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Fragmented Soul

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No one wanted it to be Monday morning. It meant that the pups and Remus would be returning to Hogwarts, the only one who was excited was Jaylon, who had packed and repacked his trunk several times in preparation.

When Harry had woken up, he had remained in the bed he shared with Fenrir, making the most of the feeling of love and affection that he felt while being with his mate. With the large strong arms of the Alpha wrapped around him, Harry felt completely safe and content, this was truly the happiest place for him.

However, as the rest of the pack started moving around and preparing for the pups to leave after breakfast, Harry knew that he needed to get up. Fenrir had woken up shortly after Harry and he too had been more than happy to simply lay in bed together, not talking, just being close to one another.

“Time to get up Wolfie,” Harry said, stifling a yawn as he stretched out, rubbing himself up against the body of his mate.

Fenrir, however, had other plans. He tightened his grip around his submissive, nuzzling into Harry’s neck, not wanting to let him go. Knowing that Harry would soon be returning to Hogwarts made the Alpha want to spend every moment he could with his little mate.

The Alpha pair were the last two pack members to remain in bed, the rest of the pack were bustling around, cooking, organising and going about the day to day tasks that needed to be done in the territory.

Lukas had made an early exit, even forgoing his morning cup of tea in favour of heading back to his house to see Nell and to check up on her after being away from her for the whole weekend.

Remus and Tessie had gone for a walk together, though everyone knew that walking was not the only activity the two of them were going to be getting up to while they were away from the clearing. No one blamed them for wanting to get some alone time before Remus went back to his teaching duties at Hogwarts.

It wasn’t only Remus and Tessie who were making the most of the time they had, Aiden and Jaylon had remained in the clearing but moved away from the others so that they could just be together, the two of them, talking and cuddling.

Aiden didn’t like the idea of not being with his mate, especially when he had not claimed Jaylon, though the dominant knew that Jaylon wasn’t quite ready for such a big step. Though it was something the dominant thought about every day, praying that soon, his little submissive might be ready.

Down at the stream, Quinn was supervising Robin, who hadn’t wanted to come with all the others, instead preferring to wash alone, with just Quinn there to protect her. She had been thinking a lot about the situation she was in and she found herself unsure about what path to take.

“You need to behave while I’m gone,” Quinn said to her, keeping a close eye on what she was doing. He liked this girl, she was a challenge to say the least but he could clearly see that there was something going on with her, something that was keeping her mind preoccupied.

“Of course,” Robin said, knowing that if she was going to behave and fall in line with all of the others then she was going to do so to see Russ, not because Quinn had asked her too but he wasn’t to know that. “I wish you didn’t have to go,” she added, though she wasn’t sure if what she was saying was true or not. She did kind of want him to stay but she knew that if Quinn was in the territory then it would be hard to see Russ.

Quinn was a little uneasy about leaving Robin, he knew that first and foremost he had a duty to protect Harry but things were still very new with Robin and she needed a lot of guidance. However, Quinn had to trust that the other dominants would help him by offering that guidance while he was away.


Once everyone had been eaten and said their goodbyes, it was time for those that needed to, to return to Hogwarts. Now that it was time, Jaylon was feeling a little nervous about the whole situation and he wasn’t sure if he had made the right decision to leave. Every time he looked at Aiden and saw the pain in his eyes, he wanted to stay right here in the clearing. As it was he stood very close to Remus, needing him to stay strong and not change his mind at the last minute. He had to remind himself that he had the rest of his life to be with Aiden, going to Hogwarts had a time limit.

“I’ll be back again soon,” Harry promised as he said goodbye to Fenrir. He truly meant that as well, he felt as if the pack and Fenrir needed him a little more right now, though he knew that Jaylon was going to need a lot of support. It was fairly obvious to Harry that the poor kid was a little nervous about leaving.

Fenrir nodded his head, glad that Harry was keeping the pack in mind but knowing that he would have more than enough to think about while he was at school. The Alpha was concerned that between the woman mutilating his mate and the Deatheaters at the school, Harry needed to focus more on what was going on around him too.

It was a painful goodbye amongst the pack members, Jaylon was on edge a little now that the reality of leaving Aiden was becoming very real. He was still excited, the prospect of going to school and learning new things still made him determined to go but at the same time he didn’t want to leave his mate behind.

“If you need anything,” Aiden said, taking both of Jaylon’s hands into his own, “you don’t have to be scared of coming back, whatever you decide I’m going to be here for you.”

“Thank you,” Jaylon said, not really knowing what else to say. He was scared but determined. He threw his arms around his dominant mate and hugged him for all he was worth, needing that contact and inhaling the scent to give himself something to hold on to while he was away at Hogwarts.

“He’s going to be okay, isn’t he?” Tessie asked, looking to Remus nervously. She would never have told Jaylon this but she was just as scared as he was.

“I’m going to make sure of it,” Remus promised her. The two of them had adopted Jaylon as their own and Remus loved him like a son. They both knew that now the teenager had a mate, their role as guardians was a little moot, however they were still determined to do their best by him and make sure that he was well looked after.

“It’s time to go,” Fenrir barked loudly so that the entire pack could hear him. He was going to be personally escorting them all back this time, even though many of the others thought that it was an extremely bad idea.

Harry gave Niko one final hug, hating that he hadn’t spent a whole lot of time with his adopted son this weekend. He treasured the boy but there was so much going on and two days just really wasn’t enough time. Harry just had to trust that Fenrir was taking his fatherly role towards him seriously.

Clay was hovering close to Romy and even offered her his hand to take as they headed for the apparition point together. Romy, after a second of hesitation, took the hand he offered, the two of them intertwining their hands but walking in silence.

Quinn gave one last meaningful glance to Robin, who smiled at him as he joined Aspen, Rosie and Seamus, who were following just behind the Alpha pair. Remus brought up the rear with Jaylon by his side, they had shrunk his trunk down and slipped it into the teenagers pocket so it wouldn’t get lost or waylaid during their journey.

Aiden struggled to watch his mate leave, wanting to stop him from going at all or at the very least go with him but he knew he was needed here. Aiden had a role within the pack, to protect it and make it safe for his current and future family. He had to keep reminding himself of that as the group heading for Hogwarts disappeared out of sight.


The group, one at a time, landed in Remus’ office via the floo network. It wasn’t a very large office and it certainly wasn’t designed to fit so many people into it, especially not the extra one that no one had expected. Dumbledore had been sitting in Remus’ armchair, waiting for their return and seemed a little irritated that he had been kept waiting for so long.

