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Courting Disaster

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He wondered if the man liked the novel Kiss the Cook apron he had found in Muggle London and variety of cook books. His fingers traced over the gift the small elf had delivered in return, a true crime novel about Agatha Christie’s 1926 December disappearance. He looked forward to reading it. His fingers moved over to the cream envelope and he snatched it up, eagerly pulling the parchment from it.  

Rest assured that my own collection remains intact. You may read on and enjoy your holidays with a clear conscience. As you can see, I had no problem in finding a present for you (please accept this as a Christmas present) as I have no doubt you will eventually settle on an appropriately identity-concealing gift. I do like the idea of the cookbook, though. I would like to know what foods you enjoy and promise to practice my cooking skills for you whenever you reveal yourself. Even if we do end up with you on your knees, for I believe I would enjoy watching your lips wrapped around me, my essence glistening on your swollen lips as I slip from their greedy capture, flaccid and sated from your ministrations. But, once again, I fear I have passed a boundary that should not be mine to pass. I find myself torn, as I enjoy your letters but I also know there is a possibility that there can be nothing between us. I do not wish to hurt you because I have come to appreciate the person you present on parchment but, if you are someone I find I cannot move forward with, I beg your forgiveness. The vague reference to past potions classes intrigues me, though it does not diminish my list of potentials as those I had considered had ample opportunity to observe me in that particular environment. Does that mean you are one I have already considered?  Let us hope so, for they all stand a chance at earning my regard. Though at the moment, I can promise nothing more than the opportunity for friendship. I hope I am not ruining your holidays with my words but I need to know I have not led you on in any regard. I wish you would not hide from me any longer. I wish to get to know the real you. To learn if I can be attracted to more than words on a page. Have I begun to sound desperate yet? I fear I may be. But I will wait patiently for your decision. –Harry

Was he ready? The man had all but reassured him his friendship at the very least would be welcome. Perhaps they could go from there? Once the man knew of his true feelings there would be no going back. It would be out there, for both of them to deal with and their current tentative friendship might not survive. But wasn’t it better to know? He tossed back his glass of whiskey and let the harsh liquor burn down his throat. He needed to make a decision. He would force a decision at the New Year. It wasn’t right to make the man torment himself with guilt. They both needed to know if this could go anywhere. Making his decision he rose from his couch and went to get ready for dinner.


Harry raised his glass in a salute to his fireplace. Or maybe it was the cards and letters spread out on the table in front of it. He took another sip and his mind wondered back to the conversation that had taken place that evening in the staff lounge. The last student going home for the holidays had been ushered onto the train hours earlier and the remaining students were safely ensconced in their dorms so the staff had gathered for their (supposedly) annual holiday celebration, a small party held in the staff lounge. Occasionally a ghost would glide in with a report that all was well with the students while the professors relaxed with nog and cider and an assortment of Christmas sweets. Minerva had mentioned a casserole that her sister was fond of and Harry had replied that Hermione’s version was quite delicious.

“I thought I distinctly remember you and Mr. Weasley teasing her about her lack of cooking skills while the three of you were on the run,” She said with a teasing smile.

Harry laughed. “Yes, and that is why she insisted I join her for cooking classes. Though, I must admit it led to a love of cooking and quite improved my personal potion making skills.”

“It’s a pity she didn’t push you into those classes when we were children then,” Blaise teased. Harry merely smiled at the man.

Minerva gave the man an odd look and turned back to Harry. “What kind of foods do you like to cook, Harry?”

“I like the diversity of Indian cuisine but nothing beats the comfort of British tradition. Although recently I acquired a book of Greek recipes I am eager to try.”

“I have never had Greek food,” Minerva said. “Perhaps you will have to make enough for us all to try. Don’t you agree, Severus?”

Harry looked up as the dark headmaster appeared beside his deputy. He raised an eyebrow. “With what, Minerva?”

“That Harry should bring some dishes for us to try. He said he was thinking of trying out some recipes from a Greek cookbook. Don’t you think that would be interesting?”

The man shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. I have never tried Greek cuisine.”

“According to Malfoy it is delicious,” Blaise volunteered with a smile at Harry.

