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More Than Friends

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Justin didn’t notice his father standing in the open doorway of his bedroom. His attention was rapt on the various boxes that were stacked and ready for his departure. He hoped he hadn’t forgotten to pack anything. As he surveyed it all, he couldn’t imagine that being the case. If anything, he was probably taking too much. Justin knew some of it was probably unnecessary, but it was all a part of who he was; he couldn’t let all sit untouched in his room while he was at college during the next four years. Pittsburgh University. He could scarcely take it all in. It wasn’t that far from home, and yet it was. Out of all the schools he could have selected, this one was the one that had the variety that both he and his parents could agree on. That his best friend, Daphne had selected the same school had been even more of an inducement.

Craig smiled and shook his head as he took in all the boxes. Ruefully he spoke, “I knew I should have rented a U-Haul. Hopefully Daphne isn’t bringing as much.”

His nose scrunching up, Justin looked over his shoulder to ask his dad, “It’s not really that much, is it?”

Stepping inside, Craig sat down on the chair behind Justin’s desk, shaking his head in denial. “It’s a lot... but I’m sure not too much. You’ve gone over your checklist? You haven’t forgotten anything?”

“I don’t think so. Mom said my appliances would be delivered there tomorrow.” Justin looked around again, sudden panic setting in that he could have missed something. “God, I hope I didn’t forget anything.”

“If you did, that’s easily fixed, Justin. You’ll have your credit card. It is enough to cover any monthly expenses. I don’t want you to worry about anything... nor do I want you finding work on or off campus.” Craig gave his son a stern look. “I want you completely focused on your education... and having the time of your life in the process. You only live this experience once... and with how much I’m paying for it – I expect you to do it in style!”

Justin laughed. Trust his father to rationalize it like that. “I could have chosen a smaller tech school. I hate that you’re paying so much for this---"

“Nonsense. If we have to buckle down a bit at home – that’s what we’ll do. You need a good education if you are ever to aspire in business.” Craig smiled proudly at his son. “And... with your SAT scores, you should only have the best.”

“Buckle down...” Justin scoffed. “I know Taylor Industries is doing very well.”

Craig laughed, yet his expression became serious almost as quickly. “That’s why I need my son ready to take over when it’s time.”

A shadowed look fell over Justin’s face. “Uhhh, Dad... you know I’m not sure about that.”

“I know that you are torn between various options. That’s the great thing about Pitt University; you will have so many opportunities. The first year I want you to explore. After that, you need to start thinking about what you really want to do with your life.”

“I will, Dad.” Justin wasn’t certain what direction he wanted to take with his life, his only fear was that it wouldn’t live up to his father’s expectations. “I guess I’d better start getting these boxes down to the car.” He shuddered as he thought of the long car ride ahead of him. “I can’t believe Mom is driving me there. It’s only a two-hour drive. At the speed she drives, it will be closer to four.”

Craig couldn’t hold back the loud roar of laughter. “Precisely why I’m saying my goodbyes here! I know it will be a long trip, but this is important to your mom. She has to see everything there... in particular – know that her baby will be in a good place.” A suggestive wink followed. “Don’t forget – Daphne will be riding with you. That should make the ride much more tolerable.”

Justin groaned. His parents really needed to get the idea of him hooking up with Daphne out of their mind – his father especially. That wasn’t going to happen – not by any stretch of the imagination. “Dad... Daph and I are just friends. That’s all it will ever be.”

A knowing look entered Craig’s eyes. “Justin, I was your age once. I know how these things happen. I’m just saying if something does happen – for God’s sake be careful! You don’t need those sort of surprises just starting out.”

“Oh my God, Dad! I don’t believe this.” Justin flushed in embarrassment as he began gathering up boxes to carry out, at this moment unable to believe what his father was suggesting. Knowing he had to respond, Justin told him, “If anything like that comes up, I’ll be careful, Dad... but trust me when I say – that’s the last thing I’m looking for right now.”

