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[Podfic] Drop Dead Sprint by CaptainKoirk

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Title: Drop Dead Sprint
Author: CaptainKoirk
Reader: SallySparrow017
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Allison/Isaac/Scott
Rating: Explicit
Summary: There's bad blood between them, drying on her knives and under his claws. But Allison sees how Scott touches Isaac's shoulder, his elbow, his hip, and she stands closer, when Isaac has good days. She smiles at him and asks him to join her and Scott when they study, and she lets his long silences pass by.
Isaac's smile is a small, wry thing, but it makes Allison's chest go tight and funny.
Length: 1:01:03
Mediafire: here
Audiofic: here

First podfic! Comments/suggestions welcome <3