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Coco hadn't exactly been taken with Ren and Nora's friend upon meeting the boy.  Jaune was decent-enough looking, but he was also clumsy and clueless.  And his attempts at flirting were so pathetic, they almost drew tears. He also seemed painfully shy, which was not a desirable quality in a porn actor.  Still, Ren and Nora vouched for him, and if he was good enough to be a regular partner for them, he was probably good at sex.  So, there was that at least.

Coco decided the best way to find out was in a trial by fire.  Or rather, a trial by chilly air.  Her parents' estate had finally been settled, after almost a year of paperwork and debts and fending off lawyers groom people who thought they were owed a share of the money.  Plus selling off crap she didn't need or want anymore.  Amongst the leftovers, was a modest cabin in the Catskills Coco herself had never been to.  She'd gone back and forth on selling it, before Velvet convinced her they should at least try out their new vacation home.  The ex-model agreed and decided to drag along the crew for a tryout.  Autumn was settling in, so they were less likely to be disturbed by hikers, and the cabin was off the beaten path anyway.  

The two went up with their new recruit, Pyrrha, and Ren.  Nora had declined coming with them, but allows her lovers to go up alone, promising to watch the movie as soon as it was posted.  Ren admitted that the two had worked out a deal wherein she would allow him to do this so long as she got to shoot a movie with Pyrrha but without him sometime down the line.

The cabin turned out to be a nice setting.  It was decently-sized with a porch that faced a small stream.  The water in the stream was cold, but no bad as to preclude swimming.  The inside was nice too with comfortable furniture and lots of windows for natural light, with warm, wooden walls.  Definitely worth using as a set in the future, but for today, they'd stick to the porch.  

Jaune and Ren sat on the wooden platform in lounge chairs.  Both were dressed in reasonable- looking swim trunks:  Ren's bright green with a pink stripe and Jaune's simple white and black.   The look was somewhat ruined by Jaune's interview.  And they'd thought Sun was nervous.

"How old are you?"

"Five-twenty.  I mean, twenty-five!  Twenty-five!"

"Have you ever done any work like this before."

"O-oh.  Yeah, lot's of time.  I've had sex with Nora and Ren a lot. Well, not with Ren, you know.  I mean, no disrespect to gay guys, but I'm not-"

"She means on camera, Jaune," Ren said, perfectly calm.  Sipping a drink on a side table, he looked like he was vacationing in the Caribbean. 

"Oh.  Uh, no.  No, I haven't."

"Right . . . and what made you want to join us?"

"It was Nora's idea," the blonde's instant replied.

". . . And what made you want to do this scene?"

"It was Nora's idea."

That made sense, Coco decided as she examined the contrasts in composure.  She didn't think Jaune would've thought this up on his own.  Holding back a sigh, she shouted "Action!" with less than her customary enthusiasm.

The two men made idle chatter until Pyrrha came out of the house.  She was dressed in a red-and-orange bikini that fit her skin tone well.  The top was a pair of modest fabric triangles, and the low-cut bottoms had strings on the sides.  She jumped into the stream and swam around a bit, heedless of the cold.  Jaune and Ren gazed on appreciatively. 

Pyrrha climbed out of the water and lay down on a toweled lounge chair, one between the boys' own.  She lay on her back, allowing her wet form to sparkle in the sun.  She was enchanting, especially the sight of her droplet be-speckled breasts rising and falling as she breasted.  After a moment, she rolled onto her back.  Reaching back, the ex-athlete undid the strings of her top, letting them dangle over the sides of the chair. 

On the chair beside her, lay a tube of sunscreen.  Since they were still pretending this was a summer resort, the boys took the sunscreen, squeezing some out into their hands and slowly rubbing it on her back.  Her shoulders, her spine, the small of the back.  Ren became bolder, rubbing her thighs.  Jaune copied his movements.  Then, the Asian man reached up and slipped his hand under her bottoms, stroking her buttocks.  Pyrrha moaned a little, opening her eyes.  Smiling, she flipped around, showing off her breasts, and sat up.  Ren reached down and took the closest one into his hand, cupping it.  Bringing his head down he licked the stiff nipple once before latching onto it with his mouth, sucking it.  Jaune was more hesitant.  He'd never successfully made love to a girl other than Nora.  He took hold of her breast.  Feeling its weight and fullness.  Caressing it in his hand.  Pyrrha's hand came up to pull him into a kiss.  Jaune was hesitant at first, slowly working his lips against hers.  Pyrrha took the lead.  June responded, now palming her breast fully.

Jaune and Ren removed their swim trunks.  Offstage (i.e. in the trees) Coco, Velvet, and Yatsu (who was on bounce duty with Fox who was blind and thus missed this moment) all simultaneously dropped their jaws.  Jaune was hung.  The boy was longer and wider than any of the other males to have appeared, aside from Yatsuhashi.  Except, Yatsuhashi's member was in proportion to the rest of his body; Jaune was no 98-pound weakling, but he had nowhere near the mass of the gigantic Yatsu.  As such, he seemed even larger. 