Harry had to force his smile to stay in place. Until that moment he hadn’t realized how much he wanted his anonymous courter to be Severus. He didn’t want it to be Malfoy. He hadn’t lied, he would offer the man friendship, but that was all he could offer. Severus had his heart, even as it broke into a thousand pieces, Harry could admit the man held every piece in his hand. Harry had stayed at the party another quarter hour before admitting defeat and slinking away to his quarters. He had proceeded to pull out the letters and re-read them with Malfoy in mind and found he just couldn’t do it. He didn’t want it to be Malfoy and he didn’t give a damn how petulant he sounded. He would have to write the man a letter tomorrow when he was sober and just be up front. There was nothing to it. He wanted Severus and he was tired of hiding it. Could he risk putting it all on the line? He eyed the letters. Malfoy was willing to. But, dammit, he didn’t want Malfoy. Harry knocked back his drink and slammed the glass on the table, causing some of the papers to flutter.

Twenty minutes later Severus opened the door to Harry’s furious knocking.

“What is it, Potter? It’s almost midnight.”

Harry stormed into the man’s office. “I don’t care if it’s you or not. I’ve made my decision.”

“Potter, what the hell are you talking about?”

Harry turned to face Severus. The man’s hair was wild, as if he’d been running his fingers through it and his clothes were rumpled from lounging around. Harry’s heart skipped several beats and his breath caught in his chest. He was so far in love with this man he couldn’t think straight.

“I don’t want it to be Malfoy,” Harry mumbled to himself before crossing over to the man, grabbing him by the neck, and crashing their lips together.

Merlin, the man tasted good, his scent filled Harry’s nose as he moved his lips over the taller man’s. It took Harry a second to realize Severus wasn’t responding back. Damn. He felt his heart break a little more and wondered how the hell he was going to face the man after this. He began to pull away and Severus reacted quickly, as if being woken from a trance. His hands grabbed Harry’s waist and pulled him tight against him as he opened his mouth to Harry’s questing tongue. Harry felt Severus’s whimper as he pushed the taller man against the wall and kissed him hard, pouring his want and need into the kiss. His tongue traced Severus’s lips and dipped inside the waiting mouth to taste the man’s whiskey that lingered on his tongue. He sucked the muscle into his mouth and scraped his teeth on it. He felt Severus shudder against him. Harry nipped at the man’s lip and moved his mouth to kiss along the scruffy jawline. Harry slid his hand up the man’s neck and shivered as his long hair feathered through his fingers. His lips and tongue made their way to Severus’s neck and Severus gasped, moving his head to give Harry better access.

“Severus,” Harry whispered as he nibbled on the man’s ear.

Severus whimpered as Harry pressed his erection against the answering hardness. “Harry. Harry, are you drunk?”

“Not anymore,” Harry whispered as his tongue swept along the shell of Severus’s ear.

Severus moaned. “Harry, wait.”

Harry pulled back at the desperate plea and stepped back. “Fuck. I’m sorry, Severus.” He covered his face with his hands and took a deep breath. “I’ll just go.”

He headed for the door but Severus reached out and grabbed his arm. Harry looked up into fiercely glaring eyes. “No. You will not come into my office and kiss me like that. Do those things to me and then just waltz out like it doesn’t mean anything.”

Harry glared back. “Waltz out! Does it look like I’m waltzing anywhere? I’m sorry I subjected you to my unwanted attentions, Professor. I- I wasn’t thinking clear.”

The man snorted. “Obviously not if you’re kissing me.”

Anger flared in Harry. “Don’t say that. Like I’d have to be out of my mind to want to kiss you.”

“Well, you would,” the man snapped.

Harry glared at him. “Then I must be out of my mind every fucking second of the day because that’s all I want to do.”

Snape blinked at him. “What?” He asked softly.

Harry ran a hand down his face. “You are so dense, Severus. I like you. I have for years. I respect you and admire you and I think you are sexy as hell and I would give anything to have a chance with you.”

Snape gaped at him. “W-what?”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Why do you think I took this job? I mean, yeah, I wanted out of the Auror Corp and I liked the idea of teaching, but you were really the deciding factor. All I really wanted was to see if we could be friends. I’m sorry if I’ve ruined that.”

