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Who actually cares? Part II! (Prompts)

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These stories are all about the gays (please don't leave straight prompts I still ain't about that life) but if you wanna give me a m/m/f threesome with a guy still bottoming I'll take that. You know, I'm expanding my horizons. 

These stories feature;

- Homosexuals

- Bisexuals

- Transgender people

- Sex

- Death

- Violence

- Dub-con

- Non-con

- Bullying

- Rape Attempts

- Rape

- Suicidal Thoughts

- Depression

- Self Harm

- Threesomes

- Foursomes

- Pseudo Incest

- Violence

- Swearing (if this bothers you you're still too young to read this)


Alabaster C Torrington, 6'2, Son of Hecate - 

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Apollo, 6'0, God of the Sun, Poetry and Music - 

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Castor, 5'9, Son of Dionysus - 

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Charles Beckendorf, 6'4, Son of Hephaestus - 

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Clovis, 4'4, Son of Hypnos - 

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Connor Stoll, 5'10, Son of Hermes - 

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Cupid, 5'9, God of (Erotic) Love - 

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Ethan Nakamura, 5'9, Son of Nemesis - 

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Frank Zhang, 6'3, Son of Mars - 

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Jason Grace, 6'0, Son of Jupiter - 

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Leo Valdez, 5'6, Son of Hephaestus - 

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Luke Castellan, 6'2, Son of Hermes - 

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Malcolm Pace, 5'10, Son of Athena - 

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Michael Kahale, 6'1, Son of Venus - 

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Michael Yew, 4'6, Son of Apollo - 

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Mitchell, 5'3, Son of Aphrodite - 

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Nico di Angelo, 5'6, Son of Hades - 

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Octavian, 5'7, Descendant of Apollo - 

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Paolo Montes, 6'2, Son of Hebe - 

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Percy Jackson, 5'11, Son of Poseidon - 

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Thanatos, 6'0, Death - 

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Travis Stoll, 5'11, Son of Hermes -

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Will Solace, 6'0, Son of Apollo - 

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Chapters with smut:

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Disclaimers (about any mistakes in the fanfics);

I don't own the Images on this Fanfic

I don't speak any other languages than English and Polish so all the languages used are probably wrong since I google translated them

I'm not Amish, so I don't know a lot about the culture

I'm not a dancer, so I don't know any fancy terms.

My only knowledge about modelling comes from America's Next Top Model

I'm not trans so I don't know how operations and meds work, or in what order, so I just kind of make it very vague

I'm from London so I don't know about how American schools work

I've never had a Sugardaddy so that's probably not very accurate either

I've never gotten braces so dunno about all the technical stuff

I also don't know how exorcisms work

Furthermore I don't know much about Japanese Folklore or Buddhism

I'm not Jewish so I don't know much about the religion.

I don't know anything about split personalities. 

I'm also not a tattoo artist so I don't know shit about that. 

But yeah, enjoy!

PS. Ages ago I accidentally thought Percy's eyes were blue and you know what? Fuck it, I just stuck with it. Yeah, I know they're sea green but I just can't seem to remember that so they're blue. Sozzles.
PPS. To the people who ask; all the gifs are from google and they ain't mine

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“An Amish person goes out into the “real world” for the first time.”

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“You best come back here,” Zeus Grace growled, low in his throat, fixing the buttons on his son’s shirt, “You hear me?” the man snapped, grabbing the nineteen year old by the jaw and forcing their eyes to meet, “You’re not staying out there, understood?”

Jason Grace nodded feebly, “Of course I’ll come back.”

“You’ll get baptised and really become part of the Amish,” Zeus said, more to himself than to his son. The blonde stifled a tired sigh. If he knew Rumspringa would be so much work he might’ve just gotten baptised straight away and avoided the whole ordeal. But he couldn’t turn back – this was his only chance to escape the isolated Amish community he lived in, if only for some time. He was tired of all the masses at church and living without technology and electricity, and working in the field all day as if they were still in the seventeenth century. Of course he’d never tell his father that; the man himself went on his Rumspringa forty years ago and he hated it so much he returned after two days. Strangely, he insisted that Jason go ‘run around’ if only to find himself a nice girl to bring back to the community. Because Jason had to come back – his father had made as much clear.

Someone called Zeus’ name from the porch and the man lumbered outside, leaving Jason alone for a moment of peace. The boy turned to the scruffy mirror they had in the corner of their two room bungalow. He thought he looked weird out of his Amish clothing – the jeans that his father had dug out for him were of a weird material and the short-sleeved T-shirt felt weirdly tight around Jason’s biceps. He still had his horrendous haircut that all the boys were forced to have – straight across the forehead – but he hoped to get rid of that as soon as he got to New York.

New York. Jason exhaled shakily. Not only was he leaving his community in Pennsylvania for the first time in his life, but he was being thrown into the deep end straight away. He’d heard things about New York, about the alcohol and drugs and sex. But he also heard about the cars and the computers and the bright yellow taxis and subway trains, and Times Square full of colourful billboards. To say he was excited to go would be an understatement. Life in a religious community that hadn’t made progress probably since dinosaurs still walked the earth was suffocating, especially with a father such as Zeus. Zeus wasn’t a nice man.

Two years earlier Thalia, Jason’s older sister, had gone on her Rumspringa. They were meant to come back after two months at most but the girl never returned. She sent her family a letter; she was staying in New York, where she found a home. That had been a blow to Zeus, who had become more abusive than ever. And yet he was still letting Jason leave – and to stay at Thalia’s home too! Jason knew that part of Zeus still hoped that his daughter would be persuaded to return to the Amish and get baptized.

“Jason!” the man thundered into their house, snapping at him in German, “Let’s go, boy!

A small group of scared looking Amish teenagers was gathered by the roadside, backpacks slung over their shoulders. They looked weird and uncomfortable in their modern clothes and none looked as happy to go as Jason. They’d have to walk for an hour to the closest train station, and from there...well, the world was Jason’s oyster.


Jason once again glanced at the flimsy piece of paper in his hand and then at the door. He had gotten off the train (which he found frightening and loud, but exhilarating at the same time) and trudged through sun-filled streets full of blocks of flats. He had gotten lost a few times, too mesmerized by the tall buildings and all the fancy cars. People were hurrying past, some with phones in their hands, others with earphones in their ears. There was such a wild assortment of people in New York that nobody paid attention to Jason and his weird haircut unless he asked them for directions to Thalia’s flat.

And now he was here. The door was scratched a little bit but the flat itself wasn’t bad...just different to what Jason was used to. Hesitantly, he lifted his fist and knocked. The door flew open almost immediately and Jason jumped back.

Despite the fact that it was late afternoon the man standing in the doorway was still in his donut-printed pyjamas, a toothbrush shoved in his mouth. Jason gaped at him, open mouthed. The boy had one of his legs amputated at the knee, leaving him with a metal one, something Jason had never seen before. His dark, kinky hair stuck up, he was unshaved and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Good morning,” he muttered, mouth full of toothpaste.

“I-It’s six in the afternoon,” Jason stuttered. The man in the door shrugged and pulled out the toothbrush, spitting out the toothpaste over the side of the staircase,

“Whatever haircut. I’m Grover, and you are...?”

“Jason,” the blonde said quickly, sticking his hand over. Grover shook it lazily, “Jason Grace.”

The man slapped his forehead, “Of course! Jason! Right, sorry...I just woke up. Night shifts, you know how it is.”

“Yeah...,” Jason said awkwardly because he didn’t know how it was, “Um, is Thalia home?”

“Nah, home girl popped down to the shop to get something for dinner,” Grover explained, “But come in! Make yourself at home, how long you staying for?”

“Around two months...maybe,” Jason nervously walked into the flat and Grover shut the door behind them. They were standing in a small, cramped hallway with a stack of shoes piling beneath half a dozen hanging coats, “Excuse me, are you her...husband?”

Grover stared at him for a full second and then burst into loud laughter, doubling over and cackling like the devil just possessed him.

“W-What...m-me and...pfft, Thalia?!” the man spluttered, unable to keep a straight face. Jason blinked at him. He had no idea why he would be living with his sister unless he was with her...

“Oi Grover!” a girl that was definitely not Thalia stormed into the corridor. She was dressed in a pair of silver trousers and just a bra, her long dark hair braided down her back. Jason averted his gaze hurriedly, praying that he wasn’t blushing, “What are you baying at again, you damn goat?! Aren’t you meant to be at work?”

“Aren’t you meant to be at your rally?” Grover fired back. The girl ignored him as her eyes landed on Jason,

“Oh!” she blinked, “And you are...,” Jason could practically hear the gears turning in her head. She pulled Grover close by the arm and whispered hurriedly, “ today Friday?” the man nodded in confirmation and she shoved him away, smiling fakely, “Jason right? Thalia’s brother.”

“Yes, nice to meet you,” Jason was confused by these weird people but he decided to keep his questions back.

“Zoe Nightshade,” the girl introduced herself, “Sorry about the chaos; we’re Thalia’s housemates.”

“H-Housemates?” Jason asked. Zoe and Grover exchanged a look,

“So...a couple months back we might have...,” the man started to nervously explain, “knocked a massive hole in the wall connecting our flats. We kind of never got round to fixing it-“

“So now we are sharing both the flats,” Zoe summarised with a shrug.

“Why don’t you come into the living room?” Grover offered, ushering them out of the cramped hallway, which Jason was thankful for. Sure enough when they walked inside the small living-room a sizeable hole covered the wall practically from the floor to the ceiling. Past it Jason could see an identical sized living room, except the one he was standing in had a nice dining table with a couple mis-matched chairs around it while the one next door was mostly taken up by bean bag sofas and a table set up with red solo cups.

“Excuse the mess! We weren’t expecting you so soon!” another girl popped up, climbing through the hole. She was dressed in a flannel shirt, her black hair in a messy bun on top of her head, “Last night got a bit wild!” she had a sweet smile on her face. Jason blinked, “Oh! I’m Bianca, by the way.”

“ you all live here?” Jason asked quietly. The three friends exchanged a look,

“Sorry,” Bianca said, “This is probably a massive cultural shock to you; I know it was to Thalia,” the girl glanced at the clock, “Grover you need to leave in ten minutes or you’ll be late. Zoe, your protest starts in five.

Both of the friends swore.

“What are you protesting?” Jason asked politely. Zoe’s eyes narrowed,

“Men,” she said as Grover scrambled through the hole in the wall, running down the corridor on the other side. Bianca shook her head,

“She’s fighting for equal rights,” she explained.

“Free the nipple, Bianca!” Zoe called from her room.

“No thank you!” Bianca called back, then she turned back to Jason who was confused and awed at the same time. The girl was right; this was all a shock to him. He was used to calm, structured life where everyone kept their heads down. But the chaos of the flat was...refreshing, “You must be exhausted. Why don’t you freshen up? Bathroom’s down the corridor on the left.”

“Thank you,” Jason said gratefully and followed her directions, yearning for a moment of peace to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately that was not to be as the second that Jason pulled open the bathroom door he ran into yet another member of Thalia’s colourful household.

“Shit!” the new boy tried to manoeuvre around Jason and slipped on the floor, flailing. Jason clumsily grabbed him by the arm, dropping his bag, and pulled him upright. Then he stared at the boy. His black hair (everyone seemed to have black hair in this damn flat) was still damp from his shower, his eyes a bright sparkling blue, a few shades darker than Jason’s. His skin was tanned as if he had been surfing all day. He wore nothing apart from low-hanging grey sweatpants and a towel around his shoulders, “Do you need the toilet?” he asked as if not surprised at the sudden arrival of Jason.


“My name’s Percy,” the new guy offered Jason his hand, “I’m the original tenant.”

“Oh,” Jason shook his hand, “I’m Jason.”

“Thalia’s brother? Yeah, I know,” Percy smiled happily, “She couldn’t stop going on about your visit for weeks.”

“JASON!” Thalia’s familiar voice sounded down the corridor at that moment. Jason’s heart jumped in his chest and his stomach twisted with nerves. He turned and the next thing he knew was that his sister was flying at him, throwing her arms around him and hugging him tightly, “Jason!”

It took Jason a second to gather himself, and then he squeezed his sister hard – she was there, she was real. He couldn’t believe that they were together again after two years. It felt surreal to be able to hug her again. The girl pulled away, laughing wildly, and cupped Jason’s face in her hands,

“My little brother!” she had tears in her eyes. Jason took her in; she had cut her hair short and choppy and dyed it black as if to match the rest of her housemates. She was wearing leather and heeled boots and multiple earrings. Jason still remembered the quiet, moody girl in the brown dresses back at home, “Kleiner Bruder,” she whispered, sliding into German, “Welcome home.”


Jason looked at his plate nervously. They were all sat around the table in one of the kitchens, and Jason felt hopelessly out of place. He was used to quiet meals at set times made from scratch, and now he was sitting here with the loudest group of people he knew around a massive box of pizza in the middle of the table. For some reason he liked it.

“Percy why don’t you take Jason down tomorrow to get his hair cut?” Thalia asked with a mouthful of pizza. Next to her Zoe viciously stabbed her slice with a knife.

"I can go by myself," Jason said quickly, "I don't want to be any trouble."

"Christ, he's so polite," Bianca said in awe, looking at Thalia, "Are you sure you're related?" the answer to her question came in the form of a green pepper being flicked at her. 

"It's no trouble," Percy smiled at Jason, "I don't have uni tomorrow anyway, we’re on spring break."

"Oh right...what do you study?" Jason was genuinely interested. Unlike everyone else Percy seemed the most 'normal' and yet there was something intriguing about him.

"Marine biology," he shrugged. Before Jason could reply Thalia interrupted. 

“By the way we’re a bit short on rooms right now so you’re going to have to share with someone.”

“Can’t I share with you?” he asked innocently. Thalia and Zoe exchanged a look,

“I...uh, have guests over...sometimes...,” she said vaguely but the implication made Jason’s face burn bright red. He almost chocked on his pizza. At home they were always taught that sex was something sacred and secretive, best kept for marriage. But looking at this lot Jason wouldn’t be surprised if all of them were raging nymphomaniacs, it was just a shock knowing that his sister wasn’t like virgin Mary anymore.

“Right,” he finally managed. Thalia looked uncomfortable but Percy was grinning, clearly finding the whole thing funny,

“He can sleep in my room,” he said casually, “I’ve got a double bed.”

“All you’re gonna do is molest him,” Zoe muttered under her breath but Jason didn’t catch it. He nodded,

“That’d be...good,” he smiled at Percy, “Thanks.”


It was not good. Jason was lying in Percy’s bed as stiff as a board listening to the really loud traffic outside. Although Percy had fallen asleep on his side of the bed during his sleep he had manoeuvred himself so he was now curled up into Jason’s side like some damn cat, one of his legs thrown over Jason’s, his arm around the boy’s chest. When he had warned Jason that he got ‘touchy’ sometimes at night Jason didn’t think he meant literally.

But Percy cuddling up to him wasn’t the biggest issue. The biggest issue was the bulge Jason had in his pants for God knows what reason. He had been find minutes ago!...before Percy had touched him. Jason swallowed nervously and tried not to think about the correlation between his boner and the boy practically on top of him. Percy was different than all the other guys back at the Amish community – for one he didn’t have the ugly haircut they were all forced into, and when Jason nervously glanced at him in the half-dark he couldn’t help but think that he was ridiculously good looking, like something out of a book. But that still wasn’t the reason to get hard over him! Jason was one hundred percent sure that he liked girls with their long hair and soft curves...well, ninety-nine percent, and he was scared at how rapidly that number was falling. It was probably just sexual frustration.

Percy frowned in his sleep and made a little noise at the back of his throat and Jason’s dick twitched. The boy gritted his teeth and prayed to God that it would go down, but it didn’t look like it would. It wasn’t Jason’s fault that Percy had really long lashes and the plumpest bottom lip that he had ever seen and that his hair was stupidly soft where it tickled his cheek. Jason tried to pray and concentrate on God, but it really wasn’t working.

Deciding that lying about wasn’t going to change his literally growing problem Jason carefully untangled himself from Percy, who thankfully slept like a rock. Holding his breath he padded out into the dark corridor and then slipped into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door.

That was the first night that Jason had a wank over Percy Jackson, but it was definitely not the last.


You look lovely,” Thalia told Jason in German as she smoothed down the back of his shirt. Her brother stared at himself in the mirror.

In the week that he had lived with Thalia and her crazy roommates he changed so much that he himself couldn’t even recognise his own reflection. The haircut that he had gotten with Percy a few days earlier made him look...well, it made him look nice, in Jason’s own humble opinion. The fringe didn’t fall into his eyes anymore, which he was thankful for, and instead swept up where it was longest on the top, slightly shorter at the sides.

It took Thalia a week of persuading but eventually Jason had reluctantly agreed to go to a nightclub with her and her friends on the weekend. Honestly he was terrified – his father told him about how filthy those places were, and how sinful. And now Jason was going into one. He nervously looked at himself again. Thalia had taken him out shopping and now he was in a black t-shirt (that in Bianca’s words made him look like a Greek God) which he thought was too tight.

“I wish you’d put something over top,” Jason told his sister, who was wearing a revealing tank top and too-tight leather pants. She gave him a look,

Old habits die hard? I’m not Amish anymore.”

Jason stood up and kissed her cheek, “It’s not’re my sister. I’m just feeling protective.”

Thalia smiled and ruffled his freshly cut hair, “I know.”

The whole group stepped out into the warm evening minutes later, talking and shouting at each other playfully. Jason noticed that Percy kept glancing at him and he wondered if there was something on his face.

If Jason had been raised in a less private society and if he wasn’t so out of his depth then maybe he would’ve asked to swap rooms by now. He hardly slept the past week, because Percy was always all over him when he was knocked out, and Jason didn’t know how to tell him about it. It’s not that he minded, per say, it was actually quite nice (Percy was a great hugger) but it lead to a certain stirring in Jason’s nether regions every time and he wasn’t very happy about that.

As they continued to walk, Zoe and Grover bickering about something, Jason glanced at Percy only to find that the boy was already looking at him. Instead of looking away he smiled and slid forward so he was walking shoulder-to-shoulder with Jason,

“You look nice,” he said. Jason stared at his shoes,

“Thanks. So do you,” not that it mattered; it seemed Percy always looked good. Over the past week Jason had got to know him a bit. Unlike the other tenants of the flats Percy was Jason’s age, and yet they couldn’t be more different. Percy was carefree, a little wild, never sitting still. He was loud and spoke his mind and had no filter, and was completely oblivious to the effect he had on people. Jason might’ve been a bit infatuated with him, but of course he’d never admit it, even to himself.

The line outside the nightclub they were going in scared Jason. It snaked out of the club and around the corner and the people beneath the flashing neon sign that said Camp Half-Blood were dark and exotic and skimpily dressed, their eyes sliding over Jason as if he was a piece of meat. They reminded him of vampires he read about in one of the books that one of the older Amish girls snuck in years ago.

Instead of going to the back of the line Bianca led the group right up to the bouncer, a big, tall man with long hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“Chiron!” she called. The man’s eyes landed on her and he smiled brightly. The two embraced,

“Bianca! It’s good to see you again,” he gestured at the group to join them, “Come in, come in, no – don’t pay, no seriously Bianca, I owe you one.”

Dumbstruck Jason walked right past the bouncer with the rest, to the dismal protest of the people in the queue. Bianca smiled at them as they ventured into the nightclub. It took a moment for Jason’s body to adjust to such a rapid change; suddenly there were flashing lights everywhere and music so loud that it made the ground vibrate.

The club was dark save for the laser lights that cut through the air, making everyone look like mysterious shadows. There were some booths around the edges of the spacious club, but the main part, right before the DJ’s stand, was packed with sweaty bodies dancing wildly to the music. Jason swallowed nervously. The air smelled like a mixture of alcohol, sweat and sex but he couldn’t see any inappropriate actions going on, though he couldn’t see what was going on inside the dancing mass.

“Drink, drink, drink!” Thalia and Grover chanted, bee-lining right at to the bar. Bianca pulled Jason, Percy and Zoe to a secluded booth in the corner. Minutes later Thalia and Grover returned with multiple trays of glasses and shots, all of them crowding into the booth. Jason found himself uncomfortably squashed between Zoe and Percy, heart hammering.

“Scoot up!” Grover complained, elbowing Percy. The boy slid into Jason’s lap as if it was the most casual thing in the world. The blonde sucked in a startled breath as the boy leaned forward to grab a shot. He was completely frozen. This was bad. Jason willed himself not to get hard but it was almost impossible when Percy was so close, and his ass looked so good in those tight pants and oh my God what am I thinking?! Jason was having an internal battle with himself as Percy passed him a shot with a careless grin. They toasted to something that Jason couldn’t hear over the pounding music, and drank.

The alcohol burned Jason’s throat and the boy started to cough violently, much to the amusement of everyone else. Then, thankfully, Percy slid off him, pulling Thalia, Bianca and Grover to the dance floor. Jason slumped against the soft cushions of the booth with a sigh as his friends disappeared. Looking almost sympathetic, Zoe passed him a colourful drink.

“Must be hard,” she had to shout over the music to be heard, “to adjust to all this suddenly.”

Jason shrugged, “It’s weird, but I kind of like it.”

The girl smiled and clinked her glass against his. Nervously Jason sipped at this new drink and was delighted to find that it was sweet and not as strong as the shot had been. He drank fast, which was probably a bad idea, and by the time he finished half the glass his world was fuzzy around the edges and he was deliciously warm and relaxed. He didn’t know how much time passed but when he glanced over at Zoe he was startled to find that she had a girl (Jason had no idea who) in her lap and was kissing the daylights out of her.

Not wanting to interrupt their session Jason stumbled to his feet and then clumsily made his way to the dancers, wanting to find the others. He made eye contact with a girl who was wearing red contacts, making her really look like a vampire, and before he could react she pulled him into the dancing mass. People pressed in around Jason, laughing and dancing, their bodies brushing against his. The girl was too close for the blonde’s liking, and she attempted to make out with him. Jason knew he probably looked like a deer caught in the headlights and was thankful when he spotted Percy in the crowd. Their eyes met and the next second the boy was pulling Jason away from the overly sexual girl.

“That was a close one!” he yelled, laughing uneasily. He stumbled into Percy and leaned on him, his world spinning a little. Percy grinned,

“You’re drunk!” he yelled, pulling Jason close. The music thundered in Jason’s skull, everything felt hot and foggy. He leaned into Percy – they were so close, but Jason couldn’t concentrate on that, or anything for the matter. Percy’s breath was warm on his face and at that moment Jason was mesmerized.


Jason refused to accept the fact that he was attracted to Percy. Slowly he started to grow accustomed to his new life, though at the back of his head there was the constant battle whether he should or shouldn’t return to Pennsylvania. He knew his father was waiting for him, his words rang in Jason’s head: you best come back here.

Jason prayed to God almost feverishly, for Him to forgive Jason his sins and his dirty thoughts but God never answered. Honestly, God never answered Jason anyway, and sometimes the blonde wondered if he was even really there. Still, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. The night at the club was fuzzy and he didn’t remember a lot of it but he did remember Percy’s body against his and he hated himself for liking the way the boy danced. He imagined what his Amish community would say if he told them that he was attracted to a male.

Because despite everything Jason was forced to accept the fact that he was. He spent a lot of time with Percy as the boy tutored him in the modern world alongside the others. But Thalia was out half of the day, working at a local Mexican restaurant, Grover slept most of the day and worked as a bartender at night, Zoe was never at home, too busy alternating between her equal rights rallies and her office job, and Bianca slept round at her younger brother’s a lot of the time. Percy was on a break from university so he and Jason were virtually always together.

Percy introduced Jason to a whole new world of pot noodles, video games and cinema’s. The first time the boy took Jason to see a horror movie on the big screen the blonde demanded that they sleep with the light on. Three weeks after Jason’s arrival his nineteen years as an Amish seemed like a weird dream.

Jason and Percy came back home after a warm day in the park where Percy introduced Jason to an amazing innovation called waffles on Saturday evening only to find that there was a revolution happening in the apartments. There were crates of bears stacked in one of the living rooms and the beer pong table had made a re-appearance. Bianca was busy distributing nachos, chips and dip into different plastic bowls and Grover was stringing up multi-coloured Christmas lights, balancing on a chair with his fake leg.

“What is going on?” Jason asked, confused. Percy slapped his forehead with his hand,

Shit! I completely forgot about the house party!”

“House party?” Jason asked faintly.

“Just a small thing,” Thalia came into the living room through the hole in the wall with a bunch of red solo cups in her arms, “Jas, you don’t mind, right?”

Maybe two weeks ago Jason would’ve but after spending so much time in the real world he found that he was almost excited. He shrugged,

“Fine by me.”


Thalia might’ve lied a bit – the party was definitely not small. By eleven at night the place was packed full. In Percy’s apartment people were dancing in the darkness, jamming out to Grover’s music which was plugged to some speakers. In the other living room by the light of the fairy lights people were lounging on the bean bag chairs, eating or playing beer pong. Jason was stuck between two tipsy girls who were leaning on him heavily.

“I can’t believe you’re Amish!” one of them gushed.

“Yeah, you seem so cool-“

“And your haircut is so good! Isn’t his haircut so good!”

“It is!”

Jason didn’t have a chance to reply to any of their questions as they clung onto him and talked to each other about him like he wasn’t there. He was wildly uncomfortable and his eyes kept sliding to Percy, who was playing beer pong with Thalia against two boys that Jason didn’t know.

There were beers and drinks lying around but Jason was too scared to touch them, remembering how fast and easily he got drunk two weeks before at the club. He wasn’t really having a good time – the music was doing his head in and everyone around him was making out. Jason was grateful when a third girl came over and his two ‘companions’ squealed and got up to hug her, giving him a chance to slip away. He had to almost fight his way through the writhing bodies of the dancers to get to his and Percy’s room, but once there he slammed the door shut.

He could still hear the music but it was thankfully muffled. Jason turned on the night lamp and took a drink of water before taking his shirt off. Someone had spilled cider on it. He collapsed on his and Percy’s bed and shoved a pillow on top of his face to try and get some peace. He didn’t want to be a killjoy but he was exhausted.

“Knock, knock,” Percy poked his head around the door with an almost shy smile, “Can I come in?”

“Of course – it’s your room,” Jason sat up. Percy smiled and came inside, locking the door behind him,

“For privacy,” he explained, “people like to come in here and have sex.” Jason looked at the covers in disgust but Percy snickered, “Relax, I changed the sheets.”

“Right,” Jason moved up so Percy could sit down next to him, “Why aren’t you out there with the others?”

“Why aren’t you?” the dark haired boy asked. Jason shrugged,

“It got a bit much.”

Percy’s shoulders slumped and he bit his lip, “Sorry about not telling you about it earlier. We kind of forget you’re not one of us.”

Jason smiled at that, “What about you? Why you in here?”

“Just wanted to check up on you.”

“Oh,” Jason looked away, “Well I’m okay, so you can go back if you want.”

“Aw, wanna get rid of me so soon?” Percy teased.

“No! No, that’s...that’s not what I meant!” Jason said quickly and Percy just started laughing, then he grew anxious suddenly,

“Jason do you mind if I smoke?”

Jason blinked at him, “Smoke some what?”

“Weed. Marihuana. Drugs. Do you mind if I get high?” Percy specified.

“Oh. No. That’s okay.”

The blonde watched curiously as Percy pulled out a few complicated devices from his nightstand. He put some tobacco into a container with the green-tinted weed and grinded them together. It was kind of interesting watching him gracefully roll it in some thin paper and the press it between his lips, lighting it.

Percy inhaled and smiled, “That’s nice,” he said, slumping against the pillows. Jason watched him smoke in silence and quickly enough the room filled with aromatic smoke. Jason could feel it tickling softly at his nose every time he inhaled and he felt a bit light-headed, but nicely relaxed, enough to ask Percy for a hit after a few minutes.

“Could I have some?” he asked quietly. When Percy looked at him his eyes were half-lidded, his pupils blown. He smiled,

“You sure?”

Jason nodded and Percy passed him the blunt. He inhaled and then tried his best not to cough as it scratched at his throat, but he failed. Gently Percy coaxed him to try again and the next time wasn’t as bad. Jason had a few more pulls, feeling like his bones were liquefying and sank into the bed, blissed out. Percy grinned, as he also pressed himself into the pillows,

“Nice?” he asked. Jason closed his eyes and nodded. When he opened them again he and Percy were lying on their sides, facing each other, their noses almost brushing. For once Jason didn’t feel panicked or have the need to pull away. Percy finished the zoot and put it out on his bedside table before returning to his position.

“Percy,” Jason whispered quietly, reaching up to touch Percy’s cheek, “Am I high?”

“Yeah,” Percy smiled, “yeah you are. So am I. I think.”

Jason snorted, finding that funny for some reason. The world had a soft edge to it and he started to fiddle with Percy’s hair. It was weird but it was as if all of Jason’s worries and agitation left him and he was just...happy.

When Percy leaned in for some reason Jason didn’t think he was going to kiss him. He had no other excuse as to why Percy would come so near but his brain didn’t catch up with what was happening until Percy cupped his cheek and pressed their lips together. Maybe it was because of the weed but Jason automatically leaned into the kiss, liking the warmth of Percy’s body against his.

He wrapped his arms around the boy, drawing him close. Jason world slid in and out of focus so he closed his eyes, focusing on the gentle and steady beat of Percy’s heart. They kept the kiss lazy and slow; Percy’s hands were stroking Jason’s cheeks as the blonde slipped his arms beneath the boy’s shirt to press his palms against his warm, naked skin.

Percy pulled away so their noses were barely touching again,

“You don’t like boys, Jason,” he said, almost sadly, “you told me that.”

Jason frowned, “Yes, but I like you.”

“No you don’t. Not really.”

“Yeah I do,” Jason protested, “I like your smile and I like the pancakes you make, and I like touching you, and that kiss right now was nice and-,” his voice faltered and his eyes slid to Percy’s lips, “I want to kiss you again.”

“I’m not stopping you,” Percy whispered and Jason leaned forward to capture his lips again. Then they stared at each other for a little while more. It was a hot night and they could hear people partying outside, lulling them to sleep.


The next morning when Jason woke up wrapped up in Percy he started to fiercely apologise for what happened, but Percy just summed it up with a casual laugh and a “It’s alright, we were high.”

And that was that.


Jason hit the midway mark and some days he forgot that he had a decision to make, but other days it was impending and he didn’t know how to deal with it. He talked about it with Thalia.

“I want you to stay. Christ, of course I want you to stay,” the girl told him, “but it’s your choice Jason, and I’ll love my little brother no matter what he chooses.”

The other tenants were a bit more subjective.

“The Amish treat women like housewives!” Zoe proclaimed furiously over dinner one night, “They had no rights, all they do is cook, clean and raise children! That isn’t fair!”

“I don’t know man I just think it’s a bit much,” Grover told him when they went down to the shop, “like no electricity and stuff? How does that bring you closer than God? Why is it necessary?”

“I just want you to stay,” Bianca said tearfully when he asked for her opinion, “You’re one of us now.”

On the one month mark Jason asked Percy what he thought. Despite their kiss the dark haired boy pretended as if nothing happened, acting like he and Jason were just friends even though the blonde couldn’t get the encounter out of his head. The feeling of Percy’s lips on his was burned into his brain.

When Jason asked him about his opinion on the matter of his return the boy told him to put his shoes on and then led him out onto the sun-filled streets of New York. They took the crowded subway for a few stops but Percy refused to tell Jason where they were going until they stepped off the underground and found themselves in a whole different world.

The long street was full of tourists, but it was the most colourful place Jason had ever seen. Signs hung from the tall buildings hugging the street; red and gold and bright green, all written in intricate Chinese. Smiling cats and little Buddha’s grinned at Jason from every corner. The lower part of the buildings were made of walk in shops, with stands full of street Chinese food being prepared right in front of the people, filling the air with delicious aromas. Cars beeped at each other impatiently, trying to weave through the crowds of people. The upper floors of the buildings were criss crossed by staircases painted green, leading up to flats.

“Welcome to China Town,”

“It’s...wonderful,” Jason whispered in awe. Percy took his hand and linked their fingers,

“So you don’t get lost,” he said, but Jason noted the little blush on his cheeks. He pulled Jason through the swarming crowd which reminded him of bees in a hive, until they came to a stand in front of one of the food stands, where a plump Chinese woman was cooking. Percy ordered something that sounded complicated and moments later the two were sitting on the street curb, splitting a can of cold coke and feasting on some of the best food Jason had ever had.

Afterwards the two boys wandered through China town hand in hand, and Percy told him about all the interesting places in New York. Finally Jason couldn’t take it anymore.

“Percy,” he said, stopping beneath someone’s staircase, where there was a bit of shade, “What are we actually doing here?”

Percy’s smile fell and he looked at his shoes, “We’re...on a date. I thought it was obvious.”

“W-Why?” Jason’s mouth was dry. Percy shrugged,

“You asked if you should go or stay and I...I wish I could be objective and told you that it’s your choice but honestly I’m selfish,” he looked up at Jason and then wrapped his arms around his torso and buried his face in the blonde’s shoulder, which startled the Amish boy, “Please don’t go,” Percy whispered.


It was ridiculously early and in the shaft of grey light falling in through the window Percy looked beautiful. His eyes were closed, his dark hair spread on the pillow, his arm thrown over Jason as he slept peacefully. The blonde was sitting up, fully dressed, legs over the side as to not muddy the blankets with his shoes. He stroked Percy’s hair and then quietly stood up and picked up his bag.

Thalia was standing by the counter in the kitchen in her pj’s, hands wrapped around a cup of steaming tea. She looked exhausted.

“I’m sorry, Thalia,” he whispered. She shook her head and came over to him, wrapping her arms around him,

“Don’t be,” she kissed his cheek, “Goodbye, Kleiner Bruder.”

“Tell the others bye...from me,” Jason’s throat felt tight. The girl nodded,

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you to the station?”

Jason’s shook his head, “I’ll walk. I wanna look at New York one last time.”

The air was cold and Jason shivered as he stepped outside. Technically he still had over three weeks before he was meant to return but he felt like if he stayed for longer, he’d never be able to go. He felt bad for not saying goodbye to Percy, and his chest already ached for him, but there was nothing he could do. His father was expecting him, and Jason could never be right for Percy.

There was faint mist weaving among the buildings of New York and the streets were surprisingly empty for such a big city. With a heavy heart Jason trailed down to the station, like a ghost, feeling like he left a piece of his heart back at the flats. He didn’t even have a phone, no way of contacting those amazing people again. He would have to come to terms with the fact that he would probably never see them again – never see Percy again.

The train station was half full, tired New Yorkers waiting for their trains, leaning against the pillars and drinking strong coffee to try and wake up. Business men and women in suits, a pair of lesbians wrapped up in a gay pride flag, a Drag Queen returning from a show, six children and their tired mother. It was New York and there were so many people here, and Jason would never seen anyone but the Amish for the rest of his days.

The train was late and he sat at the station for half an hour, dozing off every so often. Then he was startled awake.

“Fuck you Jason Grace!” the voice echoed at Jason through the station and he turned around to see a furious Percy running at him, still in his pyjamas. The people on the station looked up curiously as Percy barrelled right into him, knocking him into the wall.

“P-Percy-“ Jason stuttered.

“No! Shut up! Fuck you,” Percy spat and when he looked up Jason saw that there were tears shining in his eyes, “What the hell is wrong with you? How could you just leave!” his hands were curled in Jason’s shirt. His shoelaces were untied and Jason was surprised he didn’t trip, “You absolute a-asshole c-can’t just...,” Percy’s voice broke and he just stared at Jason, lower lip trembling, “you c-can’t just go.”

“Percy,” Jason said quietly, aware of the eyes on them, “I...I can’t give you what you want. I’m...I’m Amish, you know that, you know I’m not supposed to before marriage, and that I’m supposed to have a wife and-“

“I don’t care about all that!” Percy yelled. The train was finally approaching loudly but all the people were fixated with the two boys, “I don’t care!”

“You don’t now, but you will later!” Jason’s heart hurt, “I’m getting on that train, Perce,” he tried to move past the boy but Percy pulled him back by the arm,

“No!” he was crying, “No, y-you don’t get to d-do that...y-you don’t get t-to run-“

“I’m not running!” Jason snapped angrily.

“Yes you are!”

“Percy, the train-“

“I love you.”

Jason’s breath caught in his throat. He stared at Percy, who looked determined behind his tears. His grip relaxed on Jason and his voice softened, “I love you,” he repeated, wiping his tears away angrily with his sleeves. The doors of the train opened – nobody got on. The doors closed, and the train rumbled on, and Jason just stared at Percy.

“Please say something,” the dark haired boy whispered after a moment, shaking, “Please.”

Ich liebe dich,“ Jason whispered, feeling as if everything was clicking into place. I love you. But just in case Percy didn’t understand Jason pulled him close and kissed him. He didn’t get on the next train, or the one after that, and nobody cared that an Amish boy and a boy in his nightgown were sitting on a bench, kissing, because weirder things happened in New York.

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Solangelo where they are dancers (not ballet, something more contemporary...or jazz, hip hop..), maybe rivals or colleagues...with some that cliché quote of "dancing like they are having sex", but in their case, they "have sex like they are dancing "
for bailci

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Nico was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the dance studio, the floor cold beneath his palms. His small class had just finished stretching and were now staring at their teacher, Madame Aphrodite, as she told them about an upcoming competition.

“It’s all the regional schools, and one of you might even go to Nationals!” she was as excited as a child, grinning with her brightly painted lips, “It can be a contemporary solo or a duet, and of course you’re all entering!”

The six students all smiled at each other. Nico had been in this contemporary dance class since he was nine and now, eight years later, he couldn’t think of a better place to be. He loved contemporary dance and the way it allowed him to express his emotions from music. It wasn’t like hip-hop, where the dance itself was the most important, or ballet where everything was set and controlled. No, contemporary was about interpretation, about the emotion you were feeling behind the movement, and that’s what Nico fell in love with.

“Talk amongst yourself,” Aphrodite urged, “decide who wants to go alone and who wants to go in a pair, and then we can do some improvisations.”

Eagerly the class of seventeen and eighteen year olds crowded together.

“Of course I’m with Silena,” Charles Beckendorf, the tallest and strongest physically from the class, announced, an arm slung around his pretty girlfriend’s shoulders.

“Of course,” the others agreed with an eye roll as Silena pecked Beckendorf’s cheek.

“I think I’m going to do a solo,” Nico told them,

Of course.”

“In that case Leo do you wanna pair up?” one of the girls, Piper, asked. The small Latino boy next to her shrugged,

“Sure, just know that I can’t do any lifting,” he grinned and she ruffled his hair. Thalia Grace, a girl who played in a heavy metal band in her spare time, exchanged a look with Percy Jackson, the last remaining candidate.

“Yeaaaah,” she drawled, “I’ll take the solo.”

“Great,” Aphrodite grinned at them, “Shall we get on with the impr-“

She didn’t get to finish because suddenly the doors to their dance studio burst open and six people strode in confidently, much to Nico’s class’ dismay. At their head was a tall boy with blonde curls and a sprinkle of freckles across his tanned cheeks. Don’t let the freckles fool you – Will Solace was a devil in disguise.

“Sorry Madame Aphrodite,” he started politely as Nico glared at him, hard, “Mrs Hera broke her leg.”

“Fantastic!” the blonde teacher beamed; her dislike for the other dance teacher was no secret. Will shifted uncomfortably, the students at his back stared openly at Nico’s class. The Italian fidgeted awkwardly but didn’t avert his gaze. The two classes had a long, complicated history and plenty of bad blood between them. Both of them were located in the same dance studio in Hanwell, London but were not part of the same dance group, so they were constantly pegged against each other in competitions, making it hard to see them every few days and not try and slit the competition’s throats.

Nico personally had the biggest issue with Will. It went back to when he was ten and Will was eleven and had won the first big competition Nico had ever been in by stealing his song. Everybody knew that you didn’t take other people’s songs – it was in the Bible of dance! After seeing his piece Nico had panicked and refused to go on stage, scared to be seen as a copy cat, and Will won that day. It was years ago but Nico still held a serious grudge.

A blonde girl stepped up to Madame Aphrodite with a no-nonsense look on her face and handed her a piece of paper, “She’s assigning our class to you for the upcoming Competition.”

“O-Oh,” Madame Aphrodite blinked at the paper in her hand and her class held their breaths, wanting to know what the teacher would decide. Eventually the woman spoke, “In that case please sit down we’re going to have some improvisations.”

Her class groaned and started to angrily protest but the woman silenced them with her hand,

“I will never take the opportunity to dance from anyone,” she said solemnly as the new students settled among the old. Will made sure that he was sitting as far away from Nico as possible, which the Italian was grateful for, “we’re merging, and that’s final.”

There were still some grumbles from Aphrodite’s class and they all shuffled away from the newcomer’s, banding together and glaring at them. The teacher paid no attention to that as she quickly explained the competition to Hera’s class. They started whispering among each other and the woman turned to her own class,

“Let’s lived things up a bit! Nico, why don’t you come and improvise for us!”

Nico felt himself flush. Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t mind just going with the flow among his own people, but he really didn’t want to dance in front of the intruders. Unfortunately from experience he knew that Madame Aphrodite didn’t take no for an answer so he hesitantly got up and walked up to the massive mirror taking up one wall of the studio. He glanced at himself – messy black hair and a loose grey shirt – and then turned to face his little ‘audience,’ determined not to look at Will or any of his friends.


Will smirked when he saw Nico the brat go up, blushing. He was embarrassed which could only mean one thing – he wasn’t confident in his dance abilities. Will was not a malicious person but one thing that he’d like to see before he died is for Nico to crumble under pressure again. Maybe that would get it through his thick skull that back on that day when Will accidentally picked the same song as him Nico lost because of himself and his insecurities, and not because of the blonde.

Next to him Annabeth, one of his closest friends, elbowed him in the ribs lightly,

“Whatever happens don’t laugh,” she said quietly, “or make things worse.”

Will exhaled, “Fine.”

Madame Aphrodite went over to the stereo system and plugged in her phone, shuffling through songs as Nico stood awkwardly in front of the class. Finally Say Something started playing and Will saw a look of annoyance appear in Nico’s eyes. But then the blonde forgot about all that, because Nico started dancing.

It was heartbreaking. Through his years as a dancer Will had seen dozens of interpretations of this specific song but he never saw it performed like this. Nico didn’t have a panicked look as he made up moves on the spot, instead he looked...serene, his body flowing through the movements, projecting the sadness of the song and dance onto the audience so well that it was hard to believe it wasn’t choreographed. Will’s mouth was dry and he couldn’t look away.

The boy was disappointed when Nico finished and hurriedly went to sit back down – he could watch him dance all day. Silena did an improvised dance too, and it was good, but Will was too busy replaying Nico’s dance in his head to pay attention. When Madame Aphrodite told all of them to split up and begin to decide their songs, Will beelined right at Nico, who went to the corner by himself. The boy’s dark eyes narrowed when they landed on the blonde.

“Solace,” he spat, “what do you want?”

“Dance with me,” Will was still breathless from Nico’s performance. His words clearly threw the Italian off and he stared at Will with wide eyes,


“Dance with the competition,” before Nico could decline Will grabbed him by the wrist, “I...the way you danced was amazing.”

Nico pulled his wrist free, “Fuck off.”

“Nico please,” Will was determined to make this work. He had won loads of competitions but this one was what could really get him out there. He could go to Nationals, but he felt that that would only be possible with the help of the Italian.

“I work alone,” Nico said in a cold voice. Will’s shoulders slumped,

“Is this about that one time when we had the same song?” he asked, and knew he hit the nail on the head when Nico’s eyes lit up with anger,

“You stole it,” he growled.

“Then let me fix it,” Will asked, “You don’t like me and I don’t like you either but your dancing is beautiful,” Nico blushed at that, “If you let me dance with you I’ll let you take the lead – you can make all the decisions, pick the music and the movement and-“

“Fine,” Nico snapped, “Fine I’ll dance with you, just stop talking.”

Will was so happy he could’ve hugged the Italian, “Alright. So what song boss?”

Nico crossed his arms over his skinny chest, “Apologize by Timbaland. I think it’s suitable.”


He wasn’t used to working with someone, especially with someone like Will. It took them two days of rehearsals with Aphrodite to get over the whole touching situation, but Nico still felt weird because the blonde lifted him like he weighed nothing.

It was late in the evening and everyone had left the studio, even Aphrodite, except Will and Nico. Both of them were in black leggings and loose t-shirts and Nico had tied his long-ish hair back to keep it out of his face.

“Let’s practice the lifting part again,” Will offered, walking over to his IPod and playing the song from the start again.

“Right,” Nico took a moment to catch his breath and wipe the sweat off his forehead. Will went and stood facing the mirrored wall and on cue Nico came behind him and went as if to wrap his arms around him, sliding his hands down his arms. Then suddenly Will leaned forward and Nico put his weight on his chest, lifting his legs and pointing his toes. Will reached up in a split second to loosely wrap his arm around Nico and flipped him up and over. Nico fought his pounding heart as he made sure that everything was tight and pulled together and not sloppy as Will set him back down on the ground carefully. The whole move lasted less than five second but Nico was breathless when he and Will came face to face again. The blonde was grinning,

Finally you’re starting to trust me.”

Nico stepped away, “I didn’t know if your plan was to drop me and get rid of competition,” he walked over and flipped the music off.

“Do you really hate me that much?” Will asked. Nico turned around and saw that the boy was serious. He pushed his damp hair from his eyes and looked at Nico with a kind of sadness in them. Nico swallowed nervously.

“I don’t...hate you,” he mumbled, “but I don’t like you either.”

“Let’s change that,” Will offered. He looked like a hopeful puppy,

“No. Solace this is just dancing, remember?”

“A coffee’s not gonna change that,” Will said quietly, “just go out with me – we need to trust and like each other for this to work. A coffee won’t kill you.”

Nico exhaled, “It’s probably gonna be awkward since we have nothing to talk about except dance.”

“Well...,” Will started but then trailed off, clearing his throat awkwardly, “You’re probably right. Forget I said anything.”

He walked over to his bag and shrugged his shoes on. Nico bit his lip. He had no idea why but a part of him wanted to go out with Will. They had spent so much time hating each other that it was kind of nice seeing this other side of Will, the side that wasn’t a competitor. Nico wanted to see him when he wasn’t a dancer too.

“There’s a Cafe around a corner from here,” Nico said as Will was heading for the door, “I’m free tomorrow.”


It was weird seeing Will out of his dance clothes, and as his face lit upon seeing Nico crossing the road, the Italian couldn’t help but feel weirdly happy. It was a rainy day (standard) and Will was dressed in an olive green jacket that complimented his hair, his hands shoved in his pockets. He waved when he saw Nico, grinning,


“Hey,” Nico said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. Will looked hesitant as they came face to face and then he opened his arms in a questioning manner. Nico’s heart jumped in his chest but he supposed since he and Will were dancing together anyway a hug wouldn’t do much damage, so he leaned into the blonde.

He didn’t expect it to feel so nice. Will was the perfect height so Nico almost fit beneath his chin and as the taller boy wrapped his arms around the Italian Nico melted against him. He smelled like coffee and rain and was so wonderfully warm. Nico remembered where he was and who he was hugging and pulled away hurriedly so Will didn’t see his blush,

“L-Let’s go in, shall we?”

He also didn’t expect for him and Will to get along so well. Nico didn’t have many friends, he was more of a lone wolf, and he hadn’t had as much fun with anyone as he had with Will for a long time. They sat in the Cafe for ages, Nico drinking hot chocolate and Will having tea after coffee after tea. They talked about everything; their families, dance, Marvel movies, their favourite books, funny stories from their childhoods, the places they went to for holidays, video games. It took Will a while to get Nico to open up but once he did the two couldn’t seem to stop talking.

They split a cake but after three hours decided to leave the Cafe. They walked around for a bit, just talking, and then trailed down the canal, laughing at each other’s stupid jokes. Nico was surprised to find that Will was really kind, and caring too. He had a nice smile and was fiercely protective over his friends, and passionate about more things than just dance. He wanted to be a paramedic and save lives.

“Why do you dance then?” Nico asked when it started to rain again and they hid under a bridge. Will shrugged,

“I don’t know. I just love it,” he had a soft smile on his face. Nico really liked that smile.


They were at the studio late again, coming up to midnight. Technically they weren’t meant to be – they had College the next day, but both of the boys were intoxicated on the dance and couldn’t seem to stop rehearsing, so the janitor gave them the key and told them to lock up when they were done. The two danced to the music and the rain pattering on the windows, lost in a world of their own.

Nico jumped into Will’s arms and the boy caught him gracefully, the Italian throwing his leg over Will’s shoulder. Will brought them down to the floor where they were meant to part but instead of doing that Will kept Nico down, hovering over him.

“Will?” Nico blinked at him, trying to catch his breath, cheeks flushed. His leg was still thrown over Will’s shoulder, “This isn’t the right move, idiot.”

“I know,” Will’s said seriously. Nico couldn’t see his face because of the light above him, shadowing the boy.

“What are you doing?” Nico was startled at how breathless he sounded. Will caged Nico in with his arms. The Italian swallowed nervously, feeling trapped, but in a good way. The song finished and switched onto the next one and Will leaned down and slid their lips together. Nico gasped at the initial contact and Will took that chance to slip his tongue into Nico’s mouth.

A sudden hunger spread through Nico and his hands tangled in Will’s hair, pulling him closer. He didn’t know why he was reacting the way he was; up until this point he didn’t think he liked Will like that, but the boy kissing him was making him all kinds of hard in all kinds of places. The kiss turned harsh and rough as the boys fought for dominance. Nico pushed himself off the floor, using his leg over Will’s shoulder to force him to the floor, straddling him.

The blonde bit at Nico’s bottom lip, earning another gasp from the dark haired boy. Nico was determined to remain in control, and when he grinded down on Will he was pleased to find that the boy was hard. The blonde groaned against Nico’s mouth and the Italian grinned. But in the end Will was still stronger and in one swift movement, muscles flexing, he stood up, picking Nico up with him. The Italian sucked in a startled breath, throwing his arms around Will’s neck as to not fall, but he didn’t need to; Will was holding him firmly by the thighs and he pressed him up against the mirrored wall, sucking a hickey just beneath his jaw, eliciting a delicious moan from the Italian’s mouth.

The song switched again and Pony by Ginuwine started playing. Nico almost laughed, remembering a stripping scene in Magic Mike to this song, but then Will pressed their hips together and Nico was whimpering instead of laughing, hands gripping at the blonde’s hair. Will grinded against Nico and their clothed erections brushed together. The blonde buried his face in Nico’s neck and the boy clung onto him, moaning quietly, legs wrapping around Will’s waist. The blonde’s fingers found the hem of Nico’s shirt and he tugged it over his head, discarding it to the side.

Nico slid from Will’s waist and roughly pushed him up against the parallel wall, hands tangling in the boy’s shirt as he stood on his tip-toes and kissed him fiercely,

“Feisty,” Will grinned, kissing along Nico’s jaw.

“Shut up,” Nico growled and helped Will pull off his shirt. The blonde sent him a wicked grin and then gracefully slid to his knees, kissing down Nico’s torso as he went, his fingers tugging off the Italian’s trousers alongside his underwear. The song changed again but Nico couldn’t concentrate on that because Will took his cock in his mouth and his mind went blank. The Italian’s knees almost buckled and he choked on a moan, fingers tangled in Will’s hair as the boy sucked him expertly. Nico had no idea it’d get that far but the pleasure was intense enough that he really couldn’t care less if they had sex on the floor of the damn studio.

Will hollowed out his cheeks, his wonderfully warm mouth sucking Nico in as he bobbed his head up and then suddenly the blonde grabbed him by the back of his thighs, threw Nico’s legs over his shoulders and brought him back down to the floor,

Ah f-fuck,” Nico moaned, gasping. He felt something hot curling inside his stomach but he didn’t want it to end yet – Will was so close to him, and he was so warm and perfect and Nico felt so fucking good. He nudged Will back with his foot and then surged up to kiss him, their tongues tangling together. It all looked like a kind of erotic dance.

Nico pushed Will back onto the floor and climbed on top of him like a cat, pulling his trousers down.

“N-Nico-“ Will was flushed but he didn’t get to finish because Nico leaned up and took Will’s hard cock in his hand, sliding it inside himself. The burn that came with it was worth to see Will’s eyes fall shut and his mouth fall open to let out the most arousing moan Nico had ever heard. He himself let out a whimper as he sheathed Will fully inside of himself, feeling wonderfully full of the boy’s throbbing cock, “Nico-“ Will tried to speak again but Nico was determined not to let him talk. He lifted himself, allowing some of Will’s length to slip out of him before taking it back inside him again. Will was panting, his hips bucking up to fuck up into Nico as he set up a rhythm,

F-Fuck,” he groaned as Nico continued to ride him, hands splayed on Will’s chest, hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. The blonde’s hands came up to grip Nico’s pale hips and the Italian moaned, squeezing his eyes shut to control himself.

Will lifted him suddenly and slammed him down onto the ground, sliding inside him with a force that Nico didn’t know he had. His whole body arched off of the floor and he cried out as the blonde started to pound him mercilessly. Some random techno song was playing so loudly that the floor was vibrating and Will was fucking Nico in time with it, seeming intent on leaving marks on him. Nico didn’t care; his hands were clawing at the ground, trying to hold onto something, his body thrumming with pleasure.

“O-Oh God...f-fuck...,” he panted as his toes curled. Will easily flipped him over again, the manhandling making Nico feel dizzy. He aligned their bodies together, pulling Nico’s hips up so he could continued to fuck him as he leaned forward to kiss and bite at the side of Nico’s neck. The Italian’s couldn’t do it – he was trembling to much – and he pressed his forehead down to the floor. Will wasn’t having it; he grabbed Nico by the hair and pulled him up so they were both on their knees.

“W-Will...,” Nico whined, his head falling back against Will’s shoulder. The blonde’s hand wrapped around Nico’s cock and he started pumping Nico in time with his thrusts. The Italian’s head was spinning, Will was gasping as his lips trailed against his neck. Everything seemed to be building up inside Nico, and Will seemed to be feeling the same thing because his thrusts got more reckless, hitting that wonderful spot inside Nico that made everything blur. The Italian reached back and gripped Will by the neck, pulling them in for a messy kiss. A shiver went up Nico’s spine and then he came all over Will’s hand, his cum spilling over the floor of the Studio.

Will forgot to put a condom on and Nico realised that when he felt the cum inside of him, hot and sudden. Nico leaned against Will and moaned again as the boy gripped his hips, leaving bruises.

They stayed like that together for a while, panting, and then Will pulled out of Nico and both the boys collapsed on the floor. The song changed again and Nico closed his eyes, lying on his back and trying to catch his breath. He could hear Will next to him, and then there was a gentle hand brushing his hair back from his forehead. Sleepily Nico opened his eyes,

“Hmm?” he asked Will, who was on his side, staring at Nico.

“You’re beautiful,” the blonde told him. Nico snorted,

“Don’t be cliché.”

“I just fucked you halfway through a dance rehearsal,” Will raised an eyebrow, “I think we’re already cliché enough.”

Nico sat up and stretched, “Rehearsal tomorrow?” he asked casually. Will smiled,


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Fluffy Nico/Jason with a bit of age gap smut
for Fanficanatic

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Jason Grace whistled as he stepped outside to dump his rubbish into their destined recycling bins. At the age of thirty two he thought life was pretty good. Sure, Jason divorced the wife he recklessly married at the age of twenty and lived alone, but he didn’t mind. He owned a beautiful house in a calm neighbourhood in Richmond, worked as an accountant, a job he honestly enjoyed mostly due to his wonderful co-workers, he had enough money to live comfortably, he had was pretty good.

Except that Jason got lonely in the house all by himself sometimes. It wasn’t the kind of ‘oh I’m kind of lonely’ feeling he got when he was at Uni. At least then he could’ve called dozens of his friends at two in the morning to go get some McDonald’s but now all of his friends were married and had children and they weren’t always there when Jason needed them – not that he blamed them, he knew everyone had their own lives.

But sometimes it got too much, and that’s why Jason turned to the internet. During the last year of university when flats got too expensive he rented a room in a house owned by a nice, elderly couple. He had a spare room in his house, one that he once upon a time wanted to fill with children, and he didn’t see why some broke teenager shouldn’t live with him. That way Jason wouldn’t be so alone all the time.

That’s how he crossed paths wih a nineteen year old Law student called Nico di Angelo.


Six Months Later

“Nico! Get out of the bathroom!” Jason bellowed holding up the sheet from the boy’s bed, impatiently waiting outside the bathroom, “Nico!”

“What?!” the teenager came out with just a towel wrapped around his slim hips. His brown eyes were angry (as always), his dark hair damp and falling onto his forehead. He looked unimpressed when Jason shook the sheet in his face,

“What the hell is this, Nico?!”

The boy raised an eyebrow, “A sheet.”

Your sheet,” Jason growled, “with cum all over it – again.”

“Can you stop going into my room?!” the teenager yelled, annoyed, pulling the sheet out of Jason’s hand, “you’re my landlord not my damn mother.”

“I told you to stop sneaking boys into your room,” Jason fumed. In reply Nico just rolled his eyes,

“Stop going into my room,” he repeated and slammed the bathroom door shut.

“Wash the sheet you prick!” Jason yelled. The only reply he got was screamo music being blared at full volume. The man leaned against the wall with a sigh. At times like this he really regretted allowing Nico to rent the spare room – the kid was immature, didn’t follow the rules Jason set, walked around the house naked half of the time and seemed to spent the other half annoying Jason. But the blonde would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy Nico’s company a lot of the time.

He went downstairs, put on the washing and finished his coffee. By the time he was done drying the dishes Nico padded downstairs, half dressed for his lecture. He sat down on the counter and started typing something on his phone.

“Nico,” Jason said, wiping his hands on a table-cloth.


“You know I’m leaving for the night right?” he felt guilty about it, though he knew Nico could take care of himself. He was an adult after all. Jason was going to dinner with an old friend of his, and she made it clear that she wanted him to stay the night, and it wasn’t so he could sleep on the couch. Of course Nico didn’t need to know that the reason for Jason leaving was so he could let off some of his sexual frustration.

“Yeah, I know,” the boy was only half listening, his eyes trained on his phone. Jason waved his hand in front of the boy’s face so he looked at him,

“No stupid stunts, kid,” he said. Nico rolled his eyes,

“I wouldn’t dare,” he smiled, “Have a nice trip.”

“Thanks, Neeks,” he ruffled his hair and went to pull away but Nico caught his wrist,

“Hey, where’s my goodbye kiss?” he teased. Jason just shook his head at him and headed for the door.


Jason’s car pulled into his road. He was shocked at himself for not staying at his friend’s house. The dinner had been nice, she had looked pretty, but when after she went to kiss him he found that he really wasn’t in the mood. A part of him was worried for Nico – he had never left the boy alone at the house overnight and images of burglars breaking in through the window or the house standing in flames kept rushing to his mind. He had apologized to the girl, said his goodbye’s, and returned home.

But something was wrong. Jason rolled down his window and he heard the drifting sound of loud, booming music. He frowned when he started to pull up to his house, only to see that the dark street was littered with cars, and that Jason’s house was where the music was coming from. All the windows were alight, there were teenagers spilling out of the open front door, lounging in the front yard, drinking beer, smoking and making out. Jason felt his blood run cold.

He parked on the other side of the street as there was no space in his own fucking driveway and then stormed inside the house.

“Oi! Old man!” someone called, “you’ve got the wrong party.”

Jason turned his deadly eyes on the kid, “This is my house,” he seethed, much to the shock of the kid, “Take your friends and get out.”

He didn’t wait to see if the kid listened as he stormed upstairs, shoving past drunk teenagers and asking them where Nico was. Nobody seemed to know so Jason just barged into every room looking for the trouble maker. A group of boys hot-boxed the bathroom and two teens were making out in Nico’s messy room but the boy himself was nowhere to be seen. Furious, Jason told them all to get out and sluggishly they started to drift out of his house, leaving behind a God-awful mess.

Jason walked into his bedroom, the last free room, and he wasn’t even surprised when he found Nico sprawled out on the blankets, a bottle of whiskey in his hand and a boy between his legs, sucking him off.

What the fuck Nico?!” the blonde roared. The dick sucking boy jumped up and then scurried out of the room though the Italian just looked at Jason lazily, taking a swing of the alcohol,

“Oops. Thought you weren’t coming back tonight.”

“What is this?!” Jason demanded.

“It’s a house party old man,” Nico grinned. Jason saw red. Nico was always a bit rude and bratty but that came with being a teen but this was crossing the line. He was ready to have sex with some random dude in Jason’s bed. The kid looked down at his hard cock, which was still out of his trousers, “I was gonna get laid too,” he pouted and then looked at Jason with a twinkle in his eye, “Unless you wanna finish the job.”

“I was worried about you,” Jason said faintly, “not because I thought you’d pull a damn Project X on me b-but...,” his voice was unsteady with rage and Nico had the decency to tuck himself in and look vaguely guilty, “I thought s-someone could break in and hurt you and then I’d never forgive myself and you’re here j-just-,” he couldn’t finish, pressing a hand over his eyes and taking a shaky breath to steady himself. When he looked at Nico again the boy was looking down, not meeting the man’s eyes, “Get out of my room, and get your friends out of here – make sure they get home safe.”

Mi dispiace,” Nico mumbled, I’m sorry. He knew that Jason always softened when he spoke Italian, but not this time.

“Get out, Nico.”


The next morning Jason was down in the kitchen, chucking half-full bottles of beer into a massive bin bag when Nico came downstairs. He was in one of Jason’s old flannels, the ones he kept stealing from the blonde, that hung down to his mid-thighs, and probably nothing else underneath. His hair was mussed, his eyes had bags under them and he looked paler than usual. Hangover was a bitch.

Jason knew that he was meant to be mad at the kid and give him the silent treatment but seeing Nico in that hurt, and Jason had the night to cool off. So with a sigh he poured Nico a glass of water and passed it to him with two paracetamol’s. The boy took the pills gratefully and then watched as Jason continued cleaning the kitchen,

“Jason I’m sorry.”

The man sighed, “It’s too late for that now.”

“You’re not gonna kick me our right?” Nico asked softly, “Right?”When Jason didn’t reply he started to talk feverishly, “This is the only place that ever felt like home to me, I-I know I fucked up, okay? But please don’t make me leave. I like living with you, Jason-“

“Someone punched a hole in the wall next to the bathroom,” Jason informed him quietly, “Who’s going to pay to get it fixed?”

“I-I’ll do it!” Nico said hurriedly, “I’ll get a second job-“

“You’re barely managing to pay rent,” Jason put down the bin bag and rubbed a hand down his face, then looked tiredly at Nico, “What am I supposed to do with you now?”

Nico stepped closer to Jason, his hand lightly pressed against the man’s chest, “I can pay in other ways,” he whispered, hand drifting down south. Jason grabbed his wrist in an iron grip and stepped back,

“We talked about this,” he said coldly. A look of desperation went through Nico’s eyes,

“I want you.”

Jason sighed, “Nico I’m thirteen years older than you.”

“I don’t care,” Nico tried to step closer again but Jason stopped him, “fuck am I really that bad?” the boy asked, “would you r-really hate sleeping with me that much?!”

“Nico I don’t like men,” Jason tried to remain calm.

“You don’t have to! You could close your eyes – no! We could use a blindfold and y-you could pretend it was anyone, anyone-,” Jason went back to the beer bottles and started to clean again, indicating that the conversation was over, “I want you so badly,” Nico slid into Italian and Jason’s eyes snapped to him again, “That’s why I was in your bed, ‘cause it  smelled like you and I thought if the guy fucks me face down then I could press my face into your pillows and pretend it was you.”

“Stop it Nico,” Jason sighed, “You know I have no idea what you’re saying.”


Jason didn’t end up kicking Nico out, mostly because he was too attached to the kid. For the next few weeks he was on model behaviour, he even stopped flirting with Jason so much.

It wasn’t always like that. When Nico first arrived he was isolated and didn’t want to speak to Jason at all, but the blonde coaxed him out of his shell with movie nights and taking him out to dinner. Jason let Nico rant to him about Uni, and helped him figure out that he was bisexual. They became friends, as weird as that was because of their age gap, and that’s when the subtle flirting started. Nico started stealing Jason’s shirts and parading around the house in them, during movie nights he’d curl up against Jason’s side. He was constantly making sex jokes and then those turned into suggestions that Jason at the start thought were a joke too, but then Nico fully came out and said that he fancied Jason and wanted to sleep with him and that was...weirdly flattering.

Jason was scared to think anything more about it than that. Nico was attractive, very much so, and Jason would be lying if he said seeing him walk around with just Jason’s shirt on did nothing to him. He felt horrible for thinking about Nico in that way and he only let his mind stray if he couldn’t sleep at night. But he kept everything else strictly platonic. And then Nico started to act up, and that house party was really crossing the line.

Two weeks after that incident Jason was sitting at the desk in his room, doing some work, when a soft knock came on the door and Nico came inside.

“Hey,” he was just in one of Jason’s t-shirts again, and the man tried not to look at him too much,

“Hey,” he said as Nico perched on the end of the desk,

“What’re you doing?” he asked casually. Jason shrugged,

“Stuff for work,” he took his glasses off and turned to the Italian, “Okay what is it? Spill the beans.”

“What do you mean?” Nico frowned, “Can’t I just come have a chat with you?”

“You want something,” Jason interjected.

“I want you,” Nico said. Jason hated how those three words always affected him so he tried ignored it,

“Okay but what do you actually want, Nico? I’m kinda busy.”

“I’m serious,” Nico’s eyes were dark, but then again, they were always dark, “I want you. I want you to fuck me.”

Nico-“ Jason started impatiently but then the boy suddenly pulled out a black ribbon from behind his back. Jason blinked at it, “What is that?”

“A blindfold.”

“No,” Jason said, going to stand up but Nico’s hand on his shoulder stopped him,

“Please,” he was trembling, “Just once. Just do it with me this one time and I swear I won’t ask again.”

“I’m not going to sleep with you.”

Why?” Nico asked desperately.

“Why what Nico?” Jason exhaled impatiently, “Why I won’t randomly sleep with you?”

Nico looked down at the ground, “Why don’t you want me?” Jason’s heart twisted, and when the boy looked up there were tears in his eyes, “Jason please. I need this.”

Jason could feel his resolve start to break, “If I sleep with you right now,” he said quietly, “You won’t ask again?” Nico nodded eagerly, his eyes lighting up, “Fine.”

Jason stood up and walked to his bed. He sat up, propped against the headboard and Nico followed him hurriedly.

“You have to make me hard first,” Jason crossed his arms over his chest, “Or this won’t work.”

Nico didn’t say anything just slid into Jason’s lap so that he was straddling him, and then carefully tied the blindfold around the blonde’s eyes. Jason’s world went black. He had to fight the urge to tell Nico to take it off, because he wanted to see the boy, but he refrained. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going to have sex with Nico. It was just that it got too much – when someone as beautiful as Nico told you fuck me it was hard to resist.

The boy’s lips on Jason’s sent a jolt through the man since he hadn’t been expecting it. His arms were limply at his sides but Nico’s cold hands came up to gently cradle Jason’s face as they kissed. Jason senses seemed almost sharpened, he could taste Nico, chocolate and mint, could feel how soft and plump his lips were against his own chapped ones. The blonde forced himself not to kiss back, even when Nico nibbled on his bottom lip.

Realising he wasn’t going to get a reaction, Nico kissed down Jason’s jaw, his fingers making quick work of the man’s shirt, tugging it off. And then Nico’s lips were on Jason’s chest, down to his abs. The man tensed as Nico undid the zipper on his trousers – he didn’t know what was going on because he couldn’t see. Every touch was a shock.

When Nico freed Jason’s mostly soft cock from its confines the man sucked in a startled breath, and then that breath turned into a small gasp as he suddenly felt Nico’s warm tongue running up the underside of his cock. He tried to think of disgusting things; his grandmother in lace panties, split open dicks, but it didn’t stop his blood from rushing south. The blonde could almost feel Nico’s satisfaction as the cock swelled in the boy’s hand. When Nico took it into the warm cavern that was his mouth Jason had to fight a moan. He bit his lip and tried not to react to how goddamn velvety Nico’s mouth was. He also tried not to think about how many dicks the boy had sucked before because he was ridiculously good at giving head. His tongue swirled around Jason’s tip as the kid bobbed his head up and down, making Jason tense up. In seconds his cock was fully hard.

As Nico’s hand came to fondle Jason’s balls the man felt the sudden urge to rip off his blindfold and see the boy like that; his mouth stretched around Jason’s length, cheeks flushed, hair all perfectly tousled. But his limbs felt like they had melted and he couldn’t seem to be able to do much more than pant, hands clenching in the sheets as Nico sucked him.

He moaned with disappointment when Nico’s mouth abruptly disappeared,

“Sorry,” the Italian murmured. He sounded breathless as he slid back into Jason’s lap, “I p-prepared myself before s-so we can just...,” he trailed off and vivid images of Nico fingering himself exploded in Jason’s head. His heart hammered in his chest when Nico shyly touched his cheek, “Jason are you o-okay?”

“Fine,” Jason said, though he was so much better than fine.

“Right. S-Sorry, I’ll stop talking now,” the Italian murmured, though Jason didn’t want him to. The boy swooped forward and pressed his mouth to Jason’s again and this time the blonde almost kissed back. He wanted to somehow reassure Nico that he was doing good, that Jason actually wanted it, but that would mean admitting that Jason had some kind of feelings for the kid, and he wasn’t ready for that.

Nico wasn’t kidding when he said he prepared himself. When he gripped Jason’s shaft and pressed the head against his hole there was almost no resistance, and Jason’s cock slipped into the wonderful wet heat with a soft sound. He couldn’t keep his hands at his sides anymore and they reached out blindly to hold onto Nico’s hips. He felt the Italian hide his face in his neck, breathing rapidly against Jason’s shoulder, hands curled against the man’s naked chest. He let out a small noise he was obviously trying to hold back as he took more of Jason inside him. The blonde squeezed his eyes shut behind the blindfold, trying not to come right there and then.

Nico was tight and he clenched around Jason’s length and it was really hard to not thrust up into him.

C-Cristo,” Nico gasped against Jason’s shoulder as he bottomed out. Jason could feel his thighs trembling but he could barely focus on anything. He was getting adjusted to the fact that he died and went to heaven when Nico lifted himself off his cock and then pushed back down. Jason groaned at the feeling but then Nico was doing it again and again, and he sped up his movements. Jason thought he might pass out from how good it felt, Nico’s body greedily pulling him in, but the blindfold was bothering him, and Nico himself too.

The boy was trying to keep quiet, his erratic breath interrupted every few second by a muffled whimper. At one point he must’ve covered his mouth with his hand. It hurt to think that he actually thought Jason didn’t want him.

“N-Nico,” the blonde started but the Italian just kissed him and muttered something in Italian that the blonde didn’t understand, though it sent a shiver down his spine how desperate and aroused Nico sounded, “Take the blindfold off, i-idiot.”

“I-It’s alright-“

“Do it.”

Hesitantly Nico’s trembling hands reached behind Jason’s head and clumsily started to undo the knot while he continued to ride Jason slowly. The room was too-bright all of a sudden and Jason buried his face in Nico’s shoulder while his eyes adjusted and he caught his breath. Nico stilled his movement and looped his arms around the blonde’s shoulders, gasping.

When Jason pulled away and looked at him his breath caught in his throat. Nico looked like an angel, his pale face flushed, his eyes half-lidded, his hair falling into his eyes. He forgot all about their age gap, or that Nico had pissed him off, or that he was meant to pretend like he didn’t want this. Jason cradled his face in his hands and drew him in, kissing him fiercely, his heart pounding.

“I’m sorry,” Jason whispered in between kisses, stroking the boy’s face. Nico stared at him, “for...for making it out like I didn’t want this.”

“I thought you didn’t,” Nico mumbled.

“I did. I do,” Jason leaned down to pepper his neck with kisses, the sex forgotten for the moment, “I want you, a-and I don’t care about how young you are, or any of that,” he grabbed Nico by the waist and easily flipped them over, pressing Nico down into the blankets. They were both breathless when they kissed, and Jason’s heart pounded when he looked down on the boy, staring at him with his big eyes, “You’re perfect.”

Nico wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and drew him back inside him,

Ti amo,” he whispered feverishly, clinging onto Jason as the man started to thrust into him, “Ti amo, ti amo...”


2 Months Later

“Nico!” Jason yelled angrily, “Get out of the bathroom!”

“What are you yelling about?!” Nico wretched the door of the bathroom open, letting the steam out. He was naked as the day he was born, a trail of water from the shower to the door. Jason groaned when he saw that,

“You’re making a mess,” he complained. Nico arched an eyebrow,

“Is that what you interrupted my shower for?”

“No, I’m going to work,” Jason rolled his eyes, “so make sure you’re on time to your lecture.”


Jason turned to go down the corridor but Nico grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him close, getting Jason’s suit all wet. He looked up at the older man through his eyelashes,

“Where’s my goodbye kiss?” he asked innocently. Jason smiled fondly and leaned forward, slotting their lips together. He kissed Nico sweetly and then pulled away, kissed him again, then kissed the corner of his mouth, the tip of his nose, brushed back his damp hair and kissed his forehead,

“I love you.”

“Bye old man,” Nico slipped back into the bathroom and Jason smiled. He doubted his house would ever be quiet or lonely again.  

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Luke has to wait quite a while to get reborn so out of boredom he develops the habit of sneaking out of Elysium (Since Thanatos doesn't expect anyone to wanna get away from that realm of the afterlife) and bothering Nico. After a while they bond and Luke is the first person Nico feels comfortable enough to reveal his sexuality to. Luke on the other hand suspect he might have developed feeling for Nico when he's not so thrilled about finally being offered rebirth. You can decide if there's smut and how it all plays out, just let it be a happy or a hopeful ending, please!

For Stories_of_the_Shadows

Image result for underworld pjo gif

Nico was sitting on a hilltop that was a kind of border between the Palace of his father in the Underworld, and the Fields of Asphodel. Nico liked this hill because he could see everything from it; the monstrous home of his father rising behind him, and the Fields spread out in front of him, full of the swaying lost souls. He saw the rivers, glimmering black and Charon on his boat. In the distance the wind sometimes brought by the sound of people being tortured in the Fields of Punishment, and close by there was the patch of sunlight that descended on Elysium, full of its beautiful houses and green growing trees. Nico also liked the hill because it was secluded and there was a small cave in its side where Nico could sit and brood if he didn’t want to be with the living or the dead.

Currently Nico was in his hide-away, polishing his Stygian Iron sword and brooding after escaping his father’s palace due to Hades’ and Persephone’s very loud and volatile fight. The fourteen year old hated when they did that, but then again he didn’t really like being in his father’s palace anyway – he mostly came down there because he had nowhere else to go; Camp Half Blood wasn’t his home.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Hades Junior,” the voice startled Nico and he whirled around, his sword in his hand, expecting a monster or a God. However at the mouth of the cave was none other than Luke Castellan. Nico didn’t relax despite the easy smile on the blonde boy’s face. Nico hadn’t seen him since he was alive and fighting for Kronos during the war with the Titans, and that had been over a month ago. Of course he knew that the boy, despite his treacherous ways, was forgiven and given a place in Elysium, which didn’t explain what he was doing here. Nico’s eyes narrowed and he pointed his sword at the scarred boy, “Woah, relax Death Boy,” Luke grinned and lifted his hands in surrender, “I’m dead anyway I don’t know what you wanna do with that toothpick.”

“Castellan, right?” Nico growled, “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” Luke fired back, “this place is for the dead, Nico, and you don’t smell dead.”

“You can’t smell that,” Nico said, but he wasn’t sure as he lowered his sword. Luke shrugged and strode into the cave, having to duck to not hit his head on the ceiling,

“To answer your question I’m taking a walk.”

“A walk,” Nico deadpanned, “out of Elysium?”

Luke shrugged, “What?” he grumbled, “it gets boring sometimes. They’re all so...serene there. I mean there are some cool people there like Daedalus and stuff, Lee and Castor as well and they’re always a bit of fun, and there’s Ethan of course, but it does get dull sometimes.”

“I think you’re the only person to say that Paradise is boring,” Nico said. Luke shrugged,

“That’s why I’m trying out for rebirth.”

“Seriously?” Nico raised an eyebrow, letting his guard down. He supposed if Luke was allowed into Elysium he left all the bad with his body back up on Earth, “how long’s that gonna take?”

“Years, probably,” Luke settled down on the ground and yawned, “They have to offer it to me first. Nice place you got here.”

Hesitantly Nico sat down on the opposite wall, his sword still loosely in his hand just in case, “You should probably go back, Thanatos might be looking for you.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Luke grinned at Nico.


The agitated boy was hacking at a tree on his hill in the Underworld and the fact that it was leaving no impact on the magical plant was just getting him more annoyed.

“Woah, what’s got your panties in a twist?” Luke was climbing the crest of the Hill. He looked out of place beneath the gloomy sky with his nice clothes and easy grin.

“I’m not in the mood, Luke,” Nico growled, still angrily trying to fight the tree. For the past few weeks Luke has basically ‘invaded’ Nico’s safe haven, though the boy didn’t really mind. He knew Luke was just as troubled as he was, waiting to see if he’d get offered rebirth or not. The two had a surprising lot in common and spent a lot of time together; Nico was Luke’s only way to know what was going on back upstairs. But right now Nico really didn’t want to see him.

“Is it because of the Percy thing?” Luke asked and Nico stopped mid-hack, turning on him,

“How do you know about that?!” he demanded. Luke shrugged,

“Everyone knows about that,” the blonde sighed, “Don’t worry so much, Jackson has an immortality streak. If I couldn’t kill him then I doubt it’s even possible,” he offered Nico a cheeky grin, “I’m sure he’ll come back soon.”

“Easy for you to say,” Nico grumbled with another vicious swing at the tree.

“Look, why don’t you stop taking out your heartbreak on the tree and fight me instead?” Luke offered.

“I’m not heartbroken,” Nico protested as a sword appeared in Luke’s hand, golden and glowing. The blonde rolled his eyes,

“Oh please, it’s as clear as the sky in Elysium that you have a crush on him,” the older boy snorted, rounding on Nico. The Italian angrily flew at him, his blade raised, but Luke parried him easily.

“I don’t have a crush on him!” he seethed, whirling around. His and Luke’s blades slammed together,

“I’m sure you don’t, Death Boy,” Luke teased. Nico lost himself in attacking and parrying, fighting his frustration and confusion as he and Luke sparred, “there’s no point denying who you are.”

“And who am I?” Nico asked through his gritted teeth, “in your wonderful opinion.”

With a grin Luke knocked his sword out of the Italian’s hand easily, “As gay as the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.”

Nico flushed but Luke’s smile just softened, “Look, it’s not a bad thing. I’m bisexual and I’m not crying about it. This isn’t the forties, or wherever the hell you were born,” he reached out and ruffled Nico’s hair fondly, “it’s okay to be whoever you are.”

Nico exhaled shakily and looked at Luke. The blonde didn’t prompt him to confess or anything, but for some reason the Italian trusted him, “I think I like boys,” he said weakly. Luke smiled broadly,

“All boys or just Percy?”

Nico’s blush intensified, “All boys. But Percy most of all.”


Luke was sitting on the hill, lying in the withering brown grass and enjoying the cold wind on his face for once since in Elysium it was eternal summer, when Nico came racing up the hill, his face all lit up,

“He’s alive!” he yelled happily and Luke sat up, “He’s fine! Percy’s fine!” he didn’t stop in time and came barrelling into Luke, who caught him with a laugh. Nico didn’t like physical contact but at that moment he needed it. His heart pounded as he hugged Luke fiercely, unable to keep the smile off his face. He kept replaying his meeting with Percy at Camp Jupiter, the blank look on his face when he looked at him, not remembering. A part of Nico was whispering that he didn’t remember Annabeth either – that maybe Nico could finally have a shot with him...

“I told you he’d be fine,” Luke patted Nico’s hair as the fourteen year old clambered off of him, breathless and flushed from his run, “What’s that idiot up to now?”

Nico’s face fell as he explained the situation to the blonde, “The worst part is that my father told me that I’m not allowed to tell him the truth – apparently the time isn’t right.”

“It’s because of Hera and her meddling,” Luke said, lying back on the ground and closing his eyes, “But Hades is right. Don’t rush it, things will play out the way they’re meant to.”

Nico laid down next to him with a sigh. They just stayed like that in silence for a while, watching the steely grey sky and listening to the faraway cries from the Fields of Punishment. Nico shivered at the cold wind,

“How’s rebirth going?”

“It’s not,” Luke said quietly, “I just have to wait I guess.”

“Right...,” Nico bit his lip and turned to Luke, “Luke do you know what’s been happening?” he asked softly. The blonde frowned and shook his head and Nico continued uneasily, “There’ issue. With the Doors of Death. It’s not safe for me to be here anymore; there’s all these monsters flooding out of Tartarus-“

“What?!” Luke demanded, sitting up. Nico squeezed his eyes shut,

“They took Thanatos,” his voice was faint, “there’s nobody protecting them. I...I have to do something...from the inside...the Gods are confused, they keep switching between their Greek and Roman personalities-“

Luke sighed and leaned forward, “Sounds complicated. And I thought nothing would get worse after the Titan War.”

“Luke,” Nico said softly.

“What is it?” the blonde looked down at him. Nico had tears in his eyes and a look of panic passed through Luke’s eyes. He leaned over the boy, caging him in protectively with his arms, “What’s wrong?!”

“I did something really bad,” Nico whispered. Luke hauled him up into a sitting position and then grabbed the boy by the chin, forcing the Italian to look at him,

“What did you do?” he asked, searching the boy’s face.

“I brought my sister back from the dead.”


Luke came to the hill again and his heart fell a little when he saw that it was still empty. Everything had been good, Luke had finally accepted his feelings for Nico and then the Italian had suddenly...vanished. Elysium and the Fields were the only few places that were secured in the Underworld, and the Palace of Hades was locked and shut as the God battled himself. Thanatos had returned and some order was restored but even he had no idea where Nico was.

Every day for weeks Luke snuck out of Paradise and came to the hill to see if Nico came back. For a while the blonde thought that the boy had just gotten bored and abandoned him...but as time passed he knew that it was more than that. He heard whispers that Nico had gone down to Tartarus.

The blonde circled the hill with not a lot of hope of spotting the son of Hades there. When his search proved futile he went to return back the way he came when something urged him to check inside Nico’s little cave. It’s been ages since Luke had last seen him but nevertheless he half heartedly stepped into the gloom.

His heart jumped when he saw a figure curled up in the corner.

“Nico?” he asked breathlessly, almost sure it was an illusion. The boy’s head snapped up. He was pale, his cheeks sunken, his eyes full of inhuman exhaustion. But it was still Nico, “Nico!” Luke fell to his knees next to the boy and gathered his limp form into his eyes, “Nico you i-idiot where were you?! I was so worried, I came here every day and-“

“You were meant to be reborn,” Nico said softly, frowning, “Why are you still here?”

Luke was at loss of words. He didn’t feel like joking or making light of the situation. Nico had been through hell, he could see as much from the boy’s face, “You went missing, how could I worry about rebirth when you were gone?”

He saw the exact moment when Nico cracked and suddenly he was pressing close to Luke and sobbing, clinging onto him and brokenly telling him everything; about how he went to Tartarus and how terrifying it was, how the goddess of misery told him that he already had too much pain in his life, about how he was overwhelmed by Gaia’s monsters and taken to the House of Hades where he was slowly suffocating in a jar, surviving on pomegranate seeds for days.

Luke held him, unable to believe what the boy had gone through. He didn’t remember when Nico changed from a nice little break from the constant calmness of Elysium to someone Luke actually cared for, and wanted to protect.

“You’re okay now,” the blonde whispered as he held the shaking boy, folding him into his arms and keeping him close, smoothing down his hair, “I’ve got you, you’re okay.”


“Hey,” Luke came to sit down next to Nico as he once again left Elysium in order to take a break on the hill.

“Hey,” Nico was polishing his sword. He looked much better than a few weeks ago, though still not perfectly back to normal.

“How’s the quest going?” the blonde asked. Nico shrugged,

“I can’t stay for long, the Argo II will probably run into trouble again,” he said, then after a moment he bit his lip, “Me and Jason went to Split today.”

“Croatia?” Luke raised an eyebrow.

“We met Cupid,” Nico said softly, “I...I admitted to him that I have a crush on Percy.  

Nico didn’t expect Luke’s reaction – his smile crumbled away and pain filled his eyes. Christ, don’t tell me you fancy him now too! Nico wanted to yell – that was the only excuse for Luke’s reaction.  

“Oh,” the blonde said, “I thought that by now...,” he trailed off, shaking his head.

Nico stood up, “I’m going to be gone for a while. We need to transport the Athena Parthenos to Camp and we really don’t have a lot of time. should get reborn now, ask Thanatos to ask the Gods to do it for you.”

Luke was staring at his feet, something unlike him, “No. No, I’ll wait for you to get back first.”

Nico didn’t know what to make of that.


“It’s done,” Nico said.

Luke was sitting on their hill, staring out at the Fields of Asphodel, a faraway look on his face. Nico came as fast as he could, as soon as the Apollo kids patched him up at Camp and he was disappointed to see that after all his time away Luke wasn’t even happy to see him. The Italian cleared his throat.

“Gaia’s sleeping again.”

“I’m glad,” Luke said softly.

“Luke-,” Nico bit his lip and sat down next to him. The blonde wouldn’t look at him, “What’s wrong?”

“They offered me rebirth,” Luke said. Nico’s heart clenched but he forced a smile,

“That’s good isn’t it?”

Luke finally turned to look at him, and his eyes were full of pain, “It would be. Christ if they offered it to me a year ago I would’ve taken it in a heartbeat...,” he let out a frustrated sigh, “but...I told them no.”

“Are you insane?!” Nico demanded, “But you wanted it so bad!”

“Well we don’t always get what we want,” Luke said, almost a growl, “How’s Percy? I heard he’s still with Annabeth.”

Nico frowned, “Why are you brining him up?”

“As a point,” Luke snapped, “you don’t always get what you want.”

Nico looked down at his hands, “I don’t want him anymore.”

Luke sighed, “Fuck Nico, then you better decide what you do want.”

“Why are you being like this?!” Nico asked impatiently, “Why did you turn down that offer? You wanted is so much, then why?!”

Luke buried his face in his hands and his voice was muffled when he spoke, “Because I have feelings for you, you idiot.”

“W-What?” Nico’s voice faltered. Luke ran a hand through his hair,

“I don’t want to leave because that’d mean leaving you, and probably never seeing you again.”

“Luke...,” Nico whispered.

“I thought you liked Percy, that’s why I didn’t say anything.”


“But now you just made everything harder because I’m stuck here now and you’ve given me this stupid hope-“

Luke!” Nico snapped and when the blonde turned to look at him the Italian grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in, crashing their lips together. Luke’s eyes widened as the boy kissed him furiously, clinging onto him the way he had after he came back from Tartarus. The blonde’s eyes fluttered shut after a second and he wrapped his arms around Nico and kissed him back, his heart threatening to give out. He’s real, he told himself, He’s real and he’s in my arms and he’s kissing me... When Nico pulled away he was having trouble breathing steadily, “The reason...why I don’t l-like Percy anymore is because I like you, dumbass.”

“What? Why?” Luke frowned.

“I don’t know,” Nico sighed, leaning their foreheads together, “You’re...I feel so close to you. Like you understand me,” he closed his eyes, “You’re the first person I trusted to tell about my sexuality because you made it feel like it was okay, and...and you were here for me after Tartarus. Everyone back in the Camps was just telling me about how brave and strong I was and all I fucking wanted was for someone to just hold me and tell me everything was going to be alright, and you did that, not Percy. I just...,” his voice faltered and he opened his eyes, “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

“Fuck getting reborn,” Luke said fiercely, “I’m staying right fucking here and you better visit me every damn day until you die, and then we can just live in Elysium together after you finally kick it.”

“But what about your dreams-“Nico started but Luke’s smile stopped him,

“You are my dream Nico.”

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How about you write Nico and Mitchell's first time? Like they've been dating for a while, and Mitchell is struggling with telling Nico he thinks he's ready, so he gets advice from a sibling and *thinks* he made a fool of himself, but in the end it works out and they do ~the do~. 

For Purple_Dino

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Mitchell kept glancing from Nico, who had his arm around him, to the Breakfast Club playing on the TV, and then back to Nico. His insides were all twisted up with nerves and his heart hammered. Come on do it you idiot, he told himself, just do it.

“Nico?” he asked softly.

“Yeah?” Nico looked away from the TV and turned to face his boyfriend. Mitchell swallowed his nerves and leaned up to kiss Nico. He could feel the older boy smile into the kiss; Mitchell was not usually the one to initiate it. As the musical number came on-screen Nico deepened the kiss, his lips warm and soft against Mitchell’s. And then the boy started to pull away. If Mitchell had any confidence at all he would’ve pulled Nico back in and progressed things, but seeing as he was a shy, insecure little shit he quietly went back to cuddling into Nico’s side, his mouth bitter with disappointment.

He and Nico had been dating for almost five months, and known each other for over a year. Some days – okay, most days – Mitchell still didn’t believe that someone as popular and well-known and gorgeous and brave as Nico wanted to be with him, the only kid of Aphrodite’s who had no charm, beauty or any of that shebang. Some not so nice people clearly thought the same, asking if he used the blessing of Aphrodite to lure Nico in, but that wasn’t true. For some reason, Gods know why, Nico just liked Mitchell.

Nico was honestly the most wonderful thing to ever happen to Mitchell. No matter how cold and antisocial he was to everyone else, he was always affectionate with his boyfriend. He liked to cuddle and kiss and although Mitch knew that he wanted more, he never pressured him into it. They went as far as handjobs (clumsy on Mitchell’s side but it did the trick) but then the boy chickened out before they could actually have sex and Nico was so understanding and kind and told him they don’t have to rush. Problem was Mitchell was finally ready to lose his V Card; the issue was he didn’t know how to tell Nico.


“...s-so I like initiate a kiss, a-and stuff but then he’ll just...stop and I-I’ll be too scared to ask him to continue,” Mitchell was stuttering and blushing all over the Aphrodite Cabin as his half sister, Silena, sat on the bed opposite him, nodding to his story, “And I don’t know what to do.”

“But you do want to have sex with him?” Silena clarified. Mitchell swallowed nervously,


“Why don’t you just go straight with it and tell him?” Piper asked from where she was leaning against the wall, “just tell him you’re ready – it’s Nico, he doesn’t need more than that.”

“Problem is...,” Mitchell looked down at his hands, “every time I try and tell him that...y-you know, I wanna do it...I just freak out and can’t get it out of my mouth.”

“If you continue referring to sex as ‘it’ then I’m not surprised,” Silena said sympathetically. Piper came over and put an arm around her younger brother,

“Okay why don’t you him you want it then?”

“How?” Mitchell’s green eyes were big behind his glasses.

“Why don’t you just wait for him naked in bed?” Silena asked and both of her sibling’s gaped at her. She shrugged, “What? Worked for me...”

“I can’t do that!” Mitchell’s face was beet red, “I...I don’t want  h-him to see me naked.”

“Mitch you want to have sex with him,” Piper said, “that’s gonna be hard with clothes on.”

Mitchell swallowed, “Right. I should d-do that then? W-Wait for him naked?”

Both of the girls nodded eagerly.


Mitchell chickened out. Of course he bloody chickened out; if you looked up chicken in the dictionary you’d see a picture of him, like this, hiding naked underneath Nico’s covers.

He had come into the Hades Cabin just like he promised and was happy to see that it was dim, the only light coming from the fireplace where flames were roaring. Nico wasn’t there so Mitchell hurriedly stripped down to nothing, leaving his clothes in a pile by the door, and dashed to the bed. He lied down and forced himself to not move to cover his junk. He was almost sick with nerves.

Nico didn’t appear after a few minutes and Mitchell was getting more and more antsy, his body screaming at him to put his clothes back on. The boy finally couldn’t take it and he spilled from the bed, running to the door to get dressed. Except...his clothes were gone – probably courtesy of Silena and Piper. Panic hit Mitchell like a brick and he almost had a panic attack right there and then, naked in the middle of the Hades cabin. He didn’t know what would be worse – running to his cabin naked or having Nico come back and see him like this. Mitch caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror; all pale and shaking, his face and chest flushed with embarrassment.

