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Pyrrha stood in the shower, the water beating down on her.  Sadly, it was only lukewarm.  Not only would steaming up the shower be unhelpful right now, there was no way Coco and Velvet’s hot water heater—impressive though it was—could possibly keep up the high temperatures during filming.  The redheaded athlete stood between Fox and Yatsuhashi, the two men enjoying her together.  Fox stood facing her, thrusting in and out of her pussy, while behind her, Yatsu’s enormous member probed her ass.  Pyrrha moaned under the stimulation; it was more than she’d ever experienced before in her life.  If not for her co-stars holding her, she might have fallen over in spite of her still impressive-leg strength.

She moaned again as Fox dipped his head and began nuzzling her neck, smelling her shampoo despite the water.  His hands, meanwhile gripped her hips, squeezing once before sliding back to grip her buttocks.  Yatsu meanwhile held her breasts in his massive hands, lifting and kneading them, teasing her nipples with his palms. 

Fox let go of her butt to grab her thighs and lift them up, her legs weakly wrapping around his waist as he continued slapping into her crotch.  "I'm about to come," he said. 

"Me, too," Yatsu answered. 

"Almost there," Pyrrha said.  "Don't either of you dare finish without me." 

Fox growled in response and angled his hips, thrusting harder and faster than before, while one of Yatsuhashi's hands dropped from her breast and his fingers began to tease her clit.  Pyrrha's own hand replaced it on her breast, mauling her own boob as her head dipped back against Yatsu and she let out a moan as she came.  The boys groaned in response, releasing their loads deep inside her channels. 

They withdrew from her, still supporting her as Velvet brought the camera in close to observe the sperm dripping from her pussy lips then panning over to see the same effect from her ass.

"Cut!" Coco said.  "That's a wrap people.  Now, to actually use the shower for what it was intended for."

"Actually, can I lie down a minute?" Pyrrha asked, still leaning against Fox.  "I'm a little tired." Coco was about answer in the affirmative (or more  likely, let Velvet answer for her and hustle Pyrrha into the guest room so she could rest) when she was rudely interrupted.

"Pyrrha!"  Jaune came bursting into the room.  Everyone turned to him; he was holding an open notepad in his hand.  "Pyrrha!  There's . . . someone who wants to talk to you!" he said.


"His name's Morgan Ochre,” the blonde answered, not missing the way Pyrrha reacted to the name.  “He said he's a friend of yours?"

“Pyrrha!” Morgan said, standing up and embracing her.  “Good to see you, sweetheart!”

”Morgan,” Pyrrha replied.  Her voice was stiff as was the rest of her in her ex’s too-tight embrace.  She tried to return it, but it felt wrong. "What are you doing here?" The pair were meeting in an open-air cafe not far from Pyrrha’s apartment.  It was the first time they’d spoken since the breakup.

"I just wanted to see you, babe," he said.  The strawberry blonde man wore a smile that had once melted Pyrrha's heart.  But now, for whatever reason, it had less of an effect on her.  Maybe because she'd seen what other expressions that face could make.  Maybe because there were new smiles in her life.

"Why now?" Pyrrha asked. 


"Why didn't you call earlier?" Pyrrha asked.

Morgan shrugged.  "I was hurting, Pyrrha.  You left without a trace, what was I supposed to do?"

Pyrrha frowned.  "You hurt me, too, Morgan," she said.

”I know, and I’m sorry, Pyrrha,” Morgan said.  “But I want to try again.”

Pyrrha frowned.  “It’s not that easy, Morgan.  You broke my heart.  And there’s someone new. . .”

Morgan shook his head.  “A lot of someones, so I hear.  How hard is one more?”

”Oh my . . .” Pyrrha chocked on her words.  There was no curse strong enough to convey what she felt.  “You bastard!" she hissed.  "You saw my videos?"

"Yeah, what of it?" Morgan huffed, his patience coming to an end.  "You didn't seem embarrassed when I saw them.  I mean, wow, babe!  Where was that slut when we were dating?"

"That slut," Pyrrha seethed, "didn't exist until everyone I loved and trusted turned their backs on me!"  She stood up and threw some money down on the table.  "Goodbye, Morgan.  Don't ever come looking for me again."

"Pyrrha—“ Morgan tried.

"Fuck off!" Pyrrha yelled.  The profanity was enough to make him stop dead in his tracks.  The former athlete didn't care.  Nor did she care about the people staring at her as she stomped away.  She got to her car and sat in the parking lot for a moment, still seething, before she reeled back and punched the steering wheel.  She hit it again.  And again.  Meanwhile, tears seeped out of her squeezed shut eyes.  Pyrrha wasn't sobbing; she'd done plenty of that last year during the breakup and the mess going on with everyone else Pyrrha had once thought of as being on her side.  When she was done, she dug out her cellphone and hit a number on her speed dial.

"Hey, Coco?  Do you remember that scene I said I wanted to do?"

"Pyrrha," Coco said, slowly.  "Are you sure about this?"

Pyrrha nodded.  "Yes, I'm sure!"  The unfortunate thing was, Coco believed her; she just wasn't sure Pyrrha was in the proper frame of mind to make the decision rationally.

