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Coco was forced to admire the way Blake dealt with her problems.  Direct.  Strait forward.  She didn't try to run.  When she announced at the staff meeting that she was getting solicitations from people who seemed to think the actresses were prostitutes, Blake apparently took that as inspiration for her next movie. 

Velvet was kneeling down in front of the bed.  They were shooting in the guest bedroom instead of the bathroom, but were working with some tricky angles.  Especially because they'd need a majority of the space for the planned action.

"What made you decide you wanted to do this scene?" she asked.

Blake replied, "It's hot.  Besides, during my stripper career, there was a time I was scared I would end up a prostitute."  She shrugged.  "Now, I'm . . . curious, I guess.  I've been thinking about this and thought I should explore it."

"And why did you choose Sun as your partner?"

"He seems like a nice guy, and I already have something else planned for Fox and I's second time."  She finished with a smile that made Velvet feel all tingly inside.  Not to mention blush dark red.

"Right  .  .  . And the . . . ending?" Velvet asked.  The ending she couldn't talk about because Sun didn't know and would be a surprise.  The ending she couldn't talk about because it was much, MUCH too embarrassing."

Blake smiled again.  "I like it when that happens; you might have guessed from my first video with Fox.  It makes me feel so sexual."

Coco decided it was time to begin.   Before her girlfriend passed out. "Action!" she called.


Blake reclined in a robe on the bed.  The guest bedroom had been rearranged to look more like a motel room, not difficult thanks to the already generic furnishings; they'd simply added an ice bucket, and gotten the boys to haul the TV in from Coco and Velvet's room to set in on the dresser, under the understanding that if the actors broke it, they were paying for it.  The Monkey-tailed boy had complained more that he had to wear a suit for the opening moments of the scene.  A knock was heard on the door.  Blake got up and approached it.  To really sell the idea of the hotel room, they had glued a googly eye to the door to simulate a peephole. 

She opened the door to reveal the suit-wearing male Faunus.  "Hello," he said, looking nervous.  As though this was his first time doing such a thing.

"Good evening," Blake replied, through hooded eyes.  

"Are you a cop?" he asked.  "Because, it's the law you have to tell me if I ask."

Blake laughed.  "No, I'm not a cop, although I have worn the uniform before.  Are you a cop?"

"No," Sun said, blushing.

"Then we're both safe.  Please, come inside," she said, standing out of the way.

He did so.  "Thanks."

"Why don't you sit down," Blake said, closing the door behind her.  "I need to freshen up."

"All right," he said.  Despite this, he didn't sit down on the bed right away.  He continued to stand for a moment or so, looking around.  His tail fidgeted wildly.  He looked around at the chair and table, even took a few steps towards it before stopping and forcing himself to sit on the edge of the bed. 

"You don't need to be so nervous," Blake said as she opened the bathroom door. 

At the sight, the Monkey-tailed boy almost fainted.  Off-stage, even Coco was stunned.

Sitting in the bed, Sun's nervousness wasn't entirely acting.  With Pyrrha, it had been the newness of the whole experience, like a child standing at the top of the high dive for the first time, trying to decide whether or not he would have been better climbing down.  This was different.  Pyrrha had been pretty, but there was something extra to Blake.  There was the fact that she was a Faunus herself, always attractive, but mostly it was the added level of mystery and seduction she exuded.  Her every move was elegant and .  .  . Whoa.

Blake had removed her robe and was leaning against the door in her new black lingerie.  Her ensemble resembled the one from her audition except for the color . . . .and that it was also noticeably less concealing.  The Cat-eared girl was dressed in a black babydoll and matching low-cut panties and stockings, but this time they were all, entirely, sheer.  He could see her dark nipples and her slit.  She wore a smokey smile that promised all sorts of pleasant things.   Sun felt his mouth drop open, but there was nothing he could do to close it.

"Just follow my lead," she said.  She strutted towards him, and Sun felt his eyes threaten to pop out of his head.  She bent down, giving him an excellent view of her rear, and helped him out of his shoes and socks. The movements of her hands on his feet (slightly tickling) snapped him out of his stupor.  Fighting a blush (it was embarrassing that he needed someone to take his shoes off for him like he was four-year old) he stood up and shrugged out of his jacket.

"That's the spirit," Blake replied, reaching up to loosen his tie, looking him strait in the eye.  Maybe that was what gave him the courage, or the lack of IQ, to lean in and kiss her.  Blake purred against his lips, somehow still undoing his tie and pulling it out of the collar of his shirt.  They pulled back for air, and Sun kissed her again, his hands coming up to her sides.  Tentatively, his tail brushed her thigh. 

