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[podfic] Don't Leave Me Tongue Tied

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Don’t Leave Me Longue Tied cover art by lemondropsonice

Story: Don’t Leave Me Tongue Tied
Author: dimpleforyourthoughts
Reader: applegeuse
Cover Artist: lemondropsonice
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: teen and up audiences
Author’s Summary: Jensen's just a high schooler with a long silent and long suffering crush on his best friend. But when he loses his voice in a post-op recovery, he kind of starts to lose his mind, too.

Podficcer’s Notes: I recorded this for lemondropsonice, who bid on me in an auction a while back! In a great coincidence, dimpleforyourthoughts was also writing this fic for her, and she asked me to podfic it. AND lemondropsonice make such a delightful cover art for my podfic, too! #blessed :D :D :D We’re releasing the podfic and fic at the same time, which is super cool. Don’t forget to leave feedback for the author!

Length: 00:31:50
+ mp3 (29.7 MB) (right click & save as)
+ m4b (15.2 MB)
+ also available at the audiofic archive here

Stream it here:

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