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Jingle Bells and Ugly Sweaters

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“So what time are you picking me up?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes as his hyung bats his eyelashes at him. He tries to push Hoseok off his desk, nudges him with his elbow, but Hoseok just takes this as an invitation to plop into his lap.

Usually Jungkook has no problem indulging his more whimsical hyung, found him to be quite hilarious when he wasn’t trying to be cute. But at the moment he was struggling with the floor plan design for an office space he’s been working on for the last two weeks and really couldn’t afford the distraction. He’s been distracted enough already.

“Hyung, get off.” Jungkook grunts as he tries again to separate himself from the human koala currently clinging to him. “Isn’t this like, sexual harassment?”

Hoseok giggles and pinches Jungkook’s cheek, making cooing noises. “Jungkoooooookie, you silly goose. How is this sexual harassment?”

“You’re in my lap.”

“Yeah, but we’ve got our clothes on.”

“That doesn’t matter!” Jungkook says, horrified that the elder sees nothing wrong with the situation.

“Of course it does!” Hoseok calmly explains. “We’re still fully dressed, therefore no hanky panky.”

“That does not change the fact that your ass is on my dick.” Jungkook hisses between his teeth, hoping that no one walks in on them like this. The last thing he needed was someone catching them and assuming the worst. He’d only had this internship for a few months, yet.

Hoseok, who was still frustratingly unbothered, lays his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. “If it bothers you that much, you should file a complaint with human resources.”

You’re human resources!”

Hoseok laughs, sitting up and adjusting himself into a more comfortable position. “Looks like you’re shit out of luck then, huh?” He laughs again at the scowl on Jungkook’s face before continuing. “Anyway, you didn’t answer my question!”

“What question?” Jungkook grumbles.

“When are you picking me up tonight?” Hoseok whines, bouncing in Jungkook’s lap, and Jungkook finds himself forced to hold onto the elder to keep him from falling off. He did a quick scan to make sure that they were still alone before looking back at Hoseok, hoping to speed up the conversation before the others returned from their lunch break.

“First of all, we live together. And secondly, picking you up for what?”

For once Hoseok’s always cheery demeanor slips and he looks almost offended at the question. “The Office Christmas party!”

Jungkook rolls his eyes again. Leave it to Hoseok to get this excited over something as simple as an office Christmas party. He’d been practically counting down the days, popping in on the interns to remind them so often that Jungkook had started tuning him out. The only other person who showed even a fraction of the amount of enthusiasm was Park Jimin. But his enthusiasm probably had to do a lot with Hoseok’s enthusiasm; he was always caught up in the elder’s shenanigans. Unlike others, Jimin didn’t judge or look down on Hoseok. Jimin didn’t judge or look down on anyone. Jungkook likes that about him.

Jungkook groans, “Hyung, I’ve told you. I’m. Not. Going. I have way too much work to do. I need to get this design done before Monday, or Yura-noona is gonna-”

“Jungkookie, please!” Ever persistent, Hoseok resorts to whining. “I don’t want to go alone!”

“Alone? Isn’t Yoongi-hyung going with you?” Asking about the photographer seemed to be the wrong thing to do, Hoseok’s mouth taking the shape of a “ㅅ” to show his displeasure.

“Said he got held up at work so he’s gonna be late,” Hoseok mumbled.

“Okay so if he’s coming anyway, why do I have to go?”

“Because I don’t want to go alone!”

“But you just said-”

“Listen here, Jeon Jungkook.” Hoseok’s voice now sharp, leaving no room for arguments. “The way I see it, I got you this job so you owe me. Who knows when Yoongi is going to show up and I refuse to spend my Friday night making small talk with a bunch of architect nerds.”

“But I’m an architect nerd.”

“Nah, you’re an intern. Still just an innocent babe.” Hoseok says as he ruffles Jungkook’s hair, ignoring the glare being thrown at him. “So. What time are we leaving?”

Jungkook sighs. There really wasn’t any harm in going. Considering it was just an office dinner, it would probably be over in a couple of hours at most. It wasn’t like he didn’t get along with his coworkers. Everyone was nice enough, and he’d even hung out with some of the other interns once or twice since he had started. So what was really stopping him from going?

As if summoned, Jimin walks through the door and Jungkook suddenly forgets how lungs work. Jimin had on the standard white button down with black slacks and tie that they all had to wear, but for some reason it looked different on him. Better. The shirt was just a bit too tight, showing off lean muscle. Jimin was small, sure, but he was built. Compact. His slender waist accented by the belt that was holding up his tight, so very tight, pants. Jungkook was baffled as to how Park Jimin managed to put them on every morning. And maybe more than a few times he pictured Jimin jumping up and down, laying back on his bed, struggling to button them up because it shouldn’t be physically possible to fit all that ass and thighs into those pants. But somehow Jimin managed and Jungkook had to pay the price. Had to keep from glancing over to watch Jimin when he walked by. Had to keep from groaning out loud when he couldn’t help but watch the fat of Jimin’s ass jiggle with every step he took. Had to dig his nails into his own thighs to keep from pulling Jimin into the closest enclosed space so he could dig them into Jimin’s.