To set the mood for the scene, the furniture had all been removed from the room, and the windows and walls had been covered in heavy black cloth.  Pyrrha stood in the middle of the room on her tip-toes; she had to, her arms were bound together, and tethered to the ceiling.  Aside from the thin chains and handcuffs, she was totally nude.  She looked around the room, silent but fearful.  Behind her, the boys stood, dressed in black robes that looked like they came from "Bob's Discount Cult Supplies."  They also wore plastic white masks that covered their upper halves of their faces but left their mouths exposed.

This was apparently all Pyrrha's idea.  Coco thought her friend might have secretly been discussing this with Blake before hand, but she couldn't bring herself to care right now.  Now, all she could think was that they should probably attach a "Viewer Discretion Advised" notice to this one.


”Greetings, Mortal!” Jaune intoned in his best cult leader/villainous mastermind voice.  It was better than anyone would have have expected.  Loud and pompous An day only slightly goofy.  “I see you have awoken!  Good! We shall want you awake for the ceremony!”  The lines didn’t quite work; they’d only given Jaune an outline of what to say, so most of this was—regrettably—adlibbed.  Still, the  blonde’s shear enthusiasm made up for any defects in his word choice.

”Ce-cemony?” Pyrrha asked, twisting around on her toes.

”Yes, Mortal!” Jaune intoned.  You have been chosen to become bride and mother of our order!”

”What?  Bride and mother?”

”You shall be gifted with our essence, and shall birth the next generation of our esteemed order!” Jaune raised his arms.  “The Moon is high!  The stars are aligned!  Let the ceremony begin!”

As one, the men shucked their robes, revealing their semi-erect manhoods, though they kept the masks on.  Jaune approached her first. Pyrrha tried to back away from him, but the rope didn’t give her much room.  Jaune reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her in, and forcing his lips against hers in a rough kiss.  Breaking the kiss, he spoke again.  "Resistance is futile!"  Seriously?  His hands left her hips and moved up to grope her breasts. One reached down to cup her sex.  "Enjoy it," he breathed.  "It's going to be a long night."

Pyrrha stiffled a moan, and Jauned kissed her again.  His hand slipped to lift up her legs, and he thrust into her, drawing another stiffled moan.  Jaune laughed as he began to thrust in and out of her. 

"Yes," he declared.  "You are enjoying this, I can tell." 

"No!" Pyrrha forced the word out, tight and high.

Jaune laughed again.  His hand continued groping her breast.  "Fight it all you want, Mortal, soon you shall realize your inner slut!"  He continued thrusting in and out of her.  "I'm going to come soon, Mortal.  What about you?  Are you ready to come?"

Pyrrha whined in despair. 

"Yes!" Jaune cried.   The hand that had been groping her dropped to lift her other leg.  He began slamming into her. "That's it!  Come with me!  COME!"

Pyrrha screamed her released as Jaune howled in triumph, continuing to slam his dick into her cunt.  The two stilled, panting.  Jaune pulled out of her, his cum dripping from her pussy, his manhood glistening with her juices.  ". . . Let . . . the next . . . take his place," he said after a moment.

Ren was the next to approach, walking up behind the victim.  Pyrrha moaned weakly in protest as he lifted her leg.  The Asian man thrust into her, pushing his chest flush against her back.  He began slowly thrusting, one hand still holding her thigh up, the other wrapped around her belly.  His head bent forward and nuzzled her neck. 

Pyrrha moaned a little, her sensitive pussy being stimulated by Ren's talented cock.  She groaned further when his hand left her stomach and cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing her erect nipple.  She yipped as Ren switched from nuzzling to nipping the skin of her neck.  Soon, she came again around his member and Ren bit her neck as he released into her.

Ren kissed the mark on her neck as he withdrew from her limp body.  Jaune gave the order to let her down.  The ex-athlete lay on her back as Sun made gentle love to her.

The shoot took several days, a first in CBP history.  Every one of her partners got to use her pussy on his own, filling it with rich seed.  Then, they began to join in groups.  And Pyrrha took it all without ever once considering using the safe word.  She lay on her back as Fox and Yatsuhashi spit-roasted her.  Sun and Neptune embraced her in front and back and shared her cunt together. In a seated position, Jaune took her anally for the first time while Ren fucked her vaginally with Pyrrha jerking and sucking Fox and Yatsu while Sun and Neptune jerk off themselves—all of them coming together, painting her face and body.

When they were done, Jaune picked the exhausted starlet up and carried her to the guest bedroom where he laid her on a towel Nora had laid out on the mattress. The last thing Pyrrha remembered before she fell asleep was the other redhead wiping her clean with a warm, damp towel.

 Morgan Ochre sat on his bed, laptop open, trolling through Purrha’s videos.  His account had been disabled on the CBP website, but nothing on the internet was exclusive; you just had to know where to look.  He examined his ex’s most recent posting, the longest sex scene on the site to date.  He looked at her slutty performance, her willingness to do things for other men she’d never done for him, to act like a complete whore after playing the shy school girl win him for so long.

He opened his phone and punched in a number.  For a moment, he paused and contemplated what he was doing, weighing the risks and he rewards, the benefits and the consequences.  Then he hit CALL.