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Darkness my Sorrow

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Darkness my Sorrow


Once there was a time, a time where we were free,
There was nothing but us, you and me.
Once there was a time, a time where we fought,
Killed the enemy without a single thought.
We were unstoppable, brave and wild,
but also gentle, nice and kind.
When we were at home, we found piece and rest,
on the battlefield we gave our best.

But look at me now, what am I to you?
Do you know how to handle me, know what to do?
Look me in the eyes, tell me right away,
Why did you have to go, why didn't you stay?
I'm clenching my fist, it's hard to write,
don't know what's wrong and what is right.
You give me a hard time, I have to admit,
Even though I'm not a kid.

This is the third pencil I'm holding right now,
I can't express my feelings, don't know how.
Broke the others with pure anger, but well,
you already know that I suffer in hell.
But who are you to care, I know you too good,
It just takes a single step made by your foot.
Just come back, I dare you to,
so that it'll be us again, just me and you.