It was Severus’s turn to grab Harry and pull him in for a kiss. “You haven’t,” he whispered before their lips met.

The kiss was long and slow. Harry relished every movement of their lips as they slid against each other. His tongue slid along Severus’s as they danced and thrust into each others mouths. Harry’s hands slid up Severus’s chest and worked at the buttons on the man’s robe until he could slide his hand along the pale skin. Severus shivered beneath his touch. He moved his lips to the exposed skin and sucked at the defined collarbone.

“Harry,” Severus gasped, “is this- is this a one off thing?”

“Not if I have any say in it,” Harry murmured against his skin.

Severus groaned as Harry’s hand slid down to cup his arse. “Harry, please. I need you in me.”

“Yes,” Harry gasped. “Sweet Merlin, yes. God Severus, I want you.”

Harry worked at more buttons on Severus’s robe and ran a palm over his dusky nipple. “Harry, the portraits.”

Harry pulled back and twisted his head to look at the portraits that lined Severus’s office. A few looked to be asleep but most were openly watching the display, especially a white haired wizard with a twinkle in his blue eyes. Harry turned back to Severus and, blocking the view from the portraits, re-buttoned Severus’s robe. He pressed a quick kiss to Severus’s cheek and chuckled softly when the man blushed.

“Will you take me to your rooms?”

Severus nodded and reached out to take Harry’s hand, pulling him through his office and the glamoured door to the sitting room. They continued through another door and Harry took in the large room that looked almost identical to Harry’s own bedroom except for the green and black color scheme. He tightened his hand around Severus’s and pulled the man to a stop.

“Harry?” The man turned uncertain dark eyes on him.

Harry smiled reassuringly and pulled the man closer. He cupped the scruffy jaw and ran the pad of his thumb over the thin cheek. His lips ghosted across Severus’s in an almost kiss. “I can’t believe I’m here,” he whispered against Severus’s lips.

He watched as Severus swallowed and blinked slowly. “Me either.”

“How long has it been?” Harry asked gently as his other hand stroked Severus’s hair.

The man lowered his eyelids. “A while.”

“I’ll go slow,” Harry reassured him.

Black eyes popped open. “Not too slow, I hope, Mr. Potter,” Severus said in the voice Harry was used to. “I said it’s been a while, not never. I’m no virgin that doesn’t know what is about to happen.” He reached down and grabbed Harry’s hard member. “Perhaps we should suck each other off real quick to take the edge off. Hmm?” His eyes dropped to where his hand held Harry. “I know I’ve dreamed of having you in my mouth for a while now.”

Harry swallowed thickly. “Have you?” he asked breathlessly.

Severus licked his lips. “Oh, yes.”

“Fuck. Me too,” Harry said as he stepped back just enough to get his hands on Severus’s robe. He made quick work of the buttons, his hands only leaving the fabric when Severus pulled his tee shirt over his head and to toss his glasses on the bedside table. He pushed Severus’s robe from his shoulders and watched the fabric slither to the floor, exposing the man’s black shorts that did little to hide his raging erection. Harry dragged his fingers along the tented fabric and Severus hissed. He reached for Harry’s jeans and was quickly pushing them from Harry’s hips. Harry toed his shoes off and kicked the pants from his ankles. He grabbed Severus and crashed their lips together in a desperate hungry kiss. He grabbed the dark hair and pulled the man’s head back to open his throat for Harry’s hungry mouth. “How do you want to do this?” Harry pressed their erections together and Severus’s breath faltered in Harry’s ear.

“I want to watch you suck me and then I want you to fuck my mouth.” His hand was once again on Harry’s cock. “I want this deep in my throat.”

Harry groaned. “Fuck, Severus.” He stepped back and pushed gently on the man’s chest. “Get on the bed.”

Severus moved and was soon reclining on a pile of pillows. He reached for his shorts and Harry moved quickly and straddled the man, pinning his arms to the bed. He leaned over and nipped at Severus’s bottom lip. “Tonight, I get that pleasure.”

Severus arched up against him. “Then get on with it, Potter.”

Harry chuckled and pressed a kiss to each of Severus’s nipples. “So impatient, My Severus.”

Severus arched up again. “Harry.”

