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Nearly a Baker's Dozen

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Sari glanced down at the paper in her hand, and then hesitantly back up at the building in front of her. 219 Baker Street. She’d been told to come by, and ask for the leader for help getting placed in a pack, hopefully in this one, as a beta nanny. Apparently, they’d accept street folk, and wouldn’t chase her off. Were good people. She wet her lips and then walked up to the door, knocking once.


“I’ve got it!” Molly walked down the stairs, avoiding Dimmock’s oldest pup playing with her cars on the bottom step. “Not here, Lily. Scoot, sweetheart.” She opened up the door and smiled. “Can I help you?”

“I’ to see the pack leader?” Sari said carefully, aware of her dingy appearance compared to the nicely dressed alpha. “About placement as a beta?”

“Oh, really?” Molly smiled. “As a nanny?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well, come in, and I’ll get you to Anthea. She takes applications.”

“Applications?” Sari sidestepped a pup as she ran by, catching the one chasing her as she tripped. “Here.” She set the little girl on her feet again, and she ran off.

“Yes. We do things a bit differently in the Baker Street Pack. We have seven pups so far, and another one, possibly two on the way.” Molly laughed. “It’s a bit chaotic when they’re all in one house like this.”


“Is that the new nanny Billy sent our way?” Greg asked, sitting down beside Mycroft, kissing his omega on the cheek. Mycroft nodded and handed him a file, still watching the screen. “Beta, orphaned at fourteen, living on the streets since. No drugs though, that’s good.” Greg nodded and set the file down. “She looks like she knows what she’s doing.” He smiled as Sari helped Nina down. “Molly doesn’t seem to mind her either. Must have a friendly scent.”

“She has Sherlock’s approval, though I wonder if she’ll be able to handle how we do things here,” Mycroft said, sitting back.

“Well, just because we aren’t a normal pack doesn’t mean we aren’t right for those here,” said Greg, smiling fondly at Mycroft.

Mycroft smiled back, and leaned into him. “Should I go and take her from Anthea and just give her the job then?”

“I should, since I’m supposed to be the one in charge of this madhouse. If Anderson’s twins don’t scare her off on the first day.”

“She’s already caught Nina from falling once, she’s hardly scared off by them,” Mycroft replied. He waved his hand airily. “Go. Give her the job, and a room. Money for clothing as well, and send her out with Molly or one of the others for anything she’d like.” He stood up and reached for his jacket. “I’m going to go take Louis to the library for some picture books. And frankly, this madhouse is half your fault.”

“True,” said Greg. “What I get for being a big strong alpha.” He fluttered his eyelashes at Mycroft and laughed before heading out to meet with Sari.

Mycroft rolled his eyes and went to collect Louis from his bedroom.


“John? John Watson!”

John frowned and turned, leaning a bit on his cane. “Mike?”

“Yeah.” Mike grinned at him. “I know, I got fat. Pups, you know? Heard you were off in Afghanistan getting shot at. What happened?”

John adjusted his cane. “I got shot.” He gave Mike a slight smile. “Mated and packed? That’s good, yeah? And pups?”

“Two. Palmer and Jane. Real sweethearts. I’d show you a picture, but my phone’s in my other coat. Left it in the office.” Mike chuckled. “What are you doing in town? Not packed?”

John scoffed. “Invalided home. Who’d want me for a packmate?”

“You never know, might be surprised.” Mike replied. “Let’s get a cuppa, and I’ll show you round Barts. Changed quite a bit from the last time you were there I’d reckon.”

“I’d imagine so,” said John. “You’ve got a good pack, then? Still doctoring?”

“Teaching mostly,” Mike said, starting them off along the path. “Bright young things. Like we used to be. I hate them.” He laughed.

John relaxed, comfortable in his company. Mike had always been a reassuring presence, even back in their university days. He was glad that he’d found a mate and a pack and had children of his own. It was the sort of life John could never quite imagine for himself.

They reached Barts quickly and Mike showed him around.

“And here's the lab we use for teaching mostly. Oh, Sherlock, figured you’d be at the house.”

“Can I borrow your phone?” Sherlock asked, hardly acknowledging them.

