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Roberto x Reader

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"ugh..i hate mondays.." you grumbled as you took out your sketchpad from the desk drawer.
"hey whatya know me too!" a cheery voice exclaimed. I know that voice oh so well, my love Roberto Button Prince of Altaria.

"what are you doing here Roberto?" I asked "isn't Alberto hunting you down yet?" I giggled.
"knowing Al, he probably is" Roberto chuckled "but I don't think that he'd--" Roberto was cut off mid sentence.

"he'd what?" a cold familiar voice questioned. Roberto and I both shuddered.
"h-hey Al!" Roberto exclaimed "how ya been?" he smiled as he scratched the back of his head.

"I was doing quite fine until I went to your office and saw that you were not there." Alberto responded in a flat tone.
"aaaw Al I just wanted to see my dear (Y/N) before I started workinnng" Roberto whined.
"well you've seen miss (Y/N)." Alberto stated "now it's time to return to work your highness." Alberto said as he grabbed Roberto's collar and started dragging him away.

"I'll be back soon my dear (Y/N)!" Roberto yelled as he flailed his arms.
"not anytime soon your highness." Alberto said in an annoyed tone.
I giggled as I watched Alberto drag Roberto down the hall.
"I wonder how long it'll be until he escapes Alberto's clutches.." I chuckled "oh well, better get started on these designs."


later that day around lunchtime Roberto snuck into my studio through the window.
"hello again my dear (Y/N)!" Roberto exclaimed as he ran over to me and embraced me.
"hello again Roberto" I smiled and returned his embrace.

He pulled back and cupped my face
"I missed you so much.." he whispered.
"I missed you too Roberto.." I murmured as I placed my hands over his. We stood there for what seemed like ages when someone knocked on the door, Roberto and I jumped. Then a familiar voice came from the hall.

"miss (Y/N) are you in here?" Alberto asked. Roberto and I looked at each other, I shoved him towards the closet in the far corner of the room.
"hurry hide in here." I whispered to him, he nodded in response.
"yes I am!" I answered as I walked over to the door to let him in.
"ah miss (Y/N), have you happened to have seen his highness?" he asked with a troubled expression "he seems to have escaped yet again and I have thought that he would be here of all places." he looked around the room.

"nope I haven't seen him" I lied "if I do, I will be sure to let you know right away." I smiled.
"thank you miss (Y/N)." he smiled. I felt terrible for lying to him, but I didn't want to let Roberto get caught just yet. I wanted him by my side for a little longer. Roberto came out of the closet and ran up to me.

"thank you my dear (Y/N)!" he said happily "I wanted to be with you a little longer.." he whispered.
"I wanted to be with you longer too." I smiled. We stared into each others eyes and our faces drew closer and I could feel his sweet soft lips on mine.
"I love you so much (Y/N)." he smiled against my lips.
"I love you too Roberto." I said quietly we then kissed once more before Roberto made his way back to the window.

"I'll see you later tonight my dear (Y/N)!" Roberto exclaimed. Just then Alberto came into the room.
"I see you've made your way back here again your highness." Alberto growled.
"bye (Y/N)!" Roberto yelled as he jumped out the window "Roberto aaawaaaaaaay!!" he laughed as he ran.
"YOUR HIGNESS GET BACK HERE!" Alberto yelled as he ran down the hall. I found myself laughing so hard I had to grab hold of my desk to keep myself from falling to the ground.
"this day just gets more and more interesting." I giggled.

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whew, finally finished!" I exclaimed "jeez, this took so much longer than I thought it would..." I mumbled to myself as I looked over the new outfit I made for Roberto. I was so proud and captivated by my work that I barely heard someone call my name.
"earth to (Y/N)!" a cheerful voice called from behind me.
"oh! Roberto when did you get here?" I asked.
"about five minutes ago, I've been waiting for you at the dining hall~" he said as he winked "I had a special meal prepared just for us! don't worry, I made sure Al won't be bothering us" he whispered in my ear and sent shivers down my spine.

