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The Housekeeper

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Before Donghae knew it, the weekend came and went.


He had spent it at his brother’s place babysitting his nephew, and when he had gotten back on the Sunday, Kyuhyun had left a note saying that he wouldn’t be back until the Tuesday due to a sudden change in his schedule.


So Donghae basically had spent his days off still working and being alone in the huge apartment.


Donghae was currently sitting outside, watching the blankets that he had brought outside to air, blow in the gentle wind.


He loved it out here. It was peaceful and soothing.


Donghae thought back to the weekend. His brother had asked him questions about Kyuhyun, but considering Donghae knew very little about Kyuhyun and didn’t want to namedrop him, his brother got all protective and gave Donghae a lecture on his safety.


Donghae had partially blocked him out, but now that thought back to it, he should really find out about Kyuhyun.


Considering the person in question was away, Donghae brought his laptop outside and began to search Kyuhyun’s name.


 Twenty minutes later, and Donghae was playing Kyuhyun’s 3rd music video that had came out just over a year ago.


Kyuhyun was an amazing singer - and Donghae wasn’t interested in ballads, but hearing Kyuhyun sing his songs, Donghae could see himself sometime playing them.


Once the heartbreaking video ended, Donghae went back to searching Naver for more information.


He learned that Kyuhyun had originally been in a trio called K.R.Y, but two years ago the trio went on a hiatus as the eldest in the group went to do his military service.


Donghae knew the male had been released from his service a few months ago, but there was no news of the trio returning yet. Kyuhyun’s other partner was busy working in musical theatre, so that just left Kyuhyun the only one still producing music.


He also learned about the talk show that Kyuhyun’s been working on for the past year and a half, and decided to watch the latest episode to see what it was like.


Two hours later, Donghae’s eyes were starting to ache from the computer screen, and his body was starting to get cold from being outside.


Donghae huddled the cold blankets on to his closed laptop, and went inside to dump them on his bed.


He shuddered as he locked the window door, and belatedly realised his room was freezing from having the door open all afternoon.


He turned the heating up in his room, and gathered the blankets and took them to the laundry room where he ironed and put them away in the now organised cupboard.


Since Kyuhyun wasn’t home, and there was nothing left for him to do today, he showered and changed into loose fitting pants and a tank top. He then made himself some of his favourite ramen and hurried back to his room.


Or more precisely, back to his laptop.


Kyuhyun’s mouth was wicked, Donghae learned as more hours passed as he watched the different shows Kyuhyun had appeared on.


He even watched a few old live performances and belatedly realised that he has heard Kyuhyun singing before.


He remembers an old woman who he had cared for a few months, and she had been besotted with Kyuhyun’s second single.


Small world, Donghae mused to himself.


The beeping of someone pressing the buttons at the front door had him briefly freezing with alarm, and when he heard the lock release and the beep confirming it, Donghae almost tripped over his feet to see who the hell was entering Kyuhyun’s home.


“Your note said that you would be back tomorrow night,” Donghae gaped as Kyuhyun entered the main space, the door beeping as it locked again.


Kyuhyun shot him an amused look before he dumped his holdall bag onto the floor, and Donghae hurried forward to pick it up and follow after the male.


“Can you make me some kimbap?” Donghae nodded as he hurried to place Kyuhyun’s bag near his bed, and left the male so that he could go make him the food.


When he returned, he carefully placed the plate of kimbap on Kyuhyun’s bedside table and placed the tall glass of water next to the plate.


Kyuhyun was in the shower, and Donghae used that time to get Kyuhyun’s dirty clothes from his luggage.


Donghae hummed to himself as he worked through Kyuhyun’s bag, noticing that the clothes were smart, so he may have been away at a formal event, or whatever the celebrities did nowadays.


“You’re such a good cook.”


Donghae yelped in surprise and looked over his shoulder to see that Kyuhyun was sitting on his bed dressed in PJ bottoms and a white t-shirt as he ate a piece of kimbap.


“Is there anything else you need?” he asked a little quickly as he bundled Kyuhyun’s laundry to his chest and rose.


Kyuhyun patted for Donghae to join him on the bed, and Donghae steeled his spine in response.


“You’re not going to ask how my trip was, or wonder how I am?” Kyuhyun questioned curiously as he ate, hand still waiting for Donghae to join him.


“I’m your housekeeper, Kyuhyun-shi; not your friend.” Donghae reminded him politely.


“But we can become friends, right?”


Donghae looked away from Kyuhyun, not liking the hint of unease he had caught in the younger male’s eyes.


Sighing, Donghae sat down on the bed, away from where Kyuhyun had wanted him.


“What sort of event did you go to?” He questioned, forcing himself not to be so stiff and formal.