“Other coat,” said Mike.

“Here, use mine,” said John, pulling out his and offering it to the odd omega.

Sherlock looked up, suddenly hit with a tantalizing scent. He blinked, and took it, deducing even as his fingers flew over the keyboard, unaware of what words he was actually saying as he lost himself in the alpha’s eyes.

John licked his lips, but reigned himself in. “Wait, you want me in your pack?”

“I...yes,” Sherlock said, and stood. “The address is 219 Baker Street.” He glanced at Mike and nodded, handing back John’s phone.

John looked between them. “You’re packmates?”

“Yes.” Sherlock swept from the room.

“Well, then,” Mike chuckled. “You just got the high honor of meeting Sherlock Holmes.”

“Must be an interesting pack, then. Who’s the alpha? Would they accept me?” John had never had a proper pack, outside of the army. The one he’d grown up in, well, the less said the better.

“It is. And the alpha is Greg Lestrade. If you're interested, I'll take you home and introduce you?”

“Sure, I mean. I don’t have much to offer.” The idea was almost as tantalizing as the strange omega.

“Well, we're a bit different than most packs anyway. You might find you like it.”

John shrugged. “Might as well, I suppose.”

Mike chuckled. “C’mon, I'll take you.”


“Hey, Mike!” Greg waved at the omega as he walked down the road, meeting up with him and his companions at the Baker Street tube stop. “Who’s this?” he asked, falling in line with them.

“Hi, Greg.” Mike smiled. “This is an old schoolmate. John Watson. Sherlock, ah...asked him to join the pack.”

Greg stopped dead in his tracks. “Wait, what?” He shook his head and caught up with them. “Sherlock Holmes asked you to join?”

John bit his lip. “Yes?” Normally he didn’t bow for any other alpha, but he found himself wanting to make a good impression with this one. It was clear he was the alpha in charge.

“Holy shit.”

“I know,” Mike said, nodding up as they passed 221. “Even told him the proper flat number.”

Greg whistled. “C’mon. You need to meet Mycroft,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief again.

“This is a big deal?” asked John, painfully aware of his cane.

Greg and Mike exchanged a glance and then nodded. “More than. Sherlock is…” Mike shrugged. “Unique.”

Greg sighed. “Sherlock doesn't like most people, alpha or not. He’s refused to ever take an alpha. The fact that he asked you to be in the pack is something that quite literally none of us ever expected.”

John stopped where he was. “Truly? I mean, I just met him this afternoon. He seemed…. different, but I’m nobody special.”

Mike grinned and looked at John. “How did it feel when you first saw him?”

“Like I saw the sun rising for the first time.” said John, looking at his cane.

“Soul bond,” Greg said quietly. “Has to be.”

“Is that even possible?” asked John. “I mean… I’m nobody.”

“You're hardly nobody,” said Mike. “You're John Watson. You're a doctor, a soldier, a good alpha. You looked after omegas in school. Made sure no one bothered us. I really don't think you'll have changed that much, d’you?” Mike settled a hand on John’s shoulder. “Look. Just come meet the rest of the pack, get a better grasp on Sherlock. And then...make up your mind, yeah?”

“Of course.” He looked at Greg. “I just got back to London. I have a small pension, a bum shoulder and a limp. I haven’t even found a job yet.”

Greg nodded. “Don't worry about it. I don't need you to prove yourself to us. And if you need somewhere to stay for a bit, you're welcome here, whether or not you join the pack. Any friend of Mike’s is a friend of mine.” He smiled and beckoned them both toward the door, knowing Mycroft would have been watching and reading their lips through the whole conversation.

“Yes, sir,” he said automatically. “I’ve got a bedsit, but… a pack would be nice.”

Greg smiled again, leading him in and sitting him down. “I love it.” He scooped up Lily as she ran past. “Say hello, love.”

“Hi!” Lily giggled and wriggled down, coming over to John. She looked at his cane for a minute and then climbed up, giving his scarred shoulder a kiss. “Ouch. Who are you?”

John blinked. “My name is John. How did you know my shoulder was hurt there?”