“I’m glad you’re here Fenrir,” the headmaster said as he rose to his feet to greet the large werewolf. “I need to discuss something with you.”

“Go ahead,” Fenrir said, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. He would never trust the headmaster or anything the old man had to say.

“I know that your disdain for myself and this school runs deep, however I need you to impress upon Harry the seriousness of his actions,” Dumbledore said.

“What actions?” Fenrir asked, glancing to Harry who struggled to hide a small smirk.

“Harry and Clayton have taken it upon themselves to play several unkind pranks upon their fellow students but also on the staff within the school and I need to make this clear that such behaviour is unacceptable.”

Fenrir considered this for a moment, looking to his mate and then to Clayton, neither of whom looked in the least bit sorry for what they had done. “You made Harry come here,” the Alpha wolf said firmly.

“If I may,” Remus said, interjecting the conversation, “You have assigned fifth year work to Harry-”

“Because he is fifteen,” Dumbledore interrupted.

“Yes, he is only fifteen but he has been taught well and has already surpassed the rest of his year, perhaps if you were to challenge him a little more he wouldn’t be bored and partake in these pranks you’re accusing him off,” Remus pointed out.

Fenrir found himself feeling rather proud of Remus in that moment, for sticking up for Harry and putting the blame on to Dumbledore. The headmaster was probably one of the most irritating and infuriating men that he had ever met and Fenrir had met a few in his time.

“I will consider it,” Dumbledore said through pursed lips, not overly happy that one of his own teachers had challenged him while he had been trying to discipline a student. “In the meantime, however-”

“Boys will be boys” Fenrir interrupted gruffly. He wasn’t going to have his mate scolded for having a little fun. As long as that fun was had at school where it could annoy Dumbledore and not in the territory.

“I do not think-” Dumbledore began.

“And I don’t think teachers should scar their students,” Fenrir snarled, interrupting the headteacher once again. He took Harry’s wrist and showed the headmaster the words that had been permanently etched into the back of Harry’s hand.

“That has nothing to do with me,” Dumbledore pointed out, “I cannot partake in any action that could hurt Harry or his pack, as you well know.”

“No, of course not,” Harry said, knowing that Dumbledore had found a few loopholes to that little rule within the unbreakable vow.

“I think it is time you left Fenrir, I will take care of the children now, I assume this young man will also be remaining with us,” Albus asked, motioning to Jaylon, who had remained well back, along with the others.

“Yes, he is my ward,” Remus informed Dumbledore who nodded.

“I will escort him to my office so that he can be sorted and then show him to his dormitory,” Albus said, eyeing the timid young thing curiously.

“I’ll go with him,” Harry interjected quickly. He wasn’t about to abandon poor Jaylon to the headmaster, he was going to make sure his pack brother was never left alone with the meddlesome old man.

Dumbledore looked as if he wanted to object, but quickly decided against it. He knew better at this point that there was very little use in arguing with Harry. Albus knew that he had to pick his battles wisely, this time it was something he could let slide.

Harry bid a final goodbye to Fenrir, overly aware that the headmaster had an annoyingly close eye on the two of them. He felt almost empty when the Alpha had disappeared through the floo, it made him feel a little sick to know he wouldn’t be sleeping in his mate's arms this evening.


Arriving back in the territory Fenrir felt a little lost without Harry. He didn’t have long to dwell on this feeling, however, as Damon and Micha approached him almost the moment he arrived back.

“My Alpha, we were patrolling the wards and we found something,” Damon said, looking rather concerned. “Another wolf has somehow managed to cross the boundary into the territory,” he added in a hushed whisper, not wanting to scare any of the others.

“Show me,” Fenrir said firmly, the three of them moving swiftly out of the clearing and into the forest, not wanting to waste any time. Their quick exit had not gone unnoticed by the others left in the clearing, they watched them leave with concern but knew better than to follow.

Damon and Micha led Fenrir to the spot where they had smelt the intruder to their territory and sure enough the Alpha male could smell it too. He knew the scent too, he couldn’t have put a name to it but he knew that it belonged to one of the strays and he was sure that he had smelt it before.

“It is only one,” Fenrir concluded. Just as before, he wasn’t concerned that there was one, it meant that however this one had managed to get past the wards that protected the pack, he either hadn’t shared it with the others or it had been a complete fluke. Either way, this did not concern him, what did concern him, however, was the fact that he could detect a faint trace of Robin’s scent.

“What is it?” Damon asked, having known Fenrir a long time he knew when there was something the Alpha wasn’t telling him.

“Can you not smell it?” Fenrir asked.

“Smell what?” Damon asked, looking to Micha, who shook his head.

“Robin, she has been here too,” Fenrir said and at his words, Micha looked horrified.

“Do you think she has something to do with it?” Damon asked, a little worried. None of them really liked Robin but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t part of the pack, nor did it mean they thought she might betray them.

“I don’t know,” Fenrir said. Whatever involvement Robin had with this stray, if she was even involved at all, it would seal her fate. Fenrir knew he had a responsibility towards her, he had bitten her, turning her into a werewolf, just like Harry, Clayton, Aspen and Quinn but if she betrayed their pack then he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. He couldn’t just kill her though, he needed proof that she had betrayed them first.

Fenrir was starting to realise though that the strays were probably going to challenge him for the territory, one way or another they had a fight coming and they had to prepare for that, they all would have to, even the pups.


Standing over the simmering healing draft, a draft that Harry could have made with his eyes closed, he was finally being given the chance to talk to Draco. Having only arrived back just in time for their first class this morning, they hadn’t had a chance to catch up.

“How was your weekend?” Harry asked as he carefully stirred the draft several times anti clockwise while Draco turned the heat down to the lowest point it would go.

“Uneventful,” Draco responded with a shrug, “How was yours?”

“Nice, being at home always is though. Have you got to the bottom of what Tracey is up to?” Harry asked curiously.

“I didn’t see her over the weekend, Bletchly had us all training pretty hard for the Quidditch match tomorrow and the rest of the weekend I spent in the library powering through all my homework.”

“You know, if you need any help dealing with her, I don’t mind helping you out,” Harry offered as he cast a glance over his shoulder to see how Clay was doing. He had been paired with Theo who was a lot more patient than Clay when it came to potion making.

“I appreciate the offer but I need to deal with her myself, I am not spending the rest of my life with that woman holding this over me,” Draco said with a sign as Slughorn wandered over to see how they were getting on.