“Well, that’s good to know, Justin. You need to concentrate on your goals for the future first... marriage and children will come much later.” Craig’s eyes drilled into his son, as he attempted to make his point.

Justin shuddered, hoping his father wouldn’t question the reason behind it. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that his father still didn’t know he was gay. He wasn’t going to have that talk with him now. His mom had told him she would ease him into it, but it was more than apparent her ‘easing’ process was very slow – perhaps even bordering on non-existent. “Yeah. Much later...” Justin mumbled as he started carrying his boxes down to the car; hearing his father moving slower behind him carrying more of his boxes, Justin realized their goodbye probably wasn’t over yet.


Brian was laying on his back, his eyes staring intently at the playbook that he had already committed to memory... but when it came to football – he took nothing to chance. He scowled when he heard the light knock on his door, realizing his solitude was about to be intruded upon. Brian knew he wouldn’t have much more of that left. His new roommate was rumored to be arriving later today; his privacy was about to be over. “Come in,” he called out, not bothering to move from his relaxed position. If he was about to be interrupted, he hoped it was some hot new student he could fuck. Last night all he’d received was a mediocre blow job... he was definitely in the mood for so much more.

Chris walked through the door, his brow arching as he took in Brian lounging on his bed. “You’re studying? I don’t believe it... and yet I see it.”

His eyes rolling, Brian wondered what Hobbs wanted now. “What’s up, Chris?”

“I – I was, well kind of wondering about you and Lindsay.” His face reddened slightly under Brian’s blank stare. “What I mean is – well, she’s with you a lot. And... uhmmmm what I’m trying to ask---"

What the fuck was it with jocks and cheerleaders? Fucking breeders... although, Lindsay was one that played on both teams – Chris obviously didn’t know that. “What you’re trying to ask is if I’m fucking her? Shit, Hobbs! You are a mother-fucking junior in college... yet, you can’t even ask me that??”

“Sorry, man. Fuck!” Chris grumbled, unable to meet Brian’s eyes. “I just don’t want to step on your toes. I – I mean, you’re like the star of the team; and I’m just barely keeping up my GPA well enough to play.”

“Maybe that’s because you’re far too worried about pussy than about your grades.” Brian gave Chris an assessing once-over. “You’re not a bad looking guy, Chris. You don’t need to act so damned desperate all the time. From what I’ve seen – chicks don’t really like that.”

Chris snorted. “What would you know about either desperate of a girl not liking you? Brian Kinney – celebrated captain of the football team – undoubtedly you’ll be picked up in the first round after your senior year. Why would you ever have to worry about anything? They line up for a chance to go out with you.”

“Don’t delude yourself Chris. It has more to do with the size of my dick than what I do on the field. Hell. Most of them don’t know which team has the ball half of the time.” Brian didn't elaborate that he didn't give a damn what girls liked him or not. As it was, his sexual preference was resigned exclusively for men. That was something that would never change - no matter how much the circles he traveled in attempted to dictate otherwise.

Laughing, Chris agreed. “That’s true... but not Lindsay.”

Brian groaned at the dreamy eyed expression on Chris’ face. How the fuck can a man call himself a man and act like that? No thank you, was his first and last thought. “I don’t have any claims on Lindsay. We hang out because she doesn’t expect things from me. I’m about my future... and you should be too.” Brian looked Chris directly in the eye, hoping he made his point – once and for all. “Fucking is what it’s all about, Chris. Don’t do something stupid and mess up the rest of your life. It’s not worth it! Now, do me a favor and let me get back to my own studying... and you can go agonize over how to ask your dream girl out.”

“You know what, Brian? You’re an ass!” Chris stormed from the room, neither a thank you or a goodbye coming from his lips.