Blake unbuttoned his shirt, breaking the kiss to remove it.  Her hands came up and raked his chest, feeling his sculpted muscles under her fingers.  Sun groaned and reached up to grasp her breasts. 

Blake growled as he squeezed the orbs, then cried out as the tip of his tail prodded her opening.  Sun leaned back to take in the sight, her darkened breasts in his hands, chaning shpe under his touch; the nipples were so tempting, he leaned forward and kissed one.  Blake’s hands came up to his head as he sucked and licked the teat through the fabric, his hands still kneading her breasts.  The left one, the one closest to the camera, let go, dropping down, he rubbed this fabric atop her slit.  “YE-OWH!” she cried, catlike.  Taking that as a good sign, Sun pressed against the fabric again, testing how far he could penetrate without ripping, how much he could feel.

Blake's hands pulled his head back from her breast.  Smiling at his confusion, she knelt down again, undoing his belt.  Then his pants.  He helped her pull the pants and boxers down, to reveal his hardening member.  Just the sight over Blake kneeling in front of it made it harder, but she wasn't in front of it fro long.  She wrapped her hand around it, giving a few experimental strokes, before opening her mouth and taking a single, long lick up his length.  Sun groaned at the act, then again as Blake took all of him.  Bracing her hands against his thighs, she began to move back and forth over him, stroking him with her tongue, changing her angle to get as much as she could.

Sun groaned under her stimulations and even louder as he was forced to pull her away from him.  Blake allowed Sun to pull her to her feet so that he could bend down.  He had stroked her barely-covered slit with his finger and tail.  Now he nudged it with his nose, breathing in the heady pheromones, placing a kiss on it, then opening his mouth and using his tongue.  He licked the nylon, tasting her leaking juices, dampening the fabric with his saliva, pushing it even more firmly against her sex.

 Blake moaned, spreading ghsnto allow him closer.  She reach up and groped her own breast through her top.  Squeezing and lifting her boobs, she released them, grappling holdmofmthe bottom of the garment and pulling it up over her head.  Fondling her now free breasts for a moment, she hooker her thumbs into her bottoms, pulling them down.  As she did a liquid string connected them back to her crotch.  

 As she slithered up strait again, Sun was once more dumbstruck the sight of her.  She took advantage of this, sauntering around him and, with a surprisingly strong hip-bump, knocked him down onto the bed.  Smiling, she continued around to the night side table, upon which her black purse sat.  Opening it, she reached in and withdrew wrapped condom.  Sun was a little disappointed at the sight of it, even though they'd discussed it beforehand.  Blake had been rather insistent that it added verisimilitude to the scene.  Sun had given in because he wasn't braver enough to say his mind, that he didn't care about verisimilitude, he wanted to feel his dick wrapped up in Blake's channel.  Still, as she gripped his length in one hand and fitted the ring of plastic onto his head with the other, then rolled the lubriacted plastic down his length, Sun couldn't help but shudder under her touch.

 Now that his tool was properly covered, Blake mounted him, sinking down.  Sun groaned and Blake waited a moment, allowing the both of them to adjust.  Then, she rose up and sank back down.  Up and down.  Up and down.  "Ooooh!" Sun groaned again. His hands slid up her stocking-clad thighs to grasp her hips.  His eyes were fixed onto her.  The sight of his dick disappearing into her pussy, her breasts rocking up and down, the way her face contorted in pleasure. 

Blake reached down and grabbed his hands, bringing them up from her hips to her breasts.  Sun happily took hold of them.  Now he could feel them for real, without the impediment of the top.  They fit his hands so well.  Like they were made for each other.

Sun's hands fell back to Blake's hips and rolled.  Cowgirl wasn't the best thing when you had a tail.  Now, she was on her back, and he was on top.  His dick came out with the movement.  Sun repositioned himself between her legs, pushing back into her.  She felt so good.  She looked even better.  Her eyes closed, head thrown back.  Again, her breasts were jiggled as he thrust into her.

 Blake put her hands on his chest.  "Flip me over," she said.  Sun nodded absentmindedly.  Grabbing her leg, he lifted it up and twisted her around; it felt amazing around his dick.  Blake repositioned herself with her head on her crossed arms.  "Go for it," she sighed.  Sun did, happily.  Thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could.  Watching her buttocks reshape themselves as he slammed into her.  With a SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! as his pelvis collided with her's. His tail came around and tickled her clit.

"Mmmm!"  she said.  "Keep it up!  I'm . . . almost . . . there!  Oooooo!"

