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Jung Hoseok wasn’t by any means a possessive person. Or at least he didn’t think he was, until that night happened.

He knew it was coming, it wasn't a secret and hell, he had even assisted to some rehearsals before the real thing; but nothing could have prepared him for the show Taehyung and Seokjin put on right before his eyes that night.

The latter was kneeling on the middle of the stage, his presence still imposing despite the fact that he wasn’t even standing; he was blindfolded by a dark piece of clothing and Hoseok simply couldn't keep his eyes away from the man’s red and appealing plump lips. The piece of dark velvet material obstructing his view made voices whisper obscene and dirty things in a corner of Hoseok’s mind, and he had to physically shake his head to make the sudden heat flush in his lower body calm down.
Taehyung, his cute and lovable dongsaeng suddenly appeared on the other end of the stage, as planned, and with a playful grin that made him look so so so different from who he usually was, he got closer to the kneeling figure of Seokjin, his steps quick and confident. When he got behind the man, he suddenly took off his jacket to reveal a lean and muscular body, making the fans go wild, and Hoseok would probably have been amused if the man in front of Taehyung wasn’t Kim Seokjin.

Standing still, hidden behind the shadow of a dark curtain to wait until it was his turn to get on stage, he watched the two people in front of him with a blank expression on his face although the proximity of their bodies made his heart go wild. Next to him, digging his nails into the palm of Hoseok’s hand, stood Jungkook. The maknae had an unreadable expression on his face, but Hoseok could feel that his boyfriend was thinking the same things as him. He held his hand more tightly, flashed him a reassuring smile, and it instantly seemed to make the younger one feel better; they had never needed words to understand each other after all.
A few seconds that seemed to be as long as a decade later, Taehyung finally got up and moved away from Seokjin. Hoseok let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding, and stepped on the stage, ready to blow their fans’ minds again, but carefully avoiding any eye contact with both of his boyfriends. He couldn’t afford being distracted now, not when thousands of fans were watching. Seokjin would be punished… in due time.


It happened on a Saturday night, a day after the MAMA awards. In their minivan, the atmosphere was silent, as usual. All the members were exhausted after the reality show they had recorded and no one had the strength to even try to talk. When they finally got to the dorm that they had learned to call their home after all these years, Jimin whined until he got a piggyback ride to his bed from Yoongi, while Taehyung bolted to his room to try the new game he had bought that morning and Namjoon excused himself to the studio.

The only ones left were Hoseok, Jungkook, and of course, Seokjin.

When they all headed to their joint room and Hoseok immediately went inside their bathroom, Seokjin knew something was coming. It showed in the way Hoseok’s eyes had darkened when he had looked at him earlier, in the way Jungkook’s smile had slightly evolved from his usual innocent grin to something more playful. Something that was almost scaringly sinful.

“Sit down, hyung,” Jungkook said, in the silence of the room. Seokjin looked at him for a short instant, before he obeyed him and slowly sat on the bed they shared to wait for what was next.
Hoseok came out of the bathroom a few seconds later, hiding something behind his back, which piqued Seokjin’s curiosity. He was about to open his mouth and ask his boyfriend what was happening, but the latter interrupted him with a smile before he could do so.

“Don’t be so impatient, baby. You’ll know soon enough.”

As Hoseok was speaking, Jungkook had moved behind Seokjin, and the man suddenly felt the maknae’s careful fingers under his chin angle his head so he could attire him in a deep and sloppy kiss that made him forget every single question that he had until now.
Suddenly, Seokjin felt a piece of something smooth cover his eyes, cutting him from the delicious sight of Jungkook’s needy eyes; a familiar sensation.
“Let’s set some rules before we start, hyung,” Jungkook said, as Seokjin felt him get up from behind him, probably going to Hoseok’s side like the oh so loyal little puppy he was.
“If you touch us, we stop everything.”
“That’s ridiculous!” Seokjin complained, and it came out sounding like a whine much to his displease.
“Quiet,” Jungkook cut him, his voice suddenly cold. It sent shivers down Seokjin’s spine; his little boy wasn’t in the mood to be submissive today, it seemed.
“You can listen and taste, but only through our commands. If you try to even move your hands, we’ll leave the room,” continued Hoseok, his smirk almost audible. “You’ll understand what we felt when we saw you with Taehyung, earlier.”
“Your bodies can’t even be compared to his. He’s beautiful, but the both of you are masterpieces, my masterpieces,” whispered Seokjin, eager to manifest his love; but before he had the time to continue his sentence, he suddenly felt a finger hush him, pushing against his lips. He obediently opened up and let the fingers inside his mouth, sucking as his tongue twirled around them. He heard a laugh, Hoseok’s one.

