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One of a Kind Night Club

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Chapter 1
The invitation read:
My dearest Kate,
Chapter 1 is a fantasy about his one of a kind woman that he would like to date, what he would like to do with her and to learn who she secretly is.
I would like you to meet me at 1 OAK night club, located on 17th Street in the heart of Chelsea for our first fantasy date.
You will be alone at the bar, waiting.
I won’t know who you are. I am a stranger. We’ve never met before that moment, but when our eyes connect.
Be there at 10.00 pm tonight.
Wear classy, sultry and expensive.
Always, Rick xx
PS. Take a look in your wardrobe at your “stuff”.

Rick leaned back on his office chair, his fingers weaved together on top of his head, staring at his laptop. He smiled to himself as he thought about what Kate would do, how she would react the moments during and after she received this email. She was extremely reserved in public, but the more time he spent with her alone, the more he grew to know her, the more he saw how reactive and incredibly sensitive she actually was. He wanted her to be excited. She knew the story of chapter one probably better than he did. He wanted this invitation to put her on edge all day, to the point it wouldn’t take much for her to topple tonight.
He reread his passage addressed to Kate’s personal email address. With a final decision to change the subject line from “Invitation” to “One of a Kind” to further lure her interest, he signed off the email and hit send.
They had decided on Thursday evening to do their own thing today and he already desperately missed her. He had spent Friday at the precinct with her, but had left her at four last night to return home to work. She’d spent the night at her own apartment and he had stayed home and written most of the night. He preferred to write in the night because it was quiet and the solitude allowed his creative juices to flow. It was time for him to rest and he would take a nap soon. He closed his laptop and stood up from his desk.
After he had showered he checked his phone to see Kate had sent her acceptance to his invitation. He smirked to himself, fully aware she was jumping up and down with excitement.