Jimin glances up as he walks in, taking in the scene in front of him. For a second he seems surprised, almost like he’s considering going back the way he came in. Eyes open wide and plush pink lips slightly parted, probably getting ready to apologize. But when he realizes who it is, his whole face transforms. He smiles, his cheeks pushing his eyes almost all the way closed and Jungkook feels a tightness in his chest. Jimin was beautiful to say the least, with chocolate brown eyes, a cute button nose, and full lips. But when he smiled, Jimin looked fucking angelic, his blond hair adding to the effect. He looked mystical, otherworldly.

Jungkook felt light headed.

“What’s going on in here?” Jimin giggled, little hand coming up to cover his mouth.

“Nothing. Jungkook’s just being a jerk, as per usual.” Hoseok says. “How was lunch?”

 Jimin giggles again, biting his bottom lip, and Jungkook’s hands clench unconsciously.

“Ow! What the fuck, Jungkookie?”

Jungkook looks down at where his fingers had dug into Hoseok’s hips, probably leaving marks. “Oh shit! Uh…sorry, Hobi-hyung.”

Hoseok hops off Jungkook’s lap, rubbing at his sides. He was frowning, but then as he glances over at Jimin, and back at Jungkook, he smiles mischievously.

Jiminie! You tell him!” Hoseok says as he prances over to where Jimin is still standing by the doorway, throwing an arm over Jimin’s shoulder. “Tell him to come to the Christmas party!”

At this, Jimin looks surprised, his adorable face turning to Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ssi, you aren’t coming?”

Jungkook swears he can hear just the slightest bit of disappointment in Jimin’s voice and it has him immediately wanting to deny everything, wanting to say that of course he was coming. But he can't. It was by some miracle that he was able to land this internship. Most people, the smart ones, applied months in advance. Early bird gets the worm, and all that. But Jungkook had been too busy with Overwatch and just couldn’t be bothered. Fast forward a few months and he’d been floundering, near desperate for anything, only to discover that Yoongi-hyung’s boyfriend worked for an architectural firm. In human resources.

Fuck the bird and its worms.

Needless to say he’d lucked out. The company was relatively new, but there definitely room to grow and he liked the people, which for him was rare. He’s still a year out on his Bachelor’s degree but he could really see a future here. Which is why he could not mess up. And office romances were a sure way to make things messy. He couldn’t risk screwing up such a good opportunity.

Even for Jimin.

“I can’t.” Jungkook almost crumbles when Jimin seems to deflate, but he pushes through, looking towards Hoseok instead. “I have to finish the floor plan design for Yura-noona and then I have to-”

“Bullshit!” Hoseok says, clearly done with Jungkook’s excuses, “You have the whole weekend to do that!”

Jungkook sighs, “Hobi-hyung, I-”

Hoseok stomps over, playfulness gone and now in full hyung mode, “No! You’re going and that’s that.”

Jungkook can feel his frustration mounting, “But I really need to-”

“You should come.” Jimin’s soft voice snaps the other two out of their stalemate and Jungkook peeks around Hoseok to see him. He’s got this little quirk to his lips, the smallest smirk, and Jungkook would say it was cute, but there was something in his eyes. Something in Jimin’s eyes that has his gut clenching, something warm trickling down his spine and Jungkook can’t breathe again.

And then Jimin, Park fucking Jimin, lets his eyes drop, scanning Jungkook up and down and then licks, licks, his lips.

Jungkook feels faint.

Someone must have called for Jimin because suddenly he’s turning away and on his way out. But before he leaves he looks over his shoulder one last time to look Jungkook dead in the eyes.

“I really hope you can make it. Jungkookie.” And then he’s gone.

Jungkook falls back into his chair, rolling back a little bit and staring off into space. That was not his imagination. That definitely happened. Park Jimin just came on to him. Jimin. Came on. To him. The question now was, what was he going to do about it.

The smart answer was nothing. He wasn’t going to do a damn thing about it. Because this job was too good of an opportunity. Because he actually liked the people and could see himself working here for a long time. Because he needed to not mess this up.

“So what time are we leaving?”

“Whenever you want, I guess.”

Jungkook can hear Hoseok cackling but he chooses to ignore it. He was doing this for Hoseok, as a thank you for getting him this job, and that was it. There was no other reason for him agreeing to go. Nothing else was making him put off work. Just a thank you to his hyung.

“Awesome! Be ready by 6 then.” Hoseok says as he heads out, turning back when he reaches the door, “Oh and Jungkook?”

Jungkook looks up.

“Don’t forget, you’re allowed to bring a date.”

“Oh. Uhhh… I guess I could ask Taehyungie-hyung if he wants to go? He’ll probably say yes for the free food.”

