to catch their breath after such an amazing sex, also feeling happy to know that they now belong to each other completely.


"I assume you can sleep now?"


"You cheeky brat."


"Sly tanuki."


"Not denying it."


Kazuya grunted when Eijun rose one last time and felt his dick slip out easily, followed by a slight dripping on his lap. Eijun moaned when he felt the cum in him flowing out, gliding down his tights.


"You change the sheets and go back to sleep. I'll clean myself and follow you, ok?" But Kazuya had other thoughts as he stood from the bed and lifted Eijun up in princess style.


"Kazuya!" Eijun screeched as he hugged his lover's neck, careful not to touch the fresh wound. A moment later he blushed and squirmed a bit, muttering. "It's leaking."


Kazuya colored a bit as well, but began to steadily walk to the bathroom, clean his lover up and put an adhesive bandage on his permanent mark.




It was around 10 o'clock when Kazuya came back from dreamland. He was a bit groggy and yawned as he steadily woke up. Eijun was right beside him, still sleeping soundly, not aware it was already morning.


It's nice to wake up without the alarm clock. He thought and sat up carefully, not waking Eijun.


"'Morning." Kazuya chuckled quietly at his alter ego's sleepy greeting.


"Good morning." Greeted Kazuya back, stroking Eijun's hair and chuckling again when Eijun began to purr. "You love me petting you this much? Are you a dog or something?"


"Kazuya, I don't know if you are aware of it, but Eijun's heat in nearing. I advise you to start preparing now. I don't think that you want to repeat the mistake from last time."


"You're right. I want to be by his side from the beginning to the end. I'll go later and buy all the things we'll need."


"Good. But for now what do you say if we grab something to eat? The last night's activity surely drained out energy."


"Great idea."


Kazuya slipped out of bed and walked to the dresser, pulling the top drawer out in search for a pair of boxers. He was hyper aware of his lack of clothing, but remembering why was he naked in the first place made his fingers touch the fresh bandage involuntary. A goofy smile appeared on his face, happiness bubbling up and warming him all over. The pheromones he was emitting made Eijun mumble something on the bed. After pulling the boxers up, Kazuya turned around to see Eijun smile in his sleep, still mumbling something and drooling on the pillowcase.


"Gosh, I'm in too deep. He's still too cute."


The alpha made his way out of the bedroom to the bathroom, washing his face and teeth. After finishing his morning route, he stepped in the kitchen, put Eijun's apron on and started to prepare their late breakfast or early lunch, whatever it was.


Half an hour later a really sleepy and really naked Eijun walked up to the alpha still beside the stove, hugging him from behind.


Kazuya smiled as he said. "Morning, gorgeous. Go, wash up, the food is almost ready." The controller turned around to kiss the boy's temple when he realized, he was still extremely unclad. "Also put something on."


"What… You don't like what you see?"


"More like I love it and I won't be doing anything beside fucking you senseless." Eijun blushed, a shiver running down his spine at the suggestion.


"I don't think it would be that bad." Kazuya gulped and a sweet smell hit his nose.


"Wow, it's so on time this time. You're in preheat. Judging from the smell the preheat time is slowly over. The real thing will probably hit tomorrow or the day after."


Eijun looked like he was out of it for a few seconds before it dawning on him. "Oh."


"Don't go outside from now on. I'll go and buy everything we'll need after eating. For now just rest as much as you can." Kazuya kissed Eijun's forehead and turned back to the stove, stirring the scrambled eggs in the pan.


"Kazuya…" At the small voice Kazuya turned the heat down on the stove and faced his lover.




"I wanted to ask… Do you want to talk about forming a family with me?" Kazuya smiled again, his face hurting from smiling so much. If anyone told him before he met Eijun that in the near future he would be happy as he is now and smile every day, he would've laughed in their face and call them an idiot.


"I think it's the preheat talk and last night's claiming, but it still makes me happy. Let's form a family after we graduate." He hugged the omega close, kissing his neck, sucking on the purple mark he left right under his Adam's apple. Then he licked slowly the shifter's swollen glands on the backside, drawing the oil on the skin's surface, lapping it up like a thirsty man would drink water.


"Okay." Eijun submitted immediately, turning slightly in the arms hugging him, moving his head to the side, giving more space for the alpha to caress his glands.


Things started to heat up quickly, so after another lick, Kazuya pushed his lover away. "Now go, wash up."


Eijun stood there for a second, puzzled, then nodded and left in the direction of their bathroom. Kazuya caught a glimpse of Eijun's erection, swallowing the thick salvia suddenly gathering in his mouth.


"Just a bit longer." Kazuya said to no one in particular and resumed his work on the stove.




Kazuya stepped out of the apartment, locking the front door and leaving Eijun with a single warning: Don't go out.


When he left the building a sudden voice startled him from behind. "Yo."


"Goodness, Mochi, can you please not try and scare me to death?" Youichi laughed in his unique way and patted the alpha on his back.


"Don't be such a scaredy cat. Also, where are you going?" When he caught a sniff of the sweet smell on the alpha his question was answered. "Oh, heat, huh?"


"Yeah. Oh, you came at a perfect time. Help me carry the stuff back. I'll buy you a drink."


Youichi looked to the side as if he was thinking hard and smiled. "Deal. Everything for my lil bro."


"Now you're making me jealous, Mochi-kyun."


"You're disgusting."


"Wow, harsh. Women won't like you. Oops, I forgot. You like a guy, so it doesn't matter."


"You're being straight annoying. How can my lil bro put up with you?"


"My charm, I guess?"


"Charm, my ass."


"No, your ass is not charming at all."


"Go die."


"Not happening soon."


"Such a shame." Youichi grumbled a little bit more, Kazuya snickering at him. Then he checked his phone, when it vibrated in his pocket. "Is it Eijun?"


"Looks like it. Hmm, let's see: I've checked now and the battery in the vibrator is dead, buy some. Also we ran out of my favorite orange juice. It says." Youichi froze for a few seconds before flushing in a nice color of red. "Ahahaha, you should've seen your face!"


"What did you do to my lil bro, you demon?!"


"The question is what I did not do to him yet. Looks like the preheat hit him harder than expected. It doesn't mean I won't tease him with it later. Also can't wait to see what will he do in the next few days." Youichi shook his head and resumed his walk to the convenience store, leaving the wondering alpha behind.


When they entered, a girl around their age greeted them at the cash desk. She blushed when she looked at Kazuya, suddenly being shy and squirming in place. Kazuya ignored her and walked further in the store, Youichi following him with a shopping cart.


They stopped at the water section, Kazuya putting two packages of water bottles and a package of Eijun's favorite orange juice in the cart. Then they walked to the snack aisle getting a few bags of chips, crackers and cookies, almost all of them Eijun's favorites.


Now Youichi understood how could Eijun put up with this jerk.


Kazuya thought of doing a quick grocery shopping as well, thinking in advance. With a concrete plan they moved to the vegetables and meat section, Kazuya putting everything in the cart he thought they'll need.


"Oh, it reminds me. Thanks for the ingredients. It was really helpful." Youichi was confused what his friend was talking about then he remembered.


"Oh, it's nothing worth mentioning."


"No, you saved Eijun from starvation. You should've heard how loud his stomach was."


"Not the only thing loud about him."


"So true."


When they got the majority of what they needed, they moved to the batteries and put a few of them in the cart, Kazuya stopping at the condom and contraceptive section. He was looking at all the variety of condoms and pills, thinking about something.


"What are you spacing out now?" Youichi blushed and looked way out of place.


"Nah, Eijun mentioned that he wanted to start a family, so I was thinking if he should use his contraceptives for his heat."


"What are you talking about? You both are just high school students. Don't even think about something like this before both of you graduate." Youichi reprimanded his friend and that's when he saw the white bandage on the side of his neck. "Oh, I understand now. It's probably because he bonded with you so your alpha instincts are resurfacing and coming on stronger. Listen, the best is for both of you to graduate first. You can't raise a child while you are still students."


"I understand. I really do, but still…"


"Yeah, instincts are hard to beat. Now, let's hurry up."


They lastly stopped to buy a drink and Kazuya got a shopping trolley bag, which could help them carry the heavy stuff.


The girl at the cash desk greeted again with a shy smile and hopeful eyes, but immediately deflated when she saw the alpha's bandaged neck. When both boys stepped out of the convenience store, Youichi sighed loudly.




"You break hearts wherever you go, be it boys or girls. Damn you and your good look."


"Oh, I got complimented just now?"


"You're imagining it. But I'm happy for my lil bro. He can be at ease now."


"What do you mean?"


"You didn't realize?" At the alpha's questioning expression, Youichi sighed again. "How much of an idiot can you be?"




"Listen, idiot alpha. Eijun was wary of anyone that got close to you even if they were just friends. You know just like you, alphas, omegas can get jealous real quick. Now that he claimed you as his, he won't need to stay on guard all the time."


Kazuya thought it through and it made sense. Whenever he was talking to someone, he always felt a hand on his arm, clinging desperately. He thought that it was just a simple gesture, but it carried so much meaning. He can't excuse his own idiocy, really.


When they got in front of the apartment, Youichi put the stuff he was carrying down and stepped back.


