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I'm Gonna be a Bad Boy

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            “Noona!” Jimin shouted, pounding on his older sister’s door. “Come on, you’re gonna make us late!” A door clicked behind Jimin and he jumped, turning to watch the bathroom door across the hall swing open. A stone faced Yoongi with wild bedhead stumbled out, still in her pajamas. “We’re gonna be late.” Jimin pouted and Yoongi rolled her eyes, pushing past her brother to get to her room. She left the door open and Jimin strolled in behind her.

            “Wouldn’t want that, would we?” Yoongi sneered, offering Jimin a sarcastic smile before she disappeared into her closet.

            “You shouldn’t keep the Lord waiting.” Jimin teased.

            “Yeah, well timeliness is far from the top of my sin list. The Lord has more to worry about with me.” Yoongi snickered, winking at her brother before she kicked her closet door closed to change. Jimin looked around the room curiously – at the mussed up bed sheets, the open window, the little bit of red lace peeking out of Yoongi’s bedside table – and he couldn’t stop his own laughter. Yoongi didn’t believe in anything that their parents preached and she was far from pure, but Jimin couldn’t blame her. He hardly knew if he believed himself.

            “Was Hoseok over last night?” Jimin wondered, tugging at the lace until a thin little shirt – or was it supposed to be a dress? – slid out.

            “I heard Jungkook was over.” Yoongi countered, snatching the lingerie from Jimin’s fingers as she breezed out of her closet, crisp church dress hugging her little waist. “I thought I’d taint the house too.”

            “Kook and I did not taint the house.” Jimin whined and Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

            “What’s the matter, baby brother? You guys having a dry spell?” Jimin scoffed and reached out to slap the girl, but she escaped his grasp and ran from the room, leaping down the stairs. Her hair and teeth were brushed and it was about as presentable as she would ever look on a weekend. Jimin followed behind her, trying to calm the raging blush on his cheeks. The truth was, he and Jungkook hadn’t ever done anything more than sneak a kiss and even that was rare. Jimin didn’t have the courage to do anything more and Jungkook didn’t tend to initiate anything. Yoongi, on the other hand, snuck her girlfriend in almost every night to fuck her into a coma. She had told Jimin about it once – in very vague details, of course – the same night that he had come out to her. She had hoped that it would make him feel a little better about his own sins.

            If only their parents knew that they hadn’t produced even one heterosexual kid. Even their eldest brother, Seokjin, was overseas for work, fucking men and women alike. Often at the same time. They could still recall gory details from the night Seokjin had come home for the holidays a few months back and snuck his siblings enough alcohol to knock out a bodybuilder. That was one story time that Jimin could go the rest of his life without revisiting.

            “Yoongi, you know we can’t wait on you every Sunday.” Their mother scolded and Jimin bumped his sister’s shoulder as he strode past her. Yoongi rolled her eyes and shoved Jimin back, following him to the pantry to grab some kind of breakfast.

            “Just leave without me, then.” She spat and Jimin tried to stifled his laughter. His sister always like to push their parents’ buttons.


            “Don’t talk to your mother like that, young lady.” Their father scolded and Yoongi sighed, offering a shallow bow in way of apology. “Let’s just go before Pastor Jeon wonders where we are, alright? Get in the car.”


            “Wonderful sermon today, Pastor.” Their father called and Yoongi rolled her eyes. Jimin elbowed her in the ribs, but she was already distracted by the sight of Hoseok across the hall, dark hair curled and hands folded behind her back, her dress just pushing the limits of too short for the church. Jimin couldn’t deny that the girl was beautiful or that he’d had a little bit of a crush on her when they’d first switched to this church, so he was glad that Yoongi could make her happy.

            Jimin nearly jumped out of his skin when something jabbed his side and he spun defensively, immediately melting at the sound of Jungkook’s soft laughter. “Gotcha.” The younger boy teased and Jimin smiled, pinching his arm teasingly. Jungkook stood next to him quietly as they waited for their parents to finish talking, shoulders bumping every few seconds. By the time their parents were saying goodbye, Jimin’s heart was throbbing in his chest, skin tingling with warmth. “Could I study with Jimin today?” Jungkook chirped as his parents started towards the exit. They raised their eyebrows and looked to Jimin’s parents to confirm before they said yes. Jungkook beamed and fought the urge to wrap his arms around Jimin’s shoulders as they headed towards the car.

