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Child's Play

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Vernon Dursley blinked at his boss's order in surprise. The Man was fit for his age of fifty-five, looking more like his mid thirties. His eyes bulged as he looked down at the price on the check that was only half of what the man was going to get for doing as asked.

All he had to do was leave his five year old nephew with The Man for five years.

Harry Potter sat tensely on the bed in the nondescript room, naked. It was better than his cupboard under the stairs, but it was plain. Only two doors, the one his uncle had tossed him in from, and a bathroom with no door. There were no windows, and the only light came from the one hanging overhead. The bed was just a simple cot, with a thin sheet.

The door opening had him holding his breath as a handsome man entered. He was just as naked as Harry, holding a big case, and the little boy feared what that meant. He could remember Dudley talking about a teacher from his school that got locked away for touching a little girl with no clothing on, and realized that The Man was about to do that to him too.
Having grown up with the Dursleys, he knew not to talk unless given permission. His body shook as The Man walked closer, the door falling shut mechanically.

A sinister grin was on his face as he sat beside Harry, his hands touching the boy's shoulders. Those hands started to move. First up and down his arms, across his back, and his neck. Then the hands touched his chest, pinching at the little bumps there. The boy whined at the painful sensation. The Man groaned, pinching as hard as he could. Tears fell from jade eyes as Harry tried to pull away.

It was the wrong thing to do. The Man glared, grabbing Harry's small wrists in one hand, and yanking the five year old across his lap. The first hit landed painfully on Harry's exposed penis. Then The Man rained down smack after smack on the pain bottom sticking out, even as the boy screamed, and cried, and pleaded.

When The Man stopped, he admired his work. The little boy was limp in his grasp, still crying. His pale skin, though, was now red as a cherry, and turning darker by the second. When he was done with the boy, he wouldn't be able to move let alone sit for a week, if not more. He moved the boy's hands to the top of the bed with an order to leave them there.

He reached into his case, pulling out metal manacles that would hold his hands together, and hooked to a chain that would connect to either the hook in the ceiling, or to the wall that the head of the cot connected to. He connected the small wrists to the hook beside the bed, tightening the clasps until the boy sobbed with pain.

Harry didn't understand why his hands were in the painful bracelets, or why he was on his knees, head between his arms painfully. He could hear The Man moving behind him, muttering too softly for the boy to make anything out. He flinched when those large hands started to spank him once again.

The Man chuckled as the boy's throat gave out on him. He would take that throat sometime soon, but not that moment. Maybe he would let the boy taste himself on his cock when he was done. He grabbed the bottle of lubrication that he had brought, and thinly coated one finger. He started to rub at the boy's little rosebud, watching it flutter as the boy was too tired to fight it.
Harry whimpered when The Man pushed his finger into his butt. He didn't understand why The Man wanted to touch him there. The Man groaned as the tight muscles were forced to part way for him. Harry flinched violently as another finger, dry this time, entered his hole along side the first.

The Man harshly used his two pointer fingers to pry the hole open enough to place his penis at Harry's small opening. He grunted as he forced his way into the boy's ass. Harry managed to find the strength to scream one last bloodcurdling scream as he was violated. His eyes went wide as he saw his stomach expand from the older male's penis.

"You love my cock, you little whore!" The Man sneered as he pulled out swiftly before fucking into the little sleeve again. "Every time I pull out, your pussy tries to keep me in! Then when I push in, your greedy little pussy gobbles me up!" Harry sobbed as The Man described what his cock was doing to the boy's small body. How the child's body responded. "This is all you're good for. Being a little whore for your own uncle to sell!" Each word was followed by a punch of The Man's cock. "A little sissy-boy that is good for nothing but being used like a sleeve to please others!

The Man's hips stuttered as he came into the bleeding hole. When he pulled out, he watched as the muscle tried to close itself, but was too worn, too torn. His cock twitched at the sight of blood tinged cum spilled from the ripped rim. The boy was shaking with pain, but was staring at nothing. He was broken already. A perfect fucktoy.

The man grabbed a ring gag that was swiftly applied and locked behind the boy's head. Before Harry could process what was happening, the man forced his flaccid cock into his mouth. Even flaccid, the cock touched the back of Harry's throat. The sour taste of taint, the copper of blood, and the salt of cum had him gagging, trying and failing at throwing up. He hadn't ate in nearly a week and a half, so he had nothing to expel.

"Your throat feels great, slut." The Man held the child's head to his pelvis as his cock grew hard once more. He moaned as the tiny throat convulsed around his cock. The boy choked as his airway was cut off. The Man groaned as his ten inches slowly changed to fifteen. His dark brown eyes were drawn to the boy's bulging throat. "That's it, choke on it! Beg for my cock, whore!" He started thrusting in and out, groaning as the boy's throat protested, trying to keep him out, yet swallowing around him to take him in.

