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Taehyung falls asleep within seconds of getting into the van after ISAC 2016. He curls into his hyung’s side, not even sure which one it is he’s so exhausted. The van is silent save for the mellow music someone - probably Namjoon - has put on. Everyone sleeps in minutes, a necessary talent they’ve all had to pick up. Snatching naps at any moment they possibly can, something like eight hours a distant dream.


Gallant’s smooth vocals filter into the air, Taehyung humming along dazedly to the familiar tune.


It’s a little cool in the van and once the adrenaline of the day has worn off, Taehyung realises his body is freezing, snuggling closer to the body closer to him. His hands grip the sweater material as he helps himself - so to speak, buries his face deep into someone’s chest.


“Jeongguk-ah,” he murmurs sleepily, recognizing that chest, but more so, his scent, immediately. Not a hyung after all. Jeongguk snores lightly, grunts and extends an arm around Taehyung to pull him in closer. Taehyung hums contentedly, eyelids fluttering back closed.


Seconds later, Taehyung swears he’s only just drifted off, and the van is pulling up at the dorm, Jeongguk gently nudging him awake.


Jeongguk sighs, he knows Taehyung is a heavy sleeper. Difficult to wake.


He’s up to his third try, everyone abandoning him in his efforts because they all know a sleepy Taehyung is not a moving one.


Taehyung pouts, refuses to move “I’m comfy Guk-ah, can’t we sleep here?


“Come on,” Jeongguk pleads, one hand slipping under Taehyung’s sweatshirt to tickle his soft belly. Taehyung squirms and giggles sleepily. He’s ticklish - ridiculously so - and maybe Jeongguk likes to touch.


He doesn’t understand why Taehyung is jealous of his defined stomach when he loves Taehyung’s soft one. His fingers always itching to touch when Taehyung yawns or raises his top - accidentally flashing a sliver of enticing golden flesh.


“Stop,” Taehyung whines and sputters on a laugh, half-heartedly slapping Jeongguk’s hand away. When he’s tired his limbs are useless, noodle-like.


“If you get up hyung,” Jeongguk whispers, giving Taehyung’s stomach a final pinch at which he squeals, sits upright (finally), only to lean forward and bite Jeongguk’s shoulder.  A goddamn real-life puppy.


“Carry me inside?” Taehyung tilts his head lower lip protruding, eyes widening serving to make him look even more adorable.


The twinkle in his eye tells Jeongguk he knows what he’s doing.


“No hyung,” Jeongguk sighs.


Taehyung’s lip protrudes further. He waits patiently, Jeongguk will melt soon.


Jeongguk melts, obviously. And he’s tired, doesn’t want to argue, hmm yeah that.


“Fine,” he rolls his eyes, stifles a laugh as Taehyung suddenly looks wide awake, large smile splitting across his face. Jeongguk emerges from the car, reaches out and Taehyung sprawls forward into his arms with impressive speed considering he was three-quarters asleep moments earlier.


Taehyung’s head falls forward promptly onto Jeongguk’s shoulder, Jeongguk’s arms gripping under his thighs, as he makes his way inside.


Jeongguk pants low under his breath, but doesn’t break a sweat because despite Taehyung being slightly taller, he barely weighs a thing. (Plus, Jeongguk works out - like a lot).


“Strong,” Taehyung hums, one hand reaching out to squeeze Jeongguk’s bicep. He flexes - by accident, of course. Taehyung’s fingers circle it appreciatively. He is never afraid of complimenting the other, taking a degree of delighted amusement in the way Jeongguk would always brush it off like nothing. But despite this he couldn’t disguise a flushed face and beginnings of a smile. He liked it, and Taehyung liked to appreciate - so he continued.


“How much do you work out these days?” Taehyung whispers as Jeongguk puffs slightly on the stairs.


Jeongguk shrugs with an air of nonchalance that Taehyung can see right through. That’s the problem with being around someone 24/7, it’s pretty difficult to hide anything. Taehyung can tell if Jeongguk is angry when he has the slightest change in body posture, Jeongguk can tell if Taehyung is frustrated just by a particular twitch of his nose.


“Must be a lot,” Taehyung concludes slyly, sighs contentedly into the exposed flesh of Jeongguk’s neck.


Jeongguk snorts when seconds later, he’s yet again snoring. Drool escaping one corner of his lips. Jeongguk pauses and swipes at the spit with his thumb, flushing slightly at the fact that he’s not - not at all, grossed out. It’s cute, sleepy Tae, even a drooling one.


Everyone else has escaped to their rooms and crashed, save Namjoon, seated in the kitchen, face glued to the microwave in anticipation. The familiar smell of instant ramen fills the lounge air. Jeongguk’s stomach makes a noise of complaint. He had slept through most of their lunch hour toda, barely eaten a thing.


“Chuck one in for me hyung?” he requests, Namjoon nodding wordlessly in response.