Hoseok nods sagely, “Uh huh. Yeah, sure. You could definitely do that. Or…” Hoseok taps his chin as if he were in deep thought before snapping his fingers, “Or you could ask Jimin.”

Jungkook furrows his brow in confusion. “Why would I ask Jimin? He’s gonna be there anyway.”

But the elder was no longer listening, already headed out the door. But just before he’s out of earshot, he shouts, “Don’t forget your ugly sweater!



Jungkook was hot, itchy, and bored.

Turns out, Yoongi was able to get out of work early. Something about the photoshoot for the new rookie group getting rescheduled (possibly after some suggestion from Yoongi). When they were making their way back to the firm after going home to change and pick up Taehyung, Hoseok was more than ecstatic to find his boyfriend waiting for him by the front door, bundled up but still shivering from the cold. Hoseok immediately pounced on him, covering his face in kisses and as much as Yoongi grumbled, Jungkook knew his face was red due to more than just the cold.

Once they get inside, Hoseok whisks away Yoongi to introduce him to everyone and Taehyung disappears only for Jungkook to spot him by the buffet table, piling food onto his plate like he’s never seen tteokbokki before in his life.

So now Jungkook is alone, wearing a ridiculous red sweater covered in pictures of little ornaments with the word Balls? across his chest (courtesy of Jung Hoseok). He shakes his head and makes his way over to a table where all the interns have gathered. He does a quick scan, recognizing some faces and introducing himself to those he doesn’t. He greets the senior partners, the other designers, and the other interns. But he can’t seem to find the face he’s unconsciously looking for. He looks around the room, trying to find a familiar head of blond hair, but he can’t.

He tells himself that it didn’t matter if Jimin was there or not. He had come for Hoseok, his Hobi-hyung, who had done him such a huge favor. Who had saved his ass from wasting his summer. He didn’t care about Jimin. He couldn’t give any less of a fuck.

He gives many fucks.

What the hell, had he misread it? There was no way. Jimin had come on to him, made it pretty clear what would happen if Jungkook showed up. But now Jungkook was here and Jimin… wasn’t.

Jungkook gets up and moves over to an empty table, suddenly not in the mood to make small talk. He’s totally not moping. He’s also not staring at the entry way, hoping for a certain blond to walk through. His stomach growls but he ignores it. He thinks about just going home. Hoseok had Yoongi here now anyway so there wasn’t much point in staying. He could get his work done and maybe even have time to watch a movie or something. Have some down time. He hasn’t had much of that since he started the internship.

“Dude, why aren’t you eating.” Taehyung asks, plopping into the empty chair beside him, picking at something stuck in his teeth and rubbing his surprisingly flat belly.

Jungkook throws a quick glance at the door before looking back at Taehyung, who seems to have gotten whatever masticated animal had been stuck in his teeth out. “Not really hungry.”

Taehyung gives him a blank stare. “But…free food?”

Jungkook shrugs and looks at the entry way again.

“Did you have a big lunch?”

“I skipped lunch.”

“Big.. breakfast?”

“Slept in so I didn’t have time.”

“So you ate nothing today.”

Jungkook shakes his head.

“And you’re not hungry?”


Taehyung grabs Jungkook by the shoulders, turning him towards himself. He studies Jungkook’s face, getting obnoxiously close to look deep into his eyes. “…What’s wrong?”


“Are you sick?” Taehyung says, placing his hand on Jungkook’s forehead.


“Is it work? Are you stressed?”

“I mean sure? But that’s not-”

Taehyung grabs his face, squishing his cheeks. “Should I call your mom?”

“What? No! You don’t need to-”

“I told you, you needed to take a break. Last week remember? I said “Hey Jungkookie, we should go to the zoo” because I wanted to see the elephants. But you were all “No hyung, I’m busy. I have work. I’m a boring architect, now. Blah, blah, blah.” And now you’re sick!”

“Don’t worry Tae, it’s nothing like that,” Hoseok says as he and Yoongi sit down. Jungkook almost chokes when he notices them. Hoseok had put on his ugly sweater when they were at home. It was a lime green piece with a hideous red stocking sewn on the front, and it had text that read I’ve been nice. It turns out, it was a part of a set because now Yoongi has a similar red sweater with a green stocking, except his reads I’ve been naughty. Before he can get in a comment though, Yoongi shoots him a glare, daring him to say a word. Wisely, he decides not to.

Hoseok continues, “He’s just moping cause Jimin isn’t here.”

Now it’s his turn to glare at Hoseok. “I’m not moping.”


“One of the interns.”

Oh!” Taehyung’s face splits into a wide grin and Jungkook buries his face into his arms, knowing where this is going, “Oh well, well. Is he hot?”

“Holy shit, yes. Solid 11/10.” Hoseok nods enthusiastically. “He’s got this whole cute and sexy thing. Not to mention he’s a total sweetheart. Like honestly just the sweetest.”

“The fuck?”