            “Hoseok is gonna come watch some movies with me.” Yoongi announced, pulling the girl into their car by her hand. Jungkook bowed politely as they piled in the back, looking at Jimin with a knowing expression.

            The car ride was quiet, filled with soft gospel songs and the idle chattered of the parents up front. Jimin had glanced back once to see Yoongi’s hand high up on Hoseok’s thigh as they shared a pair of headphones, but Jungkook had quickly distracted him with his own touch. The younger was still shy and he tried never to show affection to Jimin in public, but he couldn’t stop himself from setting his hand on Jimin’s knee, squeezing it teasingly. Jimin sucked in a breath, but he didn’t push Jungkook away, which was a good sign. The kids filed out of the car the second it was parked in the garage, practically running up the stairs to get to their respective rooms.

            Jimin felt a thick kind of tension settle in the room the second the door closed behind Jungkook. The boy had his backpack, so it was probable that they were actually going to study, but his body ached to sneak one of their secretive kisses. It had been nearly a month since he’d last felt Jungkook’s lips. “I, uh…” Jimin cleared his throat, walking towards his desk. “I have a few practice questions for chemistry, if you want to quiz me.” He turned to look back at Jungkook, but the boy’s face was much closer than before, all the air leaving Jimin’s lungs. “O-or we could do something else…” Jungkook smiled and slowly curled his hand behind Jimin’s neck, fingers grazing through his short hair. Jimin gulped audibly, eyes falling to take in Jungkook’s mouth. His pink tongue darted out to wet the flesh and Jimin could feel his face heating up.

            “Is this okay?” Jungkook wondered, stepping forward until their toes bumped each other, bodies just a few centimeters apart. Jimin could only manage a nod, his eyes falling closed. There was a long beat of painful anticipation before he felt the soft brush of lips on his own. His skin tingled and his blood rushed through his body as he rocked on his toes, adding pressure to the kiss. Jungkook’s fingers curled in his hair and tilted his head just slightly, enough for him to slot their lips together in another soft kiss. The younger moved away, but Jimin tilted his head the other way and chased him back, hands on the boy’s hips as they kissed again. Never in the year that they’d spent “fooling around” with each other had they kissed for so long. Holding Jungkook’s hand and bumping their feet beneath the dinner table and snuggling up close to him in private were all well and good, but Jimin liked this the best. Jungkook made a soft noise against Jimin’s mouth and the elder worried for his heart, feeling it skip an entire beat. Their lips slid apart slowly and they panted for breath, foreheads resting against each other fondly. “Hyung.” Jungkook purred, hands sliding down Jimin’s arms to intertwine their fingers. “Can we go to the bed?” Jimin felt a twinge of panic run through his body, leaning back to look Jungkook in the eyes. The boy looked flustered, cheeks pink and teeth raking his bottom lip nervously. Jimin felt his blood begin to pool between his legs.

            “S-sure.” He nodded and they started towards the bed slowly, Jungkook crawling up first. He settled in the center of the bed and Jimin laid beside him, rolling so his head was rested on the boy’s chest. Jungkook’s arms wrapped around him and pulled him close, the boy ducking to kiss him again. Jimin twisted to make the kiss easier, letting his lips part just enough to give Jungkook a hint. Jimin felt the younger boy’s tongue tease at his bottom lip and he met it with his own, the unfamiliar feeling stealing his breath away. He crawled up to deepen the kiss, slowly lifting one of his legs so he was settled in Jungkook’s lap. The boy’s hands clutched at his hips and tugged him forward until Jimin could feel the bulge in Jungkook’s slacks pressed again his thigh. He moaned at the feeling and rocked his hips slowly, kissing away the whimper that fell from Jungkook’s lips. The sound sent giddy chills over Jimin’s entire body and any bit of hesitation he’d felt before was wiped out by the desire in his blood. “Kookie, I want you.” Jimin hissed, rubbing his thigh against Jungkook’s erection again. Jungkook’s head fell back and his mouth fell open at the feeling and Jimin repeated the movement until Jungkook was gasping for air.