"I'll take my leave now. Give Eijun my greetings. Have a nice week, you jerk."


"Aww, I know you care." When Youichi made a fake retching noise, Kazuya snickered. "Thanks."


"You're welcome."


Kazuya stepped in and instantly flushed at the sweet smell of his omega's heat smell.


"Looks like we'll have a really nice week."

Chapter Text

The first day after the heat, Kazuya was in the kitchen cooking lunch for them to eat. It was a tiring week, Eijun's heat burning harder than ever, exhausting their energy to the fullest. Kazuya already felt pity for his lover, since he still needed to ride out the post heat symptoms. He was ready to be by his lover's side and help him with whatever he needed to ease the burden on him.


As he stood by the stove, he heard the door of their bedroom and the bathroom door slam open one right after the other.


"It's starting." Kazuya turned off the heat on the stove and rushed to the bathroom to see Eijun clutch his abdomen on the toilet and make the most miserable expression he ever saw.


"Kazuya!" Eijun called out and clutched his abdomen tighter, the cramping intensifying.


The alpha released his pheromones trying to calm his stressed lover while purring and running a soothing hand on his back. "It's okay. It'll be over soon."


The post heat care was important since the omega was tense and disoriented after the heat, also slightly dehydrated and malnourished, so their alpha's help was essential. Kazuya was right there to fulfill his job.




The next day Eijun was finally back to normal and was having a late afternoon snack with Kazuya on the sofa, watching a baseball game on the TV when the doorbell startled both of them.


"Are we waiting for guests?" Kazuya looked down at him and shook his head.


The alpha opened the door and his eyes widened at their unexpected guests. "Mochi, Ryo-san, what a pleasant surprise."


"Yo, Miyuki. Can we come in?"


"Of course." Kazuya stepped aside to let both boys in. Eijun hearing the voices walked to the hallway to see the guests.


"You-nii, Onii-san! What a nice surprise to see you!" Both of them looked at the boy standing not far from them and they noticed the purple marks decorating every visible skin they could see.


"I see it really was a nice week."


"Just as you predicted."






Ryousuke and Eijun looked from one to other while trying to piece the conversation together. It looked like Ryousuke was first to connect the dots, with a little help from his previous knowledge, while Eijun was left in the dark.


"Anyway, we come because Ryo-san didn't believe me when I said Eijun can make a really delicious curry. We got the ingredients, so bro, make it." Eijun's eyes brightened at the praise and jumped a bit in place.


"Of course! I'll make you swoon, Onii-san!" As he said it, his excitement dampened a bit, squirming awkwardly and looking at the older Kominato. "How is Harucchi?"


The question caught Ryousuke off guard and looked a bit surprised, his expression changing to something softer. "He's fine. Still a bit down, but nothing he can't handle, don't worry. I'm sorry about his behavior in the past months." At the confirmation Eijun's expression brightened again.


As an omega, Eijun was sensitive to other's emotions and he always felt the slight hostility Haruichi felt towards him after the Furuya incident, even if the boy behaved normally around him. Eijun understood him, since he had Kazuya now, but still felt a bit hurt by the negative vibes directed at him, when he wasn't at fault.


"It's nothing, really! I just hope he'll feel good again!"


"Be good friend's with him from now on as well."


"I will! Now, let's get to that cooking!"


Eijun put the curry in front the guests, Kazuya and lately where he sat. After claiming his spot beside the table, everyone said their thanks and began to eat. Eijun was exhilarated to see everyone's expression light up.


"Bro, you got even better! It's amazing!"


"I can say, Sawamura, you really leveled up. It's really good."


"Eijun, how can it be? It's even better than last time. I'm proud of you."


"I had any amazing teacher!" Youichi at that blushed slightly, coughing from the curry ending in the wrong place.


Eijun basked in the praises and smiled happily as he munched on a mouthful of curry. He wasn't totally hopeless in cooking, just needed someone to teach him patiently. Well the patient part was the biggest problem, since Youichi declared he'll never teach him anything ever again! He also said that it would be easier to teach a dog speak than teach Eijun anything beside curry.


After eating, all of them migrated to the living room, Youichi starting up the gaming console and claiming one of the controllers while handing the other to Eijun.


After watching both boys playing Mario Cart for a while, Kazuya asked.


"So, what's the real reason you guys dropped by?" Ryousuke's expression changed from his smile to something neutral, while Youichi paused the game.


"Well, a part of the reason is to taste Eijun's cooking. And the other is to ask if you guys wanted to come with us to the Natsu Matsuri next week."


"And why did you guys had to do it so suspiciously?"


"If we don't come in person to ask, you'll turn us down like always! That's why!"


"We'd love to go, right, Kazuya?" The alpha facepalmed while Youichi and Ryousuke bro-fisted, Eijun watching them in total confusion. "What now?"


"Nothing, bro. You're the best!" Youichi tackled Eijun to the floor and ruffled the omega's hair, both of them laughing in joy.


"I guess it's not bad to go out once in a while, right?" The alpha resigned to his fate written by three demons sitting in the living room.


Ryousuke watched Kazuya's expression soften as he was looking at his lover.


"You're totally whipped, you know?"


"Don't remind me, please."


Ryousuke quietly snickered as Kazuya looked away and his face darkened with a heavy blush.




Kazuya was helping Eijun get the yukata right, tying the obi so it won't wrinkle the material. With a little bit fumbling, since Eijun was like a kid going to the festival for the first time, Kazuya tied the obi and slapped Eijun on his ass.


"Ah! Hey!" Eijun protested, blushing, as he covered his traitorous mouth. The sudden pain traveled everywhere in his body, making him more hot than the summer night.


"Hmm, maybe this matsuri won't be that bad of an idea. When I think about what I'll do to you once we get back, in this cute yukata… Not bad, not at all." Eijun blushed more deeply at the alpha's words, puffing his cheeks up, but secretly looked forward to it.


"Shall we?" Kazuya extended his hand to Eijun and smiled at him.




The meeting point was in front of the entrance. When Kazuya and Eijun got there, they were greeted by almost all of first, second and third years. It was great to see everyone together after all that shit that hit the fan and Eijun's eyes suddenly misted over.


"Hey, it wasn't that long you saw them." Kazuya was suddenly alarmed by Eijun's behavior, but the omega shook his head.


"I know, but it feels like I see them for the first time. I mean, we had to go through so much because of that shadow, and now that all of it is over and I can spend my time in peace with you and go to festivals together with everyone, I can't help my tears." Kazuya grabbed Eijun's hand, intertwined their fingers and squeezed it hard.


"Somehow I can understand it." Eijun suddenly turned to the side to see Kazuya looking right back at him. His voice sounded so unsteady, Eijun could've swear he was trying to hold his own tears back.


Eijun squeezed the hand in his hard.


"Miyuki, Sawamura! Come over here already!" Jun yelled and Tetsu grabbed his hand to prevent him from stomping over to the lovebirds.


"Coming!" Eijun shouted back and pulled Kazuya by his hand.


"Hmm, you yelled the same thing last week too." Eijun's face exploded in red and sputtered and tried to yank his hand out of the alpha's grasp.


Kazuya laughed his ass off while hugging the omega from behind, kissing his exposed neck, when they got to the waiting boys.


"Finally! Let's go in!" Kanemaru yelled through the loud music and chatting, coming from other people enjoying the festival.


When they got in Eijun grabbed Kazuya by his hand and began to drag him ahead of the rest, eyes sparkling everywhere he looked. Kazuya felt angry when he saw most people looking straight at Eijun, no… ogling him without any restrain and Kazuya pulled Eijun by the hand they were connected and kissed the boy right there in the middle of the crowd.


When he heard the disappointed sighs and swears, he let go of the omega looking straight at him.


"Eww, did we really had to witness your overflowing possessiveness?" Youichi got closer when the crowd dispersed around them, kicking the frowning alpha in his ass.


Eijun blushed heavily, still dazed from the heated kiss, his brain refusing to process what happened.


"You have it the easiest." Grumbled Kanemaru right beside Eijun, looking at him displeased.


"What did I do this time?!" Yelled the boy, earning a pat on his shoulder from Chris.


"It's nothing, Sawamura. Calm down. For now, let's enjoy the festival, ok?" They all nodded and Eijun immediately got hold of Kazuya's hand and continued to drag his lover through the crowd.


The whole night, Kazuya was teasing his overexcited puppy with things like 'The stalls won't run away, so slow down' and with 'Ok, scrap that, when they see you they will run for their money at the predatory look in your eyes' or 'Ahahaha, you're so bad at fishing, how many did you broke by now?!' and not lastly 'Come on, I'll win you something at shooting, so stop pouting or I'll kiss you right here' earning him a playful slap on his arm and a heavy blushing Eijun.


It was a really enjoyable night, Eijun showing him expression he never saw before. Kazuya always knew Eijun had a boyish charm, but it really struck him when he saw his ever changing expressions, heard his loud and clear laugh above the noise from the crowd, or the stars showing up in his big, golden eyes. Kazuya was even more deeply in love, if it was possible.