Lily shrugged. “Aunt Sherlock said the man with the ouch shoulder and the cane was pretty. He's grumpy and with Aunt Mycroft right now. You have a cane. And you have pretty eyes,” she said matter of factly. “So you're the pretty man. Right?”

“I suppose so. What’s your name?”

“Lily. I'm six! How old are you?”

“Thirty six,” he smiled at her. “You have a bunch of brothers and sisters?”

“Yeah! Six of them.”

“Wow, that’s a lot. Lots of aunts and uncles, then?”

“More than all my fingers.”

Greg chuckled. “All right, Lily. Go play.” He smiled at John. “Lily is our second oldest. She's Dimmock’s first. He also has Sandy, at three months old. Mike’s are Palmer and Jane. Palmer is the oldest at seven, and Jane is five. Nina and Mina are Anderson’s two, and they're four. Twins. And then there's Louis.” Greg gave a fond smile. “He’s three, and Mycroft’s only child. So yeah, we’ve got quite a few pups running around here. Molly is the only other alpha. She's soulbonded to Mike. Should be around… ah actually no. She took the new nanny out for clothes. Thirteen adults in the pack total right now. Fourteen if you decide to join.”

“And you’ve got room for me?” asked John. It was a lot of adults already.

“Yeah. Pretty much this entire street belongs to our pack. Sherlock’s in 221, Molly and Mike are in 225, the rest are scattered around. Mycroft and I live here.”

“And you really don’t mind another alpha? I know some alphas really don’t want competition.”

Greg chuckled. “Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not competition. Anyone who is in my pack, wants to be here. If they don’t want to be with me, that’s fine. They don’t have to be. And they can leave when they want. Having another alpha in doesn’t mean it will drive apart the pack. It helps keep the pack safe, happy, and sated.”

John nodded, relaxing. “Would I be taking care of any other omegas?”

“Not unless you wanted to and they agreed. But well...Sherlock...he’s special.” Greg leaned back, and scrubbed a hand through his hair. “He’s different. He’s pack, but I haven’t been allowed to even bite him yet.”

“No? But who handles his heats? He takes care of himself?” John tried not to think too much of the omega in heat.

“Yes. Locks himself in his flat with a load of toys, doesn’t come out for a week. I send a beta or an omega over a few times just to make sure he’s still alive, but he’s on his own. As he wants.” Greg sighed. “He wants pups, wants a bond, wants a relationship. But wants them with quote ‘a proper alpha, who can handle himself and won’t drive me to murder’.” He shrugged. “To be honest? I think deep down he’s a romantic who was holding out for his soul bond.” He gave John a pointed look.

“And you think I’m that alpha,” said John. “He certainly… is different. I’ve never felt such a sudden attraction to an omega.”

“I know you’re that alpha. Sherlock’s brilliant, John. If he recognized it, then I believe it too.”

“I suppose we’ll have to see. And we’re meeting… Mycroft?”

“Yeah.” Greg looked around, and grabbed one of the kids as they passed by. “Palmer? Go get Aunt Mycroft please.”

“Okay, da.” Palmer grinned and ran out.

“Mycroft is my soul bond,” Greg said. “We only have the one pup, like I said. Louis. Mycroft and Sherlock are brothers, by the way.”

“All right.”


Sherlock was pacing, close to snarling as he gripped at his forearms. “I don’t understand why. Why now?”

Mycroft regarded his brother. “None of us can choose the time or place, Sherlock. I would think you’d be happy.”

“I am happy. But he won’t stay,” Sherlock snapped. “No one can handle me.”

“Give him a chance.” Mycroft gestured at the screens. “He and Gregory are getting along fine. You have a couple weeks until your next heat.”

Sherlock stalked over, narrowing his eyes at the screen. “They’re talking about me.”

Palmer pushed open the door. “Aunt Mycroft? Da wants you. Hi, Aunt Sherlock.”

“Coming, brother mine? Or would you prefer to watch?”

Sherlock swept out of the room with a huff. He made his way down ahead of Mycroft, and sat. “John.”

John smiled at him. “Glad to see you again.”

“Yes. I play violin. I don’t sleep. There will be times when I do not speak for days on end, and there are things in the freezer that, according to others, should not be in the freezer.” Sherlock steepled his fingers, watching John.