His eyes landed on Nico’s closet and he threw himself at it, desperately scrambling to open it. Voices sounded outside, muffled, but one of them was definitely Nico’s. Mitch thought he’d pass out as he scrambled for a random T-shirt, shoving it on. It barely covered his privates but he didn’t have to time to get boxers. Instead he dashed back to the bed and buried himself under the covers, head and all.

The door creaked open and Mitchell forced his eyes shut. He heard Nico take off his sword belt, then the closet creaked open, and then-

“Mitch?” it came as a question. Shyly Mitchell poked only the top of his head from underneath the blanket,

“Hi,” he said timidly. Nico was standing by the fireplace and he smiled when he saw his boyfriend. As always Mitch’s heart skipped a beat at how attractive Nico was with his dark hair and darker eyes.

“What you doing under there?” the Italian came over and went to pull the covers back but Mitchell latched onto them,

“No!” he yelled in panic. Nico frowned, “No...d-don’’s...”

“Mitchie?” Nico reached out and brushed Mitchell’s hair from his forehead, “are you okay? Do you have a fever? You’re all red.”

“Can I ask you to do something weird for me?”

“Sure,” Nico was clearly amused.

“Can you go to the Aphrodite Cabin and ask the girls to give me back my clothes?”

“Wait what?” Nico asked, then his eyes widened, “Shit, Mitch...are you naked?”

“U-Um no...,” Mitchell stuttered, “I have your s-shirt on, but they took a-all my stuff.”

“So you’re telling me,” Nico said quietly, “that you’re underneath my covers, naked except for one of my shirts?”

“Y-Yes?” Mitch offered timidly.

Nico ripped the blanket from Mitchell’s hands before the boy could react.

Nico!” he protested, face red, trying to wrestle it back, “D-Don’t-“

“Let me see you,” Nico practically growled. He tossed the covers to the floor and Mitchell grabbed a pillow, pulling it protectively against himself. Nico’s sudden outburst had scared him and the Italian realised that, his face softening, “Mitch,” he murmured, “please let me look at you.”

“I don’t want you to,” Mitch mumbled, looking away.

“Why?” Nico asked, but his boyfriend just shrugged. Slowly, as to not scare him, Nico climbed on top of him, caging him in. Mitchell’s eyes met his nervously and Nico leaned down to kiss the corner of the boy’s mouth, his hand gently tugging at the pillow. Hesitantly, Mitchell released it from his grip. Nico pressed a tiny kiss just beneath his ear, “Mitch, why are you practically naked in my bed?” he murmured. Mitchell shivered where his breath tickled his skin. Some of the nerves were replaced with the tiniest spark of arousal in his stomach.

“I...I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Tell me what?” Mitchell could feel Nico smile against his skin.

“You know what,” the boy mumbled blushing. Nico’s hands tugged on Mitchell’s shirt and hesitantly the boy pulled it off, almost immediately crossing his arms over his naked chest, his legs pressed together. Nico finally pulled away and looked down at Mitchell, pulling the boy’s hands away and pressing them down onto the blankets, threading their fingers together, his leg nudging the other boy’s legs apart so he could nestle between them. The son of Aphrodite felt his face burning as Nico took him in, fighting the urge to fidget. A part of him wanted to use charm-speak or something to make sure that Nico liked him like this, but then it wouldn’t be real and Mitchell couldn’t stand that.

“Nico-,” the boy started.

“Shh,” Nico leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. Then he kissed the little sprinkle of freckles on Mitchell’s shoulder and trailed his lips down the boy’s stomach, making him shiver. Then suddenly the younger boy grabbed Nico by the shoulders and tugged him back up so they were face to face,

“I-If we’re gonna do this then I need you to stay up here,” he mumbled, “I-I...I need to look at you.”

Nico nudged Mitchell’s nose with his affectionately, “Mitch?”


“I love you.”

Mitchell smiled a little, “I love you too.”

“And you’re beautiful.”

The son of Aphrodite felt a blush rising to his cheeks and he looked away, “Of course you’d say that.”

Nico was smiling as he tucked Mitchell’s hair behind his ear,

“I mean it,” he kissed the boy’s forehead and Mitchell leaned into the touch, “you’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen.”

Mitchell looped his arms around the Italian’s neck and drew him in for another kiss. They just did that for a while, kissing, slow and gentle at first, and then suddenly open mouthed and breathless.

“Tell me if you want to stop,” Nico told Mitchell, “I don’t care if we’re halfway done, if you feel uncomfortable you tell me.”

“Okay,” Mitchell said. Nico leaned over and rummaged in his bedside table, his free hand stroking Mitchell’s hip. The boy was a bit light headed but most of his fear had disappeared. Of course Nico was kind and understanding – he always was. Mitchell didn’t know what he had been so scared about. He was still a bit nervous with anticipation though, especially when Nico chucked a small bottle of lube and a condom onto the pillow next to Mitchell’s head, “ what do I do?”

“Nothing,” Nico smiled, “I need to prepare you, so all you need to do is spread your legs.”

Mitchell flushed but did as he was told. When Nico flipped open the bottle of lube he couldn’t take it,

“Pass me that pillow,” he asked. Nico didn’t argue with him, just passed Mitchell the pillow and allowed him to press it over his face, “Okay. Go on.”

Nico repositioned Mitchell’s legs so his ass was on show and then slowly pressed his lubbed up finger against his hole. He got the tip in but then the boy tensed up with a soft hiss of discomfort. Nico stroked his hip,

“You need to relax,” he said softly, “or it’ll feel weirder. Trust me.”

Mitchell peeked at him from above the pillow, “You’ve bottomed before?”

“I’ve done both,” Nico shrugged.

“Wait, how many people have you...had sex with?”

“Does it matter?”

Mitchell shrugged, “I just...I w-wanna know how much competition I’ve got.”

“There is no competition,” Nico snorted and surged up, batting the pillow away from Mitchell’s face so he could kiss him, “and if there was then you would’ve already won.”

Mitchell cradled Nico’s face in his hands as the older boy pushed his finger inside him fully, eyes trained intently on Mitchell, checking for any sign of pain. The boy gritted his teeth at the burn but didn’t want to make a noise in case Nico panicked and thought he was hurting him. It didn’t feel that bad, just weird like Nico himself had said. The Italian kissed Mitchell, swallowing his gasp when he pushed the second finger inside him. The lube made everything easier but it still felt alien, especially when Nico started to scissored his fingers, stretching Mitchell.

The boy was clutching the sheets in his hands, clenching his hands every time the discomfort grew. But he thought it was getting better; the burn was passing. Nico was clearly searching for something, pushing up inside Mitchell. The son of Aphrodite was just getting adjusted to the feeling when the third finger was pushed inside him and he had to grit his teeth again, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Ouch,” he mumbled weakly.

“Sorry,” Nico went to withdraw his hand but Mitchell caught him by the wrist, keeping it there,

“N-No,” he mumbled shakily, opening his eyes, “It’s okay. I’m okay.”

Nico looked worried, “It’ll get better, I promise,” he mumbled peppering Mitchell’s face with kisses as his fingers started to move again. It stopped hurting after a while but it still didn’t feel good and Mitchell had no idea why people did this – and then Nico found whatever he was looking for.

Mitchell tensed up again as a sudden shock of white-hot pleasure went through him. His head fell back, eyes shutting before he knew what was happening. He let out a sound between a gasp and a chocked off moan, hips stuttering up. Nico withdrew his fingers and Mitchell melted into the blankets, panting, slowly opening his eyes.

“What just happened?” he mumbled weakly as his body thrummed with soft-edged pleasure.

“Your prostate,” Nico kissed him open-mouthed and sloppy and perfect, “you like it?”

“Mhmm,” Mitchell hummed in agreement, “Do it again.”

Nico pulled off his shirt and then shrugged off his jeans and underwear. Mitchell was shocked to see how hard he was (he didn’t think anyone would ever get hard over him). Nico reached for the condom and opened it with his mouth and some of Mitch’s nerves returned. Nico must’ve noticed,

“You okay?” he asked with a frown. His eyes were darker than usual, his hair all messy from where Mitchell’s fingers had dragged through it. Suddenly Mitchell couldn’t breathe. It was as if a wave of happiness hit him out of nowhere. Nico looked ready to stop if Mitch said so and that somehow reassured him; Nico wouldn’t be mad at him for chickening out, wouldn’t be mad if he wanted to wait some more.

“I’m so in love with you,” Mitchell whispered helplessly. Nico took his hand and kissed his palm,

“We can stop.”

Mitch shook his head, “No. No, I don’t think I want to stop.”

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Can you please do a Jercy one where they're in medieval times and Percy is a witch in secret and Jason accidentally finds out about it?
For The creator of IGIRLS

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Jason sighed. He hated when his commander made him patrol the streets – he didn’t decide to be a knight so he could break up brawls between peasant children and make sure that nobody was stealing scraps of meat from the butcher’s. But Jason was a smart man and he knew that the job had to be done by someone – and sometimes it had to be him.

It was a sunny morning at least - Jason hated it when it rained. The sun glimmered off windows and children chased each other down cobbled streets, laughing. Jason trailed through the familiar town, making sure that none of the King’s laws were being broken; that there were no fights, no prostitutes on the streets, no public drinking and, most importantly, no witches.

Witches were considered inferior in society, a “plague upon the holy land” as the King oft said. As far as Jason’s commander was concerned they were nothing more than animals that had to be killed before they corrupted the world with their dark magic and Jason understood that. That’s why all knights and citizens were called to arrest or kill a witch on sight if necessary. Jason hoped to Gods he was never forced to do that. It would’ve been easier if witches were some gruesome ogres but no...they were just people. Jason knew his duty, but he imagined it’d be hard to kill someone like that.

The smell of delicious bread wafted up the street and Jason inhaled, smiling happily and forgetting his troubles for the moment. Abandoning his duties he quickly strode into the Bakery, allowing the aroma of the place to envelop him in a warm hug. Fresh pastries, bread and cakes were put on display as more were made behind the counter. Ladies and Lords came in and out of the shop with brown bags full of goodies and poor children hesitantly stared at the baked goods with big, hungry eyes.

“Good morning,” Jason said as he strode in.

“Sir Jason!” the owner of the bakery gushed. At his elbow his young apprentice grinned, covered to the elbow in flower as he kneaded some dough.

“Hey, Jason.”

The head-baker smacked him upside the head, “Have some respect, boy!” he hissed.

“It’s alright,” Jason smiled as he came closer, “Can I get a mince pie, Percy?”

The boy – Percy – nodded. He was Jason’s age with raven hair and blue eyes that were always full of warmth. Jason had known him since they were kids; they were in school together but where Jason had pursued his dream to be a knight, Percy had chosen this profession instead. He was Jason’s favourite stop during his patrol; he could always eat one of the boy’s heavenly pastries and listen to some funny anecdote the boy had to tell. It was much better than the witch-hunting he was usually subjected to.


“There it is!” the commander of Jason’s hunting party bellowed, pointing with his sword at a shadow dashing among the trees. The horsed knights in his tow cheered loudly like a pack of animals, raising their weapons and blazing torches as they thundered after the escaping witch, “Dead or alive!” the commander roared.

Dead or alive! Dead or alive! Dead or alive!” the hunters echoed.

At that moment Jason, who was near the head of the party, felt sympathy for the witch; how terrified he must’ve been, running away from their loud party. They had fire and blades and the witch was probably tripping over roots, stumbling blindly through the night forest, aware that he had nowhere to run. The closest town was well behind Jason’s party.

“Halt!” the commander yelled, holding his hand up. The horses reared and nervously came to a stop in a small clearing, their heads twitching. Jason saw the narrowed eyes of men as they shoved their torches forward to illuminate the forest and peer inside it, for any sign of the witch. Darkness looked back at them. There was a nervousness in the air, and the horses were feeling it, whining softly. Clouds were gathering overhead.

A sudden crack of thunder boomed in the skies and the next thing Jason knew was that a white hot flash of lightning was coming down and setting a tree ablaze. The horses screamed, some of them knocking their riders to the ground in their mad scramble to get away from the flames. The two closest knights caught fire and their screams joined the ones of the petrified animals. It was chaos; men were fleeing the forest, some dragged away by their horses. Jason turned around in circles, not knowing who to help.

“Grace!” his commander bellowed. He pointed to the darkness of the forest where a figure was sprinting away, “Catch that witch! He did this!”

Jason couldn’t argue with his commander so with a heavy heart he abandoned his comrades and plunged further into the wilderness. The sound of his party died away in the distance as his horse thundered on. The blonde’s eyes scanned the trees in hopes of seeing the witch, but he had no such luck. An owl hooted somewhere and Jason had to strain to see anything in the darkness. A storm was brewing overhead and suddenly an angry way of rain was lashing down onto the ground. Jason ducked his head from the sudden onslaught, allowing his horse to lead-

The next thing he knew was that the ground was giving way and they were plummeting down into nothingness.

Jason woke up with a pounding in his head and sunlight making spots dance in his vision. It took him a moment to adjust to his surroundings and the sudden brightness and when he did he realised that he had no idea where he was.

It was a cottage of some kind, that much was clear, and there was only one oval room. On one wall a fireplace burned merrily, filling the air with a comforting soft of warmth. Above the fireplaces hung bunches of herbs and dried flowers. A rough wooden table stood beneath the windows, littered with candles and heavy leather-bound books. A bookshelf with similar looking tomes covered the parallel wall. There was a mirror and a washbasin. Jason was lying in a bed tucked into a sort of alcove in one of the walls, buried beneath a mountain of soft, white blankets.

He didn’t remember what happened, or who had saved him, but when he reached up to touch his pounding head he felt that he had a bandage wrapped around his forehead. He slipped out of bed and limped to the mirror, inspecting the rest of his body. He looked tired and pale, there was a cut on his chin and a series of bruises dotting his ribs, something he discovered when he lifted the soft cotton shirt that someone had put him in.

The door opened with a soft creaking and Jason turned around as the owner of the cottage came inside. He froze, and they both stared at each other for a second.

Jason was startled to see that his saviour was a, a boy. His hair was ebony, his eyes a sky-blue. He was tanned and toned, a little shorter and slighter than Jason but not much. He was dressed in a green shirt and brown breeches, a load of wood in his arms.

“I didn’t think you’d wake up yet,” Percy sounded vaguely scared, though Jason had no weapons on him.

“Percy what are you doing here?” the knight asked hoarsely, mouth dry.

The boy wasn’t moving, clutching the wood, “Y-You and your horse fell into a hunter’s trap. You broke your arm, and your died. I’m sorry.”

“Right,” Jason’s throat felt tight. He had loved that animal, “Thank you...,” he frowned, “Wait. You said I broke my arm?” he inspected both of his limbs but they were perfectly fine.

The blonde saw the panic appear in those sky-blue eyes, but it was too late to try and deny it now. Besides, Jason had already put two and two together, “I...I healed it,” Percy said faintly.

“You’re the witch we were chasing,” Jason stated in disbelief. The boy looked away nervously and flinched away when Jason took a step closer.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the knight said, “You saved my life.”

“Sorry if I don’t believe that,” the boy replied, still afraid. He looked completely different from the smiling baker’s boy Jason was so used to.

 “Please. I’m not going to hurt or betray you. I swear. I owe you.” The witch swallowed nervously and then nodded. Jason smiled, and then walked over and knelt in front of the boy, “I’d give you my sword but I don’t have it, so we’ll have to do without; instead I pledge you my life. I will serve and protect you until I have paid back you back the debt for saving my life.”

Percy was flustered, “You don’t have to do that!”

“Please let me,” Jason looked up at him. He was an honourable man, and Percy had saved his life. The witch shifted,

“Alright. I accept your pledge.”

Jason grinned and stood up and Percy swept to the fireplace, feeding the fire with some logs,

“You’ll have to stay here while I make sure your injuries have healed properly.”

Jason nodded, “How long have I been out?”

“Two days,” Percy said, “Your bone had to knit itself back together.”

“Where are we?” Jason asked, walking up to the window and brushing out the curtain to peer outside. All he saw was a little clearing where the cottage was, and then trees branching out into the forest. A pair of birds fled through the air.

“The Forest,” Percy said vaguely.

“How did we never find this place?” the knight frowned, “we searched the Forest a hundred times.”

Percy smiled at this, hauling a cauldron over the fire and pouring water into it, “There’s a spell on this place, so it’s undetectable to anyone who doesn’t know where it is. I’ve seen your knights a lot, wandering out of the trees and then back in. It’s an old spell – I’m safe here.”

“I...I’m sorry,” Jason said, shifting uncomfortably, “for chasing you-“

“It’s alright,” Percy said, though his shoulders were tense. He pulled a bunch of sage off the ceiling and tossed it into the bubbling pot, “You were just doing your job.”

“Just like you did when you called down that lightning?”

Percy turned around, his eyes wide, “That wasn’t me; that was nature...or God, whichever you believe in.” Jason stared at him – there was something soft and gentle about the dark haired boy. The knight had no doubt that he had killed before, but it was clear that Percy was a good, kind person; that much was obvious just from the fact that he had saved Jason, “What?” the witch asked as Jason continued to look at him.

“You’re nothing like what I thought a witch would be.”

“If you ever bothered to actually get to know my kind before you murdered most of them then maybe...,” Percy trailed off, shaking his head.

“I do know you. My life is sworn to yours now – for Gods know how long-“

“Won’t they be looking for you?” Percy asked.

“It doesn’t matter; I’ll repay my debt first.”


It turned out that Percy’s life wasn’t in danger that much; he went to town to work in the bakery each morning but Jason couldn’t follow him – he was believed to be dead. When he came back he and Jason went out hunting or cooked or fixed up the cottage where it needed to be. A week passed, then another, in a tranquil sort of peace. Percy kept telling Jason that he had to leave, but the blonde was determined to stay until his debt was paid.

“What if that never happens?” Percy asked in exasperation,

“Then I’ll stay here forever,” Jason teased. It was weird for him to see that someone he had grown up with was one of the people he was meant to hate. It was impossible though; if anything by spending more and more time with Percy Jason just liked him more. Maybe even too much.

“Why don’t you ever do magic around me?” Jason asked quietly one night when he and Percy were sprawled in front of the fireplace, reading some of the witch’s books. At his question the blonde saw Percy shift,

“I...I don’t know. I don’t want to scare you, I suppose.”

Jason frowned, “I wouldn’t be scared.”

“Jason,” Percy sighed and sat up, “All my life I’ve been told that I’m...abnormal. You guards parade around talking about how witches are abominations...I’ve spent a lot of time pretending I’m normal, hiding who I really am so I don’t get killed,” he shook his head, “and now you’re saying that you want me to do magic. Like it’s entertainment, and not a curse.”

Jason reached out to Percy guiltily and shyly took his hand, “I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant, I just...,” he swallowed, “I want to know you more.”

“You know me, Jas,” Percy smiled.

“I know the kid that set the teacher’s desk on fire in school,” Jason said, “with matches. I know the kid who gave me the most wonderful hug during graduation. I know the smiling baker’s boy who gave me pastries every day. I know you now,” Percy’s hand trembled in Jason’s, “my mysterious saviour. I know your books and what you look like when you’re sleeping and I know the way you hum when you cook. I don’t know what your magic looks like.”

“Yes you do,” Percy muttered, “You saw it the night I saved you.”

Jason’s stomach felt heavy, “So it was you who sent down the lightning.”

“I had to protect myself,” Percy looked away though Jason didn’t let go of his hand, “I didn’t want to do it.”

“I want to see the magic that you do want to do,” Jason said softly.

“What if I don’t want to do magic?” Percy asked quietly, as if he expected Jason to pull out a sword and cut off his tongue for not doing what he wanted. The blonde brushed his thumb over the back of Percy’s hand,

“Then you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to do anything. I won’t force you to ever do anything.”

Jason stood up and offered Percy a hand. It was late and all he wanted was to curl up in his cot by the fireplace and sleep. The witch hesitantly took the knight’s hand and allowed the blonde to pull him up. Jason was about to pull his hand away but Percy held on. The blonde felt a sudden warmth against his palm and he glanced at Percy. The boy’s eyes were closed, a blue glow around him, his hair and clothes floating slowly around him as if he were underwater. Jason was mesmerized.

Water rose from the cauldron and a dozen jars waiting for the jams that Percy was going to make. Tiny droplets of water ascended into the air, wobbly and reflecting some kind of underwater glow that wasn’t anywhere near. Jason’s breath caught at the phenomenon as the water remained suspended in the air, shifting lazily. He looked at Percy and the boy’s eyes were open. He looked uncertain, as if expecting Jason to be disgusted at his magic.

The blonde framed the witch’s face in his hands and pulled him close, kissing him. Percy gasped against his mouth and Jason heard the water come crashing down to the floor with a splash, but he didn’t care.

“J-Jason what are you-,” Percy tried to pull away but Jason kept him close, kissing Percy feverishly, hands gripping the boy. The witch tried to fight the knight for a second and then, with a brush of Jason’s tongue against his, he melted against the blonde with a soft moan. Jason didn’t know what he was doing, he just knew that he wanted Percy, and that he wanted to protect him and kiss him and watch him do his beautiful magic all day, every day. Jason didn’t care if Percy was a witch; fuck what everyone else thought, he didn’t decide to be a knight for this, but that didn’t matter anymore.

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Can you do a Solangelo one where they are best friends, that are attracted to each other (but neither ever said anything), and one day they are having a sleepover or camping together, and one catches the other masturbating and don't know if they do it too quietly, or just keep watching?
For bailci

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Will didn’t know if inviting Nico over was a good idea, but he couldn’t continue avoiding him while pretending that they were still ‘normal.’ All of their other friends were getting suspicious as to why Will and Nico weren’t hanging out anymore and what was Will meant to tell them? Only Annabeth knew the truth about his massive crush on the Italian, and it took Will months to even get enough courage to tell her.

He didn’t remember when it exactly started but it might’ve been when he was fifteen and Nico was fourteen, almost two years ago. Out of nowhere Will started noticing all these stupid things about him; that when he woke up in the mornings at Will’s house his hair was always fluffy and mused in a way that made Will want to run his fingers through it. When he and Nico changed for PE Will’s eyes strayed to the two dimples at the bottom of the Italian’s spine, and as they got older they shifted to the curve of the boy’s ass. In boring lessons the blonde found himself appreciating the way Nico’s long, dark eyelashes cast a shadow over his cheeks, or the way his slim fingers drummed on the table. He didn’t accept that it was a crush until he started waking up panting and sweaty with cum making his boxers sticky after having a vivid dream about Nico in not one hundred percent appropriate situations. He didn’t accept he was in love with the boy until the Italian came out as gay to him, all shaky and crying, scared that Will would be disgusted, and the first thing that Will wanted to tell him was I love you.

One thing led to another and eventually Will couldn’t stand being around Nico because it just hurt too much to have the boy so close and not be allowed to hold him, or kiss him, or proclaim to the world that he was Will’s.

But then Annabeth got tired of all the tension, and pulled the almost seventeen year old to the side,

“Listen, Nico’s been asking if you’re pissed at him.”

Will looked away, “I’m not.”

“Yeah, you’re in love with him, I know,” Annabeth sighed, “stop being a pussy and either tell him you fancy him or get over it. You’re hurting the kid’s feelings.”

“It’s not that simple, Annie.”

“Well why don’t you invite him to sleep over?” the girl offered, “and then explain everything to him.”

Will raised an eyebrow, “And then what? Let him run away screaming or rape him, which one sounds better genius?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes, “Just do it, twat.”


And so now the two of them were here, on Will’s bed, in their pyjama’s, playing Call of Duty and Will was fighting arousal for the past twenty minutes and losing horrendously in the video game. His gaze kept flickering between the screen and Nico; who was obliviously laying on his stomach next to Will, eyes trained on the screen. Twenty minutes ago his t-shirt had rode up, revealing those dimples in his back that Will might’ve been in love with and now the blonde couldn’t seem to look away. He was sitting in an uncomfortable position to try and hide his erection.

“I’m tired,” he said when he lost once again, “I think I’m gonna sleep.”

Nico looked at him, “It’s only midnight Solace.”

“I know,” Will shrugged, “But I have football tomorrow-“

Nico rolled his eyes, “Excuses, excuses.”

Will exhaled with relief when he flipped off the light, glad that his erection could be hidden. He turned off the Play Station but was too scared to go to the bathroom and have a wank – Nico would know, he always knew. Instead Will nervously waited for the Italian to settle by the wall and then slipped beneath the covers himself.

“’night, Solace,” the Italian mumbled.

“Night Nico,” Will replied. He shut his eyes and tried desperately to will his hard-on away. He thought about that once time Nico showed him a picture of a woman with nipples the size of her head. He thought about horse porn. He thought about grandmother’s in lace underwear...but then his thoughts started to stray and he imagined Nico in lace underwear, his pale hipbones pressing up against his skin above the waistband-

Will bit the pillow to stop himself for moaning at the image. His hand itched to slip into his boxers and tug at his hard cock, but he was too scared. Nico was breathing evenly behind him, but Will didn’t know if he was asleep. After what seemed like ages he finally turned around and his heart jumped in his chest when he realised that Nico must’ve turned as well because they were facing each other. Will’s heart hammered in his chest, his eyes trained on the boy’s face for any sign of being awake. Nico’s eyes were closed, his mouth slightly parted, his cheeks flushed from sleep.

“Nico?” Will asked softly. The boy didn’t reply and Will couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed his hand down his pants and fought a soft hiss as his fingers wrapped around his throbbing length. Slowly, he stared to stoke himself, eyes trained on the sleeping boy in front of him. The blonde tried not to move the bed or make a sound but it was hard. Nico was beautiful, he was so beautiful, and Will wanted to reach out and touch him, if only a little bit, to have something to hold onto as he spiralled into pleasure. He started of slow, imagining climbing on top of Nico and pressing him down into the pillows and kissing him, and slowly making love to him, but his hormones were buzzing. His body felt like it was on fire and without meaning to his strokes sped up, as did his breath.

Every part of him was twitching to hold onto the boy in front of him, but Will had enough sanity left that he stopped himself, panting as he felt his fast approaching climax building up in his gut. There was a layer of sweat on his skin, he felt feverish, his hair was falling into his eyes. His world was coming in and out of focus-

Nico’s eyes snapped open. For a second they were blurry and confused as the Italian woke up groggily and Will should’ve fucking stopped then and pretended nothing happened, but he was too far gone and he couldn’t stop thrusting into his palm.

“Will?” Nico finally realised what was happening, his eyes widening as they saw Will’s movement underneath the covers.  Before he could get up or more or anything, Will reached out and cupped his face with his free hand, drawing him close so their foreheads were touching, gasping, their lips inches away,

“D-Don’t move,” he whimpered, legs tangling with Nico’s, “J-Just...fuck, I-I’m so close, j-just don’t...don’t go a-anywhere-“

With no warning Nico shoved his hand underneath the blankets and clumsily found Will’s hard cock. Before the blonde could react the Italian wrapped his skinny fingers around his shaft and started to stroke, faster than Will had been seconds ago. The blonde moaned and pulled Nico forward, crashing their mouths together as he came all over Nico’s hand. He laid there, shivering from the after-shock, his hand still on Nico’s cheek. The Italian was just looking at him, half tiredly and half in confusion. He wiped his hand on the blankets.

“I’m sorry,” Will whispered. He felt horrible now that the ecstasy had passed. There was a hollow feeling in his stomach and he felt sick.

“Shut up,” Nico rolled his eyes and then nestled in against Will, taking the blonde’s arm and throwing it over himself, “what you sorry for? Stupid.”

Will nudged his nose against Nico’s, his arm tightening around the boy’s waist. He was lost, but in a good way. Nico didn’t look like he hated him. The Italian’s chocolatey eyes flickered up to meet Will’s, and then he leaned forward and pecked him lightly on the lips.

“I love you,” Will’s voice cracked, hoarse. Nico didn’t say anything just snuggled closer to his friend, wrapping his skinny arms tightly around Will’s torso and burying his face in the older boy’s chest,

“I-Idiot,” he sounded shaky. Will kissed the top of his head. He didn’t know what just happened but exhaustion hit him like a brick. Nico hadn’t rejected him, he was holding onto him, he was finally in Will’s arms. The blonde couldn’t ask for anything more...not yet anyway.

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Top Model!Cupid with a zero self-confidence, fan number 1!Thanatos"
for Ashry Tsubasa Black

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Thanatos smoothed down his work shirt nervously as he saw the boy approaching. Than was only twenty, and working at his local grocery store. Every day was pretty standard; go to work, attend his evening classes, sleep, repeat. When he got a moment to himself Thanatos mostly watched America’s Next Top Model, something he never told anyone. Despite being gay, Thanatos looked straight, six foot, muscular, with his dark skin and dark eyes and a smile that everyone always said made him look like a heart-breaker. Thanatos might’ve been a bit of that – he tended to fancy guys for a bit, sleep with them, and then get bored and move on. He knew it was cruel but he couldn’t help it; he just didn’t think sticking with one person was for him.

That was until the new season of ANTM came out. Of course each season had beautiful people in it and Thanatos appreciated them, especially the men. But he never admired them the way he did Cupid, from Season 22. The guy was an asshole, which was kind of half of his appeal. Thanatos didn’t want to like him, and yet he found himself rooting for the kid. All the other girls and boys were obsessed with their appearance, but Cupid relied more on his charm. He was one of the contestants that was attractive in a ‘different’ way. He had something about him that was a delicate as a girl, maybe it was his skinny wrists, or his pouty lips, or the long, raven curly hair that fell just past his shoulders. Thanatos found himself liking the way Cupid modelled, the way he sassily interacted with the other contestants, the way he looked on the run-way, all regal and ethereal, almost like some kind of fairy.

He was from Auburn, Alabama – the place where Thanatos lived. He moved here a few weeks before and hadn’t known Cupid, though the fact that they were now from the same place made Than root for the boy even more. However when it got down to the top five, Cupid was eliminated. Thanatos was heartbroken that his favourite was gone...until he came into Thanatos’ grocery store.

The man had frozen when the model came to his cash desk, tossing a caramel pudding onto the tape. He picked it up with shaky hands and attempted to scan it, staring at Cupid. There was no mistaking him, even if he looked different than he did on the show. He was paler, dark circles under his eyes, his hair pulled back into a low bun. His eyes were downcast, trained on his shoes, his hands shoved into the pockets of his ratty hoodie.

Thanatos scanned the pudding and Cupid paid before he could even mumble out the price. And just like that the model, and his caramel pudding, was gone. Thanatos cursed himself for not talking to the boy, for getting his number or something, but he had literally been too awestruck.

But that didn’t matter because it turned out Thanatos came to the store very, very often.

Thanatos fixed his shirt one more time as Cupid came to his counter, a little smile on his plump limps. He passed Than a tub of ice cream,


“Hey,” over the past few months, after he had gotten up the courage to finally talk to the model, Thanatos found that, weirdly, the two of them were friends, “you’re gonna eat all of that yourself?” he asked, bagging the ice cream. Cupid shrugged,

“You can come over if you want. There’s a new show on Netflix, we could watch it.”

Thanatos still found it weird that Cupid casually invited him over as if they had known each other for their whole lives instead of a couple of months, “Can’t. I have classes later.”

“Well come after them,” Cupid fidgeted, “even you’re not that much of a nerd that you study all the time.”

“I’ll be exhausted,” Thanatos said with an eye roll. He saw a customer approaching, “I’d probably just fall asleep again.”

Cupid shrugged, “I’m cool with that,” he bit his lip. He was different than he had been on TV, more shy and unsure about himself, though he didn’t lose his mean streak, “Just come by if you’re not too busy making love to your textbooks.”


Thanatos did end up coming over, despite being absolutely exhausted after his lesson. Since managing his complicated schedule he had lost a lot of friends because he didn’t have time for them, but because Cupid had money from the show and some kind of weird contract he didn’t have to work and was always free to chill, which is maybe why the two of them had gotten so close.

“I brought Chinese takeaway,” Thanatos informed Cupid when the boy let him into the flat. He was dressed in a loose t-shirt that said don’t feed the models and a pair of sweatpants. He looked adorable, but then again, he always did. His apartment was fancy and messy, just like Cupid himself. The boy went back to where he had been curled up on his black, leather couch, wrapped up in multiple blankets like a burrito. Thanatos shrugged off his coat and shoes and joined the boy, who was scrolling through Netflix on his brand new laptop.

“What are we gonna watch?” Than asked, yawning. Cupid shrugged,

“I’m down for anything except ANTM re-runs,” he made a face, “can’t stand those cunts.”

Thanatos snorted, “I’m sure they can’t stand you either.”

“Dick,” Cupid elbowed him, then bit his lip, opening up a new tab, “Percy won, d’you know? They announced it yesterday.”

“Nah, I stopped watching when you got eliminated,” Than said with a grin, “which one’s Percy?”

Cupid typed the guy’s name into the search bar and then showed him the pictures. The kid was okay, Thanatos supposed.

“Eh, he’s alright.”

“Alright?!” Cupid’s eyebrows shot up, “Alright?! Are you blind?! The guy’s gorgeous...shit, he’s such a fucking twat, didn’t know what was happening half the time but...he’s stunning, you have to give him that.”

Thanatos shrugged, “I think you’re better.”

Cupid shifted awkwardly and didn’t say anything, scrolling through more of Percy’s pictures. Thanatos frowned. He noticed that Cupid did that a lot; compared himself to others or acted insecure. Thanatos had no idea why – be assumed that Cupid was aware of how beautiful he was, after all he made it to the top five. But looking at the boy now, all bundled up, Thanatos could see the uncertainty on his face and he didn’t think he would be able to ignore it for any longer.

“You do know you’re hot right?” he asked, and Cupid tensed, “I mean, the judges told you that most weeks-“

“The judges chatted a bunch of bull,” Cupid interrupted, still not looking at Than, “backstage they contoured my face and fixed my hair. They edited the pictures. What the judges did tell me was that I should cut my hair because I’m not manly enough and that I should work out, that my jaw was crooked and that I’m too pale.”

“Everyone’s got flaws, Cupid.”

“But it’s frustrating hearing about them all the time, having someone judge you all the time,” the boy grumbled, “I know that’s what I should’ve expected getting into the show but...I don’t know. After all of that and getting eliminated it’s hard to believe that I’m actually attractive. What’s considered pretty in the modelling world most people find ugly out here.”

“You’re not ugly,” Thanatos tried to keep his emotions at bay, “You’re everything but.”

Cupid got up, angrily, not looking at his friend, “You don’t get it!”

Thanatos grabbed him by the wrist before he could hide in his room like a moody teenager. He wanted to tug him back onto the couch but sometimes he forgot how skinny Cupid was, and he accidentally tugged too hard, causing the boy to spill into his lap. The model flailed and Thanatos grabbed him quickly, stopping him from landing on the floor but also causing the boy to shift closer to him, his legs on either side of Thanatos as he straddled him. They both held their breaths, eyes wide as they stared at each other. Than’s heart was hammering in his chest and he swallowed uneasily.

“You’re not ugly,” he said, for lack of better things to say. Cupid looked away, his cheeks red,

“I’m over it, you can shut up about it now,” he grumbled. But Thanatos didn’t know how to shut up, or maybe he just didn’t want to. He was used to the confident Cupid that was on TV and it was hard for him to see the boy like this – all sad and insecure and doubting himself.

“You’re pretty,” Thanatos said softly. He was still holding Cupid’s wrist in his.

“No I’m not,” the boy said with a sudden rawness in his voice, “If I w-was then I wouldn’t have g-gotten eliminated.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it – you didn’t get eliminated because of that.”

“Y-Yeah I did,” Cupid angrily pulled his wrist free and glared at Thanatos, though he didn’t attempt to get out of his lap, “If only I had smiled more, and cut my hair like they said-“

“I love your hair,” Thanatos said fiercely, “You love your hair.”

“It doesn’t matter now,” Cupid’s voice cracked – his eyes were full of frustration and misery, “I guess I just wasn’t good enough,” he let out a humourless laugh. Thanatos couldn’t take it anymore. He hated what the competition had done to the boy.

“You are good enough,” the words spilled out of him, “You’re better than just good, you’re amazing, and I’m not just talking about your appearance! Yeah you’re beautiful, like actually beautiful, like you take my breath away every time I fucking look at you. But you’re also kind in your own way, and funny and you’re a dickhead and an idiot and you don’t always know how the world works but you’re amazing, not matter what they all said to you, they were lying, you’re-“

Cupid cupped Than’s face in his hands and crashed their lips together in a sudden desperation, kissing Thanatos with almost aggressively. The man didn’t expect it but he responded almost immediately, arms wrapping around Cupid’s skinny waist as he kissed him back fiercely, surprised at how well the two of them fit together. His heart felt too big for his chest all of a sudden.

When Cupid pulled away there were tears in his eyes, “W-Will you shut up now?” he asked and his voice ended on a little sniffle. Thanatos pulled him close and kissed him again,

“You’re beautiful.”

“Shhh, please just-“

“You’re so beautiful,” the man stroked Cupid’s face, staring at the boy intently. He kissed his forehead, “You’re beautiful.”

“Than I’m serious-,” Cupid tried again but Thanatos just kissed the tip of his nose, the corner of his mouth, his cheek. He trailed his lips down the boy’s jaw-line,

“You’re amazing,” he murmured again as Cupid tried to fight a sob. Thanatos pressed little kisses into the side of his neck, “You’re amazing.”

“I-Is this the part where you tell me you love me?” Cupid’s cheeks were flushed and his eyes were red. Thanatos’ heart twisted and he couldn’t say anything, just stared at the boy in his arms. Cupid looked away and brushed away any tears that spilled down his cheeks. He let out a small sob, “Because I do. I-I love you.”

“Good,” Thanatos pulled him in again and kissed him.

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Luke/Percy au where they have a super complicated friends with benefits thing going on but they slowly start to fall in love but are scared to get into a relationship again.
For theoretically

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“S-Slow down,” Percy gasped. Luke violently shoved his face into the couch,

“S-Shut up,” he growled from behind clenched teeth as he tried to stifle a moan, pounding into the boy below him. The TV was still on the sports channel the boys had been watching before they suddenly started fucking, and the muted sound of a football match was now interrupted by harsh breathing, the sound of skin slapping on skin and an occasional gasp or moan. The living-room was dark save for the green and blue lights that the TV cast. They hadn’t even gone to Percy’s bedroom, and somehow that made Luke glad. The weird arrangement that they had discussed before – friends with benefits – seemed more realistic when they weren’t doing it on a bed, face to face. They were just two people using each other’s bodies for pleasure.

There were strict, although basic, rules to the arrangement between Luke and Percy. No kissing, no marks, no feelings. Luke found the second rule hardest because as Percy’s back arched beneath him, the tanned expanse flawless and unmarred, Luke wanted nothing more than to scratch or bite or something. Luke’s thrusts sped up – he could already tell he was going to like this; the rough, emotionless sex with Percy. It meant he didn’t have to get into another messed up relationship, not after was easy, good sex, and Luke was content for it to remain that way.

“I-I’m gonna come,” Percy moaned, toes curling. Luke smirked and delivered another hard thrust to the boy’s prostate,

“About time.”


“I-I’m gonna come,” Percy stuttered. He looked like an angel, his hair a dark halo around his flushed face. His eyes were half-lidded and he looked halfway to bliss already. Luke stilled his movements and brushed the boy’s hair from his forehead,

“Not yet,” he said softly, shivering when Percy clenched around him. The dark haired boy didn’t argue, just pressed the side of his face against the pillow on his bed and tried to catch his breath. It had been almost six months since they started this ‘beneficial’ relationship, and Luke was slowly being broken apart.

If that first night, fucking on the couch in front of a TV, someone had told him that he’d fall in love with his fuck-buddy he would’ve laughed in their face because back then it had seemed impossible. But no matter how much Percy and Luke tried to pretend like nothing changed despite their frequent sexual meetings, it was hard not to look at each other that least Luke felt that way. He had initially agreed to the friends with benefits arrangement because he was sexually frustrated after ending a bad relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Thalia, and he never thought that he’d ever feel the things he had for her for Percy...except much more intensely.

Luke tried to starve off Percy’s orgasm because he didn’t want it to end – because then he’d have to leave and go back home and lay in his cold bed without the boy’s warmth wrapped around him. God, he’d becomes such a sap.

“L-Luke...,” the dark haired boy reached out to hold onto something, gasping, “P-Please I need to c-come...,” Luke took his searching hand and twined their fingers together, pressing them into the blankets. Percy looked at him pleadingly and Luke wanted to cry. He also wanted to finish; to thrust into Percy’s wonderful body until he spilled inside him, but that would be the end. He couldn’t starve it off for much longer though, “What are you thinking about?” Percy mumbled.

“Thalia,” Luke said quickly. He saw the dark haired boy’s expression shift,

“Oh,” he looked away, “Bit awkward...thinking about her while you’re inside me.”

Luke snorted, trying to hide his real emotions, “Like you never think about Annabeth when I’m fucking you.”

“I don’t,” Percy looked like he didn’t mean to say that out loud. Luke’s chest clenched,

“Can I fuck you again?” he asked, “after this?”

“Round two?” Percy raised an eyebrow, “didn’t know you had such a sexual that why Thalia left you? ‘Cause you were some kind of nymphomaniac-”

Luke really wasn’t in the mood for teasing. He surged forward and kissed Percy, breaking rule numbed one. At the same time his hips snapped forward, hitting the boy’s prostate and making him let out a sound between a gasp and a moan. He pulled away from Luke’s kiss but to prevent him from having a go about the rule being broken Luke suddenly started to fuck him again, hard and fast. The boy’s head fell back against the pillows and he cried out.

Luke couldn’t seem to stop kissing him as he pounded the boy. Percy’s lips were soft and pliant against his, as if the dark haired boy was completely submissing himself to Luke. The blonde thrust his tongue into Percy’s mouth as he felt his own climax approaching. He didn’t know what brought on this sudden urge to break all the rules of their stupid arrangement – the feelings were just getting too much. What Luke felt for Thalia was nothing compared to this.

His lips slid to Percy’s neck and he started sucking a desperate hickey into his skin. Percy batted at him weakly while at the same time his legs tightened around Luke’s waist,

“N-No marks,” the boy whimpered, his hand tangling in Luke’s hair. The blonde kissed him again and came, shuddering. Seconds later Percy clenched around him and Luke felt his warm come splatter his stomach though he didn’t see it because he was too busy resting his forehead against the boy’s shoulder. He slipped out of the Percy eventually and tugged the condom off, tying it and throwing it into the bin, just like every other time.

“What the fuck Luke?” Percy growled as his hand drifted to where a purple bruise was blooming underneath his jaw. The blonde couldn’t help and feel proud as he shrugged and got off the bed, “Is that what we’re doing now?” Percy asked angrily, sitting up as Luke found his jeans and tugged them on without any underwear, “We said no kissing and you kissed me. We said no marks and you marked me,” the blonde didn’t reply and Percy’s eyes narrowed, “Are you going to tell me you have feelings for me next?”

Luke froze and swallowed. He couldn’t speak. Percy snorted,

“That’s what I thought. Either stick to the rules or I’ll find someone else to fuck me.”

Luke couldn’t handle that. He turned back to the bed and pounced on Percy before the boy could react, pining his wrists to the pillow. The dark haired boy looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You blind bastard,” Luke was chocked up. Percy’s expression softened,

“Luke?” he asked gently. A droplet landed on Percy’s cheek and it took Luke a moment to realise that it was his tear. With a soft sob he buried his face in Percy’s shoulder, a sudden pain erupting in his heart. He was so scared, scared that Percy would push him away, that it would all end like Thalia had...

“Hey,” Percy said gently, his hands coming up to stroke Luke’s hair comfortingly, “Hey, don’t cry big guy.”

Luke held him tightly, “I-I think I love you,” his voice was muffled by Percy’s shoulder.

“No,” the boy whispered, and there was a hysterical edge to his voice, “P-Please. Don’t say t-that. You’re not m-meant to say that,” he pulled Luke back so he could look at him, his hands coming to cup the boy’s cheeks. Luke was startled to see that Percy’s eyes were full of tears too, “It wasn’t meant to be like this.”

“Well it is,” Luke sniffled and looked away, trying to control his emotions, “Do you hate me?”

“No,” Percy frowned, calming down slightly, “Course I don’t. Idiot.”

“I know this is complicated, because you still love Annabeth-“

Percy shook his head, “It’s...I don’t think I do. Not anymore. But you’re right; it is complicated.”

“What now?” Luke asked hesitantly. Percy shrugged, wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and wrapped his legs around Luke’s waist again, smiling slightly.

“You promised me a second round,” he said, and pulled Luke into a kiss.

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Leo/Will where Leo is sick and is trying to work through it, but Will isn't having it.
For SolNiveAngelo

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“I’ll be fine!” Leo complained as his siblings crowded in around him in the medical wing, blocking off all routes of escape.

“Yeah right,” Nyssa snorted, “That’s what you said last time.”

“And I was fine,” Leo clarified. Jake and Beckendorf exchanged a look,

“Leo you were dehydrated and passed out.“

“So? Big deal?” the Latino would’ve rolled his eyes if Will wasn’t busy shining a light into them, checking his pupils apparently. The small boy drummed his fingers on the bed, “What’s the verdict, doc?”

Will stepped away, “You’re an idiot, Valdez. You’re sick.”

“Will he die?!” Harley demanded, eyes wide with panic. Will ruffled the child’s hair,

“No. Unfortunately it’s only the flu.”

The campers all sighed with relief, “Unfortunately?!” Leo demanded.

“Look Leo,” Will said, “This is the third time that you’re being forcefully brought here-“

“Forcefully being a key word,” Leo grumbled, fidgeting like a child brought in front of the head-teacher.

“...because you’re not taking care of yourself,” Will continued, ignoring the Latino’s remark, “Last time you fainted. You’re exhausted, your body is weakened, and that’s why you have the flu in June.”

“Okay doc, how do I fix it?” Leo interrupted impatiently, “I have a load of projects I need to finish pronto so just gimme some ambrosia and I’m out of your hair, Goldilocks.”

Will shook his head, “Not this time Leo. Everybody out,” he turned to the other Hephaestus kids, “Leo’s staying here for the night at least.”

“What?!” Leo demanded. His siblings grumbled a little but then filed out of the hospital wing, shouting their goodbye’s. Leo glared at Will, “Are you serious right now?! Will, you can’t keep me in here, I have so many things to do...”

“And taking care of yourself is not one of them?” Will guessed, picking up a stethoscope, “Your projects are not going to run away, Leo. Your health is much more important...,” Leo glared and Will’s expression softened, “Please? Just do this for me; one night and you’re out, I promise.”

Leo exhaled in annoyance but he knew that Will was right – he was feeling like shit and in that state he probably wouldn’t be able to work anyway, “Fine,” he said grudgingly. Will smiled brightly,

“Brilliant, now take your shirt off.”

Leo stifled a sigh, made sure that there was nobody else in the wing and then shrugged off his orange camp t-shirt. He bunched it up in his hands as Will came to stand in front of him, pressing the cold metal end of the stethoscope against his skinny chest. The Latino hissed at the sudden temperature change and Will smiled. It was weird thinking that he was listening to Leo’s heart beat. And kind of alarming.

“Leo,” Will frowned, “Why is your heart beating so fast?”

“ADHD,” Leo said immediately, hands clenching on the t-shirt he was holding. He swallowed nervously. Please don’t realise, please don’t realise, he chanted in his head as if it would stop anything. Of course an accelerated heart beat didn’t mean anything but if Will asked again Leo might blurt out something stupid, the way he had a tendency to do around the blonde boy. Will looked down at him and took the stethoscope out of his ears, letting it hang around his neck.

“Do you have a fever? You’re all red,” the doctor said worryingly, pressing his hand against Leo’s forehead. The Latino looked away and tried to will his blush away. This was why he never came to the medical wing.

“I-I’m fine,” he stuttered. Will cupped his chin in his hand and turned Leo’s face so he was facing him. The Latino held his breath as Will searched his face. His eyes subconsciously slid to Will’s lips.

“No you’re not,” the son of Apollo stated, letting go of Leo’s face (thankfully). He took one of the boy’s hands in his, “Look you’re trembling,” he said, and he was right. Leo was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

“I-I’m cold,” he lied.

“You’re a son of Hephaestus,” Will frowned, “You don’t get cold.”

“It’s just the flu,” Leo said quickly. Will didn’t look convinced,

“You’re all frantic and stuff, is everything alright? Are you gonna have a panic attack?”

“N-No,” Leo croaked out. Will’s eyes narrowed,

“Something’s going on – your heart is pounding, you’re all red and shaking, your breathing’s all wrong...,” Will trailed off suddenly. Leo was looking up at him, unable to look away. The blonde looked like he was having an internal battle with himself and Leo knew that he knew. He felt his heart clench in his chest.

Will cupped Leo’s chin in his hand again but this time, instead of looking at his eyes, he leaned forward and kissed him. Leo inhaled suddenly, his eyes widening. If Will thought that his heart was pounding before he should’ve heard it hammer now. The kiss probably only lasted for a few seconds but for Leo time seemed to slow down. Will’s lips were soft, his kiss gentle, just like he was. It was nice. Really nice.

 Leo’s arms wrapped around Will’s neck almost on their own accord and he kept the doctor close, even as he pulled away slightly, breathing hard even though the kiss had been gentle and sweet.

“W-What are you doing?” he whispered. He was so confused. And happy too, but mostly confused.

“Taking care of you,” Will murured and kissed him again.

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Can you do a Connor x Mitchell thing?  it's them trying to find a place where they can be left alone by their siblings.
For GayerThanThou

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There was a knock on the Aphrodite Cabin door.

“Pipes, go open it,” Silena asked sweetly. Piper groaned and gave Mitchell a pleading look,

“Go open the door?” she asked, dimpling at Mitchell cutely. The boy sighed but didn’t argue, just dragged himself off of his bed where he had been reading a book. He grumbled under his breath as he zigzagged through the empty beds of his siblings who were probably out somewhere, leaving a massive mess in their cabin. He didn’t see why he always had to open the door – it was probably Jason or Beckendorf anyway, coming to hang out with their girlfriends.

Mitchell swung the door open when the second impatient knock sounded and was startled to see Connor Stoll outside. Mitchell and Connor had been friends for ages, since they basically came to camp. Mitchell still remembered when he was ten and unclaimed in the Hermes cabin, and how kind Connor had been to him when he woke screaming from his nightmares, while the other campers in the overflowing cabin complained about the noise. Mitchell also knew that he had feelings for Connor for as long as he could remember – all the girls were always talking about all the great heroes of the camp, like Jason or Percy or Frank, but Mitchell was never attracted to them. He much preferred Connor with his always messy brown hair and blue eyes that sparkled with mischief. He was more than shocked when a little over two months ago Connor had confessed that he had feelings for Mitchell too, and asked him to go out with him. Mitch had of course said yes, hence why Connor was probably outside his cabin right now.

“Hi,” Mitchell said, surprised. The son of Hades grinned at him devilishly and then pushed into the cabin, shoving the shorter boy up against the wall and slotting their mouths together. There was no build up with Connor – he was hard and fast and deliberate in everything he did. His tongue was inside Mitchell’s mouth before the boy even knew what was happening, his arms wrapped around the Son of Aphrodite’s waist. Mitchell’s eyes fluttered shut and his hands subconsciously came to rest against Connor’s shoulders. He melted into the kiss and suddenly remembered where they were.

“Connor!” he yelled, shoving the boy away.

“What?!” the Son of Hermes asked, confused. Then he turned around to where Silena and Piper were laying on their beds, chins resting on hands, grinning as they watched the action unfold. Connor blinked at them and Mitchell felt blood rush to his face,

“Hey guys,” Connor said, “Didn’t see you there.”

“Connor,” Mitchell grumbled, pushing his glasses further up his nose, “I hate you.”

Connor gave him a sheepish smile, “Okay I’ll come back later then.”


Mitchell and Connor were in the equipment shed, way after dinner, which gave them some kind of security that nobody would walk in on them. It was surprisingly hard to find a place at camp that was quiet and secluded. Unless you were Jason, Percy or Nico, of course. Those bastards had cabins all to themselves.

Mitchell whimpered against Connor’s shoulder, where he had buried his face. He was always shy, and Connor kind of loved that. He kissed the side of the boy’s head as the hand down Mitchell’s pants continued to stroke him.

“I-I’m close,” the son of Aphrodite stuttered, and then gasped when Connor brushed his thumb against the head of his cock. Mitchell’s leg hiked itself up, almost around Connor’s waist, and the boy felt the urge to fuck him senseless but they couldn’t do it – at least not in the shed; it was too cramped, and there was too much of a risk that one of them would stab themselves with the swords and spears surrounding them, “Connor,” Mitchell moaned. The older boy pressed their lips together,

“Shh,” he murmured as he stroked Mitchell faster, “You need to be quiet-“

The door of the shed was yanked open. Mitchell yelped and pressed himself against Connor. With frustration the son of Hermes tugged his hand out of the boy’s pants. In front of him stood his half-brother, Christopher. He was blushing, his eyes trained on his brother and Mitchell.

Clarisse pushed herself to the front, and she was fuming,

“Stoll what are you doing in our place?” she growled. Connor rolled his eyes,

“We’re busy.”

“This is our place!” Clarisse snarled.

“It doesn’t have your name on it,” Connor replied cheekily. Clarisse was red in the face,

“Get out Stoll.”

Connor was about to argue but Mitchell tugged on his hand. He was blushing so much even his ears were red, “Let’s just go, Connor.”


The Aphrodite Cabin was, miraculously, empty. All the girls had left to see Lacy off on her first quest and Connor and Mitchell took this opportunity to finally get their sexual frustration out.

“How much time do we have?” Connor asked as he sat down on the edge of Mitchell’s bed. He started to undo his belt and Mitchell got down on his knees in front of him, shrugging,

“I don’t know,” Mitchell admitted, “I hate how rushed everything is.”  

Connor sighed, “Well we just have to deal with it I guess.”

Mitchell was about to say something but then Travis burst into the Cabin.

“Connor!” he called joyfully and then froze when he saw his brother, halfway out of his pants, with Mitchell kneeling in front of him, “Oh.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Connor groaned to heaven’s, pulling his trousers back on, “What do you want Travis?”

“I’m going off to college,” Connor’s brother looked scarred for life, “I wanted to say bye. Silena said you and Mitch were in here.”

“And why do you think we’re in here?” Connor hissed. Travis pouted,

“Your own damn brother is going off to uni and you’re too busy trying to get laid.”

“I was gonna get a blowjob actually,” Connor interjected. Mitchell buried his face in his hands,

“Shut up!” he whined.


It was Capture the Flag and Hermes had teamed up with Aphrodite, something Mitchell and Connor were grateful for since it meant that them sneaking about the forest together wasn’t suspicious. In fairness Mitchell actually wanted to play, but Connor had other plans.

They were walking past some old-ass stone cave when suddenly Mitchell found himself being shoved inside by Connor and pressed down onto the rough stone floor. In the half-dark Connor was grinning down at him.

“Connor no,” Mitchell said sternly. Connor pouted,

“What? Why?”

“We’re not doing it in some stinky cave,” Mitchell grumbled, “Someone might catch us. Besides there might be spiders somewhere here,” he shuddered. Connor raised an eyebrow,

“I thought the Athena kids were the ones scared of spiders,” he said. Mitchell shrugged and Connor sighed sadly, “Can I kiss you at least?”

Mitchell shifted, “Yeah. That’s okay I guess.”

Connor stroked his face, which was weird because Connor never stroked his face. He started to lean down to kiss his boyfriend when they were suddenly interrupted.

“What the hell is going on in there?!” Drew demanded. Connor jumped away from Mitchell and hit his head on the cave’s low ceiling. He groaned in pain, “Mitchell what the fuck?!” the Daughter of Aphrodite hissed.

“Will all of you just fucking fuck the fuck off,” Connor grumbled. Drew glared,

“I don’t even want to know,” her eyes narrowed, “But you better have the flag in there.”


“Where are we going?” Mitchell asked as he and Connor trekked through the dark forest.

“You’ll see,” the son of Hermes said mysteriously. Moments before he had discretely pulled Mitchell out of the dining pavilion and into the forest, and now they were among the trees, in the dark, and despite holding Connor’s hand, Mitchell was freaked out.

“Connor I’m scared,” he said quietly, looking around to see if anything was following them. Connor squeezed his hand,

“It’s okay we’re here.”

‘Here’ turned out to be a shadowy bulk of a small hut, a little bigger than the equipment shed at Camp. Before Mitchell had time to fully take in this building standing in the forest, hugged by trees, Connor pulled him inside and switched on the light.

The ‘light’ was a string of multicoloured fairy lights stretched around the room, giving off a warm red, orange and blue glow. Mitchell’s breath caught at the sight of it. There wasn’t much more in the hut except for a massive bed that took up most of the space, piled high with blankets and pillows.

“Connor what is this?” the boy asked breathlessly. Connor looked self conscious, maybe for the first time in his life, and he shrugged.

“I found it ages ago and renovated it. Nyssa helped a bit,” he looked at Mitchell hesitantly and bit his lip, “I cleaned it out. No spiders, I promise.”

Mitchell started crying. Of course he started crying, that was his natural response to virtually everything.

“Fuck, Mitchie,” Connor panicked as he pulled his boyfriend into his arms, “Hey, shh, don’t cry, what’s wrong?”

Mitch hid his face against Connor’s chest, the way he did so many times. Connor didn’t know what to do so he held him and kissed the top of his head,

“I love you,” he said gently, “You’re scaring me. Please don’t cry.”

“I-I’m sorry,” Mitchell whimpered, pulling away and wiping his eyes, “It’s just t-that...I didn’t t-think...,” he shook his head, “you did this for me and t-that’s...that’s...”

He couldn’t find the right words.

“I just wanted somewhere where it could just be us two,” Connor mumbled. Mitchell drew him down for a kiss and it was surprisingly gentle. Connor wasn’t rough and hard as always, instead he was careful and soft, and slow. Finally they weren’t rushing anything. Of course sooner or later somebody would find this place but for now and they were actually alone, and it was perfect.

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Can you please do a Jason/Percy smut, with alpha/ beta/ omega dynamics, making Jason an alpha but he doesn't know that Percy is an omega until he goes into heat.
For Whaaat

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Jason and the rest of the seven trailed after Leo as he gave them a quick tour of the Argo II before they officially took off for their Quest from New Rome. It was all really weird for Jason – not only had he lost most of his memories but he was about to go on the hardest Quest in the history of the world with a bunch of strangers. Mixed strangers.

It was weird to think that a bunch of Omega’s, Beta’s and Alpha’s had been chosen for this Quest. Most of the time only one category went all together to avoid mating without consent if an Omega went into heat. Mating wasn’t even the biggest problem – sometimes Alpha’s bit Omega’s, something they were only meant to do once in their life. After the adrenaline and danger of the Quests passed some Alpha’s abandoned their Omega’s to bite someone else. The Omega however couldn’t move on, forever mated to their Alpha. It was a dangerous situation but this time there were all sorts on the Quest and Jason found that he didn’t mind.

“So me and Hazel are sleeping in this corridor,” Leo said gesturing to one of the complicated wings of the massive ship, “Since we’re Omega’s. We have locks on the doors so no shady business,” Leo said, pointedly glaring at Frank, “We’re both on suppressants so we’re fine.” He led them around the bend and down another corridor.

It made sense that Leo and Hazel were both Omega’s; they were short, small and all kinds of adorable though Jason didn’t doubt that both of them would stab him in the dick if he ever tried anything. Not that he was attracted to either, but if he smelled their heat Gods know what would happen.

“Piper, congratulations,” Leo grinned at her over his shoulder as he showed the seven a long corridor with only one door on it, “You’re the only Beta so the whole hallway’s yours.”

“Sweet,” Piper grinned.

“You’re also a guard between us,” Leo put a protective arm around Hazel’s shoulders, “and them.” He looked at Jason, Frank, Percy and Annabeth.

Having two Alpha’s on a Quest was a stretch but having four was unheard off. So far there had been no power struggles between them though and Jason hoped it stayed that way. Annabeth was a different gender to the rest of the Alpha’s which already slightly smoothed things over though Jason knew she’d be vicious if he ever tried to compete for a mate with her. Frank, despite his height and muscular build, was as docile as a sheep. But he was fiercely protective over both Leo and Hazel, which just enforced the idea that Jason was not going anywhere near them during their heats.

And then there was Percy. He was a little shorter than Jason, a little slimmer, but the blonde had a feeling that the two of them would clash the most since they were the most similar. He didn’t want that though; for the little time the two had spent together Jason decided he liked the other Alpha, and he didn’t ruin it with stupid hormones.

There was also the thing about being attracted to the son of Poseidon.

A successful Alpha-Alpha or Omega-Omega relationship (lucky Beta’s, the fuckers got to be with whoever they wanted) was incredibly rare, as all Omega’s tended to be submissive in bed while Alpha’s were dominant. Hence why Jason didn’t understand why he got all of these confusing feelings about Percy. They had only known each other for a couple of days but Jason got the strong urge to neck him every time he saw the other boy, and that definitely wasn’t good.


It was a good month into the Quest and Jason thought he was holding up pretty well. Sure, he was feeling a bit antsy and agitated at being around so many Alpha’s, but it was easier than he expected. He also had no issues with the Omega’s; just like they promised they were on suppressants so apart from the occasional whiff of arousal they weren’t making the Alpha’s go crazy, which was always good.

Jason woke up in the middle of the night four weeks in. The Argo II was up in the sky, passing over a brightly lit city that Jason could see out of the window. He didn’t know why he woke up – usually he slept like a rock. He sat in bed and listened, thinking maybe they were being attacked by monsters, but the only thing he could hear was the creaking of the ship as it seamlessly glided through the air.

And then it hit him – the smell. Someone was in heat, so advanced that it knocked the breath out of Jason. Suddenly his whole being was thrumming with pleasure and want and lust. He felt his Alpha senses awaken and he fought a growl as the air was filled with the scent of need. It was as intense as if it was coming from right beside Jason.

The blonde threw himself at the door, wrenching it open. His mind wasn’t telling him that it was probably Leo or Hazel and that he promised not to mate with them, because all he could think was mate, mate, mate. Never before had the urge to claim someone been so strong, never before had he wanted to bite someone – Jason felt drunk as he stumbled out into the corridor. He barely registered that his legs weren’t taking him down the Beta hallway, only that he was turning into the room right next to his, and shoving the door open.

And then his feelings all made sense suddenly.

Percy was sitting up against the headboard of his bed, his legs drawn up to his chest. He looked feverish; his face was flushed, his forehead shining with a thin layer of sweat. His hair was damp, falling into his half-lidded, needy eyes. Jason nearly blacked out at how good he smelled; a trace of cologne, the sea, apples, and something that was entirely him, entirely Omega.

“Jason,” the boy whispered hoarsely. Jason shoved the door closed and tried to control his urges to jump onto Percy and shove his cock inside the boy.

“You said you were an Alpha,” he growled. Percy whimpered, clearly sensing the Alpha in Jason calling out to him.

“I-I never said that,” Percy whimpered, squeezing his eyes closed and clenching his hands into the sheets underneath him, “Y-You guys just a-assumed that.”

“Fuck Percy,” Jason growled, “Where the hell are your suppressants?”

“T-They finished,” Percy bit his lip, “J-Jason you smell s-so good, f-fuck-“

“We can’t do this,” Jason tried to control the Alpha in him but it was getting harder and harder with each passing second, “W-We promised that there’d be no mating on the ship.”

“I need y-you to fuck me,” Percy gasped, as if he hadn’t heard Jason. His words went right down to Jason’s already achingly hard cock. He swallowed thickly,

“Percy I can’t,” he had no idea where this self control was coming from but somehow Jason knew that this was different. This wasn’t some quick shag because Percy needed it – this was something more. Jason’s insides were twisting and the Alpha was screaming in his head to claim Percy, to make him Jason’s. He wanted to make love to him, slow and sweet until Percy was screaming and the whole ship could hear him. He wanted to bite him, mark him, but he also wanted to hold him in his arms and protect him, and love him.

The Omega got to his feet shakily and stumbled to Jason, who was frozen, unable to move. Percy had somehow lost his underwear and trousers somewhere and was only in an unbuttoned white shirt. He looked like a debauched angel with his dishevelled hair and naked, slick body.

“Percy don’t,” Jason whispered. The Omega came to stand in front of Jason, his pupils blown so much that his eyes were all black.

“Jason,” he said pleadingly, though he didn’t touch the Alpha. He was trembling, “Please.”

Jason needed to touch him. He reached out and cupped the boy’s cheek, feeling how hot his skin was. You’re going to hurt him, he told himself, control yourself. You’ll hurt him. Percy’s eyes fluttered shut and he leaned into Jason’s touch, exhaling shakily. The Omega’s own hands came up to make sure Jason didn’t move his hand.

“Jason,” Percy opened his eyes and looked right at the Alpha, “Kiss me.”

“No,” Jason growled. His insides twisted, “You only want this because of your heat.”

“No,” Percy whimpered, “I don’t. I-I know you’re thinking t-that I just n-need an Alpha b-but...,” he fought a moan, “It was n-never like t-this before. I-I feel like I’m going t-to pass out. I don’t want Frank, o-or Annabeth. I want you.”


“Just a kiss,” Percy moved an inch closer but it already felt too close for Jason, “that’s all. O-O-Only a kiss.”

How could Jason say no when Percy was asking so sweetly? Helplessly, completely fallen under Percy’s spell, the man leaned forward and captured the shorter boy’s lips in his. Percy gasped against his mouth, and one of his hands came to curl into Jason’s shirt. It must’ve been his plan from the beginning, and Jason had just been too far gone to realise, but the second his lips were on Percy’s he lost all control.

Jason was vaguely aware of picking Percy up, and pressing him up against the wall as the Omega’s legs wrapped around him, his hands twining in Jason’s hair.

“Yes,” the boy gasped against the Alpha’s mouth as Jason ground against him, Percy’s cock pressing against his own clothed one, “Yes.”

Jason pressed his mouth against Percy’s neck, roughly sucking hickey after hickey into the boy’s skin as he thrust against him. Percy buried his face in Jason’s shoulder, clutching onto his head, and moaning almost like he couldn’t stop himself.

Jason crushed their lips together again, Percy allowing his tongue into his mouth. That was when the Omega came the first time, his cum splattering all over Jason’s sweatpants and shirt. The blonde pulled back and looked up at Percy who, thanks to their position, was a little higher up now. The boy’s eyes were half-lidded and full of lust.

“More,” he whimpered. Jason easily turned them around and walked to the bed, laying Percy back against the pillows without letting go of him. The boy’s legs were still wrapped around the blonde’s waist.

“You’re going to hate me,” the Alpha whispered. Percy pulled him close,

“No I won’t,” he murmured, “I won’t. I won’t.”

Jason leaned down and bit him right where his neck met his shoulder.

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write nico/jason fic where Jason has a nightmare and he goes to Nico to calm down. like jason probably has some fear of forgetting everything again after the whole juno/Hera thing
for aelitastones1

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Jason was in a dark forest, the branches of the trees interlinking together over his head to create a grim kind of canopy that blocked out whatever light the sliver of moon in the sky could’ve cast on the landscape. Jason didn’t know what this place was, and he turned around in a slow circle.

Demigod dreams were rarely just that and so Jason drew his sword, swallowing past the nervousness he felt. Something bad was going to happen, Jason knew that as he scanned the trees. Someone was watching him, he could feel their gaze on him. Jason’s hair stood on end.

“Hello!” he called, trying to make his voice stay steady, “Who’s there? Come out!”

A rustling caused Jason’s heart to start pounding in his chest. He tightened his hands on his sword and pointed it at where shadows were shifting behind some trees. He held his breath as a person slipped out from behind the branches.

“Nico,” Jason sighed with relief when he saw his boyfriend, lowering his sword. The Italian blinked at him, and stayed close to the trees. He looked lost, “Nico?” Jason frowned, “What is it?”

“How do you know my name?” the boy demanded, hand on the shadowy bark of a tree, eyes not leaving Jason’s. The blonde’s stomach plummeted when he saw that Nico had fear in his eyes.

“What do you mean?” the blonde’s mouth was dry, “we...we’re going out. I’m your boyfriend. I love you,” he stepped to the boy, trying to stifle his panic. Nico flinched,

“Don’t come near me!” he yelled and Jason froze, “I don’t know you!”

“What?” Jason felt like he was going to pass out. He remembered waking up on the bus, with no memories..., “Juno!” he bellowed to the canopied sky, “Stop it!”

The goddesses laugh echoed through the trees. Jason swallowed uneasily and turned to Nico,

“Neeks, listen to me-,” he went to him again.

“I don’t know you!” Nico yelled again, and then he slipped into shadows of the trees, and Jason was alone.

He woke up by himself in his cabin, gasping for breath. Everything was dark inside the Zeus Cabin, the only sounds coming from the crickets outside. It was just a dream, Jason told himself, over and over as he steadied his breath, staring at the ceiling. He kept seeing the branches of the trees, closing over him like a roof. The son of Jupiter reached up and wiped away the tears from his cheeks, inhaling shakily. He was tired of being haunted by these dreams. They used to be about Jason himself, surrounded by people he couldn’t remember, but since confessing his love to Nico it had always been about the boy – about the one person he cared for the most forgetting all about him.

Jason was too scared to fall back asleep, too scared that when he woke up again the dream would be reality. He clambered out of bed, put on his shoes and then slipped outside into the warm night. The cleaning harpies were flying over the beach so Jason took that opportunity to sprint through the length of the cabins, until he got to number thirteen, the Hades Cabin.

He didn’t bother to knock as he spilled inside the dark cabin. The only light came from the braziers outside and the shadows seemed menacing to Jason. Nico sat up in an instant, sword in hand. Then he relaxed visibly when he saw his boyfriend,


The blonde let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “You haven’t forgotten about me.”

Nico put his sword down and slipped out of his bed, padding over to Jason. He looked like a sleepy cat, his hair flat on one side, pyjamas crumpled.

“You had that dream again, didn’t you?” the Italian asked softly. Jason nodded, too chocked up to speak. The son of Hades stood on his tip toes and wrapped his arms around Jason’s shoulders, pulling him into a tight, warm hug. The blonde sighed and hugged his boyfriend back, feeling himself unwinding. Nico stroked the hair at the nape of Jason’s neck, “It’s not real.”

“I know,” Jason tightened his arms around Nico’s waist, “But fuck it felt real.”

Nico pulled away and took Jason’s hand, pulling him to the bed. Jason shoved off his shoes and they both slipped underneath the covers, re-arranging themselves so that they were facing each other, Jason’s arms around Nico’s waist, their legs tangled together.

“I remember you,” Nico said softly, looking right at Jason, brushing his fingers through his hair, the way he did every time Jason had his forgetting nightmare, “I remember how you fought Otis and Ephialtes at the Coliseum to get me out of that damned jar,” Jason smiled at this and Nico pressed a small kiss to that smile, “I remember how kind you were to me in Split when I told Cupid I fancied Jackson,” both of the boys snorted at that, and how weird it was that it was them that ended up getting together. Nico kissed the corner of Jason’s mouth, “We fought after that. I said that after taking you to Epirus I’d leave,” he kissed Jason’s cheek, “Well I didn’t. And I’m not going to.” He pressed their forehead’s together and Jason felt his heartbeat steadying, “I remember when you said you loved me,” there was something raw about Nico’s voice every time he mentioned that, “I remember our first kiss. Our first night. And all that came after that and...,” the boy took a shaky breath, “I’m never going to forget it. I’m never going to forget you.”

Jason pressed their lips together. It was a sweet, reassuring kiss that stretched on for an eternity, and Jason loved every second of it. Nico was solid in his arms, his lips were warm, he was real, and he wasn’t going to abandon Jason.

“I love you,” the blonde murmured against the Italian’s lips.

“I haven’t forgotten that either, Jason,” Nico whispered, “But I love you too.”

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Do one with Jason/Nico were they go to a Halloween party and Nico had just gotten a lip piercing before he went and Jason is going crazy
for Cs

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“Jason!” Piper, the host of that year’s Halloween party, exclaimed the second the quarterback got through the door. Jason smiled as the Cheerleader pushed her way through the crowd spilling out of the dark living room into the equally dark hallway. Jason hugged Piper. In a more cliché world the two of them would be dating – the best Cheerleader in the squad and the hottest Quarterback, she dressed as Wonder Woman, he as Superman. Thank God life wasn’t cliché, because otherwise Jason would’ve never been dating his amazing boyfriend. Speaking of...

“Where’s Nico?” Jason had to yell over the booming music. Piper frowned and then shrugged,

“I saw him by the alcohol!” she yelled back. Then someone called her name and she disappeared in the crowd once more. Jason sighed and started his slow trek through the people, stopping to say hi and chat to a few of them when all he wanted was to find his boyfriend. When he finally made it to the drinks station a good twenty minutes later he saw that Nico was nowhere to be seen. The dance-floor was packed but Jason didn’t have to worry about finding his boy there since his anti-social snowflake would rather drink bleach than be caught dead grinding on someone.

“Jason!” Percy, dressed as Aquaman and following their friendship group’s superhero theme, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the beer pong table, “Thank God, bro! You need to team up with me against those two.” He glared at Poison-Ivy Annabeth and Batman Frank, who were cracking their knuckles on the other side of the table filled with solo cups.

“You’re going down Jackson,” the girl grinned at him. Jason couldn’t said no to his friends and so for a while he played and drank and laughed. Maybe an hour later Hazel, dressed as Batgirl, popped up at Jason’s elbow. He wouldn’t say he was drunk – just that he was humming pleasantly with the beer he had to split with Percy.

“Hey, Jas,” Hazel hugged him, “Oh, Neek’s looking for you.”

Jason face-palmed, “Oh shit. Where is he?”

Hazel pointed to the upstairs of the McLean house and then took Jason’s place at the beer pong table. The blonde pushed past more and more intoxicated people.

“Jason!” Leo, dressed as the Flash with his curls poking out from his mask, slipped out of the dancing crowd. He was drunk and sweaty, “Come dance, dude!”

Jason ruffled his hair, “Later, Firebug. I gotta find Nico.”

“Upstairs!” Leo yelled and then dived back into the writhing crowd. Jason grinned and slipped out into the much-cooler corridor, climbing up the stairs where a girl was sitting, talking angrily to her mom on the phone.

Upstairs it was a lot calmer, though the music was still loud in the corridor. A few people were lounging around on the floor, drinking and talking quietly. There was a short queue of four people to the bathroom, and none of them were Nico. Jason bit his lip and checked his phone, smiling again when he saw a text from Nico.

Number one bae the grim reaper: In Pipers room got a headache

Jason pushed his phone back into his pocket and picked his way through the people, getting to Piper’s room. He opened the door and slipped inside hurriedly.

The music was muffled, Piper’s bedside lamp turned on so the room was filled with a soft golden light. Nico was sprawled on the bed, scrolling through his phone. He didn’t wear a costume (typical) instead opting for his usual outfit of a black t-shirt and black jeans. He dropped his phone on the bed when Jason came in and stood up,

Finally,” he said impatiently, “I texted you like half an hour ago.”

“Sorry,” Jason grinned at him, pulling him into a one armed hug, “What happened to getting dressed up?”

“I am dressed. I’m death, can’t you see?” Nico rolled his eyes, pulling away. There was a nervous energy about him and Jason was about to ask what’s up when his eyes landed on Nico’s mouth. The boy’s plump bottom lip was pierced on the left side with a metal ring. Nico noticed Jason looking and his tongue slid out to lick at his lip nervously. Jason swore that he saw red for a second.

“Nico,” his voice sounded weirdly hoarse, “When did you get your lip pierced?”

There was a small blush on Nico’s cheeks and he looked away, self-consciously tucking a lock of his hair behind his ear. He shrugged,

“Earlier today,” he mumbled. He glanced at Jason shyly, “ you like it?”

Jason didn’t reply. He reached out suddenly and gripped Nico’s face in his hands, drawing him in for a bruising kiss while at the same time walking him backwards, so that the Italian’s legs hit the bed and the two of them tumbled forward onto the pillows. Jason kissed Nico fiercely, feeling aroused all of a sudden, but the Italian pulled away quickly,

“Ouch, ouch, ouch,” he grumbled, covering his mouth with his hand, “It’s still sore dickhead.”

“Sorry,” Jason batted Nico’s hand away and kissed him much more gently and carefully.

“I’ll take that as a yes, you like it,” Nico said with a smile and an eye-roll. Jason kissed just beneath his jaw,

“You’re hot,” he said.

“Gee, thanks,” Nico grinned. Then he grew serious and tugged Jason back up, looking at him with big eyes, “Jas. Do you want to have sex?” He asked quietly. Something tightened in Jason’s chest and his mouth went dry, “’cause I want to,” Nico mumbled. Jason kissed him softly again,

“Honestly I really want to right now,” the blonde whispered, “because you’re beautiful. And I love you. But truth be told I’m a bit tipsy and I can hear everyone out in the hallway, and someone could walk in any moment,” he sighed, “and this is Piper’s bed. I don’t want our first time to be like this,” he took Nico’s hand and intertwined their fingers, “I want to do it properly, not at some drunk highschool party.”

Nico smiled at him, the lip ring somehow adding to his charm, “Okay.”

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Jasico Ageswap? In which, Jason is the 14yr old praetor and Nico is the 16yr old son of Hades that shows up to Camp Jupiter.
For TheKarrotWhoShallNotBeNamed
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“There’s a Greek in Camp!” Reyna came barrelling into Jason’s favourite cafe in New Rome. The fourteen year old praetor blinked at her, a spoonful of ice cream halfway to his mouth,

“What?” he asked.

The girl sighed in annoyance, “A Greek. In camp!”

“What Greek?” the blonde boy stood up. He barely reached the sixteen year old girl’s chin but that didn’t stop him from sounding like he was in charge. He abandoned the ice cream and hurried with Reyna through the city, and then through Camp Jupiter.

“He says that he’s from some Half Camp or something and that he’s a son of Hades,” Reyna grumbled, “I have no idea where he came from; Frank said he literally came from shadows...”

The border of Camp Jupiter finally came into view, and Jason could see Terminus arguing with a figure dressed all in black, some people gathered a safe distance away, watching in fascination. Feeling apprehensive about the newcomer and aware of all the eyes on him, Jason stormed to the border, Reyna in tow.

“Listen you marble dickhead!” the supposed Greek growled, “let me pass, I need to-“

“Silence!” Terminus boomed, “Insolence!”

Jason came to a stop next to the marble statue and stared at the Greek. He was maybe Reyna’s age, taller than both of them, with black, too-long hair that fell into his equally dark eyes. The guy was dressed all in black, a matching sword at his side.

“Who are you?” Jason demanded, crossing his arms over his chest and trying not to look like he was intimidated...which was exactly what he was. This new guy was nothing like the Romans...there was something wild about him.

“Are you in charge here?” the Greek demanded, looking at Reyna.

“My name is Jason Grace,” Jason said, as formally as he could, “A son of Jupiter and the Praetor of Camp Jupiter.”

The Greek gave him a long look, “You’re the praetor?” he said eventually, “What are you, like twelve?”

Jason fought a blush, “I’m fourteen. But I should be the one asking questions/ Why are you trespassing into our camp?”

“I’m not trespassing,” the Greek groaned, “I’m here to see my sister.”

“And who exactly is your sister?” Jason raised an eyebrow.

“Hazel Levesque,” the Greek said, “and I’m Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades.”

Jason exhaled and exchanged a look with Reyna. He couldn’t stop this Nico dude from coming into Camp. His intentions seemed innocent enough. It also came to the fact that Jason really didn’t want to fight someone a head taller and two years older than he was. And then there was the issue of...

“Look, please,” Nico’s entire expression shifted suddenly, and there was a desperation in his eyes, “I just want to see her. I-I...,” he cleared his throat, “My other sister died and-“

“Nico,” Jason interrupted softly, “I’m sorry but Hazel Levesque, whoever she is, isn’t here.”

“What?” Nico frowned, “I was told she was a Roman Demigod...,” realization dawned on him and Jason saw pain flicked in his eyes. His shoulders slumped and suddenly the blonde felt sorry for him, “She’s dead,” Nico said hollowly.

“Look, you can come in and-,” Reyna started.

“No,” Nico stepped backwards, where a tree was casting a shadow on the ground, “I need to find Hazel,” he was looking right at Jason, “you should be expecting me back soon though.”

And then he sunk into the shadow as if he was part of it, leaving Jason behind with a heavy feeling in his stomach and a sense of, Gods know why, anticipation and excitement in his heart.


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maybe a phone sex solangelo?
For kaleidoscope_eyes

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“I’m nervous,” Will admitted over the phone. His best friend rolled his eyes to mask the pain he was feeling, even though the blonde couldn’t see it.

“You’ll be fine,” Nico assured him, trying to sound genuine, “She’s a nice girl. I think. I don’t really know her.”

 “I have a feeling she wants to have sex with me.”

“That’s...that’s good isn’t it?” Nico swallowed hard.

He was lying in his bed, in his dark room, listening to the traffic outside. It was a school night and his parents were long asleep. The sixteen year old should’ve probably followed their example but...well, he always put Will first, and right now Will needed him. Earlier that day a girl he had fancied for a long time, Drew, had asked him round to her house, and the blonde was very close to freaking out about it.

“I mean...Drew’s hot and all, and losing my V Card to her...,” Will sighed and it sounded too dreamy for Nico’s liking, “I won’t lie, it’d be nice.”

“Then what’s the issue?” Nico huddled underneath his blankets. He had a sneaking suspicion that when Will finally hanged up he’d start crying. Yeah, as you might’ve gathered his crush on his very straight best friend was unhealthy. The Italian had fancied Will since they were both thirteen and still having sleep over’s and embarrassing wet dreams. Will wasn’t like the other guys their age, he wasn’t loud and crude and sexual and rough. He was kind and soft and caring and had the nicest smile and the gentlest hands, and despite towering over Nico he never made the Italian feel intimidated the way he felt around the other boys from the rugby team. Of course, Will liked girls, and girls liked Will, so really Nico should’ve seen this Drew situation coming for a while...he just hadn’t expected that it would hurt so much – knowing that Will was okay with sleeping with someone. Someone who wasn’t Nico.

“I don’t know man,” Will sighed softly on the phone. Nico could imagine him in his bed, the one Nico himself had slept in a thousand times, a lump beneath his blue and white QPR covers, “I guess I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t hype it up maybe she won’t want anything,” Nico said, more to make himself feel better rather than Will.

“Yeah maybe...,” Will trailed off and the two lapsed into comfortable silence. They were a bit like teenage girls like that; sometimes they even fell asleep on the phone together, “What if I do something weird?” Will was rarely unsure, but now Nico could hear the insecurity in his voice. He wanted to say no you won’t, you’re perfect, but he thought that was a bit forward.

“Like what?” he asked instead. He could almost hear Will shrug,

“Dunno. Like make a weird noise or something.”

“Well what do you sound like when you come?” Nico had meant it like a joke but his heart started to pound. He heard Will snicker on the other end and he pressed the phone between the pillow and his head, both of his hands clenching into the covers.

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Don’t you jerk off, dickhead?” Nico grinned. There was a crackling on Will’s side and a pause.

“Nico,” he said softly.

“Y-Yeah?” Nico asked.

“Can...Can I ask you something weird?” Will sounded unsure again. Nico wished he was close to him so he could hug him, reassure him maybe.

“Course,” Nico whispered. A police car screeched past his window, bathing his bedroom in blue and red light for a second.

“I...could I like...jerk off a-and you could listen a-and tell me if I sound weird?”

Nico covered the speaker with his hand and then exhaled shakily. He felt blood rush South all of a sudden,

“I...yeah, sure,” he cleared his throat, uncovering the speaker, “Whatever you need man.”

“Okay,” Will sounded relieved that Nico wasn’t grossed out, “Just be honest, okay?”

“Yeah,” Nico’s hand tightened on the covers. He was determined not to touch himself. He heard rustling on Will’s side of the phone and then a nervous breath. For a moment it was quiet, and then Will’s breath started to get more laboured. Nico couldn’t stand the silence, “Are you doing it?” he asked.

“Y-Yeah,” Will said shakily, then laughed uneasily, “It’s weird with you listening.”

“You’re the one who wanted to do it,” Nico bit his lip. Will didn’t say anything, his breath speeding up ever so slightly in Nico’s ear. The Italian shivered, “What are you thinking about?”

“D-Dunno. Nothing r-really...j-just kind of doing it.”

“Oh...,” Nico blinked and stared at his window, “How does it feel?”

“O-Okay I guess,” Will was a bit more breathless now. Nico’s hand was subconsciously playing with the drawstrings of his sweat pants.

“You sound normal,” he said, trying to remember the purpose of this conversation. He swallowed as the tips of his fingers just barely slipped beneath the waistband on his sweatpants. He wasn’t wearing underwear, “Do you want me to stop talking?”

“N-No actually t-that kind of...,” Will trailed off.

“That kind of what?” Nico was hard. He wished he wasn’t but hearing Will aroused, even a little bit, was doing all sorts of weird things to him.

“Nothing,” Will gasped slightly into the phone and Nico’s toes curled. His hand involuntarily wrapped around his cock and he had to squeeze his eyes shut and bite his lip to stop a noise from coming out. So much for resolve.

“T-Tell me,” he mumbled, trying to force his voice to come out steady.

“This is too awkward,” Will tried to catch his breath, “C-Can you touch yourself too?”

Nico should’ve lied, but instead he said, “I a-already am.”

Fuck,” Will swore, but it didn’t sound like a normal swear word. It sounded strained and aroused and it went right down to the pit of Nico’s stomach. He gasped as he started to stroke himself softly,

“Will,” he whispered, without meaning too. The chocked off moan he heard on the other end only caused his hand to speed up more. He forgot all about how awkward this would be pretty soon and lost himself in the pleasure, and in hearing Will moan into his ear, almost like he was there, right next to him.

“T-Talk to me,” the blonde asked, breath hitching. Nico’s eyes were closed as he panted, his hand moving up and down beneath the covers,

“About w-what?”

“Dunno. A-Anything. What are you thinking about?”

“You,” Nico mewled, “I’m t-thinking about y-you.”

“Doing what?” there was a hungry edge to Will’s voice.

“T-Touching me,” Nico was aware that he was losing any control he had over the situation as his movements sped up. He moaned and slapped his free hand over his mouth, not wanting to make an embarrassing noise.

“No,” Will growled, “No...y-you’re covering your mouth, aren’t you? S-Stop it. I w-want to hear you.”


“God...y-you sound so hot,” the blonde murmured. His voice was deeper than normal, and huskier and it made Nico’s movements frantic. He thrust into his own fist and gasped and mewled, toes curling.

“I want y-you here,” Nico whimpered, cradling the phone between his ear and his shoulder, pressed into the pillow. He was completely zoned out from the real world.

“W-Where’s here?” Will asked.

“Inside me.”

Christ, are you fingering yourself?”

“No,” Nico whispered, eyes still closed, hand still moving on his cock, “I want y-you to do it.”

“Shit. Shit. I’m close.”

“M-Me too,” Nico moaned, feeling his insides tighten. He heard Will cry out softly on the other end and with his own muffled gasp Nico came all over his hand and his covers. He pressed his forehead against his pillows, hand slipping limply out of his trousers as he tried to catch his breath, panting. He could hear Will do the same on the other end of the line.

When their breathing slowed down Nico laid in silence, and Will didn’t say anything either. The Italian had to check if the blonde hadn’t hung up, but the call was still on. Will was listening to him breathe softly, and Nico was scared to speak and break the tense silence that had fallen. Now that the pleasure had passed and his mind cleared he realised what they had just done. They couldn’t pretend everything was normal, not after this. Nico didn’t want this to end their friendship.

It was Will who spoke first, “I’m coming over tomorrow after school,” he sounded exhausted, but in a good way. Nico blinked,

“You were meant to go Drew’s,” he was startled at how hoarse he sounded, “You were meant to fuck her.”

“I’d rather fuck you,” Will said, no hesitation. Nico’s breath caught in his throat.


“Is...,” the self-conscious edge was back in Will’s voice, “Is that okay?”

 “Yeah. Yeah that’s okay.”

“Cool,” Will sounded relieved, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Thanks for helping me. Night, Nico.”

“Night Will,” the Italian bit his lip, “By the way, Will?”

“Yeah?” the blonde asked.

“You don’t sound weird,” Nico said softly, “You sound nice.”

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Tangled au where Percy is Flynn rider and Leo is rapunzel
for Empire_state_of_mind

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Once upon a time, a single drop of starlight fell from the leo constellation, and from it grew a magic golden flower. It had the ability to heal the sick and injured. There was also a Kingdom, and that Kingdom was ruled by beloved King Hephaestus and his Queen Esperanza. Soon the Queen was with child, but she got sick. Very sick.

She was running out of time and the people of the Kingdom were desperate for a miracle that could save her and the baby. They heard stories of the magic golden flower and started searching for it...maybe they would’ve found it faster if not for Hera.

Hera was an old, old witch, older than the Kingdom and she wanted the flower’s power all to herself for it made her young and beautiful. All she had to do was sing a special song to it, a song in an ancient tongue.

 But one night some guards from the Castle found it where Hera had hid it beneath a woven basket and they brought it to the castle. They turned it into a golden potion and gave it to the Queen, and she was healed, and had a healthy baby son whom she named Leo after the constellation that saved her.

To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen filled the night sky with thousands of lanterns that shone as brightly as little Leo. And for that one moment, everything was perfect.

And then that moment ended. Hera, in her fury and madness, broke into the castle of the King and Queen. She sang to Leo the same ancient song she used to sing to her flower and his head full of chestnut curls glowed golden and Hera felt her strength and youth returning. But the moment she stopped singing she returned to the old, gnarled witch that she was. So she did the only thing she could.

Hera took the child, and disappeared.

Despite the best efforts of the Kingdom, they were unable to find little Prince Leo, for deep in the forest, hidden behind a waterfall, Hera raised him as her own child, teaching him about how cruel and dangerous the world was, and how it was filled with horrible, selfish people. Leo grew up afraid of what was outside the tower.

But those walls couldn’t hide everything. Every year on Leo’s birthday the King and Queen released a thousand lanterns into the sky, in hope that perhaps one day their lost Prince would return.

Leo should’ve probably cleaned. He had a small living space; an oval room at the top of his safe tower, with just his bed, a bookshelf, a small kitchen and a bathroom but it looked like a volcano had erupted in the middle of it all. Leo, with lack of better things to do in his isolation, had taken up inventing, and now practically every surface (including the floor) was littered with some kind of metals, wires, strings and other equipment. A half-built bronze robot stood in one corner.

Hera, Leo’s mother, hated mess. She was coming to visit the seventeen year old soon and Leo had spent the past hour sitting on his bed and mentally trying to will himself to get up and clean, but it wasn’t working. Eventually the curly haired boy gave up trying to stop his procrastination and immersed himself in work. He wanted to finish the robot by the end of the month and if it worked, it’d be able to speak. Leo was excited at the prospect of having somebody else to talk to other than his mother when she came to visit. The wind and snow and the lanterns in the sky made for poor companions to someone as lonely as Leo.

“Leo!” Hera’s voice drifted from outside, “my little star! Let down the rope!”

Leo gave his dirty room one last sad look and then hurried to the balcony. Down below, at the base of the tower, stood Hera. Around her stretched a small clearing, ringed with tall trees, mountains on one side, a forest on another and a massive cliff where the waterfall tumbled on the third.

“Coming!” Leo called, grabbing the heavy hempen rope and threw it over the side of the tower. Hera said it was for his own safety – that way nobody would break into the tower. The woman put her feet into the loop made on the bottom of the rope, a bit like a noose, and Leo strained as he hauled her up. He was small for his age, his mother always said, and didn’t have a lot of strength.

“Leo!” Hera came over the side of the balcony, looking a bit worn out. She stiffly kissed her son’s cheek and then her eyes narrowed as she saw his room. She swept inside, “Leo what is the meaning of this?!” she demanded, looking at the mechanical parts strewn across the floor. Leo smiled sheepishly,

“I...uh...I was going to clean it I swear-,” he said. Hera tutted and shook her head,

“Such a messy child. I’m too lenient with you,” she looked at the fidgeting boy and sighed, “Here, sit down with me,” she perched on the edge of Leo’s bed and patted the spot next to her. Leo sat, and she stroked his curls, “Sing for me, Leo, that song I taught you.”

