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The Mistress

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Your body was shaking. You weren’t sure if it was from fear or if it was the cool dampness of the dark room surrounding you. All you could think about was what just happened a few hours ago. There were four of you that Rick had sent out to scavenge for Alexandria and find supplies.

There was a dripping happening behind you from the room you were locked in. Your hands were tied behind your back tightly and a gag was placed over your mouth to keep you quiet. The only light filling the room was filtering out from beneath the door, but it wasn’t nearly enough for you to try and move around to find a way out.

You and the rest of your group had been sent out a few weeks ago to try and find supplies. When your group tried returning, you were cornered by a group of bikers that tried to attack you. One of the members of you group had killed a few of the men, but then the four of you were captured. The four of you were overpowered by the group of men. What happened to one of the men in your group was absolutely atrocious. You still had the visions of the tall, lanky man that had beaten him in the head over and over again with that barbwire wrapped baseball bat. Your group had done nothing, but defend themselves. What happened to the rest of your group, you were still unaware of. They had captured you after the man with the bat had ordered the crew to do so.

The sound of the door opening was heard and soon after your eyes were flooded over with the light from beyond the dark room you had been locked in. Wincing, you could feel the heavy force of someone grabbing you by the arm and pulling you to your feet. A whimper escaped your throat as the man shoved you past the door and out into what looked like a factory. Stumbling to your feet, you felt weak. Not only had you been up for days from the scavenging, but you hadn’t been able to rest in that awful room after the attack.

“Move,” the man behind you order shoving you once more causing you to slam into the cold wall beside you. You closed your eyes tightly and felt him pushing you forward again. If they were going to kill you, you just wished that they would get it over with. It wasn’t that you were afraid of death; it was the fear of how it was going to come to you. “I said move!”

Stumbling forward again, you felt his shove cause your body to lunge forward a bit until he stopped at a door down the hallway. Forcefully grabbing a hold of your arm, he motioned you to wait while he opened the door.

When the door opened you could see the man that had attacked the member of your group sitting on a leather couch. His arms were pressed back against the black, leather couch. His legs were propped up on a coffee table and the baseball bat from earlier was lying in his lap. The bat was already clean, but he still had blood spattered over his clothing. That sick bastard. He took the time to clean the bat, but was comfortable enough to be lounging with the blood of the man that he killed on him.

Taking a look around the room, it was like they had made a room in the factory a small apartment room. There was a sitting area with the leather couch and the coffee table. A very small dining room area with a table with two chairs and in the corner was a single bed. It certainly didn’t look amazing, but after the areas that you had been stuck in before Alexandria, you wouldn’t really complain about it.  

“Get on your knees,” the man that had pulled you out of the room ordered, but you fought back. You weren’t about to be slaughtered. Not like what you had just seen earlier. No matter how hard you tried, it wasn’t going to get you out of the situation you were in. A cry escaped your lips as the man behind you kicked at the back of your legs getting them to give out and make you fall to your knees on the hard ground.

“Enough Simon,” the man with the bat laughed from the couch. That sick bastard. He found amusement in all of this. He made a tisking sound as he stood up from the couch and moved over toward them. His bat hanging at the side of his body. “Well fuck me; we’ve got a fucking feisty one here don’t we?”

“A bit of fire in this one,” Simon snarled from behind you, pushing into your back with his palm. The man with the bat pushed Simon aside and held his hand up to stop Simon from putting pressure on you. “What do you want me to do with her Negan?”

Negan. That was his name. Now you had a name to the face. Although, bastard worked fine as it was already.

Another wince escaped your lips as Simon grabbed a tight hold of your arm again, pulling you up straighter to get you up on your knees further.

“I fucking said enough Simon. Shit. She’s going to feel like I don’t have any fucking manners in this place,” Negan snarled pushing Simon back a bit before kneeling before you on the ground. He was balancing his weight on the bat as he stared out at you. Negan reached out with his leather clad fingertips to grab a tight hold of your jaw making a grunt escape your lips when you felt the force of him over you. “Well God fucking damn. I’ve already fucked up a really special fucking moment here haven’t I? Shit. Well, let’s try this one again…”

Negan’s fingers reached for the gag that they had around your mouth trying to pull it away before you let out an angered sound. He grabbed a hold of your jaw again, this time with a bit of anger behind his eyes when it seemed like you were attempting to bite him.

