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Vermillion academy fan-adventure

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They’re there again. The things, which you aren’t sure, are really there but really are. The things, which float over your head just before you wake up, gone before you open your eye. You’re not sure what they are but they scare you a little bit…then again everything kind of scares you. You must be an awful fearful person if you’re afraid of something which you can’t even see….or are you a normal person because to be honest, the first alien movie was a LOT scarier than the rest for that very same fact.

Where was I…oh yes, we all want to know who you are…Karen huh…I guess that means that that makes you a girl then. The kind of girl who wakes up every morning wearing a blue t-shirt and long pajama pants. The kind with long brown hair and an utterly mousy disposition. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

Now where are you anyway…oh that’s right. The *chug chug chug* reminds you that you’re aboard a sleeper car. One of many on the train you currently inhabit. It’s amazing that such a thing would exist, even in the UK especially in this day and age, but here you are. Blearily you open your eye and swing out of bed. You stumble half awake to the tiny bathroom attached to your tinier sleeping quarters. Hurriedly you make use of the toilet, finishing your business in a more lady like manner than this narrator can describe.

Facing the tiny mirror over the tiny sink you see yourself, exactly as I described you earlier, your one eye taking in your entire countenance. What was that? One eye? Of course you only have one eye! What you expect people to be original when their characters have physical defects? Hell no! You’ve got a cool backstory to go with it and everything! Ok, to YOU it may be a horribly traumatic and terrifying experience but trust me; it’s cool to everyone else.

*THUNK* “GAAH!” You hear a sound coming from the next room over. It’s a mans voice. This makes you nervous, but so does everything else. So it’s fine…sort of. Moving out of your tiny and bathroom, back to your even tinier room you get dressed quickly, stepping out into the hall in a blue sweater, a pleated black skirt and a mismatched pair of stockings…dangit. You swore you’d put on a proper pair this time…guess not.

Adjacent to you and almost a second later a boy steps out. He’s...pretty darn strange. The first thing which catches your eye is his hair. It looks like half of it is shaved off…except that they left the sideburns in. Like he was tank girls’ illegitimate son or something. Also, his hair is bright turquoise. Pretty worthy of note to be honest. Some would call it blue or maybe a very light shade of green, but it’s definitely turquoise. You quickly look back down trying not to stare too much at the odd boy.

Trying to be inconspicuous you walk into the next car, the wind whipping around you fast and loud. Sighing in relief at avoiding an anxiety inducing social interaction you look around. It seems to be another passenger car, with more sliding metal doors and frosted glass, preventing you from seeing inside.

Then for some reason you think about your water bottle. It’s a rather odd thought to think of but you think of it anyway. You recall how you filled it up last night, and even put a few drops of that weird fruit flavor thing in it. The one which turned it a slightly different color and taste. Why you put that stuff in you have no idea as you don’t like it that much, but now you can’t stop thinking about it and- * splash*

Aaaand there it is. Vitamin water splashed all over you. Stupid STUPID psychoportative powers. At least no one’s around to see…ok you know where this is going. You turn around at the sound of the door opening behind you. It is the boy from before. You stare up at him, at least half a foot taller than you. He has dark skin, and on the side of his head (mostly) without hair you see that he has a lot of piercings in his other ear.

And he’s just…standing there…looking down at this short girl, dressed in clothes which are a little too big, wet and covered in the sticky sweet scent of vitamin water, and it looks like you had a slushee poured over your head, and it’s running down your back, and he’s just standing there STARING at you and…it’s just too much, you feel tears start to well up in your eyes, barely able to make eye contact with him.

“Um...hey are you all right?” he asks in a voice much softer than you thought he’d have. “You need some help?

"Um...sorry, no, I'm fine..." couldn’t he tell that she didn’t want to be seen like well…This? A mess! Involuntarily teleporting liquids! WET! "Uh, sorry if I disturbed you..." you add, staring off to the side.

"No, no, its fine. I’m up 'cause I can’t sleep with all the sounds this train makes. Say, why are you up so early?" You don’t speak for a while, privately wanting to scream at the top of your lungs…but he keeps talking and trying to make conversation and being nice and it’s just making you feel worse that you’re trying to blow him off.

He’s starting to shift uncomfortably now, idly clasping his right hand, which seemed to be covered in bandages and to have a bit of fresh blood around the knuckles.

"Uhm-- I uh..." You’re having a hard time coming up with a response "I was uh, having trouble sleeping too..." that was a lie. You always wake up way too early. The shapes always make sure you never get a full nights rest.

"Er...sorry, I feel embarrassed..." GUH! That’s such…WAY too on the nose to say. SERIOUSLY!? Can’t you think of something else? So terrible. “Well…You know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about”

You look up to him for the first time…as in…REALLY look up at him and see what he looks like. His eyes are orange and he has plasters over the bridge of his nose and cheek. His cheekbones are just high enough, but not too pointy. His mouth just a little crooked with that reassuring smile of his. And you quietly think to yourself the words you promised you would never say after all those fandoms and Internet nerds ruined it for you; oh no….he’s hot!

“Th-thank you, um….I really should be going…changing…sorry-um…have a nice day” you say moving past him, trying to not get his clothes soaked in the vitamin water mix. Scurrying back to your tiny bathroom with the tinier room attached you immediately change, soaking the clothes in the sink and washing as best you can in the small bowl like basin. You sigh, water running. You think you see something out of the corner of your eye and ignore it…It’s there too often to make any difference. Taking a deep breath you head back to bed, maybe you’ll try again in an hour or so.