“Mother can’t it wait?” Leo asked, “I was actually hoping to-“

“Sing,” Hera interrupted, “then we’ll talk.”

Leo sighed but he knew there was no point fighting with his mother. He let her brush his curls with her hands as he sang the ancient song whose words he didn’t understand. His hair glowed golden, filling the glum room with light. Hera smiled when Leo finished.

“Good boy,” she stood up, somehow looking more energetic, “Now clean the room while I prepare a meal.”

Leo got up after her, “Mother I was going to ask you something-“

“I hope it’s not about those floating lights again,” Hera said, exasperated as she reached into the basket she brought with her, pulling out supper ingredients.

“I...a little...,” Leo balked, “but-“

“Leo, I told you I want to hear no more about them.”

“But it’s my birthday tomorrow,” Leo said dejectedly. Hera glanced at him, eyebrow raised,

“Oh? Is that a special occasion of some sort?” she asked, “because as far as I’m concerned the only thing your birthday means is that you get cake and a present, not a death sentence.”

“Mother I can’t stay here forever,” Leo sighed, “please, I’ll go see the lights and that’s all-“

Hera slammed the basket down on the table and whirled on Leo, her eyes full of dark fire,

“You think you can make it out there?” a cruel smirk tugged on her mouth. Leo hated this side of her, the cold, calculating side. He looked away, hands curled into fists, “I mean look at you! You’re practically useless, you can’t even clean your room much less look after yourself out there in the world with all the thugs and murderers! People would kill you for the magic your hair has!”

“But-,” Leo started.

“You’re weak and small and fragile,” Hera snapped, “you look half like a girl with that hair of yours. Do you want to get raped? Is that what you want? For some ruffian to grab you while you’re walking to see your precious lights and have his way with you?” Leo swallowed uneasily, feeling sick, “that makes it sound like you’re asking for it, Leo. Are you asking for it?”

“N-No...,” Leo stuttered. Hera smirked,

“That’s what I thought. We’ve had this conversation before Leo. You’re immature and clumsy, if someone doesn’t kill you you’ll probably do it yourself by accident,” she studied her son, and then walked up to him, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look at her, “I want to hear no more of leaving the safety of this tower,” she said icily, “Understood?”

Leo looked at his feet, “yes, mother.”


Percy was running. He was always running these days and he’d be lying if he said he hated it completely. On one side he had Luke Castellan, a blonde man with a jagged scar running down one side of his face. On his other side was Ethan Nakamura, with a patch over one of his eyes. Next to them Percy looked like a dandelion crossed over with Prince Charming with his perfect smile and tousled black hair, but it didn’t matter because he was the one who had stolen the crown. Yes, Percy Jackson the street urchin had gone big – he had broken into the castle (with the help of Castellan and Nakamura of course) and robbed their most expensive possession – the crown belonging to the lost Prince.

Percy’s reasoning was that the Prince didn’t need it anyway. He was gone for almost eighteen years, he was probably dead or living out the rest of his years in the Arctic or somewhere so the crown was just wasting away where it had been stored and guarded. Percy could put it to much better use by selling it and living a comfortable life for once.

“They’re on our heels!” Nakamura yelled, glancing behind them. The three men were crossing the bridge that linked the city with the rest of the Kingdom.

“Fuck,” Castellan swore, “We need to split up.”

“I’ll go West!” Percy said immediately as he continued to sprint, “You two go South and we’ll meet up at-“

“Nice try, Jackson,” Castellan bared his teeth at him like a wolf, “next thing we know is you’ve run off with the crown.”

“Don’t you trust me, Castellan?” Percy grinned. Nakamura rolled his one eye,

“I trust a kleptomaniac kid more than I trust you.”

“I’m hurt,” Percy said as they finally made it under the cover of the trees, though they didn’t stop running. The knights on their horses were close on their heels, ready to execute them if they only got the chance.

“Give us the crown, Jackson,” Nakamura spat, “and we meet up at the docks in two days.”

Percy made a face, “Is that necessary?”

“Do it,” Castellan growled. Percy sighed and tossed the blonde the satchel with the crown in it. The man grinned and slung it over his chest, “See you in two days, Jackson!” he yelled and he and Nakamura broke away from Percy, making South. The dark haired boy grinned as he continued West, gracefully weaving his way in and out of trees.

Unfortunately a big part of the pursuit was still coming after him, their horses thundering after Percy. The man was starting to tire, his lungs burning with the effort. His eyes started to scan the landscape in hope of finding some place where he could hide and wait out the chase.

In the far distance Percy heard the rumble of a waterfall and the grin on his face grew as he headed in that direction. He jumped over the roots of trees and fallen branches with ease that the horses of the knights didn’t have, putting him ahead of the chase by the time the massive cliff with the waterfall came into view. The forest ended abruptly, giving way to a thick river that led to one of the close-by towns. But Percy knew from experience that usually a waterfall had some kind of cave behind it – a perfect hiding space.

He rounded the side of the waterfall and sure enough there was a gap between the rock and the water, disappearing into shadows. Percy dashed into there, just barely getting splashed by the water. He crouched down in the soft earth, listening to the sound of the pursuit and catching his breath. The air was considerably colder here and Percy shivered. He heard muffled voices of the guards, arguing where to look for him. He had a sneaking suspicion that they’d check behind a waterfall.

Percy jogged down the long cavern that had almost been drilled into the cliff. He reached the far wall, which was covered in moss, and leaned against it, exhausted.

It wasn’t a wall. Percy tumbled backwards through the greenery and landed on the ground, looking up at the clear summer sky. He blinked. He was beneath a weeping willow, it’s long branches creating what he had thought was the wall. Percy pulled himself back to his feet, rubbing the back of his head, and turned around, looking for another escape route.

His eyes landed on the tower. He blinked. He had no idea where the structure had come from; a tall, thin tower erupting from the ground, twined with vines and shadowed by the cliffs and mountains. It looked empty and Percy saw it as a hiding space so he made for it in a hurry. Birds chirped close by as he circled the structure, looking for some kind of door. When he failed to find one Percy craned his neck up at the window. That was his entrance.

With a grin Percy gripped the bricks and began his swift climb upwards. By the time he clambered in through the window he was breathing hard, but was in a good mood. He was safe, he was rich.

“Good work,” he told himself as he pulled the spare satchel with the actual crown in it from his bag. What he had given Castellan and Nakamura had just been a decoy, and they were fools for falling for it. In the dimness of the murky tower the golden crown gleamed in his hands. Percy smiled.

Then his world went black.


Leo had some issues dragging the limp body of the thief to the closet, and more than ever he wished that his robot was finished to help him. After his initial panic at the invasion, Leo had knocked the thief out with his frying pan and, honestly, he was proud of himself for doing so. The guy was almost twice his size, muscular and tall, and aye, he didn’t look like the ugly, sneering men his mother always described but that didn’t mean that Leo could trust him. Hera’s warnings rang in his head as he locked the guy in said closet. He didn’t know what else to do – when Hera came back from her errands she’d help. More importantly Leo made sure that the man in his closet was secure, and then tucked the satchel he brought with him under his pillow, scared to look inside.

Maybe this will show her I’m ready for the real world, Leo thought excitedly as he paced around the tower, pan in hand just in case the robber decided to wake up and try to attack him. He was full of nervous energy, which was normal for him, but now the feeling seemed amplified. He kept dashing from the wardrobe to the window, his eyes scanning the sun filled meadow and searching for the familiar figure of his mother.

“Leo!” the voice drifted in through the balcony and in his haste to get out Leo dropped the frying pan. He was grinning the whole time as he clumsily threw down the rope to Hera, hauling her up with newfound vigour. The woman seemed surprised and wary as she came in,

“Someone’s in a good mood,” she regarded.

“Mother I must tell you something!” Leo was buzzing. The woman swept past him to the stove where she plucked some dried sage from the ceiling,

“What is it then?” she didn’t sound interested as she got the fire buzzing. Leo took a deep breath,

“You know what we were talking about before?”

“Aye, your foolish lights in the sky,” Hera snorted. Leo fought a flinch, hands twisting in his shirt,

“Well, something happened-“

“Leo,” Hera sighed, “for once, could you just be quiet? And not talk about some ridiculous fantasies of yours.”

“No, mother!” Leo said hurriedly, “This time-“

“They’re stars, Leo,” Hera snapped, turning around to glare at her son, “That’s all they are – stars.”

“No they’re not,” Leo tried to not feel hurt. He stepped closer to his mother and looked at her pleadingly, “Mother please listen, it’s real this time! I’m strong enough to make it outside I’m-“

Enough!” Hera suddenly burst out, voice full of malice and hate. Leo stumbled back, heart jumping in his chest. For a second the woman’s face had twisted so she looked...looked like a corpse. Leo swallowed and stared at her, but she was back to normal. Her face softened and she came to her son, touching his hair gently. He fought a flinch, “Enough,” Hera said calmly, and turned back to her fire.  

Leo swallowed thickly and looked down at his bare feet, blinking the tears out of his eyes. Self consciously he tucked a curl behind his ear,

“Mother?” he asked gently.

“Yes, Leo?” Hera sounded exasperated.

“Could...could I get some more parts for my robot? As a birthday present,” he looked at her hopefully. Hera rubbed her forehead and glanced between the boy and her bubbling cauldron,

“Which ones?”

“The iron screws.”

“That’s a very long journey, Leo,” Hera glanced at the window – there was still a big part of the day left. One night until the lanterns came into the sky, “Fine. Fine I’ll go.”

“Right now?” Leo blinked. Hera reached for her cloak,

“I think some time apart will do us some good,” she hurriedly packed some things into the bag she always had with her, the one she never unpacked. She didn’t live in the tower, “I’ll be back in three days at most,” she told Leo while she was ready. In a peculiar display of affection (at least for her) she kissed her son’s forehead, and then she was gone, back down the rope and disappearing behind the weeping willow.

And now Leo was faced with a bigger dilemma – the stranger in his closet. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves and made for said closet but then veered towards his bed instead, too afraid to look inside. What if the man was dead?

Instead Leo decided to tackle the smaller problem first – the satchel. He sat on his bed, opposite the mirror propped up on the wall and held the satchel in his lap. It was brown, common, a little dirty. Shakily Leo opened it, and was shocked at what he found inside.

A crown. Beautiful, and golden, the kind that went all the way around your head, simple but breathtaking at once. It felt heavy in Leo’s hands. In a sudden fit of something the boy surged to his feet and stood in front of his mirror. He slipped the crown on.

It lay among his brown curls almost perfectly. Actually, Leo was startled at how nice it looked. From the books his mother brought him he knew he wasn’t...good looking. All the heroes of the stories were always tall and muscular, with smiles that made princesses swoon. Leo was short and awkward, something his mother never failed to point out, but the crown made him feel special, if only for a few moments that he dared to wear it before hastily packing it away. It wasn’t his crown.

Now for the bigger issue; Leo picked up his frying pan again and threw open the closet door. The thief, still passed out, fell right out, landing in a heap on the floor. Leo swallowed and lowered his pan. The next few minutes were spent with the small boy dragging the man into a chair, and temporarily borrowing the rope he usually threw down to Hera to tie him up. By the time he was done Leo was shaking and sweaty. Thankfully he didn’t have to wait long for the thief to wake up.

The second the man let out a groan, his hands clenching into fists where they rested on the arms of the chair, Leo was up and alert, still holding his frying pan. The sea-blue eyes landed on Leo, dazed and lost, and suddenly the boy had trouble finding his words.

“I-I...w-who are you?” he stuttered, for lack of anything better to say. The thief’s eyes widened, Leo saw panic flicker in them as he got used to the dimness of the tower. Then his eyes slid over Leo. The boy felt the stupid urge to cover himself with his frying pan, especially when he saw the man relax, clearly deciding that Leo wasn’t a threat. The curly haired boy glared at the thief and shook his pan threateningly, “Who are you?” he demanded, more steadily now, “How did you find me?!”

The man blinked at him, “ accident?” he offered, sounding almost apologetic. He tried to shrug but the roped stopped him, “Look, I didn’t mean to scare you-“

“Pfft!” Leo snorted, “Me?! Scared?! Ha!”

The man didn’t question that, “Look, I don’t know who you are and I was just looking for a place to hide. Didn’t realise someone lived here,” the man cleared his throat, “If you could please untie me and give me my satchel, I’ll be out of your hair.”

Feeling more confident Leo stepped closer to the man, pressing the cold pan against his cheek. To his annoyance the thief still didn’t look scared,

“Give me your name,” Leo said.


“Poseidon?” Leo raised an eyebrow, “Poseidon what?”

“Just Poseidon,” the thief said, “And you are...?”

“Leo,” the boy felt weird – he had never introduced himself to anyone before, “Just Leo.”

Poseidon smiled, “Like the star constellation?”

“The what?” Leo blinked.

“Don’t worry,” Poseidon shook his head, “can I get my satchel back please?”

“No. Not before you tell me what you want with my hair,” Leo said. His arms were starting to ache from holding up the frying pan. Poseidon looked confused again,


“What do you want with my hair?” Leo repeated impatiently, “Do you want to cut it? Sell it?”

“What?! No!” Poseidon spluttered, “Why would I want your hair?” Automatically Leo’s hand went to his curls protectively.

“You don’t want it?” he asked suspiciously. Poseidon looked uncomfortable,

“No. Um...I apologise if that hurts your feelings?”

“No, no it’s not that,” Leo cleared his throat, “My mother always...,” he shook his head, “Nevermind.”

“Look,” Poseidon sighed, “I’m not here to hurt you. Just give me my satchel and I’ll be on my way.”

Leo’s eyes narrowed at the man and he turned away, walking over to the balcony and looking out. His meadow didn’t seem safe anymore – anyone could come in, and climb his tower...if he let Poseidon out he might go and tell people about him. Hera would be gone for three days...Leo couldn’t imagine staying in the tower by himself, not after this. But he had a different idea. He turned back to Poseidon with confidence,

“I have a deal for you, Just Poseidon.”

“I’m listening,” Poseidon said eagerly.

“Tomorrow there will be these lights in the sky...they appear every year, only once-“

“Do you mean the floating lanterns they send up for the Lost Prince?” Poseidon asked. Leo’s heart clenched and he smiled. Lanterns.

“Aye, those,” Leo nodded, “Tomorrow they’ll be sending the lanterns up again. I know, I’ve counted the days. Now this is where you come in,” the boy pointed his pan at the man, “You’ll be my guide, and take me to see these lights. After that you’ll bring me back here, safe in one piece, and then you’ll get your satchel back.”

Poseidon gaped at him, “Wait. No. No I can’t do that. I...I can’t go back into the Kingdom, they-“

“I know you stole what’s in that satchel,” Leo said, trying to keep his voice from shaking, “But I don’t care about that. Something brought you here, maybe it was the fates-“

“Those old hags,” Poseidon grumbled under his breath.

“And I’ve made the foolish decision to trust you,” Leo continued, “and I suggest you trust me too – because you might just find yourself hanging upside down outside this window. And Gods know how long that rope will hold,” Leo had never threatened anyone, and he didn’t think he liked it. Poseidon looked at him, and then exhaled,

“So; I’ll take you to see these lanterns, bring you back here, and that’s it?” he clarified, “then I get my satchel back and be on my way.”

“I promise.”

Poseidon sighed again, “Fine, I’ll take you to see your lights.”


Percy never expected his afternoon to end like this; sitting down in a forest clearing by a twinkling stream, watching some crazy boy he just met cartwheel around in the grass, laughing like a child. It was endearing actually, and a weird break from Percy’s usual life of running around and trying to escape prosecution.

The sun tickled his face as he sat back and watched Leo enjoy his freedom in the first time in forever. Percy didn’t know why he was locked up in his tower but he wasn’t about to question it – he knew from experience that questions meant stories and stories got you attached to people. Percy promised himself he’d never be attached to anyone – he was like the heroes in the books he read as a child, a lone rider, a mysterious man. A criminal. Like Robin Hood, or like Poseidon.

“Oi, fireball!” he called, “you ready to go on?”

“Aye,” Leo stopped in front of Percy, grinning and gasping for breath, cheeks flushed. Maybe under different circumstances Percy would’ve had a moment to admire him – he was exactly the thief’s type, short and scrawny and adorable, with big eyes. And those curls. Percy had no idea what he meant about him wanting to steal them, but again, he wasn’t going to ask, “Where to now?”

Percy picked himself up off the ground. A plan was forming in his head – a way to scare Leo off and have him return to the tower before Percy ran into any more trouble with the city guards.  

“There’s this really nice pub-“

“What’s a pub?” Leo asked.

“Somewhere you go to eat and drink,” Percy smiled “It’s called Half Blood, and they make some of the nicest food around. You’ll love it.”


When Poseidon pushed the door of the pub open Leo thought he was joking. Where Poseidon himself was nothing like what Leo expected the ‘outside’ people to be, these men certainly were.

Hera always told Leo that he had some elf in him, and she herself was a witch. He knew about other creatures, but only from his books, and now seeing them fill out the murky interior of the beer-stinking pub was...surreal. The whole place was full to the brim with centaurs.

Leo’s immediate reaction was to hide behind Poseidon, but then he reminded himself that he couldn’t trust his mysterious guide anymore than anyone else in the pub. Besides, it was too late – all eyes landed on them. Leo felt intimidated by these burly, big, bearded half-horse men who looked like they could snap him in half with their hands.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” Poseidon seemed happy as he stalked further into the pub, “A table for two!” he told the bartender, a chestnut centaur with grey streaks in his beard. Leo, with lack of anything better to do, hurried in after Poseidon. Someone slammed the door closed, shutting out all light but what came in from behind the dirty windows and the candles at the tables. Leo swallowed.

“Aw, Leo, you don’t look so good,” Poseidon said sympathetically, “Maybe we should turn back, eh? Call it a day, if you can’t handle this five star joint then you really shouldn’t go all the way to the city.”

“Chiron,” someone barked to the bartender, interrupting Poseidon, “I know this man.”

A brief look of panic appeared in Poseidon’s eyes, but he replaced it with an easy smile, “Sir, you must have the wrong man for I certainly don’t know you.”

“No, it’s you,” the centaur grinned and rose, towering over both Poseidon and Leo, “You’re Poseidon, that thief who stole the crown.”

“Are you sure, Nessus?” Chiron demanded. The other centaurs were standing as well, surrounding Leo. He felt faint,

“I’m sure.”

“I’m not him-,” Poseidon started, but it was too late.

“Larry!” Chiron called, “go get the guards!”

A centaur thundered out of the pub, and the others moved in closer, grinning like madmen. Leo couldn’t believe how stupid he had been; he had known Poseidon was a thief, he just hadn’t thought he was a wanted thief. He felt sick.

“We can work this out!” Poseidon said. One of the centaurs grabbed him by his cloak.

“No!” Leo was surprised at how fierce he sounded. He grabbed Poseidon by the hand, “Let him go!”

“Move away little boy!” someone yelled.

“He’s my guide!” Leo yelled desperately, “Give him back!” the centaurs were laughing and talking, ignoring Leo as they pushed and shoved Poseidon to the door. Leo couldn’t do it – not alone, “Give him back!” he screamed. That got the centaurs’ attention.

All eyes turned on him again, and Leo swallowed.

“L-Look,” he started shakily, “I don’t...I don’t know what he did wrong, but I need him,” he could feel Poseidon’s eyes on him, “It’s my birthday tomorrow, and a-all I ever wanted was to see the lanterns, from close up. And I need him to take me there. After that he’s all yours,” the centaurs’ continued to stare, “Please,” Leo whispered, “haven’t you ever had a dream?”

The silence that followed the careless question was almost deafening. Leo was sure that he had just signed his death sentence when Chiron suddenly stepped forward. His face was almost kind, something that confused Leo.

“I had a dream,” the old centaur admitted, his voice a rumble, “I wanted to start a camp where I could shelter all the orphans, and the wounded, and the ones in need. I wanted to be a teacher.”

“Well, why aren’t you one?” Leo frowned. Chiron sighed,

“Everyone believes that centaurs are cruel, violent creatures,” he said. Leo fought his I can’t imagine why comment,

“You just need to prove them wrong,” he didn’t know if he sounded naive but he was just saying the truth – if he had met Chiron in a different place that this grimy pub then maybe he wouldn’t have been afraid.

“My dream was that the Party Ponies become something other than contract killers!” someone shouted and a cheer followed.

“My dream is that we can go somewhere where it doesn’t rain all the time!”

“Like the Americas!”



The voices all rang together, the angry expressions melted from the faces of the centaurs. They still looked wild and dangerous, but they were smiling, and laughing and someone was telling a joke. Leo’s eyes met Poseidon’s, who was back on the ground, and was startled to see that the man was already looking at him. He grinned and Leo couldn’t help but grin back.

“Let’s get you out of here!” Chiron’s voice broke through the rumble of the other centaurs. He ushered the two towards the back door, and the others cheered. The centaur clasped Leo on the shoulder and opened the door, “This one’s for you, little one! Go follow your dreams.”

“I will,” Poseidon said solemnly.

“Aye,” Chiron looked uncomfortable, “You too I suppose. Now, get out of here, both of you, before the guards come.”

The two of them spilled out into the sunlight. Leo let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“That was...amazing,” Poseidon said sincerely when Chiron closed the door behind them. Leo glared,

“What did you think brining us in there?!” he demanded. Before he could reply they heard shouts in the distance. Half a dozen guards on horseback were charging towards them, shouting out commands. Leo’s heart jumped to his throat but then Poseidon was grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him forward. Leo almost tripped over his own feet as he and the man ran, away from the guards and from the relative safety of the pub.

“Where are we going?!” Leo yelled.

“Forward!” Poseidon replied, with a charming grin. Leo’s heart jumped in his chest. He might’ve not looked like a prince but Poseidon definitely did.

The sound of hooves broke Leo out of his daydream and he and his companion sped up. They were dashing through a sparse forest and suddenly in front of them the world came to an abrupt stop; cliffs jutted out over thin air, falling down to a deep, rocky river.

“Poseidon!” Leo yelled and the man screeched to a half too close to the edge for Leo’s liking. They turned around but there was nowhere else to go – the guards had spread out and now were advancing from all sides. Panic gripped Leo. They were going to die.

“Do you trust me?” Poseidon asked suddenly. Leo turned around and the man’s hand slid from his wrist to his hand, and he tangled their fingers together as if to offer some comfort. His eyes were serious and warm, and stupidly Leo found himself nodding.

Then they were going over the edge.

There was a moment where there was nothing except Poseidon’s hand on his, just air cradling him in its breezy arms. And then Leo crashed into the waves, the water closing over his head. He lost Poseidon’s hand and flailed blindly as bubbles swirled in the murky water around him. He opened his mouth to breathe and got a mouthful of water down his throat. It was dark and cold and the shock was making Leo’s muscles seize up. He didn’t know which way was up or down, everything was confusing-

A hand hauled him up and Leo’s head broke through the surface. He gasped for air greedily, his head spinning. The current was pulling him along at a terrifying speed but Leo didn’t have to worry about that; Poseidon seemed to be at ease with the waves, and he wrapped one of his arms around Leo’s waist. The boy clung to him, gasping.

“It’s alright!” Poseidon yelled over the sound of the water, holding Leo close, “Just breathe, I’ve got you!”

Leo buried his face in the man’s wet shoulder.


Percy dumped another load of branches into the fire and the flames swirled for a moment. His arms ached and he was exhausted but...stupidly happy. He had been alone for a long time and after an exciting adventure he’d always have to continue on his way. It felt good to sit down and have someone to talk to, even if that someone was a practical stranger.

Leo’s hair was drying from the heat of the flames, his cheeks flushed. He looked like a forest creature in the darkness of the early night, but a beautiful creature. Now that the immediate danger had passed Percy finally had a moment to appreciate him. He wasn’t going to try and get rid of the boy anymore.

“Let me see your hand,” Leo asked. Percy blinked and then glanced at his palm – there was a clumsily wrapped up gash on it from where Percy had scraped it in the river, but it didn’t hurt too bad, Percy had had worse.

“I’m alright.”

“No, come here,” Leo said, frowning, “You’ll get an infection idiot.”

Percy didn’t feel like arguing so he sat down on the ground next to Leo. It was still nice and warm, the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees close by. Percy watched Leo as the boy unwrapped the bandage from his hand. It was sticky with blood.

“I’ll do something about it in the city,” Percy brushed it off. Leo just shook his head,

“Don’t...don’t get scared, alright?” he asked quietly. Percy frowned. He had no idea why he’d ever be scared of Leo, but he just nodded. The boy placed one of his small hands underneath Percy’s larger one, and then the other one on top, careful not to touch the cut. And then he started to sing.

His hair started to glow, filling the clearing with a light as bright as day. The stars paled with his glow and although Percy didn’t understand the words but he was hypnotised by Leo’s sweet voice, staring at him with wide eyes. The pain ebbed away but Percy wasn’t paying attention to that anyway. Leo’s hands were warm, his eyes closed. Now Percy understood why he had been so scared that Percy would hurt him for his hair.

When Leo let go of his hands Percy’s wound was gone. They sat in silence for a while.

“ long has your hair been doing that?” Percy asked eventually. Leo shrugged, clearly embarrassed and tucked a piece of his magic hair behind his ear, looking away,

“Forever. Mother...mother said that when I was a baby bad people tried to steal me away,” he glanced at Percy, “That’s why...that’s why...”

“You never left that tower?” the man prompted gently. Leo nodded and bit his lip, “Well, are you going to go back?” for some reason Percy didn’t want him to go back.

“I don’t know.”

Percy didn’t like how lost Leo looked, so he finally decided to say the truth, “My name isn’t Poseidon.”

“What?” Leo’s head snapped up. Percy smiled nervously,

“It’s Percy Jackson.”

Leo grinned, “No way.”

“Yes, way,” Percy rolled his eyes, “I...I grew up in an orphanage. They used to read us this story, about the Gods. I always liked the sea, wanted to be a pirate when I was younger,” he smiled, “and Poseidon...he was powerful, all the seas belonged to him. And to a child who had nothing, not even a bed to call his own...well, it sounded wonderful.”

Leo studied him for a moment, and then he smiled too, “For the record I like Percy Jackson much better than Poseidon.”

Percy stood up abruptly, “I’ll go get more firewood,” he said, turning to hide his blush.


“I thought he’d never leave.”

The second that Percy – it was weird to think of him as that - disappeared into the trees the familiar voice pierced through Leo’s brain. He whirled around and in the shadows of the branches stood none other than Hera.

She looked rough, her hair was streaked with grey and her face was ashy.

“Hello, son,” she spat, voice full of venom and bitterness.

“Mother,” Leo whispered, “How did you find me?”

“I’m a witch, Leo,” Hera growled, “I have my ways. You betrayed me.”


“You’re coming home right now Leo,” Hera stuck out her hand. Leo didn’t move, just stared at it. He found himself wishing that Percy would come back fast, “Now.”

“No,” the boy stepped back, “You don’t understand. I’m finally living, mother. I met someone-“

“A wanted thief, congratulations,” Hera said icily.

“I think he might like me,” Leo blurted. Hera raised an eyebrow and gave Leo a look full of pity that made him want to hug himself,

“Leo please, that’s insane,” she said, “look at you! What do you think anyone could ever see in you? The only reason he’s here is because of this!” she held up the satchel. Leo’s stomach tumbled – he had left it under his pillow, “he wants his damn crown not you!”

“That’s not true,” Leo said without conviction. Hera shoved the satchel in his arms,

“Go on then, give it to him then.”

“I will!” Leo said with a sudden fire in his voice. Hera stepped back,

“Just don’t come running back when he breaks your heart,” she said, and then melted back into the shadows of the trees.


Percy was nervous coming back into the city. He remembered just a day prior sprinting over the cobbled bridge into the safety of the trees, and now he was returning. The palace on the hill was a reminder to him of what he took from it.

Leo’s happiness took his mind off of the crown soon enough though. The boy was amazed by everything, the market place, the shops, all of it. It was wonderful seeing his face light up with excitement, like a child. Percy kept having stupid urges to hold him, or kiss him, or pull him into some alleyway and do both away from the eyes of the passerby’s. He had never felt this way about someone, definitely not after such a short time.

He spent the whole day with Leo. He would’ve pretended that he only did it to honour his promise but that wasn’t true; he did it because he enjoyed it. He and the boy scouted the whole city, threw pebbles in the river, tried on stupid hats in an expensive shop. Percy even bought them cupcakes, which was important since he never bought anything.

The sun started to set too early for Percy’s liking – his time with Leo was coming to an end.

“Come on,” Percy said when the town square started to get packed, “I’ve got a better place to watch the lights-,” he turned around but Leo wasn’t there. Panicked, the man whirled around, searching for his companion.

His eyes landed on Leo. A rag-tag band of men were playing music in the corner and Leo was right in front of them, dancing with some gypsy girl. They spun to the music laughing, and before Percy knew it more and more people joined them until the whole courtyard was clapping and dancing to the music. The sound of laughter filled the air and Percy smiled.

A middle aged woman grabbed him by the hand and before he could react he was being tugged into the mass of people and he had no choice but to dance. He was surprised at how free he felt, spinning with the people, as if he was part of them. It had been a long time since he felt a part of something.

Leo spun right into his arms and for a second the two just stared at each other. Then Percy smiled, sliding his arms around the smaller boy and spinning them around. The way Leo smiled was worth everything, everything. Percy wanted to kiss him.


The last of the sun brushed against the wide river peppered by ships and little boats. Percy and Leo were in said boat, and the boy was...happy. He dipped his fingers into the still, dark water, watching the ripples as Percy sat opposite him, munching an apple. Peace. Tranquillity. But something was nagging at Leo.


“Yes?” Percy asked.

“I...for eighteen years I’ve stared out of my window, and dreamt about seeing these lights,” Leo pulled his hand out of the water, “What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”

Percy smiled and reached out, ruffling Leo’s hair.

“Don’t worry. It will be. Trust me.”

Leo exhaled, “And what if it is?” he asked quietly.

“That’s the good part,” Percy’s eyes were soft, “You can find a new dream.”

Leo held his breath.

A light appeared behind Percy, in the sky. Leo’s eyes widened as he watched the lone light slowly climb up into the sky. And then suddenly there were lights everywhere, spilling out of ships, drifting up from the city. The sky was illuminated by them, and Leo couldn’t breathe. He stood up and stumbled to the prow of the ship, wrapping his arms around it and standing on the very edge, staring at the darkness pierced by his dream. It was so beautiful Leo could’ve cried.

“Leo,” Percy said. Leo turned around and looked at him – there were two lanterns in his hands, two squared of light. Leo slid to his knees in front of the man.

Percy,” he was all chocked up. Percy gently pressed the lantern into Leo’s hands. For a second the boy held it, feeling its warmth. His eyes were wet. Together he and Percy let go of the lanterns, and they swam upwards to join the others. Leo wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, “Thank you,” he said, looking up at Percy. The man smiled and before Leo could chicken out he pulled out a satchel, “I...I wanted to give you this,” he said, pressing it into Percy’s hands, “I should’ve given it to you before, b-but I suppose I was scared. That you’d leave...but I’m not scared anymore.”

“Me neither,” Percy smiled and then his eyes slid past Leo, to the shore on the other side. He frowned,

“What is it?” Leo asked, turning to look behind him. There was nothing but the dark trees where the water ended.



Percy hated brining Leo to the shore and leaving him alone in the boat, but he knew he had to. The lights were high up by then and they really looked like stars. There were other things to take care of. Percy told Leo he’d be right back and then ventured out into the trees. It was dark. An owl hooted somewhere close by. Percy sighed.

“Come out,” he said.

Nakamura and Castellan slid out of the trees, looking every bit as malicious as Percy remembered. He forced himself to smile,

“Boys!” he exclaimed, “There you are! We got split up back-“

“Save the bullshit, Poseidon,” Nakamura barked.

Percy held up his hands in surrender and then reached behind him and pulled out a satchel, “Look, it was all a massive misunderstanding and I accept that it was my fault,” he threw the satchel at Castellan’s feet, “the crown’s in there, you can see. It’s all yours, boys, forget about my share.”

Castellan picked it up and smiled, “Thing is, we don’t want this anymore.”

“What?” Percy’s blood ran cold and suddenly both of the men were advancing.

“We heard about a boy,” Nakamura smirked, “with the magical hair. I wonder how much he’s worth.”

“No,” Percy growled, hands balling into fists, “You don’t get to touch him.”

“You don’t get to tell us what to do,” Nakamura said, and then he threw himself at Percy.


Leo stared at the gloomy ceiling of his tower.

“Maybe some tea, my star?” Hera asked. She was being overly sweet, and it was disgusting. Leo just shook his head. Dawn was breaking, a cold grey light filling the room. He still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Percy had abandoned him. What did you think he’d do? Leo snapped at himself, mother was right he’d never want me, just that damn crown. Maybe it was for the better? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

“Leo,” Hera sat down at the edge of her son’s bed, “I told you this would happen.”

“I should’ve listened,” Leo murmured. Hera stroked his hair,

“It’s alright my little star, we’ll take everything and move far, far away from here, where nobody will ever hurt you again.”

“Will we go to another tower?” Leo whispered.


The boy sat up, “I don’t want that. I’m tired of hiding.”

“I don’t understand,” Hera stood up, frowning, “You saw for yourself how cruel the world is-“

“It wasn’t the world that was cruel,” Leo also stood up, “it was Percy, and he’s gone, and it doesn’t matter. But I don’t want to stay here until the end of my days.”

“That’s not for you to decide,” Hera said coolly, “We’re leaving, and that’s final.”

“But why?!” Leo demanded, a sudden anger flaring inside him, “Nobody knows about my magic hair! Nobody cares!”

“Yes they do, Leo!” Hera snapped, “They care!”

“No they don’t! Nobody cares!” Leo screamed, all his emotions spilling over the edge, “It’s all you! You’re paranoid, it’s all you! Maybe you’re the one who’s using my hair! You don’t love me! You love my powers, and don’t try denying that!”

The laugh that came from Hera’s mouth was blood chilling.

“You’re right,” she said, “I don’t love you. Why would I love something that’s not even mine?”

Leo’s heart clenched, “Then why? Why keep me?”

“Keep you?!” Hera screeched, “I stole you!”

Suddenly it all made sense. Leo felt sick, his body rebelled against him. All those years he had thought he was safe, but now everything was clicking into place. The tower wasn’t a sanctuary, it was a prison, and he wasn’t Just Leo. He was the Lost Prince.

Leo turned to the window, knowing he’d never make it.


“Please, I need to see him!” Percy yelled. The two guards on either side of him jerked him forward angrily.

“Silence, Jackson!” one of them barked, “You’re going to hang for your crimes!”

Percy always thought that when the day came when he was finally arrested and hanged, he’d be more scared about himself. Meanwhile all he could think about was Leo – Castellan and Nakamura had told him all about Hera’s plan, about how she was going to take him away. Percy was never going to see the only light he ever had in his life ever again. Because he was going to the gallows, to hang.

He should’ve kissed Leo when he had the chance, and now it was too late.

The guards unlocked a door and Percy was pulled out into the cold courtyard. He could see the moat leading to the forest, and on the other side the road leading to the city. He would be dragged through the streets, for everyone to see. He didn’t care about that either.


“Please,” Percy whispered urgently, “Just let me see him and I’ll go quietly, I promise-“

“There’s nobody in the city called Leo. Only the Lost Prince had that name,” one of the guards said. Percy frowned. He couldn’t have dreamed all of it – could he?

“Excuse me,” a voice behind them said. The guards turned, still holding onto Percy. In front of them, towering and blocking out the sun, stood Chiron. Percy’s breath caught and the guards gaped, “I’m here to collect Mr Poseidon.”

Two Party Ponies charged forward, picked the guards up, and took off before either could react. Percy gaped after them.

“How?” he whispered, “How did you know?!”

Chiron shrugged, “Word gets ‘round when the most notorious thief in the country is caught,” he turned, “now get on! You have someone to save, I gather?”


The shadows deepened in the tower. Leo forgot how dark it got here, or maybe he had just never realised. Hera was tumbling about the place, packing away the essentials. Leo was tied to his bedpost, gloomily watching the day end. It was over, he was officially a prisoner now.

“We’re leaving,” Hera kept muttering under her breath, “We’re gone...Nobody will ever know where we went...”

Leo’s heart ached for the freedom he had only just tasted, the one that had been stolen from him. It ached for his real parents, the King and Queen who sent out lanterns each year for their lost boy. It ached for Percy.

Hera disappeared for a moment in the bath room and Leo was left in silence. He closed his eyes and tried not to cry. That’s when he heard the noises; scraping, then breathing. His eyes snapped open – someone was climbing up the wall of the tower. Leo sat up more alert, he had no idea who it was but he was terrified, his heart pounding against his ribs. They found you. They’ll kill you for your magic. His mind told him...just as Percy tumbled in through the window.

“What the-,” Leo whispered. The man picked himself up, grinning,

“Leo!” he exclaimed.

No!” Hera flew from the other room and before either of the boys could react she threw a knife. She had never had a knife before. Leo didn’t know where it came from, but he knew where it ended – buried in Percy’s chest. It all happened so fast.

A red stain bloomed on Percy’s chest and the man glanced at the hilt of the knife, surprised, before his knees crumbled below him. Leo felt as if someone had hit him.

“No,” he whispered as the red spread across the floor, “No. No. No!” he screamed. There were tears. There was agony. Hera was shouting, Leo was fighting the ropes on his wrists. They dug into his skin, he felt hot blood on his hands but he didn’t care as he finally ripped free. He threw himself at Percy, and Hera threw herself at him. He tried to push her away, she stumbled, her foot caught on the rug, and then she was falling backwards out of the window. Leo chocked on a scream.

He didn’t go after her. Instead he grabbed Percy by the shoulders and pulled him over so the man was on his back.

“P-Percy,” the curly haired boy whispered as Percy breathed shallowly, sea-blue eyes wide. He tried to say something but it didn’t come out, “Shhh,” Leo was sobbing as he wrapped his bloody hands around the hilt of the knife protruding from Percy’s chest, “Shhh, it’s alright, I’ve got you,” he pulled the knife free and blood gushed from the wound. Percy groaned in pain and Leo cradled his face in his bloodied, trembling hands.

He started to sing. It was shaky and uneven and broken by sobs but when the golden light from his hair filled the room Leo felt like passing out from relief. Percy kept staring at him as he sang and the wound on his chest slowly knit itself back together, until it was gone and Percy could breathe properly.

Leo crumbled against him, sobbing, hands clenched in Percy’s shirt. His wrists throbbed with pain.

“I’m sorry,” Percy gasped, “I’m sorry, i-it was a trap, I didn’t mean to leave you-“

Leo pulled away and hauled Percy up. He wrapped his arms around the man’s shoulders and crashed their lips together. Leo was sure he tasted like blood and sweat and tears but Percy didn’t seem to mind, his arms coming up to pull Leo against his chest, as if he was the one who needed protection.

Everything was blurry and Leo didn’t know whether it was from his tears, the blood loss or the kiss itself. He had never kissed anyone, and he was sure it was clumsy and wet but, once again, Percy didn’t seem to mind, sliding his and Leo’s lips together as if they had done it a thousand times before, as if they were meant to be like that, wrapped up in each other.

“Leo,” Percy forcefully pulled away, though he kept Leo close, “Y-Your wrists.”

The blood was dripping on the ground. Hoarsely, Leo started to sing again, this time to heal himself. And as his wounds disappeared Percy kissed his cheeks, his neck, his forehead, the tip of his nose, and when he was done he kissed him on the mouth again.

“You were my new dream,” Leo murmured. Percy stroked his face and smiled, and it felt like they had known each other forever

“And you were mine.”


The Kingdom rejoiced, for their Lost Prince had returned. His parents, his real parents, the ones who loved him unconditionally, welcomed him with open arms. Dreams came true all over the place. Leo and Percy stayed together, and even got married. The Party Ponies became a dancing troop instead of assassins, and Chiron opened the Camp he wanted so much, and he called it Camp Half Blood, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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Could you do one where Jercy(bottom Jason, please???) and Solangelo are on a double date, and then they get caught in the rain - so they go to the nearest hotel, only to find it's a love hotel. Will and Percy say "since we're already here, might as well play around, right?" And then the rest of the night is all smutty fluffy romance.
For Mysh

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Percy pulled into the empty side of the road with a screech of the wheels of his car. No matter how much he and his three companions had prayed they’d make it back to Camp before the snow storm hit, it was too late. Percy couldn’t see anything over the sheet of snow quickly blanketing New York, and he was too scared to continue driving. He killed the engine, cursing Khione and her saltiness.

“Anyone have any idea where we are?” Will asked from the back seat, his face pressed up against the window as he tried to see past the snow coating the glass. Next to him Nico was curled up, half-asleep. It had been a long day of running errands and fighting monsters.

“There has to be a hotel somewhere,” Jason said next to Percy, “I say we go find one, spend the night, and then be on our way in the morning.”

“Good plan,” Percy grinned, and pulled out his phone, “I’ll try to get signal and text Chiron to let him know we’re okay.”

The four boys zipped their coats up and clambered out of the cars into the deserted, stormy street. They were instantly covered in snow, shivering as they stumbled down the road. The shops on the street level were all closed but up above everything was dark.

“There’s something here!” Will yelled over the wind excitedly and he pulled the rest of the boys to a dark building on the side. Percy could barely see anything past the snow, and he was shivering violently, though not as much as Nico.

“Is that in Chinese?!” Jason squinted at the sign next to the double door. Behind the glass there was just darkness,

“Japanese,” Nico said and, not caring about the protests of others, pushed the door open and went inside. With a sigh Jason followed him and Will was about to do the same, when something clicked in Percy’s mind. A Japanese hotel wasn’t normal in the middle of Downton New York.

“Will,” Percy grabbed the blonde’s wrist and tugged him close, teeth clattering from the cold seeping through his clothes. He had to squint against the wind, “This is a love hotel.”

Will’s expression shifted and he glanced at the building, “Oh. What do we do?”

“Well,” Percy bit his lip and then smiled slyly, “I’m sure you and Nico could use a moment away from camp. And since we’re here anyway...”

Will smirked and the two of them walked into the lobby of the dark hotel, brushing snow off of their hats and jackets. It was no secret that Nico and Will were dating, and Jason and Percy...well, a few drunken hook-ups meant that they were more than just friends. Percy was too scared to do anything about defining their relationship, thought maybe now was his chance...

The interior of the hotel was dim, a few candles scattered around to illuminate red couches and elevators leading to the upper floors. It was warm and quiet, which was welcome after the howling of the wind outside.

“The lady said that there’s only one room left,” Nico said, walking over as Jason continued to talk with the receptionist behind a desk, “I don’t know if we’ll all fit. Weirdly, she didn’t ask any questions.”

“Why is it so dark?” Will asked quickly, as to not let Nico know about what kind of hotel this was. Knowing the conservative Italian Percy supposed he’d make them sleep in the car rather than stay in a love hotel.

“Power cut,” the Son of Hades shrugged. Percy thought about how the four of them in one bed could, you’re here for Jason.

“We’re staying,” he said firmly, “there’s no point freezing out there.”

“I second that,” Will’s eyes met Percy’s and he smiled ever so slightly. Percy didn’t know why but he shivered, though this time it wasn’t from the cold. Nico nodded and went back to the desk. The four of them quickly sorted out the payment and then they were climbing up the stairs to their room.

It was small, with a bathroom attached to it, but nice and clean enough. It would’ve probably had a nice view of the city if the window wasn’t packed with snow. The boys dumped their bags on the ground and Jason shuffled into the bathroom and closed the door, and then the sound of the shower came on. Nico collapsed on the Queen sized bed, burrowing underneath the covers. Percy and Will exchanged a look,

“Are we all sleeping in the bed?” Percy asked as he shrugged out of his clothes, staying in just his boxers. He was sure if Will and Nico did something he’d be unable to keep his hands to himself.

“I don’t care,” Nico mumbled into the pillow, eyes closed. With a shrug Will also stripped out of his clothes. For some reason Percy’s eyes strayed over his tanned, muscular body, but then the blonde boy climbed underneath the blankets and Percy had no choice but to follow the two of them. He climbed over his friends and curled up next to the wall, leaving some space between him and Nico, who was in the middle. He was too tired to shower. His heart pounded – it was weird being so close to all of them. The room was dark. The shower turned off. The wind whistled softly behind the windows.

Jason came back into the room and Percy could see him shuffling around and changing in the dark. He gave the three of them one long look and then decided not to disrupt their sleep. After a moment he carefully picked his way through Nico and Will. Percy was sure that Will was only pretending to be asleep, but he didn’t say anything as he closed his eyes and let Jason slip underneath the covers in front of him. He was glad that he was cut off from Will and Nico and their antics.

It was weirdly tense for a while. They were all squashed in the bed and Jason’s back was brushing against Percy’s front and it was weird, and kind of arousing. Having Jason so was doing things to him. Besides, Will and Nico were also in the same bed. Percy and Will had some kind of weird connection, maybe because for some reason Percy, under the influence of alcohol, had admitted to Will his feelings about Jason, that they went past just physical stuff. And of course there was Nico, and there would always be something between him and Percy.

Jason shifted a little closer to Percy, which he really couldn’t be blamed for due to the lack of space. Percy was laying stiffly, arms at his sides, in an uncomfortable position to avoid touching the blonde. Of course he wanted to, and this was the perfect occasion, but he was scared that Jason wouldn’t want to.

The blonde’s butt brushed against Percy’s crotch and the son of Poseidon sucked in a startled breath when he felt his erection twitch. Jason tensed next to him and then slowly turned around. He looked shocked in the half-dark of the hotel room. Percy swallowed nervously as Jason settled on his side, careful to not disturb Will or Nico. Percy and his faces were inches away, staring at each other.

“Are you hard?” Jason asked quietly. Percy didn’t know what to say – Jason was ridiculously close, so close that he could feel the boy’s warm breath against his lips. There was no point lying.

“Yes,” Percy said, barely audibly.

The back of Jason’s hand was pressed against Percy’s chest, since the boy had no better place to put it. Percy swallowed again as Jason glanced down. He was sure that in the darkness he couldn’t see his bulge, but then Jason’s hand started to trail downwards. Percy’s breath hitched and Jason pulled him in for a kiss.

Percy didn’t expect it to end like this, but whatever doubts he might’ve had as Jason’s mouth slid against his disappeared the second the boy’s hand closed over his clothed cock. Percy’s hands flew up and he gripped Jason’s face, his tongue pushing past the blonde’s lips and into his mouth. Their breaths came out harsh as Jason’s hand clumsily found its way inside Percy’s boxers. They tried not to jostle the bed as they pressed against each other, Jason’s hand slowly stroking Percy, his mouth swallowing his moans.


Will was kissing him. Nico groggily woke up from his uneasy sleep and the blonde was gently licking against the seam of his lips. Normally Nico would’ve pushed him away (they weren’t alone for Gods sake!) but he had a weird dream where there had been all these hands just touching him everywhere, and now he found that he was horribly turned on. He felt dizzy and he didn’t know why until he realised he was holding his breath. Will’s hands were stroking his hips.

“Will,” Nico whispered, pulling away a little. Will didn’t let him, grabbing his hips and carefully drawing him nearer, as to not wake Percy and Jason, who were somewhere behind Nico. He could feel their body heat and that just turned him on more. His hand wrapped around Will’s wrist with the intent to pull the blonde’s hands off of him, but Will didn’t budge. Instead he bit at Nico’s bottom lip roughly. “S-Stop,” Nico whispered, trying to push him off. Their friends were right next to them, they couldn’t do this! Will didn’t seem to care about this as he kissed the corner of Nico’s mouth and the Italian’s hands relaxed their grip, “Stop,” he whispered again, eyes fluttering shut. Will kissed down his neck, “Stop,” Nico wrapped his arms around Will’s shoulders and kept him close. He could feel the boy’s warm, wet mouth against his skin and it caused him to shiver.

By chance Nico glanced over to where Jason and Percy were laying, and he froze. The two of them seemed moulded together, legs tangled. Jason’s hand was trapped somewhere between their bodies, moving vigorously. Percy’s face was buried in his neck, one of his arms wrapped around the boy’s waist. Jason’s boxers were gone and Percy’s free hand had disappeared between his cheeks, where he was fingering him gently. Nico gasped as a wave of heat hit him. Percy’s eyes snapped open and met his over Jason’s shoulder, and they were dark with lust.

Without a word Percy rolled over, so he was above Jason, caging him in with his body. The son of Jupiter was flushed and looking up at him with heavy-lidded eyes. Percy reached over and tugged Nico closer, pressing their lips together with no warning. Will smiled against Nico’s neck at his shocked gasp and then started kissing down his naked body, tugging Nico’s boxers off before the Italian could even react, too busy allowing Percy to fuck his mouth with his tongue.

“P-Percy,” Jason gasped, sounding almost needy and the Son of Poseidon pulled away, crashing their lips together again, leaving Nico behind so he could watch breathlessly as his and Jason’s breaths mingled. Never in a million years did Nico think he’d end up in a situation like this, but honestly he didn’t care because just then Will enveloped his cock in his mouth and Nico’s world went blank. The boy’s hips buckled into the wet heat of Will’s delicious mouth and as the head full of blonde curls bobbed up and down, Nico moaned loudly. Everything was just happening so fast...

That finally broke the silence that had been in the room. Jason’s back arched and he whimpered, legs sliding around Percy’s waist as the son of Poseidon slid his fingers back inside the blonde.

“F-Fuck,” Jason gasped. Nico keened, hands tangling in Will’s hair as the boy continued to suck him. Everything was fuzzy and so much pleasure coursed through the Italian that he didn’t have time to be embarrassed about doing something so intimate in a bed with other people. Besides it was clear that Jason and Percy didn’t just want to watch. Percy’s mouth latched itself onto Jason’s neck as he fingered him and suddenly the blonde grabbed Nico by the back of his head and drew him in for a sloppy kiss. It was clear that Jason was enjoying himself; his kisses were uncoordinated and messy but somehow they just made Nico harder in Will’s mouth. The two boys greedily swallowed each other’s moans, hands scrambling at each other’s bodies.

Will’s mouth came off Nico’s dick with a wet sound and the blonde grinned at Percy,

“May I?” he asked.

“Of course,” Percy winked at him and climbed off of Jason. Nico watched as Will took his place, throwing Jason’s legs over his shoulders. The son of Jupiter honestly didn’t seem to mind and maybe Nico would’ve been jealous as his boyfriend pushed a condom over his thick cock and thrust it inside Jason’s awaiting hole, if it hadn’t been for Percy’s tongue, which somehow found its way inside the Italian.

Jason and Nico both moaned, and it borderlined on a scream. Nico wanted to tangle his hands in the sheets, to hold onto something, as Percy’s wet tongue wriggled inside of him, but instead he found Jason’s hand. He twined their fingers together and looked at the blonde. Jason’s eyes were squeezed shut and Will was looking down at him, eyes all dark, blonde hair falling into his eyes as he fucked the son of Jupiter. Nico moaned, toes curling and Will glanced at him. He leaned down and kissed the son of Hades while continuing to thrust into Jason, who was now moaning with abandon. Nico could taste himself on Will’s tongue.

“Oh Gods!” he whimpered when suddenly he found that Percy was pushing his own cock inside of him. It burned, but only for a second, and the son of Poseidon buried himself inside Nico. It felt insane, like every inch of Nico was burning, but in a good way. He sobbed as Percy didn’t give him a chance to adjust, just started to thrust into him roughly. Unlike Will he didn’t progressively pick up his pace, just brutally fucked Nico from the start, “P-Percy o-oh fuck, nghhh...,” Nico gasped, hand tightening on Jason’s. The blonde was sobbing as Will fucked him, causing the headboard to slam against the wall. The covers tangled around the sweaty boys and it suddenly hit Nico that they were having sex.


It was weirdly intimate. Will was used to fucking Nico, and the way his body worked, and Jason swallowing his cock inside of himself was something completely new, and completely welcome. He thrust into Jason’s amazing body, feeling his hole grip his cock every time he slid in and out. The blonde looked completely blissed out, his hand lazily tangled with Nico’s, mouth open so he could let moans spill out.

Will was startled when Percy suddenly wrapped his arm around his shoulders, pulling him close and throwing him off-rhythm. It was good, Will supposed as his and Percy’s tongue’s tangled together, because his orgasm was approaching. Percy tasted like the sea.

“Will,” Nico whined.

“Swap?” Will breathed against Percy’s lips as he aimed a rough thrust at Jason’s prostate. The son of Poseidon nodded and slid out of Nico. Will did the same, and Jason whimpered at the loss, though the whimper turned into a chocked off moan as Percy slid back into him in seconds, groaning at the feeling. Will himself grabbed Nico by the shoulder and flipped him over so he was on his stomach. Then he pushed back into the familiar heat of the Italian. Nico moaned into the pillow, back arching, and as Will started to thrust into him his hand clumsily found Jason’s cock against his stomach. He started stroking the blonde in time with Percy’s thrusts and then the room was filled with loud moans and the sound of skin slapping skin.

Percy came first, uttering a low growl,

“I’m close,” he warned and then his hips stuttered and he gasped. Jason whimpered and his own come splattered all over Nico’s hand and his own stomach. Then, to everyone’s shock, with a little whine, Nico came over the covers, untouched. That was enough to send Will over the edge, and his world went white for a moment.


Jason was the only one still awake. He was sticky and exhausted and sore, but happy. Which was surprising. The storm outside had calmed down and the power had come back on, though their room was still dark. Outside the city glowed faintly and snowflakes sleepily twirled past the window.

Nico was curled up against Jason’s side, his arm thrown over the blonde’s torso. Behind him Will spooned him, legs tucked underneath Nico’s. His free had was drawn all the way across both his boyfriend and Jason, where it joined with Percy’s hand on Jason’s stomach. Percy’s face was buried in Jason’s neck, where he had been kissing before he fell asleep. The room smelled like sex.

Jason didn’t want to think about the conversation the four of them would have to have the next morning about what happened. At that moment he was just happy that they were all together. If only for a little while.

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Nico/Ethan/Alabaster- Ethan's a werewolf and Nico's a vampire. Both are bound into service to Alabaster who's a witch.
For SolNiveAngelo

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1017AD, Norway

The two boys sat in the clearing, sobbing. They were only seventeen, and yet around them, in the once-green grass, spread a pool of blood. They didn’t understand how this could’ve happened; they could smell their village close by, the fresh meat being roasted, the dogs. They could hear the laughter of the children. And over all of that was the smell of blood, metallic, brushing against their noses.

“Ethan,” one of the boys whispered. His skin was olive, his eyes dark, just like the other boys. His eyes were black, fringed by thick lashes clumped together by tears. The boy’s slim hands were shaking, red from blood, “Ethan, what did we do?”

Ethan, with only one almond eye, the other just a bloodied socket that the boy now tried to hide with his hands, shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he swallowed, “Nico...w-we killed them.”

In front of them was a pile of bodies. Nico’s stomach churned as he remembered what he had done – how his teeth had elongated into sharp points and how his stomach had ached with pain and hunger until he sank his fangs into the soft necks of the village people. He remembered the wolf at his side, black as night, ripping the ones who tried to escape to shreds as Nico fed. And now they were dead.

“What did we do?” Nico’s voice cracked. He didn’t understand. His shirt was crimson – his mother had woven it for him for his birthday. His breeches were soaked. Ethan didn’t look much better.

A rustling came from the trees nearby. Two birds took flight, escaping from whatever was coming from the forest. Nico tensed and Ethan dashed through the space between them, almost slipping on blood, to press himself against his friend. Nico didn’t know if he did that to make himself feel safer, or to comfort Nico.

A man stepped out of the trees. He was a little older than the boys, maybe twenty, with chestnut brown hair and mossy green eyes. A cloak in the same colour flowed from his shoulders, and there was something not quite human about him. When his beautiful eyes landed on the corpses he didn’t even flinch.

“So the curse finally got to you,” he said softly. Nico swallowed but it was Ethan who spoke,

“W-What curse?” he asked, hands slipping from his face. His empty eye looked horrifying, and Nico’s stomach churned. One of the villagers had ripped it out during its scramble with the wolf, “Who are you?”

“My name is Alabaster,” the newcomer said, “and you have been cursed by the Gods.”

Nico and Ethan stared at him, the blood leaving their faces. Alabaster crouched in the bloody grass, as to not seem threatening. There was a kindness in his eyes.

“A monstrosity happened in your village, before the dawn of time. A sacrifice that anger the Gods and disrupted nature. Since then every hundred years two young men would be cursed to transform into inhumane creatures. One a leech of the night, cursed to live off blood of the living. The other a wolf, cursed to roam as an animal.”

“W-We’re the ones that are cursed?” Nico’s mouth was dry. Alabaster nodded,

“Every time it happens, the villages sacrifice the two cursed boys to the Gods, to appease them.”

“N-No!” Ethan shakily got to his feet, “I-I don’t w-want to die! I didn’t mean to-“

“How do you know this?” Nico demanded, “You sound as if you’ve seen this before.”

Alabaster smiled mysteriously, “I have. I am a thousand years old.”

“A witch,” Ethan’s eye widened. Alabaster’s green eyes landed on his empty socket,

“That looks painful. I can help.”

“Yes!” Nico also got to his feet, “Please help! The bodies-“

“If I help you,” Alabaster interrupted, “I will become your sire.”


“That’s the price for the use of my magic; you’ll have to repay me with a thousand years of service.”

“B-But...,” Ethan trailed off. Alabaster rose,

“I can help you. I can teach you how to live with the curse. You are immortal now, a thousand years will pass in the blink of an eye,” Alabaster looked towards the smoke from the cook fires in the village was rising to the sky, “Or you may stay here, and be sacrificed. It’s your choice – live or die.”

1536, England (481 years left)

The crowd pressed in around the three, and maybe that was for the better, at least they were not seen. They were all screaming as the woman that used to be the Queen was dragged up by the henchman. Anne Boleyn didn’t look like the wife of King Henry, at least not anymore. She looked like a ghost.

“I told you,” Alabaster whispered, just barely audible, but Ethan and Nico heard him clearly, “I told you she’d lose her head.”

“Do you want her body?” Ethan asked. He yearned to get out of his rich silks and jerkins and breeches. He brushed his dark hair so it hid the eye-patch that covered the socket where his eyes used to be. Alabaster shook his head,

“I had wanted her, but it’s too late now,” he didn’t see that both Ethan and Nico flinched at that, “I have no need for corpses.”

“So what now?” Nico asked. The henchman raised the axe as Anne Boleyn prayed. The blade swung down, catching the morning English sun as it severed the head of the old Queen. The smell of blood hit the two boys and Nico squeezed his eyes shut, forcing his fangs to retract. Ethan brushed their hands together to offer some comfort. Alabaster smirked as the crowd cheered and Anne Boleyn’s head rolled across the floor.

“Now it’s time for the next Queen.”

1772, France  (245 years left)

The girl walked down the dark, wet alleyway, her dress swirling around her ankles. She knew she shouldn’t have ventured into this part of Paris, especially unsupervised, especially at night. She was a lady after all, she wasn’t even meant to be out at this hour.

A clicking sound reached her ears and she flinched – she felt eyes on her. The moon shyly peeked from behind a cloud; it was full. The girl swallowed. In the new silvery light she saw a figure leaning against the wall of the alley. Her gloved hands clenched into fists but she couldn’t turn back now – she was too proud for that. She pressed on and then relaxed when she saw that the person was just a boy, perhaps her age. His dark hair was pulled back into a low ponytail with a ribbon and he wore the fashionable two piece suit in pale blue; a gentleman. The girl smiled.

“Good evening,” she told him politely as she came closer. He looked up at her and smiled and her heart jumped in her chest – he was very good looking. Good looking enough that she stopped walking altogether.

“Good evening,” he said softly, “What’s a lady doing in such a place so late.”

“Business,” the girl smiled, hoping she sounded intriguing. She was about to say something else when she heard a low growl at the other end of the alley. Frightened she turned around and her stomach flipped when she saw a dark animalistic shape at the mouth of the alley, “W-What is that?!” she gasped as the creature prowled closer. The boy moved so he was blocking her way out,

“That?” he asked casually, “That’s my dog.”

The wolf came out of the darkness. The girl screamed and whirled around. The gentleman’s eyes were glowing red like blood, two white fangs protruding from his lips, which were curled into a smile.

“Ethan,” he almost sang, “dinner.”

The wolf pounced on the girl, knocking her down onto the wet ground. She sucked in a breath as if to scream and Ethan ripped her throat out with his powerful jaws. She spasmed on the ground like a fish out of water and Nico went down to his knees, pressing his face to her ruined neck out of which blood gushed like a fountain. The liquid was sweet and life giving as it slid down his parched throat. He sank his fangs into the meat and drank his fill and when he pulled away, mouth and shirt stained red, the wolf was gone and Ethan was leaning up against the wall.

“Call me a dog one more time and I’ll kill you,” the one eyed boy threatened. Nico stood up and dusted himself off.

“Alabaster wanted her.”

“Alabaster wants everyone,” Ethan said bitterly. Nico looked at him sadly.

“Except us.”

“Except us,” Ethan agreed quietly. Together they left the alley, dragging behind the body for their witch master.

1922, Germany (95 years left)

Ethan and Nico had been having a brilliant time in the German nightclub, Nico had snuck out back multiple times with multiple partners who willingly offered him their necks so he could feed. Ethan danced like a madman, and drunk too much. And then Alabaster had to ruin it all.

“Ethan you’re drunk,” Nico was biting back a smile as his friend leaned against him heavily, one eye closed.

“I love you,” Ethan mumbled drunkenly. Nico’s smile softened and he stroked the boy’s hair,

“I know,” he murmured and pressed a sneaky kiss to the boy’s mouth, “I love you too. So much.”

Ethan smiled at him, “Let’s go back to the room.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to do for the past twenty minutes,” the boy said with an eye-roll. He used his vampire strength to haul Ethan to his feet. He thanked the hosts of the hotel, said his goodbyes, and then he and Ethan stumbled out into the hallway. They made for the stairs and Ethan’s hand clenched in Nico’s expensive suit, crumpling it. Not that Nico cared – the party was over, and for the next one Alabaster would most likely get them new ones.

They made it up the stairs, giggling like a pair of children even though they were hundreds of years old. Nico fumbled for his room key and then pushed the door open, pulling Ethan in after him. They shucked their shoes off in the front room and then stumbled through the suite, to the bedroom.

The bed was already occupied.

Alabaster was hovering over some girl, her red dress was pulled up around her breasts, revealing her lower half. In which Alabaster was currently submerged. Nico felt sick. Ethan slipped from his arms and turned on his heel, sprinting back the way they just came.

“Boys,” Alabaster sighed in annoyance as the girl squeaked and made to cover herself. Nico glared at the witch but he knew he was unable to keep the hurt of his face. He ran after Ethan, and found him curled up on the bathroom floor. The vampire sat down next to the werewolf and stroked his hair.

“He’s mine,” Ethan growled, and Nico knew it was the wolf talking.

“I know,” he said. Ethan looked up at him, pain in his eye,

“You’re mine too,” he cradled Nico’s face in his hand, “I love you.”

Nico pulled him into his arms and peppered his face with kisses, “I know you want him. I want him too. But...,” he doesn’t want us, he couldn’t bare to finish the sentence. Ethan sniffled,

“I know.”

1942, England (75 years left)

Ethan finished the song, his fingers slipping from the piano. He was sitting in the drawing room of one of the many houses that Alabaster owned, trying to chase away the loneliness and pain he felt. It wasn’t working. Outside the window it was raining, the evening damp and grey.

“I like listening to you play,” Alabaster’s voice would’ve startled Ethan if the boy wasn’t used to it. He looked up and saw his sire leaning against the doorframe, a glass of whiskey in his hand. His hair was dishevelled, his shirt open, revealing his chiselled body. He hadn’t changed a bit since he found Ethan and Nico in the clearing.

“Did the girl leave?” Ethan asked, looking at the window and the rain sliding down the glass. Alabaster sighed,

“You sound like you’re jealous, again.”

“I can’t help who my wolf gets attached to,” Ethan said, hands clenched in his lap, “Which doesn’t mean I feel anything for you.”

“Right,” Alabaster said, “Well there are only seventy five years left-“

Ethan sat up abruptly. Alabaster frowned but Ethan didn’t care as the smell hit him. It smelled like warmth and a summer breeze, and metal and blood, and gunpowder and home. Ethan lurched to his feet.

“What is it?” Alabaster demanded, but Ethan shoved past him, racing to the front door. He had half a mind to turn into a wolf, but his heart was pounding so hard he was scared he’d be unable to. Instead he threw open the door and stumbled out into the cold night, the rain pounding down on him. A car had just parked at the end of the driveway and Ethan ran halfway to it through the mud before losing his momentum. He could smell Alabaster following him, and he held his breath.

The butler opened the door of the car, just a grey figure behind the rain, and he stepped out. He was still in his uniform, half a dozen badges on his chest. They had cut his hair short but that didn’t make him any less gorgeous. The soldier was finally home.

Nico,” Ethan whispered, and of course the vampire heard him.

“Nico,” Alabaster said behind Ethan, “Welcome home.”

Ethan broke into a run but Nico was faster. He was by Ethan in a blink of an eye, picking him up and twirling him round. Ethan was laughing, and then he was crying, his wolf howling with happiness at having his mate (one of them) back in his arms. He clung to Nico, and then they were kissing, wet lips sliding together with the rain.

When they broke apart, hands still clasped, and turned to Alabaster, for a second pain flickered in the eyes of their sire.

2017, New York (0 years left)

Nico woke up the morning of his freedom naked in his bed, limbs tangled with Ethan’s as the boy slept peacefully next to him. A part of Nico was happy that he could finally stop doing Alabaster’s dirty work – another part was heartbroken. Alabaster was leaving them, probably forever. Maybe it was for the best. It was weird though – to finally not be tied to someone after such a long time...

“Ethan,” Nico whispered, kissing Ethan’s eyelid and then his eye-patch, “Wake up.”

It took him a while to get the werewolf out of bed; he was always groggy in the mornings. The boys went to the kitchen in their expensive apartment and ate cereal listening to the radio. They could hear Alabaster banging around in his room.

“Are you all packed?” Nico asked. Ethan sighed,

“Yeah...,” he bit his lip, “We should say goodbye, shouldn’t we?”

“That would probably be a good idea. A thousand years is a long time to spend with someone,” Nico admitted. Sluggishly the two boys, dressed in their favourite flannels, dragged themselves to Alabaster’s room. Nico knocked and a muffled come in sounded. They went inside.

It looked like a bomb exploded in Alabaster’s room – there were clothes strewn everywhere, a few bags open on some surfaces. Clearly the man was packing. He didn’t even glance at the boys.

“What is it?”

“We’re...,” Nico swallowed past the lump in his throat, “We’re gonna go now.”

“Oh,” Alabaster’s shoulders tensed, “Right.’s the last day.”

“Where are you going?” Ethan asked. Alabaster finally turned to them. He looked exhausted, something unusual for the witch. With a flick of his wrist a few shirts folded themselves in the air and landed in his case,

“Norway,” he said, “It’s the year of the curse. I need to get myself a new vampire and werewolf.”

The comment hurt but Nico didn’t expect Ethan’s reaction. The wolf slammed his fist down on the closest table, cracking it in half so violently that even Alabaster flinched.

“Is that all we are to you?!” he demanded, a hysterical edge to his voice, “Some two poor boys you had to save?! Do you really think we’re that replaceable?!”

Alabaster sighed but something flickered in his eyes, “That’s your wolf talking again, Ethan.”

“Of course it’s my wolf talking!” Ethan yelled, “I am my wolf! And it loves you, you fucking asshole!”

A silence fell over the room. Ethan’s hands were curled into his fists, he was breathing hard, cheeks flushed, eye shining with unshed tears. Alabaster stared at him,

“I-I...,” it seemed that for the first time in his life he was at loss of words, “I love Nico. And N-Nico loves you...,” he looked lost.

“He loves us both,” Nico said quietly, his heart heavy. Alabaster looked at him with soft, mossy green eyes,

“And you?” he asked, “do you love me too?”

Nico looked down at his shoes, “Would you hate me if I did?” he asked weakly.

“I could never hate you,” Alabaster sounded like he was in pain, “I could never hate either of you. C-Christ, I didn’t long have you felt this way?”

Ethan snorted humourlessly, “Since England. Before Henry came onto the Throne.”

“T-That’s...fuck, that’s five hundred years.”

Nico shrugged, Ethan sniffled, trying to hold back tears.

“We’re gonna go now,” Nico couldn’t stand seeing Ethan in pain, and he couldn’t look at Alabaster, not when he knew that they could never be together. He reached out and took Ethan’s hand, turning them to the door. Alabaster disappeared in a flash of magic and suddenly he was in front of his bedroom door, slamming it shut. He looked half-wild.

“Alabaster?” Nico asked softly.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Alabaster growled, grabbing both Ethan and Nico and pressing them close to his chest. Nico sucked in a breath as Alabaster cradled them close.

“W-What are you-,” Ethan started shakily, trying to pull away. Alabaster cupped his cheek and leaned down, pressing their lips together. Nico’s heart jumped in his chest as he watched them kiss. Ethan’s eye widened, full of shock, and then he melted against the witch, eye fluttering shut. Nico held his breath. Alabaster’s tongue came to brush against Ethan’s bottom lip, but they kept the kiss soft.

Then suddenly Alabaster was pulling away and before Nico could react he was crashing their lips together. It was hungrier somehow, more desperate. Nico, as much as he wanted to fight it, was unable to do anything but kiss back. His heart felt too big for his chest. He tangled his fingers in Alabaster’s hair and allowed the man’s tongue into his mouth, gasping.

When they separated all three were flushed. Ethan buried his face in the crook of Alabaster’s neck and the witch rested his forehead against Nico,

“Drink from me,” he said softly while he stroked Ethan’s hair. Nico shook his head,

“N-No, I can’t,” he said.

“You drank from Ethan,” Alabaster murmured.

“That...that was different,” Nico looked down at his shoes. Alabaster grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him. There was something demanding in his eyes,

“Drink from me,” it wasn’t a suggestion – it was a demand, “take my blood, the way you took Ethan’s. And then I can make love to you both, the way you have before, and we can all properly become mates. And then you can be mine forever,” Alabaster’s eyes softened, “and I won’t have to ever let either of you go. Because I love you.”

Nico’s eyes flashed red.

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You should do a Romeo and Juliet!AU thing with Leo as Juliet and Frank as Romeo, but with a happy ending, plz!
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Frank Montague whirled around, his sword clashing against his opponents. Leo Capulet, despite being short and slim for his age, was fast, and that was the only reason why Frank hadn’t severed his grinning head from his shoulders yet.

The Capulet-Montague feud went back for generations, but Frank didn’t think it was possible to hate someone as much until he met Leo. He was his age, and yet where Frank was all stoic and strong and brave, Leo was a mess of energy and snarkiness and comments that got under Frank’s skin so much that he wanted to wrap his hands around the small boy’s neck and snap it in half, but of course that would be dishonourable, and that’s why they were here again, on the streets of Verona, fighting again.

In all fairness fighting the rascal wasn’t something Frank wanted to be doing so early in the morning. He could feel the shy sun brushing against his sweat soaked shirt and he yearned for a cup of wine in his gardens. Instead he was having a sword fight in the middle of the cobbled street. It was dangerous for more than just a few reasons.

“Give up, Montague!” Leo snarled, spinning, his blade flashing in the light. His curls were damp, brown eyes burning with hate and excitement. It was all a game to him.

“Never,” Frank growled, parrying Leo’s blow. The fight would’ve gone on for God knows how long if suddenly some of the royal guard didn’t round the corner, and come thundering right at them, shouting. Prince Percy was a merciful ruler, but even he was tired of the constant fights on the streets of Verona.

“Fuck,” Leo swore and took off, just like that, not even bothering to sheathe his sword as he shoved it through his belt. Frank didn’t feel like spending the rest of the morning in a holding cell so he also took off, his duel forgotten for a time as he pounded down a sun-filled street. He knocked into a woman who had an armful of apples in a brown bag, sending them spilling through the cobbled street, slowing his pursuers. She screamed after him but he just continued to run. He looked like a sweaty, dusty peasant and not a powerful lord as he climbed a crested hill overlooking Verona, out of breath. He collapsed on the grass and let the breeze stir his wet hair as he calmed down. He had lost the guards long ago.

Frank sighed and closed his eyes as he laid in the sun, wondering how he even ended up hating the Capulet so much. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Leo pelted him with rotten tomatoes with his cousins when they were children.

“So, I’ve heard you’ve fought the Capulet scum again,” the sound of Clarisse Montague’s voice was a welcome one. She was Frank’s favourite cousin and he pried his eyes open as she came to sit down next to him, looking ungainly in the dress her mother forced her into, “actually, I’m sure all of Verona heard.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Frank closed his eyes again, the sun too bright for his liking.

“Do you know who else heard?” Clarisse asked casually. When Frank didn’t reply she continued, “the Prince of Verona heard, Frank. He has officially declared that if any Capulet or Montague fight again they will be executed.”

“What?!” Frank sat up abruptly, “ will I fight that little rascal?!”

Clarisse shrugged, “You won’t, that’s the point. Prince Percy is clearly trying to take all our fun away.”

“First Hazel,” Frank sighed, collapsing back down onto the grass, “and now this.”

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself,” Clarisse punch his muscular shoulder playfully, “There are other things we can do for fun. And there are other girls other than Hazel Levesque.”

“But I love her,” Frank mumbled. Clarisse snorted,

“You love every girl...for a week, and then you get bored,” she shook her head, “I swear sometimes I think the only person that you don’t get tired of is Leo Capulet.”

“Don’t ever say that again,” Frank pulled a face, “I hate him.”

“Then I assume you will be happy to hear that tonight we will amuse ourselves by raiding one of his famous parties.”


“This will not end well,” Reyna Mercutio proclaimed. She, Clarisse and Frank had managed to sneak into the garden of the Capulet’s mansion through a hole in their massive wall, and were now among the mingling nobles of Verona. Thankfully it was a masquerade party, and so with their masks and beautiful clothing nobody would expect them to be unwanted guests. Frank, dressed in his best outfit with a navy mask to match, wanted to find Leo. Of course he couldn’t reveal his identity or he’d...well, get killed, but he could tease the boy some as some mysterious stranger. He had never seen the other boy in such a formal setting, and was intrigued to know more about his enemy.

“I see wine,” Reyna said, and without further ado broke away from her companions to mingle in the crowd, skirts swirling. Frank sighed and turned to Clarisse, and was startled to see that she had disappeared too. All around him there were strangers in masks. Feeling a little paranoid Frank swept through the garden and into the ballroom from where music was drifting. An orchestra had been set up at the head, and they were swaying along to their beautiful, light music ideal for such a pretty summer evening. Men and women danced the dances that Frank had a hundred times, and those who weren’t dancing sat around on cushions around the room, eating miniature sandwiches and drinking wine, laughing behind their masks.

Frank’s eyes were drawn to a certain man on the dance-floor. At first glance Frank’s heart jumped because he thought it might be Leo...but then he decided that wasn’t the case. Even though the boy had a similar posture and hair (it could’ve been one of the many Capulet cousins) there was a grace about him that Leo lacked. He moved fluently, like water shimmering over rocks, spinning the small girl in his arms around gracefully. His red mask covered the top half of his face and Frank felt suddenly drawn to his exposed lips.

He thought about what a wonderful prank it’d be if he debauched one of the Capulet royalty – and how furious Leo would be. Frank smirked. He was going to have his way with the graceful dancer, no matter what.


Frank’s chance arose some hours later when he had drank more wine than he probably should’ve. He had long ago lost both Reyna and Clarisse in the massive estate and now he stumbled through the night to the back of the house, where it was cooler and quieter and his head didn’t pound as much from the liquor.

“I haven’t seen you before,” the voice startled him and Frank jumped. Out of the shadows came none else than the graceful dancer. Frank smiled even though his vision was blurry, “I...I saw you watching me.”

“I drank too much wine,” Frank admitted.

“Me too,” the dancer said breathlessly. He stumbled and leaned against the wall, as if he couldn’t stay upright. His giggle mixed with the sound of the wind in the trees. Frank smiled,

“I watched you,” he confessed, “because you are the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen.”

“That’s kind of you to say,” the boy tried to straighten up but he tripped over his own feet and suddenly Frank found himself with an armful of Capulet. Beautiful, squirming Capulet that smelled like wine and fire.

“Hello,” he said, face to face with the masked boy.

“Excuse me, I am very clumsy,” the boy said. He was sprawled sideways in Frank’s lap, arms looped around his neck where they had come up so the boy could regain his balance. However instead of climbing off the dancer swung his legs around so he was straddling Frank, and honestly the Montague didn’t care – he was too drunk to think about consequences. Blurrily his hands landed on the boy’s hips. He could feel his breath on his lips. He didn’t even know the boy, and yet something inside Frank twisted in anticipation as if he had waited for this moment all his life. His heart pounded, and he wondered if this is what love at first sight felt like. He forgot all about Hazel, his mind and heart suddenly filled with the nameless boy in his lap.

Their lips met in a sweet kiss that tasted like wine. Frank felt warm hands cradling his face, stroking the stubble on his jaw. The boy’s curls tickled his forehead and made Frank think of Leo. Their lips moved together slowly, leisurely, as if they had all the time in the world. Frank couldn’t understand how someone could fit so perfectly against him, the boy was so small Frank could envelop him in his arms completely.

When the boy started to clumsily undo the back of Frank’s mask the Montague didn’t protest – he was sure that there was something connecting him and the boy now, and he didn’t care if the dancer knew who he was. The mask fell off of Frank’s face but the boy didn’t pull away immediately, instead continuing to kiss Frank. The music from the ball was faint in the distance.

The boy in Frank’s lap started to pull away but the Montague grabbed him by the back of his head and kept their lips connected, feeling addicted to the taste of the boy in his arms. His fingers found the silk ribbon that tied the boy’s red mask to his face and he undid it quickly, letting it tumble to the ground and join his own mask on the grass. Only then did the two boys finally pull apart.

Leo was flushed, the way that Frank had never seen him flushed before. He had been foolish to think that during their previous encounters, where it had been all blades swinging and harsh words and Leo was red with effort, that that was what he’d look like if someone kissed him. Because Leo looked different, almost unrecognizable, his eyes dark, hair slipping from his ponytail, cheeks a beautiful shade of red.

“Leo,” Frank croaked. The boy’s eyes widened and then he was scrambling off of Frank’s lap and away before the Montague could stop him. He dashed away and in his panic Frank got up and ran after him, his stomach dropping as he chased him through the dark garden. His heart twisted. He didn’t know when his hate for Leo had turned into admiration, and when it had turned to something more, but kissing the boy had done things to him that nothing else ever did before.

Frank caught Leo before he managed to get back into the party, slamming him into an alcove in the wall of the house harder than he intended. Leo was breathing hard, his eyes full of hysteria and fear and confusion.

Leo,” Frank said again, trying to calm both him and the boy. The wine wasn’t helping, making everything blurry, “Leo,” Frank repeated again, softly.

“You weren’t meant to be here,” Leo croaked. He didn’t try to knock Frank’s hands off where they rested on his shoulders, “I-I didn’t know it was you, I swear it. Please, Montague, let’s just forget the whole ordeal-,” before he could finish Frank crashed their lips together again.

He couldn’t help himself – the boy was right there, and he was rambling, and he was beautiful, and for a moment Frank didn’t care that they were Capulet and Montague and that their families hated each other. He didn’t care that he hated Leo, or at least thought he did. Because the second the boy was back in his arms, pliant and kissing back even though he tried not to, Frank realise how hopelessly in love he was. He couldn’t hide it behind duels in the streets anymore; it was too late. His lips were on Leo, claiming him in a way Frank had only dreamt about to this point, his hands were on the hips that were engraved in his dreams, and yet he still wished to do more than just kiss. There was a sudden hunger awakened inside him and Leo seemed to be the only thing that could quench his thirst. Frank wrapped the boy up in his body and licked his way into his mouth, searching that delicious cavern, memorising every inch of the boy that he could reach.

Frank,” Leo sounded like he couldn’t speak, breath coming out in short, stuttered gasps. He looked confused, and aroused, and Frank wanted him so badly he thought he might die.

“Marry me,” he whispered. Leo immediately shook his head,

“It’s alright,” he gripped Frank’s face in his hands, “you can have me without all that. You can have me right here, in the grass.”

Frank’s stomach twisted, “No. No. I don’t want that. I mean I do, but I don’t want just that. I want you, Leo. God, I didn’t realise it until now, how much I want you.”

“You hate me,” Leo whispered. Frank shook his head,

“No. I thought I did, but...,” he bit his lip, “my head’s spinning, it’s all hard to explain.”

Leo pulled away from him and from the wall, “You’re drunk,” he said, “and so am I. I know a priest – if by tomorrow night you still wish to marry me then meet me in the Jupiter chapel at sundown.”

“Leo,” Frank reached for him, heart already hurting at not having the boy close. Leo just slipped into the shadows, as if he were never there.


The sun was setting, bathing the chapel in an amber glow that made the stained glass windows look ethereal. Frank wished he could’ve worn something nice, but instead he was wrapped up in a simple emerald cloak, his sword at his side, as if he were going for a stroll, and not to his wedding. And yet he still stopped in front of the chapel. He didn’t know if Leo would come, if he hadn’t just dreamt about the previous night, if the alcohol had lied to him.

There was only one way to find out if what happened was real.

With a deep breath, making sure he was alone on the small street, Frank pushed open the chapel door.

His heart almost jumped from his chest when he saw Leo by the altar, because a part of him expected it all to be a massive joke. The Capulet was dressed casually, but the stained glass made red and blue patterns on his body, so he looked like an angel. A priest stood by his side and for a second Frank couldn’t breathe. This was really happening – he was marrying Leo, his worst enemy. It was startling to find that Frank wasn’t having second thoughts. He didn’t know how his and Leo’s secret and forbidden marriage would ever work but right now he didn’t care, his only desire was to somehow tie the small boy to him, forever. He didn’t want to fight or hurt him, he wanted to protect him.

He whispered his ‘I do’ against the boy’s soft mouth. Apart from the priest they were alone, just them two and God looking down as they were joined in holy matrimony. Frank had never been so happy. But of course all good things come to an end.

Leo and Frank parted behind the closed door of the chapel, unable to stop kissing each other, and promised to meet again the same night in Leo’s chambers. But they couldn’t walk through the city together so wistfully Frank let his husband out into the darkened streets, watching him disappear around the corner. He could only stand to be apart from him for some moments, and then he too was dashing out into the freshly fallen night, eager to have his love in his arms again.

If someone had told him a few days before that the person he had hated since they were children would be his husband he would’ve thought them crazy.

Frank hurried through the dark streets, desperate to return to Leo. The world seemed to hold its breath, the roads were deserted. After what seemed like hours of hurrying through the city in the distance Frank saw Leo’s house rising on a hill. His heart hammered – he was almost home.

A blade flashed in the dark.

“Come now, you scum of Montague,” Luke, one of Leo’s cousins, was standing in the shadows, glaring, sword in hand. For a second Frank thought he was speaking to him, but then Reyna slipped from the darkness, sword also in hand. Frank felt sick as he froze and watched the two attack each other in a flurry of blades with no warning, in silence except for the clash of blades. He should’ve carried on walking, to Leo, to his Leo. But Reyna was his friend, his family.

With a heavy heart Frank unsheathed his sword.


“I thought you died,” Leo said when Frank clambered in through the balcony, sweaty and exhausted, “Or that you had ran.”

“Why would I run?” Frank asked, catching his breath, “I married you, didn’t I? God, couldn’t you make the walls any higher?”

Leo walked over from the door, which he had been locking. Frank noted that he had changed into his nightclothes while he fought Luke, a flowing shirt and some undergarments. Frank had never seen the boy so bare.

“Frank,” the Capulet frowned, “why is your shirt ripped?” he stepped closer, “Is that blood?” he demanded, trembling hand coming to touch a wet patch on Frank’s shoulder. The Montague took his hand,

“It’s not mine,” he whispered, and pressed Leo’s palm to his lip. His new husband shivered,

“Frank what happened?”

Frank had no choice but to explain everything to him – how Reyna and Luke had attacked each other in the streets, how Frank had intervened when Luke wounded his friend. He told Leo he had also wounded the Capulet, though no fatally. But then the guards had showed up, and the prince...that’s why Frank was so late.

“Leo,” he whispered softly, watching the pained face of his love in the pale moonlight, “Instead of executing us for fighting Prince Percy banished us from Verona.”

“No,” Leo whispered, his hands clenching in Frank’s ripped shirt, “No.”

“Shhh,” Frank was shocked at the tears in Leo’s eyes. He didn’t know why but he didn’t expect the boy to cry for him. Frank loved him, but he didn’t know the extent of Leo’s own feelings, “Shh, it’s our wedding night don’t cry.”

“Y-You’ll have to l-leave,” Leo gasped, “I’ve o-only had you for a day, a day, when I waited for you a-all these years a-and now-,” Leo broke. Frank kissed him, deeply, passionately, trying to convey his feelings through the gesture.

“Let’s not talk about this,” Frank murmured, “let me have this with you, at least once,” his hands were tangled in Leo’s shirt.

He walked the Capulet backwards, until the back of his knees hit the bed and both of them were sent backwards onto the pile of pillows, lips still connected. Their hands roamed, inexperienced but eager, tugging their clothes away from their bodies, pressing into every crevice and hollow, clinging onto each other. Their mouths slid together in a dance of their own, as their bodies connected, the curtains rustling in the breeze that came in from the balcony. It was quiet, only their harsh breaths sounding, and the sound of skin on skin, and whispered I love you’s.

Afterwards Frank and Leo lay tangled in the covers, and tangled in each other, coming down from the hot-white high they had experienced. Leo traced shapes into Frank’s stomach and the Montague stroked his hair. He was tired, and yet he knew he wanted more, more of Leo, and his mouth and his hair and his body and his words and his smiles. But dawn was fast approaching and Frank knew he’d have to go soon, abandon Verona and his love, maybe forever.

“Frank?” Leo broke the sleepy silence the two had been laying in.


“Can I come with you?”

Frank swallowed, “You shouldn’t.”

Leo raised himself up so he was sitting on the bed, next to Frank,

“What else is there for me here?” he whispered. Outside the birds chirped, “My parents will marry me to some girl but...,” he bit his lip, “I’m already married. To you. And now you want to leave me.”

“I don’t want to leave you,” Frank reached up and touched his face, “But I must or the Prince will have me executed.”

Leo leaned down and kissed him, “Let me say this differently; I’m coming with you. And I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“God,” Frank surged up and kissed Leo, holding him in his arms, “I know I should tell you to stay,” he whispered feverishly, “I know I should keep you safe but I can’t. I’m selfish. I want you with me, forever, wherever I go.”

“Is that a yes, then?” Leo smiled. Frank just nodded.

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I'd like to see a Punk!Percy and a goody goody Will story where Will is slowly 'corrupted' by Percy and then smut ensues
for TsunaNoble

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Will hated Island Sound University, commonly known as the Underworld. The Underworld was the shittiest university around; the students there were known more for their wild nights out, run ins with the police and drug selling rather than their academic achievements. It was a small and old university, situated right next to the Long Island Sound with the dorms on campus. No matter the day of the week there was aways music blaring from said dorms. Will would know – he was forced to live right next door.

Olympus University for the Gifted had the misfortune of being situated way too close to the Underworld, they were literally separated by a fence. Unlike them though, the school was full of bright, talented kids who not only had money to pay for their expensive education, but also had the grades to stop themselves from being expelled. Getting into the University was one of William Solace’s greatest achievements in his nineteen year old life, but the Underworld was the bane of his existence.

The kids from both schools had had a feud for generations – the Underworlders thought the Olympians were stuck up and prissy, while the Olympians thought the Underworlders were a bunch of lazy animals.

Will and his friendship group particularly had a problem with one boy – Percy Jackson, and his group of friends. Will couldn’t have been more different from Percy if he tried. Despite being around the same height, where Will was all bright and sunshine, Percy was dark and mischievous. Will was hardworking, determined to get a degree in biology and chemistry and become the doctor he dreamed about becoming. As far as he was aware, Percy went to only half of his lectures and he did sport, out of all things.

The town that the two Universities were situated in was small, so the students were constantly clashing in coffee shops and shopping malls. Will and Percy always got into some kind of argument and went as far as to prank each other in a less than nice way. But that came to an end when a kid from Mechanical Engineering, Leo Valdez, put a spider in one of Will’s best friend’s, Annabeth’s, hair and sent her into such a fit of panic she had to be sent to hospital.

So, in summary, Will tried his best to stay as far away from the Underworlders and their bad influences as much he could, sticking to his studies. He hated Percy, and if it was up to him he’d chose to never see the boy again. But fate wanted it to go differently.


“A gas leak?!” Frank from Physics demanded again, his jaw dropped all the way to the floor. The students from Will’s dorm were all gathered in the cold night, outside their dark block, grumbling and shuffling as they rubbed their pyjama clad arms to keep warm. Will stomped his feet and exhaled, his breath creating a cloud in front of his face. It was the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, and it was freezing. Will just wanted into get back in bed.

“Students!” Chiron, the head-teacher, pushed his way to the front of the shivering group of teenagers, “I talked with some people. The gas leak is incredibly dangerous, and it started in room 3c’s kitchen,” a few people groaned and glared at Hazel and Piper, occupants of 3c, “the specialists had said that it’s best if we wait at least five days before we return, and wait for the fumes to subside-“

“What?!” Annabeth demanded, shaking, “where are we supposed to live for five days?!”

Chiron looked uncomfortable and he cleared his throat, “Er...Mr Dionysus was kind enough to offer you guys some accommodation-“

“We are not going to the Underworld,” Will deadpanned. The others murmured in agreement,

“Well unfortunately you don’t have a choice,” Chiron said, “Either you’ll go to Island Sound or you’ll have to live in hotels. That the University won’t pay for.”

Maybe if it wasn’t so late and cold the students would’ve argued more, but honestly they were so exhausted that nobody really cared at this point. Annoyed they shuffled through the freshly fallen snow to the fence that separated the Underworld from Olympus. Nearby the half-frozen Long Island Sound glimmered in the moonlight. One by one the two dozen students from the volatile dorm climbed through a hole in the fence, grumbling as they reached the old, brick dorms of the Underworlders. It was no surprise that all the windows were ablaze and music and laughter were pouring out, despite the fact it was Thursday night.

In the lobby of the dorm that had two broken lifts and a pair of cranky stairs leading up to the upper floors, the students were met with Dionysus, commonly known as Mr D, the head teacher of Island Sound. As always the man was not quite sober, and his outfit of a pink night robe and crocs just illustrated how much of a fuck he did not give.

Mr D kept it short and sweet, “Fuck all this, and fuck all of you for waking me up. There’s a list of names and room numbers on the counters, help yourselves, and good fucking night,” and with that he went back out into the cold. The tired Olympians crowded around the hand-scribbled list of names, eagerly searching for their ones, so they could go up to the rooms which, albeit loud, could offer some warmth.

Will was raised to be polite so he was one of the last students to drag himself up, looking for the room number two. Before he finished going up the stairs his phone (one of the few possessions he got out of the room) beeped. He got a text message from Annabeth.

Miss Independent: Not good, my girls a bitch im sleeping on the floor.

Will sighed – of course he didn’t expect anything more. The Underworlders were basically savages. He was not impressed when he saw that the door to number two on the first floor was thrown open and people were venturing in and out like it was a hotel. When they saw him they all stopped and stared. Even the music cut off.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t William Solace,” Leo was leaning against the wall, grinning. Will glared at him,

“Don’t tell me I have to room with you, Valdez.”

“Fortunately for you,” Percy Jackson was suddenly in the doorway, “You don’t. You have to room with moi.”

Will’s stomach clenched. Of fucking course. Percy looked right at home in the gloomy corridor. His dark hair had a red streak through it, multiple piercings decorating his ears, one going through his lip from which a cigarette dangled. His blue eyes were lined with eyeliner.

 Sniggering the Underworlders dispersed, drifting to their respective rooms and Will was left gaping at Percy, who looked amused.

“This is going to be fun,” he stated. Will groaned and hit his forehead against the closest wall,

“I’m going to kill myself,” he said miserably.