The Man held the child's head down as he came, filling the small body once more. He paused before he left. "Expect a few playmates during your stay, whore." Harry passed out.


His first 'playmate' was a Great Dane. It was a beautiful black and white dog, that, if he stood on his hind legs, he would be taller than The Man. A wooden horse had been brought in, and Harry was tied faced down, his arms and legs spread wide. His hole glistened, stuff full of a liquid The Man hand forced in after cleaning him out with an enema.

"This is Brutus, whore. His Bitch is pregnant with my next fucktoy, so he is going to breed you until you swell with his pups." Harry whimpered around the gag lodged in his mouth. The Man rolled his eyes, moving forward to slide his cock down the toy's throat. "Brutus, mount.

It wasn't bad at first. Though long, Brutus was nowhere near The Man's girth and length. Then the thrusts started. Brutus was named aptly. His thrusts had quickly caused Harry's barely prepared rim to tear already. However, the pointed tip kept hitting something that made Harry's own cock to swell. It felt strange, and scary, as it got stronger.

"How cute!" The Man sneered. "Your little clit is swelling." He held the child's head as close as possible, enjoying the gags caressing his cock. "Don't worry, you'll become the perfect little slave bitch by the time I'm through with you." The Man told Harry as he watched Brutus fuck the sleeve between them.

The feeling inside Harry increased as Brutus sped up. Something kept pulling at the torn muscle, causing Harry to whine around the cock in his throat. The tension increased until, with a snap, it came undone. His body seized up around the cocks lodged inside him. The thing swelling on the dog's cock locked it deep inside as a guizer of sperm filled his small stomach, bloating it to painful proportions. It could only go up as the knot kept everything in.

The Man started to fuck the boy's throat once more. With a grunt, he started to add to the cum filling the boy. Harry panted for air when the older male pulled out, and moved about the room. Harry screamed as the cock in his pussy was twisted. He could now feel the Great Dane's tail beating against him, adding new bruises. A couple of yanks, and the dog was freed. The Man didn't allow anything to escape. Cold metal that was increasing in size was pushed roughly into Harry. The plug thinned dramatically until the emerald studded end came to a rest. Man and beast left the unconscious child.


The next set of 'playmates' came as two large men introduced as Aee and Bee. Both were black, but Aee had hair. Their cocks had Harry shaking in place. His hands wouldn’t be big enough to encircle them. Aee, the longer of the two, laid back as Bee picked Harry up and forced him down onto the cock. His ill prepared rim tearing again after healing only for two days. The boy didn’t even scream at the penetration.

"Damn, where did you find this whore?" Aee moaned as Bee forced Harry up and down, blood being the only lube Harry's body had.

"I bought him for the next five years.” The Man smirked. “He’s mine to use as I please. Apparently, a school will come looking for him when he turns eleven though. So I have to give him back, else go to jail. But the boy won’t be what they are expecting. He’ll be nothing but a sexual toy. A fuck hole to please those who wish to use him.” The men shared evil looking grins.

Aee started to toy with Harry’s already torn hole stuffed with Bee’s cock. He yanked and tugged until the skin stretched and bled harshly, and Harry’s mind was blank by the time the man pushed into his too small body.

Harry was a sleeve between the men as Aee moved his body up and down their large cocks, making it feel like it was one. It crushed the boy's prostate, causing sparks of pleasure to shoot though his body. Tiny 'ahh, ahh, ahh' sounds echoed after the grunting of the men, and the slaps of skin.

Harry's tiny cock started to harden. It wasn't that noticeable, and when he came, nothing gushed out. His body tightened around the men inside of him, causing them to jerk him up and down harder than ever. With twin shouts, their cum shot inside the small body. They pulled out, leaving him in the puddle of cum and blood.


Toy smiled as Master entered the room. The man smiled back, walking forward with his cock swinging between his legs. The now ten year old Toy was the perfect fuckhole who left anyone fuck him so long as he was told it was okay. The man felt some what cheated that the day would be the last he would have of the little child. However, he had written a contract, and Vernon knew cops that would arrest him under something other than what was truly why he was being arrested.

"Toy, you remember how I told you that you wouldn't be here forever? That there would come a time when you would go back to your uncle, and serve him, and whoever wanted you? That you would have to go to a school that your parents wanted to send you to?" The boy stiffened, nodding hesitantly. "Today is your last day here. So, after I fuck you, Brutus will have his fun, and then Aee and Bee."

"Yes, Master."

"And today, Toy, you will be called Harry. Harry the Cunt. As that is what you are." The man slipped his hard cock into Harry's throat, groaning as the boy swallowed around him. His girth no longer choking the small body under him. "You will go to that school, and get as many cocks as you can to stuff you. After all, this is all you are good for, being a cunt to cocks. A sleeve to keep them warm, or be used as a toilet. You will do whatever pleases the men who use you. Isn't that right?" Harry gave a hard suck, and the man came. "Get into position, Harry the Cunt."