“You’re so needy, hyung.”

His fingers were suddenly pulled out of Seokjin’s mouth, and now that Seokjin was once again in the wait for something to happen, he heard a very distinct and familiar jingle.
He cursed, his breath hitching in his throat.

“Remember,” sing-songed Hoseok. “You can’t touch us and you can’t remove that blindfold.”

Seokjin bit the inside of his mouth, feeling all his blood rush to the lower parts of his body. He knew exactly what was happening, for the toys his boyfriends were currently playing with were some he personally picked for them not so long ago.
He knew exactly what Jungkook looked like with that laced pink choker around his throat, the little bell attached to the cloth letting out sounds everytime he thrusted into him. He knew exactly what Hoseok was going to do to their baby now, but couldn’t even watch them, and the feeling was simultaneously maddening and so arousing.
D-daddy,” moaned Jungkook, and Seokjin almost got up before he remembered their warnings. He had to be patient, no matter what it took; so he tried to keep calm and listened.
The sounds were unbearably sinful; he heard Hoseok uncap a bottle of lube then pour some all over his fingers, and according to Jungkook’s sharp and surprised gasp, the man probably had let some drop on the younger’s body.
Slick and wet sounds of skin came to Seokjin’s ears next, accompanied by broken and melodious noises coming from the maknae, and the little bell slightly starting to jingle. Hoseok was opening up Jungkook’s entrance, inserting one finger after the other inside the younger man; and Seokjin felt like his whole skin was burning. His hand almost instinctively got closer to his own crotch, seeking for release, but he instantly freezed when Jungkook moaned even louder than he had until now.

“Daddy, don’t, please! If you move, he’s going- he’s going to stop but it feels so good,” Jungkook whined, in a tone that was incredibly pure although the sound of Hoseok’s fingers continuing to penetrate him were still audible. Seokjin felt blood in his mouth but he continued to bite on the inside of his mistreated cheek.



When the sounds finally stopped, Hoseok seemingly satisfied by his work, Seokjin felt like he was about to explode.
“You look so cute, pretty little thing,” Hoseok said. He could only hear that Jungkook was panting, but Seokjin knew the boy was probably blushing because of the praise. The clothes on his skin felt too heavy and he felt almost as tired as his two lovers although he technically hadn’t moved since everything had started.
“Please, please at least let me watch you,” he implored.
Jungkook and Hoseok stayed silent, probably quietly debating. Then, after what felt like centuries, a swift hand came to untie the knot of the blindfold; Seokjin was first blinded by the ambient light before his eyes got used to it after a few seconds.

The sight before him was to behold.

Jungkook was sitting in the big loveseat of the room, his head thrown back against the back of the chair. His cheeks were flushed a deep pink, almost matching the choker around his neck; he wore a cat ears headband that wasn't even put on right anymore, all messed up by Hoseok’s little game, as were the younger boy’s brown hair strands.
Hoseok was sitting on the floor, next to him, obnoxiously sucking his fingers one by one. His hair was messed up too, and his eyes were hooded, a cocky expression on his face; Seokjin felt the need to fuck that attitude out of him until he cried and begged for release; but the man clearly had other plans for the little trio. The oldest man’s eyes slowly traveled on the bodies of his wrecked lovers until his attention stopped on the fluffy tail that seemed to have grown out of Jungkook’s body. Its base was buried deep inside their baby’s ass, and only the tail could be seen, resting against his thigh, still wet and sticky from the lube; Hoseok had done a wonderful job.

