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The Housekeeper

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By the time lunchtime came, Donghae had finished grocery shopping, and had ordered for it to be delivered later in the day. He had restocked up on cleaning supplies, and also bought some new mop heads before he went to the market to see what was fresh, and ended up buying two bags full of fruit. Now he was on his way to the department store.


He was buying a new vacuum cleaner today. He couldn’t cope using that small thing again.


He finally got back home nearing two o’clock in the afternoon, and once he had finished putting the fruit away in the huge double refrigerator, he put his rubber gloves on, and moved to tackle the spare room and his bathroom.


Kyuhyun hadn’t emerged yet, and when he peeked through his bedroom windows to look into Kyuhyun’s bedroom, he saw the lump of Kyuhyun’s body still in bed.


Donghae felt sorry for the younger man. Sungmin had sent Donghae a copy of Kyuhyun’s schedule so that he could keep track of the male and when to expect him home, and from what it said, Kyuhyun worked long hours near enough every day.


Donghae kept himself quiet as he cleaned, and soon fell into a calming rhythm.


Come half past three, Donghae wondered if he should wake the male up so that he could eat.


Donghae moved into the main area and promised that if Kyuhyun wasn’t up come four o’clock, he would wake him.


That promise was soon forgotten as he got too engrossed in cleaning.


He was gently and carefully cleaning the piano keys, when suddenly, he pressed too hard and the key made a loud noise that shattered the silence.


Donghae held his breath and prayed that he hadn’t woken Kyuhyun.


He had made a promise to wake him, but he didn’t know Kyuhyun’s personality yet, so he didn’t want to anger the male by waking him up when he had firmly told Donghae last night that he didn’t want to be disturbed.


The clicking of the bedroom door behind him had his spine snapping straight.


“I didn’t ask for a wake-up call,” came Kyuhyun’s husky voice, and Donghae swallowed at the sleep-filled tone.


He sheepishly turned to look at Kyuhyun, and restrained a smile at seeing the male’s half shut eyes and messed up hair.


“Sorry, Kyuhyun-shi,” Donghae apologised, and rushed to follow as Kyuhyun headed towards the kitchen.


“What can I get you?” he hurriedly asked as he past Kyuhyun, and Kyuhyun blinked at him dazedly as he tried to wake up.


Kyuhyun’s stomach answered for him, and Donghae smiled that time.


“I’m waiting for the shopping to be delivered, but I can quickly make up a sandwich for you to take the edge off your hunger?” Donghae suggested, and Kyuhyun shook his head.


“I’ll wait,” he yawned. “I’ll just have a drink of water for now.”


Donghae got him a glass of cold water from the refrigerator, and Kyuhyun slumped into a seat at the island.


The apartment’s telecom buzzed, and Donghae hurried to answer the call. He clicked for the delivery boy to come inside the building, and he waited near the elevators for the boy to come up.


The boy insisted on helping Donghae with the amount of shopping he had, so Donghae escorted him straight to the kitchen were Kyuhyun was still sitting, his head now on the island counter.


Donghae rolled his eyes at scene and thanked the boy as he placed the bags down beside the island.


“Can you make me food now?” Kyuhyun demanded as he raised his head, and Donghae heard a sharp intake of air come from the boy next to him.


He curiously glanced at the boy, and watched in bemusement as he turned red and started to stutter something to Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun stared at the boy for a few seconds, before something kicked started in his head.


Gone was the tired expression, and in turn, a bright smile bloomed on his face as he shook the boy’s hand and thanked him for his support.


Donghae watched the interaction with interest.


The boy was not much older than eighteen, and here he was, almost vibrating with excitement at meeting Kyuhyun.


Donghae should really do some research on his boss.


Donghae timed the moment perfectly as he easily escorted the boy from the kitchen and away from Kyuhyun.


The boy practically skipped to the elevator, and Donghae shook his head in bewilderment as he shut the front door.


“You seriously have no idea who I am, do you?”


Donghae jerked into the door at not hearing Kyuhyun’s approach, and put a hand against his racing heart.