At the last everyone gathered at the top of a hill, claiming the best spot for watching the fireworks. Kazuya sat with Eijun a little farther from the rest, chatting—more like arguing—with him about the big, plush tanuki Kazuya won at shooting, how it resembled Eijun of Kazuya. The moment Kazuya wanted to retort something to Eijun's comment, the first firework flew high in the sky and exploded in a huge, golden flower, capturing Eijun's never wavering attention. Kazuya found him the most beautiful human being, suspecting him actually being an angel that fell from the sky to just meet him and change his entire life.


After the third firework exploded in gentle purple colors, Kazuya reached for Eijun's chin, slowly pulled him towards himself and without meeting any kind of resistance, he kissed the boy he loved with every fiber in his body. It was kind of scary how much he loved this beautiful omega, not caring to show his alpha pride, giving all the love he could, just to get twice of the given amount back. It was kind of scary how it never really bothered him, feeling light, feeling free for the first time after so long.


Eijun never expected anything from him, never had any ideals about how he should behave around him or anyone else, just loved him the way he was, a little broken, a little sad, a little bit sarcastic and full of walls already broken down halfway, but also overflowing with love and affection, waiting to give it to someone.


Eijun's eyes watered when they broke the kiss, looking straight at Kazuya's unguarded eyes, feeling everything the alpha wanted to convey and responding to it with his own kiss, kissing his loved one hard, tears spilling from his eyes as he hugged the alpha with all of his being.


"Let's go home."


"Yeah." Eijun sounded just as vulnerable as Kazuya did, but they were there to protect each other's vulnerability, protect what was the most important to both of them.


After getting back in the apartment, where Kazuya already brought half of his belonging from the dorms, they made love slowly, passionately, worshipping each other, showing love with every touch, every kiss, every lick and suck. The night passed over them as they held each other, Eijun ridding Kazuya and showering him with praises and love, the alpha tearing up as he felt the love given to him spill over.


Kazuya felt like he was drowning in the affection, but he never once felt scared, feeling the warmth of the hand in his own, giving him life itself.

Chapter Text

At the end of the week when they attended the Natsu Matsuri, Kazuya made a detailed plan for the whole summer vacation, trying to take everything in account. His plan was perfect. He already asked every important person to cooperate and he got positive answers from everyone. He was excited to break the news to his boyfriend and see his expression. No, he won't reveal anything concrete, just ask Eijun to blindly agree with his plan.


When Eijun got back from shopping, Kazuya told him that he got a surprise plan for him. He was pleasantly surprised when Eijun agreed without any fuss, just asked what Kazuya had in store, nothing else.


At the end of the week, Kazuya got their luggage packed and Eijun suspiciously eyed the suitcases.


"Where the hell are we going?"


"I told you a thousand times already, it's a surprise."


"And I already told you a thousand times that you are behaving way too suspicious and I wanna live for longer." Kazuya chuckled at his lover's antics.


"No worries, you'll live, I guarantee."


"Still not making me feel less suspicious." Kazuya rolled his eyes.


"You have this little faith in me?"


"After that last stunt you pulled with the natto in my breakfast, yes, I have little faith in you."  Kazuya remembered that particular face and laughed out involuntary, making Eijun frown at him.


"Oh God, you should've seen your face!" Then he looked up and halted for a second, but still not calming fully, so continued in soft chuckles. "Sorry, sorry, but I couldn't help it. You were just way too cute. Oh, and please, don't open your mouth next time you eat natto… It makes me imagine things, if you know what I mean." And he wiggled his eyebrows for good measure.


Kazuya chuckled harder when Eijun's frowning face exploded in red. And then he yelled. "There won't be next time! Don't you dare put natto in any of my food again!" And he deliberately avoided to answer the last part of Kazuya's comment.


Just too cute.




Eijun felt his face split in half how wide his grin was. It was the sea! And their friends were already there to welcome them! He turned around to look at Kazuya, who smiled at him, standing there with their luggage by his legs. He couldn't help it but run and jump in the alpha's waiting arms. It was just too much!


All of first, second and third years were there, smiling as they watched the laughing boy cling to his lover and kiss every part of his face. His good mood started to rub off on the rest and they shouted at the pair to get their asses in their own hotel room. The sea is waiting!


An hour later, Eijun was grumbling in front of Kazuya as he spread sunscreen on every visible part of his overexcited lover. The boy was ready to jump in the water without any preparation against sunburn. He wasn't against of nursing his boyfriend that much, but he still didn't wish pain upon his puppy lover and decided to take the reins this time. When he was done, he ran his fingers lightly down Eijun's sides, making the boy shiver and then laugh softly.






"Well, I had to do this, since I don't want to listen to you whining how much it hurts if you boil like a lobster."


"Hah, as if! My skin is darker for a reason! Also summers are way worse in Nagano. Summer here is like sitting in a fridge."


"Then it's decided. I'll never go there." Eijun suddenly spun around to look at his lover. The sad look in his eyes made Kazuya froze.


"Don't worry, I'll make sure to visit your parents. It would be impudence to marry you without asking them in person for their son's hand." Eijun's sour mood immediately changed as he blushed heavily and looked away.


"You better." Kazuya wasn't sure to which part of his comment Eijun answered, but he still smiled and pulled the boy closer by his wrist to kiss him gently, tasting the orange flavor from the ice cream he ate 10 minutes prior.


"Now go! Mochi is impatiently waiting for you."


"You're not coming?"


"Nah, I'm more of a drinking-cocktail-under-the-beach-umbrella person than the playing-in-the-water-and-burn-to-a-crisp one. Have fun." Eijun hesitated for a few seconds earning an arched brown from Kazuya and a really loud yell from Youichi.


"Eijun, drag your ass here right now! We can't play volleyball if you are missing!" Eijun sighed and stood up, running to his waiting friends.


They had reservations for three days and two nights at the hotel, using all of the time for doing fun things.


When it was too dark to swim, the boys brought out the grills not too far from the hotel and prepared the food, making Eijun's eyes spark with light in the dark night. After eating, they returned to the beach with bags full of fireworks, lighting one after another. Eijun was laughing almost all the time, his grin permanently etching on his lips, eyes brighter than the stars above them.


Kazuya just watched and watched and watched, never taking his eyes away for too long, afraid he'll miss something important.


After returning to the hotel room, Kazuya couldn't restrain himself especially since his boy was making such sweet expressions, so the fun activities continued for them far in the night.


The next day, Kazuya brought few watermelons much to Eijun's excitement. He wanted to try that thing he always read in his mangas, the thing with him being blindfolded and trying to hit the watermelon. Kazuya stopped for a second, looking at his lover like he grew another head.


"You mean the suikawari?"


"It had a name? No, better question. You know what it's called?"


"Now, you hurt me. Also better question is why don't you know about it?" Kazuya felt somewhat offended. Does he really look like the typical city boy who has no idea what's outside the concrete walls?


"Lol, he really doesn't know." Youichi pointed it out and everyone started to laugh. Eijun reddened in shame and Kazuya hugged him close, still chuckling lightly.


"Gosh, you're something else."


"What's so funny if I don't know? I've never been on the beach before since I was always helping my parents on the lands and I was afraid that the Snake soul will do something—" At the mention of his long lost companion, Eijun trembled a bit and hugged Kazuya a bit tighter. Just before Kazuya was about to say something Eijun let him go and smiled.


"But now I'm here with everyone else, that's what matters!"


"You've improved so much, I'm proud of you." Eijun stopped breathing for a second. He could've bet he heard the Snake soul's voice, but it was impossible, since she merged with his base soul. Yet, the brief imagination felt comforting.


They all prepared for the game and Eijun was the first to do it. Probably due to his non-human senses thanks to his chimera soul, he smashed the watermelon after 2 minutes of fumbling with the stick and falling over because of Kazuya's outstretched leg. Youichi wanted to try as well and in the end Jun put the blindfold up to smash the watermelon to pieces. He was lectured later that if he hits a melon with full force it'll definitely break so much that they can't eat it later.


For the rest of the day, the boys got from one race to other, competing till the end of the day. Kazuya was sitting under the beach umbrella and watched his boy make a fool out of himself and laugh so freely he outshined the Sun above them.


All of them were amazed when a dolphin swam to Eijun when they were in their third race and let him ride its back for a few minutes. It was like Eijun understood the animal and it trusted Eijun wholeheartedly.


At the end of the third day, they together boarded the train back. Eijun sat beside Kazuya next to the window, watching to countless pictures they took on the past three days, sometimes hissing, when his clothes touched his tender skin. It wasn't so bad because of the continuous care from the alpha. Kazuya teased his lover for a little longer, then took mercy on him and promised to get the pictures Eijun chooses, making the boy more enthusiastically look through the countless pics.


Eijun immediately fell asleep as he threw himself on their bed, snoring slightly. Kazuya pulled out his phone and snapped a picture, making sure it was in the best quality.


One more to print.




Kazuya's perfect plan was interrupted by a phone call from the hospital. His father fell from the second floor in the factory; bruised two ribs, broke a hand and a leg and had a slight concussion. They requested for him to come in and fill some papers. Eijun noticed the sudden change in his expression, sat beside him and ran a hand on his trembling back.