Hoseok immediately latches on to Yoongi’s arm and kisses his pouty lips. “Of course he’s not nearly as sweet as my Sugabear!” He kisses Yoongi a few more times when the pout refuses to go away.

“So I ditch work for you,” Kiss. “Even put on this ugly as fuck sweater” Kiss. "And you’re over here-”

Hoseok silences him with one more kiss, practically crawling into Yoongi’s lap. “Not for me, baby. For Jungkook. Poor kid’s had a hard-on for Jiminie for months.”

Jungkook lifts his head and whines, “No I don’t! I’ve talked to the guy, like, twice?”

“And whose fault is that?” Hoseok asks. “You always run away from him.”

“Do not!”

“Do too.”

Jungkook’s about to reply but Taehyung holds his face and studies it again, this time more intently. Jungkook hates when he does that. Taehyung has been his best friend for too long and it was almost eerie how well the elder boy could read him. Taehyung looks him dead in the eyes for a few seconds and says, “Bro…”

Jungkook runs his hands through his hair and groans, “Okay, yeah sure, he’s hot. And he’s nice, I guess. Whatever. But it’s not like that. I’m here to work. That’s my focus right now. I’m not looking for a relationship.”

“Relationship?” Taehyung smirks and Hoseok giggles from across the table.

“Or a quick fuck! Or whatever. Jesus, you know what I mean!” Jungkook buries his head in his arms again, feeling just a tad frustrated, “I’m not looking for any of that.”

“Aww.” Hobi coos as he pats Jungkook’s head and Yoongi snickers. “Look at the poor thing. He’s heartbroken.”

Taehyung pokes Jungkook’s ear, voice gentle. “Do you wanna maybe just go home?”

Jungkook peeks up to look at the doorway one more time and sighs. “You know what? Yes. Yes I want to go home.”

Taehyung jumps up, almost knocking over his chair. “Okay let me just eat real quick and then we’ll go!” With that, Taehyung heads off towards the buffet table again.

“But I thought you already ate!” Jungkook calls after him.

“Dessert!” Taehyung shouts back.

Jungkook closes his eyes and tries to focus on the assignment he needs to finish. He had the general concept and design figured out, it was just the little details that needed work. The little details that needed to be perfect so that he could blow everyone away. He could already picture the looks on the other interns faces when the senior partners praise his brilliance and creativity. Some of them might be a little jealous and mad, but Jungkook really didn’t care what they thought of him. Okay maybe that’s a lie. He maybe cared what one of them thought of him. But just a tiny bit. Teeny tiny. Practically not at all.

“So you’re just gonna bail, huh? Just because Jimin isn’t here, doesn’t mean-”

“I’m not leaving because of him.” Jungkook says, cutting off Hoseok, “I told you I had work. I only came because Yoongi-hyung was busy and you wouldn’t stop nagging me.”

Hoseok quirks a brow. “That’s the only reason?”

“Well, yeah. That and, you know, cause I owe you. For the job and stuff.”

“So nothing to do with Jimin?” Hoseok says, unconvinced.

“No. Nothing to do with Jimin.” Jungkook insists.

“Okay then. So it’s no big deal if I say he’s right behind you.”

Jungkook whirls around in an instant, only to be met by a wall he had forgotten was there.

“You’re way too obvious, baby maknae.” Hoseok says as he stands up. He turns to Yoongi who was still laughing at the youngest. “I’m going to grab us some food. Anything you want?”

“Whatever you get is fine.” Yoongi takes hold of Hoseok’s hand and plants a kiss against the knuckles before Hoseok pulls away to head towards the buffet. Yoongi watches him go until he disappears and then turns back to Jungkook.

“Don’t be a dumbass.”


Yoongi crosses his arms and leans back into his chair. “You like this guy. And if Seok-ah likes him, he must be nice enough.”

“Oh come on, hyung. Not you too.” Jungkook whines, hiding his face in his arms again, just wanting this day to be over already. He knew he shouldn’t have come to this stupid party.

“Listen, kid.” Yoongi drawls, ignoring Jungkook’s whimpers. “I’ve known you for five years, lived with you for four. And the fact that you’re here, wearing that, looking at the door every thirty seconds like a lonely puppy, tells me exactly how much you like him.”

Jungkook didn’t know how to respond. He wants to deny it, but one look at Yoongi and he knows there’s no point.

“Hobi had to kiss quite a bit of ass to get you in here, so I’m glad you’re taking this opportunity seriously. That you’re finally growing up.” Yoongi’s smiles, voice fond despite the teasing. “But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to live a little.”

If it was coming from anyone else, Jungkook would have probably ignored the advice. Except it was Yoongi and Yoongi rarely ever butted in on anyone else’s business unless he really felt like it was important. But that didn’t necessarily mean he was right.

Thankfully Hoseok chose that moment to return. He pecks Yoongi on the cheek as he puts the plates of food down on the table. “Hey Jungkook. You might want to stop Tae before he eats all the pudding. I think people are getting mad.”