Jeongguk crosses the lounge, Taehyung in his arms, side-steps the various clothing items someone - Hoseok perhaps, has shed on the way to his room.


Taehyung stirs in his sleep, buries his head further into Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk hoists him up further, Taehyung’s legs looping around his waist firmly. He’s passing his own room when Taehyung suddenly jerks upright causing him to stop in his path.


“Can I sleep with you?” Taehyung asks sleepily, eyelids fighting to stay open as he looks sleepily at Jeongguk.


Jeongguk contemplates declining for the briefest of moments. He’s tired, so tired, and Taehyung always takes up more than half of the bed, moves around so much Jeongguk’s bound to wake up on the floor.


“I-,” Jeongguk hesitates, and Taehyung’s lower lip yet again protrudes. He looks up at him from underneath long lashes and Jeongguk feels his resolve crumbling.


“Please, Jeongguk?” Taehyung requests, fingers curling into the back of Jeongguk’s sweater, pulling their chests flush against one another.


He rarely uses Jeongguk’s full name, opting more for cutesy variations of it. For some reason the entirety of his name in Taehyung’s sleepy mouth is even more endearing. The minuscule resolve he is holding onto shatters instantly.


He nods, Taehyung’s face breaking into a full smile, pads into his room and shuts the door behind them with a soft click.


Taehyung collapses onto the bed with a triumphant giggle, nudges Jeongguk’s chest with his sneaker.


Jeongguk raises an eyebrow.


“I’m not taking off your shoes. You’re lucky I’m letting you sleep in here.”


Taehyung pouts, this time unsuccessfully. Kicks off his shoes expertly without using his hands.


Jeongguk throws him a spare t-shirt, white. Taehyung strips off rapidly Jeongguk courteously averting his eyes for the process. Taehyung catches the change of vision, smiles bemusedly to himself. Jeongguk knows he - of all of them don’t care. It must be for his own benefit.


Somehow that’s strangely satisfying.


Jeongguk turns back around moments later, Taehyung clad in black boxers and his t-shirt, oversized and reaching down to his thighs. Tries not to stare.


Taehyung takes note.


“Gonna have a quick shower,” Jeongguk throws over his shoulder, at which Taehyung makes an indignant noise.




Jeongguk stands under the cold stream of the shower, shivers, too impatient to wait for the water to heat up. He’s too tired to shower, really, but he has a funny thing about sharing beds unwashed. Not that Taehyung gives a shit.


The water eventually reaches a pleasant temperature, Jeongguk sighing as his head drops limp under the steady stream. He half-heartedly squirts out some body wash - peach, rubs circles of foam onto his body.


He’s barely been in the shower five minutes, almost falling asleep when the door opens behind him. Jeongguk stands straight abruptly and whips around to see who the intruder is, hands instinctively covering his crotch.


Taehyung stands outside the shower, head tilted back as he yawns widely. Jeongguk stares at him as Taehyung unceremoniously rips off his t-shirt, Jeongguk’s, makes to take off his boxers.






“What’re you doing? Go back to bed.”


Taehyung shakes his head stubbornly. “I want to shower.”


“You didn’t even sweat today.”


Taehyung opens half an eye, indignant, pulls down his boxers and stands up straight, leans back hands on his hips. Butt naked and unashamed. So Taehyung.


“I did.


“What, in archery?” Jeongguk can’t help but let out with a smirk, side-stepping as a long limb swipes into the shower palm out to strike.


“Shut up,” Taehyung grunts, hops into the shower without an invitation and immediately nudges Jeongguk over so he’s standing in the sweet spot, Jeongguk off to the side in the cold.


Jeongguk rolls his eyes and makes to leave. He’s not overly self-conscious anymore - they can’t really be. But sharing showers still makes him slightly uncomfortable. Especially if it’s Taehyung who is right at the top of Jeongguk’s try not to have dirty thoughts about list. Or something.


Taehyung is attractive, obviously, and Jeongguk has to deal with him running around in boxers half the time, occasionally naked. He doesn’t want to shower with him knowing it will likely set his hormonal mind on a path he may not be able to return from.


“See you in bed,” Jeongguk says, cheeks flushing as the sentence comes out slightly more suggestive than intended. Saying words like bed whilst naked in the shower with someone tend to have that sort of effect whether intended or not.


Taehyung’s fingers circle his wrist as he turns to leave.


“You’ve got soap on your butt.”


Before Jeongguk can breathe, literally, Taehyung’s pulled him rapidly back under the shower, flipped him so he’s facing the wall. Fingers reaching out and-


“Tae,” Jeongguk yelps, stumbling forward into the wall as Taehyung’s large hands, long slender fingers - fuck he does have nice fingers, reach out and grab his ass.


“What the fuck,” Jeongguk stammers, feeling his face (and no doubt body) flush an angry shade of red.


Taehyung pays him no mind, patting? groping? washing? Jeongguk’s ass. He’s so flustered he allows the ridiculous action to continue until his brain catches up (with his dick) and he turns, pushes Taehyung.