After his mother death, his father opened the factory and threw himself in work, sending a lone text message every time on his birthdays, but nothing else. Yet, Kazuya felt his world crumble down when he heard his father was in hospital. He was scared to death about the thought of him being left behind all alone.


Eijun then jumped up from his position on the sofa and smiled at his lover.


"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go visit your father now!" Maybe it was him saying it, but Kazuya finally broke free from his stupor and nodded.


"Yeah, let's go."


Eijun wasn't totally convinced, glancing at the alpha from time to time, holding his hand tightly, noticing the slight tremble in them.


Half an hour later they walked in the hospital. Kazuya was swaying a bit on his legs and the bag rustled in his hand. Eijun held his other hand, giving him all the support he could, purring low in his throat. He couldn't let his pheromones out, since they were in public, but looked like his purring alone made the alpha calm down a little. When reaching the reception desk, Eijun showed his million watt smile.


"Good morning. We—um, no, he," Eijun pointed at the alpha by his side. "got a phone call about half an hour ago about his father. Miyuki—" Eijun looked back for the rest of the answer, but Kazuya was just staring in nothing with unseeing eyes. When he felt his hand squeezed hard, he snapped out of it.


"Your father's name?"


"Oh, right. Miyuki, Miyuki Torio." Said Kazuya in small voice. Eijun was surprised, since he saw his boyfriend this shaken just once, when he was talking about his mother's death.


"Maybe because it's happening now, when he's older and can process things faster with more understanding. It's easier for a child, especially if he forgets about it and the memory becomes distant." Said the chimera while watching the alpha with concern in his eyes.


"Maybe." Eijun whispered so no one could hear it.


The nurse searched for the name in the computer and when she found it, she said the room number and asked if they needed help. Eijun shook his head and said they'll manage. She quickly handed a few papers for Kazuya to sign and write the missing details on the anamnesis paper, then they were free to go and visit.


After getting in the lift, thank goodness, all alone, Eijun quickly hugged his boyfriend.


"It'll be ok. Don't worry." Kazuya hugged back and squeezed his lover.


"I hope so." Eijun didn't know what he meant by that.


Once in front of the door, Eijun knocked before Kazuya had the chance to flee. After getting out of the lift, Eijun felt the telltale tugs on his hand, as if Kazuya was checking if he could just yank his hand free and run.


Eijun was the first to step in, dragging Kazuya right behind, the bag hitting the doorframe, making a loud rustling sound. Miyuki Torio was sitting on the bed, reading a book and looked up at the noise just to widen his eyes. The man was Kazuya's older version. The same brown eyes, a little grayish hair and a heart full of walls and traps.


"Oh, hello." He said, completely caught off guard by his son and his friend's visit.


"Good morning, Miyuki-san. I'm Sawamura Eijun, your son's mate. It's a pleasure to meet you." Eijun nearly forgot to change to his indoor volume, but caught himself in the last second, bowing deep in front of the elder.


"Oh…" Was all Torio said, making Eijun straighten his back and looking at the man, still not making a move to invite them in or send them home. Eijun opted it would be best for Kazuya to finally talk to his father, and since he was there, he could calm his lover if things goes to hell.


When Eijun yanked Kazuya in, he seated the still dazed alpha to the chair by the bed, while he pulled another chair beside his lover and sat on it. An awkward silence fell on the room, enveloped in heavy feelings of unspoken words. The two alphas sat there, not even looking at each other, just fumbling one with the book while the other with the bag.


"Okay, it's enough!" Eijun jumped up yelling, scaring both of alphas.




"I've watched long enough. I can't believe that you don't have nothing to say to your father, Kazuya." Eijun then glared at the older man watching him with wide eyes. "Also you, Miyuki-san, your son came to visit you after such a long time. Would it hurt you to say something to him? Ask him how he is? Anything? You father and son are soooo friggin alike! You couldn't even deny your kinship!" Eijun was panting by the time he finished his ranting, his face reddening at his restrained anger.


"Kazuya, why did you choose someone as impulsive, boisterous and uncontrollable as your mother was?" Asked the man, not taking his eyes off of the omega boy.


"Don't ask, dad. Sometimes even I ask myself if it was a good idea." Answered Kazuya also watching his lover.


"Huh?!" Eijun looked from one man to other, trying to put things together.


Eijun saw the relief in his lover's eyes, his face pulling in a wide grin. "Oh."


"Sit down." Kazuya tugged Eijun by his wrist, making the boy do as told.


"Dad, how are you?"


"I'm fine, son. I just can't believe I was clumsy enough to fall from the second floor." Fumed the man quietly. Eijun almost missed the emotion in his voice, so he thanked his experience for knowing Kazuya for so long. Looks like Kazuya inherited his quiet and secretive personality from his father.


"So, can you introduce him?" Torio looked at his son, than at the boy sitting beside him. It didn't pass him how Kazuya took the boy's hand in his own, caressing it with such tenderness his wife did to him when she was still alive.


Eijun immediately felt the shift in the man's emotions thanks to his omega senses, but he was still confused by them. He didn't do anything to him for receiving such cold stares.


"Um, dad, he is Sawamura Eijun, my soulmate. Eijun, meet my father, Miyuki Torio." Kazuya pointed from Eijun to his father.


"Once again, nice to meet you, Miyuki-san." Eijun forced it out and already knew what was coming.


"He's an omega, right?" Kazuya flinched at the almost accusing tone. He somehow understood the reason behind it. Eijun was resembling his mother in more ways than one and it definitely didn't miss his father.


"Yes, I am. You have a problem with it?!"


Even to this day omegas were watched with somewhat different eyes, even though it was way better than a few decades ago. Because of the advance of medicine, more and more suppressants are making appearance in the market, making it easier for omegas to choose the best for them. But he sometimes ran in people who are still bounded by the past custom of hating the omegas for who they are.


"Eijun, calm down." Kazuya put his hand on the boy's arm for good measure. Then he looked at his father. "Dad, he is an omega, but he has nothing to do with mom."


"All omega's will leave you hurt. He's not any different. You'll regret it your whole life." The man looked at Eijun and shook his head as if saying, he's disappointed in him. "Leave him and find a beta, or better, an alpha girl."


Kazuya's rage rose even at the thought of him leaving Eijun, but the omega suddenly jumped from his sitting position and took two steps to stand right beside the bed.


"I don't know what you had to go through in your life and after your comment I'm not even interested anymore. But! Don't you dare say something similar like this again! I love him, he loves me too and we don't have even the slightest will to break up. Not now, not in the future! Especially not for someone else's sake! We are mates and I won't allow anyone, be it you or anyone else, to talk shit about our relationship! If you can't accept us, then be it, but don't come crying later!" As he ended his speech, fully ignoring the older alpha's cold gaze, he suddenly turned on his heels, took Kazuya's hand and began to drag him to the door. He looked back one last time, surprising his lover.


"You're not fitted to be this angel's father. Kazuya's is not your son anymore he's a Sawamura from now on!" Eijun pulled the door open and stepped out with Kazuya right behind him.


When they got home, Eijun sat on the sofa and pulled Kazuya with him, snuggling him close.


"You ok?" Asked Kazuya, running his hand up and down on Eijun's back. Their conversation was going smoothly, but his father gone and did it.


"I am, but what about you?" Eijun squeezed Kazuya tightly, feeling the alpha freeze for a second and relax in his hold.


"It's the usual, so I'm used to it." Kazuya's expression softened when he felt the front of his shirt damp with tears.


"I won't ever let you feel lonely or sad! I won't let you back to him either! You are officially part of my family, so no point resisting." Kazuya chuckled at his lover's statement and felt extremely happy for knowing, Eijun won't abandon him, no matter what. Also remembered something and felt his smile stretch wider.


"Oh, so you are not satisfied with me loving you, you even want to adopt me? And… Angel? Really?"


"Yes, angel, but sometimes it feels like the devil itself in angel disguise, so don't let your ego blow up like a balloon. Also, my family won't make you feel sad or abandoned. Like he did." Eijun pressed the he part, making Kazuya chuckle a bit more.


"Okay, okay, I understand. But now that you mention it, did you talk to your family about me?" At that Eijun suddenly sat up straight and looked his lover in eye, mortification evident in his wide, tearful eyes.


"Holly shit! I never called them since I got here!"


"Not even once?" Kazuya's eyebrow rose slightly.


"No! God, gran'pa will definitely kill me!"


"What are you waiting for?"


"You'll be here with me?" Eijun's eyes shone with unshed tears, making his eyes shining even more.


"You don't want me to?"


"No, I need you here!"


"Then you have a deal."


Eijun pulled his phone out and dialed his parent's number while putting the phone on speaker. When the line connected a sweet female voice answered.


"Sawamura residence. How can I help you?"


"Hello, mom, it's me. How are you?"


"Eijun! Finally! Where have you been all this time?! You texted Wakana almost every day, so I knew you were alive, but still!"


"I'm sorry, mom. I had a lot of things to worry about. About that, I need to introduce you to someone." Before he had the chance to continue, his mother interrupted.

"Wait a second, dear. Let me call your dad and grandfather." So she left with the line still connected. Eijun looked at Kazuya, who in response grinned at him.


"I'm here, honey."


"Hey, son, where have you been?"