“Shit. I’m trying to be a fucking gentleman here and you go do that shit. If you wanna be a bitch, then I’m gonna fucking gag you again and screw this whole shit all together. I’m trying to be nice so unless you want to see your ass get put back in the awful fucking room, I suggest you keep that pretty little mouth of yours closed while I talk to you. Unless of course I ask you a question. Then you can open that pretty little mouth of yours all you want.”

Your body was tense. Your mind going through a whirlwind of possibilities as Negan stood up and pointed toward the door suggesting that Simon leave the two of you alone.

“Not sure that’s the best of ideas Negan, I mean…she’s going to be enraged,” Simon’s voice spoke behind her and Negan pointed toward the door again.

“Don’t make me fucking ask you again. Your bitch ass does what I fucking tell you,” Negan demanded, his voice yelling making you slam your eyes shut. The last time you heard him yelling, he was taking a bat to the member of your group. When Simon stepped out and closed the door behind him Negan smiled and sat on the edge of the couch again. “Now here is what’s going to happen. I’m going to ask you questions. You’re going to answer the shit that I ask you and we’re going to make it nice and simple.”

“You’re a monster,” your voice muttered and you could hear his laugh filling the room. He found this whole thing funny and the idea of that made chills run over your body. Goosebumps were already over your skin. If someone could find murdering someone funny, then you could only imagine what he had planned for you.

“We’ll see if you get to know what a fucking monster I can be,” his voice muttered from across the room as your raised your head to meet his eyes in a glance.

In the past, this was definitely a man you would have found charming before the zombie outbreak. He was a good looking man. If you would have seen him on the street, you would have definitely looked twice. His dark hair was slicked back and he had dimples for days when he smiled. While he certainly looked charming with that smile and that salt and pepper colored facial hair, it was clear from what you had learned that he was wretched.

“Now, to get back to the shit at hand…” Negan tapped the bat against the coffee table. Each time it connected with the table you jumped. It was an involuntary motion. You couldn’t help yourself from being scared. You told yourself that you weren’t afraid of dying. It was a mantra that you told yourself since this whole outbreak happened. Right now though, this Negan guy had seriously made you doubt it. You were terrified and your whole body was telling you that. “You’re from Alexandria, aren’t you? Did Rick send you out this way trying to get some intel on us…?”

“You…you know Rick?” you muttered confused and he laughed a bit harder. His nose wrinkled as he shook his head. This wasn’t the type of man that Rick would associate himself with. How did he know about Rick and Alexandria? “How do you…”

“Oh don’t play this fucking game with me doll. You can’t be from Alexandria and not know who I am,” Negan’s deep voice boomed in around you. He stared at you for a long moment before shaking his head. “Well damn. Damn. Fucking hell, you aren’t kidding. You don’t fucking know who I am.”

“Why would I? I’ve been gone for a few weeks looking for supplies,” you explained with an uneven breath, confused as to what had happened. “Is Rick okay? Is everyone in Alexandria alright?”

“Oh doll. You’ve got one hell of a wakeup call coming to you,” his head shook in a moment of disappointment. “How close were you to these people?”

You stayed silent. He didn’t need to know more than he already did. Truth be told you were rather new to the group at Alexandria. You had been with several different groups until Rick and Daryl had found you alone. You were barely alive by the time they had found you and honestly, at that point you had pretty much given up in general. Every time you had a good thing going, something bad always happened and ended that all for you.

“Alright, fine. Don’t tell me,” Negan slammed the baseball bat against the coffee table making you jump again. It was almost like he was doing it to toy with you, to make you angry. “Let me tell you something honey. This right here, I believe you’ve already met her…is Lucille. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

Wrinkling your nose, you looked over the bat as he held it up in the air admiring it himself. The sick bastard named his bat after a woman? His smile was quite large as he brought the bat down heavily again over the coffee table. This time it caused the table legs to shake and you whimpered. It was involuntary, but you just couldn’t help it.

“She doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get the answers that she wants,” Negan informed you with a smirk. It was a devilish smirk and it came off very intimidating as his hazel eyes stared out into yours. “So don’t piss her off and answer the questions I fucking ask you because shit…you’ve seen what she does when she gets fucking mad as hell. Do you understand me?”

You nodded and he sighed heavily before leaning back against the couch again.