Relieved, Jungkook takes the chance to escape. After saying a quick goodbye to his hyungs, he heads towards the buffet. He forces himself to keep his head looking straight ahead. He just has to get Taehyung, say bye to his seniors, and then he’s home free.

Just as he spots Taehyung inhaling what looks to be a salad bowl of pudding, he hears a soft tinkling. Almost like… bells? Sleigh bells? He looks around, searching for the source of the ringing. And when he finally finds it, he freezes in place, unable to move.

Because there, standing by Yura and a few other senior partners, is Park Jimin, looking like the embodiment of Christmas cheer. He’s dressed in black leggings and a ridiculously large, absolutely hideous, red and green sweater. He even has antlers, fucking reindeer antlers with little ears on his head. But that’s not what Jungkook is focussed on, because wrapped around Jimin’s pale, slender neck, is a black velvet choker with little gold bells attached to it. A choker. A fucking choker with bells.

Jungkook’s mouth is too dry and he unconsciously takes a step forward, his body being pulled towards the blond across the room, but he manages to stop himself.

Home. He’s supposed to be going home.

Jungkook tries to clear his head, tries not to think about black velvet and soft skin. He looks around, desperately trying to find Taehyung so they can leave and thankfully spots the elder still by the desserts, looking to be in a somewhat heated discussion with an intern. He quickly walks over and yanks Taehyung by the back of his sweater, dragging him towards the door.

“Yah!” Taehyung exclaims. He breaks Jungkook’s hold and glares at the younger boy.

“We gotta go. Now.”

Jungkook tries to grab hold of Taehyung’s wrist, but Taehyung manages to pull away again. “What, why?”

“Because…” Because Park freaking Jimin has on bells is what Jungkook wants to say, but he settles with “Can we just go? Please?” Jungkook pleads. “Go get your jacket and I’ll meet you by the-”



Jungkook turns around to see Yura waiving him over. He forces a smile and holds up a finger to indicate he’d be there in just a second.

He faces Taehyung, who is looking back at him with a huge boxy grin. “Okay, I’m just going to say bye. You get our jackets and I’ll meet you by the door in a couple of minutes okay?”

Taehyung just continues to grin at him, then glances at where Yura and the others are standing. “So uh, that dude over there. That’s Jimin, huh?”

Jungkook feels his face heat up and he stutters over his words. “W-what? No? How do you even…?”

Taehyung chuckles. “He’s looking right at us. Or I should say glaring. I don’t think he likes me.”

Jungkook spins around just in time to catch Jimin’s not so subtle glare (more like an adorable pout). Jimin’s eyes go wide and he quickly turns back to the others when he realizes he’s caught.

“Hobi-hyung was right. An 11/10 for that ass alone, god damn.”

“Hyung.” Jungkook says, voice nearly a whisper.


“Jackets. Go.”

“Sure thing, Jungkookie.” Taehyung laughs and heads in the opposite direction of the jackets.

Jungkook doesn’t care.

He takes slow steps towards the little group, feeling nervous for reasons he isn’t ready to explore.

“Merry Christmas Jungkook-ssi! Leaving already?” Yura asks.

“Uh, yeah. Need to get home to finish that design for Monday.” Jungkook replies. The urge to turn his head is strong and his muscles are going stiff from the effort to keep his focus on Yura.

“Oh? It’s not done and you came here anyway?” Yura’s smiling but Jungkook can see a glint in her eye that has him panicking.

“No! I mean, it’s mostly done? I just have to touch up a few things, I swear.”

“Relax kid, I’m only joking! Sheesh. I know you better than that.” Yura chuckles. The others join in and Jungkook feels his ears burning, tugs on the hair at the back of his neck as he tries to keep from running away. Then he hears it, the tinkling bells, and he can’t help but look over at the source. Jimin’s giggling, little hand covering his mouth and eyes twinkling. It’s not mocking, simply sweet, and Jungkook finds himself smiling too.

Jimin lowers the hand that was covering his mouth, revealing pink lips and white teeth, one tooth endearingly crooked. “Cute.” He bites his bottom lip, a habit of his that makes Jungkook’s life just a bit more difficult than it needs to be.

The others have picked up some sort of conversation, and somewhere in the back of his mind Jungkook knows  he should just say goodnight and get away while he can. He knows he has work to do and that Taehyung was probably waiting for him. But right now Jimin is smiling at him and nothing else seems to matter.

Before he can stop himself, he asks the question that’s been burning in his mind all night. “Why were you late?”

Jimin tilts his head, the antlers making the gesture even more adorable than it already is. “Late? Jungkook-ssi, the party just started like, an hour ago.”

“Exactly. You’re an hour late.”

Jimin waves him off. “I prefer to think of it as fashionably late.”

Jungkook shrugs, struggling to keep his focus away from Jimin’s neck. “Still late.”

“Better late than never.” Jimin argues. Then he pouts, bottom lip poking out and Jungkook clenches his teeth. “Though  I guess it might as well have been never.”

“What? Why?”