“All right. Do you work?”

“Yes. I am a consulting detective.”

John blinked. “What does that mean?”

“It means that when the police are out of their depth, which is often, they call me.”

Greg sighed. “Sherlock works for me. Or consults for me I suppose. I work for NSY, Detective Inspector, homicide.”

“Ah. Well, sounds fascinating.”

Sherlock looked slightly mollified, the set of his shoulders relaxing a bit. “Yes. When will you move in?”

John looked at Greg and… that had to be Mycroft standing next to him. “Today? If you’d like.”

“Yes. That would be best.” Sherlock nodded and stood. “221B.”

“Okay, I don’t have much.”

Mycroft watched John and Sherlock walk out, still talking. He looked at Greg. “Well, that was certainly unexpected.”

“Soul bond,” Greg said, reaching out and pulling Mycroft gently down to sit in his lap. “Sherlock’s finally getting what he wants.”

Mycroft nuzzled against his throat. “As is John, I suspect.”

“Probably so.” Greg’s breath hitched, and he tightened his grip on Mycroft’s hips. He brushed his lips over Mycroft’s forehead. “I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you, too. And our pack.” He offered his throat to his alpha.

Greg smiled and scented him, giving him a small nip. “The kids are all entertained. Sherlock is entertained. Louis is napping, isn’t he?” he asked quietly.

“Yes. I am at your disposal.”

Standing them both up, Greg took him by the hand, leading him back up the stairs and to their bedroom with a smile. “Your heat is coming up. Do you want to start trying again?” he asked quietly, shutting the door behind them.

Mycroft studied Greg and nodded. “I know that I perhaps don’t produce the best pups, and it's hard… but I want to try.”

“There is nothing wrong with Louis. He just needs to be a little more careful than the other kids,” Greg said softly. “And there’s nothing wrong with you either.”

Mycroft lay back. “I do try to believe that.”

“Well, I’ll help you,” Greg said, laying down beside him, coasting his hand over Mycroft’s belly.

Mycroft moaned softly. “You’re a good alpha. To me, and to the pack.”

Greg nuzzled his throat. “You’re my omega.”

“I never thought I’d find my alpha. But here you are.”

“I am. And I’m not going anywhere.” Greg shifted, kneeling above him. He smiled and started to undress Mycroft slowly.

Mycroft watched him, eyes wide, heart still skipping at how much love he could see in Greg’s gaze, and how much care the alpha held for him, at knowing, beyond all doubt, that this was the best pack in London and he was a cherished part of it.

“You’re mine,” Greg said, sitting back on his heels, gazing at Mycroft when he was undressed. “All of you. I don’t think I can explain how much I love you. How much I want you.”

“I feel the same about you,” said Mycroft softly, parting his thighs for him. “I was reluctant when Sherlock brought me to you, but then you gave me the world.”

Greg ghosted his hand over Mycroft’s thighs, spreading them further apart. He pressed his knees up and smiled, lowering his head to kiss one. “You made my world brighter, and better.”

“Take me, please,” gasped Mycroft.

Greg freed his cock from his trousers, knowing Mycroft liked the power imbalance that came when he wasn’t properly undressed, and gave it a stroke. “Take you, or tease you?” he asked.

“Take me. Show me I’m yours.”

Greg leaned down over him, pinning one of Mycroft’s hands against the pillows, pressing in roughly.

Mycroft moaned and arched against him, eyes slamming shut. “Yes, yes,” he moaned.

“You’re mine,” Greg growled. “My omega. My mate. My pack.”

Mycroft breathed out and surrendered, relaxing under him. “Yes. Yours. Only yours.”

Greg dragged his teeth over Mycroft’s neck. “Gonna bite you again.”

“Please. Bite me and breed me, alpha.” Mycroft panted.

Greg growled in pleasure, thrusting hard. He pinned Mycroft’s other hand down, rocking his hips.

Mycroft writhed underneath him, knowing the movement would drive his alpha on to pin and claim. He thrilled at the scent and the rush of pheromones in the air.

Greg dropped his head and bit without warning, bonding Mycroft all over again.