Harry moved down Severus’s body, kissing the scars and marks from a history fraught with conflict. He reached the waistband of the shorts and pulled them down the long legs, exposing the large cock nestled in black curls. Harry placed a kiss on the purpling head and tossed Severus’s shorts on the floor. He ran a hand down a muscled thigh. “Open up for me, Severus.”

The long legs split and Harry moved between them placing a kiss on one thigh and kissing his way up as Severus’s legs moved further apart to accommodate his questing lips. He moved to the other thigh and worked his way up, placing kisses along the inner thigh of the man he loved. He paused at the juncture where thighs met and sucked hard on the tender skin.

“Harry,” Severus’s strangled voice urged him on. He licked his way up the leaking shaft and circled the head with his tongue. Severus panted above him and fought against Harry’s firm grip on his hips.

“Patience, my Severus,” Harry said. Severus let out a huff of breath and moaned as Harry wrapped his lips around the throbbing head. Harry took him in deep and Severus whimpered as the head of his cock hit the back of Harry’s throat. He let the soft head stroke his throat several more times as Severus whimpered and moaned desperately. He pulled off the cock and looked up at Severus, black eyes, though clouded with lust, watched him intently. Harry gave the man a slow smile before darting his tongue out to lick at the weeping opening. Severus bit his lip and Harry slowly circled the purpling head. Severus’s mouth dropped open and he was visibly panting as he watched Harry’s slow teasing. Harry wrapped his lips around the cock and kept his eyes locked with Severus’s as he went down, taking the man deeply. Severus’s eyes fluttered but he fought their closing and kept eye contact with Harry as his mouth slid up and down the cock. Harry pulled him in deep, circled his tongue, and sucked. Severus let out a long groan and Harry moaned his appreciation when the cock slid deep in his throat. He felt Severus tense beneath him and began to increase his pace. Sucking, pulling him in deep, he slid a hand up to tease at Severus’s balls and the man began panting audibly. He let one finger slid back to tease at the man’s hole.

“Harry,” Severus cried desperately. Harry moistened his finger and rubbed at Severus’s hole. He bucked against Harry’s restraining hold. “Harry. I- I.” Harry slid the tip of his finger in Severus’s hole and the man screamed as his cock pulsed in Harry’s mouth. Harry quickly drank down the offering as Severus bucked beneath him to a litany of “Yes. Yes. Harry. Harry.”

Harry reached down and removed his own shorts as he licked Severus clean. He moved up, straddling Severus’s waist. He looked down at the sated man and stroked his cheek. Severus turned into the touch and pressed a kiss to Harry’s palm. He turned and looked up at Harry.

“Can you slide down a bit?”

Severus nodded and slid down so Harry would have room between his head and the headboard. He stuffed two pillows under his head and Harry settled over his chest, his large cock swaying in front of Severus.

“Are you comfortable?” But Severus didn’t answer him as his eyes were locked on the mesmerizing cock. He reached out with his tongue and licked at Harry’s cock. Harry shivered at the touch. “Severus.” Dark eyes finally tore themselves away to look at him. Harry smiled down at him and traced a line down the cheek. “You’re beautiful.”

Severus closed his eyes. “Harry-“

Harry placed a finger over Severus’s mouth and dark eyes opened to look into his. “You are. And my opinion is all that matters.”

One eyebrow rose high. “That’s a bit arrogant isn’t it, Mr. Potter?”

Harry frowned at him. “When we are like this, my opinion is the only one that matters.” Harry raised himself up and grabbed his cock, running the moist tip along Severus’s lip. “Understand?”

Severus’s tongue slid out to taste at the wet trail Harry had left. “Yes,” he gasped as he grabbed Harry’s hips and pulled him closer in order to get a better taste of Harry. Harry sighed as Severus licked him like a lollipop before taking him between his lips. Harry moaned at the moist heat and the way Severus’s tongue played along his length. He took Harry in deep, slowly showing him how far he could take Harry.