            “Y-yeah, hyung. Please, I want-“ Jungkook choked as Jimin’s thigh pressed particularly hard on the tip of his cock. “I want you too. Please.” Jimin kissed Jungkook again, taking the lead this time and grabbing the sides of his neck. He lifted Jungkook so he was sitting up beneath him and licked into his mouth as he bucked his hips forward. He knew that if he kept this up, he’d probably cum in his pants right there, but it felt so good. “Do you have…” Jimin trailed his lips down Jungkook’s neck and he lost his train of thought. He gulped as Jimin nibbled over his Adams apple, careful not to leave a mark. He undid the top button of Jungkook’s shirt and kissed down the base of his throat. “A condom.” Jungkook remembered with a sigh. “O-or lube.” Jimin frowned against Jungkook’s skin and sat back, scratching his neck. He’d never had a reason to buy either before, of course he didn’t have them.

            “Let me go ask Yoongi.” Jimin chirped, crawling off the bed and scurrying out of his room. Jungkook took a deep breath and rubbed his hands down his face, eyes wide as he realized what they were about to do.


            “Fuck, Mommy, your pretty thigh feels so good on my princess parts.” Hoseok whimpered, rubbing the front of her damp panties against Yoongi’s bare leg. Yoongi hummed softly and ran her fingers through Hoseok’s long hair, taking a fistful and tugging the girl’s head back to expose her throat.

            “Ah, my good little girl. Keep riding Mommy’s thigh like that.” Yoongi purred, sinking her teeth into the base of Hoseok’s throat. There would be a nice purple bruise there in a few minutes, but Hoseok’s complaining would be worth it. Yoongi liked to see her baby girl all marked up, just for her.

            “Can I feel you, Mommy? Are you wet for me, too?” Hoseok’s voice was soft and sensual and Yoongi let go of her hair to direct her hand down between her legs, her other hand guiding Hoseok’s consistent hips. Hoseok’s fingers massaged over Yoongi’s panties eagerly, catching her clit with each upstroke and Yoongi couldn’t stop the moans that poured from her lips. “I want to watch Mommy cum like this. Oh, can I? Pretty please?” Hoseok begged and Yoongi grabbed her hips and pulled her down on her thigh harder, lifting her leg up between Hoseok’s thighs.

            “Only because you were such a good girl for me last night.” Yoongi decided, mouth falling open as Hoseok pushed her panties to the side and ran her fingers between her dripping lips, massaging her clit with her thumb as she pressed two fingers inside of Yoongi’s pussy. Yoongi called out into Hoseok’s shoulder and her hips quivered as the younger girl curled her fingers, raking against her velvety walls with a rapid pace. She always chased their first orgasms like her life depended on it and Yoongi couldn’t exactly be angry. “Baby girl, fuck, that’s so good.” Yoongi panted, rolling her hips into the feeling. She flexed her thigh as Hoseok’s hips began to stutter, her skin warm and wet against Hoseok’s panties.

            “M-mommy.” Hoseok cried, her entire body stuttering and quaking as her orgasm washed over her, her fingers continuing their ministrations out of pure habit. The twisted look of pleasure on her face and her glistening lips capturing Yoongi’s was enough to send the older girl over the edge as well, her filthy moans muffled by Hoseok’s tongue. Their bodies continued to move against each other as their aftershocks buzzed through them, legs shaking and hips weak like jelly.

            “God, so good.” Hoseok breathed when she could finally calm down, pressing idle kisses over Yoongi’s face. The elder laughed and directed Hoseok off of her, laying her down and leaning over her.

            “You know that’s just the start, kitten.” She purred, pecking Hoseok’s lips. Before either of them could even think of deepening the kiss, there was a frantic knock at the door. Yoongi hissed and sat back on her heels. “What?” She demanded, making sure that Hoseok’s skirt properly covered her legs in case someone decided to barge in.