“Well boys, the two of you have outdone yourselves,” the professor boomed proudly so that the rest of the class could hear him. “This healing draft is one of the best I’ve ever seen, I think I’m going to have to start setting you N.E.W.T level potions to keep you challenged Mr Prince.”

“It wasn’t just me,” Harry interjected, “Draco did most of the work,” he added with a shrug.

Horace looked between Harry and Draco, a look of pride on his face, “well, perhaps both of you should come to my little party, nothing extravagant, just dinner with a few exceptional witches and wizards, what do you say, shall I pencil you boys in?”

“We’ll see,” Harry said, unsure if he wanted to be roped into what the other students were calling, The Slug Club.

“Weasley, no, don’t add that!’ Professor Slughorn shouted out of the blue, hurrying over to the otherside of the classroom to prevent a large potions mishap from occurring, leaving Harry and Draco alone once again, something they were thankful for.

“You’re not actually going to go to that dinner are you?” Draco asked, looking at Harry incredulously. He had been invited before but had never attended before, it really wasn’t something he was interested in.

“Probably not, but I have to keep him sweet, he’s letting me brew some Felix Felicious,” Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I also need to make a start on another batch of contraception potion, the last batch got a little messed up because of Weasley.”

“If you have any of that Felix potion when you’re done with it, chuck it my way, I think I might need it,” Draco said with a smile, thinking that he could probably do with a little bit of luck in his life.

At the end of class, while the others waited for him, Harry went to check on the lucky potion, wanting to make sure it was still on track. He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was, as was Professor Slughorn, who once again reiterated his invitation to join him for dinner, something Harry said he would consider but didn’t really mean it. While he was there, Harry hastily knocked together everything he needed to start brewing another contraception potion, the last batch should have lasted a while but now he had to start all over again. This time he wasn’t going to allow for any stupid mistakes.

As the small group left the classroom, Harry pulled Draco back a little so that the two of them could have some privacy to talk. Clay, Theo, Seamus and Quinn going slightly ahead to allow them this. Aspen and Rosie had chosen to stick closely with Jaylon and make sure that he was okay and didn’t get overwhelmed with anything.

“While we have a moment, I need to tell you something,” Harry began, his tone one of seriousness and Draco instantly took note.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asked, a little concerned.

“Fenrir and the others are going to rescue Jilly next Sunday. Just tell your mum to be aware. Ideally she needs to get out beforehand but I know she might not be able to right now but I don’t want her to get mixed up in whatever is going to happen.”

“Thank you for telling me, I’ll let her know,” Draco said, a feeling of dread settling in his stomach. He only hoped that he was going to be able to convince her to leave the Manor before the werewolves descended to rescue Jilly. “If they need my help, I’m more than happy to offer my assistance.”

“I’ll let Fenrir know but I think he can handle it, he has a plan, he always does,” Harry said sadly, he was still disappointed that he wouldn’t be going with them and he was going to spend the weekend worrying but he understood why he could go. Fenrir would only worry and he could end up getting hurt. Harry knew it was for the best that he remained behind.


As the werewolves all gathered in the entrance hall, waiting so that they could all go in for dinner together, Clay made a decision. When he saw Romy finally coming to join them he excused himself from the group and made his way over to her.

“Can we talk?” he asked her and reluctantly she nodded. Clay didn’t want to be kept in the dark anymore, he wanted to know what was going on in his mates head that had her so distracted and upset.

The two of them made their way to a secluded corridor that, since it was dinner time, was deserted. Clay ushered Romy into a classroom and shut the door so that the two of them could have some privacy.

“Before you say anything,” Clay began, “I need you to know that I love you. Whether you’ve cheated on me, hate me for something I’ve done, hell even if you’ve killed someone else, it isn’t going to change the way I feel about you. I am going to love you until I can’t breathe anymore, you got that?” Romy nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed by her mates outburst. “Good, now tell me what’s going on because I can’t take not knowing anymore.”

“I thought I was pregnant,” Romy blurted out, determinedly not looking at Clay as she spoke.

“And you’re upset that you're not?” Clay asked, feeling a little confused as to why finding out that she wasn’t pregnant would make her act like this. If that was the case he was more than happy to screw like rabbits until she was if that was what she wanted, though he did think that she was a little young and it was too soon for them, especially with a war going on and all.

“I went to Madame Pomfrey, to get checked out and she told me that I wasn’t that I could never be,” Romy said quietly, feeling such shame in admitting to the man she loved that she would never be able to bear his children.

“What do you mean, could never be?” Clay asked, feeling a little confused himself now.

“What happened to me when I turned into a werewolf, if I hadn’t have turned I would have died but the damage that was done to my body, it couldn’t be repaired, not even by the werewolf gene. It means that I can’t have children Clay, I will never be able to have your baby.”

The two of them stood there in shocked silence, neither one knowing what to do or say. Clay couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing, he had always imagined that the two of them would be together forever, that they’d have an army of intelligent girls and cheeky boys that would run amok through the pack territory and when they were old and grey they would have hundreds of grandchildren to drive them loopy.

Apparently that wasn’t going to happen.

“I’d forgive you if you didn’t want to be with me anymore, you should be free to find someone that would be able to have children with you,” Romy said as tears filled her eyes, knowing that she was about to lose the one person that she loved more than anyone else on the earth.

“I just need to process this,” Clay said, his mind spinning with all this new information. He didn’t know how to deal with what Romy had just told him. Part of him wanted to return to the territory and track down each and every one of the strays that had dared to lay a finger upon his mate and tear their limbs from their body. The anger he felt to them was unlike anything he had felt before and he wanted them to suffer.

Another part of him wanted to cry, he felt as if he had lost the life he had wanted for himself and Romy. The future that he had envisioned with her from the moment they had first met, that had been shattered into several million tiny pieces. He wanted to scream and shout and cry and internally that was exactly what he was doing but outwardly he was silent and frozen, unsure what to do or say.

“Goodbye Clay,” Romy said, running for the door and away from her mate, tears blurring her vision. She knew that this had to be the end, Clay deserved so much more than her, than what she could give him. No matter how much she loved him, it had to be over, she was broken.

She knew that Clay would do the right thing and want to stay with her but she didn’t want that, she didn’t want him to love her anymore just to end up despising her as they got older because she couldn’t get pregnant. It wasn’t fair to him and she wasn’t going to let him stay with her out of duty.

“Romy, wait,” Clay shouted after her but she didn’t stop, she just kept running, leaving Clay confused and unsure what to do or how to react.


