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The Story of My Life

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"Mom can we please move to California." Riker said following his mom Stormie around the kitchen.
"I don't know Riker." she said shaking her head as she stirred the noodles she was cooking for supper. "California's big. That's a big move...we'd have to find a new house and figure out school for your brothers and sisters. I mean...there's a lot to consider."
"But mom I want to act. More than anything." he said. "I want a shot and I won't get one here. Littleton isn't a place you can get noticed."
Stormie sighed. "We'll see Riker. I'll talk to your dad. Now go do your homework." He nodded and went up to his room.

In the end Stormie and Mark said yes. And that was the beginning...of an adventure.