"Probably found himself a girl to be with, so he forgot about us!" Eijun heard his grandfather's voice and blushed heavily at the accusation.


"Girl, huh?" He heard Kazuya whisper in his ear, making him blush harder.


"Um, no, but not wrong either, I guess. Um, mom, dad, gran'pa, let me introduce you guys to my mate, Miyuki Kazuya. Kazuya, meet my family. My mom, Emi, my dad Eiji and gran'pa Eitoku."


"I'm Eijun's soulmate, Miyuki Kazuya. Nice to meet you." The line was silent for so long, Eijun had to check if they didn't disconnect in the meantime, but the sudden erupt of voices from the other side made him sigh.


"Really?! Wakana did mention it, but I somehow doubted it! You really found your mate?!" Emi's voice was the loudest of them all, probably since she was holding the device and Eijun smiled.


"Yes, I found him. And he's a controller."


"I'm not a lost puppy you had to find, you know."


"Wow! You are so lucky, my dear! I'm so happy to meet you, Miyuki-kun!" Emi cheered.


"When will you bring him home?" Eiji added, making Emi squeal.


"Right! When?! Also tell me if you can't eat anything, Miyuki-kun! I'll prepare a feast!"


"Probably next weekend. And we plan to stay for the week after."


"Don't come home if you can't find a few minutes to write a friggin' message." Eitoku grumble on the other side, making Eijun smile.


"Gran'pa, stop it. You'll get more wrinkles." Eijun heard his grandfather sputter and then the loud.


"You cocky brat! Dare to come home! You'll see who has a lot of wrinkles!" Kazuya chuckled with his lover at the old man's antics. Kazuya knew where Eijun got his loudness from.


"Dad, stop. You're scaring Miyuki-kun." Eiji tried to calm his sizzling father.


"Anyway, I'll contact you sometime later with the exact date when we'll go. You guys stay healthy! Bye!" Eijun hurriedly said and looked at Kazuya.


"I'll see you soon, bye."


"See you soon, boys!" Emi said and Eijun cancelled the line.


Kazuya hugged his lover when he sagged against his chest.

"They are a lively bunch." Said Kazuya and chuckled when Eijun sighed again, more loudly.


"Don't say a thing. I need to survive them every time I go home. I'm not saying I hate it when they are like this, since I'm the same, but they are too much sometimes."


"I can imagine it."


"So, do we have any plan for next weekend?"


"We do."


"Oh, sorry. I just decided to visit my family without asking you."


"We do have plans now. Looking forward seeing your family."


"You tricked me, you tanuki!"


"But now I can ask the officially for your hand."


Eijun blushed heavily, not saying a word.

Chapter Text

On the train heading to Nagano, Kazuya held Eijun close to himself, still pouting. When they told Youichi they are visiting Eijun's family, he got teased so badly, he was about to seriously punch the guy.


"Are you still upset about You-nii?" Eijun looked up with groggy eyes, blinking lazily and rubbing the remaining sleep out of his eyes.


"No." Eijun chuckled.


"Yes, you are, you big kid."


"Don't tease me you too." Kazuya looked at the side, not meeting with Eijun's amused eyes.


"I'm not." And chuckled a bit more. Before Kazuya had a chance to retort the female voice announced, they finally reached Nagano train station.


After getting off with their bags and out of the station, they were greeted with a  man with brown hair styled like those from 80', warm, brown eyes just like Eijun's leaning on a truck probably from the Second World War.


"Hey, boys. Good to see you. Hop in!"


"Dad!" Eijun screamed, threw all of his bags from his hand to run and jump at the man. Both of them were laughing, while the old man ruffled his son's messy, silky hair.


"Gosh, you grew so much since I last saw you. What did they made you eat there to grow so fast?" Eijun laughed loudly.


"Nothing unusual, Dad!" When Eijun peeled himself from his father's hug, he remembered his party for the trip and turned over to Kazuya.


"Since we are here, let me introduce you again, now in person. Dad, he's my mate, Miyuki Kazuya. Kazuya, meet my father, Sawamura Eiji."


"Nice to meet you." Kazuya bowed in respect for the man, Eijun's father doing the same. But then Eiji walked to the controller and did a good inspection on the alpha boy. Kazuya felt somewhat intimidated by the older alpha's scrutinizing gaze and involuntary shuffled on his feet.


"Nice to meet ya, son." Kazuya was so surprised by the sudden hug he stood there like a log. After a few seconds, he let the bag fall down in his hand and returned the warm touch. It was so long since he felt a hug filled with so much love that wasn't from Eijun, he almost got overwhelmed by his emotions bubbling up from somewhere deep.


After all their luggage was in the truck and were on the road, Eijun found the courage to ask.


"Dad, one question. Did Mom overdid it?"


"Imagine the worst… Then duplicate it." Kazuya didn't understand their conversation, but knew it was about something serious, since Eijun let out the most miserable sound Kazuya ever heard from him.


"Something bad?"


"You'll see. But I'll warn you now, prepare for the worst!" Eijun looked up and Kazuya had to swallow around the lump in his throat. What the hell is going on? Are we going to die?


"Looks like it'll be a wild ride." Heard Kazuya from his alpha right before they took a turn from the main road and after a bit more of traveling, they reached a little village.


After reaching a relatively big house, Kazuya's heart jumped in his mouth and his eyes widened comically.


It was somewhat strange that they drove past so many streets, yet they never met anyone. It looked like the whole village was partying at the Sawamura residence.


"I warned you." Heard Eijun say before they opened the door and the whole swarm of happy people bombarded them with greetings and questions.


"It's a lot worse than the Seido bunch."


"I wanna go home." Kazuya's alpha snickered at his host's antics.


"Eijun, honey!" They heard the familiar voice from somewhere back, before a petite woman fought her way to the boys.


"Mom!" Eijun cried out in happiness and immediately hugged his mother.


"Welcome home, dear." Said the woman, then she turned to see Kazuya. After walking right in front of him, she threw her hands around the overwhelmed boy, just like Eiji did in front of the train station. "Welcome, Miyuki-kun. It's really good to finally see you again."


Before Kazuya got a chance to say or ask anything, he felt a hand squeeze his and he relaxed in the hug.


"Thank you for having me." Emi looked at the tall and handsome alpha boy, than she smiled at her child.


"Dear, you really know how to choose. Clearly the best from out there."


"MOM!" Eijun immediately blushed in a beautiful red, making everyone laugh around them.


"Let's leave the talking for later! Let's party!" Emi yelled through the crowd and everyone cheered.


Eiji took their bags from the truck and definitely ran off, so Kazuya had no other chance to run and quickly got sucked up in one conversation to other.


After a bit later even more people showed up and Kazuya felt a sudden jolt of electricity ran up his spine, making every hair on his skin stand on end. Every fiber in his body was ready to fight, the instincts in his head running loose, screaming: hostile alphas are closing in on him.


Before he had any chance to do anything, he felt Eijun leave his side and head in the direction where the hostility was coming from.


"Wakana, guys, stop it! All of you are making him stressed!"


Kazuya then turned around to see a girl and 5 guys behind her looking straight at him. The girl and 3 guys were alphas, while the other two were betas, all of them emitting such hostile pheromones, Kazuya never felt before. Probably the shadow would run for its money if it ever felt that pure hostility.


"Eijun, is it him? And no, we won't stop until we are convinced that he can protect you. If he can't, then you'll come home immediately." Wakana showed Eijun to the side, making sure there was someone to catch him.


"God, the Eijun protection squad is more spartan here than back at home. I think it's time to show them what we are made of."


Kazuya then let loose his alpha pheromones, making all of them shudder at the high density of it. After the seal was lifted from him, his power leveled up, making him look even more deadly than before.


It was the breaking point for Eijun.


Feeling the full attack of hostile alpha pheromones, he was the first to change in his beast form. After him, there were a few more omegas to change, while the rest ran in the house, away from the preparing fight. It was a huge shock for everyone, except for Kazuya, to see Eijun's form evolved into a magnificent beast. However their awe was cut short, when Eijun jumped up and began to run toward the forest behind the Sawamura house. Kazuya without waiting a second ran after his lover, not staying long enough to gather the omega's clothes.


"Are you happy now, Wakana-chan, everyone?! You all know well how he can't bear the alpha pheromones, yet you had to do something like this! Be ashamed of yourselves!" Emi scolded them and turned back to her other guests. "Now, let's continue the party while Eijun comes back."




Kazuya continued to run in the direction his instinct told him, feeling Eijun closer and closer. After 10 minutes of running he finally spotted his lover sitting under a big tree, naked as the day he was born, hugging his legs and crying.


When Kazuya closed in on him, he immediately started to release his own pheromones, trying to calm his distressed lover. He smiled when Eijun visibly took a deep breath and relaxed.


"I got the Snake soul here, under this tree. I was 9, a little idiot who didn't listen to his parents and sneaked in the forest from time to time to play with the monsters here. They are docile, really."


"But if you listened to them, probably we wouldn't be together now, right?" At that Eijun suddenly lifted his head and looked Kazuya deep in his eyes.


"Yeah, you're right." Eijun stretched his arms toward Kazuya, the alpha happily hugging him tight.


