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"G'way." Xander groaned, sleep having pulled him deep under. He was so tired, he didn't even bother to see who was trying to rouse him.

"Xander!" The pesky voice came again, this time with more urgency.

Xander sighed and shifted in his seat. A groan next to him jerked his eyes open.

"Keep it down." Spike moaned, shuffling himself further into the back of the sofa, causing Xander's head to drop from his shoulder. Xander shot up quickly at the sudden movement.


It was Andrew. Of course it was Andrew. Who else would it be?

"What time is it?" Xander rubbed his eyes in an effort to wake himself up. How long had he been asleep this time?

"Nearly 3." Andrew handed over a mug of coffee and Xander took it willingly, sitting back down on the sofa again as Andrew took the armchair.

"Shit." Xander took a long drink and glanced over to Spike who had settled himself back to sleep again. "I need to call Willow."

Andrew smiled and held up a hand.

"I've done it." he said, nodding. "I called her over an hour ago after speaking to Giles about it. She could magic here but..." Andrew paused to look up at Xander, who was listening intently, before glancing at each sleeping vampire in turn. Angel looked a little less grey, he noted. "... if she magicked here, it may leave her low on power for anything she needs to do here. She's put a request into the coven to see if they can help her out. She's going to let us know as soon as she hears something. Soon, I hope."

"And Giles?" Xander hadn't spoken to Giles since some weeks before he had flown out to LA. He wondered what the ex-Watcher thought of the whole situation.

"Yes, well, I spoke to Giles at some length about it. He is going to see if he can find out anything more about this healed vampire story in the Watchers' records. He might be able to get access to some more detailed notes from that period. He asked about you."

Xander smiled. The last time he had seen Giles, Xander had been a mess. He was hungover from drinking a cocktail of some seriously bad spirits and was unwashed and barely dressed. Giles had been overly concerned and fatherly, tidying away empties and sorting out the kitchen, but there had been little real conversation. Xander suspected that it was this visit which had prompted Giles to try to find something for Xander to do. Some way he could be of use. It would be nice to speak to Giles sometime and thank him, now that he had a purpose again although he supposed that if Angel didn't survive this...

"He said he will come across in a few days, if we need him." Andrew had approached Angel, pulling the comforter back slightly to check on his wounds before replacing it over the sleeping vampire.

"He's looking better, don't you think?"

Xander followed Andrew's movements, briefly glancing down to stroke at his wrist, which showed only the faintest trace of the puncture marks which had been created only hours previously, and looking back to Andrew who he found staring at him.

"What?" Xander's feigned ignorance, in reality, only made him seem more guilty.

"Yes. What?" Andrew repeated, throwing the question back to Xander again.

"Spike was going to feed Angel from himself." Xander felt a sudden urge to defend himself. "He couldn't have done that. He had barely fed himself. I gave him two mugs, but that's not enough. Not if he was going to..."

"So Angel fed from you?" Andrew was torn between his very obvious concern for Angel and a growing concern for Xander himself. "Was that wise?"

"It was the only alternative." Xander shrugged. "Spike opened a vein and he monitored the whole thing."

Andrew raised an eyebrow at Spike's mention. He knew that having a vein opened could be a very different experience when not done out of hunger or during attack. That was why there was such a thriving number of people willing to be donors to vampires who preferred not to kill. Fools they were, to place themselves in such danger, but Andrew had heard that it could be a very sensual thing between vampire and human. He didn't mention it, of course. Not wishing to make Xander feel even more uncomfortable than he clearly already was.

"He only drank for a minute or two. Angel, I mean." Xander continued, feeling slightly more relaxed that Andrew hadn't completely flipped out, "and Spike helped the wounds to heal after." He held out his wrist towards Andrew.

Andrew nodded. He knew what Xander meant, and the marks were barely visible already, even after such a short time.

"Well, he looks better for it." he turned back to Angel again, patting the comforter lightly and returning to the armchair. Spike groaned and turned again, facing Xander on the sofa as he opened his eyes a little to see Xander staring back at him.

"Hey there, sleepyhead." Xander smiled at the blond vampire, reaching an arm out to help lever Spike into a more comfortable position.

"I'll heat you some blood." Andrew stood and wandered into the kitchen, leaving Spike and Xander alone to collect themselves.

"Any change?" Spike looked over at the sleeping Angel's form. His colour looked slightly improved, but there was still an air of disquiet about the elder vampire.
Andrew re-entered, passing Spike a mug and Xander a fresh coffee and placing down a tray of croissants on the table. Xander took one with a glint in his eye, and it dawned on him that he was famished.

"Angel's colour is better, thanks to what you..." Andrew looked accusingly at Spike, "... what you allowed Xander to do."

Spike opened his mouth to protest, but Andrew cut him off quickly.

"I understand why you did it. And he does look better. But the wounds don't look good at all. I'm worried about them."

The outer door to the living room slammed closed suddenly, and a bright light appeared and vanished in an instant revealing Willow, flicking her shimmering hair as it morphed from white back to red.

"Oops, sorry." she said, stepping out of a circle of light that had appeared on the floor around her. "Perhaps I can help with that."