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"Why do you want to do porn?" Coco asked.  She was sitting with Velvet at the kitchen table with a potential new employee just as they had with Blake a few months previously. 

The woman across from them shrugged.  She was pretty, this Penny Polendina, cute even, with her bright orange chin-length hair, bright green eyes, and freckles.  She was dressed in a simple gray sundress and dark pants.  She had walked into the kitchen with a noticeable limp.  "I would like to be able to take risks again.  This seems like an excellent way to do so."

"What happened?" Velvet asked, politely. 

Penny became very still.  For a minute, the women worried if the question was somehow hurtful or otherwise inappropriate.  Then, the redhead replied.  "I was in the Army, in Afghanistan."    Both women were startled at this.  Coco wondered if they were risking trouble with the army if they hired this newest prospect.  Velvet was more concerned about what story would be told next.  Penny continued, slowly but more like she wasn't sure what and how to tell. "I was a helicopter pilot.  On a mission . . . my last mission that is . . . I was shot down by insurgents.  I survived, but I was . . . deemed physically and mentally unfit to continue serving.  I received a medical discharge . . . the Veterans Affairs have paid for my therapy and surgeries.  They also helped me to pay for my new leg." 

She rapped her knuckles on her left leg, the sound it produced identified it as false.  

Coco blinked in surprise, her professional mask falling at the revelation.  Velvet by contrast had a more energetic reaction.  The Rabbit-eared woman raced around the table and embraced the veteran, hugging her tightly.  Penny stiffened in surprise, before smiling.  "It is quite all right," she said, patting Velvet on the back.  "My doctors tell me I have made excellent progress.  I have even acquired a new career as a civilian flight instructor which I enjoy and which pays me quite well.  I would just . . . It is very confusing."  She frowned a little.  "I did not care much about my physical appearance before the surgeries, but now I find myself needing confirmation that I am physically desirable."

Velvet lifted her head and made eye contact with her lover.  Coco blinked rapidly before opening her mouth.  "All right.  We can do that."

Penny was a beauty, Sun thought as he sat across from her on the mattress.  She was a scarred beauty, yes, but still one of the most attractive women he had ever seen.  Her scars . . . they were shocking; there was no denying that, but once he got over the surprise, the tailed young man saw that the marks didn't subtract from her appearance but rather enhanced it.  Beneath the calm, innocent façade Penny--or rather, Captain Polendina--was strong.  A lot stronger he was, he thought without shame. 

She had removed her prosthetic along with her clothes, as it would probably have just gotten in the way, and without it, her left leg ended above the knee.  Aside from that, though, the left side of her body was unmarked.  The right side was the complete opposite.  The leg was whole, but it was criss-crossed with a web of scar tissue; Sun recalled her saying that her femur had broken in three places.  More scars littered her abdomen, and the right breast was marked as well:  small, thin cuts, one of which ran across the areola.  Smaller marks peppered her arm and shoulder, a couple even marking her cheek, normally hidden by makeup but now exposed as the rest of her.  Despite this, Penny had retained many attractive features.  She was still very muscular, obviously still working out in retirement as much as she had in the service, and had very nice skin (it was surprisingly pale given she'd just come back from the Middle East, but he thought it suited her eyes and hair).  Though one of them was scarred, her breasts were a nice size with large, delectable areolas that beckoned his tongue.  She sat at easy, her thighs slightly spread to show off her once-shaven crotch which had begun to regrow its curly orange hairs.  He imagined she'd originally shaved it in anticipation of this moment, but had chosen against re-shaving afterwards.

Sun's eyes traveled over her lovely form.  They kept returning to her wounded breast, though and he couldn't help but cringe.  "That looks like it hurt," he said to cover his mistake. 

The young woman touched the scarred nipple.  "I do not recall experiencing it," she said.  "I was unconscious when I was rescued, and I spent much of the following week receiving morphine intravenously.  I did not feel pain until later, and I am quite certain that was less than I could have experienced."  She shrugged.  "I suppose I was quite lucky."

"That looks like something that would make nursing hard," the Faunus said, before he could stop himself.  Then he cringed as his brain caught up with his mouth.  "I'm sorry.  That was dumb.  My mouth was just--"

"Oh, it's quite all right," Penny said.  "I believe you would be correct, but it is a not an issue I will ever have to deal with.  My womb was heavily damaged in the crash."  She gestured to her scarred belly.  "The doctors informed me I can no longer conceive or carry a child to term, so my ability to breastfeed is now quite irrelevant."

"Um . . . I'm sorry to hear that," Sun offered.

"Thank you.  It is actually one of the more confusing things which has happened to me.  I was never certain whether or not I wanted or was suited to become a parent."  Penny's voice dropped.  "At present, however, I am sorry I lost the ability to make that choice for myself."  Sun nodded in sympathy.  Penny just smiled at him again and said, "Thank you for your concern, however.  I am glad that Coco and Velvet chose you as my partner for this."