Kyuhyun picked up a piece of kimbap and held it out to Donghae. When Donghae’s hand rose to take it from him, Kyuhyun pulled his hand back and shook his head.


“Technically, you’re my hyung,” Kyuhyun began as Donghae eyed him suspiciously, “so isn’t it fair that - as a dongsaeng, I’m allowed feed you?”


Donghae’s eyes dropped to the offered piece and clenched his hands tighter into the clothing as he leaned forward to allow Kyuhyun to place the kimbap into his mouth.


His lips accidently closed around Kyuhyun’s long, slim fingers.


Donghae almost choked on the kimbap as he yanked himself away, his face turning scarlet.


“What’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked him in confusion, and Donghae saw the male’s eyebrows furrow at him.


Embarrassment was scorching through his veins, and Donghae shook his head as he forced his jaw to chew.


“I was asked to host an award event at the very last minute because the other host had fallen ill,” Kyuhyun answered Donghae’s previous question. “It was down south, so that’s why I was away for the weekend.”


Donghae swallowed and made a note to cut back on the rice next time.


“So what did you do during your free time?” Kyuhyun questioned him, and Donghae picked up the empty plate and rose from the bed.


“I spent it with my nephew,” he told Kyuhyun, and shook his head when Kyuhyun waved for him to sit back down. “It’s late, and you have an early start tomorrow, Kyuhyun-shi.”


“So you spent your free time babysitting?” Kyuhyun gave him a look when Donghae nodded.


“So you basically worked during the weekend,” Kyuhyun dryly stated.


“Would you like a wake-up call?” Donghae asked as he edged towards the bedroom door, determined not to indulge in the conversation that Kyuhyun was determined to keep going.


Kyuhyun sighed and nodded. Donghae left after getting the designated time Kyuhyun wanted to be woken up at, and almost ran to the safety of the kitchen.


He almost dropped the plate in the sink, and the bundle of clothes fell to his feet as he rubbed his lips to get rid of the feeling of Kyuhyun’s fingers.


“This is ridiculous,” he hissed furiously at himself as he picked up the clothes to dump them in the laundry room, deciding that he’ll sort them out in the morning.


Donghae did his usual rounds of making sure that everything was locked and turned off before returning back to his room.


He shut down his laptop and turned the light off before climbing into his bed.


He glanced over at Kyuhyun’s room, and felt like shaking the younger male when he saw that he was on his laptop.


Fine, if Kyuhyun wanted to lose sleep, then so be it.


Donghae will just drag him from his bed if Kyuhyun so much as refused to get up in the morning.


An hour later, Donghae was still wide awake and was just staring up at his ceiling with a glower fixed on his face.


His brain refused to shut up.


More so, it refused to stop thinking about Kyuhyun.


Donghae violently kicked the blanket off him and flopped on to his side.


At least Kyuhyun was sleeping now, judging from the room’s darkness.


Deciding that he couldn’t handle the silence in his room any longer, Donghae got out of bed and searched for his IPod.


Earbuds in, Donghae flipped through his playlists until he found the one he had for cases like this.


Slipping back into bed, Donghae closed his eyes and allowed the music to calm his mind.




Waking up, Donghae had a strange sense that something was wrong.


Stretching, he eased the earbuds out, and smiled at seeing the bright sunlight coming into his room.


Donghae stilled.


Bright sunlight?


He dived for his phone and felt his heart drop to his feet as he saw it was almost ten o‘clock.


“Fuck!” he screamed as he flew off his bed and almost collided with the glass door in his haste to open it.


The wooden patio was freezing, and Donghae pounded on the glass for Kyuhyun to wake up.


Kyuhyun jolted up at his pounding and stared at Donghae in confusion.


“You’re late!” Donghae bellowed, and Kyuhyun took his sweet time in opening the door.


“What?” He groggily asked him as Donghae pushed him towards the bathroom and into his dressing room.


“It’s 10AM, Kyuhyun-shi,” Donghae panted as he urged Kyuhyun to hurry, and Kyuhyun froze to stare at him with disbelief.






The PD is still chewing me out for being late.



Donghae bit his lip in distress as he read another text message from Kyuhyun.


He’s been getting them all day with Kyuhyun informing him the problems that had come his way for arriving late to work.


Donghae really felt bad about sleeping in, but as the texts kept coming, he was starting to get annoyed.


Kyuhyun should’ve had an alarm set too! He shouldn’t just rely on Donghae!


Donghae scrubbed the kitchen floor harder, ignoring as his phone vibrated again in his pocket.


When it wouldn’t stop vibrating, Donghae wiped his hands on his trousers and got his phone back out to look at the chain of messages.



You’re ignoring me?






Stop ignoring your boss and reply back to me.



Fine. Don’t reply back.



I won’t be home until late.



Don’t wait up.



Donghae felt his eyebrow twitch in annoyance at the messages, and shoved his phone back into his pocket.