“Because.” Jimin looks down, peeking up at Jungkook through his lashes.  “You’re leaving.”  

Jungkook doesn’t even hesitate. “No I’m not.”

“But I thought you said you were.”

He had said that. He had said that to Hoseok and Yoongi. Had said that to Taehyung over and over again. He’d even just told the senior partners that. But with Jimin here, standing in front of him, looking gorgeous in his ugly sweater and choker with bells, Jungkook didn’t want to go home and work on his project. He didn’t want to be anywhere else. He wanted to stay.

So he takes a step closer to Jimin, close enough now that he can feel the warmth of Jimin’s body and smell the sweet perfume on his skin. Something flowery and pretty, how fitting. “That was before.”

“Before what?” Jimin whispers.

“Before you came.” Jungkook whispers in response.

Where this bravery is coming from, Jungkook has no idea. His heart is beating so fast in his chest he’s sure it’s going to burst through, but he stands his ground. Doesn’t move a single muscle. Though it might be true that he’s had a slight (very slight) thing for Jimin for the last few months, Jungkook only just got a sense of those feelings being reciprocated today. He’s not sure if he’s going to end up regretting this later, but right now he’s laying it out there. The ball is in Jimin’s court.

Jimin reaches out and holds onto Jungkook’s sweater, little fingers peaking through his long sleeves. He tugs Jungkook closer and Jungkook moves willingly, holding his breath when Jimin looks up at him. Jimin’s lips curve into a coy smile, tongue passing over his lower lip. He leans up on his tip toes so he can reach Jungkook’s ear.

“So what do you wanna do, Jungkookie?”



This morning, Jungkook’s top priority had been finishing his work as fast as possible so he could maybe manage to free up some time to relax on the weekend. Now his top priority was to keep from blowing his load down Park Jimin’s throat.

Fuck, Jimin. Please…ahhh. P-please baby, you gotta slow down.” Jimin hums in response, but instead of slowing down, he speeds up. The sound of bells ringing only grows louder and causes Jungkook to grit his teeth and tighten his hands in Jimin’s hair.

They were in a random office, Jungkook had no idea whose. He’d barely managed to lock the door behind him before Jimin pushed him into the chair behind the desk, immediately going to work on his jeans. Before Jungkook could even form a thought, Jimin had swallowed his dick completely without a moment’s hesitation. Jungkook watched those soft plush lips work over his cock, his toes curling when he hits the back of Jimin’s throat. He was way too close.

“S-stop…baby stop.” When Jimin just continues on, Jungkook’s tugs on his hair, pulling him away from his cock. Jimin blinks up at him, chocolate brown eyes slightly teary, lips almost red and slicked with spit, face flushed. Jimin looks perfect and Jungkook is in awe.

“Was gonna cum.” Jungkook says in way of explanation. Jimin smiles up at him, stroking his cock and Jungkook hisses.

“Isn’t that the point?”

Jungkook struggles to stay on topic, the feeling of Jimin’s soft hands on his cock almost too much. He gasps, “Y-yeah but…wanna cum when I’m inside you.”

Jimin giggles, slowly standing up. He straddles Jungkook in the chair, running his hands through Jungkook’s hair and then leans in close until their lips almost touch. “Do you want to fuck me, Kookie?” Jimin begins to move his hips, grinding their cocks together. “Are you going to fuck me?”

Jungkook moans as the fabric of Jimin’s leggings rubs against his sensitive cock. The front of Jimin’s leggings are already slightly damp and the precum leaking from Jungkook’s dick is only making it worse. Jungkook struggles to breathe, his mind becomes clouded by the pleasure. “Yes please. Please, Jiminie. Let me fuck you.”

“So ready to beg for it.” Jimin taunts as he maintains the slow and sensual movement of his hips. He plants kisses all over Jungkook’s face, nipping at his lips and licking into his mouth. “So desperate, aren’t you Kookie?”

Most people in Jungkook’s life, almost all of them, would describe Jungkook as prideful, maybe even a bit arrogant. Jungkook doesn’t care about any of that right now, not with Jimin in his lap.

“Yes. Need you. N-need you so b-bad. Please. Please Ji-mmph.” Jimin seals their lips together, his tongue swirling around Jungkook’s mouth and Jungkook groans. Jungkook grabs hold of Jimin’s ass, squeezing and molding the flesh, and is pleased to hear Jimin’s high pitched moans. He moves his hands to the waistband of Jimin’s legging. His hands dip into the leggings, tugging them down over the curve of Jimin’s ass to uncover it. Jimin disconnects their lips, throwing his head back, the bells around his neck jingling. Jungkook immediately latches on to Jimin’s neck, sucking on the soft, creamy skin. He tongues under the edge of the choker, nips and sucks on the column of Jimin’s neck. It’s too hot, everything too warm because of the thick sweaters. Jungkook can feel trickles of sweat all over his body. Jimin’s skin is hot and sticky, the taste of salt filling Jungkook’s mouth. Jungkook catches a few droplets of sweat in the crack of Jimin’s ass with his finger. He runs it over Jimin’s entrance and Jimin mewls.

