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That Fateful Winter's Night (Yuri Plisetsky X reader)

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(Author's note: this takes place when Yuri and the reader are about 4 years-old)

(y/n)'s P.O.V:

I sat at the dinner table with my parents. We had cup noodles and there were two large bottles of wine on the table, which my parents had already downed two of. I finished my instant dinner and rose to leave when a harsh slap sent me falling onto the dirt-stained carpet. I stood yet again to head to my bedroom when my father stood quickly, grabbing me by my ear and dragging me there anyways. He had grabbed a stapler off the desk in the living room and threw me against the wall. He took a large wad of my hair and put about twenty staples into it, binding me to the wall temporarily. After my father left and about an hour of struggling, I freed myself and crawled into bed. I fell into another dreamless sleep as always.

I awoke to the unmistakable sound of my father's pounding footsteps approaching my room at an alarming rate. I checked the time to see that I had slept until 4 pm. I threw the covers over myself and pretended to be asleep in my worn out mattress, but to no avail. I felt my blanket being ripped off of me and smelt the all too familiar scent of alcohol. My father's hands grasped a handful of my hair and yanked me to my feet.

"Absolutely worthless. You just don't die, do you? What a nuisance." He threw me to the ground and kicked me hard as I put my hands over my head in some resemblance of protection.

"Is this brat giving you trouble?" My mom slurred, equally as drunk as my father. I heard her come closer and I curled myself into a tight ball as an empty alcohol bottle smashed onto my back, promptly shattering. I screamed as the pain blinded me and I tried to scramble away. My father grabbed me by the back of my nightgown and threw me down the stairs. I tumbled, thudding loudly. I tried to crawl my way to the kitchen as one of my parents kicked me in the rib cage. I felt the air leave my lungs harshly and I was paralyzed as another alcohol bottle flew and smashed into a wall, narrowly missing my head. I was pulled to my feet and shoved to the door by someone as the door screeched open and I was shoved outside, into the cold and snow.

"And stay out, you hear me?! Useless bitch!" My mother's voice called out from the door as I lay pathetically in the freezing snow.

3rd Person:

"Grandpa! Look! Snow!" Yuri ran outside, shortly followed by his grandfather.

"We live in Russia, Yurochka. Snow isn't uncommon." He chuckled before sitting down next to his grandchild in the white-painted front yard.

Something smashed in the neighbor's house. They had often heard these kinds of outbursts from the nearby residents, but no one answered when people tried to visit.

"Grandpa, why does everything break in that house?" Said the blonde boy curiously.

Just as he was about to answer, the neighbor's door flew open and a small girl was flung harshly outside. She landed with a thud and a whimper in a pile of snow.

"And stay out, you hear me?! Useless bitch!" The door slammed shut and there was the sound of a lock turning. The child (no older than Yuri) stood up. She had bruises, cuts, and scars all over her (s/t), trembling body and her (h/l) (h/c) hair was matted and tangled. She was wearing nothing more than a thin, white camisole dress. She stood and turned to look at the Plisetskys, eyes wide like a deer in headlights. She scampered off behind her house and Kolya ran inside. Yuri stood frozen, terrified. He timidly looked over the fence and saw red-stained snow. His grandfather returned with a blanket and hurried into the neighbor's backyard. Yuri followed frantically and as soon as he rounded the corner, he saw his grandfather helping the girl to her feet. She now had the blanket wrapped around her and she was limping slightly. They walked into the Plisetsky's house and Kolya sat the girl down on the couch.

"Stay here, I'll run you a hot bath." He hurried off into the bathroom.

There was silence. The girl hadn't spoken a word and it seemed as though she didn't plan to.

"W-what's your name?" The young boy stammered.

"(y/n)" She said calmly, like she wasn't bleeding and bruised.

Yuri ran off into his bedroom and grabbed his favorite cheetah print blanket before returning and draping it around the shaking girl's shoulders.

Yuri's grandfather came back and ushered (y/n) into the bathroom before closing the door and returning to the living room to talk with his grandson.

"Yurochka. I want you to answer something honestly for me." Kolya said solemnly.

"Hm?" Yuri didn't look up, continuing to stare at the floor emotionless.

"Have you ever seen that girl before?"

Yuri stayed silent before looking up.

"Yes," he whimpered. Kolya's eyes widened and he leaned closer to the young boy.

"Can you tell me about what was going on when you saw her?"

"I was playing outside and she smashed through a window. I asked if she was okay and she said she was fine. I've seen her sitting outside alone sometimes."

(y/n) came out of the bathroom, clutching a towel to her as if her life depended on it.

"W-w-where's m-my d-dress...?" She whimpered, she was shaking violently and swaying slightly as Yuri's grandfather ran over to her. He had taken her tattered dress out to wash and had forgotten to put pj's in the bathroom for her.

Nikolai ran over to her, and she jumped back and crumpled onto her knees in a tiny ball.

"Honey, it's alright. I'm not going to hurt you." Yuri's grandfather whispered soothingly.

"D-don't touch me..." She stammered shakily, whimpering to herself.

"Yurochka, can she borrow some of your pajamas?" He asked.

Yuri nodded as Kolya guided (y/n) into Yuri's bedroom. She came out wearing a silky button up shirt with drawstring pants, both of which were leopard print. Kolya sat (y/n) down on the couch as began to rush off to the kitchen.

"I'm going to make us dinner. Keep her company, Yurochka." Yuri waited with (y/n) and he overheard his grandfather on the phone.

"Yes, her name is (y/n). My grandson has reported seeing her being beaten before, and we witnessed her get thrown outside with cuts all over her this afternoon." Grandpa said.His voice was trembling slightly and Yuri became increasingly terrified.

"So your name's Yurochka?" (y/n) asked.

"Oh, no that's what Grandpa calls me. My name's Yuri." Yuri answered shyly. There was silence.

"Do you like ice skating?" Yuri asked. (y/n) tilted her head to the side like a puppy.

"What's that?" She asked curiously.

Yuri's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. How had she never heard of ice skating?!

"Only the best sport in the world!" He started to rant about his figure skating.

"C-can I..." (y/n) started.

"Hm?" Yuri obliged her to keep speaking.

"Can I see them? Your ice skates?" She looked down, blushing slightly.

Yuri nodded, smiling brightly. He took her hand and she gasped loudly as he rushed her to his bedroom. He opened his skating bag and pulled out ice skates. (y/n) stared, her eyes glowing with fascination.

"Knife shoes..." She muttered. Yuri laughed.

"Dinner's ready!" Kolya called from the kitchen. Yuri grabbed (y/n)'s hand again as they ran to the kitchen. There was a third plate set out tonight, the one that Nikolai had set for (y/n). She stared at the piroshki in front of her.

"Have you ever had piroshki, (y/n)?" Kolya asked. She shook her head no. They ate in comfortable silence until they finished their meal.

"Oh! (y/n), your aunt is going to be taking care of you from now on." Kolya said cheerfully.