Is it normal for a housekeeper to be harassed by his boss?


Whatever, Donghae would still wait up for him.


It was his job after all.





“Are you drunk?”


Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the slightly slurred voice, and grunted when his best friend decided to put his entire weight on him.


“Changmin, you’re the one who is drunk,” Kyuhyun chided humorously as Changmin wrapped his arms around his neck.


“You’re so soft,” Changmin muttered in his ear, and Kyuhyun shuddered at the hot air against his neck.


The elevator doors opened, and he dragged/half carried Changmin to his apartment door.


As he pressed his code in, Changmin’s lips pressed against his neck.


“Stop it,” he whispered to the male as the pushed the door open, and froze at seeing Donghae standing near the sofas.


The door shut loudly behind them, and Changmin glanced up to see why Kyuhyun wasn’t moving.


“Who is that?” he demanded at seeing Donghae’s stunned form, his words clear despite the amount of alcohol he had consumed in the last hour.


Kyuhyun swallowed nervously, and moved them into the direction of the spare room on his side of the apartment, and Donghae hurried past him to get the bed ready for Changmin’s drunken body.


“He’s my new housekeeper,” he told Changmin when the male refused to stop asking him, and dropped him onto the bed.


“Do you need anything?” Donghae asked him, and Kyuhyun shook his head.


“He’ll pass out soon,” he reassured him, and sure enough, Changmin began to snore softly.


Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and eased off his friend’s shoes, and tucked him under the blanket.


“I’ll ring his manager in the morning to come and collect him before I leave,” Kyuhyun told Donghae as they both left the room with Donghae shutting the door behind them.


Donghae nodded. “Is there anything you need before I retire for the night?”


Kyuhyun shook his head, and he watched as the older male returned back to his room.


He had waited up for him, despite Kyuhyun telling him not to.


Kyuhyun stumbled after the male and pushed the bedroom door open, surprising Donghae when he entered unannounced.


“Why did you wait up?” He demanded over Donghae’s question of why he was here.


Donghae frowned at him. “It’s my job.”


“It’s your job to listen to what I want,” Kyuhyun corrected, and Donghae’s frown turned into a glower.


“Are you seriously going to stand there and scold me because I was waiting up for you?” Donghae asked him, his tone incredulous.


Kyuhyun refused to back down.


“I said I wanted us to become friends, but you insist on keeping us in the boss and employee zone,” Kyuhyun argued, and Donghae shook his head as he begun to remove his white shirt in front of Kyuhyun.


“It’s more comfortable that way,” Donghae argued back, and right now, Kyuhyun wasn’t feeling anything but the desire to slowly pull up the white vest Donghae was wearing so that he could clearly see the hinted abs.


“I bet you were friendly with those who you had cared for,” Kyuhyun argued, and gripped control over himself before he could act.


“I was,” Donghae nodded. “But that was part of my role in caring them. For most of them, their families couldn’t come see them all the time, so I dropped formalities in order to keep them from feeling lonely.”


“You role is also to care after me,” Kyuhyun retorted, following Donghae as he went into the bathroom.


Donghae shot him a look for the invasion of privacy.


“Is it because I’m younger than you?” Kyuhyun demanded, and Donghae rolled his eyes as he began to get his toothbrush ready.


“Is it because I’m famous?”


Donghae’s hand briefly jerked, giving Kyuhyun his answer as Donghae began to brush his teeth.


“Listen,” he began and propped himself to lean against the counter so that he could read Donghae’s face instead of using the mirror, “I’m not the type to abuse my status to get what I want. You want to know something? I was glad to know that you didn’t know who I was, because it meant I didn’t have to live up to expectations you may have had.”


“It’s not that.” Donghae mumbled around his toothbrush, eyes frustrated and wary.


“Then explain it to me,” Kyuhyun softly requested, and Donghae leaned down to rinse his mouth.


Kyuhyun bit his lip at being so close to touch the male’s broad shoulders, and imagined what it would feel like to drag his nails over and down the male’s back.


Kyuhyun jerked from his imagination and just caught the end of Donghae’s sentence.


“-I don’t trust rich people.”


Kyuhyun frowned and followed him back into the bedroom.




“Because people with money think they can control people,” Donghae told him. “People with money look down on those who haven’t got it.”


“I don’t look down on people,” Kyuhyun defended, and Donghae sighed.


“It’s late, Kyuhyun-shi.” Donghae shifted so that Kyuhyun’s path to the bedroom door was clear. “I’ll make sure to wake you up at the correct time.”


Kyuhyun analysed Donghae’s face, and gritted his teeth as he walked from the male and his bedroom.


There was no changing Donghae’s view on him yet, and until Kyuhyun could find a link under his armour, his plan on getting closer to the male was on hold.