“Fuck,” Harry gasped as Severus’s throat contracted around his prick. Severus moaned, sending vibrations through Harry’s cock and the sensation caused Harry to thrust forward automatically. Afraid he may have gone too far, Harry tried to pull back but Severus’s hands were holding his hips and he swallowed around Harry. “Fuck.” Harry pulled back and looked down as his cock slid from Severus’s lips, a strand of saliva connecting them. “That was okay?” Severus merely nodded. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I told you I wanted you to fuck my mouth, Harry. I want to feel you in my throat tomorrow every time I try to speak. Come back.”

Harry shivered as Severus grabbed his cock and wrapped his lips around it once more. He kept his hands on Harry’s hips as Harry moved over him, slow and careful at first and Harry set a steady tempo. He braced one hand against the headboard as he slowly slid in and out of Severus’s mouth, letting Severus’s tongue slide along the underside of his cock while the tip brushed against the back of the man’s throat. Severus kept his hands resting on Harry’s hips, ready to grab on if Harry got too rough. Harry increased his tempo slightly and one of Severus’s hands slid up his waist and followed the line of his free arm. He grabbed Harry’s hand and guided it to his head before going back to Harry’s waist. Taking the invitation, Harry grabbed the man’s hair and pulled his head back, opening the man’s throat. Severus groaned as Harry slid in deeply. Harry shuddered and began to thrust faster, his cock sliding into the welcome heat of Severus’s mouth. Harry looked down at the man and black eyes were focused on Harry’s disappearing cock. Harry thrust faster, deeper and Severus swallowed around him.

“Fuck, Severus. God yes. Take it. Is that what you wanted?” He felt the man nod. “You want more?” Severus’s hands tightened on Harry’s hips and pushed him forward. Harry thrust faster, harder. “Take it. Swallow it. Fuck. You’re so fucking incredible. I’m almost there, Severus. Relax and let me do it.” He felt Severus relax beneath him and he fucked into the man’s mouth hard and fast. “Yes. Yes. Severus. Fuck yes. Sev’rus” Harry moaned as he emptied himself down the man’s throat. Severus’s hands had tightened on Harry’s hips to hold him in place until the man had swallowed every last bit of Harry’s release.

Harry finally slid from Severus’s lips and slithered down his body to cover Severus’s mouth with his own. He moaned at their mingled taste. He pulled back to collapse beside Severus, his head on the older man’s chest. “That was incredible.”

He felt Severus sigh. “Yes, it most definitely took the edge off.” Severus’s voice came out harsh and Harry looked up at him.

“You okay? I didn’t hurt you?”

The man shook his head. “Like you said, Harry. It was incredible.” He ran long fingers through messy hair. “I never dreamed I would get the chance to take you like that. Next time I will give you the courtesy of choosing the positions.”

Harry laughed. “I’m not worried, Severus. Like I said, if I have any say in this it’s not a one off. In fact, I’d like to make it a long term thing. But we’ll talk about that in the morning.” Severus closed his mouth on whatever he had been about to say and nodded. “Right now, I think a small nap is in order and when we wake I’d like to explore that little hole I found.” He lifted his head and slid up Severus’s body to press his lips to Severus’s ear. “Shall we see which you like in there more? My cock, my fingers, or my tongue.” He felt Severus shiver beside him and smiled. “For now we rest.”


Harry woke to the memory of Severus’s whimpers in his ears and the taste of him still on his tongue. If the curses that had fallen from the man’s lips were any indication, he liked Harry’s tongue just as much as he’d liked his cock. He’d had no trouble finding the man’s prostate and had fucked him until Severus was begging for release, which Harry had gladly given him. Harry smiled to himself and rolled over. He wasn’t all that surprised to feel Severus’s side of the bed empty, even during the holidays the man had things to do.

“By that self-satisfied smile, I can only deduce that you have finally woken up.” Harry blinked his eyes open and turned to see a blurry shape in the doorway. He summoned his glasses and slid them on.

Severus stood cradling a tea cup in his hands and crossed over to the bed. Harry pulled himself to a sitting position and smiled at the man. “Morning.” Severus smiled softly and Harry reached out to trace the lips. “See, I knew you’d look tons better with a smile.”

The man rolled his eyes and held the cup out for Harry. He took it and sipped the warm beverage. “No regrets, Harry?”

Harry leaned forward and pressed a chaste kiss to the soft lips. “Not a single one? Well, maybe that I waited so long. You?”

Severus shook his head. “Not at all.”