“That I am.” Brian couldn’t agree more, nor could he resist watching the departing ass that left his room. He shook his head. It was a shame that Hobbs was such a homophobe – his classmate/teammate definitely had a fuckable ass. There really hadn’t been a man he hadn’t been able to lure into bed – if he really applied the effort; yet he had drawn the line with Chris Hobbs. Sometimes he had the feeling he teetered on the edge of uncertainty regarding his sexual orientation... but it was a line Brian didn’t intend to cross. As it was, he had to be careful. His ambition was to be a professional quarterback in the National Football League; the time hadn’t arrived where he felt safe enough to be out. He hoped that one day it felt more comfortable. Brian Kinney wasn’t the kind of man to live in denial of any kind – the pretense he often felt forced to endure - just to fit into the standard stereotype made him want to gag. Brian wasn’t certain he could keep that up much longer.


Justin was at the top of the stairs, his eyes searching the room numbers, hoping his would soon be in sight. To his disappointment, he found his steps carrying him all the way down the hall. He dropped the boxes that were in his hand, his head turning in search of his mom – not surprised in the least that she continued to lag behind. She was paranoid about his move on campus – there hadn’t been one detail she hadn’t checked, double-checked, and even done so again in triplicate. It amused him most of the time... but not here and now. He didn’t want his mother’s coddling following him into the beginning of his college life.

Rolling his eyes in disbelief that she still lingered downstairs, Justin knocked once, before pushing the door open without a word spoken. He shrugged indifferently. Why should he knock on his own room? As soon as he stepped inside, Justin soon determined why he should not only knock... but wait for an invitation to enter. His eyes were immediately caught and held immobile by the thrusting hips of a man pounding into another man in a bed that he hoped wasn’t to be his own. He gasped in shock, and despite the impropriety of the entire situation – the hard-on that immediately presented itself to him.

A curse shot freely from the man’s lips as he obviously shot his load into the man beneath him. Justin watched in bewilderment as he brusquely told the man to get out. So this was his new roommate. Tactful wasn’t his middle name – that was for certain. Justin peered out into the hallway, breathing a deep sigh of relief that his mother was still nowhere in sight. That was enough to quell the hardness in his dick. What if she’d walking in with him? Fuck, he thought to himself. She would have freaked – twenty times over. “Nice, real nice.” Justin hadn’t realized he’d spoken aloud when the man stood naked from the bed, discarding the condom quickly into the trash.

“Excuse me...” the man that had been given his walking papers mumbled as he slid through the door.

Justin shook his head in disbelief at the entire scene. “Can you get some clothes on? My mom is on her way up.”

“Your mom?” Brian laughed. Son-of-a-bitch. Not a fucking momma’s boy. Just what he needed. Lazily he slid into his jeans, not bothering to snap them; he never saw the point. He generally shed them as quick as he put them on... and the truth of the matter – he looked damned good like this. Turning around, his hazel eyes pierced the blond that stood in the doorway. A mocking smile settled on his lips. “Don’t be shy, roomie. Come on in.”

His eyes widened in shock at the face that greeted him. It wasn’t a surprise regarding the incredible beauty of the man; although, that went without saying – it was the shock of instant recognition. Justin couldn’t believe his luck. Right now, he considered it to be of the worse kind. As he heard his mom’s footsteps hurriedly tapping along the hallway, Justin prayed his mom left soon. This was already awkward and tense enough. He wasn’t sure how much of that he could take.

Not only was he rooming with this beautiful, God-like creature; he was also now living with his teenage idol. Justin had no idea how to adjust to that realization. He was to be the roommate of the man he had dreamt about since high school – the man he had referred to in his dreams, awake and asleep, as the Face of God. His jaw dropped as his new reality completely assailed him. He would be sharing space with Brian Kinney... and he was undoubtedly queer just as he’d always suspected. How would he refrain from revealing his secret crush? Despite what had been revealed before his eyes today, he knew Brian didn’t display his sexuality to the world. He didn’t either.

Brian moved closer, his lips twitching as he viewed the blond’s unease. There was something familiar about him... but he wasn’t sure what – yet. He was hot, there was no question of that... but it was more. He could swear there had been recognition of some kind in the kid’s eyes. What did it mean? What worried him most, whether he gave the impression of being concerned or not was if his new roommate would keep his secret? And if not – what the fuck was he going to do now?