"I'm always right, you know.... Ouch." Eijun playfully hit Kazuya's back, earning a beautiful chuckle from him.


"You deserved it."


After a bit more of holding each other and enjoying the closeness, Kazuya peeled his boyfriend's arms off and looked at him.


"Now, I'll give you my t-shirt, since you ran off so quickly I hadn't had enough time to get your clothes." Eijun blushed again and said.


"Boyfriend shirt, huh?" At the comment even Kazuya's head turned a fine imitation of a tomato.






When they got back, the party was still going with even more food. Kazuya and Eijun were even more embarrassed since the boyfriend shirt looked amazing on Eijun and everyone there couldn't help the admiring gaze directed at the young omega.


"Ei-chan, dear, your clothes are up in your room. You don't need to come down for today, if you don't feel like it." Emi then turned to Wakana and the boys sitting silently in a corner. "Anything to say?"


"We are sorry, Ei-chan." They apologized in unison. Eijun walked to them and hugged two of them, meaning to hug the whole bunch.


"You know I can never be mad at you guys for long… But if you ever put Kazuya in another uncomfortable situation, you'll know the true omega wrath." They all gulped after remembering Eijun's beast form and they knew from experience that Eijun was telling the absolute truth.


When they were kids and were playing beside the fields with the new kite Eijun got for his 6th birthday, Nobu crashed it after a hard pull and broke it despite Eijun's constant warnings. Eijun was so mad at his friends that he completely ignored them for a whole month. What would he do in his beast form? God forbid they ever find out.


That night the lovebirds purred to each other in comfort, lying together in Eijun's old bed, holding each other close, never letting go.


Next morning Eijun woke up first and slowly peeled himself from his lover's hugging arms to run down the stairs and greet his mother first.


"Morning, Mom."


"Morning, honey. How did you sleep?"


"Like never before. I'm home together with Kazuya. Simply perfect." Then he remembered whom he was talking to. "Um…"


"It's okay, sweety, I won't tease you…" Just before Eijun let out a sigh, his mother added. "Too much."




"Haha, don't blame me. He's a real catch." At that Eijun began to blush just to jump in shock when a pair of strong arms circled him from behind.


"Kazuya! You startled me."


"Oh, how did you know it was me?"


"Because you're the only one who would hug me like this… And because I recognized your scent." Kazuya smiled and kissed Eijun on his neck in answer, happy pheromones flooding the little kitchen.


"Ugh, no PDA in front of me." A sudden voice said from behind Kazuya. When Eijun turned around just to check who was that comment from, he turned red in record speed.


"Gran'pa! Not you too!" At that Emi giggled a bit, while the old man huffed.


"Anyway, honey, the breakfast is almost ready. Go get Dad from the fields, ok?"


"Yes, Mom!" Before Kazuya said anything, Eijun turned to him. "Stay here. It'll take a few minutes at most. Help Mom set the table, ok?" Kazuya was left behind before he could answer.


"So, sweety, is Eijun a good boy?" Kazuya was surprised by the question, but smiled nonetheless at the memories he had with Eijun so far.


"Probably too good for me." Emi then looked at the young alpha like she understood everything. Kazuya squirmed uncomfortably on his legs, feeling the all knowing gaze directed at him.


"Don't say this. I'm sure your mom wouldn't approve of this thinking of yours." At the mention of his mother, Kazuya looked up at the woman in front of him with wide eyes. "Don't look at me like that. I knew your mom from way back, even before when you were a little baby and Eijun was still in my stomach. We were friends in school. I was really surprised when I heard from Wakana-chan that you are Eijun's mate, but I knew you would be the best for my son. Be with him forever, ok?"


"That's given." Kazuya was unable to say anything more, all of his emotions clogging up his throat, not letting anything slip by. Tears gathered in his eyes and before Emi had the chance to ask what's the problem, Eijun showed up in the door, immediately let his pheromones out and hugged Kazuya from behind, purring constantly and running his hands up and down on the alpha's chest.


"What happened?" Eijun snarled at his mother, a feral glint in his eyes. He was so obsessed with the alpha, he didn't recognize even his own mother, looking at her like a threat towards his family.


"I just told him that I knew his mother from a long time ago, that's all. Also, condolence. I heard that she died a few years ago, but we couldn't attend her funeral because Eijun was really sick at that time."


"It's okay, Eijun. I'm fine." At the voice of his alpha the light was back in the omega's eyes and he remembered how he snarled at his own mother.


"I'm so sorry, Mom! I don't know-"


"No, it's okay, honey. I know I did something unnecessary, also this means that your bond is just so strong. Just as alphas are protective of their mates, omegas are just as protective, if not even more. I'm glad to see you love each other to this extend."


"Mom!" Eijun then hugged his mother.


The air was a bit awkward while they ate and the only ones who knew nothing were Eiji and Eitoku. They glanced at each other with questions written clearly on their faces.


For the next few days, Emi told a lot of stories about Kazuya's mom and dad from that time they were friends. Also the boys toured around the village, sightseeing, playing in the river, fishing, running in the forest or playing with the beast there. Also Eijun invited his friends to swim in the fiver one day, much to their happiness.


Eijun lied on the swing bed with Kazuya watching the sunset, they grilled in the backyard and played with the fireworks Eitoku brought for the boys when he was out grocery shopping.


The week flew by fast and it was the last night Eijun and Kazuya stayed at the Sawamuras.


They were sitting at the table eating diner, Eijun glancing at his boyfriend from time to time, since he was more stressed as the days passed. After diner, the whole family was in the living room watching a movie on TV and drinking tea Emi prepared for them, when Kazuya suddenly stood in front of all the Sawamuras, then lowered himself in a textbook perfect dogeza.


"I know it's clearly late to ask now, but it's something we really need you to confirm. I'd like to ask for your son's hand in marriage. Will you give your only son to me?"


Kazuya then felt a hand on his back which made him rise and then he found himself in a suffocating hug.


"I would love to give my precious son to you, Miyuki-kun." Emi hugged the alpha with all her might, conveying all the motherly love he was missing since his mom died.


"Don't you mean, son, my hun?" Added Eiji joining in the hug.


"Yeah, he's part of our family now."


Kazuya then turned to Eijun, who had unshed tears in his beautiful golden eyes, watching his loved one with his family.


"Eijun, now that we got the green light, I want to ask you once more." Kazuya lowered on one knee, fishing out a small box from his pocket, opening it and showing it to Eijun. "Will you marry me?"


The tears in Eijun's eyes slipped down his red cheeks, the happy grin on his face putting even the Sun to shame.


"Yes, yes, I'll marry you!" Eijun threw himself on Kazuya, kissing him with all of the love he felt at that moment.


"I think PDA is fine just this one time." Smiled Eitoku as he wiped a single tear out of his eye, watching Kazuya put the ring on Eijun's right ring-finger.




The rest of the summer holiday was over in a blink of an eye and everyone was back in school. However there was someone unexpected sitting in Eijun's classroom a few rows behind him.


Furuya Satoru was there sleeping, while the whole classroom chatted away, totally ignoring him. However when Eijun stepped in the classroom, the talking died in an instant, waiting what'll happen next, but they were almost disappointed when nothing happened at all.


Well, all hell broke loose when Kazuya came down to the second year's classroom to visit his fiance. When he noticed the raven haired boy sitting and soundly sleeping, not caring at all about the boy few rows in front of him, everything went red in his head.


By the time he got back to himself was when he felt Eijun's hand on his own, holding him back before he got a chance to hit the friggin' beta. Then he felt the omega's pheromones calming his sizzling nerves and lastly heard his loud purring.


"Calm down, it's okay. I'm fine, see?" Eijun then turned the alpha's head toward himself and looked deep in his eyes. "I'm fine, so let him go."


Haruichi was by the beta's side the second Kazuya left, since he was afraid to go closer before because of the alpha's killing intent.


"What is he doing here?!" Kazuya roared, pulling Eijun behind himself.


"Stop it, Kazuya. I'm fine. I heard his custody is over and he could come back to school. He won't do anything. He learned the lesson, so stop."


Kazuya turned around and hugged Eijun closely, putting his scent on the omega. "If he ever dares to do anything, call me immediately. I'll be there before you could say my name."


Eijun nodded and kissed the alpha who was reluctant to leave. "Go, class is about to start."


Afterwards nothing happened at all.


Kazuya needed a few months to get used to the beta's presence, but after he made sure the boy had nothing against Eijun, he let the beta alone much to Haruichi's happiness.


Somewhere in the middle of the year, Eijun finally leveled up to lvl 60 and was ready to graduate.


It was only the fourth time that a student graduated before finishing their studies. The first two were Kazuya and Eijun's mothers, and the third one was Kataoka himself.


As a graduating gift, Kataoka gave the Eagel ring to his favorite student. As Eijun absorbed the ring, not long before the graduating ceremony began, his whole form evolved and he became a bit smaller, but even more deadly, especially after he combined the Chimera soul with the shadow's ring.


Eijun surprised his whole Seido family when he started to cry without any warning.


"Eijun?" Kazuya tugged the omega to his chest immediately, running a soothing hand on his trembling back.