“Isn’t that bad for your health?” Percy lifted an eyebrow, “don’t you want to be a doctor or something?”

Will glanced at him, “How do you even know that?”

Percy shrugged, looking away, “Well, anyway, you’re in luck blondie. My roomie’s away for the week to see his family so his bed’s free.”

“Isn’t that blessed,” Will grumbled. But whatever relief he had been feeling at having an actual bed to sleep in disappeared when he saw the state of Percy’s dorm room. It was smaller than his back in Olympus, and looked like a massive clusterfuck. It even smelled weird.

“Well, goodnight,” Percy grinned brightly at Will’s disgusted expression. He climbed into what Will assumed was his bed. He couldn’t tell because it was partially buried beneath a mountain of clothes, “You might want to take that stick out of your ass before you lie down – it’ll get uncomfortable,” he pondered that for a moment, “Unless you’re into that kind of stuff.”


The sun woke Will up, brushing against his closed eyelids. Groggily the blonde woke up, feeling like he had got no sleep at all. His limbs ached from lying in the tiny bed, and his head pounded. He groaned and stretched and accidentally kicked a pile of books at the foot of the bed. Annoyed he sat up, rubbed his face, and glanced over at Percy.

The punk was sitting up in bed, a laptop balanced between his knees, headphones on. He looked sleepy and younger without the eyeliner. But that wasn’t the first thing Will noticed – the first thing he noticed was that Percy’s legs were spread, his boxers shoved down and tangled around his ankles. In his hand Percy was holding his impressive, glistening member. He was having a morning wank with Will right there.

The blonde blamed his late reaction on shock and not on the fact that for a moment he was mesmerized by the way the other boy’s cock twitched in his palm. Then he was on his feet, knocking Percy’s laptop onto his blankets. The boy looked up at him, startled.

“What the fuck?!” Will screamed. Percy pushed his headphones off with his free hand, and the worst (or best) part was that he didn’t stop touching himself. Will was lost between glaring at his flushed face and glancing down at his member.

“What?” Percy demanded, vaguely annoyed, “Can’t you see I’m busy-ah.”

Will hadn’t been expecting the moan. Suddenly Percy turned his face away, hand speeding up. He opened his mouth and breathed harshly, as if Will wasn’t standing right there. The blonde felt half of his blood rush to his face, the other to his cock. Before Percy could see his sudden, confusing arousal Will dashed from the room, sprinting down to the bathroom, heart pounding. He did not just get hard over that punk!


Will didn’t see Percy again until that evening. The Olympus students spent most of their time in their lecture buildings, unable to go back to their rooms and scared of going back to the Underworld. By the time they finally dragged themselves back in they were all shaking from the cold of the freshly fallen snow, and the Underworld was really going at it. Friday was a big night for them apparently, because the common room on the ground floor was transformed into some kind of rave. Will was shocked to find that he kind of wanted to join the people jumping around in the neon darkness, but he knew he’d never fit in. There was also his pride – he’d never admit that the Underworlders knew how to have fun.

The dorms were somewhat more deserted since people were downstairs at the party, and so Will gratefully slipped into his (Percy’s) room, eager to catch up on his Biology studies and prepare for the upcoming exam. The room was dark and Will was surprised he didn’t trip over the shit on the floor as he stumbled to his temporary bed. He flipped his bedside lamp on and almost jumped. He had thought the room was empty, but now he could see that Percy was, in fact, asleep.

The boy had the covers around his waist, his hands lightly gripping his pillows, brows furrowed as he slept. His hair was a fluffy black and red nest on his head, eyes closed. He wore just a thin tank top and was trembling as he slept. He looked so young that Will’s heart twisted.

He decided not to disturb the boy with rustling around with papers so instead he just came up to him and carefully pulled the blankets up to the boy’s chin. They might’ve hated each other but in the end they were both human, and Will didn’t want Percy to freeze to death. The image from that morning flashed in the blonde’s mind – Percy, flushed, cock in hand – and he moved too abruptly, pulling away.

Percy’s hand shot out and he grabbed Will by the wrist, grip surprisingly strong. Then his fingers slid to Will’s palm and he held his hand. The blonde’s heart skipped a beat.

“Will?” Percy mumbled. Will swallowed,

“Yeah. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Why is it so cold?” Percy asked, burying himself underneath his blanket. Will smiled,

“You were uncovered,” he grabbed the covers and tucked them around Percy for good measure. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and brushing the boy’s hair back from his face. Asleep he was almost a different person.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Percy trailed off, eyes closed. Will decided that even if he answered the boy wouldn’t realise. With a sigh he freed his hand and sat down on his bed, flipping the light off. Why am I so nice to him? Will echoed the question in his head. They weren’t friends.

Will stripped down and buried himself underneath his blankets, trying to ignore Percy’s deep breathing. He didn’t know why he was suddenly having all these weird feelings towards the boy...two more nights and I can move back into Olympus, he told himself, to make himself feel better.

And then the image of Percy masturbating popped into his head and Will made himself feel better in a different way.


Will was holed up in the dorm room, trying to do some work with Annabeth. There were books strewn all over Percy’s roommate’s bed but that didn’t matter because the two friends couldn’t concentrate anyway. Downstairs the teenagers were playing music so loudly that the floor was vibrating.

Will sighed and buried his face in his hands, “I wish they’d shut up for once.”

“It’s Saturday night,” Annabeth shrugged, “What did you expect?”

“They had a party yesterday,” Will whimpered. Annabeth ruffled his hair,

“Tomorrow, and then we can go back home,” she comforted him. The door burst open and Percy spilled inside the dorm room, grinning.

“Will!” he exclaimed, as if the two were the best of friends. Will winced and Annabeth gave him a sympathetic look,

“I’m gonna go,” she said, already packing her books into her bag. Percy rummaged in his closet as the girl slipped out, closing the door behind her and somewhat muffling the sounds of the party outside. Will leaned back against the wall, stretching out his legs on his bed and he watched Percy tiredly,

“Someone spilled beer on me,” Percy complained, turning around with his shirt in his hands, pointing at a stain on it and pouting. Will tried not to let his eyes wander over the boy’s shirtless body, but it was hard. Percy was clearly drunk.

“Do you remember who?” Will asked. Percy shrugged and threw the shirt on the floor,

“Probably the same guy who tried to get his hand down my pants,” he slurred. Something twisted inside Will and he stood up. His hands involuntarily clenched into fists,

“Someone what?”

Percy didn’t reply, just hummed as he continued to shuffle through his clothes, allowing some to fall to the floor. Feeling weirdly antsy Will grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. He frowned at how flushed and dishevelled Percy was.

“You’re not going back out there,” the blonde said firmly, “You’ve had enough.”

Percy raised an eyebrow, “Oh. Would you rather have me all to yourself?”

“No,” Will said. Yes.

Percy snorted and went to turn back to the closet. Will grabbed him by the wrist and spun him back around,

“I’m serious,” he said, “You’re not going back out there. You’re drunk, and you might hurt yourself,” he peered at Percy’s blown pupils, “Doctor’s orders.”

“Doctor’s orders?” Percy blinked, “But I’m not sick.”

Will sighed, “Will you just please stay here?”

“Come to think about it,” Percy grinned, “I am sick. Very sick,” he touched his forehead and pouted, “Check my forehead, I think I have a fever.”

“No you don’t,” Will rolled his eyes.

“Check it,” Percy whimpered. Will, not wanting to upset him, pressed his hand against his forehead. Percy bated it away with annoyance,

“No. With your mouth.”

“You want me to check your temperature with my mouth?” Will asked in disbelief. Happy as a puppy Percy nodded. Will bit the inside of his cheek to get himself under control, and then pressed his lips against Percy’s forehead. The second his mouth brushed against the boy’s cool skin Percy turned his face up, so their lips met. Will should’ve really seen that one coming.

He tasted the whiskey on Percy’s tongue when the boy tried to prematurely get it into Will’s mouth. The blonde nudged him away, gently but firmly.

“No,” he said.

“Why?” Percy wasn’t pouting anymore – his eyes were dark and serious in the dim light from Will’s bedside lamp.

“Do you really need a reason?” the blonde asked.

“Yes,” Percy said quietly, “I need multiple reasons. And they better be good.”

Will ran a hand through his hair, trying to wrap his head around the fact that Percy Jackson was willingly wanting to kiss him...and maybe more.

“This isn’t my room. You’re drunk. Someone could walk in.” Will stopped, “Do I need to go on?”

Percy stared at him, “None of those reasons are that you don’t want me.”

“Percy,” Will said, exasperated, feeling his resolve weakening.

“I want you,” Percy said, “and I’m gonna assume you want me too.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Yeah, I do,” Percy mumbled. He wrapped his arms around Will’s shoulders and the blonde didn’t have the strength to push him away. The ring in his lip shone in the soft light, his black-lined eyes were intense on Will’s. The blonde couldn’t help but think if his parents ever saw them like this they’d faint – they always thought Will would be into pretty, sweet girls. Not punk, dangerous, sexy boys like Percy, “I know exactly what I’m saying, and what I’m doing,” Percy leaned in a little and Will’s brain stopped working. He pressed a kiss to Will’s mouth, “I know where we are, and who you are. If you’re scared,” a small kiss to Will’s jaw, “that everything’s blurry and I can’t tell which ways up and which ways down,” his breath brushed against Will’s ear and the blonde shivered, “Then don’t worry. I know exactly what’s happening,” he bit at Will’s earlobe and the blonde lost it.

He shoved Percy backwards, harder than he meant to, and the boy ended up sprawled on his bed. Will crawled on top of his body, kicking back the messy covers. Their lips collided in a messy kiss full of teeth, a fight for dominance. Will pinned Percy down with his body, thrusting his tongue into the boy’s mouth. He could feel the boy’s grin against his lips as his hands went beneath Will’s shirt, roaming over his back.

“Thought you were a good boy, Will,” Percy whispered, and then he surged upwards, flipping them over so Will found himself dizzily against the pillows, with Percy hovering above him. He licked a trail down Will’s neck and the blonde would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it. He never thought that the first time he’d have sex would be like this – in someone else’s dirty dorm room, with a punk kid he was meant to hate. But right now he couldn’t concentrate on that because his hands found something other than Percy’s hips. He squeezed the boy’s ass, earning a delicious gasp from that sinful mouth and getting his upper hand back. Well, at least he had it back until Percy didn’t start grinding down on him.

Will moaned when their hard cocks pressed against each other, even though there were a few layers between their bare flesh.

“Fuck,” Will groaned as Percy grinded down on him. The pleasure was weird, different from when Will wanked off, but better somehow because he had no control over it. He kissed Percy again, their tongues sliding together alongside their bodies.

Will flipped them over again, and his world was really starting to spin even though he was supposed to be the sober one. Percy grinned at him breathlessly where he was nestled among the pillows, hair messy from their constant position switching.

“Are we really doing this?” Will asked breathlessly. In response Percy’s legs came up to wrap around his waist and draw him close, so their noses were almost touching.

“Since it’s your first time I’ll let you top,” Percy winked. To wipe that smug look off of his face Will kissed him again and grinded down, just like the boy had done previously. Percy’s eyes fluttered shut and his brows furrowed. He moaned softly, legs tightening around Will’s waist.

They clumsily got their shirts and jeans off. When they were grinding against each other in just their boxers a drunk, giggling couple stumbled into the room. When they saw the two boys they hurriedly apologised and left. The walls were thundering with the music from downstairs. Will suddenly wished they were back in his dorm, where it was quiet and peaceful and he could properly take his time with Percy. Next time, Will told himself as Percy shimmied out of his boxers. Then he frowned – he didn’t know why but he had been trying to tell himself it was a one time thing. Though by looking at Percy expose more and more of himself, eager, Will couldn’t help but get a bit addicted.

“I don’t know what to do,” Will admitted when finally Percy laid beneath him naked. The punk raised an eyebrow,

“Didn’t you ever watch porn?”

Will shrugged and looked away, embarrassed, “Not gay one...,” he mumbled. Percy snorted,

“You’re adorable,” he said, “but seriously, I feel like I’m corrupting you,” he untangled his legs from around Will’s waist so he could lean over and pull something out of his bedside drawer. He pressed a small bottle into Will’s hand, “Do you know what that is?”

Will stared at the see-through liquid in the bottle, “No.”

“That’s lube,” Percy didn’t sound annoyed, more amused, “pour some onto your fingers and then stick them in me.”

“Sounds painful,” Will winced. Percy rolled his eyes,

“You have to be gentle, and slow,” he said, “here,” he opened the bottle and poured some of the cold liquid onto Will’s hand before laying back down and wrapping his legs back around the blonde’s waist. He took his hand and guided him beneath himself, to his ass. Percy bit his lip when Will’s fingers brushed against his hole and the blonde himself shivered, “Now you just...,” Percy looked a bit dazed as he pressed one of Will’s fingers inside himself.

Will watched, mesmerized, as Percy’s face contorted. The boy gasped as Will pushed his finger inside of him, and the blonde could feel his hole clenching around the digit. It was all confusingly arousing.

It took them a long time to get Percy ready, but Will didn’t question it as he lost himself in trying to map out the boy’s body with his tongue, while at the same time trying to tell himself not to come in the first five seconds of finally getting inside the boy. He couldn’t believe they were actually doing this.

The party died down a little by the time Will finally got Percy’s legs over his shoulder, and his cock positioned at the boy’s entrance. He didn’t know what time it was but it had started to snow again, and outside people were laughing.

Percy was tight, so tight that Will wondered if everything was okay. The boy flinched upon initial contact and as Will sank into him, a little bit lost in the feeling, he realised that there was pain in the boy’s eyes. He honest to God tried to stop but his body deemed that impossible, and he pushed on until he was fully inside the boy. They were both breathing hard and Will was dizzy with pleasure, though Percy looked like he was about to cry.

“Percy,” Will murmured, clumsily intertwining their fingers, “What is it? Does it hurt?” Percy’s jaw clenched and he shook his head, though it was clear that he was lying. Will’s heart tumbled to his stomach, “This is your first time, isn’t it?” he asked softly.

Percy squeezed his eyes shut and exhaled shakily, “I-I...I didn’t t-think it’d hurt s-so much...”

Will showered him with kisses. He felt bad that Percy didn’t like it while he himself was lost in the pleasure of being inside the boy. They laid together for a bit, Will stroking Percy’s hair and cheeks, kissing his nose and the corner of his lips, murmuring sweet nothings to him and trying to get his own hormone driven body under control.

“I-It’s okay now,” Percy whispered after a while, “you can move.”

Will was right. He pulled out and thrust back in, a little too eagerly. Percy tried to even out his breathing but with each of Will’s thrusts his breath would hitch, and his hands would tighten in the covers underneath him. Will could barely concentrate on him, because the pleasure inside of him was building up shockingly fast. He sped up his thrusts and Percy moaned. And then Will was coming embarrassingly fast, just like he expected. It wasn’t his fault that Percy was so hot and tight.

“Shit,” he gasped against Percy’s shoulder as he shuddered, “Shit. Fuck. Sorry.”

Percy giggled. And then he laughed. Will pulled away and Percy was grinning up at him,

“What?” Will frowned, “it’s not that funny, okay? That was my first time,” Percy just continued to giggle, “What is it?”

The boy looped his arms around the blonde’s shoulders and pulled him close, kissing the tip of his nose, “Nothing. Nothing at all.”


“You can’t go in here!” Will heard the RA yelling down the corridor. He sighed and put his book down, wondering what the fuck was going on this time. After the week spent at the Underworld a few of the students made friends and now they came ‘round to visit the Olympians, which the RA’s hated.

Before Will could get to the door it banged open, revealing a pleased with himself Percy holding a six pack of beer and grinning like he just won the lottery.

“Percy are you pissing Nyssa off again?” Will sighed as the boy kicked the door shut behind him.

“Hey, it’s not my fault she’s got low blood sugar levels and a shit attitude,” the boy shrugged, chucking the beer onto Will’s bed. The two stared at each other for a moment and Percy’s expression softened, “Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” Will opened his arms and Percy stepped into them. They kissed, softly, sweetly. Will smiled. It always felt weird to him when Percy came to visit, but it also always felt weird when he left, like he belonged with Will, “Hi,” he repeated as Percy brushed his fingers through his hair.

The snow fell outside.

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(Luke x Beckondorf)- After the War, Luke survives and is deemed a hero but is an outcast as no one trusts him anymore. Silena dies a hero and Charles (who didn't die) is livid because he knows she loved Luke and that's why she was on his side during the war. He bullies Luke but slowly when realising how broken Luke is falls in love with him and becomes his champion instead. This prevents Luke from being bullied anymore.
For Virgo the Perfectionist

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Beckendorf angrily brought the hammer down, connecting it with the sword he was making and sending sparks flying through the forge. Nearby Nyssa, with a pair of goggles over her eyes, was torching something. There was a tense atmosphere in Bunker 9, mostly because of Beckendorf.

The war was the Titans was over, and although everyone was happy and celebrating, the Son of Hephaestus was in mourning. Everyone knew it was because of Silena. Near the end of her life the two of them had broken up, but he still loved her more than anyone, even if she did love one of the biggest traitors of the Camp. Beckendorf had made his peace with it. But then Silena had betrayed them and joined Luke Castellan on the Princess Andromeda, even though she confessed to Beckendorf that Luke had no feelings for her. That didn’t stop her for dying for him. And now both of them were proclaimed heroes.

Except Luke Castellan survived. He shouldn’t have, he had no right to, but the Gods were cruel like that. They took Silena from Beckendorf and left that sorry excuse of a Demigod in her place. Worse still, he had been forgiven by the Gods because during the last moments he had turned his back on Kronos after the Titan possessed his body. But Beckendorf didn’t forgive him and, to his delight, neither did the other Demigods. His only comfort came in the fact that everyone hated Luke and wouldn’t go anywhere near him – good, Beckendorf thought even though he wasn’t a malicious person, he deserves to rot in Tartarus.

“Beckendorf!” Harley yelled. Beckendorf was pulled out of his grim thoughts and glanced down at his younger half-brother. The boy’s face was flushed from the warmth of the forge, “You’re gonna break the sword!”

Beckendorf glanced down at the blade, which had been over-hammered. He sighed, put it to the side and wiped his soot-stained hands on his apron. He knelt in front of Harley and ruffled his hair,

“It’s okay,” he said, “Sorry.”

Harley looked upset as he threw his arms around the boy, hugging him tightly.

“Don’t be sad,” he whimpered, “You’re always sad nowadays. Please don’t be sad.”

“I’ll try my best,” Beckendorf told him warmly. Nyssa pushed her protective goggles into her hair and gave him a look. Suddenly Beckendorf felt oppressed in the Bunker, like all the Hephaestus kids were pitying him. He didn’t want pity – he wanted revenge. The night that Luke Castellan was formerly accepted into camp Beckendorf swore to make his life a living hell, and now that was the only thing he could think about.

Every time the emotions of losing Silena got too much, Beckendorf would find Luke and...well, bully him, essentially. He didn’t like calling it that because it sounded as if Luke was the victim when he wasn’t. He was the enemy, practically one of the monsters, responsible for the deaths of not only Silena but also everyone else who was killed during the quests to stop the Titans – Nico’s sister, and Zoe Nightshade, the hunter of Artemis, Lee Fletcher, Castor from the Dionysus Cabin, Michael Yew. Their names fuelled Beckendorf’s anger every time he saw the Son of Hermes parading around the camp as if he was guilt-less. He hated that the most; how unapologetic Luke was about what he did. No matter how much everyone taunted him he’d just smirk at them and act as if it didn’t bother him. Beckendorf wanted to see him break for what he did.

“I’m going to get some air,” Beckendorf told Nyssa and Harley as he pulled off his apron, hanging it on the peg labelled ‘Beck.’ He didn’t wait for his siblings to reply as he stepped out into the early summer evening. The crickets were playing in the fields as Beckendorf delved into the shadowy forest, on his way to Camp. He tried to calm himself but instead his anger just grew – he hated what the war do to him. He used to be gentle and kind, and now all he could think about was strangling Luke Castellan to death.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Beckendorf thought sullenly as he walked out into the strawberry fields. Luke was working close by working, or at least pretending to be working. As Beckendorf advanced on him the setting sun illuminated his golden hair. Beckendorf thought that made him look like he had a halo, which was ironic since he was as far away from an angel as possible. At least his ugly scar was a bit of punishment. Beckendorf walked and watched as the boy chucked strawberries into a basket, eating every other one. That just pissed Beckendorf even more.

“Oi!” he called, advancing and glaring. Luke looked up at him and something flickered in his eyes. Then he straightened up and grinned that annoying, infuriating grin of his, “What do you think you’re doing?!” Beckendorf demanded, coming to a stop in front of the blonde. He always liked doing that because it meant he was able to look down on Luke, who was a good head shorter.

“Working,” Luke raised an eyebrow, “Something you’re clearly not doing.”

Beckendorf’s hands clenched into fists and he fought the urge to punch the blonde, “You’re eating the strawberries. You’re meant to be picking them.”

“Oh, but I am,” Luke said innocently, popping a strawberry into his mouth, his scar twisting when he grinned. Beckendorf felt his blood boil,

“You’re disgusting,” he growled, “I’m surprised they even let you anywhere near the food. The touch of your hands poisons them.”

“How poetic,” Luke said dryly. Beckendorf stepped closer to the boy,

“How do you live with yourself?”

“Comfortably. How about you?”

Beckendorf grabbed Luke by the upper arm, fingers digging into the boy’s skin,

“You should’ve-,” before he could finish Clarisse was at his side.

“Beck,” she barked, eyes narrowed at Luke, one hand on Beckendorf’s shoulder, “He’s not worth it.”

Beckendorf’s vision cleared and he pulled his hand back. Luke smirked but there was hurt in his eyes, thought Beckendorf ignored that. He preferred not to see Luke as a human.

“Anger issues?” the blonde asked. Clarisse spat at his feet,

“Fuck you,” Beckendorf hissed, and kicked Luke’s basket, sending his strawberries into the dirt. Annoyance flickered in Luke’s eyes but Clarisse pulled Beckendorf by the arm and the two of them walked off, Beckendorf still fuming.


Beckendorf was really glad for other campers, and he was really glad that whenever he bumped into Luke there was always someone around because otherwise he was sure he would’ve killed the son of Hermes by now, and he was sure that Nico di Angelo was more than willing to get rid of the body quietly.

Beckendorf never hit Luke. Until he did.

It was Capture the Flag and Hephaestus teamed up with Hermes. Beckendorf didn’t like that – he didn’t have anything against most Hermes kids but he liked pairing up with Ares since they had less people. Still, Travis and Nyssa really liked each other so Beckendorf agreed to the uneasy alliance, even if that meant that he had to work with Luke. Thankfully everyone excluded the blonde from deliberations, and then sent him out into the woods to do ‘whatever’ while they came up with a strategy. Beckendorf, being the biggest, was set up to guard their home flag, which he was perfectly okay with.

For fifteen minutes he stood in the little clearing in the woods, sword in hand, circling the flag pole and searching for a sign of any of the other demigods sneaking around. Once Katie from Demeter came charging out of the woods before Beckendorf saw her since the trees had hid her, but he easily tackled her to the ground before she got to the flag, sending her scurrying off. Since then it had been quiet, just the sound of distant shouts interrupting Beckendorf’s peaceful protection.

Then Luke had to ruin all of it. The blonde came out of the trees, whistling, clearly unafraid of drawing attention to himself, naked sword resting against his shoulder.

“Well, well, well,” the blonde stopped whistling when he saw Beckendorf and the flag, “if it isn’t my favourite.”

Beckendorf’s hand tightened on his sword, “Get out of here, Castellan,” he growled. The blonde raised an eyebrow,

“Can’t you be nice for once? I mean, we’re finally on the same side.”

“We are not on the same side,” Beckendorf spat.

Luke rolled his eyes, “Fine, whatever.”

“Get out of my sight,” Beckendorf growled, stepping closer to the blonde, sword in hand, “You’re not wanted here.”

“Define ‘here’?” Luke asked, gesturing with his own sword.

“This forest. The Hermes Cabin. Camp. Gods,” he glared at Luke, “Don’t you get it? Nobody wants you around, you’re a traitor.”

“I’m hurt,” Luke said sarcastically.

“No, you’re not,” Beckendorf growled, feeling his blood heat up, “But you will be.”

Without a warning he threw himself at Luke, sword raised. He didn’t actually want to kill the kid, more like...roughen him up. But Luke was ready and he parried Beckendorf’s powerful thrust with some trouble.

“Aw, is that all you’ve got, Charlie?” he taunted. Beckendorf blacked out for a second,

Don’t call me that,” he yelled and charged once again. He and Luke spun around each other, the clashing of blades filling the clearing. Beckendorf forgot all about the game and the flag, all he could see was Luke’s insolent smirk, “Only she could call me that!” Beckendorf was breathing hard.

“She’s dead,” Luke growled back. With a powerful hit Beckendorf knocked Luke’s sword out of his hand, but that didn’t stop him. The Son of Hephaestus, in his fury, dropped his own weapon and tackled the unsuspecting blonde to the ground. Before he could even stop and think his body was moving. His fist fell once, twice, three times. Beckendorf was screaming, he didn’t even know what he was saying. All he could see was Silena in the moonlight I love you, Charlie, I just love him more. I know he doesn’t feel the same, and that’s okay, I’m okay. Except she wasn’t okay – she was dead. Luke was grinning at Beckendorf from the ground even as blood gushed from his broken nose and his split lip. Beckendorf just continued to hit, and would’ve probably never stopped if there weren’t sudden hands on him, hauling him back.

The son of Hephaestus whirled around as he was dragged off of Luke and saw the worried, horrified faces of Annabeth and Malcolm. The Athena kids have come to get the flag and instead they were wrestling Beckendorf.

“I’m going to kill him!” the boy roared, trying to knock the two blondes off of him, “I’m going to kill him!”

“Stop it!” Annabeth screamed, “Stop it!”

Someone was pulling Luke to his feet – Chiron, the boy bloody in his arms. And Beckendorf just saw red, red, red...


Beckendorf was put in isolation ‘for his own good.’ He was given a room in the big house for a few days, so he could cool off and see how his actions were inappropriate. No matter for how long Beckendorf laid in the comfortable bed, in the silence, he couldn’t help but feel not guilty for what he did. Luke deserved what he got.

Which is why Beckendorf didn’t understand why after two days of being confined to the Big House, Luke Castellan came to visit him. ‘Visit’ might be the wrong word to use, more like snuck in. Beckendorf had no idea how the boy did it, but he was a Son of Hermes and those pricks knew how to get in anywhere.

Beckendorf wasn’t sleeping despite the fact that it was well past midnight. Instead he was sitting on the bed, lost in thoughts and memories of the past. The past, when he had been happy, when a sudden, soft knock on the door jostled him out of his fantasies. When Luke slipped into his room, Beckendorf was shocked.

“What are you doing here?!” he demanded, standing up as the blonde shut the door behind himself.

There was a plaster on the bridge of his healing nose, a bruise on his cheekbone and a cut on his bottom lip, but apart from that he looked fine. He was wearing a jacket and walking shoes and dropped a duffle bag on Beckendorf’s floor.

“I wanted to talk,” he said. His smirk was gone.

“About what?” Beckendorf demanded. He eyes the bag, “Going somewhere?”

“Yes. Just don’t know where yet,” Luke said, and then sighed, “Look, I’m leaving, like you wanted me too. So I just came here to say that I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” Beckendorf asked in disbelief.

“About Silena,” Luke’s voice was tight, “about the war. About everybody.”

“You think an apology’s just going to fix everything?” Beckendorf growled, and before Luke could reply he continued to accuse him, “All those people died because of you. Michael and Lee and Castor. Silena died,” Beckendorf’s voice cracked, “because she loved you.”

“I know,” Luke said hollowly, looking at his feet.

“Oh now you want to act all humble and ashamed?” Beckendorf laughed humourlessly, “After all you’ve put everyone through! You act like you’re above everyone, like you didn’t do what you did! You with your smirks and comments and nonchalance, you’re not worth the dirt on the shoes of the demigods that you murdered,” Beckendorf’s voice was full of malice and he couldn’t stop even if he tried, “I fucking loved her. And she loved you, and then she died because of that love,” Luke wasn’t replying and that just angered Beckendorf more. He came up to the boy and grabbed him by the wrist, squeezing hard. Luke winced but didn’t fight back, “It should’ve been you,” Beckendorf hissed, “You should’ve died in her place.”

“I know,” Luke whispered.

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Beckendorf demanded. The pain in his chest was almost unbearable, and it was rivalled only by the anger he was feeling, “That you know?”

“What else do you want me to say?” Luke asked softly. Beckendorf didn’t know why the boy was suddenly changed, “That it was my fault? Well yeah, it was. I should’ve never joined Kronos but I can’t blame my actions on him...,” his voice faltered, “But Beckendorf, he possessed me. You don’t know what it’s like to have no control over your own body,” he swallowed but Beckendorf was still gripping his wrist so he couldn’t pull away, “Getting accepted back into camp...I thought it’d be a new start,” there were tears shining in his eyes, even though he wasn’t looking at Beckendorf. Why are you crying?! The son of Hephaestus wanted to shout, but he couldn’t find his voice, “But all of all hated me, and treated me like an outsider, and I get that. I wouldn’t trust me either if I was you b-but I didn’t t-think it’d be this bad. I thought I could handle being alone but I c-can’t. Everything you’re mad at me a-about, for acting l-like I don’t care...t-that’s my only defence. I-I don’t know what else to do.”

All of the anger evaporated out of Beckendorf – just like that. Suddenly standing in front of him was not a monster, but a boy. A boy who made bad decisions, a boy who had tears rolling down his bruised cheeks that were Beckendorf’s doing. He let go of Luke’s wrist.

“Why are you here?” he asked softly. Luke tried to fight a sob,

“T-Too say g-goodbye.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Beckendorf sighed, “Where will you go?”

Luke shrugged, “I-I just...I just w-wanted to tell you h-how sorry I am,” he whispered. Beckendorf couldn’t look at him, because he was breaking his heart. Silena had loved this boy – this broken, broken boy. And now he was baring his heart to Beckendorf and he didn’t know what to do with it, “I-I know she loved me, a-and I wish I could’ve loved her too...,” he shook his head and trailed off.

Beckendorf stared at him. He didn’t know what to say – he just knew that he didn’t want to hurt Luke anymore. The pain in his chest was still there but he now understood that Silena would’ve never wanted him to hurt Luke like this. He imagined what the boy was feeling – how alone and scared he probably was.

“I’m going to go now,” Luke said faintly, wiping his wet cheeks with the back of his hand.

“Don’t be an idiot. Stay,” Beckendorf said. He didn’t even know why he said that.

“Don’t feel bad,” Luke said, picking up his bag, “You’re a good guy, and that’s kicking in right now. Just remember that you hate me.”

“I don’t want to hate you,” Beckendorf blurted. Luke stared at him, “I know this is all hard to understand but...just don’t go. Don’t go, and I promise everything will work itself out.”


Luke’s bruises healed, and Beckendorf was glad for that. He started spending more time with the boy, still keeping him at an arm’s length, but in a month the two had gone from worst enemies to...kind of friends. Beckendorf could understand what Silena saw in Luke, maybe a little too much.

He knew the saying that there was a thin line between hate and love, but he didn’t realise just how thin. Yeah, he liked Luke, but it was still hard to forgive him for everything he had done. Beckendorf did his best to make sure nobody picked on him anymore, but that wasn’t easy either. Thing is, he didn’t realise how protective he really was over the blonde until bonfire night.

The campers were all out on the beach, sitting below the stars around small campfires, chatting and waiting for the fireworks that the Hephaestus cabin was preparing. Beckendorf had left his siblings to it and decided to go find Luke, who he hadn’t seen all evening.

After questioning a few Demigods if they’ve seen the Son of Hermes Beckendorf came to the conclusion that the boy wasn’t on the beach, which was weird because everyone was on the beach. A little bit worried, Beckendorf ventured into the camp. He’d seen fireworks a hundred times and finding Luke was more important to him.

The camp was weirdly quiet without all the Demigods, the cabins dark and quiet. Luke wasn’t by the main fire or in the dining pavilion so Beckendorf went to the Hermes Cabin and knocked on the door – nobody replied. A bit more agitated, Beckendorf peered inside, but among the chaotic mess there was nobody present. With a sigh of frustration Beckendorf turned to go back to the beach and try to find Luke there, when his eyes suddenly landed on the Hephaestus cabin. Without much hope of finding his friend, Beckendorf dragged himself over there and stepped inside quietly.

To his surprise, Luke was lying in Beckendorf’s bed. His back was to the door and the blonde was curled up on Beckendorf’s covers, hugging his pillow to his chest. For a second the son of Hephaestus thought that the blonde was shaking because he was cold, but then he heard a soft, muffled sob and realised that Luke was crying. Beckendorf’s shoulders slumped. He knew Luke would want him to leave him alone and let him keep his pride, but Beckendorf couldn’t do that – he was protective, like he said, and he wanted to know why the boy was curled up on his bed instead of being out with the others.

“Luke?” Beckendorf said softly, to announce his presence. The blonde shot up from the bed, dropping the pillow and hurriedly wiping his eyes, which were still red and wet, something Beckendorf could see even in the semi-darkness.

“B-Beckendorf,” he stuttered, “I thought you wouldn’t be back t-till later.”

“Why are you in here?” Beckendorf asked, walking closer to the blonde. Luke bit his lip,

“I-I just...the Hermes cabin g-gets a bit much s-sometimes and i-it’s so nice in here with t-the air-con a-and your bed’s comfortable-“

“No,” Beckendorf interrupted softly, “Why are you in here and not out on the beach with the others?”

Luke paused for a second and then shrugged and hugged himself, “I...they obviously don’t want me there. I didn’t want to intrude.”

“You’re not intruding,” Beckendorf was standing in front of Luke now, “And I wanted you there.”

“Yeah right,” Luke rolled his eyes. Beckendorf smiled a little,

“Why else would I go looking for you?”

“You were looking for me?” Luke sounded surprised, “I thought you came to get something from your cabin.”

“No, you idiot,” Beckendorf shook his head. Then he frowned, “Why are you crying?”

“Can we please not kill my self esteem and not talk about it?” Luke asked weakly. Beckendorf touched his cheek gently and Luke flinched,

“Sorry,” Beckendorf sheepishly withdrew his hand, “It’s just that the bruise is gone.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Luke looked nervous. Beckendorf suddenly realised how close they were, and how dark it was in the cabin, and that they were alone for the first time since Luke came to him in the Big House. Tentatively, hesitantly, Beckendorf lifted his hand again and touched Luke’s cheek. This time Luke didn’t flinch.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Beckendorf said. Luke snorted and then leaned lightly into Beckendorf’s hand,

“Don’t...don’t be sorry for anything,” he said, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I hurt you.”

“I deserved that,” Luke said.

“No you didn’t,” Beckendorf lifted his other hand to cup Luke’s other cheek, “you were an asshole but that didn’t mean that I should’ve hit you.”

“Can we not talk about that either?” Luke asked. The brazier from outside was casting a barely-there, soft, golden light onto his face.

“What do you want to talk about then?” Beckendorf asked. Luke shrugged,

“Can we just not talk?”

“Okay, do you want me to go?” the son of Hephaestus asked. Luke shook his head, “What do you want to do then?”

Luke stood up on his tip-toes and kissed Beckendorf.

Beckendorf froze. He didn’t know what to do, but he seemed unable to move, couldn’t even move his hands from Luke’s face. The blonde gripped at his sweatshirt, mouth firmly pressed against Beckendorf’s. It was like an invitation – take it or leave it. Slowly, the son of Hephaestus felt himself melting into the kiss. Shyly Beckendorf parted his lips and turned the kiss open-mouthed. Luke exhaled shakily when Beckendorf kissed him softly, gently, just their lips brushing over each other, over and over.

The son of Hephaestus’ hands slid from Luke’s face down to his waist, where he wrapped his arms around him. The blonde looped his arms around Beckendorf’s neck, pulling him in closer.

“What are we doing?” Beckendorf whispered, resting his forehead against Luke’s, their breaths mingling together.

“I don’t know,” Luke admitted, “I-I...I didn’t think I’d be so attached to you.”

“Attached, huh?” Beckendorf cracked a smile.

“Maybe I’m just desperate for someone to love me,” Luke murmured, “Or maybe...maybe...”

Beckendorf kissed him again, harder this time, pulling Luke flush against him.

“Don’t finish that sentence.”

“You know what I was going to say anyway,” Luke mumbled.

“I know,” Beckendorf whispered, “But I wanted to say it first. I love you.”

Before Luke could reply Beckendorf kissed him again, and outside the fireworks finally went off.

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You should do one with Frank and Leo. One where Leo pines the hell out of Frank, but in his last moments, realizes that he'll never have him.
For kumihoe

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The seven were making last minute adjustments to their weapons and clothes as the Argo II pulled in through the stormy clouds above camp, which was full of fires and smoke – it didn’t look too good; Demigods were running around, fighting off monsters and Giants while the ground itself seemed to sway.

“Everyone knows what they’re doing?” Jason asked for the hundredth time. The Demigods nodded in affirmation and the blonde exhaled, “Alright. Let’s get down there,” his eyes landed on Leo, “You sure you’re gonna be okay up here by yourself?”

Leo nodded, “Yeah I’ll be good.”

He hated lying to his friends, but what else was he meant to say? I’m staying up here because I’m going to kill myself to destroy Gaia. Of course he didn’t want to die, but someone had to, someone from the seven and he thought that, ironically, there was seven of them for a reason. He was always the fourth wheel, and had come to terms with the fact that he’d have to give up his life to save the others. His eyes, despite himself, strayed to Frank, who was checking his bow, eyes cast down.

Leo knew that if Frank told him not to do it, he wouldn’t. Fuck the world, fuck Gaia, if Frank so much as told Leo to stay with him the Latino would do it in a heartbeat. He was staring at Frank because a big part of him was screaming at him to live. But Frank wasn’t even looking at him; he didn’t know about Leo’s plan to end it, and honestly the Latino doubted he’d do anything even if he did. He’d probably just say something like you’re so brave, but still let Leo do it. Because he was the least loved one in the group. The least loved one by Frank. It still hurt, knowing that Leo could never have him, the one person he ever wanted.

He didn’t know when he fell in love with the Son of Mars, he just knew it happened fast and sudden and no matter how much Leo flirted and made suggestions, Frank never looked at him the way he looked at Hazel, and he never would.

Now’s not the time to feel sorry for yourself, Leo scolded himself. They had spent months together, and weeks on the Argo II and Frank was just in love with Hazel, never even sparing Leo a second glance. That hurt so much that Leo sometimes couldn’t breathe, curled up in the engine room among the warm machinery, trying not to cry as he began to understand that he’d always be alone, that Frank would never want him. And now he had made a decision, and he had to stop looking for a way out of it. At least he’d be useful this one time.

“See you soon,” Percy said, optimistic as always. He ruffled Leo’s hair and went over to the ladder, where he descended to the ground, to go fight the Giants. His nonchalance just reminded Leo that his friends had no idea what he would do; they thought they’d all see each other after the battle. Leo swallowed when Annabeth waved at him, joining her boyfriend at the ladder. Jason gave him a one armed hug, Piper kissed his cheek.

Hazel had tears in her eyes when she embraced him. She was the only one who knew.

“I love you,” she whispered feverishly, clinging onto her friend, “Always, always.”

It made Leo feel better, even if it wasn’t her love that he wanted.

“Hazel let’s go,” Frank said impatiently, “You’ll talk afterwards.”

Hazel sluggishly pulled away and quickly wiped her wet eyes. Leo’s chest was tight,

“Frank won’t you say bye to Leo?” she tried to sound casual though her voice trembled. She knew about Leo’s feelings, and she didn’t hate him for loving the boy that was hers. Frank frowned,

“Why would I? We’ll see each other at dinner,” he smiled, “if everything goes well.”

Leo’s I love you was bubbling up in his throat but he knew he couldn’t say it. Not now, not ever. Seeing how nervous and scared Hazel and Leo looked Frank walked over,

“It’s gonna be okay,” he told his two friends and then, almost as if a second thought, wrapped Leo up in his arms. The Latino felt the start of a panic attack in his stomach as he gripped onto the boy desperately. Frank started to pull away too soon and all Leo wanted was to hold him a little longer. He wanted his warmth, to feel his strong arms around him. He wanted all of it, he wanted Frank to love him the way he loved him. But the son of Mars was already halfway to the ladder, “Hazel come on.”

The girl kissed Leo softly on the cheek and without another word dashed after her boyfriend. They both disappeared, and a second later Leo saw them running across the ruined strawberry fields, Frank transforming into a lion halfway there. For a moment the son of Hephaestus was alone with the wind and the distant sound of battle. He wiped his eyes, not realising that he was crying. He was so scared, and so lonely, but maybe death would bring him the peace he wanted, maybe he’d be able to be happy for Frank and Hazel without that horrible pain eating him up from the inside wherever he went after this.

Leo repeated the words he never got to say in his head as he got Festus ready for their last flight. They were like a mantra, a thousand I love you’s circling his brain, distracting him from his task.

Festus’ metal back was warm beneath Leo’s calves as he climbed onto the bronze dragon and took to the air. The Argo II melted away from beneath his feet and Leo could see the chaos around him, the Camp being destroyed, though he barely registered it. It was over. A falcon soared above him, and Leo, for comfort, pretended it was Frank, keeping him company as he plummeted to his death.

Nothing would save him now.

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Will & Nico grew up and bonded over their religion. Though their families going to the same church, they became best friends. As they grew up, everyone but them knew they were in love. Will FINALLY asks Nico to be his boyfriend and they have strict rules as they're still in H.S. and children of GOD. When they're in college & still going strong, they get caught up in the moment and end up losing their virginity to each other. Nico panics when Will is gone the next morning. They meet at the church later and Nico thinks Will is gonna break up with him but Will pulls out a ring. Nico thinks he's only proposing bc he has to be right with God but apparently havjng sex w nico made him realize he wanted that for the rest of his life.Will got up that morning, bought a ring with his savings, and asked Hades for Nico's hand. Nico says yes.
For Percico_Nicercy

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Nico fidgeted again, wishing to have one of those leaflets that all the women around him were using to fan themselves with, but his mother never let him do that. The eight year old discreetly undid the top button of his shirt to try and cool himself down a bit in the stuffy church. He wished he could turn around and look at the clock above the door, but he knew if he did that his mum would roughly jerk him forward to look at the altar again, where the priest was droning on and on and on...

Nico’s knees cramped from kneeling down. Why was the priest taking so long? The boy tried to distract himself with looking at the patterns the colourful stained glass windows made on the carpet but it got boring pretty quickly.

“Bianca,” he whispered quietly to his older sister, who was kneeling on his other side, and Maria di Angelo cracked her eye open from where she had been feverishly praying, “How much longer?”

“Shh,” the woman just told him, glaring down at her little son before Bianca could reply. She was a gentle mum but she took church very seriously. Nico stifled a sigh and fought the urge to cry – why did it have to be so hot?! He wished his mum let him stand outside the church sometimes, where you could still hear the mass but the heat wasn’t so oppressive.

They stood up for communion but Nico was still too young to take the body of Christ so the priest just blessed him. Nico then knelt and said a quick apology to God for not paying attention, promising to be better next time. When he opened his eyes he saw that a boy from the opposite side of the church was turned around and staring at him. He was just another golden haired boy among a golden family who didn’t seem to mind his fidgeting, unlike Maria. He smiled at Nico when their eyes met and Nico smiled back, and then rolled his eyes, glancing at the altar. The blonde boy nodded, confirming that he was also bored. Then he tapped his wrist, as if he had a watch, and held up both of his hands, fingers spread. Ten minutes. Nico grinned at him and then held up his thumb in thanks.

“Nico,” Maria hissed, “pay attention or we won’t go to the cake sale after.”

That got Nico quiet enough – he loved the cake sale that happened in the church car park every other Sunday. Despite the threat of no cake Nico kept looking at the boy’s blonde head, though their eyes didn’t meet again. Nico wondered who the boy was; he had never seen him in church before.

When the people finally spilled into the warm summer afternoon Nico momentarily forgot about the blonde stranger as he and other kids surged to the multiple tables set up with home-baked goods. Maria, despite her earlier threats, handed both Nico and Bianca some coins and the two eagerly began to push and shove with the others to try and get to the best cakes. Nico had his eyes on the cupcakes with the icing – they were his favourites, but were quickly disappearing.

Panic rose in Nico’s chest, the one you only got when your favourite cake was about to get snatched up.

“The cupcake with the icing please!” Nico told the cake-seller. The lady took his twenty pence and frowned,

“Oh. Sorry, I’m afraid they’re all gone,” she said and, sure enough, the plate where they had been only moments before had just crumbs on it. Nico’s shoulders slumped,

“Um...can I have a brownie then?” he asked half-heartedly. He slipped from the crowd with a brownie and two non-icing cupcakes in the pocket of his trousers. Maria was talking to the other mums so Nico walked off a bit, eating his brownie.

“Hi!” a voice suddenly said. Nico turned around and found himself face to face with the blonde boy who had told him the time. Immediately he brightened up,

“Hi!” he replied, “Thanks for earlier.”

“No problem,” the blonde grinned and offered Nico his hand, “My name is Will. Will Solace.”

“Nico di Angelo, nice to meet you,” Nico said, “What primary school do you go to?”

“Oh. Olympus, what about you?”

Nico frowned, “I got to Olympus too! But I haven’t seen you there.”

“Oh, we just moved,” Will said, “I’m in year four,” he said proudly.

“Oh,” Nico fidgeted, “I’m year three.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, does it?” Will asked worriedly. Nico looked up at him with big eyes,

“You want to be my friend?” he asked. Will smiled,

“Yeah, of course! You seem pretty cool, and we go to the same church so, you know,” he shrugged, “Wanna split my cupcake with icing?”


“I can’t believe today is our last day at camp,” Nico pouted as he and his friends sat around the dining table, digging into hash browns and bacon. At the beginning the twelve year old didn’t want to go to Church Camp. It sounded boring, but now that he was here he really didn’t want to leave.

“I know it’s been so much fun,” Will sighed, “and we won’t be roomies again,” he told his best friend. Nico sighed and leaned his head on Will’s shoulder,

“I think I’m gonna cry.”

“Stop being dramatic,” Annabeth, who was in year nine with Will, rolled her eyes, “It’s not like we won’t see each other every day at school.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Will brightened up, and then stood up, “I’m gonna go grab an extra cookie. Want one, Nico?”

“Nah, I’ll just split with you,” Nico said and watched as Will walked off. When he turned around he found that Annabeth was watching him closely. The teenager fidgeted uncomfortably,

“What?” he asked. The girl smiled,

“You see like Piper and Jason?”

“Yeah,” Nico confirmed. The two were the two most talked about couple in school since they’ve actually been out on a date.

“You see the way Piper looks at Jason?”

“Not really.”

“It’s like...,” Annabeth gestured with her fork, “like she can only see him, and nobody else. Like he’s the best thing to ever happen to her.”

“...right,” Nico didn’t see where this was going. Annabeth smirked,

“Well, you look at Will the same way.”

Nico chocked on his toast, “What?! Ew! No way, that’s gross! He’s like my brother!”

“Yeah, okay,” Annabeth grinned. Nico couldn’t continue protesting because Will returned with a cookie in hand. He split it into two and passed one half to Nico, frowning,

“You okay?” he asked, “you’re all red.”

“Sunstroke,” Nico squeaked, biting the cookie hurriedly. Annabeth and Will started talking about year nine problems and Nico kept glancing at Will, the way he did that first time at church. He didn’t like Will! He was sure of that...but Annabeth’s comment made him wonder...what if he did like Will? I mean he’s not hard on the eyes, Nico admitted as he looked over his blonde curls and tanned, freckled cheeks. No, it’s wrong. The bible says it’s wrong. I don’t like boys. I don’t like boys.


“I think I like boys,” Nico was fourteen, and close to tears as he sat opposite Bianca on her bed. It was Sunday, they had just come back from church, and Nico felt sick, “I think I like boys,” he repeated, a hysterical edge to his voice.

Bianca took his hand, “What makes you think that?”

“I-I just...,” Nico swallowed past the sob building up in his throat, “I-I don’t f-find any of the girls h-hot and I keep h-having these dreams about b-boys-“

“Any boys in particular?” Bianca was ridiculously casual about the whole thing, but that somehow calmed Nico down. She was stroking his hand.

“W-Will,” Nico whispered. Bianca smiled and then pulled him into her arms,

“That’s not a bad thing,” she said as she hugged her brother close, “love is love, Nico. And I’m proud of you for telling me. Does he know that you have feelings for him?”

Nico shook his head against her shoulder, “I don’t w-wanna tell him.”

“Okay,” Bianca smoothed down his hair, “It’s okay. You’re okay.”

“The bible says it’s wrong.”

Bianca pulled away, “Screw the bible. God will judge you after you die, and don’t let the Church tell you that loving Will is wrong. Because it’s not.”


They were laying on the floor of Nico’s bedroom, revising. Both of them were determined to get the best grades in their A Levels and then go to Durham University. That had always been their plan since they were kids. There was a nice church nearby the university that the two boys could go to together. Except now Nico didn’t know if that was a good idea. He loved going to mass but sometimes hearing the sermons about how a man laying with another man was wrong really upset him. Of course Nico hadn’t done anything with any boy yet (he was still completely head over heels in love with Will) but it didn’t stop him from being uncomfortable during mass. And besides, he couldn’t imagine sharing a dorm room with Will – seeing him change, sleep, bring girls round. It would just be too much for Nico.

“So...Durham, yeah?” the Italian asked, as he flipped through his biology textbook. Will grinned at him from the floor,

“Yeah man. It’s going to be insane,” he said dreamily, “university life. It’s the dream. We can finally get away from all of this,” he poked Nico in the thigh, “and we can be roomies, that’s going to be crazy.”

“Um...yeah...about that,” Nico cleared his throat and started playing with a pencil, not looking at Will. His heart was pounding, “I don’t know if it’s a good idea for us to room together.”

“What?!” Will sat up, looking hurt, “Why?”

“It’s just, I think it’d get distracting and y-you know we wouldn’t be able to focus on studying as much,” Nico was blabbing, and he couldn’t stop, “A-And we’d already be spending so much t-time together, I-I just think we should expand out horizons-“

“You’re making excuses,” Will interrupted, frowning, “Are you mad at me? Did I do something?”

“No, no,” Nico said quickly.

“Then why are you trying to get rid of me?” Will didn’t understand. Nico felt like he was going to have a panic attack. Say something, say something, say something.

“I-I just can’t handle being so close to you,” he was hysterical.

Will grabbed him by the shirt and hauled him forward, crushing their lips together. Nico made a surprised sound in the back of his throat that could’ve been a gasp as his body tensed up. But Will didn’t back off, instead he wrapped his arms around Nico’s waist and pulled him into his lap, kissing him feverishly, tongue forcefully pushing into his mouth. Nico melted into the kiss, hands coming to shyly rest on Will’s face as he kissed back, slowly and tentatively at first, but then matching Will’s intensity, kissing back passionately. His hands tangled in Will’s hair as the blonde gripped him by the hips. Nico couldn’t believe that it was happening, that Will was actually kissing him.

When they broke away their lips were swollen and they were both breathing hard.

“I was gonna ask you to be my boyfriend,” Will mumbled, “but I just kind of kissed you instead.”

Nico stared at him for a moment, trying to process what Will just said, “Huh?” he said eventually, breathlessly.

“I want you to be my boyfriend,” Will repeated, firmly. Nico was still straddling him, they were still so close. The Italian pressed their lips together again, feeling like he was going to cry.

“I was going to say yes,” he mumbled against Will’s lips, “But I just kind of kissed you instead.”


It was Nico’s first year of Uni and he was eighteen. Will was nineteen and during his second year. He was given a tiny flat in Durham as the dorms were cleared out for the younger students, but Nico avoided all of that and just moved in with his boyfriend straight away. It had taken him some time but he had eventually came out to all of their closest friends and even his mother. She wasn’t disappointed, just kissed his forehead and told him to remember to go to church, no matter what.

It was Christmas Eve, Nico’s first Christmas away from home. Naturally both he and Will going back to London on Christmas morning, right after morning mass, since train tickets were cheaper than on Christmas Evening. The two had gone to midnight mass, as was their tradition, and exhilarated they came back to their flat.

Nico was tired in that wonderful ‘I did something today’ kind of way, his hair dusted with snow. Him and Will were giggling all the way from the church, holding hands, and now they were finally home.

“I wonder what happened to the Spanish priest,” Will mused as he took his shoes off. The lights were off, but there was a tiny Christmas tree in the corner of the living room, giving off a warm red and blue glow.

“Maybe he went back to Spain,” Nico grinned, taking off his coat, “Who knows,” he padded into the living room in his socks and threw himself on his and Will’s beat up couch. Will watched him with soft eyes and then casually dumped himself on top of his boyfriend.

“No!” Nico tried to crawl out from underneath him, “No! Get off me! You’re heavy!” he dissolved into giggles, “A-Asshole!”

Will flipped him over so they were face to face, grinning. He kissed the tip of Nico’s nose,

“I love you,” he said, and Nico stopped giggling. He was looking up at Will happily,

“I love you too,” he whispered, “Merry Christmas, Will.”

“Merry Christmas,” Will kissed his forehead, and then his cheek, and then the corner of his mouth. Suddenly they were kissing, mouths hot and hard and desperate, bodies tangled around each other. Will’s hand somehow found its way underneath Nico’s shirt as Nico’s hands were in his hair.

Nico didn’t know why but his sleepiness combined with the happiness and the soft Christmas lights somehow made him want to crawl inside Will’s body and never come out. Will must’ve had the same idea because he tugged off Nico’s shirt in a swift movement,

“I want to have sex with you,” he whispered against the boy’s neck. Nico snorted,

“I gathered that,” he said and pulled Will back up so they could kiss messily again. Neither of them were thinking about their beliefs about waiting for sex until marriage, because at that moment they were intoxicated, lost in each other so much they couldn’t think about anything else.

Will picked Nico up and carried him into the dark bedroom, dumping him onto the bed and then climbing on top of him, hands searching his body. They stripped, gasping into each other’s mouths in the dark. They’ve done stuff before, but never gone all the way, though Nico wasn’t scared. He knew Will would take care of him.

That thought evaporated when Will slid into him for the first time. The pain was so bad that tears pricked Nico’s eyes and his mouth fell open in a gasp.

“Shit,” he whimpered, “Shit.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” Will whispered, looking alarmed, “I knew I-I should’ve prepared you more.”

Nico shook his head, “It’s okay. It’s okay, just come here,” he pulled Will in and kissed him. Will’s warm mouth against his helped him relax, and slowly the pain ebbed away. And then came the realizations – they were actually having sex. The thought that Will was really inside Nico was hard for the boy to comprehend, but wonderful enough that he smiled into the kiss.

“I love you,” he murmured, playing with Will’s hair.

“Does it still hurt?” the blonde asked.

“Just a bit,” Nico said, “You can move.”

“No. I’m gonna wait,” Will told him firmly, kissing his temple, “We have time, there’s no rush,” he smiled, “Now at least I have time to tell you how beautiful you are.”

Nico rolled his eyes and sniffled, “You’re such a sap. I hate you.”

Will pulled out and slammed back in and Nico’s body tensed. He inhaled sharply and Will grinned,

“Sorry what was that?”

“D-Dickhead,” Nico grumbled. Then Will pushed back inside of him again, and it didn’t feel bad. Nico’s breath hitched, his legs tightening around Will’s waist, “F-Fuck you,” he said, but it ended in a moan when Will thrust into him, again and again.

“I thought you meant to say I love you,” Will teased, but his eyes were dark with lust and his thrusts were speeding up.

“I hate you,” Nico said and then Will hit something inside him that made his body arch of the bed. Nico let out a noise halfway between a sob and a moan, body melting into the blankets as the pleasure shot through him. He stared at Will, “W-What the...fuck do that again.”

Will was looking smug, “Say you love me and I will.”

“I love you,” Nico said, exasperated. Will thrust back inside of him, sweat beading on his forehead. He leaned down to brush his and Nico’s lips together as he fucked him,

“Say it again.”

“I love you,” Nico whimpered as Will slammed back into him, his toes curling. The blonde was breathing harshly and Nico was just so lost in him, “I love you. I-I love you,” he moaned as Will continued to fuck him. The blonde tangled their hands together on the pillows, “I love you, Will...f-fuck...oh God, I l-love you.”


Nico groaned when his alarm went off, blindly looking for his phone to switch it off. His body was aching from the previous night’s activities and it took him a moment to open his eyes.

“Ah, fuck,” he complained as he sat up. Then he frowned at the empty space next to him on the bed. He touched the sheets but they were cold, “Will?” Nico called. The flat was silent. Hissing in pain, Nico slipped out of the bed and searched their home. Will wasn’t in the bathroom, or in the kitchen, or in the living room, “W-Will?” Nico was staring to panic.

With trembling fingers he called Will’s number, but the blonde didn’t pick up. For some reason, Nico broke down crying. Everything just flooded him, he remembered last night and tried to think why Will would leave. He doesn’t love me, Nico told himself as he circled the bedroom, he’s disgusted. He wanted to wait until marriage. Fuck. Fuck. What if it was goodbye sex? What if he wants to break up? What if he wants to break up because of the sex? Christ, did I say something weird last night? Fuck, I probably made a weird noise or something, fuck, fuck, fuck...

Nico didn’t know what to do so he forced himself to stop crying and then got dressed. He couldn’t think of what to do with himself, so he put on his coat and went out into the winter morning. His eyes burned from crying and his back ached, but still he dragged himself to his church. That was the only place he could think to be right now.

He stood in the back of the church, numb, listening to the priest proclaim the good news of Jesus being born. He tried not to cry, and didn’t go up for communion. He realised that he had probably sinned by having sex with Will, but he didn’t care. He loved the blonde so much that he thought he might actually die. Especially since Will wasn’t there with him right now. He doesn’t love me, Nico thought hollowly as he drifted out of church before mass even ended. The cars parked outside were dusted lightly with snow, like icing sugar. And Will stood among those cars.

Nico’s heart clenched in his chest and at once a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

“W-Will,” he whispered, feeling tears gather in his eyes again. Will was smiling,


“W-Where the hell were you?!” Nico demanded as the blonde came to stand in front of him. Nico was shaking, “Why did you just leave?! Why-“

Will dropped to one knee in the snow and Nico’s heart came to his throat. He forgot how to breath for a second as Will pulled out a red box from his pocket.

“No,” Nico stumbled back, “No. You don’t...y-you don’t have to do that.”

“What?” Will frowned.

“J-Just because...I-I know you want to do right by God,” Nico as shaking so much he thought his knees might give out, “B-But you c-can’t do that to me. You c-can’t marry me just b-because you feel guilty-“

“Nico. Shut up,” Will said solemnly opening the box to reveal a simple, but beautiful ring, “Listen you idiot - I love you so much, and I can only hope you love me that much too, because I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else but you,” Will’s eyes softened, “and yes, I want to do right by God, and right by you, but this isn’t why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I love you and I want you the way I had you last night, but forever,” he took Nico’s shaking hand in his, “Nico, I can’t force you to say yes. Just...please don’t say no, and marry me.”

Nico pulled him up roughly and then pressed their lips together, clinging onto Will and reassuring himself that he was real, that it was all real. Will held him and when Nico pulled away he hugged him, kissing the top of his head. Nico could feel his rapidly pounding heart.

“I was going to say yes,” Nico whispered, “But I kissed you instead.”

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You should do Luke and Leo were Luke comes back from the dead (he never really died) and has the BIGGEST crush on leo and everyone knows it except for valdez
for Littleriiver

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For a long moment Leo thought it went horribly, horribly wrong. He woke with a start with a clear blue sky above him, and not the sky that had been above Camp, streaked grey from all the explosions. The boy sat up, hands sinking into the warm grass.

He was on a hill, overlooking a beautiful Victorian town, the sun shining down softly. He could hear music and laughter, and there was a peace inside him that he had never experienced before. It was all a bit much after the chaos of the war with Gaia and Leo had to breathe for a moment as he wrapped his head around what happened. He was in Elysium. He was dead.

It wasn’t meant to go like this – he was meant to take the Physician’s Cure at the last moment and live...but Leo had accepted that things could go wrong from the start. He sighed. This was it – it was over. There would be no more fighting for him, he did his part.

“Oi!” a voice called and Leo saw a boy climbing up a hill towards him. There was a bag slung over his shoulder but Leo didn’t recognise his sandy hair, bright eyes and the scar running down his cheek. He was wearing an orange Camp t-shirt though, so he must’ve been a dead Demigod.

“Hola,” Leo replied half heartedly.

“Are you my ride?” the blonde boy came to stand in front of Leo, blocking the sun out with his silhouette. The Latino raised an eyebrow,

“No, I don’t recall becoming an Uber,” he said, “I’m just here to, you know, enjoy some peace and quiet and kumbaja.”

“I was told that some Leo Valdez kid was taking me back to earth,” the blonde said. Leo frowned,

“I’m Leo, but I just got here.”

“Right, well sorry to cut the holiday short but you’re not really meant to be here.”

Leo brightened up, “So it worked!” he stood up and fist bumped the air, “Sick,” he offered the blonde his hand, as if somehow he was the one that made everything right, “Leo Valdez.”

“Yes, I know,” the blonde said. He was older and taller than Leo, and his grip was firm when they shook hands, “My name’s Luke Castellan,” a metallic creaking filled the air and both the  boys craned their necks up to look at the sky. Festus was descending from among the clouds, “And here’s our Uber.”


Luke’s return to Camp got...mixed, reactions. Some Campers were weary of him, especially some of the newer ones who had heard stories about him. Surprisingly it was people like Annabeth and Percy who welcomed him with open arms, clearly having forgiven him his betrayal.

Luke was also surprised at how much he had missed Camp, and how much it hadn’t changed. Elysium was nice but Luke yearned to be back here, among the strawberry fields. Sure, a few Cabins had been added but Hermes’ was the same as always; overflowing. Luke was given back his old bunk and it was almost like everything was the same.

Of course there were new campers but none of them really interested Luke. That was, except for Leo Valdez. The guy was like a firework with ADHD, forever tinkling with some kind of mechanical device, saying exactly what was on his mind. Over the first few weeks of his return Luke decided that he was definitely the best new addition to camp right alongside the WiFi. The kid was just brilliant, in more ways than one, and Luke couldn’t help but be completely taken with him, going out of his way to spend time with the boy. This wasn’t what he was usually like, but his casualness and cool seemed to disappear whenever the fireball was around, and apparently it wasn’t as subtle as Luke wished it was.

“What’s with you and Valdez?” Clarisse, one of Luke’s oldest friends, asked one morning after sword-fighting practice.

“What about me and Valdez?” Luke asked, trying to sound nonchalant as he put his sword away. Clarisse shrugged,

“Dunno you’re like always together,” she said, “Do you fancy him or something?”

“Are you crazy?” Luke snorted, “I just think he’s cool, that’s why I hang out with him. But that’s literally it.”

“Right,” Clarisse said, and didn’t push it again.

But Rachel, the new Oracle, did push it.

“I get the vibes from you!” she exclaimed as she followed him around Camp like a ghost, “You’re always looking at him like he’s a painting.”

“What does that even mean?” Luke scoffed. Rachel shrugged,

“I don’t know but it’s unhealthy to keep your emotions hidden,” she said sympathetically, “You should tell him how you feel.”

“I don’t feel anything for him!” Luke didn’t know why he was getting so worked up. Percy Jackson appeared on the path leading from the woods and he waved at his friends, jogging over to them.

“Hi guys!” he said happily.

“Percy, isn’t it I have no feelings for Valdez?” Luke demanded, agitated. Percy raised his eyebrows,

“Are you in denial? That’s not healthy,” he looked at Rachel, “Is it?”

“Very unhealthy,” the redhead confirmed. Luke sighed,

“I don’t like him.”

“Really? It really looks like you do,” Percy grinned, “and you’re shit at hiding it.”

He must’ve been right about it too because a few days after that conversation the kids from the Aphrodite Cabin cornered Luke behind the dining pavilion.

“We have chosen you and Leo as the couple of the Camp,” Drew said solemnly. Luke blinked at her, confused.


“It’s an annual thing,” Piper McLean said sheepishly, “It’s just a title really but you get to go away for a few days as the official Royal couple-“

“Wait, hold up, me and Valdez aren’t a couple,” Luke said. Drew blinked and exchanged a baffled look with Mitchell, her brother.

“But...he said you were?” she sounded as confused as Luke felt. The blonde’s chest felt all tight all of a sudden, and he didn’t know why but a stupid smile appear on his face.

“He did?” he asked in disbelief. Piper nodded,

“Yeah, he did. Why don’t you two sort it out among yourselves and then give us an answer? Because you’re cute as shit and you should have the title.”

And just like that the little ring dispersed, walking off and leaving Luke alone. The blonde couldn’t contain himself. He had never really had feelings for anyone, though he had slept with a few people, but now he found that he was elevated as he almost ran through the fields to where Bunker Nine was hidden among the trees. He wasn’t disappointed when he saw Leo standing outside, clearly taking a break from his work.

The boy’s face was streaked with sooth, his hair tied back with a red bandana, but he looked more gorgeous than ever. Luke never thought he’d feel that way about someone like the son of Hephaestus, but his heart felt too big for his chest as he now looked at the boy.

“Leo!” he called, walking out from among the trees. He loved the way Leo’s face lit up when he saw him,

“Hey Luke.”

“So,” Luke took on his cool attitude, raising an eyebrow and pretending like Leo had no effect on him, “The Aphrodite kids told me something interesting.”

“Is this about Nico and Will? Because if it is you’re late and I already have the juicy details,” Leo grinned. Luke swallowed,

“No. It was about you.”

Leo blinked, “Huh?”

“Apparently you told them that we’re going out.”

To Luke’s surprise Leo burst out laughing. The blonde’s heart plummeted to the ground. Luke, as Son of Hermes, was the King of pranks and he couldn’t believe that he had fallen for one himself. But it was too late now.

“Oh my Gods, those assholes,” Leo giggled, “they were taking the piss,” he suddenly stopped laughing when he saw Luke’s expression. The blonde tried, and failed, to look like the truth didn’t affect him, “Luke?” Leo asked softly.

“Sorry. I didn’t realise it was a prank,” Luke sounded hurt, and he hated that. He was Luke Castellan for Gods sake, he didn’t get upset over a crush. Leo stepped closer, which really wasn’t helping.

“Are you upset?” Leo asked with a frown, “That it’s not true?”

“What?” Luke tried to laugh it off, “Of course not.”

And then he turned and walked off, his heart aching in his chest. He was beginning to understand why people didn’t want to fall in love.

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Percy and Annabeth break up, so Nico is hanging out with him a lot more to support him and Jason (nicos boyfriend) gets a little jealous and decides to follow Leo's idiotic advice of going through Nico's phone?
For Purple_Dino

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Leo was getting comfortable in Jason’s and Nico’s living room. The couple had graciously allowed him to stay in their flat during his (yet another) fight with Calypso.

“I’ll be out of your hair in the morning,” the Latino told the couple as they all lounged around the dining table, drinking tea, “I’ll probably break by then.”

“You should really just try talking to her,” Jason said with a sigh, glancing at Nico. The Italian wasn’t paying attention, instead staring at his phone and frowning as he typed a message, “Who you texting?”

“Percy,” Nico sighed, “he’s being down about Annabeth leaving him again.”

“Why don’t you ask him to come round?” Jason asked. Nico bit his lip and locked his phone,

“ you mind if I go round to his?”

“Right now?” Leo asked, eyebrows raised, “Dude, it’s like ten at night.”

“I know but...,” Nico trailed off. Jason tried to keep his annoyance and jealousy at bay. He knew that Nico was just being a good friend, and that Percy needed him after his break up but he couldn’t help but remember the time when Nico had a massive crush on the boy. Nico would never cheat, but Jason was still paranoid.

“Yeah, go and make sure he’s okay,” the blonde said, though what he really wanted to do was wrap Nico up in his arms and never let him go. After the breakup he had been spending a ridiculous amount of time with Percy, and Jason felt like they were drifting apart.

He tired to act like everything was okay as Nico gathered up his stuff, kissed Jason quickly before leaving. But Leo knew something was wrong with his best friend.

“Right,” the Latino said when Nico left with a door slam, “What’s up?”

“What? Nothing,” Jason said distractedly.

“So you’re okay with him going to another guy’s house this late?” Leo raised an eyebrow, “Nice try but you ain’t fooling anyone.”

Jason exhaled, “What else am I supposed to do?” he asked, “I don’t want to be that annoying jealous boyfriend.”

“But you are jealous?” Leo clarified. Jason ran a hand through his hair,

“I guess so,” he mumbled, “Nico barely spends time with me anymore.”

“You don’t think...he’s cheating, do you?” Leo asked awkwardly. Jason shook his head,

“No, no, of course not but...,” he bit his lip, “I trust Percy, I do. But I don’t know if in his heartbreak he won’t try something...just because, you know, he wants human contact or something. And Nico won’t know how to say no.”

“You know I though Cali might be cheating on me,” Leo said casually, but Jason could sense that it still hurt to talk about it, “With this guy from her work. I know this isn’t the best way to go about it but I went through her phone. Just like photos and texts and stuff, to see if there was anything inappropriate between them. There wasn’t, and that kind of calmed me down.”

“I can’t go through Nico’s phone!” Jason spluttered, “that’d be invading his privacy!”

 Leo shrugged, “Fair enough. Just talk to him about it then.”

“I can’t do that either,” Jason said miserably, “He’d never let me live it down.”


The conversation with Leo flew out of Jason’s head as the next two weeks were filled up with re-painting the living room with Nico. Percy seemed to be getting himself together after his breakup, which was good too.

It was a Thursday night and Jason and Nico were asleep in their double bed, Jason’s arm slung over the Italian’s waist carelessly, the way it was most nights, when Nico’s phone rang, startling both the men out of their sleep.

Groggily Jason watched as Nico sat up and picked up.

“Hello?” he said into the phone, “What?...Yeah. Yeah. Of course. I’ll be there.”

“What is it?” Jason also sat up sleepily when Nico hanged up. The Italian looked at him guiltily,

“It’s Percy. He wants me to come over.”

“Right now?” Jason asked in disbelief. This was getting too much. He took Nico’s phone from his hand and unlocked it, “God, it’s four in the morning.”

“I know,” Nico kissed Jason sweetly on the mouth, as if to soothe him, “And I’m sorry but...”

Jason sighed, “Just go,” he said, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stop the Italian anyway. He rubbed his face, too awake to go back to sleep as Nico dressed hurriedly and then slipped from the room with another soft apology. Only when the door slammed shut after him did Jason realise something. He was still holding Nico’s phone in his hand.

Kind of calmed me down, Leo’s words echoed in Jason’s mind. He bit his lip, his heartbeat picking up as his hand clenched on the phone; he could do with some calming down. Nico’s wallpaper was a picture he took of his favourite band at the concert. It wasn’t his kind of thing to put a picture of him and Jason as his wallpaper but for some reason that fact really hurt the sleepy, disoriented Jason.

Without even meaning to he clicked the text message icon. At the top was him of course, the last message he sent being I’m five minutes away. Right below him was Percy. With trembling fingers Jason pressed his name and then scrolled up through the messages. He didn’t know what he expected to find and relaxed a little when he saw that the kind of messages that Percy and Nico sent to each other were along the lines of I need you to come over. I miss her so much and are you feeling better?

Jason clicked out of the texts and then his finger hovered over the camera roll. He pressed it after a moment of hesitation and started scrolling through pictures. There were a bunch of selfies that Jason took on Nico’s phone, with his boyfriend curled up in his lap, looking like a grumpy cat. There were a few memes, a couple pictures when Nico went out with Piper and Hazel, an embarrassing amount of Jason’s mugshots that Nico, the little devil, was probably keeping for blackmail. There was a picture of Jason napping on the couch. The blonde had no idea when Nico had taken that but he scrolled past it with a smile on his face.

Then his heart jumped in his chest, and the phone tumbled out of his hand, falling face down onto the carpet and cutting off the only source of light in the room. Blindly, Jason scrambled for it, heart pounding.

Nico had fucking nudes on his phone. Jason stared at the picture, trying to swallow. Maybe it’s not him, he told himself desperately as his eyes slid over the picture. It was a selfie, and Jason knew he was fooling himself thinking it was someone else. He knew every edge and curve of Nico’s body and although the picture was neck down he knew it was his boyfriend. The picture ended just where Nico’s sharp hipbones protruded out of his body, a soft trail of dark hair leading downwards. Jason felt his blood heat up, and some of it trickled to his own nether regions despite his fury. He didn’t know who Nico took the picture for, because Jason definitely never got it. It’s for Percy, a dark part of him told him, it’s a way to make him feel better.

Jason fingers scrolled on their own accord, and a new picture took the place of the previous one. Jason felt hot all of a sudden, and he didn’t know whether it was from arousal or from anger. In the new picture Nico was laying on some bed. Jason felt something grip his chest when he realised it wasn’t their bed. The boy was naked, on his side, pressed half into the pillow so Jason could only see half of his face. His eyes were dark, and half-lidded, mouth red and parted, cheeks flushed. His dark hair looked like someone had taken ages brushing their fingers through it. The boy’s hand was down between his legs, gripping his hard cock, his other hand holding the phone.


The blonde looked up from the phone, disoriented, and saw that Nico was standing in the doorway, in his coat.

“Why aren’t you at Percy’s?” Jason asked, faintly.

“I forgot my phone,” Nico said and frowned, “Jason. Why are you on my phone?”

Jason snapped back to reality suddenly and stood up, “What is this?” he demanded, showing Nico the picture. Blood rushed to the Italian’s face and he snatched the phone, cradling it protectively to his chest.

“W-Why were you going through my phone?” He yelled, blushing furiously. Jason was shaking with anger,

“I-I knew it,” he growled, “You were sending him pictures weren’t you?!”

“Sending who pictures?” Nico looked embarrassed and confused.

“Percy!” Jason spat, “you’re in his bed in the picture, aren’t you?!”

“What the fuck Jason?” Nico demanded, “Are you crazy?! I didn’t send these to Percy, I didn’t send these to anyone!”

“Then why the fuck did you take them?!” Jason was so angry he wanted to hit something. Not Nico though - he’d never hurt him, “And where?!”

“In my hotel room,” Nico snapped, now also getting angry, his eyes shooting lightning, “When I was away on the business trip!” Jason blinked, startled, “I took them when I was all alone, and horny, in my hotel room after a fucking meeting.”

“B-But...,” Jason stuttered, the anger evaporating out of him. Nico was glaring at him,

“They were for you, you idiot,” he said, crossing his arms protectively against his chest, “I was going to send them to you,” his voice grew softer suddenly, and he looked down at his feet, cheeks burning.

“T-Then why didn’t you?” Jason asked. Nico shrugged,

“Too embarrassed I guess,” he mumbled. A heavy silence settled over them, and Jason rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” Jason whispered. Nico looked up at him,

“Why did you think I sent them to Percy?”

Jason felt like an absolute asshole, “I spent so much time with him a-and I just...”

“You were jealous,” Nico stated in disbelief. Jason looked away,

“Yeah. Yeah I guess I was. Still am, I reckon.”

Nico’s eyes softened, “You’re such an idiot,” he unlocked his phone, “I’ll text Percy that I can’t make it. Piper will go see him,” he did that and then looked up at Jason, “And I’m deleting those pictures.”

“Don’t you dare!” Jason jumped forward and pulled the phone out of Nico’s hand, tossing it onto the bedside table. Before Nico could react Jason was pushing him back onto their bed, and climbing on top of him, “It’s good you didn’t send me those,” he muttered as he kissed up Nico’s neck, surprising the boy, “because I might’ve flown to New York and pulled you out of that meeting,” he bit at Nico’s lower lip. The Italian grinned and wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist.

“I like it when you’re jealous,” he said and Jason kissed him.

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Ooh can you do a Percy and Malcolm pairing?
For The_Man_Called_Madara

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“I think I fancy your sister,” looking back at it, Percy Jackson decided that it probably wasn’t the best first thing to say to someone. Up until this point Percy, the best Lacrosse player of Olympus High, had never spoken to Malcolm Pace, Annabeth’s Chase’s half-brother.

Annabeth was the class president of Percy’s class and she was smoking hot and totally unapproachable and Percy had made it his life goal to take her to prom. Except she’d never say yes, which was exactly why Percy decided to corner her younger half-brother and weasel his way into her good graces through him.

He didn’t know much about Malcolm. The boy was seventeen, a year younger than Percy and Annabeth, and Percy knew that he and Annie had two different fathers. That didn’t stop them from looking really similar. Malcolm not only had Annabeth’s brains but also the same blonde hair and grey eyes. Unlike his loud, strategic and leader-like sister though Malcolm preferred to stick to the back. It wasn’t that he was shy, he was just more of a follower than a leader, and that was why Percy decided it would be easy to be-friend him. Though starting off by I think I fancy your sister probably wasn’t the best way.

“Good for you?” Malcolm offered. His eyes behind his glasses were unreadable. For a second Percy just stood in front of the boy, sweaty from lacrosse practice. He had to crane his neck to look up at him since he was sitting up on the bleachers.

“Yeah, uh...I-I wanted to take her to prom,” Percy said, trying to grin charmingly. Malcolm looked down at his homework,

“If you’re asking for my blessing then you have it.”

“No, that’s not it,” Percy climbed over the benches and plopped down next to the blonde, feeling weirdly nervous, “It’s just that...I don’t think she’ll say yes.”

Malcolm slammed his book shut and gave Percy an annoyed look, taking the dark haired boy aback, “I’m sorry am I your therapist? What do you actually want Jackson?”

“I wanna be friends?” Percy squeaked. Malcolm rolled his eyes and started putting his books away.

“Look, if one more guy comes up to me to try and siddle up to Annabeth I will actually punch someone in the head,” the blonde got up, “I am not a matchmaker. I am also not going to put in a good word about you to Annabeth. Go talk to her yourself.”

He made to walk off and in his panic Percy reached out and grabbed him by the wrist,

“Wait!” he blurted, “Please,” Malcolm glared down at him and Percy sighed, “I-I...I just want to get to know her, that’s really it,” his hand slipped from the boy’s wrist, “There’s just something about her that makes me so drawn to her. I feel like she’d never give me a chance unless she somehow goes to prom with me and gets to know me,” in his desperation Percy slid to his knees in front of Malcolm, who’s eyes widened, “Please,” Percy said, “Please, just help me.”

Malcolm pulled him back to his feet, “Stop making a scene,” the boy grumbled, “Fine. I’ll help you,” Percy grinned at him, “There’s a month until prom. Four weeks.”

“Four weeks is long enough to persuade her, right?” Percy asked worriedly. Malcolm shouldered his bag,

“It is if we follow my steps.”

“Your steps?” Percy asked, puzzled.

“Yeah. The four steps to falling in love.”


“Are you sure about this?” Percy asked nervously. He and Malcolm were at the back of their local gym. On the other end Percy could see Annabeth on the bikes, hair scraped back in a ponytail, face tight with concentration, earphones in, lost to the world. Percy couldn’t help but think she looked nice in her workout clothes.

“Yeah,” Malcolm said. He was still in his glasses, a pair of sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. It was weird to Percy since he had never seen the boy in anything but his school uniform, “Step one is chance encounters.”

“But it’s not really chance encounters if we planned this, is it?”

Malcolm sighed, “Look, we’re already here. Just go talk to her. Be casual.”

“Right,” Percy said, but didn’t move until Malcolm nudged him. Feeling nervous the boy approached the bike right next to Annabeth. He liked going to the gym and didn’t know why he suddenly felt so out of place, “Hi,” he said awkwardly. The girl glanced at him and frowned but didn’t slow down or reply or take her earphones out.

Percy couldn’t exactly run away. He looked at Malcolm, still across the room, and the boy gave him a thumbs up. Percy sat down on the bike and started his work out, hyper aware of Annabeth right next to him.

Percy kept glancing at Annabeth as he exercised, and eventually the girl pulled her earphones out.

“What do you want Jackson?” she asked breathlessly.

“Nothing,” Percy said quickly, “ know. Fancy seeing you here.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes, “Everyone from school comes to this gym,” she deadpanned.

“Yeah, right,” Percy swallowed awkwardly and before he could say anything else Annabeth stopped her machine and slipped off.

“See you around,” she said, almost as an after-though and walked off. He rested his forehead on the monitor at the front of the machine and continued to ‘cycle’ while he mentally committed suicide. Why did he have to act so awkward around Annabeth! She was just a girl after all, and Percy knew how to behave around girls.

After twenty minutes he finally decided that he couldn’t be asked to work out anymore and he hopped off the machine, looking around for Malcolm. He located the boy on the treadmills and walked over.

“So that was a flop,” he informed the blonde.

“T-That was just t-the start,” Malcolm said, gasping. Percy frowned. The boy’s forehead was beaded with sweat, his face red. He was shaking and breathing hard.

“Are you okay?” Percy asked.

“I-I’ve never b-been to a gym,” Malcolm replied. Percy slowed down his machine and then stopped,

“Don’t overwork yourself,” he said, “or you’ll have a heart attack.”

“I d-don’t think that’s h-how it works,” Malcolm said as he got off the machine, putting his hands on his knees and trying to catch his breath. It obviously wasn’t working, “I-I need m-my inhaler.”

“You have asthma?!” Percy yelled, earning a few disapproving looks from the people around him. Sheepishly he grabbed Malcolm by the elbow and dragged him out of the room and down the stairs to the locker room before dumping him on a bench. Percy imagined how much Annabeth would hate him if he let her brother die on his watch, “Where’s your inhaler?”

“P-Pocket of...m-my jacket,” Malcolm said weakly. Percy scrambled at the boys jacket and pulled out said inhaler. In his panic he didn’t bother passing it to the boy, instead kneeling in front of him and pushing the inhaler into his mouth. Malcolm frowned at him from behind his glasses and Percy pressed the pump. The boy inhaled and his hand flew up, to rest on top of Percy’s as he inhaled again. His eyes fluttered shut and once again Percy thought about how weirdly similar he was to Annabeth.

Malcolm pulled out the inhaler from his mouth.

“Thanks,” he said, his breathing not quite even.


Percy never thought that Malcolm Pace would be sitting on his bed, but he supposed that’s what he should’ve expected when he invited the boy over. Now the two were shoulder-to-shoulder, pouring over Percy’s phone.

“Annabeth’s used to use Tinder a lot,” Malcolm explained as they set up Percy’s profile, “I dunno why, she always swipes left anyway.”

“Left’s no right?” Percy was trying to remember all of this while Malcolm scrolled through his camera roll,

“Yeah,” he said, clicking on one of Percy’s selfies, “This one’s nice.”

“Okay, what now?” Percy asked, looking over the blonde’s shoulders. He noted that the boy smelled nice, like some kind of aftershave.

“We have to edit the settings so that you only get the people in the closest proximity,” Malcolm explained patiently, “Do you want both boys and girls?”

“Sure,” Percy shrugged, “That’ll be more interesting.”

“Okay, then you should get Annabeth at one point...,” he continued to do all of the complicated stuff but Percy quickly got bored. Instead he looked at Malcolm. He decided that the boy was almost as cute as his sister, though in a different way. Annabeth was classically hot, but Malcolm was so in a more low-key way. Why are you checking him out? Percy scolded himself, you’re trying to date his sister!

“Okay, here you go,” Malcolm passed him back the phone. There was a picture of a girl on it, “If you think she’s cute you swipe right.”

“Okay,” Percy said and swiped right.

“No!” Malcolm snatched his phone back, “What are you doing, idiot?!”

Percy looked confused, “You said if she was cute-“

“You’re meant to swipe left for everyone but Annabeth!” Malcolm yelled, “God you’re an idiot.”

“Sorry,” Percy said sheepishly, taking his phone back. For ten minutes Malcolm watched as Percy swiped left for everyone that popped up. And then suddenly Percy saw Malcolm’s own face looking at him from the screen.

“Oh God,” the blonde next to him pulled a face, “I look horrible in that picture, remind me to change it.”

“You never said you have Tinder!” Percy said, and before Malcolm could say anything the dark haired boy swiped right.

Percy,” Malcolm groaned, resting his forehead against Percy’s shoulder. The boy was suddenly hyper aware of how close they were, “I told you not to swipe right-“

“Oh look!” Percy interrupted, “It’s Annabeth!” he said and swiped right before he could even get a good look at her picture. Malcolm yawned and stretched,

“Right, my mission here is done. Hopefully she’ll swipe right for you as well and then you can match,” he clambered off of Percy’s bed. The boy bit his lip,

“So what do we do after this?”

“Next week we’ll go through to phrase three,” Malcolm grabbed his jacket, “See you around!” he waved and then left Percy’s room. The boy sighed and sank back into his pillows, playing with his phone. A few minutes later Sally called him down for dinner.

When a few hours later Percy was getting ready to go to sleep, the light already off,  his phone beeped. Surprised the boy unlocked it to find that he had a message from Tinder. You’ve matched! It proclaimed and Percy’s heart started hammering.

But it wasn’t Annabeth Percy had matched with – it was Malcolm. Percy smiled despite himself and decided to send Malcolm a message.

You: Hey sexy ;)

He waited a few minutes in anticipation and then his phone beeped.

Malcolm: Haha. You’re hilarious Jackson -_-

You: Thank you for the compliment ;) I think we might be soul mates. You should give me your number.

Percy didn’t know why he was flirting with Malcolm. Maybe he just needed to relax a bit, but the fact that Malcolm, without hesitation, sent Percy his number really didn’t help.


 The bell at the door chimed gently announcing Percy’s arrival, something the boy really didn’t appreciate. Almost two weeks after their first conversation Malcolm told Percy that the third way to fall in love was at work. Percy didn’t work – but Annabeth did. Both she and her brother were baristas at a local coffee shop. Percy felt incredibly awkward coming in during their work hours, but Malcolm had urged him too.

Percy was welcomed by a bubble of warmth, which was nice after the cold morning outside, and was hit by the strong smell of coffee and cake. The boy didn’t know what to do with himself, hovering near the door.

“Percy!” Malcolm called. He was leaning against the counter, grinning. Percy grinned back and sauntered over to the boy.

“Hey,” he said, and almost gave Malcolm a hug, “I like your apron,” he said, gesturing at Malcolm’s red uniform. The blonde rolled his eyes,

“Don’t even. It’s hideous.”

“So...where’s...,” Percy asked vaguely. Malcolm pointed behind himself discretely,

“In the back. Wait for her to come up and order something.”

“Nah, I’m really thirsty so you should just take my order,” Percy said. He felt too tired to bother trying to knock Annabeth’s wall down and get her to talk to him. The girl hadn’t swiped right for him on Tinder, and honestly Percy preferred talking to her brother more than to her. Malcolm was sarcastic and open and warm, and a bit bitchy at times, but Percy could live with that.

“What would you like, sir?” Malcolm teased.

“Something as sweet as you,” Percy winked.

“Oh black coffee then,” Malcolm said, “Gotcha.”

Percy snorted, “Give me a hot chocolate I don’t need any more caffeine.”

“Coming right up,” Malcolm said, moving to the coffee machine. Percy watched as Malcolm prepared his drink gracefully, moving as if he lived in the little barista station, knowing where everything was.

“Oh. Percy,” Annabeth came back out from the back, and blinked at the boy, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Percy smiled. Malcolm tried to stick to the back but Percy gave him a look. Besides it didn’t matter because Annabeth moved to another station, where she started to get an order from a pregnant lady.

“Why didn’t you talk to her?” Malcolm hissed as he passed Percy his chocolate. Percy shrugged,

“She’s busy.”

Malcolm exhaled, “You really are dumb.”

Percy passed him the money for the chocolate and then handed him ten pounds, “Tipping my wonderful barista.”

“You’re funny,” Malcolm tried to pass him back the money but Percy stepped back.

“I’m serious,” he said, sipping on his chocolate. It was worth it to see Malcolm blush,

“Thanks,” the boy grumbled. Just the another customer walked up to him. A boy, about their age, with a snapback and a bomber jacket. A typical fuck boy.

“Hey,” he said to Malcolm, completely ignoring Percy.

“Err...hi,” Malcolm said awkwardly.

“So,” the boy leaned against the counter, “The other barista is cute. What’s her name?”

Percy saw the annoyance pass through Malcolm’s eyes, but there was something more behind it. Percy couldn’t imagine what it was like always having everyone hit on your sibling, and never actually pay attention to you.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Malcolm asked coldly. The boy kissed his teeth,

“Just ask man,” he snapped, almost like it was Malcolm’s job to get girls’ numbers for him.

“Hey,” Percy shoved past him to stand right in front of Malcolm, who now looked surprised again, “What time do you get off?”

“What?” Malcolm asked.

“What time do you get off?” Percy grinned.

“Um...h-half an hour,” Malcolm stuttered.

“Cool. I’ll wait,” he winked at Malcolm, who blushed. The guy who wanted to get Annabeth gave them a sour look and then walked off.

“Why did you do that?” Malcolm whispered.

Percy shrugged, “I wanted to know what time you get off. We can get ice cream.”

“You should ask Annabeth to ice cream,” Malcolm shrugged him off.

“No. I want you to come with me.”

Malcolm rolled his eyes, “At this rate you and Annabeth won’t go prom together.”

“It’s all good, we still have the fourth phrase right?”


On Friday night Percy got a text message from Malcolm and he got excited before he saw that it was about Annabeth.

Malcolm: Part four; setting you two up has come to a conclusion. After a serious persuading Annabeth agreed to give you a shot. She’s free tomorrow, you should take her out. She likes Chinese food. Here’s her number.

Percy sighed. Four weeks ago he would’ve killed for Annabeth’s number but now he only saved it half-heartedly in his phone. He didn’t want to go to prom with her anymore. He kind of wanted to go with Malcolm. After about an hour of fighting with himself Percy finally decided to text the girl.

You: Hi. This is Percy. I think I fancy your brother.

It only took a few seconds for Annabeth to reply.


Percy frowned.

You: What

Annabeth: Oh I thought it was obvious from the start. I saw the way you looked at him especially at the coffee shop

You: Shit didn’t know it was tthat bait

Annabeth: More importantly what are you gonna do about your crush

You: Dunno kind of wanted your help with that

Annabeth: a little birdie told me that tomorrow while we’re on our ‘date’ my lil bro is gonna b home alone, watching a movie. You could come by ;)

You: What about you

Annabeth: Oh, i’m going out with my girlfriend.


Annabeth: Why do you think I always swipe left?


Percy knocked on the door and after a few minutes Malcolm opened. He had a baseball bat in his hand and exhaled when he saw it was Percy.

“Jesus Christ I thought you were a serial killer.”

“Watching a horror movie alone?” Percy cocked his head, “Brilliant idea.”

“Shut up Jackson,” Malcolm grinned, and then the smile melted off of his face, “Wait. Weren’t you meant to be with Annabeth?”

“Uh...yeah...about that. Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Malcolm moved and let Percy into his house. He closed and locked the door and then led him to the living room where Scream was paused on the screen, the room bathed in a soft blue glow. A bowl of popcorn stood on a table alongside an open can of coke. Only now Percy noticed Malcolm was in his pj’s, and he couldn’t help but find his cloud-printed pyjama bottoms adorable. Malcolm went to turn on the light but Percy stopped him by a hand on his wrist.


Malcolm stared at him and swallowed visibly, “Shit, are you actually a serial killer?”

Percy didn’t reply, just closed the living room door and press Malcolm against it. The blonde’s eyes were wide behind his glasses.

“Percy?” the boy asked, “Are you okay?”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re gorgeous?” Percy asked, because he couldn’t concentrate on anything else other than how big Malcolm’s eyes were, and how his lips were parted just so, and how fucking pretty he was.

“Percy are you drunk?” Malcolm asked breathlessly. Percy caged him in with his arms.

“No,” he murmured. Malcolm turned his face away, he was burning red.

“Where’s Annabeth?” he asked quietly, “What happened?”

“Nothing, I didn’t go.”

“Percy why are you here?”

Percy gently gripped Malcolm by the chin and tilted his head so their eyes met. He didn’t want to scare the boy, or seem intimidating, but he almost felt like a different person around him.

“I spoke with Annabeth,” he said softly, “and she helped me sort everything out in my head.”

“Sort what out?” Malcolm asked as Percy’s hand slid from his chin to his cheek as he cupped the boy’s face.