            “Noona?” Jimin’s voice called and Yoongi melted at the sound. She really did adore her brother and he sounded a bit panicked, so she couldn’t be mad. She hopped to her feet and scurried to the door, telling Hoseok to cover herself with a blanket before she opened it.

            Jimin was red in the face, clearly flustered, and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “What do you need, Minnie?” She hummed.

            “Well, uh… I don’t- don’t know if you would even have them, if you would need them with Hoseok, but- I, well…” Jimin stammered and Yoongi rolled her eyes, grabbing her brother’s wrist and pulling him into the room. She closed the door and set her hands on Jimin’s shoulders, looking him in the eye.

            “Calm down. Deep breaths.” Yoongi directed and Jimin nodded, breathing in through his nose. “Slow down. Tell me what you need.” Jimin breathed out twice before he composed his words.

            “Do you have condoms and lube?” He spat and Yoongi couldn’t stop her smirk.

            “Studying?” She asked, strolling towards her bedside table. Hoseok waved at Jimin from Yoongi’s bed and the boy only blushed harder. Yoongi grabbed one of the bottles of lube from her drawer and three condoms from the box beneath her bed – they only really used them when the pink glass dildo Hoseok bought for Yoongi came out to play – holding them out to Jimin. The boy took them and held them against his chest like they were the biggest secret he’d ever had. “Do you know how to use a condom?” Yoongi wondered, crossing her arms. Jimin was the purest boy she had ever met in her life, she was admittedly worried that he would ruin his first time.

            “…Yes.” Jimin hummed. Yoongi raised an eyebrow and glared at Jimin and he sighed in defeat. “Okay, not really.” Yoongi grabbed another condom from the box and gave Jimin a crude sex-ed lesson using her fingers, Hoseok trying not to laugh in the background and completely failing. “Thank you, noona.” Jimin grumbled as Yoongi walked him back to the door.

            “Go slow, be careful. If either of you are uncomfortable, it’s okay to speak up, okay? Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.” Yoongi spoke softly and sincerely and Jimin nodded in understanding, disappearing to his own room again. Yoongi closed her door and leaned her forehead against the wood, taking a deep breath.

            “He’ll be fine, unnie.” Hoseok called. “Jungkook knows what he’s doing.”

            Yoongi looked at her girlfriend incredulously. “He does?”


            When Jimin returned to his room, he was struck by the expanse of beautiful tanned skin where Jungkook’s shirt had once been. The last time he’d seen the boy without a shirt was eight months ago when they’d gone to a pool party at a church friend’s house and Jungkook had clearly started working out since then. “Wow.” He breathed and Jungkook looked up at him with a soft smile. “You’re… wow.”

            “Thanks, Minnie.” Jungkook chuckled, crawling towards the edge of the bed. Jimin gravitated forward and let Jungkook pull him into a soft kiss, his big hands roaming over his neck and chest idly. “Come on.” Jungkook breathed, taking the products from Jimin’s hands and dumping them on the bed, lifting Jimin’s shirt over his head. He pulled Jimin onto the bed and began to kiss down his chest, finger’s fumbling with the boy’s waistband eagerly.

            “Whoa.” Jimin breathed, catching Jungkook’s hands. The boy immediately stopped, face flushing red.

            “I-I’m sorry, hyung, I just-”

            “It’s okay, Kookie.” Jimin smiled, rubbing reassuring circles over Jungkook’s wrists. “Let’s just… take it a little bit slower, okay?” Jungkook nodded and let Jimin push him back onto the bed, the elder laying on top of him again. Jungkook let his hands roam over Jimin’s round ass as they made out, encouraging the elder to grind on him again. Even with layers of clothes between them, it still felt better than anything Jungkook had down with his own hands.