Seokjin felt his cock twitch, and he gritted his teeth, watching Jungkook knowingly smile at him. Soon enough, the smile was wiped out of the younger’s face, replaced by an expression of pure and wild pleasure: Hoseok’s slender fingers had taken hold of the plug once again, painfully slowly moving it in and out of Jungkook. The maknae’s toes were curled up and he desperately gripped the armrest of his chair, tears welling up in his eyes and his cheeks reddening out of shame because of the wet and obscene squelching noises the toy made when it entered him.
Hoseok had his brows furrowed, concentrated on making their baby feel good, although his own cock was already starting to leak precum, uncared for. Seokjin would have done anything to suck the younger man off on the spot.
“I,” suddenly panted Jungkook, putting a shaking hand on Hoseok’s one, still holding the plug. “I want to play with Daddy too,” he whispered, carefully, his broken voice going straight to Seokjin’s cock. He called both of his lovers his daddies, but all three of them knew who he was currently talking about.
“You’re such a slut,” Hoseok smiled, his tone amused. He suddenly took the tail plug out of Jungkook, the younger man groaning at the feeling of emptiness that washed over him for a few seconds, before his lover suddenly buried the toy inside him again, all at once without a warning, making him cry out of pleasure and arch his back.
Then, Hoseok got up and walked towards Seokjin, his entirely naked body in display. He had a lean and muscular silhouette, his muscles lightly toned and his perky cock flushed a light pink that proudly showed his arousal. Seokjin had spent countless nights worshipping that body but he never got tired of seeing it.
Hoseok had a certain expression on his face, the one only Jungkook and Seokjin had gotten to see since it was reserved for their little games; it was a mixture of sin, arrogance and provocation.

The man stopped when he stood right in front of Seokjin, Jungkook watching them attentively from the loveseat.
“Don’t forget, hyungie,” repeated Hoseok, the innocent pet name painfully obscene in his mouth. “You don’t get to touch me.”
The man lifted his hand and lightly, from the tip of his fingers, he caressed Seokjin’s cheek like it was made of glass, adoring and loving; then, he slapped him, making the oldest one gasp in surprise, his cheek already reddening. Jungkook moaned, deeply aroused.
“You little-” Seokjin started, stopping his sentence without ever having the chance to finish it. He was interrupted by Hoseok straddling his lap, rubbing his cock against his lover’s clothed crotch and taking his mouth with his own to swallow every single one of the moans he let out. Seokjin had been forced to only watch for too long and now even that slow contact had felt blissful, making him throw his head back; he kissed back, biting and sucking, his hands still resting behind his back because he wasn’t allowed to touch.
“You little slut,” Hoseok said, breaking the kiss, and Seokjin thought he had been talking to him until he noticed that the man on his lap had turned his head around to look at Jungkook. “How does it feel to see your two daddies play together, huh?”
Jungkook only whined, his eyes full of need and he looked like a little abandoned kitten, sitting on his own with the butt plug still inside him.
“H-hoseok-ah,” Seokjin ended up saying. “Don’t stop.”
Hoseok threw his head back in laughter then looked at his hyung, entertained.
“I’m going to fuck myself on your pretty little cock, hyung.” He said, between two wet kisses.

Seokjin felt his whole body heat up, his eyes widening and his mouth went dry.

“I’m going to fuck myself open on my own, using you and if you try to move I’ll leave. You know I will.”
Jungkook seemed to break down at his words, the want in his eyes growing even darker. He needed his hyungs’ attention, so so bad.
“Be a good boy, baby,” Hoseok told him, flashing him a smile. “You’ll be rewarded later. Come and help your daddy, kitten.”
The maknae immediately got up from his seat, before he remembered what he was told so many times; cats didn’t walk. The youngest kneeled down, using both his hands and his legs to get to his hyungs, patiently and fondly looking at him. He had his head bowed down in shame, but of course they all knew how much Jungkook liked this type of things; he was entirely naked, and the only thing he could see from that angle was the tail plug coming out of his own ass. The sight was so dirty that he felt the toy slightly slip out of his entrance; so he clenched tight and finally got to his hyungs.
“You’re so obedient, little kitten, you know how much we love you, huh?”
Jungkook nodded. Of course he knew.
“Prep me, baby. Eat me up.” Hoseok smiled, making the younger man’s eyes widen. They had never done something like this before; of course Jungkook had received this kind of treatment from both Hoseok and Seokjin before, but never had he ever tried to do it to one of his daddies.
His eyes shining from enthusiasm, he looked up to Seokjin to get permission, for even if Hoseok had an entire control on him, Hoseok also had a master when they played; and it was his other lover.
Catching his gaze, Hoseok turned Jungkook’s face in his direction again, an amused expression on his face.
“Did you forget? He’s being punished, he doesn’t get to decide anything today. Do it, baby, unless you don’t want to?”
Jungkook almost cried out of frustration; of course he wanted to, and he wasn’t going to let this chance get away from him.