With Clay and Romy having disappeared off somewhere, the others had settled themselves at the Slytherin table and were helping themselves to food. Everyone was full of smiles, even Jaylon who was rather enjoying being at school, though he was missing Aiden terribly.

“So are you managing okay?” Seamus asked Jaylon as they started to eat. Harry had ensured that Jaylon was sat in the middle of the group, just in case some other curious students came over and he wasn’t ready for them.

“I think the Headmaster was right to put me in with the first years, I barely understand what they’re teaching me, I couldn’t have managed doing your classes,” Jaylon admitted. He hadn’t thought that it would be this hard when he had decided that he wanted to come to school.

“I can help you catch up,” Harry offered. “We all can,” he added.

“Would you mind?” Jaylon asked, a little surprised that Harry was offering to help him with his studies. “Aren’t you really busy with other stuff?”

“You are part of my pack, it’s kinda my job to take care of you, Fenrir might deal with all the physical stuff and be the big bad Alpha but I run the heart of this pack, if you need something just come and talk to me, you’re one of us now,” Harry said with a smile.

“I can see why the Alpha loves you so much,” Jaylon told Harry with a smile. He truly looked up to Harry and admired everything that he did. He had been a silent observer to Robin’s meadling and he knew that she couldn’t even come close to doing everything that Harry did for the pack.

“And not just because they’re always at it like rabbits either,” Draco said with a smirk, causing Harry to give him a firm nudge in the ribs. However the joke had done the trick and made Jaylon smile a little.

“Draco can I talk to you?” a female voice said from behind them and when they turned they were met with the unwelcome sight of Tracey standing, looking rather expectantly at Draco.

“I have nothing to say to you,” Draco said dismissively, turning back to his meal. Harry however wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by.

“Maybe you need to think things through a little more before you open your legs,” Harry said to her, trying not to look too smug. “I really hope that whoever actually knocked you up has the decency to do the right thing,” he added.

Tracey looked as if she were about to lunge for Harry, her fists clenched by her side, however there was no way she would have even got close to touching him because Clayton had appeared behind her and put his hand upon her shoulder. “If you even think about hurting him you’re going to have to deal with me and I don’t care that you’re a girl, the mood I’m in I’ll beat that illegitimate bastard of a baby right out of you, I don’t care who it belongs to,” he snarled.

Tracey immediately took off running for the exit, not looking back. Harry watched her go before turning to look at his friend, wondering what had put him into such a bad mood. “That was harsh, even for you,” he said, “what’s up?”

“Can I talk to you two?” Clay asked, motioning to Draco and Harry.

“Sure,” Harry said, turning back to the others, “Will you guys go and hang out in the Slytherin common room and show Jaylon here how to play pool, maybe help him with his homework a little?” Harry asked.

“Sure,” Quinn said with a nod of his head, thinking that it would do him some good to distract himself from thinking about Robin all the time. “Is Romy okay?” he asked, wondering why she wasn’t there.

“She’s fine,” Clay said, hoping that he was right to say that. He wanted her to be alright and he wanted her to be alright with him. He just needed to clear his head and talk things through with the two people he counted as his closest friends.

“You sure you don’t need any help?” Aspen asked, looking from Clay to Harry, wondering what on earth could be going on now, it seemed like a never ending drama with these two and he too was wondering where Romy had disappeared off to. He didn’t think that any one of them needed to be disappearing off on their own right now.

“As long as it isn’t any more pranks that you’ll be discussing,” Rosie said with a wicked smile, “Next time I want to help, give that horrible old man heart failure.”

“It’s not,” Clay said firmly. “But next time we’re planning a big prank, we’ll make sure to involve you,” he added with a forced smile. He didn’t really have much that he wanted to smile about right now.

“Do you want any help with whatever is going on?” Seamus asked, knowing that something was clearly wrong. There was so many of them here now, which was nice, they were starting to feel like a proper family but sometimes it frustrated Seamus that there were so many secrets.

“Just focus on Jaylon and spend some time with these guys,” Harry instructed as he and Draco got to their feet, ready to leave with Clay. “I need you guys to stick together right now,” Harry added, giving Seamus, Quinn, Aspen and Rosie an apologetic smile before leaving with Draco and Clay.


Harry and Draco followed Clay through the castle until they ended up back at the forest classroom. It was the one place in the whole of the castle where they could be guaranteed some privacy.

“Come on, Clay, spill it, what’s wrong?” Harry asked the moment the door was closed and they were alone.

“Romy told me what’s been bothering her,” Clay admitted, “I guess that you already know Harry because she tells you everything but I don’t know what to do.”

“Okay, can you fill in the blanks?” Draco asked, trying to piece together what the hell the two of them were talking about.

“Romy can’t have children,” Harry said softly, feeling entirely heartbroken for the both of them. “She was badly attacked by a group of werewolves, the ones that turned her, she almost died, instead she lost the ability to have children.”

“Merlin,” Draco breathed in shock, running his hand through his hair, not really sure what else he could say. He liked Romy a lot but he didn’t realise that she had been through so much in such a short life time.

“She ran away from me,” Clay said, sinking to the ground and curling up in a ball in tears. Harry had never seen him retreat into himself in such a way. This just wasn’t the Clay he knew and loved.

“She’s going to push you away, she’s going to be noble and get you to leave her,” Harry said, knowing that Romy would think she was saving Clay from a life of being bound to her and being miserable. It wouldn’t matter how either of them felt, Romy would push him away in an attempt to make Clay happy when the only thing that would really make him happy would be to be with her.

“I can’t live without her,” Clay said through his tears.

“Coming from a family that prizes themselves on producing a strong lineage you’ve got to be sure you’re not staying with her because you feel as if you have to, I get that you love her, she’s amazing but you don’t want to resent her ten years from now,” Draco said, wanting to be another side of the argument.

“Only you can make that choice though Clay,” Harry said, knowing that even though he didn’t like what Draco had said, he knew he had a valid point. Harry knew that if he were in the same position as Romy, he’d do exactly the same thing. Fenrir desperately wanted children, just like Clay did.

“Would Fenrir leave you?” Clay asked, looking up at Harry, “If you couldn’t have children, would Fenrir leave you?”

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Harry said with a shrug, not liking to think about having his life away from the Alpha male. “I think I’d give him the choice, just like Romy is giving to you. He would have to make the tough decision about whether he could live with not having children.”

“Can you see yourself with another woman?” Draco asked, “Could you ever be with someone other than Romy?”

