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Year 1862

"Make them stop. Daddy, Daddy, make them stop, please."

Drusilla curled in on herself, wrapping her hands around her head in a desperate attempt to stop the voices and images in her head.

"Daddyyyyyy." she whined, her head swaying beneath her hands and tears falling from under her dark hair.

The Reacher glanced across to Angelus who sat in the corner on a throne-like chair, a bored-looking Darla at his side. Angelus shook his head, and the Reacher turned back to his subject. He rarely worked on contract for anybody, much less vampires, and he was beginning to get uncomfortable with the sheer depth of terror that his current subject was beginning to display. He had been promised much wealth if he could break this young childe and, while it wasn't the kind of job he would normally take on, Angelus had made it all too clear that it wasn't optional. The choice had been clear: Work hard and be handsomely paid for it or die. Simple. Nobody argued with the House of Aurelius. That's just how it was.

The Reacher extended back into Drusilla's mind, pulling forth a memory of her parents before they rejected her and her powers. As a fond smile crept across the young girl's face, the Reacher reached in and warped the memory, replacing her parents with Angelus and Darla. It was a difficult thing to pull off but he managed it, leaving the dark haired vampire distraught and Darla chuckling. The newly turned Drusilla's mind was still so human-like and susceptible.

"There, there, my sweet thing." Darla cooed, approaching her broken grand-childe and stroking her hand through Drusilla's long dark locks. "Let us make it all better."

She pulled Dru into her arms, pressing the young girl close to her breast, her frantic sobs bringing Darla almost to a point of euphoria. Angelus stood and approached the two woman, dismissing the Reacher with a simple flick of the hand.

"Same time tomorrow then, sir." the Reacher responded, wondering how much more he could do with such a broken subject. He nodded to the vampire and left hastily, not wanting to witness any more horror.

Angelus grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Dru's head up, looking into her bloodshot eyes.

"You did well, my dear." he told her, his tone patronising and smug. "You want to be good for Daddy, don't you?"

Dru keened and leant into the touch of her sire. Darla stood, rolling her eyes.

"Do we really have to keep doing this?" she complained, flinging Drusilla away from her and into Angelus' arms. "I think you pretty much broke her before you sired her. Why carry this on?"

Angelus shrugged. He'd known that his behaviour before he turned Dru had damaged her irreparably, but he couldn't help wanting more. The Reacher had come highly recommended as being highly capable of breaking a human's psyche and Angelus just couldn't resist seeing what more damage could be done. It was fun watching the young childe writhe and scream as she was tormented with memories and visions, some real, some fabricated, and Angelus loved to see her throw herself at him for comfort and security. It was a beautiful thing.

He ran his hand down her back, feigning reassurance and comfort. Dru responded the way she always did, pressing herself against her sire and looking at him with a raw need and want. Angelus loved this. He loved the Drusilla; the childe that he had created: needy; desperate; wanting; his. Only his.

Angelus turned to Darla, his own sire.

"I think the Reacher is done now." he conceded, stroking his fingers down Drusilla's cheekbones and sliding them between her ready and willing lips. "Make sure he doesn't come back."

Darla nodded knowingly. Despite being Angelus' sire, she knew when to assert herself and when not. They both knew that when Angelus said this, it meant that the Reacher would not only be unpaid for his loyal service but that Darla had free reign to do whatever she deemed necessary to "convince" the Reacher that this was the way things would be. She hummed softly. She happened to know that this particular Reacher had a life partner, a fellow Reacher, and Reachers were a rare breed themselves. Finding a compatible mate, well, that was almost unheard of.

Darla knew exactly what Angelus was asking of her, and, as she slipped out of the building, she heard the beautiful muted sounds of her grand-childe submitting to her childe.