            Jimin felt over Jungkook’s heated skin eagerly, taking in the texture of his flesh, paying close attention to each and every response and repeating the ones that made his blood warm. When the blood in his cheeks finally calmed and he felt himself straining against the front of his pants, he tugged at Jungkook’s waistband once before he started to undo the buttons. Jungkook’s breath hitched in his throat and Jimin worked faster, pulling his pants and underwear off in one effective tug. Jungkook’s swollen cock bounced against his belly and Jimin’s mouth watered at the sight. “Can I?” Jimin asked, crawling down between Jungkook’s thighs. Jungkook nodded and braced himself, nearly arching off the bed the second Jimin’s lips closed around the head of his cock. Jimin swirled his tongue and gathered Jungkook’s precome on his taste buds before he tried to lower his head. Jungkook was heavy on his tongue and filled his mouth up easily, his throat protesting the intrusion. It didn’t matter right then, since Jimin had other plans. He’d just wanted to taste Jungkook.

            “Hyung.” Jungkook panted and Jimin popped off of him with a slick noise, crawling up to press a trail of kisses up Jungkook’s stomach and chest. “I want you i-inside of me.” Jungkook panted and Jimin raised an eyebrow, peeking up at him through his lashes.

            “You’re sure?” Jimin wondered, hands rubbing up and down Jungkook’s hips.

            “Yeah. I’ve been… practicing.” Jungkook admitted and Jimin nearly choked. The idea of Jungkook fingering himself – Jimin had to stop his train of thought right there. “Yugyeom let me borrow his laptop so I could-” Jungkook waved his hand and Jimin moaned softly, kissing Jungkook’s throat.

            “That’s so hot, Kookie.” He whimpered and Jungkook gulped.

            “Do you… do you want to see?” He offered and Jimin nearly cried, nodding eagerly. Jungkook maneuvered from under Jimin so he was on his knees, ass in the air enticingly. Jimin helped pour a little bit of the lube onto Jungkook’s fingers, then watched with rapt attention. The boy circled little pink hole to get himself to relax before he pressed a finger inside of himself, sinking it all the way to the bottom knuckle. Jimin gulped at the sight, his cock throbbing in his pants. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen in his life. Jungkook began to pump the finger slowly, his body rocking back on instinct and his mouth hanging open. He looked beautiful and delicious and Jimin was stunned into silence. “Can I tell you something, hyung?” Jungkook wondered softly, peeking up at Jimin. The elder just nodded. “I woke up early this morning so I could finger myself before church. I wanted to be ready for you.”

            “Oh my god.” Jimin whimpered, one of his hands moving to rub his cock through his pants. “Kookie, that’s…” Jimin moaned and Jungkook gasped at the sight of the elder pumping his own cock slowly.

            “Do you want to do it?” Jungkook wondered, adding a second finger to stretch himself out. Jimin took a second to compose himself before he knelt behind Jungkook. “Just use a lot of lube.” Jungkook pressed his ass higher in the air and Jimin soaked his fingers, slowly playing around Jungkook’s puckered hole. “Start with two.” Jimin did as he was told, pressing two fingers past the ring of tight muscles. It was a strange feeling, the slick muscle clenching around his fingers, but it was Jungkook and that thought alone made it so impossibly arousing. He pumped them slowly before Jungkook seemed to relax all the way, then he began to scissor them as best as he could. Jungkook groaned and rocked back against his hand, fingers and toes curling with pleasure every few thrusts. “A-add a third, hyung.” He asked and Jimin didn’t hesitate. It took a matter of seconds to have Jungkook shaking beneath his touch and Jimin repeated his movements again and again, trying to give Jungkook every bit of pleasure that he could manage. “I’m good, hyung. Please, I want your cock.” Jungkook begged and Jimin’s body flooded with heat. He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on the bed sheets, unbuttoning his pants and tearing them off his body. Jungkook turned around and laid back so he could watch Jimin roll the condom onto his straining cock and massage lube over his length. Jimin was bigger than Jungkook had been expecting and his chest fluttered in anticipation.

            “Do you want me like this?” Jimin asked, kneeling between Jungkook’s open legs. It was a bit harder to get to his ass like this, but it was more personal.

            “Yes, please.” Jungkook panted and Jimin chuckled, lifting Jungkook’s legs so they hooked over his shoulders. He lined himself up and Jungkook nodded. The stretch was unlike anything Jungkook had felt and he called out louder than he’d intended, arms wrapping around Jimin’s neck. He was tight and hot around Jimin’s cock and the elder silenced his noises with his mouth, the slide easy and slick as he started to move. There was already so much pleasure pooling in his belly that he was sure he wouldn’t last long, but by the way Jungkook was mewling, he didn’t think he would either.