“Malcolm,” he said gently, “Will you come to prom with me?”

Malcolm’s breath caught, “I-Is this some kind of prank?”

Percy frowned, “No. Christ, of course not.”

Malcolm tried to pull away but there was nowhere for him to go, “Percy this isn’t funny.”

“I’m serious.”

“Look if this is about A-Annabeth then I’m s-sorry I didn’t t-tell you she had a girlfriend b-but I just wanted to h-hang out with you s-so I made up the four s-stages and I’m sorry, okay, s-so you can stop messing around now...,” his breathing was getting more and more erratic. His hand shot out and suddenly he was gripping Percy’s shirt, “C-Can’t b-breathe.”

“Where’s your inhaler?” Percy demanded, suddenly afraid, “Malcolm-“

“Table,” Malcolm wheezed. Percy wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled the boy to the table, pushing him so he was sitting on the couch. He located the inhaler and, just like back at the gym, pushed the thing into Malcolm’s mouth before the boy could do so himself. The boy inhaled and when Percy pulled the inhaler away, his heart pounding with panic, the boy’s eyes were all glazed over and soft.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. Percy pulled him into his arms, hugging him tightly. He held the trembling boy close, stroking his back and marvelling at how warm and solid he was against him. Percy scooted back so he was leaning against the couch, and tugged Malcolm into his lap. The boy didn’t protest, straddling Percy and burying his face in the boy’s shoulder. Percy reached for the remote control and put the movie back on, filling the room with sound.

Percy didn’t know how long he just sat there and enjoyed how close Malcolm was but at one point he stared dozing off. That was when Malcolm pulled away slightly, his eyes half closed and tired looking.

“You confuse me,” he mumbled, leaning his forehead against Percy’s, “One second you’re really into Annabeth and then the next...,” he sighed.

“It’s because I realised I like you better. Like a lot better,” Percy said, “like, I like you so much it kind of scares me.”

Malcolm closed the little remaining space between them and kissed Percy. The dark haired boy responded immediately as his heart started to pound furiously in his chest. He had never kissed a boy before, and he found that it wasn’t that different from kissing a boy. Malcolm’s lips were soft and wet and when their tongue’s met it was just as exhilarating as with a girl. But to Percy it felt different – Malcolm was firm against him, his body taunt where the girls were soft. And there was a feeling in Percy’s stomach that he had never got from just a kiss. His head was swimming as he licked inside of Malcolm’s mouth, hands sliding down the boy’s back, touching everywhere he dared. Then suddenly the kiss grew more insistent and hungry, and Malcolm pressed himself so close to Percy that the boy forgot how to breathe. His hands gripped the blonde’s hips as he suddenly broke away from the boy’s mouth to kiss down his neck, biting and licking as he went. Malcolm was breathing hard, but not in the way that meant he needed an inhaler.

“Will you come with me to prom?” Percy asked again, whispering against Malcolm’s skin. The boy shivered,


The door to the living room opened and the boy’s broke apart.

“Hey!” Annabeth whispered. Behind her Piper McLean giggled, “We’re going upstairs so if you wanna fuck you better stay down here,” she winked and disappeared, closing the door behind her.

Percy met Malcolm’s eyes. The boy was flushed and dishevelled.

“We’re not gonna fuck,” Malcolm mumbled shakily, “Are we?”

“Not if you don’t want to,” Percy kissed his shoulder.

“But what if I want to?”

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Could you do Travis Stoll and Michael Kahale when you get back? And they kiss but don't realise it's eachother?
For Sire_Pixels

Image result for blindfolded boys kiss gif

It was a game that had been played at Camp for years, even before Travis and Connor showed up. Every time a Demigod left for college or to move abroad or whatever the other Campers would throw them a ‘secret’ party that Chiron was very much aware of but decided to ignore. Travis never really expected one of these parties to be thrown for him, and yet here he was, freshly eighteen years old, his suitcase packed on his bed back in the Hermes Cabin, ready to go up to Los Angeles the next morning.

And of course he had his going away party.

The rest of his siblings from the Hermes Cabin had somehow managed to sneak in alcohol (or maybe they made it, the Demeter kids were looking suspicious...) The Hephaestus lot decorated Bunker Nine with all kinds of beautiful lights that created a dim, intimate feel to the party. Practically all campers sixteen or over were present and the place was packed. It made Travis feel all warm that they bothered to go through all this for him, especially since everyone was still picking themselves up after the war.

More importantly it was a brilliant time for pranks, especially since there was a delegation from Camp Jupiter visiting. Someone had conveniently persuaded them to come to the party (probably Connor) and their purple t-shirts stood out among the sea of orange.

The only person that Travis was not happy to see was Michael Kahale. He didn’t understand why the asshole, who had supported Octavian (who was like the Darth Sidius of both the Camps) was welcomed to Half Blood, and to his party. Michael knew that Travis didn’t like him – the son of Hermes had made that abundantly clear. Still, the boy tried not to let the son of Venus’ presence annoy him too much.

He did a little pilgrimage around the spacious bunker, making sure to talk with everyone. He was really going to miss this place, he decided as he watched Nyssa and Leo bicker. He danced a bit, drank a bit, played a game of poker with the Ares kids (bad idea, they got mad when they lost) and before he knew it, it was past midnight and time for the special tradition.

The tradition was simple, and dated back as long as the going away party itself. The person leaving would be put in some kind of small space (wardrobe, supply closet, a fridge) and blindfolded. A person would volunteer at random and sent to join the leaver in the small space. The idea was that they were meant to kiss without the person leaving knowing who they were kissing. It was some form of good luck but everyone just kind of did it for the kicks.

“Snog! Snog! Snog!” the slightly intoxicated crowd of Demigods chanted as they tied a blindfold around Travis’ eyes. The boy grinned as he felt himself being led somewhere, though he didn’t know where. And then he was being pushed into a tiny space, the door slamming behind him and muffling all sound. The boy reached out and didn’t even stretch his arms out when he could touch both walls. He tried to figure out where he was but before he could the door opened again and someone stumbled against him. The door slammed shut, and music blared again. Outside people cheered and then went back to whatever they were doing, giving the two the privacy they needed.

Travis knew how annoying it was when someone spoke, ruining the surprise of who they were, but now he himself found it hard not to ask the person to reveal themselves. Everything was black, and over the music he could hear a soft breath and feel someone’s body heat only inches away. With lack of anything better to do Travis reached out, and his hand connected with a hard chest. A boy then. His heart sped up but he decided to keep it chill; it was just a stupid make-out.

A hand brushed against his hip and he jumped,

“Christ,” he chuckled uneasily. Instead of moving away the hand slid a little up, resting on Travis’ waist. A second hand joined it. Awkwardly the boy rested his hands on top of the boy’s – they were bigger than his, and rougher. He tried to think of who had big hands (Frank?), but his mind was too preoccupied with the current situation, “So...uh, this is weird,” Travis said, trying to get his bearings. He slid his hands up the boy’s chest (he noted that it was nice and muscular...maybe Beckendorf then) and rested them on his broad shoulders. Whoever the person was, they were taller than Travis, which was weird because Travis was pretty damn tall, “So...err, let’s just do this?” he offered.

He flinched again when a hand left his waist and cupped his cheek. He heard a soft, barely there chuckle and a thumb stroked his cheekbone, as if to reassure him. Travis swallowed. He felt lost – he couldn’t see anything. His heart pounded.

For some reason whoever he was kissing was being really nice about it. Instead of just going straight in they brushed their nose against Travis, letting him now just how close they were. Then Travis felt a small kiss being placed in the corner of his mouth. He shivered at how weirdly intimate it was.

Whoever was kissing him had a stubble. It brushed against Travis’ chin when their lips finally met in a open mouthed, no-tongue kiss. It was slow, and Travis could sense that both he and the boy were testing the waters. Subconsciously his hands tightened in the shirt on the boy’s shoulders and he exhaled.

A tongue flickered out shyly and brushed against Travis’. The son of Hermes was disoriented, and maybe that’s why he let it into his mouth with no hesitation. The stranger tasted faintly of whiskey and a little bit like coffee. Briefly Travis wondered who drank coffee but the thought flew out his head when the kiss changed suddenly. The stranger pressed him up against the closest wall, hands squeezing Travis’ hips in a bruising grip. He licked into Travis’ mouth and the son of Hermes did his best to try and keep up. His hands came to cup the boy’s face and he felt the one day beard beneath his palms. He gasped when the boy bit his lip and couldn’t help but wonder if this ‘make out’ session was meant to be sexual, because he definitely felt aroused.

The boy’s mouth disappeared from his and Travis sucked in a breath when he felt the rough lips against his neck, beard making a wonderful contrast with the wet, soft lips that sucked on Travis’ skin.

“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that,” Travis laughed breathlessly to cover up his confusing arousal. In reply the boy crashed their lips together again, kissing Travis so that the boy’s knees almost buckled. It’s because of the alcohol, he told himself as he sank his fingers into the stranger’s hair, making sure he didn’t pull away.

One of the boy’s big hands slipped underneath Travis’ flannel, resting on the bare skin of his back. The son of Hermes couldn’t take it anymore – in one swift movement he ripped the blindfold off.

He felt the boy tense up, but he didn’t move as Travis’ eyes adjusted to the darkness of closet. Of course. The boy blinked and focused on the face that was just inches from his. Swollen lips, a strong jaw covered in stubble, dark hair that stuck up in all directions from where Travis tugged on it. Michael’s eyes were dark, wide and afraid. His breath brushed against Travis’ lips.

“Michael,” the son of Hermes, feeling his blood run cold, “What the fuck?”

Travis wanted to shove past the boy, suddenly furious with himself for enjoying kissing Michael Kahale. But the son of Venus didn’t let him. He was bigger and stronger, and he grabbed Travis by the waist and hitched him up so Travis had no choice but to wrap his legs around the boy’s waist. Before he could yell at him, or even make a sound, Michael pressed their lips together. Travis tried to push him away and at the same time to turn his head to the side. When he did so, breaking the kiss and gasping for breath, Michael attacked his neck with kisses again.

“S-Stop it,” Travis hissed, trying futilely to push him away, “Kahale f-fucking stop.”

“You liked it before,” Michael’s voice was hoarse.

“I-I don’t want to kiss you.”

“Too late,” Michael said, and pressed a surprisingly tender kiss to Travis’ shoulder. The boy’s heart jumped in his chest, “Sorry,” the son of Venus said, and then let Travis down, pulling away. Travis hated how cold he felt without the boy and before he could change his mind he reached out and gripped Michael by his hand, a sudden desperation blooming in his chest.


“What?” Michael asked. Travis tugged him close and with a pounding heart threw his arms around the boy’s shoulders, pulling him down so they were face to face. He pressed a short, quick kiss to Michael’s lips. Then another one. Then one more. Then he let the boy go and walked out of the closet, blindfold bunched up in his hand.

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can you do a Nico/Mitchell story where Aphrodite cast a spell to make all the boys fall in love with Nico and Mitch has to break it by topping Nico.
For Regentofthesun

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It was a sunny day and Mitchell was standing in some kind of park. Behind him children and their parents ran around in a playground, laughing, while others lounged on picnic blankets, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

“Mitchell!” the voice sent a chill down the boy’s spine and hesitantly he turned around. Aphrodite was sitting beneath an oak tree, behind a table laid with tea and cupcakes, dressed like a lady from the 1800’s.

“Mom,” Mitchell said tightly, “What are you doing here?”

Whenever Aphrodite visited one of her kids in a dream it never ended well. The woman smiled brightly and patted an empty chair next to her, and Mitchell had no choice but to sluggishly go and sit down next to her.

“So, Mitchie,” Aphrodite said happily, pouring the boy some tea in a delicate china cup, “Tell me – how are things with the di Angelo boy?”

Mitchell blushed, “T-They’re fine,” he hated knowing that Aphrodite was free to look in on him and Nico anytime. It made him feel like he had no privacy with his boyfriend.

“So,” Aphrodite said casually, drinking her tea, “I’ve noticed that you’re always on bottom?”

“M-Mom!” Mitchell spluttered. Aphrodite winked at him,

“Ah don’t get all red my darling. I only looked down at the wrong moment, I promise I don’t spy on you two.”

“R-Right,” Mitchell stared down at his feet, blushing.

“So anyway. The bottoming issue.”

“How is that a-an issue?” Mitchell demanded. Aphrodite shrugged,

“Honey I’m sure Nico is tired of doing all the work all the time,” she said. Mitchell glared at her,

“He doesn’t do all the work.”

“Well anyway I think you should take the initiative and top every once in a while.”

“This conversation is over,” Mitchell got to his feet quickly, “This is super awkward, mom.”

Aphrodite shrugged, “I’m sure he’d like it.”

“I-It’s fine the way it is,” Mitchell said, hands balled into fists. Aphrodite shrugged, smiled and then sipped her tea, and Mitchell woke up.


At the beginning the boy didn’t think anything happened and the weird dream about his mother flew out of his head. Mitchell skipped breakfast and decided to get a head start on strawberry picking, which was up to the Aphrodite Cabin that day. It was a nice warm day and the boy hummed to himself, in a bubble of his own, when he suddenly saw Nico sprinting towards him through the fields, looking panicked.

“Nico?” Mitchell asked, automatically on alert. Three boys were chasing behind Nico and the Italian didn’t slow down as he got to his boyfriend, instead grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him along as he continued running, making for the forest, “Nico!” Mitchell yelled, dropping his basket full of strawberries.

“They’ve all gone crazy!” Nico’s voice was a pitch higher than it usually was. They dashed into the trees and Nico didn’t slow down.

“Nico what’s g-going on?!” Mitchell asked as he struggled to keep up. The Italian finally slowed down, stopping and putting his hands on his knees, catching his breath.

“I don’t know,” he straightened up, “It’s like all the boys were hit with a spell.”

Mitchell’s stomach clenched, “What spell?” he asked faintly. Nico ran a hand through his hair,

“Fuck, I don’t know. Like, they were just suddenly all over me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like fucking...trying to kiss me and shit,” Nico was clearly angry, “and then Jason and Frank started sword fighting for me, and all the girls were confused. The boys were just going on about how they love me. So I ran,” his shoulders slumped and he pulled Mitchell into his arms, “Thank Gods you’re normal.”

“Get away from him, Mitchell!” a voice snapped and the son of Aphrodite jumped back. Percy Jackson stood by the trees, a sword in his hand, looking furious.

“W-What the-,” Mitchell stammered as Nico pulled him back.

“Get away from Nico,” the son of Poseidon pointed his sword at Mitchell, “He’s mine.”

Something sparked inside Mitchell’s chest and it took him a second to realise it was jealousy. And protectiveness, though Mitchell knew he’d never stand a chance against Percy.

“Jackson get yourself together,” Nico snapped.

“It won’t work,” Mitchell’s mouth was dry, “This is my mother’s fault.”

Nico swore and Mitchell’s heart jumped in his chest when the son of Hades grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him past a startled Percy and barrelled straight for the tree. Before they could make impact they sank into the shadows.

They spilled onto the floor in the Hades cabin and Nico scrambled to his feet, hurriedly locking the door and pulling curtains over the windows as Mitchell laid on the floor and tried to get his head to stop spinning. For a second it was pitch black in the cabin with  the windows covered and then Nico lit the braziers by the door and a soft glow filled the room.

“You okay?” he asked, standing above Mitchell and looking down at him.

“Yeah. Are you?” the son of Aphrodite let his boyfriend pull him up. Nico nodded but Mitchell could tell that he was pretty shaken. Outside they could heard a group of boys run past and Nico flinched. Mitchell had never hated his mother as much as he did at that moment, “It’s Aphrodite’s fault,” he said and Nico gave him a puzzled look, “She...she came to me in a dream last night g-going on about how I always...b-bottom,” he felt blood rushing to his face and Nico just raised an eyebrow, “and s-she was just g-going on about it...”

“What does that have to do with all the boys acting like dogs in heat?”

“I think...,” Mitchell bit his lip, “This is her way of picking on me for always being the bottom.”

“Right...,” Nico drawled, “So all you have to do is top, right?”

Mitchell blinked and blushed, “Um...actually I didn’t even think of that.”

“Well, we might as well try,” Nico said, pulling off his shirt without further ado. Mitchell didn’t think he could get any more red even if he tried,

“R-Right now?” he stuttered as Nico walked up to him. The taller boy kissed Mitchell just below his ear, hooking his fingers in the loops of his jeans,

“Don’t tell me you were never curious,” the Italian huffed out a laugh and Mitchell shivered, “about what it feels like to top. Besides, if the way to get rid of this ‘curse’ or whatever is to have sex with you then I’m down.”

Mitchell swallowed but he felt his nether regions stirring, “Okay.”

They kissed, pressing close to each other and Nico pulled Mitchell’s shirt off. Soon their pants joined them on the floor and the two boys were gasping into each other’s mouths, hands sliding over each other’s bodies. So far so good, Mitchell thought as Nico walked him backwards to the bed. Mitchell was really not used to leading so when Nico laid down on the covers, pulling him on top, he didn’t really know what to do.

“Relax,” Nico murmured against his mouth as Mitchell settled between his legs. The Italian played with Mitchell’s hair and looked completely at ease, “It’s just sex. We’ve had sex like a thousand times.”

“I know,” Mitchell mumbled shyly, “But I just...I don’t know. It’s weird.”

“You don’t like it?” Nico frowned.

“It's not that,” Mitchell shook his head, “I just don’t really...know what to do.”

“Just kind of go with it,” Nico nudged their noses together, “I didn’t know what to do the first time either.”

“I know but you were good at it,” Mitchell sighed in frustration. Nico tugged him down and slid their lips together again. It was a long kiss, with Nico gently coaxing Mitchell out of his shell. Their hands started to wander again. Just fucking do it, Mitchell growled at himself internally and, feeling brave, reached down and slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of Nico’s boxers. Usually it was the Italian that initiated everything and Mitchell felt weirdly powerful when his hand wrapped around Nico’s semi-hard cock and he felt it twitch in his hand. The Italian let out the smallest gasp against his lips and Mitchell kissed him harder as he started to stroke, feeling the member swell in his hand. His heart was pounding and his head was still a little woozy from the shadowtravel but he decided that he liked this, maybe because it was Nico. He kissed Nico’s neck and with his free hand pulled the Italian’s underwear completely off.

Mitchell kissed down Nico’s body and then took his cock in his mouth. This was okay, it was familiar, Mitchell had done it before. Some of his nerves left his body as he listened to Nico’s harsh breathing as he sucked him off, hollowing his cheeks out to take more of the Italian’s length into his mouth.

“F-Fuck,” Nico gasped, hands tangling in Mitchell’s hair. You should probably prepare him, Mitchell’s mind supplied but the boy was too scared. He didn’t want to hurt Nico, or do anything wrong so he just continued to blow him, hearing his boyfriend’s breath get more erratic as he took more and more of his length into his mouth, “S-Stop,” Nico whimpered, hands tightening in Mitchell’s hair, “I-I’m gonna-“

Mitch released his cock with a pop and then crawled back up Nico’s body to press their lips together again. He didn’t know what to do next but he felt heat pooling in his stomach and his dick hardened at how hungrily Nico kissed him. Mitchell broke away to kiss Nico’s neck again, sucking a hickey beneath his jaw and then biting down, harder than he intended, but Nico seemed to like it.

“Fuck,” he whimpered, legs wrapping around Mitchell’s waist.

“What do I do now?” the son of Aphrodite asked breathlessly. Nico kissed him once, then again, a kiss that lingered, and took Mitchell’s hand in his, guiding it down to his ass. Mitchell swallowed nervously probably for the hundred time that morning, and then gently squeezed the soft flesh in his hand. Nico exhaled shakily,

“Lube,” he mumbled. Blindly, Mitchell rummaged in the bedside table, pulling out the half used up bottle and pouring some onto his shaking hand. Nico sat up and kissed his shoulder.

Ti amo,” he whispered. Mitchell smiled, relaxing, and gently pushed Nico back onto the pillows, his hand going back down and finding Nico's hole. He slowly, tentatively he pushed his finger into Nico.

“Oh fuck,” Nico hissed, hands tightening in the blankets. Mitchell looked at him and felt his cock twitch. He had never seen Nico like this – completely not in control, flushed and gasping. Mitchell pumped his finger in and out of the boy for a few moments, mesmerised, and then pushed a second one in. Nico’s back arched and he let out a moan and Mitchell swore that he came a little bit in his pants. He was starting to understand why people like topping so much when he scissored his fingers inside of Nico’s hot passage and saw the boy’s reaction.

“E-Enough,” Nico moaned when Mitch curled his fingers inside him, “P-Put it in.”

Mitchell didn’t have to be told twice. He lost all of his shyness and self –consciousness as he grabbed the lube, withdrawing his fingers from inside his boyfriend. Nico laid on the messy bed, gasping for air as Mitchell freed his hard cock from the confines of his underwear, lubbing it up hurriedly. He knew he shouldn’t rush but suddenly he wanted nothing more than to be inside of Nico.

The second he started to push into his boyfriend he thought he’d come embarrassingly fast. He chocked on a moan as Nico’s hot, tight insides gripped him, sucking him in. The Italian squeezed his eyes shut and groaned as Mitchell pushed into him, inch by inch. The son of Aphrodite felt hot and unsteady and dizzy as he finally bottomed out in the boy.

“W-Why are you so tight?” he gasped.

“I don’t exactly d-do this often,” Nico said through gritted teeth.

“Does it hurt?” Mitchell asked, though he could barely concentrate on anything other than how fucking good it felt to be inside Nico. He couldn’t believe he had never done this before. 

“N-No...,” Nico bit his lip, eyes half-lidded as if he had no strength to keep them open, “Feels k-kinda good actually.”

Je t’aime,” Mitchell blurted, not even realising he switched to French, “you’re amazing.”

Nico pulled him down for a kiss, whimpering, “Move.”

So Mitch did.


Hesitantly the boys stepped out into the afternoon sunlight. Everyone was roaming around as usual, nobody trying to sexually attack Nico anymore. The Italian rubbed his back,

“You didn’t have to be so rough,” he grumbled to Mitchell. The boy smiled sheepishly,

“At least it worked, didn’t it?”

Nico wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulled him close and kissed him.

“Yeah. It worked.”

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Percy being a dragon riders and Jason being dragon hunter and Percy changes his mind
for A.J

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Dragons killed Jason’s parents. He was young, too young to remember more than fire and screaming and a burning pain where the flames the creatures created burned one side of his torso, creating ugly scars over half of his chest. Scars that he’d have to carry with him forever as a reminder of what he had to do; avenge his parents.

A few years after Jason’s birth the Discidium Alliance took place – the Separation. A magical barrier was set up by mages in the middle of the Kingdom of Olympus, creating a split between humans and dragons alike. Jason grew up in Jupiter, the side of the Separation that  condemned those fire breathing creatures, while the dragons themselves were thrown out into the Half-Blood lands alongside dragon sympathisers. The Discidium Alliances forbade the murder of dragons but there were ways to pass through the barrier and break that law and people like Jason, who wanted to take revenge on the dragons, used it as much as they could. Jason didn’t see dragons as living creatures – only as the things that burned him, the things that killed his family. His one purpose in life was to end each and every one of them.


The barrier shimmered amaranthine and turquoise where Hazel’s hands touched it. The witch frowned and closed her eyes, her skirts fluttering in the breeze. Her lips were moving as she whispered barely audible, ancient spells that neither Jason nor Frank nor Reyna could hear or understand. Slowly, as if going through melting ice, Hazel’s hand sank though the barrier, causing the air itself to ripple. Jason gripped his sword with nerves – someone would notice those ripples soon - they had to hurry or they’d be caught.

“Now,” Hazel said, eyes still shut, when her hand was on the other side of the barrier up to the wrist. Not hesitating, having done this a hundred times, the three Hunters passed through the weakened barrier. Jason shivered, feeling as if he had just gone underneath a cold waterfall, and came out on the other side completely dry. The second they had passed Hazel pulled back her hand and the barrier crackled as it solidified again, “Until sundown,” the girl’s voice was muffled, “By the crag.”

The three Hunters nodded and then the girl turned on her foot and disappeared into the forest. Jason and his two friend delved into the Half-Blood forest, similar as the one on Jupiter’s side, but somehow more wild and exotic. Everywhere there were signs of magical creatures and poisonous flowers that nobody had bothered to exterminate like back in Jupiter. Jason’s hand was on his sword – he wanted the blood of the Dragons on his blade by sundown. He had a nightmare again the night before, about the time he lost his parents, and woke up with phantom pain in his burned side. That pushed him on as he and Reyna and Frank circled the forest for hours, their search for dragons seemingly futile.

“We won’t find any,” Frank said, rising from the ground where they once again lost the tracks of a dragon, “There are none left this close to the border.”

“He’s right,” Reyna looked up at the sky streaked with amber and pink, “sundown’s almost upon us. We should turn back.”

“No,” Jason barked, unsheathing his sword, “One’s close. I can feel it. I’m not returning empty handed.”

“Fine-,” Frank started but Jason held up his hand, silencing him. He heard a twig snap close by. A breath huffed out through nostrils. A brush of warmth. Jason whirled around, sword in hand, the second the dragon dashed through the forest. It’s scales were black, and it was as tall as the trees.

“Attack!” Jason roared and Frank knocked an arrow in his bow, letting it loose. It missed the dragon who gracefully moved to the side, its midnight eyes flaring with an inward fire. The movement however gave Jason a clear view of his side. He jumped to the left, putting the dragon between himself and his comrades, and ran at the creature with a yell, piercing it’s soft underbelly with his blade. Golden blood spurted from the wound and the dragon roared, letting out an inferno of fire that caught on the closest trees. Reyna screamed and the dragon whirled. Jason didn’t have enough time to avoid its tail and the thing crashed into him, sending him back onto the closest trees. Jason managed to glimpse the Rider clad all in black on the dragon’s back before he passed out.


Jason woke up in a cottage. The wooden ceiling came in and out of focus and the smell of a fresh fire tickled Jason’s nostrils as he slid back to reality. He blinked, feeling as if he had sand behind his eyelids, and sat up sluggishly. He was still dressed in his grass-stained clothes that he had gone hunting in but someone had thrown a fur over him to keep him warm. The blonde tried to stand up only to (painfully) find out that his hands were tight behind his back and to the wall with rough rope. He was sitting on a pile of furs in some kind of kitchen.

“Fuck,” the Hunter swore as he looked around. A cheerful fire burned in a fireplace and there were several closed doors probably leading to other parts of the cottage. The front door was, however, open, letting in the warm night air. There was another fire outside, Jason could see, and several shadowy people sitting around it. A rumble of laughter erupted from them and Jason jumped when he saw a dark shape move behind them. They were sitting by a dragon. Automatically Jason reached for his blade but instead just chaffed his wrists on the rope. He gritted his teeth and tried to swallow, though his mouth and throat were too dry for that.

“You’re not trying to break free,” a door opened, “That’s good.”

A boy came into the room from whatever part of the cottage he had been in. Jason stared at him. He had never been in such close proximity to a Rider. Riders were the Hunters’ worst enemies, the protectors of the dragons. Usually close to the border there were only rouge dragons so Jason had never met one of their protectors. Until now.

He recognised the boy, who couldn’t have been much younger than him, as the rider in black from before. His hair was as dark as his armour, though his eyes were a pretty sparkling blue and his smile was full of genuine warmth. Everyone always told Jason that Riders were part-dragon themselves, that they were inhumane savages, but looking at this Rider Jason could tell that they weren’t very different. The boy was probably around his height, a little slimmer, but with the same strength in him that Jason carried.

With a start the blonde noted that he was admiring the Hunter.

“Why haven’t you killed me yet?” he asked hoarsely. The boy grimaced,

“That’s your job, not mine,” he gestured at the open door, “That there is the judiciary. They will decide your fate,” he went over to a deep bowl and with a clay cup fished out some water. He then knelt in front of Jason, “Drink?” he offered. Normally Jason’s pride would stop him from accepting but he was parched, and the Rider didn’t seem like he wanted to shame or take advantage of Jason’s weakness. He seemed like he actually wanted to help, so Jason nodded once and the boy pressed the cup to his cracked lips. Jason drank greedily, until the water was gone. The boy refilled the cup and Jason drank that too.

“My name’s Percy. As far as I know your name is Jason,” the boy said after the Hunter was done drinking. The blonde looked at him quizzically, “What is it?”

“It’s...,” Jason shook his head, “Peculiar. You’re...kind.”

Percy smiled a soft smile, “Ah. You thought we were savages, didn’t you?” he stood up, “Sorry to disappoint.”

“Did the dragon die?” Jason asked before he could stop himself. A shadow passed over Percy’s face and his smile melted away.

“No,” he said, voice colder now, “Blackjack survived, no thanks to you,” he sighed, “Why do you do it?”

“Do what?” Jason’s head was starting to hurt.

“Hunt dragons.”

“They’re monsters,” Jason said, eyes narrowing. He tugged on the rope, “Could you let me up maybe? This is uncomfortable.”

Percy squatted next to him, so they were at eye level, and Jason saw determination in his eyes.

“Don’t be mistaken. I may be kind but you are a murdered nonetheless, and murderer’s don’t deserve comfort.”


Jason woke up in the morning to the birds chirping outside. The front door was open again, and the same people from last night were sitting around, laughing and drinking ale with their bacon and eggs. Jason’s stomach rumbled. And just then Percy came in. He had changed his ebony armour for a soft green shirt and a pair of brown breeches that made him look younger and softer. He still looked sleepy, his hair sticking up in all directions. He looked at Jason and started to smile, but then stopped himself.

“Hungry?” he asked.

He’s angry at me, Jason thought and then frowned, wait, why do I care? People outside were deliberating his fate and he was worried about what some newly met Rider thought about him.

“No,” Jason said curtly. Percy sighed in exasperation and the Hunter wondered how many people before him have been in this position. Percy went back outside and Jason started to regret not asking for food when the Rider re-emerged with a plate of fried eggs and a thick slab of bacon with some freshly baked bread with it.

“I’ll untie you so you can eat,” Percy said, placed the plate next to Jason, “But you must promise not to try anything,” a dagger gleamed dangerously at Percy’s belt. Jason nodded,

“I won’t,” he said. Percy leaned in close so he could reach behind Jason to untie his hands. For a few moments the Hunter found himself pressing against the boy, and subconsciously inhaling. Percy smelled nice, and his hands were chaffed though gentle when he undid the binds on Jason’s wrists. The second he was done he pulled away, “Thank you,” Jason said sincerely, rubbing the irritated skin on his wrists. Percy perched on the rough kitchen table,

“Eat,” he said. So Jason did. He tried to control himself but he was famished so the plate was clean in moments. When he finished he put the plate down and Percy didn’t look that angry anymore, “More?”

“No,” Jason wiped his mouth at the back of his dirty sleeve, “Thank you.”

“There are some clean clothes there,” Percy pointed to a pile next to the stone fireplace, which was buzzing with warmth, “If you behave we won’t tie you up again.” The boy closed the front door and then turned his back to Jason, presumably to give him some privacy. The blonde walked to the fireplace and picked up the clothes. He stripped quickly.

“Are you my personal guard or something?”

“Someone has to be,” Percy said. Jason shrugged on the fresh, clean shirt and some pants, leaving his old clothes in a stinking pile next to the fireplace.

“You can turn around now,” he said and the boy did so. He looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself. Jason cleared his throat, “What of my friends?”

“I assume they returned to the other side of the Separation,” Percy said, “you were the only one, captured.”

“Right,” Jason said. It felt uncomfortable being civil with someone who was on a completely different side to him. He looked at the Rider, who was looking anywhere but at Jason himself, “I’m...sorry about what I did to Blackjack.”

Percy looked at him and blinked, as if he hadn’t been expecting an apology.

“He’s my dragon you know,” he said softly and something in Jason twisted, “If he doesn’t make it...”

“I-I...,” Jason was going to say sorry again but somehow he stopped himself. Those creatures killed your parents. They scarred you. They are the reason why the world is a bad place. So Jason bit the inside of his cheek and didn’t say anything more.


A fortnight passed. People came and went, mages and humans alike. Jason got used to the constant sight of dragons in the front yard, though he wasn’t allowed out of the cottage which he found out belonged to Percy himself. The judiciary seemed to decide that if he showed good behaviour he might be allowed to return to Jupiter, if he promised not to hurt dragons anymore.

Except Jason didn’t know if he wanted to go back to Jupiter. He didn’t know if he wanted to kill dragons. Seeing them live in harmony with other creatures was shifting everything he thought he believed in. It was hard to hate the creatures when even little children played with them. A big thing that changed Jason’s mind on his hunting was when one night he was playing a complicated chess game with Percy (who was with him almost constantly) and a girl with feathers in her hair, who Jason knew was called Piper, came running in, breathlessly telling him that Blackjack was healed.

The look on Percy’s face was unforgettable to Jason. His eyes lit up, he smiled the most wonderful smile and he was on his feet in seconds, crushing Piper to his chest and laughing a laugh as if the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. That was the moment that Jason realised that dragons were more than just animals – they were parts of people. He couldn’t think what would’ve happened if Blackjack had died, and couldn’t help but guiltily see that he probably would’ve never forgiven himself for what it did to Percy.

Jason was given a small pallet to sleep on in Percy’s bedroom but he found that a lot of the nights he couldn’t fall asleep, despite the fact he was no longer tied up. Over the time he spent in the Half-Blood Lands he was becoming aware of how much he liked it. There was a sense of peace here, even with dangerous dragons roaming around, and people weren’t driven by hate like they were in Jupiter. Jason got to know a lot of the people from the tiny village that Percy lived in. There was Piper and her two sisters, Drew and Silena, all stunningly beautiful like some kind of elves from children’s fairytales. Leo and his silent father, Hephaestus, were the blacksmiths that made the armour for the Riders. Rachel Elizabeth was a cheerful redheaded girl that lived alone and oft came to visit Jason to tell him the gossip of the village. Chiron, the elderly, crippled mage, was as kind to Jason as Percy was, and didn’t harbour any hard feelings towards the Hunter.

There was no discipline in the village, and the whole Half Blood Lands had a sense of freedom to them that Jason learned to love. When he laid awake at night, watching the sleeping form of Percy, with his fluffy hair falling onto his forehead and his mouth slightly open as he breathed, he couldn’t imagine returning to the place he used to consider home.


“...and here Piper’s dragon bit me when she was just a kid,” Percy’s breeches were rolled up and he was showing Jason a small scar in the shape of a bite on his calf, grinning as if it was a fond memory, “Katoptris is a force to be reckoned with, was even when she was no bigger than my hand,” Percy laughed and Jason couldn’t help but also chuckle. Percy’s happiness was infectious.

“What about this one?” Jason asked, pointing to a thin line behind Percy’s ear. The Rider looked away guiltily.

“I...,” he cleared his throat, “That one wasn’t done by a dragon.”

“A hunter,” Jason guessed, mouth in a tight line. He had learned how to read the boy in front of him. Percy nodded.

Silena came tumbling in from the door, red in the face.

“Stygian’s giving birth!” she yelled. Percy was on his feet in seconds and Jason right by his side. Stygian was Nico di Angelo’s, a mysterious mage’s, dragon, and she had been pregnant for months. Silena rushed back out of the cottage and Percy made a move as if to follow her and then stopped himself, shoulder’s slumping. Jason’s heart clenched – he knew the boy wanted to witness this amazing event but was forced to stay with Jason.

“Why don’t we both go?” Jason asked. Percy bit his lip,

“You’re not allowed to leave.”

“I won’t run,” Jason said gently, “I promise. I have no weapons.”

Percy looked at him and then sighed. Moments later Jason was back in the open, running alongside Percy, greedily gulping mouthful’s of clear night air, mesmerised at how soft the ground felt beneath his feet, how scratchy the leaves brushing against his cheeks were. The two came barrelling into the clearing, where a dozen people with their dragons were gathered. Jason was scared some of them would shout at him for leaving his ‘prison’ but nobody did, all of them focused on the dragon on her side in the middle of the clearing. William Solace, the village medic, was whispering soothing words to the dragon as she gave birth, her owner stroking her massive head. Jason looked away, not knowing if he wanted to witness this, and Percy gripped him by the wrist, eyes wide, fingers digging into Jason’s skin. The blonde swallowed and seconds later the air was filled with the shrieks of newborn dragons.

Everyone surged forward, cheering, and picking up the tiny creatures with joy. Percy disappeared somewhere for a second and returned soon with a little dragon in his arms. The thing was pale pink, its scales only half formed with white, blind eyes, its miniature wings trembling. It looked a bit like a naked chicken.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Percy gushed, eyes twinkling.

“Yes,” Jason said. Percy held the dragon out to him,

“Here, hold him,” he said. Jason didn’t know how to say no to the Rider so tentatively, almost shyly, he took the creature into his arms. It was a little wet and let out a small shriek when Jason held it in his trembling hands, “Don’t be scared of it,” Percy said, stepping so close that his and Jason’s noses almost brushed. He repositioned Jason’s hands, clearly unaware of how their proximity was making Jason feel, “There,” he glanced up at Jason, “He can be yours if you want,” he whispered gently.

Jason looked down at the small dragon. It looked back at him with its milky eyes. You are not what killed my family, the Hunter thought.

“I’m going to call him Tempest.”


Jason was allowed to go anywhere he liked, as long as he returned to Percy’s cottage at sundown. Weirdly the blonde wasn’t tempted to go back to the barrier, even after almost two months passed. He liked it in Half Blood, he thought he belonged there, with all the people and their dragons...and now with his own little dragon too. It was peculiar how attached Jason had gotten to Tempest.

One night he awoke with a start after a sudden, unexpected return of his vivid nightmare. He couldn’t remember the last time he dreamed that dream but he woke with a gasp, his scarred side burning. He breathed heavily, staring at the ceiling and blinking the tears out of his eyes.


Percy was sitting up in bed, his covers thrown to the side. In the pale autumn moonlight falling in through the window Jason could see his worried expression.

“Sorry,” the blonde whispered, also sitting up, “It’s nothing, just a bad dream,” his hand was subconsciously rubbing the burns on his side.

“What is it?” Percy asked, dropping to his knees on the man’s pallet and nudging his hand away, “Are you hurt? Did something happen in the woods-,” he grabbed Jason’s shirt, intent on taking it off and seeing what hurt Jason but the blonde grabbed him by the wrists,


Percy frowned, “You’re in pain.”

“It’s nightmare pain,” Jason shook his head, “It’s not real, it’s just a memory.”

“Memory of what?” Percy asked softly. Jason looked past his shoulder.

“My parents were killed by a dragon. My side is burnt and...when I have nightmares it burns.”

Percy was silent for a long, long moment.

“Is that why you kill them?” he asked eventually, “For revenge?”

“Not anymore. I won’t anymore,” Jason said with a sudden fierceness, hands tightening on Percy’s wrist as if to make sure the boy understood that he was serious.

“Can I see them?” Percy asked, his hair falling into his eyes. Jason was holding his wrists and he couldn’t brush it back, “Can I see your scars?” Jason freed his hand and carefully tucked a lock of Percy’s dark hair behind his ear. The boy’s too-big white nightshirt was sliding to the right, revealing a part of his collarbone.

“If you want,” Jason murmured. This time he let Percy tug his shirt off, and watched as it fell onto his bed. He fought the urge to cover the Rider’s eyes. Though he was scared of his reaction, Jason watched Percy’s expression closely for any sign of disgust or discomfort. The only thing he saw was warmth.

“Can I touch you?” Percy asked quietly, his eyes all soft and beautiful. Jason couldn’t speak so he just nodded. The Rider reached out and brushed his fingertips over Jason’s ugly scars, and where he touched the phantom burning gave way to a cooling comfort. After a moment of just shy touches Percy trailed the scars with his whole hand, eyes following his movements as if he couldn’t look away. His knuckles brushed against Jason’s collarbone, and then slid up his neck to cup Jason’s cheek. When Percy leaned in Jason met him halfway.

His hands pressed into the soft material of Percy’s nightshirt, pushing until he was met with the hard body heat beneath. Percy’s lips, unlike the rest of his lithe, rough body, were soft, and as shy as his hands had been. His breath trembled as much as Jason’s hands where they pressed against his waist. The blonde pulled the Rider forward, until Percy’s legs were on either side of his hips, straddling him and brining them as close as Jason wanted, though he kept trying to pull them even closer, even when they were chest to chest. Percy made a little sound and Jason swallowed it as the boy’s hands brushed through his hair. For a moment there were no dragons, no Separation, no Hunters or Riders, it was just Jason and Percy finally in his arms, kissing him sweetly.  

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Can you do one where Nico, Frank, and Leo are on a quest and both Leo and Nico are unconscious at some point, and Frank is losing it because he loves them both. For RedTears

Image result for poppies gif

Frank, Nico and Leo had been dragging themselves through the field of poppies for what seemed like years. You’d think that after the war with the Titans and then the war with Gaia they’d have a bit of peace and quiet, but no. The second Leo came back to camp after his ‘death’ Rachel sent them off on yet another quest. The kids in the Hypnos cabin weren’t waking up, and Chiron was scared it had something to do with their Godly father. Rachel confirmed these fears when as the Oracle when she announced the Quest.

Everyone found it a bit weird that the trio would go together...that is, except Frank and Hazel. Usually people that were chosen to go on Quests were connected on some deeper level; Annabeth and Percy, before they even knew they loved one another, and Grover, Percy’s best friend, went on the Quest to get the Master Bolt. Jason, Piper and Leo, the three best friends, went to save Hera. Percy and Nico, who the son of Hades had a crush on at the time, went to search for the Mark of Achilles. Which is why a lot of the Campers were confused as to why Frank was going with Leo and Nico, who had been a couple for some months.

Hazel figured it out before Frank even did. You love them, she told him, both of them. There’s no point denying it. Frank knew, deep down, that she was right and by the time the Quest for Hypnos was underway he had come to terms with his complicated feelings.

It took three days for the boys to find the Fields of Poppies, where Hypnos resided when not on Olympus, and those three days were excruciating for Frank. On one hand he got to spend time with the boys he was stupidly in love with (one was bad enough, why did there have to be two of them?!) but he also had to watch them kiss and hold hands and cuddle, and know that he could never have them like that – they looked so happy together and Frank knew that he’d just ruin it all, so he kept his mouth shut about his feelings. Until the Fields of Poppies.

“Where is he?” Leo yawned, stretching. Frank had to admit the endless sea of red was making him sleepy too, especially after trekking through it for such a long time.

“Dunno,” he grumbled, bow and arrow in hand just in case, “but since we’re all so tired I guess he’s close.”

Nico shuffled along like a zombie. Frank looked around – as far as he could see in each direction there were just more poppies, no trees, no mountains. A horrible thought hit Frank – what if they were stuck here forever? What if the Field never ended? He continued to walk, his shoulders drooping with each step. His eyelids felt heavy. It was like when you walked into the Hypnos Cabin, but a hundred times worse. Frank had to fight to move through the flowers.

A watery figure appeared a few steps in front of him and Frank had to blink and rub his eyes to make sure he wasn’t imagining it. Then he straightened up,

“Hypnos,” he said. The God was hovering in the air, legs crossed like a Buddha statue, looking sleepy and relaxed.

“Son of Mars,” he drawled, his voice like a lullaby, “How nice of you to visit.”

“Your children won’t wake up,” Frank was struggling to remember the point of their Quest. Hypnos smiled,

“Wonderful. Sleep is good for the soul.”

“N-No...we...,” Frank trailed off and blinked. Leo and Nico were being weirdly quiet. He turned around to ask them if everything was okay and his heart tumbled to the ground. At once Frank was awake and alert.

Leo and Nico lay among the poppies, unconscious. They looked dead.

“Nico!” Frank dropped to his knees next to the closest boy and grabbed him by the shoulder, shaking him, “Nico, wake up!” the Italian didn’t respond. His skin was cold. Frank crawled over to Leo and leaned over him, also shaking him, “Leo,” he said feverishly, “Fuck, wake up, wake up!”

“They’re just sleeping,” Hypnos mused, floating over, “Don’t panic.”

“Stop it!” Frank snapped at the God, “Wake them up!” he felt sick to the gut, like his heart was being torn out of his chest, sinew by sinew, “Please!” he said desperately, breathlessly, panic building up in his throat. I can’t do this, I can’t do this without them... “Please, don’t do this...I-I’ll do anything, anything you want, j-just please-,” his voice cracked. Hypnos smiled and opened his arms in a ‘there’s nothing I can do’ gesture.

“It’s not up to me,” he said soothingly, “I don’t have the power to wake them up.”

Frank’s bow and arrow were in the poppies, too far for him to reach.

“Then who does?” he demanded.

“You do,” Hypnos smiled, “A little birdie called Cupid told me about your romantic dilemma.”

Frank’s blood ran cold and he opened and closed his mouth like a fish, feeling himself flush, “I-I...”

“You love them, don’t you?” Hypnos asked, “how sweet, how dreamy. Do they reciprocate your feelings?”

“N-No,” Frank swallowed uneasily. A little breeze picked up, ruffling his hair, “You said I had the power to wake them up.”

“Because you do,” Hypnos agreed happily. He yawned, “All you have to do is kiss them.”

Frank’s eyes widened, “Are you kidding me? What like some Sleeping Beauty bullshit?”

Hypnos again opened his arms, “Our time together has come to an end. Olympus calls. Good luck with your decision making, son of Mars.”

Frank squeezes his eyes shut just as Hypnos took on his divine form, and in a flash of light he was gone and Frank was left with the unconscious Nico and Leo. Futilely he hoped that when the God was gone the boys would wake up, but no such luck – they were both still asleep, nestled among the poppies as if they were pillows. Frank took a deep breath, his heart hammering. It’s just a kiss, he told himself, that’s all. You can explain it to them after. Just do it.

The son of Mars carefully carried Leo over to Nico and laid them next to each other. For a second he was lost in thought, stroking Nico’s hair and looking at them together. Why did I have to fall in love with them? He thought bitterly.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He leaned over the son of Hades and pressed their foreheads together. Nico’s soft breath brushed against Frank’s lips and he cupped the boy’s face. He wanted to cry. He hated Hypnos and Cupid and all the Gods at that moment because he felt like he was forcing himself on the boys. But there was no other way. Slowly, tenderly, Frank pressed his lips to Nico’s. No matter how much he wanted to prolong the kiss, to wrap the boy up in his arms and kiss him properly, Frank knew he couldn’t, so after two seconds in which his heart stopped to beat he hurriedly pulled away. Nico’s eyes twitched behind his close eyelids and Frank knew he didn’t have much time.

He bent over Leo and kissed him sweetly, gently, and realised painfully that this would be the only time he’d ever get to kiss either of them. Frank got a bit lost in the feeling of Leo’s soft lips against his and when Nico let out a small noise next to him he snapped back, just as the son of Hades’ eyes fluttered open.

“What the...,” Nico looked confused as he sat up, hair mussed, “What happened?”

Frank felt sick again, “Hypnos made you fall asleep.”

“Leo!” Nico’s eyes widened when he saw his passed out boyfriend. He pulled the Latino into his arms, “Leo!” he said desperately and Frank’s heart ached at how worried he sounded. In seconds Leo opened his eyes,

Hola,” he said, baffled. Nico exhaled with relief and kissed Leo, where Frank’s lips had been seconds ago. The son of Mars couldn’t look at them together, “I’m so confused,” Leo mumbled, but smiled. The three of them got up, though Frank didn’t know how long his legs would keep him up. He just wanted to bury himself underneath his blankets in his bunk and never come out.

“Frank, are you okay?” Nico asked, “Did you meet Hypnos?”

“Do you know how to help his kids?” Leo asked, arm slipping around Nico’s waist. Frank turned away from them, his pain turning into numbness. The field they were standing on didn’t have any poppies on it, and they could see a city on the left, and a forest on the right. They were out of Hypnos’ domain.

“Someone has to kiss them,” Frank said quietly, and started walking.

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Do another Connor/Mitchell thing? I don't really care I just want more smut with my favourite non-canon pair. Connor maybe steals a camp car to take Mitchell on a date but the car breaks down and it's raining or something so they have to wait it out and smut happens?
For Molly and makerofaqueen

Image result for blindfolded boys kiss gif

Mitchell and Connor had been dating for almost four months and Connor was so fucking happy he didn’t know what to do with himself sometimes. Mitchell was...well, quite frankly amazing. You wouldn’t think that someone as loud and adventurous as Connor would fall in love with someone as shy and nervous as Mitchell, but he did. Connor had had crushes before, but they were nothing like what he felt for Mitchell. The boy was literally all Connor ever wanted, and that’s why he was so annoyed that stupid Camp rules didn’t let him take Mitchell out on a date. All he wanted was one damn evening where it was just him and Mitch, where they could relax and pretend they weren’t two Demigods in a world of monsters.

That’s why Connor stole the car. Okay, stole might be the wrong word for it, and if you really look at it, it wasn’t even Connor in the first place. It was Piper, who Connor persuaded to persuade some random man on the highway to borrow them his Fiat Tipo for the night while he slept in a hotel. It was for a good cause, after all! Connor had a driver’s license (it was Travis’ but whatever) and he wanted to drive to Port Jefferson and see the new John Wick movie with his boyfriend. So that’s what he did.

At exactly eight o’clock in the evening Connor knocked on the door to the Aphrodite Cabin. He heard giggling on the other side, because of course Mitchell told his siblings that he was finally going on a date. Drew opened the door, smirking.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Romeo,” she leaned on the doorframe and eyed Connor, who was dressed in a t-shirt and his favourite leather jacket, holding a bunch of roses in his hand, “cute outfit. Are the flowers for me?”

“Next time,” Connor joked.

“Mitchie!” Drew yelled, “Shakespeare in Love’s here!”

Shyly, Mitchell appeared next to her. Connor could tell that his sisters had forced him into the clothes he was wearing (a pair of skinny black jeans and a dark red jumper that brought out the golden flecks in his brown eyes) but he thought Mitchell looked adorable, as always. He grinned and presented the boy with the flowers. Mitchell flushed,

“T-Those are for me?” he stuttered. Connor still couldn’t believe that after all the time that he and Mitch have been going out for the boy was still surprised at things like flowers,

“Course,” Connor said as Mitchell carefully took the roses. He was as red as their petals,

“Thank you,” he mumbled, not looking at Connor. The son of Hermes leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Okay, break it up you two!” Drew pulled the flowers from Mitchell’s hands, “I’ll put these in a vase for you, now go on! Before Chiron catches you.” Mitchell smiled and took Connor’s hand. Together they walked off to the Camp borders, “Have fun kids!” Drew yelled after them.


It was coming up to midnight by the time Connor and Mitchell were driving back. Well, Connor was driving, Mitchell was leaning against the cracked open window, hair ruffled by the night wind slipping inside the car, his hand loosely holding Connor’s as they raced down the empty country road.

“Thank you for tonight,” Mitchell said quietly, breaking the comfortable, sleepy silence. Connor smiled and lifted their intertwined hands, kissing Mitchell’s.

“Anything for you.”

“You’re so cheesy sometimes,” Mitchell smiled and closed his eyes, “Also, I can’t believe you stole a car for this.”

“Borrowed, borrowed, Mitchie.”

As if in protest to that statement, the car spluttered and jerked forward.

“What the-,” Connor started and the car repeated the motion. The son of Hermes had time to swerve to the side of the empty road before the car let out a last sigh and died. For a second the two boys sat in the dark silence of the vehicle, “Fuck.”

“What happened?” Mitchell asked, sitting up. Connor undid his seatbelt,

“I have no idea,” he admitted, and slipped out of the car, Mitchell close behind him. He walked to the front of the borrowed car and opened the hood. A cloud of black smoke took to the air, right in Connor’s face. The boy started coughing as it slid down his throat and then turned to Mitchell, who looked scared. Then he cracked his smile, and then started to laugh.

“What?” Connor asked.

“Your face is all sooty,” Mitchell giggled and walked over. He reached up and brushed his thumb over Connor’s lips. It came away black and the son of Aphrodite stood on his tiptoes, kissing him. Connor smiled and reached for his boyfriend but Mitchell pulled back with a sour face,

“You taste weird,” he said, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, “What are we gonna do about your borrowed car?”

Connor sighed and looked at the dark road. In the moonlight he could see the fields on either side, and some houses in the distance. Crickets crick cracked in the grass.

“It’s maybe an hour to camp,” Connor judged, “We can probably walk it,” he offered his hand to Mitchell and the son of Aphrodite slid their fingers together. They started to walk, both of them happy despite the car situation. There was sleepiness about both of them and so it took Connor a moment to realise that it suddenly got weirdly dark. He blinked and looked up at the moon. Except there was no moon – just clouds.

“Fuck,” the boy had time to say before suddenly a sheet of warm summer rain came thundering down onto them. Mitchell squealed and covered his head with his arms but Connor craned his face up and let the water wash away the soot still on his face.

Connor!” Mitchell whined. The son of Hermes turned back to the car and in seconds the two were sprinting down the wet road and back to the broken car. They shoved open the doors and slid into the seats, shutting and locking the doors behind them just as the rain really picked up, smashing down onto the vehicle and running down the windows. Connor and Mitchell sat and caught their breaths.  

“Wasn’t that eventful?” Conor grinned and brushed his wet hair from his face.

“The universe really is against us,” Mitchell sighed.

“Or is it?” Connor winked and then tugged his jacket off, his t-shirt quickly following. Mitchell’s eyes widened,

“What are you doing?”

“Getting out of my wet clothes,” Connor said innocently, undoing his belt, “I don’t want to get sick.”

“But it’s cold,” Mitchell said as Connor slid his jeans off, leaving him in just his boxers, which were relatively dry.

“We can cuddle for warmth,” the son of Hermes said cheekily, tugging a reluctant Mitchell over to his seat and pulling him into his lap. He shivered when the wet material of the boy’s jumper brushed against his chest and quickly pulled it over the boy’s head.

“You’re such a dick,” Mitchell mumbled. Connor kissed him.

“Shh,” he whispered. Now it was Mitchell’s turn to shiver, and he hugged himself,

“It’s cold,” he complained. Connor paid him no mind, undoing the top button of his pants and helping the boy out of them, “What now?” Mitchell asked. Connor wrapped his arms around the cold, trembling boy and pressed him against his chest. He slid their lips together, kissing Mitchell with a kind of urgency. The boy’s lips were warm against Connor’s and it was nice since everything else was cold. It took only a kiss and he was already hard because...well, because it was Mitchell. The son of Aphrodite’s hands tangled in Connor’s hair, pulling him closer.

“Backseat?” he whispered against Connor’s mouth. The boy grinned and bit at Mitchell’s bottom lip,

“Yeah,” he said, unwounding his arms from around his boyfriend. Mitchell climbed into the backseat and Connor followed him quickly. The leather seat was cold but Connor was intent on warming it up quickly. He pulled Mitchell down by the legs, so the boys was laying down across the seats. He was short enough that he only had to slightly bend his legs before his feet pressed against the window, but the position was perfect for Connor to get between his thighs.

Mitchell pulled Connor down by his Camp necklace, pressing their lips together again insistently. Their tongues rubbed against each other and Mitchell panted against Connor’s mouth when the boy’s hand went between his legs to rub at the bulge in his underwear.

“I can’t believe we’re about to do i-it in a car,” Mitchell mumbled. Connor kissed his boyfriend’s cheek,

“Any objections?” he asked. In reply Mitchell just tugged Connor’s underwear down, and the son of Hermes decided to return the favour. He licked up Mitchell’s neck and the younger boy whimpered, wrapping his hand around both their hard cocks. His hand was too small to go all the way around them but Connor didn’t mind as the boy started to stroke. The son of Hermes buried his face in Mitchell’s neck and groaned against his skin, biting gently at his skin. The precum leaking out of Connor’s member made it easier for Mitchell to stroke them and for a moment Connor just lost himself in the other boy, kissing everywhere he could reach; his shoulder, his jaw, just behind his ear. When he felt familiar warmth in his stomach he batted Mitchell’s hand away and pulled back.

Mitchell was flushed, eyes half lidded, his slightly damp hair falling onto his forehead. A part of Connor wanted to come all over the boy’s pale chest, to debauch him even more than he already was. It was warm in the car now, the windows steaming up as the rain continued to pound the roof.

“Still cold?” Connor whispered, pushing Mitchell’s legs open even more. The son of Aphrodite shook his head. Connor didn’t have any lube (idiot, should’ve thought of that) so he pushed his fingers inside Mitchell’s mouth. The son of Aphrodite didn’t protest, closed his eyes and sucked on the digits. Connor fought a groan at the sight and regretfully pulled his fingers free, but he decided that seeing Mitchell’s back arch when he pushed them inside the boy was an even better sight. Connor had seen it already a dozen times but he didn’t think he’d ever get tired of it.

Mitchell cried out when Connor slid into him after just a few minutes of hurried preparation.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” the boy babbled as he bottomed out in his boyfriend. He just couldn’t wait. Mitchell did weird things to him – like Connor was unable to control his body, his instincts. The feelings he had for Mitchell were so strong that sometimes Connor wondered if Mitchell was using his Aphrodite powers, though he doubted it. He had fancied the boy long before they started dating.

“C-Connor,” Mitchell whimpered. There was little space on the car seat so Connor was extra careful as he slid out of his boyfriend and pushed back in. He didn’t want them to slip off. His breath came out shuddery as he started to slowly thrust, Mitchell’s tight hole gripping at him. The boy below him let out a tiny moan every time Connor slid into him, and as the son of Hermes’ thrusts sped up he let out a moan every time he slid out as well, until Connor was pounding him and Mitchell was moaning with abandon.

“Ah...f-fuck...fuck,” Mitchell never swore, unless they were having sex, and Connor found that weirdly arousing, “h-harder...nghh....,” Connor impaled him over and over, the car filling with the sound of skin slapping on skin. Everything was wet and hot and hard and pleasure was rapidly building up inside Connor with every wild thrust inside Mitchell.

“I’m gonna come,” he groaned as he sped up. Mitchell whimpered and wrapped his hand around his cock, which was bouncing against his stomach, but once again Connor batted his hand away and started to stroke the boy in time with his thrusts. It was over very fast after that – Connor pulled out of Mitchell and came all over his stomach and chest and the boy followed suit with a shaky moan.

Connor felt a tiredness settle over him as he came down from his high. It was late, he wanted to sleep, but instead he was stranded in the middle of nowhere. He reached for his jeans and tugged them on, and wiped his come off of Mitchell with his shirt. The two got dressed and then Connor pulled Mitch back into his lap.

“I love you,” he whispered against the boy’s hair. Mitchell snuggled up against his chest,

“Love you too,” he said, and then he was asleep. Connor stroked his hair and pulled out his phone.

“Hello?” Travis was, unsurprisingly, still awake.

“Yo,” Connor whispered, “The car broke down. Please come get us?”

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Could you do a successful Will and homeless Nico AU in which Will takes Nico in and takes care of him??
For MsJackson53

Image result for new york skyline gif

Will was tired as he walked out onto the busy street after the evening at the hospital. Sometimes he hated the fact that he was a private doctor and missed the nights down at the GP where he would go out with the fellow doctors and nurses after work, but then this job paid better, and Will supposed that was good. It meant he could buy his mom her dream house, and could give money to all the people that had helped him in life. And he wasn’t eighteen anymore, he couldn’t live in one room...he was twenty seven and his condo was very comfortable and very expensive and very lonely.

Will was lost in thought as he turned down a dark alleyway. A dog barked somewhere in the distance but the doctor didn’t pay attention. He just wanted to get to where he parked his car, hop in and drive home. Maybe he could catch up on, most likely Will would have just enough energy to shower and then collapse onto his luxurious double bed. His lonely, cold, luxurious double bed.

A police siren wailed somewhere far, far away and Will looked up. He could see the alley’s end, where the streetlamps cast an ugly orange glow on the pavement. A figure was walking hurriedly towards him and Will tensed, before realising it was just some kid. He was a good head shorter than Will, and skinny as a stick. Not a threat then. Not wanting to scare or intimidate him, the doctor stuck to one side of the alleyway and looked down at the ground when he passed by the boy.

By chance he saw the dash of movement at his side, and a barely-there tug on his coat pocket. Will’s years in highschool as a boxer kicked in and he whirled around, grabbing the boy by the wrist before his hand could disappear back into the pocket of his tattered hoodie. In surprise the kid dropped Will’s wallet and it landed on the ground. His face was shadowed by his hood but Will could feel his eyes on him, could sense his fear.

“A pickpocket,” he said icily. The boy tried to wrench his wrist free but Will held fast, “What’s your name?” he barked, “Where are your parents?”

“I’m twenty one,” the boy growled. He had a voice full of anger, but of hurt as well.

“I’m calling the police,” Will reached for his phone, and the boy’s entire demeanour changed.

“No!” he said suddenly, his shoulders slumping, “No d-don’t do that-“

“You tried to steal my wallet,” Will deadpanned.

“I’m just hungry.”

“Yeah right,” Will snorted, “you’re probably some cocaine addict, and you wanted to spend my money on drugs.”

“I don’t do drugs!” the boy said. Will finally let go of his wrist,

“Alcohol then,” he said, and suddenly felt bad for judging the kid. Maybe he really was hungry. Will sighed and pushed his phone back into his pocket, leaning down to pick up his wallet, “Why are you out here?” he asked, softer now. It wasn’t his fault he had a big heart, “It’s late and cold.”

The boy shrugged and shoved his hands into his pockets, “So?”

“Don’t you have somewhere to sleep?” Will felt a pang in his chest. The boy didn’t say anything for a moment, his pride clearly too strong, but eventually he just shook his head slightly. Will knew he shouldn’t have asked the next question, but he felt sorry for the kid, and he always liked helping people.

“Would you like to come home with me?” he said softly, even though he knew the kid would probably steal all the nice things from his condo anyway.

“Oh?” the boy seemed amused, “do you mean do I want to suck your cock somewhere other than this dirty alley?” Will’s stomach twisted with disgust, “Or do you want to fuck me too? Have no condoms on you, is that it? I mean fair enough I wouldn’t fuck me without protection either-“

“I don’t want to sleep with you,” Will snapped, regretting his offer, “No offence but streetrats aren’t really my types. Look, all I was offering you was some food and a couch you can sleep on. I’m a doctor, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Forget I ever asked,” he turned away from the boy and continued on his way, feeling frustration and a bit of anger knot itself in his already tense shoulders.

He almost made it out of the alleyway when he heard footsteps following him. Surprised, Will glanced over his shoulder and saw that indeed the thief was close behind him, head hung low and dragging his feet.


“This is fancy,” the thief was looking at the wall above Will’s fireplace, where all of his certificates were framed. The blonde pulled a face,

“My mother insisted on framing them.”

He watched the kid closely, pretending it was to make sure that he didn’t steal anything, when actually he was just taking him in. Despite saying he was twenty one the boy still looked barely legal. He also didn’t look that well. His black hair was long and shaggy, framing his pale, sunken, sallow face. There were scarily dark circles underneath his equally dark eyes, and streaks of dirt down his cheeks. He was dressed in multiple layers of tattered clothes. Overall he looked like a mess, and Will was curious as to how he ended up that way. 

“You still haven’t told me your name,” the blonde said. The kid glanced at him over his shoulder,

“Neither have you,” he said with a shrug.

“It’s Will. Will Solace,” he would’ve stuck his hand out but he had a feeling the kid didn’t like physical contact, which was confirmed when he shoved his hands into the pockets of his hoodie,

“I’m Nico.”

“No last name?” Will guessed but Nico didn’t reply, instead continuing to circle the condo, taking in the massive floor to ceiling windows showing the New York skyline at night, the modern leather couches surrounding a low glass coffee table, the kitchen that was only separated from the spacious living room by a half counter. Will tried not to flinch as he trailed mud onto his fluffy white carpets.

“Look,” Will said, and Nico stopped in his tracks to look at him, “You can stay here tonight, on the couch or I have a guest bedroom upstairs. I’ll give you some clean clothes and’re hungry, right?” the boy nodded hesitantly, “so yeah, we can do that. Um, also...if you wouldn’t mind I’d just like to check you for any injuries? Sorry, I’m just a doctor and-“

“What do you want in return?” the boy interrupted. Will blinked.


Nico snorted humourlessly, “Right, so you’re just doing it out of the goodness of your heart?” when Will didn’t protest that Nico’s eyes widened, “Shit you’re serious.”

“Is a little human kindness so unexpected?” the doctor asked softly. Nico looked away,

“In my world, yes.”

Will sighed, “This doesn’t mean I trust you. Come upstairs, I’ll get you some clothes.”

They walked up the glass staircase to the equally modern second floor of the condo. When they walked into Will’s bedroom the blonde could tell that Nico was getting overwhelmed. Here there was another massive window, showing the traffic far, far below and the light of the city at night. Will flipped on the light and went into his walk in closet. He didn’t know why he even bothered with such a ‘fancy’ place – he had been equally as happy (or unhappy) in a tiny flat in Brooklyn.

“This should fit,” Will re-emerged after some rummaging and was pleased to see Nico hadn’t run with any of his valuables but was still standing where Will left him, staring at his reflection in the window. Will held out the pile of clothes at an arm’s length and Nico took them slowly, careful not to touch him. Will knew that people from the street often didn’t like to be touched and that they had traumatic experiences in the past. From the crude way Nico talked about sex Will assumed it was no different for him.

He led the boy to the bathroom and then instructed him to sit at the edge of the Jacuzzi bathtub. There was also a shower cabin in the spacious bathroom, and honestly Will preferred it to the bathtub.

“Okay,” he reached into a cupboard and pulled out a first aid kit, “Do you mind taking your shirt...s off?” he asked, “only if you’re comfortable.”

Nico shrugged and started to strip. His dirty hoodie ended up on the tile floor, joined quickly by a jumper, a long sleeved shirt and another t-shirt. By the time the boy was in just a tank top Will could already see the bruises blooming across his collarbone and shoulder. When Nico was completely topless Will knelt in front of him. He was freakishly skinny, all of his bones pressing up against his pale skin. There was also a mess of purple, green and yellow bruises going down his left side, and what looked like a fairly new cut on his other side. It was badly cleaned up and the skin around it was angry red.

“Who did that?” Will asked, opening the first aid kid and trying not to let his face show just how worried he was.

“The bruises were the price I had to pay the last time someone offered me a bed to sleep in,” Nico sounded casual, as if he was talking about some stranger and not himself, “the cut was what I got after I took some money from him.”

“Took or stole?” Will raised an eyebrow though his heart was pounding.

“Same difference.”

“Right,” the blonde cleared his throat awkwardly, “Do you...mind if I touch you?”

“Whatever you need, doc,” Nico said. Will was starting to understand that his tone wasn’t casual after all. It was numb. When he looked up at Nico the boy was looking right ahead, his jaw tight. He was scared.

“Hey,” Will said gently, standing up, “Relax. Why don’t you take a shower first? Then I’ll wash your cut and bandage it up, sound good?”

Nico blinked then looked up at him hesitantly, then looked away, “Yeah.”

Will left to give him some privacy. He didn’t really know what to do with himself so he went to his bedroom and switched the light off. When he heard the shower turn on he ventured downstairs and opened the fridge, pulling a face when he realised it was practically empty. He needed to go grocery shopping soon. The blonde pulled out his phone and ordered a whole load of Chinese takeout from his favourite place, not really knowing what Nico wanted. He then went to the guest bedroom and made sure the sheets were fresh and that there was nothing to steal in that room. The shower turned off.

“Nico?” Will knocked on the bathroom door, “You decent?”

“Yeah,” came the slightly muffled reply. Will opened the door and stepped into the bathroom and almost screamed. Nico stood in the middle of the bathroom, drying his wet hair with a towel, stark naked. Will whirled around slapping a hand over his eyes,

“What the fuck?!” he demanded.

“What?” Nico asked innocently.

“I asked if you were decent!”

“Oh. I thought you wanted me naked.”

“Only topless!” Will sighed, “So I can look at your cut. Jesus, can you put some pants on please?”

He heard shuffling that meant that Nico was complying. After a few seconds Will slowly turned around and peeked at the boy from behind his fingers. The kid looked unimpressed, eyebrow raised and arms folded over his naked chest. At least he had on a pair of sweatpants. Will exhaled.

“Okay,” he said, and then stopped for a second, his eyes focusing on Nico’s face. The boy’s hair was still a little damp, and brushed behind his ears. All the dirt had been scrubbed from his face and his cheeks were flushed from the hot shower, making him look actually alive. Only now Will noticed that he was actually quite attractive, “Uh...s-sit down please.”

Nico did as he was told and Will knelt in front of him with the kit again. The kid seemed a lot more at ease after his shower, but he still flinched when Will gently touched him on the side, right by the cut.

“It’s okay.”

“Your hands are cold,” Nico said, trying to explain the flinch. Will nodded as if he believed him and then delved into his kit. Nico had successfully washed his cut in the shower but Will still had to disinfect it. He poured some disinfectant onto a cotton pad,

“This might sting a bit,” he warned, and then pressed the cotton pad to the cut. Nico tensed, hissed in pain and his hand shot forward to grip at Will’s shoulder. The blonde was surprised at the sudden touch but didn’t move away. He finished disinfecting as quickly as he could, “Now I’ll put some cream on it, okay? To help it heal.”

“I’m not a child you don’t have to explain everything to me,” Nico growled. Will sighed and picked out the cream, gently rubbing it against the heated skin. Nico shivered at how cold it is but bore through it. Finally Will pulled out some bandages and, careful to touch Nico as little as possible, wrapped it around the boy’s middle, securing a gauze to the cut.

“There, all done,” he said, standing up and putting the kit away, washing his hands in the sink. Nico watched him, biting his lip, and tucked a piece of escaped hair behind his ear, “Do you want a hair band?” Will asked, pulling one out of the cupboard and offering it to the boy. Nico eyed it,

“Is it your girlfriend’s?” he asked, taking it. Will smiled,

“Nope, it’s my sister’s. I don’t have a girlfriend,” he said. Nico froze and stared at him,

“You’re kidding me.”

“What?” Will was confused.

“But you’re so...,” he gestured at Will vaguely and then looked away. The doctor couldn’t tell if he was still flushed from the shower, or just blushing, “Nevermind,” he said eventually, quickly tying his hair into a bun at the nape of his neck.

The doorbell rang, “That’s probably the food,” Will said, waiting for Nico. The boy grabbed the too-big shirt that the blonde gave him and tugged it over his head. Together they went downstairs and Will opened the door, collected the food and paid.

In minutes the two were sitting cross-legged at the coffee table with a dozen different boxes of food in front of them. Will was watching, amused, as Nico stuffed his face.

“Slow down,” he said, “or you’ll get sick.”

“m fine,” Nico mumbled with his mouth full. Will’s smile widened and he glanced at the clock and blanched. It was late – really late.

“Shit, I have work tomorrow,” he told Nico, “so I’m gonna go to sleep.”

“Okay,” Nico looked regretfully at the food still left and Will felt bad.

“Finish eating. The guest bedroom is right next to mine. I’m going to leave early tomorrow when you wake up please go, okay?” Will felt weird asking. Nico wasn’t looking at him, “I’ll leave you some money on the kitchen counter-“

“No,” Nico said, “I don’t want your money.”

“Right,” Will said awkwardly, “Goodnight then.”

He was halfway up the stairs when Nico called out.



A pause.

“Thank you.”


All day at work Will couldn’t concentrate, thinking about the bizarre encounter the night before. Whenever he tried to fill out paperwork for his patients Nico’s face kept flashing in his head. Has he left yet? Will wondered, What’s he doing now? Maybe he’s off stealing again...maybe someone’s forcing him to have sex to pay for food...Will regretted telling him to leave. That morning he had checked the guest bedroom to see if the boy had left, and instead found a dark haired angel buried underneath the blankets, face slack and relaxed, eyelashes dark against his cheeks, hair escaping his bun and framing his face.

“What’s up?” Rachel, Will’s co-worked, asked, “You’re really out of it today.”

“It’s nothing,” Will lied, though of course it was everything. Helping kind of flipped Will’s world upside down, threw him off his axis. When Will finally left work after dark he found himself praying that for some stupid, stupid reason Nico was still at his flat. Of course he knew that wasn’t true – he made it pretty clear that he had wanted Nico gone the previous night. What was the point of feeding him and giving him a bed to sleep in for one night? It didn’t change anything. Will wanted to properly help him. It looked like it was too late though, and it looked like Will would spend Friday night moping around about what could’ve been.

When Will slipped into the shortcut alleyway between the hospital and the parking lot he almost thought he was hallucinating when he saw a figure curled up against the wall, face buried in his arms, which rested against his knees.

“Nico?” Will whispered, barely audibly, and then repeated louder, “Nico.”

He dropped to his knees next to the boy and recognised that it was, in fact, Nico, still wearing Will’s clothes underneath his dirty hoodie. He was asleep. Hesitantly Will shook him by the shoulder and the boy woke up with an almost violent start, his eyes widening when he saw Will. He just stared at him for a good minute,

“Will?” he whispered eventually. The doctor had to fight a smile,

“Hey. You’re back here again.”

Nico swallowed, “What are you doing here?”

“I always come this way,” Will stood up and offered Nico a hand, which the boy hesitantly took, allowing Will to pull him to his feet. For a second they stood in the alleyway, holding hands, and then Nico pulled away.

“I-I didn’t take anything of yours,” Nico said shakily.

“I know,” Will said, though he didn’t. He supposed he just trusted the boy, “Need a place to sleep?”

“You told me to go.”

“I know. I didn’t mean that. You can stay as long as you want...we’ll figure something out.”


On Saturday morning Will took Nico to a small French cafe for breakfast. It felt good to spend money on someone, and Will had the urge to pamper Nico as much as he could. The boy looked a little out of place in the cafe with his oversized clothes and skinny frame, but Will was happy to see him eat four croissants, one after the other, barely having time to breathe. It was a bright, sunny spring morning and people cycled past the sun filled streets. It was peaceful.

“We need to get you some clothes,” Will said after he paid for breakfast and he and Nico were walking up to the shopping centre. The boy balked,

“No. I don’t need them. You’ve already-“

“Please,” Will said, looking over at him, “I want to do this for you. Please let me.”

Nico looked down at his feet and shoved his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants, “Whatever,” he grumbled and Will smiled. He could tell that the boy was a little embarrassed though pleased too.

Shopping took them up until the afternoon. Will bought Nico a few nice shirts, a few pairs of trousers, a new jacket, shoes, all the shebang. Then he persuaded the boy to get ice cream with him and dragged him for a walk in the park. They ate and walked down the little pathways as birds chirped in the trees.

“So, tell me about yourself,” Will asked.

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” Nico rebuked.

“Well,” Will was determined to coax Nico out of his shell, “I have three brothers and a sister.”

“That’s a lot of siblings,” Nico said, “all fancy doctors like you?”

Will rolled his eyes, “No. My oldest brother, Lee, is a summer camp counsellor most of the time, and a PE teacher for the rest of the year. Michael, he’s a year older than me, has um...let’s say anger issues. He’s been done for drugs a couple times as a teenager but now has a wife, two kids and drives buses,” Nico was listening attentively, eyes trained on Will, “My younger brother Austin’s your age. He’s technically my half brother but whatever, I consider him fully family. He’s a marine on a ship and I only get to see him a couple of times a year. Kayla’s still at college, and she does hairdressing.”

“I...I didn’t think your family would be so...diverse,” Nico mumbled. Will smiled sheepishly,

“Okay, your turn.”

Nico exhaled, “Two sisters. Hazel’s younger than me and she’s still at Uni.”

“Doing what?”

“I...I don’t really know. We don’t keep in touch.”

“Oh...what about your other sister?”

“She...s-she passed away,” Nico stopped eating his ice cream and it started to drip on the pavement as they walked. Will felt uncomfortable but at the same time he wanted to comfort the other boy, though he didn’t know how. He couldn’t even imagine losing any of his siblings.

“I’m sorry-,” he started.

“No,” Nico snapped. Then his voice softened, “Please...I....just don’t say you’re sorry. It sounds fake.”

“Right,” Will said, and fought the urge to say sorry.


Two weeks passed in relative peace and Will was happy. He liked having someone to come home to. Nico sighed up for some online courses to finish the degree he started two years prior and even got a part time job (surprisingly) at the cafe where they had breakfast during their first Saturday together. Nico looked healthier, he filled out a bit, and he seemed happier too. Will never thought he’d get along with someone so different and yet he did. Nico was sarcastic, funny and adorable in a way that made Will’s heart twist uncomfortably in his chest. He was starting to be scared of what he was feeling for the boy, and he was even more afraid of the future – because he knew Nico couldn’t just continue living with him forever, as much as Will wanted that.

The boy earned minimum wage and Will insisted that he save up the money instead of paying the bills. But he knew that the wonderful, comfortably arrangement would soon come to an end when he saw in his laptop’s history that Nico was searching for cheap flats.

He just didn’t expect it to happen like that.

Will came home after a very long day at work. All he wanted was to reheat the delicious spaghetti Nico made the previous night and curl up on the couch, preferably with the boy, and watch some Netflix.

“I’m home!” Will called as he opened the door and stepped into...the dark apartment. He frowned and listened but there was just silence in the condo. Will flipped the lights on, “Nico?” he called, but the boy didn’t reply. Will checked every room in the house but the boy was nowhere to be seen and honestly Will was starting to panic – if Nico went out to the shops or anywhere he always texted Will, but there were no messages from him now.

Will found the answer in the guest bedroom. Folded on Nico’s bed were all the clothes that the blonde bought him, alongside his phone and two envelopes. In one of them Will found a wad of cash that Nico earned in the cafe, and in the other a letter. He swallowed and held the piece of paper in his trembling hands as he read.


I’m leaving. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t live like this.

I’m sorry.


Just that, written in the middle of the crumpled paper. No address, no number, no nothing. Will couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Nico was gone. He ran out and searched the places they usually went to – the cafe, the coffee shop, but they were all closed for the night and Nico was not there. In his fit of hysteria Will got into his car and drove to the parking lot where he parked for work. He stumbled to the alleyway. It was empty.

Will didn’t think it would hit him this hard – Nico leaving. He slid down the dirty wall, buried his face in his hands, and started to cry.


Nico plagued his thoughts even though Will was trying to come to terms with the fact that he’d never see him again. It wasn’t working – he kept thinking he saw the boy in his tattered hoodie in a crowd, or that he’d be waiting for him at home when Will came back. The doctor couldn’t stand going through the shortcut alleyway anymore, and maybe that’s why he met Nico again.

Will finished work late again, and the streets were dark and empty. It was surprisingly cold so Will shoved his chin into his chest and pulled his hood up. He took the long route to the car park and all he could think about was the warmth of his condo, and the warmth of Nico’s smile...

“You better give me the fucking money!” a voice snapped. Will looked up and saw that a few steps away there was a fight. A boy was sitting on the pavement, hands up in surrender while another boy hovered over him with a...gun, in his hand. Will’s blood ran cold and he should’ve turned around but instead he sped up.

“I’m sorry!” the boy on the ground was sobbing, “I’ll get it to you-“

Will heard the click of his gun, “You’re done for.”

He suddenly understood why there was a sudden horribly hollow feeling in his gut. It wasn’t because of the gun. It was because it was-


The boy’s head snapped up just the way his voice had a second ago. For a split second his face was unrecognizable to Will – his hair was hidden beneath his hood, his brows drawn to give him a dark look. There was a new, shallow cut on his jaw. He looked rough, and he looked dangerous. And then his expression shifted. His eyes widened, his face relaxed, his lips parted and he let out a shaky breath. His hand started to lower but then remained raised.

“Will,” he couldn’t sound quite cold. Will felt sick.

“What are you doing?” he whispered. Nico turned his face away.

“Business,” he said icily as the boy on the ground trembled.

“Give me the gun, Nico.”

The boy laughed, “No way in hell, doc. If I were you I’d get out of here before I stop being so friendly.”


“I said get out of here,” Nico snapped. Will didn’t feel like fighting. He felt betrayed. This man pointing a gun at a sobbing boy was not the same person that watched Disney movies on his couch, wrapped up in blankets, waiting for him to come home.

Will turned on his heel and strode away. He walked down the alley to his car.


It was late, and Will sat on his couch, looking at the box of Chinese takeaway getting cold in front of him. He didn’t feel like eating. He didn’t feel like anything. That morning he called in sick to work because he couldn’t stand walking down the streets and bumping into Nico. The boy he had fallen in love with. The boy he still loved, despite what he saw.

There was a knock on the door.

Will frowned and looked up and then got up. It was probably Rachel, wanting to check why he wasn’t at work. The blonde didn’t feel like talking to anyone but he was too nice to leave Rachel hanging so he dragged himself to the door and opened it.

“I-,” he started and then froze. In front of him, wet from the evening rain, was Nico. There were tears in his eyes and he looked as sweet and adorable as Will was used to. Before he could speak, the boy barrelled himself at Will, wrapping his arms around the man’s middle and pressing his face against his shoulder, “N-Nico?” Will asked, startled.

“I’m s-sorry,” the boy whispered shakily, clinging onto Will tighter as if scared that the blonde would push him away, “I’m s-so s-sorry...”

Hesitantly Will wrapped one arm around Nico’s waist, using the other one to smooth down Nico’s damp hair. A wall of emotions flooded him and his knees almost gave out in relief.

“It’s good to see you,” he murmured, feeling like his heart was too big for his chest. He carefully drew the boy into his condo, closing the door behind them. He thought Nico was shaking because of the cold, but then he realised that the boy was crying. He was clinging onto Will, and crying, “Nico,” the blonde said softly, feeling his heart break.

“I-I’m sorry...,” Nico said again, and a sob ripped from his throat. Will pulled him away from himself. The boy’s eyes were red and wet, and a tear spilled down his cheeks. Will brushed it away with the back of his hand, then tucked a piece of his hair behind his ear. Nico caught his hand before the blonde could pull it back and pressed it against his cheek, “I threw the gun a-away,” he whispered, “I-I promise...”

“I thought you wouldn’t come back,” Will whispered, his other hand coming to cup Nico’s other cheek.

“It was hard,” Nico sniffled, “I felt out of p-place. Like a burden. I was s-so used to being on t-the streets...I wanted to b-be better, b-but...that guy owed m-me money a-and I thought i-if I had money...I thought i-if I made something o-of myself then maybe...,” he trailed off and looked down. His eyelashes were clumped with tears.

“Maybe what?” Will asked gently, though he already had a pretty good idea.

“Maybe you’d fall in love with me.”

Will swallowed, “Do you know how scared I was?” he whispered and Nico looked up at him, “When you left me? I was so...I just wanted you back here,” one of his hands slid from Nico’s face and he wrapped an arm around Nico’s waist, pulling him closer. He stroked the boy’s cheek with his other hand, “I don’t care if you have money, or if you’ve come from nothing. I know I said streetrats aren’t my type are. I just want you here, with me, for always.”

“I love you,” Nico said brokenly.

“I love you too,” Will said and then he kissed Nico and it felt like everything finally made sense.

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Could you do a Lukercy Hogwarts au where Luke is a Slytherin and Percy as a Hufflepuff?
For Ionlydrinkpurpletea32

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Luke Castellan, now officially a Slytherin prefect, knew that Potions in his seventh year would be a pain in the behind when Professor Akhlys came into the classroom during the first day with an evil smile on her pale, sunken face. The classroom, which had been loud up until this point, quietened down. Luke had been relaxed until the Professor came in – instead of having Potions with the wretched Gryffindors, this year they had the subject with Hufflepuffs, who they were the closest with. Before Akhlys came into the dungeons classroom the students had been sitting on each other’s tables, talking about their holiday’s...but of course, all good things came to an end.

“Class,” Akhlys pulled up a cauldron with her stick thin arms and placed it at the head of the classroom. The one good thing about the woman was that she was very practical, and hated theory lessons. She was also known for enjoying to brew poisons, but that was besides the point, “This term is full of interesting potions that you will all be unable to do correctly anyway, but of course you can try,” her eyes scanned the classroom. Luke, as always, was lounged at the back, bored, “I will put you into pairs that you will be in until Christmas. I hope you love teamwork,” her smile grew thin, her eyes narrowed, “because your final practical grade will depend on the other person. You pass – you pass together. You fail – you fail together.”

Some people let out groans.

“Well can we at least pick our own pairs?” Hazel Levesque from Hufflepuff asked, holding up her hand. Akhlys snorted,

“Oh that’d be too easy,” with a wave of her wand a piece of parchment floated over from her desk. She cleared her scratchy throat and continued hoarsely, “Nakamura and Ng you’re together,” the two sighed and switched seats to sit next to each other as Akhlys continued to read names, “Stoll – no not you Travis – and McLean. Yew and Walker-,” before she could continue the door to the classroom burst open.

“Sorry I’m late!” Percy Jackson exclaimed, his Hufflepuff scarf tangled around his shoulders. Luke let out a breath through his nose. Of course Percy would be in his Potions class – it made sense. The two just...they had history.

“Jackson,” Akhlys said icily, “What makes you think you can just storm in here like that? You privileged little boy sit down,” Percy sheepishly made his way to an empty seat next to Thalia Grace, “No Jackson!” he Professor wailed, “You are with Castellan!”

Percy groaned, and then shuffled over to Luke. He looked already tired.

“You alright Perce?” Luke grinned at him.

“Let’s keep the talking to a minimum, Castellan,” Percy sighed and sat down as Akhlys continued reading the names.

“Oh it’s Castellan now, eh?” The classroom filled with the sound of benches scraping the ground and people changing seats and Percy didn’t reply, “C’mon don’t you think we should at least try to get along?” Luke elbowed Percy in the ribs playfully. The boy shuffled away from him,

“After what you pulled on my last year in Quidditch?”

“Look, I didn’t mean to knock you off your broom-,” Luke said, for what seemed like a thousandth time,

“Well you did. And I was stuck in the infirmary for three days,” Percy crossed his arms over his chest, “So excuse me if I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Luke sighed. He knew it would be like that. He and Percy were best friends, despite being in different houses, until the end of last year when Luke accidentally knocked Percy off his broom, causing him to break an arm and a leg. For some reason Percy seemed to think it was on purpose and broke off their friendship. Luke didn’t feel like sitting next to a grudge holding twat all year. Maybe you can try and fix everything...his brain told him. A part of him really missed having Percy in his life, and he didn’t understand why the boy got so mad over an accident.

Well, you have until Christmas to figure it out.


As long as he thinks it’s because of the Quidditch thing, everything will be fine, Percy told himself as a week after the start of school he and the rest of his fellow Hufflepuffs flooded the dungeons, on their way to Potions. Percy dreaded having to sit next to Luke for the two hours but there wasn’t much he could do – there was no arguing with Professor Akhlys.

The blonde looked as gorgeous as always despite the gloom of the dungeons. He was resting his chin on his hand, absentmindedly staring at the front of the class, swirling his wand in his hand. The candles in the holders were reflecting dimly of his sandy coloured hair, which looked perfect paired with his silver and green tie. Percy swallowed hard and forced himself to be nonchalant as he went and sat down next to his ex-best friend turned crush.

“Hey,” Luke smirked at him. Percy’s gut clenched but he didn’t have to say anything because Professor Akhlys walked in.

“Hello class,” she had her signature today you all die smile in place, “Let’s not beat around the bush and get right down to it,” she gestured at the blackboard and a recipe started writing itself out, “Today we will be looking at Felix Felicis. Can anybody told me what that is?” A few people hesitantly lifted their hands up, “Mr Fletcher.”

“It’s the luck potion...right?” he said uncertainly. Akhlys sighed,

“Yes. Unfortunately that’s exactly what it is – Liquid Luck. It will aid you with whatever task you’re trying to tackle – suicide, murder, misery. Anything really,” she gestured to a dark door at the end of the classroom, “The supply stores have everything you need, the instructions are on the board. Between now and Christmas we will do four potions. You need to successfully brew at least two of those to pass my class. You have two hours.”

Everyone threw themselves at the door to the store, along with Luke and Percy. The latter got stuck between the Stoll brothers, and the rest of the pushing mass. He tried to make it to the front but it wasn’t really working.

“I’ve got it!” Luke had a basket full of ingredients in his arms and he grabbed Percy by the wrist, pulling him out of the crowd. The boy felt a shock go through him at Luke’s touch and he quickly wrestled his hand back, hoping that he wasn’t blushing. The blonde gave him a weird look, shook his head, and went back to their work bench. Percy was barely aware of what he was doing, still hyperventilating a bit at Luke’s touch. He methodically juiced a squill bulb, hands working by themselves.

“Percy! Percy!” Luke waved his hand in front of the boy’s face. Percy blinked at him, “We only need one,” he said, pointing at the three squill bulbs in front of Percy.

“Oh,” the boy said and Luke shook his head fondly,

“Thank Merlin I’m good at Potions or we’d both be screwed.”

“Yeah thank Merlin for you,” Percy rolled his eyes.

“Oh don’t be such a killjoy,” Luke teased, flicking a piece of an Occamy’s eggshell at Percy. The boy just rolled his eyes again, and tried not to look at the other boy too much as they worked.


“Alright you sorry excuse of a class,” Professor Akhlys circled the classroom, peering in people’s cauldron’s, “most of you I can already tell didn’t do this properly-“

“What about ours, Professor?” Drew from Slytherin asked excitedly, a confident smirk on her face. Her partner, Harley, rolled his eyes at the girl. Akhlys peered into their cauldron and wrinkled her nose,

“Yes, it’s gold alright. But where are the droplets leaping from the potion, like the tears of Lucifer after he fell?”

“Eh...not here?” Harley offered.

“Exactly,” Akhlys snapped, and returned to the front of the class with a swirl of her black robes, “I have placed a vial on each of your tables. Ladle some of your potions into the vial. One of the two of you must drink it and then attempt to do something that is very hard, and see if the luck helps.”

“Professor - how will you know if it works and we’re not pretending or something?” Lacy, a quiet Hufflepuff, asked. Akhlys smiled,

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll know.”

“So,” Luke turned to Percy, “me or you?”

“You do it,” Percy said. He didn’t want luck because he knew that the first thing that would come out of his mouth was will you go out with me? And then Luke would have to say yes, and then he’d know all about Percy’s feelings and throw them in his face later. Instead he watched as Luke poured the golden potion into their vial and with a cheers motion chugged the whole thing. Several things happened in the class – people started doing things to prove that their potions worked, making a shitload of ruckus while at it.

“Go on...,” Percy looked at Luke, waiting for him to do something. The blonde grinned at him,

“Percy Jackson,” he said formally, “I know I’ve been a bit of a dick, and that I hurt you during that Quidditch game,” Percy felt a pang in his chest. Yeah, Luke hurt him, every time he commented on a girl’s appearance and Percy had to pretend like he didn’t feel it, “but I’m sorry. Now, will you be my friend again?”

Percy wanted to say no. Fuck, he wanted to say no. But Luke looked so hopeful, and he was smiling, and despite everything Percy did miss him. He didn’t know if it was the potion working, or if it was just him.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, “Yeah. Okay.”


The next month was hectic because Akhlys decided to make her class brew the Polyjuice potion. Luke was happy to say that the ice between him and Percy thawed a bit. They couldn’t not get along when they spent so much time over such a complicated potion. The two of them seemed to work without words, moving with each other as they were part of the same person. And finally, after a month of bickering, laughing at each other, and stressing over the potion, it was ready, and they were almost back to normal.

“Now,” Akhlys said, “you better not ruin anything, because Headmaster Chiron will ban the next years from doing this and all the fun of not being your own miserable selves for an hour will be taken away for others,” she clapped her claw like hands, “Alright. Pour the potion into two separate vials and then swap hairs with your partner-“

“Wait!” Drew protested, “We’re gonna look like our partners?!” she gave Harley a disgusted look. Travis Stoll fist pumped the air,

“I get titties!” he said happily while Piper glared at him.

“The effects will only last for an hour, calm down,” Akhlys said, “Now – proceed.”

“Right let’s do this,” Luke pulled a piece of his hair out with a wince and then handed it to Percy. The boy carefully put the piece into his vial. The water shimmered and then turned a bronzy-golden colour.

“Oh. That’s pretty,” Percy said. Somewhere in the back people were crying out as they changed, Drew screamed Ew! Motor oil!

