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Thramsay Request Fills

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Reek's shoulder is still soft in his mouth. Ramsay's teeth sink satisfyingly into the remaining muscle, his servant's head nuzzled gently into his chest. His hair is brittle and thin, pulled tight by Ramsay's thick hands.

Reek looks at him, eyes wide, barely able to stutter his thanks. His father is taking his Reek tomorrow, but he'll be marked now. Reek belongs to him, and he belongs to Reek.

Reek's eyes well up, knowing he'll be leaving his master. Ramsay strokes him more gently for a moment, whispering encouragements into his neck. His lordfather may have cleaned him, but he can still smell his Reek underneath the perfumes.

The tears come down Reek's face, wetting Ramsay's bare neck and chest. A warm pulse flutters beneath his skin as Reek continues to sob, his jaw pulling tighter until he can taste blood.