“No,” Clay said at once, he didn’t even need to think about it, he never wanted to be with anyone else, Romy was his everything, the one person who had ever seen him as something more than an idiot kid or protector for Harry.

“Then you need to find her and tell her, you need to make her hear you, tell her that you won’t be leaving her but you have to mean it, because if you don’t then she isn’t going to believe you,” Harry said, going down on to his knees in front of Clay and putting his hands on his friends shoulders.

“What if she won’t let me, if I can’t have her, I have nothing, she’s my whole world,” Clay sobbed.

“You need to get a grip,” Draco said, feeling as if he could be blunt with his half brother, “If you love her then you go and get her, prove to her that you’re never leaving her despite everything going on.”

“I hate to say it but Draco’s right, go find your girl,” Harry said with a smile.

Clay looked between his best friend and his half brother, knowing that between the two of them they had given him the kick up his backside that he needed. Now, all he needed to do was to find Romy and convince her that no matter what, he was never going to leave her.


Romy had taken refuge in the Ravenclaw common room, knowing that no one would be able to find her until she was ready. It was there that she had found Luna, who was more than willing to keep her company for a while.

“It’s not often we see you in here,” Luna said, sitting herself beside Romy, who had curled into a ball in front of the fire, staring into the flames as they crackled and flickered.

“Everything is falling apart, Luna,” Romy said sadly. “I thought that everything was finally going to be amazing but I was wrong.”

“Clay?” Luna asked and Romy nodded her head. “What happened?”

“It’s complicated,” she replied, not wanting to tell this sweet, innocent girl about the horrors that she had suffered through. “But I’ve lost Clay forever, and I don’t know how to live without him in my life.”

“Clay is so in love with you, I don’t think he’s ever going to make you live your life without him,” Luna said, leaning into her friend, trying to comfort her.

“I’m the one pushing him away, I don’t deserve him Luna, I’m so broken, he deserves someone who can give him everything,” Romy said, her chest aching with the pain she felt at losing the love of her life. There was never going to be anyone who came close to Clayton and the way he made her feel.

“If you really love him why are you pushing him away?” Luna asked, feeling as if she were missing something here. “If he has all the facts, then surely he should be the one to chose whether you’re good enough for him? Which you totally are by the way.”

“When I told him, he just stood there, he didn’t say anything, he just stood there,” Romy said, the look on Clay’s face had been heartbreaking for her and she hadn’t wanted to hang around to hear his rejection of her.

“How long did you give him to react?” Luna asked curiously. From what she could gather, whatever had happened between the two of them had been big but she knew that Romy always thought badly of herself and she highly doubted that Clay thought a single bad thing about the girl.

“A minute, maybe less,” Romy admitted.

“Romy,” Luna said affectionately, “Clay is madly and head over heels, in love with you, however from what I’ve gathered about him, he’s not all that clued up when it comes to emotions and dealing with the tricky stuff. He’s a fifteen year old boy, his head is so full of wrackspurts that he can’t think straight, he’s probably tearing the school apart looking for you right now.”

“Probably,” Romy said with a small laugh as she wiped away the tears from her cheeks, thinking that maybe Luna was right, maybe she had been too hasty in running away from Clay and not giving him time to digest what she had told him.

“Want me to help you find him?” Luna asked.

“No, I think I’ll stay here for a bit, I’ll go and find him soon though, thank you.” Romy said, feeling rather glad for her strange friend. “Thinking about it, I haven’t really seen you around much, what’s been going on with you?”

“I’ve found someone to keep my attention rather well,” Luna said with a goofy smile, “My own teenage boyfriend with a head full of wrackspurts.”

“Who's the lucky guy?” Romy asked, happy that Luna had found someone to love her for who she was and not laugh at her or call her names.

“We’re not telling people yet but he makes me so happy,” Luna told her with a twinkle in her eye. “But as soon as we are telling people, you’re going to be the first to know,” she added.

“I suppose I’d better go and find Clay and talk to him,” Romy said with a sigh, not looking forward to the conversation. She was sure that Clay was going to leave her, despite what Luna had said and she couldn’t blame him either, however she was going to let him make the decision.


After spending as much time as they could without breaking curfew, Quinn, Aspen, Rosie, Seamus and Jaylon had trailed back to the forest classroom. Jaylon was a little nervous because he didn’t fancy sleeping away from his pack mates. The headmaster had placed a hat on his head and told him that he was a Hufflepuff and that his dormitory was near the kitchens and he would have a prefect to show him where. So far that had not happened.

“Where are we going?” Jaylon asked, confused as to why they were wandering along an abandoned corridor that didn’t look like the most sustained part of the castle.

“Trust us,” Quinn said with a smile. “Put your hand on the door,” he instructed as the group of them came to a stop. Jaylon looked entirely confused but did as he was told, placing his hand on the centre of the door.

Quinn placed his wand on the back of his hand, Aspen doing the same while the others watched on. Romy had specifically chosen this incantation to mean that two people who knew of the secret could allow another to enter, it meant that no single person could betray their special place. As they said the spell and removed their wands to reveal the white thread that they then pressed to the door.

“What just happened?” Jaylon asked, confused.

“Open the door and find out,” Rosie said and Jaylon did as he was told, turning the handle and pushing the door open to reveal the most beautiful of rooms. He was stunned to see that it looked so similar to the clearing in the territory. The whole room smelt like a forest, the trees seemed to mimic the ones from home and even the grass beneath his feet felt as if it were real.

Harry, Clay and Draco were already inside. Clay looked entirely agitated when he saw that it wasn’t Romy entering into the forest room. Jaylon couldn’t stop his eyes from darting from one side of the room to the other in utter amazement as the others filed in behind him and shut the door.

“It’s just like the territory,” Jaylon said, walking to the edge of the room and feeling the bark of the trees with his finger tips, “Did you create all of this?” He asked.

“Romy and I did,” Harry said, feeling rather proud at how astounded Jaylon was at what they had created here.

“Where is Romy?” Seamus asked, looking around for her but not seeing her anywhere.

“I’m trying not to tear the castle apart looking for her,” Clay said through gritted teeth. He had been convinced by Harry and Draco to wait right here until she came back to the forest classroom, rather than running riot through the school and possibly hurting anyone who crossed his path. Clay just didn’t do well waiting.

“Maybe we should be if she’s missing,” Quinn said, it didn’t feel right that one of the submissive’s were missing from the group. He might have been put here to protect Harry primarily but he knew that all of them needed to be looked after and taken care of.