“Here, I need your hair,” Luke leaned in to Percy. The boy’s breath caught in his throat and he tensed. For a second his and Luke’s faces were inches away and Percy almost dropped his vial. Then Luke was pulling back with Percy’s hair in his hand, “Let’s see what colour you are,” he said, dropping it into his own vial. The potion fizzed and then turned aquamarine, like the ocean, with foam at the top, “Pretty. Bottoms up,” Luke clinked his vial against Percy’s and together they downed the Veritaserum. Luke tasted (weirdly) like sunshine and strawberry ice cream. Percy felt tingling in the tips of his fingers.

“Chocolate chip cookies,” Luke said before he crumbled to the ground.


Luke locked himself in the prefect bathroom. At times like this he was thankful that he was a prefect. Luke stripped down quickly, leaving his school robes in a pile on the floor and turning on numerous taps. As the bath tub started to fill up with multi-coloured water and bubbles, Luke finally got up the courage to turn around and look in the mirror. He always wanted to see Percy naked, he didn’t know why, and now he finally (kind of) had the chance.

He just didn’t expect Percy to be so stunning.

The boy was tanned from the summer which complimented his dark hair. Luke was used to his face, and he always thought he was good looking, and now his eyes slid lower. Percy was perfectly muscled, not too much though, and a dark trail of hair led down to his sizeable and annoyingly pretty cock. Luke swallowed hard feeling a heat in his stomach. What if I just...he bit his lip and reached down.


“Amorentia,” Akhlys hissed, standing behind the blue, bubbling potion, “The most powerful love potion of all. It has the aroma of all the things you love,” she urged the students closer, “Come, come, smell it, and know that everything you love will die in the end.”

Percy wasn’t even surprised when the smell hit him. Chocolate chip cookies that reminded him of home, the salty smell of the sea breeze, and Luke. Amorentia smelled like Luke, and that hurt.

“What does it smell like to you?” the blonde whispered, appearing next to Percy. The boy fought a flinch.

“Just chocolate chip cookies and the sea,” he lied.


“Time is up,” Akhlys wailed, “Everyone step away from your cauldrons,” everyone did so, some more sluggishly than other. This time Akhlys didn’t bother trailing between their tables. Outside snow fell, and in a few days everyone was leaving for Christmas, “Veritaserum,” Akhlys said on a happy sigh, “the potion that makes you tell your dirties, darkest secrets-“

“Isn’t it illegal?” Hazel whispered.

“Yes, but the curriculum agreed to seventh years preparing it. Besides, you’ve done it now,” she swept the class and her eyes landed on Lacy who cowered behind her partner, Clarisse, “you asked me at the start how I will know which of you created your potions correctly. This is how. Everyone – drink.”

Percy and Luke exchanged a look at the blonde noted that Percy looked a little panicked. Ever since the polyjuice potion Luke saw Percy in a completely different light...okay, maybe not completely. He always felt vaguely attracted to the Hufflepuff but now he could barely keep his hands off of him.

“Let’s do it,” Luke said, pouring it into a vial.

“I can’t,” Percy said quietly. Luke frowned,

“You have to,” he said, “or you won’t pass,” Percy just shook his head and flinched when Luke tried to pass him his vial, “Hey, it’s okay. We’re all doing it.”

“I-I know it’s just...,” Percy let out a frustrated sigh. Luke didn’t know what was wrong, “Fine. Give it to me,” the boy snatched the vial. Together they drank.

“Now,” Akhlys grinned, “Grace and Levesque how many of your potions were successful?”

“Three,” Thalia said without hesitation, crossing her arms over her chest. Akhlys made a sour face,

“Pass. Stoll and Fletcher?”

“Four,” Travis said.

Other Stoll.”

“Three,” Connor replied.

“Pass,” Akhlys said, “Jackson and Castellan?”

“Three,” Luke said confidently...amorentia hadn’t gone that well. The Professor nodded and checked everyone else and then with some questionable Christmas wishes she dismissed the class. To Luke’s surprise Percy dashed from the class as fast as he could, before Luke could stop him. The Slytherin was worried so he broke away from his housemates and followed where he knew Percy always went – the Great Lake, the closest thing to the sea that reminded Percy of his hometown Brighton.

Sure enough when Luke ventured out into the snow he saw a person in the distance – Percy. The Slytherin hurried towards him, huddling from the cold.

“Percy!” he called and the boy visibly jumped. He got up and dusted the snow off his robes. He wasn’t wearing a coat and was shaking from the cold,

“Not now Luke,” he said and tried to walk past the Slytherin. Luke grabbed him by the arm,

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I-,” Percy started and then slapped his hand over his mouth, muffling something against his palm. He was red, and Luke was worried.

“Hey. You need to tell me what’s wrong,” he said and pulled Percy’s hand from his mouth.

“I love you,” the Hufflepuff blurted. Luke’s eyes widened, “Oh Merlin,” Percy whispered, horrified, and tried to push past the blonde. The Slytherin got past his shock and grabbed Percy by the shoulders, slamming him against the closest tree to stop him from escaping. A load of snow tumbled from the branches and dusted them.


“Please don’t ask me anything,” Percy looked like he was about to cry.

“I have to,” Luke bit his lip, “ this why you stopped being friends with me?”

Percy squeezed his eyes shut and looked away, “Yes.”

“So it had nothing to do with that Quidditch thing?”


“So...wait, let me get this straight,” Luke had to fight a smile, “The reason we stopped being friends was because you fell in love with me?”

“Yes,” Percy said breathlessly, “Now can you shut the fu-,” he didn’t get to finish because Luke crashed their lips together. Percy tried to say something but the blonde didn’t let him, crowding him in against the tree and licking his way into his mouth. Percy gave up the struggle and relaxed in Luke’s grip, allowing the blonde to slip his arms around him and hold him close. When he finally kissed back, trembling and sweet, Luke already had the words at the tip of his tongue. He pulled away and brushed snow from Percy’s hair.

“Merry Christmas,” he said with a grin.

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Dorky blushy teenage virgin Solangelo fluff leading up to them sending nudes bc they're also hella horny
for Alyssa, bailci & GayerThanThou

Image result for night sky gi

Will was away in Wales for the weekend and the thing he missed the most was Nico. No, actually the thing he missed most was the sun but Nico was a close second. The two fifteen year olds have only been dating for a few months, but Will was pretty sure he was in love with the Italian. He knew he was young and inexperienced or whatever but he knew that what he felt for Nico was real, and stronger than anything else he felt before. And most of the time it was wonderful – it was like having your best friend and the love of your life meshed into one. Like they could still play video games but when one of them won they could kiss the other in happiness, or they could still sleep over at each other’s houses but they could also cuddle after dark.

The problem was that the only thing they did was kiss and cuddle, and occasionally make out. Not that Will minded, honestly he didn’t think he was ready to go further anyway, but sometimes he got a bit horny. Like right now. Back in the day Will would watch some good old fashioned porn but since he got with Nico nothing really got him going anymore, except thinking of the Italian. And right now it was pretty bad.

The hotel room smelled weird and it was too dark and quiet for Will’s liking. He was used to the constant glow and pollution of London and being out in the country with nothing but hills, beer and sheep was pretty different. And of course, Nico wasn’t here. Will thought he could handle being away for four days, but it was really getting to him. He was having all these weird dreams about Nico, not all of them sexual, and he found himself always thinking about the boy, no matter what he was doing.

Will sighed, turned over on the bed and tried to sleep but it wasn’t working. Sighing Will pulled his phone out from under his pillow. It was past one in the morning. Will bit his lip, contemplated leaving it, but eventually clicked onto the text message icon. His last conversation with Nico, just a few hours ago, popped up. Hesitantly, Will started to type.

You: r u awake?

He stared at the screen until his eyes hurt. A few minutes passed and Will was about to give up and accept that Nico was asleep when the boy texted back. Will couldn’t help but grin.

Death Boy: i was until you woke me up. Thanks for that.

You: Sorry i just miss u

Death Boy: i know you told me like 4 times

Will bit his lip.

You: Sorry if im annoying. Theres just nothing here but sheep

Death Boy: its ok. I miss you too. A lot. When u getting bck?

You: Monday night

Death Boy: Can i come over then

You: itll be late

Death Boy: i dont mind

You: then yh come :)

Will couldn’t wait until he had Nico in his arms again, warm and cuddling and soft, and smelling like his strawberry shampoo. His heart ached just thinking about him, and how far away he was. Will missed everything about him, even stuff like the dimple on his back, or the beauty mark on his collarbone, stuff he never thought he’d yearn for so much.

Death Boy: Hows wales except for sheep and the shit weather

You: Better if you were here

Will bit his lip.

You: I keep having weird dreams

Death Boy: About?

You: you

Death Boy: oh. Im intrigued

You: dont think u wanna know

Death Boy: i do. What dreams are they

You: stuff

Will’s heart pounded nervously in his chest and he hoped Nico didn’t get freaked out.

Death Boy: ‘sexy stuff’ youre so cute sometimes doc

You: shuup

Death Boy: u can always fuck a sheep

You: ew stop XD

Death Boy: r u acc horny??

You: r u not?

Death Boy: right now or overall

You: both

Death Boy: yes 2 both.

Death Boy: and before u ask we r not having phone sex

You: :( but i miss u

Death Boy: omg ur becoming a fuckboy

You: ur mums a fuckboy

Death Boy: classic

You: what about nudes?

Will knew he was being brave but honestly he was kinda hard and he just needed something. When Nico didn’t reply for a few minutes Will started mentally cursing himself for saying something weird.

You: its cool if u dont want 2

Death boy has sent an attachment.

Will’s heart skipped a beat and with surprisingly shaking hands he clicked the text message icon. Unsurprisingly Nico had sent a nude without warning. Will felt himself grown hard as his eyes skimmed over the image; Nico’s pale, lithe body stretched out on his blankets, cock shyly peeking out from the waistband of his shorts. Will’s hand was inching towards his own shorts so he could wank off, but Nico was faster.

Death boy: uve gone quiet

Shakily, Will typed.

You: you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Death Boy: how cute. Ur turn.

Will smiled.  

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Nico and Will have been dating for a while, a Will is a single father of a 3 year old. He really enjoys the way Nico looks with his daughter (or son idgaf)
for Percico_Nicercy

Image result for little blonde girl gif

“Will?” Nico asked. They were in Italian’s flat, cooking side by side the way they did at least a couple times a week. Will was so used to Nico’s kitchen he moved in there without a second thought.

“Hmm?” the paramedic asked as he stirred the tomato sauce. Nico rested his chin on Will’s shoulder, which was easy for him since he was a quite a bit shorter.

“We’ve been dating for over two years now...,” Nico started.

“Two years and five months,” Will put in automatically.

“Yeah. Didn’t...I was...I was thinking we should move in if you want?”

Will frowned and turned the stove off, turning around and wrapping his arms loosely around Nico’s waist. The Italian leaned into him almost as an instinct. Will searched his face and couldn’t help but think about how much he loved the man in front of him. I need to tell him. He deserves to know.

“I...I don’t know,” Will said. Of course he wanted to move in with Nico but...

“I’ve never even been to your place,” Nico said, “you could have the bodies of your ex-boyfriends buried in the basement for all I know.”

Will sighed and leaned forward, resting his forehead on Nico’s shoulder, “It’s complicated.”

“I love you,” Nico stroked his hair and kissed his temple, “nothing’s gonna change that.”

“I...,” there was a lump in Will’s throat. He knew that he couldn’t continue pretending forever. At the beginning of their relationship Will didn’t think it was important to tell Nico, and as their feelings grew he started getting scared that his boyfriend would leave him if he told the truth. And Will didn’t think he could handle that, “You know what,” the blonde pulled away and tried to smile, “Why don’t you come over tomorrow night?”

He regretted asking the second that Nico smiled brightly and said yes.


“His name is Nico,” Will explained, though he doubted his three year old daughter would remember it for longer than a few minutes anyway. Apolla Solace nodded soberly, her big, blue eyes staring at Will. She looked a lot like him with her pale blonde hair in two braids and a sprinkle of freckles across her tanned cheeks. Will loved her the most in the world. He and her mother had her when they were both nineteen, an accident really, but there had been complications during her birth and her mother didn’t make it. Will thought that he’d never fall in love again, and for a while he was so busy with Apolla and trying to be a good father that he didn’t even notice when he started to get feelings for Nico, the police officer that Will sometimes met at crime scenes. Then it just kind of hit him all at once.

He loved Nico, and he loved Apolla, and he was terrified that he wasn’t allowed to have both of them. Of course if push came to shove Will would give up Nico. His heart would break but Apolla was his kid, and he was responsible for her.

“Do you love him, papa?” Apolla asked. Will exhaled and tugged on his hair,

“Yes, I do,” he looked at her, “is that okay?”

Apolla nodded and grinned happily, showing the gaps between her tiny teeth, “Then I love him too!”

Will smiled and ruffled her hair, “You’re the best, Polls.”

The doorbell rang. Will felt his heart tumble to his chest and he froze. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t tell Nico he had a child, he couldn’t do it-

“Someone’s at the door!” Apolla said and happily got to her feet.

“No!” Will yelled and chased after her but the child had already made it through the flat clattered with toys and pillows and she wrenched the front door open. Will made it to her and scooped her into his arms and came face to face with Nico. The boy was holding a bunch of tulips in one of his hands. His eyes were wide and trained on Apolla for a long moment. The shock in his eyes was making Will feel sick.

“Hello!” Apolla said cheerfully, sticking out her chubby hand, “My name is Apolla and I’m three!”

As if in a trance Nico shook her hand with his free one, “Hello Apolla. I’m Nico.”

“Oh! Nico!” Apolla smiled brightly, “you’re the one papa loves!”

“Apolla why don’t you go finish your picture?” Will asked faintly, setting the girl down. She nodded and ran off and Nico stepped into the flat. Will closed the door behind him and awkwardly cleared his throat.

“These are for you,” Nico still looked shell-shocked as he handed Will the flowers, taking in the living-room full of toys and Apolla’s framed drawings.

“Come to the kitchen?” Will asked, counting it as a win that Nico didn’t run yet. The Italian followed behind him like a ghost and once in the tiny kitchen Will put the flowers in a vase. Then he sighed.

“So...she’s yours?” Nico asked eventually. Will turned around.


“Where’s the mother?” Nico looked hurt, hugging himself. Will hated that he hid this from him.

“, she died,” Will was feeling chocked up. Nico ran a hand down his face,

“Christ, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was scared,” Will whispered, “I was so scared you’d leave me if you knew-“

“Are you insane?!” Nico snapped, “I thought you knew me better than that! I’m not mad that you have a child, shit she’s adorable, but I’m mad that you hid it from me for two years!”

“And five months,” Will said weakly, aware that he wasn’t helping his situation. He could see how furious Nico was, and he hated it. The Italian opened his mouth to continue the fight but then Apolla waddled into the kitchen and the man stopped himself.

“What is it sweetie?” Will asked, shoulders slumping.

“I wanted to show Nico my picture!” Apolla said proudly and turned to the confused Italian, “Nico can I show you ma picture?”

To Will’s surprise Nico smiled gently,

“Sure,” he said and took Apolla’s outstretched hand. For a moment Will was alone in the kitchen and he could literally feel everything falling apart around him. You did it alone before, he comforted himself, you can pick yourself up after Nico leaves. It will hurt for a while and then it’ll stop.

Will ventured out into the living room and stopped when he saw Nico and Apolla. They were sitting on the floor next to each other, pouring over a piece of paper. Nico was smiling, his eyes softer than Will had ever seen them as he looked down on the little girl next to him, excitedly telling him about her drawing. Nico looked up and his eyes met Will’s.

“I’ll be right back,” he told the girl and stood up, walking over to the blonde.


The Italian looped his arms around Will’s neck and kissed him gently.

“I’m sorry I got mad. I love you,” he whispered, “and I’m already starting to love her.”

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I'm ready for some Freo; the classic angry sex in an AU where they have their own flat; in which Leo says something dumb/disrespectful and Frank decides it's about time he punishes him. I'm kinda into the "daddy" thing?
For undying_young

Image result for greco rai porn gif

“Leo,” Frank stormed into the living room, feeling anger work its way up his body. He was already in a shit mood because of work, and now this, “What the fuck happened to my laptop?!”

Leo looked up innocently from where he was lounged out on the carpet, building something that was starting to resemble a complicated minifridge. Frank was torn into three. A part of him was exasperated at his boyfriend and how much of a child he was – he looked like a kid playing with Lego’s for fuck’s sake! The second part kept straying to how delicious Leo’s butt looked in his pyjama shorts. The third part was furious, because it already knew the answer to Frank’s question.

“Oh,” Leo sat up and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, “Sorry. You know how it is – I as watching me some Boardwalk Empire in the bath-“

“You’re trying to tell me,” Frank gritted his teeth, trying to keep his cool, “That you took my laptop without asking and dropped it into the fucking bath?!”

“Chill tiger,” Leo rolled his eyes, going back to his project, “I’ll fix it in the morning, how was I meant to know it’s not waterproof?”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to take my private stuff?!” Frank demanded. He knew he was working himself up, but he couldn’t stop. The stress at work combined with Leo’s insolence was making him see red.

“Well you shouldn’t make your password so damn predictable. Zhang1? Really?”

“That’s it,” Frank growled. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, he just knew that he wanted Leo to show him some fucking respect and stop treating him like an idiot. The bigger man strode over to his boyfriend and unceremoniously hauled him up by the waist. Leo squeaked in surprise as Frank threw him over his shoulder and in his barely controllable rage made for the bedroom, ignoring Leo’s feeble attempts at getting free.

“What the hell Frank?!” the boy demanded when Frank threw him onto their double bed, slamming the door shut behind them, “I was working!” Leo tried to get up but Frank shoved him back down, pinning him down.

“Shut up. For five fucking minutes just shut up.”

“It’s just a fucking laptop,” Leo growled, trying to wriggle his wrists from Frank’s grip. The Asian just tightened his fingers.

“Fucking apologise.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Leo protested. By chance in the light of the setting sun behind the barely open blinds Frank glimpsed his work tie lying on top of the full laundry basket where he had dropped it minutes ago. He hurriedly climbed off of the boy and grabbed it. In his absence Leo scrambled off the bed and tried to make it to the door but Frank hauled him back, “Stop it!” the Latino squirmed in Frank’s arms, “This isn’t funny!”

“It’s not meant to be,” Frank said, pulling Leo’s arms up roughly over the boy’s head.

“What are you doing?” the Latino demanded as Frank tied his hands to the bedpost with the tie, making sure the knot was just tight enough to be on the edge of uncomfortable.

“I’m not letting you go until you say sorry,” Frank sat back and admired his work.

“Fuck off,” Leo looked pissed. Something tightened in Frank’s stomach and he felt his cock swell slightly in his pants at the sight of how helpless Leo was below him, completely at his mercy, squirming in his binds. Frank had never been like that with him before; usually their sex was passionate but gentle, with the Asian always making sure Leo was okay and comfortable. Not this time. This time it was punishment.

Frank grabbed a fistful of Leo’s t-shirt in his hand and with one swift movement ripped it from the boy’s body with a tearing noise. Leo flinched,

“That was my favourite shirt you asshole!” he complained. When Frank reached for his pants Leo tried to kick him, “You’re crazy if you think I’m having sex with you like this.”

Frank caught Leo’s foot and used it to draw himself between the boy’s legs. Despite the boy’s complaining Frank could see the visible tent in his shorts, and that just aroused him more. He pulled the trunks off alongside Leo’s underwear in one swift movement and the boy shivered. It was getting darker in the room and Frank took in his frazzled, breathless, flushed boyfriend, completely naked below him while he was still dressed. Frank liked the weird power it gave him.

“S-Stop staring at me,” Leo tried to turn away but couldn’t because of his tied up arms, “U-Untie me.”

“You don’t get to make requests,” Frank said hoarsely and roughly grabbed Leo’s chin in his big hand, jerking the boy’s head back against the pillows and exposing his tanned, smooth neck. Frank leaned forward, causing himself to press his crotch against Leo’s and forcefully bring the boy’s legs up around his waist. Leo’s tiny whimper changed into a startled moan when Frank licked down his neck. The boy shivered and Frank sucked an angry hickey into him, taking the soft skin into his mouth and taking pleasure in the fact he was leaving a mark on the boy.

“F-Frank-,” Leo started, short of breath, and Frank bit him where his neck met his shoulder, not hard enough to bleed but hard enough to bruise and cause the boy to gasp. He tried to turn his head away but Frank’s hand on his chin prevented him from doing so. The man licked a strip all the way up to Leo’s ear and nipped at his earlobe. Leo’s breath came out ragged.

“Say sorry,” Frank whispered, almost sweetly, his hand stroking Leo’s cheek.

“N-No,” Leo said stubbornly.

With a possessive growl Frank shoved the boy’s legs open. He forgot all about why he was even mad in the first place as he looked down at Leo’s hard cock against his stomach. He leaned down and took Leo’s nipple in his mouth. Instead of being gentle he bit at the bud and Leo let out a chocked off noise, his legs tightening around Frank.

“F-Fuck...,” he stuttered when Frank twisted his other nipple roughly between his fingers, feeling it harden. He bit a trail down the boy’s skinny, tanned body, and dipped his tongue into the boy’s navel, “U-Untie me,” Leo whined, weakly tugging on the tie. Frank smirked

“If you apologise,” he said innocently, tongue flicking out to lick lightly at the tip of Leo’s cock. It tasted salty from the precum and Leo let out a broken moan.

“F-Frank s-stop it...,” he whimpered, “J-Just fuck me.”

“You know what you have to do,” Frank murmured. He leaned up so he and Leo were face to face and he kissed the boy’s forehead. Then his hand wrapped around Leo’s cock and without warning he stroked once, twice, hard and fast. Leo’s hips bucked up and he cried out, head falling back against the pillows. Frank pulled his hand back and peppered Leo’s face with tiny kisses as the boy caught his breath.

“Don’t d-do this to m-me,” Leo whimpered.

“Shut up,” Frank said lowly, shoving three of his fingers into Leo’s mouth. The Latino glared at him heatedly and Frank raised an unimpressed eyebrow, “Suck,” he ordered, pushing the fingers further. Leo looked unhappy but he complied, swirling his tongue around the digits and making sure they were nice and wet. With his free hand Frank pulled the boy’s legs further up his waist. His hand came down to grab roughly at Leo’s ass, squeezing. He pulled his hand back and brought it back down, slapping the boy’s globes. Leo cried out, opening his mouth and allowing Frank’s wet fingers to slide out as his cock twitched, “Good boy,” Frank said, before he could stop himself. Leo looked at him with half-lidded eyes, panting,

“Frank,” he whispered. He already looked completely wrecked even before Frank pushed the first finger into him, “S-Shit,” the Latino gasped when the Asian pushed the digit all the way inside of him. He squeezed his eyes shut and gulped the air down greedily as if he found it hard to breathe. Frank pulled back to admire him, feeling the boy’s hole clench around his finger as he started to fuck him with it slowly. Leo’s toes curled every time Frank pushed back inside, searching for that special spot inside the boy. He knew that he found it when the boy suddenly let out a sound that sounded like a sob, his hands curling into fists in his binds. Frank kissed the inside of his thigh and with no warning shoved two more fingers into the boy violently. Leo cried out, his back arching.

“Just say you’re sorry,” the Asian murmured.

“F-Frank,” Leo panted, “F-Frank please,” that almost made Frank abandon his scheme, seeing his boyfriend so fucked up and literally asking for it, but he held strong as he started thrusting his fingers into the awaiting boy. He watched as the boy’s hole swallowed his digits greedily. By then it was dark in the room, the only light coming from the streetlamps outside, “F-Frank fuck m-me...,” Leo was trembling and his legs fell further open.

“I am fucking you,” Frank said, twisting his thick fingers inside the boy as if to prove a point. Leo chocked on a moan,

“W-With your c-cock,” he whined, “Frank p-please-“

“Shhh, good boy,” Frank surged back up, brushing his lips lightly against Leo’s and feeling the boy’s warm, erratic breath on his skin, “Just apologize,” he said, punctuating the request with a particularly hard thrust to Leo’s prostate.

“Frank, Frank,” Leo didn’t look like he knew what was going on anymore, he tried to lean into Frank to kiss him but the Asian pulled away, “P-Please oh...please.”

“Please what?” Frank asked, brushing Leo’s curls from his sweaty forehead. The boy’s entire body was shaking.

“Please fuck me,” Leo sobbed looking up at Frank desperately, “P-Please, Frank, f-fuck j-just please, I-I can’t...,” he was babbling but the words that poured from his mouth only made Frank harder, “I-I need it p-please, o-oh...ngh, Frank...F-Frank...daddy, fuck-“

Frank froze and pulled his fingers out of Leo, “What did you just say?” he asked quietly.

“F-Frank...,” Leo mumbled weakly.

“That’s not what you said,” Frank growled, leaning down and biting at Leo’s bottom lip. The boy’s hips bucked up again,

“Daddy,” he whispered shakily. The Asian shivered and blindly reached into the bedside table, pulling out lube at the same time as he undid his belt and freed his cock.

“Say it again,” he demanded, biting at Leo’s neck again. The boy whimpered, “Fucking say it.”

“D-Daddy,” Leo gasped and Frank lined his cock up with the boy’s hole. He didn’t care about the argument or the apology, he just knew he was rock hard and needed to be inside the boy right now. But it was worth all that foreplay when Frank finally pushed into Leo and saw the boy literally melt against the pillows, mouth opening to let out a string of moans that consisted of fuck and God yes and fuck daddy. Frank thought he might explode before he even sheathed himself fully inside the boy. Suddenly he remembered how they even ended up here, though vaguely and as if through a mist.

“Say you’re sorry,” Frank growled as he pulled out of Leo and slammed back in, the boy’s body drawing him back in with a wet, squelching noise. Leo sobbed, his cock leaking precum all over his stomach, “Say it,” he re-entered the boy, his thrusts hard and deliberate, hitting the boys prostate and shaking him to the core.

“D-Daddy,” Leo gasped.

“Fuck,” Frank growled as he grew dizzy from the onslaught of pleasure he got from Leo’s body, “a-apologise.”

“N-No,” Leo was shaking.

Frank really started to fuck him then, speeding up, thrusting in so deep and hard that the bed slammed against the wall and Leo was lost in his pleasure, practically screaming as his legs tightened around Frank’s waist. The man knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. He grabbed Leo by the chin,

“Look at me,” he growled as he continued to fuck the boy. Leo opened his caramel eyes with some difficulty and Frank could feel his orgasm just seconds away. Suddenly his anger and frustration all disappeared, “I love you,” he whispered softly and then he spilled inside Leo. The boy did scream then, his back arching again, come splattering all over himself and Frank despite the fact that his cock was untouched.

Exhausted Frank collapsed on top of the boy, feeling the come cooling between their bodies, his cock softening inside Leo. Both of them were panting.

“Frank?” Leo asked weakly.


“I’m sorry.”

Frank smiled and kissed his shoulder.



“Fucking untie me.”

Chapter Text

Solangelo where Nico is an alien hurt in a spaceship crash and Will finds and nurses him back to health (could turn in to smut near the end idk)
for Vinegar

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William Solace was seventeen and lived with his parents in a typical semi-detachable house on the outskirts of London. He went to Sixth Form, studied Biology, Physics and Drama, went out with his friends, played video games. He was literally just a normal highschool kid and he never expected to meet an alien.

It was Sunday night, like night night, closer to dawn than sunset. Will was wrapped up in his QPR blankets, dreaming about something weird that he couldn’t remember when he was suddenly startled awake by a loud bang that sounded like a meteor colliding with Earth. The boy’s eyes snapped open and he saw a flash of light outside the window. His heart jumped to his throat, his stomach twisted, but by the time he sat up it was dark and silent again. Will held his breath but the only thing he could hear in his house was the ticking of the grandfather clock downstairs. His parents hadn’t woken up.

Intrigued and a bit scared the blonde tip-toed to the window and brushed back the curtains. His breath caught in his throat when he saw a massive, bulking, smoking machine in his backyard. It was maybe the size of his shed, and alight with a small fire. Someone was crawling out from the ruin. They might be hurt! Will thought suddenly and stumbled to the stairs. He didn’t want to wake up his parents so he shrugged on his coat and shoes as quietly as he could, before slipping out into the garden.

Everything stank of sulphur and burning metal, so much that Will’s eyes watered. For a second his instincts told him he probably shouldn’t approach the weird capsule-like ship that was just a few feet away, but worry and curiosity were stronger.

“Hello?” Will called as he advanced on the shape. Something was sparking inside but Will focused on the human shape hidden in the shadows. He swallowed nervously, “Hello?” he called again, “are you hurt?”

“Stay back!” a voice replied. It was a weird voice, smooth to the point where it was almost too smooth. Will held his hand up in a peaceful way.

“I’m not going to hurt you!” he said as gently as he could. His heart was hammering in his chest and he wondered if he was dreaming, “Why don’t....why don’t you come out? Tell me what happened...are you injured?”

A heavy silence answered him, “I think I am bleeding.”

“Okay. Okay, you can come into my house with me and I’ll patch you up. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Hesitantly the figure stepped out of the shadows. Will’s breath caught for the second time that night. Up until that point he had been telling himself that the thing in his backyard was not a spaceship, but now he couldn’t deny it, because the figure in front of him was definitely an alien. He looked close to a human though; no egg head and massive eyes.

The alien reached maybe to Will’s chin but looked around the blonde’s age. He was dressed in what looked like a black body suit with a heavy belt around his waist. The suit came all the way up his neck, and so from what Will could see he thought that the alien had a human body. On top of his head was a messy mass of black hair that stuck up in all directions probably due to the crash. The boy’s face – because it looked like a boy’s face – was pale and smooth with no hint of a stubble. It was his ears and eyes that were an issue. He looked like an elf, his ears pointed, surrounded by his hair. His irises were completely black so Will couldn’t see his pupils. He didn’t know if he hated that.

“Shit,” the word slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it, and the alien flinched back.

“You are a human,” he observed.

“Well yeah you are on Earth after all,” Will laughed a bit hysterically. There was an alien in his backyard.

“I apologise for crashing in your garden,” the alien said smoothly. Only now Will noticed that his suit was ripped on one hand and there was golden liquid dripping from the alien’s hand. That’s his blood, Will realised with a start, “The system of my ship shut down too early.”

“W-Where...,” Will cleared his throat, “Where were you heading?”

The alien looked away. He looked weirdly vulnerable, “I am not quite sure.”

“Are there more of you?” Will asked hesitantly. The alien smiled a little,

“Yes. Of course. We are many and everywhere. Just,” he winced, “I was excommunicated from my colony, and sent to solitary on another planet,” he looked up at the cloudy night sky and let out a small sigh, “I suppose this is it then.”

“Um...what are you planning to do now?”

“Oh. I am sure people will come for me,” the alien said this sadly, “they always come for my kind when we come here. They will experiment on me, most likely.”

What?” Will demanded.

“It is alright. I am coming to terms with it.”

“No!” Will blurted, “I’m not...this isn’t Area 51! I’m not letting them torture you,” he sighed at how bizarre everything was, “look come inside the house, okay? I’ll fix up your hand. Just please be quiet because my parents are asleep.”

Hesitantly the alien nodded. Will exhaled. He couldn’t believe he just invited an alien into his house.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“I do not have a birth name,” the alien said, “I have a code. Would you like to know my code?”

“Yeah,” Will sighed, “yeah, go for it.”


“Neico?” Will asked weakly, “That’s...complicated. Can I just call you Nico?”

“Yes,” the alien – Nico – nodded, “how should I refer to you?”

“Will’s fine.”

“Will,” the name sounded weird said in Nico’s smooth voice, but Will decided he liked it, “thank you for your hospitality.”


Nico looked horribly out of place in Will’s bathroom, perched on the edge of the bathtub. The alien looked around the room curiously with his peculiar black eyes as Will rummaged around as quietly as he could for some bandages.

“Here, run your hand underneath the tap,” he instructed, ushering Nico to the sink. He was kind of scared to touch the alien and instead just watched as he washed away his golden blood from his palm. He winced a little, enforcing Will’s idea that he could feel pain.

“My suit is ruined,” Nico said, sitting back down on the bathtub.

“It doesn’t matter, right? You’re not allowed back into space anyway.”

“Yes. I suppose that is correct,” Nico looked away but Will could see the pain in his inhuman eyes. He wondered what it felt like to be kicked off your own planet – probably horrible.

“Is it okay if I touch your hand?” Will asked. Nico nodded,

“Yes. You are a medic?”

“No,” Will smiled, “I want to be a doctor, but not yet,” he carefully took Nico’s hand in his and almost jumped when he felt it was warm, like a humans. He expected it to be freezing cold with how pale Nico was. Subconsciously he brushed his fingers over the alien’s palm, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers.

“Will. Is everything alright?” Nico asked. Will snapped out of his weird trance,

“Yeah, sorry,” he reached for the bandages. The cut on Nico’s palm was clean and not too deep, though it continued to weep fat drops of golden blood. Will was almost sad when he had to cover it up with the bandage because it was beautiful. A lot of things were beautiful about the alien, in a weird way, even the way he moved – fluidly, as if he was dancing, “Here. Is that better?” he asked, finishing tying a small knot to secure the bandage. In awe Nico brushed his gloved fingers of his other hand over the bandage.

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Are you hungry?” Will asked.

“I do not have to eat,” Nico said gently.

“Well, maybe you wanna change? I can borrow you some clothes.”

Nico studied his face for a moment to the point where Will felt a bit uncomfortable, “You are not like what they taught us Earthians are like,” the alien said eventually, “you are kind.”

“I’m just normal,” Will said, standing up, “come to my room, just be quiet,” he didn’t know why he bothered telling that to the alien since he moved soundlessly anyway. They crept through the dark corridors and slipped into Will’s room. The blonde closed the door behind them and then went to his closet, “Okay, let’s see...,” he didn’t want to turn the light on so he blindly picked out some clothes, “here you go.” He handed them to Nico. The alien clutched them and looked at Will expectantly. It was weird to think that the alien was embarrassed to change in front of Will, but the blonde turned away respectfully.

“So, what are we gonna do about the ship in my backyard?”

“The people will take care of it when they come for me,” Nico said casually and Will could hear him stripping behind him. He fought the urge to turn around.

“I’m not letting them take you,” he said.

“You cannot do anything, but it means much that you care,” there was a softer edge to Nico’s voice now, “you can turn around now.”

Will did. Nico stood in front of him, holding his bunched up body suit in his hands. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and because it was Will it was too big on him. The shorts reached his knees, but Will was kind of mesmerized. He looked human, and yet his eyes and ears gave him an otherworldly look that was kind of pretty. Do not get attracted to the alien! Will scolded himself.

“You look...nice.”

An insistent, muffled knock sounded on the front door and both the boys tensed. Nico’s eyes widened by a fraction. It was the middle of the night – they both knew who it was.

“The people are here,” there was a twinge of fear in Nico’s voice. Will felt his resolve hardening.

“Get into the closet,” he said, pulling the door open. Nico looked at him in shock, “Just do it. I’ll make something up. They’re not taking you.”

Slowly, Nico climbed into the closet. He looked hopelessly small when he sat down among the coats, his eyes big. Will tried to smile but it came out more as a grimace, and he closed the door.

He thundered down the stairs and his parents came out of their bedroom, sleepy and confused.

“I heard someone knock,” Will said breathlessly.

“Yes, so did we,” his father looked disgruntled as he turned on the light. Will’s mom wrapped her nightgown around herself and went to the door. When she opened it Will’s heart clenched in his chest. Outside stood two men in suits, like something straight out of the Men in Black.

“Mr and Mrs Solace?” the man at the front asked.

“What is it?” Will’s mother asked. Will could barely hear them over the blood pounding in his ears as the men led his parents to the garden, to show them the spaceship. An aerial accident, they explained, we will remove it immediately.

“Did any of you see the pilot?” one of the men asked, and that’s when Will snapped back to reality. He swallowed.

“I didn’t,” he said.

“Neither did we,” his parents shook their head, “what a horrible accident. He’s not...dead it he?”

“No ma’am,” one of the men said, “if he was his body would still be here.”

A truck pulled up and using a crane pulled the broken remains of Nico’s ship out of the garden. The only sign that something happened here was the blackened dent in the grass. The men checked the garden a few times, then nodded, apologised, and left. The whole ordeal lasted less than ten minutes but felt like an eternity. The second Will’s disgruntled parents returned to their bedroom the boy thundered up the stairs, his heart on his shoulder.

“Nico!” he whisper-yelled, shoving open the closet door. The boy was curled up, shaking. His head snapped up when he saw Will, eyes full of fear, “They’re gone,” the boy visibly relaxed.

“I...I do not know what is happening. M-My heart beat is accelerated, I am having hand tremors,” he held up his pale hands and showed Will that they were shaking. There was panic in his voice, “perspiration, dyspnea-“

“You’re scared,” Will said soothingly.

Nico stared at him, “I have never been scared before,” he said faintly, “It is as if my body is screaming at me to run and I feel nauseous because I cannot move...”

“It’s okay now,” Will reached into the closet and clumsily squeezed Nico’s shoulder, “You’re safe now. They’ve gone.”

Nico nodded and bit his plump bottom lip, “What will happen now?”

“You can stay here if you want,” Will offered. He couldn’t bear to send Nico out, especially in this state, “for as long as you want.”

“B-But your parents-“

“It’s okay,” Will said, “in two months I’m eighteen and get to move into the flat my grandma left me. We just have to keep you hidden until then, okay?”

“Okay,” Nico said, as if tasting the word.


The weekend passed in peace because Will was home and his parents weren’t. They were at work so Will was free to try and get Nico used to life on Earth. The boy didn’t need to eat, so that wasn’t an issue, and he took showers when Will’s parents were absent, with Will standing outside the door just in case. Will gave him his bed, no matter how much Nico protested, and took to sleeping on the floor with the door locked. By the time Monday rolled around Will was introducing Nico to the Mario Bro’s and the alien had read half of Will’s books. It took the blonde a while to explain to him that the Hunger Games never happened and that Narnia wasn’t real.

Will was terrified to go to school and leave Nico alone. For some reason he was paranoid that those men that wanted to experiment on him would come back.

“So you just call me if anything happens,” Will pressed the house phone into Nico’s hand, “You know my number right?” Nico recited the blonde’s number perfectly, “Alright. Okay. God, you’ll be okay right?”

Nico smiled a little, “I will be fine. You do not need to worry about me so much, Will.”

“I know just...,” Will sighed, “Just...please stay in here. And if my parents or anyone comes home hide in the closet, okay? I’ll be back by four.”

“I will wait for you,” Nico said innocently. For some reason Will felt a pang at that. He only knew Nico for a few days but he could feel himself getting stupidly attached to the alien. He was just so...Will didn’t have the right words to describe him.

He got through school like a dream, barely aware of what he was doing. All he wanted to do was get back home and make sure Nico was there, that he didn’t make the whole thing up. Meeting up with his friends, classes, it all seemed surreal compared to the alien in his bedroom.

He sprinted home from the bus stop, faster than he had ever run before, and dropped his house key twice before he got in. He made sure he closed the door after him and then pounded upstairs, barrelling into his bedroom.

His bag slid to the floor with a dull thud. The bedroom was empty. Will felt something tighten around his throat.

“N-Nico?” he whispered.

“I am here,” the muffled voice coming from the closet flooded Will with relief. The blonde exhaled and pulled the door open. Nico was leaning against the back of the closet, arms wrapped around his legs.

“Nico,” Will whispered, “what are you doing in here?”

“I did not know who it was that came,” Nico explained. Will fought the urge to hug him.

“Just me,” Will smiled. Nico smiled too,

“I am glad you are back,” he said, “did you enjoy yourself at school?”

Will moved back to let the boy out, “Actually not really. I was worried about you.”

“I am fine, Will,” Nico sighed, “I told you this.”

Will looked at him in the sunshine falling through the window and felt something stirring deep inside of him. He wanted to protect Nico, badly.

“I know, I  just can’t help it,” the blonde said, “I’m gonna make myself some lunch and then we a movie?”

“Yes,” Nico smiled.

“Maybe something about the you know, you know a bit about the history and stuff...”


Maybe Schindler’s List wasn’t the best idea. The bedroom was dark, the only light coming from Will’s laptop, which was balanced on his and Nico’s thighs. In order to do this the two of them had to be shoulder to shoulder and so Will was more focused on Nico’s warmth next to him than the movie’s plot.

When the film was coming to an end Will heard a sniffle next to him. He turned and glanced down at Nico and was startled to see that the boy had tears in his eyes.


“I-I apologise...I-I do not know what is wrong I just...,” he sniffled again and took a shaky breath, “there is a-a hollow feeling in my c-chest, a-as if my heart is not there any longer.”

Will smiled gently, “You’re just sad because of the movie.”

“W-Why did they all have to die?” Nico whispered, choking on a sob. A tear spilled down his cheek, “A-and why is there water leaking from my eyes?”

“They’re just tears,” Will reached out and brushed the tear away with his sleeve, “crying is a natural response to sadness,” he closed the laptop and drowned the room in darkness. Nico sniffled again.

“I am sorry. I am just...not used to feeling such emotions.”

“You’ve never been sad?”

“N-No,” Nico sighed, “I think it is getting better.”

“Do you want to hold my hand?”

Nico blinked, “W-Will that help?”

“Dunno, it helps me,” Will offered Nico his hand, palm up. Slowly, almost shyly, the alien pressed his own palm on top of Will’s. His hand was warm and a lot smaller, but that didn’t stop him from slotting his and Will’s fingers together and letting their hands drop down onto the covers, “Better?”

“Yes,” Nico smiled through his tears, “Thank you, Will.”

They just sat there for a while, holding hands.


Two weeks in Will was happy to say that Nico almost got caught only three times – once when Will’s mom came in without knocking, once when she almost caught Nico in the bathroom, and once when Will’s dad thought he heard him talking to someone. Will was impatiently counting down the days until his birthday.

He got more relaxed about leaving Nico by himself, and things went back to normal at school. Nico was wicked alien smart so Will told him that when they moved to the flat he could get a job, which the alien was pretty excited about. But of course there had to be some bumps in the road.

Will came back from the cinema where he had been with his friends to see the Split. The house was empty since his parents had gone out for dinner, but Will could sense something was wrong as he shrugged off his shoes and padded upstairs. The door to the bathroom was open and light spilled out onto the corridor. Will frowned when he heard a gagging noise and walked into the bathroom, just in time to see Nico throw up into the toilet. The boy was shaking, his hair sweaty as he leaned over the bowl.

“Nico!” panic gripped Will as he dropped to his knees next to the boy. What if he’s ill?! I can’t take him to the hospital! What if he dies?! “Jesus, what’s wrong?!”

Nico looked up weakly. He was paler than usual and tried to smile, though failed,

“I-I am fine,”

“No you’re not,” Will brushed the alien’s hair from his forehead before he could stop himself.

“I-I just...I tried to drink some water and I just...,” the boy shook his head and gestured at the toilet.

“God, is that how your body reacts to water?” Will demanded. Nico nodded weakly and then his body tensed and he leaned forward, throwing up again violently. Will rubbed his back gently and flushed the toilet, “Shhh, it’s okay, you’re okay.”

“I-I am sorry,” Nico whispered.

“Don’t be,” Will whispered, continuing to stroke your back, “Why did you do it though? If you knew your body couldn’t take it?”

Nico shrugged and looked away, “I just...I was trying to be normal,” he admitted. Will felt his heart clench.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re normal,” he said helplessly, “You’re great either way and...,” he sighed, “don’t do it again, okay?” he brushed his fingers through Nico’s hair and the alien nodded shakily.

Will couldn’t take it anymore; he grabbed Nico by the shoulders and drew him close, wrapping the alien up in his arms. It was hard to think Nico was some extraterrestrial being when he was so solid and warm in Will’s arms, feeling normal, and good and wonderful and fuck I think I like him, Will cursed himself. Nico, after his initial shock passed, snuggled up closer to Will, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s neck.

“I feel weird,” Nico mumbled, “Warm and safe...and there is this peculiar feeling inside me, like I just want to smile.”

Will pressed him closer, “You’re happy.”

Then suddenly Nico pulled away violently and puked in the toilet again.


Two more weeks passed and a month from Will’s birthday his nerves were frayed. Nico and his parents were coming dangerously close to meeting and it would be obvious pretty soon that someone was living in Will’s bedroom. Then the blessing came; Will’s mom won some kind of holiday to Costa Rica for two weeks and since Will was practically an adult they left in the space of days, and he was all alone with Nico in the house and that was amazing.

Except of course that wasn’t the end of their problems.

Nico was changing – at the start he was sheltered and closed off, but now he was expressing his emotions more. That’s why when Will walked into the living room one evening and the boy was pacing around like a mad man he knew something was wrong.


“What?” Nico snapped, which was weird because Nico never snapped. Will recoiled and then cleared his throat,

“Is everything okay?”

“No,” Nico growled, “No, it is not, and I...,” he let out a frustrated sound, “I do not know why but I feel tense but numb at the same time, like something is burning inside me and I want to hit something,” his eyes landed on Will and they were full of fury, “I am angry.”

Will swallowed, “Any reasons why?”

“No, but you are making it worse,” Nico stormed to Will and poked him roughly in the chest, “You are so nice to me all the time! I am an alien, and you just act like I am some boy that you c-can...,” his voice faltered, “why do you not get angry at me?”

“You don’t give me reasons to,” Will was lost.

“Hit me,” Nico said, voice low. Will blinked at him,


“Will hit me.”

“I don’t want to hit you,” Will pulled a face. Faster than he could react Nico curled his hand into a fist and punched him in the chest, sending Will stumbling backwards, mouth falling open. It wasn’t that it hurt – it just came as a surprise. Nico was breathing hard, hands still in fists. Then suddenly his expression crumbled and he broke down crying, “Nico,” Will said helplessly, not knowing if he should approach the boy or keep his distance.

“I-I am s-so sorry, Will,” Nico was trembling, “I-I do not know...everything is just so confusing and I-I am feeling all of these things a-and I do not know how to make t-them go away-“

Pieces of human biology were starting to shift in Will’s head. His eyes slid down Nico’s body to Will’s sweatpants, which he was wearing. They were super baggy but Will could still see a faint bulge in the crotch area. He almost laughed.

“You’re turned on,” he said simply. Nico had stopped crying and just looked at Will desperately,

“I am what?”


Nico stared at him with wide eyes. Then he ran right past Will and up the stairs. The blonde’s heart jumped and he ran after the boy, but Nico was faster, slamming the bedroom door in Will’s face. The blonde sighed and rested his forehead against the door,

“Nico,” he said.

“Go away,” Nico’s voice was muffled.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I do not want to talk about it.”

Will knocked gently, “C’mon let me in. We’ll figure it out. There are ways to make it go away – like cold showers. But you gotta let me in first.”

After a moment of hesitation the door clicked open and swung inwards. The bedroom was dark when Will walked in, the only light coming from the street lamps outside. Nico’s cheeks were flushed and he looked frustrated. The tent in his trousers was more visible.

“Nico,” Will said gently, closing the door, and the alien hugged himself, “have you never-“

“Felt this before? No,” Nico interrupted, looking away.

“Okay...well, do you know what brought this on?”

“You idiot!” Nico snapped, “It is all your fault! It is your fault I-I feel like this,” he was so helpless and flustered, and it was kind of adorable. And kind of arousing. Will swallowed,

“I can help you out if you want,” he offered carefully. Nico glanced at him with his peculiar eyes and nervously tucked a piece of his hair behind his pointy ear,

“D-Do you mean sexual intercourse?”

Actually Will hadn’t thought that far ahead but he shrugged, “Whatever you’re comfortable with. I could just jerk you off, or I we could have sex, or we could do nothing, it’s up to you.”

Nico stared down at the ground, “But...w-why do you want to have s-sex with me?”

“I could ask you the same question,” Will smiled. Nico looked at him,

“Because you are you,” he whispered, hands twisting nervously together. There was a scar on his palm where he had cut it in the crash, “and because you are kind, and gorgeous and-“

“Hey,” Will walked up to him and gently took his hands, “it was a rhetorical question.”

Nico looked away again, as if he couldn’t stand maintaining eye contact. Will leaned in a little bit and nudged his nose against Nico’s,

“How about I kiss you and you tell me if you like it, okay?” the blonde murmured. Nico nodded hesitantly and Will leaned forward, carefully brushing their lips together. Nico jumped and shivered and pulled away a little, “It’s okay, I don’t bite,” Will smiled, one of his hands coming up to cup Nico’s cheek. The boy let out a tiny, shaky breath, his hands limply at his sides. Will leaned in again, kissing Nico quickly and softly. When he pulled away slightly the boy was watching him with big eyes. Will stroked his thumb over the alien’s cheekbone and then leaned in again, still keeping his kiss short and sweet. Uncertainly Nico’s lips parted and Will took that as an invitation to kiss him open-mouthed, though still light. Nico’s eyes fluttered shut and so Will deepened the kiss, slotting their mouths together and causing Nico to gasp. He liked the way the boy’s mouth tasted, like mint, and so he slid his tongue into the boy’s mouth, really kissing him. Will’s free hand drifted to the boy’s hip, pressing him up against himself as he kissed him passionately. He was pleased when Nico started to kiss back, insistently, almost desperately and a little clumsily, but it made it all the better.

Will pulled back, “And?”

Nico leaned forward and hid his flushed face in Will’s shoulder, “I want to have sex with you,” he mumbled. Will felt his nether regions stirring.

“Okay,” he whispered, and pulled back though Nico still refused to look at him. Will slowly pulled his shirt over his head. It worked – Nico’s eyes flickered over at him, nervously slid down to look at his chest, “C’mon, your turn.”

Nico clenched and unclenched his hands. Will closed the small distance between them and took the hem of Nico’s t-shirt in his hands, “Can I?” he asked and, once again, Nico nodded. Will pulled it over his head, mussing his hair a bit, and immediately Nico covered himself with his arms.

“What is it?” Will murmured. Nico shrugged,

“I do not want you to...t-to look at me. I-I d-do not know why, I just...I feel abnormal. Inadequate.”

“Why don’t we go on the bed and put the covers over us?” Will offered. Nico nodded and the blonde walked him backwards, pulling back the covers and letting Nico lie down before quickly pulling his jeans off and climbing on top of him, pulling the covers over them both. Now he couldn’t see anything but Nico’s head and his big, scared eyes, “Don’t be shy,” Will whispered, and kissed him.

“I am scared you will not b-because I d-do not look like everyone else,” Nico mumbled. Will frowned and then stroked his hair gently, lovingly. Then he pressed a small kiss to Nico’s smooth forehead. He tucked the boy’s hair behind his pointy ears,

“I love your ears,” he said sincerely, “and I don’t care that they’re not normal or whatever. He pressed a kiss to the shell of Nico’s left ear and the alien shivered, “and I love your eyes even more,” Will murmured, looking into them. Nico closed them and Will kissed his eyelids, “I like your nose, even if it is normal. It’s cute. You’re cute,” he made his point by pecking the tip of Nico’s nose. The alien was starting to smile now, “and I love your mouth,” Will whispered, leaning down to capture Nico’s lips again. The alien kissed back eagerly, arms coming up to loop around Will’s neck.

Will pulled back just a little and pressed a small kiss to Nico’s neck, “I like your skin, even if it is really pale,” he could feel Nico’s bulge pressing against his leg. Then he finally looked down at the boy’s torso. It was pale, and perfectly smooth. The alien didn’t have nipples or a bellybutton. That kind of shocked Will a little but he got over it quickly, in awe brushing his hand over Nico’s smooth chest, “Woah,” he whispered. Nico shivered.

“I-It is sensitive so-“ he cut off when Will’s hand travelled lower, to the waistband of his sweatpants. Nico helped him pull them off and, unsurprisingly, the alien wasn’t wearing any underwear. And his cock looked perfectly normal, as seamless as the rest of him, with no hair in sight. It was rock hard.

Will wrapped his hand around it and Nico let out a shaky breath. The blonde stroked the member once but Nico’s hands flew down to grip at his wrist and stop him,

“N-No stop-,” he whimpered.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“I-I i-it just f-feels weird,” Nico stuttered. Will stroked him again and the boy squeezed his eyes shut, mouth falling open. His grip of Will’s wrist loosened up enough that the boy could start stroking him properly. The boy let out a whimper, toes curling, “O-Oh...,” his legs fell open and Will settled between them. He felt something wet against his skin and hesitantly he reached underneath Nico with his free hand. He found his entrance soaking wet.

“What the-“

“N-Natural lubrication,” Nico’s muscles were shaking. Will smiled and stroked Nico’s cock, at the same time running his finger over his entrance over and over, watching the boy tremble and moan. As if on accident, two of Will’s fingers slid right into Nico. The boy keened.

“Shit, sorry-“

“N-No, keep t-them there...,” Nico eyes were still closed. His hands had fallen from where they had been gripping Will’s wrist and were now holding onto the sheet underneath him.

“What are you feeling?” Will asked as he fingered him.

“I-I don’t know...,” Nico mumbled, “nghhh...”

Will’s fingers brushed against a bud inside of Nico and a wave of slick slid out of the boy as he cried out. Will took that as his cue and withdrew his fingers from the boy, letting go of his cock at the same time. He threw the blankets off of them and practically ripped his boxers off in his haste.

“S-Should I be on my back?” Nico asked unsteadily.

“No,” Will kissed him, “I want you like this,” the alien’s eyes were somehow even darker than usually. Then he slid into him.


“Last box,” Will said happily as he climbed up the stairs to the second floor of the apartment block where the flat his Nan left him was. Nico was standing in the doorway, dressed in a leather jacket, his hair pulled back to reveal his elf-like ears. A door opened at the end of the hallway and a blonde guy walked by, whistling. He stopped when he saw Nico,

“Oh, shit,” he said, “your ears are insane dude! Is that one of them plastic surgery things?”

He walked off and Nico exhaled visibly.

“They’re natural, asshole,” he grumbled as Will walked into their flat. Nico closed the door behind them. The blonde put the box down and sighed happily looking at the afternoon sunlight pouring in through the windows.

“Home sweet home,” Will smiled and turned to look at Nico. The alien was already looking at him with a weird look on his face, “Nico?”

“There is a weird fluttering feeling in my stomach,” the alien whispered. Will walked over to him and wrapped his arms around his waist,

“Like butterflies?”

Nico raised an eyebrow, “I do not have butterflies in my stomach, idiot.”

“It’s just an expression,” Will rolled his eyes. Nico shook his head,

“M-My heart it kind of...aches, but in a good way. Well, it aches in a bad way too, mostly when you are not here-“ Will cut him off with a kiss.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Nico and Will are best friends and when Nico realizes he's trans and his family doesn't support him, Will gets him clothes, a shoulder to cry on, and eventually a forever home
for Alyssa & #1Fan

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Will was finishing up his Biology homework when he suddenly heard his mom yell his name from downstairs. When Will yelled what? back she didn’t reply. Classic. The blonde sighed and climbed off of his bed and ran downstairs.

“What-,” he started when he got to the living room and then stopped. His mom was sitting on the couch, her arm protectively around Nicole di Angelo. Nicole had been Will’s best friend since they were kids and despite the ‘boys and girls can’t be friends’ debate sixteen years later nothing changed. The sight of Nicole on his couch didn’t startle him – it was the fact that she was crying.

Nicole never cried, she was the strongest person Will knew and always put on a good face to a bad game. She wasn’t like other girls – she never wore makeup and had clothes that were as gender neutral as her conservative parents allowed. She played rugby, went to rock concerts and wanted to join the Royal Air Force. Some people thought she was just a tomboy, other that she was a butch lesbian though she firmly stood by her ‘I like boys’ statement. And right now she was wrapped up in Naomi Solace’s arms, sobbing, her long, dark hair falling into her eyes.

“Nicole,” Will whispered, collapsing on the couch next to the girl, “What happened?”

“I-I...,” the girl tried to speak but her voice broke and she let out a broken sob again. Naomi gave her a sympathetic look,

“Will why don’t you take Nicole upstairs while I finish dinner?” she asked gently. Will nodded and took the girl’s hand with a heavy heart, tugging her upstairs. The second they got to Will’s room she collapsed against the door and started crying more violently.

“Nikkie,” Will said helplessly, “You’re scaring me. Are you hurt?”

The girl tried to calm down her breathing but she was just getting more and more hysterical, and Will was getting more and more scared. He gently pulled the shaking girl against himself and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close and stroking her hair to try and calm her down.

“Shhh,” he rubbed her back soothingly, “You’re okay. I’ve got you, you’re okay now.”

Nicole clung onto him fiercely, as if scared he’d disappear. Will stopped himself from kissing her forehead and just held her until she calmed down. After about ten minutes she pulled away, eyes red and puffy.

“Thanks,” she croaked.

“Will you tell me what happened now?” Will asked softly. The girl took a deep breath.

“My parents kicked me out of the house,” she said, “because I told them that I feel like I’m really a boy.”

Will stared at her. He blinked, “ trans?”

“Yeah,” Nicola’s hands were trembling and she...he, turned away, “I think I always knew. I want to get the meds, do the operations, the whole shebang. I-I wanna be a proper boy, not this,” he gestured down at himself, dressed in skinny jeans and a tank top. He nervously looked up at Will, “I’m s-sorry if this is a-a lot to process-“

Will strode to him and wrapped him up in his arms again, “I love you no matter what,” Nico relaxed against him almost immediately, “You can stay here, Naomi won’t mind. Um...,” he pulled back, “What do you wanna change your name to? Because I assume you won’t go by Nicole anymore.”

“I thought Nico’s nice,” the boy shrugged. Will smiled and nodded. He honestly thought the news would hit him harder but he thought he always kind of knew. And his feelings for Nico didn’t change. Will was pansexual and he could fall in love with everyone, no matter their gender, and right now he was in love with Nico. Of course he wouldn’t tell him that yet, the kid already had enough on his plate.

“Nico,” Will smiled.

He went to his wardrobe and threw it open. Humming to himself he rummaged around and pulled out a baggy t-shirt and some sweatpants. He offered them to Nico and the boy took them gratefully.

“I can cut your hair if you want,” Naomi said from the doorway. Both the boys looked up, surprised, and the woman smiled sheepishly, “Sorry. Curiosity killed the cat, I know, I know, but I was worried,” she walked up to Nico and hugged him, “It’s okay kiddo, you always have a family here even if your dickhead parents disown you.”

Nico was tearing up again, “Thank you.”

“So hair then?” Naomi asked cheerfully. Nico nodded. The three of them went to the bathroom and Will perched on the edge of the bath as he watched Naomi cut Nico’s long hair. Will watched snippets of it fall to the floor, and with each piece Nico looked happier. Finally he was sitting there with hair just below the ears, framing his face in a way that his long hair never did. Will thought he looked amazing.

Naomi left and Nico quickly changed into the clothes Will gave him. He was flat chested enough that the shirt hid whatever cleavage he had, and his sharp cheekbones and defined jaw-line added to the masculine look.

“You look like a boy,” Will said.

“I kind of feel like one,” Nico smiled slightly, subconsciously touching his new, short hair, “but not completely yet,” he looked at his old clothes in his hands, “Dunno what I should do with these.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Will said.


The clothes burned surprisingly high as Will and Nico stood shoulder to shoulder in the garden, watching the remains of Nicole go up in flames. It felt almost like a funeral. Will’s arm was around Nico’s shoulders.

“Do you still like guys, then?” the blonde asked. Nico smiled,

“I always said I did, and I meant it.”

The fire finally died down, leaving behind just a few scraps of smoking fabric. Nico let out a long, melancholy filled sigh and then hugged Will. The blonde ruffled his hair.

“Thank you for everything,” Nico mumbled, pressing himself closer. Will’s heart stuttered in his chest, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Will murmured and he wondered if Nico knew just how much.

Chapter Text

Jason is Bianca's manager, who wants to protect his star singer from an increasingly obsessive stalker (Dr. Thorn) who keeps sending her letter’s. To protect the anxiety-ridden Bianca, Jason plans for a replacement to take her place on stage. Her brother Nico, accidentally finding out the plan, meets with Jason and demands to be Bianca's replacement. Jason reluctantly agrees after realizing how much Nico looks like his sister. Bianca has no idea what goes down as she is arranged to watch the show from a safe house with Hazel. Jason works with Nico for the live show, and slowly falls for him when he realizes how hardworking, protective and lonely Nico is. Nico, on the other hand, is worried to the point of depression that Jason's infatuation and kind words are only due to his beautiful Bianca disguise, certain that after the show, everybody will move on. And there's the whole stalker with a switchblade thing to worry about.
For jasico4life

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“Knock, knock,” the blonde said instead of actually knocking on the door to the dressing room, “you decent?”

“Yeah,” Bianca di Angelo, his long time best friend and one of the biggest pop stars in the world, sounded faint. Jason frowned and walked into the room cluttered with clothes, makeup and shoes. Bianca herself was sitting at her vanity, wrapped up in a dressing gown, her dark hair tumbling over her shoulders, holding a crumpled piece of paper in her trembling hands. Jason felt his blood run cold.

“Is that-“

“It’s him again,” Bianca looked up, and she had tears in her eyes, “The Dr Thorn p-person. He sent me another letter,” she thrust her hand out as if the letter was poisonous and Jason took it, his eyes scanning over the page. Gouge your pretty eyes out...cut you apart piece by beautiful piece...arrange you on the pillows like a doll...Jason felt sick, but he knew he couldn’t show it. Dr Thorn was Bianca’s anonymous and very persistent and creepy stalker.

“Sick fuck,” Jason growled, and pulled his shaking friend into his arms, “It’s okay he won’t hurt you.”

“H-How did he get it in here?!” Bianca pulled away, hysterical, she hugged herself as she paced around the room, “How d-did he get p-past F-Frank?! W-What if he w-was in here...w-what if he t-touched my s-stuff?!” she looked nauseous as her eyes swept over all her clothes.

“It’s alright, he probably got one of the fans to sneak in,” Jason said, trying to be soothing. Bianca was still breathing hard and, as her manager, Jason knew he had to sort it out. It had gone too far – first they were love letters, more to add to the pile of fan mail, from Bianca’s most adoring fan. And then, when Bianca failed to reply to them, they started to get more morbid and twisted, until they ended up being disgusting murder fantasies about the girl; simply just death threats. Jason couldn’t have that. He pulled out his walkie-talkie,

“Piper?” he asked.

Copy!” the makeup artist replied cheerfully from somewhere in the massive complex of the arena,

“Can you come to Bianca’s dressing room?”

There was a pause on the other end and then the walkie-talkie clicked, “Is it...”

“Yeah,” Jason said tightly, “Get in here, please.”

He already heard footsteps thundering down the hallway and moments later Piper barrelled into the changing room. She took one look at the letter, one look at her crying friend, and her expression shifted.

“It’s okay baby,” she said, pulling Bianca close and comforting her the way Jason didn’t know how, “It’s okay, you’re safe.”

The manager left the girls to it and slipped from the room and, once in the dark hallway, he pulled out his phone and dialled a number, on his way to the little office section. She picked up on the second ring.

Detective Ramirez-Arellano.”

“It’s me, Reyna.”

Jason,” Reyna sounded ready for action as always, “Let me guess – another letter?”

“Yes,” Jason’s stomach was tight, “Very graphic. Bianca’s having a mental breakdown.”

I doubt he left any fingerprints this time either but of course I’ll be there soon to check anyway. I’ll contact the police as well,” she paused, “Jason, what are you going to do about Bianca? In this state she can’t be out in the open.”

“I know,” Jason stopped walking and rubbed a hand down his face, “I’ll figure something out, just please come here as fast as possible.”

“On it,” Reyna said and hung up. Jason shoved his phone back in his pocket and stormed up a pair of metal stairs. Backstage was all open wires on the concrete walls and tall, airy ceilings. It was dark and cold and Jason wondered if Dr Thorn could be hiding somewhere in the shadows – he could be any of the stagehands. The manager felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck and felt relief when he slipped into the warm, bright security ‘office.’ In reality it was a small room with a dozen screens showing the inside and outside of the venue. On the chair in front of the screens sat Frank Zhang, the head of security.


“Boss,” Frank looked up from his Chinese takeaway and frowned, “What’s up?”

Jason exhaled, “Dr Thorn somehow got another letter to Bianca. This time he left it in her changing room.”

“Shit,” Frank’s eyes widened and he pushed his food away, turning to his keyboard. He started to click and change between screens, “None of my team saw anything...,” he found the screen with the door to Bianca’s changing room and fast forwarded through it. The team came and went, the technicians, dancers, Bianca herself. And then they saw the culprit. Jason sighed.

“A fucking postman.”

“Isn’t a lot of her mail delivered that way?” Frank asked, leaning back. Jason nodded,

“Yeah. Yeah, I forgot. I guess we all just panicked...We’re gonna have to stop that.”

“Stop the fan-mail?” Frank raised an eyebrow, “an unpopular option.”

“Well, got a better idea?” Jason asked, “It’s either that or not put on the show and that’s and unpopular option.”

“Or...,” Frank mused, “we could find a replacement?”

“A what?” Jason was getting irritated, “what, like get Justin Timberlake to sing instead of her?”

“No,” Frank snorted, “like get someone who looks like Bianca.”

Nobody will fall for that.”

“Bright lights, a wig, makeup, and nobody will know that Bianca isn’t even there.”

“And what, we’re just meant to risk someone else’s life?” Jason asked.

“No, we’ll have top notch security,” Frank said determinedly, “But if anything does happen, then you know...,” he trailed off, not wanting to finish. Better if it’s not Bianca. Jason could see his point. He sighed again (he seemed to be doing that a lot lately).

“Fine. Fine, find someone and we’ll see if it works out. Just be discreet,” his phone buzzed, “Reyna and the police are here.”


Bianca was, two days later, still calming down after the incident and was too scared to go anywhere near the venue. Jason was so stressed out he thought he might have a premature heart failure. Reyna was unable to find out who Dr Thorn was, and even if she did she doubted the police would be able to do more than arrest him for a couple days. Frank organised some girls to come and audition for the part of Bianca, but none of them looked or sound similar enough. It was really starting to look like they’d have to cancel the show – the five year anniversary concert that had been very hyped up on social media.

But Jason tried to stay optimistic so two days after the incident he went out of the venue to get himself and Leo, the lighting technician, some coffee while they poured over light choices for the performance that might not happen. Jason was dressed in his usual undercover attire (a hobo hat and a hoodie) since some hardcore Bianca fans recognised him as her hot-and-blonde-manager. The man was kind of not paying attention as he made for his favourite, small café with the best lattes in town, when suddenly a boy blocked his path. Jason stopped, startled, and pulled his earphones out.

“Can you?” his voice faltered as he looked at the kid. He was young, but definitely over eighteen, with angry black eyes and a messy mop of black hair. Jason immediately noted two things. One – the kid was gorgeous. Two – he looked startlingly similar to Bianca, “Nico, right?”

The kid blinked in surprise, the angry expression melting from his face and making him look more open and vulnerable. Now he really looked like Bianca – the same cute button nose, long eyelashes, the same almond shaped eyes and pouty mouth. The only thing was that where Bianca was tanned from all her world tours, Nico was deathly pale.

“How did you know?” he kid asked.

Jason grinned, “Bianca always tells us about how wonderful baby brother. I was wondering when we’d finally get to meet you,” the blonde stuck out his hand, “My name is Jason Grace.”

“Yeah, I know,” Nico mumbled, shaking his hand awkwardly, “Um, so...the police came to my flat the other day with Detective Reyna. Apparently my sister has a stalker.”

“Dr Thorn,” Jason winced, “We don’t really know who he is-“

“Why didn’t she tell me?” Nico interrupted.

“I don’t know. She probably didn’t want to worry you.”

Nico sighed, “Okay, I’m not here to ask pointless questions. I heard from Reyna that you’re thinking of having a replacement for the upcoming show for my sister. I want to be that replacement.

“No,” Jason said after a heartbeat, “No, no way. Not only are you a boy but we can’t put you in that danger-“

“Look, this isn’t a proposition,” Nico gritted out, “I want to do this. Not for fame or any of that, I want to do it because I owe it to Bianca...,” he swallowed, “Please. Please let me do this. She’s my sister, I’d never forgive myself if something happened to her. I already have a girly look, apparently, a wig and costume and makeup...”

Jason looked at him. The more he did the less he looked like Bianca, but Jason knew that he was right and once in costume and makeup he’d be close enough. He exhaled, “Okay. Okay, I’ll talk it through with Bianca-“

“No,” Nico said quickly, “No, Bianca can’t know it’s me. Nobody can. Just me, you, and the people in your team, okay?”

Jason looked at him for a while, contemplating, “Fine, come with me.”


Jason decided that Nico was definitely not like Bianca when he gathered all of her closest team and got the boy to stand in front of them and sing. Where Bianca was charming, cheerful and confident, Nico looked like he was on death row. His hands were in fists, his shoulders were tense and he just stared at Jason and the team like a deer caught in headlights.

Leo started to clap, “Wow. Beautiful performance,” he said solemnly and Nico flushed. Annabeth hit him upside the head,

“Give the kid a break,” she snapped.

“Nico,” Jason said, “You actually need to sing for this to work.”

Nico swallowed and clenched and unclenched his hands, “Um...d-does it have to be in front of all of you?”

“There’s going to be a whole arena of people watching you,” Piper explained gently. Jason looked at the boy and how nervous he was. It was clear that he had never performed to an audience and the pressure of being the Bianca’s brother was clearly getting to him. The manager cleared his throat,

“Everybody out,” he said and got confused looks from his team, “now.”

Sighing and complaining they got up and drifted out of Bianca’s changing room, leaving just Jason and Nico. The boy still looked nervous, but not as much as before. Jason smiled at him gently,

“It’s just us now. Can you sing for me?”

Nico swallowed and nodded, “What do you want me to sing?”

“Anything’s fine.”

Nico nodded and looked down so his hair fell into his eyes. He’d have to get rid of his shyness if he was to perform, but right now it was okay, Jason decided, kind of adorable even...Nico started singing Amazing Grace. Of course he sang that, Jason wasn’t even surprised. He started off shakily and Jason wished he looked up at him, but with each word Nico’s voice grew stronger and Jason smiled. He sounded like an angel, different to Bianca, lower and softer, and yet still as good as the girl...better even. Jason bit his lip as he watched the boy relax as he sang, eyes fluttering shut. He couldn’t believe nobody had discovered Nico’s talent yet.

When the boy finished singing a clapping and cheering sounded from the doorway. Both the men looked up to see the team piling in from the corridor, performing something that could’ve been a rain dance or a seizure, praising God, Buddha and the Force. Nico looked like a deer again as they all filled in around him, wrapping him up in a massive hug and cheering.

“You’re wonderful!” Piper gushed.

“Looks like a devil, sounds like an angel,” Leo sighed happily. Nico’s eyes met Jason’s and the blonde smiled,

“Guys give the kid some space,” he said. The team was still cheering as they rain danced out of the room, chanting the show must go on.


The next week was full to the brim. Jason sent Bianca on a holiday to her half-sister Hazel in the next state over and told her they were putting up a ‘fake’ instead of her for safety reasons. Of course she didn’t know her replacement was her own little brother or she’d never allow it. Jason had a lot on his plate dealing with the police and Reyna, and training Nico in the three weeks they had before the show. It wasn’t easy since the kid was horribly shy but Jason was optimistic. Dr Thorn sent another letter to Bianca, but Jason didn’t even open it, just gave it to the police and Reyna straight away.

He tried to spend as much time with Nico as possible but it was pretty hard with their heavy schedules. That was until he accidentally stumbled into a dance rehearsal. Jason was walking about the backstage trying to locate Leo that little rascal, when he walked past the open door to the gymnasium.

Will, the choreographer, was leaning against a wall next to a speaker that was blasting out one of Bianca’s most popular songs. In front of him Nico was dancing to it while singing to himself under his breath, with Annabeth and Percy, the backup dancers, going at it behind him. Despite how obviously good looking the couple was, Jason’s eyes were immediately drawn to Nico. Despite his tense and nervous facial expression, his body moved smoothly and swiftly, with a grace that only a long time dancer possessed. Jason had a lot of things to do but for that moment he just stopped and stared at Nico, who was in his own little bubble.

Jason had seen Bianca dance a million times but she never made him get the shivers, the way Nico’s dancing did. There was just something about him that made Jason all warm and fidgety...

Nico looked up and his eyes caught Jason’s. He stopped dancing and blushed.

“Nico!” Will yelled and Jason slipped away, heart pounding.


It was a cold night but Jason didn’t care as he stood outside the arena, one hand in his pocket, the other one bringing the cigarette to his mouth. He exhaled a mouthful of smoke and felt his tense muscles relax ever so slightly. There were two weeks left till the show and Jason promised himself that the second it was over he’d fly himself to the Bahamas or something and just have a fucking break.

“Smoking kills, you know,” Nico said. He appeared literally out of the shadows, and Jason chocked on his cigarette smoke. The boy was wearing a pair of leather shorts and a turtle neck crop top that kind of hid the fact that he had a flat chest. He had a face full of makeup and a wig on, and he looked almost exactly like Bianca. Jason grinned at him and fought the urge to fix his hair,

“We’ll all die someday, Missy,” he said, taking another puff, “It just relaxes me. Sorry, do you mind if I do it around you?”

“Nope,” Nico said, picking the cigarette from between Jason’s fingers and casually taking a pull as if they were the best of friends. Jason couldn’t keep the smile off his face as Nico tried to give the cigarette back,

“Keep it,” he said, pulling a fresh one out, “let’s kill ourselves together.”

“Cute,” Nico said sarcastically with an eye roll. Jason passed him the lighter.

“So, tell me about yourself Madame,” Will asked as they smoked.

“We’ve known each other for like two weeks and now you ask me about myself?”

Jason shrugged, “We barely have time to talk. How are the rehearsals going?”

“They’re okay I guess. Bianca’s obviously a lot better.”

“I think you’re amazing,” Jason blurted before he could stop himself, and quickly looked away to hide his blush, “At least from what I saw. And you look like her in those clothes.”

“You’re just being nice,” Nico said softly.

“ have you tried the costumes on yet?”

Nico pulled a face, “Yeah. Me and Piper ruled out that booby top. Who the hell put my sister in that anyway?”

“Hey, I’m not in charge of wardrobe,” Jason said defensively.

“You’re in charge of everything Mr Manager.”

“Tell me,” Jason blew out smoke into the night air, “I’m really curious as to why you actually decided to replace Bianca.”

Nico shifted, “She’s my sister. I need to protect her.”

“I mean yeah, obviously, but even if you hadn’t stepped up we would’ve got someone else to do it, or just cancelled the show,” Jason said, looking over at Nico. The boy had a faraway look in his eyes, “but instead you decided to put yourself at risk for this. Why?”

“I-I...I told you, I owe it to her,” Jason looked at him insistently, making it clear he wasn’t letting it go. Nico sighed and chucked his almost burned out cigarette into the road, “Our mother died giving birth to me. Our father...he wasn’t a good man.”

“Bianca said he was abusive,” Jason remembered. Nico nodded and bit his lip,

“She...she was the one that always took care of me. You know, made sure I did my homework, had lunch for school. When my dad kicked me out of the house...for...f-for um...liking guys...she moved out as well and got us a little flat. She put her life on hold for me, worked two jobs. When I got older her career finally blew up and...and now everything’s being jeopardised because of this fucking stalker and I don’t want her concert to be cancelled, and I don’t care if I’m in danger or whatever, as long as she doesn’t disappoint her fans and is safe.”

Jason stared at him, and his heart twisted, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re amazing?”

Nico laughed, but it sounded weirdly sad, “Yeah. You. Five minutes ago,” she hugged himself, “I’m cold in this outfit. I’ll catch you later,” and he walked back inside.


The show was a week away and Jason had all of his confidence in Nico, except that the boy couldn’t seem to perform with more than ten people watching him. Everyone was as tense as springs so Jason decided to give them all a break.

“Where are we going?” Percy questioned as Jason drove their tour bus through the city. The crew was lounged on the chairs, eating snacks or looking out of the window or, like Percy, asking stupid questions.

“We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship...,” Leo started to hum.

“No. Shut up. We’re going for a night out,” Jason said.

“Yeah but where?” Percy asked.

“Oh my God Percy have you ever heard of a surprise?” Jason asked with a grin, pulling the bus in the back of a dodgy alleyway, “We’re here children.”

“A strip club?” Frank asked in confusion, face pressed to the window, eyes scanning the dirty, dark, empty alleyway.

“Close enough,” Jason opened the door and they all piled out, “We’re going to karaoke.”


“...and let me kiss you!” Annabeth and Piper finished-yelled, arms around each other. They were both quite a bit drunk and for good measure they made out. The whole bar cheered, but whether it was for their song or the kiss, Jason didn’t know. The gang was having a fun night out, drinking and occasionally going up to sing the more intoxicated they got. Half an hour previously Leo had dragged Jason up with some random guy strangers to sing ‘I want it that way’ by the Backstreet Boys. But the main reason why Jason wanted them to come here was so Nico could get more confident with an audience, but so far all the boy did was drink and refused to go up and sing.

“Why are you so shy?” Jason asked, leaning in close so Nico could hear him over Will and Frank, who were now screaming along to some Metallica song. Nico looked at him with his massive eyes and shrugged, quickly glancing away and grabbing his drink, finishing it like he was a thirsty man in the Sahara desert. Jason sighed and leaned back in, “It’s just karaoke. You don’t even have to be good at singing to do it. Thing is – you are good at singing. Really good.”

“I-I...,” Nico glanced at the full bar. Two guys were singing Justin Timberlake loudly now, “I can’t d-do it.”

“Nico,” Jason sighed, resting his forehead on the boy’s shoulder. He, too, had drank a bit, “I’m not gonna force you. I can go up with you if you want?”

Nico glanced at him, and sighed, “Only if we all go up.”

Jason grinned, “Okay,” he waited for the two guys to stop singing Timberlake out of tune and cheered with the rest of the bar, “We’re up, guys,” the blonde told the group. They all whooped and walked up (a little shakily) to the small stage, packing themselves on as the people around them clapped. Nico tried to hide behind Jason but the blonde didn’t let him, pulling him to stand by his side. Leo and Frank were fighting over what song to choose and suddenly Coldplay ‘Yellow’ was blaring out. The bar cheered again, several people lifting up their cups. The group started to sing happily, sounding nice mostly because none of them sang alone. With a massive grin on his face Jason looked down at Nico, who had his mouth firmly shut. He reached down and took his hand. The boy blinked, blushed.

“C’mon,” Jason whispered into his ear. Nico turned so that for a second their lips were just mere inches apart. The boy’s eyes widened and then he pulled away. To Jason’s happiness he started to sing, even smiling a little, and didn’t let go of the manager’s hand.


Jason could hear the opening band up on stage as he hurried into the changing room. Piper was just finishing up Nico’s makeup, and once again he was Bianca. But a version of Bianca that Jason was weirdly attracted to.

“She’s safe with Hazel,” he told Nico. The boy nodded, mouth tight. Piper kissed him on the cheek, gave Jason a look, and then walked out. The blonde knew it was now up to him to make sure that Nico was okay.

“You look good,” he said, meeting the boy’s eyes in the mirror.

“I look like her,” the boy corrected. He looked down at his hands, “is there a lot of people?”


“That’s good I guess,” Nico tried to smile and failed. He was back in his leather shorts. Jason came up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re going to be amazing,” he said gently.

“What if I mess up?” Nico whispered.

“Then it’s not a big deal,” Jason smiled, “we won’t be mad. Nobody will. You’re literally our salvation, so it doesn’t matter,” his hand slid up and he tucked a piece of Nico’s real hair underneath his wig, “But I believe in you.”

“You don’t even know how much that means to me,” Nico murmured.

“Dr Thorn sent another letter,” Jason said. Nico nodded,

“I know. Reyna called me.”

“ anyone coming? To see you? I know it’s a secret but-“

“No,” Nico said, “I don’t have anyone. Except Bianca, of course.”

Jason felt a pang in his chest, you have us he wanted to say but instead he said, “You have me.”

“For the next few hours, yeah,” Nico laughed but Jason could sense that it was strained.

“Nico?” Annabeth appeared in the doorway, “We’ve got five minutes, let’s go up, okay?”

Nico stood up and took a deep breath. He looked at Jason. The blonde wanted to kiss him, badly. But instead he just hugged him, his heart hammering. He had never been so nervous for a show before.

“Break a leg.”


Jason didn’t think his heart could handle it. During Bianca’s performances he usually went back to his office and filled out paperwork, or ran around the venue making sure everything was okay. But Frank and the police were taking care of all the security stuff, making sure Dr Thorn or anyone else didn’t sneak into the building, so Jason allowed himself the privilege of watching Nico from backstage.

He was amazing. He did every song the way Bianca would’ve – the way Will trained him to for the past three weeks, but Jason could hear a slight difference where Nico’s own voice came through. He moved like a dancer, gracefully, and in Jason’s opinion he was flawless. The crowd went wild during every song. And then it was over. Weeks of preparation, and then it all came to an end way too quickly.

Jason went with the rest of the team to the dressing room almost immediately after the show. They found Nico already changed back to his normal clothes, taking off his makeup.

“You were amazing!” Piper yelled, almost tackling Nico to the ground. Frank hugged them too, picking both of them up off the ground.

“You really were,” Percy agreed, both he and Annabeth sweaty from dancing but grinning.

“Up top,” Leo held up his hand and Nico high fived him. The boy was smiling but Jason could tell something was wrong.

“We need to celebrate,” Annabeth proclaimed, “Drinks on me,” Leo cheered.

“Sorry guys,” Nico said sheepishly, “But I’m exhausted, I’m just gonna head home.”

“But...,” Annabeth frowned. Nico shrugged and picked up his bag,

“Thanks for everything,” he quickly hugged the girls, “, I guess I’ll see you around?”

“Wait,” it only then hit Jason, “Are you actually leaving?”

“Well, I can’t exactly stay,” Nico said with a shrug, “The show’s over.”

“You could stay,” Will piped up, “As the opening act.”

Nico shook his head, “It was fun, but this life isn’t for me,” he walked past the team and Jason thought he saw tears in his eyes, “So...uh, bye,” Nico waved and then he was gone. Just like that. The team looked around each other, confused, and Jason wondered if they felt as empty as he did.

“So we’re just gonna let him go?” Frank asked weakly. Everyone was staring at Jason.

“I’m not,” Jason said, feeling suddenly determined. He turned on his heel and strode outside. He broke into a run after a few seconds, heart pounding, but Nico was nowhere to be seen. In his desperation Jason ran outside and, sure enough, the boy was there. He was leaning against the wall, smoking. And crying.


The boy turned away quickly, “I-I...I’m just waiting for my Uber.”

“Where are you gonna go?”

“Home. I don’t know.”

“Nico,” Jason walked up to the boy and grabbed him by the shoulder. He tried to turn the boy around, but Nico remained with his back to him stubbornly.

“J-Just go back inside-“

“Why are you being so weird? You did amazing out there-“

She did amazing,” Nico turned around, and his eyes were red. He threw his cigarette onto the ground, “It wasn’t me. None of that was me. All the singing, the dancing, the costume and makeup...t-that’s Bianca,” his voice faltered, “I’m just me. I’m nothing special like her.”

Jason frowned, “Nico-“

“No,” the boy interrupted and looked away, taking in a breath, “Please. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. I hate goodbye’s but you guys will move on; she’ll come back soon, they’ll sort out the Dr Thorn s-stuff...I’m not her. I c-can’t stay. I’m sorry.”

“What if I said I liked you better than Bianca?” Jason whispered. Nico stared at him,

“I’d call you a liar.”

“I’m serious,” Jason reached out and took his hand but Nico snatched his back.

“You don’t even know me.”

“Yeah I do.”

“No, you’ve only seen me pretending to be Bianca. You’ve never seen me be me.”

“I’m seeing you right now,” Jason whispered. His heart hurt.

Nico laughed bitterly, “And what? You still like me?”

“I love you.”

“Where is she?!” both the men froze at the sudden shout. They turned around to see a tall, dark haired, bulking man with a snarling, twisted face come from the shadows, dressed all in black. His eyes were some next level of insane, pupils dilated, and Jason knew exactly who he was, “Where’s my Bianca?!” the man roared. He reminded the manager of an animal.

“You’re Dr Thorn,” Jason felt his blood boil. He knew he should’ve been scared but all he felt was fury. This thing that was barely even a man was who threatened Bianca, his best friend, for all these months – the one who jeopardised not only her but also Nico.

Dr Thorn pointed his finger at Nico,

“Who are you?! Imposter!”

“Leave,” Nico said icily.

“Not before I get my girl,” Dr Thorne growled, stepping forward. Jason grabbed Nico by the wrist without thinking and pulled him behind him. He saw the door leading to the backstage, but he knew they’d never open it in time, “Give me Bianca!”

“She’s not here,” Jason spat, “and she’s not yours.”

Dr Thorn’s nostrils flared and his eyes landed on Nico again, “Fine,” he snarled, “I’ll have the boy then. He looks almost like her-“ he stepped forward again.

“You’re not touching him,” Jason growled, seeing red. Dr Thorn reached into his pocket and pulled out a switch blade. Jason’s blood ran cold – he didn’t have a weapon, and Dr Thorn looked ready to do anything to get to Nico. There was a hungry look in his eyes – he stepped forward, and so did Jason, ready to fight with his bare hands if he had to. He wasn’t thinking straight-

A gun clicked.

“Drop the blade,” Reyna seethed, stepping out of the darkness behind Dr Thorn, gun raised. A police siren wailed close by and several cruisers came speeding around the corner, stopping haphazardly behind the detective. Police officers poured out and now it was Dr Thorn’s turn to look like a deer in the headlights as he was tackled by the officers. Adrenaline pumped through Jason’s body and, with his hand still on Nico’s wrist, he made for the door to the backstage. He wanted to get the boy away from all the chaos, and the second the door swung close behind them and they were in the darkness of the corridor, Jason pushed him up against the closest wall, pressing their mouths together. He didn’t know why he did it – the adrenaline made him act on instinct.

Nico gasped, his hand grabbing at Jason’s shirt in surprise. Jason didn’t care. He was lightheaded and wanted to laugh. It didn’t hit him that it was over yet, but he knew it would soon. But right now he didn’t care. His hands were touching Nico, everywhere he could reach; his hips, his waist, face, hair, hands. He kissed him with a passion he didn’t know he possessed, his heart twisting when the boy melted against him, kissing Jason back in a way that made the blonde smile.

“As I was saying before we were rudely interrupted,” he pulled away, panting, and Nico looked at him, dazed, “I love you.”

“I-Idiot,” the boy looked like he was going to cry, so Jason just kissed him again.

“You’re staying here, okay? You’re not leaving me.”

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Can you do a Solangelo in which will and Nico have a fight and Nico shadow travels just to piss Will off even more. This unfortunately (or fortunately) backfire on Nico when will comes banging into the Hades cabin all hot and angry and this eventually leads to them having angry sex?  Can you do Solangelo Wild and a little kinky angry sex (where will is mad at Nico and Nico bottoms)
for Solangelo_For_Life & for Solangelo_shipper28

Image result for rough gay porn gif

“How many times did I tell you to stop that?” Will snapped. Nico blinked at him, surprised as he stepped out of the shadows in the infirmary. Will never snapped at Nico for the long time they’ve been dating – he was always rainbows and sunshine but right now he was clearly in a bad mood, as he didn’t even stop bustling around the infirmary to give Nico a kiss. The boy frowned, deciding he didn’t like this – they hadn’t seen each other for three days and Will didn’t even greet him properly. His eyes swiped over the infirmary; the Portuguese Demigod, Paolo, was sitting on one of the beds as Will patched up his arms. Nico’s eyes narrowed – he didn’t like the way Will looked at Paolo.

“Hello to you too,” the Italian said.

“I told you to stop shadowtravelling,” Will snapped again, eyebrows furrowed as he wrapped up Paolo’s bicep.

“Gods, sorry mom,” Nico rolled his eyes. Will glared at him,

“Yeah it’s all fun and games until you show up here in a day about to faint and I have to give you ambrosia again.”

Nico was taken aback and Paolo watched the exchange with interest though he probably didn’t understand a thing, “What’s gotten into you today?

“Nothing, Nico, I’d just appreciate it if you listened to my medical advice sometimes,” Will said lowly.

“Okay, no need to snap at me though,” Nico said, “how else was I meant to get back here from Jupiter?”

“Take a fucking Uber,” Will growled. Now Nico was really confused because Will tended not to swear.

“I’m an ambassador, I have to go back and forth fast, and I can’t do that with damn Uber!” Nico wasn’t going to let this go – he always accepted a challenge. Will finished patching up Paolo and turned to Nico angrily,

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be an ambassador.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nico made a sour face.

“You can’t do it!” Will threw his arms up, “you’re always exhausted, and weakened. Your body can’t handle it!”

Now Nico was really angry. He strode to Will and poked him angrily in the chest.

“I am more powerful than you ever will be,” he seethed, “so don’t try telling me I’m weak.”

“Well next time you can patch yourself up!” Will shoved past him.

“You know what Will?” Nico made for the shadows and turned around to face his boyfriend. He flipped him off, “Fuck you,” he said and slipped into the shadows. He did it more for show than anything, and he knew Will was right about him being weakened about it. Nico landed in a heap of dizziness on his bed, his limbs feeling like lead, head spinning. He groaned but then smiled – at least he got the last word in. Or at least that’s what he thought.

Not two minutes later the door to the Hades Cabin slammed open. Nico sat up, startled, and saw a furious Will shoving his door shut. The blonde looked not like himself, his eyes were dark and furious, his hands in fists.

“What the fuck do you want?” Nico snapped. Will crossed the space between them and with no warning pounced onto Nico. The boy squeaked as he was suddenly pushed back against his pillows, Will’s arms pushing him down almost painfully, “Will what the-,” Nico didn’t get to finish because Will crashed their lips together, shoving his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Nico tried to push him off but Will just held him down. For the first time since they started dating almost a year ago Nico was aware of how much stronger the older boy was, and how helpless he was in fighting him. He didn’t have enough strength to shadowtravel away and he felt like Will was winning the damn argument. Despite how nice the kiss felt, Nico was determined to not let Will have the upper hand.

Somehow the boy managed to turn his head away, pressing one side into the pillow and gasping for breath.

“Oh, I see how it’s gonna be,” Will growled. He pressed his mouth to Nico’s neck and instead of kissing and licking gently the way he usually did, he sank his teeth into Nico’s skin. The boy cried out and he was surprised when suddenly all his blood rushed to his cock, leaving him lightheaded.

“Stop it,” he whimpered as Will lapped at the wound with his tongue. He tried to bat the man away but Will grabbed his wrists and pinned them down, continuing his ministrations. Nico squirmed, “What’s g-gotten into y-you-“

“You, that’s what,” Will growled, pulling back, “going round, pissing me off. You go off to Jupiter all the time, and when I get frustrated you just get mad-“

“Is that what this is about?!” Nico demanded, glaring up at his boyfriend, “you getting horny and me not being here?”

“Yes, Nico,” Will hissed, “that’s what it’s about.”

“Have a fucking wank then,” Nico was angry, annoyed and aroused all at once. Will’s eyes darkened and he flipped Nico over, so the boy was on his stomach. The Italian tried to kick him away, “F-Fuck off prick-“ he said, but Will pushed his head into the pillows, his other hand pulling Nico’s skinny jeans off along with his underwear. Nico groaned in frustration, panting against the pillow since he wasn’t getting enough air. With horror he found that he kind of liked this new side of Will – the rough, reckless, dominant side. It was a massive change to the usually kind, soft and loving Will.

Nico heard Will rummaging in his bedside table and he knew what came next though it still came as a shock when Will suddenly shoved two lubbed up fingers inside him and started fingering him with no warning. Nico bit at the pillow to prevent himself from making any noise as Will thrust the digits deep inside him. The boy’s hands curled into the covers below him but Will wasn’t having it. The son of Apollo grabbed both of Nico’s wrists in one of his hands and twisted the boy’s arms behind his back. At the same time his fingers found Nico’s prostate and the boy shuddered, crying out, his hips bucking up and pressing his ass down further onto Will’s fingers even though Nico was desperately trying to pretend like he wasn’t enjoying himself.

Will finished prepping Nico way too early so when he pushed in Nico felt a familiar burn. His cock twitched where it was trapped between his stomach and the bed because for some reason Nico liked the combined pain and pleasure. His arms ached where Will was gripping them, but his body was hot with need. Will grabbed him by the hip with his free hand and started thrusting in brutally without waiting for Nico to adjust. A moan was ripped from the Italian’s mouth every time he roughly slid back in, and Nico couldn’t do anything to stop it. The sound of skin on skin was obnoxiously loud and Will was breathing hard, though it had nothing on Nico, who was running out of air. Will must’ve realised because he suddenly pulled out of his boyfriend and hauled him back by the arm.