Taehyung screeches and slides on the foamy floor, falls down hard with a thud on his ass.


“Fuck,” Jeongguk reaches out, scoops him off the floor, settling him on his feet.


“Don’t touch,” Jeongguk coughs, “Don’t wash my bare ass, god that’s so-”


Taehyung eyes him with amusement, supplies, “Gay?”


Jeongguk averts eye contact.


“Didn’t know you were such a homophobe Jeongguk-ah, a frigid no hom-”


“I’m not,” Jeongguk sputters, exasperated. And Taehyung knows so, he’d been the first person who Jeongguk had come out to.


Taehyung’s eyes sparkle.


Jeongguk curses.


“Then let me wash your butt,” he demands, flicks water in Jeongguk’s face. Flashes a cheeky smile.


Taehyung finds it amusing the way Jeongguk occasionally goes shy on him. Something niggling at the back of his mind always wondering if there is perhaps a deeper meaning.

Maybe that’s what makes him press buttons.


“What the fuck, no,” Jeongguk asserts.




“I don’t know, god, ” Jeongguk sweats, even though the shower’s somehow been flicked to a few degrees below freezing. Taehyung doesn’t seem to notice.


“Why?” Taehyung pushes.


Jeongguk sighs loudly, doesn't even know why he's arguing about why Taehyung should or  should not wash his butt.


What the fuck.


"Why?" Taehyung asks, more softly, jabs a finger at his chest. Jeongguk stares at him, smug smile, wet hair, glowing skin, sparkling eyes. And fuck he's beautiful.


“I might like it.”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen as Taehyung’s mouth drops open, wide.


“I-I mean,” Jeongguk stutters, eyes squeezing shut in exasperation. When they flutter back open Taehyung’s looking at him strangely, head tilting as if he’s appraising him in a different light. A shiver ripples down Jeongguk’s spine.


He really needs to get out of this goddamn shower, like yesterday.


Taehyung lets him go without a word of complaint and Jeongguk shuffles to his room awkwardly, feeling Taehyung’s gaze burning into his back.


He slips into boxers and a loose shirt, slides under the sheets and pulls the duvet over his head and groans. Throws up a couple scrambled prayers to different deities that Taehyung will have the sense to return to his own room after showering.


He knows Taehyung won’t think him strange - it’s Taehyung, Taehyung who is the least judgmental soul. Who accepts everything about Jeongguk. At best he’ll mock the shit out of him, at worst he may just be distant for a day or so, let it roll over.


Jeongguk replays the scenario in his head on a loop, cursing every time the memory conjures up those words “I might like it.




Taehyung washes his body lethargically in the shower, helping himself to copious amounts of Jeongguk’s body wash.


He too - considers Jeongguk’s words on a loop, tries to make sense of it.


Perhaps he’s simply sexually frustrated - anyone grabbing his ass something he wants to avoid.


But perhaps, perhaps he might like it, because of Taehyung?


Taehyung sucks in a breath as he closes his eyes, face turned up under the warm water.


What the fuck.


Of course he finds Jeongguk attractive, he’d have to be blind and stupid not to. And it’s not just his body (although Taehyung is a big fan), but it’s him of course. How hard-working and caring he is, how dedicated to Bangtan, how much he loves his hyungs. How much he loves Taehyung.


How Taehyung knows he can get away with shit the others wouldn’t try with Jeongguk. Jeongguk treats him differently.


Jimin often teased him that Jeongguk had a big, fat crush, but Taehyung often put such thoughts aside, it landing far too close to his own feelings.


Most days he could brush it off as infatuation, or even physical attraction, but days when Jeongguk was soft, snuggled up against him doing anything - watching videos, playing games, Taehyung’s heart played up a little too much for his liking.


Taehyung steps out of the shower, towels his body off quickly, chucks back on Jeongguk’s t-shirt and boxers, makes a semi-spontaneous decision to go back to Jeongguk’s room.


His hand hovers over the door knob, a hesitation he’s never encountered before, usually barging straight in with a loud entrance. Taehyung sucks in a breath, opens the door and walks in quietly.




Jeongguk says nothing when Taehyung slips into the bed beside him. He’s slept with Taehyung multiple times but somehow now when Taehyung’s bare legs brush against his it sends a rush of something dizzy to his brain.


Jeongguk gulps and tries to subtly flatten his body against the cool wall, as far as he can get from Taehyung.


Taehyung lies facing the wall away from Jeongguk, heartbeat thudding loudly in his chest. He wonders if Jeongguk can hear it. He inhales a shallow breath, tries to calm the racing pace of his heart and pull himself together.


That thing about reading each other like nothing is a blessing and a curse right now. Tension is rolling off both of them in waves, suffocating the air around them.


Taehyung moves slightly only for his foot to brush Jeongguk’s ankle, the innocent gesture now suddenly packed with implication.


Skin on skin contact.


Somehow now it burns.