            “Fuck, Kookie.” Jimin groaned, snapping his hips forward. Jungkook clenched around his length and rocked his hips in time with Jimin’s, his entire body shaking as the elder nailed his prostate. He bit down on his fist to muffle his moans as Jimin picked up his pace, skin slapping skin and their gasping breath filling the small room. Jungkook dug his heels into Jimin’s back and arched up against the boy, finding his lips desperately as he felt his pleasure start to swell. He bit down on Jimin’s bottom lip and tugged on it lightly, muscles tensing and quaking perfectly. Jimin pinned his hands above his head and kissed him deep and hard as he came, thrusting erratically. Jungkook gasped for air and groaned as he came, painting his stomach white. His eyes rolled back and fluttered closed as he panted, Jimin’s hands coming to caress his face sweetly. He smiled and felt Jimin pull out of him slowly, listening as he moved around the room. Something cleaned the cum from his stomach before Jimin finally laid beside him again, wrapping his arms around his little body. “That was…” Jimin sighed, thinking for a quick second. “So good.” He finally chuckled and Jungkook smiled, cracking an eye open to see the boy’s lovely face. “Are you okay?”

            “I’m amazing.” Jungkook purred, nuzzling against Jimin’s cheek. They stayed like that – tangled up in each other – until Jimin’s mother called for them to come get dinner two hours later. The dressed quickly and stumbled to kitchen is a blissful haze, trying to keep their hands off of each other. When then sat the table, Yoongi and Hoseok gave them knowing looks and they blushed, turning their attention to the food.


            “See you tomorrow, kitten.” Yoongi purred right next to Hoseok’s ear, just low enough for no one else to hear. The girl blushed as she pulled out of their hug, pinching Yoongi’s arm before she hopped out of the front door.

            “Wait for me by the office tomorrow, okay?” Jungkook asked and Jimin grinned, nodding eagerly. They didn’t get to hug goodbye or discretely hold hands the way Yoongi and Hoseok could, so Jimin tucked his hands in his pockets to keep himself at bay. Yoongi was going to bring Jimin to school early the next morning so he could spend ten minutes making out with Jungkook in the bathrooms before everyone else got there. “See you.” Jungkook waved as he followed Hoseok out of the house, her mother having offered to drive him home. Yoongi and Jimin watched the car drive away until they couldn’t see it anymore.

            “Come on.” Yoongi chirped, starting towards the stairs. Jimin raised an eyebrow curiously, but followed her anyway.

            “What are we doing?” Jimin wondered.

            “Skyping Seokjin-oppa.” Yoongi spat as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Jimin just shrugged and closed her bedroom door behind him, sitting next to her on her bed as she readied her laptop.


            “Where’s our Taehyungie?” Namjoon purred softly, fingers trailing over Seokjin’s bare chest. He peeked up at the elder and Seokjin rolled his eyes.

            “Who knows?” Seokjin sighed, letting his eyes fall closed. They laid in silence together peacefully, the lights of city outside their window like an ocean of stars beneath them. It wasn’t quite dawn yet, the sky still pitch black above the city. They were just on the verge of sleep when footsteps echoed through the hallway outside of their room, both pairs of eyes dragging lazily towards the door.

            Taehyung nudged the door open with her hip and smile at the boys on the bed. She stood completely naked in the doorway, her tall body lean and tanned. She swayed her hips as she entered the room, three glasses of a dark burgundy wine balanced precariously in her hands. “Breakfast, my loves?” She purred, holding out a glass to each man. They took them quickly and watched the way she crawled up onto the king bed, hips swinging like a lioness before she settled on the other side of Seokjin. She leaned in for a kiss, lips soft and tongue warm. She made Seokjin’s head spin when she pulled away, leaning to do the same to Namjoon.