“Hopefully you weren’t very close to the Asian and big red,” Negan snickered and you could feel a tension in your chest. Was he referring to Glenn and Abraham? You really hadn’t gotten to know either of them very well, but Glenn was always one of the nicest people you had met there. He was always willing to believe in those that were new and given them a chance at proving themselves to the group. Did they suffer the same fate that had happened earlier to one of the men that you were with? “If so, well I’m sorry for your loss.”

You said nothing. What could you say? He was laughing again and it almost seemed like he was talking to himself. Or maybe he was talking to the bat. Either way, this guy was fucking crazy and the more time that you spent with him in this room alone, the more you pondered what he was going to do with that bat. 

“Okay back to the questions. First of all, who the hell would send a pretty girl out there in the world of scary fucking zombies?” Negan interrogated you, his tone sounded like he was mocking you since you were a woman and you felt your jaw tightening. “I mean look at you…you’re fucking smoking. Obviously a little dirty from everything that happened, but I do enjoy myself a dirty fucking girl.”

“I’m not weak just because I’m a female...Negan. We all have to play our part,” your growled seeing his eyes widen and he placed his free hand over his leather clad chest mocking shock from your answer. Snarling, you shook your head and looked down toward the ground again away from him. The more you stared out at him, the angrier you got. “I was new to community. I had to prove my worth and I was eager to comply.”

“A woman that is okay with taking orders. Oh my. The sound of that just makes my dick a bit solid thinking about it,” he muttered thickly and you looked up at him with a disgusted expression. This guy had one hell of a disgusting mouth on him. When he noticed that his comment may have offended you, he whipped his head around a bit and shrugged.  “Oh I’m sorry, was talking about my cock inappropriate? Well, fuck me.”

You stayed silent. You weren’t sure how to respond to this man. It just felt like he was playing games with you.

“So what? You go out and get supplies with the group and you get to be in that nice shiny shithole?” he snickered and you nodded.

Negan set his bat down on the coffee table before throwing his hands up. “See you people at Alexandria. Think you can fucking get away with murdering some of my men and when I just pay back what was done to them, you get all fucking bitchy with me. Think I’m some kind of fucking monster. What kind of man would I be if I let you fuckers murder my men? I mean, come on. There has to be a fucking punishment for something so fucking fuckety stupid like that.”

“I didn’t murder anyone,” you snarled in response and he smiled standing up from the couch again. He clapped his hands together a bit and you could feel your chest tightening.  You looked up at him as he stood before you. He towered over you with you down on your knees before him. “What are you going to do with me? What are you going to do with the other two that I was with?”

“The others will be given back to Rick because I actually fucking believe you when you tell me that your little group had no idea who the hell I was,” Negan responded with a shrug and you tried to look away from him again. It made you uncomfortable with how close he was to you. The fact that you were about level with his groin didn’t make things any easier.

His fingertips pressed in over your jawline again, forcing you to look up at him as he licked his lips. It was what you imagined a lion to do when it was watching its prey. “As far as you…I find you very fucking beautiful. You’re going to be staying here with us…”

“I’d rather be out there,” your words vibrated against his fingertips as he hushed you and shook his head.

“You’d rather be out in a world with fucking zombies trying to eat your pretty little ass? You should be fucking thanking me for all the shit I’ve done for you. The Saviors wanted to kill you and the rest of your group after their co-workers were murdered doll. People don’t take that shit too kindly,” Negan informed you with a shrug. “I saw you though and I just thought…I’ve got to have you. So I made sure that you were brought back here safely.”

“You’ve got to have me?” you repeated his words and he nodded. His eyebrows tensed together as he smiled wider and you shook your head. “I’m not someone’s to have.”

“Ah, see. That’s where you are wrong. Anyone around here…belongs to me. It’s just a matter of how you belong to me. That’s where the fucking perks are,” he assured you with a nod and he urged you to look up at him again. “See right now…nothing is hotter than a woman on her knees in front of me. Shit it just…”

“Stop,” you demanded realizing where he was headed and you heard his laughter fill the room. You pulled your jaw away from him disgusted by how amused he got with upsetting you. “You’re crazy if you don’t think what you are doing is wrong. This whole thing is going to get you killed.”