“Hyung,” Jeongguk begins, and Taehyung’s body instinctively stiffens as he hears Jeongguk shuffling to face him.


Jeongguk eyes Taehyung’s back, reaches out tentatively to touch his cheek, fingers shaking.


Taehyung lies still as Jeongguk’s fingers brush his cheek, feels the nervous vibration off them. He gulps, audibly in the silent room.


“H-yung,” Jeongguk says again, a little louder, now so close his breath hits Taehyung’s ear. The hair on the back of his neck stands up.


“Yeah,” Taehyung says, his own voice small and unrecognizable.


He’s met with silence. Heavy, suffocating silence.


Jeongguk’s fingers stay on his cheek, arm flopping down in place. His forefinger accidentally brushes over Taehyung’s lips.


Jeongguk lies there silently, waits for Taehyung to speak, move, anything. He’s not stupid, neither of them are. Nothing’s happened but it’s as if they both know a line has been crossed. Or is about to.


Jeongguk’s tries not to anticipate but his mind is a mess.


Taehyung had clearly made a decision to come back to his room. That has to mean something, right?


Not to mention he hasn't breathed a word as Jeongguk would've expected, hasn't brushed off the comment with a playful joke.


Jeongguk exhales.


Taehyung reaches out to clasp Jeongguk’s hand, fingers entwining together as he pulls Jeongguk’s arm intently over his waist.


Jeongguk moves forward, at Taehyung’s tugging, until his chest is almost pressed against Taehyung’s back, hand resting on his stomach.


And they've cuddled before, of course, but somehow this isn't it.


Taehyung breathes out, loud, removes the sliver of space between them as he pushes backward into Jeongguk’s body.


Jeongguk forgets to breathe, momentarily, as Taehyung’s ass slides to meet his crotch. It’s no accident, the way Taehyung’s body curls until it’s pressed at every possible point against Jeongguk’s.


Jeongguk pushes his hand, tentatively, still enclasped with Taehyung’s, under the latter’s shirt.


Taehyung sucks in a breath as Jeongguk gently releases his hold on Taehyung’s fingers, lays his hand flat against Taehyung’s bare stomach.


It’s like a painfully slow game, one turn at a time.


Jeongguk’s fingers barely brushing his skin send a wave of shivers along Taehyung’s body.


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung finally whispers, voice dipping lower than it’s usual range. It’s two parts sensual, one part sinful, and the dark melody of its timbre sends heat to Jeongguk’s face.


“Tae-” Jeongguk responds measured and carefully. “-hyung,” he finishes, purposefully brushing his lips against the shell of Taehyung’s ear, delighting in the short intake of breath the action produces.


Taehyung’s eyes flutter shut as Jeongguk’s lips press softly onto the tip of his ear. He uses all the restraint he possesses not to flip around and kiss the shit out of him.


Jeongguk kisses the top of his ear softly, surely, another kiss dropping just beneath Taehyung’s ear. Another at the top of his neck. Another on his bare shoulder.


He’s slow.


Taehyung arches his back ever so slightly, pert ass pushing lightly against Jeongguk. A slight brush. Jeongguk pauses in his kisses, draws his teeth across Taehyung’s neck.


Taehyung shivers.


Taehyung reaches around, one hand securing on Jeongguk’s hips as he pulls him in close, closer.  There's no mistaking the intention now and  Jeongguk complies, hips curling up as Taehyung grinds down into him.


It’s slow, barely there, hardly movement enough to be called grinding, but it still has the blood rushing to Taehyung’s head. His hand slides down from where it is situated on Jeongguk’s hip, gripping his bare thigh, firmly.


He squeezes, Jeongguk’s thigh muscles rippling under his fingers.


Jeongguk’s hand travels upward from Taehyung’s navel, fingertips resting on one of Taehyung’s nipples. He brushes it, gently, and then takes it between finger and thumb, rolls the nub to hardness.


Taehyung arches at that, more pronounced this time, Jeongguk’s hips stuttering forward in tandem.


Jeongguk closes his eyes, presses his lips onto Taehyung’s shoulder, opens and sucks.


Taehyung lets out a low moan at that, the first sound in a while that’s been made and god, it drives Jeongguk crazy. Taehyung’s voice, deep and husky, a softly uttered moan goes straight to his dick.


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung says next, voice dripping with lust, and fuck if that isn’t enough for everything to crack.


Jeongguk’s palm on Taehyung’s chest moves back down to grip his hip, and he rolls his hips upward into Taehyung’s ass.


The movements begin slow but the pace quickens shortly after and Taehyung takes that as a go ahead to let loose, grinding his ass on Jeongguk intensely, at a pace to match Jeongguk’s own.


It’s ill-timed and sloppy, the actions almost jerky as opposed to smooth.




Jeongguk’s fingers again circle a nipple, and Taehyung tilts his head back, an invitation.


Jeongguk takes it, licks at Taehyung’s neck softly, before his lips part and he’s sucking down hard at the junction.


