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You Can Touch Stars

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"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."--Pamela Vaull Starr

You were dreaming again.

The flourishing green landscape was foreign to you, although it felt familiar. Something inside told you that you were supposed to be here. Even if you were lost, there was a tugging sensation in your mind that navigated you through the ruin like area.

Structures of different shapes and sizes covered the area. Some still intact while others were simply shadows of what they used to be. However, just enough remained to safely get around with no more than just climbing stairs.

The air around was clear, with the scent of salt. You figured you were near the ocean and kept your ears sharp for the sound of waves. The clear blue sky hung overhead without a speck of white, leaving you with no clues to where you were.

Looking ahead, the ruins glowed a faint blue light, as if the structure itself wanted to guide you. Without a second thought, you followed the light into the ruins. The light traveled in long lines on the floor, across the walls, and up the stairs. You weren't sure if you were coming closer to the end, but the sound of waves gave you hope.

Eventually, you came near a cliff. You made the assumption that this was the end of the journey and began to rest at the edge of the cliff. A strong breeze hit you and made you turn around. Before you rested a fixture similar to a pavilion, but partially in shambles. There was enough to provide shelter and access to a skyway. The lights led up the skyway and glowed brighter.

You slowly made your way into the pavilion and up to the skyway. This time, the light made a sort of tunnel within the skyway. You made the assumption it was shown that way for you to see through the darkness. The light was dull but comforting.

At the end of the walkway was a spacious room with strange writing on the walls. Much like glyphs, of which glowed a light similar to the light that guided you. These glyphs were in a language you couldn't comprehend, but some you could decipher. On a whim, you managed to theorize that the glyphs wanted you to stand in the center.

You pondered over this idea for a short while. The argument of having nothing better to do pushed you into action. Once you stood in the center, light overcame your body. The light felt warm and inviting, overcoming you with relief.

You didn't know why, but words fell from your lips. These words were vague and it was hard to tell what they referred to. But eventually, you would come to understand what they meant.

"He won't forget me after this".

"If I have to clean, then so do you".

You woke with a start.

The dreamscape you were immersed in faded away into as you returned to reality. With drowsy eyes, you turned to the voice who had pulled you back. You met stormy blue eyes that reflected amusement. "And the guys tease me for sleeping" he continued with a smirk.

"I don't blackout nearly as much as you do, Noct" you chided rising from your seat. Said youth scoffed and continued to dust the erasers. Like always, he picked the easiest thing to do. You snatched up the broom he most likely left next to your desk for when you would wake.

You swept in silence, only stifling laughter when Noct coughed from all the dust. You came across a hoodie draped over a seat. You recognized the design to be that of Noctis's trainer Gladiolus. You knew him outside of Noctis's influence, but eventually, you came to associate him as the prince's trainer. Although, Gladiolus continued to be friendly with you as if you had been friends long before.

"Gladiolus was here?" you said taking the clothing into your hands. It felt heavy, only making you wonder if Gladiolus even felt the weight of it. "Yeah, you were still asleep so we were quiet," Noctis said as he approached you. He watched your hands ball into fists, drawing the article close to your chest. "I'll...go return this, he's probably looking for it" you wasted no time leaving the classroom and striding down the hallway.

Your uniform swayed with each powerful stride. The objective to return the hoodie filled you with energy. It didn't take long for you to find the guard to be. His eyes lit up at the sight of you, as they always do. "Hey, you found it!" Gladiolus announced with amusement. You gave him a crossed look and held it to him at a distance. His larger hands came around your own and rested there.

"You were out cold, I'm surprised you came looking for me" he laughed. "I just wanted to stretch my legs is all" you scoffed trying to pull away, he always did this. Trapped your hands in his, feigning innocence when it annoyed you. "You hang around Noct too much, he is wiping off on you" he replied with a smirk. "Yeah, yeah, just let me go I have to go back" you rolled your eyes as you spoke. "Back to Noct?" you didn't like the way his eyebrow rose.

"Back to clean, now take your sack of rocks you call a hoodie".

Once you were free from his strong grip, you slipped him a quick goodbye and left. Your long strides carried you back to the classroom quickly. You gently opened the doors, unfazed by what you saw. Noctis sat at his desk sitting still. Upon closer look, he was asleep with his palm supporting his head. Your hands gently circled his shoulders and caressed his face. Fingers finding his cheeks and tugging lightly.

"Shit!" Noctis jolted awake and swatted you away. "Can't you wake me like a normal person?" he growled still in his sleepy haze. "I could, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun" you replied curtly. You took a seat in the desk next to him, your desk. Placing your hand in your palm, you stared blankly at the blackboard. You could feel Noctis's eyes on you but you didn't want to look at him. It wasn't that you didn't like looking at him. His eyes always gave you a nice feeling, something you didn't want to describe. Fear ate away at you when you tried to categorize the feeling.

A bit of time passed before he spoke up. "How much gas do you think it would take to get out of the city?" Noctis asked looking at the board as well. You were quiet for a moment before replying to him. "A lot, where are you planning on going?" his words ignited curiosity in you. "I was hoping we could take a trip, doesn't matter where we go as long as you come," he said continuing to stare at the board.

A laugh bubbled in your throat and overflowed onto your lips. "Are you even allowed behind the wheel?" you laughed finally turning to him. Your face felt tight from smiling too hard. "Hey, I can drive you know" he laughed turning to you as well. A smile graced his face, the one he only wore with you. "GTA doesn't count as driving Naptis" both of you broke into a fit of laughter.

It was times like these that you would come to cherish. Innocence unaware of the tragic fate that lies in wait for him, and for you.