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Ebon Peaches

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Nemesis looks up at the clear night sky from her rooftop perch, musing quite deeply about a multitude of things. Under normal circumstances, she would either rest inside her friend's – no, her subordinate's – apartment or simply lurk around the city to gather...information. But, tonight wasn't one of those nights. She was no more lacking in information than she was the night before, and rather than simply bothering her underling once again, she decides to think up a more productive activity.

She cranes her head backwards into the cool evening breeze sweeping across her face as a sly smirk begins to emerge on her lips. "That Momo-hime~ Always so rude to me, not even letting me close to that pitiful boy...and for what? Her 'harem plan' is not going to get any farther at the rate of things. That human she champions is more submissive than dominant, not to mention fearful of the notion altogether. And yet...she keeps at it..."

She continues with a snicker as her eyes shut to focus her thoughts, "Despite that, she definitely has an allure to her...perhaps that of a forbidden fruit even. And that makes me want to take that first bite all the more~"

Suddenly, a cheerful voice breaks Nemesis out of her trance as a slim figure with an impeccable crimson braid leans against a nearby object. "Then why don't you go ahead and try, Master?"

The cat-eyed weapon eyes her subordinate with slight irritation, not expecting her to show up now of all times. "Mea...why are you here? I thought you were tagging along with your 'friend' tonight."

Mea gives her master a pout coupled with a subsequent aversion of her puppy-like cerulean eyes. "I thought so too, but apparently she got her tail wounded pretty badly while playing with some of her pets. So, she couldn't come..." She then dismisses her gloominess with a deep sigh and is back to her bouncy, gleeful self in no time. "But, enough about that! What is your plan for conquering Momo-san, Master?"

Nemesis sustains her glare, wary of her fellow weapon's motives in asking such. "Why does this concern you, Mea?"

Mea responds by clasping her fingers together in delight. "Because you are my master, that is why! Besides, I think that anything you think up will be just wonderful~"

Nemesis simply snickers as she focuses her gaze back at the sky. "What makes you say that?"

"Because..." Mea turns her hands into fists and shakes them for emphasis. "You were the one who addressed my burning questions so effectively after my first encounter with Rito-senpai! And you also taught me about how to deal with that problem whenever it should rise up in the future! Not to mention, you also gave the most useful and most wonderful of practical lessons for which I am very grateful, Master!"

Nemesis sighs as she rubs the corners of her eyes with her fingers. "You always seem to know the right thing to say, Mea... Alright, I will tell you...but can we go back to the apartment first? I would rather not talk about these topics out in the open, and I think you understand why."

The other weapon nods in understanding as she glides off the rooftop with the help of snow-white wings, sticking the tip of her tongue out at her master with a playful wink as she disappears into the nocturnal scenery. And not too soon after, Nemesis invokes her own wingspan, its gorgeous ebon feathers glistening in the moonlight; she wastes no time in pursuing her subordinate as her lips form back into a smirk once more. She could forgive Mea's trivial intrusion for now, especially considering that such was really the last thing on her mind...

Elsewhere, the infamous boy known only as Yuuki Rito strides through the dimly-lit paths, keeping his eyes straight onwards rather than pay attention to the pink-haired devil on his arm. Unfortunately for him, she doesn't take to his attempts to resist her allure.

"Rito-san~" Momo leans her head against his arm slightly in order to appeal to his attention. "Why are you ignoring me? It is unlike you to be so rude to a lady~"

Finally reaching his limits, he replies in a panicked tone, "M-Momo! Please stop!"

She tilts her head a little bit to focus her gaze more in the direction of his. "Why? I am not hurting you, aren't I?"

He clenches his citrine orbs shut as he pries his arm from the princess's grasp by force. His entire body begins to shake right before he suddenly bolts, much to Momo's surprise. However, she quickly snaps out of it and pursues him as quickly as possible, hoping that he would not get into too much trouble in the meantime.

However, when she catches up to him, she discovers that he had run into a tree in his delirium and was knocked out by the impact. Thankfully, or perhaps not as much so, Mea comes out of the woodwork.

"Momo-san! Do you need any help with Rito-senpai?" She strolls towards the boy's unconscious body and begins to examine his eyes. "Doesn't look like he has sustained anything serious, though. Which is good!"

Momo gives her a suspicious glare as she goes over to Rito's other side and slings his arm over her shoulder for support. "Well, if you are actually going to help, perhaps help me carry Rito-san back home?"

