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Pyrrha had surprised Coco with how eager she was to do another film less than a month after her last one.  Actually “surprised” wasn’t the right word.  Worried was more accurate.  “There is no way this is a healthy attitude,” Coco told Velvet as the pair sat down to dinner that night.

”I know,” the Faunus replied.  “Coco, you need to talk to her.”

”What, I should just say ‘Hey, Pyrrha, take a break from all the fucking; you’re acting like a damn nympho?’”  The former model snorted.  “Yeah, that’ll go over well.”

Velvet resisted the urge to look down, fighting the years’ old habit to run from aggression.  She knew Coco wasn’t angry at her.  She was angry at herself and how helpless she felt.  “You’re her best friend, Coco.  I’m sure she’d listen to you.”

 “I have an idea,” Velvet said.  The next couple of hours consisted of a convoluted phone tree as Velvet called Ren and Nora, who called Jaune, who needed to check with Velvet and Coco to make sure he’d heard right.  Then, after a single awkward conversation, he had to call Ren and Nora back to give them the news before he called Coco and Velvet back to give them the go ahead to call Pyrrha about their proposal.  Then, the blonde recalled his bosses to ask if there was anything he needed to do to help set up.  Coco told him she’d call Fox Andy Yatsuhashi in the morning to work out the details, and she’d call him afterwards; Velvet suggested he pack warm clothes.

In the morning, Pyrrha and Coco has their first real fight.  "Coco, I thought we had an understanding," Pyrrha said.

Coco bit down her retort.  Pyrrha wasn't trying to hurt her, she reminded herself.  Lashing out wouldn't help her friend.  "We do."

"Then why are you asking me to . . . ?"

"Because, I'm worried about you!" Coco snapped.  Then, to cover up how concerned she was about her friend's mental well-being, she continued.  "You've put your body through so much, isn't it time to slow down for a while?"

Pyrrha's answer was short and contrite.  "I'm fine."

Coco sighed.  "Listen, Pyrrha.  Don't you think you're being a little silly.  Is sex with only one partner such a big deal?"


The ex-model slapped her face.  Given Pyrrha's reasons for doing this, she should have seen that coming.  "Look, honey.  It's Jaune.  He's the nicest guy around.  He won't put any weird pressure on you or anything.  Just give it a chance."  Her friend didn't answer, but Coco could hear the wheels grinding in her head.  "Listen, you come up, try the shoot, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, just say the safe word and we'll stop.  I promise."

". . . This seems like a lot of work for something that may go nowhere."

Even though she knew the former athlete couldn't see it, Coco shrugged.  "Eh, maybe you can make another video playing with yourself.  Yours is the most popular."  That was a lie; between all the payments for videos, Coco couldn't really keep track of what was the most popular anything.  Still, she couldn't believe people weren't buying up Pyrrha's earliest escapade, so she didn't feel particularly dishonest.

The pair hemmed and haaed for another good twenty or thirty minutes, but in the end Pyrrha agreed.

 They'd returned to the cabin for this shoot.  Ironic, given it was where Pyrrha had first met Jaune.  They were inside this time, dressed flannel pajamas that weren't exactly sexy but were warm and comfortable.  Pyrrha's were red, and Jaune's were sky blue which she thought went well with his eyes. 

Jaune kissed Pyrrha slowly, his hands gently holding her hips, not moving a muscle. After their last movie together, he seemed to want to let her take the lead.  Compared to her previous pairings, it was . . . different.  Sweet, in a way.  Pyrrha leaned in and kissed him a little deeper.   Her arms snaked up to wrap around his neck and pull him closer.  Breaking the kiss, they looked into each others' eyes, then kissed again.

Breaking the kiss, Pyrrha looked into Jaune’s eyes and saw he was eager, yet timid. She was certain now that he would let her take the lead in this.  She smiled, feeling inexplicably shy.  She brought her hands down from around his neck and unbuttoned his shirt.  She pushed the folds of cloth open like curtains, revealing his well-muscled frame. She ran her hands over his pecs.  She leaned down and kissed them too while her hands trailed down to his abs.  Feeling daring, she licked one of his nipples, making him gasp.

