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Falling for an Angel

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It was already late in the evening when Oliver and Tommy managed to get all of the paperwork done. Leaving his best friend and partner to lock up Oliver walked out of his club, Verdant, and headed towards his car. The sky was only a little bit clouded, stars were shyly starting to shine, their glow not so bright because of the lights coming from the city. It wasn’t really cold, but Oliver could feel the chill of the spring breeze as he walked lazily through the yard and entered an alley that lead to the parking lot. The street lights were bright, lamps set too close to one another to let any part of the way be dark. Oliver reached into his pocket to grab his car keys and realized that he had left them in the club office. He went back into the club with a muttered curse exhaling a sigh of relief to see them on the counter. His steps were hurried as he walked back outside turning into the alley when up ahead he spotted someone on the ground. He looked around and slowly started walking to the person - a small woman who was sitting on something that from afar looked like a white blanket. Oliver narrowed his eyes and squeezed his mobile in his hand. Whatever happened, noone was supposed to sit on the street, alone and at night. The woman heard Oliver’s steps and looked up, tightly wrapping her arms around her trembling body.

“Ma'am, are you hurt?” he asked softly.He kneeled next to the woman, making sure to still keep his distance so she wasn’t frightened, and looked at her face. She was beautiful! Yes, that was the first thing that came to his head. Despite the whole situation and the fact that the woman probably needed help he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. Her pale complexion was perfect, without wrinkles or any other undesirable marks, eyes bright and big, the deepest shade of blue that Oliver has ever seen- and he saw a fair amount of women’s eyes…

“No, of course I am not,” said the girl, but her quiet voice was filled with sorrow. “Angels do not get physically hurt so I am well even after such a terrible fall,” she added and Oliver involuntarily opened his mouth. What did she say?

“Excuse me?” he asked and checked her for any cuts or bruises. Whoever she was she could be a victim of a crime. It was a calm neighborhood, but anything could happen, right?

“Oh you know big human, I was flying above the clouds and then suddenly I saw a blinding light and an incredible force hit me and I started falling and falling until I hit the surface of the Earth,” explained the girl sadly. “As a young angel I had to turn into a human after touching the Earth so my wings fell off and I am simply sitting here, waiting for the sun to rise and tell me what to do.” Oliver furrowed his brows and nodded his head. He wasn’t expecting that. He only hoped she wasn’t a madman who escaped from some kind of closed mental facility. The weird thing was that the white material on the ground was not a blanket, but a great amount of snow white and gold feathers.

“So… the sun tells you what to do?” He asked hesitantly trying to talk to the girl. Maybe she had a family to go to? Maybe she remembered the address of her home? Or… the mental hospital.

“Uh, I do not know,” she whined. “I have just fallen, but I am waiting for any kind of instructions, signs, anything. I have heard of a story of an angel that saw his clue in the rising sun, so I will just wait here,” she said, but he could hear something in her voice. Fear? Despair? He wasn’t sure. She probably just walked here and now she has no idea where she is or what to do. She wasn’t a homeless for sure, he didn’t think she lived in a mental hospital either, because of the way she looked. She looked like she has left a luxurious gala, only without shoes. And her dress… He wasn’t sure if she could get one in the best boutique in this state and he saw lots of fancy dresses in his life… Tossed on the floor, but still. This girl was pure perfection. The long curls of her gold hair rested on her shoulders, only slightly tangled by the wind.

“Well the sun has just set so you have lots of time before it rises,” he noticed and wondered what to do next. Ask her if she’s on drugs? “What’s your name?” He asked after a short while.

“Felicity,” whispered the woman and a tear fell on her smooth cheek. She opened her eyes wide and raised her palm to wipe the tear. She looked at the wet hand, and opened her eyes wider. Was her face leaking? “What is happening?” She asked, clearly terrified and she pressed her fingers against her eyes.

“Look, Felicity, it’s going to be okay,” said Oliver. “Just tell me what hurts and I’ll call an ambulance.” Oliver dialed 911 and waited for someone to pick up. “Hello? I… hello? Damn it…” he cursed when he realized that his just charged phone died.