Mea nods in agreement as she supports Rito's other arm with little difficulty. "Of course~ By the way, Master Nemesis wishes to talk to you." She pauses for a second before uttering a half-lie. "Don't know what it is about, though~"

Upon hearing the name of the one who she considered her archenemy, the princess narrows her eyes as one of her teeth instinctively sharpens into a fang. "And what makes her think I am willing to talk to her, especially after all of the trouble she has just recently put Rito and I through?! Furthermore, what could she even want to say?! Whatever it is, I doubt it will be anything I will want to hear."

Mea places a few fingers against her lips to try and contain her laughter a little. "You never know with Master Nemesis, though. I think you are letting your past experiences cloud the obvious..."

The princess responds with a sigh as the two of them begin their relocation of Rito, "Even if I wanted to go, I still have errands to run, which is where Rito and I were heading before he freaked out all of a sudden..."

"Don't worry about that, Momo-san!" The crimson-haired weapon gives her a sudden thumbs-up as reassurance. "Just gimme a list once we get back to Rito-senpai's house, and I will do all those on your behalf. I will even look over both him and Nana-san on your behalf if you need me to."

Momo glares at Mea with quite a bit of suspicion. She didn't exactly trust her, as she is known for being as shameless as she is towards Rito, but then again Nana would probably be present. And she knew that Mea would not try anything in the other princess's presence of all things. Therefore, she knows that it is unlikely that such an arrangement could backfire back on her. Especially since Mea would probably be occupied with the errands for a while anyways.

"Fine... I will give you money as well as the list once we get Rito-san safely inside." She focuses her gaze back straight ahead as to not get too distracted from the path to lead them astray. "Just make sure you get precisely what I put on the list and nothing else, okay?"


Momo sighs deeply as she flies through the night sky. Even now, she has her doubts about meeting with the cat-eyed weapon. And for good reason too. Despite that, she knew that simply up-and-refusing Nemesis's invitation would be a foolish action, no matter how much she may oppose it.

As she approaches the building containing Mea's apartment, she quickly finds a window that was left slightly open and uses it to enter the main room. But, as she does so, Nemesis suddenly walks into the room, albeit naked and with a few remnant droplets of water clinging to her brown flesh.

"Ah, welcome, Momo-hime~" She advances forward without a second thought. "Hope you don't mind me being a little wet. I did just shower and all~"

The princess's visage turns a cherry-red as she bites onto her index finger with frustration. She didn't know what bothered her more; the fact that her archenemy was in the nude, or that she couldn't help but feel a little aroused by the weapon's presence as such. And as soon as that thought crosses her mind, she feels all the more confused by how this could happen. How could she feel such attraction to someone she loathed so much?!

"C-Could you put a towel on, or something?" She averts her eyes as to prevent her thoughts from getting any worse than they were already. "Don't you know it is disrespectful to appear before your guests without any clothes?!"

Nemesis cracks a smirk as she summons a black-cloth towel around her body thanks to her Transformation ability. "You are sure an odd one to make a demand like that. Nonetheless, if you really want it, Princess..." She then strokes tenderly below Momo's left eye with one of her fingers. "Although, from the looks of it, my presence just now has rendered you...conflicted. Perhaps under all of your disdain for me lies something much more delightful that you fear to embrace..." Her hand moves slowly down Momo's face, rendering the usually-confident devil frozen in the wake of her caress. "...You are afraid that you will lose who you once were, aren't you? Well, there is no need to be scared, Momo-hime...I am more than willing to wash away these doubts of yours~" Feeling the princess's warm rhythmic breaths against her skin, the sly weapon brings her lips against Momo's ear to whisper with what little restraint she still possesses herself, "Just give the word, and let yourself descend into Eden~"

"Nemesis..." Momo's expression suddenly grows more sinister as she advances into the weapon's space in a single sudden step. "I hope you can back that promise up. And that you will not hesitate in the slightest. I am not the fragile blossom that I may look to be, you know~"

Nemesis returns with an equally potent gaze as she wraps her arms around the awakened devil's neck, converging her fingers at the nape. "Well, only time will tell, right~?" And to seal the covenant, she pulls Momo into a deep kiss and indulges in the irresistible, ripe scent wafting between them. There was no more doubt in either of their minds of what was to come, and their bodies were more than willing to carry their words into proper fruition.