Taehyung whimpers and arches his ass harder, Jeongguk shifting so Taehyung’s laying flat against the mattress, while he rolls his hips down, dry-fucks into him. His body laid out on top. Taehyung moans as he feels Jeongguk’s dick hardening against his ass, his own cock pressing into the sheets seeking friction.


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung says again, louder, as if he knows just what rolling those syllables off his tongue do to him.


“Off,” Jeongguk manages to grunt, fingers impatiently pulling his t-shirt off Taehyung. He grinds up into Taehyung, arms holding the other’s hips steady in place.


Taehyung muffles a moan into the sheets, stuffs his face into a pillow.


Jeongguk's hips roll faster, one hand reaching to curl into Taehyung's still-damp hair.


Taehyung's head arches up, suddenly, “S-stop,” he breathes out, the word coming out stuttered.


Jeongguk freezes, body dropping limp immediately when Taehyung utters the word. He falls to the side of Taehyung, lets out a heavily exhaled breath.




Taehyung appraises him for a split-second, before clambering on top of Jeongguk.


Jeongguk pauses for a moment, takes in the view.


Taehyung’s shirtless, thin boxers straining against his obviously hard cock, long and thin. His hair is mussed up, sticking up at all ends. It’s dark but he can still see Taehyung’s eyes. Dark, piercing.


Taehyung licks his lips, slow.


“Fuck,” Jeongguk mutters, as Taehyung leans down, presses their lips - finally - together.


Taehyung lips are soft and plush, Jeongguk’s slightly chapped due to pulling them through his teeth. Taehyung moans into the kiss, legs falling one between Jeongguk’s, one on the side. Cock pressed up against Jeongguk’s, only brief boxer material separating them.


Taehyung’s a messy kisser, lots of tongue, lots of noise. Jeongguk allows himself to fall pliant momentarily, allowing Taehyung’s tongue to map the inside of his mouth. Pull Jeongguk’s tongue between his lips. Kiss him so hard he swears he nearly draws blood.


Kissing Jeongguk is intoxicating, dizzying, and Taehyung decides he’d quite like to make a home for his tongue inside Jeongguk’s mouth. He briefly mourns the many, many times he’s given up opportunities to kiss him.


Jeongguk grinds his cock upward alongside Taehyung's, kisses him back hard, a slight clatter of teeth.


Taehyung tastes sweet, somehow familiar despite Jeongguk definitely - definitely never having a taste like this before.


Taehyung ruts up against him, lazily, fingers creeping under Jeongguk’s shirt and pulling impatiently at the fabric.


Jeongguk pulls himself half up on one elbow, yanks off the offending shirt only for Taehyung to push him immediately back down onto the mattress.


“You’re so hot, fuck, Jeongguk,” Taehyung says, words falling out in a messy tumble as he strokes Jeongguk’s chest, tongue escaping his mouth to swipe across spit-slicked cherry lips.


He leans down, attaches his lips to Jeongguk’s nipple, sucks hard, drawing out sighs of pleasure from the latter. Jeongguk’s head falls back, but his eyelids don’t close, watching Taehyung intently. It’s perhaps the best view he’s ever had - or up until this point, at least.


"Your body, fuck," and Jeongguk preens as Taehyung's hands run appreciatively up and down his torso.


"I love yours," Jeongguk breathes out in response, "You're beautiful Tae," he says sincerely, Taehyung's ears flushing pink at the tips.


"I don't have musc-"


Jeongguk's fingers clamp down over his mouth, "Your body is perfect, fuck, look at you." And he's never been a talker during sex, but somehow all he wants right now is to tell him, to try and get it in his head.


Taehyung's head drops.


Jeongguk reaches out to catch his chin between finger and thumb. "You're the most beautiful. The most beautiful person I've ever seen, fuck." And all that keeps tumbling out of his mouth is beautiful, perfect, fuck in an array of orders. And it's not enough but it's all he can bring himself to say.


"Thank you," Taehyung breathes out, almost shy against his lips, kisses the tip of his nose in a gesture almost soft given the moment.


“Can I,” Taehyung not so much asks as tells, and then he's pushing Jeongguk’s thighs aside roughly, moving quickly until he’s settling himself between them.


Jeongguk’s brain momentarily skips, until he realises Taehyung is lying between his legs, staring up at him intently.


Sweat breaks out on his forehead.


“Fuck, please Taehyung. ” Jeongguk utters with a groan as Taehyung pulls off his boxers quickly, the cold air a shock to his over-heated body.


Jeongguk would’ve taken Taehyung for a tease, but tonight that doesn’t seem to be the case, as his dick is quickly engulfed by the hot, wet heat of Taehyung’s mouth.


Taehyung sucks cock like he kisses.


Messy, a lot of tongue.


Perfectly, Jeongguk thinks. Voices the opinion loudly. Taehyung smiles.


Taehyung swallows Jeongguk’s cock, quickly, easily, setting a fast speed at the get go, and deep-throating him within minutes.


