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I Think I Love You (And Your Friends are Alright Too)

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When Yixing left the huge table he and seven of his friends were squeezed around to take a piss, he didn’t expect to come back to a stranger dancing on that exact table.  Granted, there was a line for the bathroom and he got hung up a few times by flirtatious strangers and a couple who abruptly propositioned him for a threesome that he politely turned down.  But he wasn’t gone that long.

He halted in confusion a few steps away.  The lighting so close to the dancefloor was shit, dark one second and blinding the next as discordant colors shifted in pulsating waves, but the stranger was still something worth looking at.  His body rolled to the rhythm of whatever EDM garbage was shaking the floor as he tilted his head back and took a long swig straight out of a bottle of what Yixing could tell was the overpriced whiskey Junmyeon absolutely loved but nobody else cared for.  His eyes were closed, a smudge of dark eyeliner hiding in the shadow of his ruffled hair that changed colors under kaleidoscope light.

In his peripheral, Yixing noticed his friends cheering and banging on the table like frat boys enjoying a dance they bought at a strip club.  One long arm, Chanyeol’s, probably, reached out and stuffed a bill in the stranger’s waistband.  He pulled his lips from the neck of the bottle and slapped playfully at the hand, laughing down at the group with a foxlike grin that was halfway between hyper and mischievous.  And then he looked up.

Yixing was aware that standing and staring at anyone with what Sehun so charmingly described as his ‘stoner stare’ was kind of weird.  It felt even weirder when the stranger’s smile took on a softer edge and his eyebrows quirked up in an expression that was awkward, almost shy in contrast to the way he looked to be one bass drop away from stripping earlier.

“Yixing!  Yixing!  Where have you been?” Jongdae suddenly shouted, practically crawling over Kyungsoo’s back to reach out towards Yixing with grabby hands.  “Don’t tell me you got head in the alleyway again.”

A million things were ready to dive off of his tongue.   That was one time!  Who is the guy on the table?  If you don’t stop leaning over Kyungsoo, he’s going to murder you.  But what came out instead was, “I’d like to think I’d last more than ten minutes.”

That got a laugh out of the stranger, a loud and almost obnoxious thing that Yixing smiled at as he slid in next to Kyungsoo.  The laugh quickly turned into a yelp when Chanyeol yanked him down and off of the table to sit on his lap.  Whiskey got spilled everywhere, and Jongin nearly got kicked in the face, but the stranger looked absolutely delighted once he was settled with Chanyeol’s large hands wraped around his slender hips.  Yixing looked away.

“This is Yixing!” Jongdae said, pointing at Yixing like he didn’t just scream his name loud enough to compete with the music blasting overhead.

“Baekhyun,” the stranger said, voice richer than Yixing would have expected.  “Minseok and I used to hang out.”

Minseok nodded.  “Remember Minho?  Baekhyun was his roommate for a year.”

So he wasn’t a total stranger after all.  Yixing nodded in recognition and asked, mostly out of courtesy, “How is Minho these days?”

Baekhyun shrugged and curled an arm around Chanyeol’s shoulders.  “Good, I guess.  We mostly lost contact after he graduated.”

And that was that, for a while.  Baekhyun spent most of the night flirting freely with everyone at the table, or sitting on Chanyeol’s lap, or clinging to Chanyeol’s shoulders on the dance floor.  Yixing danced too, but with less regularity in partners.  A couple of girls, a few boys, but he kept catching Baekhyun’s dark eyes in between the mass of writhing bodies.  He could never tell if Baekhyun was looking at him or beyond him, but he felt hot every time.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Chanyeol and Baekhyun disappeared at one point, only to stumble back to the table with flushed faces to announce that they were leaving.  Everyone hooted and hollered and did their best to make Chanyeol blush.  Baekhyun bit his lip and met Yixing’s eyes one last time before Chanyeol dragged him out of the club.

Yixing smiled, and accepted defeat.


Let’s get one thing straight:  Baekhyun was not a slut.  So what if he sat on a dick or ten in the last year alone, who’s counting?  Besides, he hadn’t actually dated anyone at all in that year, and it was November .  And when he agreed to go out with his roommate Heechul, he thought he’d be doing it as a wingman.  He didn’t expect to get lucky.

But here’s the thing: Heechul didn’t need a wingman.  He never fucking needed a wingman.  So one hour and a terse  I’m gonna get laid have fun baekhyunnie xoxo text later, and Baekhyun could safely consider himself ditched.

But then he spotted Minseok, and something like relief crashed in his chest before he realized, holy shit, Minseok had a lot of friends and he knew exactly none of them.  Not that Baekhyun had trouble making friends, but there were eight of them total, including Minseok.  Trying to integrate into a group that size might get kind of awkward.  So while he deflected unwanted advances and decided whether to wander over or not, he watched them.

There was a man with cute eyes and big ears who looked like he never stopped talking once.  A man with a dark complexion and the sweetest grin out of them all.  A man with creases around his eyes from the constant laughter that danced on his face.  And teetering on the edge of a the large seat that wrapped around the table, there was a man with long fingers and a plump lower lip and a dimple that showed when he smiled.  He was a man who seemed to only raise his voice every once in awhile.  But every time he did, the table erupted in laughter and fuck , Baekhyun could already feel the poor decisions he was going to make in the next few hours.

And oh boy, did he ever make poor decisions.  As soon as the man stood up and walked off in the direction of the bathroom instead of the bar, Baekhyun was on his feet and approaching the table with a “Minseok?  What’s up, I haven’t seen you in forever!”

And then there was the table dancing, and the sudden unfamiliar shyness every time that man, Yixing, looked at him.  And Chanyeol’s hands getting all sorts of friendly, and the continued shyness when he considered dancing with Yixing.  Not to mention the way his courage wavered when he saw Yixing dancing with everybody in the club but him, moving his hips in a way that had Baekhyun practically drooling.

