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One of a Kind Night Club

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Chapter 2

Still drowsy and snuggled beneath the blankets, Kate kept her eyes shut wanting to sleep a little longer because it was rare for her to have a day she could actually sleep in past 6.00 am.  She was drifting off when she heard her iPhone alert her that an incoming favourite email had hit her email inbox.  Favourite ting sound. That meant it was from Castle.  She smirked, feeling her cheeks blush, knowing now that he really had been up all night writing, as he had told he would be.  He was probably about to go to bed.  She tried to doze back to sleep for a little longer, but the knowledge her boyfriend had sent her a message was toying with her mind. Resisting the urge to read it was futile and the desire to sleep longer was over.  She blindly reached to her bedside table and found the phone.   She pulled the charger out of it and brought the phone to her sliding her finger over the screen to unlock it.  She read his email.  She blinked, quite confused.  She sat up on an elbow and read it again.  In summary, he wanted her to meet him at the 1 Oak tonight and pretend she didn’t know him.   At first her sleepy mind was thinking what the fuck?  But then a coy smile crept over her face as she remembered all the short stories he’d written about them before they had started dating.  They were his fantasies about dates with her in numerous places, different venues, times of the year and in various situations.  Rick had collated all his fantasy stories into a one off hard cover book that had been discreetly printed and bound by his publisher. Once he trusted that Kate would be with him as his lover, his girlfriend a long time, he had given her the book.

She loved it. Adored every story he had written about them. 

Kate reached over to the top drawer and awkwardly dragged it open.  She found the original book.  It looked like one of his usual novels though perhaps thinner in content.  It was simply titled Kate and his name was at the bottom of the cover.  The cover picture had been chosen from a photo shoot she’d done with a friend she modelled for from time to time.  It was a silhouette photo of Kate’s naked body which was positioned to make her body very shapely.  It was his favourite photo of that session, and probably topped his list if the truth be known. A shadow of his girlfriend’s naked body. He had pushed for it to be on the cover of his latest Nikki Heat novel, but instead it had been made the cover of his special book. 

She flipped through the copyright pages his publisher had insisted on placing in it purely for authenticity purposes. However, it did have a real ISBN number and Rick had copyrighted it in case it was ever lost or stolen. As always she scanned the dedication and kissed the heart he had drawn next to his name. She stopped at the beginning of chapter one, entitled, One of a Kind.  When he had given her the book he had read the first story aloud to her and she had read it at least half a dozen times since. The night he had read it to her they had ended up making love for hours, had stayed up most of the night. The story itself totally turned her on.  In fact, they all did.  She knew each story back to front. 

Chapter one opened up with the character of Kate alone, leaning against the bar of an exclusive New York City night club. Her character wore an expensive evening dress in the colour of red, her hair was swept up loosely to the back of her head, ringlets cascading about her face.  Kate paused from reading the book and quickly scanned his email.  The wardrobe.  She looked it for several seconds then glanced to the phone again.  She dropped the book and phone on the bed.

Fully awake and very excited, she slipped out of her bed and crossed the room to her wardrobe inquisitive to see what Castle had hidden inside it.  She firstly pulled the door open to a slit and peered inside, believing there was nothing in there, but then her curiosity peaked and she swung it open wide to find three boxes she had never seen beneath her hung clothes.  She clapped her hands once, with a squeak of excitement.  She pulled them out and carried the boxes which combined, were rather heavy to her bed.  Without hesitating she opened the largest box first, discarded the lid on the bed, and folded back the tissue paper.  She gasped at the spectacular blood red gown.  She lifted it out and held it out at arm’s length for an initial inspection. It was then pressed against her body as she turned to view her reflection in the mirror. It was long, figure hugging and shoulderless, with split up the right leg almost to the top of her thigh. 

“Castle! My God!!” She exclaimed under her breath. She wanted to phone him, but she understood the rules. “How do you know how to dress a woman?” She smiled in some unexplainable sense of satisfaction that she had a boyfriend who seriously understood what to do to make her look her stunning. His visual imagination was brilliant. She turned herself from side to side imagining what she would look like inside the dress.

“The shoes.”  She carefully laid the dress over the end of the bed making a mental note to hang it for the day.  The shoes were Jimmy Choo. She wanted to rip open the box she was so excited, but knowing she had to care for the box equally to the shoes, she carefully lifted away the lid. With abated breath she peeled back the tissue paper.  She bit her lip, as she opened the protective draw string bag the shoes were stored in. Her eyes glowed.  Fawn patent leather stilettos. “Wow!”  She would be as tall as Castle in them.  She lifted out the right shoe and closely inspected it.  Wearing only her satin slip and ruffled up from sleeping, she stepped into the shoes and walked to the mirror for another assessment. Nice shoes.  She spun to see every angle, lifted the slip to her hips to assess what the shoes did to her legs and ass.  She approved.  Rick would love what they did to her legs.

Remaining in the shoes she returned to the bed. She had concluded that the first two boxes were her gifts and the third would be Castle’s self-indulgent gift to himself.  She already knowing what was in the third box.  She opened it up and found inside a blood red corset with an attached push up strapless bra and g-string lacy panties.  No stockings. He didn’t want her in stockings. Bare legs. She smiled, making a note to herself to make sure she paid particularly attention to her legs that day.  Inside the lingerie box was also a small bag that contained a bottle of Coco Chanel perfume and an envelope containing one thousand dollars.

“So you want to experience a whole new Kate of your fantasy world.” She said to herself. She understood where he was going with the invitation and gifts because of the story.  She grabbed her phone and tapped her way to his email to reread it.

She rapidly tapped out a text message:  Castle, I found what was hidden in the wardrobe. You spoil me.  I will see you at 1 OAK tonight.  I’m gonna blow your mind, writer boy. Kbecs.

Thankfully, it was just after 9.00 am.  Kate found her hairdresser’s cell phone number and dialled.  This event needed professional help.  He picked up.

“Kate. How are you darling?”

“Hi Tony. Good you?”


“I’m desperate, Tony.  I need your help tonight. If not yours someone you trust.”

“What do you need?”

“My hair styled and make up.  I’m going to the One Oak night club tonight.”

“My salon at seven pm.  You owe me big time, girl.”

Kate sighed in relief.  “Yes, I know. Thank you. Seven pm.” She looked at the dress, the book. “I have a specific hairstyle.”

“Bring the dress, Darling and what you want done.”

“Thank you, Tony.”  She released an excited giggled and hung up.

Kate sat on the edge of the bed thinking that had been too easy with Tony.  He was usually booked out and busy on a Saturday night. On impulse, she texted Tony a text message. Did Castle put you up to this? And hit send.

She silently stared at the beautiful dress Castle had bought.  It was probably worth more than her monthly salary and he’d bought it to play a game. Perhaps the most beautiful dress she had ever had the chance to wear.  She reached for the book and opened it back on the page she had stopped reading.  The story was amazing, thrilling, sexy and mysterious and if they were going to go where the story went the night was going to be crazy. 

Her phone tinged. Text from Tony. Just be here with your dress. He loves you a lot.

That’s a yes. C u tonite. She wrote back.  She then set about planning the rest of her day, by writing up a list of all the things she needed to organise for her part of the evening.