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The Housekeeper

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Standing in the foyer of the grand apartment complex, Donghae had to remind himself that he was allowed here, and that he should ignore the judgemental stares he kept getting from the strangers who passed him as they left.


Breathing heavily, he smoothed his black trousers and made sure that his collar of his shirt was tucked correctly.


Glancing in the gleaming marble walls of the foyer, he frowned at the clear signs of nerves overtaking his features.


He wondered what was making him more nervous, the fact he was in such a place, or the looming interview that he was waiting for.


Donghae sighed again, and began to walk around in the small waiting area he was told to wait in.


This environment was completely new to him, as well as the possible job.


Donghae has spent the last five years of his life dedicated to caring for the sick and elderly, from doing volunteer work and also working as a qualified carer, it’s only in the last year that Donghae couldn’t cope with the profession any more.


Seeing those who he cares for become more unwell and ultimately pass on, Donghae’s heart just couldn’t take no more.


He knew what his profession entailed, but he’s soft-hearted, and watching the elderly man who had reminded him of his deceased father fall further into the hands of cancer and losing his life, Donghae had thrown in the towel.


During the last year, Donghae took a new route in his life. It was similar to his old one, but at least with his new profession the likelihood of someone dying is slim.


“Mr Lee?” came a man’s voice from behind Donghae, who spun and immediately bowed as he said his greetings.


The male was probably close to Donghae’s age, and he was also the same height as Donghae. As the male led him to the shiny silver doors of the elevators, Donghae saw that the male carried himself with a confidence that rich people seemed to have.


Donghae continued to watch the male as the elevator took them up, and Donghae noted that the last button on the panel had been pressed.


He gulped at seeing it being the 25th floor.


“From your résumé,” the male began, and Donghae pushed his fear of heights far away as he sensed the beginning of his interview, “it says that this will be your first housekeeping job?”


Donghae nodded.


“But you have similar experience from you previous job as a carer,” the male continued, and shot him a curious look. “May I ask why the sudden change?”


Donghae knew this was a question that would be asked, so he was prepared.


“Five years is a long time to keep saying goodbye to people,” he told him with a soft smile. “But I like caring for people, so I decided to transfer my skills into this avenue.”


“Normally, I wouldn’t even call in someone without the proper experience, but I have to admit, you intrigued me.”


Donghae felt his cheeks grow a little hot at the comment, and decided to take it as a compliment, rather than a dig at his lack of experience in his new role.


The doors beeped and opened, revealing a small hallway that had one door opposite them.


Donghae lagged behind the male as they left the elevator. The hallway wasn’t exciting; it looked like how it did in the foyer with the marbled walls and white tiled floor.


Donghae politely looked away as the male entered the entrance code into the lock on the doors, and only entered when the male waved for him to come in.


After putting his shoes neatly on the shelves and grabbing a pair of slippers the male gave him, Donghae took one step and gaped at the room.


It was big. The open spaced living area was bright from the wall-to-floor windows that showed Donghae the view, and also the greenery on the balcony. As he walked further into the space, Donghae saw that the balcony was bigger than he expected, and that it resembled a mini garden.


The male took him to the left and into a room that was the kitchen. It was long and thin due to it being at the back of the apartment, with black granite counter tops and white cupboards.


Donghae glanced up and saw two overhead windows. That explained the natural light that he had noticed.


They both sat at the island that was in the middle of the room, and Donghae accepted a drink - which was a glass of orange juice, and began the interview properly.


Fifteen minutes later, Donghae was surprisingly relaxed.


He found out that the male, Sungmin, was not the owner, but an assistant who managed his boss’s affairs due to his busy schedule. Sungmin also reminded him that he would be required to live in, which Donghae already knew due to the advertisement, but had briefly forgot. His jobs were house maintenance, cooking, wake up call, food shopping, and all the other stuff that Donghae was used to doing.


It was looking good. Sungmin was nice, and he knew what he was looking for and what he didn’t want.


By the end of the interview, Sungmin promised to call him tomorrow morning about whether he got the job or not, and Donghae gave the male the expected record to show that he had no past or present criminal offences.


Alone in the elevator, Donghae was left with his thoughts.


From what he had briefly seen of the heart of the apartment, Donghae speculated that his possible new boss was someone who enjoyed music, or may even work in the music industry.


There had been a grand looking black piano that stood off to the right side of the living space, and on the black table that had sat in the middle of the white leather sofas that centred the room were sheets of blank music paper.


And also some balled up paper scattered around it as well.


The overall decor, as far has he had seen, was typical modern style living. The floor had been white and smooth; the warmth of the under-floor heating reassured him that it wouldn’t be a pain to walk on barefooted. The walls on the far left and right were the only two that had design to it. The wallpaper was a black background with silver and white vines that spread across and up the walls, and the back wall was just plain white.


The windows were slightly tinted, according to Sungmin. Or was it that they became tinted at command, or did they naturally do it? Donghae couldn’t remember, but considering the apartment overlooked the Han River and it was really high up, no one would see anything anyway.