"Welcome back." Said Eijun between sobs, grinning ear to ear.


"It's good to be back, boy."

Chapter Text

"Here it comes again." Eijun panted out as he was writhing on the sheets, huddled in Kazuya's clothes he was about to put in the washing machine, waiting for his loved on to come home from school.


Kazuya was finally a graduate student of Seido, finishing the last touches on his studies and wrapping everything up, before that waited day in spring. Just one more month and both of us are free. Eijun on the other hand was working for the local Arena the past 4 years since he graduated, slowly building up their new home and his career to ease Kazuya's job when he begins his life as a full-fledged adult, partnering up with Eijun again.


In the mean time Eijun learned all he needed about household, his instincts as an omega also helping, his cooking leveling up a lot making Kazuya happy and proud every time Eijun makes a new dish or improves his learned ones. Yet, Kazuya is a little sad about it since Eijun don't need his help and teachings or finds it hard to surprise him with food, because the omega always wants to do everything by himself, increasing his own workload to please Kazuya. The alpha is torn between feeling happy and concerned, feeling as if Eijun is putting him on pedestal because he is an alpha and doing everything to please him, not taking care of himself and not being greedy about what he himself wants. Kazuya knows it's not the case, since Eijun told him a hundreds of time that he loves Kazuya as he is, but still, insecurities are hard to beat.


However, their daily life is full of happiness.


Not at the moment though, because Eijun is about to overheat and Kazuya is still nowhere in sight.


"Hold on just a bit longer. I'm sure he'll be back soon." Eijun heard his base soul's encouragement, rolling his eyes dramatically when the Snake soul added. "Or jerk off if you can't hold back anymore. Better than nothing."


"Not helping." Eijun commented and let out a relieved sigh accompanied with a loud moan when he heard the telltale chiming of the controller's bunch of keys and the soft click of the door, also hearing the lock again.


"What a relief we were out shopping for your coming heat the day before yesterday. It's convenient that I don't need to run and get all the stuff in one go and endure all the lustful gazes directed at me, when my honey is waiting for me at home all needy and beautiful."


"Oh, poor you." Eijun added in between his giggles, blushing at the compliments as his hips twitched forward, cock catching on the soaked sheet bellow him, letting out the most lustful moan he ever heard from himself.


But Eijun couldn't help the chuckle escaping when Kazuya entered the bedroom, already missing his shirt and in the middle of undoing his belt. Who is the real needy one, huh?


The alpha almost fell face first when he tried to step out of his pants and boxers together with his socks, his feet catching on the belt and jumping a few times to steady himself before he got to put his leg down, stumbling all the way to the bed and making the poor omega laugh at him.


"You okay?" Asked the alpha running a hand up the shifter's side when he finally reached the bed and sat down, feeling the sweaty, feverish skin under his fingertips.


"I'm fine now that you're here." Eijun stretched his arms out, inviting his lover to come closer. Kazuya complied, threading his fingers through sweaty hair, breathing in deeply the omega's sweet heat scent. He slowly reached to the nearest point on the shifter's neck, licking the skin flavored with the oil from his swollen glands, hearing him gasp quietly, his hips jerking up meeting the alpha's hard dick.




"Not, like always."


"Good." Kazuya whispered in the omega's ear earning a low moan, then took the red cartilage in his mouth, sucking it and biting it hard. Eijun writhed under the alpha's expert tongue, moaning every time he felt a wet and hot tongue in his ear.


Kazuya slowly kissed his way down on the omega's body, feeling the feverish skin heat up even more, sweat glistering and making the shifter literally glow. The moans leaving the boy under him made Kazuya want to ravish him more, the feel of fingers tugging at his hair making everything feel even hotter than it already is. In times like these Kazuya could tease his lover to his heart's content, the omega actually enjoying and responding to it, always, always begging for more, for even more than Kazuya ever thought he was willing to give. But if it was for this beautiful angel spread on the white bed sheets, writhing under him, then it was all worth it.


Eijun felt the slick leaving his hole, soaking the sheet under him even more, the rustling of the plastic cover loud in his sensitive ears. Everything was too much, his senses were overloading. The loud breathing both his own and Kazuya's, the crunching of the plastic cover under their white sheets, the heavy scent of his slick and pheromones, the even more heavy scent of Kazuya's rut pheromones, the tingling sensation on his skin be it the side which touches the sheets or the side Kazuya is currently kissing and biting and licking, hands roaming up and down, never staying in once place, setting his already wrecked nerves on fire. Eijun thought that he'll definitely die and soon.


In time like these, Eijun gets little glimpses at the real alpha, at the alpha hiding under so much sharp edges and lies, sees the real alpha only he can see be it in heat week or when they are alone in their home, snuggled up on the sofa watching something on TV. When his heat is running through his veins and Kazuya is wrecked by his rut, every touch, every whisper, every kiss he gets is like energy is poured directly in his soul, his lover baring his heart and soul for the omega to see, to touch and to cherish. Even if he wasn't an omega, he would definitely protect the vulnerability his lover shows only to him.


Every passing second, Eijun felt more and more feverish, the cold sheets under him touching him, making him uncomfortable and begging the alpha to proceed already, since he was way too obsessed with licking and biting him. Kazuya chuckled a bit at his lover's needy demands and ignored them for a bit, but after a few minutes he had to admit it was hard to ignore his own raging erection for longer.


Eijun got so lost in the pleasure his alpha was giving him together with all the teasing that he missed the moment the alpha pulled his fingers out and lined his pulsing dick with the omega's twitching hole. Kazuya kissed his lover in the more obscene, wet and filthy way he knew, pushing forward and entering his lover, folding the moaning omega in half. When he was all the way in, Eijun looked up at him, a single drop of tear leaving his beautiful, glistening, golden eyes.


"You ok?" Kazuya grunted when Eijun suddenly tightened around him, fingers finding their way in his brown locks.


"Uugh, I feel amazing. It would be even better of you finally moved."




"I don't want to hear this from you-h!" Kazuya smirked as the rest of his comment died on his tongue, giving place to breathy moans and mews when pulled out a bit just to thrust back with so much force Eijun slipped a bit higher on their bed, a loud whimper leaving pretty, puffy, cherry-red lips.


The alpha's pace was brutal, his hips snapping forward with such force he was literally fucking the omega in the sheets. Eijun was blissed out, moaning and screaming Kazuya's name, moving his own hips however he could to get the alpha in deeper, hands frantically searching anything he could get a good hold onto.


Kazuya bite his way on the sweaty skin, leaving red and purple marks, watching with awe the countless constellations on the dark skin, as if he was looking up at the night sky from his own bed.


Eijun came three times in their frenzied sex, losing energy and just leaving the alpha to do anything he wanted. In a sudden moment, Kazuya growled, his hips stuttering and snapping with even more force. It made Eijun's eyes widen and moan in pleasure, letting the strong alpha turn him so he was lying on his stomach, ass high in the air stuck on a long and thick dick, the base of the said dick swelling with every passing second.


It was just a bit away, the tension skyrocketing and finally snapping when the alpha with one last brutal thrust pushed his knot in, coming in the omega's hot ass. The moment Kazuya came, he bit down on the mark already decorating the omega's neck, highlighting it. Eijun went limp immediately in submission, moaning and letting the alpha bite him again and again, on his bonding mark and everywhere else on his neck.


"Feeling alright?"


"Yea-ah!" Eijun moaned between his constant purring when another spurt of hot cum filled him up even more, shifting back to push the knot deeper.


"Good. Now sleep." Kazuya purred and ran a hand on the boy's front, caressing and slowly lulling him to sleep.


"Ye~ah." Eijun yawned and for the first time since his heat started early in the morning, he was content and fell asleep immediately.




A week later after his heat was over, Eijun felt that something was not exactly right. He was always sleepy, had no energy to do anything at all, he was always hungry and ate at least twice as much than normal, but the worst of it all was his sudden craving for natto.


At first he thought that his hormonal system got a bit crazy after his heat and waited for it to pass, however the strange symptoms stayed another week not showing any sign of leaving, only making his life more miserable. He had thoughts of telling it to Kazuya, but poor alpha was already stressed enough with his exams and preparation for graduation, it wasn't that big of a problem to trouble his lover.


On the third week however, Eijun got fed up with his condition and visited the nearest hospital. It was strange because he had to go alone, he couldn't rely on Kazuya or Youichi, but his insecurity as an omega reared its ugly head, making him twitchy to every sudden noise or movement. It was also a strange symptom, since he was a shapeshifter strong enough to blow anyone up who dares to approach him even with slightest malice.


"Sawamura-san, this way please." A kind nurse came to get him and showed him the way to his doctor.


When he entered, a kind looking old woman greeted him. "Good morning, Sawamura-san. How may I help you?" She then opened the file in front of her, running through the informations in there, nodding and scribbling something in it.


"Good morning." Greeted Eijun back, taking a seat by the doctor's desk, relaxing immediately at the woman's smile, reminding him of his own mother. "Well, there's something wrong with me, I just can't identify what."


"Okay. Can you tell me your symptoms?" Eijun thought for a bit then began.