            “Mmm, I ought to have you for breakfast.” Namjoon growled, trying to follow Taehyung back over Seokjin’s chest. The elder laughed and wrapped an arm around Namjoon as Taehyung kissed him again. He liked watching Taehyung kiss. The way her lashes fluttered against her cheeks, the way her beautiful lips glistened in the dim light, the way her pretty fingers cradled Namjoon’s cheeks. It was all very intoxicating to see.

            Seokjin groaned when he heard the telltale notification song drifting from his laptop, maneuvering himself out from underneath his lovers. They cuddled up together and watched him with pouty faces as he retrieved his laptop from the desk, returning to the bed to open it.

            “If that’s your office, I’m going to send them a strongly worded letter about respecting your off time.” Taehyung spat. Seokjin grinned and looked at the incoming call, arching an eyebrow.

            “It’s my sister.” He checked the clock on the wall quickly. “It must be, like, six or seven pm over there.” Seokjin looked at his lovers and rolled his eyes, moving to cover them up with the thick white comforter. He grabbed his own t-shirt and boxers before he finally answered the call. It took a second to connect before Yoongi’s and Jimin’s faces filled up his screen. It suddenly hit him how much he actually missed those little brats. “Hey kids!” He greeted, grinning brightly.

            “Why the fuck are you awake so early?” Yoongi immediately demanded and Seokjin could hear soft snickers behind him.

            “Yah, respect your elders. And I haven’t gone to sleep yet.” He watched Yoongi’s eyes narrow for a single second before understanding flooded her features.

            “Are your lovers there?” She chirped and Seokjin chuckled. “Let us meet them!” Seokjin moved so he was sat in between Taehyung and Namjoon again, both of them immediately leaning over him to see the screen. They were loud and lively as they greet his siblings, asking them basic questions about school and jobs and Seokjin as a kid until the elder couldn’t take his siblings’ teasing anymore.

            “Alright, alright, enough.” He complained, earning a round of laughter. “Why did you guys call me in the first place?”

            “Our Jiminie lost his virginity!” Yoongi shouted and Jimin immediately flushed a deep red.

            “I didn’t know that’s why we were calling him.” Jimin pouted, but Yoongi leaned over to ruffle his hair fondly.

            “Did you enjoy it, Jiminie?” Seokjin asked and Jimin nearly choked, covering his face. There was a nearly inaudible yes. “Well that’s good! Congratulations, baby brother.” Jimin tried to frown at his siblings, but his smile was soft and automatic. “Who was the lucky guy?”

            “Jeon fucking Jungkook.” Yoongi spat and Seokjin gasped.

            “You fucked the Pastor’s kid?” Taehyung looked at Namjoon behind Seokjin’s back and they both burst into laughter.

            “Don’t say it like that!” Jimin whined, but everyone was already in an uproar. “I had sex with someone who I really like and have spent a lot of time with, who also happens to be the son of the Pastor who preaches at our church.” Jimin tried to explain, but it only sounded worse. “Come on guys, shut up.” Yoongi hugged her brother proudly and Seokjin clapped his hands as he laughed, falling back on the stack of pillows behind him.

            “That’s really all I wanted to say.” Yoongi breathed when everyone was starting to calm down. “Also, if you don’t come home for Jimin’s graduation, I’ll kill you.” Yoongi shrugged and Seokjin laughed, waving at his siblings as the chat cut off.

            “I like them.” Taehyung announced fondly as Seokjin stretched to set his laptop on the bedside table. “Your sister is really cute. Is she available?” Taehyung hummed and Seokjin glared at her. “What?”

            “No, she’s not available, she’s got a girlfriend, but even if she was available, don’t fuck my sister.” Seokjin spat and Taehyung pouted. “Yah, are you so greedy? Are Namjoonie and I not enough for you?” Seokjin accused, crawling up between the girl’s legs. Taehyung gulped, toes curling in the sheets as Seokjin loomed over her.

            “I think you should prove to me that you are.” Taehyung purred, reaching out to bury a hand in Seokjin’s hair.

            “Round six!” Namjoon cheered, tackling his lovers onto the bed. They fell into fond laughter as prodding hands found bare skin to waste away the rest of the morning.