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guys, gals, non-binary pals

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disclaimer: i don't own any of the character's in this story i also don't own supernatural. all mistakes are mine

WARNINGS: angst, hurt/comfort, slight smut a lot of fluff ,gayness , talks about transgendered people hate against LGBTQ+

SUMMARY: Michael is transgender, his boyfriend doesn't know this he's going to tell him. his birth mom and dad as well as one of his sisters doesn't approve/support or necessarily agree with him being trans, suddenly one day he lashes out and he and his mom get into a heated argument that end in Michael leaving home and going to the foster house and he finally finds peace there …for now, he soon realizes he has to tell Adam his secret…

Michael had a lot of problems he hated most of his family hence why he was in a foster home (the best one ever he wouldn’t change it for the world) and he had pretty amazing foster parents as well (yeah dean and Cas were pretty amazing) and not to mention he had the greatest boyfriend ever (Adam Weston *dreamy sigh*)but that’s not his problem, his problem is, is that he's transgender and is about to tell is boyfriend that he used to have boobs and whatnot. He loved Adam to death ,he loved him so much that it actually friggin hurt and Adam loved him just as much so hope fully this goes over well……(keep reading)

"Hey babe " Michael says to Adam once they enter his room he kisses him on the lips once he closes the door "hey to you stranger …" Adams not one to 'beat around the bush' so he cuts right to it he and Michael are now sitting on Michael's bed facing each other, knees touching " so listen you’ve been acting a little weird lately and I wanna know why ..we both agreed that we would be honest with each other no matter what-so please baby tell me what going on?" Adam ends his words with a almost pleading look in his eye Michael cant stand to see him like that so he caves "o-okay ill admit I have been acting weird its only because i- well …uh..jeez -uh um " Michael's stammering trying to tell Adam what wrong he feels Adams hand on his face , one hand cupping his jaw tilting his head upwards to look at him the other on his waist "clam down baby you can tell me anything I wont judge you or anything no matter what and i will never stop loving you either" at these words Michael mustered some courage and spilled his guts "I'm used to be a girl " at this Adam looked amused as if he almost found the situation funny " okay" Michael couldn't believe it , it looked as if Adam was holding in laughter " you want me to prove it here" Michael got up went to his closet and pulled out a framed copy of his birth certificate walked back over to Adam and showed him ..

Name : Mariana E.S Novak
Sex: F
Birth date: august 15 2000
Birth parents: Naomi S. Novak, Inias E. Novak

"wow …um uh o-oka-
"you don’t have to say anything its fine "
"I was gonna say that I know you dummy hehe"
"*stammering* uh..wa- what do you mean "you know"
"Michael I mean I know that your transgender I know that you used to have girl body parts-"
"listen if you want to break up that’s fine I know your probably disgusted and whatever and that’s also fine I just wanted you to know this part of me and that I love you-"
"woah woah woah you thought I was gonna break up with you??"
"your not??"
"because I love you, you idiot and I don’t care about what body parts you have it doesn't bother me I'm not disgusted but I am a little upset that you didn’t tell me personally and I had to find out from Lucifer and Sam "
"oh….sorry hehe"