Taking her actions as indication, Jaune’s slowly reached up and began unbottoning her top.  But when the buttons were all released, he hesitated.  Amused by his shyness, Pyrrha opened it herself, exposing her breasts. 

Jaune reached up and took them into his hands. He squeezed them in his hands, kneading them. He bent down and licked her nipples, kissing them. Jaune straightened up and kissed her again. 

They lay down on the rug. Jaune kissed her breasts again, then down her stomach, pausing to hook his hands into the waist of her pants and pull them down. Pyrrha lifted her pelvis to allow him to remove them. 

Spreading her legs and Maneuvering himself between them, the blonde lowered his face and kissed Pyrrha’s sex. She whimpered as he went about the task of licking her slit, then thrusting his tongue into her passage.  Pyrrha’s hands came up to hold his head in place. Jaune didn’t seem to notice, continuing  steadily on his mission to taste every inch of her channel, until he raised his mouth just a little to focus on her clit.

Pyrrha moaned and arched her back as she came.  She fell down again, panting quietly while Jaune went back to placing light kisses on her quivering groin.  After a minute or so, the redhead had recovered enough to sit up and push Jaune over onto his back. She crawled up between his legs as he had done to her and pulled his pants down. 

The blonde’s impressive length was already hard. It occurred to Pyrrha that she had never seen Jaune expose himself to her without an erection.  It gave her a warm . . . unidentifiable feeling inside that she seemed able to incite such a reaction in him. 

She bent down and kissed the tip, before opening her mouth and sucking in the whole shaft all the way down to the base. Jaune groaned as we began moving her mouth up and down on him, but unlike Pyrrha, his hands stayed down, gripping the carpet. He still wanted to let her have control.

 Pyrrha released his member from her mouth, replacing it with her hand, immediately pumping up and down.  Her head moved lower, taking one of his balls into her mouth and sucking.

”Pyyyyyyyyyrrhaaaaaaa . . .” Jaune moaned. 

The ex-athlete again switched her hands and mouth, massaging his sack while returning to blowing his cock, running her tongue over the now achingly hard flesh.  He was close. 

“Pyrrha,” Jaune hissed.  “It’s—I’m going to come!”

Pyrrha replied by increasing the speed of her bobbing head. He erupted into her mouth.  Pyrrha drank it down and continued sucking.  She sucked him until he was hard again.

”O-oh,” Jaune moaned at the sensations on his now tender manhood.  He was so disoriented with pleasure that he almost didn’t notice when Pyrrha released him from her mouth.  Smiling at his prone form, the ex-athlete slid back up his body, kissing him lightly on the lips.  Then she sat back and positioned herself above his member.

”Ooooooo!” the pair moaned in unison as Pyrrha sank down, enveloping his cock within her pussy.  She sat still for a moment, savoring the feeling of him inside her.  Resting her ha rest on his chest, she pushed herself up, then sank back down.  Up and down. Up and down.  

Jaune’s eyes were locked onto her.  The look of pure bliss on her face was even more captivating than her bouncing breasts.  Although, that’s didn’t stop him from enjoying them when she took his hands in hers and brought them up to again grasp the undulating flesh.  

Pyrrha herself had never felt so complete.  Her walls hugged Jaune so perfectly, like her body was made for his.  She moaned as his hands squeezed her breasts, as her inner muscles squeezed his cock in turn.



The pair came together.  Pyrrha flopped down on top of him, panting.  Jaune was panting too; he wrapped his arms around her weakly.  Pyrrha felt herself drift off to sleep, rocked by the melody of his heartbeat.

Pyrrha leaned back from the toilet, her stomach empty.  Her first bought of morning sickness.  The first sign she was really pregnant. 

