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D3 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Beware the Beast from Below!

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Author's note: I want to note that while this is a rewrite of a SDMI episode, I am going make a massive shift in the storyline of the series as a whole. Most elements from the series itself will be kept, such as the town keeping a secret from the gang and the role of the Planespheric Disk, while I am going to add in elements from elsewhere as well.

Where are those elements from and what role are they going to play in the series? I'm not answering the latter for spoiler reasons, but here are some hints as of where do they come from.

Hints: The New 52 version of Batman (Published 2011-present) and the final Scooby-Doo work in which Casey Kasem voices Shaggy.

In the meantime, enjoy this rewrite!

I don't own Scooby-Doo. Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbara does.

Chapter 1: Another mystery solved and the ride on the police wagon

March 16, 2012

It has been six months since Mystery Incorporated, consisting of Fred Jones Jr., Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scoobert "Scooby" Doo, solved their first case when two ghosts appeared in their high school and did some damage. In the months since then, the gang continued to pursue mystery-solving as a hobby, which they have came to enjoy.

However, in spite of helping catch criminals behind those monster cases, the gangs work was met with some hostility from the towns people, particularly from their parents and the sheriff. They view the gangs mystery-solving hobby as costing the town's economy, as the town mainly used those supernatural legends behind those monster sightings to boast its tourism industry.

During March Break, the gang caught a case when the Crystal Cove Bay Monster starts to terrorize people living along the coast of the bay. They spent much of the school break working the case.

That late-afternoon, the gang managed to piece together the clues, determine that the Bay Monster, like any other spook they've encountered before, is a fake. They then set up a trap and capture and unmask the Bay Monster.

The Bay Monster turned out to be the disguise of a diamond smuggler wanted in three states, including California. The wanted smuggler was using the legend to cover up his diamond smuggling racket in the Crystal Cove Bay, where he smuggles diamonds through the bay and towards San Francisco, where it can then be exported and shipped across the Pacific, allowing him to earn a profit.

(Note: In this story and dimension, the Bay Monster is in fact, a revised, SDMI-version of the Lake Monster from the 2010 live-action film Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, where I've decided to make the revision of the events of SDCLM canon to that of SDMI (A reason for that is since SDCLM is a sequel to SDTMB, and given that I decided to do a rewrite of SDTMB as a prequel to SDMI, I thought that I might as well as add in the revised events of SDCLM canon to both SDTMB and SDMI))

"We did it, gang!" Velma shouted happily as the gang did a high-five beside the captured and unmasked Bay Monster.

"We solved another mystery!" Fred smiled.

"It's time we go celebrate!" Daphne added.

"Like, good idea, Daph!" Shaggy smiled as Scooby exclaimed, "Reah! Celebrate!"

Just then, a police cruiser and a police wagon pulled up. Two deputies got off the wagon to handcuff the unmasked Bay Monster, while Sheriff Stone got off the cruiser. His window was down as he pulled up and have heard what the gang have said.

"I've got a better idea for a celebration." He said as he got off. He then signalled the deputies to place the handcuffed diamond smuggler into the backseat of the cruiser, while he walked over to the gang.

"In the form of a ride to headquarters on the police wagon." He said as he gestured towards the police wagon. "Get on, now!"

"Are you kidding, sheriff?" Fred asked as the sheriff got his handcuffs and threatened to handcuff them if they don't comply with his order.

Once the gang were locked up in the back of the wagon, Stone pointed at his badge and asked, "How many times do I have to asked you kids this question: Do you see this badge? Do you have any idea where I got it from?"

"Let me guess: The mystery museum gift shop, I suppose." Velma answered.

"Wrong." Stone replied. "I got this badge after finishing my training at the police academy. We wear this badge because we're the ultimate, professional crime fighters. It means that wherever there's a crime, we go out and put a stop to that."

Stone then walked over to his cruiser as the two deputies made their way to the wagon, where they will drive their prisoners to police headquarters and place them in custody.

As he walked over, he turned to face the gang again as he added, "Oh, by the way, I've contacted your parents just now. You kids better be prepared to face the music, especially you, Fred Junior. Say hello to Mayor Dad for me, please."

Stone the laughed evilly as he enters his cruiser while the two deputies started the engine of the wagon, ready to drive away.

Stone was specifically laughing at the fact that he have added the parents of each of the gang members on the speed dial of his personal phone earlier, so whenever the gang have another run-in with the law, their parents will be the first to be informed.

As the wagon made its way back to police headquarters, Daphne commented, "I really wish that people will actually thank us for solving mysteries instead of being this hostile to us."

"Like, I will be very happy if I can understand why exactly are the town's people behaving that way towards us." Shaggy remarked as he looked through the bars in the window.

"You got that right, Shag." Daphne nodded as she and Shaggy took turns rubbing Scooby's back during the drive.

"Well, my parents will scold me for trying to destroy their business, one thing for sure." Velma commented.

"As well, Mayor Dad will want me to explain why are we trying to destroy the town's economy." Fred added.

"Like, these supernatural and paranormal happenings in town just happened to be a safe cover for criminal activities, like that diamond-smuggling racket we just uncovered. I do understand that they were supposedly part of the town's history and heritage, so I guess that's why your parents were worried on the impact of our mystery-solving activities has on the town's businesses and economy." Shaggy explained.

"Good point, Shag." Velma nodded. "I guess that's one thing both Fred Sr. and my parents will ask us to explain when we return home."

"Meanwhile, Shag's parents and my parents are going to demand our explanations on why we keep interacting with each other in spite of their warnings not to." Daphne added.

"Oh, reah. Ranother thing ron your plates." Scooby agreed.

The remaining ride on the police wagon was full of frustration in the gang. In addition to those issues they were talking about, the gang were expecting their parents to not be happy about their run-in with the law for, well, they've lost count on how many times they've had a run-in with the law.

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