Truth be told he fucking loves sucking dick and add to that Jeongguk, the feeling is intensified.


Taehyung laps up the little cries that leaves Jeongguk’s mouth, smiling as he works his tongue around his cock, fingers cupping his balls in the process.


Jeongguk’s hips arch instinctively into Taehyung’s throat, who opens up wide, winks at him.


Fuck, so yeah moments ago Jeongguk was wrong. This is the hottest thing he’s seen.


Right when Jeongguk’s teetering on the worrying edge of I might cum soon, Taehyung pulls off abruptly. Looks him in the eye.


He loves Jeongguk like this, laying out wrecked, needy, at the mercy of Taehyung’s mouth.


“Fuck my mouth,” he instructs, Jeongguk gulping at the words in disbelief.


His hips obey the command, arching up into Taehyung’s mouth, who greedily sucks, swallowing his cock until it’s steadily hitting the back of his throat.


Jeongguk keens, fucking into Taehyung’s hot wet mouth. Taehyung curled up over his crotch, looking up at him from his position. His eyelashes shimmer with unshed tears, no doubt a result of Jeongguk’s cock ramming relentlessly into his throat.


Jeongguk pauses, reaches out to cup Taehyung’s face.


“Are you okay, is it to-”


“I like it,” is Taehyung’s speedy reply, voice husky, wrecked. Jeongguk closes his eyes in disbelief.


“Fucking love your cock. Want it in my mouth. Fucking my mouth. Wreck me.” Taehyung says with a smirk, Jeongguk’s fingers curling in the sheets seeking an anchor.


“I-” Jeongguk stutters as Taehyung’s lips part again, sliding along his length. “S-stop, Tae,” he mumbles out, weakly clutches at Taehyung’s face.


“S’okay,” Taehyung pulls off to say, “Cum in my mouth.”


Jeongguk groans at that, has to once again close his eyes because the image of Taehyung is almost too much to bear. He thrusts into his mouth at a quickening pace, feels the telltale sign of heat pooling deep within his stomach.


Taehyung chokes on a particularly big thrust, Jeongguk reaches out to grab him gently by the hair.


“Can I-” he mumbles, Taehyung looks up at him, beautiful, perfect, fuck, the mantra on a loop.


The signals that are meant to send words from his brain to his mouth, useless.


"Cum on your face," Jeongguk manages to choke out. "Cum on your pretty face," he says more decisively, Taehyung's eyes widening ever so slightly.


Taehyung tilts his head and smiles, pats his cheek invitingly, curls slender fingers around Jeongguk’s cock. "Cum on my face Jeongguk-ah."


Jeongguk thrusts quickly into his hand as Taehyung jerks him off, hard,  fast, “I’m gon-”


And Taehyung is pulling off, positioning his face just right as Jeongguk orgasms, hot cum spurting across Taehyung’s face. It lands on his cheek, some splattering on his eyelashes, the rest trailing down into Taehyung’s wide open mouth. Splashing down pink, perfect lips.


Jeongguk’s body shakes, legs spasming as he comes down from orgasm, watching intently as Taehyung swipes the cum from his cheek, swirls it in his mouth.


It’s salty and sweet, not the best but not the worst taste in the world. And watching Jeongguk’s fucked out expression as Taehyung smacks his lips together, lapping it up, makes it all worth it and more.


Jeongguk moves slowly moments later, as he reaches out and pulls Taehyung back down, until he’s lying beside him.


Jeongguk traces a finger down Taehyung’s cheek, through his own cum, stares. Taehyung smiles, leans in and sucks it straight off his finger.


Jeongguk feels his cheeks tint pink - or more pink, and if he’s not careful Taehyung will have his dick hardening again in seconds.


“Your turn,” Jeongguk says, Taehyung ducking his head as if he is suddenly shy. Jeongguk snorts.


“But let me clean you up first please.”


He exits quickly to the bathroom, nearly tripping over his own feet in haste. Runs straight crash-bang into Namjoon in the hallway. Jeongguk faintly remembers he’d asked him to bring ramen earlier.


Wonders frantically if his hyung had approached his room and-


He coughs.


Namjoon eyes him up and down, scandalized. Jeongguk hadn’t even had the brain to put on any clothing. He flushes from head to toe.


“You reek of sex,” Namjoon wrinkles his nose, Jeongguk’s hands coming down to cover his exposed crotch.


“Is it Tae?” Namjoon asks, conversationally, rubbing at tired eyes. The tone of his voice is more a statement than a question.


Jeongguk nods, “Sorry to be rude hyung, but Taehyung’s waiting and he-”


Namjoon waves a hand in his face. “I don’t need, I don’t want to know what he’s waiting for. Just - be safe okay? God.”


He stares at Jeongguk a second time, Jeongguk shrinking in his own body as Namjoon walks back down the hall muttering to himself.