Brutus came trotting in when Master whistled. Harry was on all fours, as if doing yoga. Though small, he took the brunt of the Brutus's weight as the dog mounted him without prompting. The large dog started to piston inside the tween, chasing after his own pleasure, even if the boy got rock hard. A whimper escaped Harry when the dog's knot caught on his rim before slamming home against his prostate. Tightening around the dog's knot, Harry locked him in place, taking pleasure when the knot would spasm against his pleasure button each time a wad of cum shot inside of him.

His dry orgasm shot through him powerfully, and he sagged, his rim tugging against the knot. It felt like it was trying to pull him inside out. Eventually Brutus turned over him, and tugged hard. Master was on him in an instant, an anal plug stopping the dog cum from flowing out of his used boypussy. His mind swirled with the pleasure that he had just went through. He didn't even comprehend when he was moved to the bed.

He didn't, however, miss when Aee started to remove the plug. Snapping out of his bliss, he rolled over, and got into position once again. Bee was there, sharing a heated kiss with him almost instantly. The plug was pulled out sharply, but none of the cum escaped before Aee was working four fingers into his used cunt.

The man searched for a few minutes, looking for that one spot that always sent Harry into a frenzy. It didn't take long before Harry was sobbing with need, his tiny cock jerking with the pokes that Aee was giving his prostate. The boy gasped when, with little effort, Aee slammed his whole fist into his soft heat. The men scooted closer, Aee lifting Harry up, and Bee lining their cocks up to the tiny opening that was still being plunged into by that thick hand.

With a swift movement, Aee removed his hand and slammed the boy down. A strangled noise came from the delicate pale throat as Harry pulled away from Bee to gasp in air. Before he could catch that breath, Aee was kissing him. His fingers played with the rim that always tore when they had their turn with him.

The Master saved them for only the Toy now. The boy was breathtaking between the two. The videos that the three were in sold out within days of being announced to the underground community. Harry was always getting rented out to those with kinks that their own toys couldn't handle. The boy seemed to heal within hours of being taken apart. His uncle had claimed it was a mutation, and that he was willing to continue to rent the boy out during the Winter Holidays, Easter Holidays, and Summer Breaks. The boy was booked until he turned eighteen. Then Master was going to buy him for the rest of his life.

"Ahh, ahh, ahh!" Harry screamed into Bee's mouth as he came, his dry orgasm causing his already tight cunt to tighten. Fissures formed around his rim as it tore once again, blood covering his white sheets. With twin growls, the men came inside the boy, but didn't pull out, letting their cocks warm inside the exhausted body between them. Harry laid between them, tears filling his eyes. "Don't send me away, Master." He sobbed, clinging to the shoulders of Bee.

"I'm sorry, Toy, but you must. You will be back, I promise. Do you honestly think I would let you go? You're too perfect." Harry gasped in shock, looking up at his Master in surprise. "That's right, you're my perfect little fucktoy. The one that will do whatever I want him to do. Why would I give you up?"

"Master, thank you!" Harry glowed with the praise. A gasp escaped him as his stomach expanded as Aee and Bee released their full bladders inside him. Master was there the instant they were done, pushing a clear glass plug inside of him.

"A gift, that dubs you Harry the Cunt. You must always plug yourself up after being used, and never take it out. Be sure to stick to your diet, and give yourself daily enemas. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master! Toy will make you proud!"

"Harry." Harry blushed, hanging his head in shame.

"Harry the Cunt will make you proud. I'm sorry Master." The man nodded, holding a white cloth to the child's nose. Harry's head swam before he passed out.

When he woke up, he was in the smallest bedroom of the Dursley home with Vernon slamming into his well used cunt, a dildo resting inside of him as the man thrusts in and out went at a bruising pace. The man came, pulling out as he glared at his nephew.

"Those freaks that will be coming for you use magic. You will learn everything that will help you become the best fucktoy in the world, and let everything else go over your head. Do you understand, boy?" Harry nodded, understanding the order for what it was.

He wasn't to learn anything that didn't involve sex anything else was useless. He was useless outside of sex, so that made sense to Harry. The boy quickly slipped his glass plug back inside after removing the dildo. Vernon tossed clothing, that Master had obviously given him, as they were what he normally wore when he had to wear clothing.

A pair of short leather shorts, a thin pink tank top, a strap of leather that was  actually a thong that kept him clit in place. His ears were pierced with diamond earrings, and a leather choker was around his pale neck. His hair had been allowed to grow out, and the black strands were tied up in a braid that was kept together with a strap of leather. A suitcase at the end of bed told him that similar outfits were sent along.

He fell asleep without eating, as he had ate before servicing Aee, Bee, Brutus, and Master earlier. He was ready to learn things that would help him become a better fucktoy for his Master, and his Master's friends.