Mycroft gave a muffled cry, coming hard between them, untouched, moaning.

“That’s my omega. Good omega,” Greg crooned, close to coming himself as Mycroft’s body spasmed around him.

“Come, alpha,” gasped Mycroft, needing his seed.

Greg groaned and spilled into him, clutching him close.

Mycroft wrapped his arms and legs around him, riding Greg’s orgasm. “Mine,” he whispered.

“Yours,” Greg breathed, panting against his neck. “Yours, My. Gonna breed you.”

“Please.” Mycroft snuggled against him, content.


Later that evening they were gathered around the family dinner table. John took it all in, still learning about how this family worked. Molly was the only other alpha and she was clearly dedicated to Mike, though she also seemed to be taking care of Dimmock, an omega. Mycroft was speaking with a beta, Anthea. Sari, the beta nanny, was at the kids table. Anderson, another omega, was arguing with Sally, who was a beta. Sherlock was by his side, picking at his plate, muttering about the family to John and pointing out the dynamics. John kept sneaking him bits of food in between sentences, making sure he ate something.

Greg cleared his throat. “So, to those who don’t know, this is John Watson. He might be joining the pack.”

“Hello,” Molly greeted. “Mike’s told me about you.” She giggled. “I’ve heard stories.”

John smiled, glancing at Mike. “Should I be worried?”

“Not really.” Mike chuckled. “They’re mostly good.”

“That’s good,” John smiled.

Anderson growled something at Sally and turned away from her, crossing his arms.

“All right, enough,” Greg barked out, standing up. “Anderson. Sitting room. Now.” He gestured with his head.

Anderson ducked his head and slunk out. Sherlock scoffed.

“What’s that about?” asked John quietly.

“Anderson. Idiot,” Sherlock said. “He acts out like this often, fights with Sally constantly. Wants attention, wants to be shown his place, but refuses to simply ask.”



Anderson looked at his feet as he waited for Greg, one hand on his rounded belly.

“Kneel,” Greg said, stepping in. “Now. And explain to me what that little show at the table was.”

Anderson knelt, head still down. “Sherlock’s got his. Sally might be seeing someone else.”

“And you’re jealous?” Greg asked. “So instead of saying something to me, to your alpha, you decide to make a scene at dinner, and act like a child?”

Anderson winced. “You’re busy.”

“I am still your alpha. And if I am busy, Mycroft and Anthea will both convey your needs to me, if you make them known.” Greg shook his head. “Stand up. Hands on the arm of the couch, and bend over. Trousers and pants down. Watch your stomach.”

Anderson hurried to obey. Part of him was sorry, part of him just craved the attention of an alpha. Things like this were why he’d been in five packs in seven years, before landing here. He still didn’t know why Greg put up with him.

Greg stepped over to him. “Ten for now. You are going to come to me tonight as well, understand?”

“Yes, alpha,” said Anderson quietly.

Greg began to spank him, slow and hard. “You do not get to hide your worries. You speak about them, and the pack takes care of them. That is how this works, Phillip.”

Anderson gasped. “Yes, sir.”

“What do I have to do to get it through to you?” Greg caught him across the backs of his thighs. “To prove that you belong here?”

Anderson moaned and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Do I need to mark every inch of you? Mount you where anyone can see, so that everyone will know? What about over my desk at the yard?” Greg asked sharply. “Do you want that? Leave my door open so everyone can hear, see?”

Anderson shook his head. “No, sir.”

“Then what do you want?”

Anderson shook his head again.

“Answer,” Greg said, voice growing soft. “Tell me, Phillip.” He smoothed his hand over Anderson’s arse. “Tell me what you need.”

“An alpha, sir,” Anderson sobbed. “For myself. That’s mine.”

Greg sighed. “All right,” he murmured, helping Anderson stand, and tugging his trousers up, laying him down on the couch. “You’re all right. Shh...c’mon now.” Greg knelt beside him, stroking his belly. “I am yours. You have to share, and I know it’s hard. But I am yours.”

“I’m a good omega. I make pups.” Anderson scrubbed his face with his hands.

“You’re a good omega. You’re a good worker. You’re a good man,” Greg murmured. “You’re a good mother.”