Presumably accustomed to this, Ren didn't display any discomfort at the disparity between their sizes and continued to watch Pyrrha.  The redhead herself, although stunned for a moment, quickly recovered.  She stood up, closing her eyes and smiling, she took hold of the strings of her bottoms and tugged.  If her movements were a bit jerky and hurried, they were mitigated by the playful sway of his hips as she did so.  The bows slowly came undone, and the bottoms fell away.  She went to sit down again.  

Ren moved into her chair and embraced Pyrrha from behind.  He lay them both down on their sides, lifting Pyrrha's leg just enough to slide into her.  From Nora, she knew Ren preferred to take women from behind; the older woman said her husband liked the feel of his partner's butt against his pelvis, and it made it easier for his hands to fondle her breasts.  He took advantage of that fact now, reaching up under her with his free hand to cup her breast again.  Pyrrha moaned as he began fucking her.  Apparently, she enjoyed this position too.

Jaune watched.  He'd seen Pyrrha's movies, Nora's idea to help convince him to do this.  He knew she was sexy and beautiful.  And talented.  But she was even sexier and more beautiful in person.  She had this energy about her, this aura, that was pleasurable just to watch and listen.  Watching Ren's cock go in and out of her pussy and listening to the slap of their flesh juxtaposed to the creek of the lawn chair as the lovers moved together.  Watching her face contort in pleasure and listening to her high pitched panting, egging Ren on.

He was so busy watching he forgot to do anything else, until Pyrrha reached out and took hold of his cock in her hand.  "Ooh!" he said.  Looking down, he saw her smiling at him.

"I don't want you to feel left out," Pyrrha said, stroking his member.  Ren stopped thrusting and gripped her waist.  Together, the two repositioned themselves so Pyrrha was gripping Jaune's chair with her hands while kneeling on Ren's.  The Asian man himself was also kneeling behind her.  Pyrrha went down onto Jaune's cock.  Despite being bigger than anything she'd ever experienced before, she began bobbing up and down on him like it was a regular habit.  Jaune gripped the sides of his chair, steadying himself.  Her mouth was warm and wet, her lips and tongue caressing his member.  Behind her, Ren repositioned himself back into her, continued to rut her like a bitch in heat.  The upside to this position was that it was easier to go faster.  So faster he went, slapping into her backside with renewed vigor.  The Blonde put his hand on her head, stopping her.  Pyrrha was confused for a moment, before Jaune took over, slowly thrusting into and out of her mouth.  His manhood felt good in her mouth, filling it in a way most of the others couldn't. 

Despite their own pleasure, they remembered what was expected of them and moved to another position; Jaune lay on his back, facing away from him, Pyrrha straddled his waist.  She sank down onto him, moaning a little as her walls were stretched by his tool. She roe and fell a few times, adjusting to his size. Ren walked around in front of her.  Cupping her face, Ren inserted his member into her mouth.  He was angled such that every time Pyrrha rose up on Jaune's cock, he took Ren deeper into her mouth, and every time she withdrew from him, she sank back down on Jaune.  It was a strange feeling to the redhead, constantly filled at one end or the other, never totally empty.  Pyrrha was strong and determined, but the sensations were . . . distracting.  As she undulated between them, her legs began to shake, pleasure filling her.  She began to worry she couldn't keep it up.

Thankfully, the boys were accustomed to this sort of situation.  Almost simultaneously, Jaune's hands came up to grasp her hips, holding her in place above him, while Ren's hand gently but firmly cupped her face.  The action shocked her until the two took advantage of her arrested position.  Jaune bucked his hips up into her suspended pussy, harder than she had dared go herself, causing the retired athlete to moan around Ren's manhood.  Ren in turn withdrew from her mouth until only his tip was inside, then thrust forward.  Soon both were thrusting and withdrawing in tandem, drawing even more cries of pleasure from Pyrrha.  She'd been pleased by the alternating sensations in her pussy and mouth, but these combined feelings were even better.  Each movement across her tongue was mirrored within her cunt.  Both sets of lips kissed her lover's pelvis at once.  Both sets of cheeks were firmly yet pleasantly slapped.  She felt her pleasure growing, growing.  She struggled to move her hips again, but Jaune was stronger than he looked, and his hands held her firm.  She cried against Ren's dick as her pleasure continued to mount until-

"MMMMMMMMHHHHH!" she cried, releasing around Jaune.  The vibrations in her mouth sent Ren over the edge too; he released into her mouth, Pyrrha happily sucking up his spunk.  The boys continued to thrust jerkily as the group rode out their mutual orgasms.  It wasn't until Ren removed himself from her mouth entirely--Pyrrha's tongue lapping at his glands as he did so--that the redhead realized something important.  Something impossible to ignore.  Something so huge, she couldn't believe she'd missed it.  "You're . . .  still hard . . ."  she informed Jaune.  It sounded more like a question. 

The blonde nodded, actually blushing  with embarrassment.  "Sorry," he muttered as though he were guilty of some disrespect by not coming with his partner. 

"This position isn't Jaune's favorite," Ren said, lying down again.  "Let him straiten up."