“I know you think I’m a monster, but I’m just trying to make a good living here. We have food here at The Sanctuary. We have farming. We’ve made something here,” Negan rambled a bit and he was over exaggerative in the way he spoke. His hands were always moving, his body always following through with his words. That was one thing you noticed about him. How over exaggerative he was in everything that he did. “We’ve developed a system where we promise to leave those alone as they give us what we want…”

“The Sanctuary?” your nose wrinkled in response and he sighed, kneeling before you again and his face was extremely close to yours. It made you extremely uncomfortable and he could tell. The more uncomfortable you seemed to get, the closer he would press in toward you. A smile pressed in over his features as he reached out to press a strand of hair away from your eyes. “Please…I just want to go home.”

“And Alexandria is your home?” he questioned and you thought about it for a moment before nodding. “Well see, from what I’ve learned from you…you haven’t been there long enough for it to be a home. If you are new, no one is going to miss you and to be fucking honest with you darling…I’m not going to let you leave. I own you. I own your friends. I own the people of Alexandria. Everything…everyone…belongs to me.”

“Wow, your ego is ridiculously huge,” you felt his breath pressing in over your face and you gulped down heavily. His smile was gone and you could tell that he was suddenly very serious.

“Truth is doll…I brought you here because I thought you may be interested in being one of my wives,” he muttered reaching out with his leather clad hand to caress his fingertips over the side of your face. A laugh fell from your lips and it seemed to knock him off guard. “I’d be able to protect you. Keep you safe. Give you shelter and food.”

“Wives?” you repeated his word seeing him smile and nod before you leaned back away from his touch. “You have multiples wives?”

“I do,” he responded and you laughed again.

“Wow…absolutely fucking not,” you swore for the first time and it was clear that your bite back interested him. “You’re a fucking monster. The fact that you have such an ego and multiple women that you are married to makes me really wonder what you are lacking in the sack too. A zombie apocalypse happens and you take it as your playground. Start ordering others around telling people that you own them. That you own everything? Are we children on the playground? I mean…is this a joke?”

“You’d be fucking surprised how good I am in the fucking sack,” he muttered with a scowl before smiling again. It was like a switch. The guy was either smiling or screaming. It made you extremely uncomfortable as it was. “This isn’t a joke. I’m offering you something special here.”

“I’m not going to be one of someone’s wives…I’m a one and only kind of girl,” you responded seeing his eyebrows tensing together and he laughed at you.

“It’s kind of slim pickings now doll,” Negan reminded you with a shake of his head. “You either take what you can get or you get a zombie. Which truth be told would be quite the bitch. They’d be gnawing on that pretty pussy of yours before…”

Feeling the rage in which how he talked to you, you spit in his face seeing him recoil when it hit his face. His silly expression had become very serious as he reached out for you and grabbed a hold of your arms. He pulled you to your feet in a matter of seconds and shoved you on top of the table he had in the corner of the room.

“You are going to learn, you are fucking mine…” Negan rumbled behind you and you could feel your heart hammering in your chest. Your face was smashed against the table as his hand pressed in over the back of your neck. You could feel his body pressed up against you from behind and you bit down your bottom lip. The asshole was fucking hard and you could feel it as he was pressed up against you. “You’re going to understand…”

“Please…” you gasped feeling him grabbing a hold of your body and suddenly you felt very scared with him pressed up behind you. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” he challenged your words feeling you tremble when he pressed his hand in over the small of your back. “What do you think I’m going to do you? You think I’m trying to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours?”

“Just…don’t,” you begged hearing him laughing as he pulled away from you and you felt suddenly confused as he reached for your wrists. He used a pocket knife that he had pulled out of his pocket to cut the tie around your wrists that kept you bound. You fell to the ground in the corner of the room staring up at him as he shook his head.

“You act like you’ve never had a dick pressed up against you before doll,” he laughed seeing the way you looked away from him almost as if you were embarrassed. “Well fucking hell, you never have…have you? How fucking old are you?”

“Twenty four,” you answered with a whisper and he laughed before shaking his head. He peeled the leather glove from his fingertips and threw it onto the table. He pushed his hand throughout his slicked back hair and you gulped down. “I focused on school…”

“And then all hell broke loose?” he retorted and you nodded. He brushed his fingertips throughout his hair again before moving over toward the sink in the corner of the room. He turned it on and started to splash some of the water over his face to clean off the dry blood. “Twenty four and you’ve never been fucked? I find that shit to be unbelievable.”

