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Angel took a step forward, the knife raised in a shaking hand, and the Reacher stepped backwards, putting distance between himself and the confused demon. His effect on vampires was always unpredictable, and he didn't want to be within reach of Angel right now. The Reacher stood near the door, subtly putting Jeff between himself and the action. Jeff, in his wide-eyed anticipation, did not notice.

Angel took the final step towards Spike, stopping next to the table and tilting his head with a ridged frown. He looked inquisitively at the knife in his hand before turning to Spike with a smile. His boy looked so peaceful, even in this state. In his healing deep slumber, there was an air of calm that rarely surrounded Spike in his wakefulness.

Jeff took a step closer, curiosity getting the better of him. Angel looked almost in a trance-like state as he silently studied Spike. He was about to take a second step towards the vampires when the door that he had been standing next to flew open, pushing Jeff against the table as it swung violently inwards.

Angel's head jerked upwards as he found himself distracted by the sudden intrusion.

"What the...?"

Angel lurched at Jeff, grabbing the man's arm with one of his large hands and forcing him back against the stone table, bumping Spike's feet. Andrew and Xander entered and Xander quickly located the Reacher near the door. He swiftly unsheathed the knife and, as Andrew pulled the demon into a crippling arm-lock - Where did Andrew learn to do that? - Xander came around and stood in front of the Reacher.

"You OK over there, Angel?" Xander called across to the vampire, not taking his eyes from the Reacher who was strangely silent.

Angel grunted as he pushed his own demon back down and took stock of their current situation. He tightened his grip on Jeff, holding the Garchen's knife to the man's throat. Jeff struggled helplessly against Angel's strong grasp.

"You know exactly what this knife is capable of, human." Angel spat, "I recommend that you stay still."

"We need to..." Andrew began speaking to Xander. Time was of the essence now, and they needed to disable to Reacher quickly before he could affect either of his human assailants.

Xander nodded and raised the knife. Between the eyes. They were going to kill this demon. It'd been years since Xander'd had to kill anything bigger than a cockroach and he momentarily stalled.

"Dammit, Xan." Andrew cursed, and the Reacher reached into him, releasing Andrew's arms and quickly reversing them, pulling the smaller man into a painful arm-lock against which Andrew made no effort to struggle.

"Shit." Xander hesitated a moment. He couldn't delay longer, he had to do this. If he didn't disable the Reacher, all four of them would be in danger.

"Drop the knife, vampire." The Reacher demanded, his eyes fixed on Angel and the knife at Jeff's throat. Angel fought unsuccessfully against the urge to loosen his grip on the Garchen's knife and Xander heard it drop to the floor seconds later.

Now or never, Xander told himself, and without regard for his own safety, he lunged at the Reacher, the knife precisely aimed between the eyes. The Reacher screamed out, dropping Andrew in its pain, and crumpled to the floor.

In the confusion, Jeff dove for the Garchen's knife, grabbing it frantically and throwing himself at Angel. He thrust the knife aimlessly into Angel's torso, eliciting a deafening roar from the demon inside, who quickly rose. Angel fell back into the corner of the room, as an exhausted and weakened Jeff continued to plunge the knife randomly into him.

With the Reacher disabled, Andrew came back to himself and quickly jumped up, grabbing and arming himself with his rifle. In a split second he had levelled it at Jeff and pulled the trigger, flooring the man in one shot.

Andrew ran over to Angel to inspect the damage.

"Shit, shit, shit." he swore loudly, pulling off his own shirt in an effort to stem the flow of blood from Angel's wounds. He could see 3 deep cuts on his torso and a couple of shallower ones on his arms, fortunately none hitting the vampire's heart and dusting him. It was serious though. The knife had done damage, lots of damage.

Xander leapt across to Spike and began cutting and releasing binds with his large knife, easily slicing through both ropes and chains. Spike was barely conscious but it was evident that his non-Garchen's wounds were starting to heal. Xander removed his jacket and wrapped it around the blond vampire as he pulled him into a sitting position.

"Can you manage Angel?" Xander asked Andrew, casting his eyes across to where the pair were crouched on the floor.

"I don't... he's badly hurt... I think so."

"I'll take Spike then." Xander replied, much calmer than he was feeling.

Andrew pulled himself and Angel to standing and began to head for the door.

"We need to get out of here before those two outside wake."

"Fuck!" In the melee, Xander had forgotten about the men outside. They had been out cold but neither man knew for how long.

"OK then." he said, as much to himself as to Andrew, "You take one vampire, I'll take the other, and Goddess help us, I hope we can find somebody who can fix them both."