“I’m with Quinn on this one,” Aspen said, feeling a little uncomfortable that no one seemed to know where Romy was. “Romy shouldn’t be wandering the castle on her own, she could be in trouble.”

At this Clay snarled, not wanting to think about Romy needing help and him not being there to protect her. It was taking a lot for him to remain in the forest room with the others and not go out searching for her. If anything happened to her then he was only going to blame himself for not chasing after her when she ran away from him.

“I have an idea,” Harry said abruptly, something coming to mind that he had almost completely forgotten about. He dashed over to his chest and brought out the Map that Remus had given him an age ago. He had promised Fenrir to only use it responsibly and not to cause trouble, which is why he had stashed it away and not given it a second thought. For responsible purposes he hadn’t really needed it.

“What’s that?” Rosie asked curiously as she watched Harry unfold the old, scruffy looking parchment out across the floor of the forest room, all of the others gathering around as Harry pressed the tip of his wand to the centre and said; I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Before their eyes, ink started to spread from the tip of Harry’s wand across the seemingly blank parchment, revealing the map of the entirety of Hogwarts.

“This is amazing,” Draco said, genuinely impressed as the others scanned the map for any sign of Romy.

“There she is,” Rosie said, pointing to a corridor not far from where they were.

“And there we are,” Jaylon said, pointing to where all of their names were gathered in one of the classrooms. This was something Harry wasn’t overly happy with, he was going to have to talk to Romy about adding an unplottable magic element to the room so that they didn’t appear on the map, just in case it ever fell into the wrong hands.

“Looks like she’s on her way back,” Seamus said, knowing that Clay would find comfort in that as well as the fact that she appeared to be alone.

“And on that note, I’d better get going, I don’t want to get caught out of bed, I’ll see you guys at breakfast,” Draco said and the others all bid him farewell as he headed out the door, in a rush to get back to the Slytherin common room. He had scanned the map and made sure he knew the best route to take to ensure he didn’t come across any unsavoury characters and wind up in detention.

“I’m going to go and make sure she gets here safely,” Clay said. It didn’t sit right with him that she was wandering the castle on her own. He also wanted to talk to her without the others listening in.

“Just be careful,” Harry cautioned as he tapped the map once again, this time saying ‘mischief managed’ so that the parchment returned to being blank once again.

Clay nodded his head and left the forest room. He had no intention of getting caught by anyone, he didn’t fancy being lumbered with even more detentions. The weekly Friday detentions with McGonagal were bad enough.


Clay found Romy quickly enough, he had practically jogged there to ensure that he found her before anyone else did. She was a little surprised to see her mate standing there, though she really shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Before you say anything,” she said quickly before Clay could get out a single word. “I know you think you know what you want and I love you very much and I know you love me too, I’ve never questioned that,” Romy said, rambling a little.

“I do love you,” Clay tried to say but Romy held up a hand to him, stopping what he was saying.

“Please, let me get this out,” Romy said. “I don’t want you to agree to anything tonight, I want you to take a day or two and really think about it Clay. I want you to make a proper decision after you’ve thought about it, not a spur of the moment one because you love me now, in this moment.”


“But I do love you now and in this moment and that isn’t going to change, not unless I end up loving you even more, which I didn’t think was possible,” Clay told her, desperate for his mate to understand how it was that he felt.

“Please, Clay, take a few days, think about it. You’re fifteen, of course you don’t want children now but when you're twenty, thirty, that is going to change and you deserve to be able to have that, to be with someone who can give you that.”

Nothing is going to change the way I feel about you,” Clay said, hating that Romy just wouldn’t listen to him.

“Clay, please just do as I asked, take a day or two, really think about it. I’m not leaving you, I just want you to be sure and not stay with me because you feel like you have to, out of loyalty.”

“And in a couple days, if I tell you that I love you and that I’m never going to leave you, you’ll accept that?” Clay asked, thinking that this might be the only way that he could make Romy see that he truly meant what he was saying and that he didn’t care about having children, they could have everything else plus hundreds of nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters to dote upon if Harry and Micha had anything to do with it.

“As long as you really think about it Clay, it changes everything,” Romy said sadly as the two of them started to slowly head back towards the forest room together.

“I will,” Clay said, feeling completely worn down by the events of the day. He was sick of almost losing Romy, she was the love of his life and he would do anything to make her happy and he was determined to show her this.


“How do you deal with being away from the Alpha?” Jaylon asked Harry as they all started to prepare for bed. Romy and Clay were still not back but Harry knew not to worry, the two of them would need some time to figure things out.

“It’s not easy,” Harry said, thinking that the best strategy with Jaylon was to tell him the truth. “I just know that I can go and see him if I really need to and sometimes the cliche of absence makes the heart grow fonder really does work,” he added with a little twinkle in his eye.

The sex when the two of them hadn’t seen each other in a little while was astronmical and that thought was the one that usually got Harry through the long cold nights when he missed Fenrir the most. Not that he could tell Jaylon that, he was pretty sure that Jaylon hadn’t sealed the deal with Aiden just yet.

“I was fine today, I really enjoyed the classes, though I didn’t understand a lot of it, but now, being here without him, it’s hard,” Jaylon said, missing Aiden terribly. He hadn’t thought about how he felt about Aiden, he thought that he loved him but now he knew that he did, it hurt to be away from him and he was starting to second guess his decision to come here.

“How about we go home and see them both on Saturday, it’ll mean a week away from the pack but you can at least look forward to seeing him,” Harry suggested. He had been wanting to see Fenrir before he went off to Malfoy Manor ro try and rescue Jilly.

“That sounds good, though I have no idea how I’m going to last a week without him,” Jaylon said as he finally settled down to go to sleep. He was exhausted and everything around him felt like home, he was only missing Aiden.

“You’re stronger than you know,” Harry said as he too settled himself into bed, pulling the Alpha blanket around himself and inhaling Fenrir’s scent. He didn’t have the heart to tell the fragile teenager that the emptiness and feeling lost without his mate never really went away, he just had to learn to live with it, looking forward to when they would next see each other.


The next morning and the Great Hall was a riot of colour and noise. Today was the day of the Slytherin vs Hufflepuff Quidditch match. Students had made signs and donned outfits to show their support for their respective teams, though the overwhelming amount of yellow and black showed that Slytherin wasn’t the favourite to win.

As the group of werewolves had entered, the Slytherin table had cheered their star seeker, who they were all sure was going to win the match for them. Chants of “Prince, Prince, Prince,” reverberated along the house table with raucous cheers.