“Water is leaking out of my eyes, what is happening?” She sobbed and Oliver stopped his furious attempts to turn his phone on. It was working a second ago!

“You’re… you’re crying,” he said awkwardly. “It’s all good, you’re just crying. Do you want a tissue?” He asked and gave it to her. Did she make a fuss about crying?

“Thank you,” she said and took the tissue from him. She was still crying quietly, but she looked at him curiously. He was the first man she has ever seen. “You do not seem surprised with the water on my cheeks, is it a natural thing among humans?”

“Wait, are you serious?” He wanted to make sure and finally gave up on the phone, knowing that something must have broke. He could go to Verdant, but could he leave this girl alone? She looked lost and not only physically. She seemed not to know anything about life apparently. Why did anyone let her out on her own? There were crazy people on the streets who would take advantage of her drugged or mental state, he didn’t doubt that.

“Of course I do want to know, after all I will be living in a human body,” said Felicity and waited for an answer, still crying and trembling but looking at him with interest.

“Yes, it’s natural,” he said getting up. “Why don’t you wipe your eyes?” asked Oliver looking at the tissue in her hand.

“With this?” Felicity looked at the tissue skeptically, but finally wiped her tears with it and then gave it back to Oliver.

“Uh… You can keep it,” he said and got up, hoping she won’t freak out when he asks her about her home.

“You are so kind!” she gasped and got up as well. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling anymore, but there was a new emotion that started to take over her momentarily. She wanted to laugh now - she has found a man who was going to help her and she won’t be alone in this strange world anymore. “What is your name?”

He sensed an abrupt change in her behavior and started wondering what mental illness she’s suffering from. Unless it was because of the drugs… He couldn’t tell.


“Oliver! That is a beautiful name!” she said, clearly amused. Oliver looked at her awkwardly. He thought that falling from Heaven was weird, but her mood swing? It wasn’t normal.

“So, Felicity, tell me something about where you live, so we could get you home safely, huh?”

“Oh, dear Oliver there is no way for me to go back to heaven,” she told him sadly. “Now I have to find my home here on Earth, and you know, I am feeling like you are my sign. You will tell me where my home is. Why… why is my body shaking so badly?”

“If it’s not drugs, you’re probably cold,” he noticed and took off his jacket and handled it to her.

“Thank you, kind Oliver,” she said and took his jacket, laid it on the ground and placed all of the white and gold feathers on it. Then she wrapped the jacket around them and picked it up from the ground. “I have never been notdrugs or probablycold before,” she explained and smiled. Her expression was full of hope when looked at him. “You can now show me my new home, Oliver.”

“I…” Oliver looked around hoping to see anyone around to borrow their phone, but that was all in vain. “Do you want to go home with me?” He asked. He wasn’t sure how he felt about taking this woman to his home. He could drop her off at the police station, right? He couldn’t leave her here in the cold with nothing but a dress and a powerful imagination.

“Yes, I do,” she said and when Oliver looked down at her cold, bare feet he knew he had to take her to his warm car.

“Okay then, come on.” Oliver started walking down the alley, Felicity was following him closely. “Where are your shoes?” He asked, wondering what answer she would come up with.

“I do not have shoes in Heaven, but I believe you mean the things to wear at the feet?“

“Yes, them exactly,” chuckled Oliver.

“I have heard that they are extremely uncomfortable, but would need them here, my feet are… uh, I do not know, but it is not a nice feeling,” she whined and the tears fell from her eyes again. All of the new emotions were too overwhelming.

“Don’t worry, my car is over there” told her Oliver, seeing her sudden distress.

“Oh! You have a four wheel vehicle!” She shouted and laughed. “I have heard of them in stories about the Earth!”

“Well now you can ride one.” Oliver looked at her happy, but wet with tears face and sighed. She was like baby Sara, his friends’ child who laughed and then cried all of the sudden and the other way around. Oliver opened the doors for her and helped her to get in because she was tightly squeezing the jacket, not letting it go. He got in too and turned the heating up. After a short while they were driving in silence, Felicity visibly relaxed as the hot air warmed her up. Oliver turned left, going straight to the police station. He hoped Felicity wouldn’t notice. Somehow he knew she wouldn’t be happy about it, but what else was he supposed to do? She had to go home and take her meds. Or go to detox? Oliver wanted to slow down, turn and park his car there, but something strange happened. The car just kept going, full speed, leaving the parking lot and the police station behind.