She shuddered, curling up into a ball on the bathroom floor, hugging herself.  What had she been thinking?  She'd been angry and hurt, and for that she'd ruined her whole life.  Not just hers, she realized, as her stomach dropped.  Her arms dropped down to hug her mid-section.  She was pregnant, pregnant with a child she'd conceived out of anger and spite.  What in Heaven's name had she been thinking?  What was she going to tell the poor thing when it asked who its Daddy was?  Oh, good gosh, what about when they started surfing the web and found . . . her?

Jaune knocked on the door.  "Pyrrha, are you all right?"

"Go away!" she said.

"Pyrrha, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?  What's wrong is that I turned into a whore to get back at my parents!  What's wrong is that it's all over the internet for everyone to see!  What's wrong is that I picked a fight with my best friend when she tried to talk me out of this!  What's wrong is that I'm pregnant, and I don't know who the father is!  And someday, I'm going to have to tell them that!"  The tears came again, shaking her whole body.  She heard the door fly open as Jaune rushed over and put his arms around her.  She tried to shake him off.  She was dirty and didn't deserve to be touched.  But, he held on, held her tightly.

Strangely, she heard him whisper "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry."  Still, it comforted her.  Maybe it was just how incongruous it was.  Or maybe it was just that Jaune felt . . . nice to lean against.  Just as he'd felt nice to lie down on earlier after the shoot. 

That thought, for some reason, made the crying flare up again, but Jaune just kept holding her and apologizing.  Finally, she stopped.  They sat in silence for a few moments, before Pyrrha asked "Why?"

"'Why' what?"

"Why are you apologizing?  You didn't do anything wrong."

Jaune sighed.  "Because this baby might be mine," he said.  "Because I should have thought things through before I did . . . that."

Pyrrha sniffled.  "I just keep thinking, what am I going to tell him or her when they ask who their Daddy is?"

"Well," Jaune said.  "You can say it's me."

Pyrrha turned and looked up at him.  "What?"

Jaune shrugged.  "You can tell them I'm the father," he said.  "Besides,"  he started rubbing the back of his head, "I meant to talk to you about this earlier, but . . . if either of you ever need anything, I'll be there for you.  I promise.  So, you can say I'm the father."

Pyrrha's eyes widened.   "But it might not be yours.  Goodness, as soon as it's born, we'll know who the father is."  The potential candidates were all very distinct from one another when you cam down to it.  Certainly, Sun and Fox's genes would be easy to identify.  And it was odds on that Yatsuhashi’s offspring would inherit his size. 

Jaune frowned.  "Oh, I hadn't thought of that."  He shrugged.  "Well, at least we can lie to them while they're young, you know before they learn about genetics and stuff."  He turned serious.  "And, I'll still be there for you, Pyrrha.  I promise."


He nodded.  "Really."


He shrugged.  "Well, it takes two to tango, as my mom always said.  I took a chance same as you, and I'd be a pretty scummy person if I didn't accept some responsibility for it.  So, I figured I should try to provide for what might be my child, but then I thought it'd be really horrible to just stop taking care of it after it's born just because I wasn't actually the one who won the Russian Roulette.  Or lost, or whatever."  He paused.  "And, it's not just me.  I spoke to Ren and Nora earlier.  We were all going to tell you later, but they both agreed.  They'll help out whatever you need regardless of whether or not it's Ren's."

Pyrrha looked him dead in the eye.  He was serious.  Utterly and completely sincere in his words.  A warmth filled her chest that she didn't understand, but welcomed all the same.  Turning around, she embraced him as tightly as she could.  "Thank you," she whispered. 

Jaune, blushing although she couldn't see it, awkwardly returned her hug.  "Anytime," he said. 

After a moment, they let go of one another.  "So," Jaune said.  "The reassign I was knocking on The was that I was wondering if you wanted to go out and get something to eat?  I don't know about you, but I'm famished, and there's nothing in here." 

Pyrrha lifted her head and smiled.  "I'd like that, Jaune."

The blonde got up, offering his hand to Pyrrha, who accepted it.  Neither noticed they held on longer than was strictly necessary.