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drabbles for rose

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“Rose, sweetheart,” Jackie cooed, softly to her. But Rose wasn’t in the mood for conversation. She wasn’t in the mood for anything. The Doctor was just in the next room over, but really, he’d never been farther away. “Rose, talk to me, love.” Rose pulled her knees closer to her chest.

“He’s never going to come back, is he?” She said, fighting to keep the tears out of her voice. “He can’t just do that, he can’t just turn up out of nowhere and change everything and then - and then - change.” She wiped at her eyes, furiously. She was so sick of crying. “It’s not fair.”

“Of course it’s not.” Rose felt Jackie start rubbing her back in circles, and it made her feel like such a kid again. And while it was comforting to have her mum with her arm around her again, Rose wasn’t used to feeling this lost, or this alone. Her Doctor with the leather jackets and the fantastics - would she ever see him again?

She started to cry harder still, turning and embracing her mum. “It’s not fair,” she said again. Because what else was there to say?

“I know, sweetheart, I know.”