Kyuhyun smirked at him in amusement, his arms crossed against his chest.


“No, I don’t.” Donghae admitted, and walked past Kyuhyun to put the shopping away.


Kyuhyun followed and even helped, despite Donghae’s attempts of shooing him away.


Kyuhyun finally left him in order to check his emails, and Donghae started dinner; his nerves almost shot at being in close proximity with the male.


Donghae really didn’t want to admit it, but Kyuhyun was handsome, and that caused Donghae to be concerned.


He could not, and refused to, develop a crush on the younger male.




Kyuhyun ate in the main living area at the dining table that sat directly underneath a ceiling window. Donghae had the intentions of eating in the kitchen at the island, but Kyuhyun thwarted his plans and forced him to sit across from him at the black table.


Donghae had cooked Kyuhyun’s requested fried rice as well as a broth, and watched the male as he began to eat, watching for signs of distaste.


Kyuhyun showed no signs of disliking the food, and Donghae cautiously began to eat.


“How old are you, Donghae?” Kyuhyun questioned before he took and ate a mouthful of fried rice.


“I turned twenty-eight this year.” Kyuhyun nodded as he chewed, and Donghae noted that the male really did like fried rice as he spooned more into his mouth.


“This is really good,” Kyuhyun complimented with his mouth full, and Donghae shook his head, a smile slipping on to his face as he watched Kyuhyun enjoy his food.


“How old are you, Kyuhyun-shi?” He curiously asked as he grabbed his glass of water to cool the burn from the broth. Donghae was guessing that the male was twenty-three, or just shy of becoming twenty-four.




Donghae choked on his water.


Kyuhyun snorted at his action. “Not the answer you were expecting?”


Donghae shook his head, cheeks burning as he avoided Kyuhyun’s gaze.


“You can ask me more questions; I don’t bite.” Kyuhyun teased, and Donghae shoved his spoon into his mouth, forgetting to blow the hot liquid.


“Should I blow your food for you?” Kyuhyun continued to tease as Donghae grimaced at the pain exploding on his tongue.


Donghae was beginning to realise that Kyuhyun had a tongue that loved to tease or make frank comments, since he had heard the male do it to Sungmin yesterday, and now he was doing it to Donghae.


“Do you feel uncomfortable with living with someone younger?” Kyuhyun asked him and placed his elbows on the table so that he could rest his chin on his hand, his brown eyes curious and a little mischievous.


Donghae wanted to lie and deny that he didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he sucked at lying.


“You’ve made me feel welcome,” he told the male, skirting around Kyuhyun’s question.


Kyuhyun smiled at him. “Good,” he softly spoke, causing Donghae’s feet to fidget at the look Kyuhyun was giving him, “I want you to feel comfortable here, Donghae. This is your home now.”


Donghae couldn’t call this his home yet, he’s only been here a day and a half! But, he could see what Kyuhyun meant and intended.


He wanted Donghae to stop being so formal, since Kyuhyun hasn’t been remotely formal yet.


“So I don’t have to wear this uniform no more?” Donghae joked as he nodded down at the clothes Kyuhyun had given him yesterday.


Drawing his eyes back up, Donghae tensed when he saw Kyuhyun’s eyes were fixated on his rolled up sleeves that were tucked just above his elbow crease.


“Sorry,” Donghae immediately apologised and rushed to unroll the sleeves so that they were back to normal.




Donghae froze at the sharp demand.


He glanced back at Kyuhyun to see the male’s eyes were fixed on his face now; the brown seemed darker, despite the bright lighting in the room.


“I guess your work has built up those muscles over the years,” Kyuhyun teased, voice low, and Donghae swallowed, mouth drying as Kyuhyun’s eyes released his to return back to his food.


“Military,” Donghae uselessly stated, and Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow as he took a small sip of the broth.


“My job in the military beefed up my arms, but you’re right, my work has helped me maintain them.” Donghae clarified further, and Kyuhyun’s eyes lit up in interest.


“There’s a gym here,” Kyuhyun told him, and Donghae immediately knew where this was going and was already shaking his head.