Seokjin digged his nails into the palm of his hand. He could only watch, once again, and he didn’t know how long he’d last.
Hoseok had his arms around Seokjin, his face buried in his neck as his shaky moans left little ghosts of heat on the exposed skin of his hyung.
Behind him, kneeling in front of both of them, was Jungkook. The boy had a concentrated expression on his angelic face, his eyes closed as his mouth- (god), as his mouth kissed Hoseok’s entrance (oh god), his tongue licking the hole and entering it without warnings, making Hoseok shiver, cuddled up in Seokjin’s arms. The man could probably feel just how hard Seokjin was, by now, and it only seemed to add to his arousal.
“A-ah, baby, enough,” Hoseok moaned as Jungkook left one last langorous kiss on him. “I’m ready. Go and make sure your daddy is a good boy, like you are.”
Jungkook didn’t wait to be told twice and got up, climbing on the bed behind Seokjin, still waiting for what was about to happen. The maknae wiped his wet lips quickly, then obediently put his hands on Seokjin’s ones, restraining his movements; Seokjin shivered, remembering just how strong his baby was, although he liked to be babied and cared for like he wasn’t sometimes.
However, his attention was quickly captured by Hoseok once again, the man starting to get up from his lap. He rested his forehead against Seokjin’s one, looking down on the pants his lover was wearing; he quickly unzipped them, pulling them down with a need that was apparent on his face. Only Seokjin’s deep blue boxer stood between Hoseok’s fingers and his crotch, and Hoseok put his hand on it, playing with his lover’s clothed length with a lazy smile for a while, milking exasperated moans out of him until he decided to finally get rid of the underwear.
Seokjin’s cock sprung free, and it was already so shamefully wet because of his own precum that Hoseok let out a laugh. The man pushed his fingers against Seokjin’s lips once again, and his lover opened wide, letting Hoseok put his fingers inside his mouth until he made him gag; then Hoseok got them out of the cavity to start stroking on the older man’s length, using Seokjin’s saliva to lubricate his own cock. He pumped it slowly, painfully so, looking at Seokjin without avoiding his gaze. His lover looked like a wreck, his eyes hooded and his mouth parted in a shaky moan.
Jungkook, still hungrily looking at Seokjin’s cock started peppering his back and neck with kisses, biting him hard enough to sometimes leave blue and red marks. Seokjin felt like he could die right here and then, because of the pleasure the two people he loved the most brought him.

Hoseok's hand then stopped the movements, settling on holding the tip between two fingers. Seokjin watched, breathless as Hoseok got up from his lap, slighly shaking; his lover turned his head to the back also watching carefully.
He guided the older man's length until it prodded around his entrance, letting it rub against him for a few seconds, as Seokjin started moaning already.
Then, he put his hand on one of Seokjin's shoulders, and lowered himself until the tip of the cock entered him.
Seokjin let out a hiss. "You're so tight, baby…"
Hoseok didn't reply, his eyes closed and his face focused. The man sank himself down slowly on Seokjin's cock until he was fully seated on his lap; he couldn't even think anymore, his mind clogged by a mixture of intense pleasure and pain.
Then, ignoring for now the pain, he started to bounce on his lover's cock, thrusting it in himself on his own over and over again.
"A-ah," his boyfriend cried out, their gasps sounding like they were made to be heard together. But not today.
"Shut up," Hoseok said, putting his hand on the other man's mouth. "You're being punished, if i hear you again I'll let Kookie fuck me instead."
Jungkook groaned from behind Seokjin, his eyes full of want. The younger man had started palming himself, looking attentively at his two daddies playing together.
Hoseok, his hand still clasping Seokjin's mouth shut,  continued his irregular and sloppy thrusts, pushing the cock in himself until it was buried to the hilt; the act made wet sounds of skin slapping against skin, and the room smelled like sex and sweat, but none of them seemed to care, too busy indulging in the pleasure.
"Harder, daddy, fuck him harder!" Jungkook moaned. The two other men's baby jerked himself off by coordinating his hand with Hoseok's thrusts; his forehead was covered in sweat and his whole body shook under the pleasure.
When he heard his words, a part of Seokjin's mind that was still conscious and not maddened by the overwhelming pleasure realized that Hoseok was basically the one fucking him, dominating him, and that made him lose his mind a little more.
"Ah-ah I love you so much," he cried, his voice and his moans still muffled by Hoseok's hand.
Jungkook still heard him, and his words made the maknae lose the rest of self control he still had; he grabbed Seokjin by the throat, making him lie down on the mattress. Then, Jungkook turned himself around so he could sit on the oldest's tummy, close to Hoseok who was still sharply snapping his hips repeatedly on Seokjin's cock, with a precision that showed how good of a dancer he was.
Jungkook brushed a few sweaty hair strands off Seokjin's forehead, then he cupped his cheeks to look closely at the man's eyes; they were cloudy, hazed by the deep pleasure and full of luxure, and it made Jungkook so, so satisfied. He kissed him deeply, intertwining their tongues, biting and sucking until they both felt breathless.
Then, the maknae felt something that made him shudder out of pleasure and surprise. Seokjin, although he was being fucked out of his mind had grabbed his tail plug and maintained it on his own tummy; this was an invitation for Jungkook to fuck himself on it, and Jungkook almost cried, thankful to finally be offered a way to relieve himself.



