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parseltongue is possession, and petrification,
and listening to a horror narrate its hunger and hunt
through the walls of a castle i consider call home

it’s imprisonment and hunger
in a place i have always suffered,
but never before feared to die in
(it is threats of from magic hating relatives
and well-meant house elves
and of expulsion)

it’s ridicule and prejudice,
fearful whispers around corners of empty hallways
and suspicious looks over shoulders
clustered in popular corridors

it’s words written in blood,
desecrating ancient walls and sacred magic,
(it’s secrets and discoveries and flooded bathrooms)
it’s suffering ego and meaningless noise
in arrogance so commonplace its expected

(it’s torn pages in a frozen grip and hand held mirrors,
cancelled quidditch matches and constant supervision,
it’s appearances and fleeing spiders and sentient cars,
it’s a friend lying as if behind the veil, side by side
with innocent children and the lingering dead died again)

it’s diaries that answer back
and the twisted teenage boys trapped within,
it’s anagrams, and irony so bitter it taints
every person everything it touches

it’s a pale washed out girl
on cold wet stone, fiery hair abrupt
amidst black and green deep beneath the ground

(it was adrenaline pumping through my veins
and my heart pounding in my ears,
dank stale air in my lungs
and the terror of returning to my relatives
heavy in my chest)

it’s slaying an ancient creature
with a sword pulled from a hat
and an immortal bird’s bolstering song

it’s a basilisk fang in my arm,
burning poison coursing through my veins,
venom that dissolves me
from the inside out,
and an absolute belief
that my death was imminent,
and inevitable

(it’s the utter certainty
that if this was what death was,
that it would not be in vain,
unearned or unavenged,
it would be righteous and valiant
and they would be proud)

parseltongue is the acceptance
that this was the end, this is it,
and that i was to do my very best
to bring tom marvolo riddle down
with me,
his death with the tool of mine

his crimes would not go unpunished
and justice would be had