“Good.” Harry furrowed his brow. “Would you- I mean, how public are you willing to take this?”

“Well, we won’t be snogging in the Great Hall if that’s what you’re asking.”

Harry laughed. “No. I- would you be willing to go to the Burrow with me for Boxing Day? If you’re not ready that’s fine. I just-“

“Harry,” Severus interrupted him. “I would love to spend Boxing Day with you and your family. If you think it won’t be a problem with me being there.”

Harry snorted. “Are you kidding? They’ll probably just be relieved they won’t have to listen to me whine about you.”

Severus’s eyes widened, “Whine about me?”

Harry chuckled. “I told you, I’ve liked you for a while.”

There was a chime sound and Severus looked up. “That’s my office alarm, I have some things I need to take care of this morning. You can use the shower to clean up but you’ll need to use the Floo in my sitting room to get back to your rooms. I can’t have my DADA professor walking the halls in last night’s clothes.”

Harry chuckled. “Yes, sir. Will I see you later, alone?”

Severus nodded. “Yes. We have some things to discuss and I believe you said something about getting me on my knees. I’m curious to see how that plays out.”

Harry laughed and took a sip of his tea. “Alright, Severus. Go take care of business and I’ll see you later.”

Severus nodded and stood. “Oh, there is toast and jam on the table if you are hungry.”

“Thanks,” Harry called after him as he disappeared. He heard the door close and placed his cup on the small bedside table before summoning his shorts and sliding into them. He picked his cup up and made his way into the sitting room and over to the dining table. He read through the Prophet while he munched on toast and finally went to take a hot shower. He slipped into last night’s clothes before finally Flooing back to his own sitting room. His first stop was his bedroom where he quickly changed into clean clothes then he moved back to the Floo. He tossed in a handful of powder and called for the Grange.

“Harry,” Hermione beamed at him as he stuck his head into her sitting room.

“Hey, ‘Mione. Where’s Ron?”

“Putting Rosie down for her morning nap. What’s going on?”

“I wondered if, when you and Ron head over to the Burrow for Christmas tomorrow, you could tell Molly I’ll be bringing a guest.”

Her eyes widened in delight. “Oh, Harry. What happened? Did you and Snape have sex?”

“Snape and sex are not my two favorite words to hear in such close proximity,” Ron said as he entered the room. He took one look at Harry’s beaming smile and groaned. “But I guess I need to get used to it.”

He plopped down next to his wife and she glared at him for a second before turning back to Harry. “So spill.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure my anonymous courter is Malfoy and it was kind of depressing when I figured that out so I kinda got a little tipsy.”

“Oh, dear,” Hermione mumbled.

“Yeah, well, I decided in my infinitely drunken wisdom to tell Severus I didn’t want it to be Malfoy; I wanted it to be him. Though now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever told him that. Anyway, one thing led to another and we kissed and I told him I’ve liked him for years. Only I suppose I should really tell him I love him, except, I think I need to let Malfoy down first before I go declaring my love. Don’t you think that’s best, so Severus doesn’t think I was stringing Malfoy along while dangling after him?”

Hermione sighed. “Yes. Definitely let Malfoy off first. If you send him an owl this morning then he’ll know by this evening and you’ll be clear to vow your undying love to the headmaster.”

Harry chuckled at her tone. “But I can’t send an owl. Malfoy never said it was him, I just kinda figured it out from something Zabini said. I’ll use the house elf, that’s how we usually communicate.” Harry bit his lip. “Surely she’s allowed to deliver anytime, not just on our usual Saturday. I really don’t want to have to wait a whole week.”

“Well, you won’t know until you try, mate.”

He nodded at Ron. “Yeah. I’d better go get that letter written. I’ll- we’ll see everyone on Boxing Day. Early Happy Christmas.”

“You too, Harry,” Hermione called.

“Yeah. You too mate,” Ron said. “Wait, did he say we?”

Harry chuckled as he pulled his head from the Floo and went to his desk. 