Pyrrha was confused at his statement, so she got up off Jaune and allowed him to reposition himself.  To her surprise, Jaune got up to--off the lounge chair.  Taking her hand, he drew her to her feet.  Despite the orgasm, she managed to hold herself up, at least until Jaune wrapped an arm around her waist.  His dick pressed against her buttocks, and for a moment, Pyrrha wondered if he was going to take her last virginity.  To her mild disappointment, he didn't, instead grasping his member in hand and, nudging her legs apart, pushed back into her still sensitive pussy.  Pyrrha cried a little at this new angle, and Jaune groaned as well.  The blonde pulled her flush to his back before he began thrusting his hips.  After her previous orgasm, she probably would have fallen over if it hadn't been for Jaune's arm around her waist. 

"Hold onto his head," Ren instructed from the side.  "He can use his hands that way."

Arching her back, she reached back and wrapped her arms around his head and shoulders.  Once Jaune was sure of her ability to support herself, he took both breasts in hand.  Pyrrha understood Ren's fondness for being behind his lovers as she felt Jaune palm and lift her tits.  Jaune was apparently more into breasts than Ren was, and he seemingly couldn't get enough of Pyrrha's.  He massaged every bit of their surface, gripping and tugging, pushing them together and pulling them apart.  Catching her nipples between his index and middle fingers, he rubbed, pinched, and teased her in ways she'd never experienced before.  He bent his head into the crook of her shoulder and kissed her neck. 

"OOOOO-uuuuuuhhhh!"  Pyrrha stifled her moan by biting her lip.  She wasn't going to come again.  Not until Jaune did.  But that was so hard as Jaune's massive cock combined with this new position plus her already stimulated pussy were driving her nuts.  And Jaune didn't seem to be getting any nearer to release.

He kissed his way up her neck to her ear, nibbling it, almost eliminating rational thought.  "Come with me," he whispered, his voice tight.

Pyrrha blinked.  He was waiting for her.  "O-kKKKKKKKKK!"  She cried as she released around her lover's tool for a second time.  Jaune made a gasping, chocking sound, and she felt his cock twitch as spurt after spurt of his warm seed filled her love tunnel.  

His arms went from her breasts to her waist as he pulled his slackening member from her and helped her to the chair.  For a moment, the lay like that clutching each other, panting.  

". . . Cut," Coco said.  Looked like Jaune would fit right in.

Pyrrha answered her phone after she got out of the shower.  It was Nora. "So how was it?" the other redhead cried.  Nora had only one volume.  "Did you have fun?  Can Ren perform without me?  Do you miss me?  Isn't Jaune great?"

The last one caught Pyrrha by surprise.  "Great is an understatement," she mused, blushing as Nora laughed at her comment.  "He was a little hesitant at first, but he . . ." Pyrrha struggled to describe the experience.  Jaune had fulfilled her yet made her feel safe in a way neither Sun nor Neptune had been able to match, and though Ren and Nora made a close second, they were still second.  Her blush darkened as she thought back to the moment they were together without Ren.  She'd actually felt a brief flash of disappointment when he didn't deflower her anally.  "He was very talented."

"We've trained him well," Nora said, cheerfully.  "I'm sorry you haven't had a chance to hang out together yet.  Maybe when you get back we can all have dinner or something."  Ever since their first movie together, Pyrrha had found herself awkwardly "not-dating" the pair, as Nora called it.  They hadn't slept together again before now, the former heptathalete still trying to avoid a second heartbreak.  Still, she had to admit she'd grown to like their company. 

"I'd like that," Pyrrha said.  Jaune had been funny, clumsy, absent-minded, and blisteringly self-conscious, but also friendly, smart, and utterly devoid of anything even approaching malice.  She wasn't adverse to spending more time with him. 

"What about Ren?" Nora asked again, sounding like she was talking about her puppy instead of her husband.  "He hasn't been with someone without me in a while.  Was he still able to please you?"

Pyrrha smiled, although some redness came back to her cheeks.  What was it about this woman that made her feel like a teenager again?  "Ren had no trouble, but I don't think he has as much fun without you."

Nora made a cooing sound on the phone.  "I know.  It's nowhere near as much fun without him for me, either.

"Then why do you do it?" asked Pyrrha.

"In a relationship like ours, you have to keep things even," Nora said.  "If one of us does someone without the other, and the other doesn't get their chance to make things up, it leads to jealousy and that leads to our marriage falling apart."

"Relationships aren't about keeping score," Pyrrha said.

"People do anyway," Nora said.  "Ren and I hung up a whiteboard in the bedroom so we can keep track and make sure one of us doesn't fall too far too far behind."

"You have a unique marriage, Nora," Pyrrha remarked, smiling.

"I'll say.  Do you know how hard it is to find someone who'll skip the 'forsaking all others' part of the ceremony?"Nora asked.  "Anyway, you didn't answer my other question, did you miss me, Pyrrha?"

Pyrrha blushed again.  For years, Coco had been her only friend, then Nora had asked her out to dinner after having a threesome with her and her own husband.  "It isn't the same without you," she admitted.