Seokjin felt like he could black out at any moment now but he forced his eyes to stay open so he could look at Jungkook fucking himself on the tail plug Seokjin was clutching, the younger man supporting his own weight on his elbow, almost lying down on Seokjin's torso. Behind him, Hoseok was doing the same thing but on his actual cock, and Seokjin could feel just how tight and slick the man still was, making him grasp a piece of the fresh sheats underneath him.
He could hear himself moaning things that sounded like both of his lovers' names, love declarations and curses that he usually never used, like they came from another person.
"I'm so close," Hoseok cried out, his broken voice souding like a sweet melody in Seokjin's ears. The man saw Jungkook sit up, still bouncing on the toy, then reaching for Hoseok's untouched cock to start pumping him sloppily.
Hoseok came after a few seconds on the unbearable treatment, his entrance sore and his length oversensitive after everything they had been put through; he made a mess all over himself, some of his semen even getting on Jungkook’s back, sobbing because of how powerful the pleasure he felt was. When he felt the man’s walls clenching around his own cock, Seokjin couldn’t hold it anymore and just let everything go, his voice breaking and Hoseok still riding him through his orgasm until he milked him free of all his cum; Jungkook had tears rolling down his face, gasping just how close he was, and although Seokjin felt like he could collapse right here and then, he took the youngest one’s hand.
“Come to daddy, I’ll help you.”

The maknae stopped his desperate thrusts and looked at him; Seokjin rolled over, making his way over Jungkook, their bodies finally at their right places. The oldest kissed his baby’s lips lightly, then got down from the bed, kneeling in front of him; he took Jungkook’s cock in his mouth and quickly helped him get off, letting the length’s tip hit his throat; it didn’t take long, seen as Jungkook was already about to climax on his own, and when he did, Hoseok got up from the bed to put his fingers around the youngest’s throat, tightening them until he choked, his eyes fluttering out of pleasure and his fingers intertwined in Seokjin’s soft brown hair strands. Seokjin swallowed tenderly the hot and thick liquid coming out of his baby’s pretty little cock, then got up to kiss Hoseok one last time, sharing Jungkook’s semen’s taste, before they all collapsed on the bed.




A few minutes later, the three of them were cuddling on the big bed they’d been sharing for several years now, quickly cleaned up. Jungkook slept in between Hoseok and Seokjin, held by his two hyungs and he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“It’s late, Kookie, you know we have to sleep.” Seokjin whispered, still not understanding why Jungkook was so categorically refusing to fall asleep yet.

“Hyung,” Jungkook started, yawning cutely, “I-”

He couldn’t finish his sentence, interrupted by his phone’s alarm going off; it played a soft, sweet and oh so tender melody the three lovers knew very well. A fond smile appeared on Seokjin’s lips when he recognized the tune, and it made Jungkook feel so happy he could have given up everything for this moment.

“Happy birthday, Seokjin-hyung. We love you,” Jungkook whispered, Hoseok simply nodding besides him; but his eyes said it all.


They fell asleep that way, as Awake was still playing softly on Jungkook’s phone, a lullaby cradling them for the rest of the night.