“Fuck you William,” Nico growled when the blonde roughly pulled him into his lap. He didn’t try to fight him anymore though – it was obvious that he was hard.

“Ride me,” Will demanded, all dominant and angry, hands gripping Nico’s thighs where he was straddling him. Nico didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him. He glared, deciding not to make it easy for him.


Will clearly wasn’t about to ask nicely. He grabbed Nico by the waist and pulled him up just so he could push his hard, slick cock back inside the boy. The Italian moaned, throwing his arms around his boyfriends neck despite how angry he was and burying his face in his muscular shoulder. Will wasn’t about to kiss him or let him adjust – instead he grabbed two handfuls of Nico’s ass and lifted the boy up, forcefully pushing him back onto his cock.

“O-Oh Gods,” Nico whined, back arching as he lifted himself up just slightly so Will could fuck up into him. This new position ensured that Will’s member rammed right up into Nico’s prostate, making him feel like he was going to pass out from how good it felt, “Fuck...ah! Fuck, f-fuck...Will, nghhh...”

Will pushed him back down onto the covers after a particularly hard thrust. Nico was a puddle of pleasure at that point and barely had strength to wrap his legs around Will’s waist as the blonde continued to pound him furiously.

“G-Gods,” the son of Apollo groaned, and Nico knew he was close. He moaned loudly as Will continued to abuse his prostate and the blonde reached out and wrapped his hand around his neck. Nico gasped and Will squeezed, just hard enough that breathing became hard. Pleasure thrummed through Nico, his fingers clawing at Will’s hand, “Shut up,” Will growled.

Nico came, shivering, mouth falling open but no sound coming out. Will grunted, thrust in twice more and then Nico felt hot come inside him. The blonde’s hand slipped away and Nico gasped for air hungrily, his head spinning, barely noticing that Will pulled out. He rolled over on his side, pressing his heated cheek to the cold pillow as his eyesight and head cleared.

It was silent in the room once his breath evened out, and Nico felt exhausted. He jumped when he felt a gentle hand thread through his hair.

“I’m sorry,” Will whispered. Nico rolled over and saw that his boyfriend was sitting next to him, looking satisfied, happy, and apologetic. His eyes were back to the softness they usually carried. Will’s gentle finger skimmed over Nico’s sore throat, “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Nico would’ve sat up but he was too tired so instead he tugged Will down and kissed him sweetly.

“Sorry I was being annoying,” he said hoarsely. Will kissed his ear and Nico rolled back over, the blonde settling in behind him, wrapping a warm, protective arm around Nico. The Italian fell asleep thinking he needed to piss his boyfriend off more often.

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Michael being a good friend and slowly falling for Octavian, who falls right back? Maybe an AU where Octavian doesn't die in the war, and the campers aren't very nice to him so they bully and pummel him the way he used to do to them despite how much he regrets his actions?
For KDoodle

Image result for hand holding gif

Octavian had taken to sleeping in the Mars Ultor Temple at Temple Hill instead of his assigned dorm-room, because at least here he wasn’t tormented since it was ‘sacred ground.’ He knew he deserved what the other Campers were inflicting on him every time he dragged himself into the temple with a twisted wrist and a bruised body, after all he did almost destroy their home and was the reason for the death of many Demigods. He wasn’t even a Demigod himself, just a descendant of Apollo, and Apollo, just like the other Gods, had turned his back on him. The only reason Octavian still even had a ‘home’ was because Reyna and Frank forgave him and gave him sanctuary, but without Apollo’s prophecies he was useless. The Mars Ultor Temple was the only place where Octavian felt relatively safe and like he wasn’t going to be blasted by a lightning bolt because Mars was the God of war, and a war was what Octavian had started.

He wasn’t who he used to be. He was broken in all kinds of ways, but he was okay with it. He didn’t deserve happiness, now that Gaia’s influence over him had passed he realised what a monster he was. He wished that when he had fired off the Onagers he had been blasted out of existence with them, but no, Michael Kahale, the honourable bastard, just had to pull him back at the last second. Octavian hated him for it, because life was hell, but a hell he now dutifully accepted. Reyna told the other Campers that Octavian was pardoned and that they weren’t allowed to touch him, but of course they didn’t listen. Any time Octavian went to get food, or just went out of the Temple, he’d get picked on. Sometimes it was just words traitor...murderer...coward...but other times bigger Demigods would corner him in places where neither Frank nor Reyna could see and beat him until he could barely stumble back to the temple.

It was that way now too. Dakota, someone who was usually peaceful and calm, had punched him in the stomach when he had been causally passing on the sidewalk. Nobody had even batted an eye but that seemed to be an invitation because the next thing Octavian knew was that he was being dragged off by two men and having the shit beaten out of him. He was thankful for the dark, comforting interior of the Mars Temple. He went through a small, almost hidden door behind a massive statue of the God to the back where usually preparations were made for festivals. In the small, windowless room Octavian had set up his ‘lair.’ He had gathered some covers and pillows and laid them in one corner in a pathetic attempt at a bed. There were candles littered around the room and with some difficulty and pain, Octavian lit them, filling the room with a warm glow he didn’t deserve. He should be in the dark like the vermin he was, but he needed to treat his wounds.

He collapsed onto his ‘bed’ and rested against the wall, catching his breath and trying not to pass out from the pain. He knew he had to take care of his injuries but he didn’t have the strength. Everything just hurt, his head was pounding...with a hiss of pain Octavian laid himself down, not even bothering to pull a blanket over himself, and fell into a nightmare filled sleep.


He woke up with gentle hands brushing against his wrist. The boy’s eyes fluttered open with some difficulty and he saw that someone had tied a bandage around said wrist. He looked up at saw, with no surprise, that it was Michael. Octavian was filled with a rush of warmth, and immediately felt guilty. He pulled his hand out of Michael’s hands but didn’t have the strength to sit up. The boy’s warm, dark eyes landed on his face.

“Oh, you’re awake,” he whispered, even though they were alone.

“I told you not to come here,” Octavian rasped. Michael’s brows furrowed,

“You were hurt. I heard from Hazel-“

“I deserved it,” Octavian interrupted.

“Really? Why? What did you do to deserve that?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Octavian said, voice full of venom though his heart ached, “started a fucking war.”

“No, what did you do at that moment that made it okay for someone to hurt you like that?” Octavian shrugged, looking away and feeling like crying. He desperately wanted Michael to leave, but he also wanted the boy to stay. He was the only person Octavian had, the only person he ever had. Even before the war Michael had been his best friend, but Octavian knew he didn’t deserve the kindness the Son of Venus gave him, “You were walking, Tav,” Michael said softly, resting his big hand on Octavian’s skinny shoulder, “That’s all you were doing.”

“Please go away,” Octavian closed his eyes, his head hurting.

“You need to eat first,” Michael said, and Octavian heard some rummaging, “Can you sit up?”

Octavian struggled and tried to show the pain he was feeling on his face but of course Michael saw anyway because he wrapped his arms around Octavian and helped him sit up. The blonde couldn’t help but think that those same arms that were cradling him like a child could easily break him in half.

“Here,” Michael passed Octavian a bowl of chicken soup. The blonde took it and frowned,

“Where the hell did you get this from?”

Michael shrugged, “I brought it here from the dining room.”

“You didn’t have to,” Octavian sighed but Michael just passed him a spoon. The blonde ate in silence and Michael cleaned up the room a little bit. He pulled out a bunch of daffodils and stuck them in a vase, putting it on a little table. Octavian was done eating by then, and just watched the boy, holding the empty bowl in his hands, and feeling his stomach twist.

“I brought you some fairy-lights,” Michael said, pulling them out and stringing them up near the ceiling, where Octavian couldn’t reach, “those candles are a fire hazard, you know,” he plugged the fairy-lights in and they blazed a bright gold. Then the boy went around and blew the candles out.

“You should’ve let me die,” Octavian whispered brokenly, hands trembling. Michael exhaled and then walked up to him and pulled the bowl from his hands, setting it on the floor. The boy reached out as if to hug him but Octavian flinched away, feeling sick. Instead Michael took his hand and held it. Octavian wanted to let Michael in, fuck, he loved the boy more than he ever loved anyone. But he didn’t deserve anything good to happen to him, and Michael was so, so good, “Please go now.”

Michael looked like Octavian was breaking his heart, “Can I at least hug you?”

“Not today,” Octavian whispered, sliding his hand from Michael’s. The boy got up, looking like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“I’m gonna come back later to check up on you, okay?” he asked, “we can go for a walk later.”

“Yeah,” Octavian whispered, looking at his hands. Michael hesitated, as if he wanted to say something more, but then he just slipped outside and closed the door behind him. Octavian wanted him back. He would be happy just staying in this tiny room if he at only had Michael. But he didn’t deserve to be happy.

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I'd like you to continue the phone sex Solangelo fic where they have sex ... I want to know what happens when Will goes over Nico's house!! 
For Agus & almOstaverage

Image result for twink gay making out gif

“Delicious pasta, Ms Maria,” Will said, happily digging into dinner. Next to him Nico was clearly having trouble swallowing but his mother didn’t seem to notice. When Will first saw him at school that morning he was scared that things would be awkward between them because of the...err, phone sex situation, but everything was just kind of normal. And just as promised Will, instead of meeting up with Drew he came over to Nico’s house right after the last bell. And now they were eating dinner together with his mom, the way they had a hundred times before, the only indication that anything changed being the fact that their legs were touching underneath the table.

“We’re gonna go upstairs now,” Nico said, abruptly standing up the second the last piece of pasta disappeared in Will’s mouth. Maria smiled,

“Don’t stay up too late, boys,” she said, taking their plates to the sink. Now Will, who had been relaxed up until this point, started feeling the nervousness. Last night, in the heat of the moment he had basically promised to lose his virginity to Nico. He still wanted to do it...but the problem was he was inexperienced. He knew where everything went but he just never expected that his first time would be with a guy – and with his best friend at that. Will was one hundred percent sure that he wanted to do it though, at least that’s what his body was telling him because he could feel himself get a little hard as he followed Nico up the stairs.

When the two boys were in the room Nico closed the door behind them. The atmosphere was tense and awkward, and Will didn’t know what to say. He looked at Nico and the Italian looked at him, and then looked away. Will cleared his throat but it was Nico who finally spoke.

“Do you...uh...wanna play video games or something?” he asked. The last thing Will wanted to do right now was play video games. He reached up and flipped the lights off, drowning the room in darkness.

“No,” he said quietly and reached for Nico. The boy hesitantly stepped closer to him. Will’s heart was pounding so loud the blonde was scared Nico would hear it. He swallowed and found Nico’s face in the dark, cupping the boy’s cheeks in his hands.

“Are you gonna kiss me?” Nico sounded scared. Will let out a huff of nervous laughter.

“Yeah, that’s the plan...,” he trailed off and suddenly wished he hadn’t turned the light off because he couldn’t see Nico’s facial expression that well, “Unless you don’t want to...I mean, it’s only a kiss. You have kissed someone before, right?”


“Oh. It’s okay, just kind of...move your lips,” Will said. Nico tried to reply but the blonde leaned forward and kissed him. Their parted lips brushed together shyly, and then again, more confidently. Will turned his head to the side so they could fit together better. He felt Nico exhale through his nose, and the air tickled his skin. He smiled and then decided to deepen the kiss. He had kissed a couple girls before but he felt hyper-aware of Nico when doing it with him. The boy’s lips were a little bit chapped so Will gently swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, and then he just kind of accidentally slipped it into the Italian’s mouth. Nico seemed to like it though, because he inhaled sharply, hands tightening at where they were gripping at Will’s t-shirt. The Italian tugged Will forward so they stumbled backwards, with Nico ending up pressed up against the wall, body covered by the taller boy. The Italian’s tongue came to tangle around Will’s. When the blonde’s hands slid from his face to his waist the kiss grew somewhat more wet and messy, and desperate. Will felt a rush of warmth go through his body and he kissed Nico hungrily, trying to get closer to the boy.

“W-We need to take out clothes off right?” he asked, pulling back. Nico nodded,

“Yeah,” he sounded out of breath. Will pulled back and tugged his t-shirt off, throwing it somewhere onto Nico’s floor. The Italian scrambled to follow, and the two stripped to their underwear in zero point two seconds. Then the tense silence returned as both of the boys took each other in. Will’s eyes slid over Nico’s pale body. He was probably the only guy who Will didn’t automatically compare himself too – he just kind of admired Nico all by himself.

“You’re cute,” Will said, at the same time that Nico blurted, “You’re hot.”

The two burst out laughing and they were still giggling when Nico pulled Will back up against him, throwing his arms over the boy’s shoulders, the atmosphere more relaxed now. They kissed for ages, partly because it felt nice, and partly because neither seemed to really know what to do next.

“Should we get on the bed?” Nico asked.

“Yeah, okay,” Will nodded. They padded over to the bed and Nico shoved his covers to the side. Will remembered their conversation on the phone the night before and a shiver went through him. He probably did it on these covers, he mused. Nico laid down on the bed and Will hesitantly climbed on top of him. He looked down at Nico and noted that the boy was prettily flushed, his eyes darker than usual. The blonde wondered if he looked like that too, “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know,” Nico bit his lip, “Are you like...hard?”

“A little yeah,” Will mumbled, “are you?”

Nico bit his lip again (he seemed to do that a lot when he was nervous) and reached for Will’s hand. The blonde watched Nico’s face as the boy pressed his hand down over his erection. A jolt went through Will when he felt how hard the Italian was, and Nico gasped, his hand trembling where it gripped Will’s wrist.

Will palmed him gently through his boxers, and it all kind of felt surreal, though Will didn’t care about anything other than Nico right now. He watched as the boy’s eyes fell shut and he let out a small moan that went right to Will’s cock. It was better than over the phone because now the blonde could hear every hitch in Nico’s breath, and he could see him too. The blonde hooked his fingers in the boy’s underwear after a minute of touching him through the fabric, and pulled it off. Nico’s cock lay hard against his skinny stomach, and Will couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his hand around it. Nico mewled, his hips bucking up.

“You okay?” Will asked. Nico opened his eyes half-way.

“Yeah. Y-Yeah.”

Will stroked up his member once and the boy’s eyes fell closed at the same time as his mouth fell open, and he let out that sweet little breathy sound again. Will leaned down. He didn’t even know what he was doing, all he knew was that he wanted to make Nico feel good. He decided that taking the Italian’s cock in his mouth was a good move when the boy moaned so loudly he had to slap his hands over his mouth.

“Shhh,” Will whispered, accidentally blowing onto the head of Nico’s cock. The boy’s head fell back against the pillows and he whimpered as Will took him back in his mouth. It tasted a bit weird but Will didn’t really mind that much as he tried to take as much as he could without gagging. He started bobbing his head up and down, sliding the cock in and out of his mouth and making sure he didn’t use any teeth, and Nico’s hands fell from his mouth to tangle in his hair.

“O-Oh my God,” he whimpered as Will continued to suck him. His jaw started to ache but he didn’t care, because it was worth it to hear Nico moaning, “F-Fuck...fuck Will!” the Italian tugged on Will’s hair, “W-Will stop-“

A split second later Nico’s member twitched against Will’s tongue and then there was salty, hot come filling his mouth. The blonde pulled back, spluttering and wiping his mouth.

“Nico!” he complained. The Italian laid blissed out on the covers, looking confused.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “It just kind of...h-happened.”

 Will sighed but then smiled, crawling up the boy’s body to kiss him. Nico’s lips seemed somewhat softer now that he had an orgasm. The Italian pulled a face, “You taste like come.”

Your come, asshole,” Will pecked him on the lips, “Your turn?” he asked hopefully.

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Where Jason is a heartthrob of the colg but he openly flirts with oblivious Percy. It becomes too much of a heartache when someone else flirts with Percy and he confronts Percy only to listen Percy saying something cute like 'I only like when you flirt with me' or something like that?
For FlowerofLifee

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Jason didn’t know how to politely tell Piper to leave him alone. The two used to have a thing in high-school but Jason moved onto bigger things when they got to college, and the girl still wouldn’t leave him alone. But it wasn’t just her – there was always a litter of girls around Jason, like lost puppies. The blonde Quarterback was too nice to tell them to fuck off, but he was seriously tired of their constant flirting. Honestly they were all the same; pretty, shallow and boring.

Back when Jason used to be a common ‘fuck-boy’ he loved that kind of attention, and now it just stuck to him like gum to a shoe. He was the ‘heartthrob’ of the college even though he didn’t want to be. But it was hard to be hot, popular, a jock and not sleep around much. Jason liked the girls well enough but he just wasn’t interested, and the fact that they kept touching his biceps was really fucking uncomfortable.

That’s why Jason started the whole thing with Percy.

Percy was captain of the swim-team, a decently popular, laidback guy from Jason’s year. Oh, and he was absolutely smoking hot, something the girls that always flocked around Jason didn’t seem to notice. Jason realised that when he flirted with a girl all the other girls would glare at her, and push her out of the ‘circle.’ When Jason flirted with Percy they couldn’t really do much except give them space, and that’s exactly what Jason needed; space.

So now, as Piper and her sister followed him around, his eyes found Percy. The boy was in his favourite blue hoodie, dark hair tugged at by the wind. He was sitting on a short wall with Annabeth, his best friend, and Leo the kid from Engineering, drinking a blue coke (God knows where he got that from.) Jason smiled and beelined straight for him, ignoring whatever Piper was blabbering on about. He never really used to be friends with Percy before he started flirting with him with no warning, but neither of them seemed to mind.

“Percy!” he exclaimed when he was close enough. Percy looked up and his mouth twitched into a smile while Annabeth rolled her eyes fondly.

“Not you again Grace,” the blonde said. Piper and her sister stopped walking, hanging back and glaring at Percy as Jason strode to him.

“Apologies, Chase,” Jason grinned at the girl, “I just wanted to ask Percy something.”

“Oh yeah? I wonder what it could be,” Percy teased, eyes sparkling.

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” Jason winked. Leo snorted and Percy’s smile widened.

“Walk by again so I can ogle your ass.”

“Jesus Christ,” Annabeth face palmed.

“Jason!” someone yelled across the playground. Jason grinned,

“I’ll catch you later, babe,” and he walked away.


Jason walked into the cafeteria with all of his friends and a flock of girls that they called ‘followers’ that were only around them because they thought the football team was hot and they wanted to date them. Jason was talking to Hazel and Frank and the others just made moony eyes at him, when he spotted Percy sitting with his friends. He grinned and his heart skipped a beat despite himself and he strode over, ignoring the looks he got. He threw his arms around the boy’s shoulders and Percy jumped, mid-word. He looked up and relaxed when he saw it was just Jason. The blonde loved the way his eyes softened when they met Jason’s.

“Hey darlin’,” he said. Percy leaned against him.

“Hey. Anything you wanna tell me?” he knew the drill by then. Jason, feeling brave, dropped a kiss on top of Percy’s hair.

 “If you were a chicken you’d be impeccable,” he said and strode away. Calypso, who was sitting with Percy, squealed. Jason didn’t really know when their flanter (flirty banter) turned into heart-pounding, blood rushing, hand shaking  actual flirting, and he couldn’t tell if he liked it, or outright loved it.


“...and I was just thinking that you should come to Zoe’s party with me,” Drew finished, walking next to Jason through the car park. The blonde just wanted to get to his car.

“Er...dunno, I don’t think I’m gonna go honestly.”

“Aw, Jason,” Drew ‘casually’ put her hand on his arm, “You have to go! Everyone expects you to be there-“

Jason brightened up, “Look!” he pointed to a blue pickup truck, “It’s Percy.”

“Why are you always taking the piss?” Drew rolled her eyes, “like it was funny at the start, but it’s kinda annoying now. Jackson’s not in our gang so I don’t get why you have to make a big deal out of flirting with him, giving the poor boy hope-“

Jason wasn’t listening anymore as he strode right up to Percy, who was about to get into his car, whistling obliviously.

“Did you just get out of the oven?” Jason slammed the car door shut, blocking it with his body, inches away from Percy. The boy blinked at him in surprise and then smiled, “Because you’re hot.”

“Thanks b,” Percy said, “now sorry I gotta go home.”

“Aw, can I come with you?” Jason asked, making puppy-dog eyes at the boy. Percy batted him away,

“Next time,” he climbed into the car and Jason just stared at him, God knows why, “What?” Percy noticed, rolling down the window, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jason grinned, snapping out of it, “Something’s wrong with my eyes because I can’t seem to take them off you,” he said, winked, and walked away, heart clenched in his chest.


Jason’s day was going pretty well, mostly because since lunchtime he hadn’t bumped into any of the girls and they didn’t pester him to go to some party with them. He strolled through the sunny campus, enjoying the summer afternoon and the fact he had no more lessons and could go home, when he saw them.

Percy was leaning against the wall of one of the buildings, arms crossed over his chest, grinning as some guy talked to him. The guy’s arm was on the wall so he was half caging Percy in, and the two looked like they were...well, flirting. Jason didn’t expect that to hit him so hard and without thinking he strode towards them.

“Hey Percy!” he called, when he was close enough. The guy looked up and his whole demeanour changed when he saw pissed off Jason.

“I’ll catch you later,” he said, and quickly walked off before Jason even got to them. Percy blinked at the guy, who was practically running away, and then looked at Jason. He frowned when the blonde stood in front of him, fuming.

“What’s wrong?” Percy was confused.

“Why was that guy flirting with you?” Jason demanded, and then realised how jealous he sounded. He flushed and his shoulders slumped, he’s not your boyfriend, stop acting like he is! “’s just that...I-I mean h-he can d-do that I just-“

Percy leaned forward and kissed the blonde’s cheek, lips soft and warm, sending Jason’s heart pounding,  “Don’t worry,” he smiled sweetly, “I only like it when you flirt with me,” and then he just walked off. Dumbfounded, Jason stared after him, subconsciously touching the cheek that the boy had just kissed.

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Can you do a Luke/Percy Sugardaddy au
for theoretically

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Percy was honestly terrified. When he had confessed to Piper, one of his best friends, that when he passed away his step-father was in massive debt that now fell on Percy’s and his mother’s head, the girl told him to get a Sugardaddy. At first Percy thought it was a joke, but then he made some research and there he was – in the nice part of London with all the restaurants where a drink cost more than his life, about to meet his Sugardaddy.

He had no idea what the man looked like, no idea about how anything would work. The man had written to him on a chat room for Sugarbabies (Percy supposed that’s what he was now) looked for Sugardaddies, and asked Percy to meet him in a restaurant for a meal where they could discuss the arrangement. Percy had put on a nice black button up shirt since he read online that he always had to look his best, and now looked nervously at the exterior of the restaurant. It was something French and fancy, with one of those hostesses up front to check if you were on the list.

No point putting this off, Percy was already late. He was doing this for his mum, so she wouldn’t have to worry about paying the debt, and so he took a deep breath and walked in, praying that his Sugardaddy wasn’t some gross creep. He’d be okay with selling his body, as long as it helped his family. Well, ‘okay’ probably wasn’t the word for it, but he made his peace with the situation.

“Sorry, do you have a reservation?” the hostess asked when Percy walked into the warm, aromatic restaurant. The critical way she looked at his clothes made Percy self-conscious.

“I...uh...,” Percy swallowed, “I’m here to meet with L-Luke Castellan?”

The Hostesses body language changed abruptly and she smiled brightly, “Of course. This way sir,” she gestured to the double door at the end of a short corridor. Nervously, Percy followed her and his breath caught when they walked into the actual restaurant. The walls were red, the lights dim. A band was playing soothing classical music in the corner, and the round tables were beautifully set, a vase with a single red rose on each. Almost all the tables were full of gentlemen dressed in suits, smoking pipes, and ladies in long evening gowns. Percy felt horribly out of place as he followed the Hostess, feeling like people were staring at him.

“Mr Castellan,” the Hostess stopped in front a secluded table in the corner and a man rose. Percy’s stomach clenched and he barely noticed that the Hostess left. He stared at the man that was supposed to be his Sugardaddy.

He always thought that Sugardaddies were meant to be old, creepy, fat men. Luke Castellan was none of those things. He actually looked like some kind of Greek God; perfectly chiselled cheekbones and jaw line, sandy blonde hair artfully falling onto his forehead. His dark blue eyes were full of warmth and mischief. He was dressed in a suit that fitted him perfectly and made Percy feel like a peasant. So yes, the guy was gorgeous, and looked no older than thirty, only about fifteen years older than Percy.

“H-Hi,” Percy stuttered. He didn’t know if he should stick his hand out or anything. Luke smiled at him and leaned forward. He put one of his hands on Percy’s waist and then pressed a brief kiss to the boy’s cheek. Percy’s breath caught and he felt his face burning when he realised that Luke noticed. The blonde pulled away and waited for Percy to sit down before following.

“So you’re Percy,” the blonde seemed amused, studying Percy. The boy wanted his blush to go away but it was weird.

“Yes,” he said, “And’re Luke. Or Mr Castellan. Or Sir. Um, what should I call you?”

“Just Luke’s fine,” the blonde smirked and rested his chin on his hand. Percy looked at his hands; big, bigger than his own, soft looking. Percy wondered what it would feel like to be touched by those hands.

“,” Percy fidgeted, “You’re a Sugardaddy,” he wanted to shoot himself in the head for being so stupid, but his tongue was heavy in his mouth and he was so nervous he could barely talk. Luke didn’t mind,

“Yes. Among other things.”

“What do you do?”

“Real Estate mostly,” Luke straightened up when an elegant waitress walked up to their table. She placed a bottle of red wine on the table.

“2007 Gaja Barbaresco, Mr Castellan, compliments of the house.”

“Thank you,” Luke inclined his head. Percy watched the refined exchange with his mouth open, and had to stop himself from googling how expensive the wine was. The waitress left them and Luke opened the bottle, pouring some of the dark liquid into his glass, “Would you like some?” he asked.

Percy swallowed, “I’m more of a Jack and coke kinda guy,” he said weakly. Luke smiled as if he found that cute.

“Fair enough,” he reached for the menus and passed one to Percy, “We should decide on some starters.”

Percy nodded, though he wasn’t hungry. He opened the menu but, of course, everything was in French. Luke, as if knowing how lost Percy was, watched him over the rim of his own menu. Percy swallowed and tried to remember everything he learned in year nine French. All he got was au revoir.

“The prawns are nice,” Luke interrupted his mental breakdown, “number seventeen.”

“O-Oh...,” Percy looked at number seventeen, where the only word he recognised were crevettes, “They’ll b-be nice I guess.”

Luke politely called over the waitress and in a hushed voice placed their starter order. When she moved away he took a sip of his wine. Percy squirmed underneath his gaze.

“You look like you have questions.”

“I don’t...”

“Breathe,” Luke smiled.

“Sorry,” Percy said sheepishly, “You’re just not what I expected.”

“Neither are you,” Luke admitted. Percy felt his stomach clench.

“What do you mean?”

Luke shrugged, something that looked weird in his fancy surrounding, “You’re just not like the other Sugarbabies. They’re always so overconfident and cocky, like they think they’re the hottest thing in the world.”

“’ve done this before?”

Luke frowned, “You haven’t?”

“No,” Percy looked down at his hands clenched in his lap.

“Hey,” Luke said and Percy looked up. The man’s eyes were soft, “look, no need to be nervous. We’re just having some food, no obligations, and a chat. If at the end you decide you don’t want this then that’s alright.”

“Right. Thank you. Sorry...for being so out of it,” Percy looked around, “I’ve never really been to such a fancy place.”

“Can I pry and ask why you’re doing this?” Luke sipped his wine, “You don’t seem like the type that goes in for the money.”

Percy shrugged, “Family problems. Need to pay off some debts.”


“How about you?” Percy could feel himself start to relax, “You could probably just get yourself a girlfriend or a boyfriend instead of doing...this.”

Luke shrugged, “I don’t want to fall in love.”

“Bad relationships?” Percy guessed. Luke sighed and nodded,

“You could say that.”

“I get you, man.”

Luke snorted, “Please don’t ever call me ‘man.’”

“What about dude?” Percy wiggled his eyebrows. Luke stifled a laugh,

“Also no.”

The waitress came around with their food and for a few minutes Percy was too excited by the fanciest, tastiest prawns he ever ate to worry about his nerves. He ordered something random from the menu when the waitress came for their plates, and that’s when they really got down to business.

“So let’s say we both agree on this arrangement. Obviously it’d be sexual,” Luke said, leaning forward a bit, “What time of day would we meet up for, and for how long?”

“Um...evenings would be better for me,” Percy was feeling really awkward discussing this with a stranger, “and err...however long it takes for you to finish? Unless you want to cuddle after or something.”

“So you have classes during the day?” Luke ignored his last comment. Percy nodded, “Alright. Well, would you like to meet up at my place? It’s not far from here, but we can go to a hotel if you want, or your place-“

“Not my place,” Percy blurted. He couldn’t imagine elegant, gorgeous Luke in his cluttered student accommodation, “You place will be fine.”

“Are you opposed to us going out in public?” Luke asked, and now he looked a little unsure too, “I’d like to take you out, if that’s okay.”

“Take out where?”

“Theatre. Parties. If that’s okay. I’d like this to be more than just sex.”

“I thought you didn’t want to fall in love,” Percy said without thinking.

Luke smirked, and it looked a little distance, “Don’t worry. I won’t fall in love with you,” he refilled his glass, “I will pay you after every meeting,” he said a sum that made Percy’s eyes bulge out. He did some mental calculations and decided that six months with a meeting once a week would be enough to pay the debt, “and you will be free to walk away any time you want. So, do we have a deal?”

Percy looked at Luke. It doesn’t get better than this. Slowly, he nodded.


The valet eyed Percy up and down when he walked into the lobby of Luke’s apartment building. It looked like a hotel honestly, with velvety, red couches and potted plants dotting the massive lobby, the finishing touch being the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Percy was wearing his nicest pair of black jeans and a blue polo shirt underneath his coat but the valet was still eyeing him as he went over to the front desk nervously.

“Can I help you, sir?” the mixed race girl behind the desk smiled at him cutely. She looked about Percy’s age, maybe that’s why she was being so nice. Her name plaque read ‘Hazel.’

“Um...I’m here to see Luke Castellan,” Percy had to force himself to not look away with embarrassment, instead looking right at Hazel, who’s eye didn’t even twitch. She smiled.

“Mr Percy Jackson? Mr Castellan said you’d come tonight. He’s on the fifth floor.”

“Which door number?” Percy asked. Hazel grinned.

“You’ll know it when you see it.”

The lift felt weirdly big around Percy when the boy stepped inside. He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed, trying to get his hair to lie flat as the lift sailed upwards smoothly. He wondered if he looked acceptable enough...not that it mattered; Luke would probably want his clothes off ASAP anyway. Unless he was into leather and shit. Maybe I should’ve brought condoms, Percy mused, shit, what if he wants to do it bareback? Before he could panic more the door to the lift opened with a soft ding.

Hazel was right; it was easy to find Luke’s door since it was the only door on the fifth floor. It was made of dark wood, perfectly polished. Swallowing, Percy knocked nervously. He waited a few minutes in which he almost chickened out and got back in the lift, but then Luke opened the door.

His hair was damp from the shower, and he was dressed in a zipped up grey hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. Percy blinked at him, surprised, almost expecting the man to open the door in a full suit.


“Hey,” Luke grinned and moved to the side to let Percy in, “You’re early.”

“Sorry,” Percy said, looking around the living room. It took up most of the floor, wrapping around the corridor outside. There were massive windows on one wall and white couches and rugs strewn over the floor. Percy could see a few doors branching off, and a staircase leading to a kind of half-floor, so the boy could see the doors leading to what he assumed were bedrooms, “Nice place.”

“Thanks. Do you want something to drink?” Luke asked, “I’ve got coke and Jack if you want to calm your nerves.”

“I’m not nervous,” Percy said automatically. Luke took his hand and the boy almost jumped at the touch. The blonde held him by the wrist and showed that Percy’s hand was shaking, “Okay, maybe just a bit,” the boy admitted.

“Percy,” Luke said solemnly, “I’m going to have sex with you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Percy’s eyes dropped to the ground as he felt blood rush to his cheeks at such an unapologetic statement.

“Please tell me you’ve had sex before.”

“I have,” Percy assured him quickly, “With guys.” I just hated it, Percy added mentally. Luke relaxed a little and went to the kitchen. Percy padded in after him.

“Just for future reference you don’t have to dress up. Just come in whatever makes you comfortable.”

“I’m surprised you even noticed I dressed up,” Percy said. The kitchen was large and modern like the rest of the apartment, but with cute homey accents. There was a photograph on the fridge of an elderly couple held up by a sunflower magnets.

“Of course I noticed,” Luke opened the fridge and pulled out a Jack Daniels and a can of coke. He prepared Percy’s drink and noticed him looking at the photo, “Those are my grandparents.”

“They look sweet,” Percy said, and gratefully took the drink from Luke. He hoped that the alcohol helped as he practically chugged the liquid, feeling it burn a little down his throat.

“Slow down,” Luke laughed, “Do you want anything to eat?”

“, I’d just like to kind of do it,” Percy said, finishing his drink. He clutched the glass in his hands, “I...I know you w-want my company but as you pointed out I’m k-kinda nervous right now so-“

“That’s okay,” Luke said, and took the glass from Percy, “I know it’s nerve-wracking the first time. I mean, we’re basically strangers.”

“Yeah,” Percy said lamely. He let Luke lead him up the stairs and the whole time he thought that he could still back out. Thing was; he had sex with men worse than Luke back in college, so this really wasn’t that bad. With a wince Percy remembered the pain of having someone thrust inside him. He was pretty sure he’d hate doing it with Luke anyway, except this time he had to pretend like he liked it or Luke would drop him. He told himself that he had done this before, and could again.

Luke’s bedroom was practically empty except for the massive bed with a canopy that dominated it. There was a door to a balcony that looked over the River Thames, sparkling with the lights of London. It was all surprisingly beautiful.

Percy flinched when he felt Luke’s hand on his cheek and forced himself to turn to face the man. Luke looked different in the half-darkness, more angled and shadowy. He looked at Percy for a second, as if looking for a sign of fear, and Percy steeled himself for what was coming. It’ll be quick, he told himself, he’ll probably kiss me. Strip. Then just a quick fuck.

Luke leaned forward and kissed Percy’s cheek slowly, almost sensually. Percy shivered and looked away, face burning. With the hand on his face Luke turned Percy back to look at him, kissing the corner of his mouth. The boy’s heart pounded with anticipation but Luke didn’t kiss him. Instead he pressed another kiss to Percy’s jaw line, his fingers coming up to undo the buttons on Percy’s shirt, leisurely, slowly, as if they had all the time in the world. He slipped the boy’s shirt off one shoulder and then kissed it. Percy felt his heart clench at how gentle and weirdly loving Luke was being. He was used to fast sex in someone’s dorm room while everyone partied just outside and this...this was so different, and confusing. The alcohol he drank was making him warm, and giving him just enough courage that he wasn’t shaking.

Luke pulled the shirt off of Percy, leaving him naked from the waist up. The boy felt a chill on his skin but he barely registered it as Luke’s lips slowly trailed down his neck, softly, more a caress than a kiss, his hands undoing the buttons on Percy’s jeans.

“Take them off,” the blonde asked quietly, voice hushed. Percy nodded and kind of clumsily pulled his legs free of his trousers. He clutched them in his hands, not really knowing what to do with them. Luke took them from his hands and threw them to the side. He pulled back and Percy made to follow him but the blonde stopped him with his hand on the boy’s shoulder, “Let me look at you,” he whispered, voice rougher than it had been seconds ago. Percy fought the urge to cover himself and he felt weirdly self-conscious with Luke’s eyes taking in every edge and curve of his body. The boy was glad that the lights were off at least. Luke’s lips tugged into a smile and he stepped back up to Percy, cupping the boy’s cheek again. He didn’t say anything, just looked the boy in the eyes, as if challenging him to look away. Percy didn’t.

Luke brushed his thumb over the boy’s bottom lip and subconsciously Percy opened his mouth a tiny bit. Then finally Luke kissed him. Percy didn’t know how much his body had been craving for the man to actually properly touch him until their lips met and Percy felt a warmth seep down to his cock. Oh my God I’m getting hard, he thought, half in horror and half in awe.

Luke was a good kisser, which of course was unsurprising. His lips were the perfect combination of soft and demanding, his tongue finding its way into Percy’s mouth. It was nothing like the sloppy, teeth-clashing, drunken kisses that Percy had had before – this was deliberate, every brush of lips had a purpose, and that purpose seemed to make Percy’s knees buckle. Of course before that happened Luke pulled away. Percy fought the urge to whine and pull him back in because he knew this wasn’t about himself – this was about making Luke feel good.

“What do you want me to do?” Percy asked, scared at how breathless he sounded.

“Nothing yet,” Luke said mysteriously, with a smirk as if he knew that Percy was dying a little. His arousal was obvious since he was only in his boxers, and Luke was deliberately teasing him. As if to prove that the man kissed his shoulder again, and then pressed a small kiss to the centre of his chest. Percy felt his stomach clench as the man slowly got down to his knees, kissing a path down the middle of Percy’s body, over his abs, his stomach. When he was finally kneeling in front of the boy he placed his big hands on the boy’s hips. Percy’s breath hitched when Luke kissed the inside of his thigh.

“Fuck,” the word slipped out before Percy could stop it. Luke’s smirk grew and he started to pull the boy’s boxers off, inch by torturous inch. When the underwear was finally discarded and Percy’s hard cock was standing to attention just centimetres from Luke’s face Percy’s mouth had gone completely dry.

“Someone’s excited,” the blonde noted. Percy fought the urge to tell him to shut up,

“I-I never-“

“Been sucked off?” Luke inquired causally, looking up at Percy. The boy swallowed.

“No. I have. I-I...wait, is that what you’re going to do?”

“You sound confused; what else would I be doing on my knees in front of you?” the whole situation seemed amusing to Luke.

“I-I just...I thought this whole thing was about me pleasing you.”

“Well it pleases me to please you,” Luke said in reply.

“It’s just that- ohmyfuckingGod,” Percy gasped when the blonde suddenly took his cock inside his mouth. The boy tried to suck in a breath but it didn’t work, the air just ended up getting stuck in his throat. His hands involuntarily shot out to tangle in Luke’s still-damp hair. The man’s mouth was hot and wet, and wrapped around Percy’s cock just perfectly. The boy squeezed his eyes shut and tried to breathe but it was getting harder and harder as Luke started to properly blow him, demanding hands on Percy’s hips, keeping him in place. There were no teeth scraping his length, no gagging, no pulling back. Luke took Percy’s entire length into his mouth smoothly, eyes closed, eyelashes casting shadows on his cheeks. Everything went fuzzy for a second and the pleasure that coiled inside Percy like some kind of snake, gripping his insides with heat. His toes curled against the soft carpet and he finally found the air he needed. He panted, whimpered, squeezed his eyes shut as he lost himself in the pleasure.

Luke’s hands slid from Percy’s hips to his ass and the man squeezed, just hard enough to let Percy know what he was doing. At that moment Percy would’ve probably let him do anything he wanted.

“L-Luke,” he gasped, hands tightening in the man’s hair, “I’m g-gonna come-“

“No,” Luke pulled back, letting Percy’s hard dick out of his mouth. The boy did whine then, though he really didn’t mean to. Luke wiped his mouth, “You don’t come until I tell you that you can. Now get on the floor.”

“The bed’s r-right there,” Percy was swaying on his feet, feeling like his knees would give out.

“What if I want to fuck you on the floor?” Luke asked. Percy slid to his knees in front of Luke, so they were almost face to face. The blonde pushed him backwards onto the soft carpet and Percy’s eyes fluttered shut. His body was thrumming with want, but at the same time he was already blissed out, hot and turned on,

“Anything you want,” he mumbled. He felt Luke’s cool lips against his forehead.

“Good boy,” the man whispered, and pulled away from Percy’s body. The boy didn’t have the strength to open his eyes and when he finally did Luke was back between his legs, a condom and a bottle of lube in his hand. Percy’s dick twitched and he woke up a little.

“D-Don’t you want me to suck you off?” he asked. Luke smiled.

“Another time, beautiful,” he said, pouring some lube onto his fingers. Percy frowned and then flinched when Luke pulled him forward, throwing the boy’s legs around his waist and reaching between them.

“W-What are you doing?!” Percy demanded, futilely attempting to close his legs. Luke raised an eyebrow,

“Preparing you?” he offered. Percy swallowed nervously, feeling as if he had a fever.

“W-With your hand?” he didn’t understand.

“Yes, with my-,” Luke stopped abruptly, “Wait. Are you telling me you had sex before without preparation?”

For some reason Percy felt like Luke was angry at him, “I-I it’s just t-that we were always i-in a hurry and d-drunk and-“

Luke silenced him with a sudden kiss, “Just trust me,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against Percy’s, his hands stroking his ass gently, “I’ll make you feel good, I promise.”

He pulled back a little so he could look down at Percy’s body and spread the boy’s legs a little. Percy closed his eyes, jaw clenched, waiting for the familiar pain. None came – Luke’s lubbed up digit slid in him easily and although it felt weird, it didn’t hurt. Percy opened his eyes and saw that Luke was already looking at him with his warm eyes.

“Is that okay?”

Percy nodded and Luke slid his finger out of him before carefully pushing back in.

“Y-You can go faster,” Percy was kind of enjoying the feeling.

“There’s no rush,” Luke said gently. He continued to thrust his one finger into Percy slowly until the boy was squirming on the carpet, legs thrown open wide with abandon. Only when Percy whispered a heated please did Luke push another finger inside him. The burn that Percy felt passed quickly and then he just felt full, Luke’s fingers working their way inside him, scissoring him open, twisting, filling him with heat. The boy missed them when Luke pulled them out.

Again, when his lubbed up cock started to slide inside Percy there was none of that horrible pain he felt with the previous guys. Of course, it still kind of ached but Percy found that he liked it more than hated it. He forced his eyes open to look at Luke.

The man’s eyes were closed, hands gripping Percy’s knees where they were keeping his legs apart. His hair was damp with sweat. Somewhere when Percy wasn’t paying attention he had shrugged off his hoodie and now the boy had a full view of his deliciously muscled body. He wanted to reach out and touch but he basically turned into a noodle of pleasure on Luke’s floor and was unable to do more than try to muffle his moans, hands gripping at the carpet. When Luke bottomed out Percy wanted to pass out. If he thought that Luke’s fingers filled him up they had nothing on his cock.


“I like that,” Luke’s voice was hoarse as he leaned forward to nuzzle against Percy’s neck, clearly waiting for the boy to adjust, “The way you say my name. All breathy and sexy,” immediately Percy clamped his mouth shut and felt the vibrations against his skin when Luke laughed, “Don’t do that. Don’t be shy.”

Before Percy could reply Luke pulled back and then out of him before pushing back in. He fucked Percy into the carpet with long, slow, deliberate thrusts that were driving the boy wild because they were so much and yet not enough. In minutes he was panting, moans spilling from his mouth without any control. His body was trembling, aching for Luke to push in deeper, and then he did-

Oh,” Percy whimpered, “O-Oh God right there-,” Luke pulled out and thrust powerfully into the place that he had just hit, the one that made Percy feel like his limbs were turning to pools of heat, “Y-Yes, fuck, Luke.”

The blonde wrapped his hand around Percy’s cock and started slowly stroking it in time with his lazy thrusts.

“Are you close?” the blonde asked. Percy tried to reply but all that came out were needy gasps so he nodded, “Don’t c-come yet, okay?” Percy was pleased to hear the little hitch in Luke’s voice. He whimpered and pulled the man in for a messy kiss. He didn’t let Luke pull away, keeping their foreheads pressed together.

“Y-You need to s-stop touching my d-dick,” the dark haired boy whimpered, biting his bottom lip, “O-Or I’ll c-come-“

“I don’t want to stop,” Luke said, urgently, hungrily, and suddenly his thrusts sped up as did his hand movements. Percy fell back against the carpet, back arching as he cried out. He wanted desperately for Luke to let him come, but he knew that he wouldn’t last until then. And he was right because seconds later strings of his pearly come were going all over his stomach and chest. Percy panted as Luke fucked him through the aftershock, his body feeling over-sensitive. He didn’t know precisely when Luke came because he was too blissed out, but then out of nowhere he was feeling weirdly hollow and the blonde was hovering over him, stroking his hair.

“S-Sorry I came,” Percy whispered. Luke cracked a smile,

“It’s my fault. I lost control. Sorry,” he kissed Percy’s forehead.

“Don’t say sorry,” the dark haired boy mumbled, still not one hundred percent back in the real world, “That was amazing.”

“Glad you liked it,” Luke stood up, pulling his trousers back on. Percy watched him discard the condom and then realised he was still sprawled on the man’s floor, completely naked. Blushing, the boy scrambled for his clothes, shoving them on.

“You can shower if you want,” Luke said, watching him.

“No, I’m okay, thank you,” Percy said. I don’t want to wash his touch away just yet, it was a weird thought. He stood up and his legs felt shaky and unstable, his backside aching a bit. He uneasily followed Luke down the stairs.

“Do you want something to eat?” Luke asked. Percy couldn’t stop looking at him, and thinking that he just had sex with this gorgeous man. Amazing sex. Amazing sex he would get paid for, “Or I can get my driver to drop you home?”

Percy couldn’t imagine returning to his cramped apartment alone right now, “Um...I’m actually kind of hungry.”

“Great,” Luke smiled, “I can cook you something.”

“It’s like midnight.”

“Well, do you want to go out?”

Honestly, right now Percy’s exhausted body just wanted one thing, “How about pizza?”


Percy was dragging himself to his flat from university, wanting nothing more than to cry even though the money from Luke came through. He had so much work that he had no idea when he’d fit it in. Honestly, he blamed his frustration on that but he knew the truth – he was frustrated because he missed Luke’s hands on him. Since his last meeting with the man, almost a week before, Percy had wanked every day (sometimes twice) to the memory of the man fucking him, but he just couldn’t orgasm the way he did on Luke’s floor.

That’s why as he walked down the pavement at six in the evening and a sleek, black Mercedes-Benz pulled in next to him, his heart jumped with anticipation. The tinted window of the passenger’s seat rolled down smoothly and Luke grinned at him from the driver’s seat.

“Get in,” he said. Percy couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he hoped in, glad there weren’t any people on the street to judge him. Luke rolled up the window and started to drive.

“Sick car,” Percy said in awe, looking around the expensive interior. Luke smirked at him,

“Thanks. I always wanted to have one when I was a kid.”

“Um...where are we going by the way?” Percy asked as Luke slowed down at red lights, behind a line of cars. The sun was setting, leaving pink streaks across the sky, and everyone was coming home from work.

“I have two tickets to see Hamilton,” Luke said.

“Wait,” Percy gaped at him, “Like the Hamilton? The tickets are sold out until 2018!”

“You said you did drama,” Luke shrugged, “I figured you like theatre.”

Percy bit his lip and his heart skipped a beat, “That’s...I-I...thankyou-“

“No need. I said I wanted your company as well.”

Percy sat back in the seat, face flushed. It always seemed to be flushed around Luke, even when they weren’t doing anything. The boy’s eyes slid over the man in his expensive suit and then looked down at himself in his tattered hoodie and a pair of ripped jeans. Luke, of course, noticed.

“I got you some clothes,” he said, “they’re in the back. I’ll pull over and you can change.”


The Theatre – just like everything else around Luke – was wonderful and fancy as fuck. The shirt and blazer that the blonde bought for Percy were more expensive than his old, battered truck, and the show itself was magical. Luke and Percy got their own little balcony thingy and a shitload of champagne and honestly Luke was kind of a bit drunk.

“Can’t drive,” the blonde summarised as they poured out of the theatre into the cold night. Percy shivered,

“Um...maybe I can?”

“No,” Luke said solemnly, “You drank too,” he threw a careless arm around Percy’s shoulders and pulled the boy close to his side. His words were a little slurred, his hair a little dishevelled, he smelled a little of alcohol. But Percy liked how close he was so he didn’t protest as the man pulled out his phone, “I’m going to message Thalia.”

“Who’s Thalia?”

“My driver,” he said, texting something on his newest IPhone. He slid it into his pocket when he was done, “Well we have about fifteen minutes of waiting.”

Percy shivered in the cold, “Fifteen minutes isn’t that long.”

“Actually it’s a lot of time,” there was a gleam in Luke’s eye and before Percy could protest the blonde grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into the closest alley, away from the prying crowd still coming out of the theatre. None of them seemed to notice the two of them sneak off and Luke led Percy down a maze of backstreets as if he knew exactly where he was. It was dark and Percy stumbled along after him and suddenly Luke was pressing him up against the wall with his body, kissing him. There was no slow build up like there had been last time. Luke’s mouth was demanding and hot against Percy, and the boy felt almost like the man was trying to prove something by kissing him like that. He couldn’t decide which he liked better; the composed, in control, dominant Luke, or the one in front of him right now, urgent and careless.

The blonde lifted Percy off the ground without warning, grabbing fistfuls of the boy’s ass. Whatever noise spilled from the boy’s mouth at the warmth that shot through him was swallowed by Luke. Percy automatically wrapped his legs around the man, pulling him in close, and trapping his erection between their bodies. He whimpered.

“You’re already hard?” Luke pulled away, chuckling. Percy blushed.


“Why are you apologizing?” Luke murmured, mapping out Percy’s neck with his tongue.

“B-Because...I-I...just...just...I’m so inexperience a-and clumsy-“

“I like it,” Luke interrupted him, pulling back to look up at him. His strong hands were trailing over Percy’s backside slowly, “I like that you’re not like the others, I like-“ his phone beeped, “That’s Thalia,” he gently set Percy back down on the ground. The boy shivered when the blonde stepped back, allowing cold air to hit him. He was sure that they weren’t done yet – they still had the car ride.


Luke and Percy continued like that – sometimes Luke would take Percy out; the theatre, restaurants, clubs, whatever he was feeling like. Sometimes they’d fuck, sometimes they wouldn’t. The money Luke paid Percy gave to his mother, who asked questions that Percy brushed off. The blonde wanted to buy Percy presents as well, but he didn’t want that – the only reason he was doing this whole Sugardaddy thing was to pay his step father’s debts. Or so he told himself two months in, when he literally craved Luke, and not just having sex with him, just the man in general. Percy didn’t realise how attached he’d get to him. Maybe it would’ve been easier if Luke just used him for sex, but the man was kind, and gentle, and caring, and funny, and sarcastic-

And standing outside Percy’s door.

“How did you know where I live?” Percy gaped at him. The boy was in an oversized t-shirt he slept in and his boxers, ready to go to bed. But Luke was standing in the dingy corridor of his flat complex, grinning at him, wet from the rain. He clearly made an effort to look ‘casual’ but his burgundy Henley and pants still looked too fancy for this part of London.

“I asked Thalia,” the blonde shrugged. Fucksake, Percy thought. Luke’s driver, a crazy, Goth girl, dropped Percy home multiple times. That little snake, “I thought you’d be a little happier to see me. I am paying you after every meeting after all.”

“’s not a good time,” Percy tried to block the door with his body. Luke frowned.

“Is someone in there?” he asked. His eyes slid over Percy’s attire, “Are you having sex with someone?”

“No,” Percy said quickly. Luke shoved past him and barrelled into the flat, looking around, eyes shooting lightning. Percy closed the door behind him and watched the blonde storm to the bedroom. Seconds later he came out, looking sheepish when he found no secret lover under the blankets.

“Sorry,” he muttered, “Got a bit carried away.”

Percy sighed, “I’m not sleeping with anyone. Except you.”

“Then why are you so...,” Luke gestured at him, “I don’t know; nervous?”

“I didn’t want you to see my flat,” Percy hugged himself. Luke looked at the beat up floral print couch and the family pictures on the walls.

“Why not?”

“It’s so...plain.”

Luke’s mouth twitched into a smile and he went up to Percy. The boy’s body relaxed immediately and he let Luke take him into his arms, kissing him softly.

“You are so adorable, did I ever tell you that?” he asked, eyes all soft and warm and making Percy’s insides turn to jelly. The blonde tucked Percy’s hair behind his ear.

“Do you want to have sex?” Percy asked in a whisper, because Luke looked like he wanted to. The blonde leaned close and brushed their noses together in an Eskimo kiss.

“Yeah. A little. Do you?”

“With you? Always,” Percy grinned. Luke kissed him, brushed his fingers through Percy’s hair, pulled his head back and bit his neck. He picked him up and carried him to the couch, dumping the boy onto it. He pulled his clothes off, then he pulled off Percy’s. He touched every inch of Percy that he could reach until the boy was a trembling, moaning mess. Then he carried him to the bedroom and they did it again nestled among Percy’s pillows. And then they fell asleep.


Percy woke up to the smell of bacon. He blinked and sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes and looking blearily around the bedroom. There were indentations in his wall where the headboard had slammed against it during the night, and a ray of grey sunlight poured in through the gap in the curtains. Luke was nowhere to be seen. The two rarely fell asleep together.

Percy pulled on some socks and padded into his tiny kitchen. Luke was humming to the radio as he bustled around, making eggs and bacon for breakfast. He looked right at home in Percy’s kiss the cook apron, and if you saw him now you’d never think he was the boy’s Sugardaddy.

“Morning,” Percy said. The older man looked up at him and smiled,

“Morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking that?” Percy rolled his eyes, “After all it’s my place.”

“I should probably pay you double,” Luke said casually, and Percy’s heart clenched, “since you said the first time that you don’t want me to come here.”

“No!” Percy protested, “No, it’s okay. don’t have to, it’s fine-“

Luke lowered the flame underneath the bacon and walked up to Percy, cradling the boy’s face in his hands and kissing him. The boy smiled and parted his lips, letting Luke’s mouth explore his mouth lazily.

“I was gonna ask you yesterday,” the blonde said, pulling away and playing with Percy’s hair, “but we got...err, distracted. I’m going to France for two weeks on business.”

“Oh,” Percy’s stomach tumbled. I’m not gonna see him for two weeks...

“And I was wondering if you’d like to come with me?”

Percy stared at him for a long, long time.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope,” Luke said, popping the p, “I’m dead serious.”

“B-But why?” Percy was in shock. Luke shrugged,

“I like your company. that a yes?”

“Yeah,” Percy said weakly, “that’s a yes.”


“It’s beautiful,” Percy whispered, breath fogging up the window. He was standing by it, in the fanciest hotel in Paris, the Eiffel tower shimmering in the distance over a million other small lights of the city. Percy still couldn’t believe that they were actually here. Luke came behind him and kissed his shoulder.

“I’m gonna go take a bath,” he said, voice low, “Afterwards we can go downstairs and check out that restaurant, okay?”

“Yeah,” Percy couldn’t keep the smile off his face and watched Luke disappeared into the en-suite bathroom that was probably as fancy as the rest of their room. Then the smile melted off Percy’s face as he looked back at the City of Love spread out below him. He sighed and rested his forehead against the glass. He couldn’t deny it anymore; he wasn’t in this arrangement because of the money anymore. He was in love with Luke.

Even thinking those words made Percy wince as he remembered what the blonde had told him during their first meeting. I won’t fall in love with you. It sounded so final. Percy willed the ache in his heart to go away. He was happy pretending that he and Luke were a real couple, so why ruin it by telling himself it could never be? Enjoy him while he still wants you, Percy told himself. He looked at the bathroom door and then walked over to it, shedding clothes as he went.

Luke didn’t lock the door, which Percy wasn’t even surprised by. The man was laid back in a massive bath, cheeks a little flushed from the heat, submerged to his chin. He looked relaxed and peaceful and opened his eyes when he heard Percy walk in. The naked boy stood by the bath and Luke smiled.

“Care to join me?” he said, eyes unapologetically running over Percy’s naked body. The boy stopped being insecure about that ages ago. He climbed into the bathtub, sloshing some water over the side though neither him nor Luke cared much. The water was a perfect temperature and steam rose up off it, causing Percy’s hair to start curling a little. The boy straddled Luke and the blonde sat up a little to get more comfortable. Percy decided to take the initiative and leaned forward, pressing his lips to the older man’s. Luke hadn’t shaved yet and his stubble scratched at Percy’s cheeks but the boy didn’t care as he pressed himself closer, his wet thighs easily sliding against Luke’s under the water. The boy felt the man’s cock poke him in the hip and reached underneath the water to wrap his hand around it. Luke let out a small groan and his head fell back against the tub. Percy watched his muscular chest rise and fall as he continued to stroke him smoothly. The water rippled with the movement.

Percy leaned forward and kissed Luke’s neck and then hungrily pressed their mouths together. The kiss was wetter than usual, their lips sliding together messily. It went right down to Percy’s cock. Luke reached around the boy and grabbed his ass, squeezing roughly. Percy moaned against his mouth, his strokes speeding up.

“Stop,” Luke pulled away, panting against Percy’s mouth, and when the boy continued to touch him he grabbed his wrist and forcefully pulled it away. Percy frowned so Luke kissed the corner of his mouth, “I’m not coming in the water. That’s gross.”

“Come in me then,” Percy said without thinking.

“God, Percy,” Luke groaned, leaning forward and pressing his lips against the boy’s neck.

“Take that as a yes then,” Percy lifted himself a little, hand grabbing Luke’s cock again.

“Wait I need to prepare-“

“It’s okay,” Percy murmured, “I already prepared myself earlier,” before Luke could ask when and where, Percy started to slide his cock inside him. The water helped a lot and with a gasp from Percy and a growl from Luke, the member was all the way inside him. It felt good after a whole day of travelling, to finally be doing this.

“Is it okay?” Luke asked, brows scrunched up. Percy kissed him once, twice,

“It’s better than okay,” he whispered shakily, “It’s good. F-Fuck, it’s so good. You’re so good.”

“I’m not even doing anything,” Luke stroked Percy’s lower back.

“You’re still amazing,” the boy was feeling emotional, God knows why, so to chase that feeling away he lifted himself and then pushed back down. Luke tried to lift him but Percy batted his hands away. After a moment the two established a rhythm of Percy pushing down and Luke thrusting up, which left them moaning and panting, hands clutching at each other’s wet bodies, sloshing water all over the bathroom floor. Percy’s thighs were aching but he didn’t care as he continued to ride Luke, positioning himself so the man’s cock slammed right up against his prostate.

Percy felt Luke’s hot come inside him when the man climaxed, gripping Percy’s hips, bruising them. The boy cried out at the feeling and in the end they did get come in the bath.


The month after Paris would’ve been bleak and grey if it wasn’t for Luke. Everything felt like a dream to Percy and the boy couldn’t wrap his head around how happy he was. There was always the dark thought at the back of his head that he had to end it with Luke eventually – he couldn’t keep taking money from someone he loved. Besides, the debt was almost paid off.

Percy decided to pop round to Luke’s since he was in the area. It was late spring afternoon and the boy just wanted to see his ‘Sugardaddy.’ He had a bad day at uni and nothing made him feel better than Luke and his antics. Hazel smiled at him at the front desk and didn’t even ask as he took the lift up to the fifth floor. When the door opened with a soft ding, the door to Luke’s apartment also opened and a woman stepped out.

She was around Luke’s age and as beautiful and elegant as he was, blonde hair pulled up into a bun. Percy stepped out of the lift, staring at her, dumbfounded. She gave him a tight smile and then went to the lift, disappearing behind the closing doors.


The boy looked up to see Luke standing in the door. He was in a button up, a tie hanging loosely around his neck. Percy felt something grip his chest so tightly he couldn’t breathe.

“Who was she?” he whispered. Luke opened his mouth to answer but Percy’s heart was beating too fast. He stumbled towards the man, “Who was she?!” he demanded, eyes burning. Tears. Christ, you’re going to fucking cry. His body was shaking, his heart hurt, his stomach twisted. The nausea hit him so suddenly he felt like he couldn’t stand up.

“Percy-“ Luke tried to reach for him but Percy flinched away violently.

“D-Don’t...who was s-she?!” Why did it hurt so much?!

“My wife,” Luke sighed. Percy let out a sound that was a bit like a sob. He was just so lost.

“B-But why?”

Luke grabbed him by the arms and pressed him against the hallway wall, caging him in with his arms to prevent him from running. Percy was having trouble breathing.

“Calm down,” Luke’s voice was gentle but demanding, “Percy breathe. In, out, shhh, just like that, good boy...,” slowly Percy calmed down and blinked the tears out of his eyes. When the panic disappeared shame took its place. He looked at his feet, cheeks burning, for a long time, heart still aching.

“Fuck I’m sorry,” he whispered eventually, brokenly.

“She was only here to settle the divorce papers.”

Percy’s head snapped up, “What?”

“We’re getting divorced,” Luke shrugged, “have been for ages, just got it finalised now.”

Percy couldn’t speak.

“Why were you crying?” Luke asked.

Percy swallowed.

“Percy, why were you crying?”

“Fuck me,” Percy said. Luke sighed. He looked tired.

“Not before you tell me why you were crying.”

“I wasn’t crying.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Luke touched his cheek gently, and searched his face. His eyes softened, “you weren’t meant to fall in love with me.”

The tears were back, “Y-You said y-you wouldn’t fall in love with m-me. You never said a-anything about me f-falling for you.”

Luke smiled and leaned in close, “Well, I guess we’ve both fallen then,” and kissed Percy the way someone kisses the person they love.

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Can you please do something in which Nico is claustrophobic and gets stuck in some closed place and can't breathe and starts panicking and then Will finds him and calms him down
for Shadow_Shifter

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Nico didn’t know what he was doing at the gathering. In his highschool a group of ‘elite,’ rich kids always had these kinds of mini-parties at one of their massive houses where they got drunk, high and played games. Sometimes they had sex. Nico knew all this from his best friend, Hazel, who suddenly started going to the gathering’s because she started dating one of the rugby players, Frank. She had, without Nico’s permission, asked if he could come to one of these things as well and the kids had said yes, and now here he was, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with none other than Percy Jackson, playing a clumsy game of beer pong against the boy’s girlfriend, Annabeth, and Jason Grace, the captain of the rugby team. The girl tossed a ping pong ball into one of the cups on Nico’s and Percy’s side.

“Fuck’s sake!” Percy yelled, but he laughed as he shoved the cup into Nico’s hand. The boy blinked and then hesitantly drank, making a face at the bitter alcohol. Around the room people were dotted around, eating snacks, drinking and talking. Music was blaring, the doors to the garden were open and people were sitting in the garden chairs, smoking. The atmosphere was kind of nice. Nico always thought these parties were uptight and snobbish but after a couple cups of beer he found that he actually enjoyed himself.

“Okay people!” Piper McLean, who’s house this was, clapped her hands. Leo Valdez walked over to his phone and turned off the music, “We’re going to play a game,” she grinned and everyone cheered, those who had cups raising them. Annabeth came and casually slung an arm around Nico’s shoulders, the other one around her boyfriend’s waist, “Hide and seek!” again everyone cheered. Nico’s head buzzed and he couldn’t help but grin, “But to mix it up a bit we’ll play in pairs! Me and Jason will be the first to count and whoever we find first will search next!”

The teenagers scrambled to get to their partners. Annabeth let go of Nico to go to Percy and the Italian turned around, ready to go with Hazel. His heart clenched when he saw her give him an apologetic smile and snuggle up to Frank’s side. He knew what it would be like – he’d be left without a pair and be the one person who-

“Hey,” William Solace, also one of the guy’s from the rugby team, appeared in front of Nico, grinning. Nico’s voice died in his throat because he had the biggest crush on Will even though he said maybe two words to him in his lifetime, both of them probably being hi.

“Hi,” Nico squeaked. Will grabbed his hand as if it was normal for them to touch.

“Wanna team up?”

“S-Sure,” Nico said, and it didn’t matter that he was blushing because just then Piper and Jason left the room, the music turned back on, and everyone scrambled to go upstairs or out into the garden, “I-I don’t know the house-“

“It’s okay, I do!” Will grinned and then he was tugging on Nico’s hand. They spilled into the massive garden where couples were dashing into the bushes. Someone climbed the roof but Will was making for a small clump of trees. It seemed obvious.

“They’ll find us there!” Nico protested. Someone giggled in the shrubbery but Nico didn’t want to know.

“Just trust me,” Will smiled at him over his shoulder, an easy, flirty smile that turned Nico’s insides to mush. They pushed into the circle of trees and Nico found himself in front of a tiny shed. He blinked but he didn’t have time to think as Will found a hidden latch and opened the door, shoving him inside. Then the door was slamming shut and they were drowned in darkness. The shed was so small that Nico was chest to chest with Will, but that’s not what he was worried about.

He was worried about how close the walls were, and how low the ceiling. Everything was pressing in around him, the air seemed to be seeping out dangerously fast. It all happened in the space of seconds; everything was fine until it wasn’t. Usually Nico’s claustrophobia took a moment to set in but clearly the alcohol must’ve been making him more paranoid. The boy took in a breath but he couldn’t seem to get it past the tightness in his throat. Do not panic, he told himself hysterically, not now. He started to shake, and although he couldn’t see anything he could feel how everything was closing in on him.

“O-Open the door-“ he rasped.

“What?” Will’s breath tickled his forehead. Nico whimpered.

“P-Please, please-“

“Nico, are you okay?”

Nico was breathing heavily but there wasn’t enough air in the tiny shed to get to his lungs. He could feel himself getting lightheaded, the world spinning. His eyes were watering, hands shaking. Will grabbed him by the shoulder and squeezed but Nico barely felt it.

“Are you claustrophobic?” Will demanded. When Nico’s only reply was the grip at his shirt and try and breathe, at the same time letting out a sob-like sound, Will swore. The blonde turned to the door and Nico heard a rattling, but the door didn’t open, “Shit! It’s stuck!”

“L-Let me o-out...,” Nico whimpered. Will wrapped him up in his arms. Somewhere in the back of his head a detached voice told Nico that he would die of embarrassment later on, and that didn’t help him calm down.

“Shh, wait, just one sec-“


“You’re going to be okay,” Will’s cool hands were suddenly on Nico’s heated face, “You’re fine. The walls aren’t closing in around you,” Nico didn’t know how he knew that, but his thumbs were stroking his cheeks and Nico forced himself to start breathing. His breath was still erratic but slowly started to relax, “Shh, that’s right, good boy, just breathe,” Will was closer somehow, his hair tickling Nico’s forehead. The boy could smell him. He smelled nice. His hand tightened in the boy’s shirt.

When Will kissed him Nico’s breath caught in his throat and everything came to an abrupt stop. He couldn’t have trouble breathing anymore because he wasn’t breathing. Will lips were gentle against his, soft, but he was so close and Nico’s heart was pounding so much he thought he might actually have a heart attack.

The kiss was short, and sweet, and fucking short. But when Will pulled away Nico was breathing normally, eyes wide. In the darkness he could make out the outline of the other boy.


The door to the shack was violently pulled open.

“Ha!” Jason proclaimed “Found you!”

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Can you do a Freo where Leo is bullied at school for being asexual and then Frank defends him from being almost beat up, and admits he has had a crush on him
for NazzaStylan

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“C’mon,” Mimas whispered, his breath brushing against Leo’s neck. The part of the boy’s brain that wasn’t busy panicking was wondering, distractedly, why he even agreed to come to the older boy’s house. He and Mimas barely knew each other, and the latter had a fuckboy reputation. Still Leo, like dozens before him, couldn’t resist his dark good looks and sweet words and when Mimas had invited Leo over to his house to do homework Leo had, foolishly and naively, thought that that’s all they would be doing.

Which didn’t explain why they were now lying on Mimas’ bed.

Mimas swung both ways, it was a well known fact, and Leo, who was less popular, was openly gay so in hindsight Leo couldn’t foreseen this, except he never really looked ahead and was more of a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He was also a very, very small guy, which was why he was finding it hard to squirm out of Mimas’ grip now.

The boy was having trouble remembering how the two of them went through flipping through their Physics textbooks to being tangled in each other’s bodies. Leo very much wanted to get untangled, though Mimas seemed to be having other ideas. His breath ghosted over Leo’s neck as he pressed wet, sloppy kisses to his skin that made Leo cringe away.

“S-Stop it,” he was still trying to play the whole thing off, even though he was pushing at Mimas with all his strength. It was useless – the older boy was bigger and stronger and easily pinned Leo down, “Seriously s-stop-“

“We don’t have to go all the way,” Mimas pulled away a little bit, looking down at Leo with eyes dark with lust. The Latino wanted to throw up, but mostly he just wanted Mimas to get off him, “How about you suck me off?”

“N-No thanks I already ate today,” Leo said weakly. Mimas frowned,

“Stop playing hard to get. I see the way you look at me.”

“I don’t look at you any way,” Leo protested, trying to squirm away. Mimas grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed and a wave of fear washed over the small boy, “Look, I’m asexual.”

“What the fuck is that?” Mimas wrinkled his nose.

“I-It’s when you d-don’t want to have sex-“

“How do you know if you’ve never tried?” Mimas grinned as if he had just said something brilliant. Leo glared at him.

“Dude, seriously, this isn’t funny. I don’t want to fuck.”

“Who said anything about fucking?” Mimas asked innocently, “all I did was ask you for head.”

“Well I don’t want to do it,” Leo growled, “Because I don’t like sex.”

“But I like it. The whole point of blowjobs is so the other person enjoys it.”

“I’m not ready for that sacrifice.”

“I’ll finger you after?”


“Let me persuade you,” Mimas leaned forward but just then Leo got one of his hands free so he elbowed the boy in the face. With a yell of pain Mimas fell off the bed, crashing to the floor. With his heart pounding and his stomach churning Leo scrambled off. He grabbed his bag, swung it over his shoulder, and got the hell out of Mimas’ house.


The next day Leo was shoving his books messily into his locker and waiting for Frank, his best friend, to show up so they could go grab some lunch together. However when Leo felt a presence behind him and turned around he didn’t see the person he was looking for. Instead there was a loose ring of boys around him, all looking like they smelled something bad. Because it was lunch only a few people were dotted around the corridor, and they looked nervously towards the group.

“Hey,” Leo said uneasily, feeling like a cornered animal, “You guys lost?”

“Nope, I found what I was looking for,” Mimas, who was at the head of the group, glared down at Leo. His nose was purple and swollen where the boy had elbowed him. The Latino swallowed uneasily and tried not to show how nervous he was. He prayed a teacher would appear and save him.

“Great. How can I help?”

“You see this?” Mimas angrily pointed at his nose, “You did that!”

“I am aware,” Leo said drily.

“Nobody gets away with this,” Mimas growled, “you fucking hit me for no reason.”

“Yeah,” one of his friends agreed, “all he wanted was to have sex, innit. And you got all violent for no reason.”

“He was forcing himself on me.”

Mimas snorted, “All I did was kiss you, you fucking pussy.”

“Sorry, next time I’ll hit you when you’re already inside me,” Leo said sarcastically, “and then we’ll have this conversation in court with rape allegations against you.”

“Are you threatening me?” Mimas’ nostrils flared, “Let’s get him outside, boys.”

Two of his lackeys grabbed Leo by the arms, which the Latino was unnecessary since he was literally half their size. The Latino’s heart came to his throat as he thought about the severe beating he was about to get. Most likely he’d end up with a few broken bones which he thought was pretty stupid since this wasn’t some American movie where he’d drag himself home afterwards. He’d go to the police.

“Oi!” Frank’s voice ruined Leo’s plans of having Mimas arrested as he appeared out of nowhere, furious. Frank was...Frank was always soft, and gentle, and kind, at least when it came to Leo. Despite his height and muscle he was never threatening towards the boy but right now he looked like some kind of gangster. He was taller than Mimas, his dark eyes were flashing with anger, his hands were in fists. Leo had never been so happy to see someone. Scared, the two lackey’s let him go and moved away from him for good measure, “Get the fuck away from him.”

“Oh, found yourself a boyfriend, eh Valdez?” Mimas growled, “he won’t stick around if you won’t give him a piece of that ass-“

Frank grabbed Mimas by the shirt and lifted him off the ground. Instead of helping him his friends took a fearful step back.

“Don’t make me add more bruises to your face,” Frank said through his teeth, “It’s already fucked enough.”

He dropped Mimas and the boy stumbled. He looked like he wanted to argue but one of his friends grabbed him by the arm.

“Come on man, it’s not worth getting expelled over.”

The angry band scurried away. Frank’s shoulders slumped and the on-lookers turned away.

“You okay?” the bigger boy asked Leo. The Latino nodded though he really wasn’t. Mimas’ words kept circling in his brain like an annoying fly. He won’t stick around if you don’t give him a piece of that ass. That’s what the boy was most afraid of; that nobody would ever love him if he didn’t have sex with them. But the idea disgusted him, scared him.

“Leo?” Frank tentatively touched the boy’s arm, “You’re shaking.”

“Sorry,” Leo nervously tucked a curl behind his ear with a trembling hand. Frank grabbed him by that hand and pulled him into the closest empty classroom, closing the door behind them. Leo sat down on one of the tables and sighed.

“What a fucking asshole.”


“What happened?” Frank stood in front of him, arms crossed, “Why was he was all up in your face?”

Leo laughed uneasily, “Remember when I told you I was going his to do homework?”

“Yeah,” Frank raised an eyebrow.

“Well he tried to have sex with me,” Leo swallowed, “I told him I was ace but he wouldn’t listen. He kept trying to force himself on me so I elbowed him in the face. Now he’s pissed about the bruises.”

The fury was back in Frank’s eyes, but somehow it was even stronger now, “I’m going to fucking kill him,” the boy turned to the door. Leo quickly grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him back.

“No!” he said quickly, “No it’s okay-“

“No it’s not!” Frank exploded, “That’s sexual harassment!”

Leo shrugged, “It’s okay. I’m okay,” he looked up at his friend. Frank sighed heavily and then ruffled Leo’s hair gently. The Latino smiled. Then Frank pulled him into a hug and held him for a while, stroking his back. Leo didn’t realise how much he needed that until he felt himself melt against the bigger boy.

“Something’s bothering you. And it seems like it’s not the whole assault thing...,” Frank bit his lip, pulling back. Leo looked down at his feet.

“Just something he said.”

“Which part?” Frank moved a little closer and was fiddling with Leo’s hair, the way he always did when he was anxious.

“That basically nobody will ever want me if I don’t have sex with them.”

Frank frowned, “That’s not true and you know it.”

“Do I?” Leo sighed, “because...what if he’s right. I mean look at me,” he laughed bitterly, “I’m already sure a very small percentage of the population finds me attractive. And then take away those who won’t be with me without sex...what if I’m always alone? What if the 0.00002% that might actually want me, won’t...because I’m asexual?”

Frank looked at him for a second, and his gaze was weirdly intense.

“I’m part of the percentage,” he said eventually, softly, hands sliding to cup Leo’s cheeks, “that finds you attractive. And I also don’t care if you’re ace,” he smiled sadly, “So now you just have to find someone like me, but who you actually want to be with.”

Leo’s mouth was dry at the sudden, weird confession, “What are you saying?”

Frank leaned down and kissed him, just a quick peck that made Leo jolt. He felt blood rush to his cheeks and his palms tingled and he stared at his best friend in shock. Frank was blushing.

“I’m saying that I like you. Like a lot,” the boy looked away and rubbed the back of his neck, “and I’ll never force you to have sex with me. I just...,” he looked helplessly at Leo, “I’d be happy with just you, the way you are right now. I wouldn’t need anything else.”

“Are you asking me out?” Leo’s heart thundered in his chest.

“Yeah,” Frank shrugged, “I guess I am. Though it’s pointless because I know that you’ll say-“


“What?” Frank blinked. Leo slid off the table, threw his arms around Frank’s neck and drew him in for another kiss, standing on his tiptoes.

“I’m saying yes, idiot.”

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If you could make a Jasperico b4 I die
for Solangelo luver

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Nico pressed his chin into his chest, attempting to hide his face from the cold night wind lashing at him. On his left the dark river Thames stretched all the way to South Bank, glimmering with the silver moon. The young Lord couldn’t help but broodingly think about how many corpses would be pulled out of those waters before the night’s end. He shivered as he passed beneath the gas lamps, once again cursing himself for ending up on this side of the city again. This side was whores, beggars and workhouses and someone with such a high status as Nico shouldn’t be seen here. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his expensive coat and veered into a nearby alleyway, hoping to get to the high street. Once there he’d hail a carriage and get away from this wretched, stinking place.

The alleyway was darker than the streets since there were no lamps here. Nico craned his neck up to look above the roofs of the two houses he was passing between, and saw only a sliver of the sky. Clouds were rolling in.

“Please young man,” a figure appeared in front of him, a hunched over man, face drowned in shadows. He reached out his hand, “A p-penny.”

“Move, peasant,” Nico snapped in annoyance as the beggar blocked his path. The Lord was too scared to touch him and contract some kind of disease so he decided to shout until him until he moved (which usually worked) however before he could he heard another voice behind him.

“A penny,” the new voice was hoarse and strained. Nico turned around to saw another hunched over figure reaching for him, “Please good sir.”

“Move!” Nico demanded, “get out of my way, filthy beggar!”

The one at the front of Nico tossed back his clock and suddenly he wasn’t an old, crooked beggar anymore, but a muscular, strong man towering over him. In the little light that fell into the alley Nico could see his messy hair, catching the light and reflecting golden, and his dark, predatory eyes. The man was dressed in peasant clothing, but he didn’t seem to care about his and Nico’s difference in status as he reached for the Lord. The boy stumbled back, right into...the second man, who had also thrown back his disguise, revealing his darker hair and darker eyes.

“Who are you?” Nico demanded, forcing his voice to not shake in fear.

“My name is Jason,” the blonde at the front said casually, “and this is my friend, Percy.”

“We just asked you for a penny,” the dark haired man – Percy – said casually, stepping closer so Nico started to feel claustrophobic, trapped between the two of them, “But you didn’t want to give us even that.”

“Perhaps we should take something more than his money?” Jason, the blonde, mused with a grin. Nico felt his heart stutter in his chest at the implication and flinched when Percy reached out and brushed the hair away from the nape of his neck.

“Stop it,” Nico snapped, stumbling forward and moving closer to Jason accidentally.

“Aw, did I scare little Lord Nico?” Percy teased and Jason flashed him a grin. Nico swallowed nervously.

“How do you know my name?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Jason pushed Nico back so he fell against Percy, who grabbed his arms and twisted them behind his back. Nico cried out at the shot of pain that went through him but was horrified to find that some of that pain changed to arousal and went right down to...the boy flushed, trying to squirm away.

“L-Let go!” he yelled, struggling, trying to kick at Percy, “Let go you filthy peasant!”

“Filthy am I?” Percy asked, breath brushing against Nico’s ear, clearly amused. The boy shivered and twisted his head away from him. When the peasant pressed his lips to Nico’s neck the boy opened his mouth to scream but was silenced by Jason, who moved forward and crushed their lips together. The kiss was harsh and rough, and there were teeth biting at Nico’s bottom lip. The boy whimpered, feeling his member swelling in his breeches. He could feel something hard against his lower back from where Percy was pressed up against him so he supposed he wasn’t the only aroused one.

“Stop it!” he broke his lips away from Jason’s, “What are you doing?! What’s wrong with you?!”

“I think it’s pretty clear what we’re doing,” Percy huffed out a laugh and pulled Nico’s head back by the hair. The boy whimpered as the dark haired man forced his tongue into his mouth, free hand coming down to unceremoniously squeeze Nico through his breeches. The boy moaned, even though he tried not to, and Percy swallowed the sound even as the Lord’s knees buckled, “Oh, someone’s excited,” Percy noted, stroking Nico gently through his trousers.

“S-Stop,” Nico tried to wriggle away but there was no use, Jason and Percy were both stronger than him. And there were of course two of them.

“Shhh, we’ll make you feel good,” Jason’s hands were undoing the buttons on Nico’s expensive shirt as Percy wrestled him out of his coat.

“I-I don’t want to,” Nico said angrily, “I’m not having sex with you-“

“I beg to differ,” Percy grabbed a handful of the boy’s ass and squeezed, at the same time biting at his earlobe roughly. Nico gasped, head falling back against Percy’s shoulder. He didn’t know what was happening, all he knew was that he wanted more, even though he was aware of how wrong it was.

“Look at that,” since Percy’s hand was busy grabbing at Nico’s ass Jason took his place and palmed Nico through his trousers, “Someone’s aroused by the thought of being fucked in a dirty alleyway by a pair of peasants.”

“N-No I’m not!” Nico stuttered. Jason leaned forward, kissing him, grabbed him through his trousers, and Percy’s phone buzzed.

“For fuck’s sake,” Nico growled pulling away from Jason, “Again?! We told you to turn your phone off when we do this!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Percy said apologetically, pulling back and taking his phone out of his pocket. Nico felt his erection go down as Percy sighed, “It’s my mom.”

“Don’t pick up,” Jason warned.

“Whatever,” Nico pulled back and crossed his arms over his chest, “I’m not in the mood to role-play anymore.”

“Aw, c’mon!” Jason complained as Percy walked off, talking with his mom on the phone, “Just when it was getting good...”

“I’m cold,” Nico said, snuggling up to Jason, “and I’m still sore from last night.”

Jason kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head, “We can always try tomorrow?”

“Nah; forecast says it’s gonna rain tomorrow.”

Percy came back to them, looking sheepish, “She wanted to know what we want to eat for dinner.”

“Well I wanted dick but I guess I’m not getting any,” Jason sighed. Percy grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him in for a kiss.

“I love you. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, do I not get any love?” Nico asked, eyebrow raised. Percy smiled and pressed him up against the wall, cradling the smaller boy’s face in his hands and kissing him sweetly. Nico smiled.

“Okay lovebirds,” Jason twined his fingers through Percy’s and tugged him away from Nico, “Let’s go, I’m actually hungry now. We can role-play later.”

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Could you write a Jercy? With Jason a perfect student and Percy the new English teacher who has a crush on him?
For Lilireyna

Image result for silhouette gay making out gif

Percy heard snickering behind his back and sighed quietly, just so he could hear, and turned away from the blackboard so his eyes could sweep over the generally bored college students. A group of what could typically be described as ‘jocks’ was talking among themselves as if Percy wasn’t teaching. The man fought the urge to swear at them. It was hard enough transferring schools in the middle of the school year but it was extra hard for Percy since he was only twenty two, barely four years older than some of the people here. It was hard to earn someone’s respect when you were basically the same age.

“What’s so funny, guys?” Percy crossed his arms over his chest, stopping his talk about Paradise Lost to attempt and be intimidating, “Because unless it’s Sin and Death, it’s inappropriate.”

“It’s nothing,” Frank Zhang, one of the jocks, said hurriedly. Percy raised an eyebrow,

“In that case Frank would you like to tell me why does Milton use assonance in this extract?” the blank look he got from the boy was enough for him. Percy fought his frustration as the rest of the class looked at him stupidly. He couldn’t believe they were taking English lit for A Level.

“To represent Satan,” a voice broke from the back. Percy blinked and looked up at Jason Grace, the ‘captain’ of the jocks. Unlike his friends he was sitting upright, a pen in his hand, writing down notes. Percy smiled and nodded to encourage the boy to continue, “every time Satan speaks or is present there is assonance used; later on in Book ten Adam adopts the assonance too, showing that through his and Eve’s transgression he had adopted Satan’s ways.”

“You have restored my faith in this class, Mr Grace,” Percy said with a smile. Jason smiled back at him and the man ignored the weird feeling he got in his stomach, turning back to the board and continuing the lesson though his thoughts started to wander. He liked Jason. It was hard not to like him when he was the only one who bothered to engage in Percy’s class. Besides he was hot, and that was maybe why Percy’s stomach was clenching and he felt guilty. He’s your student, he scolded himself...even if it was only four years difference. Besides when Percy evaluated them he could see that he and Jason would look good together. Percy didn’t look twenty two...actually Jason looked older than him since he was taller and more muscular. Student! Student, remember!

“You know what, I’m feeling nice today,” Percy couldn’t concentrate so he turned to the class, “You can go,” a few people cheered and chairs scraped against the floor. Percy couldn’t stand staying in the same class as the half brains for another twenty minutes.

Jason was the only student that didn’t leave, hesitating by the door.


“Uh...I was wondering if you could explain verse to me,” the blonde boy shrugged, “I find it kinda complicated.”

Percy smiled and his heart fluttered in his chest, “Sure.”


Percy couldn’t believe how sad he was. He always though teachers had no lives when he was at school and as he bought his ticket to see Beauty and the Beast, all by himself, he realised that he also had no life. He would’ve gone with Annabeth, but the two of them were broken up and her new guy didn’t like them hanging out, which Percy could respect. Leo and Nico were moving into their flat so they couldn’t come to the cinema with Percy, so here he was, all by himself. He sighed as he took the popcorn from the lady behind the till. He could feel her judgment and fought the urge to wince as he walked over to get his ticket checked.

He jumped when he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around, coming face to face with a grinning Jason.

“J-Jason,” Percy said in surprise.

“Hey Mr Jackson,” Jason was grinning, “Fancy seeing you here.”

“I’m going to see Beauty and the Beast.”

“Oh shit!” Jason pulled a face, “Excuse the language. I’m seeing Beauty and the Beast too. Are you alone?”

Percy felt himself blush, “Uh...yeah.”

“Same,” Jason smiled, “Couldn’t exactly tell my friends I wanted to see a Disney movie. Wanna sit next to each other?” he was so casual it completely threw Percy off.

“I’m your teacher, Jason. Don’t you think that’s a bit weird?” Percy looked away. Jason shrugged,

“Yeah I guess. Everything about this is shit, you’re wearing a t-shirt.”

“What’s wrong with my t-shirt?” Percy asked, self-consciously crossing his arms over his chest. Jason couldn’t seem to keep the smile off his face,

“Nothing. It’s just...I’m used to seeing you in like suits and ties y’know.”

“You look different out of your uniform too,” Percy admitted, trying to not let his eyes stray over how Jason’s jersey hugged his muscles, “Um...I guess we can sit together. If you want.”

“Great,” Jason walked over and got his ticket checked. Percy followed after him, “Hope you don’t mind if I sing along. I’m obsessed with Disney.”


“...and so because he was visually impaired,” Percy continued talking, “Milton uses sensory language-“ a sudden loud beeping filled the classroom and people winced.

“Fucking fire alarm,” Frank Zhang grumbled.

“Language, Zhang. Okay class!” Percy put down Paradise Lost, “Leave your stuff and go outside. Line up in your tutor groups. It’s probably just a test run.”

“Then why do we have to do it?” One of the girls complained.

“Just do it, Kelli,” Percy sighed.

More or less the students followed his instructions, though most of them still took their bags with them, not that Percy cared, as long as they got out of the class and gave him a few minutes of peace. When the last person filtered out Percy perched on the edge of his desk and rubbed the bridge of his nose, listening to the alarm drone on and on.

The door opened and the man looked up, only to see Jason slip in. He straightened up and his heart skipped a beat.

“Are you deaf, Jason?” Percy grinned, “there’s a fire drill. Go outside with the others.”

Jason shrugged, “I pulled the fire alarm.”

“You what?” Percy demanded, feeling his annoyance spiking, and also disbelief. It was unlike Jason to do something like that, “What the hell, Jason?!”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“You could talk to me before or after school! Even at lunch! God, kid, now I have to report you-“

“Don’t call me kid,” Jason snapped. There was something weird about him; some kind of weird nervousness as if he was psyching himself up to do something he was scared to, “I wanted to ask if you wanted to go out to the cinema again.”

Percy swallowed nervously, “I...Jason, no. That was a one time thing, a coincidence. I can’t be seen out and about with a student.”

“Why not?” Jason frowned, “We had fun didn’t we? Just cause you’re my teacher doesn’t mean we can’t be...friends, outside of school.”

“We can’t,” Percy said firmly, no matter how much he wanted to. The fire alarm continued to go off, “I could lose my job.”

“But sir-“

“Look Jason. You have a load of friends. You really don’t need me to be another one. I’m really not that great,” Percy cracked a smile, “I mean I’m an English teacher for fucks sake.”

“Well, I’m an English student,” Jason stepped closer and Percy was suddenly acutely aware that he was still on the desk and that the blonde was crowding him in, almost between his legs. It was getting really inappropriate now, “and I think you’re great.”

“Jason, I said no,” Percy said firmly. The teenager wasn’t listening to him as he reached out and cupped Percy’s cheek. The man jolted at the feeling, not expecting Jason to actually touch him. He was frozen, couldn’t move even as Jason’s eyebrows furrowed and he started to lean forward. Percy’s heart hammered, his mouth felt dry. At the last second, just when his and Jason’s lips were about to meet, Percy turned his face away. Jason kissed his cheek, the alarm turned off.

Percy’s heart twisted painfully. He slipped off the desk and shakily pushed Jason away.

“I said no,” he repeated weakly, though all he wanted was to say yes.


Percy was marking some papers, trying not to cry at how stupid his students were. Outside it was dark already since it was autumn, and Percy felt weirdly safe and protected in the warm, bright interior of his classroom. That was, until Jason Grace walked in. Since the time that the kid had tried to kiss him almost two weeks ago Percy made sure to never be alone with just him. Except now they were alone. Percy had no idea why the teen was in school at this time.

“What do you need, Jason?” he asked, forcing his tone to stay neutral even as his hands started to shake. Jason closed the door behind him. Locked it. His eyes were trained on Percy, “Jason,” Percy said as a warning.

“Just hear me out,” Jason said, surprisingly softly. Percy looked away and allowed Jason to speak, “Look. I know this is wrong. I know you’re my teacher. But...I don’t know. I fancy you. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?” the blonde laughed nervously, “And I got the memo, okay? You don’t want know. Anything. To do with me. Okay, I get that, and I respect that, it’s just-“

“Jason, just tell me what it is,” Percy couldn’t bear to listen to him anymore, mostly because his heart couldn’t take it. Jason’s shoulders slumped.

“It’s just that I can’t get over you,” he whispered, hands in fists, “I tried. I really did. But you’re just...,” he shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know either, Jason,” Percy’s heart ached to reach out to the boy, who looked so heartbroken that it actually hurt, “I don’t know what you want me to do.”

“I want you to let me kiss you.”

Percy turned away, blood rushing to his face, “I-I can’t let you do that-,” Jason strode to him and took his face in his hands. His palms were rough against Percy’s cheeks, “J-Jason!” the teacher grabbed the boy by the wrists, “Stop-“

“You feel something too,” Jason said hoarsely, “or you would’ve reported me by now.”

“I don’t want to ruin your life,” Percy said desperately. Jason leaned in and Percy’s breath caught in his throat. His hands tightened on Jason’s wrists but he didn’t attempt to pull the boy’s hands away from his face. Jason pressed their foreheads together and Percy felt dizzy.

“If you don’t want this,” Jason said softly, breath brushing against Percy’s lips, “If you don’t have any feelings for me...then just push me away. I’ll try my best to get over you if you do.”

Percy looked at him hopelessly. Just do it, he told himself, push him away. It’s not that hard! Just do it!

So Percy did it. He leaned forward and kissed his student. Though at that moment Percy wasn’t thinking about that. Jason was kissing him, his lips were gentle, so were his hands. He wasn’t Jason Grace, the A* student from his class. For that moment he was just a boy, kissing Percy like no tomorrow. And honestly, he was okay with that. If just for that moment.

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Can you do a fluffy Jason/Percy where an adorable Percy has to get braces, but is scared of the dentist?
For Sarah

Image result for little boy gif

Percy’s dad didn’t show up again, and the ten year old wasn’t even surprised. He kept glancing at his Nokia, hoping for a call or a text message from Poseidon but no such luck – the man as probably stuck at work again. Percy swallowed nervously and looked up from where he was sitting on the chairs in the waiting room at the door in front of him. It meant that he’d have to get his braces done alone. Percy’s hands started to shake. Most of the time he was a happy-go-lucky, carefree kid who wasn’t scared of much. Except dentists. And now he’d have to face one without his dad’s support.

The bell at the door chimed and a kid walked in. Percy looked up at him, and first noted his uniform, which was different from his. It made sense since Percy didn’t recognise the boy from school. He looked about Percy’s age, with perfectly styled blonde hair and a bored expression on his face. He went up to the receptionist and told her his name (that Percy didn’t catch) and the dark haired boy watched him curiously. Then the new kid came and, ignoring the rest of the empty waiting room, sat down next to Percy.