“What the hell?” cursed Oliver and frightened, tried to remain in control of the car.

“Oh no! Do not say that!” Scolded Felicity and sighed loudly. “Humans…” she muttered. Oliver kept pressing on the brake and the car finally stopped in the middle of the street.

“What’s going on?” wondered Oliver, truly scared. He could have caused an accident!

“What is happening?” asked Felicity, confused and looked around. The streets were empty. “Are the four wheels vehicles supposed to stop just like that? When we are not at home yet? You do not live here, do you?” Oliver ignored her questions and started the car slowly, and then hit the brakes again. They worked. He looked back at the police station that was left behind and considered turning around.

“Is it still far away? I am very curious to see my new home.” She smiled at him and watched as he turned air conditioning on. Oliver tried the brakes again and they worked! What was wrong? He was not going to try leaving her in the police station and he decided to go straight home. He didn’t want to end up hitting a tree! He could handle a crazy woman. Right now he felt too tired and too shaken up to think.

“Not far,” he choked out and opened the window, still feeling too warm because of the stupid lack of brakes.

“Oh, why did you do that?” Asked Felicity and trembled. “It is… it is… I think it is cold,” she whispered and Oliver felt sorry for her and closed the window. “I am cold!” She shouted happily.

“Okay, okay, I closed the damn window,” said Oliver, now extremely irritated by the whole situation and took a sharp turn in a street leading to his home.

“I am cold! Haha can you believe that?” she asked clearly amused. “I did not even know what ‘cold’ means! We do not get cold in heaven.”

“Why is that?” asked Oliver pretending to be interested in what she says.

“Because it is not a nice feeling of course,” said Felicity looking at him as if he was a mental one.

“Okay, let’s get home,” muttered Oliver and got out of his car. His thoughts drifted back to whatever happened on their way to the police station because it seemed impossible. Maybe he pressed on gas, not on the brake? He wasn’t focused on driving, all of his attention was focused on Felicity. He wasn’t sure why; was it because she was mental or extremely attractive?

“Wait, Oliver, what about me?” she shouted when he started walking away. He turned her way seeing the way her hands pushed against the car door, her mouth twisted in frustration.

“Why don’t you just open the door for you?”

“Because I do not know how,” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Oliver just nodded.

“Yeah, because you’re an angel who has just fell from the sky,” said Oliver sarcastically and opened the door for her and waited until she clumsily got out.

“I am so happy that you understand me,” she said and smiled at him so sincerely that Oliver’s heart melted. Obviously she didn’t understand that he didn’t mean it. What was wrong with this woman? For a second Oliver thought that the brake malfunction was not an accident, that she was supposed to stay with him, but he quickly shook that thought off. She was a very, very sick person and Oliver felt sorry for her. One night at his place wouldn’t hurt him, right? Assuming she was not a serial killer. Oliver felt responsible for the girl. He was the one who found her first and he was very glad that it happened. Who know who would have found her? She was beautiful and very naive, bad things could have happened and Oliver knew he was doing the right thing by letting her stay at his place. After all she seemed not to have a place to go to. He will figure out what to do tomorrow. Felicity followed him to his apartment and gasped in awe when he opened the doors.

“It is warm here and clean and nice… Thank you, my kind Oliver.” Felicity looked around and laughed when she saw opened doors to his bedroom. Oliver stood startled, watching Felicity who felt a little too comfortable. She quickly went there and placed the jacket with her feathers on the bed. Then she snuggled under the covers before Oliver could react. He just stood in the corridor looking at his new… friend who stole his bed and a jacket. She was already sleeping, hugging his jacket stuffed with the weird feathers. He shook his head, suddenly feeling too tired to think and laid on the couch. Before that as a precaution he had closed the door and moved the closet so now it was leaning against it. If she was going to murder him at night he was at least going to hear her coming. He wished himself a peaceful night and he was asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.