Anderson opened his eyes, heart aching. Mycroft had Greg. Greg looked at him with warm care, but Greg wasn’t his soulbond, and never would be. The alpha’s hand rest on his stomach. Anderson swallowed. “I...I’m not a good mother.”

“Course you are are,” said Greg. “Why would you ever say you aren’t?”

“There’s another pup,” Anderson said softly, suddenly tired of keeping this one last secret he’d held for so long.

Greg frowned. “What?” he asked gently. “What pup?”

Anderson closed his eyes again. “The second pack… I had a pup. They kept her when they kicked me out.”

“I...Phillip…” Greg glanced over at the door. “Mycroft! In here! Anthea!” he called.

Anderson struggled to sit up. “You don’t have to… she was a baby, she wouldn’t even know me.”

Mycroft stepped into the room. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you want to explain?” Greg asked, helping Anderson sit up. “Because we will be doing something about this.”

“She was only two months old, she’d be eight now.” Anderson rubbed his face again, not looking at the others. “My second pack, I gave birth. They kept the baby when they kicked me out. Said they weren’t sure if it was from that alpha or my previous one, but since pups belong to the pack…I’d have lost the hearing, I wasn’t a good omega anyway, they knew that. It was my fault, I wasn’t good enough for the pack.”

Mycroft sat down next to him and, with just a little hesitation, rubbed his back. “She’s still your pup, legally you had the choice to take her with you. They didn’t give you that choice, did they?”

Anderson shook his head. “She wouldn’t know me. I’d be taking her from her pack.”

“I’ll start the paperwork,” Anthea said, tapping at her mobile. “It will be on your desk in ten minutes, sir.”

Greg spared her a nod, even knowing that the sir was addressed to Mycroft. “Phillip, I still would feel better if we checked on her. If you had the option to know her.”

Anderson knew that Mycroft had the records of his previous packs, for recordkeeping if nothing else. “Her name was Emma.” He felt safe suddenly, Mycroft on one side and Greg on the other. He rest a hand on his stomach. “Nobody ever wanted me for long.”

“We want you. I want you,” Greg said. “I’ll keep telling you as much as you need to hear it.”

“I still don’t understand why.”

“You are my pack. You are my friend. You are my omega. I want to care for you. I want you to be happy, safe, and healthy.”

Mycroft nodded. “We all want you, and your pups.”

Anderson broke down and started crying. Mycroft ran a hand through his hair and stood. “I’ll see to Emma.”

“Thanks. I’ll get him settled in bed. Think he needs some time.” Greg stood, and guided Anderson up. “C’mon. You’re all right. Moll?” he asked as they paused by the door to the dining room. “Can you meet me in my bedroom? We need another alpha.”

“Oh.” Molly nodded, wide eyed as Greg helped Anderson up the stairs. She stood and hurried after them.

Sherlock cocked his head in interest, watching. “Hmm.”

John frowned. “What?”

“Anderson has another child.” Sherlock glanced to the children’s table where Sari was keeping them blissfully unaware and entertained, though she kept glancing at the rest of the adults.

“From before this pack, I’d assume?”

“Yes. It was kept from him, so he kept it secret. He’s only just now broken down and said something. How didn’t I see it?” Sherlock muttered.

“That’s sad.”

“Yes.” Sherlock shrugged, the dinner table quiet. “Much of this pack has stories that you will not hear until they are ready to share. I’ve been barred from telling anyone’s but my own, under threat of never getting another kidney from Molly, or a case from Greg,” he huffed. “I’m no longer hungry.”

“Would you like me to walk you home?”

Sherlock blinked. “Why?”

John shrugged. “Could spend more time together. And I could sleep over there tonight if you wanted. Instead of waiting.”

“Yes. Come along.” Sherlock tugged at his hand, then realized what he was doing, and dropped it.

John smiled and picked up his hand again, not even realizing he’d forgotten his cane.

The rest of the table watched in shock as Sherlock towed him out.

“So, is Aunt Sherlock gonna keep him?” Lily piped up.

“I think so,” said Dimmock. “I really think so.”

“He left his cane here,” Palmer said. “Can I use it as a sword?”