"It started around three weeks ago. I'm always tired and sleepy, eating so much it's alarming and I feel somewhat vulnerable outside, but the worst is my constant craving for that disgusting natto. I never liked it and suddenly my only wish is to eat it." The doctor wrote everything down and then asked Eijun to lie down on the examining table.


Eijun did as instructed and the kind doctor slowly pulled his shirt up. Then she slowly began to touch Eijun's stomach, carefully pressing down. Afterward she pulled the ultrasound machine and put the head of the transducer on his belly, moving it slightly and intently watching the screen.


Eijun just watched as she did her job, not understanding why was she so obsessed with his stomach. It's not something related to his digestive system… His sudden fear outside definitely is not. Yet he understood it soon.


"Please look here for a second." Said the doctor and pointed at the screen. "You see this little shadow right here?" Eijun nodded, squinting at the barely noticeable shadow, totally lost about what that exactly meant. "When did you have your last heat, if I can ask?"


Eijun still puzzled answered. "Three weeks ago. Why?"


"I'm sorry to ask such a personal question, but did you have a sexual intercourse with an alpha or beta on your heat?"


"Yeah, I did wh-" But he didn't have to finish his question, the answer dawning on him immediately. Tears gathered in his eyes and they suddenly fell down, his wide smile making even the doctor smile. "Oh my God! Does that mean…?!"


"Yes, congratulations. You are pregnant." The doctor printed the picture and with a marker pen, she circled the shadow she was pointing at earlier.


"Oh God, Kazuya will be so happy! Can't wait to tell him!"


Eijun cried like a little kid on the examining table, looking at the picture the doctor gave him of the new life growing in his belly.




Kazuya knew that something was definitely wrong with Eijun. He was always smiling, his happiness radiating off of him in waves, brightening up the whole place wherever he went. It's not a bad thing per se, it was just very suspicious and whenever Kazuya asked what happened, Eijun always answered: Nothing, while giggling like a lovesick schoolgirl.


It made the alpha uneasy and tense in worse ways than his exams.


His instincts screamed at him that his omega was slowly backing away from him, probably found someone else, a better alpha to take care of him. Kazuya remembered the warning he got a long time ago from his alter ego. If an omega is not feeling safe or loved, he or she'll leave.


As the days passed he was more and more stressed, firstly because of Eijun's sudden happiness and secondly because his graduation was just two days away, his exams getting more and more harder to overcome.


Even Youichi showed some rare signs of heavy concern towards his friend, as the alpha's mood soured with each day. This time, Kazuya didn't ask for help from his friend, turning the worried beta down every time he offered help. He had to do something about it by himself, it was his own problem.


But, Eijun's lips were so tightly shut that Kazuya never learned the reason behind his joy.


On the day of his graduation Eijun was there as well, sitting in the row for family right before Chris-senpai's row, sometimes saying something to the alpha, sometimes smiling happily at the alpha onstage. Kazuya slowly began to think that the alpha Eijun found for himself was no other than Chris-senpai himself.


Eijun had a camera in his hands, impatiently waiting for the ceremony to start, the ultrasound picture sitting heavily in his pocket.


After Kazuya got his diploma and left to get Eijun, the omega was chatting with Youichi's family. He was gesturing wildly, laughing about something Youichi's mom said, saying something back and making Youichi's family laugh in return.

The beta boy kicked the alpha in his butt, toward their family.


"What are you waiting for?" However Eijun noticed them, excusing himself from the merry company and walked to them, Youichi immediately leaving the alpha so they could talk alone.


"Congratulations!" Said Eijun as he hugged the alpha's neck and kissed him.


To Kazuya the kiss was bittersweet, knowing that it won't last for long if he won't do something and fast. From the corner of his eye he saw Chris-senpai watching them, slightly tapping his foot on the scraped wood floor as if he was impatiently waiting for something. Or someone. His traitorous mind offered.


"Thank you. Sorry for the long wait."


"No, no. It's fine." Kazuya interpreted it as if the omega was happy because he was never at home and he had a chance to flirt with others. Before Kazuya had a chance to say anything else, Eijun beat him to it. "Also there's something I need to tell you. I didn't know which time would be the best, so I decided to tell you on the day you graduate from school."


Kazuya swallowed hard, salvia suddenly thick on his tongue. So I'm late. Here it comes.


"Kazuya, I'm the happiest man alive at the moment and today I can share my joy with you. Soon you'll be a father. I'm pregnant." For a long second Kazuya stood stock still, staring at the omega in front of him. Wait, so he won't leave me for someone else? Also what did he said? Pregnant? Preg-nant?


"Kazuya?" Eijun slowly approached the still unmoving alpha, touching his forearm. In the corner of his eye, he saw Youichi leave his family and walk toward them, but froze in place when he saw a tear drop from the alpha's eye, then another and then he was silently crying and grinning like an idiot. He suddenly grabbed Eijun's waist and lifted him up, laughing loudly and spinning around the boy in his arms, catching all the attention in the gym.


"Are you serious?!" Kazuya yelled and laughed and Eijun never saw him like this, but it made him two times happier than he already felt.


"Yeah. I'm around a month in. It probably happened on my last heat."


Before anyone could even ask the alpha what's wrong, he yelled at the top of his lungs. "I'LL BE A FATHEEER!!"


The gym erupted in cheers and congratulations.




When the good news spread to the whole Seido team including the coaches as well, they threw a big party for Eijun. Kazuya literally drank himself under the table, laughing all the time and singing 'I'v be a faher'. Everyone was extremely surprised to see the usually hard to approach and snarky controller lose his edge totally and behave like a complete dork, however they were really glad to see the boy happy and see the fond smile on Eijun's face as his hand involuntary found its way to his still flat belly.


That same weekend Kazuya and Eijun visited the Sawamuras to tell the amazing news in person, Eijun taking some time off from work since he knew his mom won't let them go easily also trying to gain as much energy as he could.


They got a group hug, teary eyes from literally everyone, few pats on head and shoulder from the two men for Kazuya and a crying mother for Eijun, already explaining what'll happen and what he needs to do.


That week Emi, Eijun and Kazuya discussed the wedding. Both boys unanimously agreed for the wedding to be held in their village, making Emi cry and hug both her sons. In just a week, Emi prepared everything: she called the flower shop, the chefs and booked the ballroom while Kazuya informed everyone from Seido, including the coaches and invited them to join them on their happy day. Lastly Kazuya called few of his other friends and family excluding his own father. He was still angry at him for what he said 4 years ago in that small hospital room.


Emi called Eijun's friends and their whole family, while Eijun was lying on the swing bed watching the whole ordeal take place.


The ceremony was planned for a month later so Eijun's belly won't be too big and he could fit in his suit.


Emi made preparations for the boys to get tailored suits from Nagano, both of them going to the tailor to get their measures, also calculating how will Eijun's two month belly look. They all agreed for Kazuya's suit to be a traditional black one, while Eijun's a white one.


When Eijun stepped in the fifth week of his pregnancy, his craving for natto intensified and his every morning began with morning sickness. Kazuya was by his side all the time, Emi bringing his baby boy all the home-made practices to decrease his symptoms, reassuring him that it's all normal no need for panic.


Eiji and Eitoku never let the boy lift anything heavy or shooed him away from work. At some point Eijun was upset because he was left out of everything and sought Kazuya for comfort, sticking to the alpha's side almost 24/7.


The alpha noticed since Eijun was pregnant he became more attached to him, taking advantage of every second they were together. Kazuya knew that partially it was instinct, but he was still happy to feel his lover close, lying a hand on the omega's barely noticeable baby bump.


Their days passed in pure bliss, preparing for the nearing wedding and Kazuya secretly arranging their honeymoon.


Eijun slowly gained weight as the baby in his belly grew, showing more and more in a form of a cute baby bump. Kazuya was over the moon with happiness and in a blink of an eye, they were standing in front of each other, saying their vows in front of God and their family and friends, Kazuya watching Eijun burst into tears when he was saying his vow, hands trembling in Kazuya's as the alpha put the ring on his finger.


The whole church erupted in cheers when they kissed, all of them leaving to the ballroom to continue the celebration.


They all drank, danced, yelled and enjoyed the happy occasion, probably Eijun being the only fully sober of them all and laughing at all the idiocy their guests did. It was all blackmail gold.


After the party was over, Kazuya took his clueless lover to their honeymoon on the seaside, taking care of his adorable husband.


When they came back, Kazuya started to work in the same Arena in Tokyo Eijun was in, they almost literally blew everyone's mind with their perfect teamwork quickly raising their fame, until Eijun stepped in the third month of his pregnancy. Then the omega took his maternity leave much sooner, because he found his job too risky for his pregnancy, the management also agreeing, surprisingly.


Later on it was like every household: Kazuya going to work together with his friend Youichi, doing everything in his power to help his husband, while Eijun was at home doing all the chores he could, protecting the new life in his belly and waiting of his husband to come home.


"I'm home." Declared Kazuya as he stepped in, plastic bags rustling on his hands as he stepped out of his sneakers.


"Welcome home." Eijun said as he waited for the alpha to straighten and kissed him, smiling when he felt a hand sneak on his small baby bump.


Eijun heard the Snake soul say to him. "Boy, I'm glad you finally found your happiness. Never let it go."