“Hi,” Percy said, without thinking. The blonde blinked at him, as if surprised that the boy talked to him.

“Hi,” he said, “Why you here?”

“I’m getting braces soon,” Percy said miserably, “You?”

“Getting a tooth pulled out,” the new boy shrugged, putting his backpack on the ground. He offered Percy his hand, “My name’s Jason.”

“Percy,” the boy shook his hand, feeling very grown up, “You alone?”

Jason nodded, almost proudly, “Yeah. It’s just a tooth, no biggie. You as well?” Percy nodded.

“Woah, you’re brave. I wouldn’t want to get my braces done without my parents.”

“No biggie,” Percy lied, because for some stupid reason he wanted to impress Jason. He hid the shaking of his hands by clasping them together, "I'm not getting them just yet," 

“Let’s see your teeth?” Jason asked. Percy clamped his mouth shut, suddenly self conscious about his crooked bottom teeth and shook his head. Jason smiled, “Aw, c’mon. They’re just teeth,” he poked Percy’s arm, “don’t be a pussy.”

Hesitantly Percy opened his mouth. Jason searched his mouth, looking like a scientist calculating something. Then he nodded.

“They’re not that bad.”

“Everyone says that,” Percy rolled his eyes, “But I still have to get them fixed.”

Jason elbowed him playfully, “At least in a few years your teeth will be perfect and you’ll get all the girls.”

“Girls are gross,” Percy made a face. Jason laughed. The door to the dentists opened and a woman walked out, grabbing her handbag and walking out. Seconds later the dreaded doctor, a tall man with long chestnut hair and a white doctor’s jacket, walked out with a clipboard in his hands.

“Mr Percy Jackson?” he asked, looking between the two boys. Percy stood up clumsily.

“T-That’s me,” he said shakily.

“You coming in alone?” the dentist raised an eyebrow. Scared, Percy was about to nod when Jason stood up.

“Actually we’re going in together,” he said, standing next to Percy. The boy felt relief flood him and he looked at Jason with a smile. The blonde grinned at him, “is that okay?”

The dentist looked at the two of them and smiled a knowing, barely there smile, “Yes. That’s okay.”

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Nico's POV: He couldn't stop dreaming about will. He never had sexual thoughts of anyone either...EVER. Not that he disliked the dream. But he kept dreaming a similar dream every night...will was in bed with him. And so here's the catch...So you know how everyone at CHB wants Solangelo 2 happen?(drew not implied) Well, Clover (son of Hypnos/dream god) teams up with the 7 and they add an empathy link to Will and Nico’s dream...and Will and Nico think it's just a dream them, when really...THEYER SEEING EACHOTHER IN THEIR DREAMS AND THEYER...'doing it' like almost every night...does this make sense?
For Smack-n-Hug uncle rick#can't decide

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“...And they’re dreams,” Nico finished lamely, hands twisting together, “Like you know-“

“Yes, Nico,” Piper interrupted with a smile, “I know. You’re having sex dreams about Will.”

“Shh!” Nico snapped, “please don’t say it that loud,” his face was adorably red. The girl decided this was a good thing – at least the boy was finally admitting that he fancied the son of Apollo, which everyone at camp knew anyway. But as the girl looked at her fidgeting, uncomfortable friend she knew that no way in hell would he ever go out and actually confess to the other boy. But at least he didn’t think he was asexual anymore, which Piper assumed was good.

“You need to tell him.”

“Oh, yeah, ‘cause that’d go great,” Nico rolled her eyes, “Hey Will, how you doing? Oh by the way I’ve been having dreams about you fucking me all the time. Bye,” the boy said sarcastically.

“Fine. Be miserable then,” Piper rolled her eyes and stood up, a plan already forming in her mind. She said her goodbye’s to a depressed Nico and then walked towards the Athena Cabin, smirking. She knocked on the door and waited a few seconds. Malcolm opened the door, glasses pushed up in his hair.

“What’s up, McLean?”

“I need Annabeth.”

“Of course you do,” Malcolm rolled his eyes and then called for his sister. The blonde girl popped up next to him and came out onto the sun-filled path.

“What do you need Pipes?” she asked, giving the girl a quick hug.

“Remember when you told me about the weird dreams that Will was having about Nico?” Piper asked innocently and Annabeth nodded, “Well, turns out that Nico’s having them as well.”

Annabeth crossed her arms over her chest, “I assume you have a plan?”

“Yes. Come with me to wake up the guys in Hypnos. We’re gonna have to find out something about an empathy link...”



Nico wasn’t even surprised when after he finally fell asleep he found himself in a familiar room that he had visited many times in the past few weeks. The walls were made of glass, giving him a perfect view of a white-sand beach outside, probably somewhere in the Caribbean. He could see palm trees, swaying gently in the evening breeze, and the sea, just a few feet away, the waves breaking over the shore. The beach was huddled protectively by cliffs, the sky a pale blue, streaked by the colours of the setting sun.

In the middle of the room was a massive bed, piled with soft-looking covers and pillows, a canopy rising overhead. The floor was made of white wood, sprayed with red rose petals. Nico had come here a hundred times in his dreams, knew every crease of the covers, and yet now, somehow, everything was sharper, almost didn’t feel like a dream.

Nico could smell the rose petals, their sweet aroma floating up to his nose. Underneath them was the gentle scent of the sea, and the salty air that had somehow made it into this secluded cube of glass that was Nico’s sanctuary in his dreams filled with monsters and Tartarus.

And of course, Will was there too. But he was different too.

Normally Will greeted Nico with a soft smile and open arms and he pressed the boy into the blankets and fucked him without question, as if it was common knowledge that the two loved each other. Despite the fact that Nico couldn’t actually feel it, despite the fact that Nico knew Will wasn’t real and that he’d never touch him the way he did in his dreams, he was still glad for them, because they were the only time where he could forget everything bad that happened to him. They were the only place that he didn’t feel painfully lonely.

But this time Will was sharper, just like everything else in the room. And he looked confused, blinking.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Nico frowned.

“Is this a dream?” Will asked tentatively. Nico nodded, wondering if Dream-Will was becoming self-aware. But when Nico confirmed that the room was, in fact, not real, Will relaxed and smiled and crossed the room, “So you’re not real?” he asked, taking Nico’s face in his hands and the boy swear he could feel the slightest warmth from his palms. He smiled.

“No, you’re not real.”

“Okay,” Will’s smile grew and he kissed Nico. Nico wished he could feel the boy’s lips on his, wished he could feel the covers below him when his hands tangled in them when Will finally thrust into him, gasping, eyes falling shut. There were gentle touches of sensation somewhere, though Nico couldn’t properly feel them. He could feel the warmth of Will’s body above him, feel the echo of a touch as his hands skimmed the Italians body.

“Nico,” Will groaned as he spilled inside the boy and Nico felt dizzy, even though it was just a dream, “Nico.”

Nico wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him close, wishing, more than ever, that he could feel him against him, that just for the few hours of peace he had from life he could feel safe in the boy’s arms. But in the end it was just a dream, no matter how real it felt, and Nico had to wake up.


The Italian was practicing sword fighting with Percy in the training room. He was trying to get his frustration out by battering at the older boy, pushing him across the room ferociously, like an angry animal. The boy had woken up from his vivid dream about Will with his shorts wet with cum, and for some reason that pissed him off even more.

He had never thought he’d fall in love with anyone, and certainly never expected to be sexually attracted to anyone. Nico was from a different century, to him sex was a taboo subject, especially sex between two men. What were the chances that a man would fall in love with Nico? The boy was too used to being alone, and honestly he was okay with being an eternal virgin. He hadn’t ever thought about anyone sexually either, even when he had fancied Percy...until Will came around, and the dreams started.

“Woah,” Nico knocked Riptide out of Percy’s hands with a particular hard thrust from his sword. The weapon went clattering across the room and Nico and Percy stood, facing each other, panting, “What’s gotten into you today?”

“Nothing,” Nico grumbled, brushing his sweat soaked hair from his forehead.

“You seem annoyed. Is everything okay?”

“It’s fine,” Nico snapped though, of course, it was a lie.


“S-Say you love me,” Will whispered shakily against Nico’s shoulder. Nico had lost himself in the dream a little bit and blinked as he continued to ride the other boy, the blonde’s hands brushing down his body. Will looked blissed out, his eyes half-closed, thrusting up into Nico lazily.

“W-What?” Nico didn’t understand why Dream-Will was suddenly asking him this. He whimpered as he slid back onto the man’s cock, because somewhere in the back of his subconscious he could feel it. Will looked like an angel in the evening sunset, his hair glowing like a halo.

“Say you love me,” Will reached up and pulled Nico down, kissing him, “Say it,” he sounded urgent, almost desperate.

“I love you,” Nico said brokenly, kissing Will, “I-I love you s-so much. F-Fuck, I wish this was really you-“

Will grabbed him by the waist and flipped them over, so Nico was on his back, the blonde’s cock still inside him. He thrust into Nico and the Italian held onto him, whimpering. Will looked so real that it was almost scary and when he leaned down to kiss Nico as the son of Hades came, Nico swore he could feel his lips.


Nico got distracted while Shadowtravelling from Camp Jupiter. He knew he shouldn’t have, but suddenly, just as he was slipping into the shadows, he remembered Will, and that he’d probably bump into him soon, and that made him think of the super realistic dreams he had been having for the past few weeks and suddenly he was being spat out of the shadows in the Medical Bay, and barrelling right into Will.

“What the-,” the blonde fell into a wall, catching the dizzy Nico.

“S-Shit sorry,” the son of Hades’ head was spinning after the Shadowtravelling and he pulled away. Will was gripping him by his upper arms to steady him and when Nico looked up their faces were inches apart. He felt blood rush to his cheeks and, surprisingly, he found that Will was blushing too, “Sorry,” Nico said again, and Will just stared at him. The image of him in the glass room, eyes dark with lust, flashed in Nico’s mind, and the boy pulled away hurriedly.

“I told you to not Shadowtravel so much!” Will said, clearing his throat and turning to some of his equipment, cleaning it away.

“S-Sorry,” Nico stuttered again. The atmosphere was tense, though Nico didn’t know why. He was always relaxed around the blonde, but of course his dreams came into play. He couldn’t look at Will and not think about the blonde touching him, kissing him...which didn’t explain why Will himself was acting weird, “What is it?”

“What’s what?” the son of Apollo asked hurriedly.

“N-Nothing,” Nico couldn’t stand to be around him any longer – not when he was getting hard just thinking about Will, “I’m g-gonna go now. Bye!” he turned around to run like the coward he was, and probably wank off in his cabin, when Will stopped him.

“Wait,” he asked and Nico looked at him nervously. The nerves caused his hard-on to go down so the Italian turned back around to face Will. The blonde looked uncomfortable, “I...uh...have you- have you been having weird dreams lately?”

Nico’s stomach clenched, “What do you mean ‘weird’ dreams?” he asked faintly. Will shrugged and looked away,

“I-I don’t know...I, I think the Hypnos kids are messing with my dreams.”

“W-Why are you talking to me about it?” Nico thought he was going to be sick.

“I just...look,” Will sighed, “I know this is probably going to freak you out but...I’ve been having sex dreams about you.”

“W-What?” Nico asked, confused, his heart hammering. Will’s face was red and he was staring intently at his shoes,

“It’’s always the same thing. We’re in this glass room on a beach, with the sun setting-“

“I’ve been having that dream too,” Nico blurted, as everything clicked into place. Will looked at him, and when their eyes met Nico felt something clench inside him, “I-I think the Hypnos kids made like an empathy link between us or something.”

Will looked uneasy, “Wait. So when I fucked you all those times you could feel it?”

“No,” Nico said, and now it was his turn to look away, “I-I can’t feel it it’s a dream-“

“But you let me do it,” Will still looked confused, “you wanted me to do it.”

“Y-You’re the one who-,” Nico started and then stopped. It was true and he knew denying it didn’t have a point. Will knew anyway, Nico had been pretty enthusiastic in the dreams. The boy felt sick remembering all the things he did, he said, with who he thought was Dream-Will, “Fuck,” he leaned against the wall and buried his face in his hands trying not to have a panic attack.

“Hey,” Will came to stand in front of him, and he reached out to touch Nico’s shoulder. The boy flinched but Will didn’t back down, “Hey, calm down. It’s not...there’s nothing wrong-“

“Yeah there is,” Nico said hoarsely, “All the things we did-“

“It was still just a dream,” Will was so close that Nico could smell him, feel his warmth. More than anything he wanted to press himself into the boy’s arms and forget everything. You’ve already dug your grave, Nico thought miserably, you might as well lie in it.

“The things I said in the dreams,” the Italian said, not looking at Will, “that I love you a-and...and all the other stuff. I meant it.”

“Nico...,” the way Will said his name made Nico’s heart skip a beat. One of his hands brushed the boy’s hair from his face. What he said next surprised the Italian, “ have no idea how badly I wanted to touch you,” the confession shocked Nico enough to look up at Will. The blonde was looking at him with unbearably soft eyes, “in the dreams, I couldn’t properly do it.”


The blonde leaned forward and captured Nico’s lips. The boy let out a little gasp, eyes flying open. Will pressed him against the wall with his body, so hard that Nico almost couldn’t breathe, but he kind of liked it. His arms went around Will’s shoulders, pulling the man close to him. His kiss was rough and hard, and Nico felt every second of it, shivers going down his spine. It was nothing like the dream – it was so much better.

“Fuck,” Will pulled back an inch to press his and Nico’s foreheads together, “your lips are so fucking soft.”

“It’s weird,” Nico agreed softly, “How real you feel.”

“Well, I am,” Will kissed him again, like he couldn’t get enough.

Chapter Text

Can you do one about a highschool AU with Leo x Nico? Nico's a blind student and secret exorcist who only talks with his sister Hazel (for he doesn't know which voice belongs to a real person and which one belongs to a ghost or, worse, demon except Hazel's). Leo, an ordinary boy secretly holding the curse of pyrokinesis (according to him), finds Nico talking to himself alone in the schoolyard and hears Nico whisper a place (park, a house, sealed room...anywhere) that's rumoured to be haunted and grows curious. At night, Leo goes there and finds Nico, with a big dog by his side and a walking cane in his hand, talking to the air which slowly materializes into a demonic figure. The exorcism goes bad and Leo saves Nico with his gift/curse.  
For yoyo

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Nico was sitting by himself, as always. It was a good thing – he hated people, their voices merging into one into his head. It was hard to focus on someone, actually hear them, when you couldn’t put a face to the voice you were hearing.

Nico was born blind, and maybe that was for the better, because he didn’t miss what he didn’t have. Of course, there were times that he wished he had the gift of sight, as he called it, though instead he got another gift. The gift to hear ghosts and demons, and the power to exorcise them. Even now, as the boy sat in the corner of the field behind the school, picking at his sandwich, he could hear them.

“Why am I dead?!” a voice demanded, so close to Nico’s ear that the boy would’ve shivered if he felt their breath. Though of course there was no breath, because there was no mouth, because all there was, was a voice, a detached echo of someone with unfinished business. Unfinished business that Nico couldn’t help with; if he tried to aid every troubled ghost the seventeen year old would never actually live. Not that he was living, after all he always had one foot firmly in the spirit world. It was weird to him that even though he dealt with the supernatural every day he still had to do mundane things like eat or go to school, “Please!” the voice called again, “Tell me why I’m dead!”

Nico didn’t reply. That did the trick after a while – the ghosts just drifted away, and Nico would get some peace. Maybe ‘peace’ wasn’t the best way to describe it since the voices were always present at the back of his head, like a buzzing of a beehive, all the troubled dead people that ever walked cramped onto such a small space as Earth. Nico’s sandwich tasted like ash as he listened to the voice scream at him, asking why it had died. When it started to quieten Nico leaned against the tree he was sitting by and sighed. Sometimes he was glad he couldn’t see the spirits – hearing them was bad enough, but to see their twisted, mutilated bodies...Nico shuddered at the thought.

Mrs O’Leary licked his hand, as if sensing his anxiety and the boy smiled, reaching out to the familiar warmth and sinking his hand into the dog’s fur. She was his one constant companion, always at his side, no matter if he had to face demons, ghosts, or annoying highschoolers.

“Oh God,” someone sobbed to the side and Nico jolted. He couldn’t tell if they were a real person or a ghost, so he assumed it was a ghost, “Oh my G-God my hands!” the person wailed, “My body! Why is it burned?!”

Nico wished he could block out the voices of the dead.

“Nico,” her voice broke through the clatter around Nico. The boy smiled and turned his head where she was approaching from. He knew her footsteps, the way she walked, the way the leaves crunched underneath her shoes.

“Hazel,” his sister was the only person Nico talked to because her voice was the only distinct one enough to him that he could distinguish it from the dead or the living. The girl sat down on Nico’s right, her lips brushing against the boy’s cheek. Hazel was the last person Nico had in the world; their parents were dead, the rest of their family too. The two of them were alone in the world, having only each other. But Nico knew that Hazel walked firmly on the ground even though she believed in the spirits. She didn’t have Nico’s gifts and curses, she was ordinary, the way Nico wished he could be, “How are you?”

“Eh, I’m okay,” Nico sensed her shrug, “My chemistry teacher got annoyed at me because I knew the textbook better than her.”

“That’s my girl,” Nico smiled, “Don’t worry, a few more years and you’re out and then you won’t have to worry about stupid chemistry teachers.”

“Yeah. I can’t wait,” Hazel leaned her head on Nico’s shoulder, her hair tickling Nico’s chin, “And then freedom. What about you? How was your day?”

“Same as always,” Nico said. He didn’t go to lessons, couldn’t bear to since he couldn’t concentrate on the teachers anyway, not with all the victims of the school shooting of ’98 shouting over each other. Instead he worked in isolation, slowly and methodically getting through his A Levels, “I won’t be home until late tonight.”

Hazel sat up, “Why? Are you going on a hunt again?”


“Where to this time?”

“Warehouse in Birmingham.”

“Woah, that’s far!” Hazel protested, “Are you sure-“

“I’ll be fine,” Nico petted Mrs O’Leary’s head, “they’ve got a bad case of demons there and have asked me to come. I can’t leave them.”

Hazel sighed, “I wish you didn’t do this.”

“Hey, c’mon,” Nico poked his sister playfully, sensing that she was upset. In the background someone was screaming, probably re-living their death, “I’m the Ghost Whisperer.”


It was dark, but to Nico it was always dark so it didn’t make any difference. He was in the warehouse in Birmingham, alone save for Mrs O’Leary who was growling lowly in her throat, unsettled ever since they got off the train. When Nico’s gloved hand reached down to touch her in comfort he felt how tense she was – the demon was close.

The air in the warehouse was considerably colder than outside, despite it being summer. Nico’s exposed skin on his face prickled with the temperature change and his hand tightened on his Stygian Iron sword. Nico had gotten it a long time ago from a mentor long dead now; the one thing that could banish demons, its blade blessed in the Vatican with holy water. A cross, a bible, a few words in the ancient tongue did the trick with malicious ghosts but Demons were harder. And one of them was here now. Nico could smell the stench of sulphur wafting in, the stench of the Otherworld. A rip in the matter had caused a portal to appear close by, and the Demon to get through. Nico would have to expel the thing and then close the doors.

“Get it away!” a voice wailed close by, echoing off the warehouse walls, “What is it?! Stop! Get it away!” It was hysterical. Nico could feel the air vibrating, and it wasn’t because of Mrs O’Leary. Someone was screaming, someone crying. There were ghosts rooted to the warehouse. Nico could imagine them, standing helplessly like sentient trees, unable to pick their feet up. And among them prowled the predator, the demon. Nico’s hand tightened on his sword and he relied on all his senses, except eyesight, to locate the creature. He felt a pull of darkness and reluctantly followed it – he had to be careful to not get pulled in too far.

“Mercy!” someone shrieked while someone else prayed feverishly in a language that Nico couldn’t understand. He could sense the presence of the spirits  but he ignored them as he pushed through the sea of apparitions that he couldn’t see anyway, towards the source of evil.

Pater noster qui es in coelis,” Nico began chanting, softly under his breath, feeling more drawn to the darkness in front of him, “sanctificetur nomen tuum...,” he knew that the demon had sensed him when the spirits surrounding them started to all wail at once. Nico could sense the power of the creature, but his own power started to grow too. The air chilled even more but Nico didn’t care. He was in his own bubble now, “adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua,” he could feel the brush of the spirits against his skin as they parted to let him to the demon, who Nico knew was waiting for him, “sicut  in coelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,” he raised his sword. It was as if, in the mind of his eye, he could see the monster in front of him, feel its hatred beaming at him. He felt power surge through him as he advanced, the air quivering, “et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo...,” the monster was inches away, snarling. Nico knew the precise moment when it leapt at him, felt the shift in the wind. He raised his Black Stygian sword and the creature slammed into it, the blade passing through its devious body, “Amen.”


The air in the little isolation classroom was still and peaceful as always, save for two ghosts, one whispering to itself softly, one whistling a tune that sounded like it came from the war. Nico was finishing reading his book for English Lit, his fingers skimming over the words written in Braille, when suddenly the door opened.

“...I swear to God it wasn’t me!” the new voice exploded so suddenly that Nico flinched. He swallowed and tried to pinpoint if it was a spirit or a real person but his anxiety wasn’t helping, “I don’t even have a lighter on me!”

“The desk didn’t set itself on fire, Mr Valdez,” another voice snapped, then the door slammed closed. Nico’s heart thundered in his chest, hands clenching on his book.

“Fucks sake,” the new voice growled. Nico didn’t why he was trembling, didn’t know what was different, until suddenly he realised. The newcomer was swearing to himself and the other two spirits had grown silent. Not only that; Nico couldn’t feel their presence anymore, and that was...insane. That never happened, not completely, “Sorry,” the voice spoke and Nico flinched, “am I making too much noise?”

“I-It’s fine,” Nico whispered.

“’re Nico di Angelo, right?” he asked.


“My name’s Leo Valdez,” he sounded like he was expecting something and then suddenly let out an awkward laugh, “Sorry. Forgot you’re blind and was offering you my hand.”

“S-So you’re real then?” Nico blurted before he could stop himself. Leo paused.


“N-Nothing,” Nico stuttered and turned back to his book.


Nico was sitting beneath his favourite tree. He couldn’t eat, just listened to the voices of the dead bombard him with information. There was a stirring among them, and Nico tried to pick out what was actually happening from the ramble of voices that were shouting at him.

“...Demon in the warehouse!”


“Central London-“

“...The House of Hades-“

“Wrecking havoc!”

“Stealing souls-“

“House of Hades?” Nico repeated, almost to himself. And suddenly the voices grew silent, as if someone turned them off. His skin tingling, Nico felt them melt away and he was in blissful peace for a moment.

“Hey!” the voice startled him. Leo. “Nico, right?” Nico was tense as he felt the boy sit down next to him. At least he thought that he was a boy...he could’ve been a powerful ghost, or a demon, or something like that, and for some reason Nico couldn’t tell.


“I was wondering if you mind If I eat lunch with you?” Leo asked cheerfully, “I noticed you haven’t eaten for a few days-“

“You...noticed me?” Nico asked in disbelief. Another weird thing was that Mrs O’Leary, who was napping against Nico’s side, didn’t react to the newcomer. She didn’t even acknowledge him, completely relaxed.

“Yeah, course,” Leo laughed, “We’re isolation buddies. Friends. Want a tortilla?”

“Can you...,” Nico swallowed, feeling his heart pounding. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before, “Can...s-sorry, this will probably sound weird. Can you touch me?”

“Touch you how?” Leo sounded confused.

“It doesn’t matter. Just touch my face or something.”

When he felt fingers against his cheek Nico flinched. He hadn’t expected Leo to actually be...real. He kind of thought he had made the boy up, but the warm, gentle hand pressed against his cheek couldn’t be his imagination. With a shaky breath Nico reached up and placed his hand on top of Leo’s.

“Sorry,” he whispered, “It’’s weird when you can’t see anything-“

“It’s okay,” Leo said gently. Nico wasn’t one for metaphors but if he had to say that Leo sounded like something, he’d say melted chocolate, warm and smooth, “Here,” Leo pulled his hand away from Nico’s cold cheek and grabbed the hand that had just been on top of his. He placed it on top of his head and Nico’s fingers sunk into the soft curls, “Just touch my face, figure out what I look like.”

Nico swallowed. He wasn’t used to having conversations, or human contact. The only person he ever interacted with was Hazel, but he could feel that there was something different about Leo. Normally Leo would pull his hand back and avoid all human contact, but this time he just nervously ran his fingers through the boy’s curls, brushing them. He could feel the sun on his face as his hands slid down Leo’s face, pulse quickening. Nico felt his smooth forehead, his eyebrows (which Leo wriggled), brushed over his closed eyelids and felt the boy’s eyelashes fluttering against his fingers.

“What colour are you eyes?” Nico asked.


“Oh,” Nico’s hands went lower, sliding down Leo’s nose, over his cheeks. When Nico reached the boy’s lips he hesitated.

“It’s okay,” Leo murmured, breath brushing against Leo’s fingers. Nico didn’t know why it felt so intimate when he barely even knew Leo. He skimmed his fingers over the boy’s lip, ignoring his heartbeat. His hands came back up to touch Leo’s ears. They were a little pointed.

Nico pulled back, clearing his throat. He could tell he was blushing, “Right. Thank you.”

“So,” Leo said casually, “you said something about the House of Hades? Don’t tell me you’re one of those thrill seekers that goes there to find ghosts. That place is seriously haunted.”

“I don’t need to find ghosts,” Nico said. They’re the ones who find me.


Leo was intrigued by Nico. And attracted to him. And the House of Hades thing wouldn’t stop irking him to the point when on Friday night he shrugged on his jacket and sneaked out of the window. He didn’t know what he was planning to do – stop Nico? – but all he knew was that he wanted to protect the boy. He looked so shy and vulnerable every time Leo talked to him...and Leo kind of liked that. He kind of liked him.

But there was something different about him as well, just like with Leo. The Latino felt that maybe Nico would be able to help him figure out what kept happening to him, why everything around him sometimes spontaneously combusted into flames.

But he never expected to find this.

Leo had always been a stupidly brave and curious person. So when he went outside the House of Hades, an old cottage standing just outside the city where a hundred years ago a man called Hades supposedly opened a portal to hell and disappeared, and found nothing but trees swaying in the wind and windows barred with wood, he couldn’t help but go inside the ruined shack.

Of course he felt freaked out – after all it was a haunted house! But Leo always had a bit of an obsession with the supernatural and the dirty, crumbling structure of the cottage was pulling him inside. When he walked in the dusty interior his skin started to crawl. The room he was in was abandoned and empty, the walls streaked with dirt that was hard to see in the night. Leo stood and listened, and started to get seriously creeped out at the silence. He turned back to the door to leave as fast as he could and forget the whole thing when suddenly he heard it. A soft voice coming from the other room, sounding like a prayer, but in a different language.

Swallowing his fear Leo hesitantly crept across the old floorboard to the gaping black mouth that was the doorway to the second room, though he hesitated in the shadows, praying that the voice didn’t belong to Hades himself. Then his breath caught in his throat.

Standing in the middle of the room was Nico, his dog at his side, growling, the boy’s dark, unseeing eyes weirdly focused on the...thing shifting in front of him. It looked like smoke, but smoke as dark as night, constantly changing, uneasy, with two glowing white eyes full of such hatred that Leo felt his heart clench. The thing looked like it was struggling with something, though there was nothing there but Nico, holding a black, gleaming sword, and whispering his prayer.

Leo couldn’t breathe.

The thing’s eyes snapped to him and suddenly the walls were rumbling. Everything happened at once; a chunk of the ceiling crumbled to the ground, the creature roared. Nico cried out as his sword was pulled from his hand by an invisible force. He fell to his knees, clutching his head and the monster broke free of its invisible confines. It seemed to absorb the shadows around it and made straight for Nico.

Leo reacted faster than he thought he might. His blood was suddenly burning with the need to protect Nico. It was an instinct. The boy thrust out a hand and suddenly a coil of fire sprung from his arm. Leo felt a tug at his stomach as the fire went from his body, enveloping the demon in a cocoon of fire. The thing let out a terrible wail, and suddenly Leo was facing a wall of fire, though he couldn’t feel the heat. He ran to Nico, still slumped on the ground, and with a strength he didn’t know he had he hauled him to his feet, picking up his sword with his free hand. Adrenaline gave him the power to drag Nico through the two rooms as the cottage stood in flames, Mrs O’Leary following, barking, and then the three of them were spilling out into the field outside. Leo made it to the first trees and then both of them collapsed onto the grass.

Leo laid and tried to catch his breath and understand what just happened. Smoke was darkening the night sky, the flames climbing high, but they were safe.

“Leo,” Nico whispered. The Latino sat up from where he had collapsed, his world spinning, his limbs heavy as adrenaline seeped out of him, “What did you do?”

“I-I don’t know,” Leo said uneasily, looking at the boy sprawled next to him, “But...wait. What was that thing?”

Nico sighed and opened his eyes. His skin was pale, a smudge of something dark against his cheek, hair dishevelled. Leo suddenly wanted nothing more than to pull the weakened boy into his arms and keep him safe.

“That was a demon.”

Leo listened intently as Nico explained about him and his exorcism, and about how he could hear ghosts, his mouth open. Then the dark haired boy was sitting up.

“Up until now,” he continued, eyes looking somewhere far away and not seeing, “Nothing blocked out the noises of the ghosts. They were constantly with me, begging me, nagging at me. was the only thing that muffled them. Until you came along,” his eyes slid over Leo, and the boy shivered at the feeling. In the back, the house burned, making the sky glow, “You made them shut up. All of them. I can’t hear them when I’m with you.”

“Not at all?” Leo asked, feeling weirdly calm about the whole thing, as if he expected Nico to tell him that he was a ghost buster. Nico shook his head and Leo tried to comprehend why he had all these strong feelings for this guy he barely knew. Like seriously, the two knew each other for a week, but Leo wanted nothing more than to stay at Nico’s side and make sure the boy was okay.

“So thank you for that,” Nico said hoarsely.

“’s no problem,” Leo laughed uneasily. Nico cleared his throat. His dog was prancing around the field, carefree, as the demon house burned.

“Look,” Nico spoke again, “Feel free to say no but...I was just wondering don’t want to like...partner up or something? It’s just that I haven’t had some peace and quiet in a very, very long time and...well, you literally make everything go away. So if there’s anything you want, anything I could do to make you stay with me,” Nico looked determined, “I’ll do it.”

Leo’s mouth felt dry, and God knows why he asked his question, “Remember...uh, remember when we were under that tree and I let you touch me to figure out what I kind of looked like?” Nico nodded, “Yeah. I’d like to do that to you?”

“Touch my face?” Nico frowned. Leo nodded and then remembered that the boy couldn’t see.


“Alright,” Nico nodded, “Would you like to do it now?”

Leo’s eyes widened as he glanced at the house, falling in on itself, still ablaze, “Right now?” he asked, and Nico nodded again, “O-Okay.”

He shuffled over so he was sitting opposite the exorcist on the grass, their knees touching. Nico didn’t look scared and he didn’t jump when Leo placed a hand on top of his head. With his heart in his throat Leo slid his fingers through the boy’s dark hair, down his face, his cute button nose, his dark eyes, his plump lips. But Leo couldn’t bring himself to stop there, because there was a sudden warmth coursing through his body. His hands trailed down Nico’s neck and the boy shivered, though didn’t push the Latino away or ask him to stop.

When his hands reached Nico’s shoulders Leo found the courage to lean forward and place a kiss on top of the boy’s head, heart pounding.

“W-What are you doing?” Nico asked shakily.

“What I was just doing,” Leo mumbled, “but with my mouth,” Nico didn’t say anything else so hesitantly Leo pressed a kiss to the boy’s forehead. Then one on each eyelid, feeling the boy’s blind eyes fluttering beneath. His nose, his cheek. Leo had no idea why he was doing this, he just knew that it felt nice. His hands trailed lower as he kissed all over Nico’s face, brushing across the boy’s abs.

“Leo,” the boy had time to say before Leo kissed him. It was harder than he intended, the kiss, that is, and Nico accidentally fell backwards against the grass with Leo on top of him. The boy held himself up as he kissed Nico, his hand slipping underneath his shirt. Nico’s arms wound themselves around Leo’s neck without protest, and he pulled him closer, kissing him back. It was weird how much he trusted the Latino.

“Nico-,” Leo started, voice hushed and rough.

“Shhh,” Nico pulled him down, cradling his face in his hands. He didn’t close his eyes when they kissed, because he couldn’t see anything anyway. For some reason Leo’s heart couldn’t take it. He kissed the boy’s eyelids again.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured. Nico pressed their foreheads together, and there was a happiness in his blind eyes.

“So are you,” he whispered.


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Percy/Leo where they are roommates and Leo starts to date guys and make out with them very heavily on the couch and Percy starts to feel jealous but mistakes it for homophobia until Annabeth tell him he's an idiot and then Leo and him have sex (Leo bottoming)
for Alexandra

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Percy opened the door to the flat and fought his annoyance. He wasn’t an easily irritable person...actually he was pretty chill about pretty much everything, which is why he didn’t understand why Leo making out with some guy on the couch was pissing him off...and this served to just further annoy him.

It was just...frustrating, Percy supposed, because Leo kept doing it. Even now as Percy walked into the living room the two didn’t stop. Tonight it was a whole different guy, dark hair, a body that basically covered Leo’s, though that didn’t really take much since Percy’s roommate was tiny. Leo was sprawled on the couch, one leg hanging off the side, the other one wrapped around the older guy’s waist. They were full out making out, to the point where Percy could see their tongues twisting together. He fought the urge to turn away in disgust. Another thing that annoyed him was the fact that the stranger was pinning Leo’s wrists down to the couch in some display of dominance or some dumb shit.

Percy slammed the door closed behind him and Leo broke away from the lip-lock. He grinned at Percy and the boy’s stomach twisted in, what he assumed, was disgust at how fucking dishevelled Leo looked. Percy felt his blood pressure rise.

“Hey, Perce,” Leo said cheerfully. His partner didn’t acknowledge Percy, his lips latching themselves onto Leo’s neck like some kind of squid.

“I told you to stop making out with guys on the couch,” Percy snapped. Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Would you prefer it’d be girls?” he asked innocently. Percy couldn’t help but think that the guy was doing a shit job at whatever he was doing, since Leo wasn’t even breathless. If I was kissing him I’d do it so he couldn’t even speak, Percy thought and then immediately flinched in disgust. He angrily threw his bag to the side.

“That’s not what I meant,” he snapped, “you have a room for a reason.”

Leo rolled his eyes and pushed the guy away, “Let’s cut this meeting short,” he said, standing up and straightening out his t-shirt, “thanks for coming. See you ‘round campus...uh...”

“Marcus,” the guy said in annoyance. Leo waved him off,

“Marcus. Yeah. Bye.”

Angrily, the guy stormed out, slamming the door. Leo sighed and stretched his arms over his head. Percy glared at him.

“What’s gotten into you today?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“You’re pissing me off,” he said, “you have a fucking bed use it.”

Leo smirked, “I only do shit on the bed with people I care about.”

“Then why bother brining random guys home?”

“Careful there, Percy,” Leo’s smirk grew, “or it’ll sound like your jealous.”

“What?!” Percy spluttered, making sure that his disgust was clear, “Fuck off, I’m not gay! I don’t care if you are but don’t just assume I am too-“

“Percy,” Leo said, the smile melting from his face, “I was kidding,” he turned on his heel and started walking to his bedroom, “Talk to me when you get that stick out of your ass. I’d like my best friend back, please and thankyou.”


It was Sunday morning. Sunday morning usually meant that Percy was back in his bed at home, visiting his mom for the weekend. However Sally and Paul had gone away for a little holiday so Percy opted to stay at Uni and catch up on some work. And sleep. Which was why he didn’t understand why he was waking up at ten in the morning (early for him) to the sound of moans.

For a minute his sleep-addled brain didn’t put two and two together and he frowned as the summer sun reflected off his pale pillows, wondering if he was having some weird sex dream. And then he remembered that the walls in the Uni flat were very thin. And that the moans were Leo’s.

Percy had never heard Leo moan, so he didn’t know why his brain automatically told him it was the boy. That’s the only rational explanation! Percy told himself quickly as he scrambled out of bed, naked, pulling on a pair of sweatpants, he lives here!

Percy spilled out into the corridor. Here the moans were louder and Percy realised that they were irregular, breathy, almost helpless. He decided that the knot in his stomach was anger and disgust and the warmth flowing through him was due to the fact that he was pissed that Leo was waking him up. He couldn’t remember exactly when the Latino started brining boys home. It was every few weeks at first, and Percy was happy for him, but then it got more regular, and more in-his-face and it wasn’t that Percy was homophobic, it was just that the PDA was making him seriously annoyed and pissed off. Especially since the couch was his as well.

“Leo!” Percy yelled, stampeding into the living-room. Percy and his new guy pulled away from each other’s lips to look at him. Leo’s eyes were half-lidded, cheeks flushed, lips swollen. The oversized t-shirt he slept in was slipping off one tanned shoulder, and there was a line of uneven hickeys up his neck. He was straddling the guy below him, some tanned, raven-haired surfer dude, naked thighs on either side of the guy, hands thrown carelessly around his shoulders. Why am I noticing all these dumb details?! Percy thought, almost hysterically. Then his eyes slid lower. He saw the stranger’s hard-on. He saw his hands gripping Leo’s ass. Percy saw red, “What did I fucking tell you?” he seethed.

“Are you gonna cockblock me again?” Leo asked, rolling his eyes.

“You have a bed!” Percy said angrily, fighting the irrational urge to bat the stranger’s hands away from Leo’s ass. He was just protective over his best friend.

“You wanna fuck?” the stranger looked up at Leo and smirked, “’cause I can do you on the bed. Or in the bathroom. Or the kitchen counter if your roomie doesn’t mind-“

Percy tried his hardest not to punch the prick, “His roomie does mind,” he growled, “Bed or get the fuck out.”

Leo sighed and slid off the guy’s lap, “We’ll go with option two.”

“Seriously?” the guy pouted, “Are you actually gonna give me blueballs now, Valdez?”

Percy rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Please leave.”

The guy huffed, grabbed his stuff and left while Leo wandered into the kitchen, casually, as if he didn’t care that he just looked like he got fucked by someone. Percy tried to keep his anger at bay as he followed him.

“Are you doing it on purpose?” he asked as the Latino stared to prepare coffee. He had to stand on his tiptoes to reach the mugs and Percy caught himself staring at his ass that was peeking out from his shorts, and his long, tanned legs. It’s cause the guy was groping him, he told himself.

“Doing what?”

“Bringing guys back and doing shit with them on the couch?” Percy demanded, “’cause you know it annoys me.”

Leo sighed, “Not everything’s about you, amigo. Besides it’s just kissing.”

“Oh?” Percy huffed, leaning against the counter as Leo switched the kettle on, “It didn’t sound like just kissing. Fuck, could you at least be quieter when I sleep?”

“Sorry,” Leo shrugged. Percy slammed his hand on the counter, and Leo flinched, dropping the tin of tea, and spilling teabags everywhere. Percy honestly didn’t mean to scare him but he was just so frustrated with how the boy was behaving.

“I respect you,” he growled, “Why can’t you respect me too and stop doing shit on the couch. I really don’t want to see it.

Leo’s eyes dropped to the ground, “Yeah. Okay. Sorry.”

He left the kitchen before the water was ready, leaving Percy behind with the teabags, feeling guilty.


Annabeth came to pick Percy up from his mom’s a day early. It’s been two weeks since Percy’s little ‘explosion’ and Leo had basically been avoiding him, which was hard since they lived together. Being away at his mom’s made Percy realise that he fucked up and needed to apologise, which was why he called his ex and best friend to come get him.

“It’s just...,” Percy sighed, hand out of the window of the car as they sped down the sun-lit roads, “he keeps doing it, y’know? Like I told him to stop doing it on the couch and he just won’t...”

“Why do you care so much?” Annabeth glanced at Percy from behind the wheel, sunglasses up in her hair, “It’s not like he’s ever done anything more than make out right? So there’s not gonna be any stains on the couch or anything.”

“Yeah I know but I don’t want to see it,” Percy snapped, rubbing a hand down his face, “Shit, I’m so annoyed and just...ticked off all the time because of that. Like I’m scared to go into my own living room because I think he might be there with some new dude-“

“What do you feel when you see Leo with other guys?” Annabeth asked casually. Percy frowned.

“Uh...pissed off? That he’s on my couch?”

“So you don’t want to see it, huh?”

“Not ‘cause I’m homophobic!” Percy said hurriedly, then bit his lip, “Shit, wait, am I homophobic? Oh my God, I don’t want to be! Fuck!” the boy buried his face in his hands and Annabeth snorted, “This isn’t funny, Annie. Every time I see him with some dude my stomach gets all knotted up and I feel sick and I just wanted to throw whoever he’s hooking up with out-“

“But you’re not that way with Will and Nico,” Annabeth interrupted. Percy frowned.

“Yeah but...that’s Will and Nico,” he said lamely, “That’s different.”

“Percy,” Annabeth said softly, pulling into the parking lot outside Percy’s flat. She switched the engine and turned to the boy with soft eyes, “You’re not homophobic.”

“Okay, good,” Percy relaxed.

“And you’re not mad at Leo because he’s doing shit with guys on the couch,” the girl continued, “You’re mad because he’s doing shit with guys. Period.”

Percy frowned, “I’m not gay. I don’t like him.”

“It sounds like you’re jealous,” Annabeth said sincerely, “which means you’re an idiot because he’s clearly doing stuff in plain view to get a reaction out of you, and you’re too stupid to notice,” she sighed, “or I could be wrong. Whatever. Do what you thinks right.”


Percy was terrified when he walked back into his flat. Not only terrified of finding Leo on the couch with another guy, but also of his own feelings. The more he thought about what Annabeth told him the more it made sense. Percy found himself checking out Leo more and more, and as much as he hated to admit it, he thought the boy was hot. Like really hot. Like fuck, he was so beautiful and hot but that didn’t mean Percy was gay!

“Leo?” he called nervously as he ventured into the flat, hesitantly. The radio was on in the living room which meant Leo was home. Percy winced when he stepped into the wretched room, but when his eyes landed on the couch he saw that it was empty. He sighed with relief as the music continued to blare and dumped his back on the ground, “Leo!” he yelled, making for the boy’s bedroom, “Look I’m sorry about-“ he pushed open the door without knocking because they never knocked and froze.

Leo was in bed with someone. Not like in in bed, he wasn’t having sex. Just making out. As always. With a dark haired stranger. On the bed. Percy felt sick, but Annabeth’s words echoed in his head and now he knew it wasn’t disgust. It was hurt, and anger, and jealousy and protectiveness and want and love.

“Percy,” Leo sat up, though the other guy didn’t get off him, continuing to grope him, “You’re back early-“

“Please tell me that’s not your boyfriend,” the stranger grumbled, finally pulling away and glancing between Leo and Percy.

“No, no, he’s not,” the Latino said hurriedly. Percy’s hand tightened on the doorknob.

“Great. Get out,” the stranger threw over his shoulder, turning back to Leo. Percy literally saw red. He stormed into the bedroom and grabbed the stranger by the back of his shirt. Hauling him backwards off the bed, “What the-“

“Get the fuck out of my flat,” Percy growled, dragging the guy out. He struggled but couldn’t free himself from Percy’s grip. The boy shoved him outside the door and then slammed it in his face, before storming back to Leo while he still had momentum. The Latino was still sitting on top of his blankets, dishevelled and messy, looking shocked.

“What the fuck?” he asked faintly.

“I should be asking that question,” Percy snapped, “You said you only brought guys you cared about to bed!”

“Yeah, well maybe I liked him,” Leo sighed, rubbing his forehead, “fuck, why do you care anyway? I’m off the damned couch so-“

“Fuck the couch. Fuck this,” Percy was getting more and more angry...but with himself, “Why did you bring that guy in here?! What was so special about him?!”

“What is your problem?” Leo demanded, “anything I do you get mad at-“

“Not everything! I just want to know why you had all the other guys on the couch and brought this one back here?! Were you going to fuck him?! Shit, tell me you weren’t going to fuck him!” Percy was so lost in his words that he didn’t notice the tears that sprung to Leo’s eyes, “why the fuck was he in here, Leo?! It’s not like you cared or you would’ve stopped me from kicking him out so tell me why the fuck he was here-“

“He looked like you!” Leo yelled and Percy’s anger evaporated in a split second, replaced by shock. Leo was staring at him with big, wet eyes and then a tear rolled down his cheek. He brushed it back angrily and sniffled, clearly trying not to cry, “he looked like you,” he repeated softly, and then laughed bitterly, “They all fucking looked like you. Well, no, not r-really like you. But they had dark hair and blue e-eyes and...and I thought – hey since you’ll never actually touch me, then maybe I’ll just get it over with and lose my virginity to someone who at least fucking looks like you,” a sob spilled from Leo’s mouth and he collapsed back onto his pillows, throwing an arm over his eyes, “Pretty fucked up a-aren’t I?”

“How...,” Percy swallowed, “Why did you think I’d never touch you?”

“I brought all those guys home – all the guys I didn’t care about – and made out with them in plain sight to see if I could literally force you to be jealous. But you made it pretty clear that you find me disgusting s-so...”

Percy couldn’t take it. Leo was crying because of him, and that fucking broke his heart. Percy decided to leave his fury and confusion and fear at the doorstep to the room and he closed the door, walking over to Leo’s bed. He sat down on the edge and Leo moved his arm to look at him tiredly.

“You can’t fix this, Perce,” he said weakly, “you can’t fix us.”

Percy reached out and brushed his fingers over the fading hickeys on Leo’s neck.

“I can’t believe I let all those guys touch you,” he said softly, “and didn’t do anything.”

“What?” Leo whispered, eyes still full of tears.

“I should’ve made those,” Percy murmured. He didn’t even know what he was saying, all he knew was that his heart was aching and that he needed to make everything okay, “I should’ve been the one kissing you all those times. Fuck,” he leaned forward and rested his forehead against Leo’s shoulder, “I’m such a damn idiot.”

“I can’t tell if you’re being serious right now,” Leo said quietly. Percy climbed between the boy’s legs and, ignoring the shock on the Latino’s face, placed his hands on either side of the boy’s head.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Percy asked. Normally he’d crack a joke, but this wasn’t normal, this was different, different for him and Leo.

“What do you want from me?” Leo whispered and Percy was scared because the boy still looked like he would cry.

“I’m sorry I hurt you,” Percy murmured, kissing the Latino’s forehead, “Let me make up to you.”

“Percy you’re straight.”

Percy kissed him, as if to challenge what he just said. He didn’t realise how frustrated and desperate he had been to kiss the boy until their lips met and then Percy was cradling Leo’s face in his hands, pressing him down into the pillows and kissing him like no tomorrow, all tongue and teeth and heat. At first all Leo did was allow him to kiss him, to explore his mouth, but then he started to kiss back, hesitantly, as if scared that Percy would pull away and say it was all a prank.

Percy broke away from the boy’s lips and started kissing down his neck, determined to wipe away all memory of the guys before him. He sucked on Leo’s tanned skin, nipping, kissing, and that was when he realised that Annabeth was really right. Touching Leo in this didn’t disgust Percy. The opposite really; it kind of turned him on.

“Percy,” Leo whispered, and he sounded a little breathless. He was still talking though. Percy surged up and captured his lips again, swallowing whatever Leo was going to say. His hands grabbed the hem of the boy’s shirt and he pulled back just long enough to pull the garment over Leo’s head, throwing it somewhere to the side, and then he was kissing him again, hands exploring the boy’s chest and stomach. Wherever his fingers brushed, over the boy’s collarbones, his nipples, his hips, Percy’s mouth soon followed. By the time Percy reached the waistband of Leo’s boxers the boy was panting above him. But then Percy stopped, resting his forehead against Leo’s stomach. He could see the outline of Leo’s hard cock through his shorts, “W-What?” the boy asked shakily.

“I don’t know what to do,” Percy admitted, looking up at Leo, “Until very recently I’ve been convinced that I’m straight so-“

Leo tugged him back up and kissed him, “Do you actually want to have sex with me?” he asked. Percy nodded, looking down at the flushed, tousled boy. I did that, he thought proudly, brushing Leo’s curls from his forehead, “I-I’ll talk you through it-“

“You just told me you’re a virgin,” Percy frowned. Leo shrugged and looked away,

“Yeah, but I know what I’m doing.”

Percy sighed and sat back, “And what are you doing? What are we doing?”

“For fucks sake,” Leo sat up too, and he looked pissed, “You’re the one who kissed me,” he snapped, “I don’t fucking get you. Do you want to have sex with me or not because I’m getting mixed signals here-“

“It’s just so confusing,” Percy growled in annoyance, “You’re confusing.”

Leo grabbed his face suddenly, forcing Percy to look at him, “Percy. I want you to fuck me,” Percy’s stomach tightened, “What’s so fucking confusing about that?”

“I thought I was straight,” Percy said.

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Or bi. Or whatever you are,” Leo said.

“I don’t think that’s it,” Percy said softly, “I don’t...I’ve never been attracted to guys. Like ever. Except...except I am to you. Attracted, that is.”

“Stop fucking talking,” Leo moved forward so he was straddling Percy’s lap. The dark haired boy swallowed, resting his hands hesitantly on Leo’s hips. Because of this position Leo was slightly taller than Percy and he cradled the taller boy’s face in his hands again, “It’s just sex, Percy.”

The boy didn’t think either of them believed it but he didn’t protest as Leo slid their lips together again. His mouth was hot against Percy’s as they kissed, and the boy’s hands slid over the Latino’s back. His skin was hot too, and smooth, and soft. The boy shivered in Percy’s lap, kissing him open mouthed.

“Tell me what to do,” Percy whispered, kissing along his jaw-line. Leo’s hands tightened in his shirt.

“Take it off,” he mumbled. Percy did so, hurriedly, and kissed the Latino, letting his hands explore his body. When he pressed closer they were chest-to-chest, skin to skin, and Percy felt his cock hardening in his pants. He was definitely not straight, but he didn’t care right now. His hands went down to Leo’s ass and he kneaded the flesh in his hands, the way the guy had a few weeks ago. Leo whimpered and Percy felt his jealousy flare up again when he thought about the guys that touched his Leo.

He pushed the boy back down onto the pillows, covering him protectively with his body.

“What now?” he whispered, kissing underneath the boy’s ear. He bit his earlobe and the boy squirmed, hand tightening in Percy’s hair.

“Y-You need to prepare me,” Leo said breathlessly, “There’s lube’s i-in the cupboard.”

Percy sat back again and frowned, “Why do you have lube?”

Leo shrugged and looked away, blushing, “I...uh...never mind.”

“Tell me,” Percy growled pining him down again. He couldn’t decide if Leo was sexy or adorable, all messy and shivering. Maybe a mix of both.

“I just...need it sometimes,” Leo said vaguely.

“Leo-,” but to the Latino the conversation was clearly over and with some random show of strength he flipped Percy over, straddling him. Percy swallowed, feeling his hard cock press against Leo’s thigh. The Latino leaned over and rummaged in the bedside table and Percy couldn’t stop his eyes from sliding all over the boy’s body, “You’re hot,” he blurted. Leo gave him a weird look and leaned forward to kiss him again, shimmying out of his shorts and boxers.

Weirdly, when the boy pulled away and Percy looked at him, completely naked, he didn’t feel disgusted or turned off. Leo’s cock was mostly hard, as tanned as the rest of him. Percy felt heat curl in his stomach and he had the stupid urge to reach out and wrap his hand around the boy’s dick. But just then Leo opened the lube bottle and poured some of the liquid onto his hand.

“Wait I-,” Percy started, frowning, but Leo kissed him again to shut him up, throwing one of his arms over the boy’s shoulders, his other hand venturing behind himself. When he gasped against Percy’s mouth the boy knew he had a finger inside himself. Leo’s face was inches away from his and Percy saw his eyes flutter shut, mouth open to let out harsh breaths. Percy kissed down his neck and listened to the softest noises that spilled from Leo’s mouth. His hand stroked down the boy’s back and when he reached the hand that was inside him, Percy gently pulled it back. Leo swallowed nervously, “Let me do it?” Percy whispered against his shoulder. Leo nodded, his curls tickling Percy’s face.

The lube was cold on Percy’s hand but when he pushed the first digit inside Leo he gasped at how hot it was inside the boy. Leo hissed.

“What?” Percy asked, “Does it hurt?”

“I-I just...fuck, why are your fingers so fucking big?” Leo gritted out, eyes closed. Percy kissed his nose.

“That’s what she said.”

“Idiot,” Leo said, but cracked one eye open. When Percy pulled the finger out of him and pushed back in the boy’s expression crumbled and he let out a moan. Percy decided he could watch him like this all day. He kissed the boy, pushing another finger into him, listening to the little gasps and whimpers that the boy let out, arms wound tightly around Percy’s neck as if he was scared to let go.

Getting the condom on was tricky since Leo and Percy couldn’t seem to stop kissing. Percy pushed the Latino back down and climbed on top of him, fumbling with the band and pulling it over his hard cock. He didn’t remember taking his pants off, or getting this fucking hard. He was dizzy with lust, and couldn’t even imagine taking his hands off the boy at this point.

“Lube, lube, lube,” Leo muttered against Percy’s lips. Percy clumsily grabbed the bottle and poured some onto his hand, smoothing it over his cock and groaning when he finally touched his pulsing member, “I-It’s supposed to hurt,” Leo stuttered, “So go slow, okay?”

Percy nodded, because he didn’t trust his voice right at that moment, and Leo wrapped his legs around his waist. Percy couldn’t believe they were about to do this. He lined his cock with the boy’s hole and thought to himself it’s just like doing it with a girl, and then he started to push in.

The heat that enveloped the head of his cock was impossible, and Leo was so damn tight. To make matters worse (or better) he clenched the second Percy started to push in.


“Y-You need to relax,” Percy gasped, hands gripping at the blankets on either side of the boy’s head. He didn’t understand why he was so hot, and tight, and good. Percy moaned softly and felt Leo relax a little, just enough that he could start to push in again. His body was thrumming with want, cock twitching inside the tight boy, arms shaking. He didn’t realise how unprepared he had been for how good it’d feel, “L-Leo-“

“Hurts,” the boy whimpered, one of his hands gripping at Percy’s wrist. With tremendous effort the dark haired boy stopped pushing in and tried to remember how to breathe. His world was spinning and all he could see was Leo. Just Leo, his Leo. Percy kissed him, and felt the boy melt into the pillows a little, allowing Percy to push in further. This time, despite the fact he tensed, Leo didn’t protest until Percy was all the way inside him.

“Y-You okay?” the dark haired boy had trouble concentrating because he was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven. Leo nodded and gasped for air, eyes closed, cheeks flushed. Percy wondered how it felt for him. Fuck, he wanted the boy to feel good too. He kissed him, because that seemed to soothe him, and leaned on his elbows, cradling the boy’s head in his arms. They kissed for a while, Leo’s body gripping Percy and keeping him inside him. Percy noticed that the Latino had softened a bit so he took him in his still lubbed up hand and started stroking.

“F-Fuck,” Leo gasped, head falling back against the pillows, exposing his neck. Percy leaned forward and kissed it, and then he pulled out and thrust back in. Leo gasped, his legs tightening around Percy’s waist, pulling him in closer, “O-Oh God-“

“What?” Percy asked, still kissing wherever he could reach.

“I-It’s kinda good,” the boy mumbled weakly. Percy kissed him, trying to steady himself. It was hard for him to focus on anything other than the boy and how soft and sweet his lips were, and how hot his body, gripping at him, pulling him in. Percy thrust into Leo, and fuck it was better than any girl he had ever been with. Leo was moaning in between kisses, almost like he couldn’t stop himself, whispering Percy’s name in a way that made his thrusts speed up. He was so close to Leo that he couldn’t tell where the boy ended and he started.

“You’re so f-fucking perfect,” he whispered, kissing his face. He accidentally changed the angle, too lost in the pleasure to noticed, and thrust his member roughly into Leo. The boy’s back arched and his eyes flew open as he cried out. Percy stopped, scared that he hurt him.

“Oh my God,” Leo whimpered, “What the fuck was that?”


“Y-You just hit s-something and I swear I-I almost blacked out.”

“W-Wait,” Percy was trembling with the effort to not move, “Is that good or bad?”

“F-Fuck it’s good, Percy,” Leo whimpered, “Do it again.”

So Percy did, and got that same reaction out of Leo again. His cock throbbed as he stared at the boy, scared to even blink in case he missed one second of the boy’s flushed, gorgeous face, full of pleasure. He didn’t even notice that he was still stroking the boy’s cock until Leo looked at him with the most desperate eyes ever.

“P-Percy,” he whispered, hole clenching around Percy’s cock, “I’m g-gonna come-“

Percy crashed their lips together and, despite Leo’s warning, he was the one who came first.


It took Percy a while to get back to reality. He laid on his back, staring at the ceiling, the afterglow flowing through him pleasantly. He was...happy. He smiled to himself and finally gathered up the strength to turn to look at Leo. His happiness evaporated.

The Latino was curled up under a blanket, his back to Percy, hugging himself.

“Are you asleep?” Percy whispered. Leo didn’t reply. Hesitantly, shyly, Percy untucked the blanket from around the boy and wriggled closer, wrapping an arm around Leo. Usually when he had sex he wanted to get out as quick as possible, but right now he just wanted to hold Leo. He pulled the boy’s warm back against his chest and kissed the top of his head, “I’m sorry if I hurt you,” he whispered, slipping his hand beneath Leo’s shirt slightly and stroking at his stomach, “You’re amazing. I’m sorry about everything,” he paused, snuggling closer to Leo. His heart felt heavy in his chest from all of his sudden realisations, but Percy didn’t mind. He was tired of constantly being in denial, “I think I’m in love with you.”

“Please stop talking,” Leo whispered brokenly. Percy’s heart clenched.

“I’m sorry,” Percy stroked his hair. He leaned down and kissed the back of the boy’s neck. Leo sat up abruptly, shoving him away.

“Stop fucking touching me!” he yelled. Percy looked at him in shock and the Latino buried his head in his hands. Percy felt sick.

“I hurt you, didn’t I?” he sat up and looked at the boy helplessly, “Fuck I’m sorry I just-“

Leo grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him in for a kiss. It was messy and desperate. When the Latino tried to pull away Percy forced him to stay there, slowing the kiss down, mouth moving against Leo’s gently. When he pulled away Leo looked like he was about to cry but he didn’t try to fight Percy anymore, instead pressing himself up against the boy’s chest. Percy fell back against the bed, pulling the covers free and throwing them over him and Leo, cradling the Latino close to him and kissing him every few seconds.

“You have to say it back,” he whispered after a moment.

“Huh?” Leo mumbled, half asleep. Percy kissed his forehead,

“I love you.”

Leo buried his face in the boy’s chest, “I love you too.”

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Luke x Ethan Sugardaddy au where Luke is the Sugardaddy and Ethan needs the money and Luke dirty talks to him
for askafiamatta

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Ethan hated the way his heart skipped a beat in Biology class when he suddenly got a text-message from him.

Luke; I’m taking you out to a club tonight.

Ethan shivered and quickly put his phone away before anyone noticed. Luke Castellan was a phenomenon to Ethan. He was...something else entirely. Ethan, in an attempt to put himself through University decided to venture down the secret, though surprisingly common, Sugarbaby street. And that’s how he met Luke. The man was basically a millionaire though he never told Ethan why. He lived in an expensive mansion in the heart of London, with a pool and everything, like something out of the Great Gatsby.

He was also hot as fuck. And funny. And kind of caring and kind and soft at times, though rarely, mostly after he fucked the brains out of Ethan. Despite being only nineteen Ethan wasn’t stupid or naive. He knew that even though he had feelings for Luke that went deeper than their arrangement, they weren’t returned. Luke was divorced, but Ethan was sure he had at least two girlfriends. And him, of course. See, Luke was a kind of person that got bored easily, and that’s why he probably gave himself a variety of ‘fucktoys’ as Ethan referred to himself and the two face-less, unnamed girls he shared his Sugardaddy with. The boy, upon realisation that he was royally fucked, decided to distance himself from Luke.

And that’s why he hated how his heart skipped a beat when he got the text. It was just a fucking text. But the text meant that Luke was thinking about him. Ethan sighed in annoyance and tried to focus on the teacher, but it was hard since now his thoughts kept straying to Luke.

The boy had to make a decision soon, and he knew it was hard, but he had to either drop the Sugardaddy gig, or find himself another Sugardaddy, since he was literally in love with Luke. He knew it was hard, but everything in Ethan’s life was hard. He had no family, no friends, all he focused on was finishing Uni so he could work and be independent. Without the debt of student loans. Why did I have to fall in love with him? Ethan thought miserably, staring out of the window at the sun-filled front yard of the school. If he at least had some hope that maybe, just maybe, Luke would feel the same way for him, then he wouldn’t be so fucking depressed. But of course, Luke wouldn’t ever want to be with him. He had two other girls for God’s sake! Besides, Ethan wasn’t the kind of person anyone wanted to be with. There was nothing he could offer; messy, too-long hair, skinny, pale, an eye-patch over one eye like some parody of a pirate...

I’ll make this our last night, the boy decided with a sudden determination, and then I’ll tell him it’s over.


Ethan hanged outside the club nervously, turning his phone in his hands. It was a cold night and he was just wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, so he stood there, shivering, too scared to go into the club without Luke. The building had a massive sign above it declaring ‘The Camp Club,’ with music blaring so loudly the wet pavement was trembling. A long line of people snaked around the corner, lining up to get past the muscular bouncers. Luke was nowhere to be seen.

You: Luke seriously im outside so come get me or im going home

Ethan texted again. Luke hadn’t replied for his last five texts and Ethan was literally about to get back on the train and go home. He wasn’t in the mood for the blonde’s games tonight. Just then one of the bouncers broke away from his friend and strode towards Ethan. The boy’s heartbeat escalated and he immediately thought he was in trouble. Until the bouncer stopped in front of him and inclined his head.

“Mr Nakamura?” he asked politely. Hesitantly, Ethan nodded, “This way please, sir,” he bouncer gestured at Ethan to follow so the boy did. They walked right past the queue to the club and the people at the front started to complain about Ethan not having to line up, but the boy didn’t care as he was already in the club. The music here was even louder and Ethan couldn’t hear the bouncer as he talked to him, leading him in. There were a few booths around the corners of the club, and a bar lit with neon lights. A DJ was jamming out, and to the side was a small rise with VIP booths on them, full of pillows, tables stacked with drinks and pretty girls. The bouncer pointed to where Luke was sitting and Ethan’s stomach twisted.

The man was surrounded by a ring of girls, looking like a fucking pimp, smirking at Ethan across the room, as the girls looked at him like he was God. Ethan felt his blood boil and his annoyance spike. He was jealous, of course he was, but he wouldn’t show it. Luke gestured at him to come over, as if Ethan was some dog, and the boy’s eyes narrowed. He turned his back on Luke and, shaking with anger and frustration, went over to the bar, sliding onto a stool, feeling weirdly rebellious. Behind him a whole mass of people was dancing to the booming music but Ethan ignored them, trying to get the attention of the bartender.

“Hey,” someone said suddenly. Ethan blinked and glanced at the guy sitting next to him. He was tall, with brown hair and cheekbones that could cut a bitch. And he was smiling right at Ethan. He asked something but Ethan couldn’t hear over the music so he frowned. The guy leaned forward, so his cheek brushed Ethan’s and said right into his ear, “You’re cute, can I get you a drink?”

A drink sounded nice actually. Ethan wasn’t attracted to the guy, even though he was cute, but he nodded anyway. It was a good start in his attempt to detach himself from Luke. Ethan nodded and the guy ordered him something but the boy didn’t bother to check what because he was too busy forcing himself to not turn around and look at Luke. The guy pressed a glass with amber liquid into his hand and then clinked his own glass against it, grinning. Ethan smiled back, though he really didn’t feel like it, and then chugged the drink. It burned down his throat and immediately made him feel hot and a bit unfocused. He pulled a face at the taste and the guy laughed, though Ethan didn’t hear it.

Then suddenly Ethan was being pulled onto the dance-floor. The brunette had his hands on Ethan’s hips as he pulled him into the mass and then he was pressing into Ethan, grinding against him. Ethan felt very uncomfortable, and suddenly wanted nothing more than to get away from the overly-touchy brunette. But there were people in all around him, bumping into him, grinding on each other. He pulled the brunette’s hands off his hips and tried to move away but the guy was stronger, and he kept him there. With horror Ethan realised that the stranger was hard, and grinding his clothed erection against Ethan’s thigh.

Someone grabbed him hand and pulled him out of the crowd roughly. Ethan was dizzy, he drank too fast, and was shocked when he came face to face with Luke. The man looked furious but Ethan didn’t have time to look at his face because suddenly the man was gripping his face in his hands and crashing their lips together. The kiss caught him off guard, and it was hot and angry and rough and Ethan’s knees buckled. Luke’s arm around his waist was the only thing that stopped him falling to the floor.

“We’re leaving,” Luke growled into Ethan’s ear, making him shiver, “Now.”

Ethan didn’t ask any questions as Luke pulled him to the door, abandoning the girls he had just been with. No matter how stubborn Ethan had been before now he could feel himself melting a little. Luke had chosen him over them. It was pathetic really, how happy Ethan was about it.

Luke’s limo pulled up in front of the club just as the two came outside. Luke wrenched the backdoor open and then shoved Ethan inside, climbing in after him and slamming the door shut. Someone on the street might’ve thought it looked a bit like a kidnapping. Ethan fell back against the leather seats, the breath knocked out of him and Luke was already on top of him, kissing him senseless. Ethan wanted to be strong, to fight him off and tell him it was over between them, but it was hard when Luke was pressed up right against him, kissing him like no tomorrow.

“What the fuck was that Ethan?” Luke demanded, voice all hoarse and raspy as he pulled back and glared down at his Sugarbaby. His hands, on either side of Ethan’s head, were caging him in, “What the actual fuck?”

“I was going to-,” Ethan started to explain that he was going to leave Luke but the man silenced him by forcing his tongue into his mouth. Ethan pressed his hand against his chest, wanting to push him away but instead he kind of ended up gripping Luke’s expensive shirt in his fist and drawing him closer.

“You let that guy get all over you,” Luke growled, pulling back again.

“I didn’t want him to touch me!” Ethan protested breathlessly and Luke pulled his shirt over his head in one swift movement, tossing it onto the floor of the limo. Only now Ethan realised that they were moving, “Look, you can’t keep treating me like shit-“

“Oh I treat you like shit?” Luke demanded, sitting back to pull his own shirt off. Ethan leaned up on his elbows but was immediately pushed back again by Luke, who started kissing down his chest, “I’m your Sugardaddy,” the man huffed in annoyance against his collarbone, “I get to do whatever the fuck I want since I’m paying you, you little shit,” when he took Ethan’s nipple in his mouth the boy’s back arched and he let out an involuntary moan, “You’re such a fucking tease,” Luke said, licking up his neck. He was more chaotic that usual, almost desperate, touching everywhere he could reach. The sudden passion was making Ethan kind of hard, kind of nervous, and kind of pissed off.

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” Ethan hissed, pushing Luke away. The blonde gave him a confused look, “I don’t want to be your Sugarbaby anymore.”

“What?” Luke demanded.

Of course Ethan couldn’t tell him that the reason for this was because he was in love with him so instead he swallowed and, as confidently as he could, said, “I’ve gotten bored.”

“Bored?” Luke laughed, “What, of me?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go look for a new Sugardaddy,” Ethan said, crossing his arms over his chest.  

Luke practically crushed him down into the seat, kissing him again. Ethan gasped, trying to simultaneously pull him closer and push him away. His head was a mess, he didn’t know what he wanted anymore. Luke was kissing him desperately, claiming Ethan’s mouth with his and the boy didn’t know how to make him stop, didn’t know if he wanted to make him stop.

“L-Luke-,” he finally found it in himself to turn his head to the side, away from Luke’s lips.

“Just lie back and let me make you come,” Luke whispered heatedly  into Ethan’s neck. The boy shivered at his words and knew there was no point trying to pretend he wasn’t enjoying himself anymore when Luke slotted his leg between his and pressed it against his hard cock. Ethan whimpered, “Shh, good boy,” Luke murmured, hands deftly undoing the belt on Ethan’s trousers. The boy tried to squirm away but Luke just gathered both of his wrists into his hand and pinned them over his head, his free hand pulling Ethan’s trousers off alongside his underwear.

“F-Fuck off Luke,” Ethan growled, “Get off m-me-“

“You’re not going anywhere,” Luke said, voice hard, “you’re not leaving me,” he sucked a hickey underneath Ethan’s jaw and the boy whined, “You’re mine, understood?”

“N-No...,” Ethan gasped, but he knew that Luke was right. He could have all the side-chicks in the world and Ethan would still be stupidly in love with him. Maybe he was naive and stupid after all. He felt like crying a little, but his body was buzzing with lust, and all he could do was lie there and let Luke kiss him all over.

“Touch yourself and let me watch,” Luke whispered, all soft and gentle.

“Y-You’re crazy,” Ethan gasped. Luke let go of his hands,

“Come on, baby,” the blonde kissed his neck, “let me look at you. Just this last time, okay?”

Maybe it was the way Luke was looking at him, or maybe it was something else, but either way Ethan broke. He reached down and wrapped his hand around his hard, throbbing cock, letting out a little moan at the initial contact. Luke’s eyes were dark and as Ethan started to stroke himself, gasping, Luke going from staring at Ethan’s hand on his cock, to his face, and then back down. Normally Ethan would be embarrassed that Luke was looking at him so openly, but right now, for some reason, he didn’t care.

“You’re so hot,” Luke kissed Ethan and the boy let him, his hand speeding up on his cock. The heat inside him was getting unbearable, and the fact that Luke was just kissing him and looking was actually really arousing.

“F-Fuck,” Ethan whimpered, stomach clenching. He was close, he could feel it.

“Good boy, you’re so good, Ethan,” Luke whispered feverishly, kissing down Ethan’s neck, “so fucking perfect.”

“L-Luke,” Ethan gasped. He was so, so close-

In one, swift movement Luke pulled Ethan’s hand away from his cock and pressed both of his hands down onto the seats. Ethan’s hips stuttered forward uselessly, his cock still hard and aching. He tried to glare at Luke but instead he ended up giving him a pleading look, whimpering and trying to rub against him like a cat in heat.

“It drives me crazy when you look at me like that,” Luke said huskily, and then he was suddenly letting go of Ethan’s hands and disappearing between his legs, throwing them over his shoulders. The boy tried to catch his breath, feet almost touching the ceiling of the limousine. Then he felt Luke’s tongue against his hole and the last of his self control crumbled away. He let out a sob as he felt the man’s organ delve inside of him, wriggling around in his heat. Ethan’s cock throbbed against his stomach and when he reached down to touch it Luke slapped his hands back, “You don’t get to come until I say so,” he said, breath brushing against Ethan’s wet hole. The boy sobbed with need and reached for Luke pulling him up for a messy kiss.

“Please,” he whimpered, forgetting all about his pride, “P-Please, please, please-“

“I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk,” Luke promised.

Ethan knew it wasn’t going to end well, but he supposed he wasn’t getting a new Sugardaddy anytime soon.

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for yEET

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“It’s been a week,” Jason said to Annabeth at breakfast. The girl barely looked up from her food.

“A week since what?”

“Since Percy left on his solo quest!” Jason said in annoyance. Around him the campers were sleepily eating, minding their own business. Jason was the only one agitated, the only one worried. Annabeth shrugged.

“So? That’s not that long.”

“The Quest of the seven took around that time,” Jason said, “and that was to save the earth from the earth. How long can finding Apollo’s bow take?”

Annabeth sighed, “Look Jas. There isn’t much we can do anyway so stop worrying.”

“You’re his girlfriend why are you so calm about it?” Jason asked in disbelief. Annabeth sighed and put her fork down.

“Me and Percy...we haven’t been that great lately,” she explained quietly, “I...uh...we’ve basically broken up.”

“Wait seriously?!” Jason asked in disbelief, trying to ignore the wave of relief and happiness he felt. Percy’s single now...his mind told him. Annabeth nodded, as if to confirm that.

“After Tartarus things just haven’t been the same,” she shrugged.

“Oh,” Jason shrugged, “’re not worried.”

“Even though we’re not together I know that I’d feel if something bad would happen to Percy,” Annabeth said, obviously trying to be comforting. Thing was...Jason had a feeling that something bad did happen, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t shake it off .

After breakfast he went to talk to Rachel, but she said she didn’t have any new prophecies or visions. He had a chat with the Apollo cabin, but they didn’t know anything. The kids from Hypnos’ didn’t have any prophetic dreams and so by lunchtime Jason was as much in the dark as he had been before, and even more worried. Something was nagging at him, something he couldn’t quite place. Eventually he went to the Zeus cabin to try and stop being so damn paranoid.

It was just that...he didn’t like the fact that Percy was out on a solo quest. That basically never happened because single Demigods were more likely to be killed by monsters. But in this specific quest stealth was key, so Percy was sent by himself. And nobody was worried, expect Jason. And who could blame him? After all Percy was his best friend.

The boy ventured into his bathroom and as a last resort turned on the tap, positioning his mirror so the sun reflected off it and through the water, creating a rainbow in the middle of the room. Jason fished out a drachma out of his pocket and threw it into said rainbow. The coin disappeared, which meant Iris accepted his request. The air in front of Jason shifted. He saw a forest somewhere, the sun peeking through the trees. Percy was leaning against a tree, looking pale, hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, the material of his shirt torn at the stomach and stained red.

Jason felt sick.

“Percy!” he yelled, panic gripping at him. Slowly Percy opened his eyes, as if it was hard for him to do.

“Jason?” he frowned, “D-Did I...did I die?”

“No! No!” Jason said hurriedly, “Fuck what happened?!”

“A h-hellhound,” Percy closed his eyes.

“Where are you?!” Jason demanded, “I’m coming to get you!”

“Durham State f-forest in M-Maine,” Percy’s voice was growing weaker. The connection started to waver,

“Percy! Percy hold up! I’m coming to get you!” the image faded out, “Fuck!” Jason yelled and punched the wall in his frustration. Ignoring the pain in his knuckles he shut off the water and then he was spilling outside. He couldn’t think straight, all he knew was that he had to go save Percy. Nyssa walked past him casually, blissfully oblivious about the fact that Percy was dying, “Nyssa!” Jason grabbed her arm, “Where’s Leo!?”

The girl looked surprised at how chaotic Jason was, “Uh...Bunker nine, I think-“

Jason didn’t wait for her to finish as he took off again. He zigzagged through the strawberry fields, ignoring the confused Demigods around him, and barrelled into the woods surrounding the camp. By the time he reached Bunker nine he was breathing hard and his legs were aching, but he didn’t stop running until he burst inside.

“Jason?” Leo pushed his protective goggles up into his hair and stopped working. In the back of the workshop Harley looked at them curiously.

“I-I need to b-borrow F-Festus,” Jason gasped.

“Wait, calm down, what’s wrong?” Leo asked, alarmed.

“I-It’s Percy,” Jason tried to catch his breath, “I Iris messaged him. He’s i-in some forest in Maine, and he’s badly hurt-“

“Fuck,” Leo swore, “Fuck. Okay, wait we need to-“

“No!” Jason yelled, “No give me Festus I need to go get him now!”

Leo nodded, not asking anymore questions, scared by the urgency in Jason’s tone. The two of them went outside to where Festus was standing, protecting the Bunker. Leo tinkered at the bronze dragons side for a second and Harley came bounding up to Jason, passing him a backpack.

“Food, ambrosia, water, first aid kit,” he recited. Jason ruffled his head,

“Thanks kid.”

“Jason,” suddenly Chiron was emerging from the trees, followed closely by Nyssa, Annabeth and half a dozen other campers, “What is going on?”

“It’s Percy,” Leo explained as Jason climbed onto Festus’ back, shrugging on the bag Harley gave him, “He’s hurt.”

“I’m going to get him,” Jason added stubbornly. Chiron shook his head.

“Jason, that isn’t the wisest idea,” he said, “We should organise a rescue group, maybe four Demigods-“

“There’s no time,” Jason interrupted and, before anyone could protest, he touched the side of Festus’ bronze head and the dragon took to the air, hitting the Demigods on the ground with a wave of air with his powerful wings. Jason clung to his sides as he rose above the trees.


The sun was just a thin sliver on the horizon, with the world growing darker each second, by the time Jason finally made it to Durham State Forest in Maine. He couldn’t see anything over the crowns of the trees so he landed Festus in a little clearing, patted the dragon on the side, and then ventured into the dark trees alone, heart on his shoulder.

After a few steps he was running, not wanting to waste anymore time. He tried not to think about how Percy could be dead as his backpack smacked against his back. He had no idea if he was even going in the right direction, he just let his heart pull him where it thought was right. And, just as night fell, by some miracle, Jason found Percy.

He had crawled a little way from where Jason had Iris messaged him, and was now collapsed near some roots of a tree that exploded from the ground. The grass around Percy was red. Jason wanted to call his name as he saw him, but his voice died in his throat. Hopelessly he collapsed next to the boy.

“Don’t be dead,” he whispered to himself as he gently turned Percy over, pulling him into his lap, “Don’t b-be dead, don’t-,” he chocked on a sob. His heart hurt. Percy was so fucking pale, he wasn’t moving, “Percy,” Jason cradled his face in his hands not knowing what else to do, “D-Don’t be dead-“ he was hysterical with worry.

“I-I’m okay,” Percy rasped out, voice hoarse. He coughed and his eyes fluttered open half-way. Jason slumped against him in relief, feeling his heart lighten in his chest. He exhaled and then laughed and then cradled Percy to his chest protectively.

“Thank the Gods.”

“Jason,” Percy’s hand came to touch the one that Jason still had on his face, and his grip was weak. Remembering the backpack Jason pulled out a square of ambrosia.

“Y-You need to eat this,” he said shakily. Percy hummed in agreement but he was too weak to even keep his eyes open. Jason was running on adrenaline, there was no time to think anything through. He put the ambrosia between his teeth and then leaned down, pressing his lips to Percy’s. The boy’s let out the softest, smallest gasp but it was enough because he had opened his mouth a little. Before the ambrosia melted Jason pushed it into Percy’s mouth with his tongue.

When he pulled back Percy looked more awake and...well, alive, staring up at Jason with big eyes. Jason reached for the first aid kit and pushed Percy’s shirt up a little, revealing a nasty wound at his side, that had stopped bleeding thanks to the Ambrosia.

“J-Jason-,” Percy started.

“Shh. Shut up,” Jason said, “Don’t talk. I need to dress your wound,” so Percy kept quiet as Jason pulled out antiseptic and disinfected the wound. The son of Poseidon tensed at the pain but didn’t let out a noise. He hissed a little when Jason wrapped a bandage around his middle, covering the wound, “There,” the blonde said, his hands stained with Percy’s blood, “That should do for now.”

“How did you get here?” Percy’s voice sounded stronger now.

“Festus,” Jason went to stand up but Percy grabbed him by the wrist, stopping him, “What is it?”

“Kiss me again,” Percy asked softly.

“T-That wasn’t a kiss,” Jason said, his heart clenching suddenly. All of the chaotic hysteria he was feeling came to an abrupt stop. The wind rustled through the trees above them, “That was me saving your life.”

Percy smiled up at him sleepily, “Kiss me, then.”

Jason didn’t know what to say to that so he leaned down and gently pressed his lips to Percy’s, his heart stuttering in his chest. When he pulled back Percy was looking up at him in awe.

“Again,” he whispered. Jason kissed him again, his lips moving against Percy’s softer ones. When he pulled back Percy mumbled, “One more.”

“When we get back to Camp,” Jason promised in a whisper, though he leaned down and kissed Percy again anyway. Then he finally stood up and Percy struggled to follow. He groaned in pain so Jason slid one arm underneath his legs, the other one under his back and lifted him. He didn’t know whether it was shock or adrenaline that made Percy feel like he weighed nothing, but Jason carried him easily, the son of Poseidon pressed against his chest. They made it back to Festus.

“Thanks for saving me,” Percy mumbled.

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Can you do a Octavian x Michael were Michael is a biker, and Octavian is his flower boy boyfriend?
For Homosauce

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August 1991

Octavian was terrified to meet Michael’s friends. When he first started working in the flower shop near his flat, mostly out of boredom than anything else since his family were basically millionaires, Octavian never expected, never hoped that the hot biker boy that came in once a week would even spare him a second glance. Michael Kahale was everything that Octavian wanted, but he knew that boy’s like him (pale, sickly, stuck up and posh) never interested boys like Michael (tall, handsome, charming, kind).

Whenever Michael came to the shop and struck up a conversation with Octavian, smiling at him and cracking jokes the albino always thought it was out of politeness. Until Michael asked him out. Just out of nowhere; he was buying a bunch of roses, looking out of place in the aromatic, colourful shop in his leather jacket and sunglasses, and then he suddenly went hey I was wondering if you maybe want to grab some coffee with me or something? and handed Octavian the roses he had just bought.

Even then Octavian didn’t think anything of it because he and Michael were polar opposites and it seemed impossible for them to fit together. And yet they did. After coffee there was lunch, and then dinner, and then the movies, and then they went out dancing, and then they had sex, and only when Michael told him that he loved him, while REM played in the back, did Octavian actually believe it was real. It was weird; Octavian was the boy who liked flower crowns and getting blazed, and Michael was the boy who drank whiskey and rode motorbikes.

After two months of dating, fucking and everything in-between Michael finally asked Octavian to meet his friends. Octavian had seen them around before, a gang of boys in leather, looking like they’d either jack you up or steal your girl. They looked rough and dangerous, and Octavian...well, Octavian was all soft edges and sarcasm, and flowers in his hair. He was scared that Michael’s friends wouldn’t like him, and then the boy would break up with him because of their opinion.

Still, Octavian couldn’t put it off because Michael was very excited for him to meet his ‘family’ as he referred to the rest of the gang. Of course Octavian wasn’t one to pretend he was someone he wasn’t so on Saturday in the early evening he closed up to shop and bounced, on his way to meet his boyfriend. The sun was setting and the air was that pleasant mix of hot and cold as Octavian got on the bus. He had a flower-crown on his pale hair, a cigarette in his mouth, watching lazily as Brooklyn slid past sleepily. When Octavian got off the bus he had to walk for ten minutes down abandoned roads. The suburbs were calmer than the city itself, and so Octavian’s heart jumped in his chest when he neared a gas station and saw a dozen boys on bikes lounging around, laughing and drinking beer.

I’ve got this, Octavian told himself as he approached. Michael saw him first and Octavian’s heart jumper again at how gorgeous his boyfriend look when he grinned at him.

“Tav!” he called, waving, as if Octavian could possibly miss him. The blonde smiled despite himself as Michael stood up from where he was leaning on his bike and walked up to him. He took Octavian’s face in his hands and kissed him right there, and behind him his friends wolf-whistled and laughed. Octavian felt himself blushing when Michael pulled back, “Hey beautiful.”

“Hey,” Octavian said. Michael took his hand and walked him over to his friends.

“Guys, this is Octavian.”

“Ay, he cute,” a dark-skinned, muscular guy nodded in approval. He offered Octavian his hand and the boy shook hesitantly, “The name’s Beckendorf.”


“How’s it hangin’?” a curly-haired, short, Latino boy jumped off his bike, “I’m Leo,” he ignored Octavian’s outstretched hand and pulled him into a hug, patting him on the back, “We were wondering when Michael would let us meet his guy.”

“We thought he was making you up,” Octavian was shocked to see a blonde girl sitting with the guys, also in leather, comfortable in a dark-haired boys lap.

“Such a buzz-kill, Annabeth,” Michael said, fake hurt, “Tav, this is Annie and her boyfriend, Percy.”

Percy saluted Octavian and Mike continued to introduced his friends. With each name, smile and handshake Octavian felt himself relaxing. Nobody cared that he was wearing an old t-shirt, or that he was wearing a flower-crown, or that he wasn’t a biker. They were all welcoming as if...well, as if he was family.

“Right, so,” Beckendorf rubbed his hands together, “there’s a party down at Piper’s in an hour.”

“Dope,” Leo grinned.

“I’m down,” a blonde guy called Jason nodded, “We going, yeah?”

“Damn skippy,” Beckendorf agreed, as if it was obvious. Leo looked at Michael and Octavian,

“You coming Mikey?” he asked, “Tav, you can come too if you want.”

“I don’t think you’d like it,” Michael told Octavian. The blonde frowned from where he was nestled in his side,

“Eat my shorts, Michael.”

The bikers laughed and cheered at that. Beckendorf clapped Octavian on the back.

“Good one.”

“Fart knocker,” Michael grumbled but kissed Octavian’s forehead. The blonde felt a warmth spread inside him as he smiled happily. The sun was setting and everything was just kind of nice, and he didn’t remember what he had been so scared about.

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Will x Nico a story about Nico having depression (and Will helps him deal with it but it’s mostly Nico helping himself??)
for Scarlettsgenericusername

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“I’ve been diagnosed with depression.”

Will remembered exactly when his best friend told him that. It was a cold October day, and the two of them were walking back to Will’s house to play videogames, the wind tugging at their clothes, and Nico just told him. The blonde remembered a time earlier in highschool when it was ‘cool’ to be depressed, when everyone used to cut just because they were sad or wanted attention, and went on about how horrible life was. Most of them were okay, they made it and they were okay.

But this was different. Will knew there was something up with Nico for a while; he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t smile, sometimes the blonde would catch him coming out of the school bathrooms looking like he had been crying, he skipped school. He thought he was just down, he hoped it wasn’t drugs, and it wasn’t. It was a mental illness, that Nico finally got up the nerve to tell Will about it on that one October day.

I got a blood-test. They wouldn’t give me meds though, or send me to a psychiatrist. I don’t know what to do.

Will hugged him and Nico clung to him as if he was a lifeline.

I need you to be here for me. I can’t do it alone. Not anymore.

Yes, Will had whispered, yes of course. I’m here. I’ve got you.

He didn’t know why but he kind of expected Nico to get healthy fast to just kind of...get better. But of course it didn’t work like that, and Will came to terms with the fact that his friend wouldn’t be okay for a long, long time. He was okay with that, he was okay with being there for Nico for as long as the boy needed him. For as long as he wanted him.


Will was in drama, practicing his duologue with Hazel that they had to perform next lesson, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. The boy pulled it out apologetically and saw that he had a text from Nico.

Fave emo: Where are u? Can u please hang out with me? I cant be alone.

“Sorry, Haze,” Will shoved his phone into his pocket, already feeling worry in his stomach, “I can’t rehearse right now.”

“But-,” the girl protested, “It’s for next lesson!”

“It’s Nico,”

The girl’s expression changed, “Oh. Is he okay?”

“Yeah. He...I just wanted to check up on him,” Will didn’t want the girl to worry. She nodded and then boy practically ran out of the classroom. The social area was packed, as always during lunch, people sitting or standing, talking about their day and gossip, eating food. By the radiator, on one of the armchairs, Nico was curled up. He was practically drowning in the hoodie that Will had borrowed him ages ago and he had never given back, earphones in, looking like he was close to tears. People took up all the other seats around him, though nobody seemed to notice how distraught Nico was.

“Hey,” Will said, pushing his way to his best friend. Nico pulled his earphones out and sniffled, attempting to smile.


“Scoot up,” Will said, and Nico stood up. Will sat down and Nico collapsed in his lap, hugging his face into Will’s chest and trembling. They were always super touchy-feely so nobody even batted an eye as Will wrapped his arms around his shaky best friend.

“Thankyou,” Nico whispered against Will’s chest. The blonde fought the urge to kiss the top of his head, instead holding him as tightly as he allowed himself. Nico offered Will one of his earphones and the boy put it in. Nico was listening to Coldplay, his guilty pleasure and something he listened to when he was feeling down. Or more down than usual. Will smiled and rested his cheek on his friend’s head, and they just stayed like that until the end of lunch.


They sat in English lit and Will tapped his pencil on the desk, mindlessly watching the PowerPoint the teacher was flicking through while talking about the comedy of Twelfth Night. Piper was making some long point about how Sebastian and Antonio were totally gay and Will, distracted, glanced over at Nico.

The boy’s head was down and he was staring at his page, hair covering his face. The ink of the sentence he was staring out was runny. Will’s eyes widened and he saw Nico’s pale hands trembling on the page. Carefully, gently, he brushed the Italian’s hair behind his ear. Nico looked at him apologetically, hopelessly, his eyes full of tears, cheeks wet. Will felt horrible – his best friend was crying and he didn’t even notice.

“Nico...,” he whispered over the loud debate in the classroom. He took the boy’s hand and squeezed it. The Italian took a deep breath and wiped his eyes, making sure nobody saw. With his free, shaking hand Nico wrote on the corner of his page I’m sorry. Will shook his head and quickly wrote back it’s ok. You need to tell ur parents tho.

Nico snatched his hand back and scribbled no i don’t want to.


Will had a bad feeling. He was sitting on his bed, watching the second season of SKAM but he couldn’t concentrate enough on the subtitles. He was chatting with Nico on Whatsapp but the boy was being Will didn’t want to seem paranoid but eventually he couldn’t take it anymore.

You: Are u ok??

Emo: im ok y

You: dunno. Where r u

Emo: some park

You: wtf!!! Its like midnight

Emo: couldnt bear to stay at home

You: fck come over

Emo: its ok i don’t want to be trouble

You: ur not just come over. Please

When Nico agreed Will sighed in worry and leaned back against the pillows. He finished the episode though he couldn’t remember what happened in most of it, nervously awaiting Nico. He just wanted to take care of the boy, make sure he was okay.

When he heard shuffling outside of the window Will eagerly opened it. Nico climbed the little roof over the front door and wriggled in through Will’s open window, the blonde half pulling him in. They had to be quiet, scared Will’s parents would wake up.

“Fuck, you’re freezing,” the blonde whispered, clutching Nico’s hands in his. The blonde was in a hat and a scarf but his face was still pale, cheeks and nose flushed. Will closed the window and then hurriedly helped Nico out of his clothes, throwing a jumper and sweatpants at him. They were so comfortable with each other that they didn’t even have to speak as both of them buried themselves under Will’s blankets, “You should’ve called me,” he mumbled.

“I feel like I’m such a burden to you, though,” Nico whispered back in the dark. His cold hands found Will’s and held them underneath the covers, “You’ help me so much and I just...I just wish I could do it alone-“

“You could do it alone,” Will said determinedly, “but that doesn’t mean you should. I’m your best friend, I’m here for you no matter what. But you’re the one who’s fighting, not me. You’re playing the game, I’m just your cheerleader,” Nico smiled a little at that in the dark and carefully Will rolled down the sleeves of the jumped her was wearing, revealing a long row of old cuts, “No new ones,” he murmured, “See? You’re strong.”

“But some days I don’t feel strong,” Nico whispered, tears in his eyes, “Like today. I feel like everything is my fault.”

Will pulled him into a hug and this time he did kiss his forehead, “It’s not your fault,” he sighed and stroked his back, “if I could take some off your pain, or give you some of my happiness, you know I would.”

“I know,” Nico sniffled, “But it’s okay. As long as you’re long as you don’t leave me...”

“I’ll never leave you,” Will said fiercely.

“I...I um...,” Nico was playing with the hem of Will’s t-shirt nervously, “I told my parents about it today.”


“Shhh,” Nico pressed his finger over Will’s lips, “Or your mum will wake up.”

“What did they say?” Will asked in a hushed voice. Nico shrugged and looked away,

“Dad said I’m just sad and that I should get over it.”

“What a fucking dickhead,” Will felt anger spark in him, “What does he mean get over it?!”

Nico brushed Will’s curls from his forehead, “It doesn’t matter.”

“He’s your dad, he should...”

“I know,” Nico said sadly, “Thanks for this. I didn’t really know where to go.”

“You can always come here.”

“I know,” Nico smiled a little, “I called the doctors again. They’re gonna try get me a psychiatrist.”

Will looked at him and stroked his face. For some reason his heart felt too big for his chest all of a sudden. Nico was warming up in his arms, his freezing feet tangled with Will’s. The Italian frowned.


“Nothing,” Will shook his head, “You’re just the strongest person I know.”

Nico blushed and buried his face in his best friend’s chest, “Idiot.”

“Love you too.”