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Through My Youth, I Was Only Serious About You

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The soft vibration of her phone, brought the snoozing girl back into the real world. The early morning’s light temporarily blinding her, as she reached towards her bedside table, searching for her phone.

Feeling it under her hand, she tugged it and brought it to her face, hitting the power button, she saw a message on the front screen.


Just a single word from her quiet girlfriend. Dodobasu frowned a bit confused at the message, but upon looking at the time, she found herself unable to respond, else she would be late for school. Jumping out of bed, she made a dash for the bathroom, leaving her phone on the bed, message unanswered.

Last thing she needed was to be late today, she didn’t want to be the one sent shopping this week.

Finally after a few minutes in the bathroom, she left the room, grabbed her things for school, and sprinted off. When school grounds was nearby, she slowed down, not wanting to look to eager for school.

Passing an ally, a hand reached out for her own, and she was tugged into it. Dodobasu tensed for a moment, until she felt herself being hugged. “Did you get my message?” 

Turning around, she faced one of the Heavenly Queens, the most quiet of them all, and the owner of this morning’s message. Yoga. The tall beauty reached out, and tucked a hair behind the younger girl’s ear, smiling fondly at the blush on her face.

“Why only one word?” She finally questioned back, after fighting down her blush. Yoga’s intense gaze always made her heart flutter, especially combo’d with innocent touches.

“I felt like texting you something I like about you. The way you brush your hair behind your ear is unbearably cute.” Yoga confessed, before pressing a kiss to the younger girl’s head. “We should get to school. I’m going ahead first.”

Yoga left Dodobasu shocked in the ally.



Recovering from this morning took the younger girl a lot longer than she thought, but with her Team pestering her for why she was blushing and smiling most of this morning, she figured she would try to avoid thinking about it.

Which didn’t last long, as she felt her phone vibrate again, and without a thought she took it out, and looked at the message.


Dodobasu felt her heart speed up, before looking around. Just outside the room, she saw a familiar shade of purple pass by her class room. Making up an excuse, she chased after the figure.

Another faint smile made it’s way to her face, as she was lead to an abandoned room, looking around for any peering eyes, she deemed it safe before slipping inside.

The back of Yoga was the first thing she saw, and she slowly approached her again. Her face lighting up, as she got closer. “My smile?” She asked, before continuing. “What’s to like about my smile? It’s weird.”

Yoga chuckled as she turned around. “It’s a cute smile. You say you don’t like your smile, but I’ll love it for you.” She countered, dodging a punch, and instead captured the fist with her hand.

“You’re being so cheesy today.”

“But you like it right?”

Dodobusu simply huffed, before walking away. She just missed the wide grin on Yoga’s face, as she watched her go. She had just one more card up her sleeve before the end of the day. But she’ll wait until the end of the day.



After avoiding her Team mates questioning where she went during lunch, the rest of the day dragged on, and Dodobasu felt herself growing tired. She just wanted to go home, and go to sleep.

When the bell indicating school was over, she declined the invitation to go out with her friends. Grabbing her things, she began her walk home. The afternoon sky was already changing colors, and the air began to get colder.

Her phone vibrated for the third time today, and for the third time she pulled it out, expecting it to be from her sweet talking lover. Once again she was correct.


Looking up from her phone, she noticed she was already near their ally, the same one she was in this morning, entering it, she noticed a the same figure standing in the dark.

“Do I want to ask why?”

“Sure you do.”

Sighing, Dodobasu rolled her eyes. “Why my hands? They’re annoyingly small.”

Yoga moved from her spot leaning against the wall, and reached out for both of the younger girl’s hands, holding them in her own warmer hands. “By themselves they are cold, but when in my own they are soft and warm.”

The shorter of the two wanted to roll her eyes at the confession, but chose not too. feeling herself being tugged slightly, she moved forward, allowing herself to lean against the Queen.

“You’re a giant cheeseball.”

“I knew you’d like my messages.”

“I never said I liked them.”

Yoga laughed. “Is that why you kept staring at your phone all day?”

“How did you-”

“I didn’t you just told me.”

Pulling away with an angry blush, Dodobasu tried to turn around and leave. Not in the mood for being teased by her girlfriend. “Not so fast.” Yoga laughed again, this time hugging her from behind.

“You’re annoying!”

“But I love you.”

Hearing those words, she froze up.


“I’m not repeating myself. You should of been listening.” Yoga teased, releasing the younger girl, and beginning to walk off. A few moments later, she heard frantic footsteps after her.

“No, you have to say it again.”

“Do I now?”

“You do!”

Yoga felt her hand being grabbed, and intertwined by the small girl’s own. “You haven’t said it back yet you know.”

“Cause its embarrassing.”