He is silently relieved that it was Namjoon he encountered in the night, knowing the older will allow Taehyung and Jeongguk to tell everyone in their own time. Thankful he hadn’t run into Jimin, Hoseok or Seokjin who would’ve likely woken the dorm up with bloodcurdling screams at catching a naked and obviously fucked out Jeongguk, skulking along the hall.


Jeongguk wets a flannel quickly, half-sprinting back to his room.


He inhales sharply when he enters the room, Taehyung’s completely stripped in his absence, sitting up against the wall, legs falling open for all to see. All being Jeongguk.


Taehyung’s eyes are closed, head flung back, hand wrapped around his cock as he jerks himself off, shakily. His body is shiny with a sheen of sweat, brown hair curling on his forehead.


Jeongguk pauses in the doorway, watching him. Taehyung’s eyelids flutter open briefly, and he appraises him and shuts them again.


Taehyung’s hand is familiar, tried-and-true, comfortable as it wraps around his cock. Finally providing the friction he’s so badly needed. He’s hard, impossibly so, pre-cum oozing at the head due to putting himself off for so long. Focusing on Jeongguk’s pleasure and ignoring his own.


His thumb swipes over the head of his cock, spreading the pre-cum.


Jeongguk watching him only adds to the rush, Taehyung’s lips falling open as he lets out a loud moan, half for himself, half for Jeongguk. He startles slightly, when Jeongguk crawls onto the bed beside him, wipes his face gently with a wet flannel.


Taehyung pauses and smiles.


Jeongguk smiles back, kisses him softly, tenderly, Taehyung’s arms winding around his neck and pulling him close. The kiss is soft, contrary to the others, until Jeongguk pries open Taehyung’s lips with his tongue, pulls his body down onto the mattress.


“Tae,” Jeongguk whispers, fingers reaching down to circle teasingly around Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung’s hips stutter with excitement.


“I wanna -” Jeongguk pauses.


“Wanna what?” Taehyung asks, breathless.


“Eat you out,” Jeongguk divulges, holding his breath for a moment while he gauges Taehyung’s reaction.


“Well fuck,” are the first two words that fall out of Taehyung’s mouth, followed by “Yes please.


Jeongguk is gentle as he flips Taehyung’s body over onto all fours, careful as he parts Taehyung’s legs just so.


Taehyung whines immediately, when Jeongguk presses a sloppy wet kiss to the tip of his rim, tongue sneaking out ever so slightly, just a tease.


“Ass up,” Jeongguk instructs, with a light pat, Taehyung leaning forward eagerly, the curve of his ass high in the air. "Beautiful."


Jeongguk peppers kisses down Taehyung’s ass, thumbs gently spreading his cheeks until he can clearly see the pink puckered hole. “Pretty,” Jeongguk remarks absentmindedly. And it’s not the usual adjective for someone’s asshole, but somehow everything about Taehyung is pretty. Even this.


Taehyung’s head droops, limp when Jeongguk sucks lightly at his rim, slowly pressing his tongue inside the fluttering hole. Taehyung keens, arching back further, his cock curving hard against his stomach.


Jeongguk kisses and sucks, the sounds loud and obscene, wet. Taehyung whimpers into the sheets loudly, body eventually falling forward, buckling under his arms.


Jeongguk reaches out a hand, bracing Taehyung’s body, holding it in position. Taehyung falls loose in his hold.


Taehyung cries out when Jeongguk’s tongue pushes deep inside, the hot wet muscle filling him up. His dick is hard, fucking painful, and he reaches out to grab it.


Jeongguk catches him by the wrist.


He stretches up to whisper in his ear. “Don’t touch yet please?” Taehyung moans in response, hand dropping loose at Jeongguk’s soft command.


Jeongguk makes a noise of approval, moves back, and pushes Taehyung gently onto the bed, so he’s fully lying down, spread out.


He spreads Taehyung’s ass cheeks, murmurs appreciatively, lips latching onto his hole, tongue pressing inside as deep as possible. Taehyung’s body shakes, his moans growing in volume, and Jeongguk spares a fleeting thought of sympathy for the others.


“J-Je-” Taehyung starts and tries, Jeongguk’s tongue moving in circular motions in his wet hole. Everything fucking burns, in the most pleasurable way. Hot and wet and good.


Jeongguk picks up the pace, thrusting his tongue faster into Taehyung’s tight hole. Taehyung's walls clench around him.



Taehyung almost feels at the edge, despite his dick not being stimulated, and then Jeongguk pulls off suddenly. Taehyung whines, his wet gaping hole clenching.


“I don’t have lube,” Jeongguk mutters, tone laced with clear disappointment. Somewhere in his reverie Taehyung registers that he doesn’t either.


He lies there, fucked out, allows Jeongguk to pick him up, maneuver his body.


“What are you-” Taehyung begins, as Jeongguk lays out, lifts him, easily sets him down on top on his knees. Facing away from Jeongguk.


His golden skin flushes pink as he realises his position. Sitting on Jeongguk’s face, if he lowers himself down.