Leaving the apartment building and blending back into the norms of the life Donghae felt more comfortable in, he crossed his fingers and hoped for good news come tomorrow morning.




Kyuhyun had just finished recording the talk show that he and his seniors host every week, and was in the process of checking his emails and texts on his phone in the dressing room as he waited for Sungmin.


A few of his emails were from management reminding him which days he was scheduled to be in the recording studio to try out the demos he was being sent. He had a text message from his sister reminding him to come to dinner at their parents’ house soon - Kyuhyun made a reminder for that, and he also had a text from Sungmin to let him know how the interviews went today.


Kyuhyun sighed at the reminder of looking for a housekeeper.


He had spent the last two years debating whether or not to buy the luxurious apartment, and when he finally did, he soon realised that keeping it cleaned and maintained was near impossible with his work schedule.


He had played with the idea for the past two months, and finally caved when Sungmin kept commenting that he was living in filth.


Kyuhyun had argued that it wasn’t filth, in which Sungmin had ran his finger along the surface of his leather sofa and showed him the dust that coated it.


Sungmin promised him that he’ll get a suitable housekeeper for Kyuhyun, and Kyuhyun made sure to list his demands and rules of what he expected from the stranger.


Sungmin had an excellent judge of character, so Kyuhyun felt confident that whoever the male found for him, they would fit the rules and his living style perfectly.


A knock on the door alerted him, and he turned to look as it opened, revealing his assistant.


“Ready?” Sungmin greeted him, and smiled at the stylist who was leaving.


Kyuhyun nodded and heaved his tired body from the comfy seat, and followed the male out of the room and down to the elevators.


“Did any of the interviewees meet your standards?” he questioned, and swallowed back a yawn as Sungmin pressed the call button.


“A few did,” Sungmin told him, and Kyuhyun rested his head on the shorter male’s shoulder, causing Sungmin to chuckle and ruffle his hair.


“And have you decided which one stood out the best?” he asked, and groaned at the loss of his pillow when Sungmin moved to enter the elevator.


Sungmin rolled his eyes at his groan, and pressed the button to take them to the underground garages once Kyuhyun had dragged his feet inside.


“I think so; I just need you to confirm it.”


Kyuhyun shook his head. “I trust you, so it’s your call.”


Sungmin shot him a look, and Kyuhyun ignored it in favour of returning his head back to Sungmin’s shoulder.


“You’ll be living with this person,” Sungmin sighed pointedly, “you should make the final decision.”


 Kyuhyun watched the numbers above the door go down. “I’m in no fit state to make a decision, Min.”


Sungmin’s hand returned his hair and soothingly ran through it, causing Kyuhyun’s body to relax a little, and also making him more aware of the exhaustion in his bones.


“Do you want him to start tomorrow, or the day after?” Sungmin whispered as Kyuhyun shut his eyes.


“Him?” Kyuhyun mumbled questioningly.


“Is that a problem?” Sungmin asked as the beep of them reaching their floor sounded, and Kyuhyun glared at the doors as they opened.


Sungmin stepped in front of him, and Kyuhyun stuck close by as he saw a few fans lingering in the parking lot.


Kyuhyun smiled and nodded his head in greeting at the small group of girls, wincing slightly at the volume of their shouts and excited cries as Sungmin hurried him to his car.


Luckily, his fans decided to give him space tonight, and once he was inside his car with Sungmin behind the driving wheel, he sank down into the seat.


“It’s not a problem,” he finally answered, and Sungmin hummed in acknowledgement as he started the car and eased then out of the parking space.


Kyuhyun was glad he had blackened-out windows as he curled up in his seat, and groaned in complaint when Sungmin snapped at him to wear his seatbelt.


The belt constricted him, so his plan of curling up and napping on the way home went out of the window.


“We need to stop by that drama director’s home, remember?” Sungmin cautiously reminded him, and Kyuhyun felt like throwing a tantrum.


It was already late, and he just wanted to get home and sleep. Instead, he nodded and shut his eyes, ignoring everything around him as Sungmin took him in the opposite direction of his bed.


“He can move his stuff in tomorrow and get familiar with the apartment,” Kyuhyun mumbled, finding it hard to make his voice louder. “He can start his job properly after tomorrow.”


“Don’t fall asleep, Kyu.” Sungmin softly ordered, and Kyuhyun moaned at the shaking the male was giving his shoulder. “You need to sing some of the song, and you can’t give it your best ability if you fall asleep now.”


Kyuhyun forced his eyes open and dragged his body from slumping against the door.


“Do I have a free day this week?” Kyuhyun demanded as he turned on his music player that was connected to the car.


Sungmin confirmed he had a free day - only one, and Kyuhyun listed his demands of not being disturbed on that day, and that Sungmin needs to tell his new housekeeper this.


He was going to do nothing but sleep on that day and god help anyone who dares to disturb his plan.