"w-what are we having for dinner?" I asked hoping he didn't see me blushing.
"we're having your favorite!" Roberto exclaimed as he threw his hands in the air.
"we are?" I asked "is there some sort of special occasion?" I couldn't help but question.
"nooope!" Roberto said "I just wanted to make a 'special' mood for something later, and I know this will help~" Roberto winked.

"R-Roberto!" I exclaimed while my face was now as red as a tomato.
"yes my dear (Y/N)?" Roberto replied with a mischievous grin.
"why you!" I grumbled and walked out of the room with Roberto on my heels. "you better have made my favorite dessert too!" I exclaimed as I started running towards the dining hall.
"why of course my dear princess!" Roberto laughed as he chased me down "if I didn't, I knew you'd say no and leave me all lonesome." he pouted.

I couldn't help but laugh at the face he was making, he looked like a five year old child with his cheeks puffed out.
"you're 110% correct on that my dear prince!" I said with a smile "now come on let's go eat! I'm starving and I want my desserts!" I exclaimed as I dragged Roberto into the room.
"okay okay, I'm coming I'm coming!" Roberto replied with a giggle "but I get to drag you along with me as pay back for it!" he grinned.
"yeah yeah, I know I know." I giggled as we sat down "but only after dinner got it!" I stated as I looked him in the eyes.
"yes my princess, of course~" Roberto said with a smile "of course."


I re-read the text message Roberto had sent me earlier this morning.
"hiya my dear (Y/N)! we're going to the beach with everyone this weekend! oh! before I forget, I went out of my way to buy you a swimsuit (๑・ω-)~♥ ! check in the pink bag I left on the sofa!
Love, your dear Robbiecakes! ♥"
I put my phone down on the coffee table and opened the pink bag that Roberto had left for me.
"w-what the hell!?" I yelled as I pulled a red bikini out of the bag. "there's no way I could wear this!"

just then Roberto walked into the room.
"oh! so you opened the gift I got you, how do you like it?" Roberto smiled mischievously "I thought it would look great on you!" he exclaimed as he hugged me from behind.
"great!? I can't wear this in front of everyone!" I yelled "do you know how much skin this would show!" Roberto flinched as I yelled at him.
"w-well...i thought you'd wear it for your dear Robbie!" he grinned.
"yeah well you thought wrong." I puffed out my cheeks and turned away from Roberto.

"(Y-Y/N)! please don't be mad at me!" Roberto pleaded "i-im sorry! let's go get you a new one yes?" he exclaimed cheerfully.
"hmmm....okay!" I replied with a bright smile "but no bikini that shows this much skin got it!" I tried to say sternly. Roberto nodded.
"of course! plus I just realized...the others would see you showing that much skin." his gaze was soft but serious "and...only I get to see that much skin, and more" he winked as he grabbed my hand. I smiled warmly at him.
"of course my prince, of course." I said "you and only you~" I winked and squeezed his hand as we snuck down the hallways and made our way to the limo oh so careful as to not be caught by Al.

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"were heeeerrrrreeee!" Roberto exclaimed as he jumped out of the limo "guwaaaah the weather is so nice~" Roberto stretched his arms into the air.
"it is indeed Roberto!" I gleamed "by the way...where are the others?" I questioned.
"hmmmm~ I don't know!" Roberto grinned down at me "that just means more time for you and I my dear (Y/N)~" Roberto whispered.
"very true my prince~" I giggled.

"princess! princess!" I turned around and saw Alan running towards us "I missed you princess!" Alan exclaimed as he wrapped his little arms around my waist.
"aw I missed you too Alan!" I hugged him back "where's your brother Alan?" I asked.
"oh! big brother and Yu are over there!" Alan pointed in the direction where prince Glenn and Yu were coming from.

"Alan, I thought I told you not to run off on your own!" Glenn scolded Alan.
"but big brother! I saw my princess and had to run and give her a big hug!" Alan ran to me and gave me another hug.
"aw Glenn, take it easy on Alan!" I pouted "he just wanted to give me a hug!" Alan nodded.
"yeah!" Alan stuck his tongue out at Glenn.