“Jungkook…lube. We need to…”

“I have some.”

Jimin tugs Jungkook’s head away from his neck and peers down at him, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “Oh?”

Jungkook has the decency to blush. “Uh yeah. Just in case we uh. You know.”

Jimin’s giggles were probably Jungkook’s favourite sound in the whole wide world.

Jungkook reaches into his pocket, lifting his butt so he can reach and Jimin has to wrap his arms around Jungkook’s neck to keep from falling off. Jungkook retrieves the packet of lube and condom he had grabbed on the way out of his room. He'd almost left them behind, had been so close to walking out the door. Then Hoseok had shouted at him to hurry his ass up and without a second thought he'd grabbed up the packets and ran out.

He tears the packet open with his teeth and squeezes the contents onto his fingers. He looks up at Jimin as he moves his hands back to Jimin’s ass.

“Jiminie, are you sure?”

Jimin smiles, soft and sweet. He reaches behind himself to guide Jungkook’s wet fingers to his asshole, kissing Jungkook gently as he urges Jungkook to enter him. Jungkook expects some resistance but is surprised to find how easily his finger slides in. He’s about to ask how but Jimin answers before he gets the chance.

“I- ah…I prepped myself for you at home,” he whispers into Jungkook’s mouth, “That’s why I was so late.” Jungkook reconnects their lips in a fierce kiss, the thought of Jimin laying in bed with his own fingers up his ass more than he can handle right now. And though all he wants to do is pound into Jimin, he tells himself to take it slow. He's worked in two fingers, wanting to make sure his hyung was properly prepped, when Jimin finally snaps.

“Jeon Jungkook, if you don’t get inside me in the next five seconds, I swear to god.”

Jungkook chuckles and removes his fingers. He tugs Jimin’s leggings just a little bit lower. He rolls on the condom, slathers himself with the remaining lube and lines himself up. He watches Jimin’s face as he slowly enters him, watches every nuanced expression in case of any discomfort. He struggles to keep his own eyes open as he’s swallowed up by Jimin’s wet heat.


“I’m right here, baby.”

“Kookie I…I thought you said you wanted to fuck me.”

Jungkook looks up at Jimin, totally lost. Isn’t that what they were doing?

Jimin starts rocking his hips again, slowly picking up speed. “I want you to fuck me, baby. Fuck me like you mean it.”

Jungkook doesn’t need any more encouragement. He pulls off his sweater and then grabs hold of Jimin’s hips to hold him still. He shushes Jimin when the elder begins to whine and starts to pull out. He pulls out until just the head of his cock is still nestled inside Jimin. Jimin tightens his arms around Jungkook’s neck as Jungkook slams back in. Both of them let out loud sighs of relief and then Jungkook takes off. The pace is almost too much, Jimin barely able to catch his breath. The only sounds in the room are their collective sounds of pleasure and the tinkling of little bells. Jimin tucks his head into Jungkook’s neck, holding on for dear life.

Jungkook had already been close and it doesn’t take much to bring him back to the brink. Every cell in his body screaming for more of Jimin. He wants all of Jimin, wants to consume him. He knows he’s really close but he wants to cum together, wants them to fall apart together so they can put each other back. He tries to reach for Jimin’s cock, but the leggings make it difficult to maneuver. He tries to pull them down and out of the way, but the fabric bunches up, wet from their combined body heat. Jungkook is about ready to rip the damn things off when he spots a pair of scissors on the desk, and before he can talk himself out of it, he makes a quick cut in the leggings. He then slips in his fingers and tears at them.

“What the…” Jimin lifts his head but it’s already too late. The leggings are in shreds. Now able to maneuver a bit better, Jungkook adjust Jimin in his lap, changing the angle.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck, yes! Right there. Oh my god, right there, Jungkook, right there!”

Jungkook maintains the angle of his hips and simultaneously wraps his hand around Jimin’s cock. Jimin wails in pleasure, not caring about how loud he is, his asshole tightening up around Jungkook and Jungkook’s in bliss. Jimin is so tight, and it feels so good. Absolutely perfect. Everything about this was perfect, ugly sweaters and all. The jingling of the bells draws Jungkook in. He kisses Jimin’s neck, licking the skin under the choker before moving down to his shoulder. He bites and sucks, leaving a little trail. He makes his way back up to nip at Jimin’s ears, loving the little whimpers the action causes.

“Jiminie, I’m close.”

“N-not yet. I’m almost there. Just… just a bit m-more.”

“But I-”

“I’m…a bit more. Ahhh…”

Jungkook grits his teeth, thrusting up as hard as he possibly can and with a loud cry Jimin finally cums. His entire body goes rigid, his nails digging into Jungkook’s shoulders, and his hole getting impossibly tighter. Jungkook continues to thrust into Jimin, chasing his own end as Jimin whines from the oversensitivity. He can feel Jimin’s lips against his neck, can hear his soft voice, urging him to keep going. A few more thrusts and Jungkook is spilling into the condom, body jerking and toes curling in the most satisfying orgasm of his life.