The monkey-tailed Faunus actually blushed at her compliment.  He almost missed Coco's cry of "Action!" off-stage.

At her command, the two moved in closer on the mattress.  Sun kissed Penny deeply.  It was a deep kiss, long and sensual.  The kind of kiss usually reserved for lovers.  His hands came up to stroke her sides, skimming over her scars without hesitation or reluctance.  He marveled at the different textures of her body.  Her own hands came up to rub his chest, her fingers almost massaging his torso as she pressed them against his hard muscles. 

One of Sun's hands came up to cup her breast, the scarred one.  He broke the kiss and leaned down, licking the scarred flesh of the mound.  The other hand came up to cup the its twin.  It kneaded the flesh of the pristine breast, but his head stayed with the scarred one. Sun circled the areola with his tongue, before latching onto the nipple with his mouth, sucking it like a child.  Penny moaned and ran her left hand through his hair, her strong arm anchoring him to her bosom.  The second one traveled down his chest and grasped his hardening penis.  The fingers so accustomed to joysticks now wrapped around his tool and began stroking up and down, enjoying the comparative warmth and softness of the flesh even as it stiffened in her hand.

Sun released her nipple and slipped his hands under her thighs to picked her up.  Despite missing a limb, she was heavier than he would have guessed.  Penny spread her thighs as her partner lifted her up and lowered her onto his lap.  Her hand released his head and steadied herself against his chest while the one holding his cock guided it into its new home.  He slid into her wet passage with a sigh.  Penny in turn groaned as she settled onto his lap, his cock lodged deep inside her.  She groaned again as he lifted her up and brought her down again.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Penn embraced him as he rutted her, one hand running across his back, scratching him lightly whilst the other reached down to the base of his tail, playing with the surprisingly sensitive appendage.  Sun returned the favor by running the tip of his tail along the length of her ass crack

His efforts to even the score failing, Sun collapsed lay onto his back, still holding Penny up.  His hands moved from her legs to her hips.  Now, however, he held her in place as his own pelvis began moving up and down.  Going Smack!  Smack!  Smack! against her groin.  Penny moaned at the treatment.  Sun whispered a suggestion to her, and she reached down to rub her own clit.  She groaned even loader at the new stimulation.  In spite of it, she managed to submit her own suggestion to her partner.

Sun, despite his pleasure, stilled his hips.  He helped his partner turn herself around.  Now Penny was facing the camera, Sun beneath and behind her.  Her hands braced against his chest, supporting her body along with her one good leg.  Frowning in determination, Penny bent her elbows, lowering herself down onto him, then pusing herself back up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Picking up speed and force as she went. 

Sun was a little annoyed he could no longer watcher her breasts which were no doubt shaking enticingly for the camera.  Still, he could take part in the festivities.  His tail wrapped around her left thigh, helping support her, while the tip reached around and teased her clit. 

Penny cried out as she came, almost collapsing on top of him.

Sun gently helped her off his still-hard cock, and tried to set her down beside him but she pushed him back down onto the mattress.  crawling on her hands and knees, she repositioned herself between his legs.  Taking his cock in hand, she began to stroke it again, making Sun groan. She continued, now going down on him, sucking away at his member that had been wetted with her juices, while her dexterous fingers abandoned his shaft in favor of playing with his balls.  Sun threw his head back and moaned as he released into her mouth, the ex-soldier eagerly drinking his seed.

Penny smiled at him before rising into a sitting position and turning around to face the camera.  She opened her mouth to reveal her prize.

“Salutations, Sun!” Penny grinned.

“Hey,” Sun said, trying not to get embarrassed.  True he’d just fucked her, but Human girls could be weird about stuff after sex.  It didn’t pay to make assumptions.  “What’s with the wheelchair?  I thought you had a prosthetic.”

“Prosthetics shouldn’t be exposed to water,” Penny explained.  “Most prosthetic users have wheelchairs.”  She shrugged.  “Would you be so kind as to help me get the chair set up?”

“Sure,” Sun said, taking the folded collection of metal, plastic and padding and opening it up.  Penny meanwhile sat down on the bed.  She allowed the monkey-tailed boy to lift her into the chair and wheel her into the bathroom and the shower.

“Thank you, very much, Sun,” she said.  “I promise to be out as quickly as I can.”

“Sure,” Sun said.  It was amazing really, all this woman had been through, and she was still so . . . friendly.  “You need help?” he asked.  She just looked back at him owlishly.  He hurried to explain.  “I mean washing your back or something?  . . . I’m sorry, that was dumb, and insensitive.  And—” 

“I would be most grateful,” Penny replied, cutting him off.  The wounded warrior's face broke into a smile that was wider than any Sun had seen her wear all night.