Sun felt her walls clench around him as she came.  It was disappointing that he couldn't actually feel her juices around his cock, but right now, he was a little distracted from those thoughts.

"I'm gonna come!"

"Don't!" she cried.  "Pull out!"

Sun was so shocked he actually stopped.  "But, I'm wearing the-"

"Just do it!" she said.  "Pull out and stand up."  Sun did as he was told.  Then she got up and knelt down in front of him.  "You deserve something better than to finish in this . . . " she said, removing the condom from his aching cock.  Licking her lips, Blake leaned in and licked his ball.  Sun groaned as she leanded over and licked the other.  Then she gripped his cock in hand and began to blow him again.  Bobbing up and down on his cock, her lipped eyes looking up at him as she did so.  Sun tried to hold out as long as he could, tried to prolong the sensation.  But it was too much. 

"Uh!  Blake, I can't . . ."  Blake removed him from her mouth just as his cock twitched and released the first spurt of come.  It landed squarely in her mouth.  Her hand kept jerking him, milking his cock, drawing out more.  His semen landed on her forehead, across her face; she leaned back and let one line of spunk landed across her breasts.  At last, she leaned in and licked the last drops from his glands.  She looked so fucking hot.  

Without thinking, his tailed reached out and wiped up an drop that was about to drip down off her chin.  Blake reached up and took the appendage in her hand, wilkng the fur clean with her thumb.

 "Cut!" Coco said, off-stage.

 After the shoot, Sun waited up for Blake.  He ran through the various pick-up lines he'd heard Neptune use over the years why she used the shower.  As he rejected one after another, trying to pick the one most likely to impress her, Sun realized he didn't want to use any of them.  There was a fundamental problem with Neptune's lines:  namely, that he just used them to get into girls' pants, and Sun wanted more than that with Blake.  He wanted to date her, not sleep with her.  

Well, ideally he'd do both, but that wasn't the point.  The point was .  .  . he thought they had a chance for something more than just sex, and he didn't want to screw that up.

Sun heard the shower turn off.  She'd be out soon.  Time to find something, anything, to say.  The door opened.  Not the bathroom.

"Hi, Sun," Yang said as she casually strode in.

"Oh, hey Yang," he said.  "You in line for the shower?"  Why?  It wasn't like she'd "performed" today?

"Nah, just waiting up for my girlfriend," she replied.

"Girlfriend?" Sun asked.  Oh, no.

Yang pulled a face.  "Well, I don't know that she's ready to say that but . . ." Yang shrugged.  "I'm a believe in 'call a spade a spade.'"

"You have no patience," a muffled voice from behind the door corrected.

Yang grinned.  "And you love it!"

The door cracked and Blake stuck her head out. "Maybe I do.  Now, go prep your motorcycle.  I'll be down soon."

"Yes, ma'am," Yang said, saluting.  Then she turned and walked out.

Sun watched her walk out. Not to watch her back like most guys would do, though he would admit it was a nice view, but he was a little distracted by his wrenching heart.

"Sun," Blake said.

The moneky Faunus turned around.  Blake opened the door.  She was dressed in a bathrobe using a towel to dry her hair.  He opened his mouth to say something but she cut him off.  "Don't," she said.  "I saw the way you looked at me.  I'm sorry, Sun, but I'm not interested in you that way."

He sighed.  "You can't blame me for trying.  I mean, not a lot of Faunus girls are into ninjas and-"

"Maybe not," Blake said, frowning.  "But if you're only looking at Faunus girls, you're cutting your options short.  Besides," she said smirking.  "I saw you with Pyrrha.  You look like you can get along with humans pretty well."

"Yeah well, that's different than having a relationship."

Blake frowned.  "You don't approve of interspecies relationships?  Your best friend is a human."

"Yeah, well again, that's different, and as to the relationship thing . . . Nothing against the bosses, but I don't get it.  At all."

" . . . I don't think things would have worked out between us, Sun."


"My last boyfriend didn't have much respect for humans.  Let's just say, he'd have some very unpleasant things to say about Coco and Velvet's relationship.  And mine and Yang's."  The Cat Faunus shook her head.  "I don't like to be reminded of him." Blake said.  She turned and disappeared back into the bathroom.  "On that note, you should probably leave; it isn't polite to be waiting outside a lady's bathroom when she isn't your romantic partner."

"Yeah, I'll be out in the hall.  Waiting for my turn and all."  He exited the room and slouched against the wall, thinking about what she'd said.   Hearing her muffled movements inside, Sun hoped she'd take awhile; he wasn't really looking forward to looking himself in the mirror.  As he went over her words in his head he was no longer sure he'd like what he saw.