He was willing to admit to himself that he was into Yixing.  Like, a lot.  Which meant actually talking to him was harder than talking to anyone else at that table.  So Baekhyun handled it like he handed his first middle school crush, by flirting obnoxiously with everyone except for Yixing and taking the easy way out.

No offense, Chanyeol.  But he certainly wasn’t complaining by the end of the night.  

Chanyeol fucked kind of like a puppy dog, all over-eager and excitable and a little bit selfish but so, so cute.  His length was pretty average but he was thick , and the stretch had Baekhyun’s toes cracking with how hard he curled them.  And Baekhyun put on a show in return, arching off the bed so hard he knew he was going to have back pains the next day, crying out like he’d die if he didn’t get more harder faster yes Chanyeol yes yes ye s.

Not once was it awkward, even when it became apparent that Chanyeol had more leg than he realized and kicked the nightstand, cursing and making Baekhyun laugh at him, which in turn just made Chanyeol laugh, which made the sex go from intense to playful and adorable.

That’s not to say Baekhyun didn’t scream when he came, however.  Because he sure as hell did.


Yixing hated himself.  He had to.  It was the only way to explain why, when someone realized Chanyeol left his phone at the club last night, Yixing offered to return it the next day.  So there he was, standing outside of Chanyeol’s shitty little studio apartment at ten in the morning, half praying that Chanyeol had decided to go back to the stranger’s apartment and not vice versa.

He hadn’t, Yixing discovered five minutes later when the door finally swung open and the sight of Chanyeol blinking sleep out of his eyes wearing nothing but a pair of inside-out boxers greeted him.

“Hi,” is all he said.

“You left your phone at the club last night.”

Yixing held it out.  Chanyeol blinked at it a few times before turning to look over his shoulder.  “Baekhyun!  Can I have your number?”

“Urgh,” the mattress on the floor groaned.  “You’re so loud .”

“You don’t hear me complaining about how loud you were last night,” Chanyeol said, and Yixing didn’t bother to hide his eye roll.  And then Chanyeol, being the gracious host he was, walked away .  Yixing was left standing in the open doorway holding a phone in his hand and staring at Chanyeol’s retreating back.

So he took it as an invitation and let himself inside.  The whole place had the stale smell of someone getting fucked, and Yixing had to wonder how late last night they were at it.

“Oh, hi,” Baekhyun greeted, like he just then realized there was someone else in the apartment. Yixing had to actively stop himself from licking his lips at the sound of how rough and wrecked that voice was.  “Good morning, stranger.”

In this lighting, he could tell Baekhyun’s hair was dyed red.  It looked good on him.  The fact that it was sex-tousled probably helped enhance the effect.  Yixing swallowed and tried to look Baekhyun in the eye as he said his hello, but he couldn’t stop how his own eyes wandered down to where Baekhyun seemed to have intentionally draped the sheet across his lap in a way that left everything but his cock exposed.  His thighs were pretty.  On the inside of the left one, there was a small mark.  Yixing knew that if he got close enough to touch, he’d be able to see the faint imprint of Chanyeol’s teeth.

When he swallowed again, it was dangerously close to a gulp.  He was about to say something about the phone and scoot his ass on outta there when Baekhyun spoke instead.  “Chanyeol, do you have any makeup remover?”

Yixing thought the smeared eyeliner was a good look, honestly, but he didn’t say anything.  Chanyeol just looked a little lost.  “No?”

“Olive oil then?  Extra virgin.”

“Yes!” Chanyeol said triumphantly, and pulled a bottle out of a nearly barren cabinet and held it out.  Baekhyun smiled, slow and sweet, and managed to rise to his feet while draping the sheet around his shoulders in a way that didn’t expose one inch of his junk.  Yixing felt both relieved and cheated.

“Thanks,” Baekhyun said.  He grabbed the bottle and sauntered off towards the small bathroom.  “Back in a minute.”

As soon as the bathroom door was shut, Chanyeol turned to Yixing with the most exaggeratedly blissed-out expression he could muster, like he’d found nirvana in Baekhyun’s asshole.

“That good?” Yixing asked.

“You have no idea,” Chanyeol said, practically whispering.

Yixing couldn’t help the smile that broke out across his face.  “Dickhead.”

Chanyeol continued to sing Baekhyun’s praises in a hushed voice, and Yixing didn’t know why he let himself be tortured instead of just pointing to the phone and walking out the door.  Well, okay, he did know, but he wasn’t ready to admit it to himself.

Baekhyun came out of the bathroom a little while later, barefaced and still blinking sleep out of his eyes.  He looked different without all the eye makeup, simultaneously younger and older.  A lot of the edge was gone, and in its place was sweetness.

“We should get breakfast,” Baekhyun suggested, stretching languidly and tormenting Yixing every time the sheet shifted.  “Someplace that has good coffee.  Strong coffee.”

“I’m down,” Chanyeol said. “You in, Yixing?”

Baekhyun looked at Yixing with wide, expectant eyes.  The tip of his tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth, and fuck , Baekhyun was cute like that.

“Can’t,” Yixing said, but he smiled.  “I’ve got some stuff I’ve got to square away before the work week starts.”

That was a lie.  He had nothing to do but sit at home and think about the bite mark he saw on Baekhyun’s thigh.  It was nice of them to ask, though.

Baekhyun pouted a bit.  “Aw, that’s too bad.”

“See you then,” Chanyeol said.  Yixing took that as his opportunity to run for it.  He pointed out the phone and left with a pleasantly neutral goodbye, feeling like a teenager with a crush.  But it would pass.  He’d probably never see Baekhyun again anyway.  Right?

… Right?