“This is a lot,” Jaylon said, wrapping his robes around him as if they might act as a shield against the noise and jostling as they tried to sit down for their breakfast. Quinn and Aspen, seeing how uncomfortable Jaylon was, immediately surrounded him and found him somewhere to sit down out of the way and remained with him, Rosie and Romy joining them.

Neither of the girls had ever understood the appeal of Quidditch and Aspen and Quinn were far too focused on their roles of protectors to be overly bothered. Harry, Clay and Seamus were in the thick of it all, Draco and Theo right beside them along with the rest of the Quidditch team.

Across the hall, the Hufflepuff table was just as excited for the upcoming match, the whole team riling each other up, however there was one particular team member who was a little more sombre than the rest. Cedric was not overly looking forward to the match, all he could think about was Harry, picturing him in his fitted Quidditch robes, long wooden shaft of his broom between his legs. He was going to have to make sure he was focused on not falling off his broom while ogling the Slytherin seeker.

Remus, who was sitting at the teachers table, had not been able to miss his fellow pack members entering the Great Hall, he watched them carefully as the chanting and jostling started, knowing it was all in good fun and jest. Everyone was excited. His eyes quickly found Jaylon and he knew at once that his ward did not feel at all comfortable.

Getting to his feet, Remus picked his way through the crowds towards the Slytherin table and to Jaylon, who was picking at his scrambled eggs with little enthusiasm.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Remus asked softly, crouching down beside his ward and smiling sympathetically.

Jaylon looked at Remus gratefully, nodding his head. “That would be really nice,” he said, glad that he wouldn’t have to remain in the Great Hall any longer. The noise and energy of everyone was overwhelming. He had learnt to cope with the testosterone filled males in the clearing but this riled up sports crowd was going to push him into a panic attack if he didn’t get out soon.

“You keep an eye on Harry and the others,” Remus said to Aspen, Quinn, Romy and Rosie, “I’m sure he’s going to need it today, I”ll look after Jaylon. If you need anything, we’ll be in my office, do not hesitate to come and get me if you need something,” he added, having a feeling that today wasn’t going to end without some form of accident or disaster.

“I think I might head to the library too,” Romy said, as she too got to her feet. “I won’t go anywhere else, I just want to study for our exams somewhere quiet,” she told Aspen and Quinn who really didn’t want her to go off alone.

“You can’t go alone,” Aspen said firmly.

“We can take her, make sure she gets there,” Jaylon siad, looking at Remus who nodded his head in agreement.

“Fine but don’t leave the library until someone comes to get you and walk you back,” Quinn said decisively. He was in two minds about letting Aspen escort Romy and remain with her but he had a feeling that he was going to need Aspen’s help today. He had a bad feeling about how riled up everyone was and he didn’t think it was going to end happily.


Back in the pack and they had no idea what was going on in the school. They were blissfully unaware, which was for the best as Fenrir would have put a stop to it immediately. As it was he was fully consumed with discussing the upcoming weekend with Jenson, who had the most intimate knowledge of Malfoy Manor.

“There is a side entrance that I usually apparate to and he meets me there,” Jenson explained. “I think that that would be the best route into the castle, it’s close to the dungeons and it runs the least risk of us coming across anyone, especially if we go in the early hours of the morning.

“Agreed,” Fenrir said with a nod. “Jilly is our main priority but there is a man there that has significance to Remus, if we can we will rescue him too.”

“What about anyone else in the dungeon there?” Aiden asked, wondering if they were going for a full on prison break.

“Only if they are one of us,” Fenrir said gruffly. He would rescue Jilly because she was family to his pack and he would do this favour for Remus because again, he was a valued member of the pack, but he wasn’t convinced about anyone else.

“Can I please come too Dad?” Niko asked, having been eavesdropping on the conversation. “You’ve been training me to fight and I’ve been trying really hard. I could help you guys.”

“No,” Fenri said without any consideration. He wouldn’t let Niko come for the same reason that he wouldn’t allow Harry to go. He couldn’t be distracted with making sure those he cared about most were safe. He needed to have his wits about him, to protect his pack members and not be distracted by his heart.

“You’re too young,” Jenson explained when he realised that Fenrir wouldn’t, “You might be able to fight but you haven’t been trained to use magic to defend yourself, that is just as important as learning how to fight physically.”

“When do I get to learn magic then?” Niko asked in a bit of a huff, thinking that he was never going to be allowed to do his part to help and protect the pack.

“If Harry has his way, September,” Jenson said with a smile, glancing over to Fenrir who looked decidedly unhappy about this being mentioned but he was starting to realise that maybe Harry was right. The pack would be stronger if they could fight physically and with magic too.

“That is going to be so amazing,” Niko said, beaming, practically jumping up and down with happiness at the prospect of being able to go to Hogwarts with the others after the summer.

“Come on, lets keep going with your training then,” Jenson said, happy that Niko had such a good attitude to learning. “Micha, do you want to join us today?” Jenson asked the submissive who had been sat talking to Callie by the fire.

“Sure,” he shouted back, thinking that any self defensive moves he learnt would be beneficial to him, though he didn’t plan on being in a situation where he needed to fight to defend himself any time soon, however he was starting to realise that it couldn’t hurt to know how.

“Think I might join in too,” Damon said, happy that his mate wanted to do some sparring, though he was kind of hoping that some sparring might lead to something else that was just as energetic.

Sitting by the fire, Callie shifted herself just enough so that she could watch her mate do some sparring. He was always an impressive sight to beyond when he was training and she did rather enjoy watching. She wasn’t feeling great, the sickness that had ebbed a little with the help of the potions had returned with vengeance and now she could barely eat anything without feeling the urge to throw up.

Tessie was monitoring her closely but there was only so much she could do as she wasn’t a trained healer. Plus with her arm as damaged as it was there was little help of her doing very much at all. She only hoped that when Jilly was rescued and joined the pack that she hadn’t suffered too terribly at the hands of Voldemort and his followers.

Seeing that the sparring was starting, Aiden decided to join in with them. He was missing Jaylon and was worried that he wasn’t going to be coping very well. He knew that not hearing anything from them meant that nothing was wrong and that was good but it didn’t stop him from worrying. He only hoped that a couple of sparring matches would help to get his mind off of his younger mate.