Sure enough Jeongguk grips his ass and pulls him down, spreading his cheeks apart wide with the new angle. Taehyung’s cock twitches against his belly.


Jeongguk is relentless, fucking his tongue inside Taehyung, hands firmly gripping his ass. Taehyung bounces up and down, the sweat from his thighs and the spit from Jeongguk’s mouth filling the room with obscene, repeated slaps and squelches.


Taehyung leans over, curling into himself, when Jeongguk’s pace becomes borderline unbearable, his cock achingly hard. And then Jeongguk is pulling him up, holding his entire body weight, “Touch yourself Tae.”


Taehyung moans loudly, fingers finally reaching down around his neglected cock, pumping it in tandem with the thrusts of Jeongguk’s tongue.


The combined stimulation drives him over the edge, into ecstasy, and he cums seconds later, loudly, into his own palm, thighs quivering either side of Jeongguk’s face.


Jeongguk lies there patiently while he comes down from his high.


A face full of Taehyung’s ass, things could be worse.


He eventually lifts Taehyung off carefully, picks up his loose limbs and lays them down beside them. Taehyung’s body shivers as he comes down from his orgasm, body a cold sweat.


“Good?” Jeongguk asks, a thumb brushing Taehyung’s cheek.


“Good,” Taehyung responds quietly, head tilting to the side to press a kiss to Jeongguk’s thumb.


Jeongguk goes to leave for the bathroom, Taehyung reaching out to grab at his wrist.


“Don’t go.”


“You’re messy.”


“Use that one,” Taehyung gestures to the discarded flannel they’d used earlier.


Jeongguk wrinkles his nose.


“Don’t go,” Taehyung repeats again. Jeongguk nods, reaches for the formerly used flannel with a pout of distaste. Wipes Taehyung’s hands.


“I’m wiping your cum with my cum,” he mutters disgustedly. Taehyung giggles and sprawls out on the bed, one leg falling over Jeongguk’s.


It’s not awkward, despite both having clearly broke every boundary on the planet. It’s a little difficult to turn back from eating someone’s ass.


“Guk-ah?” Taehyung says, turns to face him on his side.


Jeongguk suddenly feels anxious, doesn’t turn to face him.


“Can we - uh - do this again, more? ” Taehyung whispers, hand reaching out to search for one of Jeongguk’s.


Jeongguk’s shoulders relax slightly.


“Yeah, I’d like that, I li-”


“Like eating my ass?” Taehyung says, suddenly chirpy.


Jeongguk coughs, chokes.


He goes out on a limb.


“But maybe next time we can go on a date first?” pulls his lip through lower teeth in nervous anticipation.


Taehyung grins, “Why take me out for dinner if you can just - eat my ass?”


Jeongguk’s eyelids flutter shut, he feels he is in for a lot more ass jokes. He is.


“But yes please,” Taehyung says next.


“I can’t believe you sucked me off on the first date. On no date,” Jeongguk reprimands, raising an eyebrow.


He extends an arm and Taehyung naturally falls into his embrace, curls into his side as he always has.  But now it's different. (Ass-eating and all).


“We’ve had a lot of dates,” Taehyung whispers, a yawn breaking out mid-sentence. “We just didn’t call them that.”


Jeongguk smiles at that.


“Well can we now?”


Taehyung kisses his chin. “Please.”






Jeongguk and Taehyung trail sheepishly into the lounge in the morning. They're met by five disapproving faces.


"We have rules!" Namjoon calls out first.


"A safety talk," Yoongi sighs.


"Volume limits," Seokjin chimes in, Hoseok snorting in response.


"Do you know how loud you were?" Jimin exclaims, partially disgusted, partially impressed.


Jeongguk flushes, Taehyung shifts uncomfortably from side to side.


"No fucking in the shower," Namjoon says.


"Always use lube," Hoseok says. Yoongi side-eyes him, "That sounds encouraging."


"Always remember bros before hoes," Jimin says pointedly, giving a disgusted sniff in Jeongguk's direction.


"I'm your bro too hyungwhat the fuck I'm not some hoe?"


Taehyung giggles.


"They need a schedule," Seokjin starts, Namjoon nodding with approval. Jeongguk lets out an exasperated sigh.


"No sex on Tuesdays."


Taehyung rolls his eyes, reaches out to tug at Jeongguk's hand, "Come on, Gukkie."


"It's Tuesday!" Hoseok screeches.


"We're not fucking, we're going on a date," Taehyung smiles, Jeongguk flushing as he holds his hand. "Well maybe later?" Taehyung rolls back his eyes, in that ever-familiar perverted expression. Yoongi groans.


"You already broke my rule!" Jimin calls out. "Step away from him, hoe."


Jeongguk flips him the finger.


"Bye hyungs," he calls out sugary sweet, laughing as Taehyung drags him out the door with a wave and a kiss in Jimin's direction.


"Where are we going?"


Taehyung shrugs up at him, smiles,


"Anywhere as long as I'm with you."