“It’s fine, I can always use my brother’s gym,” he rushed to decline, and Kyuhyun’s curiosity vanished as his gaze hardened.


“No one uses it,” Kyuhyun continued as if Donghae hadn’t spoken. “I’ll show you during the weekend.”


“But you’re working,” Donghae automatically argued, and snapped his mouth shut.


Kyuhyun chuckled a little. “There’ll be time.”


Donghae was starting to fret inside. He couldn’t go to that gym. He knew it would be extravagant, and knowing his luck, he’ll only get stared at for being there.


The female from yesterday came to mind, and he gripped his chopsticks harder as he stabbed at the fried rice.


“Problem?” Kyuhyun inquired.


Donghae shook his head and focused on finishing his meal.


Thankfully, Kyuhyun didn’t push any further. They finished the meal in silence, and Kyuhyun left Donghae to clean up.


The night lapsed in silence with Kyuhyun sticking to his room, and Donghae being stuck in the laundry room.


By the time he was finished with the third load, Donghae went to check on Kyuhyun.


He found the younger male sprawled out on his bed and was fast asleep.


Donghae moved the laptop from Kyuhyun’s bed, and carefully moved Kyuhyun’s sleeping body until he was lying comfortably, before grabbing the other side of the duvet and pulling it over to cover Kyuhyun from the side.


He switched the lights off and paused before leaving; making sure that nothing else needed turning off or moving.


Kyuhyun moved in his sleep, and Donghae smiled softly as the male faced him in his sleep.


Poor kid, he thought to himself, and finally left Kyuhyun’s room as he heard the faint beeping sound of the dryer finishing its cycle.




Kyuhyun’s eyes opened at the click of his door shutting.


He could still feel Donghae’s hands on his body.


It sent a delicious thrill through his body knowing that the male had touched him, even though it was innocent.


Kyuhyun strained his hearing to see if he could hear what Donghae was doing, and heard nothing but silence.


He stared through the glass and saw that Donghae’s room was in darkness.


He had dreamt about the housekeeper earlier this morning. It started out innocently, but then his imagination started to make it more interesting, and when the piano key jolted him from it, he found his lower body trapped tightly in the duvet, his hips slowly ceasing their rocking.


Kyuhyun was thankful he hadn’t been doing it long, so he was still soft when he dragged his dazed body to see what Donghae was doing.


Seeing Donghae’s broad back in the white shirt that pulled slightly, Kyuhyun’s complaint had died on his lips with only part of it escaping.


Kyuhyun shifted a little, and sighed as he remembered how Donghae’s tanned arms looked at dinner. His forearms had that defined line of muscle, and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but be transfixed when he saw the muscle flex a little when Donghae moved.


Donghae’s bedroom light flicked on, and Kyuhyun watched as the male unbuttoned the white shirt to reveal the white vest beneath.


Kyuhyun’s feet began to rub against each other as the white shirt slipped off Donghae’s broad frame. Donghae ran a hand through his hair, messing up the neatly combed hair as he moved to the window to look at the river.


The small tree in the garden hid part of Donghae’s profile, and Kyuhyun sat up so that he could see the housekeeper better.


Donghae’s hips were smaller compared to his upper half, showing that his previous work had concentrated on upper body strength rather than lower. But Kyuhyun firmly believed that underneath those black slacks, Donghae’s thighs would be strong, just like how his legs looked.


He shouldn’t be watching his unaware housekeeper, but his housekeeper had unintentionally caught his attention.


Sungmin had asked him yesterday morning if he would be okay with living with another man, and Kyuhyun had reassured him that he would be.


But that changed when he laid his eyes on Donghae.


Such an attractive male was now living in his space, and learning how attentive Donghae was, Kyuhyun couldn’t help but be drawn to him.  


Sungmin will probably play hell with him for being attracted to Donghae, but if Kyuhyun played it right, it’ll all work out perfectly.


Donghae’s pants dropped to the floor and Kyuhyun grinned.


He just needed to know if there was attraction coming from Donghae’s end before he could start.