They both have their arms wrapped tightly around each other as they come down from their highs, both struggling to catch their breath.

“That was…holy shit that was…”

“Good?” Jimin asks, lifting his head from where it had been tucked into Jungkook’s neck, a beatific smile on his face.

“Amazing.” Jungkook replies. He kisses Jimin’s lips, already knowing he’ll never be able to get enough of the sweet taste. Jimin seems just as content and unhurried as Jungkook feels, both engaging in lazy kisses.

They stay like that for a few more minutes until it starts to get uncomfortable, sweat and cum drying on their skin. Jimin manages to find some wet wipes in one of the drawers and they wipe each other down, sharing kisses here and there as they get dressed. Jimin holds up the scraps of fabric that used to be his leggings, sending Jungkook a pointed look.

“Was this seriously necessary?”

Jungkook just shrugs. “They were in my way?” he tries to joke.

Jimin crosses his arms and raises a brow. “Okay sure but what am I supposed to wear now. I can’t go back out there pant-less!”

“I mean…the sweater kinda covers up all the important stuff, doesn’t it?”

“Jungkook.” Jimin whines, and he’s pouting again.

Jungkook immediately takes him into his arms, placating him with kisses and rubbing his back. “Okay, okay how about… how about I give you my boxers? Then you stay in here while I go pull the car around and we can slip out before anyone notices anything, yeah?”

Jimin pulls Jungkook down for more kisses, then softly says, “Okay.”

Jungkook knows he probably looks so lovestruck at the moment, but he can’t help it. Jimin is in his arms, looking thoroughly fucked and so beautiful it hurts. After taking off his boxers for Jimin and putting his jeans back on, he starts backing up towards the door. Jimin giggles as he stumbles over a potted plant, blowing kisses and waving with his sweater covered hand.

He’s so freaking cute it actually hurts.

Jungkook rushes outside, weaving his way through people in his mad dash to the car, when his path is blocked by a very smug best friend.

“Taehyungie-hyung…I can explain!”

“Don’t even try it. I already know. I was just going to say that I’ve decided to hang out for a bit longer, and I managed to talk the hyungs into going to a late movie so you have the apartment to yourself for a few hours.”

Jungkook doesn’t know what to say. Just stands there blinking at his best friend. “You…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m awesome. Amazing. The absolute best. But don’t think you don’t owe me huge for this. The food here was good but not “watching a movie with grandpa and Mr. Scaredy-Cat” good. I’m talking you doing my laundry for at least a month-”

“Deal! Thanks, bro! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” And before Taehyung can respond, Jungkook bolts.




Jungkook taps the bells on Jimin’s choker to an unknown melody. They’re both laying in his bed and Jungkook knows they should probably get up before the others get home and find them, but he just can’t be bothered right now.

“You really like it, huh?” Jimin mutters and Jungkook startles. He had thought Jimin was asleep.

“Like what?”

“The choker.”

“It’s pretty,” is the only response that Jungkook can come up with. He wonders if it’s a bit too honest, but Jimin just smiles.

“So you’re telling me all this time, instead of trying to talk to you, I could have just worn a stupid choker?”

“Wait, you were trying to talk to me?”

Jimin chuckles, wrapping Jungkook’s arm around himself so that he can get comfy enough to sleep. “And everyone at works thinks you’re smart.”

“Hey! I’m smart!....ish.”

Jimin yawns, “Uh huh. Sure babe.”

Jungkook pouts but Jimin has already closed his eyes. He brushes back Jimin’s hair, fingers gently tracing along his soft cheek and over his lips. Jungkook’s heart flutters.

“Smart enough to ask you to be my boyfriend.”

Jimin’s eyes snap open in an instant. He looks up at Jungkook, lips parted in surprise.

“But… but we haven’t even gone on a real date yet!”

“Okay fine. Park Jimin, will you go out with me?”

Jimin stares at him for a bit longer before he smiles, face lighting up like a sunrise.


“And after our date, will you please be my boyfriend?”

Jimin giggles and climbs on top of Jungkook, straddling him. Jungkook’s hands find their way to Jimin’s thighs, stroking over smooth skin.

“Definitely, yes.”

Jungkook nods, pleased with himself. As Jimin bends over to commence a make out session that will most likely lead to trouble, Jungkook reflects on his day. Sure, he didn’t get all his work done, but he had all weekend for that. Had all the time in the world later to worry about all that. Right here, right now, he just wants to focus on the boy in his arms.




When Taehyung, Hoseok, and Yoongi come home, all it takes is the sound of bells and very obvious moaning to have them shuffling back out.

“It’s been five fucking hours!”

“How are they still going at it?”

“That kid’s gonna be doing laundry until next Christmas, this is bullshit.”