 I know this is probably horrible timing, but I feel I must be honest with you. I do not feel it is appropriate to continue our communications in the vein in which they have been occurring. The fact is, I am in love with someone, I have been for a while and had all but given up on him returning my affections, which is why I encouraged your courtship. I was trying to move on, as I felt my feelings for him would never be reciprocated. I learned differently last night which is why I am sending this to you this morning. I do not want you wasting time on useless endeavors, I respect you too much for that. If you would like to continue as friends know that I am available. However, I am aware you may choose to never reveal yourself to me and I understand, but know that if you do, I will keep your secret. The choice is yours and I respect it. I am sorry for hurting you in this way and I hope one day you will find someone worthy of your love. I hope one day you will forgive me. –Harry.

Harry read through the missive one more time and hoped he had clearly stated his regrets. Harry called for Lolly and the small elf appeared. He smiled encouragingly at her.

“Lolly, are you forbidden from deliveries on other days other than our usual Saturday?”

“Oh. No, Professor Sir. Lolly can deliver letters whenever Professor Sir needs her to.”

Harry smiled in relief. “Great.” He looked up at the knock on his door, his heart giving a little leap in the hope that it might be Severus. He held out the cream envelope to the elf. “Can you see he gets this as soon as possible? It’s very important he read it right away.”

She took the envelope and nodded vigorously. “Lolly will deliver Professor Sir’s letter immediately.”

“Thank you, Lolly.”

The little elf popped away just as Harry pulled the door open and grinned up at Severus. “Hey,” he said softly.

The man glared at him but before he could say anything a small elf appeared in the corridor.

“Lolly,” Harry said in surprise. “Is there a problem?”

Her small eyes went wide as she looked from Harry to Severus. Harry heard Severus sigh and watched as he held his hand out. Harry watched in morbid terror as Severus took the letter meant for Malfoy. He put a hand out to intercept the letter.

“No, that’s not-“

Severus glared at him. “I assure you, Mr. Potter, were it not intended for me, Lolly would not have it.”

Harry glanced from Lolly to Severus. He shook his head. “No, it’s- I mean, you’re not-“ Harry looked curiously at the elf. “Lolly?”

The small elf thrust the letter into Severus’s hands with a small Eep and disappeared. Harry blinked at his lover. Severus held up the cream envelope. “What am I going to find in here, Potter?”

Severus stepped inside Harry’s quarters and Harry closed the door, gaping at the man. “I- you’re not-“

“Articulate as usual, I see,” Severus said as he flipped the envelope over and pulled the missive out. He smirked up at Harry. “Well, that’s not quite true. You were quite loquacious last night, even if your vocabulary was limited to a few delightful phrases.” Harry felt himself blush as Severus unfolded the note and began to read. Severus frowned. “You’re rejecting my courtship,” he asked tonelessly as he continued to read. His lips curled up in a soft smile and Harry felt his heart jump. “We’ll that’s alright then.” Severus finished the note quickly and looked at Harry. “Who were you sending this to?”

“Malfoy, I thought.”

Severus furrowed his brow, “Malfoy? He played Quidditch and I distinctly remember writing that I was never on a team.” Harry winced and felt like an idiot. That small tidbit had slipped his mind when he’d mistakenly thought the blonde was an option. How could he forget his biggest rival for three years?  “Was I even an option?” Severus asked and Harry thought he could hear the uncertainty in the man’s voice.

He crossed over to Severus and grabbed his wrist. “You were my number one option. Until last night. You said you’d never tried Greek.”

Severus smiled in understanding. “Ah. But Zabini interrupted me before I could add that I had always wanted to.”

Harry smiled up at him and slid his hand down to pluck the missive from his fingers. “Let’s just get rid of this one then, shall we?”

Severus grabbed the note back. “Absolutely not. It’s the only evidence I have that you’re in love with me.”

Harry danced his fingers up Severus’s chest. “What if I told you, everyday, for the rest of my life? And I could show you how much I love you. In all sorts of ways,” Harry added with a purr.

Severus slipped the note into his pocket and pulled Harry close. “You could start by doing that thing with your tongue that I adore.”

Harry looked thoughtfully at him. “Is that the one where you were yelling Fuck Harry yes? Or the one where you were screaming obscenities and questioning the legalities of my parent’s marriage?”

Severus ran the tip of his nose along Harry’s ear and a shiver raced up his spine. “Why don’t we do both and decide later?”