Glenn sighed. "I'll let it go this time, but it better not happen again." Glenn looked over at Roberto "you're not saying much, are you not feeling well?" Glenn questioned.
"what? no I feel fine! why wouldn't I be fine?" Roberto quickly answered.
"yeah. okay." Glenn looked over at me "do you know where the others are?" Glenn titled his head.

"no, we haven't seen them yet." I answered "they should be here soon?" I shrugged.
"yeah they'll be here soon don't worry!" Roberto chimed in "just wait and be patient Glennypoo~" Roberto cooed.
"how many times have I told you not to call me that!" Glenn glared at Roberto "let's just go have lunch, Alan and I haven't eaten yet and he was complaining how hungry he was earlier."
"but big brother, it was you who said you were really hungry AND your stomach growled" Alan giggled.
"l-lets just go eat!" Glenn yelled as he stormed off with a blush on his face.
I looked at Roberto and Alan, as we all bursted out laughing.
"come on boys, let's go get lunch with Glenn!" I exclaimed as we chased after Glenn.
"yeah!" Roberto and Alan yelled simultaneously.

"WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE!?" we all turned our heads in the direction we heard the monstrous yell come from.
"looks like keithster is here!" Roberto cheered.
"yeah. sadly." Glenn sighed.
"prince keith, please calm down you're making a scene." a cool and collected voice stated.
"yes, please do. you're making those children tremble in fear..." a gentle voice whispered.
"Ed and Wills are too!" Roberto chuckled and ran towards them.
"Edddd! Willlls! Keithsterrrr!!" he exclaimed while he tried jumping into their arms. Keith and Wilfred swiftly dodged Roberto's hug.

"oh my--" Edward mumbled as he caught Roberto "hello my dear friend" he smiled warmly.
"hiiiii Ed!" Roberto smiled at Edward.
Wilfred sighed as he walked towards us. "how are you all doing?" he smiled.
"ah Wilfred its nice to see you again!" I gave him a hug "we've been good, how have you been?"
"I have also been well--" Wilfred was interrupted by Keith.
"YOU'RE SUCH A HANDFUL ROBERTO!" Keith exclaimed as he stormed over to us. "where the hell is Joshua?" he spat out.

"my my prince keith, that is no way to talk to a lady." Edward said cooly.
"yeah! how dare you speak to my dear Y/N like that keithster!" Roberto pouted.
"well, to answer your question we have no idea where he is." Glenn stated in a annoyed tone.
"listen here Glenn, don't even start with me--!" Keith started raising his voice.
"can't you guys go 5 minutes without arguing?" Joshua asked.
"its about damn time you got here!" keith yelled at Joshua.
"Joshybear!" Roberto exclaimed as he ran to Joshua, trying to hug him.
"do NOT touch me Roberto." Joshua said as he easily dodged Roberto's hug "also, DO NOT CALL ME BY THAT RIDICULOUS NAME!" he yelled.

"why is everyone so mean to me! the only one who will hug me is my bff Ed!" Roberto fake sobbed.
"you DO realize you pretty much said you like Edward the most out of all of us right?" Joshua sighed.
"I could care less!" Keith said some what sadly.
"ah my dear friend Roberto, I too treasure our friendship." Edward smiled softly at him.
"can we go to the beach yet?" Alan asked.
everyone turned towards the young prince, shocked and ashamed of the scene he just witnessed.
"I was thinking the same thing Alan!" I yelled happily. "come on everyone let's go to the beach now!" I grabbed Alan and Roberto's hands while dashing towards the beach.
"last one there is a rotten egg!" Alan exclaimed.

all the other princes started running after us.
"I sure as hell won't be the last one there!" keith yelled.
Joshua and Glenn rolled their eyes as they ran past him.
"sure you won't. that's why you're behind everyone." Glenn grinned.
"ah do you wish for me to slow down prince Keith?" Edward asked kindly.
"no. just keep going Edward." Wilfred muttered.
"hahaha! prince Keith is the rotten egg!" Alan yelled gleefully.
"divine punishment!" Roberto and I yelled at the same time. everyone grinned at keith.
"this is going to be fun." Glenn laughed.