“We have zombies running around and you find it hard to believe that someone is a virgin at twenty four?” your voice cracked, your body still scared of what he might do to you. “What? Does that turn you on more? Going to help when you rape me?”

“Rape you? You think I was going to rape you?” he laughed turning to look at you with water sliding down his face. “I was only trying to make a point of who is in charge. I’m not going to rape you. I don’t believe in it.”

“Somehow, I don’t believe you,” you slurred your words a bit when he looked over his shoulder at you with his hazel eyes. He was smiling again. You were starting to wonder if that was just a permanent look on his face. “With your ego…you were pressed up against me…”

“If I was going to rape you, I would have,” he informed you with a firm nod and you suddenly realized that he had every chance to actually do it. While his face was buried in the sink cleaning off the blood, you took a look around. There was no weapons close. Even if there was, how far could you get after attacking him? You didn’t even know where you were. Looking to the coffee table you could see his bat sitting there. “I don’t know what you know doll, but the very sight of you makes me hard. Pretty sure I said that already. That happened long before I pushed you onto that fucking table.”

His words were just rambling together as you stared at the bat. Pondering if you could get to in time. If you could use it as a weapon.

“She’s a beautiful fucking woman isn’t she? Lucille’s my dirty little girl,” you looked over your shoulder to see Negan staring out at you. He caught you trying to plan something, yet he wasn’t coming at you.

He turned off the water and reached for the hand towel beside him on the counter. “Listen, I untied you. At least you could fucking not thinking about trying to kill me with that shit. Okay? Especially not with my precious Lucille. I’m not going to hurt you. I have no reason to fucking hurt you. I hurt those that need hurtin’. Not people who simply fucking spit in my face. I’m also not very big on killing women. Men, sure. I can kill them all day if I had to, but not really big on killing females. Lucille might get a little touchy about things, but not me. She’s just the jealous type.”

“We’re still talking about the fucking bat?” you muttered hearing him laugh again and you bit back a nervous groan. God, this guy was crazy.

“I’m serious about the wife thing…”

“I’m serious about my answer too,” you watched him moved over toward you and reach for your hand. He pulled you up to him and your breath caught in the back of your throat. To be honest, he still scared the shit out of. “No.”

“Alright, well…then you’re just going to make a living here like everyone else. You don’t have to be my wife,” he muttered, his warm fingertips pressing in under your jawline as he cupped your face in his rough hands. “Eventually though, I will fuck you. Not because I’m raping you, but because you will be begging me for it. I won’t do it, until you absolutely beg me for it.”

“That’s not going to happen,” you laughed feeling his warm breath pressing in over your face and you gulped down heavily. “I would never beg for that from you.”

“Mhmm,” he smirked that same fucking charming smirk and it made a lump grow at the base of your throat. His fingertips pressed into your hair as you clenched your fists at your sides. “Your pretty little pussy will want me in you at some point. I’m a patient man.”

“You’ll die before I beg for anything from you,” you bit back and he laughed. “What are you going to do with me?”

“Well, I’ll get someone to bring you some clean clothes. Get some rest and then relax. I don’t need you to be so tense when I have you doing things around here. As you said, we all have to play our part, right?” Negan muttered with a deep sigh, reaching for his glove as he nodded. “I need to get cleaned up now, but I’ll be back. Give you a few days to fucking relax.”

“Wait, you are just going to keep me here to work?” you questioned feeling a bit confused. Was this a joke? He was going to keep you alive just to help out around their…sanctuary. “Why?”

“I told you, I’m not going to kill you…” Negan muttered with a wink as he pulled his leather gloves back on. He adjusted his leather jacket before shrugging. “Just try to calm down and not try anything stupid. I know that shit is really hard. Right now, this is your room. Welcome to The Sanctuary doll.”

Negan picked up the baseball bat and looked over his shoulder at you with a wide smile. Moving to the door, he opened it and it was very obvious that Simon had been standing out there waiting to make sure that Negan was safe. Negan gave you one last wink before leaving and closing the door behind him. After a moment of waiting, you moved to the door and pulled on the handle realizing that you were locked in. Letting out a tight breath, you looked out the barred window that was in the corner of the room and could see barely anything that was beyond the frosted window.

“Now what?” you muttered to yourself letting out a deep sigh as you thought about everything that had taken place. What was going to happen to you now?