No one had missed the fact that once again Lukas was glaringly absent from the clearing. He was spending more and more time away recently and even though they knew and understood why it didn’t mean that he wasn’t missed. Quite a few of the pack were wondering if he would risk trying to turn her but no one was talking about it. The survival rates of a muggle becoming a werewolf after being bitten were slim to none, however the fact that she was pregnant could improve her chances.

Fenrir watched Niko for a while, happy to see that his adoptive son was taking his training so seriously. That was when he realised that there was someone missing from everything that was going on around the clearing. Robin was nowhere to be seen. It didn’t take long to find her, she had hidden herself off just past the tree line and the Alpha was shocked to see that she had a book.

“Can I help you?” Robin asked, trying not to sneer as the large dominant wolf approached her. She had wanted to remain as far away from the others as possible, especially Niko who’s boundless energy and cheerful optimism gave her a headache.

“You should spar with the others,” Fenrir said. He wasn’t against her reading, in fact he rather encouraged it but he wanted her to learn how to fight, just in case she needed it.

“Do I have to?” Robin asked, really not wanting to get hot and sweaty, she didn’t really do the whole working out and getting sweaty thing.

“No but it would be beneficial for you,” Fenrir said, getting a little annoyed with the girl. She was very little use to the pack and combined with the fact that he assumed she might be colluding with one of the strays and he was starting to wonder if there was any hope for her at all. He desperately wanted there to be, he would keep trying with her as much as possible until there was no hope left.

“I’m fine here, thanks,” she said, returning to her book. When he didn’t get the response that he wanted, Fenrir clenched his jaw and just walked away. She had been pleasant enough and hadn’t caused a fuss and he hadn’t ordered her to do anything but it still didn't sit right with him that she had refused.

When Damon and Micha had shown him where the scent of the stray wolf had been found and he had realised that Robin’s was all around the area too, Fenrir had made the decision that he was going to let whatever was happening run its course. He didn’t know if it was pure coincidence or if she was involved with one of the strays as well as Quinn. However, he did know that if he confronted her then she would deny it. The Alpha was confident enough that he knew whatever the strays were planning they wouldn’t be able to come close to hurting them because of the wards that Harry had erected.


The moment had come and everyone was getting ready, nerves building. In the Slytherin changing rooms they could hear the crowds above them, cheering and chanting for the match to begin. The spirit was a jovial one, Bletchly shouting out last minute encouragement and instructions to what they needed to do.

“Relax Bletchly,” Draco said giving Harry a smirk, “Cedric is so in love with Harry there is no way he’s going to do anything to hurt him.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Bletchly snapped. “We’re not putting our hopes on winning this match on a Hufflepuff having a crush, we play hard and we win!”

“If Cedric throws this match because he’s got a crush then he’s more of an idiot than I thought,” Harry said with a roll of his eyes. He didn’t think that Cedric would do anything as stupid as that,Harry knew he would have to focus if he was going to win the match. He didn’t want to let his team down.


After walking Romy to the library and making sure she was okay, Remus and Jaylon retreated to the solitude of Remus’ office. The teenager felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders being alone with the Professor, he hadn’t even realised how on edge he had been in the large crowd.

“How are you getting on with your classes?” Remus asked as he started to make cups of tea for the both of them. They could hear the ruckus from the Quidditch pitch in the distance, it seemed that the majority of the school had gone to the match.

“Not great,’ Jaylon said honestly. “I don’t think I’m smart enough,” he told him, feeling a little ashamed at this admission.

“Jaylon, you’ve come into the school towards the end of the academic year, that was a remarkably brave thing to do. With everything you’ve been through in your life, it was a big step to even come here.”

“I’m really behind, all the first years know what they’re doing, I’m almost sixteen and I haven’t got a clue,” Jaylon said sadly as Remus handed him a mug of hot tea.

“I have no doubt that given time you will figure it out,” Remus said, a little worried that maybe Jaylon had done too much, too soon. After everything the young man had been through in his life, coming to Hogwarts was a big thing to try and achieve.

“And what if I don’t want to figure it out?” Jaylon asked, he hated to even ask the question. He didn’t want to fail, he didn’t want to let everyone down and if he gave up then that is exactly what he would be doing.

“Oh Jaylon,” Remus said with a sigh, smiling at the teenager. “What Harry is doing here, coming to Hogwarts, encouraging the other pups to come too, it’s something that has never been done before. When I came to school here I was the only werewolf and if I hadn't had the friends that I did then I wouldn't have made it here either,” Remus said, wanting to be honest with the young teenager.

“But if they can do it shouldn’t I be able to?” Jaylon asked, thinking that he didn’t want to be the only one that wasn’t capable of doing what the other pups were doing.

“Harry spent most of his life being homeschooled by a very talented wizard before coming to the pack, Romy and Clay despite their difficulties in life still had parents that taught them the basics of magic, training them and teaching them. With what you’ve been through, you should feel no shame in not understanding simple magic and if you decide that Hogwarts isn’t for you then I promise you that I will spend every moment I can teaching you everything I know but I would do it back in the territory where you could be with Aiden and Tessie and the rest of the pack.”

“You’d do that for me?” Jaylon asked, a little surprised that Remus would be willing to do something like that for him.

“Hogwarts isn’t your only option, you need to do what’s right for you. I know that Fenrir doesn’t want half the pack here but Harry is passionate about ensuring the younger members of the pack learn enough to be able to fight and defend themselves but it is still your choice.”

“Harry said he’d take me home at the weekend so I can see Aiden, I want to try until then, is that okay?” Jaylon asked, a little unsure of himself.

“I think that’s very admirable of you,” Remus said, swelling with pride at the fact that despite everything, the shy and withdrawn teenager still wanted to try.

“I may as well,” Jaylon said with a small smile, “I’ve read all of the books already, I just didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying.”

“Then maybe I can help,” Remus said, a little impressed that Jaylon had managed so much reading in such a short space of time. “Do you like to read?”

“I’ve always loved to read,” Jaylon said, he knew he could read fast, devouring the words wasn’t the problem, he could remember almost everything he had read too but that didn’t mean he fully understood what he had read.

“Did you bring your wand with you today?” Remus asked and Jaylon nodded his head. “Then let me teach you some little things now, if you’ve got all the theory some of this should be a breeze for you.”

The two of them then got out their wands and Remus set about teaching Jaylon a few basic spells to help him get through the next week at school and to show him that he could do it if he wanted to. What the professor hadn’t realised was that Jaylon, with a little help and guidance, could learn quickly, he just needed the right instruction and to be able to ask as many questions as he needed.